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  1. yakdout

    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Why is the cast iron so expensive? That thing should be $40-$50 tops. I have a mix of stainless steel and a few other non Stick pans, can’t remember the coating but they are not Teflon.
  2. yakdout

    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Grape swisher and razor blade.
  3. yakdout

    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Yup 5 gallon bucket and bathtub. 6 footer wasn’t even that harsh.
  4. yakdout

    Who here rolls their own joints?

    All about Peruvian! Oh wait we’re talking about weed?
  5. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

  6. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

  7. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Obesity is a choice. How do you not realize this? Are you part of the 50% obese? So because of their decisions to not lose weight, I have to stay home and wear a mask? More lib logic at its finest!
  8. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Right, complain about my stats say I’m full of shit then can’t come up with any numbers yourself? Smoooooth 😉
  9. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

  10. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    So what percentage of obese people are dying from Covid genius? Let’s hear your stats
  11. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    I see your post as hypocritical and contradictory. No offense but if people are literally in a life or death situation as you describe, there are other means of getting groceries that do not expose you to people in a grocery store who are all wearing masks that don’t work. Also you state you...
  12. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    That’s all you got? Name calling with no logical response. And I’m the idiot? Mmmhmmm
  13. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    I’m still waiting for your reply to my last post old timer
  14. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Really because the box says will not provide ANY protection against Covid 19. Funny how you are all scientists all of a sudden. You can show me “facts” for your arguments and I can show you just as many from my side. Yes we disagree. And yes you are correct in thinking my chances of staying home...
  15. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    If you’re the .01 percent of people who are at risk yes, please take it seriously. I’m sick of this you’ll kill grandma shit. You’ll kill grandma if you don’t take the untested mandatory vaccine up your ass. Really? Cause grandma should have gotten then vaccine if she’s high risk and that would...
  16. yakdout

    For Sale BLACK FRIDAY! 27 Irons For $150!

    We are trying to tell you that your title and post says you are selling a lot of surface irons. But they aren’t surface irons.
  17. yakdout

    Anderson Greenough 21

    I like the hatch idea. As long as you properly waterproof with gaskets or silicone, it’s not a bad idea to add access to the hull. Especially being in the cab water intrusion should be minimal if any
  18. yakdout

    For Sale BLACK FRIDAY! 27 Irons For $150!

    I think literally everyone of these is a yo-yo iron. Except maybe the tady14.
  19. yakdout

    Pinhead Ulua 93h clarification

    I remember phenix did the same thing with their hax909hj. When they first came out most were rated 30-60. There was a video of a dude pulling on some 70-80lb yellowfin with one and you could see the rod still had a little left in it. In the video, the guy states that he had a one of a kind 909...
  20. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    I wonder how many dudes you’ve accidentally blown. So many unanswered questions.
  21. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    I don’t feel like working next week so I can stay home and smoke weed and drink beers. Would you mind sending me 10% of your next paycheck so I can fund this? Come on man please, I tried really hard to find work for next week. I looked on Craigslist job postings for at least ten minutes but I...
  22. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Key word earned it. It’s the right thing to do, to work hard and give my money to someone else? Anyone here legally in this country who is a hard worked, can get a job, work hard and prosper. No excuses. I’m not giving my hard earned money to lazy people who also take advantage of things such as...
  23. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Wrong again, man you’re just striking out today. Covid has already gone through my family, and guess what! We’re still here. And we don’t wear masks, one thing you finally got right.
  24. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Anyone who is not LAZY in this country can obtain healthcare. But you have to work for it. Something I suppose you’re not used to commie
  25. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    One word fits the bill, LAZY!
  26. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Are you so dense that you think they are wearing a mask during surgery all these years for Covid? 😂. You’re dumber than you look.
  27. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Ya we already know you’re a socialist and communist. Good for you.
  28. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    How does it protect those around me if they are wearing the same dumbass masks? The easiest thing for you is to get out of this conversation while you’re behind.
  29. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Ya? well the mask manufacturer seems to disagree with you. Fact check it. Let me know what you come up with.
  30. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Not helping his or your case much. 40 years in and can’t decide whether a mask works or not? We all know anything short of an N 95 doesn’t work. It tells you on the box of your paper masks as a disclaimer. Spewing false info either one way or the other. Because you can’t deny he has flip...
  31. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Because it’s not the pandemic they scared you into thinking it was.
  32. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    All I know is they can shove the mandated vaccine up their own ass.
  33. yakdout

    Trump 2020

    That’s scary shit. Take the guns away from law abiding citizens, yet the criminals will still possess. You think they care about gun laws. The second amendment was created to keep the citizens protected from a tyrannical government. Body guards of politicians, criminals and government will still...
  34. yakdout

    Trump 2020

    No one is coming for your guns? They have been coming after them for years. This is one thing a lot of people don’t understand. I had this exact conversation with my neighbor a few months ago who is also a liberal gun owner. He asked me how many guns did Obama take from you? I said you don’t...
  35. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    I know about 20 people who have had it and all were fine. From co workers to neighbors to friends. Not surprising if you look at the numbers. Even when the CDC was lying to people, fudging the numbers higher, it still wasn’t that bad.
  36. yakdout

    Will the big bluefin eat the little bluefin that are hanging around?

    Small dorado and yellowtail work just as well.
  37. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Or the Biden inauguration super spreader? But that’s ok because it’s a liberal event...come on recount!
  38. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    If you’re scared go to church!
  39. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Looks like COVID disappeared overnight. A trump rally is a super spreader for the disease, but an inauguration rally for Biden? No way COVID could be there. Looks like everyone in the pic is social distancing. I’m so sick of the libs and their Hypocrisy. What a joke. We went from having a...
  40. yakdout

    Newbie Saltwater Fly Fishing Questions

    7-8 wt good. I’m a novice fly fisherman but have some friends who are die hard. I bought an extra spool for the reel. One for sinking and one for floating. Sinking line spool gets used a lot more often. I think the sinking line is 240 grain. Flys get bit for sure!
  41. yakdout

    Political BS Trump Flags

    If there is it’s because some kid was raised by someone who didn’t teach them to respect firearms the way the 2A advocates.
  42. yakdout

    For Sale Ammo, Multiple calibers available.

    It does say all sold on the first post.
  43. yakdout

    How Masks Work to Protect You and Others

    . The government OWNS you!
  44. yakdout

    MLPA - Huge Success

    MLPA= My.Largest. Poaching. Area.
  45. yakdout

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    Mine is on a ce800 wahoo
  46. yakdout

    lets settle this once and for all

    It’s a short A sound
  47. yakdout

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    😂 ok that makes more sense
  48. yakdout

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Come again? You have 50 okuma makairas?
  49. yakdout

    Tuna recipe

    Look into canning. It’s a good way to save the tuna for a long time without any type of refrigeration, especially good if you have a lot of fish. It seems intimidating but once you do it a few times it’s a breeze. Yellowfin and skipjack both can great. The tuna salad I’ve been making with the...
  50. yakdout

    Any Ford f 350 knowledgeable peeps out there

    Transmissions can go into limp mode, not just the engine. Have you tried the truck shop in Temecula ?
  51. yakdout

    Lexa 400 rod match

    Mines on a Phenix abyss 908. 20-50lb Good match.
  52. yakdout

    Calguns ?

    I’m on there. Don’t remember it being a hassle when I signed up
  53. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

  54. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Buy your tone.....? No more questions.
  55. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Not to mention he was called racist by the libs for closing the borders, but now they’re saying he didn’t do enough. The hypocrisy is unreal with the left.
  56. yakdout

    Bigger tuna setups

    Not if the fish are 150 or better which is always a possibility these days. 80 minimum, 100 better
  57. yakdout

    Mpa infraction

    Im listening...
  58. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    Those of you who are deathly afraid of this virus and not leaving your house are more likely to get very sick and or die from this. Your immune system is getting weaker by the day not being exposed to any germs or bacteria. That’s a bad thing in case you didn’t know. Reminds me of bubble boy.
  59. yakdout

    Covid IS serious.

    As mentioned above, the war stats are meaningless. For example, Did you bother to look how many Americans fought in ww1 vs how many deaths, and compare that to how many people have died of COVID vs US population? I think you need to do more research on your quarantine. No one thinks COVID is...
  60. yakdout

    Leaving Boody Decks

    Saying fuck these douchebags who are calling names is ALMOST as hypocritical as the whole left side. Thanks for the laugh homo.
  61. yakdout

    Political BS So...he has it.

    So which university crammed a bunch of liberal ideologies up your ass? I barely made it through high school, and I bet my retention of grammar from 8th grade is better than your liberal university teachings.
  62. yakdout

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Whatever it is, he said his was gonna suck.
  63. yakdout

    Political BS So...he has it.

    That’s the problem. The other issues in the US should have mattered longer than 7 months ago. COVID ain’t the fucking problem.
  64. yakdout

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Do you know the percentage of people who have died of COVID vs the US population? Do you know what the leading causes of death in this country will be this year? No? Didn’t think so.
  65. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    99.999999% chance he lives. You gonna keep hiden with Biden in the basement for those numbers?
  66. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    200, 100 million, 200 million, 200,000 billion
  67. yakdout

    software for MPA's

    Bank robber
  68. yakdout

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    Center console is perfect for SoCal, what are you smoking? I want some.
  69. yakdout

    Okuma Makaira 16 and 20 cow catches

    Buy both of them, when you get spooled on one, tie off to your other one, throw it in the water, and see how the second one does.
  70. yakdout

    Limits of yellowfin and Dorado thank you Hardcore

    Poppers will also weed out the skippies. I’ve caught 15 straight yft on a trip that people were 70% skipjack 30% yft. Skippies won’t touch it.
  71. yakdout

    Time to sell California to Mexico

    What’s his name?
  72. yakdout

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    Looks like la bocana to me, have made that drive a few times. In laws have house in abreojos. We usually split the drive up and stay at Baja cactus in el Rosario or catavina. I really like that abreojos, la bocana area of Baja.
  73. yakdout

    Heavier surface iron...

    I’ve caught fish on a yoyo jig burning it close to the surface on multiple occasions. High gear ratio a must though.
  74. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    And all socialism leads to is communism. Send those with communist ideologies to China.
  75. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    It’s literally in the constitution that the president of the United States is commander in chief over the armed forces. This is a major problem with the libs, they either don’t know, or forget their history.
  76. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That’s because you’re ignorant.... You didn’t know? If you don’t vote for Trump, you ain’t white! LOL
  77. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    And his ten day wait period won’t be up yet, so looks like he’s bringing a knife to a gun fight. Way to go dems, another stupid ass gun law.
  78. yakdout

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Line slipped on the knot. The curl is the memory in the line of the knot.
  79. yakdout

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    I don’t fish less than 30 for yellowtail. Ever. Especially any island yellowtail.
  80. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Dems won’t admit the truth to this but it came right out of her fathers mouth.
  81. yakdout

    What knots should I learn

    San Diego Jam for hook or lure , RP for spectra to mono or flouro and surgeons for mono to flouro.
  82. yakdout

    Lexa HD 400 recommendations

    Same as above but I use 65 to 40
  83. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    But lougio........... black lives matter
  84. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Here is Biden and grand daughter Knowing your stance on Newsoms new bill, you’ll probably save this one for later. Sick fuck
  85. yakdout

    50lb braid for October yellowfin ?

