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  1. Bradyxxx

    Thanksgiving weekend - which boat?

    The San Diego caught a 200 lb. BFT today 11/23
  2. Bradyxxx

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Great info Jason! That’s was the old “Arco“ at the sports arena.
  3. Bradyxxx

    Great day @ 213

    That’s a pretty good run in a skiff. Nice job!!
  4. Bradyxxx

    gas for boat

    Maybe “High Seas Fuel Dock” They sell premium Gas Don’t know if it has ethanol or not Just add “Sta-bil” to your gas problem solved!
  5. Bradyxxx

    My Octopus Teacher Documentary

    Great little video Lynndeva!
  6. Bradyxxx

    Huge bluefin out of Newport

    Looks like that angler was Prepared & loaded for Bear! He had to of been!
  7. Bradyxxx

    9/12 San Diego

    Great Report Thx! Fun day for you!
  8. Bradyxxx

    Wanting to go out 10/14

    The San Diego, out of Seaforth Sportfishing. They will get you bit!
  9. Bradyxxx

    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Fished that area on Tuesday, all the Dorado you could want & Rat YT. but no YF, Glad to hear they have moved up into that zone. Nice job Cody
  10. Bradyxxx

    Did the damn thing 9/3

    That’s a Beauty!! Nice Job!
  11. Bradyxxx

    8/30 Dodos and Dales

    Way to go! Great day, Great report!!
  12. Bradyxxx

    Coronado islands 7-27-20

    Maybe that Shark you saw in the area kept the Dogs away?
  13. Bradyxxx

    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Damm, those are some Big Reds Ali Nice Going!
  14. Bradyxxx

    Royal Polaris 2.5 8/19-22

    Great Trip! Good times for you and your Girlfriend! Memorable!
  15. Bradyxxx

    Amazing Coronado Island Fishing

    Alright, That looked like great Fun on the Spinner!! Nice day for you! Good job!!
  16. Bradyxxx

    8-19 LaJolla Yellowtail

    Your Boat looks like a Sea Pro, Great Boat you will love it! I have one, 186, never lets me down!
  17. Bradyxxx

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Nice day! How did the seals treat you?
  18. Bradyxxx

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    Man, that sounds like a really Fun day right there! Nice going!
  19. Bradyxxx

    How dope is fish dope?

    I have it and use it, excellent planning tool. Reliable info!
  20. Bradyxxx

    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

  21. Bradyxxx

    The thing about Vaccine testing

    Is that Mice lie and Monkeys exaggerate
  22. Bradyxxx

    7/24 BFT and Classy Sport Boat Interaction

    That was really nice to hear! Congrats on a nice fish!
  23. Bradyxxx


    Alright!!, Power to Ya! That is an Epic day Solo in my Book!! Way to Slay!!
  24. Bradyxxx

    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    Great day for you! Fun Times!
  25. Bradyxxx

    Endeavor Surface iron WSB.

    WOW!!! Wish I could of been there!!
  26. Bradyxxx

    Any Calstar dealers here?

    Fisherman’s landing SanDiego Great Selection!
  27. Bradyxxx

    Four Pack Run & Gun

    Billy Keleman!!!
  28. Bradyxxx

    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    Lifeline AGM if you want the Best.
  29. Bradyxxx

    Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    Shows a lot of Talent! Great Fish! Congrats!!:cheers:
  30. Bradyxxx

    6/4 Offshore

    Great report & nice writeup! Congrats on your fish!
  31. Bradyxxx

    5/28 BFT Biters

    You guys Rock!! Congrats!!
  32. Bradyxxx

    One and done. PL 5/29

    As She said, That’s a Big Bone!
  33. Bradyxxx

    5/26 bluefin

    Great job Congrats!!
  34. Bradyxxx

    5/24 BFT Report

    Score! Good Job!
  35. Bradyxxx

    Nados 5-24

    Thx for the report!
  36. Bradyxxx

    Bluefin 5-22.

    Excellent Job!!
  37. Bradyxxx

    Went hunting for BF and ending up PADDY HOPPING for LIMITS

    Yeah! That looks like a Fun Day right there!! Nice Going!!
  38. Bradyxxx

    Coronado yellows!!

    I read that you were going out today Cody, and I Knew you’d get em!! Glad to hear the water has cleaned up down there. Great Job as always!! Thx for the report!
  39. Bradyxxx

    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Excellent job! Way to go!
  40. Bradyxxx

    Coronado islands 5/1

    Nice going on the Lings Cody! Even with a red tide you still can get em!
  41. Bradyxxx

    More new applicants for crew

    Yea, This Chick has Great rod skills!
  42. Bradyxxx

    Light Line Calico Bass Long Beach Wall ( Video )

    Looks like a real Fun day for you guys Corey! Wishing San Diego would open up soon!
  43. Bradyxxx

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    Nice way to start spring Cory!
  44. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Coleman 18 Watt Solar Panel Kit

