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  1. Deno

    What is the average boat “trailer” storage cost?

    Got it!! Thanks for for the info peeps. Deno
  2. Deno

    What is the average boat “trailer” storage cost?

    If you dock your boat what is the average price for storing the trailer(in east county).Thanks Deno
  3. Deno

    SOLD 50G fiberglass bait tank

    Do you still have it? Thanks Deno
  4. Deno

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    will you take $2000 and a hug?! :gayfight:
  5. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    That’s looks amazing!! Going to have to try that.
  6. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    He is a mess!!! he eats with his left and wipes with his right thanks for the tip tho. Yes this new BF/spinning reel/sniper jig/ fat fall is all new to me.
  7. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    Thanks for the tip. It was 65 braid, what size leader would you use?
  8. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    Yes that this whole spinning reel thing is new to me. My “jig” stick is jealous!!
  9. Deno

    FishMaster Leaning Post

    Soooo I was a little nervous about buying it. Ordered it through Amazon for $914 to my door in 3 days!! Put together in 30 minutes everything fit good and all parts were included. Fished Saturday and loved it!!!! Now to save for a bait tank.
  10. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    Yep I agree!! Not sure on the size of the jig. It’s super lite tho, bought at turners. Crazy Carl swore by it. I can cast it a mile on the spinning reel set up lol
  11. Deno

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    182 area for one 50 pound BF lots of empty paddy’s. About a mile shy of the 182 saw birds and jumpers slid in threw a jig on the spinning reel set up and my son did the rest. Worked the 9 north and south all paddy’s were empty. Only one to report.
  12. Deno

    Beware Barnes Vortx ammo!

    Thanks for the info Homie.. Hope all is well.
  13. Deno

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    Got it!! Thank you Thanks Man!! How ya been?! I need a new outboard so I might rent out 4 spots for boat trailers to help with the outboard payment. Probably rent out 4 spots at $75 each to help them out too. Got it thank you!! Like mentioned above I might rent out 4 spots at my place to help...
  14. Deno

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    What is the going price for boat "Trailer" storage (up to 32') just the trailer. Thanks Deno
  15. Deno

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Good job loco!! I wan't one toooooo:cheers:
  16. Deno

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Bad ass!! Thanks for sharing..
  17. Deno

    Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Thanks for the report!!
  18. Deno

    Full Speed BFT 7/8

    :appl:NICE!!!! Congrats
  19. Deno

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks GC

    I need one. I am saving for it.. I'll text you. Thanks deno
  20. Deno

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Been a member since day one and, YES I am a fan.. I fish during the week so the crowds don’t bother me… Save gas and keep track of the fish!! Its a win win
  21. Deno

    I caught all these fish with Jaime On the Jessica in the last 7 months.....

    NICE!! What's the info for the charter? Just got back from Cabo, fished out of San Jose/ Gordo banks caught a small marlin and some Jack carvels but could not get the red snappers to go!! We did see them tho… What did you catch them on? Thanks Deno
  22. Deno

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks GC

    Got it.. Thank you!!
  23. Deno

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks GC

    I need this same rig for my Sea Pro. Who made the leaning post? Thanks Deno
  24. Deno

    Cabo panga fishing charter help for end of June...

    If you are fishing out of San Jose de Cabo I have a guy.
  25. Deno

    SOLD 2002 Proline 19 Sport w/ 2015 Mercury 4 Stroke Motor

    I can't believe this hasn't sold!!
  26. Deno

    For Sale 23’ cuddy with flybridge 20,000

    Hmmmm I could use a cuddy cab for my 73 year old day... Trade?!
  27. Deno

    For Sale 2016 Tahoe 2150 Deck boat with a 150 Mercury

    SOLD!! I am the Original owner of this 2016 Tahoe 2150 Deck boat with a 150 Mercury with maybe 25 hours, boat and trailer still looks brand new. I Installed a VHF and GPS/fish finder, lots of rod holders, also installed a small bait tank that can very easily be removed. Has hidden change out...
  28. Deno

    La Jolla 4/25

    Congrats!! Thanks for the report.
  29. Deno

    Skippies and a surprise

    Good job Papi!!
  30. Deno

    2018 draw results

  31. Deno

    Deer camp 2017

    Beautiful buck dude. Congrats to all!!
  32. Deno

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    Nice buck dude, as always good write up. Hope all is well. Deno
  33. Deno

    Triggerfish - Fishing Over a School

    Best fish tacos and fun to catch off the rocks in Baja
  34. Deno

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Igor AKA Honey Badger doesn't give a shit what you think. They are legal and open game... I know for a fact he does not target them often. Nice catch Loco
  35. Deno

    So.......8 AM on Wednesday????

    :spank: I WAS THINKING THE SAME!!!!!
  36. Deno

    BOLA route?

    . Just got back last week, we crossed through San Ysidro (and came back through San Ysidro 2.5 wait). Don’t take beer buy in BOLA it’s the same price. Mexican custom charged us 90% tax on the beer we did take (I paid $58) so did my cousin and friend. Don’t lie because X-ray machine can see...
  37. Deno

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Good work dude!! looks very nice...
  38. Deno

    20' Skipjack Flybridge rebuild...

    Amazing work dude..
  39. Deno

    1991 Stringari 18 ft Cuddy repower

    I spent the last two days looking at this post.. BAD ASS DUDE!! PS Give Chingon a big hug and kiss from me. Tell him Chuy said hello.
  40. Deno

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Holy Chet!! Congrats, beautiful fish.
  41. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    LOL I know right!! Will do thank you!!
  42. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    Yes I too found them on the web, been around forever but looks like they build all kinds of stuff not just outdrives. Going to call them during the week. What happened that was scary? Thanks Deno
  43. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    Will do, Thank you!!
  44. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    Thanks for the reply. I'll be honest I bought her mostly because of the engine with only 83 hours. Everything seems to work tho. No water yet, needs to be registered and check everything from hoses to wiring. It will be a while.
  45. Deno

    1977 25' Drummond Diesel Project

    . I drove to Tucson Arizona this week to pick up this rig. Anyone ever hear of "Drummond?" Got her for $5000 with a running Detroit Diesel 453 (super low hours) and a working "Stewart and Stevenson" outdrive (ANYONE EVER HEAR OF THESE OUTDRIVES?) LOL I really don’t think it's ever been in...
  46. Deno

    Livesay 26 - Full Build - 350 Yamaha Outboard

    VERY nice rig!! Congrats
  47. Deno

    D16 Giant

    Dang!!! Nice one...
  48. Deno

    AO Buck

    Nice one, Congrats!!
  49. Deno

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Holy shit this is a nice bull!! Congrats dude
  50. Deno

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Very cool!! Congrats
  51. Deno

    Hard Work Pays Off-D16

    Cool video!!
  52. Deno

    2016 Arima 17' Sea Angler Center Console, Yamaha 90, $33,749

    saw this little rig there last week. Its a lot of boat for the price..
  53. Deno

    Grizzly Island Elk Hunt

    Nice read thanks for sharing! I am maxed out on points one of these days!!
  54. Deno

    Okay so where are the fishing reports....?????

    Lots on :jig:
  55. Deno

    08-06 Good fishing day saved in 27 feet of water!!

    Plan was to fish off shore on my Cousins 22 Bayrunner. Bought bait in San Diego Bay (Good bait) and headed out. Cleared the point and it was rough and windy. Radio chatter was not to good so we stayed inshore and drifted for Halibut.. Caught 2 shorts and one keeper and a few bottom creatures…...
  56. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Back home safe.. Had a blast killed lots of big yellows.. I asked about the Ultra low sulfur diesel and they all looked at me like I was crazy.. I thinking no on the Ultra low sulfur diesel in baja. I made it there and back with the 45 gal in my transfer tank and the 35 in my main tank. If your...
  57. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Morning!! Made it here with 3/4 of my tank. Still have the 45 gal on my transfer tank.
  58. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Hi sexy :loverz:
  59. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Thanks everyone for the response. I am no longer taking the 10 gallons of extra diesel in the fuel cans, only what’s in the transfer tank (45 gal) it is bolted on and connected to my main tank so I should be ok. I leave Saturday morning, I will report back when we return… Thanks again Deno...
  60. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    My bad, its an 08 not 07.
  61. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Thanks, curt lj, maybe I'll just top off on the way back in San Quintin..
  62. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    Anyone have info on this? Thanks Deno
  63. Deno

    Ultra low sulfur diesel in Baja?

    My truck is a 2008 Dodge with a 6.7 and does NOT run on high sulfur diesel. I'm going to BOLA next week and added a 45 gallon transfer tank, and should make it there and back. My question is can I take an extra 10 gallons in fuel cans or will Mexican customs trip? Also after doing some research...
  64. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Willdoggy you are correct!! My cousin crossed at Otay today and bought the TIP. We are good to go now.. Thanks for the tips, can’t wait!!! Cj5 your peeps at "discover Baja" were a huge help... Thanks bro Thanks everyone!! Deno
  65. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Ok will do Thanks I looked into that website and yes we need one. It’s a freaken mess!!! My cousin is going down to the Mexican consulate office to see if he can get more info. All they are trying to do is make sure we don’t sell our rigs and leave them there. I get that but it seems difficult...
  66. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Ok I will look into it and let you know. Thanks Deno
  67. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Got it!! Thank you so much for the quick response.. That site will tell you where to buy? Thanks Deno
  68. Deno

    "Transport permit" to tow your boat to baja???

    Hey fellas, I am towing a boat to BOLA next month. My cousin swears he heard something on “Let’s talk hook up” about needing a “Transport permit” to tow your boat across into Mexico nowadays. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance, Deno
  69. Deno

    BOLA Report

    Heard we need a special permit to tow a boat across into baja? Is this true? Did you have any problems? Thanks Deno
  70. Deno

    BOLA 6/20-6/25

    Nice!! can't wait!!
  71. Deno

    BOLA Report

    Nice!! Thanks for the report 9 more wake ups and I'm there!!!
  72. Deno

    .308 for elk????

