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  1. H20buffalo112

    single strand wire for wahoo trolling? Or heavy Fluoro leader?

    I happen to have a little experience on your topic as far as single strand , seven strand or fluorocarbon , I want you to look at the picture of the yellow fin tuna caught 200 miles north of hurricanes bank , trolling .We were goofing around just wasting time , a long come these two beautiful...
  2. H20buffalo112

    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Wow I’m impressed. Great life , enjoy enjoy like there’s no tomorrow.
  3. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Hoyt Nitrum compound bow

    What type of firearm are we talking about?
  4. H20buffalo112

    BFT done for the year?

    Wrong, fished Monday the 16th on a private 35‘ skipjack. 30 to 40 boats out at the Tanner bank ,flat no wind conditions . Blue fin tuna all over the edge in about 600’ of water. Caught a 190 #
  5. H20buffalo112

    Independence try out...

    Suite A (bow) is my favorite spot , lots of room and We have our own shitter. I’ll be on that trip. Welcome to the best Fishing platform in the west.
  6. H20buffalo112

    Best 16 day charters?

    I don’t understand, what’s dtf?
  7. H20buffalo112

    Best 16 day charters?

    First of all welcome to long range fishing, long rangers as it called. I think the most important part that you’re missing out on is the experience of whatever Boat you fish . I fish the red rooster I fish the Indy I have fished a lot of boats in my time but you are missing out on the experience...
  8. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Sato basic crimp system+++++9 hollow spectra needles. $100

    Ok ,your on the clock. If you don’t respond by 12 pm today ( high noon) I’m moving on to another member. Thanks
  9. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Sato basic crimp system+++++9 hollow spectra needles. $100

    It’s going to cost whatever to your address. I take PayPal. whats your address? [email protected]
  10. H20buffalo112

    SOLD A lot of Salt Water Hooks Miscellaneous $75

    One lot of miscellaneous hooks look at pictures very carefully Owners Mustads Gamakatsu Eagle Claw Albacore Jig double hooks $75 will ship I’m in Long Beach Ca
  11. H20buffalo112

    For Sale 2/PENN 49L SUPER MARINER NEW $80 each

    I have two New in box Penn 49 super Mariners no clamps ,no clamps I will ship, I’m in Long Beach California look at pictures carefully.
  12. H20buffalo112


    Very nice clean Penn 349 master mariner for sale with new 50 pound test line look at pictures very carefully the spool is a steel spool it has a little bit of rust and tarnish. the drags system is good and ready to go. will ship I’m in Long Beach. No box $95
  13. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Used Penn Fathom 40NLDHS Single speed right hand.$175

    For sale is a Penn Fathom 40 NL DHS single speed 7 to 1 ratio reel Lever drag In good working condition,few scratches Look at pictures comes with box and will ship on your dime. I’m in Long Beach. $175
  14. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Silver JX 6/3 = 2 speed Right hand Avet Reel $275.” NON RAPTOR“

    Upgrading to the next size so I’m selling my JX6/3 2 speed silver right handed Avet reel with 65 pounds spectra in good condition no box. it does come with the reel-clamps I will ship on your dime I’m in Long Beach California. Bought from a fellow BD member. $275
  15. H20buffalo112

    Huge bluefin out of Newport

    Wrong , get your facts about this boat before you say anything about it . have you rode this boat? It’s been retrofitted to what it is now. It came from up north ,so it’s not new .
  16. H20buffalo112

    Excel - When was the last upgrades

    One of the best fishing platforms out , there great crew , great captains , if your scared of getting wet don’t go fishing.
  17. H20buffalo112

    Beware Cabrillo dry boat storage

    Is this Mike Faily ?
  18. H20buffalo112

    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Ditto on Capt Jeff, greatest Skipper I’ve fish with.
  19. H20buffalo112

    Does anyone know what this fish is???

    I noticed that you’re up from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas out here in California they would hang you and take away your house , that looks like a Garibaldi but different. State fish. Huge fines
  20. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Removed 4

    How much for the HXJ
  21. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Removed 4

    How much for the hxj?
  22. H20buffalo112

    Indy seven days

    I fish the Indy twice a year on an eight day trip in August and a 15 day er In January. No they do not charge for using the Kite regardless of the bait being used.
  23. H20buffalo112

    SOLD AVET JX 6/3 TWO SPEED REEL 9/10 condition

    I Have a Silver one JX6/3 2 speed same price
  24. H20buffalo112

    SOLD MXJ Raptor - Silver

    Check your PayPal. Send payment
  25. H20buffalo112

    SOLD AVET JX 6/3 TWO SPEED REEL 9/10 condition

    For sale is a Mint Condition Avet JX 6/3 2 speed blue ,beautiful Reel it comes with 65 pound spectra. look at pictures very carefully will ship on your dime. $275.00
  26. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Penn Fathom FTH40NLDHS

    I have two Penn Fathoms 40 single speed 7 to 1 ratio Reels for sale they’re in great condition they come with spectra 65 pounds. look at pictures very careful. will ship on your dime. 175.00 each
  27. H20buffalo112

    For Sale PENN MASTER MARINER 349 8/10 Condition

    Have a beautiful Penn master mariner 349 black . look at pictures very carefully will ship on your dime. $90
  28. H20buffalo112

    For Sale PENN MASTER MARINER 349. 8/10 condition

    Have a beautiful Penn 349 black master mariner for sale . look at pictures very carefully I will ship on you’re dime. $100.00
  29. H20buffalo112

    Penn 349H Drag Issue

    I have a beautiful black 349 master mariner for sale look at the pictures very carefully it’s in really good shape. hundred dollars
  30. H20buffalo112

    What Color DTX Minnow 220 have been working the best

    Just got back last weekend on the Indy eight day John Collins invitational and we ran Sunday Monday . I believe it was Tuesday morning we got over to the ridge area (13 fathom)and we started trolling and yeah there was a lot of wahoo for us but the nomads for some reason we’re not getting bit...
  31. H20buffalo112

    San Diego Fish Processing vs Boat Filets

    In this article there’s seems to be a misconception of whether you have that option or not to have the deckhand fillet the fish or the processors . This I know if you are in American waters they, the deckhands can clean your fish if you prefer or if you’re in international waters they will not...
  32. H20buffalo112

    gear ratios

    Last year I bought two Penn Fathon‘s single speed 40s 7 to 1 ratio thinking that this would be awesome for Wahoo fishing or for skipping jigs for yellowtail. Yep it works , it’s a lot of fun but once you hook something of substantial weight stand by there’s no power To crank them in you have to...
  33. H20buffalo112

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I think from all the years of decking ,I would be looking at the triangle between the west end of Catalina ,San Nicolas and Santa Barbara Island and start there and work my way west I think that’s where you’ll find all the fish. It has happened before On the Eldo 1971.
  34. H20buffalo112

    Tackle shops in Long Beach

    Been gone for about 8 years
  35. H20buffalo112

    Tuna fishing advice/help

    Before you go out on your next trip on your reels that you’re fishing jigs or heavy sinkers peel out 100 feet and with the marks a lot Mark 1 line pull up 100 more feet and then mark 2 lines and go to 3 three lines OK put the line back on and now you’re set so that when you’re out there do you...
  36. H20buffalo112

    FREE STOLEN!!! From Point Loma...Custom wrapped THRASHER fishing rods, Shikari and Rainshadow. Keep an eye out, please!

