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  1. tackle junkie

    For Sale SKB 7100

    I am selling an SKB 7100 tackle box with rocket launchers, shoulder strap and trays. Asking $200. Text me at(562) 229-6664 Jose
  2. tackle junkie

    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    I am selling a variety of rods and blanks that I was holding onto... Truline Octagon 1X: I have 1 black complete rod, and one caramel blank with the original handle. Truline Octagon 440 wrapped by Yo’s spinning rod Truline LB8 custom wrapped newer glass Harnell 675 factory wrapped 2-piece...
  3. tackle junkie

    For Sale Used SKB 7100

    SKB 7100 in great condition. It’s never been on a trip. I’ve used it for storing fishing gear. Asking $225 obo Jose (562)229-6664
  4. tackle junkie

    Quality Rods and Reels for sale

    I’m selling a few rods and reels and other accessories that I haven’t used in a while. SKB 7100 in great condition. $200 obo Penn Fathom 40NLD2 never been used, 80# Izorline spectra backing with 60# topshot $250 obo w/box and clamp Penn Baja Special 80# spectra backing with 50# topshot $175...
  5. tackle junkie

    Gold Trinidad 14

    I have a used TN 14 in good condition with spectra backing and a 20# top shot. I have the original clamp also. The screws that go into the frame have been replaced because one of the original screws was loose. It's an 8.5-9 cosmetically and about the same mechanically. SOLD!
  6. tackle junkie

    Black Truline D8 rewrap

    I started this build about 10 years ago. It feels good to see it coming together. It's got one layer of cork tape and XWrap over the top. I tied the Turks head knot myself. I decided to wrap it with Gudebrod Lemon Yellow, Scarlet and Black. I used SS braced wire guides that are triple wrapped...
  7. tackle junkie

    White Tiger CJBF90M

    Its been about 8 years since I've built a rod. It felt good to get back to it. This is a Seeker White Tiger CJBF90M blank. It's a 9' 25-50# Blank. It's got a deckhand handle with a layer of cork tape and X tube over it. The guides are Alps(I can't remember the model). They're triple wrapped.
  8. tackle junkie

    Custom Power Wrap thread tensioner question

    My thread tensioner is seizing up on me and making it difficult to keep a consistent tension while I'm wrapping. Does anyone know if I can buy just the thread tensioner or if I have to purchase the base also. Anglers Workshop out of stock on them and I don't know if I want to upgrade to the...
  9. tackle junkie

    Jet 10" Table Saw, Delta 10" Band Saw

    Jet 10" Table Saw for Sale $500 on Craigslist for $600 Delta 10" Band saw with 5 extra blades $200 Jose 562 229-6664
  10. tackle junkie

    Truline, Seeker, Harnell

    Truline OG2580 7' 1/2" original wrap has a Penn Squidder on the reel seat. I will need to try to torque it off, or take them both. The rod needs to be rewrapped. Blank and handle look great. $200 Truline LB8 custom wrap, Varmac trigger reel seat, cork grips, Dynamo reel seat. $175 Truline OG1X...
  11. tackle junkie

    Moving Sale

    I have a bunch of rod wrapping equipment, a ton of thread, cork rings, etc. I'm going to go through and try to catalog what I've got. If you're looking for anything in particular or would like to see it, text me. Jose (562)229-6664
  12. tackle junkie

    3rd Grip pole holster w/ fly rod accessory

    These are still in the packaging. I've also got a Fshn Bud E rod carrier. It holds 4 small diameter rods. $30 for the 3rd Grip and $10 for the Fshn Bud e.
  13. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    First up, Trilingual Octagon 1X's I have 2 of them. One black rod and a blank with the original handle. Tiburon F20? 8' rod with deckhand handle, XWrap, SS wire guides wrapped in black and yellow, 20# rod. $80 Seeker Blue Lightning custom wrap 8' rod with hypalon grips and a reel seat. $80 All...
  14. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad 14 and Curado 100DSV combo

    I have a Trinidad 14, with braid backing, clamp, and Shimano reel cover. Asking $250 I also have a Curado 100 DSV loaded with braid and a Seeker React Pro Series RPS706-7'11" rated 10 (12) 15 I'm asking $200 for the combo. I'll be posting more gear as I go through it. If you'd like pictures text...
  15. tackle junkie

    Truline OG2680

    Does anyone have any information on this rod? I'm looking at a custom rod labeled Truline OG 2680 and I'd Like to know its line rating and how long it should be. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Jose
  16. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagon rods, Seeker blanks

