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  1. Nordhavn68

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    WOW! Yellowtail of a lifetime, congrats! Your smile says it all
  2. Nordhavn68

    NP, 14 mile , 8 miles off Catalina

    "And for you sir, what would you like to have for dinner tonight?" Ill take the swordfish please, oh actually Ill have the Mahi!" haha great work
  3. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open

    Yes but 2 guys are coming to look, 1 Friday & 1 Saturday
  4. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open

    Ya buddy, whats up Travis. Yup she has been very good to me over the years & its time for her to make someone else happy
  5. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open

    Price reduced! $7999 Motivated seller
  6. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open
  7. Nordhavn68

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 20 Open

    1980 Skipjack Open (Hull ID #SKP02067M80A) Volvo Penta 225D/280 drive. recent bellows, tilt motor & worm drive, exhaust Y, impeller, hoses, belt, Alt, other misc. maintenance Aluminum Arch, pole holders, bimini, 30 gal Bait tank, Vhf, GPS/Fish Finder, Bilge Pumps x2, Current tags, 2 new...
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    Hey Tito, love your posts . I was wondering what photo software you use?

    Hey Tito, love your posts . I was wondering what photo software you use?
  9. Nordhavn68

    Good day out of DP 6/21

    wow thanks for the report & congrats on the yellers & the swordy! the menu looks epic in the coming days
  10. Nordhavn68

    Going to BOLA upcoming Monday to Wednesday!! any Yellowtail Tunas?

    most yo yo, blue & white tady 4/0 was the hot iron, a couple scrambled egg jigs landed fish, the ticket was trolling a pink MirrOLure through bird schools once the fish were sinking out, about 15 nice yellows were landed with that jig during the weekend
  11. Nordhavn68

    Going to BOLA upcoming Monday to Wednesday!! any Yellowtail Tunas?

    great yellowtail bite, just got back last night. Lots of bird schools close in. No bait all iron fish, although one boat in our group made some bait one day. Wind was not bad until the last day, sailflow was dead on. water temps varied around the islands from 65-71, averaged about 68. Water had...
  12. Nordhavn68

    bahia de los angeles current conditions/report?

    Thanks for the info. double limits, appreciated & the grammer check..
  13. Nordhavn68

    bahia de los angeles current conditions/report?

    Does anyone have a current report for bola? looking for basic info- wind, water temps, fish reports looks like ganzaga water is toasty already thanks in advance!
  14. Nordhavn68

    if you want to text them to me my # is 949-466-8467

    if you want to text them to me my # is 949-466-8467
  15. Nordhavn68

    Hey Robert, Do you have any photos of your galvi trailer? interested for sure, thanks

    Hey Robert, Do you have any photos of your galvi trailer? interested for sure, thanks
  16. Nordhavn68

    WANT TO BUY- galvi trailer for 20' skipjack

    looking for some new wheels for my skipkack 20, if anyone knows anyone please let me know! I have been searching CL up & down the coast with no luck, cant afford new.. thanks in advance..
  17. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive upper gearcase seal kit

    If anyone has recently replaced the seals & orings on the upper gear on a VP 280 drive can you help me confirm the correct part number for this seal kit? I found this one #18-8361 which I think is a sierra # & looks correct for about $60 I basically want to replace the 2 belows, the water...
  18. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    Got it, thanks all for the help
  19. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    thanks for the help & info. guys
  20. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    ahh I see the light! they dont thread in, just sit in the 2 exsisting holes so you can spin it, wiggle it out thanks again, will try tonight!
  21. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280

    Hey bankrobber did you ever have to try & pull your pin? I have the same one you have that does not have the extra 2 threaded holes. I cant get mine out, nothing to grab onto
  22. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    Thanks Kindafishy, that home made tool would work perfect if I had those 2 extra holes to thread it into in the pin!
  23. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive steering pin

    I was looking for some help with removing the steering pin so I can slide the helmet up, disasseble the upper gear & take care of some maintenance- bellows, water hose & fitting, etc. some of these pins have 2 extra smaller threads so you can drive the pin out of the bushing as its described in...
  24. Nordhavn68