    300 Win mag 165 grain copper drops them good..
  73. Deno

    Nice BFT

    Nice fish congrats!!
  74. Deno

    BOLA 5-12 and 5-13 Lots of YT

    47 days and a wake up!! can't wait... Thanks for the write up
  75. Deno

    Swordfish RAW

    That's bad ass brother...
  76. Deno

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done.. Good luck
  77. Deno

    Hunting camp is getting better

    NICE!! We have one too and love it..
  78. Deno

    Another big seabass

  79. Deno

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Bad ass!!! Great job..
  80. Deno

    Local one - Public oinker

  81. Deno

    First West Coast Buck......

    Don't get all jelly pappy.. :D
  82. Deno

    First West Coast Buck......

    I am ready for round two :D I was hurting pretty bad...
  83. Deno

    Finally, a good Texas buck

    Nice buck dude... Congrats!!
  84. Deno

    First West Coast Buck......

    Great hunt!! Not sure if I’ll ever go down there again but ZERO regrets, Congrats again!!
  85. Deno

    tagged out!

    Congrats again guys.. Hopefully my boy can fill his Doe tag this weekend, if not I'll take you up on it for sure!!
  86. Deno

    D15 Buck

    Nice buck congrats!!
  87. Deno

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    BAD ASS!!!
  88. Deno

    Off to Wyoming

    NICE!! Congrats
  89. Deno

    A-22 success!

    Congrats again dude.. Nice one
  90. Deno

    A22 and D16 Season Dates for 2015

    Good looking out. My 13 year old has a doe tag.
  91. Deno

    "SOLD" Wellcraft 24 ft Diesel custom fishing boat $24,900

    I'm hoping its still for sale in a few months because I want it!!!
  92. Deno

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Got it!! Thank you.. I've always wondered especially because some of the decks are kinda strange looking and do NOT seem fishing friendly.. I'm looking for my last rig the very last one.. I'm going to keep these in mind now that's for sure... Thanks again Deno Yes it does.. Nice rigs in this...
  93. Deno

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Why do people like these rigs so much? Educate me.
  94. Deno

    f/s 2008 klamath 14.6ft w/ 20 yamaha 4stroke 3000

    PM me your info please. Thanks Deno
  95. Deno

    WSB in CBAD

    Nice!!! Congrats
  96. Deno

    First archery buck

    Congrats dude.. I have his cosine on my wall. Also my first Archery buck. He lived in Utah though..
  97. Deno

    21' Super Panga, like new 60hp Suzuki EFI, 8hp Suzuki kicker

    I only know because I was going to go give him $5500 for it, then I read it!! LOL
  98. Deno

    21' Super Panga, like new 60hp Suzuki EFI, 8hp Suzuki kicker

    That's how I read it too. $14500 to $9500
  99. Deno

    Fish Dope and Others

  100. Deno

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    NICE!!! Heard about it but had not seen the pics.. Congrats dude, that's bad ass!!
  101. Deno

    SAT or Sunday boat needed

    Most be nice to have weekends off!! :) I sold my boat dude..
  102. Deno

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    Yes!! That I do remember LOL We did the same and passed on some cooked YT at Guillermo's.. Thanks again
  103. Deno

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    We shared with you or you shared with us? LOL to many Silver bullets!! Yes it has been a long time brother. Hope all is good...
  104. Deno

    07-29-30- 2015 Bahia Del Los Angeles Report.

    We did a quick four day run, and fished two days.. Stayed and fished with Guillermo's.. Fish box was full by 9:30 AM, both days with 25+ pound Yellows and one small Dorado. Most fish were caught deep on the dropper loop with bait... Two speed reels were the ticket.. Saw one marlin caught and...
  105. Deno

    2004 Polaris 700 sportsman 4x4 $4800

    Posting for a friend he can NOT work a computer to save his life. I have never seen his quad but he says it has super low hours... Here is his contact info if you want more info. 619 977-2421 Thomas $4800 NO PM'S PLEASE!!
  106. Deno

    Thurs 9th and Sat the 11th. Couple of fun days of fishing.

    NICE!! Dad coming in right now with two 50 pound BFT..
  107. Deno

    06-25-2015 Upper 9, and 182 area.

    Quick report, I am beat... Cleared Point Loma at 6AM with some good looking sardines, poked around the 9 and not much life for us (heard on the radio there was tuna caught there but we did not see nor catch any) trolled into the 182 for nothing. Soaked some baits for about an hour and decided to...
  108. Deno

    Anyone do cabinet stripping?

    I'll take the fishing trip!!!
  109. Deno

    Kieth Poe was on Bill Boyce Cali Edition

    I miss that dude too!!
  110. Deno

    21.5 ft Center Console

    That bow enclosure is cool!! Good luck
  111. Deno

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    If you want reports buy fishdope dick head!!! :loverz:
  112. Deno

    SOLD!! 2003 Carolina Classic 25' Express fisherman

    NICE!! Good luck on the sell.
  113. Deno

    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    Its a post started by Rob ANYTHING can happen LOL
  114. Deno

    looking to buy speargun and...

    Estupido, your going to kill yourself trying to spearfish in open waters...
  115. Deno

    YT Report 1-22

    NICE!!! Congrats
  116. Deno

    kitty kitty

    I hate them too...
  117. Deno

    What caliber would you buy?

    300 WIN MAG Local and out of State..
  118. Deno

    Hunters, Watch Out Where You Are Shooting

  119. Deno

    Finally - Rocking R Ranch Elk and Deer report

    Nice animals, congrats to both of you..
  120. Deno

    Montana Buck Down

    Nice buck, congrats..
  121. Deno

    Hunter's Ed?

    I already told you who and where!!! LOL
  122. Deno

    Marlin 6 miles out of Mission Bay

  123. Deno

    Laguna Buck 11/22/14

  124. Deno

    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    No bueno, to crazy for me. I go to Plaster City.. Lots of Yotes and fun stuff to shoot at there..
  125. Deno

    1987 Blackman 26 Express

    Dang this is a good deal... Good luck!!
  126. Deno

    Trophy deer locally?

    I think lions and drought are our problem.. People are dropping "trophy" D-16 bucks, they just got smart and quit posting pics...The next two weeks are my favorite time to hunt D16. Bucks from private and State parks come out looking for tail, it's FUN!!!
  127. Deno

    Two Women in Heaven

    LOL Good one...
  128. Deno

    If you were leaving San Diego

    You can all keep California... 5 years till retirement.. I'll come back and catch your fish.
  129. Deno

    Colorado Bull

    I hunted the first season and skunked out. No excuse as there were plenty of Elk just could not connect.. Can't wait to go back.. Here you go get your Colorado FIX
  130. Deno

    If you were leaving San Diego

    Meeker, Colorado soon for me...
  131. Deno

    D-16 Deer Camp with Roger and crew 2014

    Nice bucks!!
  132. Deno

    Just got back from Mule deer hunting with my dad!

    Nice bucks dude!! I miss hunting New Mexico. Use to hunt Magnalena area a lot.
  133. Deno

    D16 Forky

    Cool story, Congrats...
  134. Deno

    My deer Pictures

    Nice Buck congrats...
  135. Deno

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Holy shit!! Rob started this mess?! LOL
  136. Deno

    They are there!!

    We did the same on Saturday, in the same area.. Nothing huge but bigger then the Yellows offshore...
  137. Deno

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Estupido!!!! :rofl: That's all I'm saying..... ok one more thing, FUCK Lobster fishing :hali_olutta: see you soon dude...
  138. Deno

    Colorado archery elk

    Nice congrats!! I'll be there for the rifle opener..
  139. Deno

    Limit on little YT

    It was a joke silly...
  140. Deno

    Limit on little YT

    Perfect size for kids and fish tacos... :cheers: more info on where to find them on Fishdope!!! :D
  141. Deno

    Finally, shook my monkey after 9 years!

    NICE!!! Congrats dude...
  142. Deno

    7 Miles Short of the 302 8/18

    I've been using Dana Landing out of Mission bay.. I hate Shelter Island. BUT the bait is better in San Diego bay.
  143. Deno

    A deer

  144. Deno

    8/15 limits at the 182 by 0900

    Nice!!! I was there Thursday and it was dead.. Congrats!!
  145. Deno

    08-14-14 ** 182, 181,209 and 15 miles from land honey hole...

    Good luck. I would look around that area. Lots of tuna and dodos… and yes I’ve saved soooooo much gas since I joined fishdope… Oh and I never get skunked :rockin: just the route plaining is worth it to me, water temp too…. Retarted not to subscribe if you fish offshore a lot…. Just sayin And...
  146. Deno

    15 starcraft tri hull

    Cool little rig..
  147. Deno

    08-14-14 ** 182, 181,209 and 15 miles from land honey hole...

    Yes that looks about right.. Lots of Tuna there yesterday..
  148. Deno

    08-14-14 ** 182, 181,209 and 15 miles from land honey hole...

    Launched out of Mission Bay with ok Sardine not the bestest… Ran to the 182 for nada… Ran up North to some secret squirrel numbers from Fishdope, as my crew had no Mex lic. Found two paddies with a huge school of Rat yellows. Killed one and moved on. The Yellows would not bite. Short of the...
  149. Deno

    Catfish stuck in her ass.