    Up for sale: 3 Truline Octagon 1X rods from the early 70's $150 each Truline LB8 8' 20# live bait rod custom wrap $175 Seeker Pinhead TNT 7' 40# blank $100 Old school Seeker CLB 702-8 8' blank graphite with tan fiberglass $120 (light action) All prices are negotiable, may be interested in...
  17. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    This ad is being taken down. Thank you
  18. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 12, 20 Curado 100DSV, Seeker rods

    I am selling some gear: Trinidad 12 Spectra backing (50#) 20# top shot $240 bought off the board but hasn't been used. Trinidad 20 spectra backing (65#) 30# top shot, box, og clamp, extra carbon text drags, Cal plates and Shimano clamp $300 Curado 100DSV spectra (30#) and Pro React RPS 706...
  19. tackle junkie

    Jet Table Saw model JWTS-10

    I have a used 10" Jet table saw, model JWTS-10 for sale. I bought it a couple of years ago hoping to get into woodworking but just haven't had the time. I listed it on craigslist for $750 or best offer. It comes with a fence, front and rear rails, and extensions. Along with a Rockwell miter...
  20. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, LB8 and Seeker PH blanks

    I have 3 Truline Octagon 1X, 1 black and two caramel colored. The rods were wrapped in the early 70's. The black rod is 6'7" and the the other two are 6'6"". I'm asking $150 or best offer. Truline LB8 with cork grip handle, Valco trigger reel seat and Dynamo butt cap. The rod is 8'0" long and...
  21. tackle junkie

    TLD 30II and AR Seeker rod

    I'm selling a good condition TLD 30II with 60# Line and a matching 5'6" AR Seeker rod with Aftco reel seat, gimbal and guides. It's a great local trolling combo or heavy bait rig. I'm asking $250 for the combo. Jose (562)229-6664 Located in Long Beach
  22. tackle junkie

    Mitsubishi WD73735 DLP 1080P

    I've had this tv for years and the DLP chip needs to be replaced, so it has white dots all over the screen. If you're willing to fix it yourself this is a great tv. There are videos all over YouTube on how to fix it and the part is less than $150. I have a bad habit of taking things apart and...
  23. tackle junkie

    DeWalt dw735 planer

    I bought this a year ago from a friend who never used it. He used to do hardwood floors but has been doing mostly laminate flooring. It has not moved since I brought it home. It is on mounted on a stand. I'm asking $450 for the tool and stand. I will not separate since I have no use for the...
  24. tackle junkie

    Seeker green blanks 36 and a TNT

    I bought these blanks over a year ago with the intent of wrapping them for myself but I haven't got around to them. They are in great condition and have been stored in the house the entire time. I'm asking $100 for the 36 and $125 for the TNT. Jose Text me at (562)229-6664
  25. tackle junkie

    Which 20-25 hp outboard for a 13' Avon inflatable?

    My buddy and I are looking for a reliable 20-25 hp outboard for our hard bottom 13' Avon. We are going to remove the outboard and set it on a stand after each use so weight is a factor. We haven't had much luck looking for used outboards so were probably going to go new. We dive, and fish off...
  26. tackle junkie

    Overnight fishing tackle recommendations for the current bite

    Hey guys, I'm headed out on the Grande tomorrow night and I would like some recommendations from anyone who has been out in the last week. It sounds like they're only biting on light line(20#) lately. What is the bait situation like? Are they biting on the iron? Butterfly jigs? Swim baits? Any...
  27. tackle junkie

    Baja Special custom parts

    Can someone tell me if can buy a red anodized frame, handle, and star drag for my Baja Special? Maybe there is a shop you can point me to that does this kind of work in Southern CA. Thank you,
  28. tackle junkie

    Fishing in Maui December 8-15th ???

    Hey Guys, I'll be in Maui for a week and I would love to do a little fishing. It's my first time going to Hawaii and I don't think I will be taking any gear With me. Can I rent an outfit to do a little shore fishing? I'm staying in Kihea. I thought about renting a kayak and fishing off the...
  29. tackle junkie

    Is there a rodbuilding class in OC?

