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  1. FishinElectrician

    Rod/Reel Clamp for Lexa 300 CC???

    I was told that theres a decent rod/reel clamp made that works with Lexa 300s... Is that fact? If so, any info on where i could purchase one would be highly appreciated!!! Thanks alot!
  2. FishinElectrician

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    I was wondering what opinions and feedback you guys have when it comes to the Daiwa Luna series, specifically the 253. My buddy says i made a mistake and shoulda went with a Calcutta, but im a Daiwa man. Also, i want to put my brand new Accurate Fury 400 two speed on a custom wrapped trigger...
  3. FishinElectrician

    Solo Bass Hunter (Buyer Pick Up)

    Hows it goin fellas! I hate to interrupt your day, and Im sort of embarrassed to put it in this forum, but Im selling my Solo Bass Hunter. Its been used, but still in very excellent condition. Im including the trolling motor, 3 batteries, an anchor, emergency paddle, anchor rope, dock rope, Bass...
  4. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/03/2013

    Well, I headed south today to try my luck at some fat Perch, or whatever wanted to hit the hardbait... My bait of choice today was an Owner Ripn Minnow 65. Dont know what the exact color was, but it has a nice wobble when retrieved with a slow steady cadence... I cast to a...
  5. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 4/01/2013

    Went out today, finally being able to hit a new beach. Decided to head north on PCH, and made my first stop at the beach around Gladstones. I noticed there was a ton of salad in the water, so I knew my patience was gonna be worn thin. Gave that area a shot for about an hour, right around low...
  6. FishinElectrician

    Penn Sargus 4000

    I just purchased a Sargus 4000 spinning reel to match with an Anglers Republic/Palms Elua 9'6" Flatfish Edition rod from Japan, mostly for throwing Lucky Crafts and other hardbaits in the surf. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these spinners? Also, is it true that the drags...
  7. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/20/2013

    Whats up guys. Well, I decided to hit up the surf to see if I could get some Perch action goin... Started off south of where I usually fish, and encountered semi desirable conditions on the outgoing tide. I did notice some very promising pieces of structure that I would like to fish on an...
  8. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 3/12/2013

    Well, I had about 3 hours of free time today, so I went to Dockweiler Beach today, to see if the fish were willing to bite. Decided to throw a carolina rigged Big Hammer Perch grub in motor oil christmas, to look for any biters. I only stayed maybe about an hour, because the water was extremely...
  9. FishinElectrician

    Rockfish Opener 3/01/2013

    Hey guys. Well, today was the day for me to jump on the opener out of Sea Landing, on a 3/4 day trip on the Stardust. It was a full load of 40 anglers, but still quite a comfortable fit. I got to the landing before dawn, super excited to see what the day, and the seas, had in store. We left the...
  10. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/28/2013

    Well, guys. Today I woke up with the itch to hit the surf and see if there were any perch that wanted to bite out at my usual spot. I also wanted to try these Berkley fish grippers I just bought. Grabbed my gear, and headed toward the beach. High tide in the area was to be at 10:44 AM, so I...
  11. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/23/2013

    Well, I finally got a chance to hit the waves again today. Saw that high tide around the area was gonna be at 7:40 am, but I got there around 8:00 am, so I dont think i was fishin optimal conditions. Looking at the water, it felt like the bite was gonna be tough. Flat waves and super clear water...
  12. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/3/2013

    Hit the waves up again yesterday for a couple of hours. As soon as I arrived, I could tell that conditions were totally different than the two previous trips to the surf. The surf was calmer, and water was flat, with the visibilty not as clear. Still, not to be discouraged, I gave it a try. I...
  13. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 2/1/2013

    Well, today I decided to go back to the area which claimed my rod, hoping to find it strewn in the sand somewhere. Alas, I didnt find it, but what I did find was a bunch of Perch willing to bite, and some very good size ones too. I was throwing a carolina rigged Big Hammer Perch Grub, in motor...
  14. FishinElectrician

    Surf Fishing Report 1/31/2013

    I decided to hit the surf today, seeing as I had some free time. So I hastily gathered my stuff and made my way to the beach at which I had been successful the time before. I got there at around 7:30 AM, and noticed that there was a couple guys fishin the same stretch of beach. I made my way...
  15. FishinElectrician

    Surf Report 1/23/2013

    I finally got a little time to go fishin this mornin, so I decided Id try and fish the surf for my 3rd time. The first couple of outings were very uneventful to say the least. Anyway. Headed to the beach, and got there at first light. Donned the waders and made my way to the water. The area...
  16. FishinElectrician

