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    First hunt of the season is always sketchy

    The great annual boot sock hunt is about to begin! Where did they migrate to since I last needed a pair in February? How many mated pairs are in mourning for a lost mate? Do I have the whole herd or is new stock about to be introduced??? I didn't get any for Christmas last year, so this might...
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Dad, Russ and I will be out on the MUGWUMP representing Silver Horde. We'll be fishing our metal flashers. I now have a BB12 in the #837 MUGWUMP pattern! Got a fresh jar of pure krill powder for my herring strips. Ready to roll, even bought dads ticket for him because I am a good son. Take that...
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    Rebuilt the hunting tent today.

    The old one took a serious whollop in a wind storm at 4600 feet last elk season. I converted a Costco 10X20 backyard shelter/ garage into a wall tent about 15-16 years ago. Been a great set up on the cheap. Put a 12X14 pop up shelter in front for a kitchen, added a wooden door, a wood stove and...
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    Test tank

    So, a few months back the last fish in the tank died. I'm considering turning it into a lure test tank! The tank is 48"X15"X16" . Not quite wide enough to test a 11" flasher, but maybe an 8? Was thinking of using a DC bilge pump and scavenging the power dial off an old electric trolling motor to...
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    Lowbrow heaven.

    Get the call that your leagues 21st annual fantasy football draft is this Saturday on 48 hours notice. Remember you got a Seahawks themed slow cooker with locking travel lid for Christmas. Go shopping at Grocery Outlet and raid basement pantry for previous G O purchases. Brown off one 2lb tube...
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    Hunter 'pink' now legal!

    I just gotta think quite a few of the lurkers around here are out shopping for their new fashion statements! 400 square inches of florescent pink is supposedly just a safe as the same amount of blaze orange........I sure hope WDFW makes game wardens go pink as well! Sheesh, what next?
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    A definite winter question, about LED lights.

    Ok, I have been enjoying my pool table this winter as usual. My problem is with my pool table light. I have a really cool Bud Light model with the bottle lying on the iceberg top. The fluorescent light source sucks ass and gives me fits. It uses these stupid ignighter thingies that are about...
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    Actually going to 'attend' the Sportmans show!

    Instead of working my ass off at it! First time in 18 years I think. Pretty weird. RIP the mini Ed's Surplus I loved to build for the week too!
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    Busted a masked bandit on Christmas Eve!

    After a peaceful dinner at my dad's, feasting on elk heart!! I came home to a few unfinished Christmas eve tasks at home. Mainly, the second batch of smoked salmon air drying in the smoker needed its brown sugar and the smoke. Get to the kitchen, but don't hit the lights since my hands are full...
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    Everett marina fire.

    Just saw some nasty live shots on the morning news. Someone's boat and or boats is blazing away tough. Lots of black smoke. Yuck. Good luck everyone..........
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    Mistakes in middle age.....ooof

    No matter how good they are, and they were really, REALLY good!!! Venison tacos at 12:30 AM when you're 48 is a really, REALLY bad idea! Ooof, urp, and egads I shouldn't have ate 5 of them!
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    Area 10 Aug 5th

    Fished 10 with dad yesterday. Slung the MUGWUMP in at Edmonds when the sling opened at 6. Popped a 10# hatchery less than 5 minutes after I set the rods, just south of Edwards Pt. The farming of seaweed was about what I expected.....might have harvested 2 bales of crops before we were done. It's...
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    Special Hunt results are up

    I didn't get drawn for shit. Dad got a senior antlerless deer tag.
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    Like I needed another excuse!

    Just read a great article about Bee Lawns. The premise being, lazy lawnmowers who let clover and other flowers grow in their long grass are pollinators best friends! Wow, looks like I'm 'ahead of the curve ' again :-) Seriously though, the concept is sound and bees have been in a bit of trouble...
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    Going Green!

    Just found out that absinthe wormwood is an invasive noxious weed in Washington state. Introduced in the 1800s. Smells a bit like sage brush and grows in the same places. While poisonous to ingest, the active ingredient can be extracted with pure alcohol in a maceration relatively easily! While...
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    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    And yes, it's true. I am. I gots the fidgets, I pace back and forth at home, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about TACKLE!!! As some you know I buy, sell and trade used gear. Last week I took two loads in my GMC Canyon and one load in dad's 3/4 ton Dodge out of the estate of a...
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    Green pigs

    Anybody else seen them? Some sort of marketing ploy by a Denver real estate company I guess. I suggest gathering up as many of the things as you can! They look like awesome targets.
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    So disgusted

    Early February and my lawn is already growing!
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    Mule tape question.

    At the Puyallup show a customer asked me a question about mule tape, and I had no answer. He wanted to know if it would make a good line for shrimp pots. Now, I have hung deer over meat poles with the stuff and winched a deer up a slope with it and have seen elk hunters haul big ass bulls up...
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    To quote my dear departed mother's annual holiday message.....

    "Merry FUCKING Christmas you assholes! I hope you're satisfied with yourselves ......."
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    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    Probably the pot calling the kettle black as I am wearing a Seahawks tie dye right now........BUT, I saw a guy walking as I drove to work today wearing an ARGYLE SWEATER VEST in hawks colors and a hawk logo on the front! C'mon, team colors ARGYLE VESTS?????? That is just not right.
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    Temptation won this round.

    Into every life things come and go. Women, cars, jobs. Each with their own temptations. As hunters, firearms tempt us sorely as they come and go and this week I gave in and bought a rifle.....10 days before deer season fer cryin' out loud! I have to bring it, of course, but it needs new scope...
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    Military collectibles

    The boss is FINALLY sorting through her storage locker and freeing up duplicates out of her massive collection of uniforms. Probably the last best chance for WWII, Korea and Viet Nam surplus items we'll ever have for sale here at Ed's other than a piece or two here or there....stuff is getting...
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    Football, beer and venison tacos

    Warm up the smack talk! Had our annual get together for the Fantasy Football draft. Too much testosterone, almost too much beer and shots and NOT ENOUGH venison tacos. Got a feeling the little kids birthday party going on next door learned some words they weren't supposed to.......Never saw 3#...
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    Got me some winter reading.

    A customer passed on a gift. He was given these years ago and is done with them,but didn't want to toss them. Three boxes of American Rifleman magazines........from 1930 to 1970! I opened a July 1930 randomly to an article written by Colonel Townsend Whelen! I have heard mentioned in awe and...
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    Multi Season leftovers 2017

    Be ready to take a morning off. 10AM Tuesday August 15th any leftover Multi-Season Elk tags go on sale first come first served at you local license dealers. At 10:10 the deer go on sale. I don't know how many elk are left, but they tend to sell out in 30 seconds or less. Generally the deer never...
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    Whole carcass bags

    We just got three crates of GI mattress covers in. Just the perfect size for a whole carcass of deer, bear, antelope or a small elk. A bit heavy for cooling the meat, but once the 'skin' has formed that protective glaze on your tagged animal they are perfect for keeping the meat clean and...
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    Special Permit Deadline extended!

    I knew the new system would crash and it did. Between 8:50 and 10:30 due to high volume. So, dealers were notified today that the deadline has been extended to 11:59pm May 25th 2017. That's tonight. Bonus for all the slackers out there I guess.
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    Special permit applications due May 24th!

