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    Lobster please help

    Want to go lobsters fishing from shore with lobster net. I know a spot all I see is red lobster when high tide. I want to know is it legal, also I know you don’t need a fishing license fishing from shore.
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    For Sale wellcraft center console

    18ft wellcraft center console. 150hp evinrude Fitch 2 stroke. galvanized trailer. Boat, engine and trailer in every good condition. fish finder gps and live well.$5700 or trade for newer compact suv.
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    18ft wellcraft for sale

    2001 wellcraft 18ft center console fisherman. 15hp evinrude fuel injection. Very good condition. GPS fish finder vhf radio. Built in bait tank. Dual battery. $6000.
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    Solo 250 pounds dorado

    Solo 250 pounds dorado. What happen to that post?
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    help. looking for a mechanic.

    I have a 2000 evinrude 150. I spent over $1000 cant fix the problem. Computer check everything ok. Motor run good on land. But once the propeller under the water the rpm can only reach 2500. I jack the motor up shift to 5000 rpm. Once i lower the motor drop the propeller under water. The rpm...
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    rule for posting in bloody deck.

    I just want to know any rule for posting fake item for sale or to buy fake item in bloody deck. Maybe not in us. How about buy and sell from other country. thanks
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    trip cancellation policy.

    Book a trip from 976 tuna 1 month ahead. Call next day to cancel because of emergency cant make it. They charge me $50.00 cancellation fee. A few day later they call again, they said once you book a trip you cant I dont care you are dying, that is our policy. I said fuck your policy.
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    2 day fishing report

    unbelievable 2 day fishing report from a sport boat. Total 1 mackerel 33 rockfish. Sorry I cant name that boat.
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    Marina Del Rey 39 yellows

    976 tuna report marina del rey catching 39 yellowtail 4 wsb. WOW
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    POWER PRO made in CHINA and made in USA. What is the different. Same quality?
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    phenix black diamond psw700H

    for trade brand new Black Diamond psw700H casting rod, will trade for a spinning rod. Prefer phenix, calstar or terez. will be match with a stella 20000sw. will come and pick up near pasadena. thank
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    shimano stella

    I need a spinning reel that can handle any yellowtail. I am looking for stella only.What size? Will be going overnight to 3 days trip.
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    over limit rockfish?

    1 sheephead 3 bocaccio 17 rockfish 100 red snapper. for 10 anglers on soc cal. dec. 11. is it over limit?
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    is vermillion rockfish same as ca red snapper?