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  1. shinchan

    Waianae 7/14/20

    Thanks! Thanks, I was wondering what it was swimming right to the boat, never seen an ahi do that before and now we know to tire him out a little before grabbing leader.... I know I was luckly it wasn't a much bigger ahi, the glove was one of those cut resistant gloves with latex grip so I...
  2. shinchan

    Wednesday July 15 Kaneohe

    She will always remember that "boat ride" especially since you helped her get her first ahi! Good memories for sure....
  3. shinchan

    Waianae 7/14/20

    So my friend and I decided to try fishing Waianae again even though I heard through the coconut wireless that the bite was up north.We were in the water at 5am and headed straight out. It seems nobody was home at the pinnacle, fish or boats so we started to head to CO. The water got sporty real...
  4. shinchan

    July 3 Westside report

    Otaru blitz! Nice catch, good grinds for the 4th!
  5. shinchan

    Friday westside

    Epic day! Kamanu on the troll? Interesting. Thanks for the report.
  6. shinchan

    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Thanks John Thanks and I always appreciate when someone posts that info here so I thought I'd do the same. Thanks I think you should get out there and get fishing 'cause if scrubs like me are hooking up, everybody should be catching lol... Thanks Pat for all the sage advice over the years...
  7. shinchan

    WAIANAE 7/1/20

    After getting a double on our last trip out, my friend and I decided to try our luck again and left the harbor at 5am and headed straight out. I set lines on the 1000 and the area looked pretty fishy with matoris swinging around. A little after 6 the starboard flat line popped up but no hook up...
  8. shinchan

    West Side Ahi 6/23/20

    Nice catch and great first post on BD!
  9. shinchan

    Waianae 6/26/20 Ahi(s)

    Having gone out the past 3 times and only finding a couple of 22lb otarus, my friend and I got out on his boat and left Waianae harbor at 0500. We headed straight out to the pinnacle and set lines right on the 1000. The area was a little swelly with a few small piles here and there. We mowed the...
  10. shinchan

    Looking for old outrigger thread

    Might be this one:
  11. shinchan

    4/22/2020 - Epic day at Waianae!!

    Great catch Russ!!! Looks like you need to put in more "short" days lol...
  12. shinchan

    Eradicating Taape Toau and Roi.

    From an older thread: I tried it and its really good so if you can quick fillet without scaling, you can take the fillets to make fishcake and put the rest in the...
  13. shinchan

    Quarantine fishing?

    So.....anyone fishing??? From what I've read the harbors are not shut down, see here: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE DOBOR SHUTDOWN DUE TO COVID-19 GENERAL INFO Q. When did the DOBOR closure go into effect? A. March 18, 2020. Q. Can I...
  14. shinchan

    State park closing???

    Here is what I found from the link from Pat: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE DOBOR SHUTDOWN DUE TO COVID-19 GENERAL INFO Q. When did the DOBOR closure go into effect? A. March 18, 2020. Q. Can I use the boat ramp or take my boat out during the shutdown? A. Yes. If you have access to your...
  15. shinchan

    Transom mounted transducer help

    Thanks , I will look into that.
  16. shinchan

    Transom mounted transducer help

    You know, I never thought about forgetting to raise the transducer- I must admit I have forgotten to even put up the engine when I'm in a rush to get out of the surge at Waianae sometimes lol....So maybe I just need to keep adjusting the height of the transducer in small increments to get the...
  17. shinchan

    Transom mounted transducer help

    Aloha all, I have a transom mounted transducer that doesn't seem to pick up clear readings when underway. I have a 4 year old Garmin fish finder/GPS combo that I plan to upgrade and the transducer is mounted so that when I get up to speed it leaves a rooster-tail type spray. I have a wood block...
  18. shinchan

    No Termites ! No Woodrot !

    Found this: Holy crap, jumping waves at speed! Looks hella tough and smooth, can't wait to hear how it fishes....
  19. shinchan

    Waianae 6/2/19

    Thanks Pat, that marlin sure hit close, was wondering if I set the lure too I know....and gotta pay the tax collector some time, glad it wasn't on a bigger fish lol. Myron, most guys set their CB to channel 23 to hail people then move their conversation to another channel.
  20. shinchan

    Waianae 6/2/19

    Jumped on my friend's boat and we left the harbor at daybreak. Most of the crews went left to Nanakuli side, we went straight out to the 1000 then right. Didn't see much life out there so we were sliding back inside when we saw ahi jumping/feeding on about 600-700 fa between R and V. Played the...
  21. shinchan

    Waianae ledge report 5/6/19

    Thanks Pat, there was some aku/shibi piles near V, not sure because it was there or just the usual ledge traffic but I'm glad its back.... Thanks, I consider any trip a success if I bring home something and the bento was really good (I have to say that because my wife made it and she reads...
  22. shinchan

    Waianae ledge report 5/6/19

    Haven't been out in a while so got the boat ready and tried to go Sat. Got to the harbor and pretty sure I read the forecast wrong- it was dark, windy and stormy. Seeing the branches in the parking lot shake, steady rain getting harder and white caps just outside the harbor, I ate my bento and...
  23. shinchan

    Pictures how we eat.

    Shibi for lunch- sashimi and the slow roasted head- and before you say WTF there are pockets of meat on the top of the head (noten in Japanese), cheeks (hoho niku) and collars (kama). Pull out with chopsticks, dip in ponzu/wasabi, grind with hot gohan and furikake.....
  24. shinchan


    Pat, you're the most consistent fisherman year after year and I'm still surprised when you catch something other than the intended target species....congrats!
  25. shinchan

    Waianae 6/20/18, a first for me....

    Thanks Conor, my mini "Old man and the sea" homage without the sharks thankfully... Thanks John, I always have a good day out fishing, its just so much better with fish to share at the end of the day... Thanks Pat- you know I'm beginning to realize I might need a bigger boat- to bring this...
  26. shinchan

    Waianae 6/20/18, a first for me....

    So had a few days off and decided to do back to back trips since the water was flat. Tuesday 6/19 I left the harbor at 630 and went to the CO area and saw birds working but no fish came up, saw a guy hook up a marlin next to me but it shook off. So knowing the fish were on Kaena side I left a...
  27. shinchan

    5/28 Epic day, just.....

    not for me. Saw the forecast with light winds, no swell so left Waianae harbor at 4:45am headed straight out. Went to just about the pinnacle but only saw small aku piles here and there, worked it for a bit but no one home. Water was flat like a lake but no activity as far as I could see. Headed...
  28. shinchan

    Chunking on oahu.

    Kyle, I've done some chunking at V buoy area in the past with smaller shibis, nothing bigger than 40lbs but it only works if the school hangs around. This was mostly late summer/fall time of the year. We fished near the ledge and used fresh caught small aku chunked up or opelu pieces with...
  29. shinchan

    Waianae 4/12 GOT'EM

    Nice catch, always great to spend time with family, even better when you catch something!
  30. shinchan

    Waianae 3/28/18

    Aloha and thanks Russell, I'll be looking to you to lead the way for the rest of us in the mosquito fleet this season, I think we're all due some ahi this year! See you out there!
  31. shinchan

    Waianae 3/28/18

    Kyle here are some pics, the 1st one on the left is the spoon squid, size 2, the others are regular Clark spoons size 1 and 2 and a couple of Drone spoons size 3.5 with 9/0 hook. In the closeup pic you can see the ring to tie to compared to the regular Clark spoon. John, I think I'll upgrade...
  32. shinchan

    Waianae 3/28/18

    John, the Clark spoons work really well in the aku/shibi piles but you can't put a whole lot of pressure on them before something gives- I've had the hook straighten out a few times (impatience on my part) and my last trip the part that you tie on to, where the spoon swivels around, sheared off...
  33. shinchan

    Waianae 3/28/18

    Beautiful day today with light trades so did a run out to S then to the 1000. Saw no signs of life but did find a few porpoise, made a few passes through before I lost them in the morning glare. Made my way from there to V where I saw a small pile just outside the buoy. I was running three 7in...
  34. shinchan

    Banks - 02/17/2018

    Nice catch Russ! Good to see you're still fishing....
  35. shinchan

    ISO yo-zuri skirt

    Did you try Hobbietat? They have a pretty decent selection there...
  36. shinchan

    Stand up ahi

    Nice fish, good teamwork, congrats!
  37. shinchan

    Day 2 MKL weekend.

    Hey, I think I bought your shibi at the auction on Monday (was the only local troll shibi with the cookie cutter bite to the belly and about 15lbs g&g) since I was working all weekend- made some great grinds and actually still eating some of the po'ke right now as I type this, mahalo!
  38. shinchan

    Locations for trailer safety check?

    Aloha all, been getting my safety check at various places over the past few years, mostly at Jiffy Lube then last year at Midas near my house. It seems that lately the people in charge of doing the safety checks have moved to different jobs and the service is no longer offered at these...
  39. shinchan

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    What happened? I thought the majority of the longliners were still able to fish the eastern waters after the bigeye quota was reached- does this mean they were still out fishing/at sea or...? BTW thanks Pat for all your posts here!
  40. shinchan

    Prayers for the lost fishermen

    This should be a wake up call to all of us out on the water. No more procrastinating for me, got this "ACR ResQLink plus 406 Personal Locator Beacon" for $249 from Amazon. I figure if you can afford to have a boat, then you can afford to get a personal locator beacon, for yourself and your...
  41. shinchan

    I'll be in Waikiki end of May. Where to buy freshly caught fish?