    DP TUNA 8/30

    super gooch Noah! your the man
  25. Nordhavn68

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    this may have already been posted here is a vid of San Jose del Cabo shows the after math Donate to help rebuild Cabo & San Jose
  26. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    things can go wrong quick for sure, I fixed my problem & wanted to pass along the remedy in case anyone comes across a similar thing that rod (#3 above on the profile drawing) that goes down through the outdrive to the reverse lock mech. was binding in the small tube which it travels back and...
  27. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    Dave no clunking either
  28. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    here are some dwgs
  29. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    I took out the shoe, checked the cone clutch everything is perfect, no wear it shifts fine by hand with the linkage all disconnected, smooth no problem thats not the problem. The reverse lock rod shown above in the middle photo is the tight point where it goes through the outdrive housing &...
  30. Nordhavn68

    Volvo 280 drive hard shift

    my 280 drives shift has recently become very hard I have disconnected the control cable at the drive linkage & the linkage up to the shift housing & eliminated the cable and control head & upper shift housing- they are smooth. If you work the lower drive linkage where it connects to the...
  31. Nordhavn68

    Latest intel

    I basically had the same experience as Albert yesterday, we were on the water from 4am-9pm we went to the 14 first to check it, water was colder (68) and lifeless then to 267- warmer up to 70, then to 209 area with the pack 72-74 just shy of the 209 tuna were popping up everywhere, birds...
  32. Nordhavn68

    Triton Sportfishing Going offshore

    heluva deal to get in on the local action in our backyard
  33. Nordhavn68

    hali in the surf

    NIce job congrats! shes a beauty now onto the plate
  34. Nordhavn68

    Big Butt Bite to Boat (ok, Kayak) video

    Awsome, congrats on the nice fishy!
  35. Nordhavn68

    Cabo July 2-7 Panga Recommendations

    Ill second Eric & Gordo banks pangas in San Jose cant go wrong ask for chame or jesus great panga captains
  36. Nordhavn68

    Catalina Bonito - 2/22

    i also love to catch them on the bass gear, alot of fun and delish sashimi! also good lobster bait.. We went over this weekend and they were thick pretty much everywhere same with the sea dawgs..
  37. Nordhavn68


    I will be the first one to say I still want to be you when I grow up :hali_olutta: Great photos and a hell of a year!
  38. Nordhavn68

    CONDOR 10/22 Non-stop ripper for Yellowfin to 35,Limits of YT to 24, 9 Dorado

    Note to self- Be Ron when you grow up Another nice trip ROn!
  39. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack 20' open

    Basically 2 mpg, 65 gallon tank, 120 mile range roughly depending on seas, etc...
  40. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack 20' open

    Not sure engine is strong though, I put a new hour meter on about a year ago and it shows 200 somthing, the other one didnt work - - - Updated - - - come and get er! - - - Updated - - - trade for your parker? haha. Grom is getting big Travis
  41. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack 20' open

    Hes actually rubbin one out looking at those fine lines of that beautiful craft- haha
  42. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack 20' open

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  43. Nordhavn68

    The Barn Is Not On Fire Tuesday 9.17.13

    I did pretty much the same on monday for the same results minus the thresher., I would try the local banks, my buddys have done well a few days in a row this week. theres some nice water and some pattys holding yellers and dodos just up above the 181, bring your spear gun just in case..
  44. Nordhavn68

    184 Pound Bluefin ???

    Here is another photo
  45. Nordhavn68

    poke the man in the grey suit- sketchy - Great White Scares Spear Fisherman
  46. Nordhavn68

    Finally WSB on the deck!

    Nice job, congratulations! She is a beauty
  47. Nordhavn68

    Steelhead in the Point Loma Kelp

    a few have been caught in Mex too over the years
  48. Nordhavn68

    Dana point

    my buddy got a nice one out of DP the other day on a bait o matic with a mack, they are out there now, slow 2 knot troll
  49. Nordhavn68

    Cortez Bank trip

    including a tow rig and good board
  50. Nordhavn68

    Retard in the harbor

    Kill this nonsense thread please, lets get back to fish reports already
  51. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear engagement rough

    Thanks for the info 40grit
  52. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear engagement rough

    Thanks Derby, I just changed the oil in the drive and it looked pretty good
  53. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear engagement rough

    The outdrive was rough going in and out of gear, and it has progressively got worse over the last year or so. I removed the cable from the drive to see if it was a bad cable or control head related. The control head and cable are as smooth as butter and when I engage the gear by hand its very...
  54. Nordhavn68

    8/26 First post SCI

    so cal fishing at its finest Great Job! now the hard part is going to be choosing one of the 3 stellar menu items
  55. Nordhavn68

    Pegasus 1.5 Day- WOW

    ya we got some decent yellows last week just inside the 209. we ran out to the 181 and it was dead out there. gonna try this weekend for some of the dodos I have been reading about. the water is 77 at the SC pier right now, crazy If your ever around DP give me a shout and well get out there...
  56. Nordhavn68

    Pegasus 1.5 Day- WOW

    An amazing 1.5 day trip on the Pegasus- We had 20 really cool guys onboard with an even better captain and crew. Everyone worked very well together and a lot of friends were made, smiles and high 5’s were seen all day long. Our group had 7 from the Dana Point San Clemente area. It...
  57. Nordhavn68

    Clean 21' Parker with low hours!!

