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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Good Day all: I fished the New Hustler Saturday 11-21-2020 with our normal monthly charter. Things looked dicey as the forecast for winds and weather were high. Captain Chris said we are a go. I traveled from San Diego to Ventura harbor Sportfishing where the Hustler is docked. We all met...
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    2.5 Day on the Cortez

    Cortez 2.5 day big fish time First, I would like to thank my wife and kids for this trip; it was a birthday Christmas gift. Thank you Blake Wilson-Hames put together a group of the funniest hard-core anglers I had the pleasure to be part of. From the parking lot to collecting, our fish at the...
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    Monterey shore fishing

    Good Day All: I am in Monterey for the week on work duty. Last time I was here a couple of years ago in the spring the stripers were running on the beach. Does anyone know what is running now. Do you also know what I need to be throwing in the surf. Thank you
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    La Nina is here

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    Will we sail this weekend

    Good Day All: I am on a charter out of Ventura Harbor on the New Hustler Friday-Saturday over night. The forecast is for 20 plus winds and 5 foot seas at 6 seconds. Do you think we will leave the dock. I do not want to drive north from SD to find out we will not leave the dock. Hope your...
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    New Huslter Over Night 14-15 AUG 2020

    Man I needed yesterday. things have been crazy lately so I jumped on the charter for the New Hustler with the usual group of nut jobs. The New Hustler moved to Ventura harbor Sport-fishing from Hooks Landing. Parking Better. Check in better. so the story goes we check in at 2100 and border after...
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    Fishing the moon phases

    Good day All: So I am booked on a 2.5 day trip out of san diego on October 16-19. The 16th is a new moon. Is there any advantage to fishing for tuna and yellowtail during a certain moon phase? Just hoping to get the grand slam on this trip Bluefin, yellowfin, Yellowtail and DooDoo. Cheers see ya...
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    Fishing the Surf San Diego Ocean beach and Mission Beach

    Good Day All I am looking into surf fishing the beaches after work. I have fished a little for perch up in Ventura. Okay I beleive that a fresh water bass spinning outfit with 12 pound test should work. I am looking for Halibut and croakers. Any and all help is welcomed Thank you
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    What rod for an Okuma Andros 12iiA

    Folks Good Day: I purchased an Okuma Andros 12iiA from Charkbait 229.00 shipped. Now what to do with it. I was thinking having Squidco put 65lb braid to use for Big Lings in Moro Bay and Tuna / Yellowtail in San Diego. What rod would be an all around good stick. I have a custom wrapped Calstar...
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    Can we fish on the Bases?

    Good Morning All: I have fished NASNI, NBPL, NBPL annex harbor drive, MCRD and off the beaches of NWSSB and NBVC. Are we allowed to fish of these locations. I was at NASNI last weekend and the fishing pier was open with just a couple of fishermen on board. I know that Game and fish go on the...
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    Good Day All:

    So I am sitting here looking at my reels and was wondering how to spend that government check I will not be receiving. I am grateful that I do not qualify for the check do not get me wrong. So I have several Avets but I hear great things about the speed master 16 2 speed for 259 dollars. Is it...
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    Cost of the Fishing Trips for 2020

    I was just wondering, I have paid for the trips I am scheduled to be on. April, May rock-cod, August, November Moro Bay and October 2.5 day tuna San Diego. Can I expect the price of these trips to increase since I already paid in full, because of the sport boat shut down. I understand that the...
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    Rock Fish Opener 2020

    Good Day All: I am on the Trueline Saturday 29feb2020 over night fishing the opener on the 1st. I am wondering if we can target San Nicholas Island on this trip. This is my first trip on the Trueline. Any info on the boat layout bunks and tackle storage. I plan on a small backpack with a tray...
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    Fishing Moro Bay 12 hour VS overnight

    Good Day All: I am looking at Moro Bay to fish for the big reds and lings. There is a 12 hour trip and an over night trip. The overnight trip has at least 3-4 hours more fishing time. Has anyone fished up there and is it worth it? Cheers
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    AVET Tech Support

    I have only good words for Avet. Story: I was fishing on a cattle boat and the deckhand hit my rod on the end with the gaff. So much fun fishing with 30 of my best friend. Well the rod and reel went in the blue. After hand pulling in the 300 yards of power pro I got the setup back. So i sent it...
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    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    Good day All. This is my first trip on the double O. The boat was clean I mean spotless. very nice to see. The gallery is large and the booths are wide enough for a guy with a belly to sit comfortably and enjoy their meal. The gallery sits about 25 people at one time. The bunk room was cool or...
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    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    I understand that it is not just about fishing but it is a great listen
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    What makes a trip a limited load?