    Aloha, try this:, fishermen sell their catch that day... also you can go to the auction block at Pier 38, auction starts at 0530, just bring cash, your drivers license, covered shoes and a way to take your whole fish back with you...
  42. shinchan

    Ahi Fever this year?

    Thanks guys for all the info, too bad I work 'cause I would've loved to be a part of the Shootout...
  43. shinchan

    Old Gas

    Thanks Tony for the info, I hope I never have to get rid of a tank of gas for whatever reason...BTW Steven, how old do you think that gas was?
  44. shinchan

    Ahi Fever this year?

    Aloha, anyone know if the tournament is on this year?
  45. shinchan

    Where to buy ethanol free

    Try here: I go the Union 76 on McCully cause its close to me...
  46. shinchan

    Windward Mahi

    Nice, looks like that little one sure had a big appetite!
  47. shinchan

    8-18 Hi Kai Diamond Head

    Awesome catch Luke, I like the use of the mahi head for the Samoan crab, no waste there!!! Maybe you can start a new thread, something like - I used this lure to catch a mahi, used its head to catch a few crabs, used a small crab to catch a tako, whose leg was used to catch some moana, then a...
  48. shinchan

    Eastside Ahi/Mahi

    Nice catch!!! I'm gonna say with a fair amount of certainty that you're probably the only fisherman who caught an ahi nearly naked this year...but if that's what it takes I'll do it! Sunburned balls, yeah can do without that....
  49. shinchan

    7-11 not the store

    Chad and crew, nice ahi and on a 5" lure! Good thing you had some decent leader on that lure or it might've been another fish story...Mahalo for report and vid!
  50. shinchan

    12 July Leeward Coast Tuna Report

    Nice fish Chuck!!! Thanks for the report, I will change my game plan to run some smaller stuff in there as well. BTW, how far back do you run the lure from the bird? I have about 3 arm spans worth on mine but never took a strike, maybe it should be closer? Mahalo again for the report and...
  51. shinchan

    Chafing tube help

    Aloha, I have an old ahi lure that my uncle used to run back in the day and it has some chafe tubing still in the brass tube. Normally I would just leave it there and use it but I think he used cable at some point and the tube is all chewed up so it'll probably not protect the leader. How can I...
  52. shinchan

    1st July fun on da Ohana H 3 Captains and me the deck hand LOL

    Nice catch! Glad to see your girls fishing as well, have to threaten damage to the PS4 to get my son to go with me...:confused:
  53. shinchan

    Late report, of footballs, monkeys, donkey and missed broom

    Holy ship, awesome catch!!! Sounds like a feeding frenzy out there, I think you would've had the ono if he wasn't full already. BTW, gotta save some of that beer for all the poke/smoked marlin you're gonna have at home!
  54. shinchan

    Good Birthday

    Now that's the way to celebrate your birthday!!! Congrats and happy birthday!
  55. shinchan

    Waianae - 6/04/2015

    Nice catch Russ, setting the pace again for us small boat guys!
  56. shinchan

    Non Ethonol fuel in Waianae

    Try this website as well if you're unsure where to go: and thanks for the heads up about the Waianae 7-11!
  57. shinchan

    Waianae - May14, 2015

    Nice catch Russ and solo too!!! Glad to see you're still at it...
  58. shinchan

    Fish ID help

    I 2nd Tim's vote for Evermanns Nomeid or some similar type of nomeid, my friend caught one on my boat about 20 years ago while baiting shibi and I looked it up in a guidebook from the library. It was 5.5 lbs and we gave it to my Filipino neighbor who said it made great sabaw....
  59. shinchan

    The B and C teams, a pricy addiction and the Christmas lure tree of memories

    Thanks, I think next year I'll make something that looks more organized.... I had to add a few tax collectors to the mix- this is Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo, I have 3 versions of him on this tree....Mahalo and Merry Christmas all
  60. shinchan

    The B and C teams, a pricy addiction and the Christmas lure tree of memories

    This past year of fishing hasn’t a very productive one for me with few fish in the wake of RIMPAC but no complaints as I got to get out of the house and spend some time in the great blue. With the boat needing some maintenance and upgrades (what’s new), I had some downtime to take on a project...
  61. shinchan

    Happy Action!

    Nice, got the moves and kept the lines from tangling at the same time! I think we need to see some "Harlem shake" fishing vids next....
  62. shinchan

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    Nice catch!!! I bought a cheap 7:1 block and tackle with polypro line from Amazon just for pulling stuff in, its Chinese made but with the additions of a few stainless parts and 3/8" rope its pretty solid now, had the same problem last year and it took all I had to get that sucker in....
  63. shinchan

    Ahi action on the ski

    Nice fish!!!
  64. shinchan

    Waianae -Tuna Report 5/22/2014

    Solid catch Russ and solo too!!! Once again you're setting the bar high for the rest of us....
  65. shinchan

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Thanks for showing your setup- I have a harpoon too but never brought it onboard since I got the bangstick and I always feel like I carry too much stuff already but your method makes a lot of sense for a solo guy like me so I think I'll give it a try this season. Mahalo again
  66. shinchan

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    Solid fish!!! Way to kick off the season! Are you using the harpoon with the "arrowhead" shaped dart? Easier than gaffing? I see it on "Wicked tuna" but never knew that it was used here too.
  67. shinchan

    North Shore Ono

    Nice ono, way to get hit on the way in, gotta get me one like that!
  68. shinchan

    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    Duke, JFK and Grander are right, leave the hook in as you might do more damage/cause more blood loss trying to extract it (plus I guarantee you'll get more attention in the ER- anytime surgery involves boltcutters I'm there!), make sure the impaled area is clean from fish blood and slime (wipe...
  69. shinchan

    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    Sorry 'bout the leg, I see a lot at work (I'm in the ER) and 4 out of 5 times its the mahi with the tandem hooks that gets you. Hooks in feet and legs are most common followed by hands and forearms and then the other stuff- ono bites to feet, marlin bill to legs and torso (saw two last summer)...
  70. shinchan

    Banks 04/28/2014

    Nice catch Russ!!!
  71. shinchan

    Ocean Expo this Weekend

    Nice meeting you Nick and mahalo for the lures- I feel like you put some good mana in your products and I'm looking forward to running them this summer for wicked ahi!
  72. shinchan

    Ahi out of Kaneohe

    Nice fish!!!! WTG on getting an ahi before the summer run!!!
  73. shinchan

    Best jig or fly for ope

    OK, I'll bite- what's "ope"?
  74. shinchan

    On the hook in K-Bay

    Wow, those Crystal Minnows sure work well!!!:rofl:I feel your pain- while kayak fishing I had 1/3rd of the front Rapala magnum treble stuck to the base of my thumb, the other 2/3rds were in an awa'awa and one tine of the back treble was in my upper thigh when I put the still feisty fish in my...
  75. shinchan


    Nice!!! Solid catch right there! I think all that fish wouldn't have fit in your Whaler, good thing that you upgraded for a bigger ride!
  76. shinchan

    "Custom" (DIY) Bamboo Outriggers

    Nice setup! How did you find a pair of bamboo that was the same length and diameter? Did you need to modify it (i.e. add wraps of fiberglass) to make it fit the tube of the holder? Pretty cool- I saw an episode of "Hawaii Goes Fishing" where they were explaining how to harvest, dry and torch...
  77. shinchan

    8/3 Waianae

    Nice catch Darren!!! Smoked marlin and aku po'ke with football season right around the corner, good timing! Wish I could hook up into one of those- what kind of lure did you catch him on?
  78. shinchan

    Calm before the storm

    Nice fish!!! Good call on fishing before the storm!
  79. shinchan


    Do you have a gps? It really helps with how fast you're running as well as exactly where you're trolling. In the pre-gps days it was either "somewhere around the ledge", the buoys or find the birds but now I can visit all the spots I marked out and/or follow the contours according to the chart...
  80. shinchan

    ahi fishing tale that could've gone bad....

    Local news report from Kauai, luckily the fisherman wasn't lost or hurt by the fish after his leg was wrapped in the line....also he looks awfully small sitting on top the overturned hull.... Everyone be safe out there, no fish is worth getting hurt or losing your life.... Fisherman hooks...
  81. shinchan

    Another ono saves the day!

