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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    welcome to California. home of the mean people.
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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    I never lost a case. i have 4 traffic tickets in 10 years. all 4 times, the cops did not show up. I win all 4 case. I said go to court fight
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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    go to court. if the fish and game did not show up, you win.
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    FREE Boat Thief in Newport Anyone know this guy?

    if under $950. the judge will let him go anyway. dont waste your time.
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    Are there any fishing tackle stores in Tijuana?

    tackle shop no good business in TJ. stripclub better in TJ.
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    Whistler Area 11/17

    poor man yellowtail. taste better than yellowtail.
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    Bonita Sushi!

    Try can sardine and mackerel next time. Google it how to cook can sardines. Cook the same way except add your own ingredients. Bonito and tuna even better. Put in the refrigerator will last a month. Taste ten times better than can.
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    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    Wrong. Do not cover with anything let it open, not even a bandage. Clean with alcohol. Put Vaseline yes Vaseline. Make sure you don’t touch water, if you did dry it clean with alcohol again and apply Vaseline. It will heal in 3 to 5 days for small cut with little or no scare.
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    For Sale 12’ Gregor with new Merc $5k

    $4995 for a tin can. That is expensive. I have one for $800
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    9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    I was invited by my friend on the Pacific dawn last year on a private charter on a fishing club. I know I caught the biggest tuna. The charter master told me that I won the jackpot. An hour later he said there are more fish inside the fish holder. I didn't win the jackpot. I said...
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    Early AM San Pedro fish market

    Are you talking about the fish market about 3 miles out. I shop there 5am to 10 am once a week. Mostly I brought sheep head, white fish, snapper. No yellowtail this year
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    Chinese fleet

    They are looking for shark fin soup
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    Lady Angler 370lb BFT

    Beautiful fishing chic.
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    Haven't fished SoCal since I graduated in 91

    Mussels farm a must. But why move back to ca.
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    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Call them up. What time they leaving and coming back. Just tailgate it. Make sure you practice distances 6 feet .
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Mask are required at all super market. So what are you eating lately. Shit?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Kids under2 years old not suppose to wear mask. Look like you under 2 years old.
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    Mussel Farm - Part 3 - 7/3

    You mean the fish and the hook. It a #2 owner live bait hook, now it it to me
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Go to Vietnam see it your self. My brother just did. So are 50 of my friends and family in Vietnam
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Go to Vietnam find out By your self. I have more than 50 friends and family in Vietnam. Everything back to normal.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I believe in Vietnam. I have a lot of friends and family in Vietnam. My brother just come back from Vietnam last week. All business open school open pussy open too.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    In Asian 99 .9% people put on th mask when they go out in the public. No one complained suffocate. China 1.4 billion people less than 100000 case. Vietnam 98 millions just over 300 cases. No dead. Do you know why stupid.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Wrong. Put on your mask
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    6/30 Catalina Ghost

    Gravy it’s for turkey. Not White Sea bass.
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    Buying a boat in Florida

    Did you said Florida people live a harder live than ca. I don’t think so. I like to know anyone agree with you.
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    Anybody have a good skate recipe?

    Do the Asian style. Curry Thai, Lao, Cambodia’s, Indonesia’s
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    Chum Line

    No need to chum. Stay 60 ft from the back of the sport boat.
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    5/29 BFT Bite

    Nice boat, more pictures please
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    empty store shelves

    Go to restaurant depot. Get a guess pass. Bring a your truck, van load it up. No line. Everything in stock. Water toilet paper hand sanitizer .
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    Frontier or Spectrum

    AT&T direct tv more suck
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    Florida Fishing Spots

    He said he is a beginner. I think he talking about pier fishing.
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    Chicago May 2020 trip

    Fishing or shooting?
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    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    Did you said How big the freezer. You don’t need one if you like fresh fish. I never eat fish more than 3 days old. Keep in your refrigerator still good after 3 days. I am sure you have more than 10 friends and families. I save enough for 3 days. The rest give it away. Don’t forget your...
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    For Sale Swordfish weights

    I used concrete block at Home Depot $1 each. I can’t afford to lose $27.50 on every drop. The block weighs around 20lb.
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    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    Yes they are freedom 1 1/2 day $285. Tornado 1 1/2 day $225 if you mention 976 tuna. Thunderbird 1 1/2 $285. Got my limited on tornado last trip.
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    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    I used to pay $12 per lb. at Chinese super market. Now I can’t find a single lobster at market.
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    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    Your chance hook and land a tuna on a day boat at Catalina almost zero. On freedom, and tornado almost guarantee 10 tunas. Both boats had the limited last trip.
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    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    Go north cheaper. TryThunderbird, tornado, freedom. They all got limited yellowfin and big blue fin too.
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    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    The best spot for big sand dab is in Santa Monica bay. Sorry I can't tell you the exact spot. Anywhere from Pv to Malibu around 300ft. Good luck
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    Recent Yellowfin Bite is Off???

    I got limited yellowfin inside Long Beach harbor. Yes yellowfin croakers.
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    Anyone fish the rigs lately? Sand Dab show up yet?

    Traditional sand dab trip run every day. No limit
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    Openings on 2-day trip aboard Pacifica Oct. 25-27

    Pride 2 1/2 days 13 peoples max. $676
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    Oct 16/17 on the Constitution

    Mexico limits 5 yellowfin right?
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    Any reports from today?

    How many tons cocain can that thing can carry.
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    10/15 at the 371

    My last trip the deck hand told me slap the sardine a couple time. He said skip jack don’t like dead bait. It work yellowfin.
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    Lobster please help

    Want to go lobsters fishing from shore with lobster net. I know a spot all I see is red lobster when high tide. I want to know is it legal, also I know you don’t need a fishing license fishing from shore.
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    All burger on sport boat will be $15 next year. Because LA minimum wage going to be $15 per hour next years . Any comments?
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    I check all the website, Craig list, ny time. I can’t find anything I want to fuck for rent. I only fuck pussy. Can you tell me where I can rent one.
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Everything on sale? Let see the picture of your wife first.
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    Lobster limits

    You must be democratic
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    What the hell went after my fish!

    100% sure Is mako.
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    For Sale 2008 Mako 1801 Like New

    $5 starting bid. Going 1 twice sold. When can I pick up the boat
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    San Clemente Bluefin Mon 9/23/19

    You have a rich friend. More pictures of the boat please.
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    SOLD 2016 Thresher 21' CC

    I think more bd want to know what state your are planning to go than buying your boat. Can you tell us what state?
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    Lost my rig by the rigs

    The odd you will get it back is 1 in a billion. Better luck go buy a super lotto.
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    Way way offshore 09.07 to 09.20

    I think people spend way too much $$$$$$ for sport fishing in America.
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    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    If I have the money. I will build a big barge. I am talking about big as a football field. With a few restaurants, tackle shop .Tow it to tuna ground around San Clemente island in the summer and fall or south for yellowfin and yellowtail tuna. I will charge only $100 person per day. Maximum...
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    What type of rod for bottom fishing for ling's and rock fish

    Go to big 5. Get the biggest and the cheapest rod.
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    For Sale 23' Mako Center Console w/ 06 Yamaha F225

    $201 cash. Going 1 twice sold . Thank.
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    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Make tuna jerky. Not smoke. Vacuum pack put in freezer. Still taste good after 2 years
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    Islander 1.5 day on 8/20 - YFT left them biting!