    The new system is still in Phase II of it's construction and full of faults. One we just saw this week is some big game tags have been issued without a weapon choice and then you can not do your applications because you don't have the proper tag! WDFW can tell when you don't have the right tag...
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    RIP Chuck Berry

    He made it to 90 yrs old, not too shabby in rock-n-roll circles! My mom played his music a bunch when I was young, can probably sing along with most of his work word for word....just like I can with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and most of the rest of that era's rock stars. I got to see Chuck...
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    To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

    Probably won't, but the product name I just saw should sell to Lynnwood's street-folk set just by name. Finishing up my Seattle marine spring order book and see a line listing for Resin Crackzilla! Some sort of 2 part epoxy. I'm sure it has to be just as good for you as whatever else the street...
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    RIP for another big game hunter

    Just got word my camp lost one of our hunters to a heart attack. RIP Larry, 30 years wasn't long enough to know ya. My heart healthy spinach salad tasted a bit like ashes today, but this loss does make me appreciate the hard work I put in on my diet this year.........keep healthy out there...
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    San Juan Channel is a-shakin'

    I often take a peek at the earthquake tracker maintains on their weather page and between the end of January and February 3rd there were over 20 earthquakes in the channel between San Juan Island, Jones Island and Yellow and Low Islands. From a .2 up to a 2.8, all about 10-12km...
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    With age comes wisdom, or I'm just a weenie.

    Had a thought to bomb down to Copalis after work on Saturday to dig some razors. Been on the beach on New Years before and it can be pretty cool to holiday dig, even though dodging drunks out on Amateur Night on the way home can be a white knuckle sketch fest. Now the oh-so accurate weather man...
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    Deadline for comments Jan 6th; commission NOF policy c-3608

    North of Falcon Policy is up for renewal and the draft is on the WDFW Commission page. There are some changes to in season management proposed that are worth looking at, BUT we have a small window of opportunity to change prioritization of pink salmon harvest away from the commercial side of...
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    PT Barnum eat your heart out.

    There REALLY is a sucker born every minute! Just got the 2017 Gamehide catalog. They are touting their new HECS Stealthscreen camo clothing line. Has a built in carbon fiber grid based on Faraday Cage technology. Yes,, the same thing in the door of your microwave that block the dangerous...
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    Book review: Clamming the Pacific Northwest Coast by Ken Axt

    Just got this in and it is a nice add to anyone's 'How To' fishing library. Heavy on Razor Clamming and heavy on the Oregon side of things. Good maps in a large format. Excellent photos of clam shows, different species as well as different conditions. Excellent step by step photos of how to...
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    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    Wow, the things that happen. Of all the things I have learned in my life; skills, lies, bad habits, how to shoot straight and tell the truth and being a darn good cook, I never, never though it would come to this. Back story. In the late 60's my father took his soon to be teenage bride to...
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    Double check your licensing needs.

    Just got word the old Point of Sale terminals will have their last day of operation on December 17th. There will be NO WDFW LICENSE SALES STATEWIDE DECEMBER 18TH! The new terminals go online December 19th. As the last two terminal roll outs were not, ummmmmm.....smooth, I am not expecting the...
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    1992-2016 RIP to a lifesaver of a good buddy.

    My 20cup percolator coffee pot died during hunting season! Black on the bottom and sides, dark brown on the inside, a half crushed pour spout and a perk top replaced multiple times.......and this deer camp the guts fell apart. It will boil, but it will not perk. Man-o-man, I can not tell you how...
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    Emergency supplies, better buy NOW!

    If you are not watching Hurricane Matthew is at Cat 4 and going to hit Jamaica and Haiti on Monday. Over the years I have seen these sort of natural disasters create a good spike in business. The PNW has a bunch of first responders, a whole bunch of folks with good hearts and others who see a...
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    Sort of an odd hobby.

    An old boy came into the store today, picked up a folding shovel for digging sand. I asked if he was beach mining, since razor clams are closed and he said 'nope'. He flies giant kites. So big he needs to anchor them so they don't pull him across the beach. Fills up a 8x10 tarp with sand and...
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    Happy truck!

    100k tune up, cleaned throttle body and a new serpentine belt and belt tensioner. Made my little pick up VERY happy! My long time mechanic Jim from Inglewood Auto got the job done in a half day and I was outta there for $270. Ready to roll for deer and elk season.
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    WDFW data breach update.

    Learned yesterday that only those who created a WILD account with WDFW before 2006 has potentially had their drivers license data from their file compromised. All us buy your license every year types. 2007 for Idaho. The state must, by law notify within 45 days of discovery. Letters sent out to...
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    Shotguns, rifles, chainsaws and truck winches, oh my!

    Went to the Methow Valley Sunday and Monday. Staged dads travel trailer at a buddies place and scoped out the damage to deer camp and the road going up to it. Made some measurements and have a plan to get the rigs past a washout using planks. Made some plans for the downed timber goobering camp...
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    Modern rifle elk hunters beware!!!!

    A local business is nefariously planning to do you dirty when you are out of town! I was at McClendon's in Woodinville today looking for an oddball size replacement percolator top (which they had) and as I was in line to check out I see a sign. McClendon's is inviting folks to enjoy Ladies Night...
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    This what happens when I get gloomy about fishing.

    Yardwork!!!! Ok, been having success with my third year of growing black raspberries and thinking of adding another berry specie. Doing research on gathering or buying cultivars of one of our wild native trailing canes; rubus ursinus or rubus leucodermus. Wild mountain blackberries or...
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    A not so gentle reminder.....

    Don't forget to submit your Summer Crab Cards before October 2nd jackwagons!!!!!!!!!!
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    The grouse have one week to live!

    Tick, tick, tick, tick.....c'mon September 1st......need me some shotgun time!
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    Hog Wild-mini battlewagons

    Hooo-doggie! Pick up the September Boating magazine or go to BOATINGMAG.COM and check out Jeff Hemmel's article on fishing from customized PWC's! Some of these rigs have better arches with more rod holders than some of the tuna boats that get bragged about here! Cooler racks, extra batteries for...
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    Pocket Fuel.

    Been on a bit of a successful diet this year. Broke my big toe over the winter and sat on my ass in too many NOF meetings and teleconferences and got so pudgy and soft I disgusted myself. Down 40 pounds since early March and hope to drop another 20 or so and get to 200. Been pondering and...
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    Michael Phelps

    Corning the gold market! DAMN! Makin' Mark Spitz look like a dinosaur.
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    Multi Season leftovers

    Got word today that the unclaimed multi season deer and elk tags will come up for sale within a week or so. Just ironing out the details of what day and what time. Around 200 or so elk unclaimed (last year about 100). The elk went in an hour or so last year, and we had a line of 5 or 6 guys...
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    Need any VTR forms?

    I just got a fresh stack of Voluntary Trip Report forms sent here to the store. If anyone who is awesome enough to use these for WDFW needs any please pick them up at Ed's Surplus. 5911 196th st sw Lynnwood. Eliminate the guesswork for the summer hire fish checkers and hand them their own...
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    Just for the FNG's. Try some learnin' before you ask us a-holes stoopid questions!!!!!!
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    It's back; fishing license "upgrade" to combination.

    Had a WDFW License Dealer Advisory Committee meeting today. As of tomorrow a program we tried a few years back is returning. So many folks opted not to buy a combo fish this due to the uncertain outlook for Puget Sound salmon fisheries.....So, if you bought a fresh or salt water license you may...
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    Washington National Guard listen up!

    On June 9th a new WDFW program approved by our legislature goes into effect. Active Washington Guardsmen and women can apply to WDFW for free hunting licenses! Your local dealer will not be able to issue these, you must request and submit the proper forms to WDFW proving your status with the...
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    What are the odds for a lucky SOB?