    Nice one Brian and Capt Paris!!!
  82. shinchan

    7-14-13 Impersonator.

    you crack me up, I think you need a sound track (evil villainy music) to go with the report LOL Way to go Pat and crew again!!!
  83. shinchan

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Thanks Todd Thanks Chuck, that is already the setup I have on the 9/0's with 500 yards 150lb spectra backing and 300 yards 80lb line on top, maybe I'll use less spectra and put 100lb line so I can put more pressure on the fish when I upgrade to the shiny reels... Thanks Kalani, you're right it...
  84. shinchan

    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    Holy chit Russ, you're on fire!!! What types/size of hooks are those? That must be some gorilla to do that...
  85. shinchan

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Thanks Jeff Thanks Tommy, no real style, just trying to catch with what I got... Thanks Chuck, yeah I need to get some real two speed reels and save the spectra to use for bottom fishing... Thanks Steve, yup I'd get some 2 speeds in heartbeat but I'm still paying off the boat and then there's...
  86. shinchan

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Thanks Jimmy! Thanks Luke, I'm still hurting from the fight... Thanks Scott, my cranking arm(right) and "line pulling" hand (left) were cramped off and on throughout the fight- I tried to switch it up mid-fight but that made it worse because then both arms and hands were about to cramp up as...
  87. shinchan

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Thanks, I'm for both but there's this little problem called the wife....LOL Thanks, maybe it's the last time I try for big fish with those reels... Thanks Darren, I couldn't believe how long it was taking but I wasn't going to give up so either the gear would fail or the fish would tire 'cause...
  88. shinchan

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Seeing all the catches over the past month got me itching to hook up to something but after several trips I had nothing to show for it except melted ice and sunburns. I was happy to see everyone catching nearly everyday so I knew I just had to pay my dues and keep plugging away. Left the harbor...
  89. shinchan

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Nice catch Russ!!! I've seen these fish before.....last night in my dreams......:rofl:
  90. shinchan

    Side mount shotgun rod holders

    Steven, received your pm's, just sent another one back @3:11 pm....
  91. shinchan

    Side mount shotgun rod holders

    1) POP POP Fishing & Marine: Home Page and 2) Universal Manufacturers Universal Manufacturers are two that I know
  92. shinchan

    Anti-Chaffe Tubing

    Aloha Chuck, I had the same problem with some 5" lures and tried pen tubing and other stuff and it didn't work. I figured you just needed to cover the sharp brass ends, front and back, to prevent the chaffing so I did this: I measured the amount of regular tubing needed and used some masking...
  93. shinchan

    5-27-13 (2) 80 pounders Waianae

    Thats awesome, much better than getting any fish in the boat!!! Mahalo for looking out for those keiki, they could've been easily lost out there....
  94. shinchan

    Bleeding Ahi Techniques

    Aloha Travis, look at this post from Dennis Braid and figure out how far you want to go with his suggestions: Bleeding Tuna - Page 6 lot of info from that forum.... Also look here:
  95. shinchan

    Hawaii Kai 76 now has non-ethanol gas

    Mahalo for the info, now I can gas up closer to home!
  96. shinchan

    Castnet thrower decal

    How about this one? I googled images "Hawaiian throw net decal"- this is from
  97. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Van, that looks great!!! Clean and open interior- gives me lots of ideas now, thanks for the post! Btw, do you have some kind of buffer/spacer between the board and the rails like neoprene or rubber? Does it rattle much when it gets bumpy?
  98. shinchan

    What is this?

    I vote lancetfish, found some pics online, looks a bit closer than the snake mackerel:
  99. shinchan

    Single outboard motor

    I checked their website, it doesn't look like they're in Hawaii now (or I just couldn't get the right info). I think it would've been great if they were here...
  100. shinchan

    Single outboard motor

    Is there a Sea Tow in Hawaii? :confused: Have you been towed in by them in Hawaii?
  101. shinchan

    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    Right on!!! Hopefully now you'll have room to put more fish on deck and jump out of the way of their chompers (remembering pics of your "Summer fun" post)!LOL
  102. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Luke, after hearing/reading many horror stories about water intrusion/delamination from drilling into the hull, I decided not to do it to my boat. Far better to ensure hull integrity than to try and fix a delamed area and/or creeping water intrusion that'll lead to more delamination. As for the...
  103. shinchan

    Christmas present from the ocean!

    Good going! Fresh fish is an awesome gift anytime! Merry X-mas!
  104. shinchan

    Santa comes early!

    See Brian, my X-mas wish came true for you already!!! Now hopefully all the other folks I wished an ahi for will get theirs.....Merry X-mas all, may you have variable winds, clear skies and filled fishboxes/fishbags for the coming year!!!
  105. shinchan

    Jeff's ride

    Some pics that I got:
  106. shinchan

    Jeff's ride

    Nice ride! I emailed Jeff a while back (8 years ago?) about his 15 whaler that he tricked out to look like a radon, was featured in a surfing journal mag. He gutted it, made the cab from foam, added some storage for fuel and batts, regelcoated and repainted the whole shebang. Looked awesome...
  107. shinchan

    2 mahis @ P

    Nice, fresh mahi!!! And the purple softhead strikes again! I should try those but it always seems to get left home....:rolleyes:
  108. shinchan

    Kaneohe - 12/05/2012

    Nice catch Russ and Bob!!! I always wondered if you kept some fish since I always see pics at the auction... but that spread looks nuts! Love the bright red sashimi!
  109. shinchan

    Hi Kai - 11/23/2012

    Nice catch there Russell!!! Were the bird piles near the banks? Seems the ones I work on the inside never pan out....
  110. shinchan

    Turkey Day Run

    Great catch!!!
  111. shinchan

    Got Mahi !

    Nice mahis! That could've been the Thanksgiving sashimi as well...So thats what a FBS looks like, first one I've seen and it looks especially good hanging from the mahi's mouth :rofl:
  112. shinchan

    The new boat

    Wow, looks great! :cool: That cab will be perfect for Hilo side...
  113. shinchan

    Long shank hooks for trolling

    Here's some online: or maybe you could just use some cable or ss wire with your hooks to extend it....
  114. shinchan

    Waianae November 3

    Ditto here on the karma, tell your friend that'll cost him extra beer towing at least 3+ zipcodes distance.....and you got the po'ke too!!!:rofl:
  115. shinchan

    LL Buoy Shark.

    Nice catch, I think you might need to throw on some wasabi/shoyu before tearing into it on the second pic...:rofl:
  116. shinchan

    Long day, kau kau fish.

    Good going on the mahi! At least got some action, esp with the marlin. Losing lures, huh? Some of that been going around lately.... :madfire: scissor lips strikes again!!
  117. shinchan


    Nice fish Pat! Strange how this mahi thought it was an ahi and got on your boat..... LOL
  118. shinchan

    Hi Kai - 10/24/2012

    Nice one Russ!!! Where are you catching your sayori/iheihe? I see the tiny ones when torching with the kids but nothing of size to rig up....
  119. shinchan

    Arima and the Ninja

    Great catch! Looks like you need to run more ninjas, lucky it wasn't cut up/off by the ono!
  120. shinchan

    wiki wacky Waikiki

    Thanks Wade, no, wasn't me, I went out the 10th,11th(aborted) and the 18th, but I will try that area again, saw a nice school of opelu right near the head buoy (the big one) and some mahi in the area on the 10th....
  121. shinchan

    wiki wacky Waikiki

    Thanks Pat, first time being cut off twice for me but I have a few backup lures, thanks to Brian and Paris! Sounds good but I was going to try and put a crimp about an inch in front of the lure and see if that helps, don't want to miss any fish being turned off by the wire, then again if I...
  122. shinchan

    wiki wacky Waikiki

    Thanks Brian, thats some nice lures you and Paris make, hopefully I'll stick the next one! Thanks Jimmy, I'm finding new spots so we can take your boat when ready! Thanks Jay, must be from stepping in some dog crap the other day....:rofl: Thanks, I figure if I put in the time, I'll run 'em...
  123. shinchan

    wiki wacky Waikiki

    Aloha, having tried Waikiki twice last week and going 0 for 3 (2 missed mahi and 1 ono)on day one then having some motor issues on day two, I was looking for some kind of action that would stay on for longer than 15 seconds. Met up with Brian (Changboy) and his beautiful daughter Paris earlier...
  124. shinchan

    101612 from bad to good...

    :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy Porpoise + Pat = an ahi coming on board soon......:rofl: Awesome catch Pat, especially when everything seems slow!
  125. shinchan

    Ilikai - 10/11/2012

    Good going on the ono Russell and nice meeting you at the ramp. I knew there was a few fish there, glad you found 'em!!!!
  126. shinchan

    Kaneohe 10/3

    Russ, good going on the fish!!! Were you using diamond jigs or the newer-type stuff? Always wanted to try deep jigging but I don't think my ff will show anything deeper than 800' so I'm never sure if anything is at the buoys...
  127. shinchan

    Prohibited boating zones south side?

    Mahalo for the info, I'll keep an eye out tomorrow when I'm in areas with the tankers, hopefully I'll find some fish along the way...
  128. shinchan

    Prohibited boating zones south side?

    Aloha, looking to try new areas and wanted to launch from Ala Wai and head west, because I've gone east (outside of Waikiki/Diamond Head) before. Are there any prohibited areas to enter/fish along the 40 fathom line? I checked out the map and it states the area in front of Pearl Harbor is...
  129. shinchan

    Tuna Report. Hawaii Kai 10/03/12

    Awesome, great catch!!! Hard to find these guys, especially so close to shore!
  130. shinchan

    Calm and hot....

    Aloha, took my youngest son out fishing today, left at 6 back in at 12. Lots of calm water, clear skies and not much life around. Threw out everything I brought including some lures with "subliminal" messages- not a sniff. At least Kai had fun lying down at the bow and counting flyingfish...
  131. shinchan

    Waianae harbor ledge report

    Thanks, I'll have to remember to bring a cloth with me, I thought I could just muscle it like the other mahi I got, obviously this one didn't get the memo.... Thanks Jimmy, lets go out when you're ready to go! Thanks, I'll have to remember to keep a drop cloth folded in the boat, maybe I can...
  132. shinchan


    Does anyone smoke other peoples marlin/fish as a business on Oahu? Just curious so if someday I get really lucky I'll know where to go.
  133. shinchan

    Waianae harbor ledge report

    Aloha all, needed to get out to see if things were picking up and get the rust off. Got out at 6 and turned right to Kaena zigzaging the 40 all the way. Once again saw lots of aku jumping here and there out to the 100, ran through a few times with the big lures but no hits. Made my way back past...
  134. shinchan

    who's fishing this rubbish???