    Did you said shower? I didn’t know they have enough water for everyone on a 1 1/2 day boat.
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    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    I am jealous. I wish I have a boat like that and money to burn. I mean gas.
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    SOLD D

    You don’t need a commercial license. All you need is a ca retailer license.
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    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    Wow. Talk about late report. May 6, 2016.
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    Another "What's this" thread -- clear gelatinous tubes with red dots - Horseshoe Kelp

    Look like sea cucumber. Very expensive in Asian supermarket.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    You don’t have to plan next to the tree. Normally a few small roots.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Your reply doesn’t make sense. Most fertilizer are make out of shit from cows, chickens and humans waste. It that mean all fruits and vegetables taste like shit.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    I have 12 deference fruit trees in my yard. My fish carcasses are not enough. I normally spend an extra hour catch mackerel and leftovers bait for my trees.have you ever see a 2lb guava? Tangerine sweater than honey.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Yes the bigger the better. 4ft deep. 5ft x5ft will do it.
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Fish carcasses are the #1 fertilizer for your fruit tree. I never waisted anything.
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    150/Rocky point anyone??

    Hurry delete the picture. It going to be a zoo tomorrow.
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    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    You said we all know where the fish where heading. The north island. How the heck people know where the fish were heading the north island?
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    Shimano Tiagra

    Line capacity for raptor sx spectra is 65/420 feet. With current you need at least 600ft spectra to fish 500ft deep.
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    Shimano Tiagra

    Yes you do need a 30w when you fish 500ft below. Your sx raptor don’t have the line capacity , and my total weight with squid jig is over 3lb.
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    Shimano Tiagra

    On my 30w. I caught more than 60lb humboldt squid it feel like nothing. Everyone on the boat said they hit a rock, can’t reel it up I think something with you or the reel
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    Do yellowtail eat the chunk?

    Yes wide open bite small yellowtail on squid strip 4 years ago at the oil rig.
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    Yellowfin due when?

    When the water temperature above 70*
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    For Sale Valco aluminum boat 14ft

    Are you still have the boat? Call me 626-342-5731. Thanks
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    Full Day Liberty 7/16 Limits Yellowtail

    I wouldn’t eat sashimi from sports boat filets,it not fresh enough. I would take the whole fish home filet, put in the freezer right away.
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    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Mint rhino, that a good name. But I think they already trade mark that name. It a strip club in LA
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    Teach a man to fish...

    Yes by Long Beach harbors patrol.
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    Teach a man to fish...

    The sign said 300 yards. Read it
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    Guess the weight

    your sardine bigger than your halibut
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    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Just wonder is it legal to bring a girl. I am talking about a hooker, as long as everyone on board can have some for free. Give me a reason it not ok. It free sex. No money mean is not prostitution. I am talking about 3 days or longer on a boat. I am sure most guy on board want some.
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    pacifica runs aground

    Old new
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I think all sports boat should have Tesla auto pilot. Look at all the telsa driver sleep on the car, not even 1 accident.
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    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Remember what the doctor said. You can’t lift over 5lb. If you got a big fish don’t forget to cut the line. Trust me it good for heart.
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    Moving to San Diego, Looking for some Fishing Friends

    welcome to hell. sorry I missed spell. I mean welcome to ca.
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    H and M landing - Processing fee

    If you complain about taxes, don’t live in ca. If you live in CA, don’t complain. Your taxes only go up not down. My property tax go up each and every year
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    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    Give them weed. It legal in CA
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    It this legal?

    I was fishing at pacific dawn last year. After we have our limited yellowfin all the skipjack you want. Everyone was tired only me playing with the fish. Time for the deckhand to have a little fun. They using pole for tuna.
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    It this legal?

    Freelance 3/4 at Catalina?
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    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Wow holly shit. I call it bushit with out the picture of shit in the cabin. Just kidding
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    Horseshoe kelp
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    How to get on to two harbors?????????

    Swim. I just save you $5
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    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    Thanks. I just brought one.
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    What else?

    a good massage with a happy ending in san Diego,because you not going to have it in the next 10 day.
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    yes, I make her try tuna, yellow tail, sturgeon, all kind of bass. the meat come out too dry. I think the mackerel taste good because it have a lot of oil.
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    game fish love these fish because they taste good. you should give it a try.
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    you don't under what I am trying to said. all these fish(bait) what ever you call it is game fish bait. you got it?
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    I don't know how my wife cook it. she braised for an hour with some kind of herbs and spices. taste like the can mackerel, or sardine, but only 100 times better.
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    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    #1 anchovy #2 sardine #3 mackerel #4 squid No. I am not crazy. I know none of you agree with me. only my wife and all the game fish agree with me. if you taste my wife cook any of these,you will agree with me. her co worker willing to pay $5 per mackerel. but it have to be fresh not from super...
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    the best meal I ever have on my boat are 2 big cup of instant noodles. trust me 1 is not enough. don't by the cheat cup o noodle. trust me 10 times better than pussy, especially a cold night.
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    Sheephead recipes

    steam with ginger soy only good when still very fresh. I cook the chinese lobster style. filet, with skin on cut into bite size. marinated with salt and pepper egg. mixed with corn starch. deep fry for 2 minutes. make sure you not over cook. chop some green onions and a lot of ginger and garlic...
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    For Sale 1998 Baja bay runner

    no pictures. we calling it bs
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    Heading to Lake Havasu City

    he mean 6 oz. right?
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    rock fishing from shore good locations needed

    I used to fish san pedro breakwall 1 a week 20 years ago. I caught more fish than on my boat. I still see a 50 to100 people fish there everyday.
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    rock fishing from shore good locations needed

    san pedro breakwall. walk all the way to the end. sheep head, rock fish ,white fish,trigger fish white sea bass ,halibut , calico bass, Cabazon, easy limit sculpin.
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    WTB Small outboard motor

    I have a 4 hp honda 4 stroke. want to trade
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    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    post the fucking picture of the 60lb wsb with the 15lb test line.
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    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    yes it happen 2016. 2 wahoo chased my mackerel all the way to my boat at the oil rigs.
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    For Sale Bilge Pumps/ 4 HP 4 stroke Yamaha

    I will take the Yamaha. if it run
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    What the heck do people do with Skipjack?

    yes ,skipjacks are fruit of the sea. last trip I brought 5 whole skipjacks home. way too fishy. I put under my fruit trees. next year I will have a lot of skipjacks(fruits) on my trees
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    tomcat bait at home Depot. make sure you have no pet or kid around.
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    For Sale 19 ft MAKO for sale

    I only see people sell car with a pretty model. first time i see people sell a boat with a model. I make a mistake I sold my boat too way too low.
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    Big BFT rental gear

    what happens if the big blue fin break the rod and reel. do you have to pay for it. or can you make a claim against the rental company for loosing the big tuna.
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    First 1.5 day trip on Tomahawk...any advice, suggestions, or tips

    very easy. just bring one 25 lb set up. easy limit yellow fin all you want skipjack. don't bring to much, and don't think to much just have fun. $150 should cover everything.
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    topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    I only see side pictures. how about a few front pictures.
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    358 miles of skunk

    fish stay 45 miles south. I was on pacific dawn last sunday. Boat limited yft in less than 5 hrs. 7am to 11am. all the skipjack you want. we troll north for 8 long hours only 3 Dorado.
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    Safeway hiring

    waiter it a good start. make much more than work in costco , trader joe, or any supermarket. tips baby.
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    Rock Crabs out of Dana Point

    all of you guy are wrong about cooking crab. you never never over cook any sea food. especially crab. for a small crab like that only need 3 minutes in the boiling water whole. never steam it when taking it apart or the meat will shrink and over cook.
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    Pound for pound

    let see the pictures of 300lb skipjack and Bonito.
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    Horseshoe action?

    no fish and no boat all day last weekm
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    Overnight On The Dominator

    not a bad day you got 5 fish. I just check they fish couture they caught 72 yellow fin 30 skipjacks, 4 yellowtail, 41 Dorado. not bad at all
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    8/14 Coronado Islands report

    what you caught, a mermaid ?
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    turn left or turn right

    what crowd ? I was at the horseshoe last Sunday all day. not even a single boat.
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    Best Time to SoCal

    before peak season. April, may are the best months. I put my boat on Craigslist on December not even 1 phone call. sold it in less than 12 hours in may.
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    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    5 miles out from marina del Rey. no need to chum. just fish for sand dab for about 1 hour. they go after your sand dab.
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    Ghostly South Wind

