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  1. dctrjayyy

    WTB Bought mak 20 from charkbait , need a rod

    Okuma pch xxxh. The xxxxh is too heavy for the mak20. I just checked out both
  2. dctrjayyy

    In need of trailer advice

    No issues with Pacific for me. Just had them refresh my trailer this year
  3. dctrjayyy

    Venice Louisiana fishing charter recommendation Cool dude, Freeman and best place to stay in Venice as well.
  4. dctrjayyy

    Right price for custom tower???

    Plus for Tom like the other guy said is he knows whalers up and down since he rebuilds them. So if you need anything else done or just want to bounce ideas off him, he can help.
  5. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 24' Skipjack flybridge "STANK FISH"

    good looking boat. how many hours on motor and what cruise speed/fuel burn?
  6. dctrjayyy

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    Yep, I drove by a big model foamer that time right outside of the harbor with a guy hooked up. We were idiots and just stared in awe. Chased them later in the day in 600ft of water. They are fish, it happens. Doesn't mean they'll do it again anytime soon
  7. dctrjayyy

    Is Southshore launch still a zoo right now?

    I don't know about SD, but Dana Pt was night and day last weekend as compared to pre-labor day.
  8. dctrjayyy

    Bring down for aid and giving

    Yes, who do you deliver to? Headed down in November and would like to do the same
  9. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 2004 Super Panga 26ft with a Diesel

    Certainly a great looking ride
  10. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 2004 Super Panga 26ft with a Diesel

    I think the link above for the 3.7L is a gas motor. Maybe this boat has the 1.7 merc diesel
  11. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 16' Radoncraft 1989

    But did you shoot any bft?
  12. dctrjayyy

    BFT hook up, but lost

    The west end was just as sloppy. Fish were tough to spot with the whitecaps. From what we saw/heard, a few guys got one but overall slow. A totally different day from Sunday.
  13. dctrjayyy

    Any local wahoo sightings?

    Sea turtles are year round here regardless of water temp. I've been seeing them in the winter for at least the last 6 years
  14. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 1988 18.5 Wahoo Offshore ($5500)

    For people who don't know, these hulls really hold up well.
  15. dctrjayyy

    Big Bluefin SCI 8/29

    Great job. Any fish on the surface or all meter marks?
  16. dctrjayyy

    I/O to Outboard conversion input

    Just buy a boat that is already set up the way you want it. You will spend more than you can imagine unless you a pro glass guy with loads of free time and hookups
  17. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 22` Cortez Radoncraft

    Good looking ride. Should be gone quick
  18. dctrjayyy

    Who handles uphill the best?

    I own 2 on the list and none is a superstar uphill. However, the whaler and Grady's are a little better than the radon and Parker's uphill. That said the radons are the all around winners out here. My old glacier Bay was best uphill but down and in a beam it sucked.
  19. dctrjayyy

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    Had a baby hit a troller once. Same debate as you. Same result as you
  20. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 2005 Davis 25' Bahia - Half Cabin Pilothouse with Rebuilt Diesel KAD43 (0 hours)

    The market for boats right now is insane. The market for Radon hulls is unreal. In good shape, $60k all day long for a 22ft right now.
  21. dctrjayyy

    Parking at dana point

    It sucks. Launched early Friday so no problems, got back and was blocked in. Typical with the current situation.
  22. dctrjayyy

    DP -> 267/279 -> 209 -> 312 NADA

    Dude. I launched at 5am too! Same story. Wish I saw you
  23. dctrjayyy

    For Sale Tika t3 300 win mag

    Most underrated hunting rifle model
  24. dctrjayyy

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    If you're in a slip, anything up to 30 ft or so is manageable solo.
  25. dctrjayyy

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    Do you trailer the boat? I have a 24 outrage and that's as big as practical for solo trips. I had glacier Bay 2680 and have a 25 Davis, both are a lot of work to launch, fish, recover solo
  26. dctrjayyy

    SCI - 11 July

    Had the same trip basically yesterday but out of Dana with the same results. Left earlier and came back later. Ride home was brutal washing machine the whole way. Like, you made good speed but paid for it. Had another buddy boat on same program with the same report.
  27. dctrjayyy

    What to buy? Gas vs. Diesel

    Get an outboard. Open up that checkbook once or every 6 months for the rest of your life...
  28. dctrjayyy

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    Yep. This is a fact. They are not Marlin and don't try to run when hurt.
  29. dctrjayyy

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed to fix my monitor and just did. Other guy, chill out bro. Move along
  30. dctrjayyy

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    That Blackman fits the bill. Also, maybe the best boat you could get for your specs would be a Davis Rock Harbor. The Parker isn't in the same league.
  31. dctrjayyy

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    Slip or trailer boat? Need to answer that first
  32. dctrjayyy

    Volvo "I Series" Duo Prop Propellers

    Fyi - they are equivalent at a set number. Example D3=I3. Must buy the set, can't mix a single D with an I.
  33. dctrjayyy

    Should I invest or buy different boat? Radoncraft 1989 22ft

    Oh yeah, gas I/O radon hulls are slow. They are a little rough in a head sea. You won't make up the difference in gas on OBs unless you are running a lot. You would probably need a 300 or bigger OB or twins. Radoncrafts are heavy
  34. dctrjayyy

    Should I invest or buy different boat? Radoncraft 1989 22ft

    You sell that and anything you buy under $40k is going to be a substandard hull. Like the other guy said, fix it little by little and do as much yourself as you can. As long as you are running now, no need to do a full overhaul. A conversion, etc are all nice but you are talking about major...
  35. dctrjayyy

    Offshore report and FD vent

    One year way back out of SD, it was glass out and I saw something off in the distance. As we pulled up, it was an old freezer with the door off floating there. I said why not and flylined a bait, a few minutes later I'm hooked up on a decent albacore. I'm sure it was just coincidence that it...
  36. dctrjayyy

    Volvo "I Series" Duo Prop Propellers

    Thanks, I reached out to a dealer but they didn't sound 100% sure so wanting other input before I order.
  37. dctrjayyy

    Volvo "I Series" Duo Prop Propellers

    Volvo says these replaced the D Series. Anyone know if the prop number is the same from D to I? Example, if I had a D3, do I get an I3? Thanks
  38. dctrjayyy

    Need motor advice.....please

    i bought an 06 Cat with Honda 150's with 850hrs, same motor. Honda's are super reliable and cheap maintenance. have them checked out by a mechanic as part of the survey. there should be no issues getting another 500+ hours out of them. if not, parts are cheap (accord motor). everyone loves a new...
  39. dctrjayyy

    Fishing boat upgrade

    The new Farallons seem more spartan ala a Parker. The older seem to be more of that heavy commercial build. In this order depending on budget Float Tube/Kayak Skippy Farallon (classic) Davis Radon Expedition Yacht with helo
  40. dctrjayyy

    Outfit my Boat!

