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  1. efx

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    They are 100% Honda’s so I had no problem with them. Never once took them to Amber so I don’t know about service. I just sold the boat so there is a lucky owner out there. Overall they are heavy but I put them on a boat with a 10 6 beam so it was no problem. I recommend them. You get cables, key...
  2. efx

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I 100% agree with you. 16 k is a lot. About four years ago I purchased 250 tohatsus for a great price down in Costa Mesa. I couldn’t believe how much they were compared to Yamaha. 16k difference sounds about right. Big engines are big money.
  3. efx

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    I bet it’s outboard specialties in pompano. Suzuki’s are awesome. Great engines. Enjoy. By the way, I just purchase two scratch and dent 150’s from inflatable specialties in Ventura. It worked out pretty well. I just picked them up and installed myself. Good deals up there and near Florida prices.
  4. efx

    For Sale Arima Sea Chaser 1511 Catalina Ready

    Awesome little pocket boat. That’s a lot of boat in a 15 footer. Totally cool.
  5. efx

    For Sale 98 Grady White 228 with 04 Yamaha F225

    One of the best boats out there. I miss mine often. Rides great. The width to length ratio is perfect. Sea v2 hull makes it feel like a 25. Enclosed transom is awesome. 4 stroke also. If the Mid section scopes out clean, they can last a long time. Glws.
  6. efx

    SOLD Twin evinrude 150s

    Those are good simple direct injection evinrudes. Solid motors at a good price. Many of those were around the keys in the 2000’s. If they are well kept, they have a lot of life left. Well developed and flushed out technology their after brp worked out the kinks.
  7. efx

    For Sale Cabo 256 with New Yamaha 150s

    That size really is perfect for SoCal. Trailer it if you need to. Run in 300 miles if you want to. Go to all islands. Really flexible. Good power, good trailer. I’d be all over it if I didn’t have a Grady 268, which is almost the exact type of boat.
  8. efx

    SOLD 2006 Parker 2520 XLD with Twin Yamaha F250TXR and Tuna Tower

    That boat must do almost 50mph even with the tower. Nice boat.
  9. efx

    SOLD 1999 Boston whaler dauntless

    Nice boat. Get rid of that old oil tank in the bilge.
  10. efx

    For Sale Cabo 256 with New Yamaha 150s

    Nice boat. That’s a good one. Don’t sell it!
  11. efx

    9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    This gives fishing a bad name. I highly suggest you get a 20’ center console with a 115 hp four stroke and fish on your own private boat. Life is too short to deal with this. And the term “Speedro” ! Lol. Perfect description
  12. efx

    9/1 kelps

    At least you got some. A 15 YT is good eating.
  13. efx

    SOLD SOLD- skipjack with 300 supercharged mercury

    Cool cowl on that kicker. Mercury sure has designed and built some good engines lately.
  14. efx

    Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Good report. Nice boat
  15. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    Boat has been sold.
  16. efx

    Newport to the 181-209 and back

    The trash is everywhere. I’ve been picking it up as much as possible. Gloves seem to be the new Mylar balloons.
  17. efx

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Tell me when and where. It’s flotilla time.
  18. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    The OX 66 ran strong and were bullet proof, but were smelly and made people seasick! The Tohatsu /Honda had really good fuel mileage bulletins for similar boats and were available locally. And thanks for the compliments on the boat, I have really enjoyed it.
  19. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    The outboards have the factory paint. The photos have the outboard covers on them. I like to keep my outboards clean inside and out 100%. Check out the vented outboard covers from Oceansouth in Australia, they are really high quality and easily last 5 seasons and are tailored specifically to...
  20. efx

    Butterball ranch fishing

    Looks like Oahu.
  21. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    That is a good question regarding the fuel economy. I was getting about .9 - 1.1 MPG with the OX66 at 3800-4000 rpm with the tabs fully up and lightly loaded. With the new Hondas I am now getting between 1.8 and 2.1 mpg. It is a gigantic difference. The engines have an very definable sweet spot...
  22. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    30’-4” LOA.
  23. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    Thanks, appreciate it.
  24. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    Air dock works well. Keeps her nice and dry and is really easy to wax the hull since it’s at eye level.
  25. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    I sent you a PM. Thanks
  26. efx

    SOLD Grady White Marlin 28

    Grady White 28' Marlin - SeaV2 hull (Ray Hunt design) 1993 New 2018 twin 250 hp Tohatsu (100% Honda) engines - 58 Hrs with 3.5 years of warranty remaining. SS props, sea star hydraulic steering, new throttle binnacle, key switch. 300 gallons in two tanks. 500 mile range Sleeps four comfortably...
  27. efx

    Catalina 6/6/20

    How did you rig that coors? Treble Trap hook? nice fish!
  28. efx

    The 4th is with us at full force at OB pier:)

    I eat mackeral all the time. The bigins' off the back side of cat make great saba! Gut them, slice the skin, salt it, and grill them whole! Really tasty with some rice.
  29. efx

    For Sale Grady White 255 Sailfish Sport Bridge

    I’ve had and have gradys, that one is in fine shape. Cushions are definitely a 1992. Can’t beat the ease of working on those motors. Nice boat.
  30. efx

    WTB 26-28' Center Console/ Cuddy

    I have a 28 Grady white that fits those needs very well. It’s a fresh 500 hp repower and price is 89k. Shoot me a pm if you are interested.
  31. efx

    For Sale 2004 Grady White 265 Express

    Probably one of the best gradys made. That come from an owner of a marlin and an islander.
  32. efx

    Best 15 foot ocean fishing boats ?????