    Only works if you get the depth finder rainbow colors. Very important
  86. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    why do his college grades matter if he’s a billionaire? Seems like he made it to me. Now making you libtards cry yourself to sleep every night as leader of our country. Meanwhile, your appointed leader of our state..
  87. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Wow where did you find such a clear picture of face while he’s punching someone. 😂.. really definitive.
  88. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    because they have nothing good about Biden
  89. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    As Biden would say, I have a 3 letter word for those defending, “oblivious”
  90. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Oh shit, we got one who’s losing it. Talking to himself now.
  91. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I know you’re trying really hard to pretend like you know what you’re talking about. Copying and pasting from a leftist website or MSM website. Plagiarism checker is a great tool! Unfortunately we all know you’re full of shit and you won’t change our minds. You can go left to right, but...
  92. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    . Was this one real? 😬
  93. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Yep, WE are the ones getting conned... 😂
  94. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Whatever dude, you’re calling us a cult for supporting our president while the left is out burning down and looting businesses and shooting cops. Lib logic.
  95. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    And your “leaders” are doing it to you, and you guys gobble it up with out choking like it’s a foot long from subway.
  96. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Why are you posting pictures of leftist protestors looting a McDonald’s? That’s hurting your case numb nuts.
  97. yakdout

    Mexicali border crossing

    The western most border was the fastest for me the last couple times. Used to be Mexicali 1 and Mexicali 2, but they closed Mexicali 1 and opened the new one closer to the train tracks in calexico. My phone has always worked in Mexicali, so I usually just gps it if I have to. I have Verizon. But...
  98. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Good strategy not going to lie. I definitely see why the libs would want to keep him in the basement.
  99. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Talk about getting played! You suckers on the left are getting played like a fiddle.
  100. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    This is the BEST candidate the libtards have to offer?
  101. yakdout

    Tie Line or Swivel to This?

    Coast lock swivel
  102. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    . What was the great change? Socialist Obama care or the Obama phones for all. Free shit for all! Fuck our country!
  103. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    . Sprinkles, scrugio, can I have fries with that.
  104. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Poor lougio doesn’t want to talk numbers anymore.... 😂
  105. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    CNN propaganda machine is much more effective, especially on retards.
  106. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I gave you the answer. You’re just too dumb to see it.
  107. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You know nothing about the history of the USA. Please stay in Mexico.
  108. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Right, the actual numbers don’t mean anything. So if it were one person in the fucking United states who died of Covid you would agree with shutting down our country you dumbshit? Please tell me you did not pro create.
  109. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    180,000 lives? You’re dumber than you look. Do you know what percentage of the US population that is. It’s 5, 1/100’s of ONE percent. And only 6% of that was not high risk. Obviously math not liberals strength.
  110. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Ever heard of the handgun roster in CA? How about the STANDARD capacity magazine ban. Featureless? Featureless is the dumbest one in my opinion. Do you know what that entails? Let me explain. They want you to put a fin grip on your gun and not be able to wrap your hand around the grip. Makes...
  111. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Please do, America doesn’t want you.
  112. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Huh? Newsome was forced to close businesses because Trump didn’t do it? Well that’s the dumbest thing I’ll read on the internet today. Covid is not a pandemic worthy shutdown. It’s a cold. Obviously you don’t do any fact checking or you’d know what the actual numbers are for not at risk persons...
  113. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Jokes on you buddy. Your leaders (newsome) closed all businesses in CA, put a ton of people out of work because of it, yet he kept his winery open. Bitch face Kamala Harris wants to strip US citizens of 2nd amendment rights yet owns a gun. Nancy pelosi on board with closing all salons and other...
  114. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Direct quote from sleepy joe. Come on libs, let him out of the closet to debate. I guess I’d be scared to let him debate if he said shit like this too.
  115. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Both are on parenting. Do you have kids? Did you raise them right? Obviously not because you’re a liberal so there’s no way you raised them right.
  116. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Ok dude. Keep blaming the government for your fat ass eating too many quarter pounders. I’m done with the libtards.
  117. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Sure can dumbass. It’s YOUR fault you’re a fat ass! It’s YOUR fault you don’t work hard enough to pay for your medical or have medical benefits. It’s YOUR fault you didn’t teach your teenage daughter not to get pregnant. Stop passing the fucking buck. We’re done paying for your free shit...
  118. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Do you see any republicans “peacefully” protesting? Didn’t think so.
  119. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Wow why didn’t I think of this?
  120. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    This is for the numb nuts who don’t know what conservatives stand for
  121. yakdout

    First time using 25NLD2

    Only when I’m winding my dead nose hooked sardine back in.
  122. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You’re god damn right you’re outnumbered you anti American dumb-o-crats. The only truth is that liberals are insane
  123. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That you support or you wouldn’t have posted. Or you’re just another blind sheep?
  124. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That’s dumb as hell, Biden has been in politics for 40 years and hasn’t done anything productive. Now you want him running the Country ? You think he’s all of a sudden going to figure it out? He can’t even create a sentence. Libtard logic blows my mind
  125. yakdout

    Fish for sale

    You can’t sell it legally, but I think you can trade it. Maybe someone will trade you some dollars for it. 😬
  126. yakdout

    A win for us responsible gun owners

    Possession and purchase. I believe rimfire is included. Tons of sites saying they will ship to CA right now. Get em quick before they reverse.
  127. yakdout

    Ab 3030 today

    I heard this on let’s talk Shimano. I think the land based closures are probably the freshwater closures.
  128. yakdout

    Ab 3030 today

    A lot of it is actually freshwater, but there are some more saltwater closures just not sure where. Don’t quote me on this but I think I heard all of La Jolla would be closed
  129. yakdout

    What's the best Saltwater Tackle website?

  130. yakdout

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    It’s to check the knot at the bottom of your reel to make sure if you get spooled, the knot will hold.
  131. yakdout

    Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    The hard part is locating a school of bluefin that want to eat a jig or a hooked bait. But seems like you have that dialed in. You’re on your way to landing some great tasting BFT
  132. yakdout

    Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    First suggestion would be to size up your gear a little. I was thinking that first fish you hung was gonna snap the rod. The longer they’re on the line the more of a chance of heartbreak. With heavier gear you can put more pressure on em and kill em fast
  133. yakdout

    Best bolt cutters?

    Bolt cutters are meant to cut bolts and hardened steel locks. If they can cut those, they will work for a hook no problem. I’m sure harbor freight just fine. Just keep it oiled or wrap the cutter portion around a rag that’s soaked in oil for rust.
  134. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    A hell of a lot more than 5/ONE HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT!
  135. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Fear? Lol. There are $328 million people in the US and we have had a grand total of 144,000 people die from COVID. That equals less than 0.05% of the US population. We are not the scared ones. You are. How’s that for logical? I remember when I was a Democrat, then I grew up. It’s not too late...
  136. yakdout

    Cedar Plugs Action

    Then dremel a notch in the metal ring and fix the hook in that notch
  137. yakdout

    Cedar Plugs Action

    Maybe you have duds. All the cedar plugs I’ve ever used have a side to side action like that of a surface iron.
  138. yakdout

    Sh***y day 7/12

    Lots of people drag bottom in the bay while fishing, especially if you lost it anywhere near the barge. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it appears someday.
  139. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You mean like defacing and vandalizing statues of former presidents who fought to end slavery, because they were “racist against black people”? That kind of stupid and embarrassing for the country? I don’t think so.
  140. yakdout

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Lol, I think he’s a little out numbered here. We’ll show him how out numbered he really is come November! AMERICA
  141. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    If they are not recovered, it most likely means they’re recovered? -Einstein
  142. yakdout

    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    That first picture you posted kind of looks like the constellation Uranus is orbiting.
  143. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    The doctors have already proven that the asymptotic spread is very low. You sick? Stay at home. As you would with any other sickness. If not, live your LIFE. This is America. You have that right. This thought train of how do you know you have it thing is moot point.
  144. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    pretty dumb, and my wife will tell you the same. I believe in car accidents, not Covid and it’s hysteria. Do some homework.
  145. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    So back when it was mandatory to put on a mask when no one was around and you were outside and as soon as you step out your door or you will be fined, were you? Or were you defiant?
  146. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    makaira would probably keep his on so he doesn’t give himself Covid. Probably one who wears it on the highway driving by himself
  147. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    but what if your client is a conservative and he’s thinking your a dumbass the whole time for wearing a mask. If he told you, you could take it off and it were just the two of you there, would you? I’m done arguing with the sheep. Keep bowing to your government, and believing everything they...
  148. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    they’ll just dodge your questions. No logic with the liberal freakers
  149. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again... one life doesn’t matter but the other does? Makes sense
  150. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Because I don’t want my 7 month old boy growing up with me having to put some piece of shit rag on my face and have him think that is normal society for everyone to walk around with a towel on their face. It’s fucking ridiculous. So again since you keep backing out of answering my question, I...
  151. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Before I answer that. You answer my question first. I see you trying to dodge it. Answer the question, why my body my choice for abortion but not the face diapers? Or can you not?
  152. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    offensive? It’s not offensive. I don’t give a shit if you want to wear your diaper, but to order everyone in the United States to do so is a crock of shit. Now let me ask you something since I see you’re swinging on the trees in the fantasy leftist jungle. What happened to my body my choice...
  153. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Ok so your governor told you to wear a mask because they work. And you blindly follow orders. So let me ask you this: if the masks work so well, like you say with no facts, and stores are requiring to enter, why the fuck are we 6 feet apart in line? You have more facts for this? Or just more...
  154. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You’re forgetting one thing, China is a communist country. This is fucking America! Also pretty ironic that you’re giving props to China, the place the virus came from.
  155. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Obviously the fucken masks don’t work too well, because if they had faith that they do work, our country wouldn’t be fucken shut down.
  156. yakdout

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    even if you were right about twice as many positives that aren’t going to the hospital, you do realize that cuts the already low fatality rate drastically right?
  157. yakdout

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    How much should I tip a sport boat?
  158. yakdout

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    Pilothouse boats are for albacore and salmon fishing in the PNW. Get a walk around or a large CC with a cabin if you really need it, and enjoy the weather in SoCal.
  159. yakdout

    it's legal to trade whole BF for fishing gear ?

    You can also “give” the government the finger, delete your Facebook, and stop telling people what your doing.
  160. yakdout

    2 1/2 day?

