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  1. Deno

    What is the average boat “trailer” storage cost?

    If you dock your boat what is the average price for storing the trailer(in east county).Thanks Deno
  2. Deno

    FishMaster Leaning Post

    Soooo I was a little nervous about buying it. Ordered it through Amazon for $914 to my door in 3 days!! Put together in 30 minutes everything fit good and all parts were included. Fished Saturday and loved it!!!! Now to save for a bait tank.
  3. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    182 area for one 50 pound BF lots of empty paddy’s. About a mile shy of the 182 saw birds and jumpers slid in threw a jig on the spinning reel set up and my son did the rest. Worked the 9 north and south all paddy’s were empty. Only one to report.
  4. Deno

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    What is the going price for boat "Trailer" storage (up to 32') just the trailer. Thanks Deno
  5. Deno

    For Sale 2016 Tahoe 2150 Deck boat with a 150 Mercury

    SOLD!! I am the Original owner of this 2016 Tahoe 2150 Deck boat with a 150 Mercury with maybe 25 hours, boat and trailer still looks brand new. I Installed a VHF and GPS/fish finder, lots of rod holders, also installed a small bait tank that can very easily be removed. Has hidden change out...
  6. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    . I drove to Tucson Arizona this week to pick up this rig. Anyone ever hear of "Drummond?" Got her for $5000 with a running Detroit Diesel 453 (super low hours) and a working "Stewart and Stevenson" outdrive (ANYONE EVER HEAR OF THESE OUTDRIVES?) LOL I really don’t think it's ever been in...
  7. Deno

    08-06 Good fishing day saved in 27 feet of water!!

    Plan was to fish off shore on my Cousins 22 Bayrunner. Bought bait in San Diego Bay (Good bait) and headed out. Cleared the point and it was rough and windy. Radio chatter was not to good so we stayed inshore and drifted for Halibut.. Caught 2 shorts and one keeper and a few bottom creatures…...
  8. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    My truck is a 2008 Dodge with a 6.7 and does NOT run on high sulfur diesel. I'm going to BOLA next week and added a 45 gallon transfer tank, and should make it there and back. My question is can I take an extra 10 gallons in fuel cans or will Mexican customs trip? Also after doing some research...
  9. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Hey fellas, I am towing a boat to BOLA next month. My cousin swears he heard something on “Let’s talk hook up” about needing a “Transport permit” to tow your boat across into Mexico nowadays. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance, Deno
  10. Deno

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    We did a quick four day run, and fished two days.. Stayed and fished with Guillermo's.. Fish box was full by 9:30 AM, both days with 25+ pound Yellows and one small Dorado. Most fish were caught deep on the dropper loop with bait... Two speed reels were the ticket.. Saw one marlin caught and...
  11. Deno

    2004 Polaris 700 sportsman 4x4 $4800

    Posting for a friend he can NOT work a computer to save his life. I have never seen his quad but he says it has super low hours... Here is his contact info if you want more info. 619 977-2421 Thomas $4800 NO PM'S PLEASE!!
  12. Deno

    06-25-2015 Upper 9, and 182 area.

    Quick report, I am beat... Cleared Point Loma at 6AM with some good looking sardines, poked around the 9 and not much life for us (heard on the radio there was tuna caught there but we did not see nor catch any) trolled into the 182 for nothing. Soaked some baits for about an hour and decided to...
  13. Deno

    08-14-14 ** 182, 181,209 and 15 miles from land honey hole...

    Launched out of Mission Bay with ok Sardine not the bestest… Ran to the 182 for nada… Ran up North to some secret squirrel numbers from Fishdope, as my crew had no Mex lic. Found two paddies with a huge school of Rat yellows. Killed one and moved on. The Yellows would not bite. Short of the...
  14. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    or keep freezing in my rig.... Hate the CC it's freaken cold!! Thinking about buying a Pacific Pilot house... $7000 and weight is 250 pounds.. I can't offered a new boat or payments.. Love this hull and it's paid off… what do you guys think? Photoshop...
  15. Deno


    Slow day for us launched out of Mission bay. Bait barge had all anchovy. Found these in the 182 area both on anchovies, great day with my kids. More info on FISHDOPE Good Luck Deno
  16. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    On Monday 01-13-14 at about 0900 hrs my Polaris RZR 900 was stolen from my residents in EL CAJON GRANIT HILLS AREA (SAN DIEGO COUNTY) . If you have ANY information please contact me at [email protected] Or your local law enforcement agencies. A $1000 REWARD will be given for...
  17. Deno

    Where to buy boat trailer parts in San Diego??