    Good Day All: I have noticed that there are a ton of so called limited load trips. Is it fair to say that it is a limited load if they do not sell out? One boat has a normal load of thirty (30) on the overnight. it is selling a limited load of 29 -28. Is it a good deal I think so this boat has a...
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    Diawa Customer Service.

    i have several lexa reels. from the 100 through to the 400 HD's. i love these reels. With that being said I noticed my 300HS-P was not casting as smooth as it used to. I took the reel apart to give it a normal service check up. I found that the cast control maganet was broken in four pieces. I...
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    Spun Hub on my prop

    Well fishing Monday I was running around San Diego bay at about 3000 rpms. All of a sudden, my rpms sky rocket and the boat is sitting still. Well long story short version I was able to run at 15oo rpms back to MCRD. Now I need a prop since this prop is thirty years old. I am reading Bloody...
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    What is a PinHead?

    Good Day All; I was on a trip this year and the captain introduced the deck hand and said so and so is the pinhead. I thought pinheads were the young kids trying to learn the ropes. Bagging fish, running errands and such. Well, it turned out this guy, full grown man, did none of that. The matter...
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    NON - Smokers

    Good Day All: So I do not smoke and have not smoked in over 40 years. Smoke does get to me and I hate when my clothes and hair smell of smoke. I was wondering how can we limit the area of smoking on the boats. You can not smoke inside the cabins, correct. I was fishing the bow throwing jigs by...
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    What to bring 2.5 days out of 22nd street this weekend

    Good Day All: I am just looking for some information on what to expect this weekend on a 2.5 island trip. I know the usual rockcod and Sheepshead tools. i am wondering what to use for White seabass (if we can find them) and Yellow tail around the rocks. Fly line or dropper loop? Heavy weight or...
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    SoCal Sportfishing Club On the Dominator

    Good Day To All: First Thank You to Ron Owens for putting on another fishing trip for us. The SoCal Sportfishing club went on the Dominator out of Point Loma Sportfishing this past weekend. The weekend being questionable with the weather reports/forecast, we meet in the parking lot waiting on...
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    What Tranx should I pirchase the 500 PG or HG

    Good day all: I am about to bite the bullet. I looked at the tranx and I like the low profile reels verse the round reels. What is the advantage of the HG vs PG. I fish mostly out of Ventura for the lingcod and white sea bass. But I am on 3 tuna trips this summer from 1.5 to 3 days. I have a...
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    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    Good day All: Well I was lucky enough to purchase a phenix Black Diamond from lakeside bait and tackle before they closed for 60% off. So now I need a new reel for it correct. I was at Squidco yesterday and of course as soon as you walk in they are right there to serve you. Do you need a drink...
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    WTB looking for a used reel for my new phenix rod

    Good Day All: I was lucky enough to get a phenix black diamond from lake side bait and tackle when they were closing. I have several different reel from penn to avet to daiwa and shimano. I like the low profile reels like the lexas and tranx. I am looking for either a low profile like the tranx...
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    Colonet this weekend

    are there any boats leaving tonight for the coastal trips down to colonet. I am 0-3 this year so far all trips cancelled due to weather
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    Cost of fish fileting

    I was wondering, Why do you get charged 15 dollars for 10 rock fish in Ventura. San Diego is like 3 dollars per fish. The fish in Ventura are much larger than the local fish. I seen mates have us keep small 10 inch rock cod on the local Point Loma boats. In Ventura that would be lingcod bait...
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    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    I was out to dinner with another couple and the bill came. So I picked it up and gave the young lady my card and then put cash in the folder for the tip. I wrote on the slip that this is not a tip but a one time gift. So it was the usual 25% of the bill. So while they were drinking the coffee...
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    Rock Codding in Ventura