    Yeah those are some really nice looking sticks, I live in Long Beach,562 area code .I’ll keep my eye open I hope you get them back.
  37. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Penn Fathom 60 2 spd - OC area

    Great reel for the 100# class fish.
  38. H20buffalo112

    Charkbait store....

    The BEST TACKLE store in the South Bay ( LA area)
  39. H20buffalo112


    Great boat, great operation
  40. H20buffalo112

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    I’m retired and on a budget and some of this trips are going to make me fish of the Beach.
  41. H20buffalo112

    6 June 2020 Sport King fish count

    Jim Egan/ Eldorado : Jack Ruth/Toronado :Mike Bullbass/Sharpshooter :Dick Helgren / Electra, great Skippers of my Time. I grew up with this guy’s learned a lot from them.
  42. H20buffalo112

    6 June 2020 Sport King fish count

    I was 15 , 1969 The greatest 3/BBB’s Sportfishing Captain that ran the “Sporking“. HERB CURLY.
  43. H20buffalo112

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    I’m an Indy fishie Dude por vida. 112 feet by 33 feet fishing platform with new Mitsubishi engines and the best chef on the Ocean Ed Lacombe and his ASSSSISTANCE ROLLO Ritman, Capt Matt Kaullen and the rest of the crew it doesn’t get any better
  44. H20buffalo112

    SOLD 2 Kite Rods wrapped by Yo's

    Wow at $265.00 Dollars, that already a killer deal for this quality rods.
  45. H20buffalo112

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    I do not “want“ or intend to offend you with this question, but are you experienced in casting conventional reels? because if your not , your going to be in a world of hurting thinking you can cast a Sardine out 20/30 feet and you can’t . Please answer true fully. Theres a bunch of folks out...
  46. H20buffalo112

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    You are right on the selection of reels . I love the Cheap Penn Fathon
  47. H20buffalo112

    Long Range boat Independence heading home to SD.

    Good morning fellow Bloodydeckers. the INDEPENDENCE just left the LA light heading to San Diego and hopefully with that some of you will get to see her with all the new stuff that she has on .let’s hope for a SAFE fishing season. TIGHT LINES.
  48. H20buffalo112

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I fish the Indy and Matt or Jeff (in the past has never ask for more than 15 percent of the Overall price) that should set the standard.
  49. H20buffalo112

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    This topic comes up a lot, why does a deckhand deserve 30/50 percent when the Service industry call out for 15/20 percent of the bill. I I’m not obligated to tip anything. Only if the service is there. So let your conscience be you’re guide.
  50. H20buffalo112

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Talk about a whore!!. A gentleman from Kansas posted on BD’s a few months ago that he was coming back to California, and had some fishing gear for sale and if any one was interested in buying he would bring it with him to California. I bought it all. 3500.00 dollars later. I happy.
  51. H20buffalo112

    Pier Fisherman get big surprise!

    What an awesome idea, I wish more single boat owners going out solo would do to spread the fishing love.
  52. H20buffalo112

    WTB Looking for either REEL ARMOR OR SKIN HUGGERS

    Wow, thank you very much it’s exactly what I was looking for. Again thanks
  53. H20buffalo112

    WTB Looking for either REEL ARMOR OR SKIN HUGGERS

    REEL ARMOR WAS SOLD ON AMASON IN 2016 and that was the last time ,no information from Amazon
  54. H20buffalo112

    WTB Looking for either REEL ARMOR OR SKIN HUGGERS

    Good afternoon, bloody deck fisherman. hey I’m looking for these two items if anybody knows or has contact information on where to get them. I exhausted my research on them and now pleading for you guys that know about them and basically there are a protector on the conventional reels, they’re...
  55. H20buffalo112

    Surface iron?

    I also love jig fishing. I fish on the Indy at least twice a year and I can’t wait to go out to Alijos rocks or hurricane bank and throw jigs at the wahoo or the yellowtail at the ridge my favorite would be the Caibo lures from Long Beach tackle. I found that these jigs, because of the two ring...
  56. H20buffalo112

    WTB Shimano torium reels right hand

    I have 3/ 30’s SHIMANO torium in good condition
  57. H20buffalo112

    WTB WTB tiagra 30W Or penn 30w

    I also have 7 cal star rods 4 /970 3 /670 20/40# rods and 3/ shimano tourim 30 and Daiwa Saltigas 30 and 50
  58. H20buffalo112

    WTB WTB tiagra 30W Or penn 30w

    I have a Penn International 30 for 250.00 it’s in good working condition. It has 100# test Jerry Brown Spectra . Look at pictures. Two speed. Cal sheeted.
  59. H20buffalo112


    Cal does the service and did the upgrades on the sleeve and the drag washers on the 50 .All of the internationals that I have been serviced by Cal. You can also check this out by serial number on the reel.
  60. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Wooden Long Range tackle box

    Has it sold? I have some reels. What are you looking for?
  61. H20buffalo112

    FREE Scammers Alert.

    Be very careful. I just posted on bloody decks classifieds and I received two messages from a scammer within a minute and it was a San Diego phone number
  62. H20buffalo112


    I have a beautiful pen international 50 SW 2 speed in mint condition it comes with Jerry Brown spectra 130 pound test ready to go. $$$$400.00
  63. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Avet MXL 4.5 single speed conventional reel

    Mint condition Avet MXL 4.5 convenational reel. look at pictures very carefully I will ship. $$$$$ 200.00
  64. H20buffalo112

    PL 68 rod

    Interesting question, Are you a long range fisherman? Are you fishing the PL for Yellowfin or Bluefin tuna? Do you own any XXH rods? From my Experience PL fishing is not the easiest thing to do, but very rewarding when you do get one. Lots and lots of cranking, fills like your cranking arm is...
  65. H20buffalo112

    A few observations on wahoo...