  161. yakdout

    Strange sonar marks offshore near 371

    Kinda look like camel humps, if it were Wednesday I’d say almost for sure camel but on a Tuesday? 50/50. My second inclination would be a toe of said camel.
  162. yakdout

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    I like this guy. Good question.
  163. yakdout

    Woefully Underprepared - 60lb to 100lb Tuna

    Mak 16 or 20 for reel calstar 775xxh. So many options and combinations.
  164. yakdout

    Will my two setups/reels be good for these big bluefin?

    You gettin spooled dude ! Jk! You’re good. The 40n probably good to 150. I was roping 80-90lb fish on my 25n last year. So with the line capacity and added drag of the 40, have confidence. They’re solid reels. Problem is you never know what you’re gonna hook. They say 100lb fish, and you...
  165. yakdout

    Sushi places north county?

    Harney in Oceanside is a more upscale sushi place. Then you got Benihana in Carlsbad with some good sushi, and a fun experience with them playing with fire in front of you.
  166. yakdout

    Coronados Sick Wide! Mission Belle with 60+ yellows

    I’ll saw that shit off too, and put it in my tackle box.
  167. yakdout

    TRADE Long Beach Seekers - Noveske AR parts

    Hell no it doesn’t. Rounds aren’t serialized. Fuck the government.
  168. yakdout

    Coronados Sick Wide! Mission Belle with 60+ yellows

    Their hook to land ratio was probably up since you weren’t on the boat. My ex girlfriend ate hamburger buns, made her wide too. By the way dude, they aren’t fucking rowboats they’re called kayaks and if I see you out in the middle grounds I’m gonna saw you off with my depth hunter rainbow...
  169. yakdout

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Exactly, not possible, nor ever needed. He must be thinking metal lips still.
  170. yakdout

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Yep deal breaker.
  171. yakdout

    Gopher problem

    Gopher hawk. Or Open to expose to sunlight, take a light branch and stick it in the hole, that’s visible from a distance so you know when they’re coming up. Standby with pellet gun and scope, or 2x4.
  172. yakdout

    Spro Combination swivel 3 way

    I like this style more than the symmetrical 3 way swivels. Those tangled more on me.
  173. yakdout

    Spro Combination swivel 3 way

    The smaller swivel coming off the side you want for you torpedo sinker. Keep it short, 12-18”. The bigger swivel goes to your main line and bait on the other side. That leader should be 3-5’. More of a reverse dropped loop setup, but that always works better for me. Less tangles. Sometimes I use...
  174. yakdout

    Spro Combination swivel 3 way

  175. yakdout

    Professor Says Human Race Must Go Extinct to Fight Climate Change

    Yep that dumbass is contributing to Really no middle ground because almost all democracy ideology is all about more governing, and being spoon fed by the government. I was actually raised by two democratic parents and flipped on my own in my early 20’s. And I think most of the younger...
  176. yakdout

    SOLD Seeker pinhead black ulua

    I can’t make it today but 1:15 tomorrow San Clemente sound good?
  177. yakdout

    SOLD Duramax silverado 2500HD extended cab 2004 trade?

    Great deal especially after the new injectors.
  178. yakdout

    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    You can eat any fish anywhere, you just have to cook the SHIT out of it. Literally
  179. yakdout

    Braided line to mono then to fluorocarbon why?

    That’s exactly what I do. Minus the 25’ of flouro on heavier setups. I got a little shorter. And I keep the mono.
  180. yakdout

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    My wife just made an account recently. Gonna need you to delete.
  181. yakdout

    All corona news is not Bad

    Who gives a shit. Mods please delete thread.
  182. yakdout

    Calstar equivalent to Seeker 2x4

    One up-man ship at its finest
  183. yakdout

    New bill, and it’s FEDERAL

    The same idiot trying to pass this bill thought Guam would tip over and capsize if 8000 marines were deployed there. Really.... here’s the video..
  184. yakdout

    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    How are we supposed to drink beer and smoke cigars with a mask on? I’m out.
  185. yakdout

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Blackwater was the shit! Wish they still made it. My last couple big bluefin have been on spectra to 20-30 yards of mono. No flouro.
  186. yakdout

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You aren’t required to have your ID to go fishing..” I left it in my truck sorry.”
  187. yakdout

    Group/Hands on hand-gun instruction...

    That’s like a 5 minute common sense test. Not a big deal. If you can’t pass that, you shouldn’t own a firearm.
  188. yakdout

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    There are two types of people in this world. People who bow down to authority, and people who question their decisions and don’t want them running their life for them. Do we need some sort of governing agency ? Sure, I’m not for anarchy. But fuck big government. Power in numbers. When they start...
  189. yakdout

    Fathom 25N w/spectra - pending sale $125

    While I tend to agree, I think it’s less his fault then it used to be. I don’t know if it’s because of the new website format, or the hackers that got in, but when using the search nothing is in chronological order anymore. It used to pull up most current posts. Now it’s all over the place. Very...
  190. yakdout

    Air guns for big game

    Subsonic 22 rounds quieter than air rifles. Bout as loud as a medium strength clap. CCI super quiets and Aguila both good.
  191. yakdout

    Carlsbad Lagoon open?

    Unless you go to Walmart mart or Costco with 500 other people at a time? I actually like to think for myself instead of believing everything the media has to say. Let’s see 500-1000 people at large grocery store. Fishing by yourself. Hmmmm......
  192. yakdout

    Fishing to open

    when is he going to open up sea lion hunting. I have an 870 with some 00 buck ready to go for that day.
  193. yakdout

    Carlsbad Lagoon open?

    Best thing to do is bounce Swim baits off the WSB Hatchery from the yak. Big flatties :D
  194. yakdout

    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    How many drugs have you smoked today?
  195. yakdout

    Air guns for big game

    What do you consider big game? I don’t think you’re taking an elk down with a pellet gun.
  196. yakdout

    Is slip fishing still an option?

    Brown in the corner. Change your baits. This is the last stop of the day make it count.
  197. yakdout

    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    Gonna be pretty hard to get that much 556 right now. Better chances with 223 but that’s not gonna be easy. Regular Cheap plinking 55grain 223 was sold out everywhere I checked. They only had the more expensive 62 and 70 grain green tips which I really don’t need. I prefer the 223 in 55 grain. Do...
  198. yakdout

    Phenix abyss or Teramar for first jig stick?

    907 is way to light for surface iron. You need the 909. 907 is rated 12-30lb 909 rating is 20-50lb
  199. yakdout

    Tax & License Refunds

    No but everywhere you fish, is.
  200. yakdout

    Phenix abyss or Teramar for first jig stick?

    I caught my profile pic tuna 90lbs on a 909xhj. While it hurt my back, the rod did fine. Maybe you should go in your backyard and learn how to cinnamon toast cast the fuck out of a lexa 400 and a lever drag. They catch fish.
  201. yakdout

    Phenix abyss or Teramar for first jig stick?

    Shimano rods are garbage. You could pretty much go any other manufacturer and get a better rod. Phenix abyss, axis. Calstar 90/100j . Seeker ulua. UC monster, Del Mar etc. The only thing worse than a Shimano rod might be the snoopy pole from wal-Mart but even then it’s very close, as they both...
  202. yakdout


    I’d probably add something about your constitutional right to fish in CA
  203. yakdout

    Slowing my troll? Halibut bounce balling question

    Drift chute in neutral. Hopefully you have a little breeze or better, current. Which is what you want anyways.
  204. yakdout

    What is the smallest 2 speed reel Conventional

    Yes I’ve always wanted that low gear for when I’m gassed and those pesky calicos are pinwheeling just out of gaff reach.
  205. yakdout

    What is the smallest 2 speed reel Conventional

    Where can I buy?
  206. yakdout

    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    I think we should make the whole ocean an MLPA
  207. yakdout

    let’s see your personal best

    How’d it taste?
  208. yakdout

    let’s see your personal best

    Both kayak PB’s for me and most memorable. 26lb cabrilla in Baja and 44lb yellow in LJ. Both on IGFA scale. Forgot the roosters. 6-7 a day over 40 from the yak. Baja
  209. yakdout

    Daiwa BG Saltist 30h for irons?

    Sure it WILL. Just not ideal being so wide. The 30 is very short and wide.
  210. yakdout

    Daiwa BG Saltist 30h for irons?

    35 better
  211. yakdout

    SOLD Mak 20 SEA and 2x4 combo. $850

    Forgot to mention it’s filled to the top with 100lb white izor.
  212. yakdout

    SOLD Mak 20 SEA and 2x4 combo. $850

    Used but good condition mak 20 SEA in gunmetal and seeker osp 2x4 rail rod combo for sale. Has caught a few tuna around 80-90lbs Sorry guys $850 for combo. Will separate Call Sean for inquires 760-703-6812
  213. yakdout

    TRADE Built Jeep for Boat

    Have a friend looking to either Sell trade his Jeep for center console possibly walk around boat. Custom Motobilt back half with their fuel cell. TNT Custom front frame stretch and YJ box as well. Geared, 5.38's and locked, Detroit lockers (front may be Spartan I'd have to look at my files)...
  214. yakdout

    Teaser birds

    I like using a big Boone teaser on the middle long line. Back in clean water.
  215. yakdout

    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Nothing ever breaks in a Shimano... that’s a good one.
  216. yakdout

    Whats with some of these BD ads?

    Ah now it makes sense. I just had one come up for bukaki.
  217. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    You’re supposed to do a PPT for ammo now like you would for a gun transfer.
  218. yakdout

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    And I want a Great Dane that shits hundred dollar bills. We both dream big so that’s good.
  219. yakdout

    WTB Panga with trailer

    Even if you had a sentri it wouldn’t matter because you’re not allowed to tow through the sentri lanes
  220. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Bummer not for me... plenty of local gun shops selling ammo and firearms.
  221. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    .17 HMR? You might as well buy a .22 pellet gun. :D
  222. yakdout

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    Yep just call the local ramp master...
  223. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Good to know people with tons of brass and reloaders. Luckily I stashed quite a bit right before all this started to go down.
  224. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Because they are closed I should say closed for new business.
  225. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    I would go to calguns and see if anyone has anything. I mean I know you’re supposed to use FFL for ammo now.... but...
  226. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    When did the gun stores close. I was also at a gun store yesterday in fallbrook and while busy, they were selling ammo and guns like it was going out of style.
  227. yakdout

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Why won’t Walmart Sell it? I just bought ammo there last weekend.
  228. yakdout

    FREE Just testing the waters. To see how much these rods will be worth in 6 months?