    I gonna give it a try next week . what bait are you using.
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    For Sale New yetti 110

    I thought we boycott yeti in bd.
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    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    we call it bs with out the pictures of other 3 nice looking ladies.
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    Do you have a Landing net on your boat? It’s the law for everyone who is fishing!

    they asked me do I have a landing net last time.I said I caught a seal try to net and release. the seal got my net. it worked.
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    Caught a huge 9# largemouth

    the safest lake in the world
  134. 4

    White privilege bassin' 6/6/18

    that why Irvine have the safest lake in the world.
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    Even a Blind Squirrel... Local 6/9/2018

    nice wsb. what did you used for bait.
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    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    sorry I was wrong. pursuit only have 57 people on Thursday, and 48 on Friday.
  137. 4

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    30 yellowtail for 55 people ,and you got 4. your are good.
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    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    I sold my boat after my son 1 year birthday. no sleep no time and need money for baby toys.
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    you guy are eating junk food. I eat anything alive, sahimi, fry, pan fry. never go hungry if skunk. pan fry mackerel, sardines or squid are the best.
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    Looking for Fishing Bodies

    good luck. hope you not find any dead body.
  141. 4

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    pan fry sardines. 10 times better than can tuna.
  142. 4

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    can I still fishing if the boat got limited. and I still have no fish.
  143. 4

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    if you do that with my boat. I make you swim back. just kidding.
  144. 4

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    look for a sport boat.order a burger and a cold beer. or wait for the sport boat anchor next to you.
  145. 4

    Island yellows 5/13

    West end back side. be careful not to park on pursuit spot.
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    For Sale SOLD~DELETE

    let boycott yeti and bd.
  147. 4

    SOLD Yeti 40 can Hopper

    I thought we boycott yeti product on bd.
  148. 4

    For Sale 14ft valco aluminum boat

    can you send me some pictures. 626-342-5731. thanks
  149. 4

    For Sale BFT time have 2 rigs

    nice rigs.excellent rock fish rigs.
  150. 4

    For Sale Shimano Stella 5k and St. Croix popper setup

    wow. I never see people used $850 set up for pier fishing. nice set up
  151. 4


    starting bid. $1.00
  152. 4

    Looking for sharks

    long beach near oil island. 6am to 10 am. 20 to 100 lb. thresher.
  153. 4

    BINGO BANGO! 4-7

    bass pictures with angel gate background please.
  154. 4

    4/7 doho/dana

    just wondered. it's legal to drink when kayak?
  155. 4

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    I call it a bs with out the pictures of your big d-ck.
  156. 4

    Silverwood 3-31

    what is brown?
  157. 4

    taking the girlfriend and 3 kids out on boat for the 1st time sunday...

    any pictures of the girl friend and 3 kids?
  158. 4

    $13,500 Parker for sale.

    clean title or salvage?
  159. 4

    What's better than free beer and tackle?

    I want my free beer
  160. 4

    WTB 17ft-18ft Center console

    I have a 2001 wellcraft center console.
  161. 4

    For Sale wellcraft center console

    sorry. 2001 wellcraft. last service has 950 hrs.
  162. 4

    For Sale wellcraft center console

    18ft wellcraft center console. 150hp evinrude Fitch 2 stroke. galvanized trailer. Boat, engine and trailer in every good condition. fish finder gps and live well.$5700 or trade for newer compact suv.
  163. 4

    Boat name for my new Mako

  164. 4

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    go to home Depot. buy a bag or 2 of top cat rat bait. don't put inside the bait trap. spread all over the house only if you don't have kid and pets.
  165. 4

    Rocky Point Black Sea Bass (Released) 11/18/17

    Are you sure still alive when you release it?
  166. 4

    18ft wellcraft for sale

    Yes Directed injection. But not etec.
  167. 4

    18ft wellcraft for sale

    Sorry 150 hp evinrude efi
  168. 4

    18ft wellcraft for sale

    2001 wellcraft 18ft center console fisherman. 15hp evinrude fuel injection. Very good condition. GPS fish finder vhf radio. Built in bait tank. Dual battery. $6000.
  169. 4

    9/19 Yellowfin report

    Boat limited, that means everyone got 10 fish. Includes your son right.
  170. 4

    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    What brand if spinning reel you have with 65lb of drag
  171. 4

    Opah - How to?

    How to fish Opal? Free gaff 5 years ago come back from catalina. between san Pedro and catalina. Stupid friend doesn't know how gaff. First gaff missed . 3min later pop up second gaff missed .gone
  172. 4

    Striped Marlin for sale?? WTH?

    Ca rock fish $1.09 lb at restaurant depot.
  173. 4

    150, 14, then Inshore on 7-16. Limits of Wind

    150 never lifeless. Most half and 3/4 boat fish 150 everyday. I caught 5 to 7 inch sculpin everydrop. And 5 to 7 inch white fish too.
  174. 4

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Did he said how much and why. 40 to 50%. Because Dave Hanson said so.
  175. 4


    Nice blue crab
  176. 4

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    Red king crab are from the south Argentina. Not from Alaska or Russian. $10 at restaurant depot. Live spiny lobster $23 lb. At chinese supermarket.
  177. 4

    7/3/16 Redondo Special 1/2 day yellowtail

    Wow 16 yellow fin tuna and 102 bonito on the pm trip.
  178. 4

    15 - 20 lb Smelt

    Some where easily over 15lb?show me the fucking picture.
  179. 4

    PV area YT with a side of Taco meat. 11-1-15

    I prepared at home once they come. Let them have it.
  180. 4

    PV area YT with a side of Taco meat. 11-1-15

    Try some Thai chili inside the mackerel.
  181. 4

    The DFG Has Spoken, It's Time For A Change

    Free gaff a marlin is totally legal.
  182. 4

    Free gaffing

    It totally legal to free gaff a marlin. Marlin have no size limit.
  183. 4

    Double Wahoo Long Beach

    I was there at about 10 am. 3 fucking boats ran over my troll line at the same time. Fuck you ever you are. At the last rig.
  184. 4


    Limit 10 yellowtail live bait
  185. 4

    Never expected this...haha

    34 strip marlins were caught and released yesterday marlin tournament with 12 to 30 lb test line.
  186. 4

    General Guide For Sporty Tipping?

    If everyone tip $20 each deck hand. If boat have 30 anglers. $600 per deck hand plus 5 per fish cleaning. About $800 for a day and night work. Not bad at all.
  187. 4

    General Guide For Sporty Tipping?

    40 to 50%
  188. 4

    What size are the bonito

    5 lb at the shoe
  189. 4

    Fake Flatt falls

    Not a good deal. Richard tackle $6-7 a pc
  190. 4

    City of long Beach incident 8/19 @ 1415

    The end they caught 1 yellowtail for 30 people. I checked the report
  191. 4

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    Put only the head under the water. Wait for the shark's and the seal.
  192. 4

    BF & YF! A great day...

    Nice fishing report
  193. 4

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    When I see 25 boats at 6am. Turn around to San Pedro bait, only take 10 minutes.
  194. 4

    Making bait in San Pedro/ Long Beach

    Why buy bait? Enterprise and victory were making bait next to nacho last Sunday. They not buying bait.
  195. 4

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    I caught 4 yellowtail 25 to 40lb with a coffee grinder last Sunday at the shoe. Land all in 10 to 15 minutes.
  196. 4

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    The port police told me 1 football field or 300 yards. How far is 1 football field can anyone tell me?
  197. 4

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    The port police told me 1 football field or 300 yards. How big is 1 football field any know?
  198. 4

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    Hey drum Ford you are a big asshole. Look at the picture you fuck in asshole. He next to the oil rig. Are you blind are what.
  199. 4

    150 - 8/10 - Marlin

    I was on the 150 from 6 am to 12 got no nothing. Back to the shoe, all party boat left a few private boat. Fuck san Pedro bait only 10 pieces alive. 10 baits 10 hook up. Land 4 25 to 40lb. Lost 6 big one go straight down to the kelp bed and rock
  200. 4

    Mack bank sunday

    Fuck san Pedro bait. 95% of my bait dead when I reach 150. Back to the shoe only 10 pieces alive. 10 baits 10 hook up land 4.Wide open 25 to 40lb yellow no bait. Thank alot san Pedro bait.
  201. 4

    Adrianna found them biting!

