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  1. tattuna

    Fishing Tattoo

    Thank you!
  2. tattuna

    Fishing Tattoo

    Thanks! I don't have a website anymore but you can see my work on Instagram @tattuna I appreciate it!
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    Fishing Tattoo

    I have a few fish tattoos, but here are some that I have done on other people...
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    FS: Accurate 870 and 270 $250 each

    Used but in good condition. $250 shipped each.
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    Awesome trip. Puro cabrilla! I'll be there next month. I wouldn't have recognized Brent if it weren't for the dorado/Baja tattoo I did on his arm. Good stuff!
  6. tattuna

    Castros contact needed

    Not sure if the number is still the same but this is Panfilo's cell 011 52 646 154 4169. He's a great guy. Tell him I said hi.
  7. tattuna

    wahoo off the domes 10/16

    Awesome Cory!!! Stoked!
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    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    I like the Strike Pro poppers. They're made of wood and cast well. I found an old Megabait popper in the garage and tried popper fishing for the 1st time and stuck a 35 lb Bluefin on it last month. I was fishing a Tranx with straight 40 on a jig stick. On my way home from that trip I stopped...
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    Oahu shore fishing info

    Thanks a lot for the info! Sounds like most guys fish bait there, but that really isn't my style. I'm gonna bring some spoons, poppers, and jerkbaits and see what happens. Size doesn't matter since whatever I catch will probably be a new species to me. I'll be sure to post my results when I get...
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    Oahu shore fishing info

    I'm going to be tattooing at the PIAE convention in Honolulu August 7-9. I'll be staying with a friend who lives on the North Shore in Waialua and would like to do some fishing once the convention is done. I've never been to Hawaii and don't know what to expect. The friend I'm staying with does...
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    WTB Tarpon 160i

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone will have one they're willing to sell. Mine was swept away from the beach in the Sea of Cortez a couple weeks ago. I've got an offer for a great deal on the newer 160, but I'm hoping to find a 160i. Took this picture of her a couple hours before...
  12. tattuna

    Gonzaga panga recommendations?

    I rented a panga once from Alfonsinas. I think it was $160 for about 6 hours. I've heard about a guy that knows the area best that's out of Papa Fernandez, but when we went to talk to him he was sick and couldn't get out that day. Probably no one to call and set it up ahead of time. Best bet is...
  13. tattuna

    An old punk song about fishing Catalina

    They also wrote a song about fishing calico bass back in 1981. One of my all time favorite Bands. They were from the South Bay and fished a lot. Mr. Bass lies waiting in his kelpy room Waiting, til comes doom He comes and then he goes He sees Orca and then he knows And I can see Mr. Bass, he's...
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    New fish tattoos and other art

    Thanks guys! Bigfishhateme: Shogun Tattoo 2480 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena CA
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    New fish tattoos and other art

    It's been a while since I've shared any work on here. I haven't been doing a ton of fish tattoos but I've had a few cool requests. I'll be tattooing at the Austin Texas convention January 16-18 if anyone is out that way and wants to get some work done. Here are a few from the past couple...
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    Looking for a Cedros report

    Got back last night, fished Tuesday-Thursday. Targeted bass but lots of yt action all on surface jigs, Wax Wing, Candy Mac, etc. Mixed from 20-40 lbs with the biggest of the trip going 45 lbs. Fished all the way north to all the way south and saw yt up and down the entire stretch. Within 100...
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    FJ Cruiser: New vs Used

    As an FJ owner for 5 years I have to say it's the best vehicle I've owned hands down. That being said it has the worst blind spots of any vehicle I've driven. Got a wide rear view mirror and a couple round (sticker backed) blind spot mirrors placed on the passenger and driver side mirrors and...
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    Recent Works (tattoos, shoes, etc)

    My shop is in Pasadena. Sorry for the late reply. Just saw this
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    Ghosts on video

    Makin it look easy. Great video Greg. Love the underwater footage!
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    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    Thanks a lot guys! I have a shop called Shogun in Pasadena. You can check out for details
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    Recent Works (tattoos, shoes, etc)

    Thank you! Yeah, custom hand painted for a friend. They're a real pain to paint so I don't take orders for em. I raffle off a pair every year at the FHS LB show though.
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    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    Thanks a lot guys!
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    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    It's been a while since I've shared my work on here. I still get lots of BD'ers coming into the shop and I appreciate it! This was a palm sized spotty from the other night. Really fun piece to do A request for an "Aztec style" Calico One of those fish everyone's catching lately Cover...
  24. tattuna

    Recent Works (tattoos, shoes, etc)

    It's been a while since I've shared my work on here. I still get lots of BD'ers coming into the shop and I appreciate it! This was a palm sized spotty from the other night. Really fun piece to do A request for an "Aztec style" Calico One of those fish everyone's catching lately Cover...
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    Just got home from my first session...

    Cool to meet you Jon. Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to bringing that piece to life!
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    Gonzaga Bay

    He's doing great Jan. I didn't see him personally but a few of the guys in the group I was with hung out with him for a bit. He was camped down the beach from us. The weather is nice and he's catching lots. We just got back last night and there are a couple more guys coming back tomorrow.
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    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    After the error message I left my browser open for a couple hours, went back and clicked the link again and I was able to see and print it. Whew!
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    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    Just purchased online through the link from Pam and Art. I was able to print the receipt but when I went to print the license I got this message: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started...
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    Calico Rod for KelpClothing!

    So Stoked to call this rod my own. Way nicer than I expected. Thanks again John!!
  30. tattuna

    Largemouth on Trout on Vans

    Bummer! Tues won the bid. He also won the pair I raffled off at the FHS last year. So he has the only 2 pairs I've ever done with a LMB on 'em. They went for less than I'd charge to paint 'em, so I don't think I'll be doing that again. It was cool to see all the interest though.
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    Largemouth on Trout on Vans

    It's been a long time since I painted a pair of shoes but I just finished these after getting so many requests. 30 hours labor. Hand painted with fabric paint and fabric brushes. I'll be painting another pair for FHS soon but none fer a while after that. These things are tedious to paint! I...
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    Largemouth eating Trout on Vans

    It's been a long time since I painted a pair of shoes but I just finished these after getting so many requests. 30 hours labor. Hand painted with fabric paint and fabric brushes. I'll be painting another pair for FHS soon but none fer a while after that. These things are tedious to paint! I...
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    Show me your BASS...

    I thought it was a reef dwelling sandie, but a marine biologist says it's a Sandico. Cool colors either way. Caught on the shore of PV on a charter with Benny Forentino. Trip on the blue ventral fins...
  34. tattuna

    Reel seat shifted off center. How do I fix it?

    Well wuddaya know! Thanks Moon. Been fishin this rod all Summer without a clue it was telescopic. Thank you! Thanks for the offer Jimmy, I appreciate it! I'm feeling about as sharp as a circle right now...
  35. tattuna

    Reel seat shifted off center. How do I fix it?

    I've been fishing a tight drag pulling on lots of stripers with this rod lately. Just noticed the seat's shifted way off center. Do I have to get it rewrapped to adjust the seat? I'm hoping for an easy fix so I don't have to go without this rod too long, but I'm not sure there is one. Any advice?
  36. tattuna

    FS: Shimano Calcutta TE 200 GT

    I'd be all over this if money wasn't so funny right now. Great reel, in great condition. Good luck on the sale! I'd swap ya a TN 14 (gold) if you're up for it.
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    Calico! Not done yet...

    Beyond anything I imagined. Insane!
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    Looking for Panfilo

    He hasn't had internet for some time now. You can call him at: 011 52 646 154 4169
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    UFC 167 - Georges St Pierre vs Mike Tyson!! Sat Nov 16th

    BULLSHIT! Even GSP fans gotta admit that. Lame....
  40. tattuna

    UFC 167 - Georges St Pierre vs Mike Tyson!! Sat Nov 16th

    I think Hendricks will do it. When was the last time GSP finished a fight? 2009? We'll see. It'll be good either way. I like Hendricks though
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    Charles Bel

    Absolutely beautiful!
  42. tattuna

    Plane missing in Baja Sur

    Tragic. Crash was found and no survivors. The same plane we take to Cedros. I don't know who the pilot was. According to "Reporteros Sin Fronteras" on COLECTIVO PERICU the Aircraft crash site has been found, 25 kilometers west of Loreto, in the highest part of the Sierra Giganta. The Military...
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    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Great info John, thanks for sharing! I learned a lot fishing with you and Doug, and after our return home, I went out and bought a Seeker 809-8T. I'm sold on that rod and you definitely helped with that as I watched you stick fish after fish on it throwing the wedless MC. Congrats to you and...
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    Bass action at SCI

    Good stuff!
  45. tattuna

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Baja is very safe. Mexico is a big country and the cartel problems are localized in certain areas mostly in mainland Mexico. Challenge your classmates to show you where the kidnappings and beheadings have happened in Baja. Challenge them to show you how many victims were American tourists...
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    FS Shimano Curado 300 J Japanese model

    Shimano Curado 300 Type J. Japanese model. 6.2:1. 10/10 mechanically with upgraded carbontex drags. 8/10 cosmetic with light scratches mostly from travel. Light use. Comes with original box. $250. Pick up in Pasadena or PayPal and add $6 for priority shipping
  47. tattuna

    Buyer BEWARE.... VOLARIS out of TJ to Los Cabos NOT so good a deal any longer!!

    Bummer! I just got back Sunday from a week in La Paz. Flying out of TJ to La Paz was $240 round trip. $300 cheaper than Alaska out of LAX. I've heard about the rod thing so I called 3 times after buying my ticket to make sure bringing an 8 foot rod tube wasn't going to be a problem. All 3 times...
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    Fishing Tattoos

    Thanks a lot guys! Look up or or @tattuna on Instagram. Feel free to stop by the shop or give me a call any time Sean. Thanks! Here's some stuff I've done....
  49. tattuna

    Wax Wing

    Spotties don't like em...
  50. tattuna


    Killer trip! I love when the locals underestimate your gear only to prove them wrong. Good stuff!
  51. tattuna

    Gonzaga for awhile !

    See ya Thursday! Keepin my fingers crossed for no wind.
  52. tattuna

    Yellows at La Jolla for Triple Limits! Feb 18, 2013

    Killed it guys, congrats! Wish I could've joined ya. Helluva way to wake up to those cell phone pics:beerbang:
  53. tattuna

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I love the show! Been going since I was a kid. It definitely wasn't the same after the recession hit, but last year was great! Such a good time, wouldn't miss it!
  54. tattuna

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Thanks a lot guys! Size 11 Josh, although people don't wear em. If Iend up doing more maybe I'll put em on eBay or somethin. Looking forward fo seeing everyone at the show! It's always a great time there
  55. tattuna

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Just finished these last night. Probably around 30 hours of work. Hand painted with fabric brushes and fabric paint. These will be raffled off at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach. I get a lot of inquries about these but I don't take orders for them. I just don't have the time. Step by step...
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    Calico Bass in Watercolor

    Thanks a lot guys! Made it your wallpaper? That's flattering! Nice frame Chad, thanks again!
  57. tattuna

    Sardine Swimbait in the making

    Looks killer!
  58. tattuna


    They may be having internet issues. Try: [email protected]
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    Calico Bass in Watercolor

    Thanks a lot guys!!
  60. tattuna

    Calico Bass in Watercolor

    Just finished this piece last week. I've been playing with watercolor for about a year now and I'm finally getting the hang of it. I started off by studying this picture Lopaka took of Afran holding up a really great looking calico... Progress... The end result... The...
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    Ocean/Fishing Tattoo

    Thanks guys! My shop is in Pasadena. The shop rate is $150 per hour. Feel free to call me at the shop this weekend. Not too long of a wait right now.
  62. tattuna

    6 inch triple trout

    I want it. If there's anything specific you're looking for let me know.
  63. tattuna

    2012 Video year in review

    That's a whole lot of flatties! Killed it Greg, good stuff!
  64. tattuna

    Fish, fish art, and a tattoo

    Thanks a lot guys! Sorry I missed ya. I work from noon til 8:00 and I'm off Monday and Thursday. Feel free to shoot me a call. Thanks!
  65. tattuna

    Fish, fish art, and a tattoo

    I haven't been tattooing many fish recently so I've been spending my free time painting 'em. Been messing with watercolor for about a year now and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. I'll probably make prints of some of these and have 'em at the FHS. I've got...
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    New Sheepshead and Green bass paintings 12/9/12

    Killer! I REALLY like that goat!
  67. tattuna

    one for me, less is more

    I didn't know you had it in ya Rob! :rofl: I'm not surprised thpough. Great build!
  68. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay Oct 28th to 30th

    Great stuff! That's a toad barred pargo. Those suckers pull hard and taste delicious!
  69. tattuna

    PENN presents the BD Pumpkin Carving Contest - Ends on Halloween

    Thanks Erica! My 1st and probably last attempt. That stuff's tedious! I really like yours as well.
  70. tattuna

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Horrible news. R.I.P. big guy.
  71. tattuna

    PENN presents the BD Pumpkin Carving Contest - Ends on Halloween

    Figured I'd give it a shot. I can definitely draw better on paper!
  72. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay 10/06/2012

    I love that place! How far is the road paved now? I was hopin they'd never finish it.
  73. tattuna