    I’m going to take a different approach to answering this question. I have owned over 10 boats, small and large. This includes 5 Boston whalers. I suggest you get a mako 17’ 1980 thru 1990 and store it it a yard or driveway. It’s a boat, which I currently own, that can do everything and is safe...
  33. efx

    For Sale 77 Pacemaker Wahoo - Fully Restored with 2017 Aluminum Trailer

    What a beautiful boat. They don’t make them like that anymore. Pacemaker made one of the best American made boats during that era. Just look at the glass work. It’s worth far more than the asking price.
  34. efx

    Captains Maiden Voyage channel islands– Covid Win (Long Post)

    Excellent post. Welcome to the boating and fishing world. Regarding your engine, keep the gas clean and fresh. I think your engine is an HPDI, and they are good, but really need clean gas. Run it often , even on the trailer with muffs, and keep that gas clean ( no water intrusion and no dirt)...
  35. efx

    SP limited out ... on mylar Balloons

    Thanks for picking up the balloons. We picked up a bunch of Malibu.
  36. efx

    Catalina 05/25

    Good report. Water looks good. Nice fat calico. And cool mako 21.
  37. efx

    Quick report 5/9

    Awesome report. Good intel. That was a very long wait for bait. Looks like it paid off. It looks like all the action is in SD or mex. there is not much going on up north.
  38. efx

    Bermuda Triangle 05.08.20

    thanks for report. headed to cat tomorrow looking for the clear and blue with current.
  39. efx

    headed to cat 5/9/2020 - buddy boats?

    We are headed out to cat tomorrow out of MDR. leaving the ramps at 5 Am. Going to look for clean water on the front and back side west end. WE will be on 72- jolly roger. I post reports on the hour while are out there. headed back to MDR at 4. Best luck out there guys!
  40. efx

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    Keep at it and don’t listen to all these curmudgeons. We all can tell you are smart and listen well. Keep working , go to college, make some money and get your own boat. Then you can out fish all these cranky ass dudes. I may even pay you to take me fishing on my boat!
  41. efx

    For Sale Mako 171 classic w/ Evinrude 115etec for sale

    Nice boat, and a very good engine. The engine matches the boat well. I have the same exact boat with hundreds of hours on it. It’s a good boat for SoCal.
  42. efx

    Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Thanks for the report. Let’s hope that water gets better, it looks foul.
  43. efx

    Here....a Fish Report!

    Good post. Send me the price on those Ralph’s shrimp! I can’t find the ad. !!
  44. efx

    For Sale 2004 Intrepid 30 CC

    Excellent boat. One of the best
  45. efx

    Rpt.-The Origin of my "Tunaslam"!

    Cool story. Inspirational. Let’s all hope for a good season and a focus on preservation. Best luck to all.
  46. efx

    SOLD Price Reduction! Triumph 190 Custom Pilot House

    Wow, that’s the best ad I’ve ever seen. That boat is worth every penny. You really know what you are buying and that is never easy with a used boat.
  47. efx

    For Sale For sale 1998 2870 pursuit

    Nice boat. Good engines.
  48. efx

    WTB WTB: Montauk 150 with Yamaha 4s or Similar 16' Skiff

    I have a 17’ Boston whaler montauk, with Suzuki 4 stroke 70 hp, 100 hours. Excellent boat with live well. Has a decent trailer with new tires. Located in Marina del Rey. See photo
  49. efx

    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    Juan, I have one in Marina del Rey. I’m looking at selling as I have been working far from the coast and will be for a few more years. I can show it to you if you would like. It’s a fresh repower and I use it weekly. It’s in the water, on a lift and I also have a trailer. Send me a PM with your...
  50. efx

    For Sale Garmin 742xs

    Any photos of them turning on?
  51. efx

    SOLD 23' Blackman Billfisher

    Awesome little guy with a ton of style. Great boat.
  52. efx

    For Sale 17' center console for sale

    Cool skiff! With that four stroke and that much gas you can go very far!
  53. efx

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Sorry guys. Trailer sold. Sorry for the hijack Tom. Thread is all yours.
  54. efx

    For Sale Grady White Chase 263 turn key

    Hi, is this boat available?
  55. efx

    SOLD Parker 05 21ft.SE

    Any chance you can go lower?, the 1300 hours are an issue for me. Not that I am saying its a spent engine or it is not reliable, but 1300 hours is 1300 hours and a significant part of the value in a 21 foot CC is the engine.
  56. efx

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    good job - please delete this post or there will be 900 parkers out there tomorrow combined with 7999 kayaks in 3'-6' swell at 16 sec. should be sporty. When I was out there last, all the yellows were out on the south 9. Gotta find the patty.
  57. efx

    2003 22' mckee craft

    3127 hours is awesome! I’m so glad I own two Honda’s. Nice boat. Excellent upkeep.
  58. efx

    Fishing Friday 12/06/19 Anyone else?

