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    Mulege Fishing Captian

    Need help finding a reliable fishing captain from Mulege to captain our boat this Saturday. Any help would be great

    Chivato / San Bruno Late Report

    Drove out Saturday June 1st . South bound road was very nice. Fished light jerk baits from the shore while in Chivato , to my surprise jerk baits are deadly!! We caught the usual Triggers, and Pinto Bass, but this year held some surprises !! We caught lots of Corvina, my boy even landed a...

    Shipping package to Santa Rosalia

    I figure this will be the place to ask for help. Does anyone know how to go about shipping a package from TJ to Santa Rosalia ? I need to send a pair of glasses Actually my wife’s down in TJ now and she’s not having any luck Any info would be helpful

    Any reports for San Marcos Island?

    Me and the Family are headed out to Punta Chivato at the end of March, Planed to fish San Marcos Island or Tortuga for a day or two. I haven't seen any reports for the area any new would help.

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    I've been up and down that Road Many many many times, as much of you here have. We always notice the shrines on every White Knuckle curve and even on some on the Wide open Straight Aways , my thoughts were always " Dammm That Sucks " Then I'd grip that Sterring wheel alittle tighter and Open my...

    San Lucas / San Bruno May20 - 22

    Ok, 4am Thursday morning load up the car, pick up the guys and were off. Ended up leaving @ 6am. Made it to Santa Rosalia by 7pm the Drive was Sweet no traffic, no cows, no accidents, no mordida. Friday morning @4am we make the drive down to San Bruno for some yellow tail fishing at San Marcos...

    Santa Rosalia Yellow's

    Ok since no one else seems to wana do it Here it goes...Thursday morning 4am were off we arrive in Chivato around 8:30pm "we made alot of pit stops". Friday morning 4am we drive to San Bruno and Jesus "a friend of Rigos" and a new friend of mine. we head out to 110 bajo and in no time at all...

    Baja Fishing Rules and Regs.

    I plan on going out to Punta Chivato / Santa Rosalia area to do some fishing. Had a few questions to ask. At what age to you need to have a Mex. fishing license is it 16yrs old like here in the States?? Our boat is registerd for the U.S only, Do we need to have it registerd for Baja? What else...

    Medal Core Rock Band

    Hey everyone just wanted to share my Sons ( Medal Core ) Rock Band music. This music is a mix of Hard Core and Medal, Thats what he tells me anyway. They just finished recording their first 5 songs one is a remake and the other 4 are writen by my son. Give them a listen. Comments are welcome...
  10. ARTURO

    Aug.2008 Chivato Trip.

    Well yes this is my first fishing report post, since there is no current information for the Chivato area I'll just give my own. Made the drive down August 21 st. 4am with my Three boys and Father n law, absolutely no problems to mention. arrived in Santa Rosalia approx. 8pm. Went fishing for...
  11. ARTURO

    Mulege or Santa Rosalia Report??

    Just took a look at and to my disappointment, no fishing report for the area of Mulege or Santa Rosalia any news would be appreciated.
  12. ARTURO

    Baja Special

    I just bought this reel " Baja Special" that was on sale for $179.00, Now the first one I Bought was a little more costly. "Really nice Reels" Now I was just wondering why was it on sale for so cheep. :_shopping