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  1. bellcon

    WTB Trout tackle

    Troutchaser has a nice ring to it :D
  2. bellcon

    For Sale 2005 Ford Excursion V10 2WD

    wow shes a beauty... good luck with the sale
  3. bellcon

    Remember Art's Tackle in Gardena?

    Rip Jerry
  4. bellcon

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    She sold within s couple hours of the price drop Going to miss her Thanks BD
  5. bellcon

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Giving it away for $5,000 Lots of life and adventures left in her Take it
  6. bellcon

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Bump Make an offer Looking to make a great deal for someone who can use her
  7. bellcon

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Looks like its about time to sale the RV so many great memories now its someone else turn $10,000 or best offer? 30' with all the bells and whistles well used not abused, out side needs new graphics and to be buffed out, inside is beautiful slide out at the couch / dinning area, bunk beds, lots...
  8. bellcon

    For Sale Fish Mount Yellow Tail or Amber Jack Stainless Steel

    Todd Very nice work They just keep getting better and better But don’t give up on the palm fronds
  9. bellcon

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    RAIDERS :cheers:
  10. bellcon

    Knoty, just have to put up with 0 star Recruits

    The guys a beast
  11. bellcon

    Won tuna shoot out / New Lo-an

    Well look whose catching big fish...again :cheers: You should post this on the kayak fishing site you run too:D
  12. bellcon

    Little something I have been working on.

    So much awesome going on in those pics Love it
  13. bellcon

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    very nice extra special on that rigging for sure
  14. bellcon

    Bixpy Jet Motor review...

    cheater :)
  15. bellcon


    Made me laugh Good stuff
  16. bellcon

    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    forgot the kayakfishing porn :D The only reason I am selling this baby is because I have 3 other kayaks and I just bought the 2018 Hobie Pro Angler:cheers: here is a pic of the left side crack before it was welded
  17. bellcon

    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    more pics for those who asked: the "weld" at the cracks: Seat is in great shape no tears and it has the slider modification so it moves forward and back, Scotty mounts on rails included bottom shows its age but nothing to worry about... kayaks get scratched if you use them... the...
  18. bellcon

    2012 Hobie PA for sale

    SOLD Thanks Shawn have a blast in her Hobie Pro Angler
  19. bellcon

    Retarded Tady?

    Now you’re confusing it with the Crippled Tady
  20. bellcon

    Retarded Tady?

    Really? Smh Come on guys it’s 2018 The proper term would be Intellectually Disabled Tady
  21. bellcon

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    Do kayaks count? Chasing dreams of ghost and yellows at LJ and all I get is a ... LOL
  22. bellcon

    Been looking for a very long time!

    That is incredibly AWESOME! I love it so is the Mule...
  23. bellcon


    Has any other winners received their jig? I haven’t ... Just curious Thanks
  24. bellcon

    For Sale Owner, Mustad Hooks and Seaguar Fluorocarbon

    Thanks for the deal Rob Everything showed up as promised... the irons look great! Sent you the extra 5 Thanks again Buy with confidence guys Robs one of the good guys
  25. bellcon


    That was a helluva Super Bowl Congrats Eagles!
  26. bellcon


    Very Cool thanks Jerry and The Eagles won!
  27. bellcon


    In with Eagles 31 Patriots 24
  28. bellcon

    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    6.0 Ford for the win! F the haters, I have a 2004 Excursion 6.0 and a 2006 F250 6.0... both kick ass now excuse me while i go find some wood to knock on
  29. bellcon

    Kayak LBC

    BWE Is great It’s not a local site but is still the king of So Cal kayak fishing sites Even with all the new know it alls :cheers:
  30. bellcon

    Kayak LBC

    try for some local kayakfishing connections
  31. bellcon

    A Very Nice Gesture

    He is a good man, he will be going places.
  32. bellcon

    12/23/2017 Halibut Report

    Well done and great job on the releases
  33. bellcon

    4th Annual Superbowl 2018 Winner Prediction Contest 2/4/2018

    The Raiders Oops dang iPad multiple post
  34. bellcon

    First time using my Kayak

    Cabrillo Beach is another close spot which is a safe bet for beginners $9 parking for the day, boat ramp, bait barge if you want to use it Check out for some local info
  35. bellcon

    Home Canning White Seabass?

    Did you get one off the kayak Scott? :)
  36. bellcon

    Photobucket needs replacement

    looking for a solution here too, no longer allowing "3rd party hosting" :mad: see my sig line no more CCA logo but many of my pics still show up and some don't vary random, but looks like soon they may all be gone?
  37. bellcon

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    A saltiga 30 for $110? Crazy deal
  38. bellcon

    MPA Baseline Monitoring Reporting

    1-3pm ? Guess they don't want us working folk to show up? F the MLPA I'll try and sneak away and check out the Pedro meeting So looking forward to what they have to report...I'm sure it will be great news for our side...
  39. bellcon

    Utah Football

    Yep they suck but I will be their biggest fan vs Colorado :)
  40. bellcon

    had to share

  41. bellcon

    FS: Ocean Kayak- Sold

    pretty cool collectors item right there good luck with the sale
  42. bellcon

    Penn Fathom 30

    MoMo, Mike retire from fishing?.... maybe when the ocean freezes over, but he'd probably drill a few holes and continue on:D
  43. bellcon

    Penn Fathom 30

    Is this the one and only kayak fishing legend Mike Carson?
  44. bellcon

    "I consider them PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS!”...

    bellcon said: ↑ Why would you say that? It's time for me to renew my CCA membership so I am serious Why shouldn't I? Do you have another option for us to consider? Again, failed to read and comprehend. The CCA is representing us all at these meetings. What? What the hell did I fail to read and...
  45. bellcon

    "I consider them PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS!”...

    Why would you say that? It's time for me to renew my CCA membership so I am serious Why shouldn't I? Do you have another option for us to consider? And Jim When you post threads with titles like "PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS" and "I consider them PERMANENT CONSERVATION AREAS" you have to know...
  46. bellcon

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    liked :)
  47. bellcon

    You Know Your Swim Team Sucks

    The coaches are the kooks They were warned by the lifeguards on duty Nothing funny about an unconscious 16 year old girl being taken to the hospital If it was my daughter...
  48. bellcon

    Gil, I wouldn't hit it with yours.....

    That's MollyAnn Wymer Look her up on you tube
  49. bellcon

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done, but Your daughters too good for the bieb.
  50. bellcon

    2 seater kayak

    A lot of tandem kayaks have a place to sit in the middle which is best, if not there then I would start by sitting in the back. Rod holders of course would be best to carry your rods but if the kayak has none then you can just lie them down on deck, or if the rod butt fits stow them in a...
  51. bellcon

    My new ride

    Thats a Beauty!
  52. bellcon

    Another big seabass

    Wow Congrats on a great fish and on the 10'er? bet that felt good. looks bigger than 66 :eek:
  53. bellcon

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    So Cal teams bump :D
  54. bellcon

    2006 FORD F350 Diesel, 4WD, CREW CAB, 87K Orig. Miles

    Mind sharing how much yougot for it? I have the same truck in the f250... thinking about selling and 20 mpg? wow what am i doing wrong??? or are you doing something special? I have just about 90k and i get 14mpg at best? thanks
  55. bellcon

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    Well its obvious who is the tougher more physical team now. :D I guess that's why they actually play the game, "experts" be damned. USC just flat out dominated the utes in every aspect the game Congrats Coach Helton Fight On!
  56. bellcon

    1973 RESTORED Tin Top Westfalia

    very nice brings back good memories Very Tempting! GLWS
  57. bellcon

    So Cal Pop Warner kids punished for parents behavior

    Poor kids, They will be paying for thier parents stupidity. BTW, this is not Pop Warner.
  58. bellcon


    Too Funny!:rofl: (and I hate the Patriots)
  59. bellcon

    Sept. 5th will never be the same

    This is the kind of thing that gives me hope for America.
  60. bellcon

    Glow Sinkers for Sale (Egg, Torpedo and Bank)

    Got my order recently, high quality at a fair price thanks!
  61. bellcon

    IO Poppers

    Very nice!
  62. bellcon

    Squished It.......New Tuna Killing Erratic Flutter Jigs

    I was at the Bass Pro Shop today and they had just opened a box with a few hundred of the squish jigs and the slim squish jigs I grabbed a few, they sure are pretty
  63. bellcon


    whoa thats a tempting beauty right there!
  64. bellcon

    WOW! Done by 8 AM

    Extremely motivating!
  65. bellcon

    On The Hook 7.24.15 DanaPoint/Video

    Sick! Epic! etc etc etc love that skiff, perfect for the job
  66. bellcon

    V10 excursión vs 7.3 or Neither?