    Penn Fierce 3000

  17. FishinElectrician

    Skeet Reese Victory Bass reel

    Putting this reel up for sale. Used it maybe twice since buying it. I put black and yellow Reel Grips on the handles to help with the grip. Mechanically its 10/10, cosmetically 9/10. Very good Bass reel for an entry level fisherman. Im askin for $40, FIRM. Call or text if interested...
  18. FishinElectrician

    Freshwater Lures (Lot)

    Selling some Bass lures that are sitting collecting dust on my shelves. There is at least $85 worth of lures in this bundle. Im looking to get $40 FIRM for the lot. Included are: 3 Strike King KVD Sexy Frog (Leopard Frog) 2 Strike King KVD Sexy Frog (Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly) 1 Strike King...
  19. FishinElectrician

    SOLD!!! Lead Heads. SOLD!!!

  20. FishinElectrician


    Any of you guys fish on the Helena before? I am signed up for a charter on the 22nd, and kinda wanted to see what some of you thought about the boat, crew, service, etc. Thanks for your time!!!
  21. FishinElectrician

    Calcutta Pliers

    *SOLD!* http://
  22. FishinElectrician

    Used Reels

    Selling a couple of reels of mine. Theyre all used, with signs of wear, but in very good working order. 2 Okuma Convector CV15C's. Excellent little inshore reels. Had em serviced at Sav On a while back. Asking $25 each. Pinnacle Inertia Finesse ISP10 Great entry level FW Bass reel...
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  24. FishinElectrician


    I have a batch of Banana Heads and a couple of packs of Swimbait heads that are up for sale. I have a couple sizes and colors in this batch. Banana Heads- 1oz-3 in a bag 2oz-2 in a bag 3oz-2 in a bag 1oz-Chartreuse-1 bag 1oz-White-1 bag 1oz-Orange-1 bag 2oz-Chartreuse-2 bags 2oz-White-2...
  25. FishinElectrician

    Those that fish Harbors...

    I was going to buy a saltwater trolling motor for this thing to fish the harbors with. (MDR, NPH, LAB...) But, I think Im gonna have weight capacity issues when I add the motor and battery to the 250 lbs that I put into the mix. The plate on it says no more than 325 lbs total. How much would a...
  26. FishinElectrician

    Banana Heads

    I have a couple of Banana Heads that I wanted to sell. There are 5 chartreuse heads in 3oz, 1 white 3oz, 2 blue heads in 2oz, and 2 pink heads in 2oz. All heads come equipped with premium Mustad black nickel hooks. Im askin $1.25 a head, so I want $12.50 for the bunch. Ill also throw in a couple...
  27. FishinElectrician

    Pacific Islander 3/1-3/2

    Anyone interested in an overnight trip on the Pacific Islander? The trip leaves Thursday night March 1st, and fishes March 2nd. I just booked 4 spots, but it was the first four, so the boats still needs a few heads to sign up. It should be a hell of a trip. I havent been on since the boat...
  28. FishinElectrician

    Plano Tackle Box w/ Lures

    I am getting rid of this tackle box Ive had on my shelf for God knows how long, just collecting dust. Its got some lures, plastics, leadheads, and even a Shakespeare Ranger 035 spinning reel in it. Im askin $30 for everything. I STAY IN DTLA/Chinatown and am willing to meet up halfway for CASH...
  29. FishinElectrician

    Quantum Smoke

    Any members have experience with these reels? Just bought the SL150HPT model from a member here on BD, and I was planning on using it in the salt. Will it stand up to the harsh saltwater environment well? Any input is appreciated!
  30. FishinElectrician

    3 rods for Bay/Harbor fishing

    Can you guys recommend 3 rods I should get to cover different techniques for bay/harbors? I have 3 Shimano Caenans ready to be put on rods, but Im not sure where to begin in regards to the length, and actions of the rods. Ill be fishing swimbaits, creature baits, crankbaits, and even 3/4 oz...
  31. FishinElectrician

    Blemished Leadheads

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! These leadheads are blemished heads that were a result of my prior pouring inexperience, and improper powder coating techniques. They didnt come out as well as Id liked, but am still putting them out there for someone who needs a leadhead that will get the job done, regardless...
  32. FishinElectrician