    Howdy. from your observation ,I believe your a good wahoo slayer. Good write up.
  66. H20buffalo112


    For sale is an accurate TERM 600 narrow 6 to 1 , star drag Reel single speed. it’s the TX 600 XN , it’s got the twin Drag system and it’s brand new in the box. look at the pictures very carefully. $$$ 250.00 will ship on your dime I take PayPal.
  67. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Lot of stuff needs to go

    Hey , is this Kansas the truck driver? If it is we fish together on the Indy back in 2017.
  68. H20buffalo112

    02 Feb - 18 Feb Excel Ultra 16 Day

    Great story. I was on a 16 dayer the first week of January on the INDY, same type of fishing that you experienced. Great times and fun. There’s a reason why it’s called FISHING not Caching.
  69. H20buffalo112

    WTB Okuma Cedros 8-10-12- Conventional Reel

    Hi,I’m still interested but that price is a little high for those two reels. the most I’ll pay is 175.00 each. Let me know. Thanks
  70. H20buffalo112

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    Hola Bill. Great report ,trip of a life time
  71. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Wahoo bombs Misc. 1 lot

    Have 14 misc Wahoo bombs: 70.00 for all + shipping . Not separating. Must take all.
  72. H20buffalo112


    One lot: Fish “N” things Ventura. 6 Wahoo bombs. Look at pictures very carefully. 30.00 + shipping. In Long Beach
  73. H20buffalo112

    Who knows UC blanks?

    Call Randy, the owner and designer of all UC rods and see if he has time to answer all your questions. Very nice man and knowledgeable. He worked for and designed Seeker rods.
  74. H20buffalo112

    WTB Penn 113MTL

    Hello. Are you in the armed Service? If you are thank you for your service.
  75. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Penn 113MTL

    If you would just calm down for a second and go up to the original post, you’ll find the info your bad mouthing the guy for. Question of the day? Are you THAT GUY.
  76. H20buffalo112


    I have a Penn “LEFTY” Squall.SQL40DLH NEW IN BOX 130.00 plus shipping.
  77. H20buffalo112

    WTB Lefty conventional reels

    If your interested. I have a Penn “LEFTY” Squall.SQL40DLH NEW IN BOX 130.00 plus shipping. Call me I’m in Long Beach Ca. 310-528-2913 Sergio.
  78. H20buffalo112

    People who fish dark braid

    There’s your answer
  79. H20buffalo112

    Red Rooster

    I Was on the Indy two years ago at the hurricane bank for 6 days in 8 to 10 waves with white caps and blowing 10 to 20 mph and I watched the Intrepid the RP and The Shogun and I mean you talk about Roley Poli it was just unbelievable if you haven’t fished the Indy platform , you’re in for a...
  80. H20buffalo112

    Red Rooster

    Andy, changed that rule. I was on the R/R in October and had a lady cook and he said to be aware and if you had to go it was ok, just be considerate and don’t be a slob. Clean after yourself
  81. H20buffalo112

    what should i take on a 1.5 day on the fortune out of pedro

    Fished that boat a few months ago, the Captain is very fishy and had a great crew. Good boat.
  82. H20buffalo112

    Best On board fish handling??

  83. H20buffalo112

    Fish processing

  84. H20buffalo112


    Hi Paul. Yes I will and hope to fish side to side with you. Maybe I’ll catch the last and biggest 300 # tuna.
  85. H20buffalo112

    Super Cow 11/1/9

    Hola. Bro from another mother.
  86. H20buffalo112

    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    Look up the Intrepid catch for this morning
  87. H20buffalo112

    WTB Looking for Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo bombs

    Don’t stress out on using onlyCapt Jimmy Bombs. It’s the color (Green) buy the skirts and change according to what they are hitting at the time. I fish them (Wahoo) on surface iron.
  88. H20buffalo112

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Allison tuna. We catch them down in Baja California.
  89. H20buffalo112

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    Hola. I would talk to the deckhand right after leaving the harbor and test the Nomad and see how it runs. Be prepared for your rotation knowing your jig works. Most boats cruise at about 10 knots so that should not be an issue on testing.
  90. H20buffalo112

    RR3 trip #21 report

    Allen I’m sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family. Your a good fisherman. I would fish with you anytime, great trip.
  91. H20buffalo112

    WTB Okuma Cedros 8-10-12- Conventional Reel

    Alrighty. Please call me @310-528-2913——Sergio.
  92. H20buffalo112

    WTB Okuma Cedros 8-10-12- Conventional Reel

    Hola, your a great friend and fisherman. is it a 10s lever drag?
  93. H20buffalo112

    The Captain that is....

    Brain on the Indy, great Captain and Deckhand. I actually saw him cast 12 baits and 12 hand offs. Unbelievable.
  94. H20buffalo112

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    Dude, your a natural. Great catch, awesome release. Love, your spirit.
  95. H20buffalo112

    Fluorocarbon for wind-ons for Cow fishing

    I saw some dude, Jerome Malad , (great fisherman) catch a 220 on 60# test after 1/30 min fight.
  96. H20buffalo112

    Fluorocarbon for wind-ons for Cow fishing

    Listen to the deckhands or Captain, direct is what I prefer. If you can break 100# test you don’t need any advice from anyone.
  97. H20buffalo112

    WTB Okuma Cedros 8-10-12- Conventional Reel

    Anyone out there have this reels? Interested in buying.
  98. H20buffalo112

    WTB Penn 113h/hl

    I have 1-113 and 1-114 in good condition call me at 310-528-2913 my name is Sergio
  99. H20buffalo112

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I was very fortunate to be on the John Collins invitational last month and heard of a similar report on the previous trip to us of a Great White coming at a guy sitting on the rail. Fast forward to our trip, as I remember being on the stern fishing somewhat close to John Collins and he is...
  100. H20buffalo112

    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Hey Dale Im fishing on the boat 10/4 thru the12th, is this the trip your on ? Or the 12th thru the 20. I just double checked the RR3 Schedule and our trip is the Seaguar trip.
  101. H20buffalo112


    Call the office. Jason.
  102. H20buffalo112

    Where's Jeff from Indy?