    That's some funny stuff...
  150. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Thanks everyone for the reply's.. I have been emailing with Pacific Pilot house. I am going to do it. Stand by for one sexy killing machine in the near future..... Thanks again fellas :cheers:
  151. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Thanks everyone for the reply's.. I have been emailing with Pacific Pilot house. I am going to do it. Stand by for one sexy killing machine in the near future..... Thanks again fellas :cheers:
  152. Deno

    371/425/9 Thurs

    Thanks for the report...
  153. Deno

    26Ft. Shamrock Predator

    Your killing me!! Can't believe its still here... If you still have it after the season I'll look at it. Would need to sell my rig though... I really like her :loverz:
  154. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Ok Mike. This is it. Big heavy duty cooler/ storage in front off the Pilot House will move it back 2 feet. That should do it... Now to pay stuff off and save for the Pilot house...
  155. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Thank you that sounds like to much work LOL Plus I like the Pacific Pilot house a lot... We'll see it we'll probably never happen anyway.. I'll be 60 and still bitching about the CC haha Thanks for the offer to help. Deno
  156. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    LMAO!! Good one.. And yes I agree on the PFD. He was wearing his and kept complaining the it was to tight. Anyway we'll see what happens.. To be honest this kid gave me a second wind on the offshore fishing.. I was thinking of calling the quits on offshore fishing... Not anymore, he loved it. I...
  157. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    I'm not because I'm behind the enclosure but my side kick is... Those mid night runs down to the tuna grounds suck!!!
  158. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    First of all thanks for all the feedback!! I really appreciate it... If this even does happen it won't be till the winter of 2016. Need to pay off some stuff before I buy this.. A little back ground about myself for you new folks.. I went from this RIG to the 22' Sea Pro I have now. In a nut...
  159. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    This is what I want to do... Simple
  160. Deno

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    Stop snitching...:gay::-)
  161. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    That's bad ass dude.. My problem is I roll with my dad and 2 kids on Saturdays.. No room for all of us behind those wings.. If its just me and the fellas when I fish Thursdays I wouldn't care.. Right now my dad sits in the front little seat like in your rig.
  162. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    I have the gas covered.. No one rides for free on my rig LOL Yes I do thanks to you Compa...
  163. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    Thank you. I plan on taking a drive to see them.. I have it!! The problem I have is that I take my 70 year old dad and my 7 and 12 year old boys.. They are hooked!! I need to make this rig last for awhile... I refuse to buy another unless I can go diesel. I want a 26 Blackman. That's not...
  164. Deno

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    or keep freezing in my rig.... Hate the CC it's freaken cold!! Thinking about buying a Pacific Pilot house... $7000 and weight is 250 pounds.. I can't offered a new boat or payments.. Love this hull and it's paid off… what do you guys think? Photoshop...
  165. Deno

    New fire pit!

    Got it thank you!!
  166. Deno

    below the 371 yft , yt , dorado and a broken foot

    Thanks for the report, sucks about your foot dude...
  167. Deno

    New fire pit!

    Do you have his email or cell? I want one!! Thanks Deno
  168. Deno


    Slow day for us launched out of Mission bay. Bait barge had all anchovy. Found these in the 182 area both on anchovies, great day with my kids. More info on FISHDOPE Good Luck Deno
  169. Deno

    Bigeye stories & tips.......

    Shit I can't tell the difference between a YFT and a BFT but keep the stories coming LOL
  170. Deno

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    Rifle first season, been hunting that herd since 95.
  171. Deno

    Aug. 02. Just got in..LIMITS

    Max, I was 12 miles from Point Loma on Saturday and ran into these.. I cleared the Point at 9AM (had boat drama). Plan was to fish the 182. 12 Miles out, saw some birds and boils caught 9 lost 3 (broke off). All on Anchovy and 30 pound line.
  172. Deno

    Who wants to go Elk Hunting?

    Got my Tag for Meeker!! Public Land can't wait..
  173. Deno

    26Ft. Shamrock Predator

    I'm really liking this rig...
  174. Deno

    1986 20 ft sea ox cuddy

    That's a cool looking rig!!
  175. securedownload


  176. Deno

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Nothing wrong with keeping them, 14 inch and 5 limit you put in your work.. besides they are taking everything away so enjoy while we can…
  177. Deno

    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Nice catch dude.. I'm way due for some Calico tacos...
  178. Deno

    07/25 off Oside

    Nice Dorado!! Congrats...
  179. Deno

    SOLD !!!!!!26 blackman billfisher

    VERY NICE RIG!! I want one...
  180. Deno

    I went into the "Drink" today....

    Glad your ok and thanks for sharing... Many years ago my cousin and I were on my buddy's CC boat trolling the Coronado canyons. We hooked up and my cousin (He's a big dude 300 pounder) suddenly got up to get the rod, and made the boat violently lean to one side. I lost my balance causing the...
  181. Deno

    Fish Dope?

    I just renewed mine a minute ago.. YES its worth every penny and Ali is still a joto :Singin_In
  182. Deno

    7/14 Yellowfin US limits.........

    NICE!! Congrats and thanks for the report...
  183. Deno

    Yellowfin!!! Fishdope Update for 6-28-2014

    NICE!! Have to pay my fishdope and get boat ready....
  184. Deno

    D16 Premium and A22 Restricted

    What a mess!!
  185. Deno

    187 Fish assassination!!!

    Nice!! Congrats dude.
  186. Deno

    Yellows On Da Plug 3/11/14

    Nice!! thanks for the report..
  187. Deno


    Lost my Sister two years ago to ovarian cancer, she was only 37 yes FUCK CANCER!!!!!
  188. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    Thanks guys and yes VERY crazy & balzy!! It’s sad trying to explain to my boys why we are not going to the desert next weekend….
  189. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    Nope we tried.. Clearly states no motorized vehicle.
  190. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    The "flat top" roll cage is a big one it also has a white top. Its funny every time I post on CL it gets flagged for removal FAST!!!
  191. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    Nope no insurance.. I was in the process. I've had a rough year as we just moved to East County from the South Bay area. BUT yes we were going to buy insurance for it… Just never ever thought someone would have the balls to break the locks on my side gate break into the trailer and drive away in...
  192. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    Thanks guys. Yes its all over the place..
  193. Deno

    Reward for stolen XP900 Polaris RZR

    On Monday 01-13-14 at about 0900 hrs my Polaris RZR 900 was stolen from my residents in EL CAJON GRANIT HILLS AREA (SAN DIEGO COUNTY) . If you have ANY information please contact me at [email protected] Or your local law enforcement agencies. A $1000 REWARD will be given for...
  194. Deno

    They taste best barely legal

    NICE!! Congrats dude... Tim is still gay.
  195. Deno

    TX Archery Hunt - Nov. 7-10

    Nice!! Congrats putos... Bet that was a blast.. Tim lets go?!
  196. Deno

    Black Marlin Close Call

    Looks like the captain quickly slapped it in forward?! <o:p></o:p>
  197. Deno

    Henry Mountains Utah Buck

    Bad ass buck dude... Congrats!!
  198. Deno

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Congrats to her!! Seems like it was just yesterday when she was taking her hunter safety test.. Good job dad
  199. Deno

    FINALLY! A deer!

    NICE!! Congrats dude..
  200. Deno

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    Nice!! Congrats dude...
  201. Deno

    2013 Public Land Muley

    Very nice buck congrats...
  202. Deno

    A-17 Hunt

    Nice!! Congrats
  203. Deno

    Toyota looking at Cummins for the Tundra

    Bad ass truck if they do...
  204. Deno

    Fun yellows Nados

    NICE!!! Congrats
  205. Deno

    Way Offshore - Tuesday 7/30 - BFT and Jellotail

    BAD ASS!!!! I am dying to get out there… I sold and bought a house and NO time to fish as we are still moving in.. SO SAD!!!<o:p></o:p>
  206. Deno

    26' Blackman Pilot House $99,000

    Lets buy this ROB!!!!!
  207. Deno

    7/21 Fish Report

    NICE!! Congrats...
  208. Deno


  209. Deno

    easy Pickled Tuna salad

    VERY COOL!!! Thank you Sir...
  210. Deno

    Can a noisy bait pump scare off fish??

    Yep, after some research I'm also going with a "Rules with the interchangeable cartridge." Thanks for the info guys...
  211. Deno

    Can a noisy bait pump scare off fish??

    Yep! That's what was on there... What kind of pump do you run? I'm thinking Shurflo next?! I have a 45 Gallon offshore bait tank... The reviews aren’t that great on these pumps?!?!
  212. Deno

    Can a noisy bait pump scare off fish??

    X2 I just took the bait pump off my boat yesterday for the same reason. Humming beyond normal I just know it's going to take a crap on the tuna grounds!!
  213. Deno

    Can a noisy bait pump scare off fish??

    Sounds like it’s getting ready to take a shit on you so just replace it now….
  214. Deno

    Yamaha F150 dies when put in gear

    No way mine is a fuel problem...
  215. Deno

    Yamaha F150 dies when put in gear

    I have the same issue, I run one 2005, 150 Yamaha it sucks when the dock/ramp is busy with boats... Its like not having breaks to stop LOL
  216. Deno

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    What she said....Congrats!!
  217. Deno

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Bad ass congrats!!
  218. Deno

    1998 Blackman Custom Express 26ft Diesel

    Nice rig and good price!! wish I could,,,
  219. Deno

    FYI..BD 3/4 day Mission Belle charter 4/7

    LMAO!! Always something new...
  220. Deno

    Bluefin tuna Madness Out Of the Outer Banks

    Bad ass!! As I sit and catch up on my DVR Wicked tuna LOL
  221. Deno

    Tuna Jihad at the Coronados

    NICE!! congrats jotos.
  222. Deno

    30lb YellowTail!!!!!!!! Go fishing!!!!

    NICE!! And congrats... Working on the boat this weekend for sure!!!
  223. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Have fun with it bro and thank you... :hali_olutta:
  224. Deno

    More piggy whacking

    Very nice...
  225. Deno

    Where to buy boat trailer parts in San Diego??

    Just parts, I can install.. Thanks I'll check out the website..
  226. Deno

    Oct deer

    Nice buck congrats..
  227. Deno

    Where to buy boat trailer parts in San Diego??

    OK thank you..I'll give them a call.
  228. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    I know right?? I can't believe its taking so long LOL Sea2'er is going to pick it up on Thursday. IF something changes I'll let you know.. I'm pretty sure he'll buy it though...
  229. Deno

    Where to buy boat trailer parts in San Diego??