    Awesome, nice yellow hophead, I was in the same place From 1130-330 at the 9 and it looked like all the paddy’s have broken up. I did see a yf go clear out of the water. Tons of birds. I also went in and saw all the birds nailing the bait balls. Drifted the dines in 150’ to 80’. Also trolled...
  59. efx

    Fishing Friday 12/06/19 Anyone else?

    I maybe going out of mission. Straight to the 9. I’ll be on 72. 17 whaler. Just looking for paddies. Best of luck all. It’s going to be grey and cold.
  60. efx

    New Lo An fishes Thursday December 5, 2019

    I’m a private boater and going out on Friday. Weather looks good. Good luck to all!
  61. efx

    12/1/19 WO YT Bite on pattys

    Nothing better than hamachi. Nice catch. My turn will be someday.
  62. efx

    On the water report. 11/24 Cat

    Chum that high spot if there is current. Good luck!
  63. efx

    yellow-tail in November

    I have pride in the SoCal fishing community because there are some of us which reference Reno 911 as a true work of art which conveys a message worthy of posting! Dangle is not a law enforcement agent, but randy at tacos tacos tacos may think that?. To the OP, grammar, at least some, does assist...
  64. efx

    For Sale 2004 Nitro Bay 19'

    Yeah, I see this boat all the time off Redondo canyon. That’s an excellent bassin’ boat for PV and all the breakwaters. Even cat on a nice day.
  65. efx

    For Sale Bertram 28 Flybridge $32,000 obo

    I grew up on a Bertram 28 and it never let us down. The original owner still has her from 1977. I think its on it 5th set of engines. Great boat that is the best selling Bertram made. With fresh power, that’s a steal of a price.
  66. efx

    For Sale 2010 DEFIANCE 290 GUADALUPE

    Those are the best engines you can buy.
  67. efx

    Cat 11-10

    We went around the island and targeted yellows at China point. Got one nice leopard shark and that was it for the day. I only fished large Mack’s with 1 oz of weight trying to get a bigger yellow. Some chum but probably not enough. Crossing there was sloppy, crossing back was easy and smooth...
  68. efx

    Desperation Tunas 11-7 to 11-9

    The red bilge water says it all.
  69. efx

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Here is what i have learned. Get friends with boats and then rotate trips on them. They know the cost and get it right from the start. If they dont have a boat then, they have one chance to prove themselves. If the $ isnt there the first time, then that is the last time. Plus boat owners will...
  70. efx

    10/27 - Catch Report

    You should have seen the mess running south from Redondo to San Pedro harbor. The 10 mile run around PV was pumping hard. At one moment I saw a 25 cc disappear behind a swell 100 yards to the starboard. At that moment I knew there were 5' footers out there.
  71. efx

    Offshore hopeful, Catalina settled

    And thats why you have a 33 GW. Every time i get caught in the slop i just set mine at 2500 RPM with the tabs down and she plows on through. She may not be the fastest gal, but she can hammer it out and keep you safe.
  72. efx

    10/27 - Catch Report

    We tried to get out to the 14 on Sun morning but it was a washing machine and bailed. No life at all except gigantic trash patties in redondo canyon. We did kill the skunk with one whitefish but it didn't help. It was hot on satuday and then all the sudden winter started on sunday. Missed it by...
  73. efx

    Respectable Bluefin - 10-26-19

    Damn, i went today and the ocean was a complete mess. I think you nailed the last day of the summer. Nice grady btw
  74. efx

    Long Beach yellowfin

    Some dude coming back from clemente declared the ocean as a shitbox. One minute the swell and cross swell would pile up and give you a 5 footer, then ten minutes later it would lay down. It was like this from 10am until we returned at 330.
  75. efx

    Long Beach yellowfin

    Oh man, we were out but didn’t see them. Nice catch. And yep that weather picked up.
  76. efx

    Long Beach yellowfin

    Was that on Saturday 10/26?
  77. efx

    10/26 FYI Tuna chasing report

    We are headed out now to trol the 300-900 around that area. I’ll be 72. Good luck to all.
  78. efx

    For Sale 25’ Grady White with new twin Evinrude Etecs

    that is an excellent socal boat. island hop until you find the fish
  79. efx

    For Sale 2015 Amato 21 Foot Center Console

    Hi , I’m in west LA. When can you show the boat? 310 729 0679. Please text. Rich
  80. efx

    SOLD Parker 05 21ft.SE

    I am assuming still available if the ad is up. Correct? Text please 310 729 0679
  81. efx

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Commonly confuses with yellow fin tuna knobgobler.
  82. efx

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    I am also out of MDR. Cat has been where it’s at. SM Bay has been poor. Redondo canyon poor. I have the best luck staying away from boats and going to Malibu. It’s colder this year. My best luck has been trailering the small boat to shelter and hitting the Nados. It’s just the way it is when...
  83. efx

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    i saw ali at the ramps with his old grady. grand ole boat. We went inshore for nothing. those look like tasty dolphin!
  84. efx


    When I left mission bay, I knew something was off. I could tell that I either had to run 100 miles or get nothing. I can’t complain, we got yellowtail, ling cod and a Boccaccio last weekend and even fought a mako. Had to have a skunk day sooner or later
  85. efx