    I recently dropped almost 10k into my 2004 6.0 excursion runs like brand new now (which is exactly how it ran right before it blew the head gasket) If it didnt look brand new I may have sold it... And yes there are plenty of buyers looking for the 6.0 Excursion. If you find a good deal on a 7.3...
  67. bellcon

    Spring time Coastal Tanker

    psssh whatever... WSB are over rated :finger: ok ok :notworthy
  68. bellcon

    Need a repair rec

    try one of the local surf shops?
  69. bellcon

    YT End Game

    Bad Ass! Mr Iceman
  70. bellcon

    Buying kayak need advice

    Do yourself a big favor and go see Andy at OEX in Sunset Beach. You can check out a ton of kayaks off and on the water and Andy has all the answers to your questions. here is the shops site;
  71. bellcon

    Halibut Jaws

    Nice job
  72. bellcon

    Seeker Black Steel

    I have never had any problems with the many "gold" guided seeker black steels I own...and I run spectra on most my rigs I also think they are purrrrdy
  73. bellcon

    YFT Mothership

    IshingFa Reakfa fo sho!
  74. bellcon

    Third JP for my son

    Awesome all the way around!
  75. bellcon

    for sale

    Interested in the rod if you break up the combo...
  76. bellcon

    GO KINGS !!!

    Awesome! Now BEAT NY!
  77. bellcon

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    The Costa being beautiful
  78. bellcon


    I agree Racism SUCKS what's next? avatar pictures of black men wearing fried chicken buckets on their head? As far as the poachers, throw the book at them...take their boat, take their gear, give them a huge fine, some jail time and then ban them from ever getting a fishing liscense.
  79. bellcon

    Bears buy lube and condoms for Eagles

    True, but we all know a chargers playoff berth always ends in a still born.:shithappens: Go Raiders:D
  80. bellcon

    Constitutionality of MLPA

    Thanks anyway, anyone else? Regarding the California MLPA and a "reinforcing" by President Bush via Executive Action?
  81. bellcon

    Constitutionality of MLPA

    Can you supply a source for this info? Thanks
  82. bellcon

    3days under water...

    That was amazing!
  83. bellcon

    WSB Release @ King Harbor Saturday 10am to 3pm

    Jim, bummer I cant make it (coaching football) I will spread the word with some friends have a blast Looking forward to the next batch of little guys!
  84. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    I just sent an email to [email protected] asking them for an up date. I am looking forward to their response. If I do not receive one promptly I will cancel my monthly donations and find a new organization to donate to. While this sounded like a great idea when it was started, and some...
  85. bellcon

    U.S. Attorney formally charged Ron LeValley!

    and you thought right, there must be some kind of mistake here Remember... We were the bad guys! with our intimidating black tee shirts and all... :rofl:
  86. bellcon

    U.S. Attorney formally charged Ron LeValley!

    Fuggin Science Advisory Team douche bag!
  87. bellcon

    Chargers at Raiders

    YES! that's all:rofl:
  88. bellcon

    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    I'll say it; GO RAIDERS!:D
  89. bellcon


    you have been kicking some serious butt lately Joe keep up the good work / fun!
  90. bellcon

    Patriots vs Lions highlights...

    Undefeated for the last 18 years!
  91. bellcon


    Since your in Torrance I would recommend giving Andy a visit at OEX Sunset Beach. Much closer and you can demo just about any brand you want. Check him out you will be happy you did! OEX Sunset Beach
  92. bellcon

    ventura coast yak fishing

    cool report looks like a beautiful place to fish Jealous of that Kelp shirt, not sure I have seen that design in a hoodie, limited edition maybe?
  93. bellcon

    30lb Halibut from the Tube

    Great fish and story Jimmy! That's some good old "Baytubing" right there.:cheers: Kiyo and the boys would be proud!
  94. bellcon

    Kayak WSB and Pesky Bycatch

    Out freaking standing you stud! Now post the garage pic, that's the best one... shows how freakishly big that Halis head was Ridiculous!
  95. bellcon

    Gay roommate

    How do you know when your at a gay BBQ? the hot dogs taste like shit Almost as bad as yours...
  96. bellcon


    It's funny, unlike your racist comment...
  97. bellcon

    SUP fishing

    X2 and is that the Cardiff kelp?
  98. bellcon

    New Seaforth HalfDay Halibut

    Awesome fish looks well over 30, congrats
  99. bellcon

    A few recent shots

    Great stuff Armando
  100. bellcon

    Question for residential contractors...

    This is the Right way and really? We all know when it comes to building custom homes all of the best GC's started out as framers.
  101. bellcon

    NCAA Final Four Tourney Competition......

    Poor kid that was terrible
  102. bellcon

    Malibu Area Kayakers!!!

    Check out Jasons site; Bunch of cool Malibu kayak anglers to hook up with on his site
  103. bellcon

    Suck it LeBron.........

    Thank you Chicago signed a Lakers Fan
  104. bellcon

    Moabi Park/ Topock Gorge weekend Photos

    Now I really wish I could have made it Awesome trip and pics Andy!
  105. bellcon


    WOW what an awesome fish, and report!
  106. bellcon

    Kayak Fish San Diego

    Awesome John, cool shot of dad riding the surf in!
  107. bellcon

    Yellows at La Jolla for Triple Limits! Feb 18, 2013

    It's called Triple Limits for a reason. Badazz guys:hali_olutta:
  108. bellcon

    vote for mitchs fish taco

  109. bellcon

    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    Who is the "other side" and how do they have the power to bring ramifications to the average fisherman playing by the rules? I find it hard to believe a dfg officer on the beat is motivated to dish out ramifications to the fishing community based upon what was stated in court documents...
  110. bellcon

    good shit!

    Good laugh!
  111. bellcon

    petition to keep johnson valley open

    Link did not work for me? But this one did: More info here too: I've been fighting for off road access since...
  112. bellcon

    Hobie PA 14 vs. PA 12

    Go see Andy at OEX Sunset Beach, He is the "Iceman" here and is one of the original So. Cal. kayak fishermen. Knows his stuff and is stand up guy to do business with. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed! Here is his web site link:
  113. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    Excellent question especially if the organization still wants existing members to continue to donate and new ones to join I thought we would at least all be driving around with save California Fishing Stickers by now For now I will continue to donate but promoting and getting others to donate...
  114. bellcon

    saltiga & trinidad gold 16N

    Bought a couple reels from Danny stand up guy with great gear ! The Saltiga is tempting
  115. bellcon

    Best Socal Beach Camping

    San Elijo State beach in Cardiff is one of my families favorites.
  116. bellcon

    RV for sale

    Bump for an incredible stand up man. Ron is one of the good guys, and if you need the rv he is selling you will be dealing with an honest straight shooter. Great deal on that rig by the way! Good luck Ron! ps Ron drove a group of kayak fishermen to an MLPA meeting in that rig, so you know it...
  117. bellcon

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    Damn Current poll results say that just 224 anglers are spending up to a combined $148,700.00 Per Month fishing. How in the fug did we lose the MLPA battle? We need more of us adding "Save California Fishing" to our monthly fishing budget.:hali_olutta:
  118. bellcon

    mlpa map

    they are all right here
  119. bellcon

    Teams that suck in the AFC

    The AFC West, 4 sucky teams this year for sure. But which one is the all time, historically super sucky one? You know the ONLY one which has never won the big game?... The Super Bowl? Hint: Chiefs? won it Broncos? won it Raiders? won it Chargers? :D
  120. bellcon


    My bad, since that's the case I would go here and look for some local help Great site with a bunch of helpful kayak anglers
  121. bellcon

    Kayak Greenhorn

    If you are in Huntington then you are close to OEX Sunset Beach. Go visit Andy and he can fill you in on all the options and give you a great deal on any kayak out there.
  122. bellcon

    Penn State on TV......

