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  1. svue

    When you get a cow and then a super cows comes onboard

    Hey guys, I should post more often as we had a stellar season and I should contribute more often to forum. Hit the offshore with some friend in search of yellowtails and dorados around the 119 lines, I haven’t caught or hooked a single yellowtail or dorado all season and was bummed. Good thing...
  2. svue

    Tanner Bank Tuesday

    way to go on the gaff job... not many hook popping right at gaff ends like that. Good job
  3. svue

    Late report 9-11 SCI

    What size boat you have. Running at night sucks when weather is up. Good call
  4. svue

    SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    Don't give up, when you are metering is when you have to put your game face on, make sure your flyer is swimming perfect (Gyro needed), rigged to perfection, slow down a little, work the bait. Frozen flyers aren't magical device, even at $35/bite, if it gets bit and it misses, change the bait...
  5. svue

    SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    You brought banana. They bit really well For us
  6. svue

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    He said money is no problems.... 40' boat, 30 knot cruise... we have got to catch up with the east coast and Texas charter boat, when you tell them about 8 knots boat out of so cal ports going out all night before you can wet a lines only to realize you are 45 miles from port and you have 2...
  7. svue

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    The only guy I know is the Bad company boat, the boat find the fish and hooks up, txt you on the sat phone, then you fly helicopter on 15 minutes, fight the fish, gaff and come home via helicopter, sip some wine, tuna come home ready to eat after you showered and all your rich friend shows up.
  8. svue

    Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    how did you manage to catch such small BFT... haven't seen those in 5 years
  9. svue

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Nice haul, but keeping calicos from the Long Beach break wall is kinda frowned upon... Lots of calico anglers tree huggers out there.
  10. svue

    Catalina Fish Report, Whats wrong?

    Front side Catalina is joke... dfg know that the backside weather sucks... so they need to make 80% of the front side MPLA so they can get revenue... I got a Ticket last year slow trolling, we reeled in our lines as we were entering the no fish zone and he still ticketed my friend. We were about...
  11. svue

    Offshore report and FD vent

    Albacore is can tuna, what’s the big deal since we have bft why would you go chase them.
  12. svue

    Limits at the Butterfly 11/16

    Awesome, long haul for sure
  13. svue

    November Catalina Tuna

    Whatever you’re using to take pic really gives the tuna a nice color
  14. svue

    YFT off Cat (Newport Beach, 3/4)

    she can ride on my boat on a crappy day anytime
  15. svue

    Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Well, did you share your fish on that trip?
  16. svue

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    LOL... that's what I said too last week... I'm over it and then 3 days later we're loading up the boat again. This time it's for real... finger crossed
  17. svue

    Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Get on a 4 pack or specialized big BFT trips... Not cheap, but at least you won't have to fight 31 other anglers who want to pull on fishes as well... But if you still insist on just paying for that one guy who goes home with all the tuna meat, you can come on my boat pay for all the gas, beer...
  18. svue

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    Bridle one of them, send it back on a big rig, slow troll and catch one of those cow yellowfin cruising around catalina.
  19. svue

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Still lots of nice fishing days, check forecast, the problem we’ve been having is not enough wind to fly kite. From SD right back home is downhill. But I launch from Long Beach.
  20. svue

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Lol, sorry for being sarcastic but the fever is real. still time to get a nice tuna back of sci. tuna as far as the eye can see with no one around if you’re willing to brave the 2-7 knot wind temp doesn’t really matter, it’s fall fishing, balloon, kite and those expensive stick bait. They’re...
  21. svue

    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Sci, lots of jumbos still for the taking. Was hoping to get on the board with the super club this year. We have caught so many BFT this year but the gods haven’t smiled on me this year. Our last effort to deck a super cow came way short again. taped at 202. It’s seemed if you didn’t get a super...
  22. svue

    Actual 40 pound tuna .