    I haven't wrapped rods in a while and I'm planning on getting back into it this season. I want to brush up on my skills and meet up with some like-minded people. Does anyone know if those guys are still meeting?
  30. tackle junkie

    Calcutta 300TE clamp

    Is there a clamp for the Calcutta 300 TE?
  31. tackle junkie

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    I'm headed out on the Toronado tonight and was just wondering if somebody has been out on it lately. Any advice or suggestions? It's been a while since I've been out.
  32. tackle junkie

    Custom Power Wrapper rod lathe parts

    I'm looking to get back into rod wrapping and I need some parts for my Custom Wrap rod wrapper. I am looking for a set of 4 towers and an additional 4' section, and a thread carriage.
  33. tackle junkie

    Harnell, Seeker and Truline

    I am selling a few rods I haven't used. I posted a pic of these rods and I will start from the top. Seeker inshore 8'3" blank wrapped with blue zirconium guides in royal blue, light blue and black. tip needs to be replaced. will try to replace before selling. $80 reduced to $50 Harnell 675...
  34. tackle junkie

    CustomWrap power wrappers and access...

    Anglers Workshop had these for sale on their website but I'm having a hard time locating anything made by CustomWrap. Does anyone know if they went out of business? Or where I can find accesories for this wrapper? Jose
  35. tackle junkie

    What's going on with Gudebrod thread?

    I haven't been on this board in a while. I went on to Acidrod's website to check out some thread and it looks like much of the Gudebrod thread is no longer available. Is the company going out of business? What are you guys using in place of Gudebrod?
  36. tackle junkie

    Big Sur Area

    I am camping at Limekiln SP next week and I thought about doing some surf fishing while I am there. Any one fished that area? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  37. tackle junkie

    Wacom Intuos 3 Pen Tablet

    I used this once or twice and never made the effort to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Its been in the box for over a year. I am asking $175 obo. Jose 562 229-6664
  38. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Harnell 200 series 20# blanks, 203(8'), 205(8'6"), 207(9') SOLD Tiburon Custom 8' 20# rod, deckhand handle Xtube SSWire guides bumble bee yellow $100, new GLoomis SW90-12 (8-16#) blank, in plastic $70 Super Seeker 270H-8 deckhand handle, in excellent condition. $200 SOLD Shimano TLD...
  39. tackle junkie

    Making bait in LB Harbor

    I'm going out with a buddy on Friday to fish the harbor and maybe the outer breakwall. Any advice on where to make bait? I'm on a kayak.
  40. tackle junkie

    Distance from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate

    A friend and I paddled out to the breakwater from Cabrillo and fished outside. We had a great time and even caught some fish doing it. The wind picked up in the afternoon and made it tough coming in. I was wondering how far it is from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate. If you know or can direct me to a...
  41. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16 for 40#

    I sold a lot of my gear over the last year and I am in need of a 40# reel for local tuna and yellowtail. I though I might get by with a TN 16 for 40. I have plenty of spectra backing and the upgraded drag plate. Does anybody use their TN 16 for 40#?
  42. tackle junkie

    A couple of rods for sale

    I have a few rods up for sale: 1. Custom rod built using a Tiburon blank 8' 20# stick with an xtube handle and wire guides. Its wrapped in yellow and black(looks like a bumble bee). This rod is brand new and could use a better turkshead knot. $90 2. AllStar WCSI80XH 8' 15-40# XHeavy rod...
  43. tackle junkie

    Various lots of rod wrapping thread

    I posted a bunch of rod wrapping thread in another ad. I decided to break it down into smaller lots that might be more affordable. I'll post some pictures. If you are interested in a particular thread let me know and I'll check. Lot #1: 36+ various colors 100 yard spools, over 15 metallics...
  44. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons

    I have 3 Truline Octagon 1X-2X rods. One of these is black, the other two are brown. I also have a Harnell 675 factory rod. Its a two piece, spinning rod. I'll take $150 for the top two and $175 for the bottom one(black). I am also interested in a trade for a backpacking quality tent, something...
  45. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    I have 7 large spools of Holland thread. Blue and Silver, Brown and Silver, Red and Silver. I'm asking $100 obo
  46. tackle junkie

    Factory Super Seekers

    I have two Super Seekers for sale. SS 270H-8 8' 20 (25) 30 X-tube deckhand handle $225 SS 6470 7' 30 (40) 50 SOLD Call me if you are interested Jose 562 229-6664
  47. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    Cork and tools to make your own handles Blanks/Rods Seeker: CLB702-8 $80 & CLB806H(blue) $70 Seeker Inshore CSW 857 $75, 858 $75, Shikari: 808M $75, 8020 with cork grips and Fuji palm rest reel seat $120 Jaws: 30-60# 7' with Alps reel seat and gimbal and Cork grips $140 Truline: black D8...
  48. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons and more, Seeker blanks