    Fish Tattoos

    That's killer! Who did that for you? Hey Tako, check out Tattoos by Charles. He dies some badass fish tats. I think.
  74. tattuna

    looking to get tatoo

    I specialize in fish tattoos. You can check out my site or Instagram: tattuna. Ben Grillo is also a fisherman who tattoos and does some amazing work. Look him up. He's near SD and I'm near L.A. I did this one last week
  75. tattuna

    UFC 151 - Jones vs Henderson Cancelled - A first for UFC

    Link's no good Mike. Can you post another?
  76. tattuna

    Sheephead and Calico on Squid on Vans

    I did these for a fellow BD'er. I stopped taking orders for these because I just don't have the time. I'll be working on a couple more for the FHS and for an upcoming art show, but I don't have any time to take any more orders this year. I spent about 30 hours on these using fabric paints...
  77. tattuna

    Tattoo artist - fish

    Most of the fish tattoos posted on here are by either me or Ben. Ben's closer to SD and I'm in Pasadena.
  78. tattuna

    Metal Fish Art

    Very cool!
  79. tattuna

    Cedros fly in report 7-24/7-26

    Great stuff Sherm, that place is awesome! Great outfitter too. That kelp lure is classic! Cool to see Omar wearing the shirt I sent him too.
  80. tattuna

    Fish tattoos and paintings

    Thanks a lot guys! Stan, I'd like to make a trip and visit ya next year. I'll bring my equipment if ya want some ink!
  81. tattuna

    Fish tattoos and paintings

    Forgot this one. I think I posted an in progress pic before it was done
  82. tattuna

    Fish tattoos and paintings

    I haven't been doing many fish tattoos lately but here are a few I've recently finished. Finally got the privelege to do a Matt Kotch piece on skin. There's a lot he puts in to his work and doing it as a tattoo really helped me appreciate it even more. Started a cool NPH/spottie tribute...
  83. tattuna

    Couple of new FISH tattoos

    Those tuna are immaculate! Impressive as always. Gotta love the bass on the slug too. Don't know how I missed this post
  84. tattuna

    Cedros Island "Cabrilla" line size how heavy?

    I was there last month and fished straight 65 lb braid for 4 days. One with green braid and the other white. My firends I fished with had floro leaders and we all got bit the same. Lots of quality there. Lock your drag and pull hard!
  85. tattuna

    Awesome fish art!

    Amadeo's stuff if top notch! Really cool guy as well. Always willing to help out a fellow artist. I have a few of his shirts and some of his prints still waiting to be framed. Some of the best quality local stuff around for sure.
  86. tattuna

    Punta Bufeo May 12-13 Yellows Sierras and Cabrillas

    That cabrilla's a toad! Big sierra too. Great to see more quality outta that area.
  87. tattuna

    Huge Baqueta (Gulf Coney)

    I've seen em over 20, but nothin like that. Awesome catch!
  88. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay Cinco de Mayo

    Great trip! I miss that place. Too bad about them big grouper. Strong sunzabitches! Can't wait to get back down there. Thanks for the motivation!
  89. tattuna

    More fish tattoos....

    Coming soon...
  90. tattuna

    More fish tattoos....

    Thanks! I'm in Pasadena, CA. I've been looking to get to your neck of the woods though. I have a connect up there, but not sure when I can make it. Thank you! I've done lots of tattoos with calicos in the kelp. Always a popular image and never gets old.
  91. tattuna

    More fish tattoos....

    I've been having fun at work lately working on lots of pieces I booked at the FHS. Some of these are finished and some still have another session or two to go. I also recntly signed on to instagram for any of those who would like to see what I've been working on. Just search for tattuna...
  92. tattuna

    New Striper painting 4/1/12

    Killer Matt! Those subtle glazes on the body and bubbles/motion in the background add a lot
  93. tattuna


    Good stuff! Eggy's one helluva a fisherman and great captain.
  94. tattuna

    LowBudgets day in SD bay. SWBA rd.2

    Stoked! You guys killed it. Congrats!
  95. tattuna

    Tubing the Jungle 2/20/12

    Good stuff Jimmy! I gotta get back to that spot again
  96. tattuna

    Grissom Loking,..

    Nice one! Good to see you back around
  97. tattuna

    More Hand Painted Vans

    This is the 1st pair I've done in a while. Men's size 10 Someone will win these at the FHS LB for the price of a $1 raffle ticket.
  98. tattuna

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

  99. tattuna

    Got ink?

    Yeah, not the best pic but I can tell it was well done. The shop rate is $150 per hour. I'll be tattooing at the FHS Long Beach at a much cheaper rate. I'll start booking next month. You can reach me at the shop for details.
  100. tattuna

    Got ink?

    That looks great! Who did that for you? This is my hand done by Mr. Ben Grillo at Power Tattoo/Flying Panther I started this one yesterday A few others I done did...
  101. tattuna

    Traditional Fisherman Tattoo Flash

    I'm all for it. I can do the designs if someone knows how to do that kind of printing.
  102. tattuna

    Traditional Fisherman Tattoo Flash

    Just finished a set of flash with fishing related themes. Sometimes it's good to get back to the basics. All designs heavily influenced by Sailor Jerry Collins. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this stuff.... This one should've said "pedal"....DOH!
  103. tattuna

    She Swallowed...

    Not many people throwing big baits at that lake. Even fewer getting rewarded. That's an awesome catch! Congrats!
  104. tattuna

    New Trout painting 12/2/11 and more..

    So cool in so many ways. They just keep getting better Matt, I dig it!
  105. tattuna

    Youth Pastor Dean Wheeler's

    That there is a work of art! Very lucky young man.
  106. tattuna

    Fred Hall Scavenger Hunt 2012

    I'm in! I got a booth where I'll be tattooing and selling my shirts.
  107. tattuna

    Swimbait Massacre D.V.L DD's

    Hell yeah!!
  108. tattuna

    BD/ Charles Belnavis Tattoo final chapter

    Great meetin ya Art! Check yer email. I wanna do a bit more to it. One more chapter to go...
  109. tattuna

    BD Tatoo

    Almost done with the tom cod/sabiki combo to finish of yer 1/4 sleeve. Pics to come soon...
  110. tattuna

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    I live for those kind of trips, that looks like agreat get away! Good, good stuff :cheers:
  111. tattuna

    Sturgeon in LA Harbor

    A friend of mine caught a 5+ footer fishing inshore about 80 miles south of Ensenada around 15 years ago. I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't for the pics.
  112. tattuna

    Cedros Island Bass (pic heavy)

    That's the good stuff right there!
  113. tattuna

    new shark painting 9/24/11

    So true! Lookin real good Matt, especially for only 6 hours!
  114. tattuna

    Mr. Brown, can you do us a favor...

    Thanks for the reminder Don. Done
  115. tattuna

    Meatloaf Recipe????

    I just made this one and it was delicious! Thanks!
  116. tattuna

    new sketch and painting 9/13/11

    Nice one Matt. I love seeing the sketches! I don't have any experience with tablets, but I've seen some impressive things done with 'em. Good chit!
  117. tattuna

    Diaz is out of GSP fight!

    I was lookin forward to that fight too. Sucks!
  118. tattuna

    6.5 proto type bait

    Man, you've been busy! These look great!
  119. tattuna

    tattoo artist

    Thanks for the refferal Eddie! Good talkin to ya Cory. Eddie's right, if you don't wanna make the drive Ben is the best guy you can see in your neck of the woods. Great tattooer who also fishes.
  120. tattuna

    Mexican secondary

    That's what I'm talkin bout! Never sweat the small stuff. Just got back on Weds. Yellows and seabass were a no show but calicos in the kelp made the trip.
  121. tattuna

    Heavy swimbait stick

    Killer! Thanks
  122. tattuna

    Heavy swimbait stick

    Anybody??? SBRX 78H, Dobyns 795MLSB, Okuma C3H, etc...
  123. tattuna

    Heavy swimbait stick

    Lookin for a 7'6"-7'9" swimbait stick for throwing big 3-7 oz baits. I'd rather barter for another rod, reel, or even a tattoo, but I can do cash no prob. I'd really like a SBRX 78H or something similar. Let me know what ya got and what you're lookin for. Thanks!
  124. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    All ltd. edition calico tees have been sold! I'll be sending a check for $600 to the Ocean Access Protection fund in the morning. Thanks everyone for your support!!! :cheers:
  125. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    Only two shirts left guys! 2 shirts! I'd love to send that check out tomorrow. Let's make it happen.
  126. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    Thanks Scott! Only 5 shirts away from writing that $600 check! Almost there guys, thanks for the support!!
  127. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    Thanks Scott and Ron! Down to 11 shirts. 4 XL and 7 XXL. Almost there guys. Help me write that check!
  128. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    Thanks for stepping up guys!! Large shirts are SOLD OUT! I have 6 XL and 7 XXL shirts left. 13 shirts left to go. Let's do this!!
  129. tattuna

    Helping to raise funds to fight the MLPA

    I went to about a dozen meetings and stood side by side with a lot of you guys and watched the whole scam unfold before our eyes. I've donated my time, letters, and cash to help keep access to our local waters. Now the meetings are over but the fight continues. I created a limited edition line...
  130. tattuna

    New Clothing Line YT, Bass, Sheephead

    Thanks Steve! Looking forward to getting the merch in your store.
  131. tattuna

    Soldiers Rod Progress

    That's beautiful!
  132. tattuna

    Baja Trip....6/20-6/28

    Awesome trip! The quality of those photos are outstanding! Thanks for sharing, that was great.
  133. tattuna

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    What an absolute nightmare. Being familiar with the boats and the area this really hits home. I hope things turn out as well as they possibly can after all that's happened. Todos en mis pensamientos...
  134. tattuna

    Trap Rig Swim Bait

    I used to use these a lot. I tied mine a lil different though... What you need: 3" swimbait 10" of 8 lb Power Pro 2" sewing needle Size 6 Owner Mosquito hook 3/16 Owner Darter head Thread the bait on the lead head Tie a Palomar knot to the trap hook and a double...
  135. tattuna

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    I'll have a website where you can order them and I have a couple retailer's who said they'd carry them as well. Once everything's in order I'll make an official announcement here on BD (as long as I can do it without violating any advertising rules). Everything should be good to go in about a...
  136. tattuna

    Any rod builders in SGV?

    I'm looking to get a rod built for a friend with a tiger wrap. Just hoping to find someone local. Any suggestions?
  137. tattuna

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    Thanks a lot guys! Shop's in Pasadena. Check out or (still under construction). Cool to see interest in the shirts too. I'm really excited to put something new on the market. I'll let you all know when I start selling 'em.
  138. tattuna

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    Thanks for the kind words fellas :cheers: Let's do it Stan! I've done it before and would be happy to do it again. Get me on a panga and I'll pay for it in ink. How's late August early September sound?
  139. tattuna

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    I've been doing a lot of bigger stuff lately. With this sluggish economy I'm not sure when I'll get to finish these pieces so I thought I'd share some stuff that's in the works. I'm also starting my own t-shirt line with fish images I've drawn. It should be ready to launch next month so keep...
  140. tattuna

    DVL on the Basstaxi 060911

    Nice striper! Sounds like a great day out there. I'm itchin to get back there, thanks for sharing.
  141. tattuna

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    Just horrible. Only met him a couple times but he seemed to be a genuinely good guy. RIP Rock
  142. tattuna


    That's a trip. Bet it wasn't easy yankin a cabrilla with shoulders like that outta the rocks! Cool catch!
  143. tattuna

    Fabricio Werdum - Strikeforce heavyweight granprix

    Dope vid! Werdum vs. Overeem is gonna be crazy!!
  144. tattuna

    Gonzaga bay... Willard bay... Punta final

    I was there 2 weeks ago and there were lots of sierra in the big bay under birds. All the spotties and triggers you want. Saw one small yt caught and some shortfin corvina. Leopard grouper in the rocks but good luck gettin 'em out! Air was mid 80's, water around 70 and the wind came and went...
  145. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay-Rough seas,high winds,WEAK ANCHOR CHAIN !!!!

    Good fortune on the save Bert! Nice meeting you down there. We had an incredible trip! Hope to be back soon.
  146. tattuna

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    Yeah, looks like a baby Gulf grouper, not a leopard grouper. Anything "bass like" is referred to as a cabrilla though. Awesome you got out on the yak and that you got to fish the Golden Reef. That place is like magic when conditions are right.
  147. tattuna

    New Pigment for me.....

    Good stuff Erika! It has an interesting look to it, kinda like it's underwater.
  148. tattuna

    C E E Z session: Parkin' It !