    Shes cleaner than my boat! nice ride, good luck!
  58. Nordhavn68

    DoDo on 3/4 day Dana Point

    we experienced the same offshore on Sunday, when lock jawed, jump in and shoot em!
  59. Nordhavn68


    we went yesterday, 209 out to the 181 down the ridge almost to the 182 water is colder out by the 181, 67-69 we found some warm water with paddys holding yellows just inside the 209, 72 degrees plus. Lots of life around there, 181 ridge area was a dessert. lots of boats no action. Good luck!
  60. Nordhavn68

    Trim Tabs for skipjack FB

    I use them on my open 20, they work great!
  61. Nordhavn68


    Look delicious Tommy, thanks for the vid. I can smell the aroma waffling through the corridors. mmmm
  62. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta AQ225D Electronic ignition conversion

    Derby, Do I need to set the point gaps and dwell settings or should it be good to go once I put in the new one?
  63. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta AQ225D Electronic ignition conversion

    thanks for the info guys
  64. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta AQ225D Electronic ignition conversion

    Anyone have any experience-tips-advice on doing this? was going to replace points, rotor, etc. for about $40 but now thinking the $180 investment for the electronic conversion may be worth it. thanks in advance
  65. Nordhavn68

    Applications now being accepted

    the Ugly Americans colors are shining bright, a breeding ground on this site especially SoCal threads. These 2 threads are a good example. If this same question was posted in a Hawaii, mex, east coast, alaska, costa rica, etc you wouldnt see the comments you do here Shielded by their...
  66. Nordhavn68

    dfg problems suck but....

    of course they do, harvesting information the man is watching you
  67. Nordhavn68

    Hoopin SD bay Revenge style

    He will probably think twice after he gets a nail through his lip strap a gopro to that bad boy
  68. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    haha you know me too well, lets get after it sucka
  69. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    the buoy buddies work really good, I highly recommend them and their inexpensive.
  70. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    its been on the menu daily- 7 down 7 more show up. this has been my best year by far cheers :hali_olutta:
  71. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    from captjeffjones- I added some fresh basil to the butter and hit em on broil at the end for about minute Ill move this thread to the recipe section...haha "Split the tail SHELL on top and carefully pull the meat up so it rests on top of the shell. Place tail w/meat on top on a cookie...
  72. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    we are all pretty spoiled on the abundance of lobster on the west coast, I wish the Nordy was mine although I think you would like my old skippy too
  73. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    good recipe, here you go it called for 2 cups lobster meat- I used double that, 6 tails boiled and chopped up 2- 8 oz phili cream cheese 4 green onions chopped up 2 table spoons parsley chopped up 1 table spoon fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon horseradish...
  74. Nordhavn68

    got a few

    I went locally in DP with some friends and got a few, it was drained low tide going high when our first traps were set at dusk. we worked the jetties, the point, capo reef and down to poche reef. Final count was 50plus shorts and 12 legals. perfect weather a few coldies and good friends. The...
  75. Nordhavn68

    Everything under one roof

    A young guy from North Dakota moves to Florida and goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job. The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says,"Yeah. I was a salesman back in North Dakota." Well, the boss liked the kid and gave him the job...
  76. Nordhavn68

    Commercial squid boats

    true that sent from my iPenis
  77. Nordhavn68

    Commercial squid boats

    Yup, tuff guys flexing everywhere pretty pathetic
  78. Nordhavn68


    Nice! That critter is older than you
  79. Nordhavn68

    another lobster report..

    went to cat, weather was perfect. fished the backside in the am, water looked pretty good off salta verde, silver canyon area, tried some drifts, my buddy picked up one barley short wsb but thats it. water was 64, not much tide swing or current though, headed around to the front, all you want...
  80. Nordhavn68