    Clearing out some rods and blanks. I have 2 Truline Octagons 1X or 2X, a 440 and an LB8. I also have some brown CJBF90M blanks. I also have a Shikari 808M and a Jaws blank rated 30-60 with cork grips and an Alps tri seat and gimble(silver). Call me if you're interested. Jose 562 229 6664
  49. tackle junkie

    Custom fishing rods

    I have several fishing rods up for sale: Seeker EX6480 hypalon grips and Fuji graphite reel seat, Aero guides Blue rings $150. Seeker EX36 3M tape, graphite reels seat $125 Super Seeker Ulua 10' jigstick with Fuji HBSG guides(SiC) $225 Super Seeker 6470XH 7' 60# with Fuji HBSG guides(SiC)...
  50. tackle junkie

    1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    SOLD Jose 562 229-6664
  51. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16N and Calcutta 400BSV

    I'm adding these two reels to the list of items up for sale: Trinidad 16N in like new condition along with the box and clamp. The reel is loaded with Izorline spectra backing (65#) and a topshot of 25# Big Game. SOLD Calcutta 400BSV in great condition also with the box. The reel is loaded with...
  52. tackle junkie

    Trulines and Harnells

    I've got the following rods and blanks for sale: Truline 1X Octagon, conventional rod original custom wrap Truline 2X Octagon, conventional rod, original custom wrap Truline 440 Octagon, 7'6" rated 4-40# feels very light wrapped as a spinning rod by Yo's Harnell 203 blank with decal 8' 20#...
  53. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker, Seeker EX, etc.

    Custom rods for sale... Super Seeker Greenie 6490, its a 9' 40# stick with Fuji HBSG guides(SIC rings) wrapped in Metallic Greens. $300, reduced to $275 Seeker EX36 with carbide wire guides, Fuji reel seat and 3M tape. $175, reduced to $150 Tiburon Custom 8' 20# stick, fast action rod wrapped...
  54. tackle junkie

    Accurate B2 870C

  55. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    I am selling a brand new Phenix 909H. Its a 9 foot graphite rod rated for 30#. I wrapped this rod using Alps TiCo guides with a Holland thread underwrap and black overwraps. The Holland thread is similar to a Trimar in silver and black. I also added some inlays on the butt wrap and the ends of...
  56. tackle junkie

    Ulua 93H S-Glass

    Brand new 9'3'' rod, wrapped in White, Medium Gray and Black with SS Braced Guides. The rod doesn't have a handle yet, seller may choose the style of handle from seine cord or cork tape, a little extra for X-tube. The blank was painted beneath the guides to make the white underwrap pop out...
  57. tackle junkie

    New and used custom rods

    For sale, new custom rods: Super Seeker 6490 Greenie, Fuji HBSG guides wrapped in metallic greens. Cork tape with X-tube and a black and green turkshead. Asking $350 OBO Seeker Black Steels 270H-8s perfect 25# rods, must see Asking $200-$225 OBO Harnell 542 10' 30# jigstick SS wire...
  58. tackle junkie

    Custom Rods for Sale

    I am selling some custom rods that I've built and some used rods. Here are some, I have plenty more: Seeker Black Steel 270H-8s $200-$225 Super Seeker 6490 40# rod $350 Phenix 909H $300 Truline Octagons 1X, 2X make offer Harnell 542 10' make offer Many others... Jose 562 229-6664
  59. tackle junkie

    A couple or rods in the process

    First up is a Shikari BT8020, this rod has been hanging in my garage for months. I built the handle and was going to acid wrap it but changed my mind today and started over. Its got a cork handle with a Fuji palm rest reel seat and at the moment I have a set of AmTac guides that might get...
  60. tackle junkie

    A couple or rods in the process

    Oops, double post.
  61. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    I just picked up a bunch of older thread that seems to be in good condition. Along with the older wooden spools of Gudebrod I found some Holland thread. It looks like the Gudebrod Trimar. Its listed as Astro Nylon Size S/C Color 9003, 9002 etc. Do I need to use color preserver on this thread? I...
  62. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700H

    This is a Calstar 700H that I built for one of the guys on the board. He wanted red over black wraps and a seine cord handle. I used Fuji BMNAGs, Gudebrod Black and Scarlet with a single inlay under the guide and on the final overwrap. It was a pretty simple wrap, which I rarely do but I really...
  63. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker 90M Greenie

