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  1. tackle junkie

    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    If you’re interested in something text me. I posted a lot of stuff. I had a guy roll buy and buy 2 rods and a blank. The prices are flexible.
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    For Sale SKB 7100

    I am selling an SKB 7100 tackle box with rocket launchers, shoulder strap and trays. Asking $200. Text me at(562) 229-6664 Jose
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    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    I am selling a variety of rods and blanks that I was holding onto... Truline Octagon 1X: I have 1 black complete rod, and one caramel blank with the original handle. Truline Octagon 440 wrapped by Yo’s spinning rod Truline LB8 custom wrapped newer glass Harnell 675 factory wrapped 2-piece...
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    For Sale Used SKB 7100

    SKB 7100 in great condition. It’s never been on a trip. I’ve used it for storing fishing gear. Asking $225 obo Jose (562)229-6664
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    Quality Rods and Reels for sale

    Pics of the Truline OG2580 posted
  6. tackle junkie

    Quality Rods and Reels for sale

    I’m selling a few rods and reels and other accessories that I haven’t used in a while. SKB 7100 in great condition. $200 obo Penn Fathom 40NLD2 never been used, 80# Izorline spectra backing with 60# topshot $250 obo w/box and clamp Penn Baja Special 80# spectra backing with 50# topshot $175...
  7. tackle junkie

    Gold Trinidad 14

    I have a used TN 14 in good condition with spectra backing and a 20# top shot. I have the original clamp also. The screws that go into the frame have been replaced because one of the original screws was loose. It's an 8.5-9 cosmetically and about the same mechanically. SOLD!
  8. tackle junkie

    Black Truline D8 rewrap

    I started this build about 10 years ago. It feels good to see it coming together. It's got one layer of cork tape and XWrap over the top. I tied the Turks head knot myself. I decided to wrap it with Gudebrod Lemon Yellow, Scarlet and Black. I used SS braced wire guides that are triple wrapped...
  9. tackle junkie

    White Tiger CJBF90M

    Its been about 8 years since I've built a rod. It felt good to get back to it. This is a Seeker White Tiger CJBF90M blank. It's a 9' 25-50# Blank. It's got a deckhand handle with a layer of cork tape and X tube over it. The guides are Alps(I can't remember the model). They're triple wrapped.
  10. tackle junkie

    Custom Power Wrap thread tensioner question

    My thread tensioner is seizing up on me and making it difficult to keep a consistent tension while I'm wrapping. Does anyone know if I can buy just the thread tensioner or if I have to purchase the base also. Anglers Workshop out of stock on them and I don't know if I want to upgrade to the...
  11. tackle junkie

    Jet 10" Table Saw, Delta 10" Band Saw

    Jet 10" Table Saw for Sale $500 on Craigslist for $600 Delta 10" Band saw with 5 extra blades $200 Jose 562 229-6664
  12. tackle junkie

    Truline, Seeker, Harnell

    Truline OG2580 7' 1/2" original wrap has a Penn Squidder on the reel seat. I will need to try to torque it off, or take them both. The rod needs to be rewrapped. Blank and handle look great. $200 Truline LB8 custom wrap, Varmac trigger reel seat, cork grips, Dynamo reel seat. $175 Truline OG1X...
  13. tackle junkie

    Seeker Tiger glass what happened.

    I agree. Check with Sam at Island Tackle. He is inbetween locations but he has a ton of White Tiger blanks. Hit up Ready for the Yellows or SandSlinger(XXX) on the board.
  14. tackle junkie


    Can you show a close up of the guides.
  15. tackle junkie


    Sounds like fun. Good luck.
  16. tackle junkie

    milwaukee band saw - $225 (gardena)

    How old is it? Is it still under warranty?
  17. tackle junkie


    I have one from IKEA that is unfinished pine. It's more like 6 feet high. I'm in Long Beach. La Habra is a hike from here though. We are asking $60.
  18. tackle junkie

    fathom 40NDL2

    TackleDirect is selling them for $199.
  19. tackle junkie

    Braid capacity for Torque 40 NLD2

    Go to Island Tackle next time
  20. tackle junkie

    Penn Fathom great prices!

    I just got my 40NLD 2 speed in the mail today. I couldn't believe the price for an all metal Penn 2 speed.
  21. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    I sold two of the Trulines this weekend. Still have the other rods.
  22. tackle junkie

    Moving Sale

    Added a couple of pics.
  23. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    I couldn't figure out how to edit the title. I apologize for the reels in the title.
  24. tackle junkie

    Moving Sale

    I have a bunch of rod wrapping equipment, a ton of thread, cork rings, etc. I'm going to go through and try to catalog what I've got. If you're looking for anything in particular or would like to see it, text me. Jose (562)229-6664
  25. tackle junkie

    3rd Grip pole holster w/ fly rod accessory

    These are still in the packaging. I've also got a Fshn Bud E rod carrier. It holds 4 small diameter rods. $30 for the 3rd Grip and $10 for the Fshn Bud e.
  26. tackle junkie

    Shimano/Tiburon Magnum 2 speed TLD 20 reel NEW

    Great reel at a great price.too bad I'm in Long Beach.
  27. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    I'm not sure which blank it is. It's a 15#-20# rod.
  28. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    Text me (562)229-6664 Jose I'm in Long Beach
  29. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, Trinidad 12, Calcutta 300TE, and more

    First up, Trilingual Octagon 1X's I have 2 of them. One black rod and a blank with the original handle. Tiburon F20? 8' rod with deckhand handle, XWrap, SS wire guides wrapped in black and yellow, 20# rod. $80 Seeker Blue Lightning custom wrap 8' rod with hypalon grips and a reel seat. $80 All...
  30. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad 14 and Curado 100DSV combo

    I have a Trinidad 14, with braid backing, clamp, and Shimano reel cover. Asking $250 I also have a Curado 100 DSV loaded with braid and a Seeker React Pro Series RPS706-7'11" rated 10 (12) 15 I'm asking $200 for the combo. I'll be posting more gear as I go through it. If you'd like pictures text...
  31. tackle junkie

    Truline OG2680

    I think it must have been mislabeled. It's 7'6" long, black glass, Varmac reel seat, hypalon, Dynamo butt cap, and it's wrapped in light green and yellow.
  32. tackle junkie

    First work posted!

    Very nice. I like those guides. They remind of my favorite Fuji's. What series and where did you get them?
  33. tackle junkie

    Truline OG2680

    Does anyone have any information on this rod? I'm looking at a custom rod labeled Truline OG 2680 and I'd Like to know its line rating and how long it should be. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Jose
  34. tackle junkie

    Neah Bay Shake-Out 4/25-26

    We were camping in Morro Bay this last weekend and those were all over the beach. Thanks for the report.
  35. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagon rods, Seeker blanks

    The TNT is a blank. The 1Xs are not deckhand style. They are hypalon grips and a reel seat. Two of them have the Dynamo butt cap. Thanks Josh.
  36. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagon rods, Seeker blanks

    Up for sale: 3 Truline Octagon 1X rods from the early 70's $150 each Truline LB8 8' 20# live bait rod custom wrap $175 Seeker Pinhead TNT 7' 40# blank $100 Old school Seeker CLB 702-8 8' blank graphite with tan fiberglass $120 (light action) All prices are negotiable, may be interested in...
  37. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    Trinidad 20 and the Shikari have been SOLD!
  38. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    The TN20 and the Shikari 808M are pending.
  39. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    If you're interested in any of these items hit me up today or tomorrow before I leave for vacation. I will be out of the country for a few weeks. I am looking for local cash sales only, no trades or shipping. Give me your best offer. Jose (562)229-6664 I'm in Long Beach
  40. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    I just saw your post this morning. I texted you earlier.
  41. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    I posted this earlier in the miscellaneous section by mistake.
  42. tackle junkie

    Trinidad's, Seeker, Trulines, etc.

    This ad is being taken down. Thank you
  43. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 12, 20 Curado 100DSV, Seeker rods

    Mods can we move this to the rods and reels section?
  44. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 12, 20 Curado 100DSV, Seeker rods

    I am selling some gear: Trinidad 12 Spectra backing (50#) 20# top shot $240 bought off the board but hasn't been used. Trinidad 20 spectra backing (65#) 30# top shot, box, og clamp, extra carbon text drags, Cal plates and Shimano clamp $300 Curado 100DSV spectra (30#) and Pro React RPS 706...
  45. tackle junkie

    Jet Table Saw model JWTS-10

    I have a used 10" Jet table saw, model JWTS-10 for sale. I bought it a couple of years ago hoping to get into woodworking but just haven't had the time. I listed it on craigslist for $750 or best offer. It comes with a fence, front and rear rails, and extensions. Along with a Rockwell miter...
  46. tackle junkie


    Pm'ed you about the 14
  47. tackle junkie


    I sent you a pm.
  48. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons, LB8 and Seeker PH blanks

    I have 3 Truline Octagon 1X, 1 black and two caramel colored. The rods were wrapped in the early 70's. The black rod is 6'7" and the the other two are 6'6"". I'm asking $150 or best offer. Truline LB8 with cork grip handle, Valco trigger reel seat and Dynamo butt cap. The rod is 8'0" long and...
  49. tackle junkie

    TLD 30II and AR Seeker rod

    I'm selling a good condition TLD 30II with 60# Line and a matching 5'6" AR Seeker rod with Aftco reel seat, gimbal and guides. It's a great local trolling combo or heavy bait rig. I'm asking $250 for the combo. Jose (562)229-6664 Located in Long Beach
  50. tackle junkie

    Mitsubishi WD73735 DLP 1080P

    No it's not the lamp. When the lamp goes out there is no picture. This is well documented on the internet. It's a common occurrence and I just don't want to mess with it. I've replaced the lamp before, that's easy.
  51. tackle junkie

    Mitsubishi WD73735 DLP 1080P

    I've had this tv for years and the DLP chip needs to be replaced, so it has white dots all over the screen. If you're willing to fix it yourself this is a great tv. There are videos all over YouTube on how to fix it and the part is less than $150. I have a bad habit of taking things apart and...
  52. tackle junkie

    Seeker green blanks 36 and a TNT

    Blanks are still up for sale. THEY DO NOT HAVE LABELS!
  53. tackle junkie

    Seeker green blanks 36 and a TNT

    See you on Saturday. I'll give you a call later and we can set up a time and location.
  54. tackle junkie

    DeWalt dw735 planer

    I bought this a year ago from a friend who never used it. He used to do hardwood floors but has been doing mostly laminate flooring. It has not moved since I brought it home. It is on mounted on a stand. I'm asking $450 for the tool and stand. I will not separate since I have no use for the...
  55. tackle junkie

    Seeker green blanks 36 and a TNT

    I bought these blanks over a year ago with the intent of wrapping them for myself but I haven't got around to them. They are in great condition and have been stored in the house the entire time. I'm asking $100 for the 36 and $125 for the TNT. Jose Text me at (562)229-6664
  56. tackle junkie

    WTB Black Glass TruLines

    I have an Octagon 1X I believe. It's from the 70s. I have three but only one black blank. If you're interested I'll send you some pics. Send me your info. I also have a newer glass D8 that was recoated at Seeker. It has an XWrap deckhand handle with a turkshead that I haven't got around to wrapping.
  57. tackle junkie

    Which 20-25 hp outboard for a 13' Avon inflatable?

    What are the advantages of the 2-stroke over the 4-stroke? Are the Mercury outboards made by Tohatsu?
  58. tackle junkie

    Which 20-25 hp outboard for a 13' Avon inflatable?

    My buddy and I are looking for a reliable 20-25 hp outboard for our hard bottom 13' Avon. We are going to remove the outboard and set it on a stand after each use so weight is a factor. We haven't had much luck looking for used outboards so were probably going to go new. We dive, and fish off...
  59. tackle junkie

    Vision Kamado BBQ Smoker San Diego Area

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD Thanks Jeff. Good luck on your trip.
  60. tackle junkie

    Overnight fishing tackle recommendations for the current bite

    Hey guys, I'm headed out on the Grande tomorrow night and I would like some recommendations from anyone who has been out in the last week. It sounds like they're only biting on light line(20#) lately. What is the bait situation like? Are they biting on the iron? Butterfly jigs? Swim baits? Any...
  61. tackle junkie

    Absolutley Nothing to do with rod building - Please Read.

    Thanks Doc, I'm 43 but I don't want any part of that. As soon as I get back from my trip on Wednesday I'm going straight to Kaiser.
  62. tackle junkie

    Brand new wood tackle box

    I'll take it if no one else has.
  63. tackle junkie

    seeker react pro 706 7'11

    Kevin, Thanks for the great deal. Rod is sold.
  64. tackle junkie

    seeker react pro 706 7'11

    What's the line rating on the rod? What kind of grips? (Cork, EVA)
  65. tackle junkie

    guide ?

    Bateson came out with some guides very similar(almost the same) as Fuji's HBSG guides.
  66. tackle junkie

    WTS: Super Seeker SS D8-8' CT 20-50lb Rod Like New

    I'm interested. Please send me pics. 562 229-6664 Jose
  67. tackle junkie

    Calstar Rods

    I'll take the 900xl. I sent you my information. At least I think I did. I started a conversation with you. I think it's the same as a pm.
  68. tackle junkie

    Shimano Talica 20II & 25II for SALE

    Do you still have them. If so give me a call 562 229-6664 Jose
  69. tackle junkie

    Kayak paddle Werner Skagit

    I just sent you a message about your kayak seat. I might be interested in your paddle too. I left my number in the last message. Give me a call. Jose
  70. tackle junkie

    Kayak seat and attachable road holder and zipper storage bag

    I just started a conversation with you. I think that means that I sent you a pm. I'm interested in the kayak seat.
  71. tackle junkie

    custom phenix type handles

    That looks really nice. Unfortunately, people don't seem to factor in how much work goes into rods. I don't think I would have the patience to do that. Good luck.
  72. tackle junkie

    Baja Special custom parts

    Can someone tell me if can buy a red anodized frame, handle, and star drag for my Baja Special? Maybe there is a shop you can point me to that does this kind of work in Southern CA. Thank you,
  73. tackle junkie

    Silaflex rod

    I'd take that if you were closer. I have an 8'9" and I love that thing. Good luck.
  74. tackle junkie

    NIB Penn TRQ 12 black n gold

    I'll take it! I pm'ed you earlier.
  75. tackle junkie

    NIB Penn Fathom 12...Abu revo inshore

    What # top shot would you use with this reel? Where are you located? Pm if you'd like. I'm in Long Beach, CA 90803.
  76. tackle junkie

    Fishing in Maui December 8-15th ???

    Hey Guys, I'll be in Maui for a week and I would love to do a little fishing. It's my first time going to Hawaii and I don't think I will be taking any gear With me. Can I rent an outfit to do a little shore fishing? I'm staying in Kihea. I thought about renting a kayak and fishing off the...
  77. tackle junkie

    SUPER SEEKER SS 6490-9' CT, Penn Tiburon 501 "99"

    If you were in LA County I'd pick it up today. Here's a free bump.
  78. tackle junkie

    Penn TRQ 300, Inside View!

    I just received the Torque 200 from Tackle Direct. This thing is solid. I plan on spooling it with 65# braid and fishing a top shot of 40#. Is anyone fishing a top shot of 50# or 60#. This reel has enough drag to do so.
  79. tackle junkie


    It was nice meeting you Mark. We were at villa Bahia forme the 21-25. We met the night before you left out at the barbecue/ bar. We had a great time, caught some nice 50#s but still quality fish. We'll be back. Thanks for the stories.
  80. tackle junkie

    BOLA report 6/14-6/18Met up with friends in San Ysidro early Friday, got our tourist

    Thanks for the report. We're headed out in a few hours and I can't wait to get down there. Did you do any shore fishing? The last time we were down there we had a great time in the late afternoon and evening catching fish from shore.
  81. tackle junkie


    Where is the last ATM headed down to Bahia de Los Angeles? Ensenada, San Quintin?
  82. tackle junkie

    BOLA June 12-16

    That sounds great. Lots of fish around. It sounds like you guys has lots of opportunities at a variety of fish. We are headed down on Friday and fishing 3 days. How much weight were you guys using to get down to the fish? Did you try using squid? We're bringing some down. Thanks for the report...
  83. tackle junkie

    Accurate 665 2 Speed

    I just saw the reel today. It is in great condition. If it had fit on the rod I was planning on fishing it on I would have taken it off your hands.
  84. tackle junkie

    BOLA June 6-9

    We're headed down June 21-25th. We are staying at Villa Bahia and we are fishing two days with Alfredo Diaz. I haven't been down there in 6 years but I can't wait. I appreciate all the tips and advice you guys are sharing and I hope we can get together for a few beers after a day of fishing. We...
  85. tackle junkie

    Gonzaga fish report...

    Great slideshow! We are headed down to BOLA and we set aside one day for kayak fishing and shore fishing.
  86. tackle junkie

    Baja Fish Gear - Truline

    One more shot at this jigmaster Sam. I'll even throw some fresh line on it...only cause its you :)
  87. tackle junkie

    Baja Fish Gear - Truline

    That's a nice rod. I'll trade you a vintage Penn 500 and a couple of bucks. :)
  88. tackle junkie

    Calcutta 400 TE

    Does it come with a clamp?
  89. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad A, Talica, Calcutta D

    I'm interested in the Calcutta. I'll pm you about it.
  90. tackle junkie

    Shimano Calcutta 200 and Torium 14

    Do you have the clamp for the Torium?
  91. tackle junkie

    Is there a rodbuilding class in OC?

