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  1. Sherm

    Kayak and accessories for sale

    I finally up graded to a real boat so after ten years of the kayak thing it's time to get rid of it. It's a Cobra fish n Dive. Comes with ultra light weight carbon fiber paddle (makes a big difference on those long paddles.) deluxe high back seat, fish finder, and wheels for hauling around...
  2. Sherm

    The new ride

    Finally pulled the trigger and Kevin at West Coast is setting me up with a brand new 2510 cuddy cabin with dual 150 yamahas on the back. Getting it set up with 64 gallon bait tank, Simrad electronics, and a half tower. Should be ready first week of July. Can't wait to get out on the water...
  3. Sherm


    I was on the kayak in mission bay a few days ago and there were some shore fisherman fishing close by. I watched this guy and his kid catch eight rays and they killed every one. Then they would just through them further up the shore to let the birds eat them. Why kill something if you are not...
  4. Sherm

    Fred hall Saturday

    Going to be manning the CCA booth at Fred Hall on Saturday morning. Stop by......sign up ..........and say hi. Hope to see you all there. It's been too long. Tight lines, Sherm
  5. Sherm

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    Put the yak on the water last night for a bug hunt. I hit the water just as sun was setting and dropped hoops with just a little bit of light left. I was half way through a cigar when I see a big knot head moving for my hoops. This dog was relentless......he kept at my bait cages until he...
  6. Sherm

    Buggin with the grandson

    My grandson is in town visiting from Sedona Az. He has been buggin me for a while now to take him out to catch lobster so last night was the night. I couldn't fit him and the hoops on my kayak so I called my good friend captain Clowers. He took us out on his boat and we set the hoops about...
  7. Sherm

    226 yesterday

    Fished the 226 yesterday with my buddy Scott. We found some massive paddies south of the 226. These paddies were massive barn door size paddies. There were so many people out there yesterday that the fishing was a little tough. There were fish around but lots of pressure. We managed a few...
  8. Sherm

    Jumping off OB Pier

    Got a chance to jump off the OB pier yesterday with the mayor and a bunch of graduating junior lifeguards. A great cause and lots of good memories. Also met a junior lifeguard who saved a life by performing CPR on a kid who got covered in kelp in the surf and had drowned. Amazing young man...
  9. Sherm

    Cedros ?

    Heading for Cedros in 7 days. Anybody have any reports on what the fishing is like down there right now? Any news would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sherm
  10. Sherm

    Heading to Mexico

    Leaving in just a few hours to meet with the Mexican president and the director of their immigration department. Hopefully Mayor Faulconer and I will have some good news on the multiple entry visa issue to report. WISH US LUCK!!!!!
  11. Sherm

    Santa brought the wife a new ride

    So now Santa needs to sell her old ride ASAP. Anyone interested in a 2002 Toyota Solara Convertible? Very nice looking vehicle that runs great. The wife is meticulous about maintenance. She still loves her Solara but she loves the new ride more. Send me a PM if any interest. I know how to...
  12. Sherm

    Finally got out for some buggin

    Finally got some time to go out on the water and look for the roaches. It was a great night Monday with a good tide flow and the huge moon didn't come out until later which made for some good buggin. Went out with my buddy Rick after my council meeting. Rick was nice enough to meet me at the...
  13. Sherm

    Best burger joint! Help please.

    Nope.........not looking for help finding one. I'm hoping to get your help to assist some friends in winning a contest. KGB radio station is having a contest for San Diego's Best Burger joint. The Longhorn Cafe is in the finals and happens to be owned by some child hood friends of mine. I...
  14. Sherm

    Cedros report

    Great day fishing yesterday. Mexican limits of yellowtail with the smallest being 30 pounds and the largest being 43 lbs. No fishing today as this tropical depression is smacking us in the mouth. 35mph winds and sideways blowing rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be good. We will have to see...
  15. Sherm

    Something I have been waiting to see happened last night.

    Filner was moving boxes out of the Mayors office. The end is near. I will see what the deal looks like later this morning. Hopefully it is something I can support and vote for. This would be a great start to my Cedros trip. No more Filthner and fishing with my father. I feel like the cat...
  16. Sherm

    Hey Carl.....more Sherman TV time

    This morning on CNN amigo. More mayor bashing.
  17. Sherm

    Ali and Jason on Let's Talk Hookup this morning

    Can't wait to call in and give the guys a bunch of shit. :2gunsfiring_v1: They are on AM1090 at 7:00 this morning.
  18. Sherm

    For Carl......Sherman on TV

    Carl is always giving me a hard time for not letting him know when I'm going to be on television. Here you go Carl. Today (Sunday) I will be on KUSI at 10 am talking about our poor excuse for a mayor. Poor excuse as a man actually! Hope to hear what you think Carl.
  19. Sherm

    Cedros fly in opening

    I have a spot that opened up on my upcoming Cedros Adventures trip. 9 guys and one of them is my father so you have to be on somewhat decent behavior mode. Good group of guys who like to fish and have fun. The trip leaves Aug 23rd and returns the 27th. $2100 and everything is included...
  20. Sherm

    Dorado Shootout and Los Barrlies question.

    Heading down tomorrow to Los Barriles for the Dorado Shootout and was wondering if anyone had some info or fish reports from the area. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Sherm
  21. Sherm

    Crazy homeless fishing

    Well now I've seen it all. Yesterday morning I had an early morning TV appearance with some time left between morning meetings. I decided to head down to the bay and toss some plastics from shore since it was a good low tide. When I arrived at Fiesta Island there was a guy with a bike and...
  22. Sherm

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    A few weeks ago I was fishing MB from my yak and saw a shore fisherman catch a small ray and then he spiked it in the head and threw it away. Why would you kill something you are not going to keep? When I finished I went by the spot where these guys were fishing and there were FIVE dead...
  23. Sherm

    Gonzaga bay and driving Baja ?

    Anybody know what the road is like from Gonzaga south? May be driving to Loreto in a few weeks and trying to decide route. Any info would be appreciated. Sherm
  24. Sherm

    Now I've heard it all about the seals in La Jolla.

    Some lady on the news said this morning that they have had "poaching, shootings and mutilations" of seals at the children's pool. I sure would like to see proof of that. People amaze me. They spout so many lies that they start to believe it.
  25. Sherm

    What is wrong with us?

    Watching the news this morning and it turns out that a 12 year old kid sent a threatening e-mail to a teacher with the reference to using a gun. The cops respond to the kids house and confiscate about 10 guns that were locked up and stowed away at the time. So that is what it's coming to? A...
  26. Sherm

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    I'm going to take my grandson to the kids fishing derby Saturday and need some tips on trout fishing that lake. I don't do the freshwater thing much and haven't fished trout for a long time. Any one have tips for lake fishing for the five year old grandson. Just want to they and put a couple...
  27. Sherm

    Mexican visa issue

    I'm meeting with the Mexican Consulate General today to discuss this issue. Wish me luck!!!! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on a solution.
  28. Sherm

    The important things.

    Took my five year old grandson Nathan out for a little fishing on the bay yak style. We had a blast hanging out together and catching spotties. He caught three all by himself. He did the casting, hooking, and reeeling in of the fish. He is a spottie catching machine. He loves to cast. When we...
  29. Sherm

    Merry Christmas everybody

    I just want to say Merry Christmas to all you perverts, degenerates, ruffians, bullies, psychos, loafers, and fellow fisherman. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!! I'm proud to be associated with you guys. This may be a rough site but the generosity and big hearts here never...
  30. Sherm

    Mission Bay early am

    I fished the bay this morning with a nice incoming tide, no wind, and NO BOATS anywhere to be seen. It was just me and the brants swimming nearby. What a great and peaceful morning. The bite started out very good with four fish in nine casts. Most of the spotties were in the cookie cutter 12...
  31. Sherm

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    I was lucky enough to get in another camping trip into the Superstion mountains with my father and his buddies that I used to backpack with when I was a kid. We now go back on horse back but the adventure and good times are the same. Kind of nice to have the horses haul your gear back into the...
  32. Sherm

    Need help please

    I need to see if anyone has a small trailer I could borrow or rent to haul my Spyder motorcycle from San Diego to Vista. The bike needs to go to the shop and the U haul type trailers don't open wide enough to allow the two from tire into the trailer. The front tires span 5foot 2 inches so the...
  33. Sherm

    A good truck

    My truck sure has been. 2005 Toyota tundra. Original motor, original transmission, and a bunch of miles. Next stop........400k
  34. Sherm

    Happy Halloween everyone

    Halloween decorating has been a traditio at my place for quite a while. The kids are gone now but the neighborhood expects us to do it up right. Should be a busy night. Over 150 kids last year. Stay safe everyone.
  35. Sherm

    Pre Halloween full moon bugs

    My buddy Rick and I were able to get out on the water last night for some hooping. I was supposed to carve pumpkins last night but buggin sounded like a lot more fun. We met at the SI launch around five and were quickly on our way to find some good spots to set our hoops. We found a spot and...
  36. Sherm

    Quick bay trips

    I have been jonesing to get out on the yak for some light tackle fishing and the tides were good yesterday so I planned on getting some fishing done. I loaded up the yak in the morning and dressed for work. Headed into the office for a meeting and then down to city hall for another. Hard to...
  37. Sherm

    Another bug report

    I was able to get out with my buddy Rick for the second time this season and we came back with limits again. Fished a different spot so no crabs this time. Good current last night made for a steady pick. Not a heavy crawl but we had our fourteen by 10:30pm Busy on the water last night as...
  38. Sherm

    Damn thieves

    It's my fault......I forgot to lock the truck and someone lifted my tackle box from the back seat. It's going to take a while to accumulate that gear again. I know I left the door unlocked but that doesn't mean "HELP YOUR FUCKING SELF!!!!!!!!!!" :finger::finger:
  39. Sherm

    Holy crap

    Did you see the jump in gas prices over night? The station with the less expensive gas where I fill up was $4.59 this morning. $110 to fill the truck this morning :finger:
  40. Sherm

    Limits bugs and crabs

    Went out last night for some hoopin with my buddy Rick. Haven't been since last December so I was looking forward to it. The first pull of the night was promising with four keepers and some very nice crabs. Then the crawl slowed and the crabs moved in. We picked away at the bugs and came up...
  41. Sherm

    Tommy on TV

    Good job on Fox 5 this morning Tommy. Nice showing everyone the sustainable fishery we have here and in Baja. Keep messing with Heather Ford. She seems a little squeamish.
  42. Sherm


    What? Chargers vs. Chiefs smack talk?
  43. Sherm

    Hey Carl

    There is a new weather girl on channel eight this morning. What do you think? You are the weather girl expert. After all used to be one.
  44. Sherm

    The real refs are coming back

    Now we can watch the pros blow the calls and maybe Wisconsin won't secede from the union.
  45. Sherm

    Bug season coming soon.

    So let's all be civil and respectful to each other out on the water. Live by the golden rule and play nice and it should be a good year. Sure don't need to see a bunch of those threads that get out of hand this season. Good hunting everyone.
  46. Sherm

    A little help please

    Just getting the 5th Avenue blog up and running. I was hoping you all could go to and like it for me. You don't really have to like it.......just pretend. Thanks again, Sherm
  47. Sherm

    great Raider window sticker

    Saw this awesome raider window sticker yesterday. Sorry for the blurry pic but it shows well enough.
  48. Sherm

    The new KUSI chick

    Her name is Brandi Williams and she sure looks like Ali's better half. Is she moonlighting bro?
  49. Sherm

    My visit in Mexico to discuss visa issue

    Last week I went on an economic development trip to Baja to discuss business opportunities between Mexico and the USA and the obstacles to making that happen. The usual discussions came up about the border crossings, rail lines between the two countries and Visa issues. I was pleasantly...
  50. Sherm

    MAW on the "Cut Loose"

    Fished the Make-A-Wish tournament on John's boat the "Cut Loose". Beautiful 42 foot Riviera that we decided to go long with. We headed to some numbers that were just off of San Martin Island baja. It took all night but we got there. Gray light came and lines were out in the 70.3 degree water...
  51. Sherm

    Cedros fly in report 7-24/7-26

    My dad and I hadn't fished together in a long time. We have had trips together but our buddies were always fishing with us. This was the first trip (just the two of us) in thirty years. What a trip it was. We booked our trip with Duane at Cedros Adventures. What a great outfit they run. They...
  52. Sherm

    ?'s about Cedros

    I'm going to be fishing there for the first time in a couple weeks. Any advice or suggestions regarding what to expect, tackle, and gear would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sherm
  53. Sherm

    Charter boat suggestions

    I have about 13 guys who worked very hard on my campaign. I want to reward them with a fishing trip. I need suggestions for a boat to charter to take them out for a day of fishing, drinking and eating. Was thinking a Nados trip. Any suggestions (within reason Carl) would be appreciated...
  54. Sherm

    Well......sometimes pigs do fly.