    What kind of fish is that? the one on the shirt.
  202. 4

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    300 yard away from the oil rig minimum. I got ticket once.
  203. 4

    Do it Again on 08-08

    Why go all the way to San Pedro to get bait?
  204. 4

    Best Month of El Nino 2015?

    Non of them above. December going to be the best month
  205. 4

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    I was there at 4am. Drop to line down 200 ft, both with 100 mono. 1 with big mac. And The Other With 12 Oz Glow Assault Diamond jig.about 5am glow jig reel line peeling, 20 seconds later stop. Reel it in jig gone. Look like a big shark. But I don't think shark like Glow jig. Can anyone tell me...
  206. 4

    Anyone know where I can buy an 8' bamboo gaff?

    Free make your own. Go to ebay buy 2 hook for $10. Make 2 gaff.
  207. 4

    Dave Hansen Incredible Fisherman

    He said 40 to 50% tips
  208. 4

    Big bfts

    I will be following new lo ann
  209. 4

    big bluefin.

    Sorry no pictures. But it was sunny and hot. Only that little spot today . 10 miles out from Dana Point
  210. 4

    big bluefin.

    Yes today sunny and hot
  211. 4

    Top of line spinning combo

    I need a spinning combo for local bluefin tuna up to 150 lb.
  212. 4

    Keeping Ice the entire trip

    Free ice. I used 3 five gallons=150 pounds. It will last 3 days in your cooler.
  213. 4

    6-12 150, skunked

    Indian from redondo.
  214. 4

    Slug life

    I will try sand fleas next time
  215. 4

    18' wellcraft center console

    Starting bid $1.00 usd
  216. 4

    Beginner Chasing LB Yellows

    Don't waste your time. There are no yellow at the shoe or the 150. Only sand bass.
  217. 4

    Looking for a 2 speed reel

    Sorry I mean andros 2 speeds.
  218. 4

    Looking for a 2 speed reel

    Sorry I mean and rose 2speed
  219. 4

    Looking for a 2 speed reel

    I have 2 and rod 5 two speed 1 nib and 19th used make me an offer
  220. 4

    Horseshoe - gangbang:

    You are wrong, only 100 not 1000 skiffs. Wide open big mac.
  221. 4

    4 Freelance 3/4 day vouchers...with lunch! $150

    With 80 friends on board. It going to be fun.
  222. 4

    'unatttractive to men'

    How about third hole.
  223. 4

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Try to use mono 300ft for rock cock. You mono will look like my my dick hair.
  224. 4

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Go back to Louisiana. You are not wellcome in ca.
  225. 4

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    I think you getting too old to learn how to fish spectra, or how to use a smart phone or computer. Spectra on spinning reel much more fun than any convention reel.
  226. 4

    84 # Wahoo on the Star

    At long beach bait Barge?
  227. 4

    Solo 250 pounds dorado

    Solo 250 pounds dorado. What happen to that post?
  228. 4

    Solo Dorado 09/27/14

    What kind of fishing license do you have? Mexico or US?
  229. 4

    Daytime Lobster

    5 years ago i caught 4 big one 2 were 14lb. and it was the worst red tide i ever see. No fish only big lobster.
  230. 4

    Blind squirrel steps on a fatty acorn - need a fish ID

    Look like a wahoo perch.
  231. 4

    Pizza and Pussy...

    What. No pictures? I like my with anchovie.
  232. 4

    bad boat,inexperienced crew,unprofessional captain

    The san diego got 150 yft that day. And they got 15 yft. I think i know the name of the boat
  233. 4

    Midgets in Vegas

    We call it bs without pictures of the mitgets.
  234. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Thank sickcat. My mechanic did test with a portable tank. I call evinrude dealer tom smith marine in signal hill. He said might be the fuel enjector. He said not easy to find part for the year 2000. And waiting list for service is 3 to 4 weeks too busy.
  235. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Thank bman. I will check that.
  236. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Yes, I start the motor out of the water full speed to 5000 rpm 1 to 2 seconds. Drop the motor rpm drop to 2500 once the propeller hit the water.
  237. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Thank slater. I give them a call. I have is boat for 4 year. Is a 18 ft we'll craft center console. Run normal 4 months ago. I push full speed can only reach 3800 rpm max. It will drop to 2500 rpm a feel minute later. Back and forth between 2500 to 3800 rpm.
  238. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Check gear ok. Gear oil change. New spark plug new impeller. Change temp. Sensor. Computer bad change a used computer. That what the mechanic said. He said maybe is the battery. I change 2 new battery. Now he said is the high pressure fuel pump $500 just for part. Should I change it or get a...
  239. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    Check propeller ok. Yes Ficht. When run the motor on land everything ok. Once in the water rpm can only reach 2500 to 3000 max. I test it by raise the propeller above water start the engine full speed to 5000 rpm drop the motor propeller. Once the motor propeller hit the water rpm drop to 2500...
  240. 4

    help. looking for a mechanic.

    I have a 2000 evinrude 150. I spent over $1000 cant fix the problem. Computer check everything ok. Motor run good on land. But once the propeller under the water the rpm can only reach 2500. I jack the motor up shift to 5000 rpm. Once i lower the motor drop the propeller under water. The rpm...
  241. 4

    Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    Wow. Catching fish all day on a 3/4 day boat and you complain.i was on a 1 1/2 day boat last year with 37 people total 27 rat. Most got skunk.
  242. 4

    Fishing Saturday

    Why take someone out you dont know? I like to go solo.
  243. 4

    9/4: Short of the 302 - YFT Charged the Boat

    Free at my freezer. I put 2 5 gallon buget for 3 days before i go. Last 2 days in my cooler.
  244. 4

    Shimano 6500 Baitrunner

    200 lb. Marlin caught on a bait runner 6500 yesterday.
  245. 4

    Local wahoo !!

    You are waaaaaaaaaaaaay late.
  246. 4

    What the fuck Mom?

    Are you sure she is the boy mom?
  247. 4

    MDR launch fee increase

    Long beach $12.00 free water.
  248. 4

    Local Bass?? Cuda??

    Long beach straight out 5 miles. 100ft of water. Limited in 1 hour. 3 to 8 lb.
  249. 4


    Legal or illegal mexican?
  250. 4


    i have a pair of costa 580 for sale. paid $200. will take $35. lense good condition. frame fuck up. replace 2 time.
  251. 4

    Are there any Tuna kinda of west of South LongBeach Yet?

    Bft Inside newport habor. It that close enough.
  252. 4

    Vessel Assist Short Coming

    You guy forget about liability ins. My boat was sinking inside two harbor. I call vessel assist. They ask me i have ins. Salvage and tow to san pedro. Cost me nothing. They bill my ins. For $9500.
  253. 4

    Looking for Okuma Andros 5II/Saltist 40 II...also a 50lb stick

    I have 1 new in box $350. And 1 used $250.
  254. 4

    Keeping and eating blue sharks

    Sharkfin soup anyone? $50 per bowl
  255. 4

    Splitting costs

    You are so lucky your kid go fishing with you. My kid i have to buy him a pair of shoe to go with me.
  256. 4

    Cleaning Opah

    $45 per pound from Hawaii. Fresh frozen.
  257. 4


    I hated my costas. So cheap the frames fall apart 2 times. And made in Taiwan.
  258. 4

    Backup Deckhands/Ho's wanted

    That is a misleading post. Why he said looking for a deck hand at the end I have to pay you for a hand job.
  259. 4

    Sterling: Hell hath no fury...