    Bluefin weighs more than Yellowfin in the same size.
  23. svue

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Those big BFT are retarded fish, I casted a live sardine in the full on foaming fish and they wouldn't touch it but they swallowed a stinky frozen flyer. Stupid ass snowflake BFT.
  24. svue

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    we need to bring it back with helicopter landing and it drift around SCI.
  25. svue

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    lucky, it would have sucked to have spent 8 hours trying to get this fish in the boat. This fish really wanted to die.
  26. svue

    SOLD Simrad RS35 VHF radios (2)

    does it have AIS. if yes I will take one
  27. svue

    Forth times a charm

    You only got 4.... just kidding... catching is better than fishing
  28. svue

    At Clemente now

    :cow:, pretty close. Not that I should go that fast. I just wanna go home
  29. svue

    At Clemente now

    Last week it seems like the seiners we’re wrapping the smaller bft 50-8. Whatever was put there only the big boys are still roaming around. The back side had so much bft was you couldn’t go 1 miles before seeing fish 8 days ago
  30. svue

    At Clemente now

    We saw the fishes and they were breezing all over around 4pm didn’t hook up but my friend hooked and landed a 300 plus. If you go in a smaller boat leave before dark. I’ve been battered a few time In Our 30’ center console. We left at 8 and we’re still able to run a fairly fast pace that I...
  31. svue

    Bimini and isinglass being replaced

    Let me Know how it turns out. Looking to get some custom Stuff done too
  32. svue

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    great release, marling are addictive
  33. svue

    Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    To be honest, you need a little luck and keep scanning the horizon
  34. svue

    Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    There are no secret to bft fishing, just put in the time. Drift, meter mark, zig instead of zag. Keep searching and be confident on the spot you are on if you truly believe there are fish there. These fish came out out of the desert, no birds, no sign of life, just a few meter mark.
  35. svue

    Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    I hate towing all the way to SD. We waited patiently and made our move to SCI for yellowtails in the morning, WFO on firecrackers, release most of it, hates these BFT, a few years ago, it was super awesome just catching yellowtails, now I won't even gaff them, just bounce on the deck, and who...
  36. svue

    For Sale Suzuki stainless pair R and L prop 3x16 23

    I have a set of Suzuki stainless prop 3x16 23 Right and left. I had them rehubbed last year and they sat in the cabinets, until last week when I tried to use them, we noticed the LEFT Rotation prop was still spinning, the shop that did the rehub probably messed up and probably need a new hub...
  37. svue

    Weds's Zip Oceanside to 181/182/42 and Back

    Looks like all the fishes have been vacuumed clean by the seiner to the border where they can’t go
  38. svue

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    3 days long range 2 fish, hard pill to swallow
  39. svue

    Consistently Catching Bluefin Tuna!

    At least we know they are biting. Grateful he’s still posting about fish being caught locally.
  40. svue

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    LOL, awesome story. do you know how many time I wanted to to sink my boat. Only to get back to on the water 2 days later.
  41. svue

    SOLD 12" 6 lug brakes for sale

    you still got these. TXT me at 714 514 3160
  42. svue

    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    Thanks for the heads up You should see the Puerto Vallarta Trash line during rainy season, there's full size tree floating out on ocean. Caught many dorado below them as well. Don't head out in the dark.
  43. svue

    Long Beach rock fish and need FISH ID PLEASE

    Live bait, send it back for bigger fish
  44. svue

    What happened to the Prowler?

    They all have AIS, whether they are turning it on, that's another question. let's wait for more information before laying blame. The ocean has a mind of her own, she will make you pay the minute you disrespect her, no matter how ready you are.
  45. svue

    Looking for panga recommendations in PV

    Dhamar all the way, panga or sporfisher.
  46. svue

    Share 2.5 day with Danny Gomez 11-15-18

    Post a pic of your wife.... lol you should just wing it between two of you, it would be much more epic, like a second honeymoon.
  47. svue

    Mission bay guest slip, where should I go

    My trailer bearing failed while towing down to SD, where is the best place to slip my boat for a few days till I fix the trailer?
  48. svue

    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Nice, love the video. I do it solo many times too. Sometime at home as well...
  49. svue