    The Coleman 18-Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit comes with a 7 Amp charge controller and is ideal for charging 12-Volt batteries of Cars, RVs, Boats, other Marine uses. The kit's amorphous solar panel is operational in all weather. Complete unit includes: alligator clamps, charge controller, wire...
  45. Bradyxxx

    Phenomenal morning

    Nice quality fish Cody!
  46. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    To ship to 90240 USPS says $10, may be a little more. Using priority mail
  47. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    I’ll check shipping cost and get back to you. Brady
  48. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    Sorry, no driving for me, But if you want to drive down here, I can meet you in mission bay at Dana Landing. Let me know, Brady
  49. Bradyxxx

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Wow Slayed them again! I ought to go out when I know your going! So I know I have the potential for a good day!! Excellent job again Cody!!
  50. Bradyxxx

    Wide open 8/28

    Your very consistent Cody! Nice Going again!!
  51. Bradyxxx

    Chase and I

    You the man Dave Nice Going!!!
  52. Bradyxxx

    8/19 Yellowfin Were Scarce

    Is this where the saying comes in, What a difference a day makes?
  53. Bradyxxx

    Good Time Tuna Fishing

    Thanks for the report!
  54. Bradyxxx

    8/16 Voyager overnight- fun action

    Wow, those are Nice Pics! Must be a really good camera! Very Nice day for you!
  55. Bradyxxx

    It’s not gay if your out of the bay!

    Funny shit right there! Nice day for you guys!
  56. Bradyxxx

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Another nice day for you Cody! Had a good one myself last Wednesday, Same basic area, good volume there. Thanks for the report!
  57. Bradyxxx

    A chunky Calico and his younger brother

    Very Nice Calico! That frying pan sure looks Good!
  58. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    Yes, still for sale Price $160
  59. Bradyxxx

    Increased San Clemente Island Closures

    << August 2019 >> Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 19-Aug-2019 Zone Start End Altitude Range Area A 19-AUG 1400 19-AUG 2359 SFC:1000 SWAT2 B 19-AUG 0700 19-AUG...
  60. Bradyxxx

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    My GF loves to pull on bass and other things
  61. Bradyxxx

    Little G has The Big D!

    Best First Post Ever! Congrats Epic Trip!
  62. Bradyxxx

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    I am going to buy a spare bilge pump right now. Good Advise on here!
  63. Bradyxxx

    Coronados Tues A.M.

    I concur, all mine on Monday 15 to 18lbs.
  64. Bradyxxx

    Epic solo half day 7/8

    Excellent Job Cody!! Nice going Man! Thanks for the info!
  65. Bradyxxx

    pacifica runs aground

    San Diego’s Fox5 reported Pacifica was returning from a fishing trip in Mexico when it crashed onto the shores of Mission Beach during the early morning hours of June 28. There were reportedly 21 people aboard, with 15 passengers rescued off the boat by local lifeguards. The crew remained on...
  66. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Glad to hear your back on the water Cory! Sounds like a Great first day back out! Your conditions up there are are a lot better than we have down here in SD, we still have Red tide Inshore and not much going on. Have a Great Summer Cory! It just started!
  67. Bradyxxx

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    I’d like to know the current status of this guy. Is he in Jail? Have the different tournament organizations that He defrauded (& second place anglers) are they trying to sue him to get their prize money back? Anyone have recent current info?
  68. Bradyxxx

    Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Excellent! Nice Going Cody!
  69. Bradyxxx

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    That was some Funny shit right there! Had me rolling! After all of that, I’m glad you guys got one!
  70. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    Price reduction, Now $160
  71. Bradyxxx

    Best floro to mono knot?

    Try the Albright knot.
  72. Bradyxxx

    Cory update Thursday

    Fish Beware, Cory be coming for ya soon! Glad all is well, Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  73. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Coleman 18 watt solar panel with charge regulator

    The Coleman 18-Watt Solar Battery Charging Kit comes with a 7 Amp charge controller and is ideal for charging 12-Volt batteries of Cars, RVs, Boats, other Marine uses. The kit's amorphous solar panel is operational in all weather. Complete unit includes: alligator clamps, charge controller wire...
  74. Bradyxxx

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Wow, Great trip!! Beautiful Fish!! Congrats!!
  75. Bradyxxx

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    That’s a Great fish story! Lady Luck on your shoulder right there!
  76. Bradyxxx

    We found them!