    That time of the year.. My trailer is a 2004 Trail Rite. I called the dealer and they want around $500 for the new upgraded kit.... I need rotors, calipers and of course pads.. Thanks for your help Deno
  230. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    150 pesos not enough!! You sound like Monetano now LOL
  231. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Sea 2er PM sent , thanks.
  232. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Still here!! $200 takes all want it gone today.... this is dumb cheap..... FIRM on the price
  233. Deno

    Bottlenose dolphins with WSB- 3/15/2013- Eclipse

    Must be saving it from the sharks... LOL
  234. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Replied to all PMS, thanks
  235. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Ok thank you.. It’s a good simple bow set up to shoot fingers, very dependable bow... Never been dry fired..
  236. Deno

    Hoyt bow and arrows and range finder $350

    Hoyt Fast Flite PM me I will reply thanks Deno $350 for all OBO be nice :hali_olutta: <font size="3">30 inch draw <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com 60 to 70 pound Two dozen 3-60/340 Easton A/C/C arrows.<o:p></o:p> about ½ dozen Muzzy 125 broadhead<o:p></o:p>...
  237. Deno

    Epoxy garage floor/Mancave (pic heavy)

    LIKE IT!! Very cool
  238. Deno

    Beasts of the Snow

    Thats bad ass...
  239. Deno

    Wicked Tuna Seeker for Capt Marciano

    Nice!! that dude is funny.
  240. Deno

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    I think MIke (The unknown fisherman) Got it right LOL Josh Temple
  241. Deno

    Tower Conversion on a 26' Edge Water

    Bad ass!!!
  242. Deno

    Killed a snow monster

    NICE!!! I'm going to buy my 11 year old his first bow this week.
  243. Deno

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Bad ass rig, congrats...
  244. Deno

    Truck/4x4 Thread

    2008 Ram 2500, 6.7L Cummins, 4 x 4.... Been working on this :hali_olutta: Before... After...
  245. Deno

    Elk poaching officers arrested

    LMAO!! Thats some funny shit.... Dumb ass
  246. Deno

    AZ Muley Down!

    NICE!! Congrats..
  247. Deno

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy B-Day joto...
  248. Deno

    Ruger made it easy

  249. Deno

    My Personal Best!

    WOW! Awesome pics, thanks for sharing....
  250. Deno

    Can you name all the dogs you have ever owned?

    LMAO :rofl: Thanks fooker I needed that...
  251. Deno

    Bad ass right here!

    That thing is bad ass!!!
  252. Deno

    8yr old Son calls in first Yote

    That's my God Son!!!! Hey fooker did you get my text on our D12 trip..
  253. Deno

    My pre New Year's eve feast!!!

    AHOLE!! Thanks for the invite....
  254. Deno

    Dang this is a lot

    Ali and Jason are gay... Thanks for your hard work jotos...
  255. Deno

    MMA guy faints..........

    X2 I hate when he loses a bet!!! :rofl:
  256. Deno

    Golden Eagle tries snatching small child

    I knew it!!!!!!! Damn, you got us all bro… FAKE!!!!!!!:rofl::rofl:
  257. Deno

    No need for a big boat

    NICE!! Congrats...
  258. Deno

    Which truck do you prefer?

    Again! What she said^^^ we drive the same rig... Same color too!! Isn’t that cute!!:gay: I tow my 22 Sea Pro and a 26’ Toy hauler and that bitch is heavy!! Coming back from Plaster City (El Centro) up the grade all the power I need… Great rigs
  259. Deno

    Which truck do you prefer?

    What she said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and Ram 2500 or 3500 Cummins diesel.
  260. Deno

    Tejon- First pig hunt!

    Bout time!! Congrats again amigo...
  261. Deno

    Quit holding out on us!

    Dang still no pic!?
  262. Deno

    Quit holding out on us!

    He said his wife wont let him log in from home.. Congrats dude.
  263. Deno

    Quit holding out on us!

    Who? What??
  264. Deno

    No Fish / Yes Fun:

    What she said...^^^ So wrong in so many ways!!! GAYHADA!!! :rofl:
  265. Deno

    Good Night BD

    Let us know if you need back up ;-)
  266. Deno

    Ghetto fishin?

  267. Deno

    Coast Guard member killed by Drug Runners

    What she said!!!! RIP law man...
  268. Deno

    First Deer

    VERY COOL!!!! Congrats to both.
  269. Deno

    Halibut handoff (way late)

    Thats bad ass!! Thanks for sharing...
  270. Deno

    Killing Deer in 2012

    NICE!!! Congrats looks fun..
  271. Deno

    Bone Fish???

  272. Deno

    4x4 Down

    PICS!!!! Congrats...
  273. Deno

    My D16 Contribution

    Nice local buck congrats...
  274. Deno

    My son's 1st deer

    Very cool congrats!!
  275. Deno

    Nice Buck for my Son

    Very nice local buck! Congrats!!
  276. Deno

    God I Hate these things....

    Bad news for the kids!! I too hate them things!!
  277. Deno

    My poor dog is miserable

  278. Deno

    OC buck

    Nice local buck for sure...
  279. Deno


    Nope been slow.
  280. Deno

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    This sucks!! RIP SurfDoc. He came over and picked up a bigO cruise ship chair I found off shore awhile back. He was a solid guy for sure&#8230;.
  281. Deno

    NO REGRETS loaded the cat, pix

    Nice!! Thats Jason and Alis old rig right?
  282. Deno

    Best fuel economy

    Where does it say he's driving at night?
  283. Deno

    Mexico advice

    Go have fun you will be ok.... No problems all season…
  284. Deno

    Eating Tuna liver And stomach?

    YES!! People eat fish heads and insides. I clean my fish at home and have a list of contacts that I rotate and call to pick up all my fish carcass!! They rather have this then fillet anytime…
  285. Deno

    Yellowfin, Bluefuin & Dodos 50 miles

    NICE!! Miss hearing/seeing you guys out there.. Thanks for the report.
  286. Deno

    9/22 Waxwinging and my 17 footer at 1010

    Thanks for the report crazy Russian LOL
  287. Deno

    Call in sick tomorrow !

    NICE!!! Thanks for the report..
  288. Deno

    09-21 1010 Knuckel

    Sucks about your bait.. I was that Center console that ran with you to that paddy they called out.. We ended up catching five. Thanks again for calling us when you found it. I would have done the same :hali_olutta:
  289. Deno

    09-21-12 1010 REPORT (6YFT,1 DODO 3YT).

    That sucks!! I&#8217;m not a big fan of it radio fish either, although as you know I like to hook people up when I do find fish.. Sometimes your just trying to save the day...BUT yesterday I was a little nervous on the gas not ever running this rig that far.. The numbers he called out were only...
  290. Deno

    09-21-12 1010 REPORT (6YFT,1 DODO 3YT).

    On the water by 2ish ok bait from SDBAY... Nice ride down in the DARK!! At about 6AM we were about five miles shy of the 1010 trench. Jigs went in the water, minutes later a dodo hit a black and purple feather&#8230; Jigs back in, short time later small YFT hits a small black and purple rapala...
  291. Deno

    Tuesday 9/18 1010 Trench - New Yawkers Kill'em

    NICE!! I hope to do the same on Friday.... Hope we make it all the way down this time....Thanks for the report joto
  292. Deno

    9-18-12 Tuna Fix

    NICE!! Thanks for the report hoping to fish that area on Friday...
  293. Deno

    Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    NICE ONE!! Congrats...
  294. Deno


    Nice!! Love them solo runs I am so due for one....
  295. Deno

    Osprey 26' LC w/Folding Tower

    Nice rig!! I want a pilot house too!! LOL
  296. Deno

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    When I had my first boat (Bayliner with a 4.3 in board) I used them twice.. The other 100 times that I broke down I was able to fix it LOL I don’t remember if I gave them lunch money but I do remember I gave them sodas water and chips… My tows were short though... If I broke down at Cat I...
  297. Deno

    9-15 GPS died no 1010

    That sucks!! I was looking forward to your report.. I too always take my small GPS that I hunt with for back up.... It would suck to navigate in the fog with no radar or GPS. Although I took the Coast Guard course awhile back I don’t remember shit!!! LOL
  298. Deno

    09-14 Nados 371-302

    That&#8217;s some funny shit and your right it probably was your hook.... Your hook saved a lot of the very small yellows life LOL my dad went to war on them things and all hooked right once I tied that circle hook on&#8230;
  299. Deno

    09-14 Nados 371-302

    When you’re ready to sell me your rig for cheap LOL JK I want diesel next… I want that long range I’m shooting for a 26 Blackman Billfisher or Outerbanks…. Your rig is nice though.. Very cool WOW had no idea it was you!! Cool glad you believed me LOL that was some funny shit!! Ass...
  300. Deno

    Underwater Clips from the 181 & 182

    Very cool thanks for sharing...
  301. Deno

    1010 trench 9-14-12 in snotty weather

    NICE!!! Do you have to rub in the Pilot house part LOL Sorry I didn’t run with you dude. Thanks for the invite we did ok on the YT at the 302 right after I talked to you…
  302. Deno

    09-14 Nados 371-302

    Very cool!! My dad had a blast... Yes the weather sucked for us, that or I'm turning into a little bitch LOL Hey was that you they were calling BS on?? We were laughing at them…
  303. Deno

    09-14 Nados 371-302

    We were on the water by 4AM got some really good bait from SDBay. The plan was to go below the 425 maybe even the 1010… Got to the Point and ran into thick nasty fog and wind!! It sucked as I have not ran this new to me boat in the fog …. HUGE difference from my 252 Wellcraft "PILOT HOUSE" with...
  304. Deno

    YT/dodo/BFT hunt...coronado Islands and out....

    I did the same and yes it SUCKED!!!! Caught fish though.
  305. Deno

    1010 Saturday? 9-15-2012

    Hope you guys kill them&#8230; That was our plan yesterday but the fog/wind was BAD!!! Saved the day with Yellow tail and one Dorado at the 302.. Good luck guys..
  306. Deno

    302/371 9/13 snotty & rat yt

    Thanks for the report....
  307. Deno

    Limits yft, dodo's, yt, Albies way down the line...

    Thanks for the report dude.. Going out in the AM..
  308. Deno

    Odd sighting on the D3

    LMAO!! Poor Vermonster...
  309. Deno

    9/12/12 Chickens by the 1010

    NICE!!!! Going in the AM thinking of doing the same run....
  310. Deno

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    WTF!! I'm lost... Good night
  311. Deno

    La Bocana 7/2-7/8

    Nice!! I want to go to there but Derek wont take me... LOL
  312. Deno

    Is my son playing too much call of duty?

    I hear ya… I have a 10 and a 6 that live dream shit HALO!!! Crazy stuff nowadays…
  313. Deno

    182 ON THE "ON ONE" 9/10/12

    BECAUSE HE CAN!!! Nice job bro, Friday can't come soon enough….
  314. Deno

    1983 26 Blackman

  315. Deno

    1st Bow Buck.....A-22

    NICE!! Congrats Sir.
  316. Deno

    What you might find south of the border

    Thats the way to do it right there...
  317. Deno

    What you might find south of the border

    Been there done that on my rig… They had one just forgot it.. Thanks for sharing the Vid at least we know they are being cool....
  318. Deno

    What you might find south of the border

    Very cool of them!! But really dude you had someone without a ”permissions" in Mexican waters!?! That’s CRAZY!!!!! Go buy Loto Bro….
  319. Deno

    Blackman 20 "Spray No More"

    Thats cool looking...
  320. Deno

    Davis Bahia 25 Diesel

    I want your rig!! LOL
  321. Deno

    09-07-12 Nados/ 371 Reports and Mex Navy??