    Now we talking about billion. Sterling suing nba for 1 billion.
  260. 4

    Backup Deckhands/Ho's wanted

    I am looking for a d hand job. how much per hour. How about the tips and jackpot money?
  261. 4

    What's a sensitive stick

    give him a break. look for any g loomis.
  262. 4

    Does anybody know the value of this rod?

    Are you sure you didn't find it ay Seaforth landing parking lot. Just kidding.
  263. 4

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    You have a very thick face. If I were you I delete the post and never login bd again.
  264. 4

    SM - Bass w/ Side Of Red & Brown

    Mako? I think you need a bigger boat.
  265. 4

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Wow. You kill 3 mako. You are 1 short of your limited. What happen to the 4thmako?
  266. 4

    Thieves on long range boats?

    Sorry I meant in his wallet with him. Not in the cabin.
  267. 4

    Thieves on long range boats?

    Your friend make a mistake. Money should in his wallet. Not in his baggage.
  268. 4

    Seabass twilight tonight?

    Windy and choppy. Better wait a couple more days
  269. 4


    Have anyone try shark jerky?
  270. 4

    Lots of reports of the WSB going off this morning but I was busy this morning!

    Where the heck you got my girl friend picture?
  271. 4


    All the threshers I caught are within 2 miles from shore. On the 9 miles bank? The second picture look like 2 miles from shore.
  272. 4


    How much?
  273. 4

    fishing straight mono

    Party boat with 300ft of water don't use mono.
  274. 4

    Whats goin on with the vessel Freedom?

    And only $135.00 overnight. 3 islands.
  275. 4

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    Thank you fubar. Sorry I mean black cod.
  276. 4

    What species of rockfish?

    For sure johnny bass.
  277. 4

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    Anyone have picture of black cok?
  278. 4

    Best buy in a good spinning reel for throwing iron/swimbaits for albacore

    I used a sustain 6000 last year On 1 1/2 day.No one used spinner. They all gave me a thirty look. I got limited rat yellows.
  279. 4

    rule for posting in bloody deck.

    I just want to know any rule for posting fake item for sale or to buy fake item in bloody deck. Maybe not in us. How about buy and sell from other country. thanks
  280. 4

    WTB Phoenix Black Diamond Rods

    If I were you I delete your post. It illegal to buy and sell fake item on bd. This is not china or india.
  281. 4

    where to buy fake crocodile lures?

    You all under a rest. I am special agent. It illegal to buy and sell fake item on bd. Ok on ebay
  282. 4

    Best Pizza in SD

    At any 7 eleven. And cheap too.
  283. 4

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    Blame the want to go fishing. But your bitch said no you go anyway. And you want pussy And your bitch got piss, give you a black eye. Nice try.
  284. 4


    How many gallon per hour?
  285. 4


    50 to 100lb wide open. Sorry can't give out the spot in bd. All I can say is 40 to 50ft water. I play with them everyyear. They are my pet. No need heavy equipment.
  286. 4

    Braid or not to braid

    You will be sorry if you buy dyneema.
  287. 4

    F****** Poachers

    to be fair there were also red neck and cockcasian poaching. sorry my English no good.
  288. 4

    F****** Poachers

    what crab you talking about. spider crab, red rock crab , Alaska king crab , blue crab, Chinese hairy crab?
  289. 4

    Best place to buy a..... Andros 5ii

    I got 2 from ebay. New in box $259 each.
  290. 4

    Bone of their own

    king harbor Redondo beach?
  291. 4

    Phuket and/or Bangkok salt water fishing March 2014

    wide open lady fish. I mean lady man.
  292. 4

    Buying a boat, need advices

    their is no fish on the wall. buy a bigger boat go to the islands better.
  293. 4

    Huge Sunfish hauled in from Elliott Bay

    Who the fuck open a restuarant cooking sun fish opah.
  294. 4

    Huge Sunfish hauled in from Elliott Bay

    I think that opah mother is an opah and the father is a mola.
  295. 4

    I need a 2 speed

    Andros ll
  296. 4

    WTB Shimano Stradic 1000FI

    fi made in malaysia not good. buy the one made in japan like FH.
  297. 4

    10/04/13: We were ready for some football(s)!

    Did you gaff it or spear that opah
  298. 4


    maybe he have a comercial lobster license. i think comercial start 1 day early.
  299. 4

    Need Opinions ON: Okuma Andros 5 II vs Avet sx 6/4 MC , good bad and the Ugly.......

    I have 2 Andros 5. I caught a 150lb thresher shark last year no problem.
  300. 4

    Epic weekend on the Vintage

    she look better than all the fishing chic in bd.
  301. 4

    chinese fishing reels

    k-mart, walmart, ebay.
  302. 4


    boiled, only the one with feather.
  303. 4

    Where the Mac's at??

    when mac show up at long beach, something big follow.
  304. 4

    fish report 9/24/13 371 to 302

    What no picture? Do you know what we call on bd?
  305. 4

    Swordfish on a 1/2 Day?!

    daytime swordfish in southern ca.
  306. 4

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    I hate fuck seal. I got harassed by a big seal last year. every time I drop my lobster net it never hit the bottom.
  307. 4

    Size and limits on Yellow tails

    must be a big rat
  308. 4

    4 spots available on an overnight tonight

    how much? - - - Updated - - - starting bid $1
  309. 4

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    the boat and 976 tuna don't give a shit about the charge, because tuna are hot now. wait until the rockfish season.
  310. 4

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    976 tuna will do whatever it take to get you on the boat, include lie and lie.
  311. 4

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    and no cancelation on 976 charter.
  312. 4

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    30 buck on 1 1/2 on toronado long beach all you can drink no beer. The best prime rib diner I ever have.
  313. 4

    Sea Adventure II 9/19

    small tuna for sure
  314. 4

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    when the restaurant are busy, the food and the services are always bad. they are too busy.
  315. 4

    3/4 Tuna???

    what we call without picture again?
  316. 4

    Cortez Bank Report on the Toronado 1.5 day

    your trip much better than my last year trip on that boat. we only catch a few rat yellow for 34 people.
  317. 4

    Jumping Sunfish, Batman!

    are you sure not a group of opah?
  318. 4

    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    some boat also charge mex permit in us water. example cotez and tanner bank.
  319. 4

    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    which 1 1/2 day boat cost $225 in san diego. i want to know.
  320. 4

    Great Fish Rub found at ROSS

    check the expire date before you buy.
  321. 4

    Thunderbird 9/7

    fuck 976-tuna.
  322. 4

    Czech Mate Trip - Terrible

    I have no idea fishing are that bad this year. I am worry about my next trip next month. Too many people complain.
  323. 4

    Any mackerel in the Long beach area

    no mackerel today in or out the harbor.
  324. 4

    LB Local Low Quantity High Quality 8/28

    I should go solo. I go with friends same area,not much only sand bass.
  325. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    no wonder no one like people with coffee grinder in west coast.
  326. 4

    Awesome Trip 8-27/8-28 Sea Adventure 80

    right. All you ass kisser are idiot. She used noodle rod and a 25lb of line for tuna ,fight a 45lb tuna for 2 hours. Give me a fucking break.
  327. 4

    Bluefin tackle

    no 2speed reel?
  328. 4

    Awesome Trip 8-27/8-28 Sea Adventure 80

    everyone have to wait for you for 2 long hours.
  329. 4

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    3 years late. nice
  330. 4


    be careful dennis rodman anyone close to him, he is not nice.
  331. 4


    ex- girl friend
  332. 4

    trip cancellation policy.