    Well-a-day, it finally happened. After a decade and a half of knowing him, this years limp coho forecast convinced a fishing buddy to finally buy his first Washington deer tag. I got him applied for a second deer and a quality deer hunt and he has always been one lucky, is he...
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    Are you ready?!?! Gill net protest TOMORROW MAY 4TH

    Rainbow Bridge, La Conner 9am. On the bridge or at the boat ramp under the bridge. Also looking for a trailer boat to take out media to observe the fishery. This is what I was asking everyone to prepare for, and I am very sorry for the short notice......but this came about very quickly. Be there...
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    Special Hunt apps due May 18th

    Got mine done. Quality Elk, Bull Elk, Antlerless Elk, Quality Deer, Second Deer, Any Moose & Antlerless Moose. I've got 9 pts in Quality Elk, Bull Elk and both moose categories. Could get lucky I suppose. One of my elk camp neighbors got Peaches Ridge Quality Elk twice in a row, the SOB! 12 pts...
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    Only 2 days late!

    Just got the 2016 hunting regulations shipped to the store. May 18th is your special hunt permit application deadline!
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    Troll-master Seahorse downriggers

    Page 53 of Aprils NW Sportsman magazine has a full page ad for them. Looks like Penn sold the designs to the old Fathom Masters....or just gave them up. Looks just like a 600 except for a change for the add on rod holder to make it adjustable. If nothing else, I hope the base plates and other...
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    multi season hunt deadline getting close!

    If you want to apply for multi season deer or elk tags the end of March is your deadline to buy tags and applications!
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    CCi Mini MAG 22'S

    Just got 150 boxes in I ordered in October of 2014. The back order list is getting shorter! First come first served for ammo at Ed's Surplus! No limits, no holds and these won't last long. Come up to Lynnwood and see us!
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    Aquagard transducer anti fouling spray

    Anyone tried it? Saw it in a marine wholesale catalog I'm writing a spring shipment for. Just spray on and let dry......inhibits algae, barnacles and other growth.
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    Please help! Want non ethanol fuel at Edmonds????

    Please go to and take the Fuel Survey on the front page. It is slanted to the port tenants, but EVERYONE needs to fill it out. The port is addicted to their Valve Tech fuel and are running this survey for a mere two weeks in winter, while most of their tenants are out of town...
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    284 Winchester.......brass unavailable!!

    So, the Winchester model 100 in 284WIN arrived last Thursday. When he won the auction Dad beetled up to Cabela's and burned his points on a set of dies, asked for brass and ammo....none available. I searched my middlemen....none available. When the rifle arrived dad pulled the serial number to...
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    Is BD recruiting me into ISIS?!?!

    Why is trying to get me to date Arab women? I have no plans to be radicalized in to a jihadist, no do I wish to. Should we report this to Homeland Security? If ISIS manages to get a foothold inside Bloody Decks the US is doomed! Shit, if ISIS radicalizes Goatram he would...
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    2016 Puyallup sport show coupons

    Just got my stack of $2 off weekday entry coupons here at Ed's Surplus. Should be able to find them at all the usual places!
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    DC to DC converter board

    Anybody ever used one of the 1.5v-12v DC-DC converter boards? I have these new LED adhesive light strips at work and I want to try to run one off a smaller battery or batteries. Might even try to get tricky and figure a way to wire the strip into a LED flashlight so I can use the on off switch...
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    Christmas razors at Copalis!

    Nice. Dig approved the 24th, 25th, and 26th, Copalis beach only. Evening tides. Looks like I will hit the road after breakfast on the 25th......unless that rumor of snow the day before blows up on us!
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    Bean Bag recall

    Learned from this site that BD tuna addicts love their bean bags. Saw there is a recall on Ace Bayou Corp's beanbags made between 1995-2013. 2.2 million affected bags have a zipper that allows children to unzip, crawl inside the bag and suffocate. Might check out if you have some.
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    I laughed, even though it wasn't PC

    I got a lead last week on where to find agatised and quartz fossil clams here in our state. Don't have any of those in my rock/gemstone/fossil collection, so I'm stoked and want to find some. Today I perused Google images to see if anyone had posted pictures of these treasures so I'd know what...
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    "Gonna be a long winter"

    Someone put that in a post not too long back and today I realized that, hot dang winter is upon us and winter sports will be too! Now I have Junior Miss Curling stuck in my brain.......C'Mon Canadian TV bring on the the curling!!! SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP!!!!!
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    Cabela's camp out

    Coming home from a great family turkey day on Camano I saw all the 'campers' lined up in front of the Tulalip Cabela's. An BDer's there? I saw in their ad the first 600 in line at 5am all win merchandise and each location had 5 rifles to give away to the luckiest of those first 600 folks. Anyone...
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    Are you a "Lumbersexual"?

    Good grief, check out the business section in today's Seattle Times. An article promoting Filson's new flagship store headlined that the new store was to go after 'lumbersexual urbanites'. I think we called those kind of folks Posers back in the day.....and I still will! Put yer plaid and...
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    Hate to be a litterbug......but I left it there anyway.

    In the wee hours one morning in elk camp I had a property loss. Doing some business with an entity we call Mr Chair I fumbled and stumbled and looked on in disgust and horror as my Wind and Go flashlight went down the hole under Mr Chair! Eeewwwwwww. Ain't no diving back for that. Let the...
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    2016 tide books are out.

    Had a case of Dot 2016 tide tables waiting for me at work when I got back from deer camp. Time to start planning for next year already!
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    Alright! Sometimes work doesn't suck!

    Waiting for me in my inbox was a new catalog for a clothing line...normally a blah moment, but not today! I suggest everyone check out I enjoyed it!
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    Alien invasion?

    Went to Twisp and back yesterday. Set up my wall tent, dad set up his trailer and we met up with our deer camps Mayor. Early set up before we head over for Saturday's opener. Coming up Hwy 2 toward Leavenworth a big honker bug splats on my windshield leaving a smear right in front of my face...
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    Three qualities of the 'perfect woman'.

    Was working with a customer a couple of days ago in our footwear section and had a good laugh, but realized later than everything we laughed about was very true!!!! The perfect woman, the girlfriend I've been waiting for should have all the same qualities of a good rubber boot! Yes, you heard...
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    A hard lesson to learn.

    My 14 year old niece is in for for it now! She went on her first deer hunt last fall, and all winter and into spring she kept sayin' she wants to hunt, count her in. Permit app season arrives and she is still on board so grampa buys her license, tag and two permit apps. Through salmon season she...
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    M4 magazines

    The boss just got 77 genuine GI surplus M4 mags in a surplus buy. Score!! $17.99 each here at Ed's. First come first served. 425-778-1441 5911 196th st sw Lynnwood
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    Getting your sorry ass drug to the Everett Home Show against your will this weekend?

    Ed's Surplus will have some beef jerky to sell ya to make it through the misery. Other cool emergency/outdoor related items too. Come say hi!
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    Day at the range....50/50 results

    I know I should not have procrastinated, but I did......(sigh). Both of my bolt actions took a smack last year while hauling out deer. I tripped and smacked my '06 during general deer and a hunting buddy tripped and dropped my custom Mauser while helping me haul out my buck I shot with my...
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    A note for the BD weatherman.

    Yo, Mark! I might have messed up your long range forecasts a bit. I decided to try some manipulation of the weather via Murphy's Law. So just a heads up that I; Did NOT order any sleds or snow toys for this winter, so we should get copious amounts of snow.....and I DID order both swimming and...
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    Smoked grouse.

    Sooo, jealous. I'm heading out of town on business and my dad is headed to Twisp to help a buddy install some siding and hit opening day of grouse season. The birds may be pre smoked with all the fires going on, but dang nab it, he and Jerry get to scout deer, fire damage and hunt birds I while...
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    Story of a notable angler.

