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  1. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Seeker Pinhead Black D8 - Sold

    Great condition factory wrapped, have too many sticks in the same line class. 25-50, fishes on the heavier side and not the little boy your looking for $230. Rod is located in the IE, Ontario to be exact. Can take the rod with me to work, which is in LB.
  2. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 300a w/ 65 MaxCuatro- $220

    Well taken care of, just respooled it with 65 maxcuatro last month. Haven’t fished it this season. No box. Son now wants a tranx 400 or the new Fathom low pro 400. Asking $220. Includes a Shimano reel cover. Originally built to go toe-to-toe with the toughest saltwater predators, the Shimano...
  3. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Inshore Series PHD 886L

    It’s time to part ways with one of my old reliables. I have caught everything on this rod from spotted bay bass, tons of calicos, yellows galore, tons of yft and most recently a 40# bft. Never went into battle second guessing this rod. 8’8 10-25 rating, fished 15# all the way to 25# with no...
  4. MrMartilyo

    SOLD United Composites RCE800MEGA-C

    Factory wrapped UC 800 mega for sale, scales included. Great condition, some marks on the alps reels seat. Great rod but it barely sees any action, just gathers dust. Rod is located in the IE and can take to the office with me in LB. $240
  5. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Accurate Valiant 400 Black with 65# PP - Box and Clamp included Price drop $330

    The header says it all and it is in awesome condition cosmetically and mechanically, single speed. Asking $360. Reel is located in the IE/LB. Price drop to 330! Shoot me a text or call 9094729004. Thanks BDers!
  6. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Accurate Fury 600n used - Shimano Trinidad 30 GOLD Brand New -

    Help me unload these reels and curb my tackle hoeness. Bought a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need over the weekend and I need to appease my wife and sell some stuff off, although I did take her to Zara for a shopping spree. I have an Accurate Fury 600n spooled with 65 threadlock and a 100 yd...
  7. MrMartilyo

    SOLD Accurate TERN 300X 6:1 Minty Condition - $235

    Up for sale is a 9.5/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical Accurate Tern 300x. This is the faster gear ratio version at 6:1. Took on 1 trip last year killed a couple of yft’s and it performed perfectly. Have too many reels in this weight/size class. I have no qualms with the reel, I really like it...
  8. MrMartilyo

    To Cal Sheets or not to Cal Sheets? Penn Torque 30LD2

    That is the question. Not sure if it will be worth it to send my torque in to Cal or not? Gonna fish 40/50 and 60 in a pinch. Heard nothing but awesome words from others regarding Cal. Input would be highly appreciated.
  9. MrMartilyo

    WTB Looking for Tiburon Clamp for Accurate and XL Universal Clamp Kit

    Please pm if you have either one or both that you are not using any longer. Much appreciated.
  10. MrMartilyo

    SOLD 3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  11. MrMartilyo

    Phenix BLACK DIAMOND HYBRID PHD 760H 20-60 & Shimano Talica 10II lined w/65 vermillion red Power Pro

    Barely used black diamond hybrid 760h paired up with a shimano talica 10II lined with 65 Power Pro both are in excellent condition and the shimano comes with box and papers and all has seen the water only a handful of times. awesome setup and its going to go fast. 330 for the black diamond...
  12. MrMartilyo

    First White gay bass x2, infinite pig calicos, sheephead Thunderbird 6.11.2012

    so ive been outta commision from fishing after getting married recently and joining the workforce again after living the dream of fishing everyday for about a year. i finally was able to head out with tbird and crew to chase the gay ghost and spend some time on the water. long story short. woke...
  13. MrMartilyo

    Phenix Black Diamond 909h Deckhand 20-50 Factory Wrapped

    PSW909H Deck Hand 9' 20-50 Fast action Alps S-6 retails for 309 Deckhand.... Hard to find, most stores have to order from Phenix. 9.9/10 Been sitting in the rack catching dust instead of fish. I've taken this on the boats maybe 2-3 times nothing significantly pulled on. Pretty immaculate...
  14. MrMartilyo

    Can't decide but leaning towards the trinidad 14a/16a vs talica 8 II

    I got a chance to handle these reels today and I was quite suprised about how the new saltiga 2speed ld's felt. There is just something missing from what daiwa had going. The previous models are tanks. So I played with the 20 version and bumped that out of the picture. So I narrowed it down to...
  15. MrMartilyo