    Can you believe it? We now have a bloodydecker on the San Diego city council. Thanks for everyone's support. The BD guys are what made the difference in this race :rofl: You guys are great.
  55. Sherm

    2 more days

    Until election day. The campaign is going well and we are optimistic for a victory June 5th. If all goes well we will be councilman elect on the 6th. Wish me luck. This has been a long journey and should be coming to a close in a couple days. :hali_olutta: Hopefully the 10 months of...
  56. Sherm

    What's really important

    This is what fishing is all about. Spending time with the grandkids and enjoying the outdoors and what nature has to offer. I went to Lake Jennings with the grandson for a little grandad and grandson time. It was a good excuse to get away from the campaign trail as well. We fished and BBQ'ed...
  57. Sherm

    Sherm on radio tomorrow morning

    This notification is for Carl. He gave me a hard time for not letting hin know I was going to be on KUSI news. So...........tomorrow morning at 7:15am I will be on the Mike Slater radio show talking about my city council race. Carl, if you are up at that time check it out. The channel is AM...
  58. Sherm

    Good thing I wasn't in the yak bay tourney

    Because I would have killed em. I got a few hours this morning to do some fishing but not enough time to enter the tourney. The tide was moving in and the mission bay spotties were chewing. Fished for two and a half hours with 14 spotties landed. The cool thing was this mornings fish were...
  59. Sherm

    quad question

    I have a 2007 Yamaha Banshee quad. It's a 350 all tricked out with the racing package on the motor and very little hours . Anybody have any idea on what it is worth today? Curious....thinking of selling. Thanks in advance.
  60. Sherm

    Wounded warrior help please

    I have a Kiwanis club that wants to help out a wounded Warrior family. I helped out at the Wounded Warrior Fishing tournament and can't find the contact info I had for them. Could someone point me in the right direction to help out a warrior family? Thanks much, Sherm
  61. Sherm

    Sometimes its not about the catching

    I had an hour away from the campaign trail so I tossed some plastices from the shore. Not one bite but the sunrise was awesome. Just good to be out soaking a line and charging the batteries for the day ahead.
  62. Sherm

    Big Swell Bugs 1-6-12

    Tommy (I'm Off) and I got out for some buggin Friday night. He said he hadn't been doing well up north and wanted to try down here. We knew the swell was up so we hit some deeper spots for great results. Bugs were crawlin big time. Huge swell made for some fun but the rewards were worth it...
  63. Sherm

    Big surf today

    I was down in OB this morning so I swang by and checked out the surf. Holy cramoly that surf is big today. Saw a wave break out past the OB pier and crash nothing but white water intot he front of the pier. Some guys surfing the cliffs and Lifeguards are out in force. Be careful out there...
  64. Sherm

    Need help please

    Happy New Year everyone!!!! As a lot of you know I am running for city council here in San Diego. I appreciate the support a lot of you have given me already. It's very humbling. Anyway.....with the new year the campaign really goes into full gear. We accomplished our fundraising and...
  65. Sherm

    Last hooping trip in the soon to be closed south LJ area

    Well......George and I had to get out one last time in our favorite spot for buggin. The spot has always been productive and generated a lot of good memories for me......not to mention a bunch of good dinners. I guess we are going to have to look for a new spot. The night was very nice and...
  66. Sherm

    the ocean provides in so many ways

    Winter and good low tides. More stuff to do than just fishing. Merry Christmas and happy holidays all.
  67. Sherm

    The new weapon

    I just picked up the 30 caliber carbine auto mag pistol. Can't wait to shoot it. Semi auto pistol with a 7.5 inch barrel and shoots rifle rounds. Should be fun and a good addition to the hand cannon collection. If it's like the 30cal revolver.....ear protection is a must.
  68. Sherm

    Bug question

    Caught a few short bugs with tags on them last night. They were bright neon green and looked like a string sticking out of the carapace. Does anyone know what you are supposed to do with those? They were on short bugs. It's not like I can take them in turn them in. What do you do with those...
  69. Sherm

    cold night bugs 12-6-11

    My buddy Rick has been eager to get out and do some hooping lately. I finally found some time away and we were on the water heading out of MB by about 4:30. We cleared the channel and turned to port so Rick could show me his new spot. Glad he did. We had limits for two by 9pm. Crawl slowed way...
  70. Sherm

    Thanksgiving memory lane trip with Pops (Superstition Mountains)

    My father and some of his buddies used to take me intothe superstition mountains back packing when I was a kid. We used to go every Thanksgiving like clock work. Well.....I got older and so did they and we quit going after a while. Now that dad is getting up in years, and feeling nastalgic, he...
  71. Sherm

    so they do crawl on a full moon

    Met up with my buddy George and moments later we were in his glorified bath tub on our way to the hooping grounds. we left mission bay about 4:30 and set our hoops just as the sun dropped below the horizon. There was a giant full moon last night and a bit of chill in the air. The first pull...
  72. Sherm

    Another event

    I'm having another event today to help support my candidacy for city council. We'll be at Liberty Tobacco on clairemont Mesa blvd. Food, drink, cigars..........should be a good time. The party starts at 5pm. I hope to see some of you there. Sherm
  73. Sherm

    More thanks

    It's been a while since I actually posted a fishing report but you guys keep sending me business. It is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. This run for city council I am on takes up a lot of time. It's been cutting into work (and fishing) a lot. Your continued support sure helps. this week we wrote 2...
  74. Sherm

    I guess I don't understand

    Sometimes I don't understand people. I was down at Fiesta Island the other day and the shore fishermen were there. I watched on guy catch a small guitarfish or a shovel nose or something like that. Hard to tell from where I was. He landed the fish, stabbed it a bunch of times with the filet...
  75. Sherm

    Sherm's fishing community party this weekend

    This Saturday is the day. Between 3 and 5pm at mission bay. I'll have the toy hauler parked on the street between the Hilton and the visitor information center on east Mission Bay Drive. I'll get down there early to do some yak fishing and then Tommy from Catalina Offshore Products will come...
  76. Sherm

    Head count for Tommy

    As most of you know I'm having a get together for the fishing community to help my run for SD City Council and help stop the MLPA madness. Tommy from Catalina Offshore Products is making his fish famous fish tacos and would like to know how many guys are coming. I have no idea so if you could...
  77. Sherm

    Sherm's fishing community party

    You all know that I have been helping fight the good fight when it comes to opposing the MLPA's. I've donated plenty of time and money to the cause and done my share of testifying before the Blue Ribbon Committee's (or at least coughing up my speaking time to Tommy). Now I'm running for city...
  78. Sherm

    Shameless self promotion

    I know I can't talk politics on this board so all I'm going to do is point out the link to my new website for my San diego city council campaign. (see below) I can however talk about the MLPA's and how I was involved in fighting that and trying not to let our rights as fishermen be taken away...
  79. Sherm

    quick yak MB trip 9-25

    I finally found a few hours to get away from the campaign trail and do a little fishing. The tide didn't look good but it was the only time I had. I needed to do the "Let's Talk hook-Up" radio show "insurance tip of the week", but I could call that in from my yak. I hit the bay just before...
  80. Sherm

    Facebook ?

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this facebook thing and now that I am running for city council I need to see how it works. I've figured out the BD thing so I'm hoping to figure out the facebook thing. I hear it's kinda like BD....the more time on line and people seeing your stuff helps get the word...
  81. Sherm

    Decided on a slogan. Thoughts?

    So here you go. I almost went with a suggestion from this board....which was Vote for Sherman.......he won't make things worse. But this is the campaign slogan that I went with instead. Sherman Not a City Hall insider Just a good neighbor. So what do you guys...
  82. Sherm

    BFT 9-1-11

    Met my buddy Pete Gray and his friend Chris to head south and look for tuna. We met at the boat and headed the 50 miles south. There was no problem finding the tuna. Just look for the fleet and the tuna pens. Long drifts was the key yesterday. We should have gotten an early start as the big...
  83. Sherm

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge questions

    Two questions actually. Who of you are fishing in this tourney and better yet DOES ANYONE HAVE A RIDE FOR ME? My company is sponsoring again this year but I am without ride. If any of you are looking for someone to share expenses and catch fish.....please let me know. Warning......I've...
  84. Sherm

    DeMaio party

    I don't think everyone got the word but the party to meet councilman DeMaio was cancelled. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows. I got a couple calls from people who thought it was still on. Sherm
  85. Sherm

    IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!

    The big city council campaign kickoff party and fundraiser is going to be on Tuesday the 27th of September. I'll keep you posted on details and MOST of you all are welcome. :D Come by, have some food, say hello. We can talk city politics or's your call. Thanks for the...
  86. Sherm

    Big thanks Dwayne

    Thanks DWAYNE!!!! Dwayne from SD Anglers stopped by my office unannounced and dropped off a BIG personal check to help me with my City Council run. THANKS MUCH DWAYNE!!!!! It is very much appreciated. The campaigns starting to shape up nicely and your contribution will help the cause...
  87. Sherm

    Still time to fish a little

    This whole city council race is keeping me very busy. You guys are worth it though. I still have time to get in a little fishing. Saturday was my company picnic and I needed to get the toy box down to the bay to get a good spot. I arrived before the sun came up and started to get everything...
  88. Sherm

    Thanks Ultimate Catch

    Just wanted to let everyone know what a good stand up guy Rob (Ultimate Catch) is. I put out a call a little while back because I needed a photgrapher to take some pictures for my city council run. Rob answered the call and went a lot further. HE DONATED HIS TIME to the cause. Thanks again...
  89. Sherm

    Need a Photographer

    As some of you know (most don't) I'm starting up my campaign for City Council and I need a photographer that can help get some shots for the website and the campaign. These things operate on a shoestring budget so affordable and good is key. If anyone here does this or knows someone....please...
  90. Sherm

    HUGE NEWS!!!!!!

    Hey guys.....I've decided to answer the call to service and as of today it's official. I'm running for the district 7 seat on the city council of San Diego. I have been asked to run by some very prominent people and after a lot of thought, and conversations with my wife, I decided to jump in...
  91. Sherm

    Bay fun with the Grandson

    The Grandson and I didn't get a chance to catch anything last time he and I went out on the yak together. This time we went early and hit some of my favorite spots to fish without the wind. We loaded up the yak, put on his PFD, and off we paddled to try and find fish. He was all ready to go...
  92. Sherm

    Back bay bonefish and fish ID please

    I wrote some fishing guide and boat insurance for a guy the other day and we started talking fishing of course. Well...the next thing you know Captain Alan Clowers and I are fishing together aboard his 24 footer. Captain Clowers knows the bonefish back bay fishing well and I had never done that...
  93. Sherm

    White and dark meat.

    Thanks Tommy. Awesome looking fish. I just don't know what to do now. Seared ahi or sushi. decisions....decisions.
  94. Sherm

    yakin the bay after work 7-11 and 7-12

    The tides were looking good for some after work fishing. I grabbed the yak Monday and went down to a rippin incoming tide and lot's of shit in the water. Kelp, eel grass, everything. Mats of kelp that would have made one hell of a paddy offshore. If you could cast between the crap in the water...
  95. Sherm

    I need a net SD Bay 7-1 pm 7-2 am

    The weather and tide looked looked perfect so I left work a little early and hit the bay for some afternoon yak fishing. I arrived at the launch at 4:30 and was on the water in short order. Right off the launch I cast out a lure to get the line wet and ready for a bunch of casts. First cast...
  96. Sherm

    You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!

    Business just keeps coming in.....I can't understand it. You guys just keep calling. This week I wrote three boats and a house and car for bloodydeckers. Also got a referal from a Bd'er that I wrote yesterday. The client was in Cuyamaca so it gave me a chance to get on the motorcycle and...
  97. Sherm

    How local elections can affect the MLPA

    I’ve been to a lot of meetings and donated money and time to help slow down the MLPA process and the ocean closures that are proposed. I never really thought that local politicians had much of a say regarding the MLPA. That was until I attended a few of the open meetings and I kept seeing...
  98. Sherm

    My environmentalist neighbors

    A little while back a new family moved in next door. A young couple who looked like they were right out of college. They have a car with the usual bumper stickers....."walk gently on mother earth", "save the whales", "heal the bay", "students for Obama" and stuff like that. Well I came...
  99. Sherm

    LJ afternoon aboard the "Fin n Tonic"

    My buddy Troy called me on Monday and wanted to get out fishing. The weather and tides looked best for Wednesday afternoon so we met at Troy's boat and headed out to LJ. The bait at the bait barge was great!!!! a good mix of deans and small greenbacks. Loaded up with bait.........we headed out...
  100. Sherm

    BD Poker Night V 6-18-11 Who's in?

