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  1. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano spinning rods

    Looking for light to medium light 7 foot Shimano spinning rods. ready....local please.
  2. Trinidad1972

    WTB Stradic FJ or stradic ci4+

    looking for Shimano stradic 2500fj (the white one) or stradic ci4+ 2500..local preferred.
  3. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano stradic fj

    Looking for mint condition Shimano Stradic FJ 2500 (white one). Preffer local transaction...have cash ready...please text 949-533-4642 for faster response
  4. Trinidad1972

    WTB Looking for Shimano symetre

    its a Longshot....but I'm in search of a Shimano Symetre 2500FL.....its a little darker than the green curados of back then....200E7's. Except this one is a spinner.... only looking for local ready.
  5. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano spinning combo

    just text me.....949.533.4642
  6. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano spinning combo

    Its the new 2020 model
  7. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano spinning combo

    Gonna keep it......too many lowball offers
  8. Trinidad1972

    TRADE JDM Shimano Antares DC Irvine

    Text 949.533.4642 for pics......can't load them for some reason?
  9. Trinidad1972

    TRADE JDM Shimano Antares DC Irvine

    Looking to trade my used once Shimano Antares DC for a Metanium MGL DC in 7:2:1( must be in box , new to mint condition.).paid $649.00.....straight trade. Local trade only....
  10. Trinidad1972

    TRADE JDM Shimano Antares DC

    Looking to trade my used once Shimano Antares DC for a Metanium MGL DC in 7:2:1( must be in box , new to mint condition.).paid $649.00.....straight trade. Local trade only....
  11. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano sustain FI newest model

    looking for a local straight trade .....want to trade my new Shimano sustain FI 2500( newest model) for the previous sustain fg in 2500 size.....must be in mint condition or new...........text only at 949.533.4642.
  12. Trinidad1972

    WTB Stradic ci4+2500

    Thanks.......i'll check it out.
  13. Trinidad1972

    WTB Stradic ci4+2500

    looking for the latest model Shimano stradic ci4 + to new condition... box is a ready....local only....near irvine...text only at 949.533.4642.
  14. Trinidad1972

    WTB Light action rod

    looking for baitcasting rod (split grip )for freshwater least 7 heavier than 12 lb. Located in ready....prefer Shimano but open to others....
  15. Trinidad1972

    WTB shimano expride

    looking for a Shimano expride spinning rod....7 foot....light......3-6 lb line weight. Only looking for this rod......seeing our current situation...I'm willing to pay close to its retail value of $280.00. If in good to excellent condition....located in Irvine....willing to travel within...
  16. Trinidad1972

    WTB Fresh water bass rods

    Just seeing if anyone has shimano or daiwa freshwater bass rod for sale....looking for spinning or bait casting...higher end stuff....only looking at these brands. Text only for faster response 949-533-4642. Preferably 7 foot to 7 foot 6 inches... light action 6-12# max nothing heavier. Local...
  17. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano bass rods

    Looking for shimano baitcasting or spinning rods preffer line weight of 5-12 # on baitcasting and 3-6 #on spinning rods. Cash ready.
  18. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano bass rodsl

    Looking to see if anyone has a baitcasting rod looking to sell.......looking for something in the 7 '-7-6 line rating 6- 12 lbs. Crucial , expride , daiwa cronos, daiwa in hand....local transaction please. Text only at 949.533.4642 for fastest response....thanks.
  19. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Speaker enclosure

    Anyone have a MTX enclosure that will fit a 07 Silverado extended cab....not made of wood but that plastic molding MTX ready please text one.....
  20. Trinidad1972

    SOLD BNIB Trinidad 14A

    Enjoy the reel Chris.
  21. Trinidad1972

    SOLD BNIB Trinidad 14A

    Still for sale.....BNIB...40# Izor-line braid. Never used..
  22. Trinidad1972

    For Sale Keeping it

    Keeping Trinidad 14A for now.
  23. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Jig stick

    Got one.
  24. Trinidad1972

    WTB Calstar

    Looking for a used but not abused calstar GFDH 800L.......only this model.....local transaction on hand....Thanks for looking.
  25. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Trinidad 14A pending....

    Trade pending.......
  26. Trinidad1972

    WTB Bass rod local

    Looking for local transaction search of a 7 to 7'-6" baitcasting rod....medium light action between 5-12 lb. line weight.....preffer shimano or daiwa but open to any suggestions. ..thanks for looking....quicker response..text only 949.533.4642.
  27. Trinidad1972

    FREE Happy father's day guys

    Happy father's to all fellow fishermen......and have a great day with your families.
  28. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Crucial rod spinning rod

    It's a long shot but here it goes.......anyone have any shimano crucial spinning rods laying around .....looking for the green blanks in medium or medium light action( split grip)......local transaction please.....thanks for looking.
  29. Trinidad1972

    SOLD TranX 300HG new

  30. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Change mind

  31. Trinidad1972

    For Sale Phenix Black Diam.

    Picture of grips please........
  32. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano expride rod

    Looking for Expride rod in 7'-2" medium light+ baitcasting or a 7' medium in spinning . Local preferred. Cash ready. Text for faster response . Or can trade a BNIB tranx 300 with power handle loaded with new izorline 30 braid. 949.533.4642.
  33. Trinidad1972

    For Sale Shimano, G.Loomis, & Jackall Bass gear

    That jackal spinning rod is nice...have 2 of them in baitcasting.....too bad your San Diego area.
  34. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano Chronarch,Curado

    Looking for Chronarch 50E , 200E 5,7....or green Curado 200E5 , E7....local only. Got one......please delete
  35. Trinidad1972


    Don't forget the carbontex drag upgrade .
  36. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano trevala spinning rod

    Looking for a shimano trevala spinning rod. Only looking for model TVS 70ML. Local please. Cash on hand.
  37. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Trinidad 12A new

    Sorry. Its sold anyway.
  38. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Baitrunner 4000D in O.C

    Looking for one in mint to new condition with box if available. Local please. Text only please 949.533.4642.
  39. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Tac 8 II

    Found one
  40. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Shimano chronarch 200 E 5,7