    It was interesting how the Mex Navy was working what looked to be the border, every now and then they would head straight at us only to turn back West then again WTF they must have been sipping on good tequila LOL I have been fishing this general area for a few weeks (A little closer to the...
  322. Deno

    09-07-12 Nados/ 371 Reports and Mex Navy??

    This whole visa thing just sucks!! I need to just get off my ass and go to TJ and investigate for myself... The reason I say it sucks is because with the gas prices I can’t afford to run 200 miles by myself!! So the last minute to your buddy’s, “Hey you want to go out tomorrow” is out the door...
  323. Deno

    09-07-12 Nados/ 371 Reports and Mex Navy??

    <FONT size=3>Arrived at the Middle Grounds at 6:30 AM did the slow troll thing and drift for NADA, I did meter fish though... Hit Puckey for the same… Left the Nados at 8:30 the plan was to hit the 371, 302 North and back home…. About 4 Miles West of the Nados we found lots of paddy’s all had...
  324. Deno

    Local YT smackdown

    Nice!!! Thanks for the report.. Going out in the AM. Any Mex Navy drama??
  325. Deno

    Cabo to San Diego with Captain Dave Hansen

    Bad ass!! I want to do that trip....
  326. Deno

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    NICE!! Thanks for sharing...
  327. Deno

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    I better change my line tonight LOL Thanks for the report and congrats!!
  328. Deno

    1983 26 Blackman

  329. Deno

    Everything But the Right Kind......

    Crazy!! Thanks for the report...
  330. Deno

    Pig Albacores

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing...
  331. Deno

    La Bocana

    Ok, let me know.
  332. Deno

    La Bocana

    NICE!! Derek, I responded to your PM via text.
  333. Deno

    Mark @ Monsoon Marine- two thumbs up!

    Cool thanks! I need some work later...
  334. Deno


    NICE!! Thanks for the report..
  335. Deno

    Pigs at the Pens 8-29-12

    Thats what I'm talking about!! Congrats and thanks for the report..
  336. Deno

    coming soon to ....

    Key chains??
  337. Deno

    Can I get a duplicate A22 tag

    Get it on line.
  338. Deno


    Cool!! Can't wait to see her on the water... Yes its all about finding that right paddy... We found them on Saturday but they had lock jaw..
  339. Deno

    decent day

    LMAO!! Bunch of haters…. I fished the same paddy as he called us in on it…. Yes it was US waters. I came home with 20 Yellows, only 3 were less than 24". We left them biting because we wanted to save our bait… We caught them on the chunk,Iron and bait.... Every bait = a fish on that paddy it was...
  340. Deno

    Deno produces!!!

    </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P style=[/IMG] You guys are silly!! Thanks for the Kudos but the BIG thanks goes to a238killfish as he is the one that saved the day by calling us in on the paddy!! (Paddy Fishing decent day (<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns =...
  341. Deno

    Deno produces!!!

    </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P> </P><P style=[/IMG] You guys are silly!! Thanks for the Kudos but the BIG thanks goes to a238killfish as he is the one that saved the day by calling us in on the paddy!! (Paddy Fishing decent day (<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns =...
  342. Deno

    Dodo's, Yellows, Blue Fin

    NICE!!! Hows the skiff?
  343. Deno


    Fished the same area I fished on 08-24 in hopes of more Yellow Tail action for a whole new crew&#8230; Fish Gods must have thought I was greedy because we only caught one rat Yellow tail and a Dodo.... But that&#8217;s ok as it was a nice day on the water&#8230;.. Also ran to the 182 and...
  344. Deno


    NICE!! Thanks again for letting us slid in bro…
  345. Deno


    LOVE IT DUDE... Its a whole new boat, she looks sexy too LOL
  346. Deno


    20 Yellows 1 Dodo for 4..... North of the 302 kinda chopy blue water in the 70ish... Good luck Deno
  347. Deno

    Dorado 8/23

    NICE!! Thanks for the report...
  348. Deno

    East Butterfly

    NICE!! Going out in the AM too.... Thanks for the report.
  349. Deno

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Who's In?

    I'm not in but i'll be fishing that day :-) good luck..
  350. Deno

    Solo to the 182 YT but never did it like this before...

    NICE!! Thanks for the report.. Going out in the AM. We have been catching one or two a trip on the chunk bait this year...
  351. Deno


    NICE!!!! Is Friday here yet!?!? Thanks for the report..
  352. Deno

    Rpt-Sun-08-19-12 Bluefin Tuna and Do Dos!

    Great report and congrats!!!
  353. Deno

    San Diego Offshore - Weds 8/15 - Killed'em and found a sea monster.

    Thanks for the report dude... Looks like a Saluki fish to me....
  354. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    The Bow pulpit? If so, no I bought that from Chingon last year.. I think he knows the guy that makes them though.....
  355. Deno

    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    LMAO!! Thanks again guys.... P.S Carl go catch some birds LOL
  356. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    Thanks bro..And yes he cracks me up...
  357. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    His rig is bad ass!! I thought the welds were good LOL I’m very happy with the rail, he’s done a lot of work for me and always been a pleasure working with him… Just sharing some boat porn….
  358. Deno

    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Thanks guys!! Yeah your right on the Mahi LOL
  359. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    We need to just go LOL
  360. Deno

    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Thank you!!:hali_olutta:
  361. Deno

    08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Started at the North 9 for nada worked the 302 for a Dodo on a black and purple feather in the 302 area. Got another on a dine…. Hit the 371 for nada, moved on to the 425 lots of birds. My dad said he saw tuna jumping, I did not see them…. We were working our way to the 101 and found a pattie...
  362. Deno

    425 - U. Hidden to 101 to S 9.

    Thanks for the report going out in the AM.
  363. Deno

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Bad ass!! Worth every penny…
  364. Deno

    New Bow Rail from Chingon.

    On 08-06 I dropped off my rig at Chingons metal fabrication. I told that crazy fooker I wanted a "SAFE WORKING BOW RAIL", one that I could actually lean on and not worry about going over, as my kids are going out with me now…. I also asked him to add more rod holders on the T- top. He tells...
  365. Deno

    Where are the 3/4 day sport boats catching dorado?

    Good luck in the AM. I'll be working O.T
  366. Deno

    60,50,40lb seabass and albacore

    NICE!!! Congrats...
  367. Deno

    2007 29ft Pacific Skiff - barely used

    I love these rigs!! Good luck
  368. Deno

    Happy Birthday Bank Robber

    Happy Bday buddy..
  369. Deno

    Dorado and wind! 8-5-12

    Thanks for the report and ###....
  370. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    LMAO!! Good luck on your trip dude... Talk soon
  371. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    10-4 Don't worry your wife will be in good hands LOL Damn!! I'm stuck with your Brother In-Law!?!? LOL
  372. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    Thanks dude... See you next weekend!! :drunk
  373. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    What rig? Text you in the AM.
  374. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    Where ya going? Tuna hunting?
  375. Deno


    Nice!! Congrats and thanks for the report..
  376. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    LOL Carl is on fire this season.... Good for him
  377. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    Hey!! Whats up VERY COOL on the skiff!!! .. I'll be out again this Saturday (I hope) Boats at Chingon getting a bigO bow rail installed.. Thanks for the report..
  378. Deno

    Offshore 8-4-2012

    No problem Frank, all those crazy people on the radio make me laugh all day and keep me entertained!! LOL let me know when you want to work the water together, we can cover more water…. I'll be out every Saturday except 08-18 and 09-1 and I'm sure if it ever heats up I'll take a day or two off...
  379. Deno

    Offshore 8-4-2012

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comI called both of you fookers on the radio all day... I did not stop by the Nados cause I knew if we hooked up my dad would bitch about running offshore LOL <o:p></o:p></SPAN> <o:p></o:p> My report Cleared Point Loma at 5AM with so so...
  380. Deno

    08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    Cleared Point Loma at 5AM with so so bait… I went straight down put the jigs in shy of the 101 trolled South came back up the 425 never saw patties or fish.. I was going to go investigate the 371 but dad and my ten year old looked bored.. Headed toward Nados found some patties no one home...
  381. Deno

    Coronadodo and yt 8/3

    Very nice thanks!! Going out in the AM..
  382. Deno

    This Sat Aug 04

    I'll be out too.. Should be in the water by 4:30. NOT stopping at the Nados this time LOL
  383. Deno

    Rpt-Wed.-08-01-12 Aztec Tuna and Tails!

    NICE!! Thanks for the report.. Hoping for the same as I'm taking my 10 year old off shore on Saturday....
  384. Deno

    7/31 local banks

    NICE!!! Fucken Carls on fire.. Congrats guys can't wait for Saturday....
  385. Deno

    It happened to me!

    WOW That sucks dude...
  386. Deno

    Sat. Aug 5-----> Mexican Waters or Bust

    Are those for Pelicans? :rofl:
  387. Deno

    Sat. Aug 5-----> Mexican Waters or Bust

    I'll be down that way too. Good luck
  388. Deno

    302 Yellowtail Report 7/29

    NICE!!! Thanks for the report....
  389. Deno

    07-28-12 La Jolla/North9/Green tank PL.

    Thank you!! And yes they had a blast...
  390. Deno

    07-28-12 La Jolla/North9/Green tank PL.

    I know Bro, I’ve been following your threads for a few years… You’re youngest grew fast!!
  391. Deno

    07-28-12 La Jolla/North9/Green tank PL.