    20ft Skipjack Rig

    Here are some photos of my open 20 for reference if you have any more questions Ill do my best to help answer them
  81. Nordhavn68

    Rotations Premium Dog Food Presents - Show Me Your Dog - Contest Ends Oct 11th

    Two of our rescues- Chase and Addie Chase weighed 147lbs.... and now is at 88lbs, who said only cats have 9 lives??
  82. Nordhavn68

    I need macs!

    if your at cat theirs mass bonita off the quari cans, good bug bait
  83. Nordhavn68

    Do you plan on fishing inshore next year? READ THIS!

    what field is it? last step...cant find DFG or? it cant be public health. gun control or high speed rail yes i KNOW i AM AN iDIOT
  84. Nordhavn68

    I thought this was a fishing board? Mod can you setup a bug board?

    These rants are hilarious only in the Socal forums...
  85. Nordhavn68

    Guest search light model 502A 12vdc- $250

    brand new Guest beamer search light in box never used. 12vdc, has remote control powerful 100-watt halogen beam can illuminate objects 1 mile away can rotate 355 degrees and down through an 80 degree arc $419 retail brand new HALF PRICE- save here- $200
  86. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack open 20

    40 benjis and I bet it could be yours, look like OMC outdrive
  87. Nordhavn68

    Limits on YT

    Wow! congratulations sounds like a great trip, where were you guys? I can taste the sashimi "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will sit on the boat and drink beer all day"
  88. Nordhavn68

    The Kid is on fire!

    Watch out Dan H! Evan you rock, keep the vids coming! very informative and entertaining!
  89. Nordhavn68

    9/28 bass chewing & weird radio cal

    This is US navy war ship channel one six what are your intentions nice Bass fishin ! glad to hear someone is tuggin on something besides what I am
  90. Nordhavn68

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    Here is one in DP, for $26k I have been hunting for an older 25 diesel.. Your boat looks cleaner, has some more bells and whistles and it comes with the trailer... would you consider trade for a clean skippy 20 and 15K cash...
  91. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    Radar is our delivery radar for work.....borrowing shhhhhh... I moved the BT back their but then moved it back, I like it better inisde and boat rides much better. also got new lifeline agms, new batt switch/ACR and new batt cables, etc Did you sell the sea ray sled? groms lookin big, he will...
  92. Nordhavn68

    catlaina lobster fishing

    This is not a laughing matter, whats next save the sea lions?
  93. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    I heard about this stuff, binds to itself with no adhesive and has a temp rating of 500 plus. I am too much of a dumb shit though to remember to put it on my own boat.... great info thanks alot
  94. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    Haha, you will be the first I call brother. I have her pretty dialed, new gauges just went in and got a new prop 15 x 17. gets out of the hole much easier and still cruises at 20knts no worries. Call me anytime your around DP and we can take her out for some beers and bass :hali_olutta:
  95. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    I always carry some pretty thin walled plastic buckets that could be cut up too for a similar type patch. Great idea MAc Giver, noted. :hali_olutta:
  96. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    Thanks for the info all- got one of the hoses from orange engine yesterday, gates. inside liner gave and she almost blew at Cat yesterday
  97. Nordhavn68

    Volvo Penta dealer

    Does anyone know of a good Volvo Penta dealer around Dana Point, San Clemente area that may stock engine cooling hoses? checked dealer locater but not much I know of Allison marine, warner boat sales in costa mesa any info is appreciated
  98. Nordhavn68


    nice boat, a few quesitons- what dock in DP? would love to see it HOw many hours on diesel? any interior photos? I assume VP outdrive? is outdrive new? 2 grp 31 agm batts? how about slip?
  99. Nordhavn68

    "Ships To Reefs", DFG Doesn't Know?!!

    Some semi-recent news on the USS Kawishiwi ships to reef project come on DP, we need it
  100. Nordhavn68

    black background

    too early to squint no likey
  101. Nordhavn68

    $ days on the Spirit Of Adventure 8/19-8/23

    Congrats, great smiles and report! I guess #13 isnt so unlucky, outfished by my son, I love it
  102. Nordhavn68

    INDIAN 1-1/2 day trip special for 8/31-9/01

    Shes sold out...on the waiting list if someone bails, ya right! thanks Chris for the great offer, that went quick as expected
  103. Nordhavn68