    Daiwa Saltist 35H black gold with 65# spectra box clamp papers

    Newer version of the saltist family. 6.4:1 gear ratio and pulls about 20# of drag. I got the reel from charkbait last year in sept. And have used it a few times here in there since I purchased the reel. Comes with 65# spectra filled to a little less then 3/4's of the spool top shot was taken...
  16. MrMartilyo

    Daiwa Saltist 20H black gold with 50# spectra box clamp papers

    Newer version of the saltist family. Gear ratio is 6.1:1 and pulls 15.4# of drag. I purchashed this reel from charkbait last year in sept. I've got all the accessories and box to go with it. Filled to the brim with 50# spectra. Cond 9/10 and 9.5/10 mech cause it isn't brand new. Drags are super...
  17. MrMartilyo

    BMW 2004 Z4 lamborgini style rims 3.0

    Just if anyone is interested. Let me know.
  18. MrMartilyo

    Bay Bass Reel Quantum energy E100HPTs with spectra great bay bass reel

    Filled to the brim with 40# powerpro spectra upgraded carbontex drags. Again i have way too many inshore baitcaster's and this one rarely gets used at all. Got the reel a year ago and used it in my kayak. Upped to a curado. Love the reel but I haven't used it in awhile. The ACS cast control...
  19. MrMartilyo

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore with 50# braid Inc box papers and both handles

    I've got way too many inshore baitcaster's and thought some one might me able to use this one since I rarely use it. It has 50# spiderwire on it at the very moment and it's filled to the brim. I've caught big Bonita, pig calicos and large baracudda without any issues and it has more than enough...
  20. MrMartilyo

    Thunderbird Sportfishing SBI PB Calico / C Bass like Rainbows

    Got a message from Bill, Sunday early am that the tbird got cbass in the morning. Sweet talked my fiancée if I could head out and feel up on some c bass. She gives me the green light. Got to the landing late once again. According to jesse I keep forgetting what time the 9pm boat leaves. Capt...
  21. MrMartilyo

    Thunderbird Sportfishing Cat Isle wed pm fishing thursday

    Ultra light load with 12 anglers on board, that's right 12. Got used to the tbird leaving at 10p so I was expecting 10p. Got a call at 850 asking me where I was at and rushed to the landing. Got there @9 and boarded. Capt Jeff at the helm, Jesse, Cole, Rich. Stopped at the bait barge for a mix...
  22. MrMartilyo

    Yakked the outback Newport backbay tues and Nautilus Sportfishing .5 wed am cuda

    Yakked the outback Newport backbay tues and Nautilus Sportfishing .5 day wed cudas Never did a afternoon session on the yak yet so i decided to get out there. Launched at 3p at NAC with the winds coming out from the SW at about 8 knots. Thinking that I wouldn't be that bad back there. As I...
  23. MrMartilyo

    Avet JX 6.0:1L in silver

    Avet JX 6.0:1L in silver Newer version of the JX lefty in 9.9-10 condition. In immaculate condition, zero boat rash on this reel. Silver in color. Free spools like an animal no binding issues. Wanted to try out a lefty version but stayed with the right handed versions. Reel clamp Inc. Again...
  24. MrMartilyo

    Avet MXL 5.8R in silver

    Avet MXL 5.8R in silver Newer model avet mxl silver righty in 9.7/10 condition. Almost never used. Very super mint condition. No boat rash. Free spools like crazy with no binding issues. Well taken care of. Like the avets but heading into a different direction in regards to my rigs. Clamp inc...
  25. MrMartilyo

    Daiwa Saltiga 30 with carbontex drags and spectra

    This reel is loaded and ready to go. It's in used condition. Meaning that it does have rash. For this price you cannot go wrong. Drags are smooth. Mech in good condition. Loaded with 65# spectra. Topped with maxima 25. Sold Located in ie/oc Can ship paypal 4% and shipping on you. Pm call or...
  26. MrMartilyo

    Phenix rod psw867 oc/ie

    Excellent condition factory wrapped 867ml. Barely touched this rod. Been sitting pretty in the rod rack for months now. Time for someone else to use and get this rod to bend. Sold oc/ie call or text 9094729004 or pm
  27. MrMartilyo