    Prices are gonna tank with the economy soon. You’ll be able to get your $100 seeker in no time. Just ride it out. Unfortunately guns and ammo are going up in price. Was lucky to find some boxes of 223 and 9 the other day.
  229. yakdout

    Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    Here are a couple of favorite videos from a few years ago in baja
  230. yakdout

    Cool Videos (to watch while stuck at home)

    For the Baja guys. Pretty crazy story
  231. yakdout

    Corona Virus Therapy

    Plenty of cows caught on the RP. Tie what’s fast and what you’re good at.
  232. yakdout

    WTB Large pvc pipe

    Probably easier to find 6” schedule 40 conduit
  233. yakdout

    Best Cabo resort for non-fishing wife?

    Casa Del Mar. San Jose Del Cabo. Bitchin resort.
  234. yakdout

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Couldn’t you get an inexpensive power inverter and run a corded drill off the house battery?
  235. yakdout

    WTB Affordable AR upper

    Palmetto state armory. Can ship to your door, without lower. Huge selection. Good parts.
  236. yakdout

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    458 win mag, that should kill a deer. :D
  237. yakdout

    Turkey time!

    If you invite them in for dinner and they walk inside your house it’s not illegal
  238. yakdout

    covid-19 and sport boats

    They can test the corona virus on me if they pay for my long range trip.
  239. yakdout

    Turkey time!

    Saw quite a few turkeys at Escondido fish and game while I was shooting the other day.
  240. yakdout

    Lucky Craft 110 Alternatives?

    Sp minnow works well for me
  241. yakdout

    Ring them yourself

    Agree with above. Best way to test it to twist the ring with two sets of pliers. I usually warm up with a couple if I haven’t done it for a while, test those until they consistently don’t break. After a while it’s easy to tell when the metal is melting you have a good joint.
  242. yakdout

    For Sale Arsenal legion sgl-20 AK47

    Not sure if they make a type of mag lock system for the AK’s but I have a mag lock and patriot pin setup on my AR and it’s way better than featureless IMO
  243. yakdout

    Long Beach Pointers for a Fred Hall Virgin

    Wait so you’ve never been to Fred hall AND you're a virgin? Double whammy
  244. yakdout

    1st time making pipes

    Specifically for targeting lingcod ?
  245. yakdout

    1st time making pipes

    I’ve never seen these things before but by looking at it, it seems like the cotter pin and hook would just slide down the copper pipe if you got bit. Is it anchored somehow? Screw?
  246. yakdout

    I care about your health

    I agree with you and am a big proponent of the 2nd. It was created so that we could not be overthrown by a tyrannical government. They are infringing upon our rights (1, and 2 amendment specifically). And if it comes down to it, martial law or whatever would happen, I’m on your side not theirs...
  247. yakdout

    I care about your health

    Same people were scared about H1N1. When’s the last time someone spoke of that? Do people even remember? How about Y2K? Ebola? Anyone keeping up with ebola? How many of your friends have had Zika? How many of you preppers were scared the world was going to shut down and had 40 cases of water and...
  248. yakdout

    San Diego Yellows, 2/27

    I doubt anyone will find out about that
  249. yakdout

    Best fisheries to target in March

    Check reports of east cape and San Jose Del Cabo. They get some big yft off the islands. Dorado, tons of marlin, good inshore fishery on roosters, grouper, Cabrilla, pargo, etc. Short flight. Can find deals flying out of TJ on volaris for $100 round trip.
  250. yakdout

    Black Treble Hooks ? Just spray painted some strong trebles flat black -- anyone else try this?

    I’d be worried the tips aren’t sharp anymore. Are they as sharp as factory?
  251. yakdout

    Renting a car in Cabo and tackle tips

    Renting a car down there sucks. The insurance is like 3 times the amount of the rental.
  252. yakdout

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Is that why your screen name is PUKA HD? Heavy duty puking
  253. yakdout

    Seasick on Sports Boat

    Easier to get sick on the big boats in foul weather. Small boat = constant fresh air and a look out to the horizon. Big boat = diesel exhaust fumes and the smell of breakfast burritos. I don’t get sick on either but I think the percentage of people who get sick, it’s mostly big boats. Best bet...
  254. yakdout

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    If this is the most trouble you have even been in with the law, you’re doing good kid. Shrug it off. Most of these degenerate SOB’s giving you advice have done 10-20 in the state pen. That’s why they know so much about soap and bubba.
  255. yakdout

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    If it does, imagine how money was wasted on featureless rifles.
  256. yakdout

    Be sure you stick it in the right hole

    Do you ever ask your buddy for assistance in holding it?
  257. yakdout

    Recreational Drug Usage

    Fresh frozen puffers for sale. Use at own risk $75 per fish.
  258. yakdout

    PENN new product wish list

    If you want to really test the skills of your engineers, have them try a two speed star drag reel. I know this is eventually going to happen, and being first to the market with one will be highly lucrative.
  259. yakdout

    Is this BD Today?

    Anonymous will come in and fix it, dip out and not take the credit.
  260. yakdout

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I think if more and more people do this, they might learn to be afraid of us again. Most probably think it’s illegal, but fish and game obviously knows there’s a problem or there wouldn’t be a whole page of items legal for deterrent.
  261. yakdout

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Page navigation numbers and arrows on top of threads, not just bottom.
  262. yakdout

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    It used to show without clicking name, but good catch.
  263. yakdout

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Location of members not showing. At least on iOS.
  264. yakdout

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    BB guns tend to not get very hot.
  265. yakdout

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Save the whales, shoot the seals.
  266. yakdout

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Frozen paintballs.
  267. yakdout

    Daiwa Saltist for Surface Iron

    The 35 has plenty of capacity for me with a 40lb topshot. Just have to button that drag and pull a little harder if you don’t want to get spooled. You can pull pretty damn hard on 40lb.
  268. yakdout

    BD Freezes

    Or they saw BD was bashing so they planted a bug. :eek:
  269. yakdout

    BD Freezes

    For those having problems with a newer iOS, at the top of the page in the web search bar there is an icon that appears with two capital AA. Click that, go to website settings and select use reader automatically. You won’t get all the snazzy looks of the website, but it works more reliably
  270. yakdout

    BD Freezes

    Pretty much unusable on my iphone at this point. Wish they would get back on Tapatalk
  271. yakdout

    BD Freezes

  272. yakdout

    Looking for a few good Ensenada ho's

    Should be no problem finding surplus of Ensenada ho’s. Buenos Suerte
  273. yakdout

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Got some fathom 40ld2 from Woodbury when they were around $160-170 OTD. Couldn’t be happier with the reels. This is the best bang for the buck two speed reel bar none. Not even close. Even when it’s not on sale and other manufacturers reels go on sale, it’s still a better deal. Goes to show you...
  274. yakdout

    WTB Cousins 95Jmag or 100

    I’m keeping mine, but have a friend selling his. But price was a little steep for OP, and that is understandable. They are great rods for sure.
  275. yakdout

    Truck Shell's

    Definitely at the top as far as fit finish and styling.
  276. yakdout

    Truck Shell's

    I had a snugtop super sport on my 2500HD and really liked it. Never any water inside.
  277. yakdout

    Daiwa Saltist for Surface Iron

    Comparable but remember the rod is as, if not more important than the reel. Nice 9-10’ jigstick that isn’t a noodle.
  278. yakdout

    Got a new a Ditch bag today! What’s in yours?

    Whistle, flare, mirror, epirb, and handheld VHF come to mind.
  279. yakdout

    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    Yes, well kind of. I usually fish a reverse dropper loop and like to put the weight on the shorter leg. Seems to give the bait better range for movement. But this is only when I don’t have a 3 way swivel with me. I really prefer to fish a quality 3 way swivel for less tangles
  280. yakdout

    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    Surgeons loop. One leg shorter than the other.
  281. yakdout

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    Phenix abyss 909 is what I use. 20-50 9’ rod with reel seat.
  282. yakdout

    Is this decafe??

    You win
  283. yakdout

    Mac 15ii SEa/10ii SEa for surf?

    What’s your typical target species while surf fishing? Makaira great for tuna, not going to be a great choice for surf fishing though.
  284. yakdout

    For Sale 95j mag blackout

    Buddy of mine trying to sell a cousins 95j mag factory wrapped blackout. Good condition. He’s looking for $800 obo. Waiting on pics from him. He is located in valley center but could probably meet in north county SD.
  285. yakdout

    XTRA TUFF Comfort for long days? For my pops

    Xtra tuffs are comfortable as long as you switch out the insole. Super feet are good. I use in work boots and deck boots. I go with there green because of my arches but their other colors fit different shaped feet.
  286. yakdout

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    In one sentence, it’s because they care about their boats more than their kids.
  287. yakdout

    PB halibut from the surf

    Yes but you’d have to size down accordingly. Fluke and hook size, Which will also work for halibut but I like targeting halibut specifically most of the time which is why I opt for a bigger bait. Less by catch.
  288. yakdout

    PB halibut from the surf

    I use VMC heavy duty swim bait hooks like these. You can get them weighted or unweighted. If you’re drop-shotting you want unweighted. For slug or fluke size, between 4” and 7” depending on the location I’m fishing, and the setup I’m using. Match the hook size to the swim bait. You want the...
  289. yakdout

    Islands visible from shore

    Santa Ana winds and rain typically clear up the pollutants making vis better.
  290. yakdout

    Seeker white tiger F100 blank

    Can’t fix stupid
  291. yakdout

    SOLD Misc Jigs

    Great deal at just over $2 a jig.
  292. yakdout


    There’s a reason you don’t see to many predators. The R & D and engineering hobie goes through to build and test their stuff is the best and will be for a long time. It’s not even close, hobies ahead of the competition by miles. The circular motion vs the back and forth is far less efficient...
  293. yakdout

    Keep fishing or not ?

  294. yakdout

    I hate turkey.

    That’s how you do it.
  295. yakdout

    I hate turkey.

    You turkeys who aren’t cooking turkeys have definitely never had a good smoked turkey done the right way.
  296. yakdout

    Keep fishing or not ?

    I bet you imagine more than just hooks getting stuck down your throat. :ashamed:
  297. yakdout

    PB halibut from the surf

    Google zoom fluke. Great for halibut on dropshot. White and silver particularly for me. Mc slugs work too.
  298. yakdout

    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    Well at least it sounds like you know what you were doing wrong.
  299. yakdout

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Have a new CDX 80 spooled with braid for $80 if anyone wants to try. Just had my first kid and not sure if I’ll ever have time to use it.
  300. yakdout

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Dropper loop and yo-yo yellowtail and Halibut. San Diego. Winter yellows are nice and fat. Here’s a typical size. This was last February.
  301. yakdout

    People who fish dark braid

    White izor. Turners or landing tackle shop if I’m going on a cattle boat and need last minute. Definitely better pricing at turners though.
  302. yakdout

    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    3x from one hook manufacturer is not the same as 3x from another hook manufacturer. Just as a 4/0 Mustad is not the same size as a 4/0 owner. There’s no standard sizing for hooks as there is for something like nuts and bolts. Go with what works for you. I’ve been using Mustad demon 3x’s all year...
  303. yakdout

    Mind Blowing Bluefin Fishing in the Next 2-3 Weeks?