    L.A. Harbor/Sport King 3/4 Day

    Today my cousin and fellow BD'er kiko5356 headed down to L.A. Harbor SF to hop on a 3/4 day run on the Sport King. It was a very light load of 9 anglers, which was a welcome change after my last trip, which was on the Speed Twin, and was just a shitty a trip as can be. Anyway. The skipper ran...
  33. FishinElectrician

    Newell R220

    I was thinking about stripping the mono off and spooling my Newell 220 with 30lb Power Pro. Would that be bad for the graphite spool on the reel? Id only be using the reel for Bass/Rockfish, so I dont think the pressures created from fighting those fish would be too great on the spool, but Id...
  34. FishinElectrician

    Armorlite 12/3 MC Cable

    Hey guys. I was cleaning my shed out looking for some of my wifes holiday decorations a few days back, and I saw I had an unused, unopened roll of 12/3 MC cable sitting under some boxes in there. I was thinking about keeping it, but since I really dont need it, I wanted to see if anyone here was...
  35. FishinElectrician

    Armorlite 12/3 MC Cable

    Hey guys. I was cleaning my shed out looking for some of my wifes holiday decorations a few days back, and I saw I had an unused, unopened roll of 12/3 MC cable sitting under some boxes in there. I was thinking about keeping it, but since I really dont need it, I wanted to see if anyone here was...
  36. FishinElectrician

    Tady Plastics?

    I found these at a local tackle store, and bought a couple packs because I thought they looked like they might work. I never knew Tady made (or at least marketed) plastic lures, but I think anything with the name might be halfway decent, right? Anyone ever use these? They look sorta like...
  37. FishinElectrician

    Penn 555GS

    I have a Penn 555GS I won on a Western Outdoors charter a couple years back, and its never been used, and collecting dust in my closet. Brand spankin new reel! Retail for these is $129.99, but Ill take $80. Im by DT/Chinatown and am willing to meet halfway wit someone for CASH... If...
  38. FishinElectrician

    Bunch of Stuff

    3-300 yd Spools of 80 lb Power Pro 2 packs-Berkley Manik Shad 13-10" AA Slugs 5-Twin Tail plastics (Mojo and Lucky Chum brand) 4-Squid bodies(unknown brand) 4-4oz Blade Runner jig heads 4-4oz Wally Whale jigs 1-8oz Kustom Kraft jig head 2-1oz Williamson Gyro Jigs 1-Spro BBZ1 8" Floater 1-Storm...
  39. FishinElectrician

    Open Water Backpack

    Open Water Tackle Backpack for sale! I removed the bag from the original plastic wrapper because I was going to use it, but decided against it. Its still brand spankin new, with all its original contents undisturbed. I think I unlatched one of the boxes inside, maybe ONCE... They retail...
  40. FishinElectrician

    Question about Minn Kota Riptide 45

    I was interested in buying a Riptide 45 saltwater trolling motor for my solo Bass Hunter so I can fish the harbors. My question is if anyone has had any experience with these motors, and if so what amp/hours in a battery are ideal to run this motor with optimum performance??? Im hoping the...
  41. FishinElectrician

    Passport on 1.5 Day?

    I signed up for a charter trip on the Voyager in May, and we're gonna be fishin the coast down in Baja, but not too far down, I would imagine. I was wondering if I needed a passport to go, and if not, how far down before i do need one? Thanks alot!
  42. FishinElectrician

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Triggerstick

    Just got my early xmas present from my wife, in the form of a new Okuma Cedros Coastal Rod... Its a 8' trigger stick, rated for 20-40lb, and 1oz-4.5oz lures... Okuma backs it with a lifetime warranty, so thats a good thing goin for it. I think it looks pretty sick, especially matched with a...
  43. FishinElectrician

    Stren Fluorocarbon

    Any of you guys use this stuff? I found some of this line for cheap, and I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with this brand of fluoro... Any info is appreciated!!!
  44. FishinElectrician

    San Nic 11/13

    Went out on Dan Hernandez's overnight charter on the Ranger 85 Saturday night. We were gonna head to santa barbara island, but since the Yellowtail bite died down, Dan and the crew decided to head to San Nic to try and get all the folks aboard some freezer meat. Once everyone was aboard, the...
  45. FishinElectrician

    Need advice!!! Single speed or 2 speed?

