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  1. H20buffalo112

    SOLD A lot of Salt Water Hooks Miscellaneous $75

    One lot of miscellaneous hooks look at pictures very carefully Owners Mustads Gamakatsu Eagle Claw Albacore Jig double hooks $75 will ship I’m in Long Beach Ca
  2. H20buffalo112

    For Sale 2/PENN 49L SUPER MARINER NEW $80 each

    I have two New in box Penn 49 super Mariners no clamps ,no clamps I will ship, I’m in Long Beach California look at pictures carefully.
  3. H20buffalo112


    Very nice clean Penn 349 master mariner for sale with new 50 pound test line look at pictures very carefully the spool is a steel spool it has a little bit of rust and tarnish. the drags system is good and ready to go. will ship I’m in Long Beach. No box $95
  4. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Used Penn Fathom 40NLDHS Single speed right hand.$175

    For sale is a Penn Fathom 40 NL DHS single speed 7 to 1 ratio reel Lever drag In good working condition,few scratches Look at pictures comes with box and will ship on your dime. I’m in Long Beach. $175
  5. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Silver JX 6/3 = 2 speed Right hand Avet Reel $275.” NON RAPTOR“

    Upgrading to the next size so I’m selling my JX6/3 2 speed silver right handed Avet reel with 65 pounds spectra in good condition no box. it does come with the reel-clamps I will ship on your dime I’m in Long Beach California. Bought from a fellow BD member. $275
  6. H20buffalo112

    SOLD AVET JX 6/3 TWO SPEED REEL 9/10 condition

    For sale is a Mint Condition Avet JX 6/3 2 speed blue ,beautiful Reel it comes with 65 pound spectra. look at pictures very carefully will ship on your dime. $275.00
  7. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Penn Fathom FTH40NLDHS

    I have two Penn Fathoms 40 single speed 7 to 1 ratio Reels for sale they’re in great condition they come with spectra 65 pounds. look at pictures very careful. will ship on your dime. 175.00 each
  8. H20buffalo112

    For Sale PENN MASTER MARINER 349 8/10 Condition

    Have a beautiful Penn master mariner 349 black . look at pictures very carefully will ship on your dime. $90
  9. H20buffalo112

    For Sale PENN MASTER MARINER 349. 8/10 condition

    Have a beautiful Penn 349 black master mariner for sale . look at pictures very carefully I will ship on you’re dime. $100.00
  10. H20buffalo112

    Long Range boat Independence heading home to SD.

    Good morning fellow Bloodydeckers. the INDEPENDENCE just left the LA light heading to San Diego and hopefully with that some of you will get to see her with all the new stuff that she has on .let’s hope for a SAFE fishing season. TIGHT LINES.
  11. H20buffalo112

    WTB Looking for either REEL ARMOR OR SKIN HUGGERS

    Good afternoon, bloody deck fisherman. hey I’m looking for these two items if anybody knows or has contact information on where to get them. I exhausted my research on them and now pleading for you guys that know about them and basically there are a protector on the conventional reels, they’re...
  12. H20buffalo112

    FREE Scammers Alert.

    Be very careful. I just posted on bloody decks classifieds and I received two messages from a scammer within a minute and it was a San Diego phone number
  13. H20buffalo112


    I have a beautiful pen international 50 SW 2 speed in mint condition it comes with Jerry Brown spectra 130 pound test ready to go. $$$$400.00
  14. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Avet MXL 4.5 single speed conventional reel

    Mint condition Avet MXL 4.5 convenational reel. look at pictures very carefully I will ship. $$$$$ 200.00
  15. H20buffalo112


    For sale is an accurate TERM 600 narrow 6 to 1 , star drag Reel single speed. it’s the TX 600 XN , it’s got the twin Drag system and it’s brand new in the box. look at the pictures very carefully. $$$ 250.00 will ship on your dime I take PayPal.
  16. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Wahoo bombs Misc. 1 lot

    Have 14 misc Wahoo bombs: 70.00 for all + shipping . Not separating. Must take all.
  17. H20buffalo112


    One lot: Fish “N” things Ventura. 6 Wahoo bombs. Look at pictures very carefully. 30.00 + shipping. In Long Beach
  18. H20buffalo112


    I have a Penn “LEFTY” Squall.SQL40DLH NEW IN BOX 130.00 plus shipping.
  19. H20buffalo112

    WTB Okuma Cedros 8-10-12- Conventional Reel

    Anyone out there have this reels? Interested in buying.
  20. H20buffalo112

    SOLD Wahoo bombs /Two lots

    LOT #1 8 - Fish “N” Things Cherry Bombs 4/4oz - 4/6oz Total of 8 for $ 50.00 LOT#2. 19- Misc Wahoo Bombs /different sizes and weights $ 100.00 Price drop!! WILL NOT SEPARATE LOTS Will ship on your dime. I’m in Long Beach call me @310-528-2913 Sergio
  21. H20buffalo112


    Up for sale is a PENN SQUALL 40LDLH CONVENTIONAL REEL. New. 100.00 call Sergio @ 310-528-2913 leave message or text.
  22. H20buffalo112

    SOLD OKUMA MAKAIRA 30ll two speed NEW

    For sale is a NEW Okuma Makaira 2 speed conventional reel, gold. it comes with no box and no tools . Call me @ 310-528-2913. I’m in Long Beach Ca
  23. H20buffalo112