    Fished out of Ventura Harbor on the Amigo with Bill Cavanagh as the Skipper Vinny second ticket Nick and Cody on Deck and Ana behind the grill. First trip on this boat and some things to think about. First the bunks are great I had a forward bunk a little noisy with the wave splash but slept...
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    Pacfic Dawn Outer islands trip 12dec2014

    Good day All: This is my first time fishing out of Ventura Sportfishing. I was lucky enough to get on the Pacific Dawn Skippered by Pat Cavanaugh. Well it started out Friday night at the landing meeting the other 20 passengers and watching the parade of lights on the water and then the fire...
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    Fishing Over Night out of Ventura CA.

    Good Day All: I am going to be in Ventura/Oxnard Friday the 12DEC2014 for work on the base and was thinking about jumping on an overnight instead of driving back to San Diego in the traffic jam. There are two landings I found. Ventura Sportfishing and Channel Island sport fishing. Does anyone...
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    Shimano 300ej what can this reel do

    I just got a used 300ej in perfect condition it cost me 160 with line installed. I was wondering what do you use it for other then bay bass and maybe some halibut in the bay is it used for local yellows up to 20 pounds it has 15 pounds of drag on it thanks mike
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    Commander 9-12 through 9-14

    Good day All: First trip on the Commander, It was 6 months in dry dock and we got on the boat just in time. First a big thank you to Ron Owens from SoCal sport fishing for putting on this trip. He did a great job of getting a solid group of 19 (yes only 19 anglers on this 65 foot fish killing...
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    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Thursday was as good a day as nay to jump on the Oceanside 95 for a 12 hour (5-5) trip. We get to the office and there are 19 anglers going for the day. NICE. lots of room huge boat. Okay the Captain was Rick, first mate was Golfball (Danny) next on deck was Mushy ( ) and Cookie was . Very nice...
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    Oceanside 95 7aug2014

    Good day all: we drove up to Oceanside and fished the 95 yesterday. The boat was clean and large the crew was welcoming and helpful while we boarded. The captain nice guy did not speak to him other then at the bait tank. First we are heading offshore so we start a slow trolling rotation, As we...
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    Why shop this tackle store #2

    Today I went to the local store in point loma and I have never been to this location before. First thing I noticed is you open the door and you are greeted with a good morning. Nice there were two young workers behind the counter so we start up a conversation about the Halco max 130 lures. the...
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    Fishing on the Oceanside 95 need some info

    Good Day All: I have booked a trip on the Oceanside 95 for Thursday as my youngest son is coming to san Diego for a couple of days and wants to go fishing. We booked the 12 hour trip on the Oceanside because to the USMC discount. First question is do they have a way to keep the fish fresh like...
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    Tackle stores and why do you shop them

    Okay maybe it is just me. I have a hard time giving my hard earned money away for no good reason. Example I checked all the local stores for the Halco Max 130 lures Nobody has any. Okay some will be in next week I can wait. I was online looking around and found Melton's tackle online had the...
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    The new Shimano Sinking Orca Jig

    Has anyone fished with these yet. I heard they are the best new top water Shimano makes. CThey are a little costly at 25 dollars each. So has anyone used them and let us know what they have done for you thanks mike
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    Extended 1/2 day on the Dolphin

    Good Day All: This is the first 1/2 day I have taken in like forever. I was at the landing and heard that Jason Cox owner of the Dolphin saying that he only had 12 tickets on the afternoon extended half day trip so I jumped on. Details: 64 dollars plus licenses as needed ( we fished in Mexican...
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    Penn Spinfisher spinning reels for sale

    Good Day All I have 6 brand new in package Penn Spinfisher Spinning reels for sale. I am a bait caster type guy so a good deal is coming your way. 2- 550SSG 2- 450SSG 1- 440SSG 1- 420SSG all reels have the Penn HT-100 drag system, 6 stainless steel shielded bearings, light weight graphite frame...
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    Penn Spinfisher Spinning Reels for Sale