    Nice Going! Nice Fish!
  77. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Excellent Report Cory!! (as always) Congrats on your fish! Sounds like an Epic BFT Trip for sure!!
  78. Bradyxxx

    One stop shopping for BFT limits Tomahawk 4/18

    Excellent Report! Hell of a Trip!!
  79. Bradyxxx

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Congrats! That’s a Beauty!! Really Nice Going right there!!!
  80. Bradyxxx

    WTB WTB Older Humminbird or Lowrance Head Units

    I have an Lowrance Elite 5 HDI for sale. The thread is at the top of this page. Check it out.
  81. Bradyxxx

    WTB Lowrance Elite 5 TI

    I have an Lowrance Elite 5 HDI for sale (not ti) with Navionics charts included. If your interested. It is listed here on the next page or so.
  82. Bradyxxx

    WTB Lowrance TI 9

    Invader172 has one for sale on this board.
  83. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    When I was removing the power cord from my boat, I had to cut it, and then it was really short so I tossed it. I have another power cord for the unit.
  84. Bradyxxx

    SOLD Shimano Torium 30 6.2:1 GR

    Torium 30, excellent condition, works perfectly, very little use, used about 6 times. I am asking $150 for it, it has the box, instructions, schematics, clamp & screws, Please PM me if interested, I can meet you locally in San Diego. Thanks, Brady
  85. Bradyxxx

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    Nice Going! Thanks for the report! That’s a Fun Day right there!!
  86. Bradyxxx

    Local YT

    Nice Going!! That Yellow’s huge!
  87. Bradyxxx

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    5” Display with adjustable mount Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) Fishfinder & Chartplotter Downscan Imaging and Broadband Sounder Multi Window Displays Reliable GPS Navigation For more detailed info on the features, can provide that! The Unit is in excellent condition and works perfectly...
  88. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Thanks for the Great report Cory! Sorry to hear you hurt your back, I hope you feel better soon!
  89. Bradyxxx

    12.15.18 - Fish Taco Taste Test

    Thanks for the taste test, good comparisons! Do another one sometime with different rockfish, My feeling is they all may be pretty good!
  90. Bradyxxx

    10/20 Limits YFT,3 Dodo, 1 Yellow Unlimited Skipjack

    What is your estimate of the average size of the YFT?
  91. Bradyxxx

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Bracelet ? We Don’t need No Stinking Bracelets!!!
  92. Bradyxxx

    1 lonely bluefin

    Nice going on the BFT Cody! I was the guy who talked to you briefly. Slow Day! We ended up with 4 YT, 8 Bonito but we stayed until 4:30. Just a Pick here and there. Most on Rapala’s.
  93. Bradyxxx

    Every Bait was a fish

    Looks like a Fun day! Thanks for the report!
  94. Bradyxxx

    Mondays at the 'Nados

    Beer & Fishing?? My Fav!!!
  95. Bradyxxx

    Dodos, 8-19-18

    Winner Winner Dorado for Dinner!!
  96. Bradyxxx

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Alba! That fish is totally lost!
  97. Bradyxxx

    Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    Nice going!! Thanks for the report!
  98. Bradyxxx

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    Thanks for the report Cory, Sorry to hear the weather sucked. You might want to try this NOAA weather service, (if you haven’t already) has been pretty reliable for me!
  99. Bradyxxx

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    I remember Captain Bobby Williams, and sitting next to him on the upper deck of the San Diego. He had this old Totally rusted up .22 and he would sit there & pick off the fur bags. I happened to be with him on the last trip when you were not allowed to shoot seals anymore, and he gave the gun...
  100. Bradyxxx

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Epic Epic!! You Sir are a Stud! Congrats to you! You will Remember that trip the rest of your Life!! Excellent Job!!!
  101. Bradyxxx

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    It’s a Frigging Grander Mate! BACK DOWN!!!!
  102. Bradyxxx

    2Aug live report out of MB

    Winner Winner Halibut Dinner!!
  103. Bradyxxx

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    Nice job guys! That looks like a Super Fun Day!
  104. Bradyxxx

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Great detailed report! Thanks!!
  105. Bradyxxx

    Pacific Queen 7/24-7/27

    Great job and report!
  106. Bradyxxx

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    Zucker, Black &Purple, Mexican Flag Rapala, X- Rap, 15 to 20 size Sardine, Blue Mackerel, Green mackerel, Black & Purple.
  107. Bradyxxx

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Screw the shark, we need to see pics of the Stripper!! We can all take a look and do a consensus, and tell you if we think she’s guilty!
  108. Bradyxxx

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    You Totally cracked me up!! The first couple of paragraphs, and especially the part about burying sardines under the Strippers window had me rolling! Funniest post I have read in a long time!! Your a Great Writer!!
  109. Bradyxxx

    Tuna and Tails

    That doesn’t suck! Good Job!!
  110. Bradyxxx

    Haven't read about any Albacore yet...

    None up off Morro Bay either, Astoria Or. And North off Wa.
  111. Bradyxxx

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    At least do it with hard hull, steel, fiberglass, Anything but an inflatable!!
  112. Bradyxxx

    SanDiego did great today

    Booger always gets them!
  113. Bradyxxx

    Short Report 6/30, 7/4 and Good Popper Bite Video

    Alright Great score guys! One of the better Catching reports!!
  114. Bradyxxx

    7/3 South Island to Ourselves...

