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  1. fishheads

    Bad cops in Santa Rosalia

    My fishing buddies .the Dogs gave helped me out of a few situations
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    Trump 2020

  3. fishheads

    Temporary Import Permit???

    I lost my Tip but I still have the hologram. Do you think she could help with that??
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    Temporary Import Permit???

    From what I've read this correct
  5. fishheads

    Covid-19 and an FMM

    Yea it appears that you can get a single day pass (bracelet)at Squidco.the annual pass is not available because of the Corona bs I guess the
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    F u gavin Newsom, we fishing!!!!
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    10/27 - Catch Report

    Same.went s. to 302 then 226 for couple of good runners but no takers . Still came home w/ 1 ling on the way home.
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    Yea guess your right cool stuff tho
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    Saw it in the bay flying Canadian/ American flags. After coming from 425
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    BOLA 8/25

    good time!! and a plus to swim with whale sharks also . thanks too cangrejos sportfishing for a good time
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    Colonet Report

    at 350' 60+ note note
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    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    i have temporary 2 year residency in Mexico (INM). do i need a FFM visa?
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    Castro Camp

    i dont get mold when i sleep in my truck hotel erendida aint bad tho
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    HULK Sandcrab

    san Quitin .. the size of your fist ,no?
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    Cooking Surf Perch from Baja?

    add surf pearch
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    la+ but sometimes I just use my chanklas and then put em back on.. (the la+) - - - Updated - - - yea me too
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    Booked a spot to Cedros

    jose is the best buen suerte
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    dang foo
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    SEA Bass

    included in your galley fee!!
  20. fishheads

    SEA Bass

    How do you do this? I have A kayak,,,i suck
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    DUI Check Point at boarder

    drinking and driving however is legal at 1 am:rofl:
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    DUI Check Point at boarder

    yea I passed through about midnight and caught the same check point, no problems if you aint drunk
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    San Quintin 8/29 to 9/1

    SQ dq!!! Awesome!! - - - Updated - - - SQ dq!!! Awesome!!
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    Baja Bill has some cool friends!!
  26. fishheads

    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    yes it was warm water ..and muchos porposisis .. Great report!!
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    Mexican Licenses in SoCal?

    barnacle bills in lemon grove /squid co. is cheaper though
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    New to this

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    Credit Card for Pemex?

    I agree the peso- dollar exchange is better w/ ATM or Credit cards....just remember to get the "ROJA" ...well I've been told the gas is better? I DA know?
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    Camo Worms

    LOTS OF Tehcnecics Yea those Camo worms can sometimes make "THEE" difference. when all else fails chunk bait
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    Surf Fish

    love fish porn~...dddaaaaahh wife not so much.LOL - - - Updated - - - love fish porn~...dddaaaaahh wife not so much.LOL
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    Surf Fish

    CAUGHT SOME APPLES ...must have been from the CRUISE SHIP OFF THE COAST of DAGO
  33. fishheads

    Tourmented theSurf perch

    ok then ill meet you at the basketball courts at 3..JK LOL
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    san quintin weather

    That's what she said......No! that's NOT what SHE SAID.
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    Cedros Island Fishing Report July 1-5, 2013

    save a few for me too..thanx Jose!!
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    San Felipe/Papa Fernandez June 8-16 Report

    yea sometimes they will try to keep the Tatuovo's also and say no, no, senor those are bass!! SURE !!
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    What tide is best

    im confused!!
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    na caught mine somewhere elseeez..way+100lb.&2..and the seiners still lurk ...##one guy with the one boat?...YEA don't try those times / spots? Just sayin.
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    Contacts in SQ

    was there last weekend on the kyack stayed Cielito lindo.. lots of windy.. # Kelly or Juan#
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    South Oside Surf

    save your WSB heads!!!
  41. fishheads

    In ghost shrimp?

    yea what he said
  42. fishheads

    Red Beach Camp pendleton

    fillet and release
  43. fishheads

    pb surf report 5-13

  44. fishheads

    %th trip with a corb and bonus big butt 5-3

  45. fishheads

    WFO perch/ baja

  46. fishheads

    perchin fri & sat!!!!