    That time of the year.. My trailer is a 2004 Trail Rite. I called the dealer and they want around $500 for the new upgraded kit.... I need rotors, calipers and of course pads.. Thanks for your help Deno
  18. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Hoyt Fast Flite PM me I will reply thanks Deno $350 for all OBO be nice :hali_olutta: <font size="3">30 inch draw <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com 60 to 70 pound Two dozen 3-60/340 Easton A/C/C arrows.<o:p></o:p> about ½ dozen Muzzy 125 broadhead<o:p></o:p>...
  19. Deno

    09-21-12 1010 REPORT (6YFT,1 DODO 3YT).

    On the water by 2ish ok bait from SDBAY... Nice ride down in the DARK!! At about 6AM we were about five miles shy of the 1010 trench. Jigs went in the water, minutes later a dodo hit a black and purple feather&#8230; Jigs back in, short time later small YFT hits a small black and purple rapala...
  20. Deno

    09-14 Nados 371-302

    We were on the water by 4AM got some really good bait from SDBay. The plan was to go below the 425 maybe even the 1010… Got to the Point and ran into thick nasty fog and wind!! It sucked as I have not ran this new to me boat in the fog …. HUGE difference from my 252 Wellcraft "PILOT HOUSE" with...
  21. Deno

    09-07-12 Nados/ 371 Reports and Mex Navy??

    <FONT size=3>Arrived at the Middle Grounds at 6:30 AM did the slow troll thing and drift for NADA, I did meter fish though... Hit Puckey for the same… Left the Nados at 8:30 the plan was to hit the 371, 302 North and back home…. About 4 Miles West of the Nados we found lots of paddy’s all had...
  22. Deno


    Fished the same area I fished on 08-24 in hopes of more Yellow Tail action for a whole new crew&#8230; Fish Gods must have thought I was greedy because we only caught one rat Yellow tail and a Dodo.... But that&#8217;s ok as it was a nice day on the water&#8230;.. Also ran to the 182 and...
  23. Deno


    20 Yellows 1 Dodo for 4..... North of the 302 kinda chopy blue water in the 70ish... Good luck Deno
  24. Deno

    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Started at the North 9 for nada worked the 302 for a Dodo on a black and purple feather in the 302 area. Got another on a dine…. Hit the 371 for nada, moved on to the 425 lots of birds. My dad said he saw tuna jumping, I did not see them…. We were working our way to the 101 and found a pattie...
  25. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    On 08-06 I dropped off my rig at Chingons metal fabrication. I told that crazy fooker I wanted a "SAFE WORKING BOW RAIL", one that I could actually lean on and not worry about going over, as my kids are going out with me now…. I also asked him to add more rod holders on the T- top. He tells...
  26. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    Cleared Point Loma at 5AM with so so bait… I went straight down put the jigs in shy of the 101 trolled South came back up the 425 never saw patties or fish.. I was going to go investigate the 371 but dad and my ten year old looked bored.. Headed toward Nados found some patties no one home...
  27. Deno

    07-28-12 La Jolla/North9/Green tank PL.

    With all the shenanigans going on in Mex waters we decide to stay local and give my 5 year old a try on the big water (As He calls the Ocean)…. He did great, and he said he is ready!! LOL… Anyway we hit North La Jolla for nada BUT I did see one other boat catch a BIG yellow….. Slow trolled...
  28. Deno

    07-21-12 NADOS/ ROCK PILE 2 YT.

    Cleared Point Loma at 5:30 with good bait from SD Bay. Hit the Nados at 6:20, 6:30 hooked up. Hit the South Lee, South Kelp and the Rock Pile (Big swell there) wet ride home big swell and two Yellows… More info on Fish Dope..
  29. Deno

    07-14-12 Nados

    Plan was to go off shore but my dad was NOT up for it this morning so we hung out at the Nados. Caught two yellows both 25 pounds. More info on fish dope.. Heard Carl caught two huge fish?? :rofl:Good talking to you dude...
  30. Deno

    NATE!! Zombies are here YOU READY!?!?

    Crazy stuff!!! :2gunsfiring_v1: 'Face-Eating' Man Shot by Miami Police Identified
  31. Deno


    Just sayen, why pay Homedepot to deliver 11 20x 6 when you have a boat right?!? Sorry just had to :rofl::rofl:
  32. Deno

    $5000 1997 18' CC Klamath 40 Mercury 2 stroke, Pacific galvanize trailer.