    Tunas and yellowtails offshore

    That dude looks scared of the yellowtail. That boat is salty!
  86. efx

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Awesome video. Looks like fun. The stink is off that new boat!
  87. efx


    I trolled for four hours outside of la Jolla and the ocean was a dead murky green. Even the sea lions stayed away.
  88. efx

    Offshore 8/13

    nice fish and nice boat. i bet you carried a LOT of chum
  89. efx

    Lookin for a report for LJ OR PTL 8/10/19

    I’ll be out of mdr and headed to Malibu in two hours. I’ll be on 72. Miz Marengo. Good luck guys!
  90. efx

    SOLD 2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    My grady 28, really 32, can hold 300 gals and can run at 30 mph in 2'-3' slop all day. its comfy, but man just looking at this whaler is incredible, fit and finish level 10. smart boat for the real fisherman who likes to get out there
  91. efx

    WTB Can anyone identify this boat?

    dont do it. keep the skipjack. slip fees suck
  92. efx

    SOLD 2016 Boston Whaler Conquest 315

    that maybe the nicest boat in California. fast, comfortable, extended trips are easily done. wow just look at the helm
  93. efx

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    I’m thinking an edible was involved.
  94. efx

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    Yep. Lots of limes and tonic water on board and on the deck . Autopilot maybe, lots of drinking? Should buff out or just LOTS of bottom paint.
  95. efx

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    930 last night. Looks pretty bad.
  96. efx

    Isthmus Sunday 7/28

    We were out there also. Isthmus to the west end. Had one screamer on for about 5 minutes but couldn’t stop it and it pulled loose. Good crossing yesterday and today. Porpoise showed up on the west end at noon. That’s the only life we saw.
  97. efx

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Question- I bought my FMM and it was confirmed. Now I want to go on a different date, Do I need to buy another one? The date has past. I couldnt make it on that date.
  98. efx

    They're back 7-22

    excellent haul. that's a lot of fillet time. I got 12 steaks / servings off of a single 20 lb YT. Eat them all!
  99. efx

    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 206 cc

    That is an awesome boat. Totally underrated.
  100. efx

    For Sale Bayliner Trophy 2502 Walkaround with Hardtop

    That’s a LOT of boats for the money. Great job whoever did the work. Solid motors and all good electronics and plumbing.
  101. efx

    Weekend Warrior Flotilla-Nados 7/14

    Great to hear man. I’m headed there today. Skipping work!
  102. efx

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    What type of boat was it?
  103. efx

    7/14 South Nado w/fleet

    ThAts a lot of good eating. Eat them all, they are best really fresh.
  104. efx

    Weekend Warrior Flotilla-Nados 7/14

    Nice! Hope you eat them all!
  105. efx

    Pull boat at MDR 1 hour $100

    I need to pull my 28 Grady at MDR for one hour while I change my gear oil. Does anyone have a trailer that can pull her out while I do the work? I have a truck. Does anyone know of someone that has a trailer rental? I’m easy to get along with and do my own work. Fast.
  106. efx

    Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    excellent report. It shows how being observant makes the difference. That sea state looks perfect. Thanks for the great chart info. Also, the hydro pencil looks like the Heddon Zara Spook. I’ve been using those since the 90’s. Great walk the dog Hardbaits. That’s coming from a Florida keys guy.
  107. efx

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    It sounds like you are ready to go. Look at the weather pattern over a few days and you will be able to predict times to cross. The windy app has been helping us out a lot. Twin engines, belts, gas, anchors, sea tow, drinking water and food. Take it easy on that sea ray and you are good. Enjoy...
  108. efx

    26 osprey repower

    Pacific edge tanks have been in both of my Grady’s and they have been fantastic.
  109. efx

    Shake it again Sam!

    Almost every boat i see has the motor too low. Also almost every motor I see is under propped. It typically takes three props to get it right. You want to be slightly and just slightly under propped when you run alone so when you are full of gear and people you can hammer it and get 5200-5800...
  110. efx

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    I like driving the boat, paying attention, getting to know the sea state and it’s changes. Autopilots seem to make people lazy. Good for trolling but not my thing. I get another crew member to drive.
  111. efx

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    I hope the squid in the live well got out ok! They look perky in that one pic.
  112. efx

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Poor Bertram! That one is pretty new also! Good thing the radio worked. Glad everyone is ok. If you are tired, get a mooring! I also removed the autopilot on my boat. If I’m in someone’s else’s boat, I check it out big time. And typically drive it. Poor dude. Time to quit boating before Davy...
  113. efx

    Strange forcast

    The farm was a cold 64F. I drifted at .8 mph live dines. Had one hit but pulled off and that was when I just arrived. Stayed for three hours jigging and drifting at 140-150 feet. Sun never came out and was more or less quiet. Birds were looking hard but found nothing. Lots of bait on Izors on...
  114. efx

    Fathers Day Rock Cod

    West of the Mississippi and north of the equator. Got it. Next time I see a GW sailfish expect to see a marlin following you.
  115. efx