    Great Captain, nothing but respect and hope he is happy in his new endeavor.
  103. H20buffalo112

    2020 long range schedules

    Call the particular boat and ask about being put on there list for a future trip and as soon as a opening occurs you’ll get a phone call, but you have to be serious and buy in or you will never ever get another phone call. There’s a gentleman wanting to sale his 8 day spot on the Indy for a trip...
  104. H20buffalo112

    Sabiki rod

    Ok, I’m going to bite . What the hell is a sabiki rod and is it that hard to catch bait on a regular rod without getting hook on the Ganion . We fish for bait all the time on the long Range boats and I have never seen one of those fancy Sabiki rods on the Red Rooster or the Indy. Someone needs...
  105. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Med emergency forced sale Seeker OSP 3X REDUCED AGAIN!

    Sorry for your trouble. Are they new? And how much to pick up in your town?
  106. H20buffalo112

    Cavio Irons

    Great jigs, and Jimmy is a pleasure to deal with. 38# yellow
  107. H20buffalo112

    Shogun trip for sale

  108. H20buffalo112

    Berth 55 Ahra-Ahn

    Dude, the picture represents someone that fishes and knows something about the subject matter. That’s all.
  109. H20buffalo112

    Irvine Lake..........

    There was no water to fish, it was a puddle a year ago.
  110. H20buffalo112

    Fish ID needed!

    Are they good to eat????
  111. H20buffalo112

    43 Thursday

    That’s nothing , I done the same trip on a Velco 12 footer with 4 guy’
  112. H20buffalo112

    Berth 55 Ahra-Ahn

    I was on a charter on this boat a few weeks ago and I would not hesitate to fish this boat again. ALL YOU SALTWATER FISHERMAN KNOW THE 100 PERCENT ANTI DRUG RULE ON ALL SPORTFISHING BOATS. What Captain or boat owner would jeopardize loosing there livelihood for some knuckleheads,I’m calling bullshit
  113. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Fluoro

    Thanks , for a great buy
  114. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Wahoo bombs /Two lots

    LOT #1 8 - Fish “N” Things Cherry Bombs 4/4oz - 4/6oz Total of 8 for $ 50.00 LOT#2. 19- Misc Wahoo Bombs /different sizes and weights $ 100.00 Price drop!! WILL NOT SEPARATE LOTS Will ship on your dime. I’m in Long Beach call me @310-528-2913 Sergio
  115. H20buffalo112

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Sand the paint off and wallla you have an old style wooden cedar plug
  116. H20buffalo112

    TRADE Fathom 40 star drag

    Hola. Is it the 40 HS?
  117. H20buffalo112


    Up for sale is a PENN SQUALL 40LDLH CONVENTIONAL REEL. New. 100.00 call Sergio @ 310-528-2913 leave message or text.
  118. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Fluoro

    I want the 50 and the 80 premiere . How do I buy?
  119. H20buffalo112

    Butt Cord Treatment

    Ditto, color preserver works great, being doing it for over 40 years. Be generous.
  120. H20buffalo112


    Ok , think about what your saying and asking, your on a charter that someone invited you to fish on. All of the sudden you’re wandering about your surroundings of whether your fishing stuff is safe. How about all the other people on this boat looking at you and are wondering who is this guy, is...
  121. H20buffalo112

    Who is fishing San Clemente? Is it OC or LA landings only?

    I was at Clemente yesterday and I counted ten sport boats around the east end
  122. H20buffalo112

    SOLD OKUMA MAKAIRA 30ll two speed NEW

    For sale is a NEW Okuma Makaira 2 speed conventional reel, gold. it comes with no box and no tools . Call me @ 310-528-2913. I’m in Long Beach Ca
  123. H20buffalo112

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    I’ll keep an eye on the 562/310 area, bought a few rods and reels from you guys
  124. H20buffalo112


    Jeff the ex skipper on the Indy would say by leaping bounds the TONY PEÑA KNOT. Easy and hard to beat.
  125. H20buffalo112

    SOLD USED REELS in Long Beach

    Sold. Thanks for looking.
  126. H20buffalo112

    Smallest diameter braid?

    Finns Braid. Made in the USA. Stay away from the Slate Green Colors, can’t be seen in early or evening light.
  127. H20buffalo112

    For Sale 80 and 130lb FINS Braid - Bulk Spools

    If you ever get PINK 80/130 line let me know and it’s sold. Thanks
  128. H20buffalo112

    SOLD USED REELS in Long Beach

    I have four reels I want to sale. 1. Diawa Lexa- Wn 400 HS-P with Winn handle used one time 180.00 SOLD Sold sold 2. Avet SX 6/4- MC 2 speed in good condition. Silver 200.00 SOLD 3. Avet MXL 4.5 purple single speed in good condition. 160.00 SOLD Sold Sold 4. Pro...
  129. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Salas YoYo4 Heavies

    I’m also in Long Beach and I have about 50 to 75 of the jigs your looking for. Call me @ 310-528-2913 my name isSergio
  130. H20buffalo112

    Foamer Rig Options

    I’ve been fishing for nearly 50 years or so, deckhand when I was a youngster. The Question you should be asking yourself, is how well do you cast? I can throw a sardine with the Mack 16 really easy the 20 so so and the 30 I can cast it away from the boat, remember your using different line size...
  131. H20buffalo112

    my new homemade spool tensioner

    Very clever,
  132. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Brand New Bulk Spools of FINS Braid

    A few years ago I bought the Finn Agua blue , it’s either 80/90 pound test they claim the smallest diameter for the strength. I love it on my Makaira 16. Cast really easily. Good product. This is what I have caught on my PEASHOOTER, Mak 16. different trips on the Indy.
  133. H20buffalo112

    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    The reel you bought is an upgraded 349 Penn Mariner reel. As the Reel Wahoo Special implies, are you going to troll with that rod you described or are you going to throw bombs or jigs with it. how good do you cast? Typical ideal set up for wahoo fishing is a 8 foot rod 30 to 60 pound rating and...
  134. H20buffalo112

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    There’s people that don’t cast at all on the slide, contrary to what people say just be the first or second to drop your favorite bomb, raider or bait right next to the boat on the opposite side of the hooked up trolling fish so you don’t tangle The trollers, let it go out 200 or 300 feet. Put...
  135. H20buffalo112

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    Try this test on new mono, take a piece of mono about 5 or 6 feet and tie an overhand knot, grab the two ends and pull really hard. New mono should not break. Now take your older mono that’s a season old and do THE TEST if it breaks change it out. Saves you time and money.
  136. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Brand New Bulk Spools of FINS Braid

    Thanks for your reply I’m looking for bulk 2000 yards thanks
  137. H20buffalo112

