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  1. Lizard

    Shark in LJ

    Dude, I wouldn't go pulling any shark into my lap! Thats asking for it! I can say I haven't met a Mako yet that let me take a nice friendly picture of him that close up.
  2. Lizard

    Here we go again, street parking your boat

    :fighting0061: To those that have smart azz remarks, arnt we all in the same boat here? By the way have you checked your boat in that paid/stored parking center to make sure no one has stolen your $2000 Prop, or spraypainted DICNIJAR on the side of it... OK, I ask... The hell with the...
  3. Lizard

    Lobstering 12/30 and be ware of DFG

    Funny Thing, I didn't see this thread a couple months ago, as I am off to the Court House this morning for my second visit to straiten out a ticket for THREE! shorts onboard! I say the hell with Promar and the DFG, I mean who are these guys to come up all sneaky with no lights on their...
  4. Lizard

    Ensenda Trip on Quest

    On board the Quest! Well the trip went well, concidering the weather! The swells in the Ensanada bay wear 10-13FT with 25 mph wind gusts. This page I created, is dedicated to TOM! Who woke me up at 4 in the morning! barf Reporting: Rock fish...