    I had a get together at the house this weekend and over estimated the amount of carne asada needed for the party. So now I've got a bunch of carne asada in the freezer ready to be cooked up for the next party. So here it is. BD POKER NIGHT V is this Saturday at my house at 6pm. I'll supply...
  101. Sherm

    BD'ers Rock!!!!

    More thanks to everyone on this site. It's been a while since I last expressed my sincerest grattitude for all the trust and business you guys have been sending my way. The fishing community is an awesome tight knit community and I'm proud to be associated with most of you. :D The last time...
  102. Sherm

    Thanks Tommy

    The scallops and parrot fish were awesome last night. Grilled them on the BBQ and served with rice, grilled pineapple and mango salsa. Frickin delicious. Great tip on buying the whole fish too. Thanks again for the hook up. Oh yeah.........something wrong with...
  103. Sherm

    Fishing MB with the Grandson

    My Grandson is in town for the week and he and I always try and fish when we are together. So we went down to Fiesta Island and fished and played for hours yesterday. The kid is a natural when it comes to fishing. Good form without much instruction from Gramps. He has the fisherman attitude...
  104. Sherm

    Pre fishing and a BD tagging

    Friday I got back into town in the afternoon and hit the bay on the yak ASAP to do a little prefishing for the tourney that was held in MB Saturday. I hit the bay and was on nice fish right away. The tide was moving and the spotties were chewing. I fished about an hour and a half and boated 11...
  105. Sherm

    Bunko Bass

    The wife had all the ladies over to the house last night for bunko so I knew what i needed to do to stay away from the house. Fishing!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed the yak and hit the water about 6pm in MB. There was no tide movement and the tide was already in. I wasn't expecting much and wasn't...
  106. Sherm

    Just a couple MB Sun. am

    The weather finally allowed me to get on the yak and I didn't pass it up. i hit the water around first light to an outgoing tide and a minor one at that. The fishing was tough.!! I tried different baits and colors and it was just scratch fishing. i was on the wter until 9am and only managed...
  107. Sherm

    Solo Yakin Sunday afternoon

    Hit up MB late Sunday afternoon after the rowing events were over. It was a great time to be on the water as the bay had been closed for the event most of the day. Only a couple boats on the water when I was out there. I got on the water around 4:30 and fished the incoming tide until 6:30...
  108. Sherm

    gotta love daylight savings time

    I hit up MB yesterday afternoon about 4pm. The weather was just too nice to pass up. I was fishing from the yak and the wind was up a little but manageable. It did make for some fast drifts though. It was hard to stay in the right zone. Basically paddle against the wind for a while...let the...
  109. Sherm

    MB bay bassin and the DFG

    I have been working alot lately and was jonesing to get on the water. I left work a little early,(it's good to be the boss) grabbed the yak, and headed to MB for a little spottie fishing. I got to the water at 4pm to an incoming tide and a lot of wind. Had to fish my third choice of fishing...
  110. Sherm

    BD Poker Night sign up list

    Hey guys, I've had several BD Poker nights at my home and the company and food is always excellent. The only complaint I get is from those guys who didn't see the post and missed the game. That's why I figure I would start a list of guys who want to be contacted when we are planning a...
  111. Sherm

    20 minutes to kill

    Finished up one meeting yesterday afternoon a little early. I had about a half hour to kill between meetingsd and going back tot he office was not an option as i would have to turn around as soon as I got there to go back to another meeting. What to do?.............oh yeah, the fishing rod is in...
  112. Sherm

    insurance hook-ups

    Just wanted to say thanks for the business to all the BD members!!!! This last couple weeks I have written a wide variety of insurance for my fellow BD brothers. I wrote business insurance for a radio show, a fishing club, a couple commercial buildings and work comp for a printer. Also...
  113. Sherm

    Good buggin 3-9-11

    I woke up yesterday morning and saw the weather report. That made me check the tides which made me check the surf, which made me check the moon phase, and suddenly I had an urge to go buggin. I was feeling lazy and didn't want to paddle the yak so I called George to see if he was up for buggin...
  114. Sherm

    Brant vs. Sherm Round Three

    Met up again with Brant to keep the tournament between us alive. It's official............................I suck. Brant kicked my ass today again with two fish to my zero. I'm now behind 7-2 in the standings. We bet 1st, biggest, and most fish caught. Yesterday I caught nothing so he...
  115. Sherm

    3-5 and 3-6 yaking MB Spottie fest

    I was lucky enough to be able to fish MB both Saturday and Sunday morning. The fishing was awesome both mornings with spotties everywhere. All the weed lines were holding spotties. Most were nice sized 12 to 13 inch models. I did manage one that went almost 16 inches and weighed 2.4 lbs. on...
  116. Sherm

    Brant vs. Sherm (round 2)

    The plan was to get to MB after wrok and meet up with Brant for some shore fishing and a re-match from our last outting. He had me down three to zero. I got there a little before and made a couple casts to make sure all was working properly with the gear. On my second cast I got hammered and...
  117. Sherm

    BD Poker Night IV (Let's play)

    Saturday the 5th is my B-day and the wife was asking me what I want to do for my B-day. I told her I wasn't sure so she suggested playing poker. (She's a good woman) So........ now I'm trying to put together a quick game. I know it's short notice but I thought I would throw it out there to...
  118. Sherm

    Afternoon shore fishing with Brant 3-3-11

    I was going to toss some lures along the shoreline afterwork so I called Brant and we were able to finally get together for some shore fishing. I took him to my go to spot and it SUCKED ASS. We saw fish boiling on bait very close to shore. We Just couldn't get them to bite. Brant even had a cuda...
  119. Sherm

    stand for a 48 in TV

    Just want it gone. I hate to throw perfectly good crap away. So if you need a good stand for your TV come get it.
  120. Sherm

    Pasted bugs?

    Do you throw em back or not. What say you?
  121. Sherm

    MB 2-27-11 evening

    I spent most of the weekend putting in new baseboard and door trim around the house. I was tired of being on my knees and needed to do some walking (funny...that's what an old girlfriend said to me once) Anyway.....I jumped in the truck and headed down to Fiesta for a little walk along the shore...
  122. Sherm

    Spotties in both bays 2-21

    I woke up yesterday morning and everything looked right for a day of spottie fishing. So I loaded up the yak and hit MB at 6:30am. I was soon paddling and fishing. The tide was coming in and the spotties were on the chew. The conditions were awesome with no wind and comfortable temps. The water...
  123. Sherm

    Let's talk hook-up Sunday morning

    Hey guys. I'm going to be doing some radio spots on the "Let's Talk Hook-up" radio show. The first call in will be Sunday at 8:30am on am 1090. Let me know what you think afterwards. All comments are welcome and ......yes I am prepared for the BS I'm going to get from most of you. I want to...
  124. Sherm

    Prayers needed

    My wife's and mine's good friend Sandy was just checked into the hospital with pneumonia. She's 54 and is in the final stages of an 8 year battle with breast and other assorted cancers I'm afraid. The prayers I need are for Sandy to go peacefully (she's been doped up on morphine for the last...
  125. Sherm

    Sortin and chuckin 1-7-11

    The conditions looked perfect yesterday for an early bug crawl. Weather, swell, tide......all were in alignment. I called George and we met up at MB and were on our way about 4:30pm. We started out the channel and the engine on George's boat started to act up. Coughing and sputtering between...
  126. Sherm

    Still trying to figure this out

    Sushi making that is. Thank God for Catalina Offshore Products......they have awesome fresh sushi products so my mistakes still taste good. The wife doesn't mind me practicing either.
  127. Sherm

    atten: Tackle shops/Charter and guide services.

    Hey guys, I have great markets for insuring Tackle Shops, Charter services and guide services. Very competetive pricing and I'm kind of an enthusiast of these activities. It helps to have your business insurance taken care of by someone who uses your business. Hell.....most of the Tackle...
  128. Sherm

    Scary hooping 01-18-11

    The weather and temperature were awesome last night so I met up with George and we headed out to find some bugs in his TINY boat. We knew the surf was supposed to be up a little but it was more than a little. The tide was just starting to come in when we left MB and the swells were already...
  129. Sherm

    Bass Trifecta SD Bay 1-15-10

    Decided to hit the big bay for some early morning fishing. The tide was heading out so I thought I would take the yak and fish several spots I could pick up on the outgoing tide. It was a beautiful morning with no wind and a little warm. I was on the water before the sun came up and was soon...
  130. Sherm

    Almost forgot bay fishin.

    I forgot to post the bay trip from Sunday. So here it is. It was an awesome morning but no tide movement made for slow fishing. Fished several spots looking for the big sand bass with Spyder (on his yak) and Ripinlip (Seth) on his boat. Did I mention it was SLOW!!!!!!! I managed only one...
  131. Sherm

    Just a reminder

    I'm not just the boat insurance guy. I also write Business, work comp, home, auto, life and health insurance, just about anything you can think of. Just an example of the types of insurance my agency writes. Last week I wrote insurance for two boats, a home, two autos, a 13 unit apartment...
  132. Sherm

    Back on the yak SD bay (buggin 1-11-11)

    My buddy Brian (BT) had been asking me to get back on the yak and do some buggin with him. I told him we were a go and we met at the launch around 3:30. We were on the water and paddling out in no time. The wind came up and made for a shitty paddle out. Butthe weather forcast was for light winds...
  133. Sherm

    Big swell and crawlin bugs 1-5-11

    I hadn't been on the water since before the holidays and was dieing to get out there. I called George (Gonzo25) and he was happy to get out there as well. We met up at the launch and were soon on our way. The wind was wierd yesterday. Very calm all day until about 1:30. Then it started to blow...
  134. Sherm

    A big "THANK YOU" and Merry Christmas

    I was sitting in the office and signing Christmas cards to send to my clients when the stack of Bloodydecks cards came up. I hadn't realized how many BD members are customers of my insurance agency. I started counting the cards and 66 members of Bloodydecks were added to the list of happy...
  135. Sherm

    Pullin & sortin 12-13-10

    Met up with George again for another night of hoopin. The weather was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and there was going to be a little tide movement (not much) that we figured might help the buggin. We got to our spot and watched the sun go down while I sparked a stoagie. I saw the green flash at sunset...
  136. Sherm

    SD Bay the tale of two tides.

    My wife was out of town so I took advantage and fished two times off the yak over the weekend. I knew there were gaint tide swings and wanted to compare the two tides and their effect on fishing. Low Tide Saturday Afternoon Saturday I arived at the bay around 2:30 to a -1.3 foot low tide...
  137. Sherm

    great night on the water 12-1-10

    The weather was great ( a little cold) but no wind and flat seas. George and I met up and left MB about four oclock. We were soon at our spot and the hoops were in the water. The first pull was a little discouraging with an empty net. The next few had some small ones and nothing else. About an...
  138. Sherm

    What's your favorite revolver?

    Mine's the Rueger Blackhawk .30 carbine revolver. 7 inch barrel and accurate as hell at distance. Packs a punch too with the rifle cartridge it shoots. Frickin hand cannon!!!! The wife like's shooting it too......but she's kinda a big gun gal. So what's your favorite?
  139. Sherm

    SD Bay 11-26 am...Colder than a well diggers butt/ good bassin

    It was a very nice morning with no wind and clear skies....but MAN IT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!! I got to the bay just before sun-up to get ready for some yak bassing. The temp reading in the truck was 44 degrees. Got out of the truck and on the yak just as the sun was coming up. The water felt...
  140. Sherm

    Charity items needed

    Hey guys, Most of you guys know me as the resident insurance dufous. Part of my involvement in the insurance industry has been being a member of the Board of the Insurance Brokers and Agents of San Diego. My main focus while on the board has been the charitable work we do for San Diego. We...
  141. Sherm

    Cleaning station?

    I have been wanting to put a cleaning station on my side yard for a while now. I was out at the brother in law's the other day and saw this thing laying in the bushes out in the back forty. Pretty sweet find. All stainless steel and 10 feet long with two sinks. The price sure was right...
  142. Sherm

    hoopin with Gonzo25, double limits

    I've hooped once before with Gonzo25 (George) but he was on his boat and i was on the yak. This time I went with George on his boat. This boat isn't much bigger than my yak but George has it set up right. We left mission bay a little before sunset and were quickly on the spot with hoops in the...
  143. Sherm

    BD Poker night III...anyone want to play?

    Putting together another poker night this Saturday night. The last time we had yellowtail and lobster on the grill.....this time my wife said she would mix up a batch of her Lobster chowder for the game. (That will get Ali to show up.) The last couple games were a lot of fun....even Carl...
  144. Sherm

    Now I've done it.