    Was doing some research on a split bamboo rod I purchased that was built in Norway. The maker Asbjorn Horgard led a very interesting life and has an amazing story of how his tackle company survived and was revived after WWII. Worth checking out. Could you have drawn up fishing reel specs on...
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    MA9-Last day is Sunday July 26th

    News release is out. The catch rate slowed big time on Monday with the wind and stayed low enough that 9 will make it through this weekend with a 2 fish limit on hatchery chinook! After that it will remain open for pinks and coho. Tight lines, have fun and go get a whopper!
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    Daily area 9 king season breakdown at Ed's Surplus in Lynnwood.

    Hey everyone! Re-arranged my schedule to fish every morning of the MA9 king opener for the first five days. Thought about using vacation time, but knew I couldn't leave my tackle aisle abandoned. So, I will be in at Ed's Surplus at 4pm this Thursday through Monday and would encourage anglers to...
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    Poll, Early or late moose?

    So when I applied for moose this year all the choices were broken down into early or late hunts instead of going for two months. I don't have enough points yet to matter most likely and picked a couple of each in the areas I am interested in. So, I'm throwing it out. What month October or...
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    So, a few months back a WDFW bio mentioned nutria made their way into the Sammamish Slough. I've seen muskrats, beavers and such over the years and had noticed a bit more vegetation chewing than normal. My brother and cousin have kept thier eyes open in the canoe and have seen nutria swimming in...
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    Sometimes you stretch things too far!

    So, I've known my pickup needed a new battery for a while. I bought it in July of 2006 and it had it's original battery in it until today. I was going to replace it last hunting season, but it never got cold and pushed it. Then it never got cold this winter and the battery tested fine when I...
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    Now that I know, there is no going back......dang it.

    So, yesterday I had the good fortune to get a ride on Steve Kesseling's Fishfull Thinking II, Adventure Charters out of Edmonds. A NOAA sponsored trip to catch, tag, DNA sample and descend rockfish. Great trip, well run boat. We had some success, got a double on boccacio in 8-2. The only two of...
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    I thought Westport opened today.

    Almost 4:30 and no reports? You boys are slacking!!!!!!
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    Worth it or not? Converting an old 349?

    I picked up the tackle from an estate this week. All of it had been sitting somewhere dusty for a long time. Mechanically, despite the grime the reels are surprisingly solid. There is a Penn 349 Master Mariner in the bunch. The spool has the worst of the pitting and it is fishable. The side...
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    Just what most on this site really need!

    Check out Flatulence odor control!!!
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    Stalking stockings?

    Been reading a bunch of bow hunter magazine lately.....we get it at work and not being a bow hunter I should at least try to keep up, right? Anyhoo, a bunch of these writers claim they will ditch their boots and stalk critters in just their socks for extra quiet. So, yeah, I'm mostly an open...
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    Windy Langlie's Sport Store

    Used to be at 1330 sixth ave in Seattle. Anyone remember it?
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    Deadliest sport catch? Or beer fueled fun?

    Just got in some new toys for the boys. Recreational sized throwing hooks for crab and shrimp buoys. Now if these don't make opening day of shrimp more exciting I don't know what will! I could have used one last year on the opener......the wind waves were so bad we had trouble keeping close to...
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    Special Hunt Applications are available for sale.

    All your applications are loaded into license dealers point of sale terminals. Deadline for purchase and submitting is MAY 20TH!!!! I have not received the physical copy of the hunting regs yet, but they are online at I used to give a class on making heads or tails of the new...
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    Somehow local news cares about salmon.....

    Look for King5 and Kiro7 to air stories about MA10 losing it's summer king season. I was interviewed by both today here at Ed's Surplus. Was a bad boy and did not follow operating protocols for advisor groups by informing WDFW beforehand, but didn't really care if they don't like what I had to...
  103. H

    Flag Code Violation in Olympia.

    Kudos to those who demanded that the Communist Chinese flag being flown over Olympia at equal height to the US flag be removed. Heard about this in the pickup on KIRO's Dori Monson show. Someone in the governors office made the order despite the fact that each state's governor is responsible for...
  104. H

    A question and some feedback please on the Sportfishing reg book.

    As many know or are just realizing last year the WDFW printed fishing regs valid from May 1 2014 thru June 30th 2015. No shellfish season or dates printed in it, all the new seasons such as hali, spring trout ect, for May and June done as news releases or via the dept's website. It sucks, I told...
  105. H

    April Fools from WDFW!

    Yeah, the jokes on us.....our 2014/15 fishing and hunting licenses expired yesterday. Don't forget to pick up your 2015/16 before your next trip or the April Fool on you will have a $$$ to paid on it! Also don't forget to mail in all catch cards by 4-30 even if there is no fish on it. Zero is a...
  106. H

    Things you never knew existed........

    I kid you not, we just had a customer call and ask us for a whistle a deaf dog can hear underwater! looks to be the closest, but if your deaf dog is underwater.....well......well......I guess I don't even know what to say about that!
  107. H

    Comments needed, or nows yer chance to bitch!

    I was at the Mill Creek Puget Sound North of Falcon meeting Monday night. Lightly attended, not much new from NOF#1 in Olympia, but some good folks with real concerns and some good ideas. The WDFW staff repeatedly brought up the new public comment feature available to us on their web site and...
  108. H

    Multi season application deadline for deer and elk is 3-31!

    Just a few days left if you want in on the drawings. Helpful hint; Please DO NOT select your deer or elk tag when you purchase your license and applications! If you print off say, a Modern Deer or Eastern Muzzle Elk and then get drawn for multi season you and your license dealer will then have...
  109. H

    July 11th 2015 Monroe Wa.......the Goatalympics!

    A family friendly, ridiculously funny, FREE EVENT!!!!! What's goatram up to now? The site said there always wonderful goats up for adoption..........I hope they haven't seen that monkey raping the cat video!
  110. H

    passing this to those who care........

    Not every flower can say Love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives a thirst, but a cactus can. Not every retard can read, but look at you go little buddy! Today, you should take a moment and send an encouraging message to a fucked up friend, just as I have done. I don't care if you lick...
  111. H

    I think I'm getting a rifle for my birthday in may!

    Soooooo, my dad called me up two days ago and he had been trolling internet auctions again....his new weakness in garage sale offseason. He had been 'play' bidding on a Remington he thought would go for several grand and had a pants crapper when he won it for $750! A custom shop model 700 in 270...
  112. H

    Grrrrrr, god damned jack booted thugs!

    Spend an hour and a half on a conference call with the WDFW first thing this morning, and get followed up by the ATF trace division. A 22 bolt action we sold in 1999 was in the hands of police and I had to dig up the 4473. Grrrrr. I hate our records storage room and who the hell uses a 22 BOLT...
  113. H


    An unknown author once stated " If you lend someone $20 and never see that person ever again, it was probably worth it,"
  114. H

    Ammo seems to be loosening up.

    Got back orders of 22 lr's in twice in the last two weeks! Federal auto-match 325 cts and CCi standard velocity bricks. Also 5.56, 45 acp and 308. Still selling fast, but keep your eyes open for your flavor as you shop about. Or, of course come on in here to Ed's Surplus and we'll let you shoot...
  115. H

    Head-n-horns at the sportsman show.

    Dad and I took 3 racks from this deer season to be scored at the show. Our 80 year old camp 'mayor' got a dandy on opening day, 168 gross 155 2/8 net, Dad's scored 173 gross 160 1/8 net and mine was 146 3/8 gross and 144 4/8 net. WE ALL BE PRETTY HAPPY WIT DAT!! All public land too.
  116. H

    Avian bird flu.