    Father’s Day at the island

    Awesome. I was at the mussel farm from 8am -12. Bumpy and beam swell all the way home. Held about 18 mph in the whaler. Took about 35 min to get to Cabrillo ramps from the farm. I’ve never had calico. Going to try it next time. Supposedly they are extremely slow to grow.
  116. efx

    Fathers Day Rock Cod

    That big one in the last pic is a monster! Good electronics work. Any number ? Vicinity?
  117. efx

    Father’s Day at the island

    Nice job getting that 17 whaler over to the island. Bumpy two hour ride coming back?. Did you eat those calicos?
  118. efx

    Strange forcast

    Went to the farm on Sunday in a 17 whaler. Forecast was correct. Sloppy and choppy, but manageable if you know your craft. 36 miles of running in it was slightly a chore.
  119. efx

    26 osprey repower

    Beautiful boat. Good choice with the G2. Transducer placement will be fine in either location. The bilge will be wet so try to keep it out of standing water.
  120. efx

    Cat 6/9

    I agree. Having everything right there makes sense to me. I have a wood and plastic board in the same place and all my plugs stay there like yours. Perfect. It’s a boat!
  121. efx

    Cat 6/9

    That boat sure is salty. Love the console storage racks!
  122. efx

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    man- that boat is salty!
  123. efx

    Cat 6/9

    I build houses and know about off grid stuff. Desert people.
  124. efx

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    You have no idea of how good a day you just had. Nice run and nice haul. Couldn't be better, if you ever want to join a big boat 32' and teach us how to catch fish, just Pm me.
  125. efx

    Cat 6/9

    Awesome. Taking the 18 across! If you need any home advice, I build em.
  126. efx

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    The detonation could be from carbon build up. I would say it also could be from a bag or kelp over the cooling water inlets causing overheating and detonation. When I ran two strokes I would use carb x or the omc engine clean. You add it to the gas. It does help.
  127. efx

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Is that water in the cylinder? Looks like detonation on one cylinder. I would get a new powerhead, not just replace parts on that cylinder.
  128. efx

    Catalina report and PB

    Thanks for the info. I keep my 28 in the water also. It’s a different ballgame than trailering. So far so good. I’ll see you out there!
  129. efx

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    That is true for all batteries. Lead acid is old tech and everything will change soon. Get some deep cycles, keep them filled, charged and use them! Keep the receipt. I do suggest two batteries. Smaller 24 size are just fine for a small boat.
  130. efx

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    I’ve had no problems with their batteries.
  131. efx

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    Awesome. Thanks for confirming the rigging.
  132. efx

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    I have been getting good marine deep cycle batteries at wal mart. They are made by Johnson controls. Also, get a good plug in simple battery charger from Home Depot. Keep the battery charging when not in use, and never leave it uncharged. The key here is put the battery in a box, near the middle...
  133. efx

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    Damn. Nice fish. Dine on the dropper loop and slow drift? Trap hook? That monster is about 10 dinners! Awesome fish. They do wait till the sun comes out. Maybe I’ll run the scout boat whaler 17 up there mid week and hunt that area again. I’m getting sick of buying fish at Whole Foods!
  134. efx

    Catalina report and PB

    Daniel, nice fish man! Whenever you pick up a Mylar fish you get one step closer to a real fish. Go California! I have a 28 also, do you keep it in the water or on a trailer? Cabrillo? And yes whalers are great. I’ve had five and my 1979 17’ is still going. Soon it will be my turn to get one of...
  135. efx

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    I’m not sure about letting nature run it’s course. It’s seems like we caused the red tide and the sea lions look really bad. Antibiotics may not be the best approach but the amount of trash and oil and Mylar balloons are our fault. Yes I am looking forward to June gloom to letting up and hope...
  136. efx

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Dropper loop and a dine? How deep? Nice fish!
  137. efx

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Those are great engines, should be an easy powerhead/ block swap out. I suggest getting a new powerhead that is dressed. Try not to reuse all the secondary components unless the existing parts are in excellent condition. Take time to break it in also. Keep it cool and slow and go. Really watch...
  138. efx

    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Not sure what’s the deal with Mylar balloons but I picked up 3. Ban those stupid things. They seem to last forever.
  139. efx

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Oh man. Bummer. Is she under warranty? Mercury? Been there. Check closely to make sure any of the fuel system isn’t damaged. Ive seen powerhead pops cut hoses/ damage filters Looks like it’s time for new powerhead. We all owe VA a beer.
  140. efx

    Malibu 6/2 Am

    left MDR at 730 am. There was a sea lion on the ramps. Marine sea life rescue mentioned they had picked up 8 in the past two days. Some illness from the algae bloom. Sea lion looked as if it lost its equilibrium. I proceeded to Malibu. Great conditions. Calm and water looked cleaner. 60.54...
  141. efx

    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Thanks for the report and getting those balloons. I picked up a few myself. There were everywhere.
  142. efx

    6-1-19 full day

    Hmm. Weather looks good. So does water color. I’m headed out in the AM.
  143. efx

    La Jolla Sunday 5/26

    Anyone thinking LJ will be better this weekend? Gonna take the whaler to mission then head north.
  144. efx

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    I’ve seen trash islands of Mylar balloons. Not a good feeling. The paddies typically break of from Malibu and hover around the canyons.
  145. efx