    I’m hoping for plunker bite swordfish on kelps.
  304. yakdout

    Sonar Mark - What do you think it was?

    On a drop, the mark would be going downhill from left to right.
  305. yakdout

    FREE Question on rules

    This hurts my brain
  306. yakdout

    FREE Question on rules

    Rectum fi it? I think you mean rectify it.
  307. yakdout

    FREE Question on rules

    Also, this ain’t craigslist Stop trying to sell your couch on a fishing website.
  308. yakdout

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    I always run a bottle of this through my truck while on BAJA diesel. Helps with lubricity, which is especially good if the diesel is a little watery. Brings up cetane which makes fuel burn hotter. 1/2 bottle on the way down, 1/2 on way up. Diesel fuel components are $$$ to replace.
  309. yakdout

    FREE PSA Mustad Hooks Sale 75% Off

    Loaded up for a while. Thanks. The squid sabikis that work the best for me were on sale for $0.87. Normally $6-$7
  310. yakdout

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    I think if you have the Costco visa, it racks up rewards too. But ya I agree, my time is worth more than the savings these days.
  311. yakdout

    Halibut tips please?

    It’s just a reverse dropped loop but instead of a spider hitch or surgeons loop, a 3 or t swivel takes its place. Less line twist
  312. yakdout

    Halibut tips please?

    I’ll stick to three way swivel as well. Have done both, many times. I’m not a huge fan of tangles...
  313. yakdout

    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    The problem is you bought an accurate reel.
  314. yakdout

    Mexican Stand Off on a 1/2 day boat (photo)

    Nice report, center counsel huh? What is this stoked on fishing? :D
  315. yakdout

    Game 7 World Series. Hella game

    Let’s go Washington.
  316. yakdout

    WTB Frozen flying fish bait in Houston

    At the airport, but it’s on you to find a way to freeze.
  317. yakdout

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Water forced through the gills they don’t need to swim. They can stay alive a long time.
  318. yakdout

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Tuna tubes. Or it probably won’t work.
  319. yakdout

    Halibut tips please?

    I have used flash minnows which are suspending, and have also used larger lures such as rapala xrap 20’s with good results. You can cover water faster than with a live bait. Not sure what you mean about rigging, but 3 way swivel setup with about 2-3 feet of leader to heavy torpedo sinker than...
  320. yakdout

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    Mexican authorities do not like you taking down building materials, wood, meat, fuel cans, and more. The way the Mexican law works is it depends on who looks at your truck. Sometimes a $20 bill will save you $100 worth of meat. Ask me how I know.
  321. yakdout

    The guy that invented auto correct just died

    Crazy. Wander if his wive is gonna half a Groj sail with sum good fitching geer.
  322. yakdout

    Just so you know

    Nice salmon grouper
  323. yakdout

    Halibut tips please?

    Oh ya to add to my earlier post, halibut fishing can be boring as shit til you hook a good one. Bring beer, and be thankful you’re not spending the fuel to run and gun on bluefin tuna that give you a middle finger and take off.
  324. yakdout

    Halibut tips please?

    Fish the day with biggest tide swing. Make long drifts. Carolina will work in the shallow water but once you start getting over 30-40 feet you want to use heavier weight to make sure you’re still contacting the bottom with a fast drift. At that point you want to use a 3 way swivel setup with...
  325. yakdout

    Wrapped my first set of pliers

    Looks like shit. Tighten it up. Sounds like something you would say so giving you a dose. Suck it up.
  326. yakdout

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    I like how the dude said he didn’t want to be greedy and left with two. Actually two is the limit bro....
  327. yakdout

    Thank you Chargers

    Telling my buddy when they were in the red zone with a good chance to win. “watch this typical charger shit, make you think they’re gonna win then shit the bed and fold like a dirty wet beach towel” what did they have 7 or 8 downs to go 2 yards? Great job assholes
  328. yakdout

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    I’ve used my passport card for visa driving into Mexico. It works there so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for boat. Also if you take a sport boat, they are ok with passport card and I’m sure they have to do it legit sooo....
  329. yakdout

    Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    Well let that be a lesson. Don’t read everything you see on the internet. Especially here. It would have taken less time to go straight to the credible source.
  330. yakdout

    Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    I was just messing with the dude and apparently I got you too. :cheers:
  331. yakdout

    Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    Check to see if it’s worth to make insurance claim.
  332. yakdout

    Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    they just increased it to 30
  333. yakdout

    Cabo surf fishing

    Roberts rangers, Cabo killers and line stretcher surface tensions.
  334. yakdout

    SOLD Cousins 95j mag ( Limited edition Blacked Out Series )

    I do really hope you get the $ for it, especially because I have 3 of them.
  335. yakdout

    Surface Iron 3/4 day

    They bit the popper for me yesterday on a friends boat. Glad I had my 9’ jigstick
  336. yakdout

    2 Fish, 1 Hook... and a Gaff Gaffe 10/11

    Back in the day when the Alba**** were around, I remember hooking a 35-40lb bluefin that was mixed in a school and tail wrapping a blue shark and bringing them in together.
  337. yakdout

    What size top shot for casting poppers on conventional?

    70-100 yards. I like suffix or big game mono. What do you mean by big models? If you’re talking about the 200+ I would probably rethink your 10’ rod. If you’re talking up to 100lb fish. 40-50lb test is fine.
  338. yakdout

    Another connection

    “The most, strongest knot” Thats when I stopped believing him.
  339. yakdout

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    How else would you tip them? Food stamps to buy their own $13 cheeseburger?
  340. yakdout

    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    You have to start eating it until it’s small enough to fit in the kill bag.
  341. yakdout

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    Doubles as condiment for your $13 cheeseburger
  342. yakdout

    Tuna Seiners

    And Huntington Harbor needs carcasses
  343. yakdout

    Lobster limits

    Because the lobster are just like the people over there, dumb. :D
  344. yakdout

    Limit out or keep looking?

    We’re you limited out for two days? If so why not limit out THEN keep looking. If only had limits for first day I’d still probably opt to look around for better grade fish. One of my best 2.5 day trips we left in the afternoon and limited at the Coronado Islands on yft. Limits for both days...
  345. yakdout

    Sting operation?

    Would you want to eat raw fish at a sushi joint that gets you sick because it wasn’t taken care of properly.? I’m all about less government but some things should be regulated.
  346. yakdout

    Sting operation?

    Hopefully George in Lakewood knows not to drop the soap....
  347. yakdout

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

  348. yakdout

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

  349. yakdout

    Hotrodding/Improving Reels

    Alan tani Take your time, lots of small parts. Springs can and will go flying. Work in a confined space so if you drop a near microscopic part you can easily find on the ground. Work clean, stay organized. Get yourself some foam cue tips for cleaning and greasing. Few other specialty tools that...
  350. yakdout

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Since learning the correct way to tie line to line connections, ive never broken one. Up to 25lbs of drag maybe a little more.
  351. yakdout

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Alberto knot, which is the original name of the knot. Same knot as RP, John Collins, reverse Albright etc.
  352. yakdout

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Double uni more for flouro to mono or mono to mono. Not a great knot for spectra to mono/flouro
  353. yakdout

    quick question bout pq

    Flying in from Temecula?
  354. yakdout

    replacing hooks on irons

    Any butane torch will work fine. Got mine at Home Depot as well. Get the 56% solder and the black high heat flux, and that’s pretty much all you need.
  355. yakdout

    Fathom 30s, is there a smoother drag upgrade to be had?

    Nope. All new reels come with carbon fiber drags now days so no upgrade available because they are the best of today’s technology. However if they are smoked from running dry and look like the need replaced, this is my go to store for drags..
  356. yakdout

    Fathom 30s, is there a smoother drag upgrade to be had?

    Yep check for grease on washers. Not uncommon for them to forget to grease from factory.
  357. yakdout

    Why are my cedar plugs doing this?

    And then when you find that spot, grab your dremel and notch the metal ring in the back so the hooks stays in that position at all times. I’ve done this for years and never broken anything.
  358. yakdout

    I’m not saying it’s wrong....

    You mean on the cold spot?
  359. yakdout

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Nah. Leave the bass and trout stuff at home. Unless you’re fishing on your buddies boat.
  360. yakdout

    Looking for some knowledge - Trolling for tuna

    Tuna clones and daisy chains. Bright colors when it’s bright, dark colors when it’s dark/overcast. Leave the cedar plug in the lineup. Also check our how to tune a cedar plug to make it really swim well. Basically pulling some of the leader through and spinning it to know where the heavy Side...
  361. yakdout

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    Probably too many bluefin carcasses weighing it down.
  362. yakdout

    For Sale 2017 66' Viking Enclosed Bridge! A must have!

    Gotta love loopholes. Especially when the system sucks.
  363. yakdout

    FREE In need of bait scoop

    I’ll trade you a scoop for baits for a scoop of bait.
  364. yakdout


    The first two sets of numbers are on you. Example... 33/118 :D
  365. yakdout


    Terrafin is really the best one, unfortunately it cost money (subscription) but the charts are very good. I had it for two years but not subscribing next year. Between the freebees I can put the pieces together well enough.
  366. yakdout

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Search for an old post by bank robber and mpa. He took all the mpa boundary coordinates and turned them into tracks that can easily be Downloaded to any card accepting FF/GPS.
  367. yakdout

    Bed bugs on boats

    They should create a remediation program and dump the flea bags in Huntington harbor
  368. yakdout

    Bed bugs on boats

    I think your plan of freeing up spots on your favorite boat is working.
  369. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    None at all. I hope you catch a bunch of tails your next trip out. :cheers:
  370. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    You don’t have me fooled buddy, no worries about that.
  371. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Because there’s no albacore around, yellowtail aren’t pelagic fish? :rofl: I’m sorry the facts I’ve provided you don’t fit into your game plan of being right.
  372. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    I’ll give you some of my homeguard bluefin, some of the halibut I caught at the 60 mile bank, and I’ll still buy you a beer if you prove me wrong. :cheers: :D
  373. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Show me some facts like I’ve shown you two of them dude, or Stop spewing your BS. Yellowtail are pelagic fish. Sack up and admit you’re wrong.
  374. yakdout

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Can it. Put it in your pantry and crack a jar every now and then and make tuna salad sandwich. Best way to preserve.
  375. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Are you saying yellowtail are only pelagic when it conveniences you being right? How many lessons do you need? Show me some facts, here’s my second. Scroll down to the chart in the first column where it states epipelagic and let me know if jacks isn’t in the row. If it’s not there I’ll buy you...
  376. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    You had it right. Yellowtail are certainly a pelagic species.
  377. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Really where you getting your info? Cause I’m getting mine straight from CA fish and wildlife website....I’ve always known yellowtail to be pelagic.
  378. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Uhhhh, I’m pretty sure all yellowtail are pelagic fish.
  379. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Actually it’s two
  380. yakdout

    Spectra color?