    With all the shenanigans going on in Mex waters we decide to stay local and give my 5 year old a try on the big water (As He calls the Ocean)…. He did great, and he said he is ready!! LOL… Anyway we hit North La Jolla for nada BUT I did see one other boat catch a BIG yellow….. Slow trolled...
  392. Deno


    WOW!!! Thanks change of plans for me.... Thanks Maggie
  393. Deno

    Islands |Bay and Customs Shakedown* Beware

    This is BS!! Sorry to hear this...
  394. Deno

    Tow, Tow, Tow, Tow, Your Boat

    Good info here thanks..
  395. Deno

    Another Reason To Fish 40lb For Schoolie BFT

    Same thing with hunting.. You want good meat drop them quick with one shot and cool the meat....
  396. Deno

    Saturday - Marlin

    Nice!!! thanks for sharing...
  397. Deno

    Nados sat 7-21-12

    Saw you out there again, love the rig... Congrtas and yes cudas are gooood.
  398. Deno

    07-21-12 NADOS/ ROCK PILE 2 YT.

    No Precision Marine gaff, and yes I agree on the early morn.. So ready to run off shore..
  399. Deno

    07-21-12 NADOS/ ROCK PILE 2 YT.

    NO!! But I saw a few dead once LOL jk
  400. Deno

    07-21-12 NADOS/ ROCK PILE 2 YT.

    Cleared Point Loma at 5:30 with good bait from SD Bay. Hit the Nados at 6:20, 6:30 hooked up. Hit the South Lee, South Kelp and the Rock Pile (Big swell there) wet ride home big swell and two Yellows… More info on Fish Dope..
  401. Deno

    July 20 - Coronados and outside

    NICE!! Thanks for the report going out in the AM.
  402. Deno

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    Cool!! Thanks for the info.. And congrats on the fish...
  403. Deno

    18' Skiff with 4 Stroke 70hp $6000

    Or you can work O.T and buy her!! LOL
  404. Deno

    7/19/12 Sea Adventure 80 On the water report. Bluefin!

    Whats a "bait stop plunker??" LOL Thanks for the 411
  405. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    Fooker, you would have sold her for 30k in a week LOL JK yes i hope so too... I want one bad!! This CC at 2AM is bullshit LOL
  406. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    Cool!! Now I can stop thinking of her!!!
  407. Deno

    New Trail Cam

    X2 Bad ass!!
  408. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    I'm glad!! And I'm not scared!! LOL just don’t have the time… Like I said earlier I almost bought this rig back in 2004 it was bad ass back then… My dad still talks about this rig...
  409. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    God I hope this rig doesn't get parted out!!! I'm done with projects or I would so jump on this….
  410. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    I think so too but I'll take a billfisher when I'm ready LOL
  411. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    YES!! Your right, I fell in love with this rig back then… I'm buying a 26' Blackman in the near future just not ready… I want diesel/ range.
  412. Deno

    23' Blackman outerbanks

    Funny, I think I almost bought this rig back in 05 for 20k
  413. Deno

    07-14-12 Nados

    I wanted to go back out this AM but the wife was not having it LOL I tried!!!
  414. Deno

    NADOS SLAYFEST sat 7-14-12

    NICE!!! Saw your rig out there... Congrats
  415. Deno

    07-14-12 Nados

    Whats up dude all good, thanks to your bait tank LOL How is your rig?
  416. Deno

    Islands Yellowtail - Sat, Jul 14 2012

    "When he opened the fish box he saw the Big yellow resting on the Ice and garnished with beer cans he noticed Jumbo Sculpin we caught at the N. Island.. he askes: - what kind of fish is that?.." LMAO I saw you there..
  417. Deno

    07-14-12 Nados

    Plan was to go off shore but my dad was NOT up for it this morning so we hung out at the Nados. Caught two yellows both 25 pounds. More info on fish dope.. Heard Carl caught two huge fish?? :rofl:Good talking to you dude...
  418. Deno

    Who's going out tonight?

    I'm in 425 and South.. Good luck
  419. Deno


    Congrats and thanks for the report.. Going this weekend.
  420. Deno

    Weekend Offshore Weather Forecast 7/12/2012

    Very cool! Thank you
  421. Deno

    Another day of Mako Fishing

    Everything was fine until the damn seal showed up LOL Jk nice video thanks....
  422. Deno

    182, 43, 181 Loop.....

    Thanks for the report. I'm going hunting this weekend too.
  423. Deno

    Bluefin, Bluefin, and More Bluefin Tuna

    Bad ass!! Congrats and thanks for the morning woody (Off Shore California report) LOL
  424. Deno

    Canvas repair San Diego?

    X2 The bestest..
  425. Deno

    150 miles for NADA!! 7/6/12

    WOW thanks for the report...
  426. Deno

    Cruise photos

    Bad ass thanks for sharing dude...
  427. Deno

    Mexican Visas?

    What a mess!!!
  428. Deno

    Got lucky yesterday.

  429. Deno

    Jerks on the water in SD Bay!

    I see those dudes in the bay a lot.. They catch a lot of nice butts..
  430. Deno

    Another Lion!

    Where were you to save the day!?!? :hali_olutta:
  431. Deno

    1985 Blackman Billfisher 26'

    NICE!! Good luck
  432. Deno


    Thanks for the report... Its time to go hunting..
  433. Deno

    1984 26' Blackman FishMachine

    Thanks fooker!! LOL
  434. Deno

    visa problem

    X2 What a mes!!
  435. Deno

    A-22 sold out

    That's crazy!! D16 going fast too.....
  436. Deno

    The word association game...

    Boobies :boobies:
  437. Deno

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    FUCK!!! Someone made out big time.....
  438. Deno

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    Hey fooker!! LOL To be honest the only thing stopping me is time to go deal with a bank / loan.. My new schedule sucks!!!
  439. Deno

    Rock Pile Islands 6/27

    Thanks for the info..
  440. Deno

    Rock Pile Islands 6/27

    Congrats and thanks for the report... Any info on the Visa BS?? Thanks Deno
  441. Deno

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    X2 Congrats!!
  442. Deno

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    Yes Sir she is!!! :boobies: My next boat is going to be a 26 Blackman fishing machine just not ready, have to pay off that truck!!!
  443. Deno

    Cabo with the wifey

    Nice!!!! Looks like a blast...
  444. Deno

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    I want her!!! LOL I'm going crazy over this rig...
  445. Deno

    Ali is getting old

    Happy Bday maricon..... :hali_olutta:
  446. Deno


    NICE!! Looks like a blast…. One of these years I'll have the weekend off (always lands on my days on) and will be able to play…
  447. Deno

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    I want this!!!!!! BUT By the time I get a Loan she'll be gone …. :zelfmoord
  448. Deno

    San Clemente Island YT and Calicos! Video!

    X2 AND WORKING!!!!!!
  449. Deno

    No visa, What penalty?

    Yes and they are missing in action!!! LOL JK why just why risk it!?!? I went form not going into Mexican waters at all this year to less but longer trips in Mexican waters&#8230;.
  450. Deno

    The word association game...

    at hunting ^^^^^ hahah
  451. Deno

    The word association game...

  452. Deno

    Bighorn Sheep Drwing Notice - Successful

    Congrats!! I'm maxed out on points too and can't wait!!! Nate (El Toro) drew last year I'm sure he'll help you out…
  453. Deno

    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    This day for me... My oldest (Five at the time) about 60 miles South.
  454. Deno


    DONE!!! Now give me $5 off fish dope ahole LOL JK
  455. Deno

    32' Spectre offshore pilothouse - Sold

    Thats cool looking, is it alloy?
  456. Deno

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    I want this rig bad!!!
  457. Deno

    Need 1 or 2 people to fill empty spot on Venice LA Tuna Charter

    Good luck!! I want to go there soon. Post up pics of your trip.
  458. Deno

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    NICE!! I need to do the same...
  459. Deno

    Ghost shrimp in SD?

    I love them Bone fish..
  460. Deno

    Ghost shrimp in SD?

    THE BEST!!!
  461. Deno

    ca is up

    Sheep No Deer No Elk No Colorado Elk YES!!
  462. Deno

    Sheep and elk......

    OH!! :rofl:First season (Rifle) this year.. It’s a great hunt with lots of Elk.
  463. Deno

    Opah caught in San Quintin

    Que Chingon!! Congrats....
  464. Deno

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    This is all they needed to do instead of that MLPA BS!! Here we go again....
  465. Deno

    Sheep and elk......

    Right now right now?? I'm working what are you doing!? LOL Next year is Cabo no out of State hunt..
  466. Deno

    Sheep and elk......

    Sheep No Deer No Elk No Colorado Elk YES!!
  467. Deno

    more pictures

    I want to go there...
  468. Deno

    Why you should go slow @ night.

    :eek: "A bunch of floating lumber (appeared to be 2x6x 10')" . Sorry guys I must have dropped one or two :rofl:
  469. Deno

    South Bend.........

    hahahah x2
  470. Deno

    Gallos Gone Wild!

    As Always great report. Congrats!!!
  471. Deno

    I see dead things

  472. Deno

    Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    COOL!! I almost bought that rig.. I bought its twin brother.
  473. Deno

    Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    NICE!! Congrats... How you liking the new truck?
  474. Deno

    Lake Moreno 6-8-12

    Cool pic of the rattlesnake on the tree, thats crazy!!!
  475. Deno

    Villa Vita in La Bay?

    San Fransisquito is the shit, use to do that drive from LA Bay every summer.... Good luck joto
  476. Deno

    Bow and Arrow Shop - Great customer service

    Cool! I need to get off my ass and get into shooting a bow again.. My 10 year old wants to get into it.. I'll go check them out soon…
  477. Deno

    Well......sometimes pigs do fly.

  478. Deno

    Daytime Swords on the Booby Trap 66 Swords in 4 trip 13 for 15 on swords this week..

    Bad ass!! Thanks for sharing and keep them coming...
  479. Deno

    How do you catch a snake in the house???

    Yes not good dude… I talked to him yesterday he is recovering well now. For a while they were actually thinking he was going to lose his hand!! I shared the pic because he wants to use his experience as a learning tool as he hunts and owns property out in the sticks… I'm freaked out by rattlers...
  480. Deno

    How do you catch a snake in the house???

    My buddy's arm after he got bit by a rattle snake... Be careful bro....
  481. Deno

    How do you catch a snake in the house???

    Find that thing!! My friend got bit a couple of weeks ago by a rattler it's NOT fun…
  482. Deno

    NATE!! Zombies are here YOU READY!?!?

    LMAO!! Good one NulodPBall
  483. Deno

    Bahia De Los Angeles Memorial Wknd

    Looks like good times dude... I miss that place.
  484. Deno

    NATE!! Zombies are here YOU READY!?!?