    No need to sink it, it would be one huge buoy if anchored, like all the other FADs floating in 1000+ feet....
  135. shinchan

    who's fishing this rubbish???

    Wow, surprising nobody setup camp, put some tents on that thing and throw some lines... Better yet, they should figure a way to anchor that thing and make it the next FAD.....:rofl:
  136. shinchan

    Inky Deck....

    Nice size ika! Looks like more than enough for fried calamari rings or squid pasta or karaage or... :drool: and more than enough ink for some gyotaku.... And that cookie cutter shark, never seen one before, pretty neat with the reflective sides or is that camera glare?
  137. shinchan

    Mate pulled into water by marlin on Gopro

    Surfing the web came across this, my bad if someone already posted this: I decided a while back- no wraps for me, just grip, turn and pull. Can't afford to be tantaran fishing solo....
  138. shinchan

    Fishing was good.....Finally

    Nice fish! Glad to see someone catching something, water looks soooo nice. Kung Fu'ed by an otaru? Now thats a first :rofl:Kodak moment for sure....
  139. shinchan

    Where'd the fish go?

    Thanks for the replies, no giving up here, just wondering if I should bring the jigging gear, tako gear, kona crab gear, or maybe choke ti leaves, offerings, dynamite or what. :waglleybooty:Been wanting to give that ika shibi fishing a try but not sure where to do it around here, plus with the...
  140. shinchan

    Where'd the fish go?

    Aloha all, had two trips in Waianae over past 3 weeks and ran all over the place with the same results- returned home both times with 50lbs.....of ice/slush. Had couple of ono strikes that didn't stick (shredded lures but didn't pull line), otherwise saw aku jumping all over(the lockjaw...
  141. shinchan

    bouy jigging questions

    Thanks for the info Pat, always wondered about the arm, someone else just told me that they slow troll with that in place- guess it covers the water column better. I'll check out POP and see if they still have those damashi. Thanks, looks like I need to experiment with lighter line- might...
  142. shinchan

    Nice day for Marlin Check out the video

    Nice fish and vid! How was it hooked because it looked like it was half-hitched with the hook around the bill?
  143. shinchan

    bouy jigging questions

    Mahalo for the info, I thought my line was too heavy but looking at the other boats I swear they are using 30lb lines from the looks of it. I also have to try that spreader bar setup with the "coin" or curlytail for the shibi, just need to find/make one that'll fit my setup with 50lb powerpro....
  144. shinchan

    bouy jigging questions

    Aloha, been wondering what I see on boats jigging at the buoys at first light- it looks like some sort of wooden plank/outrigger extending out about 5 feet from the middle of the boat. Is it a light holder? Something to hold the line out? Something for a hoop net? I think these boat are jigging...
  145. shinchan

    090812 P.D.L.

    :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy!!!! Thanks for the pics, I can keep putting out the 9" lures with new hope! Oh yeah, I'll take some of that P.D.L any day!
  146. shinchan

    any word on where to go?

    Sorry Grander, I wish I knew, that seems to be the million dollar question.... Last I heard it was MM holding the shibis although that was a while back...looks like jigging/bottomfishing next time out for me.....
  147. shinchan

    Inky Deck....

    Nice!!! Way to change it up! Reading the title, I thought you were dragging shell for tako or something. How far out are you jigging? I caught lots of squid from piers in Washington but never any here, might be something to try. Must've been some kraken for a 3 hour battle!:eyepoppin
  148. shinchan

    Waianae Granders...

    You're right, haven't heard of 3 grander in that time period but back in '82 at the Pokai Bay tounament there were 2 granders weighed in and Capt. Tanaka with the bigger fish lost becuase it was a total weight format and the other team had another fish. Read here...
  149. shinchan

    Lockjaw West Kauai

    "Gotta do what you gotta do.... " Yup, been there lots, done that lots....jigging saves the day most of the time and if not, I've cut lots of ika strips and sifted through a lot of humuhumus just to get to something to take shame there!
  150. shinchan

    What fish are eating/ Stomach contents

    Maybe its this:
  151. shinchan

    Summer Fun

    nice batch fish, esp the onos!!! The last pic- that looks like it needs to be scrubbed out well, considering all the bacteria in the ono slime and now probably in the laceration....but I bet that ono tasted even better than the others!!!!
  152. shinchan

    Wife's Fishing Day

    Nice onos!! Never had a double ono strike yet, maybe I need to find a trashline, how far out do they occur?
  153. shinchan

    Little green boat racking um up!

    Great catch!!! I hope you saved some for po'ke, sashimi, grill etc I haven't seen bigeyes that much on Oahu, thats awesome you guys ran into that school! Must'be been (fun) chaos with all the poles going off- I need to get that double-pole-bendaspecial!!!
  154. shinchan

    Last Weekend 8/18 and 8/19.

    Nice job!!!! Talk about epic battles!!! I was thinking of what would happen if I hooked into a huge fish solo so I got a harpoon tied to a large float in line with 100 or so feet of 1/4" rope- I figure if the fish got close enough I'd drop the leader, stick 'em and let him tow the boat 'til he...
  155. shinchan

    Waianae 8/24/12

    Aloha all, had no crew today (friend working, kids in school) so did a solo run. Talked to a few boats while gassing up and setting up, sounds like its been slow lately. Most were going to hit the buoys then go outside looking for the shibi. I launched at 0615 and the water was super smooth and...
  156. shinchan

    8/21 report, lucky day

    Way to go on the fish!!! I bet you'll be unable to sleep 'cause the smile won't go away....:rofl: Props to Mr Thompson and crew with a big fish and the tow in!!!!!:appl:
  157. shinchan

    Helpful local fishing related info website

    Thanks Pat, great sites! I also use this one 'cause it shows a bit more of the inside: Mahalo for sharing!
  158. shinchan

    Helpful local fishing related info website

    Aloha all, was surfing around on the web and found this: has info on FADS, fishing regs, bottom fishing regs and news, weather, tides, DLNR etc all listed on one page. Also this from the homepage...
  159. shinchan

    Waianae 8/19/12

    Thanks all for the comments, I will keep at it and hopefully my number will turn up one day... Nice to meet you too Clay, always willing to help out a fellow fisherman! Saw you trying to tie up and the 3-4 people on the same pier didn't see you or what I don't know but no worries we help each...
  160. shinchan

    Waianae 8/19/12

    Aloha all, left the harbor with my older son Chris at 6am, booked it to S buoy, found a few boats working the area, saw one boat get a small mahi, we made a few passes but nothing materialized so moved on. This was Chris's first trip "outside" so I start heading for the 1000 and made it out...
  161. shinchan

    Waianae hot spot

    Nice one! That must be the spot if you hooked up in 20 min!
  162. shinchan

    Only 1 bite

    Now thats what I'm talking about, nice fish!!!
  163. shinchan

    Oh no! Dejavu all over again...

    Thanks all, sorry for whiny tone- not my intent....still happy we got something, ono is good, especially when shared with neighbors and friends :) Jay, we tried 3 inch lures but not the king busters, they were jumping, not so sure if feeding...I've never tried the rubber eyeglass strap, is that...
  164. shinchan

    Oh no! Dejavu all over again...

    So all revved up to go hunt for ahi, left the harbor at 6am, water smooth and glassy, went out to the 1000- nobody home.... Zagged and zigged, over hill and dale, talking to myself for hours- nothing, except for a pod of 30 or so pilot whales between S and R inside of the 1000. So that's why...
  165. shinchan

    Kimi-Some otaru

    Holy crap, awesome catch! I'd rather have that kind of action than troll all day- any day!
  166. shinchan

    Almost AHI!