    (NO) Yellowfin off Dana

    Tuna Report Yellowfin off Dana a BOLD statement
  104. Nordhavn68


    Yo Spike wazz up. Lets get trev streech take Lili june to SC and a Cat for a yellow tail weekend derby run this month??
  105. Nordhavn68


    whats up Travis, im taking great care of your old love...she treats me good. hows the grom?
  106. Nordhavn68


    Went out Saturday with the wind and headed to san mateo got a few short wsb with rubbers early, not much else until around 12 then the calico bit started, my buddy landed grandpa calico on a flylined sardine "slow to grow so let em go" must have been 2o years old
  107. Nordhavn68


    Maybe already posted, pretty classic. "-The photos were taken at Cable Marine. It is a 65' flybridge motoryacht with triple Mercury 2.5 outboards. The engines were mounted to a bracket that was bolted to the swim platform. Why, you might ask? To get the boat back to Texas (from Florida)...
  108. Nordhavn68

    20ft skipjack storage seats engine cover 65gallon SS tank 20' trailer

    Yes trailer looks pretty fresh, would you consider bartering for anything? pretty broke.....
  109. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Nordhavn yachts build Long range displacement speed vessels. There is a class this Friday at 1 on the difference between displacment and semi diplacement hull designs.
  110. Nordhavn68

    Skipjack open 20 prop quesiton

    I am running a 15x19 prop on a 280 VP drive with the 305. She lags out of the hole without trim tabs and a pretty tired motor When theres a bit of a folllowing or beam sea and I have to slow down then she cant stay happy on a plane Im looking for the best size prop for fuel econ, engine load...
  111. Nordhavn68

    10/28 Catalina lobster limits for four, great night

    Nice Job! Thats the way to do it. we did the same and went over last Sunday before she blew Monday. We had 15 for three of us and about 20 shorts. They crawled from about 8-10 and then it shut down
  112. Nordhavn68

    What do you do with the fish head?

    eat it big guy, eye balls, sockets, lips, cartilage, everything- and add some rice this is why Asian's live longer than fat greezy americans
  113. Nordhavn68

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    Thats if she doesnt hit the stoplights! 3am for sure right down the center!
  114. Nordhavn68

    License question

    his own card and gauge too I thnk
  115. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Here are some more recent 120 Hull shots, you can see the scale of how large this vessel is going to be once all the decks are on
  116. Nordhavn68

    25' Wellcraft Eclipse

    I would like to see some photos, pm me please if your not posting here. thx
  117. Nordhavn68

    3 Days with Gordo Banks Pangas - 10/3 to 10/5

    So I sit here in my cubicle
  118. Nordhavn68

    20' skipjack open for sale.

    fotos, come on back
  119. Nordhavn68

    We now joined the Skipjack Club. 20ft Open

    Travis may have the little stock seats, I didnt want them...Travis? there may be some in classifieds, I saw some awile back in there
  120. Nordhavn68

    We now joined the Skipjack Club. 20ft Open

    35gal aqua world it says?
  121. Nordhavn68

    We now joined the Skipjack Club. 20ft Open

    heres one thing I fixed you might want to check on your rig. everytome i washed the boat water got in the cuddy. there were huge gaps at the bottom and sides filled these voids and im in business now, dry as a dessert whores ass
  122. Nordhavn68

    We now joined the Skipjack Club. 20ft Open

    heres some photos, this bait tank never rolls bait either...i am thoroughly impressed and I highly recommend. Travis your old skip has made 7 catalina runs and mulitiple day trips out of dana since I snagger her from you....she's my new bitch. congrats on your 20 brother , shes a beauty.
  123. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Yes its back now. Come on down and take a look, shes a beauty
  124. Nordhavn68

    mooring bugs

    haha so true...the wife always over cooks the veggies...broccoli every time
  125. Nordhavn68


    the grom is gleeming Hooked, or should I say Hooped for life~ good job Dad. Cant wait to get my son out there too
  126. Nordhavn68

    mooring bugs

    tramp stamps and all...they were making the macks for us
  127. Nordhavn68

    mooring bugs

    harbor patrol was at my boat 3 times, hanging out, Dougs wife who I was with is a harbor patrol....wasnt an issue
  128. Nordhavn68

    mooring bugs

    went to avalon last weekend for a good friends bachalor party. excelletn weather. bucaneer days, rum, bloody mary's for breaky, golf, women with there tops off, love cat we had 4 boats from 20'-50' moored 15 drunk friends......we drank, we sang, we made speaches into the night about changing...
  129. Nordhavn68

    first bugzilla of the season

    saweet! its as big as a hoop or did he wrestle that sucka underwater
  130. Nordhavn68

    Best way to cook.