    I haven't wrapped rods in a while and I'm planning on getting back into it this season. I want to brush up on my skills and meet up with some like-minded people. Does anyone know if those guys are still meeting?
  92. tackle junkie

    Calcutta 300TE clamp

    Is there a clamp for the Calcutta 300 TE?
  93. tackle junkie

    TruLine 36

    How much are you asking?
  94. tackle junkie

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    Thanks guys. I plan on taking a few rods to cover everything from 20-60# I just didn't know what to expect on the boat cause I haven't been on it in years. Is it all fly lined baits? Any jigs working?
  95. tackle junkie

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    I'm headed out on the Toronado tonight and was just wondering if somebody has been out on it lately. Any advice or suggestions? It's been a while since I've been out.
  96. tackle junkie

    Harnell, Seeker and Truline

    Just reduced prices for quick sale.
  97. tackle junkie

    Custom Power Wrapper rod lathe parts

    I'm looking to get back into rod wrapping and I need some parts for my Custom Wrap rod wrapper. I am looking for a set of 4 towers and an additional 4' section, and a thread carriage.
  98. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    Chad, Received the reel in the mail along with the Cal drag plates and two sets of carbontex drags. The reel is in excellent condition. Thank you for getting it out quickly.
  99. tackle junkie

    shimano tld 20 and 30 2 speed

    Bump for a great deal.
  100. tackle junkie

    ACCURATE B2 870

    Are you interested in any trades? Rods, rod wrapping equipment, etc.
  101. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    Chad, I just sent payment through Pay Pal. I also included my address. Looking forward to fishing this reel.
  102. tackle junkie

    Harnell, Seeker and Truline

    I am selling a few rods I haven't used. I posted a pic of these rods and I will start from the top. Seeker inshore 8'3" blank wrapped with blue zirconium guides in royal blue, light blue and black. tip needs to be replaced. will try to replace before selling. $80 reduced to $50 Harnell 675...
  103. tackle junkie

    CustomWrap power wrappers and access...

    Anglers Workshop had these for sale on their website but I'm having a hard time locating anything made by CustomWrap. Does anyone know if they went out of business? Or where I can find accesories for this wrapper? Jose
  104. tackle junkie

    trolling reels

    Do you have rods for your future trolling reels? If not, I've got a combo with a TLD 30II and an AR rod for sale. I'm asking $250 for the combo. The reel has upgraded bearings and is in excellent shape.
  105. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Still have a few items if anyone is interested.
  106. tackle junkie

    What's going on with Gudebrod thread?

    Thanks. What are the rest of you guys using?
  107. tackle junkie

    What's going on with Gudebrod thread?

    I haven't been on this board in a while. I went on to Acidrod's website to check out some thread and it looks like much of the Gudebrod thread is no longer available. Is the company going out of business? What are you guys using in place of Gudebrod?
  108. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    I sold the Seeker Inshore blanks, the CLB806H and the Harnells.
  109. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    I was camping for a week. If there is anything you want to see give me a call.
  110. tackle junkie

    Big Sur Area

    I am camping at Limekiln SP next week and I thought about doing some surf fishing while I am there. Any one fished that area? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  111. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Just in case you were interested in something but are down in San Diego. I will be driving down tomorrow for the day. If there is something you are interested in and would like me to bring down let me know tonight.
  112. tackle junkie

    Wacom Intuos 3 Pen Tablet

    I used this once or twice and never made the effort to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. Its been in the box for over a year. I am asking $175 obo. Jose 562 229-6664
  113. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Added more stuff
  114. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Just added some blanks
  115. tackle junkie

    Rods, reels and blanks

    Harnell 200 series 20# blanks, 203(8'), 205(8'6"), 207(9') SOLD Tiburon Custom 8' 20# rod, deckhand handle Xtube SSWire guides bumble bee yellow $100, new GLoomis SW90-12 (8-16#) blank, in plastic $70 Super Seeker 270H-8 deckhand handle, in excellent condition. $200 SOLD Shimano TLD...
  116. tackle junkie

    Making bait in LB Harbor

    I'm going out with a buddy on Friday to fish the harbor and maybe the outer breakwall. Any advice on where to make bait? I'm on a kayak.
  117. tackle junkie

    Distance from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate

    Yeah, thanks. I saw on Google maps that it's almost 2 miles. It's not so bad going out but each time we come in we get a nasty Headwind.
  118. tackle junkie

    Yakin' Question for LB

    My buddy and I have gone out of San Pedro twice in the last couple of weeks and fished the middle break wall. He has been freediving and I have been fishing. I have gotten some calicos each time. He has been nailing the sheepshead. Let me know if you guys want to go this week. I want to make...
  119. tackle junkie

    Distance from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate

    A friend and I paddled out to the breakwater from Cabrillo and fished outside. We had a great time and even caught some fish doing it. The wind picked up in the afternoon and made it tough coming in. I was wondering how far it is from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate. If you know or can direct me to a...
  120. tackle junkie

    Accurate ATD 30 Platinum, Shimano Tiagra 50A, & Shimano Trinidad 16N

    I'm interested in the TN 16N if it is still available. Give me a call, I'm in Long Beach. I pm'd you earlier but I can't find it in my sent box. So I'm reposting it here. I can pick it up tomorrow after work(cash). Jose 562 229-6664
  121. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16 for 40#

    The old TN 16.
  122. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16 for 40#

    I sold a lot of my gear over the last year and I am in need of a 40# reel for local tuna and yellowtail. I though I might get by with a TN 16 for 40. I have plenty of spectra backing and the upgraded drag plate. Does anybody use their TN 16 for 40#?
  123. tackle junkie

    Shimano Trinidad 20

    I sent you a text message but I never heard back from you. Is it still available?
  124. tackle junkie

    Harnell 552, 542 Rods Wanted

    I have a Harnell 675 2 piece rod, factory wrap in near perfect condition. If you'd like pictures let me know and give me an email address. Jose
  125. JAWS 7' 30-60# rod. No guides ever wrapped.

    JAWS 7' 30-60# rod. No guides ever wrapped.

  126. Alps Triangle Reel Seat

    Alps Triangle Reel Seat

  127. Custom rods

    Custom rods

    These are some rods that I wrapped or handles I have built.
  128. tackle junkie

    Mans Best Friend!! Let's see yours

    These guys have never been separated. They're 2 1/2 years old and still act like puppies. The brown lab is Oso and the black lab is Obsidian.
  129. tackle junkie

    is this a good deal?

    Check the classifieds, there are lots of exellent used rods at some great prices.
  130. tackle junkie

    ProGear 454 Yellowtail Special

    Interested in any trades?
  131. tackle junkie

    Tuna from shore

    Those fins were awfully long. Anyone else think he had an albacore?
  132. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    The Xtube and most of the butt cord is gone. As for the thread, you could take a look at it and make me an offer or buy it by the spool.
  133. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    I'm asking $450 for all of it. I've sold some but I still have quite a bit left.
  134. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons

    I don't need a tent anymore. Rods are still for sale.
  135. tackle junkie

    A couple of rods for sale

    Do you have a clamp for that reel? It's got great action.
  136. tackle junkie

    A couple of rods for sale

    I have a few rods up for sale: 1. Custom rod built using a Tiburon blank 8' 20# stick with an xtube handle and wire guides. Its wrapped in yellow and black(looks like a bumble bee). This rod is brand new and could use a better turkshead knot. $90 2. AllStar WCSI80XH 8' 15-40# XHeavy rod...
  137. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons

    I've reduced the prices again but I'm staying firm on these.
  138. tackle junkie

    Factory Super Seekers

    The 6470 is sold, the 270H-8 is still available. It has an X-tube deckhand handle.
  139. tackle junkie

    Various lots of rod wrapping thread

    Mostly Gudebrod, some PacBay. Size A, C...
  140. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    Bump also the CJBF90M blanks are sold along with the Shikari 808M
  141. tackle junkie

    Seeker G270H-8'CT

    I've got a SS 270H-8 with Xtube, factory wrap. It's in great condition and I'm asking $225.
  142. tackle junkie

    Tuna Challenge

    WOW! Makes me want to keep my rod wrapper. Beautiful work guys.
  143. tackle junkie

    Various lots of rod wrapping thread

    I posted a bunch of rod wrapping thread in another ad. I decided to break it down into smaller lots that might be more affordable. I'll post some pictures. If you are interested in a particular thread let me know and I'll check. Lot #1: 36+ various colors 100 yard spools, over 15 metallics...
  144. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    I reduced and added prices to my ad.
  145. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons

    Prices reduced and a possible trade has been added. Thanks for looking.
  146. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons

    I have 3 Truline Octagon 1X-2X rods. One of these is black, the other two are brown. I also have a Harnell 675 factory rod. Its a two piece, spinning rod. I'll take $150 for the top two and $175 for the bottom one(black). I am also interested in a trade for a backpacking quality tent, something...
  147. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    I have 7 large spools of Holland thread. Blue and Silver, Brown and Silver, Red and Silver. I'm asking $100 obo
  148. tackle junkie

    Factory Super Seekers

    They're in really good condition.
  149. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    I've added some pics. If there is something specific you want to see let me know.
  150. tackle junkie

    Factory Super Seekers

    I have two Super Seekers for sale. SS 270H-8 8' 20 (25) 30 X-tube deckhand handle $225 SS 6470 7' 30 (40) 50 SOLD Call me if you are interested Jose 562 229-6664
  151. tackle junkie

    Rods, blanks and rod wrapping equipment

    Cork and tools to make your own handles Blanks/Rods Seeker: CLB702-8 $80 & CLB806H(blue) $70 Seeker Inshore CSW 857 $75, 858 $75, Shikari: 808M $75, 8020 with cork grips and Fuji palm rest reel seat $120 Jaws: 30-60# 7' with Alps reel seat and gimbal and Cork grips $140 Truline: black D8...
  152. tackle junkie

    TruLine Lamiglass Fenwick

    I've got some Truline Octagons, 1x or 2Xs, originally built in the 70's. One of them is black, the other 2 are brown. Let me know if you're interested, I'll post some pics. Or you can search some photos on this site.
  153. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons and more, Seeker blanks

    It's just the Jaws, the Shikari is a plain blank.
  154. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons and more, Seeker blanks

    I'm asking $100, blanks are new.
  155. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagons and more, Seeker blanks

    Clearing out some rods and blanks. I have 2 Truline Octagons 1X or 2X, a 440 and an LB8. I also have some brown CJBF90M blanks. I also have a Shikari 808M and a Jaws blank rated 30-60 with cork grips and an Alps tri seat and gimble(silver). Call me if you're interested. Jose 562 229 6664
  156. tackle junkie

    Custom fishing rods

    I have several fishing rods up for sale: Seeker EX6480 hypalon grips and Fuji graphite reel seat, Aero guides Blue rings $150. Seeker EX36 3M tape, graphite reels seat $125 Super Seeker Ulua 10' jigstick with Fuji HBSG guides(SiC) $225 Super Seeker 6470XH 7' 60# with Fuji HBSG guides(SiC)...
  157. tackle junkie

    1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    I took care of the registration, oil change and all fluids. She's ready to go.
  158. tackle junkie

    1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    Its automatic.
  159. tackle junkie

    1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    I just knocked off $1000. I need to sell this ASAP.
  160. tackle junkie

    1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5

    SOLD Jose 562 229-6664
  161. tackle junkie

    Trulines and Harnells

    The blanks and the rods are still available.
  162. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16N and Calcutta 400BSV

    I'm adding these two reels to the list of items up for sale: Trinidad 16N in like new condition along with the box and clamp. The reel is loaded with Izorline spectra backing (65#) and a topshot of 25# Big Game. SOLD Calcutta 400BSV in great condition also with the box. The reel is loaded with...
  163. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16N

    Are you still looking for the 16N?
  164. tackle junkie

    calstar /seeker/shimano

    Yeah, you need to make room for some more custom rods.
  165. tackle junkie

    Trulines and Harnells

    I've got the following rods and blanks for sale: Truline 1X Octagon, conventional rod original custom wrap Truline 2X Octagon, conventional rod, original custom wrap Truline 440 Octagon, 7'6" rated 4-40# feels very light wrapped as a spinning rod by Yo's Harnell 203 blank with decal 8' 20#...
  166. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker, Seeker EX, etc.

    Custom rods for sale... Super Seeker Greenie 6490, its a 9' 40# stick with Fuji HBSG guides(SIC rings) wrapped in Metallic Greens. $300, reduced to $275 Seeker EX36 with carbide wire guides, Fuji reel seat and 3M tape. $175, reduced to $150 Tiburon Custom 8' 20# stick, fast action rod wrapped...
  167. tackle junkie

    Accurate B2 870C

    I'm dropping the price to $400 cash or cashier's check.
  168. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    If anyone is interested this rod is on consignment at Baja Fish Gear along with several other rods I built.
  169. tackle junkie

    Accurate B2 870C

    What he said...This reel is in excellent condition, no boat rash and has only been on a few trips. $459+$39+ tax=about $550. Which is pointless cause they are out of the 870.
  170. tackle junkie

    Accurate B2 870C

    I just added pics and I realized I still had the registration card.
  171. tackle junkie

    Accurate B2 870C

  172. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    I was asking $280 and I reduced it to $250
  173. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    Im asking $250, its a brand new rod.
  174. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    Just reduced the price.
  175. tackle junkie

    Phenix 909H

    I am selling a brand new Phenix 909H. Its a 9 foot graphite rod rated for 30#. I wrapped this rod using Alps TiCo guides with a Holland thread underwrap and black overwraps. The Holland thread is similar to a Trimar in silver and black. I also added some inlays on the butt wrap and the ends of...
  176. tackle junkie

    Rod Building Materials

    Go to C&M once and look around, they've got everything you need. Then after that you can order online. I just like going in and looking at everything. Their shipping is awesome and you'll probably have it the next business day or the day after.
  177. tackle junkie

    Ulua 93H S-Glass

    Brian, I got your message. I will talk to you tomorrow. Min, I'll pm you if it doesn't go through. Brian, Thanks.
  178. tackle junkie

    Ulua 93H S-Glass

    Brand new 9'3'' rod, wrapped in White, Medium Gray and Black with SS Braced Guides. The rod doesn't have a handle yet, seller may choose the style of handle from seine cord or cork tape, a little extra for X-tube. The blank was painted beneath the guides to make the white underwrap pop out...
  179. tackle junkie

    Jig rod

    I'm building an S-glass, 9'3" Ulua with SS braced guides, White underwraps, Med. Gray overwraps & a black final wrap With a three color fade on the butt. There' no handle yet so let me Know if you are interested. Jose 562 229-6664
  180. tackle junkie

    New and used custom rods

    For sale, new custom rods: Super Seeker 6490 Greenie, Fuji HBSG guides wrapped in metallic greens. Cork tape with X-tube and a black and green turkshead. Asking $350 OBO Seeker Black Steels 270H-8s perfect 25# rods, must see Asking $200-$225 OBO Harnell 542 10' 30# jigstick SS wire...
  181. tackle junkie

    Custom Rods for Sale

    I am selling some custom rods that I've built and some used rods. Here are some, I have plenty more: Seeker Black Steel 270H-8s $200-$225 Super Seeker 6490 40# rod $350 Phenix 909H $300 Truline Octagons 1X, 2X make offer Harnell 542 10' make offer Many others... Jose 562 229-6664
  182. tackle junkie

    New 765ML by SaltyDawg

    Very nice work. Those HB series guides are some of my favorites. I like your logo too.
  183. tackle junkie

    Harnell 201 7.5' 10-30lb.

    Beautiful rod Randy. I picked up some of those blanks myself and I can't decide what to do with them. Let us know how they fish.
  184. tackle junkie

    Go Chargers!

    Randy, Nice looking stick. Is that CHARGERS a weave or a decal?
  185. tackle junkie

    spiral roller

    Nice work Ryan. I started an acid wrapped rod and then just changed it up because I wasn't sure I was doing it right. Congratulations!
  186. tackle junkie

    40lb bait rod choices

    Super Seeker 6470(CJBF70) for 40#.
  187. tackle junkie

    A couple or rods in the process

    First up is a Shikari BT8020, this rod has been hanging in my garage for months. I built the handle and was going to acid wrap it but changed my mind today and started over. Its got a cork handle with a Fuji palm rest reel seat and at the moment I have a set of AmTac guides that might get...
  188. tackle junkie

    A couple or rods in the process

    Oops, double post.
  189. tackle junkie

    60# blank

    Or do I suck it up and throw down the extra $60 for the Superseeker? I built a CJBF70XH for my 60# rig and I rarely use it. I didn't catch a single fish on it this year because the situation never called for it. However, if I had wrapped another blank, whether I caught anything on it or not...
  190. tackle junkie

    3 of 6 Phenix BD's are finaly done

    I was attempting to post a new thread and it got posted on this thread. I apologize. I believe I deleted it.
  191. tackle junkie

    3 of 6 Phenix BD's are finaly done

    Nice looking rods. I'm working on the 909H myself. What guides did you use? They look like some I saw over at BC the other day.
  192. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    It looks dark blue and silver.
  193. tackle junkie

    Rod Wrapper?