    Congrats on that boat. I saw her at the shop. She is loaded.
  41. dctrjayyy

    Airmar B275LHW install on a Parker 2120?

    I just put it on a 25'. Its a big a$$ fairing for sure but it is shaped pretty hydrodynamic. i doubt it would have any negative impact if installed straight.
  42. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 27" Offshore Boston Whaler $50,000.00

    These are cool boats. I almost bought one out of FL
  43. dctrjayyy

    Advice on First Boat: Sea Pro 220

    Way too much for that
  44. dctrjayyy

    What size anchor rope? 24 Skipjack

    You have 125ft of chain in a 25ft whaler? Whoa, my 20ft holds more than enough. Good on you I guess!
  45. dctrjayyy

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    yep, its the ad service hanging up. had to block java too
  46. dctrjayyy

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    Rob, Happy New Year. I fished with you once on the Hydra Sports about 10 years ago. Anyway, I've done spearfishing trips out of Surfside the last few years. The boat we use is there only the dry stack where you will be. One of my good buddies just moved to Houston and has his 28 Carolina nearby...
  47. dctrjayyy

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    This. They are surprisingly nice rods and match well
  48. dctrjayyy

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I think there is only 1 Bahia with twin 300's. Do you know any details on his performance before/after? I had sent him a message but as I don't know him, did not expect a reply.
  49. dctrjayyy

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Going to be sick!
  50. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 1999 World Cat 266sf

    looks like a great setup
  51. dctrjayyy

    WTB Wanted, Charter Boat

    kind of a broad ask as there are thousands depending on whether you want 28' pilot house up to a 50' traditional sportfisher. maybe more specifics on what you want?
  52. dctrjayyy

    Bayrunner Questions

    get a 16 livingston
  53. dctrjayyy

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    I think you are comparing a ford ranger pick up to a F250 with a camper. If you want easy to drive (read tow) on good roads (read seas), the ranger (parker) is fine. Easy maintenance and you can sleep on it if you need to. The Skipjack is a lot more boat. Will be tougher to launch, maintain but...
  54. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    Yeah, come on down. I'm in Tustin so only about 20 minutes away. I'll pm you my number.
  55. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    That's what cat's are made for. Absolutely eats up any wind swell.
  56. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 5.7 Volvo Penta & DPE Outdrive

    A steal. If I had room in my garage, I'd pick this up!
  57. dctrjayyy

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    glad your guys are ok
  58. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 95 Davis Rock Harbor - Deal of the year $55k

    Yep, hard to find one under $100k now days.
  59. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    Same, top 35, cruises 25. Unlike your semi planing World Cat (nice boat btw), the GB is displacement cat. A little softer ride but slower speeds. Some people are hanging the 200's on these because they are the same weight now. However, I've heard they don't get much better top end on these hulls
  60. dctrjayyy

    Boston Whaler Temptation 27

    bitchin hull for sure
  61. dctrjayyy

    Davis Boat Owners

    I feel you. I just bought a Bahia and was convinced I would go the OB route in the long run. I've always had OB boats and have heard all the horror stories on OD's etc. However, the cost really doesn't make sense since repairing/rebuilding the 350 and OD if when something goes wrong seems...
  62. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    listing updated. weekend bump
  63. dctrjayyy

    Davis Boat Owners

    call harold. the think bahia pic you posted with the twin yamahas is trompas. i think i saw he recently changed the 200's to 300's. no idea why or what performance. the single yamaha I think is the friends of rollo boat. i pm'd the prior owner and he didn't recall speeds but what he estimated...
  64. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2006 Glacier Bay Cat 2680 - $60k

    Sold Pending Funds 2006 Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT: JOSHUA via pm SPECIFICATIONS: -Length Overall: 26ft-1in -Beam: 8ft-9in -Draft: 21in -Dry Weight: 5,790 lbs. -Fuel Capacity: 180 gal. -Water Capacity: 22 gal. DETAILS AND EQUIPMENT: -Twin Honda 150 4 strokes with...
  65. dctrjayyy

    SOLD 26 Osprey Pilothouse Outboard

    cool set up. had i not just bought another boat, i'd be all over this
  66. dctrjayyy

    Drain Plug How much water?

    varies by boat but as everyone said, you need to do some work and figure it out. test bilge operation. locate where water is coming from. have backup pump ready, etc. this isn't an issue you just say, "i'm sure it'll be fine" before heading offshore.
  67. dctrjayyy

    Another "What's this" thread -- clear gelatinous tubes with red dots - Horseshoe Kelp

    When I've seen them the perch go to town but the calicos ignored them
  68. dctrjayyy

    For Sale Floscan, Furuno, Icom. Sold sold

    will you sell just the floscan? I have the same GB with Hondas and my f210 crapped out.
  69. dctrjayyy

    Weather report please for SCI

    I was there on Sunday. Forecast was about the same, maybe a little better. Was great until noon when the forecasted wind came up. Still very fishable in a 32' just not great conditions
  70. dctrjayyy

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    That's some BS man. I stopped going just because of that
  71. dctrjayyy

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Generally when we see them in the water, the grade is similar. On occasion there are some mixed grade but that is the exception.
  72. dctrjayyy

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    awesome, i second the performance numbers with the single 300?
  73. dctrjayyy

    Penn Slammer 3 suddenly feeling "geary"

    mine has the same thing and i had only used it twice, lightly rinsed both times. need to open it up and do same but a little bummed since they advertise, "The Slammer III reels feature our new IPX6 Sealed System which keeps water out of the gear box and drag system."
  74. dctrjayyy

    Wednesday 10th

    yep, been there done that. seems to always happen when you really need a good day too!
  75. dctrjayyy

    182, 43

    Same here. thanks
  76. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 24 Outrage Boston Whaler for sale

    I have the same boat just not in as good of condition as Daves. I know because he's parked behind me. A great all around SoCal center console. She drives/handles/fishes like a bigger boat. I've done 250 mile days in mine with ease.
  77. dctrjayyy

    26 osprey repower

    How's the ride and gas burn? Looks great
  78. dctrjayyy

    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    So Ali is right and I have the GB which he nailed. You are right about the Freeman! I fished on those too and IMO there is no better ride in it's class! If only I could afford one.
  79. dctrjayyy

    How do 20-25 catamarans handle San Diego offshore conditions?