    Nice and simple. Cool vid!
  149. tattuna

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    That's a sweet trip, thanks for sharing. I hope they buy another boat soon so I can start chartering it again. Did you get pics of that 30 lb cabrilla? Rare to see one let alone land one that big.
  150. tattuna

    New Yellowfin tattoo (realistic)

    Nice man, I like the background on it!
  151. tattuna

    N O M A D - Great Barrier Reef

    Awesome to see your talent take you so far! Just dope!!!
  152. tattuna

    Video. . .Mexican Largemouth

    Look at 'em, look at 'em! Hahahaha great catch man!
  153. tattuna

    Seal Beach

    Cool to see ya gettin out there Steve! We'll hook up again soon.
  154. tattuna

    New Striper painting 4/20/11

    That is slick Matt! Save me a print!
  155. tattuna


    Diaz beat Daley. TKO at the very end of the 1st. Great fight!
  156. tattuna

    IRVINE. Monday 3.28.11

    I'll be there in the mornin tambien. Paddlin a dark green Tarpon 160
  157. tattuna

    BA$$ Rods For The Future

    You got some of the dopest shiz out there Capt! One day I hope to own one of your creations. Downwrap Moonwrap on the crossfade
  158. tattuna

    Greedy ass Bass

  159. tattuna

    What about Castros in Erendida? Tienes informacion de este lugar?

    I was there last month. Tough fishing, but bottom dwellers were chewin. There were some yt just north at the time. Expect rockfish, but be prepared for yellows or seabass. Tell the Castro's Carlos (Tatuaje) says hi.
  160. tattuna

    New shark painting 3/18/11

    Great work Matt! I love the way you do those backgrounds.
  161. tattuna

    Mixed Media Fish Art

    Thanks! These are just studies, but once I start some paintings we could probably work something out. Thank you! Yeah, just plain white slip on Vans. I use fabric paints and fabric brushes. I've seen them done with other mediums, but I like the way fabric paints work/look best. I don't...
  162. tattuna

    Mixed Media Fish Art

    That's what I'm talkin bout! Good stuff! Jesse, those mounts are back in my room. I think you've only been to the front of the shop.
  163. tattuna

    god I love the FH show.

    Thank you! They're over here:
  164. tattuna

    Mixed Media Fish Art

    Painted a logo for a rod builder that inspired me to be more productive. After the logo was done I tried painting a spottie a few times and ruined it every time. It's kind of hard to find the time and motivation to keep going after drawing for/on people all day at work, but trying to learn a...
  165. tattuna

    god I love the FH show.

    I love it too Matt! New gear, old friends... I have to admit the highlight of the whole show was hangin with you and just talkin art. Once I learn how to paint we'll have to get together and do a collaboration of some sort. PM me the name of that book when you get a chance.
  166. tattuna

    I made a mistake, and posted this

    Thanks a lot for the info Capt!
  167. tattuna

    I made a mistake, and posted this

    That's a big ass luhr! Is there a rod you recommend for throwin heavy baits? Length, make, or model? I recently came up on a big bait from a friend. Not as big as those gills, but on the large side fo sho. It's about 12" long, weighs 7 ounces (w/o hooks-split rings), and has big bass...
  168. tattuna

    That Pinky Ring Shit (Floating Swimbaits)

    That's some great, useful info. Thank you!
  169. tattuna

    "Night Ops"finished

    I can tell you put a lot of time into that one. Looks dope!
  170. tattuna


    Hell yeah!!!
  171. tattuna

    Tattoo artist

    Thanks for the referrals fellas! Me and Ben both fish and tattoo. You'll get a better fish tattoo from someone that knows fish. I'm in Pasadena and Ben is in San Diego.
  172. tattuna


    So good!
  173. tattuna

    New T shirt for Fred Hall

    The shirt, the sketch and the painting are all dope! Save me an XL. See ya at the show.
  174. tattuna

    {R A D I O * C H A T T E R}

    Hell yeah! That's a beast, congrats!!
  175. tattuna

    UFC 126

    Tito did win that split decision, and rightly so. Like I said, I forget who he fought. I don't remember what fight it was where he said he wasn't gonna throw a punch, then came out and won by a first round tap out. If I ever find it I'll post it here. I remember I was tripped out that he said...
  176. tattuna

    John's Rod, Part 2

    This is straight jank! Love it!!
  177. tattuna

    UFC 126

    A looooong time ago. I forget who he fought (maybe Tito?) where he said "I'm not going to throw a single punch". And he didn't. First round tap out. This was 5 or 6 years ago. That said, I think Silva will pull it off, but it'll probably be close. Jones has gotta be one of the most...
  178. tattuna

    San Diego Bay art

    Bad ass Matt!
  179. tattuna

    pics of calico bass

    Here are a few from my stash. Good luck with the project!
  180. tattuna

    Weider weight bench with weights

    GONE-NO LONGER AVAILABLE Weider bench. Incline/decline. Olympic bar and weights Two 45's and two 25's. Ass pad needs to be replaced, but that's it. Pick up in Irwindale. Need it gone asap. If nobody wants it by tonight I'm gonna put it on Craigslist tomorrow. Need it gone by Saturday...
  181. tattuna

    Team Basstic - DVL Striped Bass Fishing... We'll Be Back!

    Very nice! Those fish are differnt!
  182. tattuna

    Another for Bill Batson

    That looks amazing!!
  183. tattuna

    Capt. G this is for you...

    Had to watch those twice. Who'd ever guess 4 black kids from D.C. would create the most influential punk band ever? 30 years later and they're still great live, although HR is waaaay less animated. Thanks for sharing!
  184. tattuna

    Anthony Pettis Superkick-Badass!

    After seeing Pettis come in with his plucked eyebrows I was hoping Henderson was gonna kick his ass. But after seeing that kick it was easy to look past the tweezed eyebrows.
  185. tattuna

    Abu Garcia Revo 50 $120

    I'll take it. PM sent
  186. tattuna


    Any links to watch it live tonight?
  187. tattuna

    Silverwood stripers

    Nice one! The smile says it all.
  188. tattuna

    Erendira/Castros 3-4

    I miss Erendira y los Castros. Thanks for sharing. The bistec encebollada at Vannias is delicious!!
  189. tattuna

    December Weekend. DVL*

    Dead stick on top of a backlash? No mercy. Love it! Cool to see you guys make it happen. Seems to be gettin tougher over there.
  190. tattuna

    New [old] shark paintings and others.

    Impressive! Good stuff Matt!
  191. tattuna

    Reel ID

    A buddy of mine found this going through some old family stuff. He's trying to find out when it was made so he can figure out who it belonged to. It's on a solid (steel?) rod. Anyone know when this may have been in production?
  192. tattuna

    What is your favorite...

    Hot links! Quick and easy. On a boat Or on the yak Quick hot meal on the water.
  193. tattuna

    To those of you who belong to a Gym... what's a good monthly cost?

    I go to Golds. It's $30 per month or $24 per month if you sign a one year contract. I like Golds better than other gyms because it's less of a "hang out". Not as much eye candy as other gyms, but a good place to stay focused and do your thing.
  194. tattuna

    new Sand Bass painting 11/26/10

    That thing is OBESE! Nice work Matt, I like the bubble trail.
  195. tattuna

    My Homeboy is a Joto

    Out of control!
  196. tattuna

    bass sporting the bling get eaten

    Gold Spotted = Delicious!!!
  197. tattuna

    Stripeded Bass

    I must be sick. Those are the exact same symptoms I'm feeling. If there's a cure I don't wanna know about it!
  198. tattuna

    Stripeded Bass

    Been fishin most my life but just started chasin these guys bout a month ago. They're differnt! Still can't figure 'em out. Bouncin between Castaic, DVL, and Skinner on the hunt. Cool thing bout chasin stripers is the bycatch ain't half bad. Hooked up...
  199. tattuna

    Lost camera at DVL

    Lost an Olympus Stylus Tough at DVL last Thurs. Pretty sure I left it on the rental boat. It was boat #13 I rented. It's orange with an orange float attached. Lots of fish and tattoo pics on it. I know it's a long shot, but just throwin it out there in case anyone hears somethin. Thanks.
  200. tattuna

    tribal war

    Jeah! Dopest spottie pics I've seen. They're goin in my library. What camera did you use? Lost mine and in the market for a new one.
  201. tattuna

    Slayer goes to church

    That was a great vid to start the day! Thanks!
  202. tattuna

    {D E V I L ' S * C H I L D}

    Dope pics! I'm all about the DeViL
  203. tattuna

    DVL 10/25

    Nice one Matt! I was out there Monday too. I've been goin there for the past couple weeks, but I'm only finding green bass. I can't figure these fish out! Congrats on your pb :cheers:
  204. tattuna

    What a sad day.

    Truly sad, one of the all time greats! Really glad I got to see him perform at least once in my life. At least we can hear his voice and music till the day we die. RIP Mister Gregory!
  205. tattuna

    Italian Red Marble--for the future.

    Now that's just purdy! Looks pretty organic. Like some kinda rock and mineral combo. Or maybe you just ground up the scales from that barred pargo in your avatar. Good chit!
  206. tattuna

    Richie Jackson - Skateboarder

    Dude rips! Reminds me a lot of Chris Haslam <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  207. tattuna

    The new Tattoo

    I'd kick that bitch so hard she'd be screaming the rest of the day tryin to shit out a size 13. Some people just should NOT get tattoos!
  208. tattuna

    Does copper sulfate treatment effect the bite?

    Thanks for the insight guys. I looked all over the web and couldn't find anything directly related to fishing.
  209. tattuna

    Does copper sulfate treatment effect the bite?

    Took the yak to Perris Monday and there was a sign saying it was closed to boating for copper sulfate treatment. Thinkin on goin back Thursday but I don't know what that stuff does beside kill algae. Will it effect the fishing?
  210. tattuna

    RJ's Yellowfin Tuna Tattoo

  211. tattuna

    Calico on Plastic on Skin

    Did a fun one on a fellow plastic paddling friend tonight. the rough the end
  212. tattuna

    S P A C E D L E T T E R I N G

    Bass club's got all the best vids! Good chit :cheers:
  213. tattuna

    Mermaid/Yellowtail Tattoo

    She's purdy! Good stuff as usual meng.
  214. tattuna

    Delta Surprise

    Wow, what a pig! What is it? King Salmon? Awesome surprise catch!:cheers:
  215. tattuna

    Fish Cake

  216. tattuna

    Baja Bound

    Slay 'em Art! Hope to see you make up for lost time :cheers:
  217. tattuna

    Redondo Beach Bull Shark???

    Had some friends on that trip and they never saw any kind of shark brought aboard.
  218. tattuna

    Billfish tattoo

    Did my first sail and sword yesterday along with a blue on a baitball. Dude came all the way from AZ for this and sat like a rock for about 8 hours straight. Real cool guy and fun piece to work on all day.
  219. tattuna

    Pez Gallo Completo!!!

    Very nice! He did a good job with the highlights. It's cool you got it nice and big too!
  220. tattuna


    Took my friend's little brother visiting from Georgia out for some bass fishin a couple years ago. Little did we know what we were in for.
  221. tattuna

    Spearfishing and ocean art exhibit and beer tasting 9/11

    Man, all those guys are great! If I'm in town that weekend I'll be down there to check it out fo sho!
  222. tattuna

    Tony Reyes Report + Jose Andres Detained by Mex. Navy

    Tony is looking for another boat, but hasn't found anything yet. I hope he finds something soon though so we can do it again next year. He's looking for one that can fit 7 pangas and fish 21 people and have a much larger bait tank.
  223. tattuna

    Tony Reyes Report + Jose Andres Detained by Mex. Navy

    Let me get the facts out there before any speculation gets out of hand. I was the chartermaster for that trip on the Jose Andres. It was me and 17 friends who got detained. After our first day at La Vivura we went to a bay at San Francisquito and anchored for the night. There was a Mex Naval...
  224. tattuna

    Calico Bass painting 7/26

    F'n killer Matt! The detail just keeps getting better. The way you can barely see the hook from the lead head through the plastic is dope!
  225. tattuna

    A short VIDEO - Yellowfin to the gaff.

    Victor's a great captain. Cool video, makes me wish I was there!
  226. tattuna

    New Roosterfish Tat...Part 1

    Nice start and nice size too! We'll hook up down the road. Lookin forward to the finished product! :rofl::rofl: it's my fuckin tac zapper homie! For those that don't know, calling a tattoo machine a "gun" is worse than calling a rod a "pole".
  227. tattuna

    Need advice from any painters/construction guys

    Thanks for the advice guys! I'm gonna call the manufacturer when I get in for suggestions.
  228. tattuna

    Need advice from any painters/construction guys

    I painted the floor of my station at my tattoo shop a couple weeks ago with 2 part epoxy. 3 days later it's not dry. WTF??? Checked the paint cans I used and one was Part A-MASTIC and the other was part B-EPOXY. FUCK!!! I didn't see the Part B-Mastic can sitting there. Now my floor is like hard...
  229. tattuna

    Anyone fished Erendria BC lately?

    I have a friend that went two weeks ago and only got rockfish. Weather was up a bit and cut their days short. I've heard the commercial guys have been getting wsb. If you see Panfilo or his sons tell 'em I'll see 'em soon!
  230. tattuna

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    Gorilla Biscuits rule! I used to play Degradation over and over until the cassette quit working. Civ, the lead singer, turned out to be on helluva tattoo artist too.
  231. tattuna

    Game 7 predictions......

