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  1. Alan

    Lahaina Help needed

    I will be visiting a friend in Lahaina Mid March. He has access to a 25 Grady. I have plenty of boating experience and but am looking for advice for a local tackle shop and also what type of gear I should bring. Thank you in advance. Also would be happy to exchange the favor here in central...
  2. Alan

    Looking for a duck dog and spoiled Lab

    Had to put my last dog under after 12 great years. I am looking for another Lab to spoil. Preferably a rescue Lab that can bring a duck back and is trainable.
  3. Alan

    Advice asked new volvo v8 manifolds

    Time to service/replace my manifolds. With the factory volvo ones at 1500 or so has anyone had good luck with some of the other ones such as Sierra?
  4. Alan

    Any suggestions for a brand name on new led deck flood lights?

    Looking to upgrade my deck lights any thoughts on a cost effective solution?
  5. Alan

    New tow rig recommendations

    Looking for a new 3/4 ton truck diesel. Any advice from a diesel expert? Ford/Chevy/Dodge on getting a new one and if not should I buy an older one?
  6. Alan

    Brass Hardware needed for old wooden tackle box

    Anyone have any sources for brass corners/hinges for an old wooden tackle box resoration?
  7. Alan

    New Washdown pump recomendation?

    Any thoughts my 20 old pump is worn out?
  8. Alan

    Skipjack 25 window repair

    Any referrals for someone who knows how to and has parts to reseal marine windows and minor repairs? Preferably in Ventura County. Thank you
  9. Alan

    Exotics made it to Ventura County

    Caught this at the temp break east of Anacapa 119 18 33 58 . Mexican Flag.
  10. Alan

    Dog outfishes me again Channel Island Seabass

    Girlfriend slept through it but had a great day on this fish.
  11. Alan

    Channel Islands WSB

    Had a nice day on the water with my son
  12. Alan

    Do you final rinse your boat with Soft Water?

    The water here in Ventura is hard. I was thinking of hooking up an outside tap with softwater from the house for a final rinse. Do you do this? And other than wipe the boat down after washing right away do you have any suggestions to eliminate water spots?
  13. Alan

    Help with Volvo 5.7 gxi engine problem

    Leave for 13 mile trip engine runs fine. Take off engine dies as getting on plane for split second. Starts right up make mental not to change fuel filters even though did that early in season about 100 hours ago. Fast forward 1 hour later of drifting rock piles engine barely runs and dies...
  14. Alan

    1 fish in Ventura

    Honey caught this thing. She let me catch the Bat Rays.
  15. Alan

    Central Valley Ducks

    Had a great shoot with my Dad. 5 ringnecks, a canvas, and a cinnamon teal. Crummy cellphone shots but my dog did great. She is handling well and retrieved a cripple approximately 100 yards out with hand signals. She is having confidence that if I send her blind she knows something is there...
  16. Alan

    Gustine Ducks

    Limits for Dad and I. Dad is now 78 and sure enjoys duck hunting. Nice bag and done by 10:00 am. First time "Chelsea" handled for me. It sure was exciting sending her out 50+ yards and getting her to change direction with a whistle and hand signals.
  17. Alan

    Mountain and Valley quail

    2 Mountains and 2 Valley with my Black Lab. First on the Mountain Quail in Cuyama.
  18. Alan

    Heres a good deal on a boat

    FREE SEA RAY non related
  19. Alan

    Chelsea's first quail

    Turned out my new duck dog is a good quail dog also. Went for a local hunt on public land and jumped a couple of coveys. Had a great time with the Lab and my bud.
  20. Alan

    Help with new gear

    I dove allot in the 70's and plan to start up again. Can someone suggest a good shop in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or San Fernando Valley. I plan on purchasing a new wetsuit/regulator/gauge/bc/ and maybe fins/mask snorkel. I am looking for good quality but am trying to watch costs. Any...
  21. Alan

    Advice on towing a waverunner

  22. Alan

    Advice on towing a waverunner

    So a friend of mine wants me to ride out to Santa Cruz Island with him buddy boating. I have a feeling I may need to tow back etc. Any thoughts or experiences? Thinking a bridle and displacement speed?
  23. Alan

    Baby Seal

    Baby seal walks into a bar... Bartender asks, "What'll ya have?" Baby seal says, "Anything but a Canadian Club"
  24. Alan

    BPPertro must watch info

    Finally the truth.... YouTube - BP Spills Coffee
  25. Alan

    Easy way to determine if Wife loves you more than Dog

    Lock them in the trunk together. Drive around for a few blocks. See who is happy to see you when you open the trunk up..........
  26. Alan

    Suggestions needed for levelwind reel

    Looking to purchase a new level wind reel for HONEY. Something that will not break the bank and will be fishing mostly 50 braid for rockfish. Currently she has a shimano 400 and a penn gt. Thank you Alan
  27. Alan

    Corral marina fuel

    Is gasoline available and anyone know the aproximate price?
  28. Alan

    Gustine ducks flying naked black bitch

    Windy day but managed a nice limit of Mallard, Sprig, Gadwall, and Ringnecks. Great time with Dad and the dogs. Sorry for the poor quality cellphone camera shot.
  29. Alan

    Ventura area dog training friend

    Looking for new friends to work dogs together for duck hunting. Prefer located in Ventura area but any where withing 50 miles for midweek training would be great.
  30. Alan

    Sat 4 girls 2 boys Rockfish/Sandbass

    Nice pick on the bottom critters today. Went for a double date. Fishing was great and no one wanted to leave. Weather was calm which surprised me based on the NOAA forecast. Great whale show while fishing.
  31. Alan

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    Any advice here. Thinking small microwave/inverter or 12 volt coffee maker? Thank you Alan
  32. Alan

    Help With Vancover Island Trip planning

    Honey and I are planning a trip probably in May? Leaving from Port Angeles or ? towing the boat up from Central California. 2 weeks or so fishing around the Island, camping, fishing, sight seeing. and staying in some harbors on our boat. any suggestions such as charts, books, suggestions would...
  33. Alan

    Advice on New Windlass/Anchor Skipjack 25

    Need some advice. I purchased a new to me skipjack 25 Fisherman currently own a 20. I would like to install a windlass on this one and it needs a new anchor package. The anchor hole is relatively shallow so I am inclined to believe a horizontal windlass would be better. I am also thinking of...