    Can I comment since I own both? You need to take one for a ride before you decide. It is much different than a monohull with some positives and negatives. Each type of cat is even more different (displacement, planning, etc). Typically head seas are good, following not as good and beam seas...
  80. dctrjayyy

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    Really appreciate this! A lot of traffic on the grounds in shallow this year, especially on the weekend. As long as everyone remembers to go slow and keep their eyes open, we can all do it together safely.
  81. dctrjayyy

    Tony Pena: RIP

    Bummer. Always liked hearing his tips. Fish on brother.
  82. dctrjayyy

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Yeah, what this guys says. You are kinda all over the place so hard to give you a response. I'm in a similar situation although the budget was under $100k. My criteria was: 1. Under 9'6 beam for trailering 2. As close to 2 mpg cruise as possible 3. Cruise 25mph at least 4. Range of 250miles +...
  83. dctrjayyy

    Cory Boat Transport

    Cory was scheduled to drag my boat from CT to CA when the truck issues started. He did everything he could to get it here as fast as possible, even renting a truck to complete the job need at his expense. He's a good guy and appreciate it all. Would use him again in a heartbeat.
  84. dctrjayyy

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    verizon is pretty good at SCI now
  85. dctrjayyy

    How long do you keep fish in freezer - what does your freezer look like?

    As others said, manual defrost freezer and vac sealed, you get a couple of years no prob
  86. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    I can't believe this isn't sold. If I didn't already have the Whaler, I would buy this immediately.
  87. dctrjayyy

    WTB Looking for Boat Hauling Services From MA to CA

    Cory did my glacier Bay from CT to CA earlier this year. Good guy
  88. dctrjayyy

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Nope. I've seen yellowish and reddish but never white unless cooked
  89. dctrjayyy

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    Excuse me but do you know me?
  90. dctrjayyy

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    I lived there for 6 years. For 9 months it is gray and wet. The girls are fat and ugly. You can catch Chum salmon. Other than that, it's great...
  91. dctrjayyy

    Early crawl 10/19

    nice job on the release
  92. dctrjayyy

    SCI 10/18

    Good report man. Haters gonna hate. Fwiw I never leave for SCI without full tanks and I have over 250mile range. You never know what's going to happen out there.
  93. dctrjayyy

    22 Davis Cortez Diesel possible unknown hours, need advice

    There are only so many Davis boats out there and only 1 guy who can tell you what condition one is in, Harold. Ask him any question and trust the response.
  94. dctrjayyy

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    troll around. drag anything with a hook
  95. dctrjayyy

    Late Report 9/16 Dana Point Marlin with the teens

    way to go man, saw you out there hooked up
  96. dctrjayyy

    Fishing Seward,AK. October?

    Weather gets regularly unfishable. The 6 packs were all done but some of the bigger Delta 12 packs used to run later in the year. Give the Fish House a call. They'll let you know
  97. dctrjayyy

    Offshore Weather This Weekend?

    it looks like it will be ok inside of 15 miles in the am. outside that looks like it is going to blow all day
  98. dctrjayyy


    Yeah, I used to fish her but she didn't fit in my driveway as well as my whaler so I just set her adrift and moved on.
  99. dctrjayyy

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    fishermen/spearos perspective, i never jump a paddy with a boat until after I'm invited. i will, however, sit and watch them fish. sometimes they leave and then i go in. more often then not, they call me in on the radio and ask me to go in for one reason or another. there's rude people whether...
  100. dctrjayyy

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    nice talking with you out at SCI on Wed. what's your normal cruise and mpg for the G2's? 30mph and 1.4ish?
  101. dctrjayyy

    9-4-18 morning half day

    the faces of the two people on the top right say it all
  102. dctrjayyy

    boat trailer wash down

    I haven't on my old boat but I'm going to start with the new one.
  103. dctrjayyy

    What spinning rods are you using in Local Knowledge "Islas Encantadas" Episodes?

    who carries them in OC so I can check them out? I have 2 slammer 3's I need to mate up with rods
  104. dctrjayyy

    Any New 12” MFDs Around the Corner?

    back to the subject, anyone have any links or first hand comparisons between the main 12in midrange stuff right now? there seem to be a lot of opinions about what individual's like but very little in the way of comparisons. most here prefer NSS Evo3 but want to know more to pick between: NSS...
  105. dctrjayyy

    Simrad GO9XSE - Please help with Sonar

    Medium chirp is the same cone as 83mhz. Use one of those as that is the widest look you will get. Set range manual to 250 ft or less. It doesn't matter if anything is deeper. Tinker with gain and other settings from there as you prefer.
  106. dctrjayyy

    Emergency small craft missing

    I was out there and I think I saw them in the early afternoon. Got really sloppy on the way in as forecasted. IMO with that forecast, they shouldn't have gone out but to each their own. However, buy them an EPIRB or Inreach as the others said, a small investment in their lives. I have the...
  107. dctrjayyy

    18FT Whaler bottom paint

    just leave it. if you aren't going to leave her in the water, it is a waste of money to repaint or alternatively strip
  108. dctrjayyy

    Headed to the 43 on 6-23-18

    will be leaving DP tomorrow and running that way, probably a bit further south as long as the wind stays down. will be on 72 - Sea Scum
  109. dctrjayyy

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I'm sure you'll find a match soon. Best of luck Jason
  110. dctrjayyy

    New Zealand Bushcraft Hunting and Fishing Videos

    Your videos are great man!
  111. dctrjayyy

    For Sale Boston Whaler Pilothouse 22' For Sale

    would buy this in a heart beat if we didn't already have a 24
  112. dctrjayyy

    who remembers Joel Raulston?

    always best to keep it real brah
  113. dctrjayyy

    Teleflex Tilt Helm - Which one is this?

    thanks guys, appreciate it
  114. dctrjayyy

    Teleflex Tilt Helm - Which one is this?

    Can anyone help me out and let me know which model this is and which model Seastar I can replace it with? I emailed Seastar but they haven't got back to me. Thanks
  115. dctrjayyy

    WTB Spare Wheel/Tire

    check ebay. can usually get this with new tire shipped for less than $100
  116. dctrjayyy

    PV, 4 guys need a good referral

    Mann, Danny or lora
  117. dctrjayyy

    Yellow fin at the beach?

    bft. probably escaped from a pen. lost and sick
  118. dctrjayyy

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    divers on my paddy brah!
  119. dctrjayyy

    For Sale 2005 Grady White Sailfish 282 - Yamaha 250's, West Coast rigged - PRICE DROP $72.5k

    bump for a beautiful boat. i have seen it and it is in excellent condition
  120. dctrjayyy

    26 skipjack partner

    would i get Cam to take me to spear bft too?
  121. dctrjayyy

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    you should probably never use your credit card again and go live in the woods brah. you know, for the principle. its gonna be a long winter...
  122. dctrjayyy

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Seriously brah, its 3%. I'm cheap but damn...
  123. dctrjayyy

    2 Arrested in Killing of Man Found Sealed Inside Barrel Floating in San Diego Bay

    what a bunch of idiots. everyone knows you have to drill holes in the barrel and weight properly to avoid the float
  124. dctrjayyy

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Can someone FB live or record? would love to go but effing kids
  125. dctrjayyy

    OC roofing referral needed

    i just used these guys. best of 3 quotes. on top of their stuff and quick
  126. dctrjayyy

    DaKine kill bag

    is this the freestanding type with the bottom or just the flat?
  127. dctrjayyy

    2008 Boston Whaler

    please post more details or send me a pm. thanks
  128. dctrjayyy

    Opah - How to?