    I created a fishing fanatic. Went over to AZ to visit the Grandson and new Granddaughter. I took the grandson for a little fishing down at the river/creek. He had his spongebob squarepants rod and reel combo and was all set. We picked up a couple bobbers, hooks, and meal worms and were fishing...
  145. Sherm

    Afterwork fishin and buggin

    I met up with the guys afterwork yesterday. I met Brain, Jim, and Nick at 4:30 and we set off for some bay spots to do some buggin and bassin. I was fishing some new areas last night as the big swell outside prevented us from going to our usual spots around the point. Surfing would have been...
  146. Sherm


    Make sure you get out and vote today. Don't think your one vote doesn't count!!!! I know my vote canceled out the votes from Marcus. :D
  147. Sherm

    A nice night on the water

    I got out on the water last night for a little bassin and buggin. I hit the water on the yak around 3:30pm. The tide was heading out so I made the decision to go out to an area I haven't hooped for a while. Made the long paddle out of the harbor and started to the spot. Well...there was a swell...
  148. Sherm

    More hookups

    Still more thanks guys. I wrote two homeowners policies, 2 boats, 2 apartments, 3 fire policies and a work comp policy for a private school. I saved the guy with the 2 apartments $1800 total between the two policies. The rest also saved money and in some cases increased coverage as well...
  149. Sherm

    Something is wrong

    Because I'm in my office writing boat insurance for a BD'er on a Saturday. I'm supposed to be on the yak fishing. Oh well.........good to help a brother out.
  150. Sherm

    Lobster ?

    What size does a lobster have to be to become a Bug/lobzilla? I know with YFT a 200lb plus is a "Cow" and over 300 is a "Super Cow" But how big to become a lobzill or bugzilla? Just wondering.
  151. Sherm

    sit down hoopin 10-11 SD

    Went out on the yak last night for some hoopin with a few friends. With the stellar night I had last Thursday we had hi hopes to start off the day. That was until we started the paddle out. The wind was blowing from the south at about 10mph. That makes for a crappy, bumpy 3 mile paddle into the...
  152. Sherm

    A little perspective

    Cleaned the bugs from the other night. Man that one bug was big!!!!
  153. Sherm

    Still saving BD members money

    More BD members save moeny by insuring through my agancy the last couple weeks. One lurker saved $1600 anually by packaging his home, auto, boat, rentals, RV, and umbrella with us. Also saved another member $800 on his apartment owners policy. Wrote an individual and group health policy as...
  154. Sherm

    Limits and a BIG roach SD 10-7

    My buddy Rick got back into town yesterday and called to see if I wanted to go buggin. I hadn't been on out yet this season so I was itching to go. I met Rick at the ramp and we were off to the spot. Rick told me he was expecting limits since I bragged to him about buggin a while back...
  155. Sherm

    Why Grammar is important

    "I cannot express enough that grammar is important. Capitalization is the difference between 'Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse,' and 'Helping your uncle jack off a horse.'"ffice:office" /> Who will be the first to catch it?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src="...
  156. Sherm

    BD Poker Night II

    I'm putting together another poker night. The last time was a blast and a few of the guys who couldn't make it wanted to know when the next one was. So here we go. Were going to play this Saturday night the 9th of October. It's a lot of fun to get together and play cards and swap fish stories...
  157. Sherm

    I gotta fish heavier line, SD bay yak style

    I grabbed the yak (and a cigar) and headed to the bay after work yesterday. I hit the water around four oclock to a good outgoing tide. As soon as I got off the beach there were bait jumping out of the water around the moored boats. I tossed out my lure and had instant hookups on small bonita...
  158. Sherm

    Sd Bay and the one that got away

    I went down after work yesterday for some bass fishing. The weather and wind were good and the fishing was a little slow. I fished for about two hours and only managed 8 spotties. Most were nicer grade fish though (13 to 16 in) and fought well on the eight pound test. The night was getting...
  159. Sherm

    BD Poker night

    I'm thinkin about setting up a BD poker nigt at my house this Saturday night. Probably two tables only so send me a PM if you want to play. We will be playing in the back yard on the decks by the pond (no fishing) and putting some grub on the BBQ. Let me know if you are interested. Sherm
  160. Sherm

    Make A Wish late report and thank you

    I was lucky enough to fish with Harry-O aboard his boat the Al Fresco III. A beautiful 42 Hateras that is seriously decked out for fishing. He took pitty on me and let me on his boat when my ride canceled. Thanks again Harry. We met up at Harry's boat shortly after the captains meeting. We...
  161. Sherm

    Make-A Wish Tuna Challenge 5th Ave Raffle_

    For those of you fishing the Make-A-Wish tuna Challenge I will have a special raffle at Sunday's banquet and auction. 5th Avenue Ansurance will have a booth at the event and if you drop by and give us a bit of info to quote your boat, home, auto, business, work comp, or health/Life...
  162. Sherm

    Make-A-Wish and Tuna getting closer

    The Make-A-Wish tourney is getting closer and the tuna fishing is picking up. Let's get more people to sign up. I want to win this thing against the best field possible. :D
  163. Sherm

    Why have an insurance agent?

    Because sometimes they can get insurance companies to see the errors in their ways when it comes to the insurance policy and coverage. I don't know what it is but manytimes insurance companies will tell you something is not covered when it should be. I don't know if it's that they are trying...
  164. Sherm

    Bay fishing and the company picnic

    Sunday was the day for me to set up the company picnic. My employees are my second family and we all truely enjoy doing things together. Picnic's, Padre games, bowling nights, what have's all a good time. The office was scheduled to be at MB around 11am for a day of fun in the sun San...
  165. Sherm

    non stop bay action 8-23-10

    The weather looked perfect and so did the I left work and grabbed the yak. Everything looked right for a good day of light tackle bay fishing. I hit the bay about 4:30pm and parked the truck. As I got out I noticed an attractive young lady with her dog next to me. We struck up...
  166. Sherm

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Tournament

    How many of you guys are fishing this tournament coming up? I was just wondering due tot he fishing conditions. It's a great tournament and cause. i hear half points will be awarded for non tuna species like YT, WSB, and hali's. Thanks, Sherm
  167. Sherm

    SD bay with Spyder

    The idea was to get my wingman Jim (Spyder) on the water before he leaves on vacation and can't fish for a while. Jim was ready to get on the water and show me his halibut honey hole and I could always go for another few hours of fishing after work. We arrived at the bay and the wind sucked...
  168. Sherm

    for the business

    Just another thank you to all the BD members. You guys have been keeping me busy. In the last couple of weeks I have written insurance for 3 boats, two cars, one house and one business. I saved money for all of them........not a bad batting average. The business is called "the San Diego...
  169. Sherm

    Bunko Bass

    I forgot last night was the wife's Bunko night. So I hastily grabbed the yak and bass gear and headed for SD Bay. Well....summer finally showed up. The weather was warm and there was no wind to speak of. The tide started to move out as soon as I got on the water around 5pm. I fished all...
  170. Sherm

    Squidco kicks ass

    I have this bass reel I bought at Squidco a while back. The thing has been a piece of shit from the day I bought it. I have had it repaired twice and it broke again yesterday after about 15 casts. I finally said "screw it" I'm going to get a new reel. I went in to get a new reel and Joey...
  171. Sherm

    SD bay grump fest 8-12-10

    I hadn't been on the water for six weeks and it was killing me, so I called my wingman Jim (Spyder) and set up a time to at least hit the bay for some light tackle fishing. Of course..............the wind was blowing hard and it wasn't looking promising. We almost said forget about...
  172. Sherm

    carpet and upholstery cleaning.

    My three year old grandson just finished a three week stay here in SD. So now I need a carpet and couch to be cleaned. He's a lot of fun.....but a one man wrecking crew. Can't wait to get him out on the yak. If anyone here does this or has a recomendation that would be much appreciated...
  173. Sherm

    Get money back from your insurance company

    Hey guys, As a lot of you know (and for those who don't) .....I'm the resident Insurance Dork here on BD. I wanted to let you know I just became certified as a Risk Share Insurance specialist and wanted to give a heads up about this exciting new insurance product. It's designed for...
  174. Sherm

    Appliance repair guy

    My washing machine quit pumping the water out of the tub. I need a appliance repair guy ASAP. Any repair guys out there? Or does anybody have a good referal? Any help would be much appreciated. Sherm
  175. Sherm

    more insurance hookups

    You guys are still keeping me busy.:notworthy Last week and yesterday saw my agency write an auto and home insurance policy for BD guys. We also wrote two boat policies and one condo policy. The condo policy was a referal from a BD member. Thanks for that Arnie....we got your client quoted and...
  176. Sherm

    Erendira BC 4th of July weekend

    The family and I headed down (with a few friends) to BC for the holiday weekend. We went to the usual spot and had the beach to ourselves. We camped out, fished from the rocks and shore and took out a panga on the 4th. We looked around for WSB (with no luck) for a few hours before we decided...
  177. Sherm

    Prayers needed for my fishin buddy

    My long time friend and fishing partner is in the hospital and in need of your prayers. A few of you may know Steve Wegener. The guys at Squidco know him that's for sure. He was a fishing tackle junkie. Several years ago, while fishing in La Paz, Steve suffered bleeding on the brain and was...
  178. Sherm

    Anyone fished Erendria BC lately?

    I'm headed down there tomorrow for the weekend and was wondering what the fish reports have been like. Any word would be appreciated. thanks, Sherm
  179. Sherm

    City council booze ban?

    I hear the SD City Council is voting today about extending the booze ban to 3 MILES OFFSHORE to stop the flotopia events. Does this mean we can't have booze on the boat while fishing the kelp beds? What about the sporties? If there is no booze allowed on the boats up to three miles.....I'm...
  180. Sherm

    Pre fished for the YT shootout

    One of my clients (and new fishing buddy) Rick asked if I wanted to go fishing yesterday, and with the shootout coming, I figured I should make the time to get on the water. Plus it was a chance to go fishing after all. We hit the fishing grounds around first light and started to look for YT...
  181. Sherm

    SD bay Bass & Kamakazi cuda

    Jim and I hit the bay Saturday morning at first light for a little yak fishing. We paddled out just as it was getting light and made it to our firest spot in no time. The tide started to move out and the fishing turned on. Jim was catching lizard fish at a furious pace :rofl:I mean doubles and...
  182. Sherm

    Squidco deals

    I went down to Squidco to pick up some tackle and they were having a big sale. Booths, free stuff, free drinks (no alcholhol) and great deals. i just picked up a TLD 15 loaded with 80 lb spectra for $150. They also threw in a bag of four salas jigs that I was able to pick for myself. An early...
  183. Sherm

    Mexican insurance

    A quick reminder to everyone. My wife writes Mexican Insurance for your trips into Mexico. She can also write homeowners insurance for people who own property down there. If you are driving down to San Quintin or Gonzaga bay or where have you, make sure to give my wife Norma a call here at...
  184. Sherm

    Nados YT 6-11 thanks Tito & Chubasco II

    A fellow BD'er was setting up a charter trip for the restoration company he works for. He was kind enough to ask me along and let bring along a couple of friends. Troy, Chad and I met up with Tito in the early am to board the Chubasco II. Tito (fackenaso619)works for JW restoration. They are a...
  185. Sherm

    I just got my BD advertising bill !!!! What a bargain

    Which means I need to write more insurance. Holy crap!!!!! :eek: It's a good thing Ali and Jason threw in a reach around or it would be tough to justify these rates. Just kidding!!!! I wish I got as much bang for my advertising buck as I do on this site. Not a better deal in town...
  186. Sherm

    Big bay with Spyder (total smorgasbord)

    Jim and I decided to hit the bay for a quick early morning light tackle bay session. We both had to be off the water early but needed to stretch a line for a while. We got to the launch and ran into a bunch of guys there for a kayak bay tournament. The target species was sand bass. Nothing...
  187. Sherm

    YT Shootout ?

    My fishing partner for the YT Shootout had to cancel this year. Shit!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone out there need a hand on board to try and win this thing? Money, beer, and bringing my own fishing gear is all I have to offer. I've been fishing a couple of times so I might be able to help...
  188. Sherm

    Jet boat jet pump repair?