    Some sick A-Hole hurts kids and now will hopefully be paid back and then decay away in prison... Is no reason to hurt another group of kids trying to play ball and get an education Punish everyone of those responsible adults involved and let the kids move on and play ball
  123. bellcon

    Proposal to change the name from California Department of Fish and Game

    The stupidity of certain elected officials and their supporters never ceases to amaze me. There is another bill being voted on that would make it illegal to say something taste "gamey" you must now use the term it taste "wild lifey"
  124. bellcon

    Lots and Lots Of Irons

    Wow Steve still cleaning up around the house I see
  125. bellcon


    Go see Andy at You can test drive a few different brands and get a feel for what you like make sure to try the Hobies I have a buddy who has a Hobie tandem and he fishes it solo all the time.
  126. bellcon

    UFC 151 - Jones vs Henderson Cancelled - A first for UFC

    You prepare for a fighter not just a fight. The Champ did what was best for him. Not what was best for the sport or Dana White. That is being smart and professional in my book. As far as Dana? Why would someone in his position feel the need to be so profane in a broadcast interview? That is...
  127. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    August Bump because the other side never gives up!
  128. bellcon

    Saltiga 30T

    Looking for a very clean Saltiga 30T let me know what you have thanks Don
  129. bellcon

    saltiga 30T, penn baja special newell parts

    PM sent I will take the Saltiga
  130. bellcon

    daiwa sealine 30sha

    I have a clean 20 / with spectra I would trade you I am in San Pedro
  131. bellcon

    Calico Bass Fishing

    Mad Skills:hali_olutta: (but boring compared to halibut fishing):rofl:
  132. bellcon

    First WSB Sat 8/4

    Great job, great dope Congrats! I notice you don't have numbers on your rail? Nice!
  133. bellcon

    SALTIGA 20

    PM sent edit: funds sent ...damn I am a tackle whore
  134. bellcon

    A Short Afternoon in LJ

    Right on Dave, nice couple of yellows! :hali_olutta:
  135. bellcon

    South Bay Butt

    Way to go Jim:hali_olutta:
  136. bellcon

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    Thanks for sharing, that's the best report of the year by far. Congrats to Macy and happy Fathers day to you!
  137. bellcon

    x-treme vs x-factor malibu

  138. bellcon

    x-treme vs x-factor malibu

    A 5 year old post and captain dickhead decides to stir the pot again and bump a locked 2 year old post? Must have seen the word "Cumfort" and then been disappointed when he realized it was actually just "comfort" missed spelled. Crawl back under that Stone, your a proven douche. :finger:
  139. bellcon

    Hobie Mirage Pro Angler

    I picked one up a couple months ago. your not going to throw the PA up,balance it on top of your head and walk to the launch But with a good cart, it is just as easy to pull around as any other kayak. I am liking it more and more every trip I take it out. Stand up, stretch out, the thing is a...
  140. bellcon

    Best Restaurant in Avalon?

    Been going to Avalon since I was a kid and have eaten at every spot. Most places mentioned so far are good (the El Galleon was terrible last time we went) I would highly recommend The Catalina Country Club, you will not be disappointed.
  141. bellcon


    One of the best game 7's ever! Denver would not give up GO LAKERS!
  142. bellcon

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    "There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot" Steven Wright
  143. bellcon

    Lincoln Park, Free kids fishing event report

    Very cool those kids will never forget that day!
  144. bellcon

    2 Days at SCI

    Couple more pics
  145. bellcon

    2 Days at SCI

    My kind of Bloody Decks! Great time Andy, thanks for all your work putting this together. The crew of the Black Pearl went above and beyond the call of duty to make it a awesome adventure and a safe trip. I will definitely be on up coming trips as my schedules allows. If you are on the fence...
  146. bellcon

    Make squid?

    Here's the set up: best I have ever used
  147. bellcon

    take a kid fishing

    great stuff
  148. bellcon

    Rpt-Sat.-04-07-12 Bass, Lingcod, plus a Variety Pack

    Great trip Tunaslam! Tailman, what off limits area are you talking about?:
  149. bellcon

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Some live on the Edge, Bubba owns it! Own a Bubba Blade and own your slice of life on the edge. Bubba Blades, King of the edge. Bubba Blades, a work of art. Bubba Blades, an always safe and beautiful tool for a sometimes dangerous and ugly job.
  150. bellcon

    Cherry Beach WED

    Get em Steve! Let me know the next time you hit LB and get some lotion for those hands!
  151. bellcon

    Ocean kayak prowler 15

    great kayak with lots of good MOJO!
  152. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    Talked to the gentlemen manning the booth at the Fred Hall Show... looks like it is not going as well as hoped, If you go to the show, please find them and join up! Can you imagine the impact only $5 a month could make in the numbers of anglers at the show?
  153. bellcon

    NPH Loking,..

    Get em Lokey long time no see hope all is well
  154. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    MARCH BUMP! Way to many not doing their part out there in fishing and hunting land! spread the word fellas
  155. bellcon

    More Witch Hunt for DFG Commissioner

    You have to figure there would be many people who do not support Dan Richards in a state like California. (peta, hsus, tree huggers, wussified girlie men, hypocrites, intolerant liberals, all the punks at the mlpa meetings on the other side of the aisle, etc. etc. etc.) Just wouldn't figure...
  156. bellcon

    Fish & Game Commissioner shoots big cat

    Ok read the article from back in May 2011, similar to your other post lots of words and names, but hardly a mention of Mr. Richards. If he has done something wrong, then the law will take its course and deal with him. So far it seems he has done nothing to warrant an arrest, or it would have...
  157. bellcon

    Fish & Game Commissioner shoots big cat

    Yes there was a discussion before Mr. Richards appointment. The 2 douche bags who did their best to steam roll fishermen and their interest again did their best to illegally stop Mr. Richards from his appointment as President of the Fish and Game commission. They failed. I have yet to meet a...
  158. bellcon

    Fish & Game Commissioner shoots big cat

    I support Richards, and thank him for what he did for us. here is a commentary by Ed Zieralski: Written by Ed Zieralski Commentary: Cougar kill in Idaho has California commissioner unfairly on hot seat. The mountain lion issue has been a hot-button one in California since the first...
  159. bellcon

    Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 15-Olive-$500

    Killer deal on a killer kayak whats next Matt? 4.7?
  160. bellcon

    Where's the MLPA on this one?

    There are no changes to the fishing regs in front of Royal Palms. They would have made an exception for the pipe if there was... but there is no SMCA etc. in front of Palms. The nearest closure is the Point Vicente SMCA to Abalone Cove SMCA which completely sucks! but it does NOT include the...
  161. bellcon

    The Rusty Hook is not closing!

    Alex, Great response, very professional But, if you think your so good at rod repairs, do you think you could bring this one back to life?: OH WAIT... You already did:notworthy: Thanks Alex, I hope you and the Rusty Hook have a great 2012! Long live the small business man!
  162. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    February Bump (harder to find this page now)
  163. bellcon


    Cool report John Some great fishing days right there!
  164. bellcon

    I'n not a diesel guy, need help on pros/cons Ford 6.0

    Is that a typo? or did you really spend 20k on that pos?
  165. bellcon

    I'n not a diesel guy, need help on pros/cons Ford 6.0

    BiggestT--YES! that's the death wobble I was talking about It can be some scary chit when that happens I'm sure it has caused many accidents I bet one day (if not already) it will cause a fatality! first time it happened I thought my truck was falling apart at the seams I had stock tires and...
  166. bellcon

    I'n not a diesel guy, need help on pros/cons Ford 6.0

    I have 2 vehicles with the 6.0 a 2004 excursion and a 2006 f250 both have been great trucks, towing our 30'+ trailer and being basically daily drivers for the family and business Having said that I spent 2k on the excursion last year for the egr cooler / oil cooler (out of warranty)... replaced...
  167. bellcon

    hobie sports supports mlpa

    I believe "Hobie Sports" is an independent dealer in lagunatic beach using the Hobie name I don't believe they even sell kayaks. Certainly no fishing related products... looks like they sell Surf boards, SUP and sunglasses... Can't find a web site for them, but did find this...
  168. bellcon

    Stone brew response

    never treid the stuff and now I never will BUT we cannot boycott in silence or on BD alone they have to hear from us emails are good a phone call is better face to face even better all 3? bonus!
  169. bellcon

    The MLPA is Unconstitutional...

    I believe you are right, I don't think we can expect chit if we don't pony up the money:
  170. bellcon

  171. bellcon


    Best of luck to Alex and the Rusty Hook, I hope they make it through these tough times and continue to survive and prosper in the new year. Alex did a lot of work for California anglers during the mlpa fight, supporting The Rusty Hook is a no brainier for those who know and care about these...
  172. bellcon

    McKenzie set to join Raiders

    By knocking the Raiders out of the playoffs Turner and Smith got to keep their jobs Good news to me....Down right enjoyable. I will take Mckenzie and a new coach over those 2 any day:D Thank you San Diego
  173. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    Excellent I was just going to do a "Nobody joined today" Bump
  174. bellcon

    Just because you don`t like the MLPA..