    I've been telling myself that every paddy i stop on i will drop one jig deep just in case for the rest of my life until i get one. of course, i've done it maybe a dozen times out of hundreds.
  129. dctrjayyy

    A Boston Whaler SeaDeked at Blue Seas Fabrication

    Did you even read this post? The "advertiser" actually gave positive feedback about a lower priced alternative as well. People like that are welcome anywhere IMO
  130. dctrjayyy

    Zodiac 340 Yachtline Dinghy

    next in line pm'd
  131. dctrjayyy

    Hydro-Turf as an Alternative to SeaDek

    Wow, talk about an honest guy. He has no reason to say good things about something lower cost than his alternative. Upgrading my boat in the next year months and will be contacting Blue Seas to do a full SeaDek when I do. Good job
  132. dctrjayyy

    Dana Point 8/31 porpoise and patties

    change the range on your fishfinder from auto to like 300 feet or less when you are in deep water looking at paddies. it will stop doing that 3ft reading and let you look at the top of the water column. good luck
  133. dctrjayyy

    32 ft grady white center console for sale $25,000

    very suspect. the grady 283 cc is spec'd for 450hp, twin 225. this is either a smaller boat or something odd goign on
  134. dctrjayyy

    Michoacan spearing

    nice man
  135. dctrjayyy

    Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    there are a few moorings some commercial guys have left in pyramid. you can poach them if they aren't there. no guarantee they'll be there later
  136. dctrjayyy

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day Aug 24-27

    Wow, now that's a boat that goes the extra mile for it's customers
  137. dctrjayyy

    Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    thanks for the report. sorry about your anchor
  138. dctrjayyy

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin: August WSB

    kelly, is it divable or straight mud?
  139. dctrjayyy

    Islander 8/22 a windy report

    Awesome of the Capt to do that for the trip
  140. dctrjayyy

    Chief trip report 8/21-22

    wow, you are a nice guy. i heard the same facts from another pax but he was not happy and from the sound of it, neither would I. not much fishing for that long of a trip despite the distance
  141. dctrjayyy

    Cortez on Friday-Saturday

    Will be watching the weather too and if it sounds good will make the run Sat. - Apogee - sending you a pm with questions about your sled if you are interesting in sharing info. thanks
  142. dctrjayyy

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    call your insurance company ASAP
  143. dctrjayyy

    15 Foot Zodiac to Catalina

    dude, avalon and two harbors have cell reception. 3/4g. you can check the weather on your phone before you leave and connect with somewhere there headed back to buddy boat too
  144. dctrjayyy

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    90% of what you eat at these local shit sushi places is cat food grade...
  145. dctrjayyy

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    i'm not disagreeing with anyone but just remember this next time your wife says let's go get sushi or try that new poke bowl place down the street (1 of thousands).
  146. dctrjayyy


    Not sure if this can be done but looking for a slip for this summer for a 30-35ft boat that is currently up north. Let me know if you have any info or can point me in the right direction. Really appreciate it. Josh
  147. dctrjayyy

    Tuna on Wood

    nice, do a spearfishing one for me
  148. dctrjayyy

    My Tuesday 3/4 day trip

    yep, less people fishing. the issue this year has been the fishing general has been poor with a few concentrated outstanding spots (bft at 43 early, bft at sci recently, yft now at 182 etc.)
  149. dctrjayyy


    Great report Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  150. dctrjayyy

    Have to Brag - Corey, ride for you...bought a new boat

    Sick. I just ordered a 24 carat gold plated Bugatti but they are still dipping it. Picked up a Ferrari to drive around this week until it gets here. Will probably give it to some poor schmuck begging for change on the corner Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  151. dctrjayyy

    time to fish

    sorry man. wish you the best
  152. dctrjayyy

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Awesome man. 69 yo and solo shot at a big bft. You the man. Count that as a catch and release right there Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  153. dctrjayyy

    WSB still?

    Great report... Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  154. dctrjayyy


    you say local only but if you change your mind, ill take them. I'm in oc and don't make it down that way often
  155. dctrjayyy

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Taking a 49.7 shit is truly impressive
  156. dctrjayyy

    Christmas Bluefin?

    great report
  157. dctrjayyy

    pro gear, tld star, calcutta 700. rods

    sent you text, will take the Calcutta progear combo
  158. dctrjayyy

    Reels F/S

    sent you a text. thanks.
  159. dctrjayyy

    267-209 YFT - Wife's first Tuna(s)!- Pic Heavy

    "One guy was doing his own rendition of Point Break, and he does a good Keanu."
  160. dctrjayyy

    Thank you coast guard

    great to hear you are safe and it worked out. thanks to the cg
  161. dctrjayyy

    FS Few more Shimano reels

    you still have the te?
  162. dctrjayyy

    Quepos Roosters & San Gerardo de Dota Rainbows

    Was in CR a couple of weeks ago with a buddy just surfing, driving around and seeing what we would run into. Ended up fishing an am inshore charter out of Quepos with Wahoo Charters. I've fished Quepos before and these guys were dialed. Caught 6 roosters in a few hours and lost a few more. Boat...
  163. dctrjayyy

    Orca playing with boat

    they wouldn't even throw him some bait? life's been tough for shamu since he was released from seaworld.
  164. dctrjayyy

    GREAT WHITE in San Clemente

    looks like a mako to me
  165. dctrjayyy


    go around back towards China Point and hail on 11. they head that way in the afternoon to set up for the night.
  166. dctrjayyy

    WTB - Yahama 150hp 2 stroke

    Looking for a used yami 150 2 stroke in decent condition. PM me if you have or know of one.
  167. dctrjayyy

    1010,Hidden Bank and 425 9/04/09

    Nice fishing with you man. It was a good time even though we didn't get it to go wide open for us we still picked a few. Next time!
  168. dctrjayyy

    Let's get my deck bloody,I need 2 to do it,Friday the 4th.

    looks like you're full but I'll pm you in case someone backs out.
  169. dctrjayyy

    Hey seward boys..check out how your girls do it

    I call BS with pics. I lived in Alaska and there were no girls like that. Like lipstick lesbians, they only exist on the internet.
  170. dctrjayyy

    Anybody need 1 Ho, Dana Pt or north this weekend?