    nice weekend lots of perch :hali_olutta:... Monday back to the RETARDS:waglleybooty:
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    WFO perch/ baja

    got up early this morning to come home like 3 somthing . but fri and sat. there were whales in the swells and Perch in the surf!!!
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    Surf Report 2/3/2013

  49. fishheads

    First Bean of '13 OTF

  50. fishheads

    K&M Tagging WSB with PIER

    fillet and release><.>^<.i mean, tag and release....!! Awsome!!
  51. fishheads

    Dropping fish, whats up?

    if you want big perch go to mexico ...ill post next week w/pics!!
  52. fishheads

    27 WSB for 5 far!!! K&M

    !!!!!!!!NICE FISH!!!!dont forget to SAVE the WSB head!!!
  53. fishheads

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    this is why i bring my "throw away" now ...if the law cant protect me...ill protect myself:2gunsfiring_v1:time for us law abiding pochos or gringos to stand up to the criminals and stand up to the lack of police and other officials who could care less about us!!!!!
  54. fishheads

    Just another spot fin.

  55. fishheads

    New to surf fishing.

  56. fishheads

    north of colonet

    love this place just me, myself, and i...and the ol dog even caught under sized lings (sorry no pics) lots of whale just pass the breakers!! AWSOME
  57. fishheads

    i was fishing for sho..

    I suggest you take beer to this beach...and mabey a hoopnet der is the big fish!50 yds out.
  58. fishheads

    i was fishing for sho..

    had aroud this place, crazy...then aaaaaahhh
  59. fishheads

    Surf Fishing

    Sober people should not FISH:rofl:
  60. fishheads

    Surf Fish

    calicjos from the rocks of cedros
  61. fishheads

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Nice!!!!.. but you can keep the cajun redline!!
  62. fishheads

    Boiled sand crabs???

    another raider fan?:2gunsfiring_v1:
  63. fishheads

    Boiled sand crabs???

    one more chager hater:2gunsfiring_v1:....Raiders
  64. fishheads

    Good Luck and Boat Names

    champange!!! NO, CHEEPEST WINE COOLER WILL DO!! and as for all the BLAH BLAH BLAH . Just go fishing!!! after all... isnt that what you ARE HERE FOR FOR?
  65. fishheads

    Cedros Island July 30th

    awsome jose hope to see you soon!!
  66. fishheads

    anyone ever fish thornhill broome campground?

    once i caught a 980lb bluefin tuna from that exact same spot!! GOOD LUCK
  67. fishheads

    really cool tuna video

    Do they sell those rifles in a seal version..?
  68. fishheads

    Baja Bytes needs your reports

    ok yes .... i like beer!
  69. fishheads

    Cabrilla fishing

    awsome duuuuuude!
  70. fishheads

    Heading to PV

    your fishing.. and your girl friend is where?
  71. fishheads

    Baja Pirates of La Paz

    triggers naa place anyway!
  72. fishheads

    Japanese Ocean Irradiated

    is our albacore going to have radiation this year???!!!!!???
  73. fishheads

    I think it's finally spring!!

    is our albacore ths year going to have radiation!!??????????
  74. fishheads

    Pelagic Tempest pants & Fishworks Shorts (Used)

    i got some used underwear for free!!! if anyone is interested. also some 15 year old rusty hooks 6/0 hit me up!!
  75. fishheads

    SR-12 for surf fishing??

    cheaper setup .... yes!
  76. fishheads

    DFG infraction

    Call their bluf... plead noy guilty!
  77. fishheads

    Before you hoop net this season read thi$

    im all for preservation of our resorces..! but when DFG comes to my house, they better be wearing more than that lame and i guess the ones i ate last nite are no longer in the fridge ...does the trash count?taddya2 mega respect, poachers SUCK!!
  78. fishheads

    DFG Link to Declaration ReEntry Form

    i fill it out and dont understand either ,,,but remember the people checking really dont have a clue as well...your good to go!!
  79. fishheads

    SD 9-21

    yea better luck next time
  80. fishheads

    Santa Rosalia fishing report w/pixs

    yea got to release those...they dont taste so good anyway!! nice job!!
  81. fishheads

    Coronado/IB info please?

    perfect spot for corbina...try light line carolina rigged, sand crabs,ghost shrimp or go south to the water inlet/ outlet for leperd shark.....iys coo
  82. fishheads