    I started this a while ago and I am just now finishing it up. Its a SS CJBF90M green blank. The handle is a single layer of cork tape with X-tube over it. I tied a turkshead knot from the knot tool cookbook using synthetic green and black cord. The guides are Fuji HBSG guides. I started with...
  64. tackle junkie

    Some new rods

    I just finished up a few rods that I took a while to get around to working on because of work and I thought I'd post some pictures. I built two matching rods, one is a Calstar 690J and the other is a Seeker 6480. Both rods have a single layer of cork tape and X-tubing with a turkshead. Stainless...
  65. tackle junkie

    Finally got out

    I haven't posted a fish report but I had a good week and got offshore so here it is. On Sunday I drove down to San Diego and jumped on the Prowler out of Fisherman's Landing. A great boat and one of the cleanest I have ever been on. The next morning we pulled a few fish out of a paddy and I was...
  66. tackle junkie

    Recommendations for Offshore this week

    I know someone knows of a good deal on anything from an overnight to a 2 day trip within the next few days. I have to be home on Tuesday afternoon but I can go before or after. I'm in Long Beach but I planned on driving to SD. I'm looking for tuna, YT and dorado. I found a 1 1/2 day on the Coral...
  67. tackle junkie

    New Rods

    Clever name, huh. I just built a couple of rods for a guy and he picked them up last night.Its been a while since I posted some pictures so I figured I get back on the board. I think they came out pretty nice and he seemed to be happy with them. Both had cork handles with a gold Perfection reel...
  68. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RCLB80M

    I decided to build a Rainshadow RCLB80M after I saw that a lot of custom builders on this site were using them. They are a pretty good value and a nice blank. The blank I used had a very noticeable spline. I like the finish of the blank, very similar to the Calstar blanks. For the handle, I...
  69. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    This is another 270H-8. I posted one last month with cork grips and a Fuji palm rest reel seat. This is 2 of 3 that I picked up a while back. Its kind of hard to tell but the blank is a dark blue so I went with Gudebrod Dark Blue, Medium Gray, Black and White. I used Alps guides in the TiCo...
  70. tackle junkie

    SS 6470XH Completed

    I am off this week and I was able to finish up this Super Seeker 6470XH. I posted a thread on this titled "6470X in progress" a couple of weeks back if you want to see other pictures of it. I couldn't decide on a final wrap so I decided to go with two different alternating wraps. I hope you...
  71. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilder decals

    I am looking to have some decals made with my company logo. Any recommendations on who to use? I'd like a company that is familiar with rodbuilding and that I could email my logo to and have them handle the rest. I might also buy a banner and some t-shirts depending on the cost. I would also...
  72. tackle junkie

    Mod help

    I can't see any text responses under classified ads. Its just blank space. I am running the newest version of Safari, could that be it?
  73. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    I know someone on this board knows someone who has some Lab puppies. I am looking for a puppy, preferably male. I would like a chocolate, yellow or black puppy(in order of preference). I am planning on getting two dogs so they can have a playmate when I am not around. I live in Long Beach and...
  74. tackle junkie

    SS-6470XH in progress

    Here is a Super Seeker CJBF70XH blank with hypalon grips(10" rear & 12" fore), a PacBay silver aluminum reel seat and a matching gimbal, still to come. I started out with the butt wrap to determine my color selection. I decided on Gudebrod dark brown, chestnut, medium brown and sandstone. I...
  75. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    Here is a Seeker CLB806H in a dark navy finish(a little difficult to see in the pictures). The handle is built with cork grips, 12" rear grip and 7" foregrip, a Fuji Palm Rest reel seat and a mushroom butt cap. The guides are PacBay TiCH Zirconium deep pressed ring guides, triple-wrapped in...
  76. tackle junkie

    Fred Hall Boat Show Deals

    Some friends and I are planning on picking up a boat at the show this year. We have not decided on any manufacturer or model. We originally wanted a center console but after going out on a few we have decided against it. We want a little protection from the elements and a place to spend the...
  77. tackle junkie

    Kencor 900MC jigstick

    I wrapped this Kencor 900MC E-glass jigstick to look like a Tady blue and white jig. The underwrap is white, the 2nd wrap is medium gray and the third wrap is dark blue. I like to use a lot of inlays and play with colors but this simple wrap was a little more like the blue and white jig I was...
  78. tackle junkie

    Gunmetal Avets

    Just saw these at Baja Fish Gear. I don't own any Avets, yet. But I see an Avet in my future. This is the best color yet. I don't have any pictures but if anyone does please post. I think this will be the hot color this year.
  79. tackle junkie