    Looking for one in mint today great condition. No outer scuffs or scratches. Gift for a collector . Text me pics at 949.533.4642. Local please.
  41. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Mint Trinidad 16A

    Mint condition with clamp. No box. 3/4 full of new Izorline 50 braid. Top shot of 30 lb Izorline XXX mono. Asking $old.....
  42. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Trinidad 16A reel clamp

    Looking for reel clamp and screws for a Trinidad 16A reel. PM if you have extra one your will to sell
  43. Trinidad1972

    For Sale BNIB Ruger Vaquero

    Never fired. Comes with case and 8 boxes of ammo 5.5 inch barrel . Half 357 mag, half 38 special. Transfer to be made at Turners in fountain valley or Orange . Buyer pays tranfer.pending sale................sold.
  44. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Stradic SW

    Will this reel be sold here in the States? Everywhere I look it says for Asian Market.
  45. Trinidad1972

    SOLD New 300 ej pics up

    Bump .....buyer flaked......still available
  46. Trinidad1972

    SOLD New Trinidad 14 A

    Looking to trade for talica 8II or 10II. Trinidad 14A new in box full of 50lb braid in white. Ripped some of the inner packaging cardboard accidentally. Other wise brand spankin new. Will add a few bucks for trade. No line needed for trade. Local transaction please. Text at 949.533.4642 for...
  47. Trinidad1972

    SOLD New 300 ej pics up

    Never used just spooled and added carbontex drag washers. 50 lb. Braid. Comes with box. Asking $ 180.00. Pick up in Irvine.
  48. Trinidad1972

    For Sale Hoyt Klash

  49. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano chronarch 200 E 5,7

    Looking for one with no rash in good mechanical condition. Local please. Cash in hand for right price.
  50. Trinidad1972

    WTB Daiwa coastal sp rod

    Looking for daiwa coastal sp surf rod. Either 8 or 9 footer. PM if you have one for sale.
  51. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 10a Reel

    $404.88 at Melton Tackle.
  52. Trinidad1972

    For Sale Remington 700 sps .308

    Going to keep it. Too many lowballers.
  53. Trinidad1972

    SOLD Pending funds

    Pending sale
  54. Trinidad1972

    Merry Christmas

    Want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.
  55. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10 II $old

    Thanks again Rob.
  56. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10 II $old

    Back up is my Talica 10 II. BNIB . Comes with box , clamp & all paperwork. Sold
  57. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Sustain 2500 FG

    Looking for Shimano Sustain 2500 FG. Local please. Cash in hand if price is right. Nothing thats all scratched up please.
  58. Trinidad1972

    Saragosa sw 8000 clicking noise

    Thanks Dan. Took the reel in this morning and the tech at the counter took care of the problem while I waited. Outstanding customer service.
  59. Trinidad1972

    Saragosa sw 8000 clicking noise

  60. Trinidad1972

    Saratoga or Twin power

    Looking to get either one of these in the 5000-6000 for local inshore. Looking for experienced opinions. Many tell me the Twin power is a dressed up saragosa with all the bling. Thanks in advance.
  61. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rods!! What do you really think!!??

    Q-tip corrosion X onto all guides , no rust yet after 3 years. It's meticulous work but I do it every 3-4 trips.
  62. Trinidad1972

    Happy Father's Day

    Hope all you father's out there have a great father's day.
  63. Trinidad1972

    TN20 driveshaft

    Does anyone know where I can find a driveshaft for the older gold Trinidad TN20.
  64. Trinidad1972

    WTB Penn Rod

    It's a long shot but I'm in search of a Penn Batallion Surf spinning rod . 2 piece , rated for 10-20 lbs. Local transaction if anyone has one.
  65. Trinidad1972

    FS: SHIAMANO TN30 and Makaira 20II

    Very nice TN 20 , too bad your not closer to me.
  66. Trinidad1972

    Unloading some reels

    Free Bump for the new dad to be.
  67. Trinidad1972

    Unloading some reels

  68. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad A handle

    Does anyone out there know if the handle of the Trinidad A fit the new Tranx reel ( 400 )? I saw a guy on the classified ads selling some with what appears to be a Trinidad A handle assembly.
  69. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    Wow , I posted this over a year ago.
  70. Trinidad1972


    the Longfin in Orange has all models available too.
  71. Trinidad1972

    TORIUM 14,16,20

    for those prices , previous model.
  72. Trinidad1972

    TranX 400 power handle WTB

    Anyone have one for sale in South Orange County?
  73. Trinidad1972


    somebody buy that torium , I've got too many reels , don't need more temptations !!!!!!!
  74. Trinidad1972


  75. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Zodias 7'5H

    Same thing happened to me. Thanks for the response.
  76. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Zodias 7'5H

    If you don't mind me asking , why you selling it?
  77. Trinidad1972

    2 curado 300ej

    Shimano just discontinued these models , same mistake they made with the Curado 200 E7' s. Get them while they're available at this price. Free bump for awesome reels.
  78. Trinidad1972

    300 EJ Discontinued ?

    I know that. Thats not what im talking about.
  79. Trinidad1972

    300 EJ Discontinued ?

    If this rumor is true...........................................I hope not , like they did when they discontinued the 200 E7. Big mistake !!!!!!!
  80. Trinidad1972

    Want to Buy calstar 800l and 800m

    That "old dog guy" happens to be a very trust worthy member of our BD community. A little respect please.
  81. Trinidad1972

    New TranX 300,400

    Melton Tackle has them for pre-order , The Longfin in Orange say " in stock".
  82. Trinidad1972

    BNIB - Shimano Torium 20 - Sold

    Very nice.............
  83. Trinidad1972

    WTS: Shimano, Dobyns, Okuma rods

    Hoot , If you find your self planning to be in Orange County in the near future , PM me in advance and I'll buy the Zodias for sure.
  84. Trinidad1972

    Local help

    Laguna Lake , Fullerton CA. 4 1/2 lbs. personal best there summer 2016.
  85. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad 12 gold!

    just saying I like to physically look at the product, that's why I said too bad your in Hawaii.
  86. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad 12 gold!

    So your gonna let me look at it before I purchase it , right?
  87. Trinidad1972

    Please Delete

    :eyepoppinFriday the 13th bump
  88. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad 12 gold!