    I agree, but those types of organizations don't happen over night... Join us here: This may be the start The NRA has $$$ We need $$$
  175. bellcon

    Who has fresh dead or live squid in Long Beach Area

    Pedro Bait was all out of squid a couple days ago...
  176. bellcon


    Nice one awesome pic too
  177. bellcon

    Bulls Beat Lakers!!!!!

  178. bellcon

    carzy giant 40lb fish i cought on kayak 2day

    awesome job your feeding the addiction, and that's a good thing Congrats keep up the good work and way to go on the c&r
  179. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    What would it take to get more fishing related web sites involved in this? It is a great idea and big props to Bloody Decks for getting this going. But it would be great to have this option on every fishing site on the web! I have already copied my "SAVECAFISHING.ORG" graphic and put it up on...
  180. bellcon

    I want my Supporter Badge! Read here

    Done, maybe this is the idea that will get the money flowing like we need it to. :hali_olutta:
  181. bellcon

    mlpa closures

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Funny how the whole MLPA just "snuck" up on us, sure wish half the anglers moaning and complaining now were around during the fight. To Tommy and all the other Bloody Deckers who helped with your time your talents or $$ :appl::hali_olutta: To...
  182. bellcon

    Seaguar Fluoro Premier - Free Gift with Purchase!

    Jason my order said this code was invalid?
  183. bellcon

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    2004 6.0 excursion and a 2006 6.0 F250 extended warranties on both!!! no problems except the egr on the excursion BIG $$$, but it was all covered under warranty I will be replacing the parts with after market chit when the f250 goes. I have had all 3 chevy, dodge and ford I like the new Chevy...
  184. bellcon

    cj5 4x4 - $4000

    Again how much $ and what brand are those front fenders?, how did the install work out for u? like them? they look good! the fenders on my 79 need replacing...
  185. bellcon

    I WTB a kayak Local. My budget is $250 and below

    DID SOMEONE SAY GONZAGA BAY? do we really have to wait 6 more months? (and whats with the thread jack? posting pics of yourself?.... who does that remind me of?:rofl:)
  186. bellcon

    Big Raiders Crowd.......Blackout lifted (not official, but close enough Game Thread)

    1st place thank you very much :hali_olutta: SD Chargers= :rofl:
  187. bellcon

    AWESOME Cedros Fishing on KAYAKS !

    BAD ASS where do I sign up
  188. bellcon

    L.A. harbor halibut

    did you cast you "rig" off the right side of the boat? guess the Pastor is more than a fisher of men now.. Nice job!
  189. bellcon

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Pittsburg Steelers

    I think reviewing the call was all about a safety vs. a touchdown possession = touchdown downing the ball = safety He downed the ball before going out of bounds but he did not have possession ? good game!
  190. bellcon

    How smart is your right foot?......

    wanna beat it? draw the 6 from the bottom up (clockwise)
  191. bellcon

    A true story about marine science

    Since you don't include yourself as one of those being "screwed": How about you learn how to speak for yourself and yourself only One person at a time in the confession booth. If you feel guilty for your transgressions, CHANGE! I certainly don't need you claiming to know what I have or have...
  192. bellcon

    Diver Dan

    wow been along time since I seen that Ms. Minerva was a babe
  193. bellcon

    57 LB Halibut and more

    I love it awesome fish very motivating! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  194. bellcon

    BD/ Charles Belnavis Tattoo final chapter

    That is some awesome art work very original
  195. bellcon

    Now I understand

    :rofl: My son knows better I went the opposite route, a good old fashion wedgie, lifted that boys feet right off the ground... he now wears his pants correctly (especially around me) A son should flinch when dad walks behind him:rofl: Also a friend of mine is a VP at a local junior high, If he...
  196. bellcon

    Live bait in a kayak

    If your set on fishing with live bait; some kind of bucket/ container with a pump is the way to go, over the side, through a scupper or through the hull Like Wahoo said Andy at OEX can set you up with the parts or a complete tank system
  197. bellcon

    A Touching Video From Philip Rivers.....

    I basically hate the chargers, always have, But couldn't agree more with your take, well said:lux: Damn, and you were doing so well:finger: :rofl::hali_olutta:
  198. bellcon

    Mr. Brown, can you do us a favor...

    You probably right on about the gov. But I doubt you could find a man worse for the job than Dick Rodgers
  199. bellcon

    Mr. Brown, can you do us a favor...

    The time has come for Fish and Game Commissioner Richard Rogers to take a hike, Please help send the message: http://keepamericafishing.salsalabs....last_KEY=98963 Thank you Bloody Deckers!
  200. bellcon

    MLPA Closure set for Jan.1

    Done it's working so far! :hali_olutta:
  201. bellcon

    Tribute to "Rock" Psycho Clown

    Thanks for the video, great job! Rest in peace Rock you were one of a kind, and are missed look forward to fishing with you on the other side...
  202. bellcon


    yes so what are we going to do about it? For now we can send in another donation to fund the fight!
  203. bellcon

    Quick Draw practice in close combat goes wrong.......

    "I F_ _ _ KING SHOT MYSELF" Damn that had to sting "Once I shot myself, my training took over, I called my mommy then called 911" He needs to work on the before I shot myself training part
  204. bellcon

    I want to get a kayak

    The T-13 is a great kayak I have the T-15 and love it Check out Andy's shop (Iceman) He knows it all and can help you decide warning: kayak fishing is addicting... very very addicting!
  205. bellcon

    Gaffing fish the correct way

    that's the way I do it because That's the way He does it! They call him Buttchaser for a reason:hali_olutta:
  206. bellcon

    Big fish fun ... Alasaka style

    lets go Andy! Alaskapalooza?
  207. bellcon

    san pedro bait barge

    Give them a call:
  208. bellcon

    Big fish fun ... Alasaka style

    Funtastic! bucket list stuff right there:hali_olutta:
  209. bellcon

    Saltiga 30T

    :finger::rofl: This is all your fault anyway John Danny payment has been sent thanks!
  210. bellcon

    Prestine 2006 F-350 Crewcab Diesel 4X4

    Sweet truck! I have the same one what lift do you have on it? Good luck with the sale Very good price
  211. bellcon

    Saltiga 30T

    E-mail sent
  212. bellcon


    Show off That's some crazy chit out there on the water after dark (oh and thanks for telling the whole damn fleet) :rofl: Congrats John yer badass, now go back to work...
  213. bellcon

    redondo (bullshit) sportfishing

    Not sure which part of Redondo you moved to but the car thieves work there too So please... STFU
  214. bellcon

    Distance from Cabrillo to Angel's Gate

    From the Cabrillo boat ramp to outside the light house is about 2 miles.
  215. bellcon

    MLPA Closures Effective Oct 1 2011?

    Just Do It: Be sure to hit the donate tab. Thank you
  216. bellcon

    Cabrillo launch ramp

    The Cabrillo Boat Ramp definitely needs some work and the wash station needs to be fixed the mens bathroom next to is the ramp closed (I think it is for the lifeguards use only) there are 2 porta potties to use (sometimes clean sometimes not, like all porta potties) the women's bathroom is...
  217. bellcon

    bait tank help

    Andy will sell you just the parts if that's what you want or a whole tank It's up to you for a $130.00 you can build a nice bait tank easily, Good luck
  218. bellcon

    bait tank help

    Jacob stop by and talk to Andy at He can set you up with every thing you would ever need for a bait tank or anything else kayak fishing related To answer your question I use a 12volt 10amp battery for my bait tank Andy usually has them in stock
  219. bellcon

    Fish Tattoos (in progress)

    WOW Charles, I didn't know you were into tattoos Awesome work, as always Badass as always look forward to seeing the shirts roll out
  220. bellcon

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    Rock packed a lot of life in his 55 years He was one of the good guys for sure He will be missed by all that knew him Rest In Peace big guy!
  221. bellcon

    Enough good saltwater rods/reels to kill a bank account

    Nice stuff I would be interested in a lot of it,,,, But I think I will wait until the MLPA :shithappens: is settled
  222. bellcon


    1. I hate Miami 2. I Love Miami because they beat the celtics 3. I hate Chicago 4. I love chicago because they beat Miami (3 more times please) 5. I hate OKC because they have Perkins 6. I hate OKC because they beat memphis 7. I hate memphis (but wanted them to win it all) I would hate to see...
  223. bellcon

    san pedro has changed since i left in 1995

    That film was by a local, Jack Baric Awesome production... I actually watched the whole thing Thanks But . . . . Pedro really hasn't changed much, still one of the best places in the world to live and play and some of the finest people you could ever meet :hali_olutta:
  224. bellcon

    daiwa~accurate~penn and FREE STUFF

    Mr Chin you ever in San Pedro? if so I will take the Daiwa clamp
  225. bellcon

    Go Lakers! homo car window flags????