    White izor. Every reel I own
  381. yakdout

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Except you don’t have to change the braid for 10 plus years and mono gets bullshit memory after a season and you have to start over.
  382. yakdout

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Should OJ get away with murder?
  383. yakdout

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    You don’t want to keep the bloodline or skin on the flesh for longer than you have to. That’s where almost off the fishiness comes from. Definitely cut off before freezing.
  384. yakdout

    For Sale 2004 F350 Lariat SOLD

    6.0 is a stronger more reliable motor than a 7.3 if the proper steps to bulletproof were done. Which sounds like it is.
  385. yakdout

    8/24 226/302/corner

    Taft is a legend
  386. yakdout

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Yes that is what I was trying to explain.
  387. yakdout

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    What offshore wind are you speaking of? I’m talking about the current season we are having. And All i have seen thus far is prevailing onshore wind, so not too sure how that got twisted... In my original post I was talking when it’s windy offshore, not Santa Ana easterly winds.
  388. yakdout

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Wind makes the ocean small boat friendly? That’s probably the dumbest thing I will read this week. Thanks for the laugh. :D
  389. yakdout

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Water colder than last year at this time. Also been a little more windy which dirties up the water. The churning up of the inshore water could be a good thing as microorganisms get shaken up and bait feeds on it, with bait brings pelagics (EX. yellowtail) However offshore wind is not your friend.
  390. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Oh and I’m just talking about one boat with 40-50 guys fishing on it. Sportfishing in San Diego, especially on big boats, is like no where else in the world.
  391. yakdout

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Sportfishing regulations are already limited enough. The fishing is just fine, the 3/4 day boats are catching 200 yft a day right now. Plenty sustainable. While we’re at it let’s open the MLPA’s back up. Those fuckin homeguard yellowtail and seabass know it’s a sanctuary.
  392. yakdout

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    You use a man rod and bounce it
  393. yakdout

    SOLD D

    Second from the left
  394. yakdout

    Mustad hook question?

    Any cheap mustad hooks will work for school size tuna. You are totally right about not wasting your expensive circle hooks on these fish. No need at all. Personally I prefer as short of a shank as possible but they’ll pretty much all work. I’d probably fish a #2 for size currently being caught...
  395. yakdout

    SOLD D

    When you’re at the store can you grab me some PBR? Or you need liquor license to hook me up?
  396. yakdout

    SOLD D

    3 or 5 mil bags?
  397. yakdout

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    Yes, myself and the group of guys who hit BAJA often all have sentri with kayaks and no problems as long as it’s on the truck. Where ya headed?
  398. yakdout

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    I said their normal load should be closer to 25 than 51. I didn’t say it should be 25.... and why? Maybe because 51 people who all have to fish the same side of the boat isn’t too awesome.
  399. yakdout

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    Their normal load should be closer to 25 not 51. Sure they can carry 51, it’s a 3/4 day boat that won’t be able to sleep 51. Unless the guys are sleeping on the deck. That’s like retail stores having a sale but marking up the original price on the tag, so the sale price seems like a steal when...
  400. yakdout

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    For those who don’t get it.... Here’s an example Straight from H&M’s website. The producer calls everyone of their trips a limited load trip that takes 30 people. If you look at the boat info, it only sleeps 30. So how can a full bunk room be a limited load? Again, it’s a scheme for more...
  401. yakdout

    Limited load boat under 200 in socal?

    Limited load really doesn’t mean shit anymore except for more $
  402. yakdout

    5 STAR Makes it right

    Wait, you complained because they gave you too much fish? :rofl:
  403. yakdout

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    Shouldn’t they have a blast freezer? I imagine that can freeze fish solid in less than a day.
  404. yakdout

    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    Diaz F***** him up
  405. yakdout

    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    Sesame crusted Seared. The unagi sauce is key.
  406. yakdout

    Grunion run?

    I’ve seen them pretty good near Carlsbad state beach. Fishing is good. Sharks, halibut, bass.
  407. yakdout

    Fish processing prices?

    So they can charge you more.
  408. yakdout

    Albacore in SoCal?!

    Run out to the 60 mile bank and take a look for us.
  409. yakdout

    Question about finding Tuna

    No such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people.
  410. yakdout

    Deformed BFT

    Acid wrapped
  411. yakdout

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    Wonder if Pacifica is running lowrance
  412. yakdout

    Backing off lever drag after trip question

    Wanna hang out ... lol
  413. yakdout

    Backing off lever drag after trip question

    Level wind and lever drag are two different things.
  414. yakdout

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Yes you have to bring it on the plane
  415. yakdout

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    I’d delete this before OP reports to authorities
  416. yakdout

    Backing off lever drag after trip question

    You don’t even have to back off the lever. Just come back to the reel a couple days after rinsing and turn, click, and spin everything to make sure if there is a little salt on a part it can’t grab and solidify.
  417. yakdout

    For Sale Bait-O-Matics

    I have a few of these. They’re pretty heavy. I believe they are 16oz.
  418. yakdout

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Wtf are we supposed to do with it? Not many options.
  419. yakdout

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Local wahoo and 300lb BFT used to be not possible as well. I wouldn’t doubt that there’s a few blue marlin swimming around our waters. They’ve caught broom tail grouper in local bays before and a pelagic fish such as a marlin would travel much further than a grouper in its lifetime. How about...
  420. yakdout


  421. yakdout

    Seeker Hysteria?

    So one model of 100 doesn’t snap on a fish? Well that’s a start. Too bad they don’t make them anymore.
  422. yakdout

    Seeker Hysteria?

    You can say it, Shimano rods are GARBAGE.
  423. yakdout

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    Not many amenities in abreojos. I would say check out campo Rene on the estuary. If looking for beach camping, I would say in between ted Williams house and town.
  424. yakdout

    Question about tip

    There will always be someone tipping less than you. Guaranteed. You might look like a saint with your $500. I would say that’s good.
  425. yakdout

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

    I’m not as think as you dumb I am. :D
  426. yakdout

    How to contact a moderator?

    (605)475–6967 Listen to the options but I think #5 is the one you need.
  427. yakdout

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

    There are kids on the site bro. No need for the whacking of privates talk.
  428. yakdout


    Sounds like sealskinner might be a friend. Maybe he’ll chime in.
  429. yakdout

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    That’s some shitty turrets syndrome shit.
  430. yakdout

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    Sounds like you’re going too fast. Either that or you don’t have the correct amount of line out or a combination of both. I’ve also never had a problem with xraps. You don’t need to be trolling anything at 12 knots in our waters unless the once in a hundred year wahoo swims by.
  431. yakdout

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    20 and 30 in bonito.
  432. yakdout


    Fish dope gets their info from seiners.
  433. yakdout

    Current Rigging for Larger Model Bluefin

    40 is more commonly used than 50. No one has been able to get bit on 50 on my recent trips, be surprised how hard you can pull on 40 if you tie your knots right. I also recommend an 8’ rod to keep your line off the boat. These fish will try to rub you off on the bottom of the boat.
  434. yakdout

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    What a PITA. Not worth it anymore. I love fishing the Coronado islands but they’re only making it harder to fish. Never easier.
  435. yakdout

    Possible Heads-up!

    The problem isn’t lack of fish...
  436. yakdout

    Best Avet for 30-50 lbs Work

    I like fishing on the smaller, lighter end of the spectrum, so I would fish a mxj raptor personally. Line capacity is no issue if you sack up and fish the appropriate drag for 50lb.
  437. yakdout

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Vegabon? Never heard of that boat before...? Are they fishing for salad?
  438. yakdout

    Pacific Queen overnight 6/14

    You want more stretch than just a short piece of flouro. Less chances of pulled hooks when they head shake. Also, why anyone would be fishing J hooks with the caliber of fish around is beyond me.
  439. yakdout

    Shimano speedmaster ii

    Im going to save a dozen NIB, and sell them in 15 years for $1200 each like the DC trini’s.
  440. yakdout

    Refund for Trips Cancelled by Operator?

    If the trip is cancelled on their end, no matter the reason, I’m certain they have to give you a refund. Whether you want that to be applied to a future trip or your cash back is up to you.
  441. yakdout

    Storing Magnum X-Raps

    I repurposed some of these I found in my garage from back when I used to shoot some paintball. I can get 2 xrap 30’s in one pod. And typically I don’t need more than that at once so the rest stay at home. Also good for the giant poppers.
  442. yakdout

    For Sale Tiptogrip/pelagicmuse oc tuna spikes

    No pictures of the spike in the fish but I can tell you they definitely get the blood out!
  443. yakdout

    For Sale Tiptogrip/pelagicmuse oc tuna spikes

    Saw some of these on the tribute last weekend. In fact one of them went into my 80lb bluefin. Very cool.
  444. yakdout

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    I bet you do
  445. yakdout

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    If you plan on fishing 40 on it, I would stay away from baitcasters especially the Tranx 400. A 40lb jigstick can kill 100lb tuna. But if you’re using a small bait caster reel you’re gonna get smoked. If end goal is yellowtail and school tuna than go for it. But don’t get caught with your pants...
  446. yakdout

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    My guess is down below the mid grade.
  447. yakdout

    Displaying your catch instead of processing?

    Walmart or closest apartment complex dumpster for the carcass. Or if you wanna be a dick the back of your buddies truck while he’s sleeping.
  448. yakdout

    Bait sticks for BFT

    To reaffirm my previous post, here’s a pic of an 80lb bluefin I got Saturday. UC CE wahoo with a fathom 25ld2. 40lb line. Killed the fish in about 15 minutes. Was fishing around 14 pounds of drag and I was pulling hard on the rod. Parabolic, but very strong. Easy on the body. It’s also a very...
  449. yakdout

    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    My three recommendations from experience 1) stay busy 2) do things that make you happy and keep you busy 3) try to get off the pills when you can. I think doctors are pill pushers, misdiagnosing people to keep them on medication they get kick backs for. I’ve been there, and did the three...
  450. yakdout

    Angler defies odds, lands truly enormous halibut

    What’s bigger than a barn door? How about a helicopter pad. Shit.
  451. yakdout

    24' boat to Catalina

    Oh ok that makes sense. You should be good then.
  452. yakdout

    24' boat to Catalina

    I’m gonna answer your question with a question. Do you know how to swim?
  453. yakdout

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    One screen makes more sense if everything is capable of splitting.
  454. yakdout

    Free Tuna Lure

    I won but I’d sell it to you for $325.
  455. yakdout

    Which rod for Penn 40nld2?