    Go with a power wrapper. Check out
  194. tackle junkie

    WANTED: "USED" Custom Power Wrapper

    I found both of mine on this board. Good luck.
  195. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    Ken, I think I have some of what you're looking for. Let me know if this is it. The color code is 9003.
  196. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    Thanks guys. Are you able to use the 4 oz spools on your thread carriage or do you transfer the thread onto 1 oz spools?
  197. tackle junkie

    Holland thread

    I just picked up a bunch of older thread that seems to be in good condition. Along with the older wooden spools of Gudebrod I found some Holland thread. It looks like the Gudebrod Trimar. Its listed as Astro Nylon Size S/C Color 9003, 9002 etc. Do I need to use color preserver on this thread? I...
  198. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700H

    Thanks, John. I usually take them outside but it was late.
  199. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700H

    Thanks guys, that sweatshirt underneath it is olive green but it looks grey in the picture. I've got to learn to take better pictures. Guadalupe, I didn't apply anything to the turkshead or the seine cord handle. What do you use?
  200. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700H

    The flash drowned out the Scarlet and made it look pink but it is a deep red color in real life. That picture gives me an idea though... a sheephead flavored wrap up next.
  201. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700H

    This is a Calstar 700H that I built for one of the guys on the board. He wanted red over black wraps and a seine cord handle. I used Fuji BMNAGs, Gudebrod Black and Scarlet with a single inlay under the guide and on the final overwrap. It was a pretty simple wrap, which I rarely do but I really...
  202. tackle junkie

    Cord grip???

    Greg, I'm in Long Beach if you want to come by some time. It wouldn't take long at all. Jose
  203. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker 90M Greenie

    Guadalupe, Thanks. I have been busy building rods but they are all for other people. This one I built the way I wanted it. Its mine for now but like everything else, its for sale. I still haven't gotten around to weaving. I'm off this month so I might try it on the next rod. Sharon, Great...
  204. tackle junkie

    I Need A Logo!

    Hey Ryan, Once Zack comes up with a logo you might want to try Decal Connection for decals. They are really easy to work with and they do a great job. Unless Zac can get those for you too. I'm sure your family will be very happy with their gifts. I built some for my brothers and nephew last...
  205. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker 90M Greenie

    Thanks, I thought a green Accurate 870 Narrow from Baja Fish Gear would do the job nicely also. I rarely used metallic thread before this rod but I am hooked on the HT Metallics now. They are much easier to work with than the old metallics. The next one in the set will be a CJBF100 that has...
  206. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker 90M Greenie

    I started this a while ago and I am just now finishing it up. Its a SS CJBF90M green blank. The handle is a single layer of cork tape with X-tube over it. I tied a turkshead knot from the knot tool cookbook using synthetic green and black cord. The guides are Fuji HBSG guides. I started with...
  207. tackle junkie

    fuji guide selection

    Its really all about looks anyway. Isn't it? :)
  208. tackle junkie

    fuji guide selection

    Those HB guides are my favorites. I just built a Super Seeker 90M with those but my cameras not back from the shop so I can't post a picture of them but here are a few other pictures of the HB guides.
  209. tackle junkie

    West Coast Custom Rod Builders Show

    I'm in again this year also. I had a great time last year and I hope to see all of you there again this year. I'll email you Doc.
  210. tackle junkie

    A Couple of Calstar 800's

    Randy, Beautiful work. Everything is so clean. Always something to strive for. Jose
  211. tackle junkie

    Seeker Ulua 93H

    I am building a Super Seeker CJBF90M. I think I like this blank better than the Ulua. The butt is narrower and feels a bit more comfortable than the Ulua. Its a 40# stick with a nice tip. Unfortunately, it's one of Seeker's more expensive blanks. I think its a better comparison to the Calstar...
  212. tackle junkie

    Shouldnt a fishing rod be more parabpolic?

    Just maybe, it depends on your age and the condition of your back. I like a faster action rod for smaller fish and a slower action rod for bigger fish. Try a few and see what you like.
  213. tackle junkie

    Some new rods

    Thanks. Those are Fuji HBSG guides. They look similar, but the Fuji HB's are heavier. I wrapped another rod a while back with these same colors but, the wraps came out much nicer with the blank being painted first. It was a little extra work but well worth the effort.
  214. tackle junkie


    Guadalupe, That rods looks great. I don't know where you find the time to put in all that work.
  215. tackle junkie

    Graphite USA

    Check out Phenix rods if you're looking to replace Shikari or GUSA. GUSA blanks were great for awhile but things have changed. Very few people can claim to get their blanks lately.
  216. tackle junkie

    Some new rods

    I just finished up a few rods that I took a while to get around to working on because of work and I thought I'd post some pictures. I built two matching rods, one is a Calstar 690J and the other is a Seeker 6480. Both rods have a single layer of cork tape and X-tubing with a turkshead. Stainless...
  217. tackle junkie

    Rice Thread

    Billy, I'm interested in picking up some Rice thread. Give me a price and I'll have a better idea of what I want and how much. How does the Rice B thread compare to Gudebrod's thread sizes?
  218. tackle junkie

    New Rod Bench

    That's a beautiful bench. I would like to make a new bench myself, one that's a little easier on the back. Maybe I'll get to it this winter.
  219. tackle junkie

    Hand Rod Wrappers

    For your first rod, go with a larger diameter rod. It makes it easier to wrap and it doesn't bend as much when you get to the tip. If there is a lot of flex in the tip its harder to keep the wraps nice and tight when you're using a hand wrapper.
  220. tackle junkie

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I'm with you on the 8 footers. 20# Calstar 800XLH 25# Seeker 270H-8 I also have a GUSA 85XF that I use for 20# and I really like that rod too.
  221. tackle junkie

    A few wraps

    That guide wrap is beautiful. Looks like some antique silver ring. Where can I get a decal like that :).
  222. tackle junkie


    Tell me thats electrical tape and ribbon already. Those are some serious hours invested in those rods. You have been cranking them out Steve. I haven't been able to get into the garage for over a month. Nice work.
  223. tackle junkie

    Big Sam's rod

    Very nice Steve. I like the old school colors, they match up very nice with that blank.
  224. tackle junkie

    40# bait/vertical jig reel?

    Get a Penn Baja Special. Baja Fish Gear had them for $99 last week for the first ten customers but I'm sure they'll give you a good deal on whatever they have left. Its a great reel, and for the money you aren't going to beat it.
  225. tackle junkie

    30 lb Stick for Tuna

    Seeker Black Steel 670.
  226. tackle junkie

    Finally got out

    I haven't posted a fish report but I had a good week and got offshore so here it is. On Sunday I drove down to San Diego and jumped on the Prowler out of Fisherman's Landing. A great boat and one of the cleanest I have ever been on. The next morning we pulled a few fish out of a paddy and I was...
  227. tackle junkie

    not bad for my first rod...

    Great looking rod Tone. I like that spiral butt wrap. I'd like to learn how to set that up. I've seen it on some of the rods made by Bob's Sporting Goods. Was it difficult to set up the spacing or did you start with one thread and continue until it was closed?
  228. tackle junkie

    Favorite Calico Reel

    I'm fishing the Calcutta 200TE with 30# spectra backing and a 12# mono topshot which I switch up to 15# or 17# depending on the conditions. My next reel is a 300TE on a Phenix 866L. I like the TN12 also with spectra backing and 20# for the bass in the kelp.
  229. tackle junkie

    Recommendations for Offshore this week

    I know someone knows of a good deal on anything from an overnight to a 2 day trip within the next few days. I have to be home on Tuesday afternoon but I can go before or after. I'm in Long Beach but I planned on driving to SD. I'm looking for tuna, YT and dorado. I found a 1 1/2 day on the Coral...
  230. tackle junkie

    Oh the Humanity......

    The funny part about that story was that "while women can wear what they want in this day and age", it was the woman who complained about her in the first place. They are their own worst enemy.
  231. tackle junkie

    6 months......

    That's a great smile. Six months and 80 pounds... thats a big boy. My two are 6 months and a few pounds shy of 70 pounds. Unfortunately, they came down with kennel cough last week and they have lost a few pounds. They're doing much better after a round of antibiotics and will be out playing...
  232. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilding Charter 8/24 - Quick Roll Call

    Mark, I'm in for that weekend. Jose Moreno Moreno Rodworks
  233. tackle junkie

    psychoclown's NEW TOY

    That's a beautiful rod...even more so when you add in the deadline. I really like the unique touches on the butt and the clean finish from the X-tube to the butt wrap.
  234. tackle junkie

    overnight alicia 8/3

    Danny, It sounds like you had a memorable trip, its good to hear that there's plenty of fish around close to home. I plan on going out this week and I hope I have half as good a day as you did.
  235. tackle junkie

    Fun with Turksheads!

    Hey Mark, I'll be in next week to pick up some Calstar blanks and I can't wait to pick up some new cord. Messing with the black seine cord and the resin mess on other cotton/polyester cords is horrible. Anything to avoid that again.
  236. tackle junkie

    BD Rodbuilding Forum Charter? Thoughts??

    I'm up for a trip anytime in August. Overnight would be my first choice. I've never gone out of Seaforth, but I'd rather not have to deal with the parking situation at the big 3 if it can be avoided. Since its a rodbuilder's forum, are factory wraps prohibited? Oxnard/Channel Islands?
  237. tackle junkie

    American Angler 5 Day July 19-24 Report

    Sounds like a nice trip, that smile on your face says it all.
  238. tackle junkie

    New Rods

    Thanks guys, I've been pretty busy with work and haven't had a chance to try building something for fun. I felt bad because this guy had to wait a while for me to get started. I built another rod like this a while back but these two came out much cleaner than the one I built for myself. Randy...
  239. tackle junkie

    New Rods

    Clever name, huh. I just built a couple of rods for a guy and he picked them up last night.Its been a while since I posted some pictures so I figured I get back on the board. I think they came out pretty nice and he seemed to be happy with them. Both had cork handles with a gold Perfection reel...
  240. tackle junkie

    Affordable Jig Stick?

    Jump on the board, SS-D8 for $180. You're not going to beat that price. The Kencor 900MC is a great 9' 20-50# jigstick for a low price. I built one earlier this year in blue and white wraps with a corktape and Xtube handle. Its for sale at Baja Fish Gear $150.
  241. tackle junkie


    Very nice rod Guadalupe. I like those guides myself and those reels seats are the best. I picked up a couple of those blanks and they feel really nice. That snowflake pattern is very nice, tight and very clean.
  242. tackle junkie

    Are your replies invisable?? You might want to check

    I cant see it. Im using Safari. When I use Firefox it is okay.
  243. tackle junkie

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    About $400 20# Trinidad 12 or Saltiga 20 30# Trinidad 16 or Saltiga 30T 1/2 the price Torium 14 or 16, I don't own a Saltist but those will probably work, especially the 20
  244. tackle junkie

    new 2

    One more name to throw in the mix is Mike Ahern, Nim Custom Rods. Most of his rods are acid wrapped rods and he does great work also.
  245. tackle junkie

    non-skid tape by 3M

    Ace Hardware sells it by the foot and by the roll and its cheaper than most of the other places at about 79 cents a foot. You can also get it online at the Ace Hardware outlet.
  246. tackle junkie

    Accurate rods

    They said all parts came from Japan and that Calstar and Seeker get all their stuff over seas but assemble them in the U.S. If Seeker gets all their stuff made overseas, then what's with the video on their website showing how they make their blanks. They might get their raw materials...
  247. tackle junkie

    (Black and Gold)

    That looks great. I'm wrapping a couple of rods in gold, black and white. I'll try that when I'm done with these rods. Does it work with other Sharpie colors?
  248. tackle junkie

    new rod painting

    Damn. How did you get all those details onto a rod blank? What's next? ...a grain of rice? I keep saying I am going to drop off a rod and get it done and I always forget to take it with me when I am down that way. Your work is inspiring Matt.
  249. tackle junkie


    Hey Don, Welcome to the board. I'm in Long Beach, also. If there is anything you need just send a pm. It sounds like you're hooked now. What are you working on at the moment?
  250. tackle junkie

    Twins (almost)

    Randy, The marbling on that rod looks great, almost looks like there is a vein of gold running through that blank. I like those powdered pigments. What ratio of pigment to epoxy did you use?
  251. tackle junkie

    LBZ bazzin of the rockas

    Way to get out there Julian. Take advantage of whatever time you have to get some fishing in. I've been lazy and haven't done shit from shore lately.
  252. tackle junkie

    Something old (school)/something new

    Ken, Great job! My favorite piece is that butt cap. Is that one piece of cord? The whole rod looks great. Congratulations, Tim.
  253. tackle junkie

    17-20 lb line Reel?

    Torium 14 or the Calcutta 400BSV. The Torium feels sturdier and can fish up to 25# easily with spectra backing. The Calcutta can fish from 15-20# and is ideal if you want a light 20# outfit. Calcutta 400 light 20# reel Torium 14 all around 20# reel Saltiga 20 offshore 20# reel
  254. tackle junkie

    seeker 6470 blue s glass

    Kerry, That's a great looking color combo on that blank. I have an SD8 that I've been holding off on building because I can't decide on a color combo for it. I like the HT Metallic Steel Blue I just picked up this week. Is that what you used for your underwrap? Jose
  255. tackle junkie

    I'm out of Control

    Looks good. I'm anxious to see the final product.
  256. tackle junkie


    Congratulations! You did a great job on that rod.
  257. tackle junkie

    kayaks and trailer

    I like the trailer. How much for the trailer? If you don't want to split them, where can I get one?
  258. tackle junkie

    4 year old boy catches 34inch Hali on Zebco.

    I haven't caught a nice halibut like that either and I'm 37. It never changes, I still take my pics to school/work and show them to my students.
  259. tackle junkie

    interesting post on Craigslist

    Thats a good deal right there, but I want to add some green Accurates to my reel bag. Black Accurates would be nice, too.
  260. tackle junkie

    Shikari 8020

    I've got an 8020 blank and a blank with a cork handle and Fuji palm rest reel seat. I was planning on building it with a spiral wrap but I've only gotten as far as the underwraps and they are not coated.
  261. tackle junkie

    calstar 700ml test colors!

    That is one beautiful looking rod Kerry. Those colors look great and the finish work looks good also. I would love to watch someone set up a cross wrap/diamond wrap. I have been wanting to put one on a rod for a while.
  262. tackle junkie

    Aku 'Katsuo' Deathstick

    I like those Lowrider guides also. I just haven't tried wrapping them on anything yet. What do you think of those guides on a Seeker SS-CBJF100? I know they were made for use on surf rods but 10' ought to work.
  263. tackle junkie

    New Scott Throop Rods

    Very nice. That CJBF70 is amazing. Those colors go really well together. Congratulations on the rods. I saw Scott's work at the show and it truly was in a class by itself.
  264. tackle junkie

    So looks like i blew the head gasket ........

    I feel for you. I have a 97' 4Runner that had the same problem about 3 years ago. I had to have all that done, plus, I did the timing belt. Along with brakes, suspension, etc. It still runs great and has been a great 2nd truck. I can't bring myself to sell it because of how much work I've had...
  265. tackle junkie

    Pac bay CB-603

    Guadalupe, Maybe they'll let you take a hand wrapper in with you to your room. At least you'll have something to do while you're recovering :) Seriously, good luck with your surgery. I hope all goes well. Let us know how you are doing.
  266. tackle junkie

    Golden Retriever

    Thats a familiar scene. My dogs will play with chew toys for a little bit and then go find a shoe or something they aren't supposed to play with. I don't know why I even bother spending money on chew toys when they prefer plastic water bottles and cardboard boxes to any Kong toy out there. Last...
  267. tackle junkie

    Batson Enterprises - Thank You's

    Bill, I'm with Guadalupe, those new color ring guides look great. I also liked the grips you had on your own personal rods. Knowing that you build and fish your own products inspired confidence in your product line. I can't wait for the new stuff to come out. Jose
  268. tackle junkie

    possible fraud...classified guys look out

    Any time someone refers to whatever you're selling as the "item" its a scam. Anytime someone doesn't try to lowball you on something you're selling, its probably a scam. Good thing its pretty easy to see them coming.
  269. tackle junkie

    Mornin' wood

    That is a beautiful rod Mark. Definitely, one to display. Happy belated birthday.
  270. tackle junkie

    IRS rebate check

    Don't forget strippers... Strippers gotta eat... and pay for tuition.
  271. tackle junkie

    Truline Octagon - What the cork to do?

    I can fix it for you. It'll look like a brand new rod. Just let me know if you want it to look like a Calstar or Seeker.
  272. tackle junkie

    First hog stick done....

    Very nice, great photos also.
  273. tackle junkie

    tackle shop for long ranger in LA and SD

    Check out Baja Fish Gear in Lomita, 310 517-9897.
  274. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker Blanks

    The 8' 25# blank would be a CLB806H (270H-8 built), the 8' 30# would be the 6480, CJBF80 blank, that Randy just mentioned and the 7' 40# blank would be the CJBF70 blank (6470 built). That sounds like a great set you're planning on building. The only ones I have that you've mentioned in the Super...
  275. tackle junkie

    Some more Picture of Custom Rod Building Gang

    John, Great pictures. I had a great time on the trip and really enjoyed meeting you and everyone at the show. We caught a lot of big calicos on squid for hours and lost a lot of fish in the kelp. I can't wait to get out there again soon. Hopefully, we can get you out there again.
  276. tackle junkie

    Phenix 5' Jigging Rod

    Damn, that's a lot of work on that rod Guadalupe. It looks great. It was nice seeing you again at the show. I like those split grips, I'm going to try it on a 12# bass rod I'm building soon.
  277. tackle junkie

    WC Show Thanx

    Billy, It was nice meeting you and a real pleasure seeing your work. Maybe next year we can set up a mixer the night before the show to get to meet all the guys at the show. Jose
  278. tackle junkie

    Anyone familiar with old octagon Trulines?