    Nice....too bad your in Hawaii
  89. Trinidad1972

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  90. Trinidad1972

    Rods for sale

    Good prices , should sell quick.
  91. Trinidad1972

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. And for those who have family members in the service overseas , my prayers are with you.
  92. Trinidad1972

    FS Curado 200E5

    Free bump for a great guy and seller. GLWS Brian.
  93. Trinidad1972

    Shimano tld star 15/30

    Keep'll regret it...................
  94. Trinidad1972

    WTB Calstar 800xl

    The new Turners in Lake Forest has 3 left in stock. (GFDH 800L). Was there today 11-4-16.
  95. Trinidad1972

    WTB Calstar 800xl

    So whats a fair price for a brand new one? not from store.
  96. Trinidad1972

    WTB Calstar 800xl

    Ya.....good luck........can't even find them new right now.
  97. Trinidad1972

    WTB Older Torium Handle and bolts

    Looking for a Shimano Torium 16,20 or 30 handle , nuts and bolts to mount it too. The older model not the newer one.
  98. Trinidad1972

    Upgrade TLD 15/30 handle

    thanks for the info John.
  99. Trinidad1972

    Upgrade TLD 15/30 handle

    Just wondering if anybody has done an upgrade to their tld 15/30 handle. Was looking for something like the handle on the older model Torium 20 or 30. Would it fit? Would like to keep the knob black and the arm chrome in color , don't want those funky gold handles. Any ideas?
  100. Trinidad1972

    power pro on van staal

  101. Trinidad1972

    WTB gold clamp for TN20

    Anyone out there have one. Let me know.
  102. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold

    Pleasure doing business with you Larry. Thanks again.
  103. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    Free bump for a reasonable guy.
  104. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    Nice reel....priced a little high but GLWS.
  105. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Saragosa 8000 SW

    Looking for Shimano Saragosa 8000SW, mint condition with box. PM me with a price.
  106. Trinidad1972

    WTS Shimano Curado 200HG BNIB

    Pick up in Irvine. Never used. Asking $150.00 text only 949-533-4642. Has box and everything else.
  107. Trinidad1972

    Cerwin Vega speakers/technics receiver sold

    Have a pair of Cerwin Vega home speakers approx. 3 ft. Tall by 20 inches wide. Perfect condition with Technics receiver. 12 woofer and adjustable tweeter. Covers come off . The receiver is also in great condition. Asking Sold..............
  108. Trinidad1972

    Shimano trinidad

    free bump for the kid.
  109. Trinidad1972

    WTB Procyon 2500 EX

    Looking for mint to new condition Daiwa Procyon 2500 EX. Local preferred , cash on hand text only at 949-533-4642. No line needed.
  110. Trinidad1972

    WTB Daiwa Procyon 2500 EX

    Looking for one in mint to new condition , cash on hand. 949-533-4642 text only.
  111. Trinidad1972


    Thanks greg.
  112. Trinidad1972

    Wtb shimano Curado 200e7

    PM sent.................
  113. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trevala FS

    If your in Irvine this week , hit me up 949.533.4642
  114. Trinidad1972


    Hey kid , how's it going? free bump.
  115. Trinidad1972

    WTB Talica 10ii

    Show off:worship:
  116. Trinidad1972

    got one-delete

    got one.
  117. Trinidad1972

    Talica 8ii

    Good price! GLWS. Free bump. too bad your not closer.
  118. Trinidad1972

    WTB Trinidad 14A -16A found one

    Thanks everyone , got one yesterday.
  119. Trinidad1972

    WTB Trinidad 14A -16A found one

    delete found one.
  120. Trinidad1972

    WTB Chronarch 200e7

    Anyone have one for sale. Good condition with no scratches in orange county. Text at 949-533-4642.
  121. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Torium 14

    Good seller bump
  122. Trinidad1972

    WTB Daiwa reels

    Looking for mint condition Daiwa Procyon 2500 EX and Daiwa Tatula R100H. Let me know. Thanks.
  123. Trinidad1972

    WTS: Super seeker Ulua 93H custom wrapped

    Good guy to deal with . Free bump
  124. Trinidad1972


    Delete please.
  125. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano curado/Chronarch 200e7

    Like title says Cash on hand . local please. 949-533-4642
  126. Trinidad1972


  127. Trinidad1972


    Sol please delete
  128. Trinidad1972


  129. Trinidad1972


  130. Trinidad1972


  131. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano curado 200 e

    looking for curado 200e 5,6,7. let me know if you have one in good condition. Text only at 949-533-4642. Thanks.
  132. Trinidad1972

    Socorro SW

    no. that's the f model.
  133. Trinidad1972


  134. Trinidad1972

    Socorro SW

    Will we see the new Socorro SW reel in the U.S.A. or only a New Zealand thing?
  135. Trinidad1972


    Have mint condition (not a blemish) Daiwa Saltist bg 20. Have box , clamp . warranty card. Spooled with 15 lb. mono and tested at a local lake once. Never fished.....sold.
  136. Trinidad1972

    Near mint Calcutta 400D - REDUCED

    nice reel , good price. GLWS.
  137. Trinidad1972

    delete found one

    found one.
  138. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez spinning rod

    Have a mint condition Shimano Terez TZSW72MH in black. Used twice in fresh water. Mint condition. $120.00 Fastest response 949-533-4642. Text only.
  139. Trinidad1972

    WTB AR-Carrying Handle

    found one
  140. Trinidad1972

    To all my BD brothers & sisters

    I hope that none of you were affected by this tragedy in San Bernandino , and if you were , my prayers go out to you and your loved ones . God bless.
  141. Trinidad1972

    Delete please.

    delete please.
  142. Trinidad1972


  143. Trinidad1972

    sold delete

    sold delete..........
  144. Trinidad1972

    WTS Shimano Trinidad sold......

    Sale pending......................David your next if buyer flakes. sold.
  145. Trinidad1972

    WTS Shimano Trinidad sold......