    Daiwa Saltist 30t silver

    Daiwa saltist 30t super torque for sale Upgraded carbontex drags. 300 yds 65# braid with 30# topshot. Has boat rash but not as bad as I've seen on other saltists haha. Love this reel but moved up to the BG so I have no need for this puppy. Sold located in ie/oc Can ship. Paypal...
  28. MrMartilyo

    PRO GEAR 545 silver with clicker

    Unstoppable beast of a reel. Lower gear ratio 3.25:1, total winch. upgraded dog spring. all done by kens. If you've owned pro gears you know that these are rock solid. Upgraded 5 stack ht100 drags. great drag. Ultra smooth. Super free spool. Pg power handle loaded to the brim with 65# izor white...
  29. MrMartilyo

    Magic Metal jigs in 6 colors 2 1/4, 3 3/8, 4 1/2

    Famed magic metal jigs. These suckers catch fish. Brand new in packaging. Update for 8.15.2010 have a few more laying around and need to I load these. Using flat rate usps boxes. 12 - 3 3/8 9 - 4 1/2 3 3/8 4$/piece 4 brown 3 makerel 5 barred 4 1/2 5$/piece 7 brown 2 makerel...
  30. MrMartilyo

    On the Thunderbird @ Daveys Overnight departs tue 26th fishing wed the 27th

    Light load with 9 people on board. Going rate is 99 and the weather looks good for wednesday. Temps in the mid 70's to the 80's. Wind is minimal. Fishing has quite good and the counts have been great. If you haven't fished the tbird you gotta try it out. Great fishing platform. Sits low super...
  31. MrMartilyo

    , NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUNDERIRD SCI 03.06.11 Reds Rockfish Whitefish Galore!

    went out last week and had a horrible trip. while i was pulling in small rockfish and sandabs everyone was hauling in big reds, chuckles, starries, and other assorted rockfish. i was totally off. gave bill a call to see if he was going to get on but he had to skip this trip. got on the tbird...
  32. MrMartilyo

    Need a saltist 30 or mxj/mxl or torium 20

    Call me 9094729004 asap or pm oc area prefered
  33. MrMartilyo

    for everyone except for me THUNDERBIRD SCI 03.31.2011 overnighter

    planned to go out on the bird and try to fill the freezer just a bit more. no reds for me but lots other taco meat for me. got to the landing around 845p. arrived and saw bill, first in line. 17 people fishing, decks inc tyler, jesse, and rich. got out picked up bait at the bait barge med to...
  34. MrMartilyo

    newport landing aggressor 03.29.2011 scully fishing

    been out of action for 3 weeks, due to my mother coming down with pneumonia and me getting the flu at the same time(thanks lia for scaring the sh*t outta me when you told me your neighbor just died and catching the flu or pneumonia). went out the day before and got limits, and got limits today...
  35. MrMartilyo

    Looking for SKB 7200 or 7100

    Looking for one in good to great condition. Thanks.
  36. MrMartilyo

    AVET JX 6/3 gold with clamp and box

    super condition, no deep gashes. tiny nicks here and there, super freespool. with clamp, box, papers, and avet oil. brand new line. 65# izor spectra backing and 40# izor XXX topshot. would prefer pickup or can meet at a certain destination. local to me is the IE and the OC. if no takers will...
  37. MrMartilyo

    SCI ROCK COD OPENER my arms are like jello and ive got my reds THUNDERBIRD

    sci rock cod opening day the maiden voyage on the thunderbird with captain jeff markland decks tyler, jesse, and cody. met lots good fishermen on this trip inc bill, chris and dan. and got lots of quality fish on the trip. left daveys locker at 1030pm arrived at 545a. fished hard in the...
  38. MrMartilyo

    or FS phenix psw807ml

    looking for a 907ml for trade. 807 has been sitting in my room for months now and have not used it ever. alps guides, fuji split grip reel seat, corked and factory wrap. updated 02/02/2010 ive found my 907 so.... i will put this up for trade for a 909H or 909XH or you can take it from me for...
  39. MrMartilyo

    2 sofa sets

    i have 2 sofa sets that i am trying to unload first set is a light tan premium leather love seat, with a chair and foot reat. i bought i for 2100 and letting go of it for 300 obo.its got no rips at all. and is more of the sophisticated sets. its got bronze rivets. and is in super clean...
  40. MrMartilyo