    I am selling "AS IS", maybe trade for a Jeep or 4x4 Toyota truck, Rhino or?? BUT rather have the cash&#8230;. 1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project. ( 1 2 3 4 5 6) Deno <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com1997 18' CC Klamath, 1997 40 Mercury 2 stroke, 1997...
  33. Deno

    Calling in a mountain lion on video.

    This is bad ass!!
  34. Deno

    Vermonster has a song!! :hali_olutta:
  35. Deno

    09-17 Tuna pen report and Marlin..

    Short and sweet as I just got in and I am beat… Cleared Point Loma at around 3:30 with some good bait… Got to the Tuna Pens (Same numbers as before) at gray… No one hooked up no radio fish and NO fish for us… My dad hooked a very nice Marlin at the Tuna pens on 30 pound line 20 pound leader...
  36. Deno

    Check out my Center Console Enclosure!!

    Hanley Canvas Products are bad ass and do top of the line work… They work out of their garage husband and wife team… They did my boat cover for my 252 WellCraft, I was very happy with the work, so I had them do my Center Console Enclosure and it came out bad ASS!!! No snaps to the T-top all very...
  37. Deno

    08-04 Fish report WHAT A DAY!!!!

    Plan was to hit all the local banks and make it a long day.... Ramp at 0500 and batteries are dead WTF.. Drive back home charge one lets go buy one (They are a year old) Wal-Mart closed everyone’s closed.. Find an Auto Zone dude opens door says he’s not open for another hour.. We tell him we...
  38. Deno

    07-28 SD Bay fishing report with the kids and a rookie.

    Took my boys and a friend of the family to fish San Diego bay. We caught a few Bone Fish lots of sharks and other fish about 20 total&#8230;. All on Ghost Shrimp (DON'T KILL MY BONE FISH!! LOL) Now JT (The Rookie) and my boys have been buddies since they were in diapers. JT&#8217;s dad is the...
  39. Deno

    07-10-2011 San Jose Del Cabo fish report.

    We stayed at the Royal Solaris in San Jose the Cabo for eight days with the wife and kids... If you&#8217;re looking for a get away with the wife and kids and keep them both entertained (while you fish lol ) this place has lots of activities day and night for the whole family the staff and chow...
  40. Deno


    15&#8217; Outriggers, TACO Grand Slam Mounts $600 PM me if interested I will reply&#8230; I&#8217;m in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:PlaceName>South <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Bay</st1:PlaceType> (<st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">San...
  41. Deno


    Off of my Sea Pro, 2 seats, adjustable slid seat mounts and pedestal included… $175 for both will not part… Send PM if interested, Thanks Deno [ATTACH]269733[/ATTACH)
  42. Deno

    Close Bear encounter!

    If confronted by a bear, just be cool and ask the bear a question.
  43. Deno

    Kurt, Dbar and a 50 Cal!!

  44. Deno

    WOW! Check this Freak Muley out!!

    The Rut Report Check out the Video Goliath is back! The legendary suburban mule deer that took up residence this summer on the grounds of a Colorado Springs construction company has been spotted recently chasing does and racking saplings. Field & Stream gets the story&#8212;and the...
  45. Deno

    2010 Elk hunt weather sucked!! But had a blast, here are few pics

    We hunted hard and long but had very little opportunity’s.. It was hot, no snow in the even higher elevation (We were at almost 9000 feet)… All we had in town were the resident Elk (none from the “Flat Tops Wilderness” That migrate when it snows up there) The few that were in town were...
  46. Deno

    Right place right time, cool bait boat picture..

    Took it while getting bait in San Diego bay...
  47. Deno

    07-24-10 Sand Bass

    Took pops and some friends for all the Sand Bass you wanted and a few Cudas too… Dad had a blast, now’s the time to take the kids!! TJ flats you can’t miss it, over a hundred boats there yesterday… Thanks Jason for the 411 on the bass… ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns...
  48. Deno

    What FloScan meter do you have??

    And do you like it? Am running a 2004 Yamaha 150 4 stroke EFI. Do you guys know if this year and model has the (low and high pressure pump). I was going to order one but read the following… Thanks, Deno Important note for the following outboard engine owners: - Evinrude E-Tec 2-cycle -...
  49. Deno

    Where to buy a FURUNO MINI CHART CARD ???