    Nice going! Epic day for you two!!
  115. Bradyxxx

    Lotsa fish at the Islands today 6/12

    Way to go Ron! A really nice day for you!
  116. Bradyxxx

    1/2 day Tuesday morning 5-22-18

    Judging from the picture, they are leaving Quiver basin in mission bay, So if it is a 1/2 day and the aquamarine stripe on the boat, That would make it the New Seaforth out of Seaforth sportfishing.
  117. Bradyxxx

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Nice going Cory! Looks like a real nice day! Glad to hear their biting for ya!!
  118. Bradyxxx

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Great Report! Really Nice Day for you!!
  119. Bradyxxx

    your go to trolling lures

    Black & Purple Zucker!!
  120. Bradyxxx

    4-15-18 Coronado Islands

    It’s only April, next month will give an indicator.
  121. Bradyxxx

    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    70 lb. Kingfish is one Hell of a Nice Fish!! Congrats on that one!
  122. Bradyxxx

    The SD 3/28 Quick Report

    Great detailed report! Thanks!
  123. Bradyxxx

    Best inshore/ islands combo

    7’ Cal star ML and Torium is a Great setup!
  124. Bradyxxx

    I am Back......

    Good luck with your new venture Dave I am sure it will be helpful to a lot of people!
  125. Bradyxxx

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Albacore, anchovies for Bait = Good Times!!
  126. Bradyxxx

    San Vicente

    Nice going Cory! Man you always get em! I’d like to fish with you sometime! Brady
  127. Bradyxxx

    Giant Black D

    WOW Nice Going!! I wish we had a inshore fishery like that here in So Cal!
  128. Bradyxxx

    Descanso Rockfish/yellowtail trip

    Nice Going!! More Fun in your own Boat anyway!!!
  129. Bradyxxx

    BFT @ 60 Mile Bank 12/14

    Nice going Ron!! That’s a bit of a run in a Skiff, but with these Santa Ana Conditions, Yea!, Now would be the time to do it! Or any time in the last week and a half!
  130. Bradyxxx

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Way to go Carter!! That’s what I call Hanging in there!!! Congrats! you definitly earned it!!!
  131. Bradyxxx

    Relentless bluefin bite!!

    WOW Great Job!! One Hell of a Trip!!!!
  132. Bradyxxx

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    Capt. Ryan will get you Bit!!
  133. Bradyxxx

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    That is one Memorable trip right there!! Thx for the report!
  134. Bradyxxx

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Nice job with your seminar in San Diego! Very Informative, good useful stuff!
  135. Bradyxxx

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    You Da Man Billy!! Congrats on a another Great Season!!
  136. Bradyxxx

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Congrats Vue!! Another nice quality BFT!!! And toad Halibut to boot!!! Enjoy some great eating there!!
  137. Bradyxxx

    Solo Swordfish

    Congratulations!! That is one astounding feat Solo!!! Awesome Job!!!
  138. Bradyxxx

    Good bluefin 10/17

    Nice going!! Was there any YT bite?
  139. Bradyxxx

    It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    Congrats! Couple of nice ones! The result of guys that know what their doing!!
  140. Bradyxxx

    All the way down SE of the 425 by 10-15 miles.

    Thanks for your report, I agree with you about the size, Not really worth the run for fish that small.
  141. Bradyxxx

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Nice Going James! Beautiful BF, and you did a Great write up on tackle and technique!! An informative useful post!
  142. Bradyxxx

    Blowing Chunks @ the 371

    That cracked me up!! Blowing Chucks from the Flybridge!!! That's a Good one!! Look out Below!!! Ha Ha ha LOL
  143. Bradyxxx

    Plan B - 9/14

    Nice Job Ron!! Love it when a backup plan comes together!!
  144. Bradyxxx

    9/4 Dana 181,182 and 43

    Lady Luck was on your shoulder!!! Nice Going!!
  145. Bradyxxx

    Fishing The Coronado Islands August 25th

    Always a reliable report that I can trust and take to the bank, or going fishing with it!! Thanks Jason!
  146. Bradyxxx

    Pretty Hen

    That's a Beauty!! That's some Great Eating right there!!
  147. Bradyxxx

    Coronado's 8/21/17

    Bonita are thick from PT. loma, down to the islands and beyond. Breaking fish, breezers, puddlers etc: That's why there were four small seiners there yesterday from San Pedro wrapping them.
  148. Bradyxxx

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    That's one Hell of a Great effort! & Great Story! Call Calstar, and they will probably give you a new rod.
  149. Bradyxxx

    Excellent dorado fishing in U.S. Waters

    Way to go for you and your sons!!! That is a Great day right there!! Thanks for the report!!
  150. Bradyxxx

    Toads at just shy 302 8/10/2017

    Nice Going!!! And close too! Thanks for the report!
  151. Bradyxxx

    Go fishing!!

    That's a nice short local day! Good Going!!
  152. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-Thur.-06-14-17 The 302,226 and 371.

    Great Detailed report Cory! Thanks for the info!
  153. Bradyxxx

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Now that's a Cow! Nice going!!
  154. Bradyxxx

    Rpt-Sun-05-28-17 WFO on the PIpe!