    Nice catch Brian! Lots of good po'ke and sashimi right there!
  167. shinchan

    Close but no cigar

    Good going on the otaru Jason! Glad you found the school, too bad some others don't fish with aloha like most do- just more good karma points for you and more bachi for him- so the fish will be swimming your way :D
  168. shinchan

    mahis 8-11-12 Kawaihae

    Nice mahis, good size too! Haven't seen a mahi catch like that for a few months now, great job!
  169. shinchan

    Early morning luck

    Great catch!
  170. shinchan

    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    Once again Pat, you're the model of consistancy- great catch!!! Looks like I need to try and get outside more often and increase my chances or just follow you!
  171. shinchan

    Waianae 8/10/12

    Aloha all, left the harbor at 6am and hit the ledge and within 15 minutes get a good strike and boat a nice 27lb ono. Setup lines again and then get a nice kawakawa. Soon after head over to V to see if we can find the shibi but find my nemesis the winds again- then the crew member starts...
  172. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Mahalo all for the comments. Jay, I didn't take any pics of the process for fear of epoxying my camera, it was hard enough getting it out of my eyebrows... I did move the support over to fit the 12 gal tank and I made it bigger and glassed it into the floor, the top of the bench and the mount...
  173. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Finished mods from this: to this:
  174. shinchan

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Maybe it's a yellowfin from page 17 and 18 from this guide also from UH's David Itano : The tail has a "V" notch not found on bigeyes.... Still awesome catch!!!
  175. shinchan


    Nice catch! I think I need to find you when if get a marlin...How big is your smoker- enough to handle all the meat at once or...? Homemade/built?
  176. shinchan

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Nice fish! I've never heard of one caught on the 40, must be an awesome feeling!
  177. shinchan

    Waianae 8/5/12

    Thanks Pat- I got 3- 9/0 (old school type with the chrome spools) with 50-80 rods and added a new 12 gal gas tank with fuel filter, VHF and GPS and now my wife says I'm banned from West Marine.... Thanks Jimmy, I think my troop of monkeys is larger than yours- hope to see you out there...
  178. shinchan

    Waianae 8/5/12

    Aloha all, just got the boat in the water after a 3 month layoff putting in new equipment etc. Also got new pole/reels so excited to use something larger than 3/0. Left the harbor at 6am and headed straight out to the 1000, the water smooth and glassy. Most of the boats went left so I went...
  179. shinchan


    Nice fish!!! Way to keep at it! Wonder why the back quarter was burnt- did you bleed it then ice it right after? There's some in-depth forum posts here by Dennis Braid but not sure if I would do all those steps myself: I guess the...
  180. shinchan


    Nice fish Pat! Wondering if that's what it looks like when they're(ahi) spawning or is it too early for that? I haven't seen ahi like that before, would drive me nuts!
  181. shinchan

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    Holy smokes, great job!!! :notworthy And I thought my boat was tippy.....
  182. shinchan

    First marlin for Krystana C

    Congrats Jimmy, nice fish! Did you use the gin pole/block and tackle to pull it on the boat?
  183. shinchan

    Summer Ahi-Yesterday was Epic!

    Epic is right! What a day!!! Hope you got a good knife sharpener 'cause you're gonna need it to cut all those fillets and make po'ke...LOL
  184. shinchan

    071412 Plenty chances...

    Great catch as always Pat! That many ahi strikes in a day- not even in my dreams.....and I think your rod has reached it's ahi limit :rofl:
  185. shinchan

    Waianae 07-15-2012

    Holy crap, the second one almost looks bluefin-size from that angle! :eyepoppin Great catch!
  186. shinchan

    Friday 13th

    Way to get out there and get bit! I'm still doing mods on my boat and just reading your story is getting me all fired up and ready to go.... The next one is yours and its gonna be sweeeet!!!!
  187. shinchan

    Prepping line/setup for next trip.

    If you wanted something simpler, you could always use a pool noodle, those long floats sold at Walmart/Kmart for like $3. Just cut to length and put 2-3" lengthwise slits on one end. Hook goes into other end and loop/free leader into slit at the other end. Put a rubber band around the hook end...
  188. shinchan

    No tuna's yet!

    Ulua on the troll- nice! I think Paris should have a permanent spot on your boat:rofl:Good memories being made right there....
  189. shinchan

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Congrats!!! Great catch!!!
  190. shinchan

    Double lines?

    Mahalo Ken, I'll call you tomorrow. So, if you have a wind-on leader, how long is your swivel-to-lure leader length? I've always used 3 arm span leader length but since I'll be going solo a lot maybe I should be have it about 1 span length so I can have the fish next to the boat in one pull...
  191. shinchan

    Double lines?

    Aloha, just wondering if people are using double lines before the swivel? I'm using 80lb test and was thinking of making a 15' or so double (using the "braid" method, have not tied a bimini yet...) so I can put more pressure near the end. Also, what knot to use from the double to the swivel? I...
  192. shinchan

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    Nice!!! New crew member, an ahi and choke grinds- couldn't ask for more!
  193. shinchan

    Poke in da eye lol

    Yup, I remember when the ahi were around some years back and we were in a line of 6-7 boats following a bunch of matoris outside of Makua. One by one boats began to hook up, then the boat to the left of us hooked up and then the boat to the right of us hooked up, but we kept going on without a...
  194. shinchan

    Peacock Bass?

    Check this site out: has all the info on fishing Lake Wilson...
  195. shinchan

    Solo fisherman, how do you bring in the fish?

    Don't fall out of the boat, tie yourself in, I use this: I use 5/8" rope tied to the harness, other end tied to the bow cleat. Teather only as long as the transom. Life jackets are great but if the boat floats/motors away, your above water profile is about the same as a coconut in the middle of...
  196. shinchan


    Check here: I think it's foam blocks laminated into the hull, so probably best to leave it alone. As far as bilge pumps, just get one that pumps around/more than 1100-1200 gph and get some gallon jugs cut at an angle or a 3-5gal bucket so you can...
  197. shinchan

    Lucky Kamehameha day

    Great catch! Time to buss out the po'ke bowl and start mixing!
  198. shinchan

    1st Trip This Year to Waianae - 1st Ahi

    Awesome catch!!! Itching to go already, too bad I have to be in Japan visiting the in-laws for 2 weeks or else I'd pitch a tent in the truck bed and camp at the harbor...:rofl:
  199. shinchan

    Waianae 6/8/12

    Nice ahi! Way to get one at the beginning of the run! Watch, the lines at the harbor will start to get longer....
  200. shinchan

    Fishing with a 14' boat

    It has the bouys already on it, no need to get a C-map card. You can get a Bluechart g2 Vision card for the enhanced features (3D view,auto guidance etc) but I just need the basic features. Only thing compared to other GPS/chartplotters it's a bit small(screen), but then again, everything is...
  201. shinchan

    Fishing with a 14' boat

    I'm getting the Garmin 441s It's user friendly, has built in maps with depth contours of Hawaii and has a fish finder (although we haven't used it as a ff on my friend's model 'cause he has no tranducer). Not a lot of bells and whistles but...
  202. shinchan

    Fishing with a 14' boat

    Aloha John, just looking over the pics again and noticed your engine- is that a 60hp Merc? :eyepoppin Wow, it must fly full throttle! Did you have to beef up the transom?
  203. shinchan

    Sliding Tongue

    You can do it yourself if you've worked with metal before or better yet know someone who can help you. I made mine out of 3"x3"x1/4" tubing 10ft long with a 2ft extension in front of the original placement- so about 8ft extension in all. My friend has a 110 volt welder that uses flux-cored wire...
  204. shinchan

    6/1 Hawaii Kai Tax Collection

    Good catch, too bad the "tax collector" didn't gut the fish for you but I still see some fillet-able meat there!
  205. shinchan

    Just 1 Bite, but the right 1 - June 2

    Quote "F*ck yeah! Sweet!" Yeah, I would've said that and then some...great catch! Thanks for the vid, I'm all fired up and checking my reels, lines, lures 3:30am! LOL
  206. shinchan

    5/31 Hawaii Kai mahi

    Nice catch! Anytime you can go out, bring home fish and come back safely is a good day....
  207. shinchan

    Fishing with a 14' boat

    Holy smokes, that looks awesome! I think I found the answer to avoid wearing my mask and snorkel while fishing....:rofl: What is the cab made from, ply or foam?
  208. shinchan

    baiting a mahi in??

    You're welcome, hope it helps you catch more fish!
  209. shinchan

    baiting a mahi in??

    Aloha Bricyn, check this book out, it has info on how to catch different flag fish in Hawaii, including "bait and switch" technique for mahis. You'll find it at the Hawaii Fishing News website. Tight lines, Randy
  210. shinchan


    Nice!!! Pat, with your streak, I'd be surprised if you didn't come back with an ahi or a marlin!
  211. shinchan

    east side 5/14

    Lets see, akule, papio,(tako in the bag maybe?), mahi, aku and shibi- awesome catch and great grinds there!
  212. shinchan

    Recent Catch Updates

    Great catches!!!
  213. shinchan

    Mothersday run/2012 update.

    Nice catch of mahi's but helping out a boat in distress:appl::appl::urno1: Nice show of aloha!
  214. shinchan

    Waianae 5.05.12

    Good going on the shibis Jimmy, at least you got out and brought some fish home! Better than working.....
  215. shinchan

    5/13 Hawaii Kai.

    Aloha Sean, no worries, you will get into them sooner or later. We've resorted to bottom fishing/jigging as the 2nd option when the trolling wasn't working, hence we've mapped out lots of places with trumpet fish and lizard fish...and said hello to a few(hundred) humuhumu as well:rofl: Hopefully...
  216. shinchan

    Midwater FADs off leeward side?