    Independence trip 1902

    Hola Steve, would love to catch a 50/100# tuna on her.
  138. H20buffalo112

    Independence trip 1902

    Hola, it’s about that time to start a roll call on our up and coming trip that leaves this Sunday. I’m all fired up that I’m showing up on Saturday, With my new Baby. I wish it was Pink Spectra. ROLL CALL: who’s coming?
  139. H20buffalo112

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 advertised line capacity & braid advice

    This is a side story to the Fathom 40/2 speed. Two seasons ago on the INDY at Hurricane Bank, about 11:00 am we saw a hand full of Wahoos swim thru so I said to my self, self let’s throw a sardine out and see if I can hook one of this toothier pescados, low and behold the 60 pound Izor line...
  140. H20buffalo112

    Drags for the mak

    I would see if I could by thr drags directly from Okuma
  141. H20buffalo112

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Nice , better than a comealong
  142. H20buffalo112

    Break Strength: Power Pro 100 lb solid core

    Hello, you started this thread with the question of the strength of hundred pound SolidCore Braid and when it breaks now I’m not a scientist but if you compare hundred pound test of mono and I do realize it is stretches and braid doesn’t but it gives you a good idea of what your working with...
  143. H20buffalo112

    Break Strength: Power Pro 100 lb solid core

    If you really wanna know the truth Of the breaking strength of Braid you’ll have to do some work , the test that I’ve done and this is just for my own information I’ve used Izor 100 pound test and whoever’s Braid 100 pound ,two pieces of about 20 feet of each and anchor both lines side by side...
  144. H20buffalo112

    todays fish

    Would you want to divulge the area and country? , you put out the bait and I’ll bite.
  145. H20buffalo112

    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    Pro Gear Wahoo Special, best Reel for the snaggle tooth creatures .
  146. H20buffalo112

    Caivo Jigs

    How hard is it to put a knife blade behind the flatten bard and prop it back out to look like the others?
  147. H20buffalo112

    Fortune/bluefin tuna 12-2-2018

    Yes he was. Great Captain , good with his communication and good peoples skills.
  148. H20buffalo112

    Caivo Jigs

    Row A
  149. H20buffalo112

    Caivo Jigs

    Great jigs, caught a nice wahoo on the red crab 3.2 oz .Happy hour and playing with my jigs
  150. H20buffalo112

    Caivo Jigs

    Jimmy is awesome
  151. H20buffalo112

    Fortune/bluefin tuna 12-2-2018

    Went fishing out of 22nd St.Landing On the fortune on 12-03-2018 Monday night on a one and 1/2 day trip and to me this was an unknown boat ,what a pleasure to fish on this 65 foot by 19 foot boat. Took out 18 anglers out to the Cortez and it’s an amazing little boat ,great captain good crew and...
  152. H20buffalo112

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    Okuma is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great service. Ron at the counter did everything to help me in my time of need. Great experience.
  153. H20buffalo112

    80-100 lb reel advice

    I have two Makaira 16’s that I use as pee- shooters (100#outfit) as there called on the INDY and I also have the 20 and 30. In my opinion the 20 is perfect for what you want, if you look at the stats on both the 20 and 30 they are the same reel but the 30 holds more line.
  154. H20buffalo112

    Cortes Bank... Nov. 21

    A married couple that fishes together will stay together, awesome partner. Way to spend your holiday.
  155. H20buffalo112

    Holie Mackeral!!!

    Allison Tuna.
  156. H20buffalo112

    Need idea on what guides were used on this mid 1980s Sabre rod

    Call Randy at United composite he will know for sure. I’m going to say Varmac’s.
  157. H20buffalo112

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

  158. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Vintage Cal/Star Rod and Newell/penn reels

    Up for sale are vintage Cal star west coast series Rods in really good condition look at the pictures very carefully and I also have the reels the penn and the newell’s and there’s a price sheet for each individual item. I am in seal Beach and if you want them shipped it’s going to be on your...
  159. H20buffalo112

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Why are we going over this again ? In the SERVICE INDUSTRY it’s customary to tip according to the service provided. Some of us are on a budget and can’t afford to give exuberant tips. PLEASE REMEMBER THERE A RULE OF THUMB 10 percent 15,18 or 20 percent to be given IF YOU CHOOSE, ITS NOT...
  160. H20buffalo112

    Mak 8 sea

    Wow, that’s a very expensive reel to fish Mack’s. What’s your opinion on the 8 or 10 maks for the 40 to 60 even 80 pound tuna at the lupe. My experience on those tuna, they are strong and mean.
  161. H20buffalo112


    For sale is a seeker PH ulua 9.3 heavy jig stick 30 to 60 pound test used ones on the indy and caught one Wahoo and it ripped the Cork so I replaced it with the shrink tubing very nice rod, only used once you’re getting a good deal I paid 259+ tax I’m asking $200
  162. H20buffalo112

    old tackle shops oc/la

    The best of the best PAUL’S Bait and Tackle on Harbor Blvd in beautiful north SAN PEDRO. Across from Todd Shipyard.
  163. H20buffalo112

    Question on tying knot if you have an end loop already

    I’m not a knot expert but if your using 130 pound test Spectra and you go around once on the swivel , I believe your going to be in pretty good shape. No chance of it coming undone.
  164. H20buffalo112

    Question on tying knot if you have an end loop already

    Are you familiar with the loop to loop attachment? No difference, same thing to the swivel
  165. H20buffalo112

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    I take two or three jigs sticks and set them up according to what intel I’ve gathered
  166. H20buffalo112

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    You have to be ready for what they want , be very absorbing and be ready to change at a moments notice. A great deck hand on the Redrooster 111, Fernando he knows the conditions and he will tell you. He likes green I like Burgendy/Pink.
  167. H20buffalo112

    Shore Fishing in Hawaii

    Bobber and shrimp combo works well on the big Island
  168. H20buffalo112

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    We wrode her back when she first came on scene and boy was she fast ,on this night we were the last to leave the landing,last to the bait barge , first to the fishing grounds. She sat a little high but the skipper and crew made it all better. Around 11 am the skipper told us we where running 5...
  169. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Phenix Axis 9’ rods

    Hello, my offers is still good
  170. H20buffalo112

    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    The concept is there, looks real. Way to think out of the box.
  171. H20buffalo112

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    Yeah this afternoon I was out in my garage braizing some different size butt rings on some of my Lures I realized that on the flat fall type jigs with split rings the main connection for the jig is a 16th inch wire that the split ring is attached to and we’re all worried about the split ring or...
  172. H20buffalo112

    Overnight out of San Diego this week - what gear

    With all that info cut back on one rod and throw in a 60/80 # outfit just in case you guys come across something bigger.
  173. H20buffalo112

    Swat Meets

    Hello to all you Fishermen Does any one have any info about fishing swat meets in the LA area, dates and times?
  174. H20buffalo112

    What happened to Malihini?