    Great report Cory! That was some excellent bite you guys were on! I wish they would get with the program down here in San Diego!
  155. Bradyxxx

    How to fish the Flat Fall

    Is it absolutely nessary to change the hooks out?? Say your targeting 50 to 100 lb. Bluefin with the flat fall. I've heard some guys say you need larger hooks that Won't break or bend. And heavier lb. test on the connecting line.
  156. Bradyxxx

    Tuna Time

    Cory, You are the best thing about Bloody Decks! Always enjoy reading your posts and watching your Videos! And you Crack me up!!! Hoping you have a Great 2017 season!!
  157. Bradyxxx

    Fun day of fishing on the Malihini yesterday

    What a Great Mom taking your sons Fishing!
  158. Bradyxxx

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    That is the BEST score so far!!! 40 BFT 100 YT Your Captain was on his game!! Nice going on those BFT!! Great sportsmanship on your part!!
  159. Bradyxxx

    Time to Fish

    Dave, Do you ever come down to Day at the Docks??
  160. Bradyxxx

    Fishdope down?

    Thanks Jason, Much Appreciated!
  161. Bradyxxx

    Rpt-Sun.-03-12-17 Izor's Reef, The Rigs, 150 and the Shoe!

    Woo Hoo ! Nice going Cory!! Great inshore Fun! Those are some real quality Sandies!! Glad to see thier biting!!
  162. Bradyxxx

    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    Nice Fresh water Bass action Corey!! Man, you slayed em that day!
  163. Bradyxxx

    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    Did the Bones bite for you??
  164. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-02-26-17 2 day Relentless and my first Tails of 2017!

    Way to go Cory! Looks like you had a real Fun Trip!! That's the way to start off your 2017 season! Once those Salas jigs hit the deck a couple of times in the wrong spot, Yea they break. It has happened to me Plenty!
  165. Bradyxxx

    Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    Your one Hell of a Fisherman Billy!!!! Much Respect!!!
  166. Bradyxxx

    Aztec 1.5 day

    Returned, Nov. 8th. Aztec, 13 anglers, 16 YFT, 19 BFT
  167. Bradyxxx

    Tribute Overnight Trip Fri. 11/4

    Nice going!! And Thanks for an excellent detailed report!!
  168. Bradyxxx

    Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    Excellent work Billy!!!
  169. Bradyxxx

    WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    Congrats Billy!!! Your consistent talent shows!!!
  170. Bradyxxx

    Wed 10/22 and Fri 10/24 YFT

    Future looks bright though!!
  171. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-10-13-16 SCI Bluefin Tuna or Bust!

    Yeah!!! Nice going Cory!!! Glad you got some!!!
  172. Bradyxxx


    Congrats, You found the needle in the haystack!! Fish that want to bite!!!
  173. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-10-06-16 another big stripe at the 267!

    Sorry to hear another slow day Cory. I have some info that may help you out. You may want to contact your friend that has that boat at Puerto Salina. From there you could access the area where there are some 8-12 lb YF And on the kelps there are small YT and small dorado up to 12 lbs. I heard...
  174. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    Excellent report Cory! Sorry to hear you had to work so hard!
  175. Bradyxxx

    Tuna Jihad Cow tippin' - 9/1

    Obvious Talent, You guys know your stuff!! Congrats!!
  176. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Excellent report Cory! Congrats on the tuna!!!
  177. Bradyxxx

    Got one

    WOW, What a Toad!!! Congrats on a beauty of a trophy fish!!!
  178. Bradyxxx

    8/17 425

    So True!!
  179. Bradyxxx

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    Sometimes the bait boats get an incidental by catch of tuna, and for Fun they been know to let them go in the harbor after off loading to the receiver.
  180. Bradyxxx

    Looks like Billy's at it again!

    Billy, With your Skill and knowledge, you should consider entering every and all tournaments!!! Congrats on another Great catch!! Huge spearfish!!!
  181. Bradyxxx

    First local super cow bluefin

    You are the man Billy!!! Beautiful Trophy Bluefin!!! Power to ya for continued success!!!
  182. Bradyxxx

    Finally connected

    Congrats!!! That's a Beauty!!!
  183. Bradyxxx

    Hi Cory! Have you been Fishin? Have not seen any posts from you in a long time? Hope all is...

    Hi Cory! Have you been Fishin? Have not seen any posts from you in a long time? Hope all is Welll!! & hope to see some Killer reports that only you can provide!! Tight lines, Brady
  184. Bradyxxx

    Islands and Offshore Action 7/29 (Video)

    Excellent Report!! Thank You Austin!!
  185. Bradyxxx

    Prowler 7/26

    Thanks for the info, Adam, Gary.
  186. Bradyxxx

    Prowler 7/26

    Info, Is "Jim" a relief Captain? Doesn't "Buss " still run that boat?
  187. Bradyxxx


    WOW! Holy Shit, Did you guys Slay them!!!! Congrats to all!!! What a Day to remember!!!
  188. Bradyxxx

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Great Catch, Largest so far!!! Congrats to all three of you!!!
  189. Bradyxxx

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    WOW, Billy you are on FIRE!!! You are the guy that knows how to do it!!! Shows a lot of Experience & Knowledge to be so consistent. Congrats for the Forth Time!!!
  190. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-Wed.-06-22-16 312,209,181,182 and the corner!