    PacBay CB 700MLs and an 870

    These are some belated Christmas presents for my brothers and my nephew that I am just now going to drop off. I used Pac Bay CoastBuster blanks; 700ML (2) 15-30# and an 870 20-50#. For the grips I used black hypalon and Fuji HD graphite reels seats. AmTac nanolite ring guides and Gudebrod NCP...
  80. tackle junkie

    Cape Fear Hextek rods/blanks

    Has anyone built or fished one of these? I just came across them online today and they look nice but they are kind of pricey. If you know of a shop in the L.A. area that carries them let me know. I would like to pull on one of these. They remind me of the Truline octagons. They are a hexagonal...
  81. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700XLH

    I've been off work so I managed to get a few rods done. This one is a Calstar Grafighter 700XLH 15-25#. I built a hypalon handle with a Fuji reel seat and a mushroom butt cap. The guides are PacBay CXBGs (TiCH), double wrapped in Gudebrod NCP size C, black, charcoal and med. gray.
  82. tackle junkie

    Truline LB8

    I had been eyeing this blank for a while and I finally broke down and bought it a month ago. I found the Varmac reel seat on ebay for about $5, has a cool little trigger on it. I used a pre-formed cork grip and XBG stainless guides. I have to thank Corb for the butt cap and the decal, which I...
  83. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    Here is an S36 in the blue Extreme series that Seeker did away with a while back. I wrapped it in Gudebrod Dark Blue, Royal Blue and Gunmetal in size C. I used PacBay CXBG guides. I love the finish of these guides. The rear grip is a single layer of cork tape with a layer of 3M Safety Walk tape...
  84. tackle junkie

    Okuma Jigging Rods

    Has anyone seen these at Turners? I couldn't believe the price, $99. I know what you're thinking. Its an Okuma, how much more would you pay? But these jigging reels come with Alps Triangle reels seats, Alps guides with the Zirconium rings and an attractive split grip handle. I wrap my own rods...
  85. tackle junkie

    Varmac chrome reel seats

    If anyone has a Varmac chrome reel seat or knows where I can get one please let me know. I'm building a Truline LB8 and I would like to put one on this rod. If I can't find one I will probably use a silver aluminum seat. Unless someone has a better alternative. I am looking for the bling of the...
  86. tackle junkie

    Which 3M tape do you use for handles?

    I've seen some rod handles built with 3M tape over cork tape and I thought I'd give it a try since I can't seem to find any gray hypalon. If you use it or know anything about it please list the 3M tape you use and what you think of it. Do you use any other adhesive besides the backing? I...
  87. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow XMU916/Aftco components

    The pictures are terrible but I am really happy with the way this rod came out. I started out with a Rainshadow XMU 916 17-40# 7'-7" blank. I built a cork grip handle, a black Aftco aluminum reel seat, and Aftco lightweight graphite roller guides. The butt wrap is my first tiger wrap using D...
  88. tackle junkie

    Rod Wrapping in LB/LA area

    I wasn't sure where to post this but here it goes. I teach at a year-round school and I am about to track-off (go on vacation) for winter break. I started wrapping rods earlier this year and have been doing it everyday since I started. The problem is it gets expensive, so I would like to start...
  89. tackle junkie

    Seeker model 8#@*

    There was no sticker on this blank and I couldn't figure out the model # using the dimensions. It felt like a solid 20# stick. I used Forecast H ring guides, cork grips and a Fuji palm rest reel seat. For the wraps I used Gudebrod Olive Green, Dark Green and White (all NCP) in size C. I...
  90. tackle junkie

    Sizing Hypalon

    I am building a Seeker S36 and I want to know how I go about choosing the right size hypalon grips. The S36 is .95" at the butt and .7" at the narrowest section where the hypalon grip will stop. What size hypalon do I go with and what formula should I use to determine the proper size in the...
  91. tackle junkie

    prep for AFTCO graphite rollers

    What do you guys do to get the lightweight rollers to lay flat on the blank? I have been carefully slicing away at the underside of the guide but I'm wondering how much can I take away before it is too much. If you have any links to how its done I would appreciate it. Thanks
  92. tackle junkie

    Aluminum reel seats... when?