    A buddy of mine has a jet boat and the dominator jet pump took a crap. Is there anyone on BD that repairs or knows anyone who repairs that kinda stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Gracias por todo, Sherm
  189. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator 05-30-10

    It's time to start the camp Sherminator 2010 series. The fourth year of the camp Sherminator series. The wife likes to start using the toy box a lot this time of the year so it's time to start up Camp Sherminator. We usually do this on Wednesdays after work but we are going to get started this...
  190. Sherm

    Still more BD'ers on board

    Another good week of saving money for my fellow BD brethren. We wrote two boats and an auto policy. Saved the guys some good coin compared to what they were paying. Thanks again everyone..........most of you guys are alright:finger: :hali_olutta:
  191. Sherm

    MB after work WSB and other fish 5-12-10

    I hit up Miission Bay after work on the yak yesterday. I haven't been on the water lately and the wife had a bunko night going so it was off for some after work fishing. i hit the bay around 5:30 and was quickly catching Spotties and croakers. The tide started to slow and the sun started to...
  192. Sherm

    A quick heads up

    I'm working on a lot of insurance quotes and deals for BD'ers right now and I'm heading out of town Saturday morning. You all should thank me.....the fishing usually breaks wide open when I'm out of town. Anyway....if you need help with boat, home or auto insurance just ask for Kimberly...
  193. Sherm

    BD kicks ass

    Just wantewd to say thanks again for everyone's support. It means alot to me and the family. I'm writing more and more insurance for BD guys. This week....three boats, one house, a contractor who installs fire alarms, Telecomm, and CATV. Also quoting a 59 foot Viking and a 70 foot Kelly Palmer...
  194. Sherm

    Day at the Docks tomorrow

    Hey guys, Tomorrow is day at the docks. My company will have it's booth set up. there will be free candy for the kids and other assorted giveaway stuff. We also have a raffle where a four pack of passes to the Zoo/Wild Animal Park and a starter fishing set up for kids with rod, reel, and...
  195. Sherm

    The fishing must be picking up

    Because it's Saturday and I'm in my office writing boat insurance for Bd'ers so they can get on the water and sleigh fish. Glad I could help you out Brian so you guys can get on the water. Enjoy Fiesta with the dogs tonight.
  196. Sherm

    Pesky bycatch LJ 4-7 yak style

    I went to LJ yesterday with my favorite yak fishing expert Josh (Darkhorse) this guy knows how to fish. Anyway....we were looking for WSB (no love for me) and I put this pesky bycatch on the deck. Anybody know what it is?
  197. Sherm

    BD Sighting in Sedona AZ

    I went to AZ this past weekend and spotted a kid (who looked suspiciously like my Grandson) sporting a BD Sticker or two. In true BD fashion he had to be a clown when the camera came out. Now I just need to teach him the BD salute.
  198. Sherm

    Fred Hall Del Mar

    Hey guys, Stop by the 5th Avenue Insurance booth at Fred Hall and say hello. I will also be raffling off a Seeker Rod with a Sealine X50 HA reel. I will also have another basket full of fishing stuff for raffle. Let us know you are a BD member and you get an extra ticket for the raffle...
  199. Sherm

    So true. Too Funny

    Too funny. Make sure to watch the entire thing.
  200. Sherm

    Good buggin Sd 2-28

    I needed my on the water fix so I grabbed the yak after the storm and met up with Josh and headed out on a bug hunt. Big swell and lots of Naval activity made for an interesting paddle out of the harbor. We made it to our destination and set the hoops waiting for the darkness. Hoops were in...
  201. Sherm

    More Thanks

    Again guys ...........I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the business that has been coming my way. You guys (most of you anyway) have been a lot of fun to do business with. The best part is I share something in common with all the guys and gals I have been talking to about their...
  202. Sherm

    Yak Bugs and Gunfire 2-18-10

    The weather and tide were just too nice to ignore so I grabbed the yak and hit the water for some evening buggin. I met my bud Josh and we were on our way. We started the paddle out of the harbor and noticed a lot of Navy activity going in and out. There were ships on the horizon and...
  203. Sherm

    Bugs and rocks 02-11-10

    I hadn't been on the water for 11 days and it was killing me. I hit the water around 4pm for the long paddle out of the harbor. The paddle out SUCKED!!!!!!!!! The tide was rippin in and it was like paddling up river. If I stopped paddling I was instantly going backwards. The wind was also in my...
  204. Sherm

    Fred Hall Del Mar

    Hey everyone...................I'm going to have a booth at Fred Hall Del Mar and wanted to invite you all to stop by. I'm raffeling off a Seeker 40lb rod and a Sealine X50 HA reel at the show. Stop by the booth and let me know you are a Bloodydeck member and you will get another ticket for...
  205. Sherm

    I suck at hoopin. Sd bay 1-31-10

    I hit the water last night around sunset. Everything looked right for a good night of pulling. Unfortunately it was a bit slow. Heavy rippin tide, strong surge and just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I only managed four last night while my buddy had his limit by seven pm. The crawl...
  206. Sherm

    cook crabs

    I caught some crabs (rock crabs?)while hoopin last night. They were big so I decided to keep them and see what they are like to eat. I hear they are good just hard to deal with the hardness of the shells. the claws look tasty. Any ideas?
  207. Sherm

    good night and crabs too. 1-24-10

    I got out last night with my buddy Matt. We hit the water early and paddled the yaks out to our spot. The paddle out wasn't bad with a pretty steady wind at our back. We did have to wait for an aircraft carrier to clear the harbor before we could cross the bay. I know Navy security has a job...
  208. Sherm

    General Contractor insurance

    Just took care of another BD'er (g8rb8) and his insurance needs. Got him all set up with General Liability for his contracting business. Working on home and auto next. Glad I was able to save him some money. Give me a call if you think I might be able to help you too. THANKS AGAIN BD'ers...
  209. Sherm

    yak limits 1-15-10 SD

    Yet another productive night on the pond.:D I met up with my buddy Josh and launched before dark to the last of an outgoing tide. We paddled the considerable distance to that night's hunting grounds. We arrived at the spot and set unbaited hoops waiting for the light to drop. I had a quick...
  210. Sherm

    Good buggin SD 1-8-10

    I needed to get on the water for some more bugs as the wifes lobster chowder has been using up most of my catch. I couldn't get out until later than usual so I hit the water around 9:30pm. My buddy Josh showed up and we were off in search of bugs.:D We paddled out of SD bay and arrived at the...
  211. Sherm

    found hoop net SD bay 1-08-10

    Found a traditional style hoop net last night that was grabbed by kelp. No name or anything on the bouy but there are a couple distinguishing characteristics about the hoop. PM and describe it and I will make arrangments for you to get it back.
  212. Sherm

    Good news for small boats

    There is a new Mexican Waters insurance coverage form coming out (1-11-10) from Travelers insurance specifically for smaller boats. Travelers has always had very competetive pricing for small boat insurance (20 to 25feet 11inches) but they have had no coverage for Mexican Waters. Well we all...
  213. Sherm

    heavy surge and crawlin bugs

    Got on the water last night after work for some yak buggin with my buddy Theo (knotmyfish) The big swell made for some interesting hooping on the yaks.....but it was a beautiful night with a big moon and no wind at all. We had to paddle out against the tide (which sucked) but it was a nice...
  214. Sherm

    Biggest wimp to ever wear a Charger uniform

    Antonio Cromartie.......................biggest puss ever to play the game. He actually ran away from Johnson on one of the first runs of the game. Cromartie gave up an extra 18 yards because he was running away from Johnson so he didn't have to make a tackle. He was content to wait for...
  215. Sherm

    Christmas bugs.

    Late report. I went out Friday night the 18th. I usually don't like to be in the yak out buggin on a weekend night but the tides and conditions were right so off I went. I hit the water around 4pm to take advantage of the outgoing tide to make an easier paddle. While paddling out I see a boat go...
  216. Sherm

    Marine & boat insurance

    I keep seeing a lot of new charter operations being advertised here on BD. Don't forget guys. I insure charter operations and sportfishing boats. Not to mention Marina's and fishing clubs. The Marlin Club and the Red Rooster are clients of mine along with several others. I would love to add...
  217. Sherm

    UFC last night

    I watched the fights last night. Did anyone else think the Kimbo Slice fight was fixed? I mean the guy he faught barely threw a punch at him. Just kept kicking Kimbo's bad leg. Not much of a fight.
  218. Sherm

    Thanksgiving with Pops

    My Father and i used to go backpacking and hunting (for gold and whatever else) in the Superstition Mountains of AZ every Thanksgiving when I was a kid. From 1970 to 1981 every year I went on this trip with my father and his army and college buddies. Well 35 years later the guys wanted to go...
  219. Sherm

    Automatic garage door repair

    The garage door broke and is in need of repair. Anybody know who I should talk to about getting it fixed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  220. Sherm

    More solo yak fun

    I liked the way the conditions were looking lately and had not been on the water in a week. I got out of work and headed for the launch. Incoming tide made for a LONGGGGG paddle out to the spot. The bugs didn't want to play at first. Then after a couple hours they turned on. Some good pulls...
  221. Sherm

    Mexican Insurance

    I just wanted to remind everyone that we also write Mexican insurance through our office. (formerly Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance) is located here in my office. I wrote an annual policy for a BD'er who is heading down for a couple weeks. I went to the guy who...
  222. Sherm

    yak buggin again SD 11/10/09

    My buddy Brian was finally able to get away from his BP job and get out on the water with me. We hit the beach around 4:00pm and paddled out with the tide to open water. I forgot it was a holiday today for many people and the traffic on the water showed it. Brian and I had to stay lit up out...
  223. Sherm

    Not just boat insurance

    I just took care of a couple more BD'ers. This time no boats. Just an individual health plan, a 24 unit apartment building and a very nice micro brewery/restaurant in the south bay. There will be many on-site inspections needed of this risk I am sure.:hali_olutta: :cheers: Let me know...
  224. Sherm

    Cromartie? Keep or toss

    Allright. Cromartie has been pissing me off lately. Everytime I see him around the ball he is afraid to make a tackle. Just a bunch of pussy footin around. The guy never ducks his shoulder and hits someone hard. He just wants to pull someone to the ground and not tackle them. He's a...
  225. Sherm

    Solo yak hoopin in the fog 11-3-09

    I couldn't stand it anymore. I hadn't been on the water in a couple weeks and it was killing me. I was starting to become a real pain in the ass and knew I had to get on the water. I couldn't find anyone to go with so I said "screw it" and went solo. My buddy Brian was going to go but came...
  226. Sherm

    Miramar landfill can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to the dump yesterday to unload a bail of straw and 9 dead pumpkins/Jack-o-lanterns at the dump yesterday. They wanted $36 to dump some stuff that will decompose in a few days. I guess the city still has those pension benefits to pay for. What a rip off. I unloaded in the office dumpster...
  227. Sherm

    Gotta love Halloween

    We had about 80 kids go by the house and about 20 adults. The adult beverage table helped with that one. Fun night for the kids....both large and small. Until next year.
  228. Sherm

    Another BD'er saved some coin.

    Just now writing insurance on another BD'ers boat. Nice 25 foot Davis boat. I was able to save him $493 over his State farm policy and increase some of his coverage.:eek: :cheers: The whole thing took about 20 minutes. I doesn't hurt to call and see what I can do for you as well. And...
  229. Sherm

    Yak buggin in the fog 10-16

    I met up with a buddy (Greg) at SI launch Friday night. No wind, clear skies, and a tide coming from behind me. All was awesome and ready to go. Did the 45 minute paddle to the spot, which took an hour due to the Navy Patrol stopping us and taking down all our info. I mean all of it. I was...
  230. Sherm

    NOAA Survey

    I keep getting this NOAA survey sent to me regarding So Cal Sportfishing. Should I fill this out or put it in the circular file. Just wondering others thoughts on this.
  231. Sherm

    Thanks Frank (Conseamate)

    I was quoting a guy's insurance who has a 28 foot Bertram and was referred to me by Progressive Insurance. I got a quote for him (not with Progressive) and he said he would call me back. The guy called back and said he talked to a guy who slips his boat just a little ways away from his. He...
  232. Sherm

    Took a newbie yak hoopin

    A client/friend of mine has been wanting to try the yak hoopin thing. Our plan was to go Saturday night and do the long paddle to some spots I know. Well.....we both couldn't wait and decided to hit the big bay after work. We launched at around 7pm and set our first hoops around 7:30. Dave is a...
  233. Sherm

    Paddy Nirvana 10-03

    Got an invite to fish aboard the "Ofishal Business" with my buddy Carl. Hard to pass up an invite like that. We started out Friday night and hit the area around 60 miles south. We picked up some big skippies which were perfect for bug bait. We looked around for a while and then saw our first...
  234. Sherm

    Need good sushi restaurant for lunch

    Anybody have any recommendations for a good sushi restaurant for lunch in the San Diego area? Taking a client to lunch today and need some good ideas. THANKS
  235. Sherm

    Welcome aboard Marlin Club

    Just finsished taking care of the insurance for The Marlin Club of San Diego. Helped save them some money as well. A very good group of guys that sit on that board. Very friendly and professional. I'm looking forward to working with them. I also wrote an auto and a couple of boats for BD...
  236. Sherm