    Aloha all, I remember hearing about some submerged FAD's years ago off the leeward side, I think maybe somewhere between Makaha and Makua? I believe there were maybe 3 midwater buoys placed in the "trolling lane", whatever happened to those? Were they not sucessful or was it just because...
  217. shinchan

    Waianae 5/9/12

    Thanks guys for all the replies and advice. I always put on my gloves now when grabbing fish as I always seem to get some cuts and abrasions on my hands and where I work it's a problem with bloodborne pathogens. I will try that foot-on-the-eye trick and carry a dark colored towel too. Hopefully...
  218. shinchan

    Waianae 5/9/12

    Aloha, after last battle with a mahi I got all kinds of good advice from other BD'ers, especially Brian (Outrage 17) who was kind enough to let me talk story with him at his home and give me a few tips. With the new found info, we set out at 6:30 and set lines as soon the water was deep enough...
  219. shinchan

    Waianae 5/4/12 Mahi battle round two

    Thanks for the replies and advice guys, I will get a bat asap and bring a blanket and maybe some glasses for my partner.... Mahalo, Randy
  220. shinchan

    Waianae 5/4/12 Mahi battle round two

    Aloha, winds still blowing a bit but itching to go so gear up and left harbor at 6am headed to V buoy. Found around 10 boats doing the merry-go-round, couldn't buy a bite so did the bottom fishing thing again. Caught some yellow spot papios, weke 'ula but bite really slow. Did some slow trolling...
  221. shinchan

    Waianae 5/4/2012

    Nice catch! Love that kawakawa sash!
  222. shinchan

    Getting Closer

    Great job!!! Could've fooled me, it looked like you've been doing this for a while! It takes some courage to cut your floor but you pulled it off nicely.:appl: BTW, what material did you use to make the insulated fish box?
  223. shinchan

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Thanks for the info, would that be here under the part labeled "Kauai Channel"? It sort of looks like snoopy upside down... Mahalo again, Randy
  224. shinchan

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Great catch and thanks for the detailed report. So being the newbie here I'm going to ask a stupid question: Dog mouth? :confused: Is that the shape of the mountains at that range or the bottom contour?
  225. shinchan

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    Nice catch! I think I need to talk story with you on how to manage all your lines solo and bring in a double without tangling everything on the boat.... BTW, are you using 5" or 7" lures?
  226. shinchan

    Waianae 4-24-12

    Thanks guys for the encouragement, I guess it's all part of paying your dues and putting in the time....and hopefully the more time I put in the better my chances are.... Mahalo, Randy
  227. shinchan

    Waianae 4-24-12

    Planned to go out tuesday knowing it would be a little windy but forecast changed the night before stating it would be stronger- try to make a go of it anyway. Left the harbor at 6am headed for R buoy. As we approached R, the conditions started to look ugly,winds gusting, more than a little...
  228. shinchan

    Tuna Pens (Farms) on Big Island

    Too many fish in a confined area= more chance for diseases to breed and spread becoming more virulant/hardy that could affect wild stocks adversely. Also all that extra food and fish waste will surely mess up the ecosystem in ways we don't yet understand... In the stores I see farmed salmon...
  229. shinchan

    Waianae 4/14/12

    Nice catch! West side seems to be the place to go but I know what you mean about madhouse on the ledge, the best piles are the ones where there are no other boats around...
  230. shinchan


    Way to keep at it and get on the scoreboard! Great catch!
  231. shinchan

    WAIANAE 2/14/12

    Nice catch! I need to find me some of that swimming pool water and learn to catch mahis like that!
  232. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Aloha Jimmy, pm sent
  233. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Aloha Jay, pm sent Mahalo, Randy
  234. shinchan

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/13/12

    Good going! Nice mixed catch there, might have to try that side when the weather is nice again...
  235. shinchan

    Fish cleaning station help

    Do you know of anyplace that builds these ss tables? Maybe some commercial restaurant supply co.? Would be nice to have one fit where I need it. I want to use something simple like the plastic folding tables but not sure if it'll hold up to heavy weight (yes, I'm dreaming for the moment- that's...
  236. shinchan

    Fish cleaning station help

    Aloha all, just got an earful and then some from the wife :madfire: for a little fish cleaning mess (see what some aku blood in the carport, kitchen floor and fridge will do, not to mention the dog grabbing the scraps from the trash bag and leaving a long bloody trail like some lion kill/murder...
  237. shinchan

    solo trip Waianae 4-10-12

    Mahalo for the replies, my family is already "fished out" with all the aku/shibi sashimi, tataki, fried fish and bones...:shake: Not me though :food-smil Rainjacket? I think I need to get a wetsuit with a mask and snorkel with all the water coming in, maybe a rubber duckie and some soap as it...
  238. shinchan

    solo trip Waianae 4-10-12

    Aloha all, just getting used to fishing solo on my boat so when the weather report said sunny with light winds, I geared up the boat and headed to Waianae and got in the water at 0630. Set up some ono lures and made for V buoy, passed some pilot whales (I guess, looked smaller than a humpback...
  239. shinchan

    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    It's definitely bigger than mine :eyepoppin Congrats on a great catch!
  240. shinchan

    Cb radios

    Thanks for the replys, I guess I won't put the CB away just yet...hopefully I'll be able to hear that call that someone needs help and I'll be there if i can (and maybe someone will do the same for me....). mahalo, Randy
  241. shinchan

    Cb radios

    Thanks Pat, I guess I'll put it back in the box....and go back to West Marine and get a waterproof VHF and antenna...:hali_parkutuli: Mahalo, Randy
  242. shinchan

    Cb radios

    Aloha, just wondering if anyone is still using CB radios while out on the water- I was testing my CB out and can hear the weather stations clearly but when I asked for a radio check on ch 23 (and the other channels up to 30) I got no response. If no one is using CB's anymore, I won't waste my...
  243. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Aloha Randy, this is my first 13, the other BW I had is a 15' Dauntless, so compared to that the ride is not as smooth, but a little more stable at rest. I wanted to put the rod holders in the back but after standing back there and taking a few waves nearly over the top of the outboard...
  244. shinchan

    Anyone see this?

    Heres the pic of the world record mako:
  245. shinchan

    Anyone see this?

    Aloha All, posted this question to a few shark experts and got this reply from Dr Skomal, the "shark guy" on the Discovery Channel and who has tagged numerous GWs off of Cape Cod- this is his answer: Aloha Dr Skomal, just wondering if you could help identify this shark from this video (3rd...
  246. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Aloha Jay, I'm still breaking in the motor but so far so good, not a boat for more than 2 people as is quite tippy with just my friend and I. So far on the times we've been out, we've taken in waves from the front and the back and ended up with ~1 foot of water in the boat- I still need to...
  247. shinchan

    Uhu on a flyrod!

    I believe that uhu is called panunu uhu and I've caught it on wana (sea urchin) and brittle starfish using a handpole from shore. It was also featured on a LGF episode where they used floaters from shore and brought up a bunch. Great catch btw, now you...
  248. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Mahalo for the heads up, I will move those to be used for storage or just light spinner use, guess I'll have to pony up the $ for the good ones....
  249. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Calmwinds and Jimmy, pm sent, mahalo!
  250. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    nice setup, looks solid too, I'll have to see if I can get it to reach the bench or maybe tie in the bow rail and the hand rail together sort of like yours. Maybe might be better to just make a longer rod holder and mig/tig welded it to both rails.... just brainstorming here.... BTW, I bought 4...
  251. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Thanks for the info, when I bought my boat the dealer included a backing diagram so I wouldn't drill into the bare foam. For now, I'll just try some heavy duty rail mounts and see how they hold up. Someone told me that they cut the rails and put a solid piece of ss in the tube where the holder...
  252. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Is that regular hollow ss tubing? I didn't know they could hold that much without crushing. BTW, the bimini is on the side for now, I've been papa'a too many times not to get one...
  253. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Wow, that looks pretty solid! Ryan, is that piece also screwed into the floor somewhere or does it just have those two brackets on the sides?
  254. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Thanks for the suggestions, never thought of using the cleats in the back. Maybe a plywood piece glassed into the bench 90 degrees to the floor might work, sort of like a transom attached to the bench. I have yet to take it out but I have a feeling that if the holders are all the way on the...
  255. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Here are some pics of the area where i want to put the holders:
  256. shinchan

    Rod holders on Whalers

    Aloha all, just got my new BW13' (2011 model) and I'm trying to figure out how to mount rod holders (preferably 2 shotguns) to the boat without having to drill a bunch of holes. I had a bad experience with an older whaler that the previous owner drilled into the hull without properly sealing...
  257. shinchan

    Black Friday deals for fishing/boating gear?

    Aloha, anyone know if any local tackle shops are having Black Friday deals? I'm stopping by West Marine tomorrow to look for any deals but do places like POP, Hana Pa'a etc also have sales going on? Happy Thanksgiving!
  258. shinchan

    I see that most people in Hawaii ...

    Yeah, I believe striped marlin (nairagi) have a higher fat content than blue marlin, maybe from swimming in colder waters? The nairagi sometimes have orangish-salmon colored meat- that's the one that makes great sashimi...
  259. shinchan

    Compatible paint for resin lures?

    Aloha all, attempting to make a few lures for myself and wondering what kind of paint is compatible with the type of clear casting resin that I can get at Fiberglass Hawaii? I'm wanting to make some fish-head type lures and want to use some really reflective silver automotive paints but wasn't...
  260. shinchan

    Pictures how we eat.

    Looks like som' ono kine grinds right there!!!!
  261. shinchan

    Skirt color suggestions for these heads?

    Mahalo for all the suggestions- Garrett, since you made the lure I will definately use that combo - is that a creamsicle or pink/pearl underskirt or? Looks like I'll need a few more skirts, hopefully I'll get another "pass" to get back in the tackle shops....:rolleyes:
  262. shinchan

    Skirt color suggestions for these heads?