    Its pretty old and used and I'd like to help you out so I'll give you a new rod in exchange for your old rod just to make things easier on you. PM your address and I'll be right over :) A good person to ask would be Iron Mike.
  279. tackle junkie

    one for our man ali!

    Great looking rod. I like the blood splatter also. What did you use for the inlay?
  280. tackle junkie

    Finished my first rod....

    Clean work, I like the colors. What's the handle look like?
  281. tackle junkie

    Proper kayaking atire

    I went out in Long Beach Harbor today and fished Chaffee Island...skunked. My buddy got some sand bass so he did okay. I wore trunks, a long sleeve UV protected t-shirt and a hat. It was over 90 today but the water is still cold so dress comfortable but prepare for anything that you might...
  282. tackle junkie

    im taking a class

    Looks like fun Matt. What are you planning on painting next? How about a bait tank, or my kayak:)?
  283. tackle junkie

    Rod Wrap and Strap Question?

    I've seen them at Big 5 and a few auto shop stores. You could probably get them at Walmart also. I don't remember what they are called but I thought they were pretty useful also.
  284. tackle junkie

    Old Girl, New Family

    I'm really sorry about your loss. One of my pups had to go in and see the vet recently for what he called a dietary indiscretion. He swallowed something he wasn't supposed to and will probably do it again. A friend seems to think it might have been garden slugs. Hopefully, he learned his...
  285. tackle junkie

    Calstar GF7465H

    Randy, The rod looks great. That T-shark weave came out awesome. Those guides are really nice also. What finish is that on the guides?
  286. tackle junkie

    Guides for SS-CJBF70 & 70H

    I built a CJBF70XH with Fuji Chrome HBSGs. The Fuji HB guides are great guides. They can be a little pricey but they are solid guides for the heavier line classes. Check them out at The Alps guides are pretty nice also. I've been using them a lot lately.
  287. tackle junkie

    Thinking About Selling.

    In this market, if you don't have to sell don't. There was a thread last month about buyers offering really low offers and it sounded like it was tough to sell anything for a decent price. Good Luck.
  288. tackle junkie

    Guess what I came home to........

    I agree. At the very least, he should have to wait until he's 18 and then do some type of community service. Even if he gets a beating when he gets home the only thing he will get out of it is that next time he takes the car it had better be worth taking a beating. No need to ruin the kid's life...
  289. tackle junkie

    Tackle HO needs serious help!

    Just get rid of anything you haven't caught a fish on in the last year. Then take that money and get some new stuff. If you keep doing that once a year you'll never have to spend any of your hard earned money on fishing gear again. PM me when you're ready for me to come down there and help you...
  290. tackle junkie

    A Couple of new ones.

    They look great Ken. The Black on Black looks clean. The marbling really catches your eye though. Did you do a clear epoxy with white swirled through or black epoxy with white swirled through? Either way it looks good.
  291. tackle junkie

    The dogs may be in trouble this time...

    One of my pups puked his guts out earlier this week and I noticed he started eating grass right away. I thought it was to soothe his stomach. The vet said they do that to make themselves vomit when their stomach isn't right. The next morning he was back to normal with a healthy appetite.
  292. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilding class 4-15

    I know how you feel Dean. I wish we could get that going up here in Long Beach. I'm off later this summer and I hope to make it down to the class when I am. It looks like a lot of fun and I hope to meet a lot of you at the show next month.
  293. tackle junkie

    Old Skool Bling

    Steven, Very nice work. I always look forward to seeing your posts. Those diamond/cross wraps are awesome.
  294. tackle junkie

    Worth it??

    Eric, Don't waste your money. Its a bunch of stuff you probably won't ever use and a wrapper that you'll want to upgrade in no time. I picked up a CustomWrap power wrapper with a dryer and a tackle box full of stuff for $175 last year on this board. Look around or wait for the show that Mark...
  295. tackle junkie

    B85 Black Cherry Finally finished

    It's looking good Ken. You tried out a few new things on that rod. That guide alignment shot looks great. I wish I could get mine that straight.
  296. tackle junkie

    Thanks to you bloody deck bro's

    Great Job Rene, As most of us already know, fishing is a lot more than catching fish and you sharing that with your group is an example of how fishing and sportsmanship can bring happiness to many. Thank you for posting your story. I hope it inspires more people to share the joy of fishing with...
  297. tackle junkie

    size guides for Calstar 800m

    On the contrary, I use the same size guides on all my 8'ers because I like the way it looks. It's a quick transition and then a clean line all the way down to the tip.
  298. tackle junkie


    What he said. Also, try the purple brushes(1/8") on the smaller guides. I use FlexCoat Light Build and I haven't had too many problems.
  299. tackle junkie

    for richer or poorer?

    Its like everything else, you don't need it but, its nice to have. Look how many fish were caught before all this newer stuff came out. It all depends on where you choose to spend your money.
  300. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RCLB80M

    Thanks guys, I should probably take some better pictures showing the rest of the rod. I used Gudebrod Metallic Pewter and Black in A for the underwraps and the top wraps are Gudebrod Black and Charcoal done in C.
  301. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RCLB80M

    I decided to build a Rainshadow RCLB80M after I saw that a lot of custom builders on this site were using them. They are a pretty good value and a nice blank. The blank I used had a very noticeable spline. I like the finish of the blank, very similar to the Calstar blanks. For the handle, I...
  302. tackle junkie

    Sabre stroker wrap colors

    Randy, What kind of paint do you use on the blank before wrapping over it? That looks great! You'd almost think it was paint and not thread.
  303. tackle junkie

    Calcutta 400--compatable with 30# spectra?

    I've got it on all of mine. I even have it on my Curado 100DSV. Just make sure when you pack it on that it goes on tight.
  304. tackle junkie

    freshening up cork handles

    Once your cork handles are clean and pretty, try using some Elmer's wood putty to give them a different look. It comes in a few different colors and is really easy to use.
  305. tackle junkie

    Kayak - Employment Opportunity

    I'd do it just to learn more about kayaks and to be able to rig my own kayak the right way.
  306. tackle junkie

    Calstar 90J Jig Stick

    Randy, A very nice looking rod and I really like that thread. Do they still make that thread? It kind of looks like you twisted the black and red thread before you wrapped it. It really ties the wrap together.
  307. tackle junkie

    Big Yakin Tribal Style

    That looks like fun. You've got a custom kayak future ahead of you now. What kind of paint did you use and how durable is it? Mine is still pretty and new... cause I'm too lazy to haul it down the beach but its nice to know you can change it up a bit when it gets beat up. That a very nice...
  308. tackle junkie

    HEADED TO L.A. BAY MANANA (04/10/08 THRU 04/15/08)

    Fish 40# class gear. We went last August and my buddy got rocked twice on 60# with the drag buttoned on an Accurate 665. We got some fish on the lighter rigs but there are some monsters out there. Take a few cases of water each and keep plenty of ice in the cooler at all times. It won't be as...
  309. tackle junkie

    Custom Split Grips

    Check out they have some split grips on their site.
  310. tackle junkie

    SS 6470XH Completed

    I'll have a hard time replacing this pattern myself, I'd better start keeping records for later when my mind goes.
  311. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    With all the modifications you make the thread work should be easy. Its 246, Dark Blue It'll be similar, but in pink and purple:) Thanks Ken, I switched over to FlexCoat light. I really like working with this stuff, mixes a lot better than the stuff I was using before and handles the cold...
  312. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    Grady, Its for sale along with two others. Two are built, the other one is waiting to be built. PM me if you're interested.
  313. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    This is another 270H-8. I posted one last month with cork grips and a Fuji palm rest reel seat. This is 2 of 3 that I picked up a while back. Its kind of hard to tell but the blank is a dark blue so I went with Gudebrod Dark Blue, Medium Gray, Black and White. I used Alps guides in the TiCo...
  314. tackle junkie

    SS 6470XH Completed

    I am off this week and I was able to finish up this Super Seeker 6470XH. I posted a thread on this titled "6470X in progress" a couple of weeks back if you want to see other pictures of it. I couldn't decide on a final wrap so I decided to go with two different alternating wraps. I hope you...
  315. tackle junkie

    Calstar 655xxh

    Very nice work Jay, that Trimar thread looks great on the Tiger Wrap, almost looks like scales.
  316. tackle junkie


    Thats a really cool picture of a ling, almost looks like some of Fishpainter's work.
  317. tackle junkie

    Poodle grip an overkill on 9' rod?

    I think he is referring to a split grip handle. If that's what you want go for it. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  318. tackle junkie

    Drying box

    Thanks Mark, My table is 12' and could use a few modifications to make it more practical so that information helps out a lot. I'm going to have to plan this out well and it will probably take me forever to make but it sounds essential. As cold as it has been this winter I've had some mixed...
  319. tackle junkie

    Don't know if this counts she really is a little blonde

    That payback is going to be bad... Ask her to post when she does get you.
  320. tackle junkie

    Drying box

    Mark, Are there any plans or articles written on drying boxes? I could really use one to keep the dust and bugs off my rods. It's getting harder and harder to keep the dust down in the garage. That's a very nice set-up you have there. A good use of space and everything looks real easy to get...
  321. tackle junkie

    Green Accurates are here!!

    DAMN! What are you guys giving them away? If so, I'll take one of each...please.
  322. tackle junkie

    General purpose #40 rig?

    Keep it. You won't get much for it if you sell it and if you ever decide to fish 40# you're going to spend a lot of money to replace it.
  323. tackle junkie

    Kayak racks

    I use the foam pads and a good set of straps with no problem. I drove with my yak on top from Long Beach to Lake San Antonio with no loosening of the straps and no wiggle in the yak.
  324. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    Ken, I realized that earlier today when they followed me into the garage. They will chew on anything and everything but their chew toys. I will have to spend some time puppy proofing the garage tomorrow. I spent all day doing the back yard today.
  325. tackle junkie

    First Rod Posts Here

    Kurt, That's a hellavu first post. Those wraps are clean, and the color combos are very nice. I still haven't tried a diamond wrap, but I hope to do it soon. Jose
  326. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    I did call the guy but he was way out in Ramona and I am in Long Beach. I was going to go there when I went to the show but we were working on getting a used boat(and still are) and decided not to go to the show. I lucked out with these two, they're litter mates and they get along real well. Its...
  327. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    After weeks of searching, I brought them home. They are 9 weeks old, one black lab and one chocolate lab, and they are both males. I will be busy for the next two weeks trying to get a routine down before I head back to work. They were pretty good about sitting in my truck and riding around with...
  328. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilder decals

    That looks good Ken, did you get decals or trim a sticker to fit?
  329. tackle junkie

    Color Change

    Very nice. How durable is that coating? Where did you get that done? If you did it yourself what did you use? I would love to add some color to my Accurates but I would start with my old Calcuttas and see how the finish holds up.
  330. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilder decals

    Thanks Randy, I pm'd Ali and I'm just waiting to hear back from him. I thought about getting some hats too but I need to be careful about spending too much at first. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  331. tackle junkie

    I do not know dick about dogs,

    I just got back from Petsmart and they had these seat belt attachments for dogs that were pretty cool. You attach this dog harness to your seat belt and it keeps the dog strapped in. I don't remember who makes it though. When I go in again I'll get the information and pm you. I am waiting on a...
  332. tackle junkie

    The rod looks more "Watermelon-y"

    I gots to get me some Japanese clients.
  333. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilder decals

    Thanks Bill, I'll try Ali. Ted, I found Decal Connection and I will try them on Monday, they're not open Friday-Sunday.
  334. tackle junkie

    Rodbuilder decals

    I am looking to have some decals made with my company logo. Any recommendations on who to use? I'd like a company that is familiar with rodbuilding and that I could email my logo to and have them handle the rest. I might also buy a banner and some t-shirts depending on the cost. I would also...
  335. tackle junkie

    Mod help

    I can't see any text responses under classified ads. Its just blank space. I am running the newest version of Safari, could that be it?
  336. tackle junkie

    Do you regularly carry a backup reel?

    Everytime I've gone out with just the bare essentials its come back to bite me in the ass. I always bring extras, even on the 3/4 day trips. I try to bring one class heavier and one lighter than I think I'm going to need and even then I've messed up and left something at home that I could've...
  337. tackle junkie

    Hypalon or EVA ?.

    Lend-a-Fish, The colors are available but in limited sizes. I looked for brown and grey and didn't have much luck with my last build. Even mudhole was out of the size I needed in brown and grey. I went with black but I think the rod would have looked even better with brown grips. I prefer cork...
  338. tackle junkie

    Hypalon or EVA ?.

    The EVA looks good but hypalon looks and feels a whole lot better. I just wish they'd bring back some more colors and mix it up a little more. Nice handles Ken.
  339. tackle junkie

    stripping old gear

    Not trying to thread jack but here is a more specific rod stripping question. On the older glass blanks I have found that many of them require a complete stripping of the rod blank, not just the guide wraps. I've got a few Truline Octagons that I will have to completely sand down to remove old...
  340. tackle junkie

    ATT.Rod Builders

    There's nothing wrong with work so long as you love what you are doing. I don't have as much fun when I'm building someone else's rod as I do when I'm building one for myself but its still fun. I figure I am going to build a rod anyway, might as well make a little money doing it. I've already...
  341. tackle junkie

    stripping old gear

    I just run it through my stripping machine a few times and the blank comes out like new. OH, OK that's bullshit. But wouldn't it be nice.
  342. tackle junkie

    800L & 800M

    Go with the Calstar 800XLH for 20#, its rated 15-25#. Its light enough for saltwater bass fishing and heavy enough for some light line pelagics.
  343. tackle junkie

    spotlighting again

    How much do you get for each coyote?
  344. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    Tim, Nice dog and a beautiful boat. Jorge, I want a healthy dog with a great temperament. Blocky head and a nice color would be nice also but I can't really afford to pay Champion prices. I've got too many hobbies to spend a lot of money on a dog's pedigree. Steve, I am looking for puppies...
  345. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    Jim and Mike, Thank you very much for the information. I hope to have a puppy, if not two, soon. I would like to have two dogs so that they have some companionship when I'm not home. Any thoughts on two dogs versus one?
  346. tackle junkie

    Looking for Lab puppy

    I know someone on this board knows someone who has some Lab puppies. I am looking for a puppy, preferably male. I would like a chocolate, yellow or black puppy(in order of preference). I am planning on getting two dogs so they can have a playmate when I am not around. I live in Long Beach and...
  347. tackle junkie

    Ghosts and Bunnies NWSBACIFU!

    Steve, Leave the banana nut muffins at home next time.
  348. tackle junkie

    Rod help

    I like the Calstars for the lighter line classes(20# and under) but most of my rods are Seekers. Seekers have a softer tip than a comparable Calstar with enough backbone to pull on fish. They are a little heavier but not quite 'heavy'. Some say that the Seekers are a little softer and easier on...
  349. tackle junkie

    Printer or hand writing which do you prefer ?

    I would like both. I want to get some decals made with a Moreno Rodworks logo and then write the customer's name and the model number. My handwriting is still good so I like that personal touch on a rod. Just think how nice Fishpainter's fish look on a rod vs. a fish decal.
  350. tackle junkie

    Trinidad 16Narrow reel clamp?

    Baja Fish Gear carries them, check with Fisherman's Hardware also. They run about $40.
  351. tackle junkie

    SS-6470XH in progress

    Here is a Super Seeker CJBF70XH blank with hypalon grips(10" rear & 12" fore), a PacBay silver aluminum reel seat and a matching gimbal, still to come. I started out with the butt wrap to determine my color selection. I decided on Gudebrod dark brown, chestnut, medium brown and sandstone. I...
  352. tackle junkie

    The New Family Member..PICS

    Real nice looking pup. I'm considering getting a lab myself. There's a lot to choose from online. I started looking a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to get one in the next few weeks. Congratulations.
  353. tackle junkie

    What type of paint pen do you use?? help!

    Sharpie makes a paint pen that's not too bad. Go into your local art store and tell them you want a pen that will write on glass. I found a ton of options. If you want names pm me and I'll go into the garage and grab a few.
  354. tackle junkie

    8' Bait stick question

    One more vote for the 270H-8, the blank # is CLB806H.
  355. tackle junkie


    The name Truline and blank model will be written on the butt. Another way to identify it is post a good close up picture of the rod blank on the board and I bet someone can tell you how much you should pay for it. Don't post your buddy's name or number though :)
  356. tackle junkie

    #5 Calstar 7460 50-130lb

    Bryan, Very nice work. I like the Trimar thread and the inlay in the center of the underwrap, its a very nice combo. Do you have to do anything different when wrapping the roller guides than when you wrap the lighter guides?
  357. tackle junkie

    Fun with Turksheads!

    Ken, I have been saying I am going to get that kit for months and I still haven't ordered it. Which jig would you recommend for starters. I like the blue one the best. Those are all very nice and I would like to learn how to tie my own. I'm off after this week and I hope I can make it down to...
  358. tackle junkie

    Its official

    Congratulations Bill, I'm looking forward to checking out that website. You've posted some great looking rods on this board.
  359. tackle junkie

    Fred Hall Boat Show Deals

    We looked at the Davis boats and they were high on the list but thats a lot of money. There was a used Cortez 22 going for $90K. If I won the Lotto I think the Rock Harbor would be my first choice. I won't know till tomorrow though. :) Wish me luck.
  360. tackle junkie

    Fred Hall Boat Show Deals

    The deals at the show weren't all that great. The Defiance boats were well priced and they are attractive looking boats. We liked the Parkers and the Davis boats but we decided we weren't set on any one boat or manufacturer. The Parker 23' sport cabin was one of the best deals we found so were...
  361. tackle junkie

    Harness lugs for Accurate...