    Know the drill, split all expenses, clean the boat, plenty of experience. Let me know. -Josh
  171. dctrjayyy

    Spiny dogfish

    I've tried it before when I was a kid and caught one down in San Diego. Not bad actually. We'd catch the hell outta em in Alaska but never thought of keeping one up there.
  172. dctrjayyy

    Mother Cougar vs Grizzly Bear

    not to mention the river that mysteriously pops up behind the cougar in one of the shots. thats a bad fake
  173. dctrjayyy

    Orange County Poker Players

    put me on the list. not for next week cause i'll be in vegas but next time
  174. dctrjayyy

    San Quintin WSB: A Day Late And A Dollar Short (make that $1,000)

    Barry, The water inshore is always cool in SQ, even in the summer. You have to go offshore to find the warm water and pelagics. If you were hitting macks and barries then you were in the right area for the wsb. Macks are usually good bait and I've had good luck pinning them right to the iron...
  175. dctrjayyy

    your favorite albacore recipe?

    coat tuna loins w/ mixture of olive oil, tequila, cilantro, cumin and garlic wrap in bacon and glaze w/ honey (to keep from drying out) grill top with salsa made with pineapple, mango, cilantro, red onion
  176. dctrjayyy

    6-30-07 E Fly-390 Albies

    coat tuna loins w/ mixture of olive oil, tequila, cilantro, cumin and garlic wrap in bacon and glaze w/ honey (to keep from drying out) grill top with salsa made with pineapple, mango, cilantro, red onion
  177. dctrjayyy

    6-30-07 E Fly-390 Albies

    from the 390 to the plate
  178. dctrjayyy

    Charkbait=Serious Disappointment

    sorry man but i have to chime in. you said that you experienced rust on the pliers the first day you used them before lunch? something just doesn't sound right. their original offer to replace them seems reasonable as well. oh well, good luck with your new tackle shop.
  179. dctrjayyy


    Hey, if it wasn't for your pops, we wouldn't have got any of the right kind. Lets do it again as soon as these paddies start holding.
  180. dctrjayyy

    New Tower for the Grady

    okay, i'll get the lasik done before summer
  181. dctrjayyy

    Triple limits and video Buggin

    no back to back trips? your crew are pussies
  182. dctrjayyy

    New limits on tuna for 2007

    unfortunately those limits won't likely affect me. if i ever did have a day that good, you could fine me all you want and i'd still be smiling
  183. dctrjayyy


  184. dctrjayyy

    Friggin corrupt cop.....

    i had to pay that same motorcycle cop in that same place a couple of months ago.
  185. dctrjayyy

    Going to Alaska ever...? Read this!

    tree hugging commercial fishermen???
  186. dctrjayyy

    Going to Alaska ever...? Read this!

    letter sent
  187. dctrjayyy

    How much to tip the crew?

    G also set us up with all the info we needed for our first trip to PV and everything was right on. The guy didn't get a single penny from me and made our trip much easier than if we had to do it alone. We all know that G is a Josh fan and his biggest advocate. So what? He is also a good...
  188. dctrjayyy

    PRIME TIME REPORT 10/20 - 10/21

    joe - nice meeting you and amy down there. of course i hate you for breezing in for 2 days and outfishing our effort in 4 days but that's nothing personal. the 20d took some killer pictures. gerry - we spent 3 days on your boat fri-sun with lora. the grady's still looking good and we had an...
  189. dctrjayyy

    Landed safe and buzz workin'

    stan, see you down there. the 3 of us are staying at el anclote too wednesday - monday
  190. dctrjayyy

    Wanted - Bug Hunter/Dive buddy

    i'm out shore diving quite a bit (mostly free but have tanks too). will most likely be out tomorrow morning and evening. pm me if you want to meet up
  191. dctrjayyy


    ryan, make sure you also get the ocean enhancement stamp
  192. dctrjayyy

    Bit by Moray

    we had a big moray in one of the hoops on the opener too. i hate those things
  193. dctrjayyy

    Any new news/reports on driving problems in Baja?

    was in ensenada this weekend, no problems. i did get "taxed" by a motorcycle cop getting on the tollroad but i was speeding and had surfboards in the back of the truck which made me an easy target.
  194. dctrjayyy

    Oct 2006 Trip... WHO IS IN???

    yeah really, i'm doing the same thing. of course alaska has a mileage sale the week before my trip but not when i'm going.
  195. dctrjayyy

    Toronado (8/23) 1.5day Cortez/Tanner Big Yellows(Pics)!

    who was the hot chick? don't tell me it was megan
  196. dctrjayyy

    Toronado (8/23) 1.5day Cortez/Tanner Big Yellows(Pics)!

    i did a similar trip on this boat a few years ago. ray knows how to put you on those big cortez yellows
  197. dctrjayyy

    Fucking cancer

    Your story floored me. I can tell that you love Joyce with all of your heart and nothing will take that away. Our thoughts are with you.
  198. dctrjayyy

    Shooting follow up

    Only met them once but this couldn't have happened to nicer people. My thoughts go out to Larry, the family and the people of BOLA.
  199. dctrjayyy

    fellow college students... and grads

    Hey man, These guys are right. I took 7 years off and worked my way up to GM at fishing lodge in Alaska. The money was good and fuck, I was in Alaska half the year. Problem was that after a few years of 18 hour days, I realized I fished less than I would have back home. I'm 28 and just...
  200. dctrjayyy

    Maybe not Mexico related...

    congrats gal
  201. dctrjayyy

    Brave or stupid?

    somebody call Werner Herzog, he can start putting together the Shark Man footage now
  202. dctrjayyy

    WSB norcal style

    yeah, i did the same stupid thing to my hand holding the wsb in my pic
  203. dctrjayyy

    BIG Fish

    I hate to say it but I have to agree with George.
  204. dctrjayyy

    Taboo Baja Surf Question

    just north of san quintin theres a place called camalu. small hotel there and also a panga operation. the problem with surf in san quintin is you have to drive quite a ways (4x4) to get out to the beach from the bay.
  205. dctrjayyy

    Wife Wins Schock tourny....