    Thank you Cory for report and info!!
  191. Bradyxxx

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    You are Hands Down "The Slayer" Consistency like this shows a lot of "Talent" Congrats Again!!!!!!
  192. Bradyxxx

    Right Fish on the Wrong Gear - Sunday 6/12 Tuna Report

    Great Report!! Excellent day in my book!! Congrats!!!
  193. Bradyxxx

    I got taxed hard today!

    OH NO! I feel for you man!
  194. Bradyxxx

    Insane BFT Tuna Fishing Today

    Congrats! That's a Beauty!!
  195. Bradyxxx

    0 for 50 on the San Diego

    Thanks for the report! I wondered what happened that day.
  196. Bradyxxx

    Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Excellent Report!!! & a good read!! Way to Slay em!!! Congrats!!!
  197. Bradyxxx

    All Show No Go

    Xerox, our day was the same!
  198. Bradyxxx

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    WOW!!! Beautiful Fish!!! Nice going!!! GOOD JOB!!!
  199. Bradyxxx

    Bluefin Bite Continues in epic fashion...( 5/27 and 5/29)

    NICE GOING ---AGAIN!!! Great Trip!!! & Report!!!
  200. Bradyxxx

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    WOW! What an EPIC trip!!! You guys Slayed them, Congrats!!! Wish I was there!!!
  201. Bradyxxx

    Nice BFT

    Trophy Fish!! And caught on your own Boat! Be Proud!! Congrats to you Sir!!!
  202. Bradyxxx


    Joanna was at 32.31. X 117.49 general area
  203. Bradyxxx


    At this time that is all the info I found available
  204. Bradyxxx


    Today 5/20, The Joanna out of H &M landling with 6 anglers caught 6 Yellowfin Tuna!
  205. Bradyxxx

    Cabrilla Cought in Mission Bay

    Yeah! I'll second and third that!!
  206. Bradyxxx

    Cabrilla Cought in Mission Bay

    WOW, That is so Great!! Definitely a Rare catch for this area!!
  207. Bradyxxx

    Limits of Yellowtail Tunas on the irons! 5/14

    Way to go guys!! That looks like a Totally Fun trip!! You guys stroked them!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  208. Bradyxxx

    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    Their Boat is really Fast!! Unless you have a offshore race boat, I doubt you could outrun it!
  209. Bradyxxx

    Fishing the islands

    Don't forget a temporary import permit!
  210. Bradyxxx

    The San Diego got em today!

    Update, These fish are reported to be 50 to 60 lbs.
  211. Bradyxxx

    The San Diego got em today!

    Boat, San Diego 23 passengers, caught 23 BFT 3/4 day trip today 4/4!!
  212. Bradyxxx

    Is off shore fishing the gateway drug to long range fishing?

    Very Nice Nicole!!! Thanks!!!
  213. Bradyxxx

    43 to SW of 371. Total Epic Ending

    WOW! Thanks for a Great Report!! That is some real class from the RP!! I really liked hearing that, In that all fishermen can co-exist and even help each other out!! Glad you got them, good going on ya!!
  214. Bradyxxx

    Is it over?

    Thanks for that info!
  215. Bradyxxx

    Is it over?

    Who is "Juan" the FMM guy?? Can he get an FMM for you? Any details Please!
  216. Bradyxxx

    Is it over?

    The "Happy Kanake" & Ron, I can relate to those days!! 82/83 El Niño Limits of Albacore on almost every trip!!
  217. Bradyxxx

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    Congratulations on the Wahoo!!! Great looking crew too!!!
  218. Bradyxxx

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    You better get a tetanus shot immediately if you have not had one recently in the last few years. Sorry to hear of your accident, and hope you heal fast!
  219. Bradyxxx

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    You go Girl!!! Nice going Debi!!! Way to Slay x2!!! Got to love those X-Raps!!!
  220. Bradyxxx

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    It was a 3.5 day trip.
  221. Bradyxxx

    Blue Marlin Reports Here

    Top Gun 80 5 Blue Marlin released 10/9 From the H&M fish count web site, Their fish count was, 19 anglers, 140 YF, 65 YT, 5 Blue Marlin (released)
  222. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-2 day ending 10-07-15 on the First String!