    I have very fond memories of her. Middle grounds (Coronado) 1972, White Seabass boiling on the corner every squid was a 30/50# ghost. .AWESOME.
  175. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Makaira 10ii, Daiwa Tackle Backpack

    Is the mak sold ?if not I’ll take it I live in Seal Beach maybe we could meet half way
  176. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Mak 8 II sea

    What happened to the call back ?
  177. H20buffalo112

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open 8 Day / 09/21-10/01

    I prefer to park at HM fish market parking lot then go to office and take care of business ask for a overflow parking permit then go into the Zoo parking lot drop my stuff off , they give you 20 min to do this then go out to the overflow parking. Easy pissy 0 parking cost
  178. H20buffalo112

    Intrepid 3-Day, September 4-7

    Please count this trip up to experience and try other boats,the longer time on the water the better and the time of the year also is important, personally I like late July thru October. the Indy the Excel or the Red rooster are my Favorites. Don’t give up.
  179. H20buffalo112

    Mak20 reel seat screw broke?!?!

    Hi, Eddie doesn’t work for Okuma any more. Call Ron he’s really good
  180. H20buffalo112

    4-5 year old Flouro, would you still use it?

    Hello, regardless if it’s Mano or fluoro there’s a simple test to perform at home, if you have manly hands or not put on some leather gloves and simply do an over hand knot on a 4 foot piece of the line of the spool and pull evenly as hard as you can if it breaks no bueno if it doesn’t your good...
  181. H20buffalo112

    Independence 08/04-11/18 report

    Great write up. My all time favorite boat along with the Red Rooster and of course the Excel
  182. H20buffalo112

    Another 100lb reel thread

    Great advice, baby steps let’s hook that monster fish first. The PENNS international can handle just about anything local or international.
  183. H20buffalo112


    I believe there’s one in Long Beach this Saturday the 11th. Long Beach Rod &Reel Club. It’s usually pretty good.
  184. H20buffalo112

    How many windons for a 4 1/2 day trip?

    Do you know how to tie the Tony peña knot or the RP knot , Spectra to mono or flour you’ll never go back to wind ons. With a little practice you’ll save enough money to go on another trip.
  185. H20buffalo112

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    A friend of my posted this picture today at Catalina pier. Just Awesome.
  186. H20buffalo112

    Best Casting reel for 8' casting rod

    I agree. I have the 30,40 and the 60 Penn Fathoms,hard to beat ,the range of lines you could use are endless. My fav is the 30 for wahoo with either 40 or 50 pound test
  187. H20buffalo112

    Wahoo trollers

    I was all gun ho on this lures back at the Fred Hall in March so I bought two of them went out on the Indy in July 7 thru the 14 and a few fellow anglers tried trolling the 200’s and one guy got bit and the hoo came off because of the hooks that they use look at them ,very small barbs the other...
  188. H20buffalo112

    Hooks and baiting hooks for chunking

    Hi , Steve you and Jerome are great fishermen
  189. H20buffalo112

    In Need of Some Guidance

    I’m so glad you raised to the occasion and got out and tried this awesome sport and hope you continue with this passion, baby steps start out like most of us on your local half day boat, am’s are usually better fishing. Tight lines my friend and thank you for your service
  190. H20buffalo112

    Looking for a new wahoo reel

    I would agree with most said here,usually you set your drag according to the size of the line on your reel like 10/15 percent of breaking strength but never button down he will break you off. But setting the hook on a wahoo is a no no, on BAIT with circle hooks point your rod at the fish and...
  191. H20buffalo112

    Wahoo trollers

    Yes, kick my boootieeee
  192. H20buffalo112

    Wahoo trollers

    200 hundred miles from Hurricane bank and this friend and I with permission put out two marauders my was the Dorado color and the rest is history caught on someone’s camara. My fish was close to 180/90# and the other 160/70#
  193. H20buffalo112

    Waianae - 5/31/2018 Monkey off my back!

    Nice looking Alison tuna.
  194. H20buffalo112

    Tell Me About These Jigs

    The guys, out at the hurricane kill the yellowfin on the pl68
  195. H20buffalo112

    Do you really need a true 80lb rig for overnight to 2 day trip?

    You guys are overthinking this scenario. A size 20 or 30 Okuma Makaira and a nice rail rod with 135# Spectra and start with80# to135#wind on fluorocarbon and your in the ball park. You could drive yourself crazy overthinking.
  196. H20buffalo112


    Vintage in very good condition Shimano #30 TLD 2 SPEED REEL with 500+ Yards of 130# 8strand Spectra new. Look at pictures and you decide. $ 210.00 local pick up Seal Beach area or meet at a pre- determined area.
  197. H20buffalo112


    SBK 7200 Tackle Box. USED USED Stainless Steel Hardware and Fasteners Rotationally Molded Construction Lid Opens 180° for Inner Door Access Four Storage Boxes with Dividers $ 200.00 local pick up or pre-arrange location Call Sergio- 310-528-2913 Seal Beach
  198. H20buffalo112

    DIY Line Winder - Planning Stage

    There’s a line winder for sale on BD for 250.00 or best offer somewhere in Dana point . Problem solved.
  199. H20buffalo112

    anyone use paypal?

    Do you have pay pal? If so you need the individuals E-mail, call pay pal and confirm With them that this guy is a member and has sufficient funds. Create an invoice to the buyer and send it to him. He will respond by paying you. If your shipping the item buy from the USPS confirmation signature...
  200. H20buffalo112

    Ken’s fixed my Fathom 40LD2 drag issue!

    Hola. Is this a common problem on this Penn Fathoms?
  201. H20buffalo112

    Coupon for the 2018 LB Fred Hall Show

    Awesome, thanks
  202. H20buffalo112

    Long Beach swapmeet in Rain???