    Aloha all, the wife finally let me get some new lures :eyepoppin so I picked some 7 inch heads made by Matsu, Papa, Odagiri and Tsutomu Any suggestions as to color combos with these? Mahalo for any input, Randy
  263. shinchan

    What fish are eating/ Stomach contents

    Yup, I recogize those suckers- some sort of pelagic cowfish? They used to get stuck in our parachute while night opelu fishing and I always used to step on those little bastards after we brought the chute in...those spines are sharp!!!!:madfire:
  264. shinchan

    looking for yamashita color chart

    Check here: Hawaii Fishing Lures Official Website - Handmade Saltwater Lures, Tackle, Gifts and More!: Yamashita Skirt w/ Eyes 8 Still looking for the rest of the colors that I've seen back hime in Hawaii, must be well over a hundred.....
  265. shinchan

    Fiberglass fishboxes for tuna?

    Aloha, anyone have any info on how to make a fiberglass fishbox for large tuna? On the boat we carry ice in insulated bags and we put the fish in there too but I'm looking to make something that I can use at home to chill/store the fish overnight. Something like this: Mahalo for any...
  266. shinchan

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    Sooooooo, aren't you still finning the shark?:imdumb:
  267. shinchan

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    Aloha Bird, please show me the facts as I have done. "NOT SURE WHERE YOU GET YOUR INFO FROM! ALL WRONG BABY!!! I went to A Meeting Here on Kauai and Gather all my Info From That Marine Biologist ! There were also a bunch of all timers there who agreed on everything said! My own Personal view I...
  268. shinchan

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    Aloha Popoki, dug a little on the net again and found this for the MHI: So, yes there were some males brought to the MHI but there was also a naturally occuring population here already so...
  269. shinchan

    Feds want a law to save the billfish

    If anything, humans are the introduced species here and the monk seals have been driven/displaced/hunted from their native habitat. If brought back to the main hawaiian islands, they have been reintroduced to increase their numbers, having been driven to near extinction from habitat...
  270. shinchan

    bottom fishing for uku

    Whereever you can catch weke ula, the uku will be around. I usually start inside shallow (when you can just see bottom) and catch a few moana or small weke ula with damashi/curly tails and put 'em in a 5 gallon bucket to keep them alive. By the time the boat drifts out, I have the moana rigged...
  271. shinchan

    the ultimate question?

    Depends if you have the beer goggles on or not....once your blood alcohol level is >.32, well most anything can be a mermaid.....
  272. shinchan

    Solo fishing

    Go to West Marine and get a safety harness (goes around chest) and tie your self to your boat with a line just long enough that you can not go over the transom. Tie off either to a cleat or the base of a bolted down chair. Might look stupid and might get in the way from time to time but might...
  273. shinchan

    Anyone ever caught an uhu on hook and line?

    I've seen that same method in use where I would fish for nenue in Nanakuli. You gotta pound and chum the wana and leave the scent trail, could take a while. The guy who use to do this would use something like a trolling rod blank with 100+lb line handpole-style and flip the fish back like he was...
  274. shinchan


    Aloha, this site has reel repair tutorials. Look under "Fishing related" on the forums page, then to "Fishing reels" and then 'Fishing reel tutorials" and then find Shimano. Also the Jan '10 issue of Marlin magazine has a photo step by step tutorial of how to change out drags for the Penn 80vsw...
  275. shinchan

    Portlock yesterday

    Very nice! Now no more hunting for the right map. Doomo Arigato gozaimasu.
  276. shinchan

    Portlock yesterday

    Check here: Chart 19358 near the bottom of the chart. Thanks to Mike again....
  277. shinchan

    Help!! - Im Looking for a 24-26' Boat Recommendation Please

    BTW, who makes these hulls? Are they mainland companies or...? I've always wondered where to find a new Knife or Hawaiian or Kamicraft or Yelllowfin or Surrat.
  278. shinchan

    Small Boat Recommendations?

    Damn Smudge! I can't concentrate with those girls working it...LOL I'm looking at an Arima too since I'm in Tacoma for ~2 years for work and I plan to check out the factory so if anyone wants measurements, questions on options etc let me know.
  279. shinchan

    whatta ya think????

    Yeah, I drilled the back of my heads too- got the size crimp I use, measured it and drilled the same size through 2 new Ahi P's- thats when I realized that I needed to crimp it first with the right size line to get the right basically I have 2 heads with oversized holes...:imdumb:live...
  280. shinchan

    Fishers Forum-MARLIN ON THE MENU

    Yeah, it was mailed to me from WESPAC and its part of their 145th meeting managing offshore fisheries for the US Pacific areas. I went to a few meetings before on Oahu, really interesting hearing what they had to say. I wish I could go to this one but I've already planned a trip. I wanted to...
  281. shinchan

    Fishers Forum-MARLIN ON THE MENU

    Thought this might be interesting to attend with all the talk here on BD.
  282. shinchan

    Question about shibis and aku

    Try using no leader- straight 30lb test to the double hook,15-20lb test if super leader shy. I use some pearl heads and some chrome bullets all about 3-5" so you get a slight depth change. Sometimes the only lure they'll bite is a single blue silver nehu strip with a single hook- it skips on the...
  283. shinchan

    looking for rigging ideas

    So something like this Atlantic Towers - Inflatable Boat Product with angled rod/outrigger holders. I saw something like that in a Sportfishing article a few years ago- it was setup for salmon fishing and had something like 8 rod holders and downrigger mounts- looked like a sure tangle to...
  284. shinchan

    looking for rigging ideas

    Mike, ever thought about putting in an aluminum frame of some sort in the 'yak? Kinda like the type you see on those inflatables/catarafts that run the rapids on the mainland? Something like this: Accessories - Aluminum Seating Frame for Inflatable Boats Dinghy. Single Platform. or this: NRS...
  285. shinchan

    Coral Reef Fishing

    Ok, here are a few places: 1) Behind Ilikai hotel in Ala Wai harbor- lots of tilapia there, watch out kids get bored after having caught a few dozen or so (when they're hungry...) and get jaded the next time you go out. Use white bread and no sinker or float- its sight feeding hookups.LOL The...
  286. shinchan

    Yes, there are fish in the Ocean

    Nice!!!!! Wish I was out there...2 hours on 50?!? Holy crap, you've got some patience LOL Do you run all 50's? You're a braver man than me....Time for you to gas up, get the ice and head back out there!
  287. shinchan

    Where's the Pinnacle??

    Try here:Chart 19380 Zoom in on the area straight past "S" bouy- pinnacle depth 890 fathoms. Got this map courtesy of Mike's post- mahalo for the info!
  288. shinchan

    Got one!

    Nice catch! Po'ke at your house! Looks like I need to get some lures from you and get some mana in my spread....BTW, I'm getting a shirt and rooting for Kimi at the nationals-go get 'em!
  289. shinchan

    Bolohead for us

    Like they say, you gotta just run 'em over worries, sooner or later you'll hanapa'a....
  290. shinchan


    If you can get some, try lai (queenfish) skin: They're used in lure heads as well as skirting material/wings. They were used a lot "back in the day" but fell out of style with the new reflective foil materials. Pretty durable and shiny silver. I think my uncle said you had to dry it throughly...
  291. shinchan

    Moon Phase

    I think I read about this topic in an old Hawaii Fishing News article by Jim Rizzuto- you're talking about trolling and marlin? Or trolling in general? Lemme unearth the old issues and find it for 'ya...I think it'll be cool to use it as a reference but with the amount of fishing I do, the best...
  292. shinchan

    33' kamicraft ready to do some damage

    Awesome fishing machine!!!! Get chicken skin just thinking of the possibilities....
  293. shinchan

    Trolling By Myself

    It's been a while but I used to fish solo with an 18ft Glasspro out of Waianae. I know this might look stupid but I got a sailing safety harness from West Marine(West Marine: Ultimate Safety Harness Product Display) and rigged it with enough 2" flat webbing to reach just beyond the corner pole...
  294. shinchan

    So a Ta'ape buys a lizardfish a drink and....

    It might be this: Osezaki, Japan 40 ft Juvenile, Makua, Oahu 30 ft Juvenile, Makua, Oahu 30 ft Trachinocephalus myops BLUESTRIPE LIZARDFISH "Rare on sand in deeper water. Several blue stripes on body. Eyes set high and far forward, head blunt. Reaches about 13 inches. Common in Japan...
  295. shinchan

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    To save time and space, here's my automated response for all the idiot posts, just fill in the blanks (if you can, if not find someone who can): Thankyou (your name here) for you dumbass comments/opinions. It is unfortunate that you have a negative opinion/comment about Hawaii/our fishery...
  296. shinchan

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    You know, I don't know what this thread is turning into but it isn't good. I said my peace and let it go at that but still people are trying to stir things up. Fine. You want to "troll" for a response? WTF does carp have anything to do with the "discussion"? If you mean something else, say...
  297. shinchan

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    No, I have no issues with Cali fishing or anywhere else. I just don't go and tell people what they should and shouldn't be doing just 'cause it's more acceptable to me. Ahi is better for po'ke, but in this economy nairagi(striped marlin) po'ke at $4-5/lb goes a lot further than ahi po'ke at...
  298. shinchan

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    Ahem, there's a difference between pushing and supporting. I support local fishermen for doing what we do and you bash them for taking pics and eating marlin. You're trying to make us look bad when we've been doing this all along. Simple. I also don't go to the CALIFORNIA forum and say "I...
  299. shinchan

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    Yes, thank you for coming on the HAWAII forum and giving us your opinion on how we should handle our fishery. My family has been here for generations and we've had marlin on the table since before I was born. So you FROWN on eating marlin? So what! It's been a food fish first in Hawaii...
  300. shinchan

    Do you support you local lure makers?