    Selling BNIB Shimano Trinidad 14A. Never mounted , never spooled $350.00. Sale pending...................................sold
  146. Trinidad1972


  147. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad gold/silver

    Have a mint condition Trinidad TN20 and was wondering if it's worth trading for a Trinidad 14A. Line capacity is not an issue. What do you think?
  148. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Trinidad A's

    Good guy to do business with. Free bump
  149. Trinidad1972


  150. Trinidad1972

    SOLD - Thanks BD

    See what I mean................Lowballers:frehya2:
  151. Trinidad1972

    Mint Trinidad TN20(gold) sold.....

    Your right John. I will take best offer. But , they are very hard to find in mint condition..............
  152. Trinidad1972

    Mint Trinidad TN20(gold) sold.....

    Don't find these reels in this condition anymore. Comes with box ,clamp. sold........
  153. Trinidad1972


    changed mind
  154. Trinidad1972

    SOLD - Thanks BD

    Good luck with your sale. Mine is in the same condition as yours and I couldn't even get $140 on this forum.....
  155. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Calcutta 400BSV for Sale

    Hey Mason , don't you get tired of making dumb offers?
  156. Trinidad1972


  157. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad Clamp

    Does anybody out there know if the Shimano Trinidad TN14 (gold) clamp fits a Trinidad TN20. Speaking of the gold clamp made for the older Trinidads.
  158. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano TN 20 gold clamp

    Looking for Trinidad TN 20 Gold clamp. PM if you have one local.
  159. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltiga 20

    "moving inland" i'm pretty sure he doesn't want to trade:confused:
  160. Trinidad1972


  161. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano TN20 gold clamp

    Anyone have one for sale local? PM me.
  162. Trinidad1972


  163. Trinidad1972


    Looking to sell my brand new Shimano TVS-70ML (spinning ) 20-50 lb. line rating. Never used just removed tags. sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Local pick up only in Irvine. Trades?????.
  164. Trinidad1972

    The New Shimano Stradic FK

    I'm still waiting to get my 4000 size stradic When are the 4000 and 5000 stradic fk shipping? Been looking everywhere and no reels yet.
  165. Trinidad1972


  166. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 14 A OBO

    Selling BNIB (seal is still on ) Shimano Trinidad 14A. Asking $425.00 OBO. Pick up in Irvine. No trades or shipping.
  167. Trinidad1972


    Pleasure doing business with you Scott. Thanks again.
  168. Trinidad1972


    PM sent.
  169. Trinidad1972


    Too bad your not in orange county:(
  170. Trinidad1972

    WTB Spinning Combo

    Looking for(2) very inexpensive 20-40 lb. spinning combos. Let me know what you have. Need by Sunday.
  171. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rods

    Nice rods. Just picked one up last week. GLWS
  172. Trinidad1972


    Thanks Lionel.
  173. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10II for sale or trade

    Good to know. Thanks. GLWS
  174. Trinidad1972


  175. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10II for sale or trade

    hey farhangs , whats with all the repairs?
  176. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10II for sale or trade

    hey farhangs , whats with all the repairs?
  177. Trinidad1972

    Talica 10II for sale or trade

    hey farhangs , whats with all the repairs?
  178. Trinidad1972


  179. Trinidad1972

    Shimano twin power

    look on the Melton Tackle Website $479.99-$619.99
  180. Trinidad1972

    WTB Terez Rod

    got one.
  181. Trinidad1972

    WTB spinning rod

    Looking for an 8' rod in spinning. 20-40 lb. Double footed guides. Let me know what you got. Local please. Cash on hand.
  182. Trinidad1972


  183. Trinidad1972


  184. Trinidad1972

    New Saltiga

    Finally ! I wonder how Shimano will answer back:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  185. Trinidad1972

    Happy Fathers Day

    Just wanted to wish all you dads out there a happy fathers day:rockin:
  186. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

  187. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

  188. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

  189. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

  190. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

  191. Trinidad1972

    Terez - Guides - Rust

    So what Shimano is saying that if you drop or abuse your rod , it will cause rust:eek:
  192. Trinidad1972

    New Shimano reels

    Had a question as to why mom and pops tackle shops never have the new Shimano reels when they debut. Here are a couple of answers I get . 1....unlike the other tackle companies , Shimano does not give these small businesses an opportunity to sell the older model for a discount or give them a...
  193. Trinidad1972


  194. Trinidad1972


    Thank You Lipripper.
  195. Trinidad1972


  196. Trinidad1972

    The New Shimano Stradic FK

    Price range ?
  197. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Trevala

    Looking for a used but in great condition Shimano Trevala TVS-70 L Spinning 10-30 lb. If your local and have one , PM me.
  198. Trinidad1972

    Penn Prevail surf rod

    Looking to purchase one in a 9 or 10 foot spinning, What are your thoughts?
  199. Trinidad1972

    Looking for empty spools

    Thanks for all the info guys.
  200. Trinidad1972

    Looking for empty spools

    Hey everyone. Looking for anyone who has any empty 1/4 lb. empty spools laying around they want to sell or get rid of. Let me know if you do.
  201. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Curado 300EJ

    Looking to buy one in mint to new condition, for my sons graduation gift. PM if you have one , no line needed, box is a plus if you have it.
  202. Trinidad1972

    curado 300

    Shimano in Irvine wont warranty or do repairs on it? Same reel , different color?
  203. Trinidad1972

    curado 300

    Why don't they offer the 300j here in the states, seen them on e-bay for outrageous prices.
  204. Trinidad1972

    got one

    delete please
  205. Trinidad1972


    Looking to sell my BNIB Shimano Socorro 8000F. Never used spooled with 200 yards of 50 lb. white power pro and about 100 yard top shot of 20 lb. big game trilene mono. Also upgraded handle, to a honey comb style handle. They sell for $69.99+ tax without line. leave me a number so I can text pics...
  206. Trinidad1972

    F/S Curado 200e7 Perfect Condition

    Nice reel. Wonder why it's not selling:confused: What's the best price you can do?
  207. Trinidad1972

    Talica 2 speed question

    Talica 10 II , 20 lb. mono 8 foot rod rated 20-40 lb.
  208. Trinidad1972

    Talica 2 speed question

    Has anyone out there ever used there Talica 2 speed for dead bait fishing?( squid ) Putting a 2-3 ounce weight and fished for shark etc....? Try casting it with weights? If you have , How far were you able to cast it and what size weight........
  209. Trinidad1972