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    Yep, head south and stop on any large paddies. Yep, I know it’s far north but we typically head south for hours and occasionally hit a good one before getting to the east end/ mussel farm.
  146. efx

    La Jolla Sunday 5/26

    We had the same day up north. Conditions wore us out. Lots of looking and burned gas. The 2-4 beam sea was lots of fun and would catch you. We did run at 25 mph with the tabs down and pushed out 20+ miles. Out at 6 and back by 1130. June is soon and we are anxiously waiting.
  147. efx

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    Thx Guss! Looks like sun decided to come out today.
  148. efx

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    No problem on the report. We thought we could get at least 12 hours of sun and calm seas. Not the case. It may have been nice at 3 am but not at 6-12. The water looked toxic and trash was everywhere. We all have to do something to get the storm water runoff under control because it is destroying...
  149. efx

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    left the mdr ramps at 6:05 to head to the short bank and try to paddy hop out there. Weather report changed three times in 12 hours. 3 to 5 at 10 sec. 10-15 wind. That’s what we had and it built throughout the morning. Got one calico and that’s it. Wind was bad and water was nasty. Not much...
  150. efx

    89 and counting...

    When one hooks up, 90 guys get to real it in since everything is one gigantic tangled mess. Have fun out there! Sea urchin is a good description especially during grey light from 500 feet away
  151. efx

    No 5/4 yellows

    Next time we will launch out of HB instead of the long run from Mdr. It’s a waiting game to find fish. We did speak to someone on 72 that was there and didn’t see action so they headed to the east end and looked there. I bet it was the same. Dusk and dawn are the right time to be there.
  152. efx

    No 5/4 yellows

    We did the same. Left MDR at 530 and got to the rigs by 7ish. We trolled hardbaits at the 105, 150 and fly lines for nothing. We stayed until 1 and the wind picked up. The 90 minute run back to MDR was a mess. We did get one white fish at izors. Better than nothin
  153. efx

    It was some fine weather out there today

    Were you out near the oil rigs and 150? We were there from 8am-12 for nada. Trolled hard bait, fly line dines. Guess we should have headed to the pens. We stayed away from the herd. And the wind was a hollowing on the return. Fermin and going around PV was capping and so was SM bay. Fun 90...
  154. efx

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    Nice bonita - i'm a florida guy that has been in socal for a long time and what you got on your trip is a good haul. Nice bonita, and In a florida boat! Bouncer and dusky would be proud to see that 17 out here.
  155. efx

    Late Report Oceanside/ Carlsbad...Odd fish

    Nice boat. That’s a good deal at 7500. That engine is bomb proof. I had one that we used every summer for 6 years. Someone is going to get a good boat for SoCal.
  156. efx

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    do yourself a favor, become the scammer to the scammer. Tell them you really don't own the boat, its your buddies and he lost the title. They can pay you full in a cashiers check and you call take it to the bank to confirm it. Then he can pick up the boat from a buddy in yuma arizona. why not...
  157. efx

    Catalina on 4/7. Nice day

    Water looks good. Summer is almost here. We overnighted at the isthmus and fished at eagle a few weeks ago and got a goat. We went out yesterday to Malibu 4/7 and it picked up and got cross swell nasty by 3pm. The swell piled up and would catch you. We were on a 20’ and not the big boat. That...
  158. efx

    For Sale 2006 Triton 195cc

    that is the largest bull dorado i have ever seen in Socal. Dd you catch it trolling or live bait / chunk bait? and btw, Thats a nice boat. reliability and efficiency are the key
  159. efx

    Channel Island Harbor to Two Harbors

    Mdr to cat is the way to go especially if you are trailering a 27’ boat.
  160. efx

    For Sale C Dory with Yamaha Four Stroke

    Nice boat! I can’t stand OC and the stupid rules people/ HOA have about boats in a driveway. It is a recreation vehicle!
  161. efx

    SOLD Custom Boston Whaler

    Thanks. It looks super solid. I’ll be hunting for a craigslist 30-40 quart. 300 for a cooler is out of my league!
  162. efx

    SOLD Custom Boston Whaler

    That’s what I’m thinking. Wow are they expensive. I may just get a wal mart igloo.
  163. efx

    SOLD Custom Boston Whaler

    Hey - nice boat. Any chance you can tell me what cooler you have in front of the console? im looking for one for my montauk.
  164. efx

    PV 3/14

  165. efx

    PV 3/14

    i am absolutely joking. Cool deg to the OP.
  166. efx

    PV 3/14

    pichers are bettta thans wods anyday bra, and especially at 1/4" mile offshore.
  167. efx

    For Sale 1987 22' Grady White Seafarer w 1999 Mercury 200HP DFI Outboard Price drop to $11K

    thats one of the best boats i have ever owned. I miss my seafarer 22.
  168. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    What are you running? That’s a long trip. Mdr to the isthmus is 37 miles. I overnighted there to break it up the beating. I’m running about 9000 lbs with my Grady and twin 250 Honda fourstrokes. I keep it right at 4000 rpms for about 25 mph.
  169. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    We got this guy at eagle. I just got two thick filets and now he’s in the pan. The run back to MDR was 90 min. super fast and got 2 mpg. It took me longer to clean the boat then to run back. Nice red fishja!
  170. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    Perfect conditions out there guys. It’s like summer.
  171. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    We are going to rockfish eagle reef in the am and then head back to mdr at noonish. Hopefully we can get some reds or a ling
  172. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    Perfect weather at two harbors and a fast crossing from MDR. It smoothed out about half way.
  173. efx

    Ventura to Cruz or Local Santa Barbara for Sat 3-16?