    Got lucky again 9-20 LJ

    The original plan was to fish LJ with my wingman Jim. Well one thing lead to another and I was going solo. I arrived at the beach around 6am and was soon on the water in the quest for bait. Bait was made pretty quick and I began the long paddle to the area I wanted to fish. I had nine good baits...
  237. Sherm

    Moyer tournament big fish 9-12 LJ

    I fished the Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Tournament this weekend. Launched with my wingman Spyder at the shotgun start at 5;30. Off we went in the dark to get bait. I couldn't see shit and got hit by a wave across the bow that got me pretty wet. I remember thinking to myself......I sure hope this...
  238. Sherm

    Boat to charter

    I have an insurance company I do business with that wants to take 20 to 25 guys and gals fishing. They want me to spearhead putting this thing together. I'm looking for a boat that will accomidate that many people for a nice 3/4 day trip. Maybe to the islands or the closer offshore banks...
  239. Sherm

    Lj yesterday

    I went to LJ on the yak yesterday to pre-fish for the Moyer tourney this weekend. Long story short. Made great bait, paddled to spot. Hooked and lost three BIG yellowtail. First came unbuttoned, the second I couldn't turn and it found the kelp. The third ran out to open water and things were...
  240. Sherm

    more insurance hook-ups

    Thanks again everyone for the business. You guys are starting to cut into my fishing time though.:rofl: Wrote insurance for more BD'ers last month. I just wrote a commercial auto for a guy and saved him $1800 from his Allstate (or State farm I can't remember) policy. I wrote boat...
  241. Sherm

    Pencil Snots and a nice sky. SD bay

    I was in the need of getting on the water. Something about these hot days that do that to me. Anyway.....I hit the bay around 5pm. The tide was coming in ever so slightly and wasn't going to last for long. There was little wind and an easy paddle to my fishing spot. The fishing was slow. What...
  242. Sherm

    Nados 08-16-09

    I was lucky enough to be invited to fish with Tony (tonys) on his nice ride. That Blackman is a nice fishing platform Tony. I met Tony and Chad at the dock at 5am. we picked up bait and headed towards the islands. We fished the area there with the idea of making our way to the rockpile. we...
  243. Sherm

    May be slow returning calls this week

    Thanks again everyone for the business sent my way :cheers: Last week I wrote insurance for four BD'ers. I wrote 2 boats, a home, three autos and an apartment building. You guys rock!!!!!! I may be slow getting back to you all this week if you call my office. My daughter and grandson are in...
  244. Sherm

    1st C&R Marlin of the season

    Quick report....I'm tired from two days of fishing and i have to get ready to fish the yak in the morning. Left Friday morning on my buddy's boat the "Ofishal Business" headed for Ensenda. We stopped on paddies from the 302 down to the Hidden then the upper 500. A couple nice yellowtail in...
  245. Sherm

    For all the business

    I just wanted to say thanks to all the Bloodydecks members. You guys have been sending me a lot of business and I greatly appreciate it. (it helps me afford fishing) The last two weeks I wrote insurance for 7 boats (15 to 54 feet) I wrote insurance for 9 homes and 17 auto's and I wrote...
  246. Sherm

    Boat surveyor

    Hey guys....some of you may know that Zurich has quit writing boat/yacht insurance in CA. With that happening........... a lot of boat owners are looking for new insurance and are finding out they need fairly current surveys to get insured. Surveys usually have to be within 2 to 3 years old to...
  247. Sherm

    Sd bay yakin July 5th

    Jim and I met at the launch around 5am and set off to a nice looking morning. Well.....except for the wind. What is up with the windy mornings lately anyway? We decided to make a go of it and hit the water at 1st light. We paddled over to our spot and the fishing was pretty good. It was a...
  248. Sherm

    More BD Insurance hook-ups

    Helped out a few more BD'ers last week. I wrote insurance for a painting contractor and company that re-surfaces windows. They got the BD discount as well. (Saved each business an additional $100.) This re-surfacing service is very cool as it can fix a defaced window without having to...
  249. Sherm

    Homeowners insurance info

    Hey guys....thanks again for the business that has been coming my way since I became the official BD insurance dude. I have run across an issue several times when quoting homeowners insurance that seems troublesome. Many people have had inadequate coverage for their homeowners policy. Most...
  250. Sherm

    6-6 LJ on the "Fin and Tonic"

    Got an invite to fish the LJ kelp early am with Troy and Jeff on Troy's Grady. The wind blew most of the night so the ride out wasn't as smooth as could be. We hit the kelp at grey light and out went the lines. I started us off with a nice calico and right after that Jeff got a cute little...
  251. Sherm

    BD members.. I need your help

    As some of you know I am an insurance geek who owns an agency here in San Diego. I have been asked to help build a marine insurance policy. A company I do business with wants to design a boat and yacht policy and they have asked for my help. That's why I'm coming to you guys. I need your...
  252. Sherm

    Zurich getting out of Yacht Insurance

    Being an insurance dork....I thought everyone should know that Zurich is getting out of the yacht and boat insurance business. Effective August 1st, 2009 Zurich will start to non-renew their existing yacht policies. It just so happens :D.........I write yacht and boat insurance. (Along with...
  253. Sherm

    The big bay evening 4-21-09

    I had one of those days at work so after my last out of the office meeting I made a detour on the way back to the office. Funny thing..... that detour took me right to my house and some how the yak ended up in the back of my truck and I suddenly found myself dressed for fishing. I don't know how...
  254. Sherm

    Evening Tidelands 4-6-09

    Grabbed the yak after work and headed down to Tidelands for some light tackle action. I hadn't been to Tidelands for a while and was looking forward to some bass action. Hitthe water about 5pm and was quickly out to where I wanted to fish. The wind was blowing about 10mph and the tide was rippin...
  255. Sherm

    Wide open stupid grumpy fishin MB 2-28

    I had the company picnic set up at mission bay for Saturday and got there early so I could get some yak time in.:D I set up the trailer at 5:30am and got ready for the sunrise. I was on the water at 1st light with the begining of an incoming tide and a slight offshore breeze.:cool: I arrived...
  256. Sherm

    SD bay 3-21 I've lost my touch

    I arrived at SD bay on Saturday morning at first light. Wanted to get some time on the water and re-aquaint myself with bay fishing. It's been nothin but buggin for a while. Hit the water and started to paddle off to my attended spot. Well....the fish finder wasn't working (transducer came...
  257. Sherm

    SD Bay after work 3-18-09

    Buggin season is over so it's time to get back to fishing the bay and LJ. Since daylight savings time is here it's easy to get the yak to the water and get in a couple hours fishin. I was on the water at 4:30. The original plan was to look for the flat kind....but a thick fog bank hanging...
  258. Sherm

    a new record

  259. Sherm

    Chopper for sale

    I hate trying to figure out the classified section of BD. So I'm just going to post here. A buddy of mine is selling one of his motorcycles. Nice custom chopper with 150hp. Very clean. My bud has been the only owner on this bike. Give me a PM or call (619)787-8419
  260. Sherm

    yak hoopin SD 03-01-09

    I met up with a buddy of mine (Greg) and did a little hoopin outside SD. Greg was already on the water when I arrived and we finished the night hoopin together. It was an incredibly beautiful night out. There was absolutely no wind on the water all night. Good cigar lighting conditions. Pulled...
  261. Sherm

    Tommy on channel 6 news

    Saw Tommy being interviewed on channel 6 news this morning. He was being interviewed by Ruben :gay: their field reporter. Nice job Tommy. I think Ruben may have another use for Uni Butter in mind.
  262. Sherm

    900 mile bike ride 2-20 thru 2-22

    There has been a lot of down news lately. I thought this might lighten the mood a little. Took the bike out and headed to Sedona Arizona for the weekend. Went to see my daughter and grandson for a quick hello. A great trip all around. I went through several different climate zones and enjoyed...
  263. Sherm

    My agency now does marine insurance (USLH)

    Hey guys, I think most know that I write insurance for a living. More like writing insurance allows me to afford fishing. Anyway.....I have been writing a lot of Homeowners, boat, auto, business, life & Health and comp insurance for many bloodydeckers. THANKS!!!! The one area I haven't...
  264. Sherm

    Shore fishing and short fish

    I was down at Fiesta Island yesterday evening killing time between business apointments and enjoying a good cigar. I'm sitting there in my truck watching the guys shore fish and I couldn't believe the fish they were keeping. There were about 7 guys and 26 fishing poles. They kept everything...
  265. Sherm

    Someone who does canvas top work.

    This isn't for a boat but I need to have a canvaas top made for the gazebo in the back yard. The top that came with this gazebo does not hold up to the sun and the elements well. I figured I would see if I could have a stronger top made for it. I have gone through a stock top twice now and...
  266. Sherm

    Yak bugs in the rain 1-25-09

    My wingman was down with an illness so my junior wingman took his place. The plan was to hit SD bay for some hoopin. Planned on meeting a guy (Greg) for our first time hooping together. I guess I should have told Greg where exactly we launch. I showed up and did not see him. The junior wingman...
  267. Sherm

    More BD'ers on board with my insurance agency.

    A few more Bd'ers came aboard with 5th Avenue Insurance recently. We wrote a small business and some homeowners and auto policies. Saved the homeowner guy $400 and the auto guy aroun $225. Thanks for the business guys and gals!!!!! There is still plenty of room for others. Just give me a call or...
  268. Sherm

    Hoopin with the gang SD 1-19-09

    Went down after work for a little yak hoopin with the gang. I arrived at SI and Maggie (nunyabusiness) was already there setting up. I rigged my gear and waited for Jim (Spyder) and Nick (Masta). They showed after Maggie had already hit the water. I was ready to go so I hit the water and Jim and...
  269. Sherm

    Yak bugs with the wingmans kid 1-12-09

    The plan was to go yak buggin with Spyder and his kid. Nick had just returned from living in texas fo a while and wanted to get out on the water. Weather and tides looked favorible so we were all looking forward to it. know how things go. Spyder got hung up at work so I picked up...
  270. Sherm

    How primative are bugs?

    Bugs must be amazingly primative. Do they even have a brain? I caught 6 of them on Monday night before New Years. I left them in my bait tank (no water) in a cool place and went to get them on new years eve. They were all still alive. I prepared the tails for cooking and they were still...
  271. Sherm

    Why do women like a man in uniform?

    Because they are trained to take orders and eat crap.
  272. Sherm

    Good way to finish 08. yak buggin with the wingman

    I got a big zero last time I went buggin. I couldn't let the last entry on the 08 bug card be a zero so I set out last night to change that. I got to the water ahead of the wingman and paddled out to meet him later. I got to my spot and set hoops about twenty minutes before dark. I was hopeful...
  273. Sherm

    non bug night 12-10-08

    The wingman (Spyder) and I headed out for an afternoon session of hooping. The weather was nice and we were looking forward to a night of buggin. We tried some new areas last night to no avail. We did get some shorts when the tide started moving but no legals. Only my second skunk of the...
  274. Sherm

    bunko bugs-solo yakin 12-2-08

    The wife had all the ladies over for bunko last night so I was being kicked out of the house. It was a great excuse for getting out after some bugs. I hit SI launch around 3pm. Loaded up and on the water at 3:30. The tide was moving out and it made for a nice paddle out of the bay. I arrived...
  275. Sherm

    More insurance hook-ups

    A couple more Bloodydeckers just joined the 5th Avenue Insurance ranks. Home , auto, health and business were all taken care of. THANKS GUYS!!!! Saved them some good coin too.:D The offer still goes for bloodydecks members. Just call in ( or send me a PM) for a free quote on your business...
  276. Sherm

    Big bug after work 11-5-08

    My wingman was out of commision so Brian (BT) and I were finally able to meet and do some yak hooping together. Brian is a very nice guy and I would fish with him anytime. We met at the launch around 3:30 and set off for our hooping spots. Set the hoops in an area with a ripping outgoing tide...
  277. Sherm

    Hoopin last night. 10-15-08

    Met up at SI launch around four oclock to find Theo chomping at the bit to get on the water. Spyder showed up and we were on the water at 4:45pm. We started the paddle out to open water and our spot. 45 minutes and three miles later we made it. We set our hoops and waited for the sun to go down...
  278. Sherm

    good night hoopin with Spuyder and the micro bug

    Met up with my numero uno wingman Spyder and hit the water for some more afterwork buggin. We made the paddle to our first spot and it was a beautiful evening. No wind, warm as hell and a tide that was just starting to move. Stopped on the paddle out and took some cool sunset pics. Continued on...
  279. Sherm

    After work bugs

    I met up with my wingman yesterday afternoon for an evening of buggin. The tide was low and the paddle out was nice. We got to ur spot and set up the hoops just before sundown. We let the hoops set for a little while and went to pulling. Jim was first with one keeper and several shorts. My hoops...
  280. Sherm

    More afterwork spots

    Short report. I hit SD bay afterwork yesterday to an incoming tide. i was on the water and fishing at 5:30pm. I fished several types of plastics and gulp baits and several different depths and bottoms. All I could find were spotties. They were everywhere yesterday. Spots that are usually...
  281. Sherm

    Afterwork on the bay 9-9-8

    Couldn't stand looking at the weather outside the office window. Said "srew it...I'm going fishing". Fortunately the house is close by and the yak is always ready to go. I hit the water at 4:20pm and went to a close by spot. It's getting dark earlier and earlier these days and I wanted to make...
  282. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator 08-13-08

    Met up with my wingman Jim at Fiesta Island with the toy box and yak in tow. I unloaded the stuff and helped the wife set up camp. Jim was anxious to get on the water as I was late in arriving. We finally got on the water aound 5pm to some wind and an incoming tide. We arriced at our spot and...
  283. Sherm

    YT and sneeker sets LJ 8-10 am

    Met up with my wingman Spyder on the beach at about 4:10am. I was a little late and Jim was ready to go. I quickly unloaded and we launched the yaks in the dark. We watched the last set go by and in the yaks we went. We paddled hard and made it past the break zone. NOT!!! As I'm paddling toward...
  284. Sherm

    Free stuff with insurance quote.