    X2!!!!! What a friggin game!
  232. tattuna


    Obviously no big secret. I'll be making a helluva long paddle and lookin for a pb to buddy up with just in case.....Tattuna, green Tarpon 160i, ch 72:cheers:
  233. tattuna


    Flathead, please PM me asap. I tried sending you a pm, but it said you do not accept them. Thanks.
  234. tattuna

    40-60 lb spinning rod

    Thanks for the offers and PM's guys, but looks like I got what I'm looking for. And I'll be seeing you soon Bobby!
  235. tattuna

    40-60 lb spinning rod

    Looking for a fast action spinning rod 40-60 or so. Willing to pay cash or trade gear. Gonna pair it with an Accurate SR-30 and use it to yank pargo and cabrilla outta the rocks.
  236. tattuna

    Thanks Fishpainter

    Killer croaker man, looks great! Even got the banana head in there.
  237. tattuna

    Ever caught a fish with a jig in its mouth already?

    I've caught a few. Last one was this 10 lb. hali with a 3" BH down it's throat.
  238. tattuna

    Tigerlily PV road trip 2010

    Man, that story was so crazy I had to read it twice. Holy shit! Good to hear you guys made it safe. I'm gonna have to hit up Mark and join him on a trip down there. Love the video trailer too. Looks like my kinda fishing show!
  239. tattuna

    Going to Mexico saltwater Bass fishing tips needed

    If you're goin to Erendira you'll be over an hour past Ensenada (Pacific side) and nowhere near Bahia de Los Angeles (Cortez side). No cabrilla there. Fish for sandies and calicos all you want, but you'll catch more rockfish than anything. Lots of lings and goats too in water as shallow as 8...
  240. tattuna

    Does Cougar Season End, When Shark Week Starts?

    Nice work with the jerky package, that shark looks dope!
  241. tattuna

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Okay, I take that back now. The last couple years on the Jose Andres we've been killin the yt and cabrilla with 'em. Firetiger, pink and purple have been the better producers. On a side note, I've got one spot open on my July charter on the Jose Andres for $695 ($200 off)...
  242. tattuna

    Most romantic song of all time?

    You beat me to it! First choice, super romantic :loverz:
  243. tattuna

    Charles ( tattuna's) new Phenix

    WOW, that looks amazing!! Killer work Steve, can't wait to see it in person!
  244. tattuna

    Sometimes life just throws one too many curve balls

    Damn Jesse, I hate to hear that. You got a family, lots of friends for support, and the right attitude to tackle this. I'm looking forward to the follow up report when you tell us about how you kicked cancers ass!
  245. tattuna

    More tiger, fades and pinstripes

    I'm really diggin those pin stripes! Great work!
  246. tattuna

    Not quite SCI... / Dana Point Monday on the Snook Hunter

    That is one fine specimen of a bass sir!
  247. tattuna

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    What a day you guys had! Nice big flatties. But a sierra??? I've never heard of one caught around here, that's too cool! Congrats!
  248. tattuna

    Roasted red pepper sauce

    I just tried this over some gold spotted bass with rice and it was KILLER! It would probably be even better over some fish, jumbo shrimp, scallops, etc with pasta. What you need: 4 red bell peppers 1/4-1/2 7 oz can of chipotle peppers 8 oz sour cream 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4...
  249. tattuna

    Puertecitos and South

    Cool trip thanks for sharing. I love that area! Any pics of the golden eye rockfish? I'm not familiar with those in the SOC. Real curious to see what they look like.
  250. tattuna


    Dope video! :beerbang:
  251. tattuna

    More hand painted Vans con feeeeesh

    I did this pair as a donation to the raffle for the 8th annual Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament. All proceeds from this tournament go to the American Cancer Society and the tourney has raised over $50,000 towards cancer research to date. I have never been able to make it to fish...
  252. tattuna

    Nanairo on Fire

    Always nice when a change of plans comes together. Tough choice on yt's or double D lmb's. Speakin of yt's and lmb's, have you or anyone you know ever caught an lmb on a surface iron? I wanna do it just to do it, but my buddy says I'm loco. Hand guns and mini always write...
  253. tattuna

    Acurrate 870N 6:1

    Price is firm. Sale pending.
  254. tattuna

    Acurrate 870N 6:1

    Thank you! I did 'em, but after the pair I'm workin on now I ain't doin no more. Fun to do but they take waaaaaayy too long.
  255. tattuna

    Acurrate 870N 6:1

    Live near Azusa, work in Pasadena. Sorry, no clamp.
  256. tattuna

    Acurrate 870N 6:1

    Used, but good condition. Recently had it serviced and haven't fished it since. Small scratches. Spooled with 65 lb. Berkley Big Game spectra. $250 cash or paypal
  257. tattuna

    New YT Tat

    Always cool to see you and the wife Steve! Hard to get a good pic of that because of the way it wraps around your arm. This is the best one I got... Can't forget the OG backwards Woody you had when you first walked in LOL Gettin my site completely redone, so I should have this...
  258. tattuna

    Are you believing the morning papers?

    tomorrow you're homeless......tonight it's a blast
  259. tattuna

    Ling Cod Tattoo

    Dope! Lings are kinda tricky to draw, but you pulled it off schmoov. That micro ship is bad ass too man!
  260. tattuna

    Cerralvo Report 3-29-4/5

    Nice catches and great eats! I love fishing that island. Nothin like locked drag fishin!
  261. tattuna

    Work in progress

    Saw a cool Chuck Byron vid the other day that inspired me to try and make my own. I'm not gonna be doing these for a while after this so I tried to be Bob Ross about it. Should have em done in a couple weeks. YouTube - P4040590_1_1.flv
  262. tattuna


    That's some clean bold line work. Hopefully you'll find someone to swap. I've been tattooing for 16 years and the more I tattoo, the more I appreciate tattoos that look like tattoos!
  263. tattuna

    New tattoo!

    I'm workin on a pair right now that will be the last for a while. After these are done I probably won't be doing anymore till Fall. Got some other things in the works though. I do em for trade. Trips, gear, etc. Drop me a line around September and we can work somethin out. Thanx!
  264. tattuna

    New tattoo!

    Thanx again for the tip Justin! First tattoo, 3 1/2 hours on the ribs and the kid sat tough. First black and grey fish tat I've done. Damn I miss doing black and grey! Here's a better pic fer ya....
  265. tattuna

    Lead question

    I poured some jigs with lead I got from a buddy who builds x-ray rooms. Only problem is they bend real easy. Is there a better quality lead I can get or something I can add to make the lead stronger? I painted em with rattle cans and paint pens. A buddy suggested I coat em with epoxy to keep...
  266. tattuna

    2 more rod paintings 3/28/10

    The calico and micro swimmie look great man! The shoes are cool too. Lookin forward to the finished product. What kinda paint are you using on the shoes?
  267. tattuna

    Calico bass and sheephead tattoos

    Got to do a couple cool ones this week. It all starts with pencil and paper Then smack it, flip it, rub it down Dude with the calico wanted some turquoise highlights and I was kinda shy with it, but I'm gonna go back bling it up a bit more once it's healed.
  268. tattuna

    Went bassin today

    Got to break in my new toys from the FHS The Phenix 806L is flippin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Buttchaser found the first fish Then I finded one My buddy Gabe gets a double with this weeks WON cover boy in the background They like them WAR baits! No real big...
  269. tattuna

    Rod recommendation

    Thanx for the heads up! Spent the whole day at the FHS checkin out what everyone had and this is exactly what I was lookin for. Not cheap, but the foul weather jacket they threw in with the rod made it that much more sweet! Can't wait to break it in. Thanx again!
  270. tattuna

    Rod recommendation

    I'm looking for a 7 1/2'-8' rod with similar action to a Calstar GF800 XL, but lighter in weight. Something with a soft enough tip to absorb the head shakes of a halibut, but enough backbone to handle a yellow. Any recommendations on makes and models? I want something really light weight.
  271. tattuna

    Bloodydecks wahoo sticker cut out of blood wood

    That's impressive, great work!
  272. tattuna

    NEW TATTOO,thx fish traps!!!!(=

    Very nice! Who did the tattoo? Tom Waters is the artist who drew it. He's probably the most influential marine artist to me. I reference his stuff all the time. The cartoony stuff is okay and what he does more of commercially, but I really like his more realistic stuff. He's really good at...
  273. tattuna

    New Green Bass painting 2/26/10

    Bad ass! I love the way you've been doing the scales lately.
  274. tattuna

    Lil Ceez Tattoo Progress

    Lookin good homeboy! Really nice tones on that garabaldi! Curious to see how you work the color of the water in between it all.
  275. tattuna

    Life size GW tattoo!

    I wanted to check it out, but I'm slammed at work right now. Did Mick and Filip really show up??? You guys are crackin me up with the comments! :rofl:
  276. tattuna

    Life size GW tattoo!

    I started this back in September, just finished yesterday. Maybe 50 or so hours total. I gotta thank Mike for being consistent on his appointments. It ain't cheap and it hurts like hell! Mike's about 6'5" so this thing is huge. Still a little polishing up to do, but for the most part it's all...
  277. tattuna

    Watch for free

    Whenever you're ready man! I'll talk to you at the FHS.
  278. tattuna

    Watch for free

    Thank you for the links!!! Just got home from work in time to watch Waderlei kick ass!
  279. tattuna

    Do you know any one that is very good at fish tattoos?

    If you want to stay local to SD check out Ben Grillo at Two Roses in Logan Heights. I'm sure he has a bit of a wait, but well worth it. Who ever you go to, make sure they're a fisherman. Makes a big difference when it comes to the details.
  280. tattuna

    Hand painted Uni Goop Vans

    I haven't held a can in years! I used to hook up my bedroom and friends bedrooms, but never had much can control unless it was a Testor tip. No need for bacon Bus kid. Great quality product Tommy's got there! Anytime Surfdoc. I ain't goin nowhere. As for painting rods, just hit...
  281. tattuna

    Hand painted Uni Goop Vans

    Ouch! I think I'M OFF is right!:eek: Forget money, I'd be happier with a trade. It's more a labor of love than anything. Productive way to try and sharpen my skills and kill time. Some deck boots would look killer with painted images, but I don't know of any medium that will hold well and age...
  282. tattuna

    Hand painted Uni Goop Vans

    Did these for Mr. Tommy Gomes. Got kinda tricky with all the spikes on the uni, but I made it as clean as I could. Thanx Tommy, I'm gonna be eatin good! Whenever I post the shoes up I get a lot of pm's and e mails about cost. Truth is I'd rather trade than sell em for...
  283. tattuna

    My Front Yard a short vid. Gonzaga Bay

    Thank you very much for that! So that's the new sea wall, huh? Where does it start and end? I'll be there at the end of May for some kayak fishing and the big fiesta.:hali_olutta:
  284. tattuna

    Volaris Airline

    Great airline! All new planes, free beer, lots of leg room even for taller guys, and free beer! I flew them outta TJ last summer. Highly recommend em!
  285. tattuna

    some times less is more!

    Simple, but eye catching. The spacing between the stripes keeps your eyes moving across the whole rod. Well done!
  286. tattuna

    new rod paintings 12/21/09

    That's a great idea and the paintings are bad ass! I think this could go far for you.
  287. tattuna

    RIP Tony Reyes Baca

    No.......I'm at a loss for words. Deepest condolences to his family, community, and all who knew him.
  288. tattuna

    who does the best fish tattoo in san diego

    If you wanna get a fish tattoo in SD, Ben (Mr Cricket) is the man you need to see. He's at Two Roses Tattoo in Logan Heights. He's usually booked up, but worth the wait. He's a BD'er and a fisherman, and a funky fresh tattoo artist.
  289. tattuna


    Panfilo and Conrado Sr. are the same person, and yes he still goes out. His youngest son, Eggy, is usually the skipper. Scampis or swimbaits tipped with squid are still the staple.
  290. tattuna


    South west? Me and Panfilo
  291. tattuna


    I'm gonna try this tomorrow! But, not with lizardfish......
  292. tattuna

    Penn Surfmaster 100 question

    Thanx for all the input guys! I've only used it for shallow water rock fishing and it just took forever to get my rig back to the surface. I like the idea of using it for swimbaits! I'm gonna dust it off and get it it back out there. It's such a smooth little reel.
  293. tattuna

    New Spottie painting

    Bad ass!!! The colors and spots are killer! And that's gotta be the best angle I've ever seen a swimbait drawn at. :urno1:
  294. tattuna


    X2. The Panfilo I know is in Erendira just south of San Vicente. Great guy and great operation. I was just there last week and did great with a mixed bag of mostly rockfish and other local critters. If that's the same Panfilo his # is 011 52 646 154 41 69. His e mail is...
  295. tattuna

    Sad News

    Damn, sorry to hear that Jason. I still owe you some work. Just give me a call if you wanna swing by sometime.
  296. tattuna

    Penn Surfmaster 100 question

    I got a Penn Surfmaster 100 as a gift. It's super smooth, but only 3:1 gear ratio. Just wondering if there are any gears available I can switch out to bump up the gear ratio or anything I can do to give it a higher ratio. It's a smooth little reel, I just don't understand why they made the gear...
  297. tattuna

    New Tackle Box

    Beautiful and functional. Impressive work!
  298. tattuna

    Custom Vans with feeeeesh!