    I am building a Rainshadow XMU-916 17-40# blank with cork grips. The blank is really light and it has a nice bend. I would like to use a black AFTCO reel seat and AFTCO light rollers. Does the aluminum reel seat add that much more weight? My choice would be mostly for aesthetics. I plan...
  93. tackle junkie

    Wood lathes for turning cork

    I am looking at wood lathes for turning cork handles on a mandrel. What do you have and how is it working for you? I looked at the mini Jet lathes and the Craftsman lathes at Sears (online). Any opinions on these? If I go with something like this will I still have to find a set of...
  94. tackle junkie


    guide spacing How do you determine the proper spacing from the center of the reel seat to the stripper guide? I read that it should be between 24 to 28 inches. What do you guys use and why? Thanks for your input in advance.
  95. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RX8 blanks

    Has anyone built or fished these blanks? I picked one up at Anglers Choice because I like the way it felt. I got the XMU916, rated 17-40# 7'-7''. It feels really light. I picked up a Phoenix rod rated for the same line test and almost as long and the Phoenix stick felt denser...
  96. tackle junkie

    Custom PowerWrap Lathe Type Chuck Kit

    I am planning on buying one of these for my wrapper soon and just wanted to know if anyone has used it before. Let me know what you think of it and any problems you've had with it. I like to build my cork handles right on the blank but I need to eliminate the wobble (screws up my handles) and I...
  97. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 jig stick

    I finished my Harnell 542 jig stick. I wrapped it in Gudebrod black and white, size A and C thread. The underwrap and the second wrap were in A and the final wrap was in C. I decided to go with black and white because of the simplicity of the logo. I really like the logo and I thought I would...
  98. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 Guide Spacing

    I plan on starting on a Harnell 542 that I purchased a few months ago. I plan to wrap it as a jig stick with cork tape, maybe some X-tubing and stainless guides. I know the Harnells came with red and gold wraps but I was thinking of going with black and white. I would appreciate some help...
  99. tackle junkie

    Bait tank for my Prowler 13

    I'm thinking about getting a bait tank for my Prowler 13. I've been fishing the harbor this year with plastics and I'd like to move out to the kelp beds off PV. I want to outfit my kayak accordingly and thought that a bait tank would help me get into some bigger fish. What are you guys using and...
  100. tackle junkie

    Bahia de Los Angeles 8/25-8/27

    Two friends and I finally made it out to Bahia this last weekend. When we arrived on Saturday afternoon the temperature was about 100 degrees and there were clouds forming over the southern part of the Bahia and onto land. We got a slight(almost none) drizzle along with some thunder and...
  101. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Tackle Recommendations

    I am headed down to Bahia next weekend and I am making final preparations this weekend. If you have been there recently or if you have any information about recent fishing activity I would appreciate your help. I hear the fish are down deep and that bait is getting hard to get. I also read that...
  102. tackle junkie

    Seeker CBW 809

    I need to put the finishing touches on this rod but I thought I'd show it. I built the handle from cork rings and added red burl cork ring accents. I filled it with a red oak filler from Elmers. After looking at the handle in the pictures I plan on going back and resanding the grip again...
  103. tackle junkie

    Building cork handles

    What are you guys using to turn your cork handles? I am using my CustomWrap power wrapper but its not powerful enough and I don't want to overwork the motor. It started smoking this morning. I am building the handles on the blank and I would like to continue doing that but I need something...
  104. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 30T clamp ... on an Ulua?

    I built myself an Ulua jigstick but I'm having trouble getting the clamp on. It seems the bolts aren't long enough. I'm sure there is an easy solution. Can someone help me out here? Are there longer bolts available through Daiwa or a tackle shop? I tried getting my Saltiga 40 on it and...
  105. tackle junkie

    Long Beach area kayakers

    I've got some free time this weekend (Fri-Sun) if anyone wants to hit the kelp beds off PV or the breakwall. PM me if you're interested. I don't have much experience but I am willing to give it a shot. Jose Prowler 13
  106. tackle junkie

    Almost there...

    I just thought I'd post some pics of a rod I'm working on and just about done with... 2 more guides to wrap and may have to go back and redo the last one I just finished. I was getting tired and went a little off center. Let me know what you think. The blank is either a CSW 808 or a...
  107. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    We're headed down to the Bay of L.A. August 24-27. I have never fished the bay but it sounds like I'd better bring some heavy gear. I was planning on bringing 40#& 30# class gear. Do I need to bring something heavier? I have a TLD 30 II loaded with 60# but I wasn't sure if the reel would...
  108. tackle junkie

    Driving Baja at Night

    My buddy and I want to meet up with some friends in Bahia de Los Angeles next month. The only way we can do it is to leave Friday afternoon (4:00) and drive straight through to Bahia arriving well after midnight. Has anyone driven that way at night, lately? I know its not the safest way to...
  109. tackle junkie