    Hey guys......don't forget......I have extended the free swag offer for the entire year. Any BD members get this offer. Just call in for an insurance quote (home, auto, boat, business,work comp, life and health) and you will recieve a free pack of Gulp bait, Uni butter, or a fish trap lure...
  285. Sherm

    Great Island trip on the Daily Double

    A company that I write insurance for chartered the Daily Double yesterday for a full day of fishing. The crew worked great and the food was top notch. Great steak dinner and a cool Texas hold-em game in the galley. We started out fishing for sandies and quickly limited on them. Next we went to...
  286. Sherm

    Said goodbye to an old friend this morning

    I had to have my horse put down this morning. I can't believe I got all teary eyed about it. :Bawling_e :shake: I had that guy for a long time. Skeeter was 35 years old and a great pal. I had him for 25 years and it's sad to see him go. He had a good run. Greener pastures await I'm sure...
  287. Sherm

    7/19 am LJ....ooops

    Short version....went to LJ looking for YT and accidentally caught a nice flattie. Longer version......Met up with my wingman in the early am at the shores of La Jolla. There was absolutely no surf to contend with and we were on the water at grey light. The plan was to make bait and look to...
  288. Sherm

    YT Shootout by catch

    I met up with my wingman Spyder and our captain for this trip Troy. We hopped aboard the "Fin N Tonic" and were off with visions of giant yellowtail in our heads. We arrived at our destination at 5:30am and found a very large paddy sitting there. We tried to catch fish around the paddy and...
  289. Sherm

    Check out the new ride...47mpg

    This thing is faster than crap and gets great mileage. With my truck eating up gas like there is no tomorrow. I thought I would look into something that gets a little better mileage. Still keeping the truck. I just needed something for every day travels. A Prius is not my style. This thing suits...
  290. Sherm

    More after work flatties 6-3

    I knew there was going to be a very strong incoming tide so I figured I would hit the bay after work. Loaded up the yak and hit the water about 4:30. I paddled over to an area I wanted to check and see if it had fish hanging there. It looked good the last time I paddled past and I wanted to...
  291. Sherm

    More free stuff with insurance quote

    Well the free Gulp baits and free Uni Butter I have been giving out with insurance quotes has been working so well....I thought I would add a free Sabiki rig to the list. Just call in and get a quote and take your pick of Gulp baits, Uni Butter, or a sabiki rig. With the Threshers...
  292. Sherm

    SD Bay 5/31 am Flats and Spots and a c

    I hit the bay up solo on Saturday morning. I got there at grey light and paddled over to look for some flat type fish while the tide was still moving. I got to the 1st spot I wanted to try and dropped down the bottom rig. I then proceeded to cast out the plastic for the first toss of the...
  293. Sherm

    Bay Bassin & the blob 5-14-08

    I had a shit day at the office so when Spyder called and asked if I wanted to hit the bay for some evening fishing.....I was a cloud of dust and almost beat him to the launch. We hit the water about four and headed to our first spot with the tide moving in and little wind. Things looked good...
  294. Sherm

    East cape ?

    Hey guys... I have a group of friends going to Cabo this weekend. They are staying for a week and looking to fish a day down there. I hear east cape is going off and they would like some info on who to contact. They are newbies to the area and any help would be appreciated. They just want...
  295. Sherm

    Sunday smorgosbord SD bay 4/27

    With all the heat this weekend I fugured I would stay cool by fishing the bay off the yak. It didn't work. It was hotter than hell on the water as well. Too bad the fishing wasn't that hot. The best thing about yesterday was that it was easy to light my cigar out there.:smoking33: No wind and...
  296. Sherm

    Free Uni Butter with Insurance quote

    Well the free Gulp bait I gave out with insurance quotes worked so well last month....I thought I would give away a free bottle of Tommy's awesome product this month. Just call in (or send me a pm) for a free Home, Auto, boat, Business, Work Comp, life or health insurance quote and I will send...
  297. Sherm

    Big turds and a nasty thumb SDB 3/22AM

    The plan was to gear up a little from the usual 8lb test and go look fo some butts. I launched from SI at day break and started to head for some hali spots I wanted to try. It was a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky or a ripple on the water.:cool: The tide was coming in and I was hoping...
  298. Sherm

    Big bay after work, turdroller city

    I finally met up with my wingman for a afternoon of fishing. He finally ran out of excuses not to go. :nutkick: Just fuckin with ya bro.....I know how bad you needed to get on the water. You definately nutted up this time. Your son is in the hospital and you still made it fishing. It is a good...
  299. Sherm

    MB 3-15am Spots and Croaks

    The original plan was to go buggin in the big bay Friday night with my wingman Jim (Spyder). My wingman has been letting me down lately. :rolleyes: The last three weekends we were supposed to go buggin and fishing together. The 1st weekend he says he's sick, something about a 102...
  300. Sherm

    Bugs/underwater fireworks/and the drunk 3-8/9

    Got out solo on the yak for a little buggin on Saturday night/Sunday Morning. I got to the launch and started to do the last minute prep work on the yak. About this time a guy walks buy and starts to talk. This guy is obviously lit :drunkand starts to talk about fishing and that he is a...
  301. Sherm

    SD bay 3-2-08

    Well....the plan was to hoop all night and then fish the bay in the morning. I was on my way to pick up bug bait when I called my wingman to see what he needed. Unfortunately.......the only thing Jim needed was a doctor. I could tell he was looking to get out of buggin and fishing. Some LAME ASS...
  302. Sherm

    bug season

    When does bug season end?
  303. Sherm

    Aftenoon bassin 2/08

    I had been in continuing education classes for three days and got out at noon on Friday. I was already scheduled to be away from the office... so I grabbed the yak and the light gear and headed for the bay. The weather was AWESOME!!!! I was in shorts and sandals the whole time. I hit the...
  304. Sherm

    Solo Bay Yakin 02/02/08

    I couldn't get the wingman to go fishing with me :finger:(something about little league tryouts).....whatever. I keep telling him he can't try out for little league any more. He is too big to play with the other kids. Anyway......I paddled out to a slight morning wind and kind of cold...
  305. Sherm

    Free Gulp Baits with Insurance Quote

    Hey guys.....for the 1st two weeks in February I will be giving away a free pack of Gulp baits to all BD members who get an insurance quote through my office. This offer is good on all auto, home, business, workers compensation, life and health quotes. A little about my agency.....I am an...
  306. Sherm

    Solo yak hoopin and paddlin for my life 1/19 am

    My wingman Jim couldn't make it out for hoopin so I decided I would go get some bugs solo. I launched out of SI and paddled out past the bay entrance and started some buggin. The bugs were crawling and I came up with many shorts. I met some fellow BDer's in a little skiff buggin the same area...
  307. Sherm

    yak hoopin tonight

    Takin the yak out solo hoopin tonight. I'll be launching from SI at around midnight if anyone is interested. PM me or I'll see you there.
  308. Sherm

    Dog screwed up a night of buggin

    Short story is I arrived at the water around dark and headed out to do some hoopin. I got a new carbon fiber paddle for Christmas and had to try it out. I paddled over to a spot I wanted to try and set the hoops. I let them soak for about 45 minutes and then went to pull. The first net was...
  309. Sherm

    Cold ass buggin 12/23

    It had been two weeks since I was last on the yak:( I was in dire need of a night on the water. I drove my Daughter and grandson back to Sedona Arizona on Friday Night. Slept for three hours and then drove back to San Diego. I had the company party at my home Saturday night and then...
  310. Sherm

    PV 12/8 & 12/9 sails & dodos

    Well the time came and my father, my son and I went down to PV to fish with Capt. Josh. Last years trip was outstanding and we were hoping we could repeat again this year. The fishing and the temperature was totally different this year. Cool weather and cool water meant tuff fishing. The fishing...
  311. Sherm

    Buggin the calm before the storm

    My wingman and I had planned several days ago to get out last night after work for some buggin. Work started to mess things up and a couple days ago I called Jim and bailed.:imdumb: Well....yesterday evening rolled around and Jim decided he was going solo after all. I couldn't let my wingman...
  312. Sherm

    Buggin and Bassin plastic style 11/24

    I'm starting to like this buggin thing so I made a plan and met up with the wingman (Spyder) and his son (masta). We launched and paddled out on a slack tide. The plan was to bug while the tide was moving in and then fish the daybreak for some bass. An hour after launch we finally arrived at...
  313. Sherm

    3rd time's the charm. Yak buggin 10/10

    Went out on my third buggin yak adventure on Saturday night. Met up with th ewingman and we hit the wate from SIat about 4pm. We had great timing as the "Star of India" sailing ship was coming in the harbor from a cruise. There were two other tall ships infront of her engaging in some mok...
  314. Sherm

    Yak hoopin with Spyfder and Masta MB 10/9

    Met up with the wingman at MB and decided to try some hoopin. Only the second time off the yak and still trying to figure things out. The tide was moving in when it got dark and the weather was fine, just a little cold. It looked like it should be a good time for hoopin. We set out our hoops...
  315. Sherm

    SD Bay 10/24 evening

    I fished the big pond in the morning on my buddies boat the Fin and Tonic. We did not find the YFT so I returned to work without having something tug on the end of my line. I couldn't stand that so I called my wingman Jim and convinced him to join me in the bay for a little yakin. I hit the...
  316. Sherm

    9 mile and 302 for nada with pics

    My buddy Troy asked if I wanted to go look for those YFT everyone has been talking about. We trolled the nine and the 302 for nada. We saw some breezing fish just short of the 302 but could not get them to bite. We heard of some skippies being caught but no luck on the YFT. Beautiful day on the...
  317. Sherm

    MB 10/20 and SD Bay 10/21

    10/20 MB I got an invite from my wingman Jim to fish MB on Saturday morning. He was there for his company party and decided to fish before. I didn't think I could make it because I had to take the daughter and grandson back to Sedona AZ.:mad: I decided to give it a go so I drove over and then...
  318. Sherm

    The bay after work 10/12/07

    My grandson and daughter are in town so I knew I couldn't hit LJ with my wingman (Spyder) over the weekend. The ladies had some girly clothes party set up at the house so I had to be away. OH DARN. Guess I have to go fishing. I left work at 2pm (it's good to be the boss) and grabbed the yak...
  319. Sherm

    9/29 BWE & 9/30 at SD bay

    The wife was out of town for the weekend so I was able to take advantage and get some time on the water. Saturday was the BWE tournament in LJ. I met up with my wingman Jim at the launch at around 5am. We prepared the yaks and launched around 5:45. Fairly dry launch that was timed well. Not much...
  320. Sherm

    SI 9-3 am

    Well my wingman and are were sitting at my house on Saturday night during my sushi party and co-miserating about the slow day we had while fishing La Jolla the day before. We decided to hit the bay on Sunday morning and at least pull on some spotties and try to keep cool. We met up at SI...
  321. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator VII

    Another Wednesday another outting. Got a late start today and Jim and I didn't get on the water until 5;30pm or so. We Had our usual shots of JD before we hit the water and paddled out to our spots. The tide was very low and slack but scheduled to start moving soon. We made it to our first...
  322. Sherm

    MB 7-25-07 Bassin and partyin

    I had a party at the bay all set up for employees for Saturday. I had to get there early to set up the toy hauler and get a spot. I arrived at 5am and got the last spot available:eek: My wingman Jim showed up around 6am and we hit the bay for some bass fishin. We paddeled out to our spot and...
  323. Sherm