    Good Day All I have 6 brand new in package Penn Spinfisher Spinning reels for sale. I am a bait caster type guy so a good deal is coming your way. 2- 550SSG 2- 450SSG 1- 440SSG 1- 420SSG all reels have the Penn HT-100 drag system, 6 stainless steel shielded bearings, light weight graphite frame...
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    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    Okay so after work I hit the pier two poles, bag of gulp plastics and some uni-butter ready to swing it. As I approach the pier i see four fishermen and 24 poles. I am like WTF but hey if the police come I hope they write tickets till the sun goes down. Anyway after about 2 bass and 6 lizardfish...
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    I received a call today from the blood bank asking for blood. I told the young lady that I was going to donate at Day AT the Dock with Bloody Decks. She looked at the schedule and said that they are not doing a blood drive this year. Is that true? hope not it is such a great thing to see all the...
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    How will all the fresh water effect the bay fishing

    Good Morning all. With all the rain forecasted for the next two days. Will all thefreshwater run off effect the bay fishing in San Diego much? thanks mike
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    Quantum Iron PT or Inshore smoke

    I have a 25% off from Quantum and was wondering which of these two reels are better suited for the inshore area and bays around San Diego. I fish for halibut and bass mostly from shore of kayak. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. mike
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    Fishing on the overnighter

    Good Morning all: I just got off the Old Glory Last night and it was a rough trip but we worked hard to find the fish and made the most out of them. To start Captain Tony worked his butt off to find fish. While other just sat at the pens he moved and search for kelps and free swimmers. Most of...
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    Good Day Gents I am going tuna and yellowtail hunting and was thinking about the waxwing as a lure to throw around the paddies. Anyone out there using it. A couple of standard questions Color, to match the hatch I was told that pink has been working the tuna Next size there are 5 or so sizes...
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    color of braid does it matter

    I hear a lot of the guys fish this with get success my question is white, green, yellow does it matter since you have a top shot on. And fi so how long of a top shot should you use. I am going on a trip 1 1/2 days next week and would like some info if at all possible. I have green power pro...
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    what line wieght to use as a trolling outfit on the overnight

    Good Day All: Quick question I am home in AZ getting my stuff for the over night tuna trip. I have the 40,30 and 25 pound outfits. 40 with a two speed 30 size reel 30 and 25 with Penn 555 reels. Now that being said do I bring the tld30 lever drag with 60 or do I bring the 50swt with 100 for...
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    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    Good day all: I was at H&M today and noticed that some over night boats are charging a fuel surcharge and others do not. The cost of the same trip is the same dollar amount then the surcharge on top. Could they be traveling further out doubt it. I mean I am going to pay it anyway but just...
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    lizard fish and the Halibut

    Questions how do fish the dreaded lizard fish as bait for the prized Halibut. Yesterday I was fishing on the pier at Shelter island. I am a plastic thrower as opposed to a bait and sit type guy. So I was throwing 2 inch power bait minnows in the shad color. Catching a few bass and smaller...
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    PENN 525

    Good Day All I am looking for a PENN 525 Mag reel for my surf rod does anyone have one for a reasonable price Thanks Mike
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    Sand Crabs

    Okay guys where do I find sand Crabs. No not the ones from the Body Shop. I went to mission beach and walked about 2 miles and did not see a single trace of the crabs under the sand. I did see a few empty shells so i scanned over that area really good but did not see the little v in the sand as...
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    Cortez Bank trip

    I have been lucky enough to get an invit to fish this month at the cortez bank. It is about 100 miles due west, does anyone have any elpful info for this trip I am all ears so to say thanks mike
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    sand crabs ?

    Hey guys trying something new i heard that sand crabs are the ticket in the surf in san diego area. Where should i start digging. and what tide is best? i pump for ghost shrimp during low tide in mission bay do i have to be on the ocean side or are they also in the bay maybe get 2 or 1
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    looking for a surf casting reel and rod combo

    Hey guys i am looking to get an 11 or 12 foot surf rod and casting reel. What do you think is my best choice. I have a couple hunderd dollars to spend. I am fishing in San Diego for Hailbuts and sharks in the surf on the ocean side and Halibut and bass on the bay side Thank you Mike