    So I tried many methods on 4 differnt tails- This method won by a landslide.mmmmmmmm was amazing~ I broiled for 30 seconds at the end to get a little golden on top, super suckulent meat must be from the water in the pan. Thanks for sharing, highly recommneded
  131. Nordhavn68

    Weekend at Cat

    we stayed at our mooring hooped off the side and had limits for everyone within 2 hours. critters are everywhere! we threw back maybe 35 shorts.
  132. Nordhavn68

    Wind & Weather websites

    FNMOC for civilians has reliable information. We use this for hundreds of offshore cruising boats daily. Also I would recommend checking the local NOAA bouy data, NOAA does not suck, most have current live wind, water temps. etc.
  133. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    This grom has more miles, kills and releases than most average anglers ....Imagine waking up everyday on that boat at that age- what are we targeting today dad?
  134. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    recent pics from Cabo
  135. Nordhavn68

    Anyone wanna buddy boat to the hidden bank?

    actually the wind looks not so bad until Friday. swellage coming too then, wear a comfy wetsuit, goggles, pound monster drinks, kill tuna, charge it brother life is short. you da man PZZ750-142230- COASTAL WATERS FROM SAN MATEO POINT TO THE MEXICAN BORDER AND OUT 30 NM- 910 AM PDT TUE SEP...
  136. Nordhavn68


    please rename this thread "captains whine here" rant whatever you want to call it, this entire thread wreaks.........for you, your bis. I guess i have seen alot worse though.... call on Ali, Jason and the other BD's to help support you with there comments in your hard times with...
  137. Nordhavn68


    its amazes me the bad attitudes from business owners during these times. Doesnt matter if 15 crosseyed cooter davenport tweakers handicaps wanted to charter your boat- Suck it up! You got your wrong hat on and it sounds like your in the wrong business....
  138. Nordhavn68

    Boat sinks, Little Harbor, CI

    Mc master carr / grainger is also a good place to get a huge variety of cheap 0-48vdc audible alarms for a bilge pump or just float switch and high water alram. Differnet tones, piezo tones, electronics tones, cheap and effective.
  139. Nordhavn68

    KVH Gyro trac sensor for Trac Vision G6

    Reduced to $499 obo! Retail is over $2000k
  140. Nordhavn68

    Anchor and Chain

    sorry to phych you out, just checked and its sold....
  141. Nordhavn68

    Anchor and Chain

    Here is a screaming deal we have for $100, with an anchor, chain, rode- brand new shooots :2gunsfiring_v1: better hurry or I am going to buy it! Nordhavn Garage Sale
  142. Nordhavn68

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    I am the happy new owner of Travis's old skip 20 open ~ he had her dialed in and I think the specs are on this thread already, I added the bimini for a little shade and so I could light my cigar easier after I kill some fish
  143. Nordhavn68

    Dusty and dirty

    No worries, I can understand your aprehension about Chinese products. Basically we have been working with China and Taiwan for 30 plus years perfecting the art of building frp boats with highly polished molds, me personally for 15 and there very skilled crafstmen that can build a sound boat. We...
  144. Nordhavn68

    Dusty and dirty

    here is the 120 plug construction to make the molds, the hull is being laminated now. lots of steps for frp
  145. Nordhavn68


  146. Nordhavn68

    Dusty and dirty

    Here are some photos of the contruction and a behind the scenes look of the amazing crafstmenship that goes into the Nordhavn 75EYF from our China factory.
  147. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Heres a full set of photos, pass it on! We can get anyone a great deal right now on one of these
  148. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    here are some more photos- baby blue hull in the water in Florida
  149. Nordhavn68

    NEW- Galvanic Isolator- 50 amp model # 2550P

    Galvanic Isolator- 50 amp model # 2550P This is a brand new, till in the box and never used. There around $385 new
  150. Nordhavn68

    KVH Gyro trac sensor for Trac Vision G6

    make me an offer, its brand new in the box never used
  151. Nordhavn68

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    Yo Trev, your engine gives me a boner, whats the mini copper looking heat exchanger back there for? trany cooler? you should have gold dipped the carbs too, love it Im still in Stuart and I will be back Friday, Check out this sick Ribovich on the dock where im staying. nice towers, there...
  152. Nordhavn68