    Laker haters :finger: you know we will be back must suck cheering for one of them other teams year in and year out... P.S I hate Boston always have always will but they have always had my respect the rest of the NBA? maybe in a couple decades you can talk legit smack but I doubt it good...
  226. bellcon

    Seal Beach

    Way to go Steve I can't wait to retire and join you . . . . .. .. wait I what is "retirement" again? ps come get your chit
  227. bellcon

    Voice your opposition

    Done fug mr rodgers he is a scum bag
  228. bellcon

    From Clownafornia Divers News

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: getem Paul
  229. bellcon

    life jacket

    Can't you just borrow one from work? Here is the one i use, made for paddling, and fishing very comfortable (for a PFD) The NRS Chinook
  230. bellcon

    The NFL is gone as we know it.

    I'm so bummed what the hell am I going to do with my Sundays... now that I wont be able to watch my Los Angles Pro football team play? Oh wait a sec... never mind
  231. bellcon

    getting started???

    Jacob not a lot of guys use that brand in so cal there are much better kayaks for our waters But for 200 bucks can you really go wrong? hit up craiglist and some kayak sites for used boats you can find killer deals almost daily Also hit up the Fred Hall show and look at all the yaks for ideas...
  232. bellcon

    9mm shopping

    Not an expert but I love my Sig Sauer P226
  233. bellcon

    Torpedo Sinkers

    Daniel, Thanks for the 40 pounds of lead ....I should be set for at least a couple days of fishing... Guys the lead looks good, the price is fair, and Daniel is a stand up guy to do business with... Thanks again Don
  234. bellcon

    What Should Be Done Instead of Closures?

    Good stuff KuttySark but how about we keep the: herp-a-derp-derp-derp name calling for those who want to shut us down, not fellow fishermen? or maybe just drop the term all together? At one of the first meetings I tried talking about slot limits, bag limits, shorter seasons... etc. they didnt...
  235. bellcon

    Torpedo Sinkers

    Daniel, PM sent
  236. bellcon

    halibut in the San Pedro area, standard...

    Nice job with the butts and the sailboat parking! gotta love Pedro
  237. bellcon


    pm sent
  238. bellcon


    its a long story, and I almost did swim back in But it was a killer day... Thanks
  239. bellcon

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Sale

    talking chit about the Iceman is not cool your pity party played out a long time ago... :finger: Good luck with the big sale Andy!
  240. bellcon


    Buy a Kayak... :D
  241. bellcon

    Ocean kayak Trident 15

    It's still gonna happen even if he does sale the Trident were basically twins:D
  242. bellcon

    Seeker Black Steel 6470 X 3

    Chuck, there is 6470 here with black guides: <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:Compatibility> <w:BreakWrappedTables/> <w:SnapToGridInCell/> <w:WrapTextWithPunct/> <w:UseAsianBreakRules/> </w:Compatibility>...
  243. bellcon

    Defensive player of the year goes to

    Roids or not that boy is badass
  244. bellcon

    Guess The Location

    Anza Borrego
  245. bellcon

    Ballyhoo from the kayak...

    :finger: Thanks for the invite Happy New Year Andy!
  246. bellcon

    This is how it is done

    What a great year 2010 was! Congrats Greg, Wade and Steve... :hali_olutta:
  247. bellcon

    RV dual battery setup

    Some good info on setting up rv battery systems... The 12volt Side of Life (Part 1) check it out,
  248. bellcon

    Who Said It?

    No fair using google! you got it Geno, just another example of a conflict of interest Mr enviro himself making decisions on closures...:happens:
  249. bellcon

    Who Said It?

    "We may not be able to do much about climate change in the near term but we can damn well control fishing better than we do now,"
  250. bellcon


    thanks Bill I was just going to post this info. We need donations from all fishermen. (a monthly donation would be best) Can we get this post anchored at the top? This is where we now are in this MLPA fiasco. time to put our money to work. letters, emails, meetings? DONE... now we need to...
  251. bellcon

    Foodsaver V2222: reg. $102 for $26 SHIPPED - just a few left FoodSaver

    I have been happy with my hand pump system by Reynolds but i could not pass up this deal for $26.34 just placed my order worked for me Thanks for the heads up!
  252. bellcon

    ~*~* ROLL CALL -DECEMBER 15th MLPA FNG Commision Mtg. ~*~*

    Bump Maggie did you edit my post? good job! Add me to the list
  253. bellcon

    The Last Meeting?

    Of course Joe and Bill will show up Again:cheers: Bump for the rest of us....
  254. bellcon

    The Last Meeting?

    ROLL CALL THREAD - GO TO: The Fish and Game Commission meeting in about two weeks in Santa Barbara, Dec 15, 9 am at the Hotel Mar Monte on 1111 East...
  255. bellcon

    Tommy Gomes - Headline News!!!

    Well said Thanks for sharing your story, boldly and honestly.
  256. bellcon

    Just How Big Do THESE Things Get? Part II

    Fugin incredible can you teach me how you do that? Bad Azz Steve... simply Bad Azz what a freakin rush that must have been once you got her gaffed and clipped!
  257. bellcon

    Loss of one of our good guys.

    Ciro was a great guy a very hard working family man we went to school together then our sons played ball together He was a mans man still commercial fishing when so many had given it up San Pedro lost one of it's best young men way too soon Prayers have been going up regularly for his wife and...
  258. bellcon

    Australians know how to properly respond to PETA's bullshit...

    I love it! I'M SO SICK OF THESE ENVIRO WHACKOS And I believe a lot of us are finally seeing that these whackos have gained way to much influence. We can no longer sit back and giggle at their stupidity. They are actually being heard now, and it is time we all fought back and pointed out how...
  259. bellcon

    How big of a boat do you need to go to SBI?

    I had a feeling this was coming:rofl: Way to go Grego errr I mean Andy:finger:
  260. bellcon

    VOTE NO on Prop 21

    VOTING DONE NO one 21!
  261. bellcon

    Daiwa Saltiga 15

    Orngez PM sent
  262. bellcon

    Kayak Fishing

    Oh Chit I got a little diet coke out the nose, and on the keyboard... :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: OK-OK I promise it wont happen again :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Fuggin Andy :rofl:
  263. bellcon

    Launching at LAB?

    Cherry Beach
  264. bellcon

    Kayak Fishing

    6'-4", 250lbs on a Trident 15 here I love my yak, performs well in all waters As far as rod length goes... Caught all these one night using a Seeker Black Steel 660h 6' rod: it was a good night:D
  265. bellcon


  266. bellcon

    yak questions, battery, bait tank, rod holders, anchor, PFD

    Roma, Do yourself a favor and get down to Andys shop: You can ask Andy all those questions in person, bring your cash or credit card, the shop is full service, and you can walk out with everything you need! I would also recommend checking out this site...
  267. bellcon

    What's your caption for this picture?

    Fuggin Al Davis was right... I SUCK!
  268. bellcon

    Rods and Reels

    Kevin, the reel just got here today (post mans issue) It is in GREAT shape thanks for the smooth deal I will let you know when I kill my first yellow with it Guys, looks like Kevin still has stuff for sale jump on it A+ quality Thanks again
  269. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    Lots of new names to add... (I have not wanted to deal with this for awhile, but after opening todays newspaper...)--> Start with Cal Oceans - CalOceans They ran a full page ad in today's Palos Verdes Peninsula News... Called "Save Rocky Point" they are pushing hard to have more of the Palos...
  270. bellcon

    Chargers game.....

    Damn John, I missed that ... classic! "Mom...I'm trying to watch the's not over... NOT TO OAKLAND":hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: Poor kid :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  271. bellcon

    Rods and Reels

    PM sent
  272. bellcon

    Chargers game.....