    Baja Fish Gear has them in silver and you can order online at Baja Fish Gear | Long Range and Local Sportfishing Tackle
  362. tackle junkie


    I'm sure he wasn't expecting to get caught either. There are lots of guys who risk it for much less. Look at Monica Lewinski... and he was the president. Do you think she is still going to charge $4300 a client? or more?
  363. tackle junkie

    Daiwa Catalina

    There is a Stella in the classifieds for $400. I don't know what size you are looking for but it is brand new.
  364. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    Thanks Ken, Its Gudebrod NCP Gunmetal, its a very light grey, the regular nylon looks silver but, the NCP can pass for an off-white. Danny, It was nice meeting you and your son and your friend(whose name escapes me) this weekend. I'm glad you liked your rods. I enjoyed building them. Let...
  365. tackle junkie

    Seeker 270H-8

    Here is a Seeker CLB806H in a dark navy finish(a little difficult to see in the pictures). The handle is built with cork grips, 12" rear grip and 7" foregrip, a Fuji Palm Rest reel seat and a mushroom butt cap. The guides are PacBay TiCH Zirconium deep pressed ring guides, triple-wrapped in...
  366. tackle junkie

    New avets need new rod recommendations

    SX w/20# in a Calstar 800XLH in a Seeker SS 196-8 MXJ w/30# in a Calstar 800M in a Seeker SS-670, or 6480 JX w/40# in a Calstar 700MH, in a Seeker SS-6470 or 6480H LX w/50# in a Calstar 700H or XH, in a Seeker SS-6470H I've used the SS-6470 for yo-yoing jigs and I really liked it. It had...
  367. tackle junkie

    2008 Fred Hall LB: what deals did you find?

    I will be looking for blanks sounds like Fisherman hardware is a spot as well as Baja Fish Gear and maybe my first Avet (never used a lever drag but everybody here has one). Thanks Grady Grady, Check out the Tiburon blanks at Fisherman's Landing, only $19.99. I picked up a couple of...
  368. tackle junkie


    Guadalupe, The rod looks good, way to go. I want to give the 9' er a try. Jose
  369. tackle junkie

    Can I get some feed back on my site?

    Along with where you are located, I would include a brief description of the fishing grounds and what fish you typically target throughout the year. A little history of the area you are in and the lore surrounding it.
  370. tackle junkie

    Preferred epoxy finish?

    Ken, Try mixing another batch like you have in the past and apply another coat over the tacky stuff. Keep it covered or you'll get dust on it. Maybe the first batch wasn't mixed evenly and that's why it is taking longer to cure. After all that work you'd hate to have to tear it down and start...
  371. tackle junkie

    Fred Hall Boat Show Deals

    Some friends and I are planning on picking up a boat at the show this year. We have not decided on any manufacturer or model. We originally wanted a center console but after going out on a few we have decided against it. We want a little protection from the elements and a place to spend the...
  372. tackle junkie

    Where can I find these grips....

    I get them in black from BC Distributing in a 63" section. Its enough for me to wrap 2 handles. They don't carry the other colors yet.
  373. tackle junkie

    What are you going to get/look at at the Fred Hall show?

    A whole lot more stuff than I need or can afford. On Sunday, my buddies and I are going to the show to pick up a boat. We've talked about it since last year's show. I just like being at the show so I will probably be there all week, helping out at the Baja Fish Gear booth. I hope to see a lot of...
  374. tackle junkie

    Eat your hearts out...

    Those are some very attractive wraps, #2 and #4 remind me of Christmas wrapping paper, in a good way, but #1 and #5 are awesome.
  375. tackle junkie

    Kencor 900MC jigstick

    I wrapped this Kencor 900MC E-glass jigstick to look like a Tady blue and white jig. The underwrap is white, the 2nd wrap is medium gray and the third wrap is dark blue. I like to use a lot of inlays and play with colors but this simple wrap was a little more like the blue and white jig I was...
  376. tackle junkie

    reel for 8 foot custom wrapped 30 lb rod....

    Go with the Avet SX if you already know you like it. If you're looking for some other suggestions other than Avet and Newell for under $200 there are plenty; the Daiwa Saltist 20 or 30; and the Shimano Torium 14 or 16 are some of the best for that price. Another suggestion would be to buy...
  377. tackle junkie

    Latest Acid Rod

    Does it go from a 0 degree stripper guide to a 180 degree guide? If so, how do you keep it from touching the blank? By the way, the rod looks great, too. What kind of thread is that, and is it difficult to work with?
  378. tackle junkie

    rod wrapping question

    Somebody posted a Custom PowerWrap a while back on the board. Get an extension and an extra tower and you're good to go. I think it was posted last week.
  379. tackle junkie

    unknown blank

    Post a picture of it and I'm sure someone on this board will be able to tell you what it is.
  380. tackle junkie

    bass rod

    Jason, You don't have to use an underwrap just make sure your guides are prepped well to protect the blank. Double wrap the guides and you should be good. Post some pics when you're done.
  381. tackle junkie

    530 540 blanks..

    Danny, You are right down the freeway from C & M, their online store is You probably won't find a better price and since you can stop in and pick them up you can save yourself the shipping costs.
  382. tackle junkie

    Baja Fish Gear New Shop Rods

    Steve, I was just in there today, the rods look even better than the pictures make them out to look. Those rods should do well this year at their upcoming sale and at the Fred Hall Show. On another note, how much weight have you lost Steve? I am up another 3-4# since the weigh-in.
  383. tackle junkie

    F. Hall show

    Jerry, I pulled on a BH89 last week, along with a CJBF100, they're both very nice sticks. I'll probably get the CJBF100 as soon as I sell some of the rods I'm building now. They've got some green ones in right now if you like the Super Seeker green blanks. Pm me if you're interested. Jose
  384. tackle junkie

    advice on 40lb yo yo, and 15lb tuna sticks

    40# yo yo stick, I like the SS CJBF70, old school color, new technology. Calstar came out with the 700MH for 40#. Another option is the JAWS 7' 30#-60# jigging blank. Try them all out and see which one fits you best. 15# I fish a Calstar GX8 for 12#-15#, it comes in a 7' version, the GX7...
  385. tackle junkie

    SuperSeeker Ulua "Reversing Chevron"

    Can you just make a poster of that so I can post it on my garage wall. I'd like to have that up there to give me something to aspire to. Great work.
  386. tackle junkie

    Tiagra 16

    Just what everyone else has referred to so far. I have a TLD 30 2-speed that I use to fish straight 60#. There is an aluminum frame made by Tiburon and a Cal upgrade to make it an 80# reel. If they can make that an 80# reel then I'm sure you won't have any problem with the Tiagra 16. It's...
  387. tackle junkie

    Rod Tip Size vs. measurements

    Just get one of those tip measuring tools and measure it that way. They got 'em at
  388. tackle junkie

    Tiagra 16

    Are you using the rods that you are trading for the reel? If they are just sitting around collecting dust and you have a chance to get something you would actually use then thats not a bad deal. The comparison that sonnylim made between the price of the rod and what you would pay for a used reel...
  389. tackle junkie

    My Black Widow rod

    Guadalupe, I don't know how you find the time to put so much detail into your rods. That is a nice rod. What do you intend to target with that rod? I'm going to start wrapping my first acid wrapped rod this weekend. I began placing the guides but I didn't quite get it right so I will have to try...
  390. tackle junkie

    power wrappers

    You might want to look in the classifieds or post a WTB for a wrapper, you never know, you might find one at a great price. If you have the money, the Renzetti is very nice. I started with a Custom PowerWrap and I have been very happy with it. I found it used on this site. I liked it so much I...
  391. tackle junkie

    single wrap vs double wrap?

    For 15-20# I would double wrap it. It doesn't add much weight and the cost shouldn't be too much higher. Any particular reason you want to single wrap it? What color(s) are you going to have it wrapped in?
  392. tackle junkie

    calstar 700M

    Kerry, That looks great! Good color combination, and very sharp. How long did that butt wrap take to wrap?
  393. tackle junkie

    no base wrap

    If you're not using a base wrap make sure your guide preparation is flawless; no sharp edges and no burs. I wrapped a 700XLH for a guy with no underwrap, and two layers of thread. I applied finish after the first coat and then a couple of layers after the second layer of thread. Two layers gave...
  394. tackle junkie

    Gunmetal Avets

    Just saw these at Baja Fish Gear. I don't own any Avets, yet. But I see an Avet in my future. This is the best color yet. I don't have any pictures but if anyone does please post. I think this will be the hot color this year.
  395. tackle junkie


    Jason, Check out Mike's website. He lists several popular models along with components and prices. I've seen some of his rods and they are pretty impressive. Mark and Mike, I'm trying out a spiral wrap on a Shikari BT8020. I've got the handle built and I'm going to start on the guide spacing...
  396. tackle junkie


    I'm all for the small shop and the little guy. I do my rounds weekly, except I'm in Long Beach. I can usually hit Fisherman's Hardware, Baja Fish Gear and Sav-On Tackle on a good weekend. Every once in a while I can even get out to a few others; I've even hit Squidco and Anglers Choice after a...
  397. tackle junkie

    Guide sizes on 30# build?

    I went with 20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8 and a size 8 tip. I used Alps 316 guides with the TiCo finish. I static tested the set up before wrapping and it worked out pretty good. I took it down to Bahia de Los Angeles and caught a yellowtail jigging off the bottom... no complaints on the bend or...
  398. tackle junkie

    New Super Seekers Eye candy

    A very nice set, great choice in guides. Those Fuji HB series guides are nice. I've got some on an Ulua I wrapped for myself.
  399. tackle junkie

    6ft or 6.3?

    Seeker blanks usually go a little long and are cut to specific lengths, maybe someone didn't want to cut them and just built them as they were. I just built a 6480 and a 6480H and one was a little longer than the other.
  400. tackle junkie

    need a kayak rack,..

    Nice set-up Loking. I hope mine is ready by this Spring. What are you driving? If you've got cross bars you can get by with some foam pads and straps. That's how I get my Prowler 13 around.
  401. tackle junkie

    Thank's to all #2

    Kenneth, The rods look great and you're having fun. I like those handles with the Alps reels seats. I've been thinking about using some red hypalon on a Super Seeker, think I'm going to have to do it after seeing your handles. Jose
  402. tackle junkie

    700h finished

    I really like those colors, Kerry. The finish work is very clean and smooth also. Are those Alps guides? What does the handle look like?
  403. tackle junkie

    Nissan Titan vs. Toyota Tundra

    I know you're asking about the Tundra and the Titan but, the boats you're looking to tow are pretty light so you might consider the Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab. It can pull both of the boats you've mentioned, will cost less and get better gas mileage. I have an '06 Tacoma and I've put 30,000...
  404. tackle junkie

    PacBay CB 700MLs and an 870

    Guadalupe, I only put finish on the wraps and enough to cover the decals. The rest of the blank is bare.
  405. tackle junkie

    PacBay CB 700MLs and an 870

    Thanks for the nice comments. I wish I had taken a better picture of the red wraps. Candy Apple Red really looks nice once you put finish on it. It was my first time using it but I'm going to have to wrap something else in it... for myself. Thanks Steve, that's awfully nice of you. Are you still...
  406. tackle junkie

    PacBay CB 700MLs and an 870

    These are some belated Christmas presents for my brothers and my nephew that I am just now going to drop off. I used Pac Bay CoastBuster blanks; 700ML (2) 15-30# and an 870 20-50#. For the grips I used black hypalon and Fuji HD graphite reels seats. AmTac nanolite ring guides and Gudebrod NCP...
  407. tackle junkie

    need rod advice

    In a Calstar go with the 700MH, its made specifically for 40#. If you aren't dead set on Calstar, go with the Seeker 6470. There's one on the board right now for $130 in the Black Steel series. You can't go wrong with that rod at that price.
  408. tackle junkie


    Very nice Kerry, those colors look great together and those diamonds look clean. Post the finished pictures when its ready.
  409. tackle junkie

    Which Super Seeker 30# blank?

    I'm putting a reel seat on the CJBF80 tonight. I had to go with an aluminum reel seat because the butt is too thick for the Fuji HD graphite reel seats. If you don't mind cutting a little off the butt you could make it work. I have a 6480 with a Fuji graphite reel seat but I think I would go...
  410. tackle junkie

    Now this is a Lobster!!!

    I bet there wasn't a single ounce of that beast that was wasted. It's kind of sad to see such a big one go but, I bet it was tasty.
  411. tackle junkie

    Which Super Seeker 30# blank?

    I built a CJBF70M in the Black Steel series and I really like it. Its got a light tip with good backbone. Its a good live bait rod, I used it for yoyoing jigs down in Baja and it had enough backbone to pull small to medium yellows away from the rocks. If you're not dead set on a 7' stick check...
  412. tackle junkie

    book/dvd suggestions/comments

    Doc Ski has a DVD set on weaving if you want to try that out. I have the DVD on wrapping and it is really good. Check out they have some DVD sets by Putter. I haven't watched them but maybe someone on here can comment on them.
  413. tackle junkie

    Whats the cattle boats getting that I can keep?

    I heard the Icon out of Long Beach Sportfishing was getting some really nice sculpin this last week. If your kids are small it makes it easy for them to get the fish up and the deckhands are good about taking them off the line for them. Besides, sculpin are some of the best eating fish out...
  414. tackle junkie

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    If you don't want to spend a lot of money, go with the Daiwa SealineX 20SHA. I fish mine with 20 but its small enough to fish 12-15# and the drags are good. You can get one for about $100-$110 and the new power handles are really nice.
  415. tackle junkie

    Truline Rod restoration 4 down, 1 to go

    Those rods look brand new again. That's a nice set of rods but that background scene is very nice also. Where is Novato?
  416. tackle junkie

    Catalina overnighter 1/12 & 1/13

    I saw the Two Kinds of Pie on the freeway this afternoon on my way home, 405 South. Way to go on the bugs. Did you wet any lines in the hopes there might be a WSB lurking around?
  417. tackle junkie

    New samurai stained glass pic for my hideout.

    That is a beautiful piece of work. Must be a really good friend. I like the fishing rod in your samurai's hands in your avatar. Cool.
  418. tackle junkie

    tru line D8

    I picked some up myself last night. One of these in the photos I bought off ebay a little while back, its an OG440, the others I'm not sure about. I think the black one is a 2X same length and diameter. The other 2 may be 1Xs. I'll check with IronMike. Either way I'm happy. Now, do I strip...
  419. tackle junkie

    what rod for Jigmaster...

    Throw it on the 870. I'm building my brother an 870 right now. He doesn't have a reel for it either. Then again he didn't have a choice, its his (belated) Christmas present.
  420. tackle junkie

    Cape Fear Hextek rods/blanks

    Ken, Yeah Chuck was right, unfortunately. I know there has to be some blanks left out there so if anyone knows someone who knows someone that might have a lead let me know. I'll check with Mudhole. I saw that they used to carry them. I read that they were a bit on the heavy side but I can live...
  421. tackle junkie

    Cape Fear Hextek rods/blanks

    Has anyone built or fished one of these? I just came across them online today and they look nice but they are kind of pricey. If you know of a shop in the L.A. area that carries them let me know. I would like to pull on one of these. They remind me of the Truline octagons. They are a hexagonal...
  422. tackle junkie

    Props to the Builders/Crafters here

    Yeah, I have to agree with these guys. You guys are responsible for my empty wallet, my fat ass pasted to this computer and my (fishing) rod envy. I can't believe you guys actually fish some of the rods that you post with all the weaves, marbling and stuff. My garage is now filled with rods...
  423. tackle junkie

    Charity Rods

    They look great Randy. Some lucky guy will get to spend some money on some great new fishing gear and justify it to his wife that it was for the future of the kids. :)
  424. tackle junkie

    Rod and reel for offshore

    The Teramars are nice rods but I found them to be a little stiffer, faster action than the Seeker inshore series and my Calstar GX8. I fished the 10-20# rated Teramar until I sold it. For lighter line class I like the Calstar GX8 12-15# and the Calstar 800XLH for 20#. Sorry for being off topic...
  425. tackle junkie

    custom fish paintings on rods

    That's nice! You must have one steady hand. You've got a lot of detail in a tiny space. If its okay to ask, What kind of paint are you using? Do you have to do anything special for the paint not to crack or peel off? Can I be after Ceez?
  426. tackle junkie

    reel for fishing the yo yo iron

    Check the board, somebody has 5 on sale for $150 each.
  427. tackle junkie

    Best overall 2-speed for So. Cal.?

    Whether you like Shimano or not, if you would rather take a Zebco 202 it says a lot about what you know about fishing gear. Shimano didn't get where they are by making shit.
  428. tackle junkie

    Best overall 2-speed for So. Cal.?

