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  1. Nikki J

    Bozeman Area Fishing Question

    Leaving Monday to check out Bozeman where my son will be attending Montana state this fall as a freshman. I’d appreciate any recommendations and advice (dos and don’ts) for where to fish in the area. Thanks!
  2. Nikki J

    Bozeman Area Question

    Leaving Monday to check out Bozeman where my son will be attending Montana state this fall as a freshman. I’d appreciate any recommendations and advice (dos and don’ts) for where to fish in the area. Thanks!
  3. Nikki J

    SOLD NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    I am the original owner. Commissioned and took delivery in December 1999. My plan is to have the boat detailed and made to look as new as possible this winter and ask $90k. I am willing to let it go as is for $80k. Options include shore power, battery charger, AC/DC refrigerator, windless anchor...
  4. Nikki J

    Good day but...

    Mission bay to 226-230-371-s9. 13 cookie cutter yt ( two 20 #rs) and 4 doritos. Conditions made it tough to spot paddys but every one was holding. The "but" part is I feel like a baby killer.:mad:
  5. Nikki J

    Penn 12Ts drag replacement/repair

    I have a pair of PENN INTERNATIONAL 12Ts that need the drags fixed. I have to turn the thumb nut down all the way before putting the lever in the strike position to have enough drag for trolling xraps or Halcos and in "full" only one of them is strong enough to fight a tuna. The drive...
  6. Nikki J

    Tough day 6/16

    226-302-371 beautiful day on the water. Arrived at the 226 around 0830. Lots of boats and some fish but no takers. Found a paddy jugged with YT that had lock jaw. Headed across the 302 towards the 371. Found acres of mixed grade of BFT (30-100+ #s) breezers 2/3 of the way to the 371 to a mile...
  7. Nikki J


    Launched at MB at 0500. Got a scoop of small sardines and headed to 181. Lots of boats and meter marks but nothing showing. Trolled around for a while and got called in to the bite of carlsbad 33.06/ 117.35. Found absolute mayhem! Giant BFT feeding on massive bait balls of anchovies. Managed a...
  8. Nikki J

    Volvo AD 41 Turbo Issues

    Sorry gang. I just replied to an old thread and should have just started this new one. Anyway, After 16 years and 1500 hours I think it's time to replace my turbo on my Volvo Penta AD 41. Mine has stuck twice in its life, with March 2016 being the latest after not being used in a few months. I...
  9. Nikki J

    8/14 Oceanside report

    Bait sucks! 4 passes for $50 scoop. I don't mind paying extra (supply and demand) but at least give a full scoop. Rant over. Worked hard for 6 yft and one dodo. Most of the fish seemed to be on the inside today. 33.00/117.25-30. Found a school under tern birds. Threw chunk and got 4, 20-25#...
  10. Nikki J

    7/10 Tuna out of MB

    Launched Dana Landing at 0500 got 1 1/2 scoop of beat up small sardines and headed west. Plan was to go to 40/30 and work south on the 117.30 line. Got a small 12# BFT about 6 miles off MB jetty on a fish trap way back. We then continued to the 117.30 line. Found the ponys and trolled thru and...
  11. Nikki J

    Need someone to repair/seal a leaking tilt/trim ram

    My port-side tilt/trim ram is leaking fluid on my volvo penta DP-E outdrive. I'm looking for a mechanic for the job. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  12. Nikki J

    Big Yellow tail

    Launched MB at 06:00. Bait boat beats us to the receiver and wea scoop of perfect hook sized sardines. After trying to make some greenbacks in the OB kelp we headed toward the 182. Found a paddy with one-stop shopping at 32.41x117.36 an 66 degree beautiful blue water. 11 YT and one BFT. BFT was...
  13. Nikki J

    Doug Streed

    I appolgize if this is not the proper forum, but I just found out that Doug Streed passed away on October 29th. He taught hunter safety courses in San Diego and ran the "San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt" which is a wonderful event for kids. He was a good man and a great advocate for the hunting...
  14. Nikki J

    YFT and YT For the Kids

    Late report for 7/14. Great day on the Water. Left SI E. bros at 0510 with 4-6" nice sardines. Started at 30/30 on a paddy that was jugged with rat YT 4-6#s. Worked our way down and in to 25/27 to find YFT open water boils and under the birds. More YT on paddys as well. 67 degree water. Ended...
  15. Nikki J

    Pens with a gift 7/31

    Left the slip at 0130. Baited up and cruised to the pens off Ensenada. Arrived at 0530. Not much happening the first 30 minutes so we decided to move when we found a paddy holding cookie cutter 10# yt and one chica dodo 15#s. Moved up close to the pen and hooked a 50# BF 100' deep on 40 with 40...
  16. Nikki J

    Who does bottom paint

    Thinking of putting my 26' Blackman Outerbanks in the water for the summer. Anyone know of a good bottom painter? Thanks
  17. Nikki J

    Tough Day. Saved though. Thanks Skipper!

    Launched SI @ 0500. Ebros set us up with a generous scoop. Plan was to start at 30/30 and head SE to 10/10 through the trench. Lots of wind chop on a medium swell making it washing machine conditions. Very hard to spot paddys. Went 2 for 3 on yt at first paddy. Stopped on four more trash can lid...
  18. Nikki J

    154nm pulled on some YT saw big BFT

    Launched SI at 0430. After baiting up, headed to 43. Found two nice paddys 10 miles short of the 43 holding tempermental YT. Hooked two and lost them both to the kelp. Never got a visual but they felt like nice fish. Couldn't stop them on the 20#. While fishing the paddys the birds showed up...