    A custom rod would be a perfect trade! Send me a pm or e mail and we can work out the details. I've got a few e mails and pm's after posting the calico ones on cost. Honestly, I'd rather trade for em. Custom rods, reels etc. Or in Tommy's case a few kilos of shellfish??? If I did them...
  299. tattuna

    Custom calico bass Vans

    I can work that out for ya Tommy. Send me a pm and we'll talk.
  300. tattuna

    Custom calico bass Vans

    I used mostly fabric paints and fabric pens, just a little paint pen on the kelp. Trade? Hell yeah! Tell me what you want and we can do this!
  301. tattuna

    Custom calico bass Vans

    I painted these to give Mr. Ben Grillo as a tip for the fine tattoo wizardry he executed on me today. Thanx again Ben, it worked out great!
  302. tattuna

    lost my best buddy

    Anything you wanna do Mike. I've got 4 hours set aside for ya and it's on me this time.
  303. tattuna

    lost my best buddy

    Damn, really sorry to hear that Mike.
  304. tattuna

    This is it! Watch the final MLPA meeting!

    I'm at a loss. After all we did. We fought so damn hard. We did EVERYTHING we could possibly do. Sending e mails, letters, making brochures and handing them out, attending meetings.....and it seems it was all ignored The majority of the RSG and the majority of the public have been...
  305. tattuna

    This is it! Watch the final MLPA meeting!

    WEAK! I had to get to work, no way around it. I REALLY didn't wanna leave!! Stand tall and fight hard fellas!!!
  306. tattuna

    Caught fishing without a license.

    Fight it! I had the same thing happen to me. Went back to court and got it dropped. No fines, no court fees. This was about 15 years ago though.....
  307. tattuna


    Great video!! Makes me wanna be there soooo bad!! I like the intro with Manu Chao. Who was the second group?
  308. tattuna

    What's Your other Hobby?

    That's some clean, impressive work Bottom Line!
  309. tattuna

    On my arm....tac by GRILLO...10-23

    Hell yeah, nice start. That kelp looks great!
  310. tattuna

    Baja/dorado tattoo

    Did my first fish tattoo in a while yesterday. The guy drove to Pasadena all the way from El Centro. Dude was super cool and we ended up talking more than tattooing. Not a huge piece, but still fun to do and worked out pretty cool. Both of my customers yesterday were BD'ers and made long...
  311. tattuna

    UFC - 104 Macida vs Rua

    Very honorable of you Mike! There's no way Machida won that fight.
  312. tattuna


    BULLSHIT!!! That was more obvious than Bisping vs Hammil
  313. tattuna

    Laguna Needs YOUR votes. Click Yes or No. It's that easy.

    Done. 296 "no" votes to 91 "yes" votes as of right now.
  314. tattuna

    WTT TN40 for...

    Got a used Trinidad 40 in a trade over a year ago and never used it. The guy I got it from had it serviced and replaced the drags before the trade. Functions smooth and perfect, does have scratches. Spooled with ??? yards of 80 lb Power Pro and 50 lb pink Ande. Want to trade for either a...
  315. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay....BAD NEWS !!!!!! the beach is history

    What the hell are they doing??? What part of the bay are they doing this to? Did you get any pics? Damn shame!!
  316. tattuna

    1 BAD ASS Super Seeker

    Whoa, that's some serious rod wrapping wizardry! I'm definitely gonna have to get something done by you before next summer. Very impressive!
  317. tattuna

    Baja Trip - Good Fishing 10/3 - 10/10 w-pics

    That's the way to do it, awesome trip! I can't get enough of Baja! Thanx for sharing.
  318. tattuna

    Portrait Tattoo

    I bet whoever got it is pretty stoked too! Portraits with teeth showing are especially hard and you nailed it. Bad ass brutha!
  319. tattuna

    Heading to La Paz 10/28

    Tailhunter is the best outfit! (imho) Top notch operation. You won't be disappointed even if the fish don't cooperate. I've been booking with Jonathan since 98 or 99. Can't say enough good things about him and jill!
  320. tattuna


    Sad, sad news. R.I.P. Jim. Haven't been to the landing in a while, but it's my local favorite. Last time I fished there was with him filling in for Bruce. How'd he die?
  321. tattuna

    September 10 afterthoughts

    Piss poor attendance. Seems like nobody gives a fuck. We've all been making a lot of noise about this, but it seems people really don't get it. I've been saying all along that the reality of it all doesn't hit you till you're there in person. Hearing the guy say we need mpa's so we don't run out...
  322. tattuna

    Capt RJ's Squid Tattoo

    That's bad ass Ben!
  323. tattuna

    fishing la paz

    Check out Jonathan Roldan at Tailhunter International. I've had over a dozen trips with him over the past 10 years and won't bother looking anywhere else. Top notch operation. He also owns the Fubar Cantina, the coolest spot on the Malecon by far! He usually sets you up at La Concha Hotel &...
  324. tattuna

    THEE BEST fish/shrimp taco you will ever have

    What's gray salt? I couldn't find any. Is there something I can use as a substitute? Gonna try this recipe tomorrow.
  325. tattuna

    Rare Newell...or Trade?

    I've got an 8' G Loomis spinning rod I'll trade for it. Don't remember the line rating right now, but I can check later when I get home if you're interested.
  326. tattuna

    MLPA Meeting Sept. 10th

    See you all there! I REALLY hope to see some new faces! Let's roll fellas!!!
  327. tattuna

    tattoo artist rec's

    If you're goin to get a fish tattoo, get it from an artist that actually fishes! It makes a huge difference when it comes down to the fine details other artists wouldn't pick up on when working from a photo. Ben Grillo's in Logan Heights. He's a hardcore fisherman and incredible tattoo...
  328. tattuna

    August 3 My comment

    Can someone post a link or direct me to a site where I can see yesterdays meeting? I was there in the door way, but couldn't hear chit!
  329. tattuna

    1,000 BDers needed August 3rd!

    That was a poor location to have a meeting. I stood by the door, but couldn't hear shit! Anyone have a link for todays video?
  330. tattuna

    BAJA 1952

    That was great, thanx for sharing!
  331. tattuna

    Sea of Cortez 7/13-7/17

    That's definitely the Jose Andres as you can tell by the yellow tarp, Capitan Borrego in the 2nd pic and Fili in the 4th pic. Antonio (the muthafukin man), and Beto are still there. I had a charter last week and killed em! WSB to 50 lbs, yt to 40 lbs, and the rest of the usual suspects. I'll...
  332. tattuna

    I finally got a fish tattoo!

    Yeah, a massage, that's it! It was actually one of the easiest tattoos I've ever had, until the last hour, then I was really glad the mariachi band came in to cover up the funny sounds I was making! :drunk
  333. tattuna

    I finally got a fish tattoo!

    Thanx to Mr. Ben Grillo at Two Roses Tattoo in Logan Heights, SD. Thanx again Ben, it's bad ass!!!! By yakalot, shot with Canon PowerShot SD750 at 2009-07-06 By yakalot, shot with Canon PowerShot SD750 at 2009-07-06
  334. tattuna

    I think we can all agree that the MLPA proposals are way over the top!

    Your heart and mind are in the right place Bigfish, the only problem is the MLPA isn't about protecting fish, it's all about protecting MARINE HABITAT. Kelp, coral, rocks, sand, etc. is what they are trying to protect, not specifically fish. Smaller bag limits are a great idea to most of us...
  335. tattuna

    Rpt 6-22-24 An adventure in Ixtapa, Mexico

    Wow, what a beautiful place! Too bad about the weather, but at least it didn't stop you guys from having a good time. Jack crevalle are fun to pull on none the less. So is that Park Royal only for time shares or can anyone get a room there? Looks awesome! Thanx for sharing!
  336. tattuna

    A week in the sea of cortez

    One awesome trip, thanx for sharing! Gotta love cabrilla on the iron! That's the most hardcore fishing trip I know of. I'll be on the Jose Andres in a month. Can't wait!
  337. tattuna

    World Record?, No thanks, I'll eat it.

    Wow, now that's a friggin cabrilla! Congrats on the record leopard! They're one of my favorite fish to catch and eat.
  338. tattuna

    La Paz-Las Arenas Tailhunnter Int'l trip 6-6 to 6-10

    One important note if you fly Volaris and take the shuttle from SD to TJ: THERE'S NO FUCKING PARKING!!! I thought there would've been a lot or something at the Greyhound station. I ended up scrambling and found a hotel that chraged me $105 to keep my truck there for 5 days. Made it to the...
  339. tattuna

    You be the Judge,

    Bad ass!
  340. tattuna

    Cerralvo/Los Muertos 6/13-6/18

    Awesome fish! I was out there too at that time. I think you were telling my pangero, Victor, about that rooster. He said he hadn't seen you in about 3 years. You guys were fishing on the Medusa?
  341. tattuna

    La Paz-Las Arenas Tailhunnter Int'l trip 6-6 to 6-10

    Awesome trip! Jonathan runs a top notch operation! I'll be headin down there on Monday through Volaris. Do you know if there's a currency exchange at the Tijuana airport???
  342. tattuna

    Yesterday June 4th MLPA meeting Video

    Are you using Firefox as your browser? For some reason it won't play with Firefox.
  343. tattuna

    Anyone Else Flying to La Paz on Volaris Air this Saturday?

    I'll be flyin Volaris outta TJ to fish with Jonathan next Monday. Gonna drive from LA to the train station in SD and take the shuttle across. Good luck on your trip and be sure to post some stuff when you get back.
  344. tattuna

    Tuna Pictures Needed PhotoPhix

    Because I got my ass kicked on 30 lb. with a jigmaster and real flimsy ugly stick in 100+ degree weather....or maybe it was just the te' keel ya!
  345. tattuna

    Tuna Pictures Needed PhotoPhix

    Can you do something with this one? It's my biggest tuna so far, but the pic is old, dirty, and beat up.
  346. tattuna

    Tony Reyes / Andrea Lynn

    I don't get the WON weekly paper anymore, but they usually have weekly reports in there. I'll be down there at the same time from the 19th to the 25th of July on the Jose Andres.
  347. tattuna

    pictures of fish

    Google is great, but also try flikr and If you want the best job you should get it done by a tattoo artist who fishes! Ben Grillo is the man to look up in your area. I'm a fisherman and tattoo artist for 15 years, and he's the guy I'm going to for my fish tattoo. Regardless of...
  348. tattuna

    cook a Texas Barbidoux???

    A customer of mine gave me a thigh of one. It probably weighs 10 lbs. He said it's some kinda mountain goat. I have no idea how to prepare it. Any suggestions?
  349. tattuna

    Swordfish Tattoo

    Beautiful color! Hats off to sticking those negative splash marks in between all that color. Not easy at all. Long way to go, but you're off to a great start!
  350. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay / Mulege

    Last I heard they've got about 10 miles from Puetecitos paved. I've read from cj5orion and someone else on a Baja site that the road is as bad as it's ever been. Taking a bout 5 hours, instead of the usual two hours, to travel the 47 miles from Peurtecitos to Gonzaga. I hope they NEVER finish...
  351. tattuna

    Gonzaga Bay / Mulege

    Calico??? Are you sure?
  352. tattuna

    New Calico colors

    Second pic, last bait on the bottom, I WANT SOME! Good stuff!
  353. tattuna

    Need tattoo pics

    I've got a whole section on my website dedicated to fishing tattoos (::::: Welcome to Tattoos by Charles Belnavis :::::). What do you need the pics for?
  354. tattuna

    Tony Reyes Trip Pics 5/10 - 5/15

    Thanx for the report! We always stay at Georges the night before as well. I went last May and it was COLD! Surprisingly about 65 degrees during the day, and slooow fishing! I've got a charter this July and Ramon will be my guide as well. Although Antonio is my all time favorite pangero down...
  355. tattuna

    La Paz, Cerralvo and Espiritu Santo

    That barred pargo is a toad! Probably the biggest needlefish I've seen too. I'll be down there in 4 weeks:drool:
  356. tattuna

    What I do when I'm not fishing

    I bet that was a lot of work. Well worth it, very impressive!!
  357. tattuna

    Red Skies in the

    That's hardcore! Lookin good Ben!
  358. tattuna

    Dissenting view on swine

    Check out Volaris Airlines. I got a round trip ticket to La Paz leaving from Tijuana in June for $153 including tax
  359. tattuna

    La Paz with Tailhunter 4/24&25

    Awesome! I'd rather fish pargo than anything else! Congrats on a great trip!
  360. tattuna

    Dissenting view on swine

    I'm not gonna let this flu stop me from going to La Paz this June. Unfortunately, my favorite Canadian sancha feels otherwise and is backing out on me. Sounds like Canada is making a bigger deal of it than the U.S. Likely because of their SARS experience. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a big...
  361. tattuna

    Need tattoo pics

    Nice work, I like that! Now let's see that leg piece you got.
  362. tattuna

    BD Tatoo

    I'll admit, I was skeptical when I saw the alcohol and living room set up, but it turned out nice. Good stuff!
  363. tattuna

    Need tattoo pics

    I'm always good for a few of those.....
  364. tattuna

    Lucky Baldwins Pasadena/Sierra Madre Guiness 250 Anniversary event

    Hey, thanx for the heads up, sounds delicious! I'm gonna have to hit it up after work tomorrow night.
  365. tattuna

    Missing my brother

    My only maternal brother was killed on his 20th birthday 12 years ago. It just doesn't get easier. I just try to keep myself occupied and not dwell on it. I don't post in the personal stuff, but I'm posting this because I'm curious what you guys do to honor the dead. I really need a ritual or...
  366. tattuna

    Cuda your rod is done

    That's gotta be the coolest barracuda I ever seen! Nice one Matt!
  367. tattuna

    California Halibut Tattoo!