    I have a Furuno 1650DF Color DGPS PLOTTER/ECHO SOUNDER what Chart card do I need (I know West coast but I can’t find one) and where is the best/cheapest place to buy one? Thanks Deno
  50. Deno

    Turkey report.

    From somewhere deep in Texas , our one and only Welder on BD’S also the owner of is always teasing me about all the critters that run around his property (or should I say giving me another reason to leave CA)…. I got this picture of the birds today, the hogs...
  51. Deno

    2006 252 Wellcraft Coastal 50K or maybe trade for CC + $.

    50K firm.. I know am going to kick myself in the ass :imdumb:but I have no choice. In a nut shell, my job quit paying O.T so that = less fishing/play $ for me.. My work schedule allows me to fish a lot, but with out play money the boat is going to sit too much... I need to down size if I want...
  52. Deno

    09-17 Rock pile/101, 10 miles south 425.

    The Rock pile is dirty and cold 67. Hit the 101 area for 2 Yellowtail and a Bonito under a paddy.. Found lots of paddies but no one home.. Worked 10 + miles south of the 425, water was 67/ 68. Got close to the 425 water looked a lot better and hit 70+.. Found two paddies loaded with lock jaw...
  53. Deno

    09-10 371/302 region report..

    Sorry for the late report I was beat last night….. Hit the 371 at around 8am for one Dodo on a black and purple rapala… Worked the area for about two hours for some Skippy’s… Headed north toward the 302 and found a nice paddy in between the 371 and 302 (# on Fishdope) Worked the paddy...
  54. Deno

    09-05 Dads B-day Dorado.

    Dad wanted to go fishing on his B-day and all he wanted was a Dorado, and he got it… Hit the 425 101 sorry no ## all in the general area find the good water and you’ll find the fish water temp was 73… All fish came from one paddy on chunks and live bait… No trolled fish at all, thanks to...
  55. Deno

    08-27 Coronado

    This season has been the worst on missing the bites by a day.. Not complaining, we have been picking at fish here and there… Anyway!!!!! We hit the Nados early today, started at the South kelp/ light house for nada… Moved to the lee side for small Cuda’s… Hit the middle grounds at...
  56. Deno

    08-20 South Nine, 425, Rock pile

    Cleared Point Loma at around, 5:45 after a 30 minute wait at the bait barge&#8230; Bait was good to go, lots of boats in line for bait, they had both sides open&#8230;. Worked the South Nine metered some nice marks but they did not want to play&#8230;. Chummed some chunk bait, dropped some bait...
  57. Deno

    08-13 Nados/south Kelp/Rockpile/425 and my B-Day gift!!!

    Hit the middle grounds at about 6am for nada, did the slow troll thing and seals were everywhere&#8230;. Ran to the South Kelp slow trolled sardines and picked up two small Yellows&#8230;. The seals were running a muck&#8230; So decided to hit the rock pile&#8230; Drifted for awhile no meter...
  58. Deno

    08-12 Point Loma and La Jolla report..

    Hit Point Loma and La Jolla today from 1pm till dark for Calicos and small Cudas… I also heard that the right kind are around… Lot’s of boats did not see anyone land anything nice other then Cudas… I also hit Point Loma for the same… Lots of birds…. Going hunting offshore in about...
  59. Deno

    07-30 302, San Salvador to the Nados report..

    Hit the water at around 4:30, started the morning with my bait pump taking a dump.. Arrived at the bait barge looked in the bait tank and no freaken water…… Installed the back up pump that hummed like crazy all day long…. Finally cleared Point Loma at about 5:30 and headed toward the San...
  60. Deno

    07-24 hit the nine to the 182...

    Got a late start, hit the water at noon. Worked the Nine for patties and no one home… Heard of radio fish at the 182 so we decided to investigate… Hit the 182 at about 3pm worked the area for about 2 hours and nada… Lot’s of boats working the 182… My friend worked the 302, came home...
  61. Deno

    07-16 Albis at the 371 Dorado

    We started south of the 425 and worked toward the 371 to the 302. Picked up two Yellows 6nm short of the 425 on a paddy… Trolled to the 371 and picked up two Albis (At the high spot), one on the Mexican flag, small jet head the other was a bait fish (sardine)… Boxed the area for about 11/2...
  62. Deno

    07-11 offshore fish report.