    Book a trip from 976 tuna 1 month ahead. Call next day to cancel because of emergency cant make it. They charge me $50.00 cancellation fee. A few day later they call again, they said once you book a trip you cant I dont care you are dying, that is our policy. I said fuck your policy.
  333. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    pay attention with the hat. He wear a different hat on the last picture.
  334. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    no i dont. just wonder. Maybe you should tell me how they fuck since you are an expert.
  335. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    the guy fighting the fish was the actually was the deck hand.
  336. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    just wonder gay fuck the same?
  337. 4

    Need feedback on Trophy brand boats

    nice boat excellent with a force engine. Make sure to bring a rain jacket and sea tow.
  338. 4

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    everything wrong. But he land the fish.I never see anyone fish with a spinner gear like that. Upside down.
  339. 4

    Markus Rocked a 124lb BFT on 1.5'r 8/27

    that coffee grinder is a stella and a white terez, cow killer. Those are baby tuna for the stella.
  340. 4

    Dana Point 'Yak Fishing

    yak and mako?who eat who.
  341. 4

    Fuku Me, This is going to Effect my Diet

    let me have all your tuna next time. that small amount of radiation,less than you get from microwave you use everyday. My father have radiation cancer treatment everyday 10 million time more than the tuna. He is 100% ok.
  342. 4

    Texting while driving..................................

    it's ok drink beer when driving,not ok when texting.
  343. 4

    bluefin on the chew

    lake pacific.
  344. 4


    that is a big fat opah.
  345. 4

    Texting while driving..................................

    that is $1000 fine for freeway littering.
  346. 4

    Royal Star 6 day report - 121# Opah

    nice opah. Are you sure is not a mola. Sorry I am color blind.
  347. 4

    2 day fishing report

    unbelievable 2 day fishing report from a sport boat. Total 1 mackerel 33 rockfish. Sorry I cant name that boat.
  348. 4

    Time for some upgrades, thanks to the lotto

    wait until I hit 20 million.
  349. 4

    yellow tail people are keeping

    all the party boat in newport all the way to maina del ray are hammer on the little scuplin.
  350. 4

    Voyager 8/24 - 8/25 Rabbit out of a Hat

    wow. my next trip on voyager oct 2.
  351. 4

    Fishing SUCKS!!

    bluefin tuna count are way down compare to 2 week ago.
  352. 4

    Dana Yellow

    you forgot squid.
  353. 4

    Cortez banks

    water too cold no tuna. maybe yellow. not good
  354. 4

    Skunked in PV

    yes easy limit small rockfish.
  355. 4

    Two spots for Prowler Labor Day weekend

    they charge $50 each cancelation fee. total $100. I give you $101 for the pair.
  356. 4

    Electric reels

    yes you can. any fish except rockfish.
  357. 4


    catalina blue perch. taste yumme.
  358. 4

    Looking at a boat what is it worth?

    way way way under power dont buy it. let me have the phone#.
  359. 4

    Looking at a boat what is it worth?

    nice how much?
  360. 4

    Ice cold water shutting things down considerably - Newps

    rockfish ling cod wide open.
  361. 4

    PEI Update

    why release? $20000 fish
  362. 4

    Help me I.D. a fish

    mola also can fly
  363. 4

    Surf Fish

    opah. Picture coming soon.
  364. 4


    china #1 soon. american people are too nice and too stupid to understand. Sorry I am not american my english not good.
  365. 4

    It's about time!

    nice where is my chair?
  366. 4


    that is the cheapest tuna rod and reel combo.
  367. 4


    nice lady bring home the bacon.
  368. 4

    Late El Ni

    when the fire season start, the fish start to bite.
  369. 4

    How's Palos Verde Area Lately?

    cold and no fish.
  370. 4

    Whats the latest you have had someone back out on you?

    I am more happy when friend didnt show up. I like to go solo.
  371. 4

    Skunked in PV

    never skunk in pv(palos verdes) calico ,sheepy, sand bass, sand dab, rock fish, halibut,perch,wsb,yellow,opah too.
  372. 4

    SD bay with the lady

    Nice lady with pink. I mean the fish.
  373. 4

    Local Blue Marlin

    No picture. We call it bo bo.
  374. 4

    LIMTS of BFT on the Pride 08/14/13

    Why other over night boat did not catch any tuna? WHY??????????????????????
  375. 4

    FS Deck Chairs (Kingfish & Opah!!)

    illegal to sell an opah.
  376. 4

    Long Beach Info

    yep. Limit big sand bass in half hour.
  377. 4

    Long Beach Info

    get bait for what. They only bite squid strip.
  378. 4

    2-day/2.5 day with the old man

    where is the 2 days trip, diamond valley lake? Not good for tuna.
  379. 4

    Offshore Weather

    cold water no fish.
  380. 4


    maybe a big 500LB white opah.
  381. 4

    Albacore and Swordfish-Monterey Area

    get the harpoon ready.
  382. 4

    Long Beach Info

    small calico at the wall. 5 mile out from queen marry big sand bass.
  383. 4

    Fishing La Jolla kelp Friday 8/9/13 and stranded!B

    you and your friends life worth more than $150?
  384. 4

    8/10/13 Tuna Pens

    hit the pen in 3 hours? You must be flying.
  385. 4

    Monterey Tuna 8/9/13

    no pictures. BS
  386. 4

    Recomendations on a 40# setup

    they are no 85lb braid.
  387. 4

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    I never rent one. I take it home.
  388. 4

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    I saw a lot of opah at the wall. - - - Updated - - - Sorry I mean opah eye.
  389. 4

    Yellowtail for sushi?

    better than tuna
  390. 4

    Huntington Flats

    no fish at huntington flat.
  391. 4

    209 181, and 182.... 8-3-13

    jumping opah and whale. Sorry I dont believe you. But I did saw a flying fish at horse shoe kelp.
  392. 4

    Steelhead at the 302???

    look like you have a circle hook gaff.
  393. 4

    What the F kind of fish is this ?

    Please go fishing and take some real fish picture,not your local pet store.
  394. 4

    Catalina Private Boat Report 7/31

    Yes I did. I shot an opah with bow and arrow yesterday in catalina yesterday. Sorry no picture.
  395. 4

    Catalina Private Boat Report 7/31

    but but we call it BS without picture.
  396. 4

    what happened to fishing manners?

    No we go to the ocean to pray.
  397. 4

    Fish Limits

    how about 1 and half day boat. 15 fish?
  398. 4

    Bluefin on The Pride

    WOW. You dont do sushi. You dont know what you missing. You should give it a try, its very sweet when eating raw.
  399. 4

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    that a baby. I f you caught a 500 pound. BBq it and invite all your family, friends and bloodydeckers for diner. Dont invite me. I am busy.
  400. 4


    for 14 people, is not. trust me. I will pay more for less people.
  401. 4

    Bluefin on The Pride

    look good. little over cook. Better sashimi.
  402. 4

    Marlin on the Nine

    yep anything possible. Wahoo inside long beach harbor a few years ago with picture.
  403. 4

    Catching bluefin - topshot 40???

    yep. Go big or go home 40lb light 80lb heavy.
  404. 4


    shimano 50w LRS what?
  405. 4


    That is not fair to all the anglers on the boat. They have too wait for you for an hour?
  406. 4


    OPAL is a finfish right? Bow and arrow may be used to take finfish.
  407. 4


    yep. He did said harpoon also.
  408. 4

    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

    $280.00 fish cleaning. are they cleaning a whale?
  409. 4


    thank AGGRO. I am talking about chapter 28.95 not 28.90
  410. 4


    Can any bloodydecker explain chapter 28.95 for me. except that dumb ass JASON. I go fishing to get some blood on the deck,not playing barbie doll on the deck.
  411. 4


    OK. Forget chevelle or Corvette. Let get back to the main subject OPAL. chapter 28.95 Spear, Harpoons Bow & Arrow or legal, accept swordfish.
  412. 4


    Jason I dont think you understand the regulation. Read chapter 28.95. Opal is not any fish.It fish of the lifetime. You dont understand fishing. Spearfishing is not wreckless harvesting. Go hug a tree or go play with your pink barbie doll.
  413. 4