    Best home remedy for seasickness

    Thanks for all the replies. Im going to start having him go more often with me that way he will get used to it, the ginger thing has been posted several times ,so I will let him know about it, Thanks again. On one post somebody mentioned about his health? he is a diabetic and I think the scop...
  210. Trinidad1972

    Best home remedy for seasickness

    Looking for some home remedies to help or cure seasickness. My friends first time on 1/4 day , got sick pretty bad. He's tried all over the counter medications and even the scop patch didn't work.
  211. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Symetre 4000FL

    Wow. a whole $9.99 discount.
  212. Trinidad1972

    WTB Clarus spinning rod(delete)

    Your too far anyways. Thanks for reply.
  213. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Teramars FS

    Are you selling the spinning rod too? Second one from the left on your post.
  214. Trinidad1972

    WTB Clarus spinning rod(delete)

    Got one, please delete.
  215. Trinidad1972

    For Sale..Shimano Calcutta 300TE and 400TE with Power Handle

    That's f****** up. Full refund is in order.
  216. Trinidad1972

    WTS Daiwa Procyon EX 2500 SOLD

    This is the newest model from Daiwa with Magseal technology BNIB full of 30 lb. braid. Asking SOLD.
  217. Trinidad1972


    Melton Tackle in Anaheim has the New Curado I for $139.99. Don't know how long the sale is for.:confused:
  218. Trinidad1972

    WTB Spinning rod

    looking for a light action spinning rod at least 7' long and up 15-17 lbs. no longer than 8' . Don't want to spend too much as for it's for neighbors son (he's a single dad) and has showed interest in the sport . PM if you have one.
  219. Trinidad1972


  220. Trinidad1972

    need to sell ASAP dropped price!

    Hey Josh , you are in the city of Orange correct? not near Newport Beach.:confused:
  221. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Trevala

    Looking to buy a used but in good condition Shimano trevala TVS 70L (10-30 lb. 7 ft.) Let me know if you have one.
  222. Trinidad1972

    WTS / WTT Lamiglass X-11for Caenan 100

    Looking to sell my brand new Lamiglass X-11 LX79BC 7'-9" 15-30 lb. 1-6 oz. Paid $ 90.00 + tax asking $75.00. Or trade for a Shimano Caenan 100 PM if interested.
  223. Trinidad1972

    WTB Reel boxes

    Thanks for the box Gerry , nice meeting you.
  224. Trinidad1972

    WTB Reel boxes

    Looking for 2 original reel boxes. First I'm looking for a Shimano Curado 200 E7 box , also for Shimano TLD 15/30 box. Will pay $10.00 each . Strange request , but you never know. PM me if you have one and you don't need it. Got TLD 15/30 Box , just need Curado box.
  225. Trinidad1972

    WTB shrink tube

    Thanks Jeff , I was wondering about what size to buy.
  226. Trinidad1972

    WTB shrink tube

    Hey everyone , any body have a couple of feet of black shrink tube laying around they would like to sell? Looking for the black color with "x" pattern. Need at least 24 inches or more. PM me with a price. Thanks in advance.
  227. Trinidad1972


  228. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Trevala Rod-Got one -delete

    Looking for a Shimano Trevala model TVC-70ML (7' 20-50lb ) Cash on hand , prefer local transaction. PM me if you have one for sale. Got one -please delete post.
  229. Trinidad1972

    Shimano trinidad 20a sold

    on his first post he was asking $475.00, that's why I made a comment. It's a $24 discount. $425.00 is what I have seen others ask for them BNIB.
  230. Trinidad1972

    Shimano trinidad 20a sold

    Priced a little too high:confused::confused:
  231. Trinidad1972

    please delete

    Traded already . Please delete.
  232. Trinidad1972

    Be cautious when buying a Reel

    was it someone in this forum?
  233. Trinidad1972

    delete please

    For which reel Leonard? Only looking to buy 1 of the 3.
  234. Trinidad1972

    delete please

    delete please
  235. Trinidad1972

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 12 Gold NIB

    Im just waiting til the end of the month.
  236. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    You are so right Leonard. I failed to mention that I was looking for an all around inshore rod. Not a technic specific rod.
  237. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    'I was comparing it to the Phenix Model SMX-79H 7'-9" 20-45 lb. 3-8 oz. Very happy with my choice.:cheers: The Daiwa rod was the Proteus Model PRTB 76MF.
  238. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    Thanks for the input guys , went to the Longfin in Orange today , the rod is very heavy compared to the Phenix rods. Went with a 7'-9" 20-45 lb. Phenix M1 inshore rod instead. $20 more than the Daiwa.
  239. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Proteus rod questions

    I know this is not the right place for questions, but seeing that the forum does not have a place for Daiwa I thought this would be the appropriate place for my question. Does anyone have any experience with these rods(saltwater only)?Any input on the Proteus rod would be great. Will be putting...
  240. Trinidad1972

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 12 Gold NIB

    beautiful reel , should sell quick.
  241. Trinidad1972


    Looking to trade my BNIB Saragosa SW8000 full of 50 lb. white power pro braid and Brand new with tags, Phenix Black Diamond model PSW808MH. Looking for only Shimano conventional reel in great condition. Will not separate so please don't ask....sold
  242. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Trinidad 20a w/Custom Knob

    Take a close look at the clutch lever and you will notice it's a right handed reel.
  243. Trinidad1972

    Sold - Trinidad 20 with Cal Plate/Carbonex Drag/20 DC Dog Upgrade

    I guess it's up for grabs. :confused: Will be looking at the new Toriums anyways.
  244. Trinidad1972


  245. Trinidad1972

    Penn surf rods

    Thanks tunanorth for all the info. I've got a Saragosa SW 8000 to match this rod. Opinions? Going to use braid, what pound test would be best? Targeting Leopards and batrays.
  246. Trinidad1972

    Penn surf rods

    Hey everyone , I'm new to Penn products , just wondering if anyone has used or uses a Penn Prevail surf rod (11 ft. 15-30 lb.) Thinking of getting one but most tackle shops don't carry that long of a rod, they say it's mostly used in the east coast. Please let me know about your experiences...
  247. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Saragosa SW 5000

    I just sold my Gosa 8000 SW and Phenix combo.
  248. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Saragosa SW 5000