    When your ass comes in for one!LOL
  368. tattuna

    California Halibut Tattoo!

    Took this from a Tom Waters painting and tweaked it a bit. This is the last big fish on a full sleeve I've been workin on for a few months now. I'll post pics of the whole arm when we wrap it all up!
  369. tattuna

    Speared garibaldi tattoo!

    When I asked this guy why he wanted this tattoo he told me "It's about the separation of church and state! These fish are protected while the rest of us face recession, they gorge themselves on algae while good men starve!" :rofl: This guy's a character! If you youtube Steven...
  370. tattuna

    Capt. Nick's new tattoo

    A lot goin on in there. That's gonna be one for the books. Great start my friend!
  371. tattuna

    Capt. G's YFT Tattoo

    Ben's got one of the dopest back pieces ever! Chris is amazing. Lookin forward to seeing what you whipped up for RJ, Ben. Is that a brass micro dial you're workin with???
  372. tattuna

    Capt. G's YFT Tattoo

    Beautiful! Well done Ben! Lookin forward to gettin mine in a couple months.
  373. tattuna

    THEE BEST fish/shrimp taco you will ever have

    Thanx for the recipe, easily the best fish tacos I've ever made! :cheers: That batter kicks ass!! Just fried some up. The only thing I did different was add cilantro. Tried your secret sauce then tried 1/2 Crema Mexicana 1/2 Mayo. Both were good. Used one 12 oz. bottle of Negra Modelo for the...
  374. tattuna

    Tattoo coloring done

    Looks good!
  375. tattuna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BuonaForTuna!!!!!

    Happy birthday man! Thanx again for bringin that by.
  376. tattuna

    volaris questions

    I just booked with Volaris. According to their site and my itinerary, they have a shuttle that will pick you up at Santa Fe Depot in SD and shuttle you to your flight with NO wait at the border. If what they say is full of shit, PLEASE somebody let me know.
  377. tattuna

    gonzaga bay ???

    You don't want to be 1 1/2 mile from land down there in a kayak. The winds are unpredictable and can blow from 30-50 mph at any given time. Hug the shorlines of the coast and the islands and you'll catch a few different species of cabrilla, yellowtail (usually small), Goatfish, spinster wrasse...
  378. tattuna

    Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay Question

    Alfonsinas is about 50 yards from the water. You can anchor the boat anywhere. Willard Bay is the most protected, but it can get just as nasty as the rest of that area. Most people I've seen with boats there anchor the boats about 40 yards off shore and use a long strap/rope from the boat to...
  379. tattuna

    Tattuna is THE man....

    That would be very cool of you Jesse. Thanx!
  380. tattuna

    Tattuna is THE man....

    LOL I was lookin for you Steve! Couldn't find your ass there. Hope you're gettin better brotha!
  381. tattuna

    Tattuna is THE man....

    No prob Matt. I've worked lots of tattoo conventions and I know what it's like to be stuck in a booth all weekend. I forgot to stop by and get that print from you, but we'll catch up another time. Good luck at the show!!!!
  382. tattuna


    Welcome aboard Jason. I still owe you some work! We'll catch up at the show man.
  383. tattuna

    Portrait tattoo

    I'll see you Thursday Matt. I'll be working the KFACA booth. Come down anytime Jesse. I never get tired of doing fish tattoos!
  384. tattuna

    Portrait tattoo

    I don't personally know any artists in SD that get down on black and gray like Ben (Mr. Cricket). I developed a rare skin disorder that makes my body react (blister, swell ,rash) to all the ink I already have so I haven't been tattooed in almost 4 years. But I'm still gonna get a piece on my...
  385. tattuna

    New Fish Tattoo

    That's nuts! Lookin forward to seeing it with color. Fip's been doin great tattoos for a long time. Like Ben said, ribs are no joke! Hat's off for committing to that. RJ's hooks look dope too Ben!
  386. tattuna

    Tony Reyes???

    Best trip EVER! The most hardcore trip I know of . DO IT! I go every year. Mostly Yellows, and cabrilla with a few grouper mixed in. Lots of other stuff too, but yellows and cabrilla are the bread and butter. You fish from 6 a.m. til 1 p.m. then go back to the mothership for lunch. Then go...
  387. tattuna

    La Paz advice

    One more here for Jonathan at Tail Hunter International. I've booked with him a dozen times over the last ten years and never had anything but good times.
  388. tattuna

    yellowtail pics

    Google search is good as stated before. Your artist should be able to design it for you regardless. I specialize in that stuff if you don't have an artist in mind you can check out my website.
  389. tattuna

    Sheephead Tattoo

    RJ of the New Seaforth made over today to finish off his 1/4 sleeve with a sheephead. I've been dyin to do one for a while! Worked out well.... I'm on a roll with the fish tattoos again! I got a garibaldi next week and a wsb the week after that. Things are good!
  390. tattuna

    Another cover-up

    Yeah, it's an old one, but thanx!! Tomorrow I get to do this sheephead that I've been dyin to tattoo. It's goin on RJ of the New Seaforth. Really lookin forward to this one! I'll post some pics tomorrow night.
  391. tattuna

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Great way to end the year! Nice goin on the toads guys!
  392. tattuna

    Another calico tattoo

    For all the SD guys that say I'm too far for them, you gotta see Ben Grillo (Mr. Cricket) at Two Roses Tattoo in SD near Chicano Park! The guy's seriously talented! I think I've been tattooing ten years longer than him and he does stuff I only wish I could! And to all the SD guys that do make...
  393. tattuna

    Another calico tattoo

    Thanx for the kind words guys! For those who asked where I got it done, ummm.... I"m the guy that did it, not the guy that got it. Thanx meng! I got out yesterday fer nuthin but a couple sadbass. I wanna check out your shop, looks dope! I still wanna get tattooed by you, just gotta come up...
  394. tattuna

    Another calico tattoo

    Last tattoo of the year was a cool one! Calico's on a larger scale than others I've done with much more to come. In the end it'll be a full sleeve working our way down the water column and I'm gonna add a little more kelp behind the bass. Not too many fish tattoos this year, but...
  395. tattuna

    UFC tomorrow night

    Damn, what a night! Great fights! I thought all the fights could've gone either way with the exception of Mir vs, Nog. Hats off to Mir! I didn't think he would pull it off. Wanderlei and Rampage... I thought Wandy would've won again. Rampage didn't look the same walking in to that fight. He...
  396. tattuna

    Live UFC Fights tonight!

    Great fights last night! They've got the Corey Hill fight on This IS NOT photo shop!!! OUCH!!!
  397. tattuna

    "Your momma is...."

    Yo momma so ugly, bitch walked through the haunted house and came out with an application! Yo momma so fat, bitch gotta use hula hoops to hold up her socks!
  398. tattuna

    Chicken enchilada cesserole

    Uhhh... yeah, one of them little bunches with the rubber band around it. Shit, I suck at giving directions, but the stuff tastes real good! I like the red enchi sauce, but the green works just as good.
  399. tattuna

    Chicken enchilada cesserole

    It's not a soup. It's some kinda chicken cream thick gooey stuff. Just says Cream of Chicken on the can. Put two cans of olives in the mix and the last can on top of the top layer of cheese.
  400. tattuna

    Chicken enchilada cesserole

    Easy great tasting dish for the frugal bachelor. Feeds about four big hungry men or maybe a party of 8. Makes for great left overs. What you need: 18 corn tortillas 1 large can of Las Palmas enchi sauce 1 can Campbels cream of chicken 1 lb. tub of sour cream Monterey jack and cheddar cheese...
  401. tattuna

    UFC saved the best for last (2008).

    Kinda disappointed in the Rampage Wanderlei rematch. If Wanderlei wins, big deal 3-0. If Rampage wins, big deal 1 out of 3. I could see the big financial draw though. Forest should do good and actually make Evans get aggressive. Okami is always fun to watch. Real talented and creative fighter...
  402. tattuna

    Custom Vans with feeeeesh!

    The colors run when you apply them, the trick is to control it. But because they are fabric paints you can get them wet or even wash em. Thanx for all the kind words guys! :cheers:
  403. tattuna

    Custom Vans with feeeeesh!

    Hahahaha Luckily they're too big for him! Colors are limited so I had to use a combo of paint pens, fabric markers and two different kinds of fabric paint.
  404. tattuna

    Custom Vans with feeeeesh!

    I just finished working on this gift for my buddys birthday. Fucker better like em cuz they were a pain in the ass! Kind of tricky, but a fun challenge.
  405. tattuna

    Some of my best captures

    Great video! HORRIBLE song!!!!!!
  406. tattuna

    BBQ Dorado Recipe

    Dorado is so good it doesn't need much besides maybe some pepper and lemon. For some reason it goes REAL well with mango though. Try it with a mango chutnee or mango salsa!
  407. tattuna

    Tigerlily's Fun House 7/20-25 -08

    Awesome report! Did Mark do that marlin tattoo? It's beautiful!
  408. tattuna

    Good L.A. Eats!

    Malo Cantina, The Red Pearl, 7 Mares, Mariscos Martins #2 (El Monte), Wokano, Pinks, Senor Fish, Chris and Pitts...I know there are a lot more that are'nt coming to mind right now. Definitely gotta go to 'Scoes and the Velvet Margarita is nice.
  409. tattuna

    Baja bound in late September

    I'll be between BOLA and Gonzaga from Sept 18th-22nd. Fishin from plastic though....
  410. tattuna

    Dorado Tattoos!

    Sure I can do cover ups. Go to my website and click on the cover up section. There's a link below in my signature.
  411. tattuna

    Dorado Tattoos!

    Thanx a lot for the compliments guys! I don't get to do fish tattoos very often, but the majority of the ones I do are all referred from this site. THANK YOU BLOODYDECKS!!!!
  412. tattuna

    Rancho Leonero

    2 days on the yak and 1 day on a panga. As fer bait.....hellifiknow! Takin lots of iron and plastic. Good luck on yer trip!
  413. tattuna

    Rancho Leonero

    I'll be there from this Thursday til Monday. if you see a tall, dark, tattooed guy stop by and share some drinks!
  414. tattuna

    Dorado Tattoos!

    Got lucky and got to do two different dorado tattoos in two consecutive work days! This first one was on Big Mike of Melton Tackle. Another addition to his on going saltwater sleeve with another Guy Harvey piece...... Then today I did one on a kid that drove up from SD after being referred...
  415. tattuna

    Accurate rods

    My mistake! Thinking back, I can't honestly say he told me "Seeker and Calstar" directly. We were talking about manufacturing and rod companies at the same time and he mentioned that some companies get supplies from over seas. NOT necessarily Seeker and Calstar. I'm very sorry for giving the...
  416. tattuna

    Accurate rods

    It was an Accurate employee. He said Calstar and Seeker get their components "over seas" but assemble them here.
  417. tattuna

    Talk about BASS THUMB!

    Bad ass! Ben's the man! That dude's doin shit that ain't supposed to be done. His bigger tattoos are just as good too.
  418. tattuna

    Accurate rods

    I was at the Accurate factory today and got to see these rods. I was impressed with the action on em. They don't shut off, but it takes a helluva lot of pressure to get the bend down to the grip. They said all parts came from Japan and that Calstar and Seeker get all their stuff over seas but...
  419. tattuna

    rocky point calicos 20JUN08

    What a great day! Looks like the only thing missing was me!:doh:
  420. tattuna

    two new jig rods paintings

    That iron is bad ass Matt! I'm gonna have to get a rod over to ya,
  421. tattuna

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    Don't know what it was called, but a half day boat off the Malibu pier back in '85. Ended up pulling up about a 35 lb. hali on ten pound test. Have'nt caught a bigger one since......
  422. tattuna

    San Felipe/Puertocitos

    Head south! The fishing starts to get good at Purtecitos and only gets better further south. Work the Islas Encantadas and the sea mounts in between. Cabrilla, pargo, yt, wsb, and lots of other hard fighting and good tasting fish to be caught around there right now. Don't fish anything under...
  423. tattuna

    Midriff Islands in Sea of Cortez - Gear Recommendations Needed

    40 lb. 50 lb. 60 lb. 80/100 lb. Don't bother bringing rods with soft tips or rods over 7 feet. You may get into dorado but don't count on them being thick. The main catch on these trips are yt, grouper, and cabrilla. All live in the rocks and will break you off if you have soft drags or weak...
  424. tattuna

    Mexican Car Insurance

    Thanx for the heads up! I've been using Bajabound all these years.
  425. tattuna

    Awesome fights coming up

    Penn Machida Silva I REALLY wanna see the old Wanderlei come back!! My all time favorite fighter. People who never followed Pride can easily dismiss him. You gotta see his old fights if you have'nt. Defended the Pride lightweight title for 5 years!! That's unheard of! Too bad I'm gonna be...
  426. tattuna


    I have friends who swear by it. They say it makes them feel great and even has kind of a "Viagra" effect on them. These guys are in their mid 20's and early 30's. I tried it for a month and did'nt notice anything. I sent my last two bottles to my dad who is terminal with prostate cancer. Got a...
  427. tattuna

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    Action trumps color!
  428. tattuna


    Nice grouper! Sounds like a great trip! I'll be yak fishing there this weekend. Hope the winds stay WAAAAY down!
  429. tattuna

    Kayak Opportunities In La Paz

    I was talking to Jonathan about yesterday this. It just does'nt seem like common practice down there. I was looking to get a mothership and yak around Cerralvo. His reply was "Anything's possible in Mexico if you're willing to pay". I think if you can find some yaks to rent you could probably...
  430. tattuna

    Puertecitos Report

    Nice! What'd you catch em on? I've been goin there for years and still have'nt caught one. I'll be just south of there in two weeks.
  431. tattuna

    Whopper Stopper Mini Rod

    Great rods for punking fish fast. A lot of fore arm strain though. I've landed a lot of 30-50 lb. yft on my 4 1/2 foot Calstar.
  432. tattuna

    gonzaga bay ???