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" width="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">congrats scott, melissa pulled it off...
  206. dctrjayyy


    baggage compartment is temp controlled. i'd love to hear what people would say if they let their dogs freeze solid at 50 below
  207. dctrjayyy

    YO YO YO and yellow's too out of Dana

    steve, i think i saw the circus on your paddy as we were heading back up the line. we just laughed and didn't even want to get close to investigate. of course that is because we already had found ours
  208. dctrjayyy

    Dana Pt. or O'side?

    daniel, i'm thinking the same thing. my thoughts:dana has bait 24 hours but you better get there really early (before 5) or you will be there forever. oceanside opens at 5 but might not be as crowded. hell from the looks of the reports and water temps, it may be worth just launching up here
  209. dctrjayyy

    Fuckin tweakers

    that's too funny
  210. dctrjayyy

    A pic of your most prize fish

    sure, the 210# hanging behind us is bigger but this one meant more because my mom caught it
  211. dctrjayyy

    New Lo Ann 2 day 2nd Hand Report 7/11/06

    marcus is the shit, he always seems to pull it off
  212. dctrjayyy

    7-8 181 182 43 30#yellow

    these fish will get going soon, the yellows down the line were all hungry. let me know what you decide about san quintin
  213. dctrjayyy

    Update: A few pics from Turtle bay!!

    did you catch him or did he catch you? nice job man
  214. dctrjayyy

    June '06 Avet Reels Contest

    100 lb class tarpon (estimated) Name: Brian Wels (my old man) Date: 6/1/06 Location: Parismina, Costa Rica Gear used: Avet JX 6.0, 30 lb P-Line CXX We were fishing about 1 mile off the Pacuare River mouth on the Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica. Fish were rolling all around the boat and it only...
  215. dctrjayyy

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    Adam, My best to you and your family. I can't even imagine what you are going through now. Our thoughts are with you
  216. dctrjayyy

    L.A.bay 6-16/6-20

    sick trip guys. BOLA can be heaven and hell combined, i love that place
  217. dctrjayyy

    Three day on Sea Adventure 80

    sick trip, way to go man
  218. dctrjayyy

    14 mile bank need new crew(wife sleeping on job)

    yeah bro, they sleep on the job because they know they can.
  219. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica

    Carlos did catch a nice snook, I was just lucky to slide in for the glory shot. Did he send you the regulator? I'll pm you his email, make sure to remind him and he'll get it to you. Post some reports here, the BD guys are faithful and will come down and fish with you.
  220. dctrjayyy

    6-4 YT+Mako 30mi West

    nice man, i hate those things
  221. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica

    stayed at the karahe in manuel antonio. i like it because they are right on the beach. make sure you stay in the nice rooms because the rest are crappy and then you have to walk down the hill to get to the restaurant/beach/pool.
  222. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica

    It was hot but not too bad. The rainy season had just started but we lucked out with some rain but overall good weather. It averages about 85 and pretty humid but I've never had it be too big of a problem. The Pacific is where you want to go for beaches and surfing. Dominical is pretty...
  223. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica

    Got back yesterday from a week down in CR. The trip objective wasn’t all fishing but rather to take my family down and show them around. We started off with a few days down on the Caribbean Coast fishing for Tarpon at this place Tarpon fishing right outside the...
  224. dctrjayyy

    Go Ducks!!! - Round 2 Stanley Cup

    Round 3 begins tonight - Bring on the Oilers - i'll be there
  225. dctrjayyy

    Maui Report 5-14

    okay guys - late second hand report from my buddy but thought i would throw it up anyway. fishing on his 20 ft center console - they covered quite a bit of ground out of lahaina (to molakai) for not much before hitting a few dodos and a 'hoo that came off at the gaff about 3 miles from the...
  226. dctrjayyy

    K&M San quintin

    phone #949 370 6532 no website right now that I know of... get on it Monte!
  227. dctrjayyy

    breathing exercises

    i have my chick choke me while we're having sex... no, really Marcus is right on. just don't start diving alone and testing your limits. always have someone with you watching in case you black out while coming back up.
  228. dctrjayyy

    Tiburon's in S.Q contacts??

    Good luck with Alejandro man. I've fished with Tiburon's quite a few times and had good/ bad results. I've reserved boats with him on the phone and then showed up and had him say I never talked to him. Other times, he's invited me over to bbq with the whole crew. Salvatore and Lupe are both...
  229. dctrjayyy

    How many BD'rs lost a chick due to fish'n??

    "I keep fishing regularly.....But she's still there when I get back home....any other ideas to get rid of them?" see my message above
  230. dctrjayyy

    How many BD'rs lost a chick due to fish'n??

    yeah, I tried to gaff her and throw her in the box but she started screaming
  231. dctrjayyy

    Alaska trip help

    my advice: if you want to fish saltwater on the peninsula, call Andy (crackerjack) or Steve (pro-fish-n-sea) in Seward. i'm not affiliated, actually i used to work for the competition. these guys have a great reputation and are both BD'rs
  232. dctrjayyy

    More Thresher....

    yeah, i hate you... nice T Scott
  233. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica Spear Fishing?

    dave, bring plenty of the diving gear for san jose... nevermind... as for tamarindo, it is worth it if you are picking up a panga to bring you out surfing and diving. good spots for big pargo. it's the rainy season but that shouldn't make it too bad up there. i'll be down in quepos at the...
  234. dctrjayyy

    Study: Looking for albie stomachs

    sarah, just joking - we do all wish you the best and appreciate the work you are doing. good luck
  235. dctrjayyy

    Study: Looking for albie stomachs

    to ensure BD support, please post pic. we're also doing a study- to verify the health of the san diego marine biologist population. sorry but someone had to start it...
  236. dctrjayyy

    Go Ducks!!! - Round 2 Stanley Cup

    sorry kid, not lookin so good
  237. dctrjayyy

    Go Ducks!!! - Round 2 Stanley Cup

    not that anyone seems to give a shit since they couldn't even sell out game 6 in round 1 while the same night the Angels sold out 44,000 seats for their 4th loss in a row. but the Ducks start round 2 vs. the Avs tonight at the Pond. i'll be there
  238. dctrjayyy

    Shimano Terramar????

    john - i have that rod. the MH is actually rated at 15-30 and i would say it actually is better suited for the heavier line in that rating. that said, the rod is very light and you can cast it all day. i did break one (transporting, my bad) and took it to shimano in irvine and they sent me a...
  239. dctrjayyy

    Freedom 4/27/06 Clemente

    good luck scott, hope you nail 'em
  240. dctrjayyy

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    pfish - i'm guessing since the other boat caught the white shark and his world record for the blue was 30 years ago, he's talking about something that happened quite a few years back. legal then
  241. dctrjayyy

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Bob - you're a pussy... kidding man, I would've shit myself
  242. dctrjayyy

    Baja Report:Loreto,La Paz,and Cabo 4/7-4/16

    nice post man, i have to find the time
  243. dctrjayyy

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    Bob, Sent you an email. -Josh
  244. dctrjayyy