    I use phenix axis 780 xh2
  456. yakdout

    Screwed up my SX

    Alan tani tutorial, or parts diagram. I get most of my schematics here.
  457. yakdout

    beefing up hooks on LC110s

    Texas tackle split ring pliers
  458. yakdout

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    I’ll answer your question but only after you tell me how much to tip on a sport boat.
  459. yakdout

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    Crush up some viagra, and stuff under the insoles.
  460. yakdout

    Choosing the right dean

    #4 hook might be cool for peanut yellowfin but that’s all it’s good for.
  461. yakdout

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    I just listen to the archives the following week from when they are live, and fast forward the commercials. PITA because I think there are more ads than air time but oh well. There is some good info there sometimes.
  462. yakdout

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    Or hills from Ventura
  463. yakdout

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    Don from Woodland Hills
  464. yakdout

    Kill em' all big and small

    Apparently the fins are good enough for a little shark fin chicken noodle.
  465. yakdout

    Choosing the right dean

    The color of the sardine is the determining factor for me. Grey, leave it. Green, no blood on body or nose. 90% of the time it’s a good bait. That being said, I’ve been on trips in the middle of a tuna bite and gone through probably 100 sardines very quickly. If it doesn’t swim, it won’t get...
  466. yakdout

    Kill em' all big and small

    I think we should ask the owner of hookup baits how he feels about it..
  467. yakdout

    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    Right handed, left arm for me.
  468. yakdout

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    I think you’re wrong. I have a dedicated dryer for my extra tuffs in my kitchen and I catch and keep at least 4 bluefin every time I fish.
  469. yakdout

    Xtra tuff boots kinked

    Put them in your dryer for roughly 7 hours.
  470. yakdout

    Kill em' all big and small

    You’re right, sport fishing boats kill way more fish than commercial boats. Record setting big bluefin bite, bitching about albacore?
  471. yakdout

    Just back from BdeLA

    Gulf grouper. Good fishin! Thanks for report.
  472. yakdout

    Just back from BdeLA

    50lb Cabrilla? That would be record setting for sure.
  473. yakdout


    What kind do you got?
  474. yakdout

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    It’s cool til you pull a grade or have to stop. Get full coverage.
  475. yakdout

    SOLD Part 2 Medical Emergency forces sale UC CX76 Centaur

    GLWS, sorry to hear about medical issue. We’ve all been there.
  476. yakdout


    The idea is to expel as much blood from the fish and as fast as possible. The bucket helps flush it all, and flush it faster. You want minimal blood left in the fish when putting on ice to prevent your fish from soaking in a bloody ice slush. If you don’t want to keep a bucket on your boat, raw...
  477. yakdout

    Tady 45 Wants to Surface

    Start filing some sharper edges. Cut the ring off the top, drill a bigger hole, install new ring.
  478. yakdout

    2 Speed For Bait Fishing BFT

    I’d get a fathom 25 ld2 and a 40 ld2. Still be under budget and you’ll have two great two speeds to cover 30-80lb topshots.
  479. yakdout

    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    Aside from shark fishing, SoCal chumming is more often live or whole dead bait vs chunks.
  480. yakdout

    Strange catch

    And bullshit post of the year goes to.... The new guy on my ignore list.
  481. yakdout

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

  482. yakdout

    Coronado Canyon BF 6.6.2019

    Nice report. I’m guessing you mean 6/5/2019
  483. yakdout

    Sabiki yellowfin

    Only when I need bait for cow bluefin.
  484. yakdout

    Stirring up the bluefin

    Yep I’m about to run down to Carlsbad with the Maglite to get my limit.
  485. yakdout

    Stirring up the bluefin

    Nah, the tsunami will sweep them up on the beach before they can get scared.
  486. yakdout

    WFO Foamer YFT 7/3

    Some fish coming all the way out of the water. Definitely not a breezer.
  487. yakdout

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    Do they have any budget trips online yet? I’m a go if it’s about 50% off regular admission.
  488. yakdout

    Fishing lead ban

    Rebar is free?
  489. yakdout

    Fishing lead ban

  490. yakdout

    Fishing lead ban

    So lead comes from the earth and they’re scared that we’re putting it back? Makes sense.
  491. yakdout

    Thoughts on Braid to braid?

    I would definitely not add braid to braid knot just to have a yard marker. Just take it in to a shop, and ask them if they can stop wherever you want to mark it, and sharpie that little section of line really well. If it starts fading after a few trips you can always go back and remark it...
  492. yakdout

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Is there a boat you know of that doesn’t make you pay for beeers? I’ll put them out of business.
  493. yakdout

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    I prefer butt nutter.
  494. yakdout

    Komodo SS 463P vs Fathom 2 star drag level wind

    I would look at a fathom 15 lever drag. Baitcasters are not the best for flylining a bait.
  495. yakdout

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40

    I got the $400 deal at B&H . They work great. I’m sure the 14x40 are even better with the greater zoom.
  496. yakdout

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40

    I look at posts on BD way more than I should. Even if it’s not something I’m looking to buy I’ll check out a for sale ad. Mine Are 12x32 though.
  497. yakdout

    WTB Fujinon Techno-stabi 14×40

    What makes them need to be refurbished? Asking because I have a pair.
  498. yakdout

    Albino Tuna!

    Can we all agree that one definitely swam through Fukushima?
  499. yakdout

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I heard a different story. Captain heard BFT had red crab in bellies, and tried to get sand crabs for next trip to match the hatch.
  500. yakdout

    SETTING DRAG AGAIN - Someone who's tried everything and came to a conclusion

    Think about what you said there. “With drag above 25lbs it gets very hard to pull on”. So I would say that you shouldn’t be fishing 25lbs of drag in a real world situation with more adversities if it’s hard in your garage.
  501. yakdout

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    Ya, the kardashians.
  502. yakdout

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    They’ll be right behind them. Do you not know how inflation works. San Diego and liberty are premium boats that put up the numbers compared to other full day boats. They can charge more and people will and ARE paying more. Do I agree? No. But if they’re selling out at a higher price, well, what...
  503. yakdout

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

  504. yakdout

    Practice Casting

    When the bait isn’t the healthiest a butt hooked bait might not get your bait out to the school and mix with the chum being tossed by the guy standing on the tank. Being able to cast a sardine at least 10 yards will greatly improve odds. Even if the bait doesn’t take off running after it hits...
  505. yakdout

    Need help from some BFT guys

    Really depends on the grade of fish when your trip comes. If you were to go tomorrow I would say you are slightly under-gunned considering an average fish is 60-80lbs. Line capacity on the SX would be a problem. And the jigmaster might not have sufficient drag but is probably the better choice...
  506. yakdout

    Sea Adventure 80, 6-24 to 6-26, bottom of the 9th

    Did I read that correctly? Bit on 100# test and 9/0 circle hook in the daytime?
  507. yakdout

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Solid advice. Could be the difference between losing your boat, or worse your life.
  508. yakdout

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Good report. And I’ve been there on taking in water. We broke a through hull fitting for the bait tank on my friends 20’ CC few years ago. Water was coming in so fast the only reason we noticed is because the hatch on the deck popped off and the bilge was full. Water coming out of the hatch on...
  509. yakdout

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    My favorite flouro is mono. Been just as successful with it as guys fishing same size flouro. For me if I’m flylining bait I like spectra to about 30-40 yards of mono. Stopped “buying” into the hype years ago. Way too expensive for what it is.
  510. yakdout

    Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    How did they cash it with the other team name on it?
  511. yakdout

    Cabo Beer Help

    Sounds like you need to make the switch over to tequila and mezcal.
  512. yakdout

    Tribute 6/21 BFT

    Somewhere between 70-80lb I think. Cookie cutters, all fish on the boat within 10lbs of each other
  513. yakdout

    Tribute 6/21 BFT

    Booked an overnight last minute aboard the tribute for Thursday night with a friend. Got to the zone around 3-4 am and started looking for schools. Stopped on one of the many big kelps in the area and a guy got one small yellow. Found a bird school around 8-9 am, got them boiling on our chum...
  514. yakdout

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    Ya that’s probably cheaper than ghost chilies
  515. yakdout

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    For an all natural legal method I like ghost chilies in mackerel. They will definitely stop bothering you.
  516. yakdout

    SOLD Shimano TN40 - PRICE DROP

    Have any sigs for sale?
  517. yakdout

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

    When I did mine I remember it being a bit of a pain in the ass but I don’t think I drilled anything.
  518. yakdout

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    They make breathable bibs that are more suited for warm weather but still sturdy enough.
  519. yakdout

    A shake down and what I learned

    Trimmed down running downhill? I agree, sounds like trim issue.
  520. yakdout

    8’ rod for throwing surface irons?

    Roll the back window down and stick it out bro. Or strap to the roof.
  521. yakdout

    8’ rod for throwing surface irons?

    A real jig stick is 9’ or 10’. Way more fun, especially for yellows.
  522. yakdout

    Anybody fly Volaris airline to Mexico?

    Care to elaborate ?
  523. yakdout

    Anybody fly Volaris airline to Mexico?

    I fly TJ to Cabo often using volaris and CBX. Cheaper and just as nice if not nicer than southwest.
  524. yakdout

    Bait sticks for BFT

    I have a fathom 25nld2 on a CE wahoo, and it’s my go to 40lb bait stick. I like the combo a lot. Have killed tuna up to 60 on it. They are pretty parabolic but plenty of back bone to lean into.
  525. yakdout

    For Sale OKUMA blue fin setup

    I’ll do $600. PM me and I’ll give you PayPal info.
  526. yakdout

    It this legal?

    Shit if they’re charging 25 for cutting yellowtail, I wonder how much the burgers are.
  527. yakdout

    Denatured alcohol banned in CA??

    Nah probably plastic straws. :ashamed:
  528. yakdout

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    The 10 inchers taste the best, just be sure to take a quick look over the shoulder. The older ones taste like shit, well because they’re old.
  529. yakdout

    Denatured alcohol banned in CA??

    I’m confused why everyone is correlating denatured alcohol with air pollution? It’s about the cleanest thing that can be burned. What was reasoning for ban?
  530. yakdout

    Fishing Iron with straight spectra

    My buddy for some reason always fishes straight braid to irons. Gets bit and lands fish for sure no problems. And he’s using a talica 12 for this a lot of times on a long rod. I always thought this was a very interesting approach but it works for him.
  531. yakdout

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Really good report, you’re gonna be hooked on BAJA now
  532. yakdout

    Soldering Split Rings???

    The distinguishing factor between solder and braze is the temperature at which the filler metal melts. Technically nothing to do with the heat that’s administered as you can be over/under temp for said filler metal.
  533. yakdout

    Soldering Split Rings???