    Short story, worked the Finger bank (I guess that&#8217;s what it's called) down toward the 295 and up, for one 24 pound Albi lost two and one 15 pound Yellow and also lost two on the Kelp paddy&#8230; Long story&#8230; My first long solo run and it was a blast&#8230; I&#8217;ve been...
  63. Deno

    07-09 Nados/Point Loma kelp, fish report.

    Hit the middle grounds at about 0600.. No life there at all, water was 60, cold and ugly…. drifted for a few, slow trolled, fished deep, tried everything and nada…. Hit the lee side, tried the same and nothing.. South kelp was infested with little Cudas, all you wanted released them all…...
  64. Deno


    I have mine but half my crew doesn&#8217;t&#8230; Soooo, after several attempts to get an answer via land line we made it a mission to ask both agencies patrolling our waters &#8230; While out fishing yesterday we talked to ICE agents, the guys on the center console with the four...
  65. Deno

    06-12 IB kelp report

    Caught one legal butt at 8lb 28” and one short at 19” both on dines. Took the boat out for a shake down today.. Pops had things to do so we had a late start.. Hit the water at noon, picked up half a scoop of bait and headed for IB in search of Halibut… I took my 2 year old out for the...
  66. Deno

    Check out my Cabelas fillet table..

    I was at the Cabelas in Glendale, Arizona this weekend and picked up this fillet table. I had seen them in the catalog before for $99 but I wasn&#8217;t sure how tall they were&#8230; Well I saw them at the store for $69.00 and yes they are tall&#8230; Wifey said it was an early father&#8217;s...
  67. Deno

    04-16 WFO Salton Sea report

    We caught over 50 Tilapia, I don’t eat them but we know people that do, and we hooked them up…. Omartish doesn’t have to pay for a hair cut till 2010 (he hooked up his barber)… The kids kicked ass and caught a bunch… We were using night crawlers for bait…. It was a blast the kids had...
  68. Deno

    I installed a 3

    A few months ago when I was researching what lift to purchase for my truck, there was a few Bloodydeckers that were interested as well…Sooooooooooo here it is, I installed this here kit by myself in my driveway….. The lift kit is a 3” .... .. The kit comes in these two boxes...
  69. Deno

    Floating Airport Proposed for South San Diego Bay

    (I looked and could not find this anywhere hope it’s not a repost) Who the heck thinks of this shit? :slap: Will boats compete with planes for space on the water? SAN DIEGO -- South San Diego Bay may have said goodbye to the A-8 Anchorage, but it may soon be saying hello to an...
  70. Deno

    1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project.

    Well, been working on the Klamath again... No cracks to report (yet), All the deck is cut out (new marine wood).... Going to sand and paint all the blue with Zolatone paint, hopefully next week… Just brought her home... Yesterday All the blue is gong to be painted with this...
  71. Deno

    Bad ass Muley pics..

    God I love Muleys… Just got these in an email, thought I share …
  72. Deno

    3" Ruff Country suspension lift

    Has anyone installed a 3" Ruff Country suspension lift on a 2002 Dodge Diesel 2500 4x4? I am thinking about buying the 3” kit. Any info/opinions would really be appreciated.. Thanks in advance. Deno
  73. Deno

    Moose almost eats broadhead way to close for comfort..

    Crazy chit… Don’t know if this is a repost, sorry if it is…
  74. Deno

    Trailer or Motor home?

    Ok boys and girls, I need help on a major purchase, here is my story… I own a trailer/toy hauler right now. I am thinking about selling the trailer and buying a motor home (lots of good used ones right now).. The reason I want to get rid of the trailer is, 1# it’s hard to back up without...
  75. Deno

    Need a 40 to 50 gal fish tank any hook ups?

    My buddy asked me to start a thread for him.… He's looking for a 40 to 50 gal glass corner tank w/ canopy and stand. If you have any hook ups or info pm or post I’ll forward him the info, thanks in advance. Deno
  76. Deno

    Careful with big snakes this season....

    :eek: WTF..
  77. Deno

    09-11, 182 report..

    I ran 130 miles, to the 182 a few miles shy of the 181 down toward the 43 and back to the zoo at the 182. Then hit the nine up and down, for one 16 pound Dorado.. We hit lots of patties one produced the Dorado on a sardine, we also worked the Porpoise for nada.. Tuna were caught in that general...
  78. Deno

    08-28 Nados south nine report w/Pics.