    Robert, It's a big jump from local yellowtail, tuna and dorado to larger sharks. For the local stuff 40# class reels like the Avet JX or the Accurate 870 would be ideal. Any bigger and you're just winching in the local stuff. I don't do any sharking but I imagine you're fishing 60-80# line or...
  429. tackle junkie

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Jose Moreno 37 Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Saturdays & Sundays and holidays Check with Baja Fish Gear (Sam and Matt) or Fisherman's Hardware (Alan, Jimmy or Fred) I fish mostly 1/2, 3/4 day up to 2 day trips out of Long Beach and San Diego during the season. I also fish the Harbor in my kayak. I...
  430. tackle junkie

    Rod Finish Questions??

    Thanks Ernie, That is the first time I have seen that done with the brushes. I'll have to try that out. I use Envirotex Lite and I like it so far. I mix it with a spatula in small plastic cups. I apply my finish on my wrapper at high rpms. I usually apply 3-5 coats and place it on my dryer at...
  431. tackle junkie


    I use a Custom PowerWrap wrapper sold by Anglers Workshop. It comes with a dryer and you can buy an optional Lathe Type Chuck kit that adds more torque for turning grips but you are going to end up spending a lot of money ($1000). I use the wrapper without the lathe type chuck kit but I am...
  432. tackle junkie

    Saltist 20 & 30

    I watched as a guy used a large rubber band to hold the clamp screws in place on the 30T making it easier to attach the clamp. I agree with you the clamp sucks.
  433. tackle junkie

    My Greatest Xmas Present is a Scott Throop Custom made Rod

    So... how much will you take for it? :) Its a beautiful rod and a very nice gift. I hope to see it up close at the show. On a side note, I finally got a chance to use the dryer I got from you a while back and it was easier to use and set up than the dryers on my Custom PowerWrap. I think...
  434. tackle junkie

    What makes an...

    Guadalupe, Let me know when you have time on a weekend or if you think its something you can walk me through over the phone. I'll run a static test with a conventional layout but how do you get the angles on the blank. Does it matter if they are perfect? Dave, Thanks for the advice. I think...
  435. tackle junkie

    What makes an...

    I'm willing to try acid wrapping a rod. I like the action on spinning rod set-ups I figure its got to be very similar. I've seen some of Mike Ahern's rods and they looked great. Anyone willing to help out with the layout of the guides on my next rod? I have a Shikari BT8020 that's getting...
  436. tackle junkie

    Bass Pro $

    For $350 you could pick up a Torium 14 ($159) and and a Teramar TMCX80H 15-30 8' rod or a Seeker Blue Lightning and probably still have some change left over.
  437. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700XLH

    Guadalupe, I haven't had a problem but then again the longest my rods have been exposed has been two day trips. The ones I've wrapped are less than a year old so I can't say for sure. My friend has been doing it for years and he hasn't complained. Yes, that is it. I get mine at Ace hardware.
  438. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700XLH

    Thanks, this was my first rod for someone other than myself. Guadalupe, I am using Envirotex Lite. Its a throwback but I tried using Flexcoat and it just wasn't as easy to use as this stuff. The guy who taught me how to wrap has been using it for a long time and he's never had a problem with...
  439. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700XLH

    I've been off work so I managed to get a few rods done. This one is a Calstar Grafighter 700XLH 15-25#. I built a hypalon handle with a Fuji reel seat and a mushroom butt cap. The guides are PacBay CXBGs (TiCH), double wrapped in Gudebrod NCP size C, black, charcoal and med. gray.
  440. tackle junkie

    Truline LB8

    I had been eyeing this blank for a while and I finally broke down and bought it a month ago. I found the Varmac reel seat on ebay for about $5, has a cool little trigger on it. I used a pre-formed cork grip and XBG stainless guides. I have to thank Corb for the butt cap and the decal, which I...
  441. tackle junkie

    Radioactive squid tattoo

    That is awesome. Where is your shop? I'd love to come down and check out some of your art.
  442. tackle junkie

    jig stick

    I just picked up a Kencor 900MC E-glass blank that I am wrapping for use as a light jigstick (30#). Its inexpensive, light and has a great action for the cuddas, calicos and bonito. I'd go with one of the other jigsticks mentioned if you want to go after anything bigger but, for local fishing on...
  443. tackle junkie

    reel for Seeker inshore II w/trigger?

    Calcutta 400TE
  444. tackle junkie

    Blank Suggestions Torium 14/30

    First thing you should do is figure out how you will use the rod. What kind of fishing do you think you'll be doing? Once you decide that then you can begin looking at blanks. The Torium 14 is a great reel for 20-25# applications. The Torium 30 is more of a 30-40# reel. I personally wouldn't use...
  445. tackle junkie

    American Tackle???

    The guys I get my components from recommend American Tackle over Fuji for the value. They don't claim that American Tackle is better than Fuji but for the price the AT's will do everything the Fujis will do. Seeker went with American Tackle guides for their new line of Super Seekers so that has...
  446. tackle junkie

    what rod for a calcutta

    You got the 400BSV so I would guess you're not planning on throwing plastics-no levelwind feature. I use my 400BSV as a live bait reel with 15# line. It's a great reel for fishing bass, bonito and any other smaller size fish with live bait or fresh dead squid. If you should happen to get picked...
  447. tackle junkie

    always getting sea sick

    Take it from someone who can get sick in the harbor, SCOPACE works. It comes in a patch and now in a much improved pill form. The medicine is Scopalamine and you need a prescription from your doctor to get it. The patch works best if you put it on the night before or at least four hours before...
  448. tackle junkie

    Teramar vs. California Calico Speical vs. Graftech

    Go with the Seeker Inshore, if you want a stiffer rod just get one of the heavier models. That's if you can look past the blue EVA grips. I built some seeker inshore blanks and I really like the blanks but I couldn't do the bright blue EVA grips.
  449. tackle junkie

    25 pound bait stick/jig stick

    You could go with a Seeker S36. I have SS 270H-8 and I like it for 25# but, I just built an Extreme series S36 and it seems a little livelier. I haven't fished it yet but the tip is a little softer and it might cast a light iron a little better.
  450. tackle junkie

    Should I spring for the Trini 20 dc??

    Buy it and then give us a report on whether it was worth the extra $350 for the cast control feature. If you don't like it I'm sure you can turn around and sell it to anyone on this board... for half.
  451. tackle junkie

    Aluminum Reel Seats?

    I have used aluminum reel seats on 30# rods and I have 40# rods that came with aluminum seats. I like the look of aluminum over most graphite reel seats but I would like to build some lighter rods with aluminum reel seats. I don't think there is any noticeable difference once you mount a reel...
  452. tackle junkie


    Guadalupe, You must put in a lot of hours on the butt wraps alone. It looks great. I just picked up a couple of those Shikari 8020 blanks and I'm looking forward to wrapping them soon.
  453. tackle junkie

    SS LM9 green blank

    Anthony, I was wondering where your posts went. That rod looks great. Is it for you or a customer?
  454. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    Jason, It is soft but the texture is rough. I've seen other older rods with it on and it wears down nicely. It is about as thick as cork tape. I put a layer over cork tape. I put down two layers of cork tape on the fore grip and then the 3M tape. The handle feels great.
  455. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    Guadalupe, I bought it at Ace Hardware by the foot. It was the cheapest price I found, about 79 cents. They only carry the medium resilience grade in gray. Check if you want to buy it by the roll. Make sure its the medium resilience, not the other stuff thats more like sandpaper.
  456. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    Thanks guys... Ken, I used the 3M Safety Walk tape in a medium resilience, it also comes in black. It costs about the same as cork tape (79 cents a foot). It wears down very nice, a little rough at first but it is made for bare feet. It goes on like cork tape also. I needed a gray handle and I...
  457. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    I'm going to order that tool myself. I just tightened the pre-tied turkshead down onto the rod. I tried tying a turkshead without any tool and I couldn't get it. It looks like its easy to make the tool but I'll just buy it.
  458. tackle junkie

    Seeker Extreme Series S36

    Here is an S36 in the blue Extreme series that Seeker did away with a while back. I wrapped it in Gudebrod Dark Blue, Royal Blue and Gunmetal in size C. I used PacBay CXBG guides. I love the finish of these guides. The rear grip is a single layer of cork tape with a layer of 3M Safety Walk tape...
  459. tackle junkie

    Shipping Charges!!!

    Its tough to beat C & M's customer service. On top of that they pack more gear into a tiny little space than any other full service shop I've been in. I just wish the drive was a little shorter but I can't complain its not like I'm driving in from Arizona (5 1/2 hours). Anthony, I haven't...
  460. tackle junkie

    Where Can I buy this removeable sinker

    They're probably "sexy" weights. It sounds stupid but that's what they are called. You can remove them and switch them out for heavier or lighter weights without having to retie. Baja Fish Gear carries them.
  461. tackle junkie

    Super Seeker

    Very nice. What colors did you eventually go with (if you don't mind saying)? It looks like a bronze underwrap with a great looking red similar to the one Guadalupe used on his latest post. Are you using Gudebrod thread?
  462. tackle junkie


    Beautiful work Guadalupe! Those guides were tricky to get lined up and you did a great job. The colors are vivid and go great together. I haven't tried using Madeira yet. Do you have to use color preserver on all Madeira thread?
  463. tackle junkie

    Calstar 700MH

    The ratings on the factory rod are 30#-60#. Its supposed to be a real nice 40# rod. I've only pulled on one in the store but it felt nice.
  464. tackle junkie

    Okuma Jigging Rods

    Harold, I talked to Alan at Fisherman's Hardware and he said he spoke to Bob and they won't ship those out. They are all out of those too. The Baja Special would be a great jigging reel too. Sorry, it didn't work out for you. Let me know how those rods work out for you.
  465. tackle junkie

    Harnell rod info needed

    723 10 ft. Heavy action "Ultimate" multiple step taper rod sold as a live bait or boat rod. The recommended line was 20-40#. I'm taking this from a 1960 Harnell catalogue. I have the 724 blank, also a 10 footer but sold as a salt water spinning rod. What are you going to do with it? I wrapped...
  466. tackle junkie

    Hatton vs. Mayweather, who's gonna stay undefeated?

    I voted Hatton but, Mayweather will probably just stay outside and box him. I agree I can't stand Mayweather's style of boxing but if I could choose one boxer's talent and skill it would probably be his. He doesn't get hit, bastard. I'm sure theres's a lot of people of who would love to see...
  467. tackle junkie

    Okuma Jigging Rods

    Has anyone seen these at Turners? I couldn't believe the price, $99. I know what you're thinking. Its an Okuma, how much more would you pay? But these jigging reels come with Alps Triangle reels seats, Alps guides with the Zirconium rings and an attractive split grip handle. I wrap my own rods...
  468. tackle junkie

    Trinindad DC

    I wouldn't spend the money for the cast control but that new anodization is badass. I'd spend a little more for the black chrome look even if it was the same Trinidad inside. Its kind of the same for those black Accurates from Merrick someone posted earlier.
  469. tackle junkie

    What sold you guys and gals on Avets??

    The fact that he caught a couple of nice tuna on a 525 mag ought to say enough about how much reel you actually need. The 525 is a 15# line reel and he was fishing tuna at Guadalupe. I have nothing against Avets or any other manufacturer but the whole idea of fishing isn't how many fish you...
  470. tackle junkie

    WTB: Harnell or Truline Blank/Rod

    Robert, The blank model # is usually handwritten on the butt of the blank on Trulines. Post some picks of your blanks and I'm sure someone on this board will be able to tell you what they are.
  471. tackle junkie

    Varmac chrome reel seats

    Thanks you guys, I picked one up on ebay for $5 with a trigger. I've never seen any old Trulines with a trigger but for $5 I just couldn't pass it up. Where could I get the sizing information for these old reel seats? Do they correspond to the newer reel seats? I have an LB8 and the blank...
  472. tackle junkie

    Varmac chrome reel seats

    If anyone has a Varmac chrome reel seat or knows where I can get one please let me know. I'm building a Truline LB8 and I would like to put one on this rod. If I can't find one I will probably use a silver aluminum seat. Unless someone has a better alternative. I am looking for the bling of the...
  473. tackle junkie

    Turkshead Cook Book

    Bill, Thanks for the link. I have watched people do it and I just don't get it. I need help. Corb, Did you tie that? I love those colors, it'll go well with a wrap I want to try out on a Super Seeker. Let me know if you'd be willing to tie one for me and how much?
  474. tackle junkie

    Recs for rod builder.

    Mike Ahern, NimCustomRods Check out his prices online.
  475. tackle junkie

    First Rod Update

    It's too late, he's hooked. Look around your garage and start making a list of things you won't need anymore so you can sell them off and buy more rodbuilding components. Make a list of all the rods you'd like to build and itemize the different components you would like to have. Oh wait...
  476. tackle junkie

    SHIKARI BT8020 AND 804

    Guadalupe, They both look great, its just that the colors on that green outshine the dark blues. How long are those butt wraps? What equipment do you use to wrap those?
  477. tackle junkie

    Which 3M tape do you use for handles?

    Scott, I picked some up by the foot at Ace Hardware and it feels pretty good. It went on just as easy as cork tape and the seams are barely visible. I'll post pictures when I am done. Randy, West Marine was almost 3x as expensive as Ace Hardware. I checked on their website earlier today...
  478. tackle junkie

    Which 3M tape do you use for handles?

    I've seen some rod handles built with 3M tape over cork tape and I thought I'd give it a try since I can't seem to find any gray hypalon. If you use it or know anything about it please list the 3M tape you use and what you think of it. Do you use any other adhesive besides the backing? I...
  479. tackle junkie

    What exactly is the deal with Truline and Harnell rods?

    I think its the same with any vintage/antique item. It boils down to NOSTALGIA. I will admit that I lust after the Trulines & Harnells as much as the next guy. I would love to get my hands on some blanks, Dynamo butt caps, Varmac reel seats...If you have any pm me. In 30 years others will be...
  480. tackle junkie

    Rod Recommendation for Avet MXL

    Go with the longer rod if you want to throw the surface iron with it. Consider the 6480 also for 30#.
  481. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow XMU916/Aftco components

    Jason, The lure wt. rating is 3/4 - 3 oz.
  482. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow XMU916/Aftco components

    The pictures are terrible but I am really happy with the way this rod came out. I started out with a Rainshadow XMU 916 17-40# 7'-7" blank. I built a cork grip handle, a black Aftco aluminum reel seat, and Aftco lightweight graphite roller guides. The butt wrap is my first tiger wrap using D...
  483. tackle junkie

    CUI rod blanks

    I thought the Tadys were going for twice that. Where can I get a Tady blank for that price?
  484. tackle junkie

    prep for AFTCO graphite rollers

    I just put the first coat of finish on the rod. The guides were much easier to work with than I thought they were going to be. I like the way they look and after pulling on the rod with the guides on for the static test I like the way they felt. I can't wait to pull on a fish with this rod...
  485. tackle junkie

    Seeker model 8#@*

    Yeah, the green avet would go well with these colors. Let me know if you want a rod to go with it. I'm going to be on vacation for the holiday season and I'm hoping to do some fishing and wrap some rods.
  486. tackle junkie

    Rod Wrapping in LB/LA area

    I wasn't sure where to post this but here it goes. I teach at a year-round school and I am about to track-off (go on vacation) for winter break. I started wrapping rods earlier this year and have been doing it everyday since I started. The problem is it gets expensive, so I would like to start...
  487. tackle junkie

    Seeker model 8#@*

    Alex, This is what became of that green and white pattern that I emailed you. If I were to do this again, I would cut down on the inlays... took too long. Jose
  488. tackle junkie

    Seeker model 8#@*

    There was no sticker on this blank and I couldn't figure out the model # using the dimensions. It felt like a solid 20# stick. I used Forecast H ring guides, cork grips and a Fuji palm rest reel seat. For the wraps I used Gudebrod Olive Green, Dark Green and White (all NCP) in size C. I...
  489. tackle junkie

    Avet vs Penn vs Okuma

    Why would you need 5 of any 1 reel? Besides, you can get a brand new Baja Special for $140 at Fisherman's Hardware. Don't buy the Okuma. You'll end up buying one of the other reels anyway. They had 4 Baja Specials when I went in this week, better hurry. I'm sorry I just read that you're in...
  490. tackle junkie

    Tiger wrap help...

    My first tiger wrap attempt is on the dryer right now. I used black and white NCP in D on the bottom. I applied one layer of finish (I should have gone with 2) and then went right back over it in reverse with the same thread, pulling out the white thread. I am very happy with the results. I...
  491. tackle junkie

    fish sketches,...

    Don't get me wrong Loking, I was thinking we should have a forum to post art related to fishing. I'm sure there are quite a few of us who draw, sculpt, write etc. about fishing and a forum for that would be great. I'm all for sharing some drawings and sketches. I wish I would get back to it more...
  492. tackle junkie

    fish sketches,...