    If you were lazy you wouldn’t be soldering or brazing. You would be paying people to put solid rings on all your stuff, which is costly. 5 rigged Shimano flatfall jigs for $160? You gotta be shitting me. No thanks I’m not stupid. If you’ve already figured out the braze/solder, you have the...
  534. yakdout

    Yellowtail MIA

    Water rolled, good news is we have a few week string of some good weather coming our way. Let’s hope the winds stay down and temps come up.
  535. yakdout

    FMM Mexicali

    Mexicali 1 is west and they recently moved it a little further west. Not sure if they moved the immigration office over yet or not but last time I was down we had to drive to the old border where the immigration office was to get stamped. You can only do online if less than 7 days, and it’s...
  536. yakdout

    For Sale Great Deal on Amazon: Penn Fathom 2-Speeds

    Trans better suited for that. Or if you’re looking conventional, fathom 25n star drag good too.
  537. yakdout

    For Sale Great Deal on Amazon: Penn Fathom 2-Speeds

    Completely different reels. What’s it for?
  538. yakdout

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Piece of cake man. I’m not saying don’t underestimate the ocean, but I know dudes who kayak there. Also heard of guys running from Point Loma to San Clemente island on 15ft whalers and a bunch of 5 gallon gas cans, solo. Your goals are very feasible, considering.
  539. yakdout

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    Could be very round otoliths. If so, they’re used for depth perception to an object basically.
  540. yakdout

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    Shit that really sucks. Hopefully you guys can work something out with insurance. ?
  541. yakdout

    For Sale CLEAN Newell YTS

    Very clean reels surprised they haven’t sold.
  542. yakdout

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    Very nice! You caught 18% of the fish on your boat. Way to make it happen.
  543. yakdout

    SOLD Axis 720x2h - $250

    Good question. Pics don’t match description .
  544. yakdout

    Barney style, please tell me how to catch Yellowtail off San Clemente Island/Catalina!

    What do you mean you can’t troll, you’re doing it right now.
  545. yakdout

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    I think your life would be safer with the hookers and blow then taking a boat on the water.
  546. yakdout

    Picture of Yellowtail on your fishfinder?

    the jewel, on my kayak.
  547. yakdout

    Tomorrow’s Weather Including a small craft advisory through Wednesday. You may want a new source for weather. Even the local full day boats cancelled their trips. And those boats aren’t small craft.
  548. yakdout

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    25 knot gusts and 6-8ft mixed swell forecasted for tomorrow. Hopefully you’re on a sportboat
  549. yakdout

    Avet Star Drag

    I won’t argue that. Hopefully that equals a few cost of living raises.
  550. yakdout

    Avet Star Drag

    Sorry I was trying to Match or come close to what I would think budget would be for an Avet star drag. I doubt, if they ever make one, they’re gonna run close to $500
  551. yakdout

    Avet Star Drag

    Don’t hold your breath. Go buy a saltist or fathom and forget about it.
  552. yakdout

    Tomorrow’s Weather

    Unless you’re in a 42 hatteras id probably pull the plug... nah just kidding but don’t take a 15’ whaler to the hidden. Probably somewhere in the middle of that you’re ok...
  553. yakdout

    High Tide vs Low Tide

    Because they don’t like coming off the sand and getting caught in strong currents. Especially with a profile like a halibut, a large sail.
  554. yakdout

    Are Newells coming back?

    Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?
  555. yakdout

    WTB Big bluefin rail rod 80-100lb

    Graftech rail rods are just over $200 at turners I believe
  556. yakdout

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    If two People are both tight on fish there is really never a “static” line.
  557. yakdout

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    I see what you’re saying, but your example is a 90 degree angle. Which won’t be the case in line against line. Also is it heat that would cut the line or the material property of the line vs the other. Is heat really a factor underwater?? Hmmm . Also, if you think about it, the static line...
  558. yakdout

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    Might I ask what do you think the difference is if one line is moving vs the other? Any science behind it? I like learning, not close minded..
  559. yakdout

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    If two anglers are tight you’re saying the mono will cut spectra? That’s a new one for me. I can see it as a possibility but only if the lines were completely perpendicular to each other which is probably never the case. If the mono is coming across the spectra at an angle other than 90 degrees...
  560. yakdout

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    The problem is not everyone would be using a mono top shot. People will still use spectra to short flouro. I actually prefer a 20-40 yard mono top shot, however I don’t do it most of the time because I don’t want to get sawed off by a noob using straight spectra.
  561. yakdout

    Buying a Penn 20VISX

    Either or, they probably have an option online to select which line you want during purchase options.
  562. yakdout

    Buying a Penn 20VISX

    They put line on it and don’t charge you
  563. yakdout

    Realisticaly, what can you comfortably pull up with 50# test?

    Sure 50 LB is strong when there aren’t teeth involved and you get a perfect hookset..
  564. yakdout


    Another succumbed to a 2010 post.... :confused:
  565. yakdout

    trinidad 40 $300

    You might want to ask the current owner considering the post is 9 years old. That reel in mint condition would be $800 today.
  566. yakdout

    Live Smelt

    1/0 probably too big for the 3”-6” smelt. A size two would be better. But for the 8” you can probably go size 1 or 1/0
  567. yakdout

    It's JUST another $20....sheesh...

    Used to be two rows of guys all the way around the stern to the bow. Rotations for a chance at the rail. Before coast guard max capacity. I’d say pay for ultra limited load these days if you want it ultra light. That, buy a boat, or fish the Baja.
  568. yakdout

    It's JUST another $20....sheesh...

    We have come a long way...
  569. yakdout

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    Excluding running into cow tuna on an overnight trip, lexa 400 and saltist or saltiga 35 lever drag depending on budget.
  570. yakdout

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    you are not getting reliable Info..
  571. yakdout

    Favorite base braid for socal fishing?

    All I use is white izor. Cheap, but strong, a little more coarse than the other braids but that’s actually why I like it.
  572. yakdout

    What keeps you awake, other than coffee?

    A little gummer of some Peruvian.
  573. yakdout

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    $250 fine? I’ve had worse tickets leaving my fishing license in my truck across the street from my fishing spot.
  574. yakdout

    CHIEF 04.17-04.19.2019 BLUFLU OUTBREAK!

    2.5 hours for a 60lb fish? Was he using bass gear?
  575. yakdout

    New Avet suggestions

    Mxj 20/30 LB
  576. yakdout

    Question about FMM & Itinerary Forms for Nado's

    They probably want you to get it to keep the Mexican government paid and happy, for the future of Sportfishing in Mexico.
  577. yakdout

    Southern California Surf Fishing

    Luckycraft flashminnows are a SoCal staple in the surf. Especially successful on halibut.
  578. yakdout

    Tested for high Mercury

    On top of other posts listing possible consequences, high mercury is linked to Parkinson’s
  579. yakdout

    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    Instead of the wooden dowel with tennis balls, get yourself a section of all thread at Home Depot and put two nuts on both ends. Can adjust drag by tightening the nuts toward the spool.
  580. yakdout

    For Sale Giant Rapala lure

    I know guys who would use this for grouper in baja
  581. yakdout

    Looking for fishing friends....

    Bummer, I’m a weekend warrior.
  582. yakdout

    New star drag

    An accurate rep with no accuracy?
  583. yakdout


    Tequila is right, if you tie a 5 pound leader to your 50lb mono you’ll get 55lb test which is perfect line size for the rod.
  584. yakdout

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    We do it with the raw water hose sometimes. Works for yellowfin.
  585. yakdout

    Any interest in Frozen Flying Fish

    Guys have been doing this for 30 plus years on the west coast. Probably much longer.
  586. yakdout

    Anybody hear about a Closure on Sardines?

    The closure wasn’t applied to bait guys because they throw 75% or more back into the ocean alive. Not taking 100% and canning them.
  587. yakdout

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    But are they 12 gauge proof?
  588. yakdout

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    There was a guy on the board who did a run of 3D printed adapters for the fujinon 12x32 that we’re on sale for $400. They work bitchin, filters are stackable. Depending on light condition I run polarized filter and brown filter or green/blue filter also with polarized filter behind that. Kelps...
  589. yakdout

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    I mean you’re either kind of flying a drone or driving a boat. Can’t do both at the same time. When do you stop to fly the drone? What signs are you looking for? Any random spot in the ocean? Doesn’t make much sense to me. I think it would be better to do your research: where the temp breaks...
  590. yakdout

    Two fish on one hook

    Two girls one cup?
  591. yakdout

    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    I’ve eaten triggerfish, never amberjack. Just becareful eating either raw. They can both carry ciguatera.
  592. yakdout

    Identifying your rods

    I would tell you what I do but then our rods would look the same on the boat and we’ll get confused.
  593. yakdout

    Deck boots?

    Fishing in wet socks and shoes sucks! Get yourself a pair of tall xtra tuffs. They are worth it.
  594. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    Salas 7x (ole faithful)
  595. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    Yep, just outside of mission bay
  596. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

  597. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    Thanks dude, surface iron yellowtail last February. Less than a mile off the beach.
  598. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    The anodizing on reels these days is very good. You really don’t have to worry about the exterior corroding or any such thing. And a light rinse or light wipe down of exterior vs high pressure wash keeps the salt from being forced to the interior of the reel.
  599. yakdout

    Wristband for Mexico waters

    Add current medical release from a Mexican doctor and credit check by local Mexican finance officer.
  600. yakdout

    Wristband for Mexico waters

    You talking PB or sport boat. ?
  601. yakdout

    Salt x spray. Who uses it?

    I do nothing except for lightly rinse outside of reels every trip. Once a year maybe twice a year I take reels apart and maybe oil a bearing or check a drag. You really don’t need anything special. Most of My reels look brand new and I fish ALOT! Gimmicks will get you.
  602. yakdout

    Wristband for Mexico waters

    Don’t forget FMM and TIP. :D
  603. yakdout

    Get the tape measure

    Maybe it’s pitched for rain and spray LOL... another quality Parker...
  604. yakdout

    Tern or Tesoro

    Penn fathom 25n or saltist bg 35. I would personally not buy either reels mentioned, but if I was given a reel I guess I’d prefer the Tesoro over the tern.
  605. yakdout

    New star drag

    Unless it’s a Trinidad...
  606. yakdout

    Any try an Eastwood welder

    The op would still need a spool gun and a tank of argon for aluminum. But agreed, decent Machine.
  607. yakdout

    Classic wahooweenie jig

    Plastic lip on the balls? Sorry I prefer the real deal...
  608. yakdout

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

  609. yakdout

    Almost Cabrilla time!

    October was good for us last year. Probably least wind too.
  610. yakdout

    Colt snipper and popper recommendations for YFT?

    165 and haymaker 195 halco. Color doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid to go big.
  611. yakdout

    Bahia de Los Angeles Road (Northbound)

    I think you mean per liter. 20 pesos a gallon, those days are over.
  612. yakdout

    Taco Whore

    My batter mix is usually one beer, one cup of flour, and a touch of baking soda. Food looks good, wouldn’t pay attention to the guy who can’t handle his coors water beer.
  613. yakdout

    Taco Whore

    I remember when I had my first beer...