    Hit the middle ground for two Yellows and farmed four.. The morning bite was good but our bait wasn’t to good, lots of boats hooked up....The wind picked up around noon, heard on radio that the evening bite was wide open on big yellows.. We hit the south nine, at about 3:00 pm. There were...
  79. Deno

    08-23.. 11 Dorado 1 YFT at the 182 and north nine, report.

    We hit the 182 at first day light for a 16 pound Dorado for my cousin..Worked the area for about three hours and nada more.. Fish were jumping all over the place and no hook ups. Then it happened, ” WIDE OPEN BITE ON DORADO HERE ARE THE ####.” Yes I chased radio fish today nothing was going...
  80. Deno

    Window in bait tank Yes or No?

    I’m going to need a bait tank for my Klamath here soon.. The bait tank on my Wellcraft is a 30 gal offshore, kind of small for a two scoop.. I plan on buying a 45 gal for the Wellcraft and installing the 30 gal on the Klamath.. I like the offshore tanks, what do you guys think of windows on...
  81. Deno

    08-15 Nine mile bank report..

    My Six year old wanted to go today after seen yesterdays catch (14 Dorado and 3 YFT). Yesterday they were every were, today all I could find was dry paddies. I finally found one at about 11:30 on the west side of the lower nine.. We caught and released four (My boy kept breaking them off on the...
  82. Deno

    08-14 Nine mile bank and south of 181 report, 3 YFT 14 small Dorado, pics..

    Hit a paddy on the south nine on the way out, the paddy was loaded with small Dorado these guys were eating everything from chunk bait to tadys.. We kept eight of the biggest ones for four anglers on board, and if you think these are small you should have seen the ones we released.. The plan...
  83. Deno

    **Penn International 20 single speed reel, need help.**

    What would you guys do with a new out of the box Penn International 20 single speed reel. It hold s 750/20 it’s an older reel but never been used. It doesn’t have the one piece frame. Can I convert it into a wider reel so it holds 50# line? If so where would you buy the parts? Thanks for...
  84. Deno

    07-26 fish report 371, 425 report # and pics..

    Sorry for the late report, I had a party to go to yesterday at 5:00 pm and I didn’t get home from fishing till 8:00 pm, still made it to the party. Big thanks to Le tigre for relaying to the wify, and telling her we were going to be late. Hit the 371 for nada, lots of boats working the area...
  85. Deno

    07-24 Coronados, and Bull ring report.

    Got bait at 0530, we were at the north nado by 0605. We drifted sardines for awhile, and then slow trolled the middle grounds for nada. We then worked some birds east of the middle grounds and again no action (No meter marks or boils to report either). We hit the Lee side where there were...
  86. Deno

    WTF, 1,923 Sand bass on the 1/2 day boats

    Did anyone read today’s Union Tribune? H&M, Point Loma, Fisherman’s- Landing reported 235 Anglers on four half day boats caught 121 barracuda, 1,923 Sand Bass. Correct me if am wrong, ½ day boats don’t go into Mexican waters right? Am going to have to investigate tomorrow, report to...
  87. Deno

    Back from San Jose Del Cabo fish report, info and pics..

    Just got back from Cabo, we stayed at the Royal Solaris resort in San Jose del Cabos more info on that later first lets talk fish…We fished with Modesto a local fishermen out of the La Playita fleet, about five miles north of town. This dude is hard core, he’s got a brand new 26 foot super...
  88. Deno

    06-28, 302 8 Albies with pics and ##.

    We hit the 302 and hooked up at 32/24 117/.36 for eight albies the biggest at 30 pounds. We worked that same area till 12:30 and had to come home to a B-party. I’m not going to say it was wide open because everyone there had to work for their fish. Lots and lots of jumpers but would not bite...
  89. Deno

    06-26 Camped out in Mariners Cove Mission bay..

    We anchored up overnight at Mariners Cove with the wife and kids, fished all night for mud marlins and a few bass. We woke up this morning made coffee and went out for the flat kind. Drifted a few times and nada, came home to get ready for tomorrows offshore run. Deno <?xml:namespace prefix =...
  90. Deno

    Monster Yellow tails, Pictures..

    :DJust a little something to get you guys going. Good luck in the tournament everyone, wish I was participating (I have to work all weekend) .Deno
  91. Deno


    I skunked out, but there was fish caught. We hit the 371/425 west of the 425 back to the 371 and 10 miles west of the 371 for just Bonita.. We hit a few patties for a blue shark and nothing else. I talked to “Hurricane” he hooked up on Albies and BFT hopefully he’ll start a thread. Good...
  92. Deno

    371,425,South kelp and IB/Bullring Report...