    Saw in yesterdays Seattle Times that the state has collected swabs from about 600 waterfowl obtained from hunters up in the north sound counties. Kinda curious if anyone here provided a sample or has been keeping up with the work since bird flu popped up this year.
  117. H

    Keepin' the Seahawks lucky.

    We all have our superstitions and good luck charms and phobias. Fishermen and athletes seem to need them more than some others. We have a new lucky charm for when the Hawks enter the red zone! Two weeks back the house dog Daisy was looking for attention right when we hit the red zone. I started...
  118. H

    Duke 5 cyl axial engine.

    Just read an interesting article about a new prototype axial engine. An improvement on the old Wankel design that counter rotates to eliminate vibration and gyro forces. 1000cc producing 125hp and small enough to fit in a carry on bag. I'm not a motor guy, nor a mechanic, but this seemed...
  119. H

    Ignition coil.

    My 2006 GMC Canyon started running real rough and acting up on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. Got it in to the dealership on Monday after going to O'Reilly's to check out the engine light code. PO0300; engine misfire detected. Turns out it was the ignition coil. Is 89,674 miles early for one of...
  120. H

    I hate cosmolene!!!

    Probably didn't spell it right either, but don't care. Just gotta tell the whole world every time I deal the crap! I HATE COSMOLENE!!!!!!!!!!
  121. H

    2015/16 fishing and hunting licenses available now.

    As usual next years fishing and hunting licenses are available for holiday gift purchase. Please note they will be valid 4-1-15 thru 3-31-16. I strongly recommend looking at all youths who will turn 16 in the next year. You can lock in the 15 yr old youth rate if you buy early. As soon as they...
  122. H

    Poll Question; Do you butcher your big game yourself or pay a butcher to do so?

    Only once have I had one of my deer cut by a butcher. Killed my buck in 2003 on the first day of a 2 week trip and pretty much had to, but usually we cut and wrap ourselves. Dad started us of when we could wrap and label. Moved us up to trimming and grinding and now both my brother and I can...
  123. H

    Who can tell me something about Rennie Island?

    Looking through the hunting regs at antlerless deer tags now that I've filled my quality tag and have 9 points sitting in the Antlerless category waiting to be used. Rennie Island is specifically included into GMU 648 and has a November special draw doe hunt......or had one this year anyway...
  124. H

    Lead free ruffed grouse.

    Headed up in the hills last Monday chasing mulies on the quality hunt I got drawn for I came across a ruffed grouse hunkered down in the road. I pulled up next to him and he's all fluffed out keeping warm and his head is tucked down tight to his body. Hmmmmm. I step out and get close, wondering...
  125. H

    Camp meat hangin'!

    That's the text I just got from my brother. He and dad went over to Twisp before our quality muley hunt to fill Dad's second deer tag. Dad blooded his new/used 257 Roberts and we have meat to eat while chasing beeeeeg bucks. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Three deer down and three to go for the Stauffer boys.
  126. H

    Sand Shrimp

    Been having trouble finding sand shrimp for sale in the north sound lately? Stay tuned, I got some info coming that might rile us up a bit.........
  127. H

    Wolf management meeting Oct 14th in Lynnwood.

    6-9pm Lynnwood convention Center room 1EF tuesday October 14th. Once again a meeting important to hunters is scheduled in the middle of modern deer season. Please attend if are in town. Unfortunately I have to work that evening, but Ed's is right down 196th st from the convention center if...
  128. H

    I gotta say.........

    Leupold make some dang fine scopes! I just ordered a VX-3 4.5-10x 40mm CDS for a customer and it is saaaa-weeet! Very clear and crisp. All my hunting rifles sport Leupolds, but I haven't played with a brand spanking new one in a long while. Quality has not gone down since they changed from...
  129. H

    Drawn again!!!!

    I got an email from the wildlife division of WDFW about thier plan for herd reduction in response to the Carlton Complex fire. They decided to take everyone who applied for anterless, senior anterless, youth anterless and second deer tags in Alta, Chiliwist, and Pearrygin and run another draw...
  130. H

    Dungeness Bay closure boundary change!

    The #2 Red Buoy used as the boundary marker has detached. GPS coordinates of the same location will temporarily be used as the boundary marker. Regulations within the Dungeness Bay closure and fishery remain unchanged. Location: MA6 located near Dungeness Bay; waters westerly of a line from...
  131. H

    Carlton complex fire damage.

    My Dad went to Twisp yesterday to scout the damage done to our traditional deer camp. The roads are being graded and worked on all over the place. Lots of mud slides EVERYWHERE still with more to come every time it rains. Quite a bit of GMU 239 is burnt dead, a patch of unburnt trees hear and...
  132. H

    Snohomish county not prosecuting fishing offenses?

    Heard on the radio this AM that Sno-Co is not going to be going after minor fishing offenses any longer. Fishing with no liscence, minor over limits and such. I DO NOT like this! I've already had one call at the shop from a young lady asking what I thought would happen if she went out without a...
  133. H

    Well, there is a first time for everything.

    Yup, there is, and for the first time ever I am going to thank a stoopid dumb-ass ne'er-do-well lawbreaker!! Was fishing with my dad on Sunday searching for coho in the middle of the channel south of the Edmonds/Kingston ferry lanes. Dad hollers from the wheel " Hey, you think someone is...
  134. H

    Need a laugh? The story of my new wallet.

    So, back in May after opening day of halibut season we're walking around PT and end up in Quimper Mercantile. I see a nice display of leather wallets and I'm in need of one. Actually been in need of new one for a while, but it takes a while to break in a new wallet so it fits nice on my ass...
  135. H

    Look out in northern MA10; underwater 'something'.

    Spent a good portion of the last few days in north MA10. If anyone is or isn't familiar with Richmond Beach there is a UW weather buoy down there. It does not have a single anchor cable, it has three in a tripod arrangement. A few years back a net got wrapped in it and last year the buoy was not...
  136. H


    Oh yeah! One of my family's claims to fame or shame is some robust flatulence, and now the University of Exeter says it's good for you!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! Dr Mark Wood states " Although hydrogen sulfide gas is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally...
  137. H

    Calling out to the MA7 crowd! I want some intel.......

    .......OK, Ok don't getch yer panties in a twist. I'm not asking for a single tidbit about chinooks! I'm looking for reports about that huge bunch of Frasier sockeye that's supposed to be heading this way. Just made 10 dummy flashers yesterday and I'm tying up leaders. A buddy has a hard-on to...
  138. H

    The dog and the rat.

    So, after finishing my closing shift last night and wending my way home I'd thought I'd relax with a beer and watch Deadliest Catch. Little did I know the catching and the killing would not be on the TV at my house last night! About halfway through my beer I hear a ker-SMACK!!! against the...
  139. H

    Guide boats goes down on the Columbia bar.

    Just saw on that a 25 foot guide boat went down at 9:20 this morning on the Columbia Bar. One person got tangled in fishing gear and died a 27 foot vessel saw the accident and plucked 5 from the water unharmed. Yikes, that sucks. Anyone know what boat/guide?
  140. H

    True or false?

    Years ago someone told me that 1 horse power equaled 14 pounds of thrust in regards to electric trolling motors. The question came up today at work, thus a 30# thrust electric would be a near enough to 2 HP, but that number of 14 pounds has always seemed kinda wimpy to me. I mean really, if you...
  141. H

    Holy Moley the Special Hunt results are up!

  142. H

    Bad powder.

    Went over to visit my dad before work today. He was in his back yard standing over a flaming flower pot! Very different, usually he is in his workshop crafting something. He said he was dealing with a minor disaster that could have been worse. We go into the house and he shows me the metal...
  143. H

    Lucky rod!