    That's a nicer YF you got there Cory!! And Quality Size Dorado to boot!! Good going on ya!!!
  223. Bradyxxx

    do do play on a slow day oside 9/13/2015

    Nice Quality Mahi Mahi!!! There is some good eating Right there!!! Nice Job Guys!!!
  224. Bradyxxx

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Congratulations Eddie on a World Class Catch!!! Thanks for posting, and for the pics! that was one incredible feat!!! Power to Ya!!!
  225. Bradyxxx

    Epic Season

    What a Season, in that you can actually target WAHOO now!!! Way to go! Congrats on your catch!!!
  226. Bradyxxx

    No Gaff Wahoo

    That Is totally Bad Ass!!! Congrats Big Time for the Tail grab!!!
  227. Bradyxxx

    Big YT out of SMB

    WOW That is a TOAD!!! Nice going man!!!
  228. Bradyxxx

    Water temp question

    Sounds like recalibration needed, Buy yourself a swimming pool thermometer, they are pretty accurate! (A good medium priced one) and throw it in your bait tank, and take the reading off that, and recalibrate your temp gauge.
  229. Bradyxxx

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Yellowfin Tuna

    Yeah, Great sportsmanship on the Blue pursuit!! Man are you guys consistent!! Can always count on you for Great videos of catching!!! Nice going once again!!!
  230. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Great report Cory!! Glad you got them!! Those are some really nice quality fish!!!
  231. Bradyxxx

    change of pace

    That sounds like a really nice day! Congrats!
  232. Bradyxxx

    Magic Patty 9/3

    Solo Mission! Picked up a load on the Best Deans I've got all Season, 4-5" some 6" super healthy, and lasted all day! Cleared the Point at 6:30 am and headed to toward the 302. The plan was to look for kelps and go Dorado fishing. Beautiful day, flat calm, good visibility, in the trench between...
  233. Bradyxxx

    9/1/15: Dorado on the 226

    You wrote an Excellent report Barry! Good info and descriptive of your day! Quality Dorado, I'd take them over YF any day!
  234. Bradyxxx

    Guess who's back!!

    Good one right there!!!
  235. Bradyxxx

    Wide Open Tuna + Light Tackle Spinning Gear = Fun - 8/22

    WOW! Beautiful color in those pics!!! You must have a good camera!! Congrats on getting those Fish on lite tackle!!! Must of been a Blast, combined with a little bit of work on that gear! Nice going!!!
  236. Bradyxxx

    El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    That was a CLASSIC SHOT when the dorado jumped toward you and the boat. Good Hang Time & Air on that fish!!! Nice Video!!
  237. Bradyxxx

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    Totally cracked me up!!!!! That was the funniest fucking shit I've ever read!!!!!!
  238. Bradyxxx

    Guess who's back!!

    Nice Fish Carolyn!!
  239. Bradyxxx

    8/17 - Really rough day in the 17' CC

    Yeah, I know what you mean! Regarding weather When you ask yourself if it's worth it, and, am I having Fun? My Boat is the size of yours 18.5' I can relate! Nice going hanging out in the slop, and getting two nice fish!!
  240. Bradyxxx

    RPT- 8/10 Oside/CBAD, 182- Pretty Good for a Girl

    Nice going for your wife!! Quality Fish!!! She stuck with it and received the rewards!!! She's a Keeper!!
  241. Bradyxxx

    Real decent day for us....finally!

    Nicely done!!! We're these open water fish, or a kelp near by?
  242. Bradyxxx

    Today didn't suck!

    Excellent job on some Quality Dorado!!! Way to go!!!
  243. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-Wed.-08-05-15 A slow day as expected with plenty of wind.

    I always enjoy reading your reports Cory, good or bad! Informative and accurate!! Good Luck and Good Fishing to you on your next trip!!
  244. Bradyxxx

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    You know I agree with you, when you look at the counts , fish per Rod. I have had many good trips, but had to work hard for them! And some on the slow side! I have not had any Wide Open bites, or been in the right place at the right time, to see foamers or breaking fish that want to jump in the...
  245. Bradyxxx

    Whaa? Report on 6 over 125 at the 43?

    OK, Thanks for the explanation.
  246. Bradyxxx

    Whaa? Report on 6 over 125 at the 43?

    So what happened to this post??????????
  247. Bradyxxx

    Bloodied the Ducky Oside to SD 7/31

    When I first saw the long pecs on the fish on the grass, I said to myself Albacore? Then I read your caption and noticed it said from 2007. Got excited for a second!! Nothing would surprise me this year!!
  248. Bradyxxx

    Big San Pedro Mahi - 7/26

    WOW!!! Long Beach Dorado, who would of thought?? Very nice Fish Contrats!!!
  249. Bradyxxx

    Adrianna 182 north and inside

    Good report, helpful info!!! Good catching! nice job!!
  250. Bradyxxx

    The Water is Warm Keep Only what You Need From It II (video)

    Yeah, I Totally Agree, keep one for eating and, Release them all, Big or Small!!!
  251. Bradyxxx

    yellowish pus in bluefin tuna

    If you ever clean a Wahoo, you would'nt believe the parasites that live in their meat!! Right out of the Alien movie!
  252. Bradyxxx


    Yeah!! Fisher Chick!!! Congrats Sophia!!! Trophy Fish!!!
  253. Bradyxxx

    Release them all, Big or small!