    Marina Del Rey 39 yellows

    976 tuna report marina del rey catching 39 yellowtail 4 wsb. WOW
  414. 4


    No Ryan this thread it going end well. Most guy on this thread are wrong. He just try to tell you guy what he saw.
  415. 4


    No Ryan this thread it going end well. Most guy on this thread are wrong. He just try to tell you guy what see saw.
  416. 4

    Tuna Pens. What purpose do they servce?

    japan own them. To fill every japanese restaurant and supermarket. Tuna in the pen attract other tuna. People around them to catch tuna. and not for breeding.
  417. 4


    those internet people would not believe you. They need to go out to the ocean more often. I saw an opal 2 time when I came back half way from catalina 3 years ago. gaff did not stick. Next time snap a picture first.
  418. 4


    harpoons is legal. But not for swordfish right?
  419. 4


    He did not said wasted it. He said the opah could feed the family for a month.
  420. 4


    I just receive a spool of 65lb 1500 yards from china. The color lighter than the US made,Also look like the diameter little bigger.
  421. 4


    thanks Jason.
  422. 4


    POWER PRO made in CHINA and made in USA. What is the different. Same quality?
  423. 4

    Okuma service report

    Me too. I send in my old andros. two week later I got it back almost like new.
  424. 4

    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

  425. 4

    Avet sx raptor or Talica ii 12?

    okuma 5 years warranty. My make a little noise. I send it in,they change the bearings and service my reel. Feel like new.
  426. 4

    Polaris Supreme 1.5 Day Trip???

    dont forget 30 to 50% tips.
  427. 4

    phenix black diamond psw700H

    still available for trade. psw700h line 20-60 casting rod. trade for spinning rod
  428. 4

    Fishing Long Beach Break Wall

    4 miles out from queen marry wide open sandy and cuda. I saw 2 12ft. tin can out there last week.
  429. 4

    Enterprise 7/06/13 Twilight Grumpy Sand Bas

    I see no 7lb sand bass on the video. or 4lb
  430. 4

    phenix black diamond psw700H

    for trade brand new Black Diamond psw700H casting rod, will trade for a spinning rod. Prefer phenix, calstar or terez. will be match with a stella 20000sw. will come and pick up near pasadena. thank
  431. 4

    Rpt-Sat-Local B&B Insanity plus Costa Rica!

    all the sports and private boat were 4 miles from queen marry in the morning. most left the area after 12pm
  432. 4

    Disappointing Trip

    if you cant cast far and fast. dont go on overnight or 1 1/2 day boat.
  433. 4

    Shimano fxs spinning rod

    fx is the cheapest rod and reel shimano made. only good for mac. trash it.
  434. 4

    Fish Report off Huntington Beach

    I was there until 10 am. nobody land anything , accept wide open lizard and mac. fly over to the shoe. wide open cuda.
  435. 4

    Not Again....Boats hooked up and ready to go with no one in it...!!

    you need a smaller boat. If that happen you can go solo.
  436. 4

    mission beach rollercoaster

    wide open huntington flat.
  437. 4

    Anyone seen this watercar yet?

    yes. fiat 500 on tv comercial everyday.
  438. 4

    New member looking for friends... My mom is Hott...

    try adultfriends finder, or go to a gay bar.
  439. 4

    Squid bed

    limits of what?
  440. 4

    Squid bed

    a good one of what?
  441. 4

    Squid bed

    Izors about 145 feet.
  442. 4

    Royal Star passenger rescued

    now you know why they pay alot for liability insurance.
  443. 4

    WSB @ San Onofre

    last year photo.
  444. 4

    Spinning reels for offshore

    get a stella 8000sw with phenix psw700.
  445. 4

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    go to restuarant depot get a soft cooler any size you want,top with ice.
  446. 4


    I call it bs without picture of the naked girl. Who care just a shark. I can catch one anytime I want.
  447. 4

    Slow pick then quick steady pick.

    I was next to you with 4 to 5 sportboat with 50 80 people on board. fishing was very slow for the sport boat. for me wide open big macs and sanddab. drop a big mac with 100lb line. 1 min later a big mako make a run gone with my hook.
  448. 4

    CA Fishing License suspension - Because I'm a deadbeat dad

    You dont need a fishing license to fish on the pier. or party boat to mexico. I just solve your problem. said thank me.
  449. 4

    OPAH at Hidden Bank 6/13

    nice mula. I saw one about 300 lb on horseshoe,but is white color. I think it was a opah.
  450. 4

    Crazy homeless fishing

    he was hungry. He also have family and friends under the bridge. He is homeless that why dfg didnt show up.
  451. 4

    Avet dissapointments

    You dont know how to take care your reel. never never dipped in water.
  452. 4


    I call it bs without picture.
  453. 4

    Hate it when this happens!!

    smart call. or else he will sink your boat.
  454. 4

    Shimano Stella 10000SW

    how about $550 I will meet you halfway pickup. next me at 626-315-6300
  455. 4

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    ok. How much should I tips the mail man and my gardener,and the pool cleaning guy, forgot the cleaning maid.
  456. 4

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    I tips 50% for hot cocktail waitress. 10% for sushi chef, and 10% for waiter or deckhand. and 5% for a good blowjob.
  457. 4

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    you must the new in bloodydeck. tips 50%. dave hanson said.
  458. 4

    This must be a joke

    that mean time for a new tire. they are not picky, safety first.
  459. 4

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    not that bad compare to me. My boat cracked and almost sink in the ocean.
  460. 4


    there is no cuda at local. I was out there all day local huntington flat izor the shoe kelp.
  461. 4

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    on a cold day,hot instance noodle. I guarantee you the best meal you ever have. Just bring a potable hot pot fill with hot water. hot tea and hot coffee all day.
  462. 4

    Mex Navy at Coronados

    well no one should complain about 20%.but 50% yes.
  463. 4

    shimano stella

    I need a spinning reel that can handle any yellowtail. I am looking for stella only.What size? Will be going overnight to 3 days trip.
  464. 4

    Smallest 40# Reel You'd Use???

    you did not said convention or spinning reel. I would said stella 8000SW.
  465. 4

    Best Cow Reel

    stella 30000
  466. 4

    Indian goes for sale...Friday 5/3

    yellowtail wsb at rocky point. and mako offshore too. what in bakersfield anyway catfish?
  467. 4

    Best spinning reel for jigging tuna?

    stella the only spinning reel for tuna.
  468. 4

    Question about a Curado 301 and Yellowtail

    private boat ok. On cattle boat forget it.
  469. 4

    A Bulk box of 22lr

    I have 10 bricks of hollow point 40grn. how much you want to pay?
  470. 4

    Salmon Grouper/Boccaccio

    how many salmon grouper did you caught?
  471. 4

    Lifetime of trailer jacks?

    $19.99 at harbor freight tools. replace 1 every year.
  472. 4

    White Seabass, monster calicos, and halibut - Palos Verdes Rocks

    point vincente lighthouse is a good spot. I caught many wsb and big halibut 2 years ago.
  473. 4

    Woman severs husband's penis and throws it in a garbage disposal

    most american like asian chick. Be careful first they take everything you have, second they cut your dick and feed it to the dog if you cheat.
  474. 4

    We found the yellows yesterday.

    maybe yellowtail croaker. any picture?
  475. 4

    dumb questions # 2-5

    buy a good life jacket.
  476. 4

    Thresher Shark Fishing

    65 degree water.
  477. 4

    Spinning Reel to match 15-30# Rod

    I kill some rat yellows last season with a shimano sustain 5000 on the party boat.
  478. 4

    Trinidad 30a with spectra

    I have a new in box okuma andros 5II. want to trade.
  479. 4

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    I caught more than 50 inside long beach harbor.
  480. 4

    Vessel Assist or Sea Tow?

    boat usa. with trailer assist. about 10 tow in the last 5 years. cost me about $700. tow company bill boat usa about $7000.
  481. 4

    Lures for Rockfish?

    cut or whole squid are better than any jig and only cost 5 penny.
  482. 4

    2003 Seaswirl 1851 Center console

    price? starting bid $1.00
  483. 4

    Shrimp for Sheephead

    never never use circle hook. You have to know how to set the hook when they nible. Sheephead do not swallow bait most of the time. muscle is the #1 bait.
  484. 4

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    that not how you prepare opah. You have to bury for 3 months to get rid of the toxin. Just like they do with the toxin shark in iceland.
  485. 4

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    not me. it tastes like chicken of the sea.
  486. 4

    Cabrillo Beach Boat Ramp Info - Local info

    the lifeguard tower right next to the ramp.
  487. 4

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    no limit. wide open at san pedro channel
  488. 4

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    good luck fish. go buy the ca new power ball next month. I guarantee you boy will hit the jackpot.
  489. 4

    Getting Married.