    I have dubbed a rod 'lucky', something I've had others do, and something I've slung onto the gear of others. Not too often do I dub my own gear as 'lucky' though. Last spring I picked up a Tica 2pc big game rod and a Tica Team lever drag reel. Fished it 6 days now and it has killed 5 halibut in...
  144. H

    Special Hunt application deadline is very close...........

    2 days left! Midnight May 22nd is this Thursday..........TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK TICK-TOCK. 7 applications to hold my breath for. 13 points for quality deer, 7 points for any and antlerless moose, 2 points for second deer, and 6 points for bull and cow elk. Dream on BD Bruthas!
  145. H

    Remington Recall Notice.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings if you own a model 700 or Model Seven with the X-Mark Pro trigger manufactured between May 1st 2006 through April 9th, 2014. Remington determined that some XMP triggers might have excess bonding agent, used in the assembly process, which could cause an...
  146. H

    Scam Alert!!!

    I just received a broadcast message via the WDFW licensing terminal. Someone(s) is calling people and telling them are with WDFW or Wildlife and asking them for their personal info over the phone for the purposes of selling them licenses. THIS IS NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN OR EVER WILL BE A PRACTICE OF...
  147. H

    Big Game Special Hunt Permit Applications go on sale April 22nd.

    If we get our usual month to decide on our dream hunts, the deadline to submit will be May 22nd. Good luck! I got 13 points for trophy deer, will this be the year dad, my brother and I hunt rutting muleys in November?
  148. H

    Multi season hunt raffle deadline.

    Get those multi season raffle tickets bought before March 31st if you want a chance to get drawn for one!
  149. H

    Look out downstream!

    The front page of todays Seattle Times has an interesting/very scary article about a 65 foot long crack in Wanapum dam on the Columbia. Yikes! This one will have to be watched and perhaps we need a Fishing Rights thread on this too. This won't be the last aging dam story for the Columbia, and...
  150. H

    Possible human skull in Wesport crabpot.

    OK, what're you Westport crawlers up too? Just saw a small blurb on this at Pot set in 90+ feet of water and comes up with a skull fragment in it and the police are now testing it. Too creepy, and what a horrible thing to have to report.
  151. H

    I can't wait to hear the full story......

    My dad called me today and said he had got a call from one of our hunting partners about a story involving his son, another hunting partner. All dad got was the title of the story, Jason wants to tell the rest, but the title is funny enough! Jason is a county sheriffs deputy and apparently he...
  152. H

    Some ammo came in!

    Back orders from 2012. Federal 308 PowerShoks 180gr, a mere 20 boxes. Did get 5 cases of Estate 12 ga in 2 3/4" #7.5 as well. It's on the shelf right next to the Sno-King PSA members only and the Everett BM derby tickets. If I'm FINALLY seeing my backorders, your local favorite might have some...
  153. H

    Look for a WDFW news release regarding MA9 today!

    Ha! beat the other advisors to BD. MA9 is approaching it's guideline and will go to a one fish limit. Hopefully that will keep us open through the derbies. Next meeting is Feb 19th and we'll see where we sit then. Tune in to Outdoor Line tomorrow for a more detailed update. PS, as the wonderful...
  154. H

    Everett Blackmouth Derby March 22nd.

    Woody was out dropping off tickets yesterday. Only a hundred boats with up to 4 anglers per boat will be in it to win it! We got ours here at Ed's Surplus, but Ted's, Bayside, and John's (plus others) got theirs too. last two years I predicted a fish from Greenbank would win it........this year...
  155. H

    8 cougars in one photo?!

    Customer told me about this one today. Found the story at the Seattle Times website. Over in Douglas county guy checked his game cam expecting deer or bobcat, but got multiple shots of 8 big kitties in a group! Very rare behavior for such solitary animals. He got the WDFW bios involved and they...
  156. H

    An open letter to whomever gave me the flu for New Years.

    :_diarrhea_::madfire::_smack_::(:cussing:barfbarf:mad:, and:finger: you:shithappens:!!!!!!! I hope you felt worse than I did.
  157. H

    Pretty cool stuff......well at least I think so!

    Hello all, just got led to a cool company's site. The specialize in reproducing old maps. State, county and city. Old gold mine maps, revolutionary war or other war maps. I did not see any old charts, but did spend a bunch of time looking either. Did see a really cool...
  158. H

    Please go to the WDFW website and take the hunting survey!

    Dave Ware and the WDFW hunting division has a survey up for public comment regarding the 2016-2021 Hunting Management Plan(s). First part of a longer vetting process. I did mine, but I highly doubt what I want to see out of the plan is what anyone else wants to see......except maybe the...
  159. H

    Anyone see Leno last night?

    I didn't, but got sent the text of his opening jokes. He had a good one too; " Today the president met with tribal leaders from around the country. He told them if you like your medicine man you can keep your medicine man.":rofl:
  160. H

    Does anyone know?

    Hey guys! I bought a bunch of used rods today and ran into one I don't know much about. It's a fly rod, 9 foot IM-7 graphite, 10wt fly rod. Guide's Collection Chugach, model FMF-10. Three stripping guides on the dang thing, nice fighting butt.......looks like a contract rod, perhaps bought a...
  161. H


    Well it's been an interesting couple of days. I got a call on Monday, my day off, to come in to work and fill out police reports about two lots of used fishing/marine goods I had purchased. Turns out they were stolen goods, AND stolen from one of my PSA Sno-King fellow members to-boot! Not only...
  162. H

    Tick-tock, tick-tock........

    My hunting vacations are sooooooo close and I'm getting antsy and snippy and I really, really need some hot red blood on my hands instead of cold, slimy fish blood.............
  163. H

    How do you keep an Oakland Raider off your lawn?

    Paint a goal line on it!:finger:
  164. H

    Bombing salmon on the Skagit?

    Just had one of my regulars in the store. He's 'claiming' from his place in the Lyman/Hamilton area that tribal fishers are throwing explosives (his words) into the deep holes and then netting downstream. Anyone else confirm this for me? I asked him to get some photo/video evidence, but am...
  165. H

    Don't forget your summer crab reports!

    Just a friendly bi-annual reminder about mandatory crab reports! If anyone you know lost their summer card, have them go to their local liscense dealer and access their customer page. Under 'duplicates' in the customer page the dealer can write down the document number of the lost card so...
  166. H

    Hunting dogs and rattlesnakes.

    Pretty good article in the September NW Sportsman about some of the dangers a dog can face in snake country. I didn't know there is a dog vaccine for western diamondbacks.
  167. H

    FF on bloody Decks?

    I've visited the sports forum a time or two, but with all the cool stuff like ;:shithappens:,:rofl:,:finger: and:waglleybooty: a BD Fantasy Football game would be the ultimate for the required smacktalk! I'd lobby to move both of my leagues to here if was available. Hate to quote a baseball...
  168. H

    Ready to go quackers?

    Just got the hard copies of the WDFW waterfowl regulations in today. Looks like some good seasons. Daily limit for ducks stayed at 7, but the possession limit went from 14 to 21. Don't tell your dogs yet.........
  169. H

    Be careful out there! It's dry......

    Was just chatting with my Dad on the phone about tent repairs for the upcoming hunting seasons. He went out to his shop to look at grommet tools and supplies and exclaimed LOUDLY "It smells like something burning out here!" His college exchange student neighbors had flipped a cigarette butt into...
  170. H

    Haven't seen one of these in a while, and the model is a first for me.