    Two short trips out Hawaii Kai (7/20 & 7/21)

    i guess the fishing does suck here...well the surfs up!!!
  83. fishheads

    Early June 2010 fishing update

    GLOBAL WARMING IS A MYTH ..... .. no wonder no one else has responded to your post!!!
  84. fishheads

    surfboards and bikes

    Yes and would you please send me an Accurate Bx 600nn/ Bx 2-500/ and any other jig reels you may have for me!!!! but seriously ill try too find arachely and give them to bianca (x tra bmx/ hutch /parts /bikes/ frames
  85. fishheads

    Baja Pirates of La Paz - May 24th

    that dock has big sharks CON CUIDADO!
  86. fishheads

    anyone know what kind of sea turtle this is?

    :rofl::rofl:its a REAL one ...Sea Turtle. l
  87. fishheads

    Gorgeous Babes having fun with Dorado & Tunas

    and just think.... it only cost 1400.00 for the day....??
  88. fishheads

    Intrepid 11 day... Great Trip!!

    too mut you no pay!
  89. fishheads

    Wanna catch some?

    PS negociable
  90. fishheads

    Wanna catch some?

    sell ya 10- 2lbs for 45 bucks
  91. fishheads

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    and well i may regress . MR kelp bass kid ... . trout season will start again ...( for cali)..? mabey april
  92. fishheads

    Trout Season is coming, Show yer Shit!!!

    Big fan of trout!!..... please teach me more not worthy!!!! thanx
  93. fishheads

    Mag Bay Report - November 3

    I need to get laid off from work...F it ....!!!!
  94. fishheads

    Bolts vs Raidas

    not black out. its called BAILOUT!!!
  95. fishheads

    muzzleloader's anyone?

  96. fishheads

    Whale sinks boat

    whale of a story
  97. fishheads

    I day out of Point Loma or San Diego

    new lo-ann.....well i was thinking the from houston, make a left, go 500 miles south ...for the price, do you want to catch fish? not 1 day lo- ann sorry!! and goodluck got an extra rain check from that very same boat. good till aug! anybody interested?
  98. fishheads

    Where to get Ghost Shrimp for bait

    i buy hookers with my money
  99. fishheads

    Tijuana-Ensanada surf fishing??

    north of la salinas or drive to ejido erendida much shore fishig... 11
  100. fishheads

    Fishing Buddies

    can you tow my kyaik?
  101. fishheads

    Need Help on the drive to San Quintin

    11 feet???????????????????????????.. well god bless you hope you make it up the hill and back. have fun
  102. fishheads

    Need Help on the drive to San Quintin

    yes definatly have someone ahead of you with radio contact...or like the other guy said launch at ensenada. cuz that trip up and back down the hill from manadero. wow scarry when pulling anything...good luck, buena suerte and take all the other advice you hear !!!have fun!!!!!
  103. fishheads

    Jigging in ensenada

    cod jigs from the east coast? .....mabey thats the problem. look at what the locals are using (a torn up piece of plastic with some lead and a hook)and check your knots.......usually 40# is basic... well try again and have fun
  104. fishheads

    Off to Gonzaga Bay !!!

    passport...? just another way for the state dept. to get their hands on your money wait as long as possible...
  105. fishheads

    K&M Offshore, San Quintin

    yea must be way south of SQ those waves are nice ....but SQ...?
  106. fishheads

    beach snook/roballo

    Where is pescadero...really?? please tell me gallo or someone. thanks
  107. fishheads

    any info on this shark picture ?

    looks like the north end of rosalio but i could be wrong not the biggest buy WOW!!!
  108. fishheads

    Windy Weekend In Baja Norte

    need help im laid off till next month????
  109. fishheads

    Please send a letter

    now i know what u look like, should have covered up with more phesants! have a killer time!!! i would like to get into that bird blasting thing my self. mabey you can help .....thanks !! c u soon
  110. fishheads


    I was there this morning !!! great time, thanks guys .......tostilocos anyone? tanks vito!!
  111. fishheads

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    yes.. trust!!! that the the thread puller is a liberal POS keep posting the truth. if i tell you what i really think, they will ban me from this web page again!!!......its really too bad!! and people need to be heard no matter what the subject may be ...................look! just go to mexico...