    Crazy stuff!!! :2gunsfiring_v1: 'Face-Eating' Man Shot by Miami Police Identified
  485. Deno

    Unexpected San Diego catch.......

    You guys are dorks!! Lots of Brown Trout in the TJ Flats!!!
  486. Deno

    July 4x4 trip surf fishing 1000 miles San Diego to Cabo

    Sounds like a blast!! I miss those trips.. Good luck
  487. Deno


    X2 good luck...
  488. Deno


    SHIT!!!! That's a 36 pack of Silver bullets :hali_olutta:....
  489. Deno


    Very cool!! I got your PM, I'll go check it out soon..
  490. Deno


    Just trying to save cash so I can go fish on your new rig joto! :hali_olutta:
  491. Deno


    New roof on my patio, and yes people were actually sitting there watching me, they were probably waiting for me to eat shit. LOL The crossbeams use to be 33" apart so I ordered enough wood for that and got ass raped by homedepot on the delivery. Then I decided to go with 16" crossbeams and...
  492. Deno


    20x6 are not easy to transport!! Saved me some :hali_olutta: money :rofl: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  493. Deno


    Just sayen, why pay Homedepot to deliver 11 20x 6 when you have a boat right?!? Sorry just had to :rofl::rofl:
  494. Deno

    Charging batteries!!

  495. Deno

    TShark/Mako 9/11

    Nice!! Congrats....
  496. Deno

    Mexican Visa press release 3/12/2012

    My dad seems to think there is a lot of Shenanigans going on around the Nados/ local Mex waters and that is one reason they want to keep us out…
  497. Deno

    R.I.P. Mr. Parker (Cooter Sr.) ** Added Video Clip**

    Condolences to you and your family Curtis.
  498. Deno

    Mexican Visa press release 3/12/2012

    X2 not fishing Mex waters this year.... Going to wait and see what happens…. If nothing changes I'll just sell my rig and buy an 18 ft alloy something for inshore/lakes, and just do a few charters a year…. This blows!!!
  499. Deno

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    Cool! Congrats on your buy!! :-) I really hope your right!!
  500. Deno

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    Correct me if I'm wrong but these rigs do NOT run on the diesel from Mexico. They are bad ass trucks though… I would have bought this one as it was 5G cheaper than mine but I did not have the time to deal with banks and loans…. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
  501. Deno

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    I have the same truck and love it!!
  502. Deno

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    Even my kids are getting ready for that shit!! Nate you'll be ok with your bow.. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  503. Deno

    Moutain lion

    Hi Bruce! :hali_olutta:
  504. Deno

    Misc. boating stuff

    I'll take the toilet if you still have it, my parents could really use it for camping... I can pick up Friday or Saturday thank you Deno PM sent.
  505. Deno

    Public Land Turkey Hunting with Bigfoot

    He told me he loves you..:rofl:
  506. Deno

    Coronados 4/22/12

    Great report dude thanks.. So no Mex Navy asking for Visa or what ever its called?? LOL
  507. Deno

    PL & LJ 4/20

    Thanks for the report.
  508. Deno

    $5000 1997 18' CC Klamath 40 Mercury 2 stroke, Pacific galvanize trailer.

    I text you my info, see you in the morning Mike.
  509. Deno

    2004 Parker 1801 - Yamaha F150 - $17,900obo

    Nice rig dude, good luck..
  510. Deno

    $5000 1997 18' CC Klamath 40 Mercury 2 stroke, Pacific galvanize trailer.

    I know Bro I am done with her I'm breaking up LOL No time to finish just need her gone.... I need $$ to fish on your new rig :hali_olutta: she still needs work though...
  511. Deno

    $5000 1997 18' CC Klamath 40 Mercury 2 stroke, Pacific galvanize trailer.

    I am selling "AS IS", maybe trade for a Jeep or 4x4 Toyota truck, Rhino or?? BUT rather have the cash&#8230;. 1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project. ( 1 2 3 4 5 6) Deno <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com1997 18' CC Klamath, 1997 40 Mercury 2 stroke, 1997...
  512. Deno


    Nice!! You got me on the South of the border LOL
  513. Deno

    20ft GLENCO Cuddy $2K

    X2!! That thing is bad ass!!
  514. Deno

    Jose Wejebe RIP

    R.I.P For me, he was right up there with the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin way too soon for both...
  515. Deno

    Watch Your Back

    Hell yeah they are watching...
  516. Deno

    Where Can I buy Ghostshrimp in San Diego?

    X2 when they have them, they have nice big fookers...
  517. Deno

    The secret to crow hunting...

    LMAO!! Good one...
  518. Deno

    Calling in a mountain lion on video.

    This is bad ass!!
  519. Deno

    86 bayrunner floor question

    X2 Merlins rig is bad ass...
  520. Deno

    What kind of boat would u buy for less than 20k with these criteria..

    I love this freaken rig!!! Mar 12 - 23' Blackman fishing boat - $21500 boats - by owner
  521. Deno

    Nice Whitetail

    One of these days buddy we'll :hali_olutta: and :2gunsfiring_v1:some...
  522. Deno

    18 ft Gregor Center Console

    Very nice baja rig, good price too.... Do it Derek!! LOL
  523. Deno

    Fishing boat sank 4 dead?

    Very sad news, Condolences to the families...
  524. Deno

    Nice Whitetail

    Yes big black fooker can I shoot it?? LOL
  525. Deno

    Nice Whitetail

    NIce!! I need to go visit...
  526. Deno

    Texas pig hunt

  527. Deno

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    Guillermos for me...
  528. Deno

    21 Foot Bayrunner $8,500 obo

    Nice rig! At $5.00 a gallon we're all going to be wishing we had a rig like this….
  529. Deno

    Tree / Landscape work - Great Referal!

    Cool thanks I'll be needing someone soon too....
  530. Deno

    Anyone have any project center consoles?

    1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project. ( 1 2 3 4 5 6) Deno Hobiefish is right! I don’t know what to do with this project of mine LOL I just do not have the time to finish it but I can’t afford to let her go at a project price…. Good luck finding one.
  531. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    For what it&#8217;s worth, RICKYJ and I have PMed each other a bit&#8230;. He is the real deal and sounds like a good dude&#8230;. He hunts and loves his job, let&#8217;s start fresh give him some respect and take this thread as a learning experience to all... Shit his own boss is now on the hot...
  532. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Bingo!! You hit the nail right on the head buddy…
  533. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Just don’t kill a lion LMAO
  534. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Here's a good one for you&#8230; I have a friend in LE and even though he's in LE it is NOT legal for him to carry his off duty gun while bow hunting&#8230; Now that&#8217;s crazy!!
  535. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    One more...Can we just buy tags for these things already!?:2gunsfiring_v1: Mountain lion shooting under legal scrutiny |*
  536. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

  537. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    If you knew Bruce you would understand why I&#8217;m 110% sure he did NOT try and poach/shoot and shovel this animal, Just sayen&#8230;. PM sent Ricky J
  538. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    And again!!!! :2gunsfiring_v1: Lion mauls 6-year-old boy in Texas
  539. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    And don’t forget it was hit in the chest area and at a VERY close distance!!! But that wasn’t self-defense!?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  540. Deno

    Lions are just misunderstood......

    I wish I had a Lion tag!! Mike just make sure and NOT leave your boy alone while bow hunting.... Just sayen
  541. Deno

    New tire swap?

    What did you get? I just bought five new tires and rims for my Toyhauler and that hurt!! I bought mine at Discount tire… <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>
  542. Deno

    New Mexico Elk Hunt

    Yumm congrats...
  543. Deno

    1987 Cabo216 with F150

    Always liked this rig!! Good luck on the sell....
  544. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    That’s irrelevant!! The fact that the first arrow went through the chest at such a close range is all that matters!!! But this is Bloodydecks LOL Maybe it was all the shit in his pants that caused that lucky shot….. The point here is watch yourself and make sure you know your Game laws…. There...
  545. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Whats up dude... I agree these things have been out of control for a VERY long time (I myself have been stalked twice) &#8230;. I've deer hunted the same area here in SD since 1987. All though I have always known there are Mountain Lion in the area I have never seen one there OR the...
  546. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Then act like one!!!! Age: 29 that explains a lot!! If you truly are a Veteran, thanks for your service….. If you truly consider yourself a "professional coyote hunter" you sure as hell do NOT sound like one…. You Sir have truly made an ass of yourself on here lately…. Bruce had every right...
  547. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    DUDE REALLY!!!!!!! Who is this know it all anyway!?!?!
  548. Deno

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Thanks for posting this mess Bruce... I can vouch for Bruce I've known him a long time… He is a straight arrow type of guy BIG TIME…. This truly sucks and I too have NO respect for DFG anymore…. He did the right thing by reporting the kill AND killing that Lion…. I'm not sure if I would report a...
  549. Deno

    AZ elk and lopes coming up

    X2!!! :rofl::rofl:
  550. Deno

    sheep report

    Gorgeous animal dude! Congrats bro sounds like an amazing hunt, I was sure/hoping you were going to stick one with the Bow, you did the right thing though, would have sucked to eat that tag… I can't wait to draw that hunt... When is the BBQ :D <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns =...
  551. Deno

    17 FT Truimph CC for sale

    Nice boat bro.. How ya been stranger?
  552. Deno

    Bonefish San Diego Bay Televised, This Sunday!

    Damn there went that fishing too....
  553. Deno

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

  554. Deno

    Epic Christmas and after Christmas gift

    Nice!! Glad your Mom is doing well...
  555. Deno

    Vermonster has a song!!

    LOL Sorry Sean just had to.... Love ya buddy
  556. Deno

    Vermonster has a song!! :hali_olutta:
  557. Deno

    The "TANK" is headed to PV

    Good luck and Safe travels, sounds like fun...
  558. Deno

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    $27,000 What a steal!!! I just paid 5k more for the same truck…
  559. Deno

    Who makes the best hooks?