    Awesome! It’s looking like lake pacific this weekend. I’ll be out there down south
  174. efx

    two harbors at Cat- Sat and Sun?

    Anyone heading to two harbors from MDR or King? ill be out of MDR leaving at 9am sat and return sunday at 11am. I'll be the front side and staying on a mooring at two harbors. 28 Grady White - Miz Marengo -- ill be on 72. Lets buddy boat or update fishing reports- Rich
  175. efx

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    I actually did know it was for sale as I have been pming the owner. Cheers!
  176. efx

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Boats still for sale. Look at classifieds. Holy old post is still active.
  177. efx

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    That is an incredible deal. The motors are worth that price alone. Wish I could buy it but I already own the exact boat and I just repowered ! also, I think you may have larger gas tanks as mine has two 150 gallon. And yes put bigger props on her, she will get better fuel economy.
  178. efx

    For Sale Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 strokes

    Quick question for you. I have a 93 marlin 28. Did you replace your scuppers and drains? If so did you put access hatches on the euro transom and replace the components from there?
  179. efx

    For Sale 19’ Wellcraft center console

    Nice boat. Easy for SoCal.
  180. efx

    For Sale Twin Yamaha OX66 250 hp

    Photos of crates motors and controls will be posted soon.
  181. efx

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    Once you hear the power of the g2 you won’t care if it smells, which it really doesn’t. They are pure power. All the marine patrol boats here in pompano are using them and they are just beautiful technology with such a high level of design.
  182. efx

    Yamaha f300 500 hour service

    I think this is very easy. Water pump, plugs, oil change, gear oil, filters all around, thermostats, lube all zerk fittings, really check steering seals, and you must do all of this yourself. Then take it in only for the valve adjustment. I would also buy the software so you connect to the ecu...
  183. efx

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    Nice boat. I’ve owned many including that model. Good engine but it won’t be fast. Good enough for lakes. The ocean would be ok but not great. That’s a good trade in motor. I would check the bow enclosure work. That is not factory. 11k is a good deal. Btw, the older 16-7 like that need less...
  184. efx

    For Sale Twin Yamaha OX66 250 hp

    Bump. They are ready to go.
  185. efx

    D P - 01.19.19

    I was at inland a year ago and they had at least 5. Look at their website. The 19 cc was a nice boat. Get one with the newer mercury and not the bloated one.
  186. efx

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    If you are headed to the lakes , watch out as some do not allow engines that are not 2 or 3 star CARB rated. The only two stroke that does that is a evinrude etec. The rest are four strokes which are 3 star rated. Higher elevation typically uses a different prop and the engines computers figure...
  187. efx

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    The new Yamaha f70 is in the 250lb range. So is the etec. Yamaha pulls a lot of power off a single cam design. I do prefer the 359 lb Suzuki with four cylinders for torque. I move gas and batteries in front to keep the boat cork like. Works good for me and No more than two other persons fishing...
  188. efx

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    I’ve had the Yamaha 70 and Yamaha 90 2 stoke three cylinder. Absolutely great engines, but they pollute. I currently have a 17 with a Suzuki 70 four cylinder four stroke on a 1979 and it’s my favorite combination. Quiet, 9 miles to gallon, fast and lots of torque with the right prop. The new...
  189. efx

    For Sale Twin Yamaha OX66 250 hp

    Bump. Engines are off the boat and ready to be put on something else. They run perfectly.
  190. efx

    WTB 17’-18’ Whaler Montauk

    After owning 5 Boston whalers and two of them are classic 17’s from the 70s, the 17s with a new four stroke run perfectly and are more efficient and quieter than two strokes. Just look at the weight of the engines. Don’t put at 115 on them, but a 70 or 90 is a great choice.
  191. efx

    For Sale Twin Yamaha OX66 250 hp

    Twin Yamaha OX 66 250 hp year 2000. 500 hours approximately 25” shafts. These are being taken off next weekend. They run well and are strong. Super reliable. One of the best engines ever made. Come see them run before I remove them. Marina del Rey. One is counter rotation and one is standard...
  192. efx

    12/30/18 Newbies and taco meat out of LB

    Good haul. Better then us up in sm bay. Got any numbers for that ling spot?
  193. efx

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    I hear you man. We were out of mdr at the short bank from 11-3. Great weather. Laid down nicely. Guests still complained about swell. Some lady said her son was upset because some dude told her to FO. Lol. Don’t bring your mom fishing! We had some good bites between 220-300 feet and lots of...
  194. efx

    Lake pacific this weekend

    Sea conditions are looking awesome for this weekend. Last few days for rockfish. Anyone heading out? I’ll be out on Sunday at 8 am out of mdr and I’ll be on 72.
  195. efx

    Cat shitfish report

    maybe a ray? also, is that pic from yesterday ( sunday 11/11 ) at around 4? if so, those conditions look awesome.
  196. efx