    Guys it was fucken ugly today, sloppy and very windy. We hit the 371 425 areas and south for nada found a few paddies and no one home. At about 1:00 pm we hit the south kelp for about 45 minutes after a few drifts, we went inside the lee side of the south nado for lunch and drift for the flat...
  93. Deno

    Engine on or off at a kelp paddy?

    Just wondering what you guys are doing. I stopped on a paddy once then my engine wouldn’t crank over :eek:(on my old boat) ever since while offshore I leave it at idle, don’t seem to scare fish away..Deno
  94. Deno

    06-11 Five Yellows W-Pics..

    We fished the 371, 425 for five Yellows and one Bonie, the biggest Yellow at 16.4 and a 14. We hit at least 15 big kelps, five were holding fish....Jaydog, Defiance and Bajabum good woking with you guys out there.. Deno Some hater tried to give us bad luck before our...
  95. Deno

    Nados on Wednesday?

    I’ll be heading to the Nados on Wednesday, anyone else going out?
  96. Deno

    Going out Tuesday looking for Mr. T anyone going out?

    Finally my first trip of the season anyone going out?
  97. Deno

    **1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project. **

    I just bought this from a friend. He doesn’t want me calling her a project (sorry Brian) but she is. I plan on keeping this boat forever. I want the boat for Bay, Kelp bed, Baja, Nados run (weather permitting, and I don’t have a crew for the Wellcraft) and lake fishing. Any...
  98. Deno

    I got my boat serviced by The Boat Depot.

    Nothing but good news and good service to report, when I arrived one of the Techs met me out front. While I unhooked the trailer he was getting information from the engine. No waiting around everything seemed very organized and clean. Met the new General Manager, Dennis seemed like a nice guy...
  99. Deno

    Bloody Decker sighting, in Aprils Pacific Coast Magazine edition.

    Write up on Punta Abreojos page 50 who is it? Hint, he was at Papa J’s Super bowl party.
  100. Deno

    Rattle Snake Video 03-08

    So I let my friend at work edit the video of me shooting the snake and this is what I got back. :imdumb:
  101. Deno

    Rattle Snake Pictures 03-08

    Omartish and I were out riding with the kids this past weekend, down at Plaster City (Imperial Valley). After doing some fishing in the Canals, with no luck (Omartish said he hooked a monster Cat, I never saw it:hali_blablalba:) so anyways we ran into this crazy Rattle Snake from hell, and yes...
  102. Deno


  103. Deno

    I just got my Bloodydecks jacket and

    Boys and girls let me tell you they are the shit. My wife bought me one and now wants one for her. Anyhow just thought I would share, they are nice and very well built. Go out and get yourself one they are worth it. Deno
  104. Deno

    I need help/advise on planning a charter trip for work.

    Well I’ve been assigned to charter an off shore trip for work. They want an over night trip for Albacore/Yellows/Tuna. It will be a weekday trip. <FONT face=Arial>What landing do you guys recommend? <FONT]<FONT size="4">What boat? <FONT size=4>What time of year? What max number would you...
  105. Deno

    Saluki you're the man, nice looking girl you have there.

    :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:boobies: CELEBRITY DUMPSTER
  106. Deno

    Saving a deer using helicopter blades...

    lucky deer..
  107. Deno

    700 pound Grizzly hit by truck.

    **Email I got “Not my story just sharing pics.”** This big guy was struck by a semi-truck just a few miles outside of Lincoln . They called AAA to dispatch a wrecker to lift this big guy on the back of a FWP truck. He is huge, admire the claws!This is the 700 pounder hit by a truck near...
  108. Deno

    Pictures of Bulls Locked up and story.

    Guys, Here is how my day started yesterday (11-29-2007) Got a call that 2 bull elk were locked up and one was dead the other still alive. The bulls were in a field about 15 miles Northeast of Monticello. When I got there I actually found 2 bulls locked antlers... I thought this only...
  109. Deno

    One Bob cat down.

    Omartish just left my work, with one Bob Cat down and a few sets to go tonight, story to follow.
  110. Deno

    Anyone hear about this**Lower Otay record 98.45 pound blue catsfish..Pic's and story

    <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="WIDTH: 165pt; mso-cellspacing: 1.5pt; mso-yfti-tbllook: 1184; mso-table-lspace: 2.25pt; mso-table-rspace: 2.25pt; mso-table-anchor-vertical: paragraph; mso-table-anchor-horizontal: column; mso-table-left: right; mso-table-top: middle; mso-padding-alt: 1.5pt...
  111. Deno

    Anyone ever fish the canals in Imperial Valley?