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    Im going by there this weekend and I will send more pics of the rebuilt engines, tranies, new shafts, couplings, rudder posts, rudder, complete steering system, the list goes on and on
  153. Nordhavn68

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    This is an awsome project I thought I would share. My good friend Trevor has basically gutted this baby and started from scratch. She should splash here soon. Everything has been redone or is new- all the stainless, new diamond seaglaze doors and windows, new electrical system from engine gauges...
  154. Nordhavn68

    KVH Gyro trac sensor for Trac Vision G6

    Sold KVH Part # 01-0226-01 Includes sensor module, ADCU, Flush mount ADCU panel, Horizontal sensor bracket, verticle sensor bracket, Sensor to ADCU cable and kitpack.
  155. Nordhavn68

    Screw fishing, boats,...

    Conragts Brother, your life will never be the same again your always welcome to fish your old Skippy anytime with the grom too..
  156. Nordhavn68

    Make an offer on 2 chairs

    do they swivel, slide?
  157. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    The Nordlund 110' is a sweet boat, 18-20kt cruise. it weighs about 320,000 lbs. the Nordy 75 weighs 305,000lbs. and has a 12 knot cruise. Its a very heavy, stable full keel boat. Big HP and fuel burn difference too. Full vs. semi displacment.
  158. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Here's some more, its a really beautiful boat and the machinery spaces have really improved alot since #1. We also have the mother ship 120' under construction now aswell. She is a beast
  159. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Here are some shots of the holy place, Im over here now :hali_olutta:
  160. Nordhavn68

    Best set of pics ive seen for a Nordhavn 75eyf.....

    Yes Range key word. The Viking may get you there and back fast but there is alot to be said for full displacement, comfort and luxury. The 75 Nordhavn is fully stabilized and it does have twin mtu series 60's as standard. This is our fist attempt at a long range yacht/sportfisher and to...
  161. Nordhavn68

    Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    Very Intersting and tanks for sharing! You always have a chance to win the pot even if you have the smallest fish!
  162. Nordhavn68

    Cool bait ball video

    YouTube - SPEARED by a MARLIN
  163. Nordhavn68

    Lahaina Harbor Maui, Hawaii, September 30,2009

    Awsome fishing when its on! I went out of Lahaina a couple years ago on a buddys boat in Sept. and we got nailed by a big bull on a pink feather just as we cleared the harbor entrance bouy trolling. We were maybe in the boat for 8 minutes and lines in the water for maybe 2 minutes
  164. Nordhavn68

    SCI Boat ran a ground

    while we are on is a brand new nordy just delivered and then was ran onto the rocks up in cambell river area. the lower cabin port lights were completeley under water, were not dogged and leaked like sivs. shaft, prop, toast...nice christening
  165. Nordhavn68

    west butterfly for tuna? YEP!

    @ 5000k rpm about 25gph ea i guess
  166. Nordhavn68

    Some of my best captures

    Thats Awsome dude! thanks for sharin
  167. Nordhavn68

    Reply from the "old drunk" neighbor

    post this Sh$t in the drama section not the fish reports.. WTF? Bunch of fuck$$ing idiots, what happened to fishin
  168. Nordhavn68

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    post this Sh$t in the drama section not the fish reports.. WTF? Buch of fuck$$ing idiots, what happened to fishin
  169. Nordhavn68

    Condor Report from the 17th

    Thanks for the report and NIce fish and counts! there definately would still have been tangles with 34 experienced fisherman to love the partay boats
  170. Nordhavn68

    New Lobster Regs

    thanks for the info and update on the loby regs longwell jeff dalton , Oh My god! your just an idiot!
  171. Nordhavn68

    Condor 1.5

    Had a great time fishing on the Condor about 120 miles SE offshore Sunday, Good weather, cold beer and good people for the most part. The crew and captain, A-plus. They run a great operation and I would recommend the boat for sure. Compliments to the chef once again and for the brada that gave...
  172. Nordhavn68

    14 mile bank dorado

    Bull, Indian summer the fish are just starting to come north
  173. Nordhavn68

    southbound and down 8/19/09

    Fu#$ I want your Job, hiring? Nice fish and even nicer boat
  174. Nordhavn68

    The Big YFT are on the Butterfly too.

    my fish weighs more than yours...thats not that big....critical asses spike-dog, nice yf in local waters it looks like there just a little pissed your was bigger than theres hey Aleta Cabo did build a 60 and many custom variations, you guys are pathetic.