    I think we need a new Forum.
  493. tackle junkie

    Sizing Hypalon

    I am building a Seeker S36 and I want to know how I go about choosing the right size hypalon grips. The S36 is .95" at the butt and .7" at the narrowest section where the hypalon grip will stop. What size hypalon do I go with and what formula should I use to determine the proper size in the...
  494. tackle junkie

    Rod finish

    I use Envirotex Lite. It's what my friend uses and since he showed my how to wrap its what I ended up using too. I think the finish is just as clear and shiny, if not more so than some of the other brands. I found that compared to FlexCoat it was easier to use. I do want to try some of the...
  495. tackle junkie

    Rod pix from last spring

    Those handles are great. The two in the 2nd picture are really interesting. What did you use and how is it holding up?
  496. tackle junkie

    shikari back bounce rod

    I'm no guru but I'm building a Rainshadow XMU916 7'7'' 17-40# with AFTCO lightweight rollers and an AFTCO aluminum reel seat. I have the cork grips in the clamp right now. I plan on fishing spectra with a short 30# topshot.
  497. tackle junkie

    prep for AFTCO graphite rollers

    I guess I'd better put the razor blades away, huh.
  498. tackle junkie

    prep for AFTCO graphite rollers

    What do you guys do to get the lightweight rollers to lay flat on the blank? I have been carefully slicing away at the underside of the guide but I'm wondering how much can I take away before it is too much. If you have any links to how its done I would appreciate it. Thanks
  499. tackle junkie

    Need a couple 17" CRT monitors

    Steve, I've got one that has been sitting around for awhile. Its a Dell and the last time I used the computer it was working fine. Its been a few years since it was plugged in but you're welcome to it. I'm in Long Beach if you're interested.
  500. tackle junkie

    seeker green s glass ex 6470

    Is it the same green as the occasional Super Seeker? If it is, my understanding is that it is the color of all S glass blanks before they added the EX blue(which they couldn't get quite the way they wanted) or the SS tangerine brown. I'd put it in the corner. I have a Seeker blue lightning...
  501. tackle junkie

    Advice for Calstar 270-8H

    Grady, The Torium 14 would do 25# just fine but if you're going to fish straight mono the Torium 16 might be a better choice. The Saltists are nice also and I personally would go with the Saltist 30 over the Newell or the Sealine. Those Newell P series aren't cheap either, they run about $199...
  502. tackle junkie

    Aluminum reel seats... when?

    Randy and John, I meant the lightweight graphite rollers, not the heavy stuff. I guess I want to try the rollers partly because I like the looks and also because I haven't wrapped any before and I want to try everything out. Also, if I use braid, the rollers might hold up better. John, I've...
  503. tackle junkie


    Those are some great looking "beater rods". I like the colors you used too. What shade of green is that?
  504. tackle junkie

    Aluminum reel seats... when?

    I am building a Rainshadow XMU-916 17-40# blank with cork grips. The blank is really light and it has a nice bend. I would like to use a black AFTCO reel seat and AFTCO light rollers. Does the aluminum reel seat add that much more weight? My choice would be mostly for aesthetics. I plan...
  505. tackle junkie

    Rail Rods Finally Done

    Nice work, Ken. I like the hypalon accents. I just got the Rodmaker back issue with the Tiger wrap article. I can't wait to try that out. Did you do that to the guides only or the whole fade? Its difficult to tell from the pictures. Good luck on your 10 day.
  506. tackle junkie

    Tackle Junkie FYI: - Wood Working Show

    John, Hey thanks for keeping an eye out for me. I will definitely check that out. I was surprised to find out that Home Depot doesn't carry any lathes but, then again that just goes to show you how much I know about this stuff. When you get your grip turning lathe ready for sale make sure and...
  507. tackle junkie

    First photo post

    Impressive! I love that handle. I'd like to try some checkerboards soon. What did you use to make your handle? That's a very nice job on the weave also. Someone's going to be very happy.
  508. tackle junkie

    Wood lathes for turning cork

    I found a Delta midi lathe 14'' for $159. There were a few other ones, too. This gives me some options.
  509. tackle junkie

    Wood lathes for turning cork

    Where's the link to the skit on YouTube? Mark, Thanks, thats exactly what I want to do. I'll check those guys out over the weekend. John, Your design looks great, especially considering the 1/4" mandrels. Have you had a chance to run a prototype? I like the dryer I bought from you and I just...
  510. tackle junkie

    Wood lathes for turning cork

    John, I am trying to get an idea of what is out there and what options are available. Like Ken said I would be real interested in seeing what your new lathe will look like and an approximate price for the unit. I would only use it to make grips and would prefer something that comes with...
  511. tackle junkie

    Wood lathes for turning cork

    I am looking at wood lathes for turning cork handles on a mandrel. What do you have and how is it working for you? I looked at the mini Jet lathes and the Craftsman lathes at Sears (online). Any opinions on these? If I go with something like this will I still have to find a set of...
  512. tackle junkie


    guide spacing How do you determine the proper spacing from the center of the reel seat to the stripper guide? I read that it should be between 24 to 28 inches. What do you guys use and why? Thanks for your input in advance.
  513. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RX8 blanks

    Randy, Its a clear matte graphite blank. I thought it was a great deal at $30 and I have been wanting to try the Rainshadow blanks. I'll post pictures when I'm done. Thanks
  514. tackle junkie

    Rainshadow RX8 blanks

    Has anyone built or fished these blanks? I picked one up at Anglers Choice because I like the way it felt. I got the XMU916, rated 17-40# 7'-7''. It feels really light. I picked up a Phoenix rod rated for the same line test and almost as long and the Phoenix stick felt denser...
  515. tackle junkie

    Custom gaff design request made by Bushman!

    Ken, Very nice work. I like the colors and its a great fade. What thread did you use?
  516. tackle junkie

    Skull weave

    Charlie, That looks awesome. I'd love to watch you work sometime. I haven't tried weaving yet but when I do it will be something much simpler. Jose
  517. tackle junkie

    Wat to pair a torium 16 with...

    If you're going to put spectra backing on your 16 then you can fish 25# or 30# depending on your trip. I would go with a Torium 14 with spectra backing and 20# line. If you're fishing inshore for bass and other smaller fish go with the Calcutta 400 with spectra backing and 15# or 20# line. Buy a...
  518. tackle junkie

    Custom PowerWrap Lathe Type Chuck Kit

    Rick, Where is Lamar located? I think it might be the only way to get it perfectly true. About how much would that set me back?What do you bore them out with once they are glued up? Are you using a wood turning lathe? Jose
  519. tackle junkie

    Custom PowerWrap Lathe Type Chuck Kit

    Thanks Rick, Maybe I can check one out for myself. Which shops in the L.A. area carry them? Or does anyone in the Long Beach/L A area have one they wouldn't mind showing?
  520. tackle junkie

    Custom PowerWrap Lathe Type Chuck Kit

    I have a 2nd Custom PowerWrap that will get the lathe type chuck specifically for turning cork and hypalon (mostly cork). According to Anglers Workshop it works with all CPW machines and is made for turning cork. It also comes with a gear reduction box. I have the two beds with towers for...
  521. tackle junkie

    Custom PowerWrap Lathe Type Chuck Kit

    I am planning on buying one of these for my wrapper soon and just wanted to know if anyone has used it before. Let me know what you think of it and any problems you've had with it. I like to build my cork handles right on the blank but I need to eliminate the wobble (screws up my handles) and I...
  522. tackle junkie


    I really like that Butt wrap Don. Those lines are clean and your finish is smooth. It is hard to make out your underwraps but it looks like you wrapped two threads together. Is it the gunmetal and garnet. I've been eyeing an LB8. Where did you find your blank? Can you get any more? I was...
  523. tackle junkie


    Tiburon makes an aluminum frame, runs slightly under $200.
  524. tackle junkie

    10 plus pound Cali w/pix

    Way to go Pat. That's a little bigger than the spotties in Bahia, huh.
  525. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 jig stick

    I was thinking I'd go with a Newell 322 or 338 just to go with the whole black and white color scheme. I don't own any Newells so I'll have to start bargain hunting. There is no rush, I probably won't use it till next season anyway. Any suggestions?
  526. tackle junkie

    3M black grip tape?

    Ace Hardware has it in black and grey. For a while they were offering 10% off if you ordered it by the roll. I think the guy said it was about $45.
  527. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 jig stick

    Thank you. I am really having a good time wrapping rods and its great to have a place where you can share your latest project.
  528. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 jig stick

    I finished my Harnell 542 jig stick. I wrapped it in Gudebrod black and white, size A and C thread. The underwrap and the second wrap were in A and the final wrap was in C. I decided to go with black and white because of the simplicity of the logo. I really like the logo and I thought I would...
  529. tackle junkie

    Long Beach area kayakers

    I haven't made my way down South but I'm building up to it. I'm still fishing the Long Beach Harbor. I will post when I decide to go down there. You guys in San Diego have some great fishing off La Jolla. I think the fishing up here is pretty good also but it doesn't get fished as much and...
  530. tackle junkie

    Long Beach area kayakers

    I thought about getting out there myself but I can't get out till next weekend. Have fun and post a report. Hopefully, they will still be around next weekend.
  531. tackle junkie

    Long Beach area kayakers

    I don't know what the weather is going to be like this weekend (September 28-30) but if you're up for going out pm me.
  532. tackle junkie

    25# Test Rod Suggestion Please

    That would be my choice(CJBF70M) for your specifications. I built one as a 30# stick matched to a Trinidad 16. The tip is very light, and it has enough backbone to really pull on a big fish.
  533. tackle junkie

    Pig Beach camping trip

    Surf and Turf Looks like a beautiful place. What kind of fish is that with the nasty set of chompers?
  534. tackle junkie


    Imagine being on the water when those things touched down.That is awesome, thanks for sharing.
  535. tackle junkie

    A warriors gift tohis Dad - KCKEV

    Talk about a custom rod, beautiful work Jeff. Kevin, Glad to hear you have your son home with you again. Jose
  536. tackle junkie

    Sea Sick

    I have gotten sea sick before leaving the harbor. The best thing out there right now is Scopace (the pill), 2nd best is the Scopalamine patch and if you don't have a prescription the only thing that works over the counter is Bonine. Don't mess with anything else for the prevention of sea...
  537. tackle junkie

    PHENIX J7024 B-W 7'

    Very nice Guadalupe. You obviously put a lot of time into your work. Someday, I hope to get to the diamond wraps and the weaves. I have to get off my ass and set up the second wrapping machine I got a few months ago and clear some room in the garage.
  538. tackle junkie

    Me? An Author??

    Congratulations Jesse, Writing children's books is something that I would like to do myself. Good luck with your writing. Your son is very lucky to have you turn him on to writing at an early age.
  539. tackle junkie

    Phoenix rod finished

    That weave came out nice. Its a beautiful wrap Guadalupe. Let us know how you like the Rainshadows. I thought about trying one and I'd like to hear some input on those blanks. I know a lot of the guys on the board like them but I would like to know how they compare with some of the better known...
  540. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 Guide Spacing

    I looked for the Royal Green on the Gudebrod color chart but it wasn't there. Is that color thread still available? Is that Trimar thread over the guides? If not Spring Green might work. What do you think?
  541. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 Guide Spacing

    I have a Harnell spinning rod with the original colors but I am going with black and white on this rod. I just started it earlier today and it looks really good so far. I'll post some pictures later. The rechargeable batteries in my camera can't hold a charge for more than a few minutes. I...
  542. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 Guide Spacing

    Thanks for the tip Rick. I have never tried it that way but it makes a lot of sense. I'll give it a shot.
  543. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542 Guide Spacing

    I plan on starting on a Harnell 542 that I purchased a few months ago. I plan to wrap it as a jig stick with cork tape, maybe some X-tubing and stainless guides. I know the Harnells came with red and gold wraps but I was thinking of going with black and white. I would appreciate some help...
  544. tackle junkie

    Reel Purchase Help - Where to go from Penn 500

    If you think he wants to stick with Penn, you have some options. 40# Penn Baja Special, about $150 at a few shops. 30# Penn GS 555 about $129, ebay or used less than $100. 20# Penn GS 535 same price Penn also makes a GS 535 and a GS 545. They are great reels with a Penn handle. If you don't...
  545. tackle junkie

    Once I caught a fish...

    Any pictures?
  546. tackle junkie

    Bait tank for my Prowler 13

    Thanks for your suggestions. Brad, I've seen some of your posts and you make it look so easy and so much fun being on big fish on a kayak. Posts like yours made me want to go out and get a kayak. The prowler gets a bit wet but I've enjoyed it so far. I've seen the kayatank at the FHS in Del Mar...
  547. tackle junkie

    Bait tank for my Prowler 13

    I'm thinking about getting a bait tank for my Prowler 13. I've been fishing the harbor this year with plastics and I'd like to move out to the kelp beds off PV. I want to outfit my kayak accordingly and thought that a bait tank would help me get into some bigger fish. What are you guys using and...
  548. tackle junkie

    best bang for your buck...

    I like C&M, they've always gone out of their way to provide excellent service. They also carry good quality cork rings. Its a lot better than the stuff I've bought on ebay. I've been in their shop and although its about 1/10 the size of any of the local shops here in the LA area but they carry a...
  549. tackle junkie

    Monster salmon

    Nice fish... got any pictures of that shark munching on the sea lion?
  550. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 30T or Accurate 870c

    Go with the Saltiga 30T. I don't own an Accurate nor have I ever fished one but I have the Saltigas and they are my favorite reels(also have some Trinidads). The drags are awesome and the little experience I have had with Accurates is with friends who have the older Accurates. Check the reviews...
  551. tackle junkie

    Oarfish Isla San Marcos Sea Story 09-01-07

    Thank you for sharing the photos. Those are some amazing fish.
  552. tackle junkie

    Any tackle shops in the Los Angeles or San Diego area worth visiting?

    Where's Fisherman's Hardware in Torrance located? I know there is one in Long Beach and one in Huntington Beach but I've never heard of one in Torrance. If you're in the L.A. area, check out Baja Fish Gear in Lomita. 310 517-9897 A little further down is Sav-On Tackle in Santa Fe Springs...
  553. tackle junkie

    recipe for first build

    Brian, I'm new at this and I built myself something very similar to what you are describing. I used a Seeker Black Steel 70M, Alps reel seat and guides. I also built a cork handle from 1-1/2" cork rings. I love the way it fishes and I think its light enough to fish all day. Here are some...
  554. tackle junkie

    Best bay reel?

    I fish the Calcuttas 250, 400 and 400 BSV and an Abu 5500 and the Calcutta 250 is my favorite. Its the perfect size, its smooth and has enough drag to pull just about anything out of the bay/harbor. I fish from a kayak and that reel is constantly being exposed to saltwater and sand and it is...
  555. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 20 Clamp

    I just checked, it doesn't. You'd think they would make one wide enough for the Saltigas. I guess Shimano isn't about to give up that patent. I am having a hard time finding one that works for the 30T to get it on my Ulua. Somebody will eventually make one.
  556. tackle junkie

    Calcutta 250A or Cardiff 300?

    I found a used one on ebay for less than the price of a new Cardiff and it works great. Like some of the other guys have said it just fits nicely in the palm of your hand. I fish 12# on mine and have even used it for some shallow water rockfishing.
  557. tackle junkie

    Bahia de Los Angeles 8/25-8/27

    Fishtaco, I wish I had brought kastmasters and crocs, I would have save a bunch of plastics. I didn't even think of the inshore fish. Next time we'll go prepared. Gordo, We met up with my buddy's family who was staying down there the first two nights and they cooked for us. Its definitely...
  558. tackle junkie

    1000 reels in 11 months

    Thanks Alan, Its great to hear your reviews on reels backed by your technological expertise. All too often people recommend reels for some emotional connection with the manufacturer and its easy to get persuaded into buying the wrong reel.
  559. tackle junkie

    Bahia de Los Angeles 8/25-8/27

    Two friends and I finally made it out to Bahia this last weekend. When we arrived on Saturday afternoon the temperature was about 100 degrees and there were clouds forming over the southern part of the Bahia and onto land. We got a slight(almost none) drizzle along with some thunder and...
  560. tackle junkie

    rod to match JX 6/3

    Super Seeker 6470 for 40# or 6470H for 50#.
  561. tackle junkie

    Does full moon affect on fishing

    It had a hell of an effect on our fishing trip to Bahia de Los Angeles. The currents were ripping through the bay and the channels and it made it impossible to fish. We had a good morning on Monday and found some nice yellows but once the current started moving we couldn't get out jigs down to...
  562. tackle junkie

    What the weather like in Bay of LA?

    I just got back from Bahia de Los Angeles a few hours ago. There were some clouds when we got in on Saturday the 25th, but little to no rain(drizzled for a few moments). There was some lightning and thunder in the evening hours so maybe the Southern portion of the Bay got some rain. The...
  563. tackle junkie

    LA bay report

    Jay, We're heading out in a few hours and we hope to get some fishing in tomorrow. If not, for sure on Sunday and Monday. I'm hoping for yellows and grouper. Thanks for the report.
  564. tackle junkie

    What the weather like in Bay of LA?

    Owyn, I am leaving tonight/early morning. How was the fishing? How did you rig up? Give us some details, please.
  565. tackle junkie

    sabre stroker

    I don't have the two rods at home so I can't check model numbers or line recommendations but they are in the ballpark of 20-30# rods. The cork tape model is 8', the other might be shorter.
  566. tackle junkie

    sabre stroker

    I'm pretty sure I have that one on consignment at Baja Fish Gear for less than that. I have two of them, the cork tape model and the hypalon and reel seat model. Both rods are 8 feet and I got them at Big 5 a couple of years ago for $50. You can have both of them for $50. I'm in Long Beach if...
  567. tackle junkie

    30# on Saltiga 20, 40 # on Saltiga 30T

    The Saltiga 20 can handle 30#. The only concern would be line capacity. If you back it with Spectra and use a 30# topshot you should be okay. The SA20 has the same internals as the SA30 and most people fish 30# on that. The 30T is less of a concern regarding line capacity but I have spectra...
  568. tackle junkie

    finish rod

    Beautiful rod Charlie, I think its awesome that you are experimenting with rod components to fit your needs. I would like to find some interesting and unique wind checks/ hosels and some butt caps. I think those would be some simple and inexpensive ways to distinguish your rods from other...
  569. tackle junkie

    Hurricane Dean coming to the Pacific?