    Built it myself

    I am really happy with the way this rod is turning out. I built it myself, including the cork grip I made from cork rings and shaped myself. I used 1 1/2" rings, the rear grip is 10" and the foregrip is 11". I used an Alps triangle seat to match the Trinidad 16 that is going on it. I used Alps...
  110. tackle junkie

    Thanks for your help

    I got a lot of great help on my last two projects from guys on this board and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. With the help of some experienced BD'ers I was able to build a cork handle from cork rings for my 70M and find the proper spacing for my Ulua 93H-10'. Here are some pictures of those two...
  111. tackle junkie

    Help with guide spacing on a 10' Ulua

    Does anyone have the spacing for the guides on a 10 feet Ulua? I'm trying out my own spacing but I want to see how close I came to the factory rods.
  112. tackle junkie

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    I bought the cork clamp by Flex Coat but its only 24" long and the opening for the blank isn't wide enough for the 70M that I'm building. Before I go to Home Depot and try to make one myself does someone have a better way to clamp the rings once I put the epoxy glue on them?
  113. tackle junkie

    Buying Real Estate in Baja

    Some of you guys live in Baja, and other parts of Mexico. What's the real estate market like down there for Americans? Is it safe to buy down there? I thought about buying a place in San Quintin or Northern Baja. Would you recommend doing that? What resources are available for anyone who's...
  114. tackle junkie

    Truline OG 440

    Does anyone have any information on this blank/rod? I didn't see anything on the web.
  115. tackle junkie


    Is there anything you can do to get rid of fisheyes in your wraps after you put the finish on? Besides strip it.
  116. tackle junkie

    Torium 14

    Anyone fished it yet? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm not sure if I should wait and get the Trinidad 14 when I have a little more money. I'd like to know what you guys think of it so far. Jose
  117. tackle junkie

    Aligning guides on a rod

    What's the best way to align guides on a rod? I am rewrapping my first rod and I want to make sure I line up the guides so that they are straight. How do you guys check to make sure they are straight? Do you use line through the guides or is it all by sight? If you know of a website or link I...
  118. tackle junkie

    Looking for a rod wrapper

    Hey guys, I am looking for a used rod wrapper, maybe a new one if the price is right. I just missed A to the J's PacBay. My friend has a Custom Wrap that I really like so if anyone has a wrapper that they are not using and would like to sell it, let me know. I also have some gear I could trade...
  119. tackle junkie

    Rod Building Equipment @ FHS?

    Did anyone see any rod building equipment at the FHS? I saw some guides and blanks but I didn't see any rod wrappers. I was hoping to check out a few and maybe pick one up but I didn't see any manufacturers. Maybe I didn't look well enough but if anyone did could you please let me know.
  120. tackle junkie

    Kayaking on 3/4

    I'm planning on launching out of San Pedro tomorrow. First time launching out of Cabrillo. I would like to fish the breakwall before the wind picks up. Anybody want to come along? I'll probably head out around noon.
  121. tackle junkie

    Seeking suggestions for a power wrapper

    I'm just finishing up my first rod. I used a Gudebrod manual wrapper that I picked up and ended up finishing it with a couple of cardboard boxes. I would like to buy a good power wrapper with a drying motor. I prefer the longer rods so I'll probably have to get an extension. If you guys have any...
  122. tackle junkie

    Rookie Outting

    I decided to get out and try fishing from my yak regardless of the weather. I had been waiting till I had all the right gear but I figured if I did that I might never get out. Friday afternoon, I went down to the Junipero parking lot and loaded my gear onto my yak. That's when I realized I...
  123. tackle junkie

    My First Kayak

    I will be in the market for my first kayak at the beginning of the year and would like some advice on kayaks, dealers, classes, etc. I am 5'7 and 220 lbs. I would like to fish local kelp beds around the Long Beach/South Bay area. What type of rods should you use for kayak fishing? What are some...
  124. tackle junkie

    Browning Silaflex

    I just bought an old rod at a pawn shop that turned out to be a Silaflex according to the guys at SavOn Tackle. It's a great looking rod, about 9', a great tip for throwing small baits. It was wrapped as a spinning rod, but I'm having it stripped down and I will probably rewrap it as a...
  125. tackle junkie

    Ideal 30# set-up

    What do you consider to be the ideal 30# set-up for local yellows and tuna? I would prefer an 8' rod, factory wrap or start with a blank. Let me know what you think. It would be used mostly for live bait.