    So true. Here's the list of luremakers that I got lures from over the years: Guzman, Futa, Odagiri, Matsu, Sonny Arita, Polu Kai, Gary Eoff, Joe Yee, Mark White to name a few... I would like to add to the arsenal but the wife "banned" me from perusing tackle shops. How I let her get more shoes...
  301. shinchan

    akule/opelu fishing

    My uncle used to commercial fish for opelu and akule back in the day(who didn't) and he used some really small flies for opelu, mostly a variation of blue or green (like tennis ball fuzz). The akule would hammer the plain white (larger)flies with the red nail polish at the eye. He used to use...
  302. shinchan

    Trolling Leaders

    Sorry, I don't understand your logic. :imdumb:If I'm not fishing IGFA style (i.e. w/fighting chair), then what difference would IGFA regulation leaders make? But thankyou for the info, when, I mean if, I find someone fishing by IGFA rules, I'll be sure to let him know....LOL
  303. shinchan

    Trolling Leaders

    IGFA? I thought we were talking about the average weekend warrior? For starters, I don't know many boaters here who have a fighting chair so I guess that eliminates IGFA rules, correct? After the strike, its keep it in the swiveling shotgun, handline and crank. IGFA- more for charters and paying...
  304. shinchan

    Surf Fishing Turtle Bay Oahu

    My bad, I think I misread the post... You meant crocs as in Crocodile lures/spoons, not footwear, right? Yup, those work too, just gotta work 'em quick so they don't get stuck on the reef, which happens pretty fast sometimes...... Aloha and good night for me...
  305. shinchan

    Surf Fishing Turtle Bay Oahu

    You might want to use some old shoes/tabis when shorecasting on the rocks, 'cause it's really sharp/slippery and (relatively)exposed feet might get shredded... BTW, you can try casting Pili poppers or use the standard clear water-filled float and fly/curly tail approach. For that, use about a 2...
  306. shinchan

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    So can we all agree that everyone has their own opinion and while it may differ from yours, we can still respect each other's opinion? We can agree to disagree? This is like :deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:fighting0061: Nuff already (IMHO)
  307. shinchan

    Skirt color combos

    Ok, heres the salmon color combo, the lures (pearl head and 12" Futa) on the right with the salmon skirt outer, orange/yellow/white middle and plum inside. Also the "Gay Bob" pearl head upper left, and the bottom left is a Polu Kai head with icy blue over yellow over hot pink on the bottom left...
  308. shinchan

    Skirt color combos

    Aloha, I was asking the same question on that thread: ""Since we talking lures, can anyone post pics of "standard" lure colors, skirt by skirt? For example, my friend swears by the "Mavis" color combo, while another just runs "Dark Salmon" on all his pearl head jets. For those who live outside...
  309. shinchan

    Hawaii Maritime Center Closing

    So I went today and it was great! Lots to see with many exhibits. Wish I could stay longer but had to go to work...On the way in I noticed a 4' barracuda near the ship (I can't help but search for fish everytime I'm near waterLOL) so on my way out I wanted to check out what he was stalking. I...
  310. shinchan

    Hawaii Maritime Center Closing

    Aloha and thanks for the informative post with pics! I'll be going down there next week with my kids and I hope they'll find it as interesting and cool as I do...Maybe the next time they reopen it, they can add (if it's not there already) a "sportfishing in Hawaii" kind of exhibit with the...
  311. shinchan

    San Diego Harbor ...Tidelands 4-22-09

    Wow, sounds like great fishing! What's a "spot"? Halibut? Sea Lions? Never seen those here in Hawaii, about 2500 miles or so from San Diego....Is this the Hawaii section or....? Might want to move this post to the CA section, but still sounds like great fishing (wouldn't want to piss off that...
  312. shinchan

    Moving from Hawaii to Tacoma-where to go?

    Thanks guys, I feel welcome already! Cornfed-pm'd you I'll definitely be attending the meetings when I can, always fun to talk-story with other fishermen... What, no L&L here, no spam musubi, no po'ke? Looks like I gotta open my own plate lunch place.... I'm ahead of you on the slipper...
  313. shinchan

    Need opinions on lure choice

    Damn, thats a lot of ground you covered! Try to find the birds or a good ledge, otherwise you'll probably have to run 'em over to find 'em. I heard theres some crab pot buoys on that side, you'll have to ask the BD'er who fish that side, might hold some fish there....If you were on the Waianae...
  314. shinchan

    Moving from Hawaii to Tacoma-where to go?

    Uh, more like Lakewood, St Clare. I keep thinking that its Tacoma 'cause its so close... I think bundling up with an extra sock in the right place should keep the "frijolitos" warm enough LOL Scream like a little girl? Wow, this will be fun....Think I'll invest in a wetsuit now... I can't wait...
  315. shinchan

    Moving from Hawaii to Tacoma-where to go?

    Mahalo for the replies. Yeah, I read the rules and regs online and am now more confused than ever....Maybe I should surrender now... Ready4TheYellow: We have that kind of tuna here too-Just slow troll the ledge near the KBs(Korean bars) and garans you'll hook up multiples if you've got the...
  316. shinchan

    Moving from Hawaii to Tacoma-where to go?

    Aloha! I'm moving from Honolulu to Tacoma and I'm wondering where to go and fish. I'm looking into getting a small boat if I can find storage/parking in Tacoma(any ideas?) but if not, where's a good place to shore fish for salmon, halibut or lings? What kind of tackle do you recommend? Mahalo...
  317. shinchan

    Ahi Fever Tournament 2009?

    Ok, I contacted Norman Swift and he emailed me today and said that the tournament is on and he is picking up the applications tomorrow. Whew, I was getting worried there...
  318. shinchan

    Bait & fads

    Aloha, I'm not sure of the closest to you in Haleiwa but I do know that POP (formerly Pacific Ocean Producers) has boxes/flats of bait-sanma, saba and anchovies to name a few. Here's the link:POP Fishing & Marine:Bait
  319. shinchan

    Ahi Fever Tournament 2009?

    Is there going to be a tournament this year? I haven't seen it listed anywhere, even HFN, and the Waianae Boat Fishing Club's website hasn't been updated since last year. Anyone have info on it?
  320. shinchan

    show me your lures!!!

    Since we talking lures, can anyone post pics of "standard" lure colors, skirt by skirt? For example, my friend swears by the "Mavis" color combo, while another just runs "Dark Salmon" on all his pearl head jets. For those who live outside Hawaii, the Salmon color combo is something like salmon...
  321. shinchan

    Need opinions on lure choice

    Because he's on a kayak with a sail: This is the Hobie Adventure Island (16'). Make sure you run that big lure on the short corner...LOL I think running the sayori (ballyhoo) should work too. Most importantly, make sure all you have all the safety gear(VHF, flares, epirb etc) 'cause if...
  322. shinchan

    penn 330 gti rebuild

    Damn, this is awesome!!! Thank you for posting this, I can now attempt to try this on my own.... Mahalo again, Randy
  323. shinchan

    #5 scoop faced 9" swimmer

    Just wondering if you have come across these shell veneers: Hawaii Lure Paua Abalone, Mother of Pearl Shell Veneers and here: Mother of Pearl Shell Veneer from Aqua Blue Maui Some cool colors to fill your palette...
  324. shinchan

    Need opinions on lure choice

    Will you be sailing or pedalling the Hobie AI? I think your best bet would be to use a rigged opelu(weighted possibly) and slow troll around the ledge, could turn up uku, ulua, ono, mahi even shibi. Live bait is better if you can get it. If you don't want to use bait, you could try Rapalas (CD18...
  325. shinchan

    Any kayak fisherman out on the Isalnds?

    Here's a few sites to check out/contact: Good luck
  326. shinchan

    Kona 3/4 - 3/5

  327. shinchan

    Kona 3/4 - 3/5

    Das the way, got some grinds there...BTW, I'm not familiar with "rats" and "mice". Rats are small marlin or...? Mice?
  328. shinchan

    Most popular style fishing boats in HI (under 30ft)?

    I read in the Hawaii Boat and Yacht trader, that they're making the 18' Force again, due to the economy. Here's the ad: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width=684 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width=290 height=207><TABLE height=60 cellPadding=0 width=256 border=3><TBODY><TR><TD...
  329. shinchan

    Any Planer Users in Hawaii ???

    Aloha, I used a planer a few times in Waianae using a setup I read somewhere, probably a Big Game Fisherman article. It was a medium sized planer and I used a 60+ foot leader with a swivel in the middle with the main line connected to the ring on the planer. I caught a few small shibi, largest...
  330. shinchan

    Small trolling boats?

    Yup, I have to admit it, I used to be a boat ho LOL but I need to change my ways since my schedule never matches my friends... The P-14 is tippy? Bummer 'cause I keep seeing them in Craigslist from time to time. I'll have to find out who makes the 15' Alii Kai or if its even still around. The...
  331. shinchan

    Small trolling boats?

    Aloha! This is my first post here- great site, makes me want to go out and find the bird piles! Anyway I used to fish Waianae about 10+ years ago on a 18' Glasspro but then I got married (you can see where this is going...) and a few moves later I find myself in Kapahulu with no boat. So I'm...