    La Jolla in a Float Tube

    shark doughnut - love it
  245. dctrjayyy

    La Jolla in a Float Tube

    that's some funny shit, nice post
  246. dctrjayyy

    Odd Request - Preggo Surf Perch

    where did you get the 49lb WSB? lajolla?
  247. dctrjayyy

    Weekend in Mex...fished 4/8

    fuck an A man! doesn't get much better than that
  248. dctrjayyy

    Oct 2006 Trip... WHO IS IN???

    young, single chicas? gal - i may have to cancel my res and go with Fred's group...
  249. dctrjayyy

    3 Day Rockcod Bonanza.....

    inky decks? nice pictures, looks like good times
  250. dctrjayyy

    My big Seabass Adventure on the HeatherLynn II

    hell of a fish. remember the days when you could actually fight a 50lb fish and not spend the next 3 days in recovery. j/k hope you're feeling better
  251. dctrjayyy

    Free Diving

    nice, new constant balance record. would come in handy when you drop your pliers overboard at the Tanner
  252. dctrjayyy

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    the underwater lights worked pretty good, problem was the squid were on the other side of the island. scott, thanks again for the ride. the boat is sick and Michael, jr and you are good company even when the fish don't cooperate. anytime you need a ho, let me know.
  253. dctrjayyy

    on a serious note

    that's fucked up Glenn, i love it... DELETE from BD and forward to OPRAH
  254. dctrjayyy

    What is up with LAX to PV airfare?

    i never worry, i'm just too spoiled to mess with a lay over. hunter's probably right, by then I can just have josh send the gulfstream to pick me up
  255. dctrjayyy

    What is up with LAX to PV airfare?

    pain in the ass to even find a direct flight other than alaska's once a day right now. i'm not flyin to salt lake or phoenix just to get to pv. it's nearly impossible to find a current flight schedule for aero cal
  256. dctrjayyy

    Albacore 1025 n.m. away

    long range chickens don't count ...sorry, i couldn't resist. nice fish.
  257. dctrjayyy

    Beach Entry. How do you like it?

    good job man, people who can't dump their gear and swim at least a couple hundred yards in current should not be diving outside a pool
  258. dctrjayyy

    Beach Entry. How do you like it?

    Ok jeff, I'm not doubting that you know a hell of a lot more about the physiological problems that occur when diving than me. However, you have to admit that you are stretching this one a bit. It is hypothetically possible for this to happen but it is also hypothetically possible to get a...
  259. dctrjayyy

    Beach Entry. How do you like it?

    i usually just part the waters like Moses and walk in. what, you guys can't do that?
  260. dctrjayyy

    Battenkill Bar Stock or GLoomis Venture?

    stay away from the GLoomis Venture series !!! they are complete crap. a few of my friends in Alaska would buy them because they were so cheap but they are just junk. the composite drag they are speaking of is actually a plastic sticker and it wears out after 1 decent fish. upper-end GLoomis...
  261. dctrjayyy

    Diving SCI 04/01.06

    not sure if my ride will want me fucking around with the diving this trip. clemente is sick, i usually bring the tank during bug season but just freedive/spearfish in the summer. if he's cool with it then i'll bring my riffe and hook up with you guys
  262. dctrjayyy

    Catalina report...

    scott, nice bugs in the crap conditions
  263. dctrjayyy

    Oct 2006 Trip... WHO IS IN???

    Brad, Gal isn't even going on this trip. He's just helping put it together for the board and friends.
  264. dctrjayyy

    Best place to buy Scuba gear in SD?

    i agree with whitefish - sport chalet is a rip off unless they are having a sale. ebay,, are all good options
  265. dctrjayyy

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    HO available - will buy gas, ice and work to fish with the rest of these assholes. -joshua
  266. dctrjayyy

    Has anyone ever fished Drakes Bay, CR

    where you gonna be? i surf fish all the time but over on the Caribbean. caught everything from 1lb jacks to 100lb tarpon so it just depends what you are looking for. on that coast, the river mouths are always the most productive. you can fish bucktail jigs, swimbaits, plugs or small iron...
  267. dctrjayyy

    "Torture Chamber" Cabo to P.V. Trip Pix

    love CABO's, got a tour of the factory in Adelanto by Greg last year. saw them laying the hull for their first 52 Express and was sportin' wood by the end. (from the boat, not Greg)
  268. dctrjayyy

    Best skippers in San Quintin

    Kelly by far, or his son Oscar Lupe and Salvatore are good 2nd stringers but only if he's booked.
  269. dctrjayyy

    12 pound Lobster FreeDiving in JL

  270. dctrjayyy

    beach shark fishing

    at least the new gulp sand crabs (fleas) will catch something
  271. dctrjayyy

    SAT 6-26...390 slugfest Albie Limits

    look at the times/dates of the comments. opahdad resurrected this one by commenting on the old post. you can't do that man, we're all waiting for that first albie report and you get us all excited bout old shit.
  272. dctrjayyy

    New Avet T-shirts!

    sick shirts, can i still wear these while fishing my daiwa's :notworthy
  273. dctrjayyy

    2/25 SD and 2/28 Redondo report

    no shit? I want to see the video of that one... good job on the bugs and but
  274. dctrjayyy

    DP-it's why we go

    I was about to say "what is this Alaska kayak report doing in this section?" great job!
  275. dctrjayyy

    Has anyone ever fished Drakes Bay, CR

    Never fished Drake myself but have heard it is a short run for sails this time of year. Should be good. John, who are you fishing with in Tortuguero? I've been down to that area about a half dozen times and always have a great time. Good Luck on the first trip. This trip I'll have some time...
  276. dctrjayyy

    Will be bug hunting Fri Night

    Headed out tomorrow night (Fri, Feb 24) either Newport or Laguna hunting bugs. PM me if you are interested in meeting up.
  277. dctrjayyy

    Lobsters and a striper!

    Marcus, give me a call if you want someone to hunt bugs with, I'm in North OC. -Joshua 951-500-5775
  278. dctrjayyy

    bullshit officials

    fuck, it was a good run while it lasted
  279. dctrjayyy

    Best beaches driving LA to Pismo

    fished Seaside on the incoming tide saturday for a few small perch before getting checked by dfg. new license was still in christmas pile at home but i was lucky he settled for last years and sent me off with a warning. good times.
  280. dctrjayyy

    Best beaches driving LA to Pismo

    Anyone have a good report on any spots producing good numbers of perch right now? I'm driving from LA to Pismo tomorrow and was wondering if I should give it a try south or further north. Thanks - fish on.
  281. dctrjayyy

    Niihau and Kaula rock

    Nice Report. Headed over to Kauai tomorrow to visit a friend in Kapaa. Haven't decided if I'm going to try and get on a boat yet. Any advice on who to call while I'm there?
  282. dctrjayyy

    PV next year, anyone interested?