    SOLD USED REELS in Long Beach

    I have four reels I want to sale. 1. Diawa Lexa- Wn 400 HS-P with Winn handle used one time 180.00 SOLD Sold sold 2. Avet SX 6/4- MC 2 speed in good condition. Silver 200.00 SOLD 3. Avet MXL 4.5 purple single speed in good condition. 160.00 SOLD Sold Sold 4. Pro...
  24. H20buffalo112

    Independence trip 1902

    Hola, it’s about that time to start a roll call on our up and coming trip that leaves this Sunday. I’m all fired up that I’m showing up on Saturday, With my new Baby. I wish it was Pink Spectra. ROLL CALL: who’s coming?
  25. H20buffalo112

    Fortune/bluefin tuna 12-2-2018

    Went fishing out of 22nd St.Landing On the fortune on 12-03-2018 Monday night on a one and 1/2 day trip and to me this was an unknown boat ,what a pleasure to fish on this 65 foot by 19 foot boat. Took out 18 anglers out to the Cortez and it’s an amazing little boat ,great captain good crew and...
  26. H20buffalo112

    For Sale Vintage Cal/Star Rod and Newell/penn reels

    Up for sale are vintage Cal star west coast series Rods in really good condition look at the pictures very carefully and I also have the reels the penn and the newell’s and there’s a price sheet for each individual item. I am in seal Beach and if you want them shipped it’s going to be on your...
  27. H20buffalo112


    For sale is a seeker PH ulua 9.3 heavy jig stick 30 to 60 pound test used ones on the indy and caught one Wahoo and it ripped the Cork so I replaced it with the shrink tubing very nice rod, only used once you’re getting a good deal I paid 259+ tax I’m asking $200
  28. H20buffalo112

    Swat Meets

    Hello to all you Fishermen Does any one have any info about fishing swat meets in the LA area, dates and times?
  29. H20buffalo112

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    A friend of my posted this picture today at Catalina pier. Just Awesome.
  30. H20buffalo112


    Vintage in very good condition Shimano #30 TLD 2 SPEED REEL with 500+ Yards of 130# 8strand Spectra new. Look at pictures and you decide. $ 210.00 local pick up Seal Beach area or meet at a pre- determined area.
  31. H20buffalo112


    SBK 7200 Tackle Box. USED USED Stainless Steel Hardware and Fasteners Rotationally Molded Construction Lid Opens 180° for Inner Door Access Four Storage Boxes with Dividers $ 200.00 local pick up or pre-arrange location Call Sergio- 310-528-2913 Seal Beach
  32. H20buffalo112

    Striped Marlin/ Half mount

    Up for sale is a really nice 7‘10“ striped marlin need to get rid of. Moving out $220 local pick up only seal Beach California . The two lower fins below the head are missing. Call Sergio @ 310-528-2913 local pick up only. SOLD SOLD SOLD PLEASE REMOVE
  33. H20buffalo112

    SHIMANO TLD-2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL REEL $250.00call Sergio at 3105 to 829 13 PayPal preferred or cash

    Up for sale is a very nice rarely used Shimano TLD 50 LRS long-range series reel with graphite drag washers it has a few dings and nicks it's because of the age but the reel is in good condition ready to use call Sergio at 310 528-2913 . PayPal preferred or cash for local pick up in seal Beach...
  34. H20buffalo112

    Penn 12 LT Two Speed Conventional Reel $300.00

    Up for sale is a very nice Penn international 12 LT two speed reel in good condition it has a few scratches on the on the clicker side plate and some on the on the gear side . Call Sergio at 310 528-2913 local pick up seal Beach area or will mail at your cost to the destination.
  35. H20buffalo112

    Pro Gear 541/545 conventional reels

    I have up for sale two pro gear reels in good condition shows wear and tear but they been maintained very very well after each fishing season . 1- 541------------ 125.00 2- 545--------------sold Local pick up in seal Beach or will ship united postal whatever the charges to your destination...
  36. H20buffalo112

    2/Calstars 1/ Seeker rods for sale.

    I have one seeker black steel bait Rod G 6465 heavy 6 1/2 feet tall rated 30 to 50 pounds $100.00 also selling a Calstar 6465 rated 20 to 50 # $ 80.00 also a Calstar 655 heavy rated 20/50# $80.00
  37. H20buffalo112

    Mustang Ocean Series life vest

    I have two Mustang Ocean Series Model # MD 3184 PFD'S. They are brand new. They sale at West Marine for over 300.00 each. 250.00 each. Will ship at your expense or pick up in Seal Beach Ca.
  38. H20buffalo112


    I have up for sale a spool of POWER PRO BRAID LINE. 1500 yards of 200 pound. Bought for 299.00 Almost a year ago, no use for it. SALE FOR 200.00 dollars firm
  39. H20buffalo112

    Seeker rods for sale

    Have no use for this older custom made Seeker Rods .DECKHAND SERIES Varies lengths and I don't have the numbers to this rods,so you have to test and pull on this rods to see if you like them. The lengths are from 5.5 feet to 9 feet Two 100% graphite rods 8' and 9 ' The rest are Composite rods...