    Ofishall Business 8-24 Banda Bank and south

    I got a call from my good buddy Carl on the "Ofishall Business". He asked if I could get away from the office for a day of fishing. I couldn't pass this up so I moved a shit load of stuff around at the office and left for The Coral at 8:30pm. :cool: I arrived at the boat and Carl, Mike and...
  324. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator VI (All hale the croaker king)

    Met up with the crew again on Wednesday evening. Jim and PJ arrived and I went to the trailer for the traditional shots of Jack. When I got there the cupboard was bare:1041677399: I forgot to re-stock after our last trip. I'm such an ass :imdumb: We launched the yaks to a slack high tide and...
  325. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator V (with a surprise)

    Well it was Wednesday evening again and time for another camp Sherminator. :cool: I met up with my wingman Jim (spyderdude) at Fiesta Island around 4pm. I had just set up the toy hauler and we were ready to go. My nephew Kaz and Tom (raffman) showed up as well. The four of us hit the water to a...
  326. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator IV

    Another Wednesday another Camp Sherminator trip.:D:beerbang: I arrived at Fiesta around 3:30. I was hoping to get some fishing in right away as the tide was moving in and then going slack around 5:30pm. Jim called and said he would be there shortly and that PJ was coming as well. The more the...
  327. Sherm

    SD Bay 8/5 am

    Spyderdude needed some time on the water this weekend so we met up at the SI launch around 5:30am and went looking for bass or whatever else we could find.:D The tide was slack and there was a little wind so I wasn't too hopeful. We paddled to our first spot and it was a little quiet. Like...
  328. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator III

    Another Wednesday another night at Fiesta with the gang. I arrived and set up camp and found out that the fishing squad was going to be late and not make the fishing. they would of course be there later for the party :D:beerbang: I loaded up the yak and headed out solo for some bay bass fishing...
  329. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator part II

    I had been talking to a few of my fishing buddies and we decided we wanted to get out and wet a line. We decided another Camp Sherminator was in order. I loaded up the trailer and gear and set off for Fiesta Island. I arrived early to set up the camp and get ready for the fisherman to arrive...
  330. Sherm

    Lake LJ 7-22 am

    Met up with T-roy at the shores launch around 5am. Nothng but ankle slapping surf and clear water. The visibility was awesome yesterday. We hit the water and made it to the pier to look for bait. Didn't find much at the pier. A few baits were had so off we went to look for bigger game...
  331. Sherm

    A new fisherman hits the deck

    This forum has been a little depressing as of late. I hope this will brighten things up. My Grandson was born this past Saturday at 7:27 pm. :D :D Little NATHAN CONRAD SHERMAN (yes I'm shouting) weighed in at a respectable 8lbs 14oz. I'm going shopping for his kayak later today ;) Then getting...
  332. Sherm

    Fiesta Island with the family and Spyder

    I loaded up the trailer and set down to Fiesta Island for an evening of BBQing and fishing. I got there a little early and set up. The family and Jim were soon to arrive. The wind was howling in the early afternoon. Jim arrived to do his run and I got ready to fish:hali_olutta: The boy and the...
  333. Sherm

    Camp Sherminator and spotties/4th of July

    The wife wanted us to go to Fiesta Island for the 4th. I was not looking forward to that crowd. However, it was an opportunity to fish for a while. I knew I would have to get there early if I wanted a good spot. No problem, I'm an early riser.:D I loaded up the yak in the toy box and headed...
  334. Sherm

    BD Tourney aboard the "Fin & Tonic"

    Met up with T-roy at 3 am at the boat. Woke his and Ray's asses up and we were off. We thought about LJ and a dash for cash attempt. However, we decided to go to South ISland instead:zelfmoord We started at 6am with lines in. We were in an area south of the South island that had some meter...
  335. Sherm

    I see spots. Tidelands 6-5 afterwork

    I was sitting at my desk around four and realized the wife was playing Bunko tonight so I had free time in the evening:cool: I ran home, loaded the yak, and I was off. I hit the beach at Tidelands around 5pm to light wind and a minor outgoing tide. Upon arriving at my first spot I lit my...
  336. Sherm

    Spyder's 1st LJ yak trip and the Knothead

    I decided winter bay fishing was over and it was time to get out to LJ. I talked to Spyder and he was ready for his first yak trip on the big pond:cool: We met up Saturday morning 6/2 at 5am to look for some larger grade fish. When I arrived the conditions were nice. A slight wind and kind of...
  337. Sherm

    Tidelands 5/27 battle with snaggletooth

    I was lucky enough to get a small window of opportunity to fish Sunday morning:D So I grabbed the yak and a cigar and headed for Tidelands at first light. I was on the water by 5:30 to a nice incoming tide and light winds. Things looked right. I stopped at my first spot and tossed out the...
  338. Sherm

    Fishin with Spyder 4-7-7

    Jim (aka: Spyderdude) and I met up at first light to fish the bay. I saw the flags blowing all the way down to the bay and was wondering if we were going to fish or not. Jim hadn't got out of his van yet and said "what wind?" when I arrived. He got out of the van and realized it was blowing and...
  339. Sherm

    Tale of two bays 3-13

    I decided to take yesterday afternoon off to get some time in on the yak. The day before I was next to the bay in the evening and it was awesome. Sunny, warm and no wind. I was giddy with anticipation Tuesday as I sat in my office and looked at the nice sunny weather outside my window.:cool: I...
  340. Sherm

    Spanish Landing 3-5 spots and spooled

    Yesterday was the B-day so I told the people at work I was out of there and was on the bay at about 3pm. Beautiful weather and light wind made for a good day of fishing. I started at the docks across from the landing and started to get bit by spotties right away. Every third cast or so...
  341. Sherm

    Spots o plenty and a pop tart 3-4-07

    I did not plan on getting out on the water at all this weekend. Started the weekend by taking the family down to the dunes for some riding and fireworks fun:D Enjoyed the weekend and was back in SD by 2:30. Cleaned and unloaded the stuff and thought it looked like a nice day and it was only...
  342. Sherm

    Dink City in MB 2-24-07

    Well I should have known that the day was not going to go well when Jim (spyderdude) called me and let me know his back was out. Two other guys that were going to join us did not show as well. I decided to hit the bay by myself for a while and check some new areas. I hit MB at first light and...
  343. Sherm

    Tidelands 2-4-07 morning

    Met up with Jim (spyderdude) at first light and hit the water looking for spotties and what ever else we could come across. The tide was moving in and the weather was perfect. No wind and sunny skies.:cool: I was looking forward to trying the new rod. I rigged up with a couple of different lures...
  344. Sherm

    1-28-07 Morning spotties

    I met up with Jim (Spyderdude) early Sunday morning for some bass fishing. The mornig was awesome with a beautiful sunrise and light to no wind. We paddelled over to North Island and tried some areas over there during the outgoing tide. The fishing was slow, however we did manage a fat...
  345. Sherm

    1-20-07 SI It blowed

    I met up with Jim (aka Spyderdude) an Saturday morning to fish the bay. Plan was to fish the outgoing tide that started at around 10:30am. We launched from the docks at Southwest yacht club since we knew the launch would be a zoo for the tournament. We picked up our parkinng passes and launched...
  346. Sherm

    SI 1-7-07 back on the yak

    Finally got back on the yak after the holidays and fishing PV. I got a brief hall pass from the wife and hit the bay at the crack of dawn. It was a very nice morning with no breeze and about 45 degrees air temp. I paddeled over to a few early spots with a slight incoming tide. The fish were...
  347. Sherm

    Pv 12/9&10 Trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been planning a trip with Captain Josh now for a year and a half. That long wait finally paid off when I went to PV with my son Daniel and my buddy Brad Poe. Day one: The luck from the lady bug and Corbetania When we left for PV from San Diego a lady bug hitched a ride on my hat...
  348. Sherm

    12-2 morning SI

    I met up with Jim (aka: Spryderdude) early Saturday morning for a little bass fishing. Man it was fucking cold that morning. I stepped out to unload the yak and stepped onto the wet lawn. Filled my water shoes with cold ass water:104167739 Got the yaks to the water at about 6am and launched. The...
  349. Sherm

    Late report: Turkeyday on the bay

    I was able to get out early on Thursday morning to hit he bay. I had heard about the drizzle forcast by the weather man and packed the appropriate gear the night before. Woke up to find out the weather man does'nt know crap! Weather was fine and I met up with T-roy at the launch. We hit the...
  350. Sherm

    SI 11-11-06

    I could not fish the tourney on Sunday so I hit the bay early on Veterans Day. Timing on the tide was not good. However, I had to get out when I could. I talked to a couple of guys at the launch who were pre-fishing the tourney and hit the water about 6:15am. I paddled to my first spot that...
  351. Sherm

    SI with friends 10/4 am

    I met up with Spyderdude and Taz for a quick morning session out of SI. We met up early in the parking lot and it's a good thing. A lot of pre-fishing for next weeks tournament and the parking was scarce. We hit the water at 6:15 to a very high tide and little wind. We paddled over to the...
  352. Sherm

    Great day on the Bay. 10-29

    I went down to launch at SI yesterday morning. The plan was to head to the bait reciever and get some live stuff to look for butts. While I was paddeling to the barge I noticed some nice structure at about thirty feet. I threw my favorite plastic to the structure and was instantly hooked up. I...
  353. Sherm

    Tidelands, Spotties and bonefish!!!

    I headed down to tidelands afterwork yesterday for the last evening trip before daylight savings is over.:( the tide was very low and the evening did not look like it was going to turn out ok. I started fishing in some of the usual spots and was not getting any takers. I fished shallow and...
  354. Sherm

    Tidelands 10-17-06

    I met up with Spyderdude and Taz yesterday afternoon for an evening session down at tidelands.:cool: I hit the water around four and started tossing the plastice around my favorite drop off. The tide was moving in slow and there was little wind. First cast produced a nice spottie and I continued...
  355. Sherm

    Tidelands 10-12 evening spotties

    I left work early and headed for the tidelands on the yak. Launched at around four oclock to sunny skys and light wind. The tide was heading out strong and I was not anticipating a wide open bite. However, the day was nice and it beats being at home working around the house. I started my...
  356. Sherm

    tidelands 10-02 Spotties, Bonies and ?

    I fished the tidelands after work yesterday. Only a couple of after worktrips left before the time change.:( Launched at the tidelands around four to a mostly high tide with a little movement incoming. The wind was blowing which turned out to be OK since I needed the extra help with a good...
  357. Sherm

    Lj 9-26 am

    Met with Troy at the LJ launch and headed out aroound the start of grey light. Plan was to head to the pier, make bait, and head north to a structure spot I was hoping to find. Put out a fly lined sardine and started the paddle north around 6:30. About half way between the glider port and the...
  358. Sherm

    Tidelands 9-19 evening

    I couldn't stand being in the office, looking out the window at what a nice day it was. So I left early and grabbed the yak, a premium cigar, and headed for the bay.:) I arrived at tidelands around 4pm and was on the water by 4:15. I first tried some deeper water and ridge line I was hoping...
  359. Sherm

    9-12 late report LJ

    Fished LJ this in the morning for a couple of rat yellows. Fish were caught south of LJ in about 100 feet of water. Both fish were caught on greenies and were on the low rig. Baits were about half way down when they were picked up. Question? I have caught a few fish lately at this depth and...
  360. Sherm

    LJ 8-22-06 morning

    Met Troy at the beach this morning and we launched the yaks into unpredictable surf. It would have been a dry launch if I hadn't been in such a hurry. Slung the yak toward me and gracefully mounted and rolled right off the other side.:o (Dumb ass) I got back on the yak and off I went. Nothing...
  361. Sherm

    Yellows lake La jolla 8-10-06

    Arrived at the beach around 3:45 to a beautiful fool moon and plenty of light. Took my time getting rigged and launched the yak about 4:15am. I started for the pier to make bait and then decided to go out instead. Fortunately there was plenty of bait at the can. Made bait in short time and...
  362. Sherm

    La Jolla 8-1

    Met up with my buddy Troy and hit the cove this morning to look for the yellows. Launched in total darkness at about 4:50 am. Paddled out to the can and was there for first light. We should have hit the pier for bait as the outside was barren. Fishing was slow as we moved out to the 100 foot...
  363. Sherm

    SD Bay afterwork 7/18

    I couldn't stand being in the office so I left a little early and headed for the bay. I launched the yak at Shelter Island around 4pm. Paddled over to a few new spots I have been working by North Island. Tide was high and slack so I wasn't expecting much. Fishing started out slow with just a...