    Nice reel , GLWS.
  249. Trinidad1972


    back up for sale. could not get with buyer that particular day ,so he backed out of sale.
  250. Trinidad1972


    Have Saragosa 8000SW with Phenix Black Diamond PSW808MH set up for $550. BNIB , Reel has tags on it still, never used. Reel spooled with 307 yards of white power Pro(50 lb.)
  251. Trinidad1972


    Sambo and leonard get together and come get this set up. Mint condition , never used. Got a couple of people also interested. One wants the rod the other the reel. Meeting them at the sametime so I can sell both at once. I don't do paypal or anything like that. No shipping either.
  252. Trinidad1972


  253. Trinidad1972

    WTB Shimano Tiralejo rod

    Looking to buy a Shimano Tiralejo surf rod. 11 or 12 footer only. Let me know if anyone has one for sale. Spinning action. PM if you have one, please no scratches or repairs done to the rod nothing custom , just factory please. Got one !!! Thanks jerry.
  254. Trinidad1972

    WTS Saragosa SW/Phenix combo

    back for sale
  255. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 14 gold

    I wish. Gotta pay taxes this year.
  256. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 14 gold

    Very nice !!!! Should sell fast.
  257. Trinidad1972


    And Shimano in Irvine is quickly running out of parts for the older Trinis.:confused:
  258. Trinidad1972

    WTB Trinidad 14a

    Brian's a great guy to do business with.
  259. Trinidad1972

    BNIB Torium 14

    No insult intended. just used to seeing lower prices , even on new items. Best of luck with your sale.
  260. Trinidad1972

    BNIB Torium 14

    :confused: $4.99 discount?
  261. Trinidad1972

    Thank you Raiders

    Yeah, real mature answer considering San Diego has how many Super Bowl rings?
  262. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado I

    Was still wondering wether to go ahead and get one of these reels. What are they capable of?
  263. Trinidad1972

    WTS Shimamo Curado 300E w/EJ handle.......sold

    Selling my Curado 300E with an EJ power handle. 9.5/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechanically. Make offer. PM if interested.
  264. Trinidad1972

    Symetre FJ vs FL????

    Dont forget X-ship bantam.
  265. Trinidad1972


  266. Trinidad1972

    shimano Calcutta 300d

    saw the original post and price. thank you.
  267. Trinidad1972

    shimano Calcutta 300d

    so you reduced the price from 225 to 225? :confused:
  268. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200E7 or Curado I

    Thanks for everyones input. I'm going to just keep my Curado 200E7.
  269. Trinidad1972

    ***NEW***TERAMAR INSHORE...TMCX711/ Split Grip Handles

    I was under the impression that members post for a minimum of 25% off right off the bat.:confused:
  270. Trinidad1972

    Graftech Rod

    is this the brand sold at Turners?
  271. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200E7 or Curado I

    I have heard about the noise in the new curados, but no explanation as to why.
  272. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200E7 or Curado I

    Have not seen any post on the comparison of these 2 reels. Any imput would be helpful. I currently own a mint condition Curado 200E 7 , was having thoughts on selling it and getting the new " I " series. Thoughts?
  273. Trinidad1972

    Help Bantam 1-Trinidad TN20

    The star. Diego and another Tech at Shimano looked at it and had the same response as you. They said because the threads on the star are aluminum and the driveshaft is steel? sound right to you? I heard the star and driveshaft should be switched out to prevent further problems. All they did was...
  274. Trinidad1972

    Help Bantam 1-Trinidad TN20

    got it fixed today. It was the star drag control , the inner threads were stripped.
  275. Trinidad1972

    Help Bantam 1-Trinidad TN20

  276. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad TN20

  277. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad TN 20

  278. Trinidad1972

    WTT Trinidad 16A Like New for 14A

    What condtion is your reel in?
  279. Trinidad1972

    WTB Gold Trinidad Reel Clamp

    Looking for a gold reel clamp for a Shimano Trinidad TN 20 (gold). Local sale preferred. Do not have "pay pal or anything like that. Thanks in advance. Located in Irvine but will travel as long as it's in O.C.
  280. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad's TN-16, 20, 30 and (2) Daiwa Saltist LW-40A Super Torque

    Those are some beautiful trinis. Why are you getting rid of them? Those reels are classics , much better in my opinion than the new "A" series. Best of luck with your sale.
  281. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200E7 Nice

    Nice reel. Hard to find in that condition.
  282. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200 G6

    Ya I agree. But Israel at the front counter said it was a normal noise. Then he called one of the techs in the back just to prove me wrong. It backfired, the tech said it's not normal, the assist palw might have an issue.
  283. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado 200 G6

    Just bought a Curado 200 G6 not too long ago, all the sudden when I tighten the drag and start reeling , it makes clicking noises. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a simple fix or should I take it in to Shimano?
  284. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidads

    Just wondering which one of the Trinidad reels would be a better choice the old gold or the new silver? Just asking. Don't want everyone asking "what are you targeting , just want to know. Call it a poll.:confused:
  285. Trinidad1972

    WTB Trinida TN20 Gold Clamp

    Looking to buy a rod clamp for a Trinidad TN20 gold model. Looking for gold clamp. Prefer local transaction. PM me if you have one. Thanks.
  286. Trinidad1972

    WTT Shimano Trinidad 16A

    no. reel has been traded/sold .Thanks Kevin ,enjoy.:rockin:
  287. Trinidad1972

    WTT Shimano Trinidad 16A

    Looking to trade my brand BNIB, Trinidad 16A for Shimano Trinidad TN20 (gold). Reel must be in mint condition in box. Plus a few bucks on your end. PM if you have one. Please no offers unless your reel meets these requirements. Thank You. Reel traded LOL
  288. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez Waxwing Rod

    sold. Thanks Paul , enjoy.
  289. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez Waxwing Rod

    Still have Shimano Terez Waxwing rod. Black color , 30-65lb. line rating, cork handle is clean. 8' in length. No blemishes or scratches or rust on guides. Its a conventional rod. Sold.
  290. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold

    Nice reel. Good luck with your sale.
  291. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 10a

    Written permission letter from parents.:frehya2:
  292. Trinidad1972


    Enjoy the reel kid. Thanks again.
  293. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rod