    Release them all, Big or small!
  254. Bradyxxx

    Ride The Lightning 07-18-15

    Great catch on getting that Opah!! Glad to hear you did not have any personal encounters with the Lightning.
  255. Bradyxxx

    smashed em 7/15

    That one in the second photo is a TOAD! Very Nice Quality Fish!! Way to Go!!!
  256. Bradyxxx

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Nice YF, in less than 20 fathoms? Or 25f?
  257. Bradyxxx

    Report Thursday 7/2

    Started at South Island for a couple of Yellowtail, small 10 lbs. tossed back! Went down to the rock pile, but did not see much going on at the time. Did not give it much time, as it was a flat calm morning and I wanted to run outside for the Tuna before any wind came up. So headed west from...
  258. Bradyxxx

    BFT regulation change?

    Call up the DFG on the phone and ask them. You will have your answer right away.
  259. Bradyxxx

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    WOW! What a Day! About as FUN as it gets!! Not too many people can say they actually hooked a whale, That must of pulled HARD!!! "Kind of like a Semi Truck driving away from you!" Great job!!!
  260. Bradyxxx

    9 Mile South

    WOW! Great job man!
  261. Bradyxxx

    Rpt.-06-25-15 Tuna chasing, 302,226 and all over the 9.

    As Always Cory, your reports are Excellent, concise, and informative, and tell it like it is!!
  262. Bradyxxx

    6-25 9mile bluefin

    Good Job, nice going!!!
  263. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/25 Thursday

    I wish they were BF, sorry only YF today.
  264. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/25 Thursday

    Started inside of the N9, found Big porpoise school and worked them for an hour for nothing. Headed across to the upper middle of the 9 and didn't see much life. Trolled SSE down the bank, then turned West to the outside edge of the bank. Trolled SSE Once out there, SST was 70.1 found a small...
  265. Bradyxxx

    Did it again on the Machete!

    Now that's what I call CATCHING!!!
  266. Bradyxxx

    I'm doing something right

    Wow!! They sure wanted to bite for you!!! Nice going!! Slayed them!! Maybe this is the start of them wanting to go!!
  267. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/22 Monday

    Size #15 Brand new one!
  268. Bradyxxx

    Report 6/22 Monday

    Area, 32.37. 117.35, between the 9 and 182. SST was 69 clean and Blue. What, Found huge porpoise school, How, trolled Rapala X-rap sardine with them Results, Caught one 70 plus yellow fin. Worked and followed school SE for about 6 miles, Things were looking good, bunched up & birds on them, but...
  269. Bradyxxx

    3/4 Day 6-pack out of SD Friday 6-19 Thoughts

    Josie Lynn is a good Boat, he will get you Bit!! When you call the Captain, ask him what he has on board, what his game plan is. Then you can formulate a tackle plan of your own. Buena suerte! Hope you hang a Big One!!!
  270. Bradyxxx

    6/14 26 miles west of SD

    Nice going!! That will be some quality eating!! Thanks for the report!
  271. Bradyxxx

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    Oh God, What kind of a Season are we in for??
  272. Bradyxxx

    What a Weekend

    Time to break out the Finnor 12/0 and the 100lb!
  273. Bradyxxx

    Shimano Torium 30

    Price will include shipping in the US.
  274. Bradyxxx

    Shimano Torium 30

    Practically Brand New, Received this reel for Christmas last year, and it is not the size I Wanted. Wanted a 50 size for a stouter Rod. So I put it on another Rod of mine and used it two times, works perfectly, excellent condition. But I want the 50, so I am selling this. It has some minor...
  275. Bradyxxx

    rock pile yellow tail

    Alright, Thanks for the report. Way to slay them on some Quality fish!!
  276. Bradyxxx

    rock pile yellow tail

    What day were you out?
  277. Bradyxxx

    Party Boat suggestion for San Diego

    If you want to get bit, and catch a Yellowtail, go on the San Diego out of Seaforth sportfishing! Highliner most of the time!
  278. Bradyxxx

    Hi Tony, it looks like about $12.35 Brady

    Hi Tony, it looks like about $12.35 Brady
  279. Bradyxxx

    Lowrance LMS 522 C

    Hi Tony, I checked and it looks like about $12.35 Just to be Clear, I am selling just the Head, or display unit, with adjustable mounting bracket. And owners manual. Does not include transducer or power cable. But those items can be purchased at no problem. Brady
  280. Bradyxxx

    Lowrance LMS 522 C

    San Diego, Are you interested? I am going out of town, be back Monday or Tuesday. We can talk then. Thanks!
  281. Bradyxxx

    Lowrance LMS 522 C

    For Sale Lowrance LMS 522 C Works perfectly no problems, reliable unit. Selling just the display unit with owners manual. Price, $100
  282. Bradyxxx

    WTB Broken Lowrance HDS Gen2

    Hi, I have a lowrance LMS 522 C, I believe the power and Transducer ports are the same. The transducer port has 7 pins. The power port is 8 pins. It also has network port and an enet port. The unit works fine, asking $100 bucks. Let me know if you could use this. Thanks, Brady