    The launch for Gonzaga is at Papa Fernandez on the north side of the bay. I don't know of a launch between Puertecitos and Gonzaga. I've seen people launch at Puertecitos and drive their boat to Gonzaga to avoid the rough road. You just have to have enough fuel capacity to make it there and...
  433. tattuna

    gonzaga bay ???

    The fishing is awesome! Pargo, cabrilla, grouper, hogfish, spinster wrasse, and halibut year round at Isla Smith right in front of the bay. Dorado, roosters, wsb, sierra, pompano, and yellows are seasonal. I'll be there a month from today kayak fishing. I get down there a couple times a year...
  434. tattuna

    Hitup Lake Perris in the Kayaks 3/14/08

    I was told you can take s.o.t.'s as long as they had scupper plugs. ???
  435. tattuna

    What's your occupation?

    I sit on my ass and draw on people all day. Here's some pics of my office... I had a girl come in for her first tattoo a few months back. I told her to wait in my room while I got her design ready. When I came back she was crying! I said "Hey, don't worry, it's not gonna be that bad"...
  436. tattuna

    It's Sad Day...

    Sad to see her go Mike, but I'm glad I had the pleasure of fishing on it with you. Great boat! Somebody's gonna one helluva ride! Really lookin forward to see what you get next though!:D
  437. tattuna

    New Tattoo

    Nice! Looks familiar.....
  438. tattuna

    UFC...Is Chuck gonna get his ass kicked tonite?

    You must not be familiar with Sokoudju!!! Wanderlei all the way! I think GSP will win, but I'd like to see Hughes take it to keep things interesting.
  439. tattuna

    new t-shirt design for the Southen Cal

    That's dope Ben! Nice touch with the dome and oil island in the background.
  440. tattuna

    Show your ride!

    This is my Extreme..... 4 flush mounts. 2 forward 2 back. Humminbird 400 TX ff. Scotty rod holder. 3 hatches. 5 gallon tank with pump through the scupper. I glued my ff puck in the large scupper under the seat and drilled a hole under the seat to wire it through the hull. Don't know what...
  441. tattuna

    Kayak set ups?

    Go see Andy at OEX Sunset beach. He can test paddle all the yaks and it's the only local place that can fully trick out your yak with all the bells and whistles. There's really no other kayak shop like that north of Oceanside. Andy has more experience than most and is very generous with helpful...
  442. tattuna

    Radioactive squid tattoo

    Thanx guys! Matt, I'm gonna sit that one out. A couple guys from my shop will be there though. I'm doing a lot of conventions this year so maybe I'll bump into you at another one. I've got Austin next week then Salt Lake the weekend before Kats convention right now.
  443. tattuna

    Radioactive squid tattoo

    Finished a huge cover up today on Mike of Melton tackle. He came at me wanting a cover up using a squid. I drew a squid to cover it, but when he got there he said he wanted it from his shoulder to his wrist! I was'nt prepared for that. I ended up free handing a huge squid on his arm. Mike's...
  444. tattuna


    What about Sokoudju? He's fighting that same night too! He's only got a few fights, but he's already knocked out two of the best light heavy weights in the first round! It's gonna be one helluva night!
  445. tattuna


    Wanderlei all the way! My all time favorite fighter! The guy's an animal! He does leave himself open a lot, so Chuck could get a good one in and end it. They're both coming off two ugly losses so it should be one hell of a brawl! I think GSP will take it, but I'd like to see Hughes win just to...
  446. tattuna

    First time Experience to Mexico... La Paz 10/17 - 10/20

    Jonathan runs a great operation down there. Congrats on your first of many trips! I miss that place, gotta get back down there soon!
  447. tattuna

    Baja photos (Big Tuna)

    What about the tuna Jon Schwartz got from the yak? Was it not hooked on the yak? I've only seen ads for the video, don't know anything about the story behind the pic. Record or not, that's one helluva catch!
  448. tattuna

    Spawning Salmon Tattoo

    I can cover up just about anything as long as you're willing to go with color. Black and grey is a lot more difficult, but it can work for some things.....
  449. tattuna

    Spawning Salmon Tattoo

    I thought it looked like a trout too. I've never caught a salmon, so I just went off the pic he gave me. According to my customer, it can be hard to distinguish a king from a steelhead unless you look at the gums.
  450. tattuna

    Spawning Salmon Tattoo

    Before pics? Ummmm....before there was nothing there. It's not a cover up. Does it look like one??? I hope not!
  451. tattuna

    Spawning Salmon Tattoo

    I had a couple cancellations for this month. Hit me up if you want a spot.
  452. tattuna

    Spawning Salmon Tattoo

    Finished this piece yesterday after about 12 hours over four sessions. He wanted a traditional Japanese background just replacing the koi with a salmon and some salmon eggs......
  453. tattuna

    Rooster Fish in San Felipe

    I saw a 15 lbr. caught of Isla Huerfanito a couple years ago in August. Not common, but cool!
  454. tattuna

    i need sketches for a tattoo,..

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:....but you do them oh so well Ben!
  455. tattuna

    i need sketches for a tattoo,..

    Well, bring whatever artwork you want and I'll take it from there. A sheephead would be dope! Have'nt done one yet. There's a really nice one Tom Waters (fish artist) painted that Iceman has on the wall at Sunset Beach OEX. I could draw one up or just go straight from that one. It'd be best to...
  456. tattuna

    Legend 5 day

    665 will be fine for a dropper loop. That's what I was using on a stout 7 foot rod.
  457. tattuna


    Real nice! The composition on that is great! He definitely knows what he's doing. Save your pennies and color that thing man! Looking forward to the finished product.
  458. tattuna

    i need sketches for a tattoo,..

    Shit, if I'm gonna do it, I should probably draw it up..... don'tcha think??? If you're gonna dig up reference, just find some photos. I can handle the rest.
  459. tattuna

    New Alien painting "Cosmic Tweaker"

    If there were such things as aliens, and they found meth, I think you hit the nail on the head! Nice one Matt! Serrated teeth, snot, and all!
  460. tattuna

    Legend 5 day

    All you need is a 50 lb. rig with some 3/0's and some 16 oz. weights for dropper loops! Just got back from a 5 day on the Legend today. Great boat and crew. All the shit I've heard and read about Shawn didn't pan out. Dude was super cool. We did'nt go to the Lupe though. We went rockfishing!:(...
  461. tattuna

    7'6'' rod 15-25 lb.

    Thanx for the advice guys! I'm gonna go with the GUSA. I own two and love 'em both. Small diameter with a lot of power. I've got a GF800Xl, but it's a little heavier than what I'm looking for. Thanx again!
  462. tattuna

    7'6'' rod 15-25 lb.

    I'm gonna tattoo a rod builder for one, but I'm not sure what model to go with. I want something REALLY light weight, with a soft tip for 'buts, but enough backbone to handle a yellow just in case. He suggests Shikari, but that's the only rod I've ever snapped....... two of 'em! I'll mostly be...
  463. tattuna

    new "Bunny" painting 9/20/07

    Nice Matt! A little airbrush action mixed with the acrylic? What shop's that at???
  464. tattuna

    Bar B Que Ribs

    Thanx so much for this! I've been wanting to cook ribs lately, but did'nt know how to go about it. Everyone told me I need to boil them first. So I just put the grill heat on low with raw ribs on the rack and follow the rest of your directions?
  465. tattuna

    Ink Work?? / Need underwater T pix

    If you don't find somewhere you're happy with, and want to get tattooed by someone who fishes, look me up. If you go to ::::: Welcome to Tattoos by Charles Belnavis ::::: and look in the saltwater section you can see some of my fishing related tattoos. I'm probably the only tattoo artist who has...
  466. tattuna

    Surf rock

    Anybody listen to this stuff? I've been liking it more and more, but don't know many bands. I like the instrumental stuff from Dick Dale, The Pyramids, The Trashmen and the Surfaris. Anybody else know some good surf bands I should look up?
  467. tattuna

    Free roosterfish tattoo winner

    Parley was the first to reply and show up. Took three hours even......
  468. tattuna

    Gone to Baja trip report Memorial 07 lots of pics big striper found dead

    Great going on saving those guys. Even greater noticing they were in trouble! With no Coast Guard down there it's good to know people look out for each other. What kind of pargo are those?
  469. tattuna

    Kayak fishing Bahia Gonzaga

    Nah, was'nt them. These guys were older and left on Sunday.
  470. tattuna

    Kayak fishing Bahia Gonzaga

    I think those were the guys camped right next to us. They had a big white truck but their baot looked like a super panga. They drove their boat from Puertecitos too. Cool guys, even hooked me up with some fresh ceviche for letting them use my stove.
  471. tattuna

    Kayak fishing Bahia Gonzaga

    You should be able to get a panga from Alfonsinas.
  472. tattuna

    Kayak fishing Bahia Gonzaga

    I use 1 to 2 oz. heads on 30 lb. test from the yak and 40-50 lb. from the panga. I use the cheapest swimbaits I could find. As long as it wiggles they'll hit it. Color does'nt seem to matter either. I get hit on the sink or the retreive so it's best to put it in gear after you cast it. Almost...
  473. tattuna

    Kayak fishing Bahia Gonzaga

    I first went to this place four years ago and was happy catching spotties, triggers, and porgies from the yak. Every year since then I've fished it on Tony Reyes mothership trips from the Jose Andres and seen what this place is really made of. I've been trying to get back there every year since...
  474. tattuna

    new Halibut painting 5/12/07

    Nice work as always Matt! The tiki on the skate deck is cool too. Might have to add one of those to my collection of skate deck paintings.
  475. tattuna

    chuck vs. rampage

    Rampage is gonna whoop Chucks ass!
  476. tattuna

    La Paz Question on who 2 go with

    Jonathan Roldan is the man! He'll go waaaaay out of his way to take care of you. I've gone down there through him almost a dozen times. No complaints!
  477. tattuna

    Saltist; Toruim; or Newell

    I've got all 3 and the I'd replace the other 2 with Saltist's!
  478. tattuna

    fished Cabillio,Newport on the yaks

    Good to see you got back out on the yak Matt! If you go out on a weekday hit me up.
  479. tattuna

    Need help landing a girl.....Shut up i don't date much I fish

    I tattooed her about 6 years ago and did'nt have any idea who she was. She took a picture with me, but I never took one for myself:imdumb:
  480. tattuna

    Catalina - Old No. 7 WSB Trip 04/26/07

    Quote: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Originally Posted by Tunaslayer Zero u let that calico go </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> :rofl...
  481. tattuna

    Nile Perch, Egypt with Pictures

    Now that's one helluva report! You were lucky to make it back alive! :notworthy
  482. tattuna

    Free roosterfish tattoo!

    ::::: Welcome to Tattoos by Charles Belnavis ::::: Check the saltwater section.
  483. tattuna

    Free roosterfish tattoo!

    SOLD! I'll post pics when it's all done. You guys talking about ink in the summer know what's up. Although it's my busiest time of year, summer's the worst time to get a tattoo if you're gonna be in the sun or water. If it's somewhere that can be covered and you're not gonne be in the water...
  484. tattuna

    Free roosterfish tattoo!

    I have some photos and paintings to work from, but I'm flexible with whatever the customer may like as well. FISHKILLERBILL was the first to reply, but he wants it in black and grey. I've never done a fish in black and grey so I'm looking forward to that. The offer still stands for a COLOR...
  485. tattuna

    Free roosterfish tattoo!