    No problem bro.
  294. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rod

    What condition?
  295. Trinidad1972

    Trinidad 20

    Nice reel. good luck with your sale.
  296. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rod

    easy..styxchaser. here it is TZC-80H-BLK length 8' 50-100 lb. Power: heavy Action: fast.
  297. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rod

  298. Trinidad1972

    Terez Rod

    Still have Shimano Terez rod 8' 50-100lb. black foam handle , brand spankin new, just removed tags. Sold. Enjoy Eric.
  299. Trinidad1972

    Shimano TLD 15/30 box

    Hey , anyone out there have an original Shimano tld 15/30 star drag box? Just looking for the empty box. Have the reel already but lost the box when I was moving. Hit me up if you do. Preferred if located in Orange County. Thanks. 949.533.4642.
  300. Trinidad1972

    Shimano - BLACK Terez - 7' 50 - 100

    It's a long shot , but did you sell it already?
  301. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez TZS78H - Aqua - Popper Spinning Rod

    if your anywhere near Irvine I'll give $200.00
  302. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez TZS78H - Aqua - Popper Spinning Rod

    If your down south this weekend , let me know. Im in Irvine.
  303. Trinidad1972


    Longfin hands down!
  304. Trinidad1972

    Curado 300 ej for trade

    Is your reel left handed?
  305. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Curado 200 DPV

    if you are in Irvine any time soon let me know.
  306. Trinidad1972

    talica 10 2 speed

    do you have the clamp and box?
  307. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad TN20(gold)

    Thanks Bantam 1. Took it in today (12-11-13). Israel at the front counter was great. He told me that the side plate would have to be replaced. At no charge!!! Great customer service. I always buy Shimano reels and never had a problem until now.
  308. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad TN20(gold)

    Does anyone know if Shimano still works on the old gold trinis? I have one that I bought and never used. All the sudden the cast control knob spins with the screw. I think the weld or glue broke or something. When I go to tighten the cast control, the cap and screw mechanism spins too , causing...
  309. Trinidad1972

    trade tn 20 gold series

    how about talica 10 2 speed loaded with 65 lb. white power pro. brand new. just like getting it at the store. except its loaded with braid. never used.
  310. Trinidad1972

    WTB: Shimano Talica 10 II

    Sale pending. Anyone else. Last chance
  311. Trinidad1972

    WTB: Shimano Talica 10 II

    Did you find one yet?
  312. Trinidad1972

    shimano terez

    Selling shimano terez emerald green 7 foot, 40-80 lbs. Sold
  313. Trinidad1972

    Terez Pearl White

    Like I said, put on some car wax. Let it dry for 10 minutes. Then get a clean cloth and remove the wax. Just like waxing your vehicle . Its worked for all my rods.
  314. Trinidad1972

    Gold vs new

    Bantam1, Where can I find an older model Trinidad TN 20 in good condition? A friend of mine told me that there are still some shops in the Midwest who still have them in brand new condition. Is this true?
  315. Trinidad1972

    Talica II kicks ass

    Also picked up one of the new terez 8 foot in black.
  316. Trinidad1972

    Talica II kicks ass

    ya I did hucklongfin. How did you know?
  317. Trinidad1972

    Terez Pearl White

    I have a pearl white terez also. Put on a coat of any kind of car wax before using and no yellowing problem.
  318. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Terez

    Have a brand new Shimano terez. Its a 7 foot model 40-80lb. Emerald green. sold
  319. Trinidad1972

    Talica II kicks ass

    Went out and got the Talica 10 ii today!
  320. Trinidad1972

    Curado 300 EJ

    Has anyone out there had any problems with their Shimano Curado's 300 EJ ? I noticed more 300 ej's being sold A buddy of mine has one d on this forum and on craigslist. I used to have one , and every time I casted, I would have to put the handle (knob) in the lower position or it would cause the...
  321. Trinidad1972

    FS curado 300 ej

    Why is everyone trying to get rid of their Shimano Curado 300 EJ. Could it be that the myth of the handle not being counter balanced correctly is true?
  322. Trinidad1972

    shimano talica single speed ro 2 speed

    Your right. I had an older model Trinidad 20 and sold it. Big mistake. Its not that I have money to burn, The Longfin in Orange is having a parking lot sale this Saturday September 14. And the reps from Shimano , Daiwa, Avet ,etc.. will be there. Lots of giveaways and discounts on Shimano reels...
  323. Trinidad1972

    shimano talica single speed ro 2 speed

    Hey everyone, just looking for some advice on what reel to get. I've narrowed it down to the Shimano Talica or Trinidad . I do a lot of fishing within 10-15 miles offshore. Usually going for leopards sharks, or any of the larger species out there. Have not had the opportunity to go on any of the...
  324. Trinidad1972

    For trade only

    Sounds good. Sold reel . Got me Talica 10 ii:2gunsfiring_v1:
  325. Trinidad1972

    For trade only

    I wish I knew? Need to do my homework.
  326. Trinidad1972

    For trade only

    Hey everyone, have a brand new Shimano Trinidad 16a (not narrow). The reel is spooled with white Jerry Brown (50 lb.)braid, and a 100 yard top shot of 25 lb. P-line. It come with the box, instruction etc.. exactly like buying a brand new one. Looking to trade for a also brand new Shimano...
  327. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Torium 16

    Hey everyone , I have a brand new Shimano Torium 16 spooled with 25 lb. big game mono. The reel has never seen water. Have the reel clamp , box ,paper work and tool . Brand new. Looking to trade for calstar or seeker rods( 8 ft. only). Sold!!!!!!!!!
  328. Trinidad1972

    shimano torium 16

    Selling brand new Shimano Torium 16. Full of 25 lb. big game mono. The reel has box , tool , instructions etc....reel has never seen water. No pics because its brand new. Sold !!!!!!!!!!!
  329. Trinidad1972

    shimano terez

    Still have shimano terez rod for sale. New without tags. Pearl white 8' 50-100 lb. Model TZC-80H-PW. Text only at 949-533-4642. Only until July 25th at 7 pm. sold!!!!!!!!!!.
  330. Trinidad1972

    shimano curado

  331. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Curado

  332. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 30A

    Hey everyone . Selling Shimano Trinidad 30A with rod clamp. 3/4 full of 50 lb. braid. 9.5 cosm. 10/10 mechanically. SOLD!!!!!!!!
  333. Trinidad1972