    What a sweet win Losing the Chargers was getting real old 13 was enough
  273. bellcon

    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    For a bunch of assholes:D Bloody Decks never ceases to amaze me with their compassion and generosity :hali_olutta:Cheers to you all! Let me know how I can donate some stuff when you decide how to get this ball rolling Glad you made it outta of there with your family intact! Amazing
  274. bellcon

    Tornado...Hit a BD member hard.

    Damn I have plenty of extra chit and would be willing to help, put me on the list let me know what is needed Don
  275. bellcon

    New Padres app!!!

    Back to the I Phone APP You gotta admit... That was some funny chit:rofl:
  276. bellcon

    Safe to park at Cabrillo launch ramp?

    A collective big FUCK you from the Pedro Boys:finger::finger::finger::Beat_Them Many better places to launch... very few better places to live...
  277. bellcon

    how a conservationist/animal rights activist/vegan responds to a rude dfg

    Well said Jason Stan, even you said you: I was also brought up with this lesson...But you also readily admit you have your limits (Like all of us do) regarding the amount of attitude you will take from a man whether he is wearing a badge or not. I think this applies to Wade, this was not the...
  278. bellcon

    I gotta fish heavier line, SD bay yak style

    Cool report Sherm I think I caught the same fish yaking in Catalina I thought it was a sand dab but now I'm going with "Fantail Sole" (only because I have never caught one of those before)
  279. bellcon

    legs going numb/back sore

    Buy the the most comfortable seat you can find I have tried a bunch of them... I like the surf to summit brand I had the GTS Airwave first I loved that seat, (still have it) but the air bladder kept leaking... I now use the GTS Pro, I have used it for over a year now and I love it. On a side...
  280. bellcon

    Screwed again by Schwarzenegger

    The more I hear the more I like Dan Richards Richards for governor!!!
  281. bellcon

    Saltiga 20, Saltist 20H

    Payment sent thanks Steve! :cheers:
  282. bellcon

    Some demotivational pics

    here's a couple
  283. bellcon

    1 leopard shark and two new rims and tires.

    You need to call the news networks and share this story! it is stories like this that can make all the other depressing stories about how low man has gone almost bearable Sadly...a man of integrity is not that common now a days
  284. bellcon

    labradors 1 year and 7 months old

    Awesome Ron cool pics... she looks like a great addition to a great family
  285. bellcon

    Billfish tattoo

    Awesome Charles:appl: very cool work as always
  286. bellcon

    women :)

    you keep posting em and I will keep laughing question: do you have all these great stories and jokes in your head? memorized?... vs. find and post? my dad was like that, never forgot a punch line... some good stuff, thanks for sharing the laughs
  287. bellcon

    Your Launch Ramp Disaster pictures

    Here is the best pic I have seen Kenny at Baytubers took it at MDR last year guy seems to have just driven down the ramp The WRONG Look at the guys on the dock just rushing to help the guy out:rofl:
  288. bellcon

    I need a favor

    111 votes now 39% yes 61% no lets flood it wish we had this down here a few months back thanks Jan
  289. bellcon

    Stuttering Cat

    :rofl: I will use it
  290. bellcon

    loomis/seeker/calstar/teramar for sale

    Jeff, Paypal sent thanks
  291. bellcon


    I don't know you or your son But I have 3 of them myself and we will all pray for you and Cory. Your son does not blame you. (Also bet he would raise hell if you tried to eliminate all risk from his life) You sound like a great dad who encourages his son to dream and live those dreams. Keep up...
  292. bellcon

    I hate fucking Iraq!!!

    Tell him thanks from me a regular American who appreciates his service and thinks he is one of the true Heros in this world
  293. bellcon

    Game 7 predictions......

  294. bellcon

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    Damn I hate the Keltics I hate Rondo I hate Pierce (really hate this one) I hate that big baby face Davis I hate Allen I hate .ock rivers I hate that 5'-9" midget I hate Perkins I hate Garnet I hate Wallace I hate the color green I am just a hater Have been for along time :finger:Boo-ston...
  295. bellcon

    Lessons - 1st Surf Launch

    You gotta start some place and it looks like you picked a great place Cheers on your first surf launch! Enjoy the addiction!
  296. bellcon

    Seeker Black Steels

    Jose, pm sent
  297. bellcon

    The Wizard.......

    Wish we had more men like him
  298. bellcon

    How about those Lakers!

    I find myself barely able to watch the Lakers in the playoffs anymore (even though I rarely miss a game) I think I have developed that same anxiety that Jerry West had, it kills me to see them play poorly and even worse when they lose I don't get to depressed for too long but I might just have...
  299. bellcon

    Inspirational Video

    "What did we learn here?" "I did not give up even though my head was schwelling" :rofl::rofl: Hint: Don't try this with plywood!
  300. bellcon

    Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Looking for a deal on a black steel factory wrapped 6470 John G. Model w/ gold guides anyone? thanks Don
  301. bellcon

    Best Kayak for.....

    Very cool rig Jorge Looking forward to your first report Hope you catch a big one And maybe take a pic... and replace that avatar:eek:
  302. bellcon

    Catalina on the Waverunners

    Epic Pating promised to tow me someday... hasn't happened yet:D.... waiting Maybe when I get old I will try one of them skis:D For now I will stick to the kayak And Clown you Psycho, I Love It! (I trashed my phone and lost all contacts, PM me those digits big guy) Oh and let me know when...
  303. bellcon

    Keel saver

    I like the idea Concrete boat ramps kill plastic yaks One strip looks like it could do a dozen kayaks? I wish these were the way our "made in the USA" kayaks came from the factory this one is an Ocean Kayak made in New Zealand built in replaceable keel saver:
  304. bellcon

    avet, super seeker, penn,shimano

    Mike cash in hand I will take the 30t (put me in line)
  305. bellcon

    Free Torium Reels

    Wow This is some good stuff Big props to you Pay it forward...
  306. bellcon

    which one for a tall dude

    Flyliner sit on top are the way to go Andy at OEX Sunset is the only recommendation I can confidently give you. Stand up guy, and he knows Kayak fishing inside and out. Give him a call. Sealtaco 6'-5" in a Hobie? I have tried them and I seem to bottom...
  307. bellcon

    Lemo43 fishes with Da Clown

    Way to go Rock:cheers: still got those peddle machines laying around? How's the knee? Take it easy big guy!
  308. bellcon

    which one for a tall dude

    just over 6'-4" here 240-250lbs Ocean Trident 15 works great for me
  309. bellcon

    Does anyone know Gary Kawakami?

    I know the Ancich family good people Well I guess that goes without saying:cheers: and he taught those boys a great lesson!
  310. bellcon

    Does anyone know Gary Kawakami?

    Aye, But it is men (and women) like this that usually think... "Whats the big deal?" , "I just did what was the right thing to do" My kinda people! What is the boats name? Thanks for sharing this Alex!
  311. bellcon

    6470H grabowski model

    Bump... Joe we both know you don't need to sell that stick... and I don't need to buy it... But if you wanna give a fellow Pedro Boy a deal, I will give you $150.00 for it Let me know:D
  312. bellcon

    Waverunner Fishing with a Psycho Clown

    AWESOME Steve I just found this report (do you ever catch fish off that beasty ski?) Rock how ya doing? Looking good big guy!
  313. bellcon

    Ronny Kovach's Advertising adventures

    Best thread jack ever! Too funny and he knows how to cuss like a gentleman Oh and Dan gets a thumbs up from me for going to the MLPA crap too!!
  314. bellcon

    Kayak Fishing Mecca

    Awesome I need to fish the yak there someday
  315. bellcon

    Help Keep Rocky Point Open submit an E-letter NOW !!

    Will do Joe! Thanks for all your hard work
  316. bellcon

    Photophix your fishing shots

    Awesome how about this one, My first wsb off the Kayak:
  317. bellcon

    Ocotillo Wells OHV Help

    Poolman A 2x suburban should make it easy For some great blooms there is also Coyote Canyon, you can make to the third water crossing easy in a 2x many options out there lots of flowers a couple weeks ago Fonts point is a cool route and the view from the end of point can't be beat that would...
  318. bellcon

    Kayak Fishing Mecca

    Rahkeht, Man up and share a report from mecca
  319. bellcon

    Free Hobie Kayak Demos At Dana Point Harbor 3/14/10

    So is that yer next yak Gino? I could see you in an Outback! Then you could keep up with yer Mafia Buddies Maybe
  320. bellcon

    Baja Fish Gear Sale Through March

    I couldn't make the show Steve I was at the Ontario commission meeting on Wednesday:1041677399: then went camping with the family... I will be by today or manana
  321. bellcon

    Cen Cal Ghosts

    Congrats beautiful fish yakers rule!
  322. bellcon

    tds tierra del sol offroad

    I was camping with the family at anza borego took the 86 home and saw the tds on the way out looked like a wild time for sure gonna have to do that some time thanks for sharing the pics the desert is incredible right now so green and the wild flowers are going off and water were water has not...
  323. bellcon

    ROLL CALL March 3rd MLPA F&G MTG. - Who's In???