    We were out riding Plaster City last week and saw some huge Catfish in the canals. I was wondering if anyone ever fished the canals and how.
  112. Deno

    Be careful with deer on the road.

    The pictures pretty much tell the story, but here's a brief explanation... They were traveling insouthern Arkansas, between Mena and DeQueen. Oncoming car clippeda deer and sent it straight up into the air. The deer came down head-first into Clayton's brand new truck. The deer's head went thru...
  113. Deno

    Any desert rats on here?

    Anyone going down to the desert this weekend?
  114. Deno

    Buck stuck on fence very sad.

    Now there’s a leap of faith.:imdumb:
  115. Deno

    King Ranch Buck caught in fence and rescued

    A friend just send me this in an email, must be one of those thousand $$$$ hand fed bucks.King Ranch Buck...caught in fence and rescued. This deer is recovering at the vets. Thought some of you At-Large members might like to see this: This is pretty impressive. Liz is enrolled at the vet...
  116. Deno

    Where to buy Under Armour cold weather gear.

    Anyone have a hook up on Under Armour apparel. Looking for cold weather gear, I know bass pro and cabelas sell it just wondering if anyone knows of a better place to buy it.
  117. Deno

    Someone's been fighting.

  118. Deno

    Someone's been fighting.

    Don’t know much about these pic’s other then someone got fucked up.
  119. Deno

    Mother Cougar vs Grizzly Bear
  120. Deno

    Did you ever wonder what Engineers do when they retire.??

    Here's a little "Hump-Day" funny that will amaze you.
  121. Deno

    Squirrel attacks deer
  122. Deno

    Colorado snow woman..

    Friend Orlando and Cousin Roger had a little down time in Colorado during an Elk hunt. :boobies: Orlando and Sneekees cousin double taping.
  123. Deno

    Colorado Elk Hunt report.

    While El Toro was playing with pigs and dogs on private property we were playing on &#8220;public land&#8221; in Colorado. After a 16 hour drive and 940 + miles we arrived in Meeker Colorado, for the first season Elk hunt. We all drew either sex tags, we hunted unit 13 in the White River...
  124. Deno

    10-07,En route to the Rocky Mountain

    :DHeading out to Meeker, Colorado this morning for a two week Elk hunt. I am getting my last Bloodydecks fix for two weeks. Report to fallow, out. Deno
  125. Deno

    Moose Hunt..

    Mad Moose..
  126. Deno

    What to do when your little fishing buddy falls asleep, *pics.

    My five year refused to take a nap in the cabin so had to rig something up.
  127. Deno

    Got my boat cover...

    <HR style="COLOR: #990000" SIZE=1> Picked up my boat cover from Hanley’s Canvas Products, long story short they are a great husband wife team and very nice and friendly people. They have their shop set up in their garage that is why they can hook you up with a good price, I saved enough to...
  128. Deno

    Yellow on the grill..Pics

    All I have to say is, it was good:hali_olutta:.
  129. Deno

    Boat cover hook up.....

    Picked up my boat cover from Hanley’s Canvas Products, long story short they are a great husband wife team and very nice and friendly people. They have their shop set up in their garage that is why they can hook you up with a good price, I saved enough to fuel up the boat, 130 gals. Here is...
  130. Deno

    09-08 Coronado Yellows

    The plan was to go out and look for patties and hopefully get my cousin and his boy on some Dorado or Yellows. Cleared Point Loma around 5:00 am, and the water looked like shit. I hit pukey first and nada, slow trolled the middle grounds, no one home. Hit the lee side, you guessed it no one...
  131. Deno

    Bow Hunting Safety

    Bow Hunting Safety::boobies: Bow hunting season is here. I just wanted to ensure that everyone is using the correct technique to minimize safety issues. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Please refer to the attached pictures illustrating proper bow hunting form. Feel free to reference...
  132. Deno


    img src="" alt="Deerhuntingwithbird.." />
  133. Deno

    Coronado Yellows 06-14

    Fished the Coronado Islands today, for Six Yellows all 15 plus the biggest at 22 pounds. Red tide all over the middle grounds, fish were caught on the lee side on Sardines. Five yellows were caught early in the morning. The bite shut off by 11:00 am, fished till 6:00 pm, last fish wasn’t...