    I call it bs without picture.
  490. 4

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    nice guy finish last.
  491. 4

    personal best

    22lb lobster net not bad.
  492. 4

    Need Help!!!

    wide open croakers.
  493. 4

    looking for mr t

    cut alot of squid, dog food anything. if no mac available catch croakers. They will come when their alot of action on the water. Mr T will slam the mac. with the longtail wait 5 second game on.
  494. 4

    looking for mr t

    The easy way to catch t shark is chum for mac, with 2 fishing poles in the water with 2 big mac. nonstop catching mac, they will come.
  495. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    I was fishing at catalina west end a few years ago. yellowtail were wide open. me and three friends hook up at the same time. A sport boat drop their anchor 40ft from my boat. We lost 3 yellow. We give them 4 middle fingers.
  496. 4

    New guy anchor question

    I have the same one on the left for about 10 years. never have a problem getting it out from the rock.
  497. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    all his tip of the week are good. except last week. thank for all the tip dave.
  498. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    this tip is free. Now that is a good tip of the week. How about how much should I charge my friend to fish on my boat? And how much tip should I expect from my friend?
  499. 4

    Just ordered Andros 5ll

    sorry guy. I trade for a trinidad A. used or new. My andros are new. or for sale $300. I paid $400.
  500. 4

    How much should you tip a Hooker???

    I never give them a penny. They normally charge $100. They give me for $40. I try a couple pretty one. and they keep come back. Next time I give them $20 and no tip.
  501. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    dave need 50% tip. He got tire of kelley girl. He want fishing chick shawn dillion. I will give her 200% tip
  502. 4

    Just ordered Andros 5ll

    I have 2. Look nice small,but not smooth and no free spool. I dont like it.
  503. 4


    take a look at dave hanson last week tip of the week. inshore and offshore chumming.
  504. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    chuck. you must be a new guy. everyone know the bloodydeck famous dave hansen. You have to pay him $500 to go fishing in your boat. Plus 50% tip.
  505. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I agree with bryan. if you ask your customer for 30 to 50% tip. you will be out of business pretty soon.
  506. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    capt. Jack on the dolphin 3 and Dave Hansen said 50% tip sound great.
  507. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    wow. michael $70 tips for 7 hours plus $8 per hour. That $18 per hour for a very very slow day. imagine a busy day like 70 anglers. Total $1400 in tips. with 4 deckhands. That is $350 per deckhand Plus $56 in wage.$406 for a busyday 7 hours work not bad.
  508. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    cody. regular customer do not tip 30 to 50%. some regular come every other day. They cant afford 50% tip. 99% of my customer are regular.
  509. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I am with you jason. if all my customer give 30 to 50% tips. I will be the waiter. 99% of my customer give 10 to 25% tip.
  510. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    hey. cody big spender. I have a restaurant for 18 years. less than 1 percent of my customer tip more than 30%.
  511. 4

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    fishing is fun. fishing also expensive too.
  512. 4

    Sand dabs near Newport

    all sand dads over 1lbs. I call it bs with out picture
  513. 4

    Day Time Squid Outside Pt. Loma 1/8

    going out this sunday morning from long beach to my secret spot. I caught 160 squid last time.
  514. 4

    I'll take your small humbolts

    rick work for department of fish and game.
  515. 4


    I will pay $300 for the bottom picture.
  516. 4

    How to catch a damn Thresher??

    look for green water. they dont like clear blue water.
  517. 4

    Fun Day in the Santa Monica Bay

    rockfish open? I will be in smb tommorrow.
  518. 4

    Dondo' Special 12/20/12...

    those rockfish too small to keep.
  519. 4


    wings and tentacles are the best for bbq. I caught 160 on sept. 25 last year. average 5 lbs. each
  520. 4

    LBC LA harbor trip BIG BUTT

    I got a 42" halibut in 2 foot of water. I am not bull shit.
  521. 4

    sand dab fishing... whats the point?

    10 anglers with 1640 sand babs sea angler.
  522. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    no the new york steak and ice cream are better.
  523. 4

    No No on the Do Do's

    18 wellcraft with 150hp to avalon bank troll for 3 hrs 20gallon last week.
  524. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    ron that mean the guy with spectra dont know how to fish with spectra. not me
  525. 4

    No No on the Do Do's

    thank you save me $100 gasoline
  526. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    fly line live bait to the kelp. 99% patty fishing. if you cant cast far you cant catch fish.
  527. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    did I said with 3 ft of flourocarbon. light line make them bidd
  528. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    ron you are wrong 20lb line is not too light. all the rat yellow and dodo are 2 to 10lb. captain said used 15lb line because they are not bidding. I caught more fish than any of angler on board. If I used all spectra, I caught alot more. Be prepare to have at least three 20lb rod and reel ready...
  529. 4

    Anyone been on the Toronado out of Pierpoint lately?

    last sat 1 1/2 day. good boat good crew good food best captain. but fishermeen are bad. too many people. half dont know what the hell they were doing. be prepare used spectra with only 3 ft 20lb flouracabon.
  530. 4

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    wow. hookup 2 marlin no picture.nice fish story
  531. 4

    Late Report

    171 degrees of water too hot for the fish I think.
  532. 4

    FS--Stella 8000FA and 20K SW

    I will give you $620 for 20k. I can pick up any time.
  533. 4

    Flats sucked today

    I caught 200 fish sanddad.
  534. 4

    Hunting Beach at the Santa Ana River Mouth

    it a white chick with pink bikini.
  535. 4

    best calico bass reel?

    he said the best. what you guy mention is not the best.
  536. 4

    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    mine 4 hour of fishing long beach harbor. Catching 3 fish at a time. I think they were wsb, but not positive.
  537. 4

    My Adventure of Cattle boat Loking,..

    cast for 4 hours no cuda. saw 15 party boat with 50 to 100 people on board no cuda. enterprise came 20 yards to my boat got three irons from them.
  538. 4

    5-19 Mr T on a Kayak

    how much you want to bet?
  539. 4

    5-19 Mr T on a Kayak

    release it next time. it a baby when I target T shark I release average 5 fish that size.
  540. 4

    targeting threshers?

    catch and release??
  541. 4

    sgaf fo hcnub

    3 DAYS
  542. 4

    Isn't it time for these?

    no he got a fish market.
  543. 4

    Isn't it time for these?

    did he said just kill it for picture?
  544. 4

    Isn't it time for these?

    are you selling it. how much per lb?
  545. 4

    3/9/2012 South 9 and Pt. Loma

    three red on the line. it legal?
  546. 4

    Pick an ultra light spinning reel

    stella 1000
  547. 4

    What Did u get for Christmas ??

    i got a set of okuma andros rod and reel for $300.00 at ebay.
  548. 4

    over limit rockfish?

    I think I got my limit. I got more than 10 fish
  549. 4

    over limit rockfish?

    1 sheephead 3 bocaccio 17 rockfish 100 red snapper. for 10 anglers on soc cal. dec. 11. is it over limit?
  550. 4


    is vermillion rockfish same as ca red snapper?