    It’s on, smaller than usual. some good deals
  203. H20buffalo112

    Owner Pro Pack hooks 2/0-4/0 CHEAP

    Hola. Call me @310-528-2913 want to know what you have left. Thanks
  204. H20buffalo112

    Long Range On Board Fish Handling

    The crew on the “Indy” takes great pride on being very professional on all the steps to provide a great product for there customers. This is my Third/15 dayer on the INDEPENDENCE and they THE CREW don’t disappoint. Matt Oscar Bill and Ben are a very seasoned crew.
  205. H20buffalo112

    Hello my name is Sergio, call me @310-528-2913 with dates on fishing Alaska,I’m interested. Thanks

    Hello my name is Sergio, call me @310-528-2913 with dates on fishing Alaska,I’m interested. Thanks
  206. H20buffalo112

    Question hollow or solid braid

    Hola, do you have any 30/40 pound single strand wire, use that instead of buying the needle. Flare the end of the spectra and insert wire as far as you want wallla it’s hallow core.
  207. H20buffalo112

    Cabrillo dry boat storage break ins

    Sorry to hear about your fishing equipment. By any chance did you talked and filed a stolen property report with the Port Police or the LAPD? PORT POLICE have access to over 200 Harbor cameras. Look up as your driving to the storage facility and you’ll see them on either light standards poles or...
  208. H20buffalo112

    SOLD New Penn Fathom FTH60LD2 Reel

    I’m interested call me @ 310- 528-2913 im in Seal Beach
  209. H20buffalo112

    Spooling spectra... How much weight?

    Do what everyone is told to do once under way , attach a torpedo sinker and let all your line out and start cranking. The line coming back in is under pressure. Done.
  210. H20buffalo112

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

  211. H20buffalo112

    Striped Marlin/ Half mount

    Up for sale is a really nice 7‘10“ striped marlin need to get rid of. Moving out $220 local pick up only seal Beach California . The two lower fins below the head are missing. Call Sergio @ 310-528-2913 local pick up only. SOLD SOLD SOLD PLEASE REMOVE
  212. H20buffalo112

    Euro dollar exchange

    Hello, just order the money from your bank. Unless you think your going to get a better deal from someone on BD'S. Use your favorite credit card while in Europe and get a more favorable rate.
  213. H20buffalo112

    Penn 2sp Fathom 40

    I bought the 30 and the 40 Penn Fathoms reels. In January on the Indy I hook a 140+ Yellowfin on the 40 with 60# fluoro. Great fun and the reel was awesome.
  214. H20buffalo112

    New crew

    Call Sergio @ 310-528-2913 I'm interested
  215. H20buffalo112

    SHIMANO TLD-2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL REEL $250.00call Sergio at 3105 to 829 13 PayPal preferred or cash

    Hi my name is Sergio and I'm in Seal Beach the reel is 250.00. Call me @310-528-2913 if your interested
  216. H20buffalo112

    SHIMANO TLD-2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL REEL $250.00call Sergio at 3105 to 829 13 PayPal preferred or cash

    Up for sale is a very nice rarely used Shimano TLD 50 LRS long-range series reel with graphite drag washers it has a few dings and nicks it's because of the age but the reel is in good condition ready to use call Sergio at 310 528-2913 . PayPal preferred or cash for local pick up in seal Beach...
  217. H20buffalo112

    Penn 12 LT Two Speed Conventional Reel $300.00

    Up for sale is a very nice Penn international 12 LT two speed reel in good condition it has a few scratches on the on the clicker side plate and some on the on the gear side . Call Sergio at 310 528-2913 local pick up seal Beach area or will mail at your cost to the destination.
  218. H20buffalo112

    Pro Gear 541/545 conventional reels

    I have up for sale two pro gear reels in good condition shows wear and tear but they been maintained very very well after each fishing season . 1- 541------------ 125.00 2- 545--------------sold Local pick up in seal Beach or will ship united postal whatever the charges to your destination...
  219. H20buffalo112

    WTB Heavy Rod

    Seeker 6465H 6'6" 30/50 test Calstar 6465. 6'6" 20/50 test
  220. H20buffalo112

    2/Calstars 1/ Seeker rods for sale.

    Call Sergio @ 310-528-2913
  221. H20buffalo112

    2/Calstars 1/ Seeker rods for sale.

    I have one seeker black steel bait Rod G 6465 heavy 6 1/2 feet tall rated 30 to 50 pounds $100.00 also selling a Calstar 6465 rated 20 to 50 # $ 80.00 also a Calstar 655 heavy rated 20/50# $80.00
  222. H20buffalo112

    WTB Heavy Rod

    I'm in Seal Beach and have one or two rods that you might be interested in call me @ 310-528-2913 if your interested. My name is Sergio.
  223. H20buffalo112

    Shark fishing

    Going down to a pier to fish for sharks is probably not a good idea because there's not that many sharks out there so it's gonna be a long long soak on this rig of yours I would say go on a friends boat and go out looking for them is probably the better way . Sand sharks,sting rays and shovel...
  224. H20buffalo112

    3-6 day trips

    Sign up for a 14/15 dayer down to Clarion island or Hurricane bank, 4 days of travel fish for 5/6 days and 4 days back home. Talk about boring.
  225. H20buffalo112

    Sitka advice needed

    I was up there in Sitka in August for 5 days. We used REEL CHARTERS and was impressed with there operation caught everything your looking for.
  226. H20buffalo112

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    Talk to the secretary at the office and ask what's a avalaible to you ands it location. There's a state room on the starboard Aft ,next to engine room bulkhead very noisy. Forgot the stateroom number.
  227. H20buffalo112

    Mak 15II - 60# Top Shots?

    I'm interested in knowing what you are fishing for with this reel.
  228. H20buffalo112

    WTB Cowbell Wahoo lure

    Go to EBay there's some good deals on them there. Go to JUST FISHING INC. EBAY STORE
  229. H20buffalo112

    For Sale - New LOW Price: Shimano, Quantum, Fin-Nor, Okuma

    Hi.can you send me pictures of the Avet Raptor ,I'm interested and I'm in Seal Beach
  230. H20buffalo112

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    I've seen people run around the deck on the Indy, morning and night and they have figured out how long to run to maintain what ever it is they are looking for.
  231. H20buffalo112


    Lowered price to 180.00 Bump
  232. H20buffalo112

    Stolen Rods

    I'll keep an eye out and see if any thing comes up. Hope you get them back
  233. H20buffalo112

    Mustang Ocean Series life vest

    I have two Mustang Ocean Series Model # MD 3184 PFD'S. They are brand new. They sale at West Marine for over 300.00 each. 250.00 each. Will ship at your expense or pick up in Seal Beach Ca.
  234. H20buffalo112


    I have up for sale a spool of POWER PRO BRAID LINE. 1500 yards of 200 pound. Bought for 299.00 Almost a year ago, no use for it. SALE FOR 200.00 dollars firm
  235. H20buffalo112

    My cell is 310-528-2913

    My cell is 310-528-2913
  236. H20buffalo112

    Hi. I'm in Seal Beach and I'm interested in your line winder. Have cash!,,,,

    Hi. I'm in Seal Beach and I'm interested in your line winder. Have cash!,,,,
  237. H20buffalo112

    Is it still available? Call me at 310-528-2913 My name is Sergio

    Is it still available? Call me at 310-528-2913 My name is Sergio
  238. H20buffalo112

    Hey I saw your wrapper, would you take 200.00?