    As much as I don't want anything to do with another MLPA related meeting... I fugin be there
  324. bellcon


    freaking amazing not many caught that size whats the record? something like 21 or is it 28? Congrats!
  325. bellcon


    nuff said
  326. bellcon

    Avet, Penn, Shimano Rods & Reels

    Very nice ad best pics every on gear for sale good luck
  327. bellcon

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    That was his response to me maybe it was something I said??? All I said was: Pull the trigger...Save a Black Sea Bass Gezz what a sensitive ego...
  328. bellcon

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    If you mean by "sin" dragging a BSB onto the beach for a photo shoot I am innocent Here is my stone He is a fool and makes all anglers look bad Hope he gets a stone thrown at him by a judge and I hope it nails good and hard
  329. bellcon

    Profile Picture Editing

    awesome simply awesome Thanks, some great work!!
  330. bellcon

    Best Super Bowl commercials?

    X2 who you calling a milkaholic?
  331. bellcon

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

  332. bellcon

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    seems they are a dying breed Lying scum bag I will be emailing fox news
  333. bellcon

    Profile Picture Editing

    These are amazing... I loved the last thread of your work can I get one? Thanks
  334. bellcon

    Who do you think will be Champions next Sunday

    What time do the Chargers play today?... oh wait never mind...
  335. bellcon

    Padres not monopolized anymore!

    I would join in... but Mercerm is doing a fine job:D
  336. bellcon

    Padres not monopolized anymore!

    Go Dodgers!
  337. bellcon

    BSB thread, the story was updated

    That last video was F-ing insane. and something should be done about it by the DFG. The guy driving the boat is a tool The idiots holding the ropes from the pier is a tool The people chatting and encouraging them on and clapping are all tools The pier rat... "let me fix my hair" the...
  338. bellcon

    Lane Kiffin new USC head coach!

    here's hoping USC continues to stay at the top!! Go Trojans
  339. bellcon

    Rods and Reels for sale

    The Ulua is sold thanks John For a good deal on a great rod
  340. bellcon

    Kayaks caught in the wind

    good idea... Might want to tether your paddle while your at it:frehya2:
  341. bellcon

    Send a thank you to Dan Richards

    Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards, shed a bit of light on a very dark process. He asked the right questions at the first Commission meeting, and we should all thank him and support him. We should also encourage him to continue to ask the tough questions. There are MANY more that need...
  342. bellcon

    Possible ban on PWC at Mavericks

    I wonder what Smurfrider has to say about it? Because of their stance on the MLPA Surfrider can now officially kiss my ___
  343. bellcon

    Link to Live Webcast of BRTF and DFG Mtg. Dec. 9th, 2009

    To all who made it THANKS!!!! To those who couldn't make it for whatever reason, please try and make the next one, and send as many letters as you can to the commission asap! To those who could have made it but didn't::_smack_:
  344. bellcon

    HP ads?

    I completely disagree. But understand your point. I for one will still not be giving the HP Corp. any of my $ in the future.
  345. bellcon


    WOW 58,502 members and, so far only 14 people willing to go the meeting to try and make a difference Pathetic
  346. bellcon


    IN It would be a great thing to see the spearos and kayakers out numbered by the boaters at this meeting...
  347. bellcon

    10 Rods for Sale

    PM sent and if Buttchaser drops the ball I will take #9 because it must be a good butt stick :) um wait well you know what I mean
  348. bellcon

    dfg meeting the 9th

    WeALL need to be "going" not sure what the agenda will be regarding public comment yet cya there
  349. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    The list has been edited and updated again Moderators, how about "anchoring" this list? I will be doing my best to keep it current with any new information And thanks to everyone who made the commitment and sacrifice to fight this process to the end...(and it's not over yet).
  350. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    Paul, edited the #1 spot to reflect the money trail more accurately
  351. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    Very little homework needed to answer that one And the list is not in any type of order it is what it is I can update it, and will occasionally... If it helps you great, if it pisses you off then fire off a few emails to the respective politician or "group" I am just the messenger... But...
  352. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    Peska he is now there Happy? I just made the list from the comments page Don't give me a fugging hard time Add to it make your own delete from it I don't give a rats... Seeya on Tuesday the 10th!
  353. bellcon

    The Chit List (Environmentalists)

    The following is a list of the Politicians, Corporations and Organizations who supported the closures in work group proposal 3. These are the ones who will not get my VOTE, my MONEY or my SUPPORT! We must never forget these individuals and organizations Black Tuesday has come and gone. But...
  354. bellcon

    Here We Go Again - MLPA

    I thought about it... and No disrespect but the idea sucks get to the meeting on Tuesday if we show up we can hold the ground we have fought so hard to gain if we don't show up... we are truly screwed
  355. bellcon

    Why Texas is better than CA

    can you imagine The MLPA dweebs trying to shut down fishin in Texas SEE YOU NOVEMBER 10TH
  356. bellcon

    this is bu ll sh it MLPA!! need an attorney or someone with political exp.!!!!

    Lops saw your post over at BWE Glad you are getting on board but you are no newbie here, and we could have used you along time ago but seriously thanks because it is better late than never seeya Tuesday I hope
  357. bellcon

    All hands on deck, again

    52 views and no commitments? Come on Bloody Decks Go Get Em If we Don't show up... they have every intention of screwing us!!! I am in
  358. bellcon

    Why mixed messages from our "leaders"?

    I don't see it as "promoting" I see it as informing The "opponents" are reading all of our boards and it would do us well to read theirs. Knowing them on a deeper level is a good thing To know them is to be better prepared to "fight" them. sticking our head in the sand, (like many did and...
  359. bellcon

    What happened with Palos Verdes?

    Thanks to all that came yesterday I thought we did very well for ourselves I was there from about 8am until the last voice was heard... BillyV Thanks Billy for all you have done! Been A long haul and sadly we are not done with the mlpa chit yet... Divegod I pulled a couple Pro-MLPA stickers...
  360. bellcon

    Early morning show up for the Oct. 21st BRTF meeting--Please read

    Classic Billy!!! I live about 15-20 minutes from the meeting so you think 8am? is early enough????
  361. bellcon

    THE marine life protection and game code 2850

    yeah... its the white mans fault again... brilliant idea there... :shake:
  362. bellcon

    10ft Ulua,Shimano Stella,Loomis,Smitty,Newell

    whats the ulua look like? pics?
  363. bellcon

    Rollcall for Oct. 21st Meeting--Let's go get 'em BDers!

    I am there with my kayak fishing brothers and you!!!
  364. bellcon


    what model seeker?
  365. bellcon

    Charger Games

    I would go to a game once a year... last year we showed up about 1 1/2 hours before the game AND THERE WAS NO PARKING I let out the family and drove around the place looking for a spot missed almost the whole first half I finally moved a baracade to get in the lot Security told me you gotta...
  366. bellcon

    Raiders fans must read!

    ha ha get a dick tionary sharger fan :finger:
  367. bellcon


    Moderators: how about a thread anchored for an Octorber MLPA meeting roll call? we have had them going on other boards to show those committed to attending various meetings and to inform / motivate others to attend this is one of those must attend meetings there will be day and night...
  368. bellcon

    super seeker baby ulua

    Steve... I am looking to go up from the 9'3" ulua I already lug around LJ:D
  369. bellcon

    Kayaks and Sharks

    What a thread...Only On Bloody Decks:slap: Me? I would never buy a SharkShield But.... If all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by Great Whites Etc. and you had one installed I would probably paddle up next to you...:loverz:
  370. bellcon

    I think that I'm going to vomit...

    PLEASE do us all a favor and REMOVE the link that site does NOT need more hits it will just move it up the line in the search engines eco terrorist at work they are slamming the PSO we do NOT need to help them spread there lies!!! PLEASE DELETE LINK!!!!!
  371. bellcon

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    Some good ideas here... nice to see some people getting off their ass... This is for real guys... I had this same idea, and this is what i did: Gotta start somewhere NOT ALOT OF TIME LEFT do something!
  372. bellcon

    Can we be heard?