    PHENIX Black Diamond PSW807ML

    factory wrapped 10-30 8 footer 10/10 condition Alps SS316 guides Fuji ACS reel seat never used a bit heavy for what i want to use it for tried my 153HSTA on it and decided i needed an IA instead looking for an PSW866L - ISA or a PSW906L - ISA factory wrapped no customs are...
  41. MrMartilyo

    yak questions, battery, bait tank, rod holders, anchor, PFD

    just got a kayak and i have been researching on which 12v to purchase to run my fishfinder and a bait tank. there are 7aH 4aH, 2aH, 16aH, i have no idea which one to get for which. do you folks run 2 batteries or just one to power both. the way this yak was rigged was for 2 batteries. also...
  42. MrMartilyo

    Calstar Grafigher 800H

    9-10 condition custom calstar grafighter 800h 30-60 ex-fast. with fuji guides and fuji reel seat and hypalon grips. very well taken care of, not abused and rinsed in freshwater wiped down after every use. Sold
  43. MrMartilyo

    newell 220, avet sx, daiwa saltist 20

    if you got one that your parting with, let me know. thanks.
  44. MrMartilyo

    Lobster Hooping for Dummies

    ive never been hooping in my life and i have brass coated my balls to try it out. so i got a few question regarding hooping i dont have a boat do they have open charters for hooping or do i need to get on a private boat? do i need a license or will my fishing license be sufficient? what are...
  45. MrMartilyo

    Calstar and Seeker rods

    2 solid sticks looking for a new home. 1st up is my trusty Calstar West Coast LRS 865XH rated from 25-60 I used it for my 40# setup. Factory wrapped with fuji reel seat. Kills fish with ease. 2nd rod is my Seeker Black Steel CJB 65H custom wrapped black on black deckhand with turkshead with no...
  46. MrMartilyo

    BNIB Avet MXJ 5.8 silver

    i bought a few lever drags and just couldnt let go of my star drags. so up for sale is a never been used MXJ, the only light this reel has seen is for pics and when it was lined up. brand new in box Avet MXJ 5.8 in silver lined with 50# white izorline and topped with 50 yards of 20# P-Line...
  47. MrMartilyo

    PRO GEAR 454 YT special

    Priced to go asap. Black with clicker, lined 65ppro 50izor. Clean in and out 145. Short and simple and quick! This is a ceritified killer!
  48. MrMartilyo


    I'm selling a bnib Newell P220f for a buddy of mine. Never been used just been sitting in the box since January. Still has inspection card dated for December of 2009. All paperwork is included, with screws, clamp, paperwork and etc. SOLD is the asking price for the piece. pics added
  49. MrMartilyo

    AVET JX 6/3 in blue mounted on a CALSTAR 700H

    Newer model avet jx 6/3 in blue very very well taken care of, when not in use It chills in a reel cover. Very little rash. When I say little, I mean tiny nicks here and there no deep scratches but some engravings on the rear of the reel seat. When mounted cannot be seen. Last serviced charkbait...
  50. MrMartilyo

    Newell c220-5, Newell s229-5, Shimano Tekota 300

    Just serviced Newell c220-5 one of my go to reels for 15-20. Serviced by kennys rod and reels in Montclair. SOLD great condition Newell S229-5. this has been sitting in my room for a bit. Hardly used and ready to fish. Again in great condition. Fishes great at 20-25 With screws and clamp. SOLD...
  51. MrMartilyo

    Xtratuf boots model 22214

    22214 CopperTan Servus Neoprene Safety mid pac SIZE 9, keep in mind these do run a 1 size big got these as a gift, the person not knowingly got these for me, when already had my own pair. no box but stil has that signature xtratuf oil on the outside kept indoors in plastic. new never...
  52. MrMartilyo

    FS Mint Shimano Torium 16 and Mint Teramar 76mh

    No lie, both of these were used a total of 4 hours, in super mint condition. You'll have to see them in person to believe me. the torium is lined up with 65# power pro and 20# izor includes the box, paperwork, clamps and screws. The teramar is super clean condition and the cork is immaculate...
  53. MrMartilyo

    BNIB AVET MXJ in blue never been used

    Ready to go brand new in box AVET MXJ 5.8 in blue for you to pick up. The only light this reel has seen was when it was spooled with #25 big game. Reel was never mounted or anything. Included are the manual, the matching blue clamp with screws and lube, and the avet mini cd. Need to sell...