    Us vs the seals

    damn mermaids always win anyways. who cares about sea lions or seals.
  197. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Conditions today were great. Fished redondo and all over ob . Two Bonita on rapalas on 12 lb line. Good fight. It looked like it was an easy run to Catalina but with a small craft warning we decided on the day trip versus overnighting. Lots of smoke. Probably would have been fine to overnight...
  198. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Thanks Cory. We will be out there working the kelp line. Hopefully to raise a yellowtail. You never know. I’ll pick up some dines.
  199. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Thanks guys. We are headed to rocky point and maybe horseshoe. Its not me that is worried about the seastate, its me worried about having green and scared passengers. Not a good boating experience. Bouyweather and windy do look more site specific but at mile 8 on the return looks to be 3-4 at 10 s.
  200. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Sunday return is the problem. It maybe another lost weekend. 3-5 building to 4-6. It won’t be bad for long but just during the time I need to get back. Of course.
  201. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Sea forecast is getting worse. May have to call it in the AM. Looks like the winds are continuing.
  202. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Thanks blackfish. Fingers crossed for flat calm seas. I’ll be on ch 72. Rich Hall. And I’ll be trolling the rapalas, throwing the Tadys and flat lining. Whatever works!
  203. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Thanks guys. I’ll feel out the conditions and drop some lines If i see any action. I have three radios and boat us. I bring tools and all safety equipment. We feel it out as we head to PV. They weather is looking good with a 16 sec. 2 foot swell from the south. Let’s hope it holds. I’ll be at...
  204. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Twin 250 hp Yamaha. Year 2000 ox 66 saltwater series fuel injected. Good motors but you have to watch the rpms or they get thirsty fast.
  205. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Thanks guys. I will take your advice and just get to the island and then start the hunt. Current seems to be the key. I’ve been nailing big Bonita the past few weekends but I want to look for yellowtail. Btw, I’m taking the 28’ Grady and she’s a gas hog so cross at 29 mph/ 3800 rpm and I like...
  206. efx

    Buddy boat MDR to two harbors. Sat 10 am

    any boats heading to two harbors on sat and want to buddy up? Leave mdr at 7,8,9,10 am?
  207. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Yep, I hear you on being late for dorado. This summer and all the hurricanes down south made for a challenging weekend swell condition almost every time we went out. I’ve been trying to get across the channel and right now the sea forecast looks good. It’s lumpy and windy today and Friday but...
  208. efx

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    sea conditions look good from mdr to two harbors. I’m heading over on sat morning and return Sunday noon. Should I troll as I cross for dorado? Any suggestions or buddy boats?
  209. efx

    Horseshoe and Izor on Sunday (11/4)

    WOW. those engines are great. Keep it and she will run forever. i miss my envirudes Here is my calm day sled. 79 whaler with a 2013 suzuki 70 hp. Yes it was foggy! I hammered it out of MDR at 8 AM and took a heading and kept it at 40 MPH. It was creepy going by the tankers off segundo...
  210. efx

    Horseshoe and Izor on Sunday (11/4)

    22 years is awesome. Im currently keeping two 2000 250 HP yamaha ox 66's running and i really hope that i can get 25 years out of the motors. keep them well fed and maintained and cool and they should last. The compression is getting low but is still hovering around 105. btw- i was at redondo in...
  211. efx

    Horseshoe and Izor on Sunday (11/4)

    Good job on getting the Bonita and sheepshead. By the way, your boat is awesome. I grew up with that motor and aqua sports. Great job keeping it alive and it looks clean!
  212. efx

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    Dual console says it all.
  213. efx

    Pisss bug season starts on Sat

    Watch out for that south swell. It’s been here almost all summer long. 6-9 typically a 7 seconds is a real bummer.
  214. efx

    Offshore Weather This Weekend?

    We went out of mdr and it was sloppy and tough to get anywhere over 10 knots. Not worth it but at least I washed the boat.
  215. efx

    Heading to two harbors from MDR- Sat AM

    Well that trip didn’t happen. The swell was tight and making headway into that head sea was tough. We stay inshore but got beat up and called it a day by noon. Watch out for that swell. It was a solid 4’ at 7 seconds.
  216. efx

    MDR to two harbors sat am buddy boat?

    anyone heading to two harbors tomorrow at 7-8 am? One looking for a buddy boat from MDR. I’m a 28 Grady.
  217. efx

    Heading to two harbors from MDR- Sat AM

    thanks kid creole. im taking a grady white 28 marlin at 7am sat morning. I should be there by 10 am. ill spend the night then return at the same time on sunday. The 2 to 3 feet at 7 sec is tight but it hasn't been as bad as it sounds and the s 3' at 17 sec is actually fun.
  218. efx

    Heading to two harbors from MDR- Sat AM

    I am heading to two harbors from MDR in the Am on Saturday. Any buddy boats want to join?
  219. efx

    9 Mile and Point Loma 8.25

    Nice report, especially the "first and last trip" part
  220. efx

    Tuna on a dinghy

    just seeing the battery in that location makes me cringe. sell that thing and at least get a 1970s 17ft whaler with a 50 Hp suzuki and an epirb. do us all a favor and don't die out there. FYI -