    I was looking into buying a Daiwa Saltist LD in size 20, in either single or 2 speed. I plan to use the reel with a 9' Phenix Rods PSW907ML-ISA Inshore Assassin rod from Sav On, (FUCK!!! These rods are expensive!!! But beautiful!!!), strung with 30lb Vicious braid, mostly for tossing swimbaits...
  46. FishinElectrician

    Pattison Lake

    Im flyin up there with my wife to visit her grandparents around the Lacey area, and I was planning on fishin a lake called Pattison Lake. Anyone know if the Bass are bitin in that lake? If so, what are they bitin on this time of year, and how deep? Im pretty much stuck on a dock on the lake...
  47. FishinElectrician

    Turners Californian Rods

    Anyone have any input on these rods? I picked a couple up from Turners in Pasadena at their "After Christmas Day" Sale for $39.99. They usually go for $119.99. I was just wondering if anyone knows if these rods are any good. They look nice, not to mention Im an impusive tackle fiend, so I bought...
  48. FishinElectrician

    San Nicolas Island

    Anyone hear how the fishin has been out there lately? Im goin out on a 1 1/2 dayer on the Freedom this weekend, and I was wondering what the deal has been out there.
  49. FishinElectrician

    Newell Maintenance

    Do any of you know which tackle shop in the L.A. area is a Newell authorized store, in regards to maintenance of Newell reels? I wanna get my Newell R220 cleaned and lubed, and possible drag upgrades (if any). Any info is appreciated!!!
  50. FishinElectrician

    messed up Teramar rod

    Do tackle shops replace Shimano Teramar rods if theyre re wrapped? My cousin decided to rewrap the one I lent him a couple years back, and I recieved it, lookin fucked up, still in one piece, tho. Can I take it somewhere where theyll replace it or somethin? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, fellas.
  51. FishinElectrician

    Doran Beach Jetty, Bodega Bay

    Do any of you nor Cal BDrs go fishin off the jetty at Doran Beach, in Bodega Bay? I was wondering because my uncle is havin a bbq there around Easter, and I want to take a stick or two, and try and get some lings or rockfish off the shore. Have any of you heard or read any reports? Im sure its...
  52. FishinElectrician

    3/4 day out of Channel Islands SF

    Im lookin for someone interested in going out and splitting the cost of a 3/4 day trip out of Channel Islands Sportfishing on Wedsnday Mar 4th. Itll be 3 days after the rockfish opener, so the fishin should be pretty nice. They have a 2 for 1 deal goin on Wedsndays , so itll come out to $32.50...
  53. FishinElectrician

    Fishin SMB 2/5

    My cousin and fellow BD'r kiko5356 decided to go on a half day on the New Del Mar outta MDR Sportfishing. 12 heads showed up, so we shoved off and made our way north a couple miles to some nice stones, and it ended up bein a good call by the skipper. There was about 5 turds around, with one...
  54. FishinElectrician

    Slugs in the kelp

    I posted this question in the chit chat forum as well, but with no answer. Im plannning to fill one of my low profile casters with 50lb. braid for tossin MC and AA slugs into the kelp. Is that a good size, or should I go lighter?
  55. FishinElectrician

    fishin @ the Coronados

    Is the fishing pretty good at the Coronados this time of year? My buddy got me on a 3/4 day trip on the Malihini to fish the islands for bottomfish on the 25th of this month, and I wanted to see what some of you think. Im excited just to be able to go, but catchin some tasty eats wont hurt!!!
  56. FishinElectrician

    Sheephead recipe

    Anyone have any good recipes for cooking Sheephead in foil paper? Im not too crazy about steaming it, and Ive got my own little tricks for preparing it, but Id like to see if you guys can help me out with some new ones. Thanks alot, folks. *My bad, if someone can move this thread to the...
  57. FishinElectrician


    Does anyone see anything wrong when the crew on a sportfishing boat holds out on a certain bait, especially when the bite is very good on squid, and only squid? I went on a half day out of Redondo Sportfishing yesterday, and thats what happened. The deckhands, which were busy fishing while noobs...
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    Who can I ask if theres any way that I can change my user name?
  59. FishinElectrician

    Right Forum???

    Dont know if this is the right forum, but how can I buy BD Shirts and Sweaters?
  60. FishinElectrician

    Fishing for Bottomfish

    When does the bottomfishing season open and close out of Westport? And whats a good charter service that does shallow water (50-180 feet) bottomfishing in the Westport area? Im gonna be with my ol' lady visiting her folks up there some time next year, so I figured Ill make the 4 hour journey...