  560. Deno

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    Just put mine up on CL and truck trader.. If you like it make me a reasonable offer.. 2002 DODGE RAM 2500 LARAMIE SLT 4X4 DIESEL 5.9 (LOW MILES).. $16,000 OBO ***89,058 MILES*** engine not even broken in yet, automatic tranny is good to go also . . . great mileage. . . I am the original...
  561. Deno

    SD County youth turkey hunt poll

  562. Deno

    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    LOVE IT!! Keep them coming...
  563. Deno

    I found my dream job

    X2! Just saying :eek:
  564. Deno

    Bayrunner 16' Center Console

    Nice baja rig.. Good luck
  565. Deno

    AZ Mt Lion hunt trees Jaguar!!

    This one had four legs LOL
  566. Deno

    AZ Mt Lion hunt trees Jaguar!!

    Saw a Black cat (looked like a small Cougar) at a Ranch in Ensenada Mex about 20 years ago.. We drove up to some Oak trees (where we were going to camp) at night and it jumped out of a tree in front of the trucks head lights at about 20 yards or so, my cousin and I both saw it…
  567. Deno

    2008 Dodge 2500 Lone Star 4X4 - $27,500 Firm

    Shit I'll give him 27.5 but he hasn't logged on!!! LOL Text him for me joto..
  568. Deno

    5.5 more days!

    I'm maxed out and can't wait!!!
  569. Deno

    5.5 more days!

    WOW!! Good luck dude...
  570. Deno

    No Branches This Time

    Nice!! congrats...
  571. Deno

    2011 Texas Hunt

    About time!! Nice pappy sounds like a blast, congrats to both… :hali_olutta:
  572. Deno

    D16 Buck

    Nice congrats!!
  573. Deno

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    Ok cool!! You in Mesa? I’ll be there Wednesday to Friday for Thanksgiving… Not sure what the family has planned other than Cabelas and stuff, but if I have a chance we’ll hook up :hali_olutta:
  574. Deno

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    This is crazy!! Damn I got lucky….. I’ll be VERY close to his shop next week, I might have to stop by and see what this guy is really all about…. Unbelievable!!!
  575. Deno

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Cool pics thanks for sharing...
  576. Deno

    2006 wellcraft 252 coastal for sale - $41995

    Nice rig.... I had one, same year bought her new nothing bad to say about them.... safe nice comfy dry ride and long range... Good luck
  577. Deno

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Nice, congrats dude!!
  578. Deno

    D19 final day final hour

    Nice!! Congrats...
  579. Deno

    D16 Smashed today

    Nice!!! Congrats....
  580. Deno

    No dink...D16!

    LMAO!! Don't come crying /bitchen when you know who is hunting your spot fag.... love ya pappy!!:rofl:
  581. Deno

    Two Firsts and my own

    Very nice bucks congrats!!
  582. Deno

    Dodo's, YF, & YT down south

    Nice!!! Congrats and thanks for the report...
  583. Deno

    No dink...D16!

    No comment :D nice buck!!
  584. Deno

    No dink...D16!

    Congrats again dude...That's an awesome buck and a great story!! As for posting its hard not to show off this beautiful buck bro… I’m sure most don’t eat them "Super cookies" so walking 10 miles in is out of the question for most…. :rofl:
  585. Deno

    700-pound SWORD!

    That is crazy big!! Congrats to them...
  586. Deno

    Disappointed " No Mas "

    :rofl:LMAO ^.... Nice fish thanks for the report..
  587. Deno

    Putting a Friend onto two local Deer

    Good job fooker.... You should help the Vermonstor!!! Wait he said he knows where that's at!!!! ok he should kill his doe this year then :0)
  588. Deno


    Crazy fookers!!
  589. Deno

    57 LB Halibut and more

    Nice!! Congrats love that Pilot house too...
  590. Deno


    Nice!! Congrats dude..
  591. Deno

    WTF why do the same guys get Doe tags year after year?

    Not sure!! But you're right... They should be for kids, chick's rookies or old folks!! LOL
  592. Deno


    Good luck guys... I have to work!!
  593. Deno

    BD/ Charles Belnavis Tattoo final chapter

    Very nice work...
  594. Deno

    Well done and great story... Congrats on your kill..
  595. Deno

    Chronicles of a Blue Water Hunter

    Love it!!! Keep them coming....
  596. Deno


    Great!! Another stupid critter that’s going to steal my bait.. :imdumb:
  597. Deno

    VIDEO of 10 year old KID catching 211 lb Daytime Broadbill Swordfish

    Love it!! Thanks for sharing.... And congrats to the kid...
  598. Deno

    Anyone's game cam catch this deer?

    Hahaha I didn’t even noticed the broken leg and the carpet!!! LMAO Something fishy for sure…
  599. Deno

    Anyone's game cam catch this deer?

    That’s a very nice buck!! What’s the story ??
  600. Deno

    Chronicles of a Blue Water Hunter

    Too cool thanks for sharing and keep them coming...
  601. Deno

    Great fishing report... 40 sharks from 2-9 foot

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing..
  602. Deno

    LA Times + Sand Bass Decline Report = Their .02 Cents

    I would like to see 14” size limit and five per angler… I am not a pro but I remember catching limits of Calicos at the Point Loma and La Jolla kelps back in the 80s.. Can I still do it, yeah!! But not as easy :o) something happened… Same goes for the Sand Bass the last four to five years…...
  603. Deno

    La Playa Yellowtail in Asuncion!!!

    :hali_olutta:Fooker!!! Thanks for sharing....
  604. Deno

    Honda or Yamaha

    Had a 2005 250 Yami and now run a 150 Yami loved them both... No drama at all....
  605. Deno

    09/30/2011 RockPile Report -Solid Quality

    Damn!! And I cancelled tomorrow’s trip :imdumb: Congrats and thanks for the report…
  606. Deno

    RP YT 9/28

    Nice!! Congrats and thanks for the report...
  607. Deno

    Is the Torium 30 to much reel?

    You would need spectra it’s kind of narrow… Most of the guys on her use Avet reels.. I have two and do not like them....
  608. Deno

    Is the Torium 30 to much reel?

    I have six Torium 30 and love them.. Not too expensive and for what I use them for (Local off shore) they work great!! Caught Marlin on them too, I’ve never had any issues with mine.. I have the 20 too, that would be good for the kelps but good luck if you catch a BigO T shark...
  609. Deno

    150 miles south 9-22/24

    NICE!!! Wish I could do that.... Thanks for the report..
  610. Deno

    2007 Triumph 215cc Suzuki F140

    Sorry to see this Bro!! Everything ok??
  611. Deno

    Friday 9-23-2011 Pens

    Thanks for the report...
  612. Deno

    Reliable 60"x33" Offshore Kil Bag $80.00

    Holy Shit where this fooker come from!! Hope all is good brother...
  613. Deno

    09-17 Tuna pen report and Marlin..

    Thanks guys... No one really stuck around the pens that long maybe till 8ish... Then went looking around... Im working on it as he is very excited.. Its a little Canon power shot SD1200 IS..
  614. Deno

    09-17 Tuna pen report and Marlin..

    Short and sweet as I just got in and I am beat… Cleared Point Loma at around 3:30 with some good bait… Got to the Tuna Pens (Same numbers as before) at gray… No one hooked up no radio fish and NO fish for us… My dad hooked a very nice Marlin at the Tuna pens on 30 pound line 20 pound leader...
  615. Deno

    the deer are telling me something...

    Thats some funny shit... LOL
  616. Deno

    Head'in to the Hidden Tomorrow--9/14/11

    Good luck, I plan on fishing it Saturday...
  617. Deno

    Transducer change!!!!

    I just had Honor Marine install mine last week… They charged me $160 and did a bitchen job… I do most work on my rig but no way I was going to drill a hole through my hull!! Good Luck Honor Marine Electronics 2120 Main St San Diego (619) 233-7666
  618. Deno

    Colorado Archery Elk Hunt 2011

    Nice!!! Welcome back papi LOL maybe someday I’ll join you jotos… Hey the little generator saved my ass on the power outage…
  619. Deno

    Triumph 215CC 22

    WOW very clean rig!!
  620. Deno

    Went Long and it paid off!! yft,dodo,yt

    BAD ASS!!!! Congrats on your catch bro.... Wish I had a crew with Balls and $$$ to make that run too....
  621. Deno

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Love these rigs!!
  622. Deno

    Slugs on the Sea Adventure

    NICE!!!............................. IF TRUE!!! LOL
  623. Deno

    Solo Mission WITH PHOTO!

    Nice!!! Congrats...... I was going to try and do the same this AM but slept through my alarm!!! Oh well next Thursday (Yes boat was hooked up LOL)
  624. Deno

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    Yes I was one of the lucky ones I guess.. He took forever and would answer my emails and phone calls.. Really sucks to see this as his prices were great and he seemed like a cool dude.... I have no complain about my Leaning post… FUCK now I have to go kiss CHINGON’S ass!!! LOL
  625. Deno

    First archery buck

    Very nice congrats!!
  626. Deno


    X2 nasty shit....
  627. Deno

    Squidco in San Diego-Reel Repairs

    My kids love going there because they get free candy!! LOL Yes best in town that’s for sure… Oh and he always has good Ghost Shrimps :0) :hali_olutta:
  628. Deno

    Blackman Outerbanks Diesel 23

    God I want this rig!!!
  629. Deno

    8/26 YFT/YT/Dodo

    Nice!! Thank you...
  630. Deno

    8/15/2011 Coronado Islands

    Thanks for the report Tony..
  631. Deno

    Check out my Center Console Enclosure!!

    Very cool!! They are 110% behind their work good quality stuff that’s for sure, NOT flakes and will work with you…
  632. Deno

    Check out my Center Console Enclosure!!

    Hanley Canvas Products are bad ass and do top of the line work… They work out of their garage husband and wife team… They did my boat cover for my 252 WellCraft, I was very happy with the work, so I had them do my Center Console Enclosure and it came out bad ASS!!! No snaps to the T-top all very...
  633. Deno

    Thanks Ultimate Catch

    He's a FAG!!!! But he is a cool dude and a great friend with a bad ass GYM....
  634. Deno

    Middle Grounds 8/9

    Now thats a fish report!! LOL Thanks for the info and congrats on your catch...
  635. Deno

    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    WOW!!! Very sad news, I almost bought his Parker cool dude… RIP Sir
  636. Deno

    coronados #26 YT

    Nice!!! Congrats
  637. Deno

    8-7-2011 La Jolla test run

    Cool vid congrats...