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  1. yakdout

    SOLD Mak 20 SEA and 2x4 combo. $850

    Used but good condition mak 20 SEA in gunmetal and seeker osp 2x4 rail rod combo for sale. Has caught a few tuna around 80-90lbs Sorry guys $850 for combo. Will separate Call Sean for inquires 760-703-6812
  2. yakdout

    TRADE Built Jeep for Boat

    Have a friend looking to either Sell trade his Jeep for center console possibly walk around boat. Custom Motobilt back half with their fuel cell. TNT Custom front frame stretch and YJ box as well. Geared, 5.38's and locked, Detroit lockers (front may be Spartan I'd have to look at my files)...
  3. yakdout

    For Sale 95j mag blackout

    Buddy of mine trying to sell a cousins 95j mag factory wrapped blackout. Good condition. He’s looking for $800 obo. Waiting on pics from him. He is located in valley center but could probably meet in north county SD.
  4. yakdout

    Tribute 6/21 BFT

    Booked an overnight last minute aboard the tribute for Thursday night with a friend. Got to the zone around 3-4 am and started looking for schools. Stopped on one of the many big kelps in the area and a guy got one small yellow. Found a bird school around 8-9 am, got them boiling on our chum...
  5. yakdout

    Funny looking halibut. Feb 24

    Launched Dana landing this morning around 7am on my buddies triumph with one other friend. Plan was to run up to La Jolla make some bait and just kind of chill and drift for halibut. Been a few months since I’ve been out. Bought my 2019 license this morning. Told my buddy to steer out in front...
  6. yakdout

    SOLD Calstar Railrod (775xh 60-120) $375

    calstar grafighter 775xh 60-120lb Railrod $375 No trades. Located in santee. Call or text 760-505-7273 -Brandon
  7. yakdout

    Dominator 9-23

    Went out on saturdays overnight trip aboard the dominator fishing Sunday. Four of my friends on the boat and I booked last minute because it was one of their birthday trips. Get on the boat around 8:30pm and find out we are tying off on the bait dock til 2 AM. Despite recent quarrels of this...
  8. yakdout

    182 and 43 7/1/17

    Left Dana landing around 6am with a heading towards the 182. And ended up closer to the 43 toward the end of the day. Grease calm weather all day. Couldn’t ask for better weather. Lots of sport boats in the general area of 182. Didn’t take more than ten minutes for us to locate our first bird...
  9. yakdout

    Yellows and BFT South Island

    Sunday 8/20 Great bait at MB, little smaller than recent trips. Got to south island around 9AM and started long soaking sardines in the parking lot. Tried to stay outside the major cluster of boats. Got two small BFT early on 30 flouro #2 belly hooked sardines. Finished the afternoon with...
  10. yakdout

    7-1-17 near 182

    Left mission bay with a route to the 182. Wind and swell was pretty mellow all day. Really nice looking blue water on the N9 on the way out. Not much life seen until we were about 10 miles shy of the 182. Water was actually pretty green around this area. Started seeing a few whales and porpoise...
  11. yakdout

    First post/kayak

    Alright so I admit Ive lurked this forum a while and gotten my fair share of info so why not contribute one, even if it wasn't on a boat. After all, it ended with a PB yellowtail, boat or kayak. Report is from sunday 3/20 a little late I know. Launched la jolla shores real early and got out...