    G - put me on the list. i'll pm you my contact info.
  283. dctrjayyy

    Daiwa SLD 30

    the board convinced me to buy 2 (20II and 30II) over avets last year. not enought fish on them yet but love 'em so far. got to pull on a ~400 lb salmon shark with the 20 and it did well (unfortunately I didn't). they also cast great for that size of a reel.
  284. dctrjayyy

    Newport Bch 12-15

    i was out sat night down in laguna and they were all pretty deep in their cracks, not many crawling. i was out too early (10pm) but managed to wrangle a couple. vis was unreal, with the moon you could turn off the lamp and still see outlines in 25 ft of water. too bad the swell is coming up
  285. dctrjayyy

    Alaska Sharkin'

    it was a small 'but, in the 10-15 lb class.
  286. dctrjayyy

    Alaska Sharkin'

    Got back from a week in Alaska 8/21 (Sorry late report). No real highlights to speak of, plenty of silvers, trout, char in the river, plenty of halibut offshore. Problem was nothing of substantial size landed on this trip. Landed&#8230; One day while fishing out of my friends boat out of Deep...
  287. dctrjayyy

    8-25 YT, Dodo's, YFT

    thanks for the same day report and congrats on the good day but come on... you have to have more pictures of Sacha
  288. dctrjayyy

    Going to San Quintin 8/12-8/14

    head around the cape and then northwest. start looking for structure in 80-150 ft and you'll find rockfish right there within a couple miles of the mouth of the bay. no need to go far for that stuff. or head out about 20 miles and start looking for the new artificial reef (a 20' pursuit)...
  289. dctrjayyy

    Costa Rica report anyone??

    haven't heard the report for the pacific but wide open ____ snapper in san jose... never mind... you're too young for that...
  290. dctrjayyy

    San Quinten 8/6 BOAT SINKS

    No, I think it was one of Meno's. Some of the guys at Pedros and Don Eddies are good and some are just boat drivers. I ended up being passed off to the Yolanda from Don Eddies on Sat. with a third string boat driver. At least we got back in.
  291. dctrjayyy

    San Quinten 8/6 BOAT SINKS

    Capt. Kelly Catian, K&M Offshore Sportfishing (949) 370-6532 The Offshore I is a 28-foot Forward Pilothouse with a 13-foot whaleback deck, flybridge, sleeping berth, flushing marine head (toilet), full electronics, 80 gallon bait tank, raw water wash down, powered by a Yamaha 225 h.p...
  292. dctrjayyy

    San Quinten 8/6 BOAT SINKS

    Rick ~ Sorry about that brotha. I heard about it yesterday but didn't know who it was. Glad to hear that everyone made it back in one piece. No refund after they sink a fucking boat? Give me a break, it's like a few of those guys down there have lost it. There were a lot of boats out...
  293. dctrjayyy

    Leaving for San Quintin Friday

    Just got back and here's the short report. Why the short report, well there isn't much to tell. Kelly with K&M was full so I had made my backup reservations for a couple of boats with Alberto (Tiburon's). I have fished with these guys a few times and they are allright. We got there and the good...
  294. dctrjayyy

    Avet EX 2 spd or Daiwa SLD II

    Thanks everyone for all of the advice. I picked up a sld-20II and 30II on Friday and they'll be headed up to Alaska with me this week to lift some doors off the bottom. They feel great although a little heavy but freespool like a dream.
  295. dctrjayyy

    Leaving for San Quintin Friday

    rick - 6 of us staying at don eddies, see you down there. fish on, -josh
  296. dctrjayyy

    You missed out!

    guys, if you can do it get on this boat. fishing the new lo-an with 7 other people is almost enough to get me to quit my job
  297. dctrjayyy

    Leaving for San Quintin Friday

    Running down for a quick weekend trip, fishing Saturday. Reports look shitty but it should be ready to go here any day. Anyone have any current info other than the Kira report? Dorado at Bahia De Los Angeles is tempting but I really don't want to make that drive this weekend. Are they usually...
  298. dctrjayyy

    Tor. 30 advice.

    I think I just found my new tackle shop... right on
  299. dctrjayyy

    Avet EX 2 spd or Daiwa SLD II

    Looking for a ready out of the box 2 speed for 50#. I like the features of the Avet but had a bad experience with the loud clicking dog on the old jx/lx. Can't seem to find any bad feedback on the Daiwas other than the handle. Suggestions???
  300. dctrjayyy

    ?? Avet EX 4/02 ??

    Yeah the clicking dog drove me crazy. i bought a jx and a lx when they were on sale($139/149) but sold them because i could not stand the sound. Some of my Newells tick but nothing like these. I have heard that they fixed this on the newer models but haven't checked them out yet. My pro gear 251...
  301. dctrjayyy

    Big Bear Lake

    mk, yeah, i was up there last weekend and it was pretty crowded but the fishing was good. all small planters down about 15ft, the top of the lake is pretty warm and waterskiers are all over. fish on, j
  302. dctrjayyy

    fastest overnight (1 day boat)

    the new lo-ann and the legend can't be beat for open party overnight boats
  303. dctrjayyy

    Storing Reels in Freespool?

    thanks for all the info guys, its settled - free spool, clicker on, drags backed off
  304. dctrjayyy

    moving to Maui

    Hey man daniel is right. the whole place is consumed with the tourist industry but there is a need for decent companies in all other sectors. Kahului is growing quickly and there might be a few opportunities there. On the Lahaina side if you want to work for a hotel then you have plenty of...
  305. dctrjayyy

    Storing Reels in Freespool?

    A quick question, my buddy and I can't agree on. Should you keep your reels in freespool when not in use or just in gear with the drags backed off?
  306. dctrjayyy

    Newell question for you jigtossers

    from the site... "P- series ---So, what's different about the P Series? They use an an aluminum spool, metal bearing caps, and aluminum spacer bars for the frame assembly. There are a few other retro features to make it stand out, like the aluminum handle. -R= series ---Newell is making a...
  307. dctrjayyy

    7/10 New Lo-An Albie Slaughter Fest!!!

    This was an unbelievable trip on all sides. Markus and the crew did not stop working and searching for fish all day even when we were just playing catch and release. Tony made a delicious dinner that was better than what you get on a long range trip. Thanks to you all. Nice to meet you Alter...
  308. dctrjayyy

    BOLA lure selection/techniques

    you have to bring a wide selection of jigs to BOLA, chances are a few are going to end up in the rocks. the standard yt stuff works (Salas 6x jr, tady 4/0). the hot jig last time I was down was a megabait live jig 4.5 oz in sardine color. the yellows, cabrilla, grouper would not stay off it and...
  309. dctrjayyy

    L.A. Bay Report

    nice fucking toads, I love BOLA.