    Well, almost free I need to expand my portfolio and would be willing to wave my cut to do a roosterfish tattoo. It will be $40 per hour instead of $120 per hour. I've been wanting to do a roosterfish for a while, but no one has hit me up yet, so I figured I throw this out there. First pm gets...
  486. tattuna

    Puertecitos Trip - 4/13 - 4/15

    Cool trip and a nice variety of fish! I'll be headed a little further south to Bahia Gonzaga next month. I hope the winds die down more by then!
  487. tattuna

    kingfish/yellowtail tattoos or photos

    Here's one I did a couple weeks ago.............. Here's a couple older ones I've done. I know they don't look nearly as good as the one above, but you may be able to use them for reference if that's what you're looking for.....
  488. tattuna


    Who saw that coming? Not Cro Cop!LOL Can't wait for Rampage and Chuck! Too bad I'm gonna be in Baja that weekend!:rolleyes:
  489. tattuna

    Which Avet-40 lb Jig Stick

    I use a jx 6/3 with 40 on my 9 ft. jig stick for surface iron and have killed lots of yellows from 12 to 30 lbs. with it for the past year plus.
  490. tattuna


    Me:) My first time fishing this. I'll be in a kayak. REALLY hope this wind dies down!
  491. tattuna

    Tourist Cards

    Is there anywhere else I can get one? I'll be crossing the border at Mexicali at about 4:00 a.m. next month.
  492. tattuna

    Another cover-up

    I feel very fortunate to be getting the requests I have lately! I usually only do a game fish tattoo once every few months, but lately, I've been doing them every other week. Did this cover up on Mike from Accurate last night....... He came to me with this.... And left with this...
  493. tattuna

    New sheephead painting"Vagrant" 20x30

    Cussed out? That's WEAK! People need to keep their religion to themselves! I'm an athiest, so I would've let 'em have it! In fact, I may just do a painting myself and call it "La vagina de Guadalupe". Imagine the possibilities.......
  494. tattuna

    New sheephead painting"Vagrant" 20x30

    Cool as hell Matt! Love the detail on that face! I get compliments or comments on the Hammered Mary litho I got from ya everyday.
  495. tattuna


    Nice feesh! The only time I get white seedass is every Halloween after moms bakes the pumpkins innards!
  496. tattuna

    Biggest tuna on the iron?

    That turned out to be a fun trip Jiggz! Those were probably my best tuna on the iron as well. I know they don't come close to comparing to what these other guys have done, but still a blast!
  497. tattuna


    Thanx for the info guys! After fishing with buttchaser I understand it alot better now. I used the Humminbird 400 TX for the last 6 years and was used to seeing fish symbols all the time. The 383c's alot more high tech and will just take some time for me to adjust to. After accessing the...
  498. tattuna

    Making ice cream outta horse shit

    The shop rate is $120 per hour. I'm down to barter for 1/3 cash and 2/3 gear though.
  499. tattuna

    Making ice cream outta horse shit

    That's what I had to do at work today! Worked out pretty cool though. Steve sat like a rock for 5+ hours. He walked in with this.......... Then walked out with this...........
  500. tattuna


    Miziadeh: I'll check those settings out next time I'm on the water. Brad: I get no fish symbols or arcs. The deepest I've fished is 300 ft and it shows the bottom just fine. When I'm coming up on kelp, it shows on the meter, so I figure the transducer mounting is fine. John: did you meter...
  501. tattuna


    Anybody out there have one of these Humminbirds on their yak? I've gone out 7 times since I mounted mine and have yet to meter a fish! I meter bottom, kelp, and debris, but no fish. I've been next to people metering fish while my screen is blank. Just curious if it could be a mounting problem...
  502. tattuna

    5 day on the Legend???

    I left a deposit on this trip at the FH. With what everyone's saying here, now I'm thinking of backing out!
  503. tattuna

    Halibut Fishing 3/6,7,8

    I've never seen anybody catch that many huge 'buts week after week. :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: Next time we shake hands I hope some of that mojo rubs off on me! Congrats on an EPIC winter!!!!
  504. tattuna

    Where are some good places in SD to get FISH TATTOOS??

    If you're looking for someone in SD, I would look up Aaron Dellavedova. He used to be at Avalon back in the day. I forget the name of the shop he's at now, but the guy's good, DAMN good! Fish tattoos are done best by PEOPLE WHO FISH! We know the subtle details that make them what they are. I...
  505. tattuna


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: First post I've laughed out loud at in a long time!!!
  506. tattuna

    First Report , Fishing LB 02/06/2007

    What the hell is that colorful perch lookin thing???
  507. tattuna

    "kaku" boat tries to steal kayakers hoopnet at Dana Point

    Anyone have a picture of this? I think I get it, but a pic would help.
  508. tattuna

    San Jose Del Cabo 9-28 to 10-1, COWS

    Sounds like an awesome trip!! That's one hell of a cow to suprise you all. And all this time I thought Nessie just pulled on bay bass with that little pink grub! You should get your tube down there next time!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  509. tattuna

    La Jolla 'But

    Damn that's nice! What a way to hook up!
  510. tattuna

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    I ain't never caught shit on those fuckin mirrolures!!! I just got back from a midriff trip last week, and before I got off the boat I gave them to my panguero!
  511. tattuna

    Doing the happy paddle times two

    Nice guys! I can't wait for gas prices to drop so I can take my small fish catchin ass down there to upgrade!
  512. tattuna

    Oside Flattie Report 4/1

    How do ya tell the males from the females?
  513. tattuna

    Whatchi, er ah "Huachi" Nango!

    I'd like to see pics of the 12 lb. gold spotted bass too! I beleive the record's around 8 lbs. set a couple years ago on a long range boat.
  514. tattuna

    Hyplon ?

    Anyone know where to get blue hyplon?
  515. tattuna

    LOST SOME GEAR! Dana Point

    What kind of bait pump are you runnin that could get hung up like that? Is it one of those bilge pumps that hangs over the side? Anyone know how that other guy flipped? I've only dumped in the surf, must SUCK to dump out at sea!
  516. tattuna

    My new (tattoo) site is up!

    That's a cool piece Surf Doc! Looks like it was done well. You gotta keep that thing outta the sun for the colors to remain vibrant. Get a really strong SPF sunblock. I can polish it up though. Does'nt need much, just bring the colors back to life.
  517. tattuna

    DP-it's why we go

    :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :eek2: Words just can't express how impressive that...
  518. tattuna

    My new (tattoo) site is up!

    I can draw one for ya no problem. Just hit me up at the shop.
  519. tattuna

    My new (tattoo) site is up!

    Finally got my own site goin! I have a section on there specifically for saltwater related tattoos. Check it out at this link:
  520. tattuna

    Toad halibut 1-18

    I'd guess 30+ as well. Helluva fish! Congrats man!
  521. tattuna

    Three times is the charm - 1-8-06

    Great catch! Gotta love them big butts!
  522. tattuna

    big bay butt

    Awesome catch! That sucker looks FAT!!!
  523. tattuna

    Man, I have a huge butt....

    Helluva catch! Congrats!!!:beerbang: Was that on the fresh dead by itself, or on a jig?
  524. tattuna

    Gringo Ceviche

    The secret to good ceviche is to use key limes ( the little ping pong ball sized ones). It can still be good with regular limes, but the key limes make a huge difference. I use the same ingredients as Trevor, I just add some diced cucumber, and I usually let it sit in the fridge for only two...
  525. tattuna

    T-Shark off Laguna 12/07

    That's awesome Roy!!! What a surprise! I have'nt caught one yet, but I've tasted plenty. Damn good eats! Congrats on the catch man!
  526. tattuna

    Baytubers tournney 12/4/05

    "Were you on the inside?" Yeah, right inside the breakwall.
  527. tattuna

    Oside Flattie Report 12/3

    Great catch man! I can't wait til I catch a flattie that size again! 30 + pound halibut are always impressive! Way to go!
  528. tattuna

    LA Harbor 12/3

    Helluva way to break in the new reel! I guess if you're only gonna get one bite, that's the bite you want. Congrats man!
  529. tattuna

    Baytubers tournney 12/4/05

    "So you a Mustang or a Bulldog?" Don't know what you're talkin bout man.:confused:
  530. tattuna

    Baytubers tournney 12/4/05

    Fished the monthly Baytubers derby at Cabrillo today with about 30 other guys in yaks and tubes. Day was goin slow. No chatter on the radio, nothing hitting the big dines. Just the occasional short on chovies. Paddled over to my buddy to discuss a game plan for the last couple hours before...
  531. tattuna

    Twosday in LJ

    52 lbs.??? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wish those fat fuckers would swim up towards L.A. sometime! Congrats!
  532. tattuna

    My 1st bug!

    I Had no plans for Thanksgiving, so I decided to try this hooping thing again. I've only done it once before, and was'nt really into it. Alot of work from a kayak. Launched at sunset and dropped my first net with in minutes. My first pull brought up a small spider crab, and one FAT ASS lobster...
  533. tattuna

    Liberty 11/14 w/squid but NO YT's

    I gotta agree with you on that boat. One of the nicest we have in the area. I went out on it a couple months ago and was surprised to see Anthony was captain; he gaffed my first legal wsb for me about 10 years ago when he was decking on the El Dorado. I fish from the kayak almost exclusively...
  534. tattuna

    11-13 tacomeat run

    Sounds fun Jigz! We gotta hook up and yak sometime. I haven't been to LJ in Months!
  535. tattuna

    Halibut from the surf!!!

    Sounds cool Paul! If though they were'nt legal, at least you were catching! We gotta get out there and wet a line sometime!
  536. tattuna

    East Cape 10/24-10/28 Kayak Marlin!

    Sounds incredible Corey! Congrats on the marlin from the yak! I do at least one big Baja trip per year, and after reading this I think the next one will be from a yak! I do the northern Cortez from a yak annualy, but no chance at marlin up there like you got into. Great pics too. That's the...
  537. tattuna

    Catfish Tattoo part one

    Cool tattoo Scott!
  538. tattuna

    I can't get my big butt in the yak!

    That's only your second but?:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :eyepoppin INSANE!!!!!!!! Helluva fish man!
  539. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Nice piece ya got there Suckafish! Patty does great work. She used to have a guy named Aaron DellaVedova that worked at Avalon 1. He had an awesome leg peiece in his album with sheephead and kelp. Beautiful stuff!
  540. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Hey Off the hook, thanx for your compliments man. That piece you got looks pretty sweet too! That's cool to have it on your thigh like that, nice and big! If you get any more fish related tattoos send me the pics. Love to see work like that being done! Not much of it goin around.
  541. tattuna

    Newport 3/4 day info please

    I'd call Newport Landing before Davies. Usally a lighter load, and cool crew.
  542. tattuna

    Secret sauce?

    Baja Fresh's fish tacos SUCK!!! barf Rubios are okay. You guys gotta stop by a 7 Mares restaraunt next time you pass through a Mexican neighborhood. It'll change they way you think of a "good" fish taco! They're cheaper, bigger, and waaaaaay tastier!!!
  543. tattuna

    Dried Ahi

    What did ya season that with?
  544. tattuna

    Secret sauce?

    Sweet! Thanx guys!
  545. tattuna

    Secret sauce?

    Anyone know how to make that white sauce they put in fish tacos at places like 7 Mares or Taco Nazo? I wanna make my own, but can't figure it out.
  546. tattuna

    Please Welcome Jonathan Roldan the man in La Paz

    What's up Jonathan? Cool to see you on here! If any of you go to La Paz, you HAVE to go through this guy! I've been going with him since 1999, and have NEVER been let down! La Paz is the birth place of TEAM MODELO thanks to him! Look forward to sseing you on here Jonathan! Charles
  547. tattuna


    A shit day turned good at the last stop. Best way to describe this trip. I had threw in the towel til then, but what a great way to end the day. We trolled 14 hours for about six skippies before we hit the school!! I don't think they were quite 30-40+ lbs., but a nice grade of fish either way...
  548. tattuna

    LaPaz, Sep10...YFT!

    Sounds like a great trip! I've been going through Jonathan since 1999, great guy, very accomadating. Planning on going back in April for a "pargo only" trip. Cool to hear you did good. I was there last month and it was'nt so productive, but a good time none the less.
  549. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Hey Fishpainter, I recognize your work. Not sure what conventions I've seen you at, but I distinctly remember your paintings. Cool stuff! If you wanna get out on the yak hit me up! I don't do the local conventions anymore, they've all gone down hill. I will be doing Bakersfield next month, but I...
  550. tattuna

    First Blood on the Banana Boat

    Heluva catch! And from a long board? Shiiiitt!!!! Great goin! DO NOT rinse before vacuum sealing.
  551. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    "What type of gear do you like? Clothes, reels, ?" I can always use reels. Right now I need reels in the 15 to 25 lb. range, and 30 to 50 lb. range. As far as clothes, if you're talkin about fishing gear type clothes that would work too.
  552. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Hey there Trianglist. We do piercing, but I don't have anything to do with it. If you'd be willing to wrap a rod or something, I can see what I can work out with the piercer. She charges anywhere from $55 to $80 for navel piercing, depending on the jewelry you choose.
  553. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Hey ZZZZZZZ, something like that would'nt be cheap. We charge $100 per hour, and I'd guess you'd be looking at about 10 to 14 hours, spread out over maybe 4 to 7 sittings.I would be willing to swap gear for partial payment. As far as the weight thing, you'd have to put on a hell of alot of...
  554. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    The site should work. Click on the Shogun logo then click on "Charles". Slide the cursor over to "tattoos" and you should be able to see my stuff. Our website SUCKS!!!!! We'll have it re-done by December. I changed the top pic cuz it's already on the website. Hope this helps!
  555. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Call 626-578-1330 and ask for Charles. I'm at work everyday except for Mondays and Thursdays.
  556. tattuna

    Fish related tattoos

    Will give 10% discount to all BD members for fish related tattoo work. Will also swap 1/2 cash 1/2 gear for tattoos. Quality tattoos by experienced tattoo artist (12yrs), and avid fisherman. Check out for more. Charles