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  1. dctrjayyy

    Volvo "I Series" Duo Prop Propellers

    Volvo says these replaced the D Series. Anyone know if the prop number is the same from D to I? Example, if I had a D3, do I get an I3? Thanks
  2. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    Sold Pending Funds 2006 Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: JOSHUA via pm SPECIFICATIONS: -Length Overall: 26ft-1in -Beam: 8ft-9in -Draft: 21in -Dry Weight: 5,790 lbs. -Fuel Capacity: 180 gal. -Water Capacity: 22 gal. DETAILS AND EQUIPMENT: -Twin Honda 150 4 strokes with...
  3. dctrjayyy

    Teleflex Tilt Helm - Which one is this?

    Can anyone help me out and let me know which model this is and which model Seastar I can replace it with? I emailed Seastar but they haven't got back to me. Thanks
  4. dctrjayyy


    Not sure if this can be done but looking for a slip for this summer for a 30-35ft boat that is currently up north. Let me know if you have any info or can point me in the right direction. Really appreciate it. Josh
  5. dctrjayyy

    Quepos Roosters & San Gerardo de Dota Rainbows

    Was in CR a couple of weeks ago with a buddy just surfing, driving around and seeing what we would run into. Ended up fishing an am inshore charter out of Quepos with Wahoo Charters. I've fished Quepos before and these guys were dialed. Caught 6 roosters in a few hours and lost a few more. Boat...
  6. dctrjayyy

    WTB - Yahama 150hp 2 stroke

    Looking for a used yami 150 2 stroke in decent condition. PM me if you have or know of one.
  7. dctrjayyy

    Anybody need 1 Ho, Dana Pt or north this weekend?

    Know the drill, split all expenses, clean the boat, plenty of experience. Let me know. -Josh
  8. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica

    Got back yesterday from a week down in CR. The trip objective wasn’t all fishing but rather to take my family down and show them around. We started off with a few days down on the Caribbean Coast fishing for Tarpon at this place Tarpon fishing right outside the...
  9. dctrjayyy

    Maui Report 5-14

    okay guys - late second hand report from my buddy but thought i would throw it up anyway. fishing on his 20 ft center console - they covered quite a bit of ground out of lahaina (to molakai) for not much before hitting a few dodos and a 'hoo that came off at the gaff about 3 miles from the...
  10. dctrjayyy

    Go Ducks!!! - Round 2 Stanley Cup

    not that anyone seems to give a shit since they couldn't even sell out game 6 in round 1 while the same night the Angels sold out 44,000 seats for their 4th loss in a row. but the Ducks start round 2 vs. the Avs tonight at the Pond. i'll be there
  11. dctrjayyy

    Will be bug hunting Fri Night

    Headed out tomorrow night (Fri, Feb 24) either Newport or Laguna hunting bugs. PM me if you are interested in meeting up.
  12. dctrjayyy

    Best beaches driving LA to Pismo

    Anyone have a good report on any spots producing good numbers of perch right now? I'm driving from LA to Pismo tomorrow and was wondering if I should give it a try south or further north. Thanks - fish on.
  13. dctrjayyy

    Alaska Sharkin'

    Got back from a week in Alaska 8/21 (Sorry late report). No real highlights to speak of, plenty of silvers, trout, char in the river, plenty of halibut offshore. Problem was nothing of substantial size landed on this trip. Landed… One day while fishing out of my friends boat out of Deep...
  14. dctrjayyy

    Leaving for San Quintin Friday

    Running down for a quick weekend trip, fishing Saturday. Reports look shitty but it should be ready to go here any day. Anyone have any current info other than the Kira report? Dorado at Bahia De Los Angeles is tempting but I really don't want to make that drive this weekend. Are they usually...
  15. dctrjayyy

    Avet EX 2 spd or Daiwa SLD II

    Looking for a ready out of the box 2 speed for 50#. I like the features of the Avet but had a bad experience with the loud clicking dog on the old jx/lx. Can't seem to find any bad feedback on the Daiwas other than the handle. Suggestions???
  16. dctrjayyy

    Storing Reels in Freespool?

    A quick question, my buddy and I can't agree on. Should you keep your reels in freespool when not in use or just in gear with the drags backed off?