    Bought some used tackle today and got a Totem Trader mooching/troll rod. 8'6" and just as bouncy as a fiberglass rod should be. In the dim past I've seen probably a half dozen spinning trout panfish and one Totem Trader fly rod, but this is the first saltwater rod from them I've encountered. It...
  171. H

    First keeper chinook!!!

    Got my nephew Sean into his first keeper Chinook today! One pound for each of his 10 years. WDFW enforcement took a picture of him with his fish....look for it on the WDFW Weekender report on their website. MA10, on a 8" green haze Hotspot and a 3.5 Kingfisher in the new Mongoose Racer pattern.
  172. H

    No pics and I'm still admitting it!

    Fished the San Juans for the first time in 20+ years last sunday. Never been to Eagle Pt either. Turned off my phone to avoid Canadian fees and we caught and released pinks the whole time we were there and everything we tried except plugs. Some of those bucks were 7# plus and hit whole blue dyed...
  173. H

    Why does the ocean roar?

    You'd roar too if you had crabs on your bottom! :finger:
  174. H

    Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

    Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels!:finger:
  175. H

    Looking for some knowledge about a reel I've never seen before today.

    Picked up a Mitchell 782 Graphite today. Canadian Mooching reel made in Japan for the Canadian market between 1986-1988 if my early research is correct. Kinda interesting that this NOT a knucklebuster, center pin & single action yes, but the handle knobs have a anti-reverse feature. It is a...
  176. H

    May Day

    So here we are and once again looking at the threat of rioting in the streets on May a bunch of 'Commie Pinkos' that don't seem to know that they even are communists. Is my cold warrior grandfather the only one rolling over in his grave right now or was I indroctonated and brainwashed...
  177. H

    Opening Day.

    I hope our local lakes were kind to those participating in the big annual Opening Day tradition. I woke up just before dawn even though I wasn't going (work), and remembered all the times I did go. Lets see some First Trout pictures with some happy kids in 'em! And thank you, thank you Dad for...
  178. H

    New raffle ticket counters.

    Was just perusing the big game section of the WDFW website and they have a pretty cool new feature on the Raffle Hunt page. Each of the big game single animal and multiple animal raffles now has a ticket counter. As of 4-12-2013 the three deer raffle had sold only 60 tickets and the central...
  179. H

    Idle curiosity, is this bad?

    Was coming up I-5 the other day and saw a truck that just didn't seem quite right. As I got closer I realized that the truck was a dually that had it's inside tires removed. It sure looked silly with that wide stance and the inside hubs spinning like crazy. My first thought was, 'well he's...
  180. H

    Just read the aluminum vs glass thread....

    Now what I really want to know is......for the Seafair Milk Carton derby; Gallon Jug or waxed paper cartons?:waglleybooty:
  181. H

    I just recieved an ammo backorder!!!!

    3 boxes of 20 guage slugs. :shithappens: Not what I was hoping for, but did I get your hearts a thumpin' for a second?:finger:
  182. H

    I'm taking credit for the Spring snow this week!

    I bought fresh gas for the lawnmower.:finger:
  183. H

    Winchester,Remington issue ammo alerts.

    Jeez, can't hardly get ammo as it is, now this?! Remington 100 round boxes of 38 Special+P 125gr semi-jacketed hollow points (L38s2b) may contain 357 Magnum ammo. Lot#P24UA18R only. Lot # is located on the outside of the case, or on the inside flap of the box. If you have any of this ammo...
  184. H

    Todays sign the end is near.

    One of my coworkers comes up after her lunch break and wants me to go out and jumpstart her boyfreinds pick up truck. He has no clue why his battery keeps dying at odd times, but it's dead today. So, I go out and look under the hood of his GMC Sierra so's I know which side to pull up to, and the...
  185. H

    Everett Blackmouth Derby

    Still have 3 tickets here at Ed's Surplus for Woody's Everett Blackmouth Derby! 425-778-1441 C'mon, I thought we had some competitive anglers hangin' about around here!
  186. H

    Another hero passes.

    Just got smacked between the eyes with some bad news. A good customer, fishing buddy, and hunting partner passed away from a heart attack on Sunday. Old Russ, as we called him, was a true hero. A member of the Greatest Generation, WWII Kamikaze survivor. 92 years of life was too short. He served...
  187. H

    Early permit deadlines!!!

    Just a reminder, if you intend on applying for a Spring Bear Permit you application deadline is Feb 28th....this thursday! Multi-Season Tag applications are due March 31st!
  188. H

    this got me snickering a bit.

    So I'm writing orders like a madman this week and I've gotten to the Bushnell/Hoppe's kind of stuff. In the Butler Creek section they need to work on thier line listings....or I need to get my mind outta the gutter. The Butler Creek Bikini style scope covers in plastic clam packs list like this...
  189. H

    3D printers

    I'm more than little technophobic and way behind the times computer wise, but I'm curious if anyone has designed/duplicated any new/old lures using a 3D printer? Came to my attention when I read an article in the Seattle Times today about using these printers to make gun parts.
  190. H

    Lets see how many Winchester guys are out there!

    Start drooling guys. One of my regulars came in today to show me a rifle. Old Louis is in his mid eighties and wanted my dad and I to see his baby when I had mentioned the one rifle my dad has been dreaming about as long as I've been alive(or longer!). Unzipped the case and there is was in easy...
  191. H

    Anyone tried the Oh Boy! Oberto flavor yet?

    I see February 2013 is the launch date for Obertos Bacon Jerky! anyone tried some yet? Seems like bacon jerky shoulda been on the market a couple of decades ago............
  192. H

    Hey Blackvelvet!

    Ted can you throw out some pic's of your tackle collection please? Every time you show stuff off I get someone trying to sell me that same stuff! Just got a Stingsilda yesterday along with some Bead Tackle 8oz diamond jigs in the packs. A couple of B&B 8" flashers in the Martin Tackle packaging...
  193. H

    Stinky Beavers!

    So I'm cooking some brats during the Seahawk game last Sunday, using the oven broiler so I can still watch the game of course, and I smoke out the kitchen and have to open the slider to the deck to desmoke the house. The dog, Daisy takes the opportunity to hit the deck and peer into the...
  194. H

    Keep your eyes open!

    Just got back from the Lynnwood B of A with the stores banking. The merchant teller showed me a couple of counterfeit twenty dollar bills that have been going around the north end the last couple of days. They are based on the green $20 with the oversize Andrew Jackson, not the newer colored...
  195. H

    Looking for a review.......

    .......of the new Gamakatsu Big River Bait open eye siwash hooks. They've been out a month or so now and I've had them on the shelf for a couple of weeks, but I haven't been out or tried to install any on lures. They are a heavier wire than the Matzuos and the octopus style have been great in my...
  196. H

    Are they warming up for turkey day?

    Or is today jerk wad day and no one told me? If the folks I'm running into and dealing with are just warming up for thier families prior to Thursday....well those must be some real warm family gatherings! If not, then there are a whole bunch of uptight jerks in a bad mood running around!!!
  197. H

    Boot sock roundup.

    Just finished the part of deer season prep I dread the most.......the annual boot sock roundup! I don't know what the heck happens to all my boot socks between March and October, but man they sure do migrate around the bedroom! No replacements this year, barely scrounged up enough for the...
  198. H

    Pray for rain!

    Or do a rain dance or somethin', PLEASE!! I know the river anglers are on my side, but jeez louise both my deer area and my elk area are either on fire or smoked out and roads closed off for fire fighting. I'm not the only big game hunter in this boat either. Pray for RAIN! Thanks!
  199. H

    Must be September!