    Hey I saw your wrapper, would you take 200.00?
  239. H20buffalo112

    Pacbay wrapper

    Hola. Do you still have it ? Will you take 200.00
  240. H20buffalo112

    Great Customer Service - Round 2

    Way to go CDRPLG.
  241. H20buffalo112

    Broken Rod Protocol

    You are really showing how ignorant you are by saying what you said, your in the business of fishing and are providing a service. How long have you had this Rod, how much abuse had this Rod been thru. Is your business going to go broke because of this one broken rod,your in the wrong business...
  242. H20buffalo112

    Another Awesome Okuma Customer Service Experience

    Eddie is the best at what he does, taking care of Okuma's customers
  243. H20buffalo112

    WTB TROLLING ROD, Thanks. found one!

    Look at my add under fishing stuff. I have a seeker BSC659XXXH for 225.00
  244. H20buffalo112

    makaira 20 and cortland 100lb hollow

    Hi. On this trip it seemed that the big fish came out to play early in the day and late at night,so as for your question about using the 16 for cows (fish over 200 pounds) I think if you put 135 or 150 pound Braid main line with say 135 # wind-on you have a good chance. (PowerPro) I had 100#...
  245. H20buffalo112


  246. H20buffalo112

    Hi would you take 50.00 for all call me @ 310-528-2913. My name is Sergio

    Hi would you take 50.00 for all call me @ 310-528-2913. My name is Sergio
  247. H20buffalo112

    Hi I'm in seal beach would you take 150.00 and I'll pick up tomorrow pm call me @ 310-528-2913...

    Hi I'm in seal beach would you take 150.00 and I'll pick up tomorrow pm call me @ 310-528-2913 my name is Sergio
  248. H20buffalo112

    Seeker rods for sale

    Sorry it sold yesterday
  249. H20buffalo112

    Seeker 7x White tiger

    Awesome looking Rod . Thanks for the pictures. Good luck
  250. H20buffalo112

    Wtb p series newells

    Hola, you missed a great opportunity yesterday in long beach at the fishing swat meet ,I saw a few guys there with awesome Newell reel collections. Today try the Pacific Coast fishing show @ the Orange County fairgrounds.I think it's still going on today.
  251. H20buffalo112

    Seeker rods for sale

    I have 2 one for 100.00 40/80 pound test, the other 225.00 seeker BSC 659xxxh 80/130 pound test
  252. H20buffalo112

    Seeker rods for sale

    Have no use for this older custom made Seeker Rods .DECKHAND SERIES Varies lengths and I don't have the numbers to this rods,so you have to test and pull on this rods to see if you like them. The lengths are from 5.5 feet to 9 feet Two 100% graphite rods 8' and 9 ' The rest are Composite rods...
  253. H20buffalo112

    makaira 20 and cortland 100lb hollow

    Good morning. It's been almost two weeks since my trip on the INDEPENDANCE, 15 dayer. Trip of a life time for me,I highly recommend this boat and crew,top notch operation. The Makaira reels seemed to be the talk of the town just about everyone on the boat had 1 or 2 . I brought a 15, 16 and the...
  254. H20buffalo112

    How much for the 20?

    How much for the 20?
  255. H20buffalo112

    Yozuri Bonito Maruaders, Hollow ace threading kit and needle/tools, #40 PP Yellow

    Hi I'm interested in the da ho splicing kit. Would you take 60.00? Call 310-528-2913
  256. H20buffalo112

    Makaira 30 SE

    Hi is it still available?
  257. H20buffalo112

    Fishing rods garage sale

    Call me at 310-528-2913 Sergio. I'm in Seal Beach
  258. H20buffalo112

    Fishing rods garage sale

    I'm looking for one or two rods can we hook up on Tuesday or Wednesday
  259. H20buffalo112

    2003 Seaswirl Striper 2101

    Is she still available ?
  260. H20buffalo112


    Those guys or the skipper of that buitiful boat are way out of line. I would consider them A TYPE PERSONALATIES ( BULLIES OF THE SEA) show some class and respect instead of being what they are dush bags.
  261. H20buffalo112

    Trolling - Green Bouy & the 150

    I'll fish with you and go out for some tuna. I have been fishing all my life, work in the 70's on 4 or five Sportboats call me @ 310-528-2913 my name is Sergio.
  262. H20buffalo112

    WTT: Makaira 30II SEa

    hey I'm interested in a reel, how much? Call me I have a boat at holiday harbor in Pedro 310-528-2913 my name is Sergio.
  263. H20buffalo112

    For sale Tyrnos 10

    Hi I live in Seal Beach. Woul you take 140.00 for the Tyron's.
  264. H20buffalo112

    Can anyone claim Bluefin caught later than January 10 in So Cal?

    Pierpoint landing had 20 BF on Jan 13 , Day and half there still out there . Great last year hope for a better one this year.
  265. H20buffalo112

    big bonito

    We used to have them here up to 12 pounds all around San Pedro,Long Beach,Redondo until we killed them all in the 70's. Little did we know we all fisherman wipe them out. Sad but true. One year in the summer of the 70's, we had Blue fin tuna near Torrence beach for two weeks. EPIC FISHING. LIKE...
  266. H20buffalo112

    "That Guy"

    Tips are voluntary. I just got off the Red Rooster 111 on a eight day trip and Andy the skipper suggested 15% don't make this any different than going to a good restaurant. Tip for what you think they deserve.
  267. H20buffalo112

    bait tank

    Check out Graiglist LA boats. Search kodiak
  268. H20buffalo112

    Kodiak 32 Bait Tank

    Hello. I'm also in LA. San Pedro I also have a kodiak for sale. Go to Graiglist la under boats and search kodiak and you'll see mine, it's 300.00. Let me know.
  269. H20buffalo112

    Kodiak PF17 Bait Tank

    Hi. I have the tank your looking for. Go to Graiglist L.A. Under boats and search kodiak. My is 300.00 new with accessories.