    What about the Midriff area? Will it suffer any of the effects of Hurricane Dean?
  570. tackle junkie

    What the weather like in Bay of LA?

    I'm going this weekend. I checked the weather and it is in the 90's with 75% humidity. The water temperature is 80 degrees. I'll post a report when I get back.
  571. tackle junkie

    Help with guide spacing on a 10' Ulua

    It worked back in June when the thread was started but I just tried it and its not loading.
  572. tackle junkie

    Stuff stolen last night

    I just went and took the remote controls for my garage door out of both of my trucks. I guess you think it will never happen to you until it does. I'm sorry about your stuff getting taken. I hope you recover your gear.
  573. tackle junkie

    bonita sushi

    I agree, as long as you handle it right bonita sashimi is great. I want to try smoked bonita.
  574. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    Thanks for the information everyone. We are counting down the days and sorting through the gear. I want to know what is biting this week but the report doesn't come out till Monday. Please share any recent information on Bahia. Thanks
  575. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Tackle Recommendations

    16 and 20 ounces See I wouldn't have thought of those, Thanks Genaro. Sabikis I have a few but I'll pick up some more. Are the small ones we use around here good enough or should I get the larger squid imitations? Thanks
  576. tackle junkie

    Seeker CBW 809

    Thanks Alex, I go in there all the time. Si is the one who showed me how to wrap rods. He's a real nice guy. Jose
  577. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Tackle Recommendations

    I am headed down to Bahia next weekend and I am making final preparations this weekend. If you have been there recently or if you have any information about recent fishing activity I would appreciate your help. I hear the fish are down deep and that bait is getting hard to get. I also read that...
  578. tackle junkie

    GUSA Wahoo

    Billy, Those are awesome grips. Any tutorials on working with EVA foam grips? Jose
  579. tackle junkie

    How I make my Cork Handles and Grips

    John, I'd show up. Do you get a better fit doing it that way? I've seen some of the new drill bits that are on the market and I would like to try it but I don't know which machines to look at and how to use them. I prefer cork handles to hypalon and I built one for a 30# stick with 1 1/2"...
  580. tackle junkie

    Seeker CBW 809

    Guadalupe, Thanks, I have been doing the same with some of the rods I didn't build myself. I figure I will eventually get rid of anything I didn't build myself. Although the new Super Seekers are nice and I have a couple of those. I would like to try a fancy butt wrap but I haven't had time...
  581. tackle junkie

    LA Bay Accomodations

    I am going down to Bahia next weekend and staying at the Villa Bahia. Can you guys recommend a panguero and offer some tackle tips?
  582. tackle junkie

    Harnell 542

    Bill, That looks really nice. Your wraps are clean and I like the way you tied it all together with the matching seine cord handle. What kind of butt cap are you putting on that? Jose
  583. tackle junkie

    Seeker CBW 809

    Mike, I made the cork handle from cork rings but if you were to use preformed cork grips you have to ream them out the same way. You can use a drill with a special bit but you will have to ream them out at some point. Guy, Thanks. I am really enjoying building rods and I am getting some great...
  584. tackle junkie

    Seeker CBW 809

    I need to put the finishing touches on this rod but I thought I'd show it. I built the handle from cork rings and added red burl cork ring accents. I filled it with a red oak filler from Elmers. After looking at the handle in the pictures I plan on going back and resanding the grip again...
  585. tackle junkie

    Speed Control your Motor for less than $20.00

    I have two Custom PowerWrap machines and they both have 1/15 h.p. motors. I thought I could use one to turn my cork handles and keep the other area clean and solely for wrapping. Thanks for all your help John. Jose
  586. tackle junkie

    Speed Control your Motor for less than $20.00

    John, It comes with a reduction box as part of the kit. It doesn't give much else information on the site. Jose
  587. tackle junkie

    Speed Control your Motor for less than $20.00

    John, I use a Custom PowerWrap machine and I saw that Anglers Workshop has a Lathe Type Chuck Kit that is supposed to give it a bit more torque for working with cork handles. Would this motor speed control do the same thing or am I better off just buying the kit and getting the improved chuck...
  588. tackle junkie

    40 # live bait outfit

    Cory, Try buying used from the board, most of these guys take care of their stuff pretty well and they are upfront about anything that isn't right. With that in mind, the Toriums are great for the money. A Torium 20, a Saltist 30(T), a Penn Baja Special ($149) or a single speed Avet JX will...
  589. tackle junkie

    Butterfly/Knife Jig Blank

    I made a mistake, its on I couldn't find it on Calstar's website either. I was at Baja Fish Gear a few weeks ago and Sam had seen them also. I think they have a couple at the shop. Sam said they weren't as nice as the action on the Trevalas.
  590. tackle junkie

    Butterfly/Knife Jig Blank

    Which Seeker blank were you looking at? Calstar has a new butterfly series out. Check out their website
  591. tackle junkie

    Building cork handles

    Thanks John. I looked at a few pictures of some mini-lathes on line and it didn't look as though they would work for my intended purpose.
  592. tackle junkie

    Building cork handles

    What are you guys using to turn your cork handles? I am using my CustomWrap power wrapper but its not powerful enough and I don't want to overwork the motor. It started smoking this morning. I am building the handles on the blank and I would like to continue doing that but I need something...
  593. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 30T clamp ... on an Ulua?

    The 30T would go great if it wasn't for the damn bolts. I just need to find some longer bow-legged bolts. Or a different clamp like Wreckin Ball was saying.
  594. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 30T clamp ... on an Ulua?

    Hey Jerry, We met at Kevin's for Fatslam this past year. How have you been? How's you're rod building going? Is there a size for that clamp you used or should I just take the reel and rod in and see what works. I hate messing with those screws.
  595. tackle junkie

    Saltiga 30T clamp ... on an Ulua?

    I built myself an Ulua jigstick but I'm having trouble getting the clamp on. It seems the bolts aren't long enough. I'm sure there is an easy solution. Can someone help me out here? Are there longer bolts available through Daiwa or a tackle shop? I tried getting my Saltiga 40 on it and...
  596. tackle junkie

    Long Beach area kayakers

    I've got some free time this weekend (Fri-Sun) if anyone wants to hit the kelp beds off PV or the breakwall. PM me if you're interested. I don't have much experience but I am willing to give it a shot. Jose Prowler 13
  597. tackle junkie

    Classifieds Are messed up

    I got 84-86 last week for 2 ads. I meant to post a thread on it but I was too tired after erasing all those emails from my computer and then my phone. I have to disable that feature the next time I post an ad.
  598. tackle junkie

    Almost there...

    I just thought I'd post some pics of a rod I'm working on and just about done with... 2 more guides to wrap and may have to go back and redo the last one I just finished. I was getting tired and went a little off center. Let me know what you think. The blank is either a CSW 808 or a...
  599. tackle junkie

    Phonix rod in process

    Guadalupe, That looks great. How long is that butt wrap? It must have taken quite some time. It sounds like a great blank. I hope you post some more pics when you're done. Jose
  600. tackle junkie

    WTB: Harnell or Truline Blank/Rod

    Truline LM8 at Baja Fish Gear.
  601. tackle junkie

    Driving Baja at Night

    Thanks for all your input. We've decided to go for it, the fishing is too good not to go. I'm driving my Tacoma and I'm not towing anything.
  602. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    That's where we're staying. We reserved an upstairs casita, we're just waiting on a reservation confirmation for a panguero, otherwise no point in going.
  603. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    60# it is, then. I have a TLD 30 II and some Saltigas(40 and 30T). If I can get rid of some gear maybe I'll pick up an Avet or an Accurate to round out the Baja gear. What rods are you fishing with 60#? I have a Seeker Black Steel 660H rated 30-80#, will that cut it for 60#?
  604. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    Steve, the report on Mexfish along with the picture of your yellow convinced me to go. I can't wait to get down there. Is a TLD 30 II big enough to get the job done on those deepwater yellows? Dropperloops, Thanks for the advice, I had forgot all about bait rigs. What can one expect to catch...
  605. tackle junkie

    BD Official HO list 2007

    Jose Moreno 36 years old I am available to fish Friday-Wednesday starting this week. I teach and am tracking off for a month. I would like to get out and fish as much as possible. I will do what you need me to do, I have gear, I wrap rods and am willing to travel to where the fish are...
  606. tackle junkie

    Bay of L A Gear Questions

    We're headed down to the Bay of L.A. August 24-27. I have never fished the bay but it sounds like I'd better bring some heavy gear. I was planning on bringing 40#& 30# class gear. Do I need to bring something heavier? I have a TLD 30 II loaded with 60# but I wasn't sure if the reel would...
  607. tackle junkie

    need a smaller blank

    Yeah, its still tough trying to find a butt cap that will slide over that butt.
  608. tackle junkie

    The New AVET HX5/2!!!!(formerly the Hoo-X)

    Does anyone have them in black? I am planning on heading down to Baja next month and I would like to have a reel with some cranking power and plenty of drag. I don't own an Avet and figure this will be a great one to start with.
  609. tackle junkie

    Driving Baja at Night

    Thanks for the information. We want to get 2 maybe 3 full days of fishing out of this trip and its the only way to pull it off.
  610. tackle junkie

    Driving Baja at Night

    My buddy and I want to meet up with some friends in Bahia de Los Angeles next month. The only way we can do it is to leave Friday afternoon (4:00) and drive straight through to Bahia arriving well after midnight. Has anyone driven that way at night, lately? I know its not the safest way to...
  611. tackle junkie

    Ulua's finally done!

    Beautiful stick. I haven't figured out what to do about a butt cap yet. Is a 22 the biggest they make?
  612. tackle junkie

    Built it myself

    Thank you. I hope to break it in next month. I don't know where I am going yet but somewhere south and fishy. That video was hilarious. It reminded me of when SNL was funny, what happened?
  613. tackle junkie

    A couple of new trollers

    Very nice, Randy. I love the trim bands on the 7465 M. The last picture gives the rod a liquid metal effect. Your color combinations match up with those components perfectly. Do you lay out the components before you get started and pick out the ones that go best or is it just experience and...
  614. tackle junkie

    Inlay City

    Beautiful work! That is amazing how you tie it all together like that. Your transitions are so clean. I like the patterns. Is that A thread?
  615. tackle junkie

    Which Seeker S-Glass rod to get?

    If you're second guessing yourself already take it back. What model did get? For $250 you've got plenty of choices to choose from. Buy a rod based on your current needs. When your needs change you'll have a reason for buying another one.LOL I just built myself a 30# Seeker rod, its...
  616. tackle junkie

    Built it myself

    That was some funny shit, obviously, I never saw that episode. AND NO! I never soak cork.
  617. tackle junkie

    Built it myself

    Thank you guys, its nice to be able to share your work with others. John, I didn't soak the cork rings. Why would you soak the cork rings? What effect does it have on the cork? Guadalupe, I really like the Alps seat and the guides. They are very light and have a great finish. I haven't put...
  618. tackle junkie

    Built it myself

    I am really happy with the way this rod is turning out. I built it myself, including the cork grip I made from cork rings and shaped myself. I used 1 1/2" rings, the rear grip is 10" and the foregrip is 11". I used an Alps triangle seat to match the Trinidad 16 that is going on it. I used Alps...
  619. tackle junkie

    Want to go Fishing??

    I'm off for a few weeks starting next Friday. Can go Friday through Wednesday. PM me if you want and I'll give you my information.
  620. tackle junkie


    I have to agree, I like the colors in the first picture. Is there a video on marbleizing yet?
  621. tackle junkie

    West Coast Rodbuilding Show!!!

    In Anaheim, well then how about the Los Angeles Rodbuilding Show in Anaheim?
  622. tackle junkie

    La Pinta at San Quintin

    Its nice because you're on the beach but you're out in the middle of nowhere. There is no launch ramp either. It'll take you about 15-20 minutes to get to the Old Mill each morning.
  623. tackle junkie

    ss cjbf 70xh in progress

    That looks great Ray. How long does a wrap like that take? I'd like to try a crosswrap but it seems like it would take a real long time and a whole lot of patience... especially with A size thread.
  624. tackle junkie

    What is West Coast Style Rodbuilding?

    I bought this on ebay and when it arrived I saw that it had been wrapped at Yo's. Its a Truline Octagon OG 440. Noone that I have talked to has heard of a 440. Either way its a beautiful rod and its in great condition. How do you know if it was wrapped by Yo himself? Sorry the pictures aren't...
  625. tackle junkie

    What is West Coast Style Rodbuilding?

    I think of the earlier wraps that you see on the old Sabres, Trulines and Calstars that remind me of the 60's and 70's surf culture. Look at the old OP t-shirts and then compare them to the wraps from that era. Simple, but classic. Look at some of the videos featuring East coast fisherman and...
  626. tackle junkie

    Thanks for your help

    Guadalupe. It's the first time I have used it and I like the way it looks and feels but, I won't know until I get some fish on it. I only hope that its worth the extra money. As for the guides, I like them and they are really light. Since I just got into rod wrapping I'm looking to try a...
  627. tackle junkie

    Thanks for your help

    I got a lot of great help on my last two projects from guys on this board and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. With the help of some experienced BD'ers I was able to build a cork handle from cork rings for my 70M and find the proper spacing for my Ulua 93H-10'. Here are some pictures of those two...
  628. tackle junkie

    Rod repair in San Fernando Valley?

    If they aren't too busy any place can do it for you in about 5 minutes.
  629. tackle junkie

    Monsterous Project.

    It would take long enough just to draw that with colored pencils, but weaving it on a rod... Will these rods get fished or will they be hung up somewhere for people to admire? It's amazing work Doc. Do you have more than one rod wrapper dedicated to weaving, wrapping, etc?
  630. tackle junkie

    Handle upgrade for 55GS?

    Now, that is a HANDLE! With something like that I might have kept my Penn GS series reels. How much did that run you?
  631. tackle junkie

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    I just printed your post out. Thanks for the lesson. I did buy extra cork but I'm not sure I understand how to position the cork so you can't see the gouges in the cork. I'll post pics and you tell me what you think about it. Is there a filler for those?
  632. tackle junkie

    Help with guide spacing on a 10' Ulua

    Does anyone have the spacing for the guides on a 10 feet Ulua? I'm trying out my own spacing but I want to see how close I came to the factory rods.
  633. tackle junkie

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    Mark, I've already got the rear grip in the clamp and I'll add the reel seat and the foregrip tomorrow. Thanks for the offer but it only cost a few bucks for all the pieces I needed. I want to add that while I was at C & M yesterday I forgot to pick up the tip tops for my rods and when I...
  634. tackle junkie

    I want to build a jig stick

    Get yourself an SD8 if you're going to use your Penn 500. Spool up with 30# line and you're good to go.
  635. tackle junkie

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    Hey Mark, I was just in your shop this morning, bought the cork clamp there too. Thanks for the advice, I am going to try that tomorrow. Jason, I just want to build a cork handle for the experience. It is easier to buy preformed cork handles but I'm really enjoying building rods. Eventually, I...
  636. tackle junkie

    Building a cork handle from cork rings

    I bought the cork clamp by Flex Coat but its only 24" long and the opening for the blank isn't wide enough for the 70M that I'm building. Before I go to Home Depot and try to make one myself does someone have a better way to clamp the rings once I put the epoxy glue on them?
  637. tackle junkie

    turks head

    That is awesome, thanks Doc. I was just going to buy one but I'm going to have to try it myself now. It just so happens I need one for the SD8 I just finished. When you're done with the first step do you just continue doing it again?
  638. tackle junkie


    Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach carries it in small pint size cans. It's a drive but if you're dead set on using StaBond then it might be worth it to you. Check Sav-On tackle in Santa Fe Springs, right off the 5 freeway and Telegraph Road. Its the same owner and he probably stocks that store...
  639. tackle junkie

    Cost of materials?

    Hey Grady, I'm in Long Beach and Fisherman's Hardware is on Temple and Anaheim. They've got some stuff in there, not a whole lot but probably enough to get you started. I have a little stand that I started off with made by Gudebrod. It comes with a thread tensioning device and some v-notches...
  640. tackle junkie

    Some more new sticks

    Hey Ken, Great job on the rods. I like the sunset fade. Its a nice way of distinguishing your personal rods from the rest of the herd. Do you find that the reels don't stay on well enough without the cord, or is it more about personal preference and a nice match with the turks head knot?
  641. tackle junkie

    First Split grip rod with Cool Logo

    That is a nice looking rod. I really like that split grip, I want to do that with a Harnell blank I recently bought but I am waiting till I get a little more experience under my belt.
  642. tackle junkie

    67# WSB

    Nice fish. How did you get it back in? Did you tow it or do you have a sled? and Where did you find it?
  643. tackle junkie

    Buying Real Estate in Baja

    Thanks for chiming in everyone. I guess it all comes down to risks and why we take them. Thanks Jeff for the information about San Quintin, its where I wanted to look into. I noticed most of the lots on the bay were taken and not up for sale the last time I was down there.
  644. tackle junkie

    Buying Real Estate in Baja

    Some of you guys live in Baja, and other parts of Mexico. What's the real estate market like down there for Americans? Is it safe to buy down there? I thought about buying a place in San Quintin or Northern Baja. Would you recommend doing that? What resources are available for anyone who's...
  645. tackle junkie

    Cheapest place to get X-shrink tube?

    Fisherman's Hardware in Long Beach has 40" for $19.99.