    Rooting around the extra cab of my pick up last night and saw some undeniable signs of fall. Along with my PFD, tackle bag, extra rod and other assorted salmon gear there is now shotgun shells and hunter orange, binocs and a rangefinder! Better clean it up and unbury the chains, come along, tow...
  200. H

    Myxosporean Parasites.

    Got a 6# coho on sunday that had some nasties in the meat. Little white cyst like blobs all through the meat. They popped and were filled with a pus like goo when I tried to excise them out of the meat, Ewwwww! Contacted WDFW and got a quick reply from one of the dedicated; ID'd as Henneguya...
  201. H

    Report your summer crab cards!

    That time again! Please remind those less sophisticated crabbers who may have hitched a ride or two that ZERO is the most important number that rarely gets turned in! Also to anyone who lost or misplaced thier summer crab card; ANY WDFW liscence dealer in the state can access your W.I.L.D. file...
  202. H

    Bud's Diver by Seth Burrill Productions.

    Got a chance to fish Westport last sunday on the Fishnut with Ron and Jean Garner. I was told it was a diver show and I've been wanting to fish a Bud's Diver for quite some time now. It's kinda like a side planer from Luhr Jensen except it doesn't float. The instructions say if you take the...
  203. H

    Are many marine area boundries obsolete?

    Some of you may know from North of Falcon that I have been advocating for a number of years now for MA9 to be split in two, much like MA8 became 8-1 and 8-2 a number of years ago. Now I'm starting to think quite a few boundries may not be as feasable as they were in the past. Not just for salmon...
  204. H

    Good mojo needed!

    Talked to dad this morning and one of our hunting partners(along with tons of others) needs some good mojo sent his way. He's a Kittitas county sherriffs deputy and that big fire is nasty. Dad said Jason is working his tail end off with evacuations and everything else going on and the fire is...
  205. H

    Weight them crabpots!!

    And leave some slack rope! One of my regulars just called me. A couple of weeks ago he had two pots "stolen" at Jeff Head. Nope. Not weighted and not enough slack rope. He sounded a little sheepish on the phone, but had an interesting story to tell. Got a call before the weekend and an angler...
  206. H

    Always something new!

    Great thing about fishing is there's always new, something you've never seen, some animal behavior that don't make sense. Keeps it from getting boring and definately keeps me coming back. Sunday I'm out on the MUGWUMP with dad and my cousin and saw something I've never seen before. We were doing...
  207. H

    Stuck at work and my dad is a jerk!

    Driving to work this fine Saturday and my cell phone goes off. Dad is out on the MUGWUMP with his wife and my cousin. 16# hatchery chinook in the box at 8am on a Yingle Rudder and a whole herring, somewhere on the border of MA9 and 10. Grrrr. A 10 hour shift in front of me and he goes telling me...
  208. H

    Edmonds Pier Renovations

    Hey guys, just was given a copy of a letter from one Kye Iris the Region 4 Lands Agent. Looking to secure funding to upgrade and repair the Edmonds Public Fishing Pier. Structural concrete repair, repaint, and electrical plug ins!! Final presentation going to the Recreation and Conservation...
  209. H

    Fixed base plates for Penn downriggers.

    What is up Penn? I can not remember the last time these were not in short supply at the beginning of summer salmon season. We need 'em and they are not around!
  210. H

    Boom extension or prop ring?

    I've been spending some time of late fishing with my buddy on his new ride, a 22' Hewescraft Searunner. He picked it up lightly used from a gent in AK. No down riggers on it until last winter. Sharphooks as he is known here, moved his Scottys over. We were talking over his spread and how it runs...
  211. H

    Ammo recall from Remington.

    Remington 270win 150grain soft point ammunition product recall. 6 bad lots, DO NOT USE Remington 270win 150 grain soft point(sp) ammo with lot numbers N16SA24L, N16SA24R, N16SB24R, N16SB24L, N13SC24L,N13SC24R. Remington has determined these lots may have been improperly loaded. Improper...
  212. H

    Scary story.

    Talked to a young man yesterday and his story made my jaw drop. He inherited a shotgun from his grandfather, who inherited it from his father. Made in France, sidexside 12 gauge made in 1927. Fully engraved, fancy stock and an interesting pattern in the unengraved portions of the barrels. He...
  213. H

    Call out another BD member?

    Ok, I'm going to try to do this right, as in Bloody Decks style. I recieved a PM from one Boater last week. I have tried to respond, but he has chosen not to recieve PM's! If I go overboard, no disrespect is intended and if anyone feels I did not go far enough please let me know! WTF Boater...
  214. H

    Penn reels never quit!!!

    Thought I'd share a story. A customer came in yesterday getting ready for some lingster action on Puget Sound. Had his jiggin' gear all set, but needed a reel spooled for live baiting some sand dabs. My jaw didn't quite drop, but he was in for some fun. He had pulled his grandfathers boat rod...
  215. H

    Love my state!

    Didn't want to revive an old thread for this, but the awesome mini vacation I just had is forcing me to restart an old argument. Last week I responded to a post from someone fed up with Washington to the point where they were never going to fish here again. Well............ Last thursday Dad...
  216. H

    OK have fun with this one!

    Went to Hood Canal on Sunday for some bivalves. Almost ran out of low tide despite carefull planning too! Gorgeous day, full sun, light wind and half way to Kingston we hear an announcement on the p.a. " The M/V Puyallup will be slowing to a stop for a Memorial Cerimony then will continue...
  217. H

    Start counting points and dreamin'!

    Checked the WDFW liscence terminal for updates today. The 2012 Special Hunt Applications are available for sale as of today. I'm hoping to get reg books by the end of the week, but they have been promised "No later than the first week of May". Now I just need to pony up the $51.70 for the 7...
  218. H

    Can the spare pawl be brought back in 209's please?

    One of the very best features of your venerable and trustworthy 209 reels was the inclusion of a spare pawl.......the #1 part likely to fail on the water. It was dropped as a feature of the reel some years ago. Please bring it back! Bringing back the Model 10 and dropping the model 9 would...
  219. H

    Winter Crab card reporting

    Just a tip for those who may have lost or misplaced their winter crab card. Any WDFW liscence dealer can open your customer page and find the Document Number for your card in the "Duplicate" section. Please DO NOT purchase a duplicate card, just write down the number.
  220. H

    Elk rifle in the ER, me...semi o.k.

    My elk season ended a couple of days early this year dang nab it! Side hilling along in GMU346 Little Naches at about 5200', encountered a frozen barkless limb hidden by frozen leaves. Yep, you guessed second on two feet, a half second later I'm on the ground rolling off my rifle...
  221. H

    Liscence fees go up 9-1-2011

    Got a fishing or hunting liscence still to pick up for 2011/12? Get it today or pay more! Especially elk hunters.
  222. H

    Better buy a sponge!

    Fished Richmond Beach Sunday with dad and my cousin. Brought home some crab, 2 pinks and released a native 10# chinook. Got just busy enough after the first pink that I was a tad slow in cleaning up the deck.....realized my mistake when my feet went out from under me and I bounced my chin off...
  223. H

    Scouting report

    Got a scouting report today from the Manashtash/Ellensburg area of Washington state today. An old time elk hunter (90 yrs old!) was scouting yesterday and discovered that most of the forest service roads he hunts from in that area have been washed out or landslid out! High snow pack melting late...
  224. H

    Possesion 8-1

    Despite a bear tag in my pocket, hit the Bar with dad on monday. Tough tides, gear running 90 degrees different than the heading quite a bit of the time. Lots of farming going on, lots of yellow centered jellies....bring your lemon joy! Dad hooked a screamer right at low slack, saw the fish...