    Sure seems that way John Sad... very sad I think we might have better luck with "joe public" getting fishermen off their butts has been damn near impossible!!!
  373. bellcon

    BRTF meeting 7/29...........

  374. bellcon

    MLPA Roadshow Map Worksh Today- San Pedro!!!!

    First BigJoe, It was good to meet you and thanks for clearing up some questions I had regarding External A v.s. External B, Thanks for the time you have put into this process Second: What the fug???????????????????????????? 90 people??????????????????????????????? thats PATHETIC I was...
  375. bellcon

    MLPA Local Open Houses Very Important

    Thanks for posting this Bigjoe I could'nt agree more... And I hope that alot more people plan on attended than just the 2 responses so far... I will be at the San Pedro meeting (and possibly others) Hope we have a HUGE turn out If we don't comment and make our voices heard... We can kiss...
  376. bellcon

    Kayaking at SCI W/ Islander

    Adam, thanks for the report I love the Islander for mothership trips! Tell Michael congrats on out fishing dad! wayto go getting a 10 year old out there on the open water!! Thats memories for a lifetime there!
  377. bellcon

    Ocean Kayak - Prowler Big Game Angler

    Gino before you buy one check out the Trident 15 faster... easier to paddle...and very stable... you can get the stability thing wired quickly... you cannot make a big game go faster! just saying Good luck!
  378. bellcon

    Laguna Mayor Is pissed off & will mount campaign against reserve

    Send a letter of support to Mayor Boyd... (I did) He is a lone sane voice... Surrounded by enviro nazis This chit is serious boys you better be willing to join the fight or find a new hobby!!!
  379. bellcon

    Saltiga 30L

    30L L= Left (If it was a right i'd buy it) Here you go:
  380. bellcon

    Camping Catalina Island

    There are lots of camping options at catalina check this out: Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge we stayed at Little Harbor for 4 days paddled from Cat Harbor after landing at Two Harbors and walking across the Isthmus Just one option for you:D
  381. bellcon

    La Jolla BUTT 4-19

    :cheers::cheers: Nice very nice
  382. bellcon

    Looking to buy

    have you called Andy? the Iceman at sunsetbeach OEX (562) 592-0800 oexsunsetbeach if anyone can help you he can
  383. bellcon

    4 days & 900 miles of dirt

    fanfreakingtastic makes me want to fire up the old Jeep
  384. bellcon

    Calicos @ Catalina

    To bad you cant fish at pebble beach or lovers cove:hali_parkutuli::D (where that sub most likely took you) it has been a protected marine sanctuary for decades still a beautifull place
  385. bellcon

    San Pedro bait - Rude Behavior WTF???

    You dont say (or know?) who was working the barge so it falls back on the company, Give then a call if you want to complain, I am sure they will hear you out. I know 2 of the owners well, and eveyone else i have met from SP Bait seem to be stand up guys I can tell you this. Anthony (the regular...
  386. bellcon

    Best Prices for Diesel in San Pedro/Long Beach

    1bigfisch asked: this should help... it has address and water directions... BoatUS-Marinas: Cooperating Marina - Jankovich & Sons
  387. bellcon

    kayaker are safe

    David gald to hear you and your dad are ok listen to all the advice... you are gonna get alot of it:slap: you are simi famous (infamous)on the boards now learn from your mistakes get the things you need so you are better prepared next time Kayak fishing is meant to be an adventure and there will...
  388. bellcon

    Daughter catches Dad's tacos

    Way to go Dad!!! awesome pic my daughter just turned 18 all i can say is... enjoy those moments and cherish her childhood those memories will last a life time!!!
  389. bellcon

    Birthday Nados Run

    Happy B-day Matt and congrats Chris:cheers:... first child?...let the fun begin
  390. bellcon

    2008 Notable catch

    Nice post John What he was too modest to tell you is that he was king of the halibutt slayers with 69 legals (mostly biguns) to his name Congrats again John!!:urno1::worship::cheers:
  391. bellcon

    which yak

    Quote: "Get a Hobie.. they're for chicks" :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: LOLLOLLOLLOL sorry my Hobie brethren.... that cracked me up!
  392. bellcon

    Malibu x factor

    A Trident is faster than both and DRY!
  393. bellcon

    Good Kayak Deal?

    Rob929, if you want a good deal, do buisness with Iceman (Andy) if you want yer questions answered, Do buisness with Iceman (Andy) if your looking at the Malibus, do buisness with Iceman (Andy) lets see... yep that about covers it :D
  394. bellcon

    Leo 29th

    Great report Jim and pics dont get many of those round here
  395. bellcon

    How to make smelt?

    bread crumbs are like crack to them smelt
  396. bellcon

    palos verdes - fishing of the inflatable yak - 9/28

    Helluva trail down to the water... like Andy said the inflatable probably makes it more bearable great report... that place is crawling with life
  397. bellcon

    check out my new ride

    300 bucks is a great deal for any kayak that floats and is in that good of shape... i got a cobra for sale for 250 w/ no paddle enjoy your new ride
  398. bellcon

    $100 Catalina Yak Day Trip Sunday Aug 10, From San Pedro

    Damn Ron Thats Awesome Venice? that amazingLOL see ya in the morning Lokey Don
  399. bellcon

    Baytubers 5th. Annual Big Summer Tournament August 23, 2008

    it is gonna be a great time with some great people and some great prizes be there or be square
  400. bellcon

    Hobie drive vs paddle

    i tried all the Hobie models out... just wasn't for me i ended up with another "paddle" yak, the Trident, very happy with my decision except on those harsh windy days when i see the out of shape guy/gal blast past me in their Hobies :) seriously... seems Hobie has taken kayak fishing by storm...
  401. bellcon

    OC Trident 15' or Malibu eXtreme, or?

    I am 6'-4" 240lbs and i Love my Trident check out Andy at: oexsunsetbeach for the Extreme or any Malibu yak and you can try Greg at: Xstreamline Sports for Ocean Kayaks Good luck Don
  402. bellcon

    Anouther New Guy to Kayak Fishing

    trident = very stable big game = very very stable big game = kinda fast trident = very fast xfactor and extreme and x13 Brad said go try them out i tried em all it helped (and honestly it didnt help in some ways) eventually i just went ahead and bought knowing nothing last forever...
  403. bellcon

    Anouther New Guy to Kayak Fishing

    6'-4" 245lbs here prowler trident has been perfect for me (well nothings perfect) i also liked the malibu x factor alot see andy @ oexsunsetbeach Don
  404. bellcon

    yak hooping?

    So shrimp are the one thing in the sea safe from your kayaking adventures Andy?
  405. bellcon

    Should I?

    Andy at oexsunsetbeach for Malibu kayaks, all the gear and kayak fishing expert. Gregg at Xstreamline Sports for any kayak except Malibu. Don
  406. bellcon

    At PV with some great friends.

    looks like you are right below the baseball fields just before palms
  407. bellcon

    the jeep squeeze....

    where is jeep squeeze? 79 cj here
  408. bellcon

    looking for yak

    fishnrb, thats the world famous Djax65 malibu x factor
  409. bellcon

    Kayak Fish Finder??

    sly i have had the 220 max on one of my yaks for a couple of years works great and have had no problems i keep it greased and take care of it others have had problems with corrosion on the contacts from what i hear... go to west marine for the best warranty my trident has the humminbird...
  410. bellcon

    keeping dry/warm

    Andy is at the sunset beach location oexsunsetbeach
  411. bellcon

    keeping dry/warm

    fyi: Sams club has Chota breatable waders for about 54 bucks all sizes (great deal) Don
  412. bellcon

    seal beach

    the wedge? :eek:
  413. bellcon

    New Ocean Kayak Trident

    i better go check the garage ... looks like someone stole my yak and put a rudder on it Don
  414. bellcon

    x-treme vs x-factor malibu

    i tested them all and went with the new prowler trident i am happy but the x factor was a close second and im sure i would have loved it also i like surf launching and the trident glides great... but it does get a bit of water over the bow... high and dry other wise Don
  415. bellcon

    Beach launching?

    i know redondo, torrance and rats can be added to the no problem to launch from list Don
  416. bellcon

    Late report at pv

    Jorge, where is that picture at the top taken?? pv? where? i live in san pedro.. nice prowlers you have there Don