    Hey everyone. Looking for a Trinidad 12 or 16 (gold ones) would like it to be 9.5/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Not interested in the 16 narrow just the regular. Text me pics and price at 949-533-4642. I already own one of each of these reels but would like one more.
  334. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad 12A

    Traded already. Thanks Trandc9.
  335. Trinidad1972

    shimano chronarch

    Chronarch sold
  336. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad A, Talica, Calcutta D

    Thanks again for the reel Morfius.
  337. Trinidad1972

    Shimano Trinidad A, Talica, Calcutta D

    if you still have the trini 12, i can do $340.00 and will pick it up tonight. text me at 949-533-4642
  338. Trinidad1972

    Shimano and Fathom Blade jigging rods

    still have trevala tvc66m? if you do , shoot me a text at 949-533-4642.
  339. Trinidad1972

    shimano chronarch

    Hey everyone. Selling my brand new Shimano Chronarch 200e7. Reel is spooled with 50lb. Power pro slick braid. Like I said, reel is in perfect condition , no rash or blemishes. Sorry I threw box away . $135.00 local pick up only. Text me at 949-533-4642 for pics. sold!!!!!!!!!
  340. Trinidad1972

    Curado or chronarch

    Have brand new Chronarch 200e7 (no box) loaded with 50lb. power pro slick braid . Reel has no scratches or blemishes. Text me at 949-533-4642 for pics. $135.00
  341. Trinidad1972


    Looking for a shimano blackmoon backpack in good to new condition, have cash on hand. Let me know if you have one at 949-533-4642 text. Orange county area Preffered. Thanks.
  342. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa saltist 20h

    For sale is a Daiwa Saltist 20h (silver model) great condition. No boat rash, mechanically 10/10. $ 125.00. Text me at 949-533-4642 for pictures. sold!!!
  343. Trinidad1972

    Blue AVET SX

    Trade only? How much for sale?
  344. Trinidad1972

    9mm ammo

  345. Trinidad1972

    9 mm ammo

    Hey everyone, for today only, I'm selling 500 rounds of 9mm ammo. I have 2 boxes of winchester 115 grain fmj(white box) 100 rounds per box and 6 boxes of 50 rounds per box of Federal champion 115 grain fmj. $225.00 firm. Not negotiable. Text only at 949-533-4642. Will meet in Irvine only.
  346. Trinidad1972

    daiwa saltist

    hey everyone, looking for a daiwa saltist 30h ( the older silver model) non levelwind. looking for it to be in at least 9.5 of 10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. text me at 949-533-4642. local only. located in Irvine. Will meet only. No paypal etc.......
  347. Trinidad1972

    shimano thunnus c14 6000

    keep me in mind if you want $160.00. I'm around the corner in Irvine.
  348. Trinidad1972

    shimano thunnus c14 6000

    do you have the box?
  349. Trinidad1972

    Terez/Trinidad 14A

    how much for the reel only?
  350. Trinidad1972

    Trinida 20

  351. Trinidad1972

    Trinida TN20

    hey everyone just had a change mind on trading my brand new Trinida TN20 (gold version). Will sell for $300.00 obo. This reel comes with box, clamp , tool . I will also throw in a new reel cover. Like i said before this reel is a virgin. Never seen water or line. Thanks.
  352. Trinidad1972

    Trinida 20

    sorry.. has rod clamp too!!
  353. Trinidad1972

    Trinida 20

    also had rod clamp!!!!
  354. Trinidad1972

    Trinida 20

    Looking to trade a brand new Trinidad tn 20 (gold version) reel. This reel has box ,tools and instructions. I also have a shimano reel cover for it. Looking for a new or almost new Trinidad 12a or 14a ( silver model). Willing to add some $$. Please text me at 949-533-4642 if interested. Would...
  355. Trinidad1972


  356. Trinidad1972


  357. Trinidad1972

    daiwa lexa

    reel sold
  358. Trinidad1972

    daiwa Lexa 300hs-p

    reel sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  359. Trinidad1972

    daiwa Lexa 300hs-p

    Hey everyone. I'm still trying to find someone to trade me a Daiwa saltist 20h ( the older silver model) non levelwind for my brand new Diawa lexa 300 HS-P with power handle. Have had a few offers , but from people who live way too far. The reel does not have to have a box or be new, just no...
  360. Trinidad1972

    Curado 300ej or Daiwa Lexa 300HSP???

    got one for sale YoungFisherman1. Brand new with box.
  361. Trinidad1972

    daiwa lexa

    Anybody willing to trade a brand new Daiwa lexa (with box & paperwork) for a daiwa saltist 20 or 30 (silver model , no levelwind) in good condition. No boat rash please. let me know . text at 949-533-4642. The reel does not have to new , just no boat rash please!!!!!!
  362. Trinidad1972

    curado 300 ej

  363. Trinidad1972


    brand new daiwa lexa 300 hs-p with power handle. has box and manual. $150.00 Please text at 949-533-4642.
  364. Trinidad1972


    brand new daiwa lexa 300 ej with power handle. has box and manual. $150.00 Please text at 949-533-4642.
  365. Trinidad1972

    curado 300 ej

    shimano curado 300 ej. brand new no box. text at 949-533-4642 $180.00
  366. Trinidad1972

    curado 300 ej

    shimano curado 300 ej. brand new no box. text at 949-533-4642
  367. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltist 30H

    trade for a curado 300 ej . and a few $$?
  368. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltist 20

    interested in trading for a brand new curado 300ej? no box.
  369. Trinidad1972

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW809H, Daiwa Saltist 30th & 20h

    are you willing to trade the 20 h for a curado 300 ej? brand new, no box.
  370. Trinidad1972

    Daiwa Saltist 20

    any plans to visit orange county soon?
  371. Trinidad1972

    FS: Shimano Stradic 8000FJ,4000FJ & 4000F Ci4

    where in westminster do you live. Im in irvine . do you still have the stradic 4000fj ? do you have phone number?