    For Sale Furuno nav net vx2, Radar dome, network sounder

    Updated my electronics, these came off the boats. Nav net vx2 displays Furuno network sounder GPS antenna Radar done Cables, uncut No transducer, thru Hull did not survive removal $700 for the whole lot. Located in Hb Txt or email at 714 514 3160
  50. svue

    June 2 - Coronados

    Can we not called them yellow anymore I feel offended... LOL... nice haul..
  51. svue

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Nice report, was there any Toro at all on these fishes? Also pointing the rod straight at the fish when you are fishing heavy lines will alleviate the strain on your back trust me, I have done it many times and it worked wonder on cow tuna, not to be done on light line, too much strain on the...
  52. svue

    Rpt.-03-20-18 SCI Rockfish Bonanza!

    I need to catch a fish, and soon
  53. svue

    For Sale Furuno NAVnet VX2, sounder module, Radar combo, and thru hull transducer

    Updating our electronic on KNOT REEL. These came with the boat, and were new in 2007. FOR SALE ARE: FURUNO Nav Net VX 2, sounder module, Radar and thru hull transducer. Will not separate the lot. Everything works perfectly except for the water temp, maybe faulty transducer, the temperature is...
  54. svue

    1/26 DP

    Alaska for sure....
  55. svue

    Deep Dropping in PV

    it's hard to deep drop when you see cow tuna crashing on the surface... LOL
  56. svue

    PV Report - 01/14

    outstanding job
  57. svue

    New Lo-An on the bluefin in January!

    Never ending season, right on
  58. svue

    Fun day of winter bassing at SCI / Sunday 12/10/17

    They should make a catamaran bass boat. 60mph to sci.
  59. svue

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Awesome pic with the guy pinned to rail
  60. svue

    Two Saturdays at Two Islands 11/4 & 11/11 Report

    SBI can be a real pain to get there on a crappy day, always looking forward for the ride back as it is always downhill... looks like it's almost rockfish time
  61. svue

    Old Glory tonight

    I need to own a 46’ center console
  62. svue

    2.5 day on the Pacific Queen

    Solid boat driving overnight... most captain. Would just have stuck to one spot.
  63. svue


    We’ve all had those days, wait a minute that’s almost everyday
  64. svue


    Very tempting... I have now developed the patience for big games...
  65. svue

    Another Epic Bluefin Year (Preview)

    Nice, hard to outdo the next one
  66. svue

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Hooked a dolphin once, it didn’t even know it was hooked, spooled my talica in no time. Had to thumb it hard, luckily I got most of it back. It would sucked to have 300 yard if spectra floating Somewhere out there.
  67. svue


    Mystery post... keep us guessing at all time. At least we know for sure it’s not at the 43.
  68. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Thanks guy no need to call everyone who disagree with some of us an asshole, most of us are father and most us have our own way in raising our kids. It’s still nice to hear concerned people who aren’t afraid of giving their 2 cents. I was just passing information to fellow BDEr as to where...
  69. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    He’s already asking when we can go again, maybe next week to chase to pesky little 60 pounder at tanner.
  70. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    George, I’m glad that you were concerned. As I stated before my son wanted to stay and try for a big BFT. We were 80 miles out and as I have stated before he is a seasoned offshore kids eventhough he is 8. Like most people I’m not immune to sea sick either and I know the feeling. He was not in...
  71. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    He does really well with a little dose of scopace. Rarely gets sick, just one of those days. Me and him fished 2 days out of Puerto Vallarta with the Osuna, so he’s not new to way offshore fishing
  72. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    We were going for the yellows that you told me about but they were no show for us. Didn’t think it was gonna be choppy, wasn’t even gonna bring kite set up. But around noon the wind picked up to 14 knt, making the drift too fast. So we decided to change plan. Thanks for the intel
  73. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    By the way, my kid is not yours, he loves fishing and have caught more cow tuna than your kid has, why because he wanted to stay after i offered to leave. I feel as much of an asshole as you do but we made it happen for him, he got to crank on the fish eventhough he was sick and that was worth...
  74. svue

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Last minute trip to sci. Took my 8 year old son and my old business partner. Fished sci for a big ol halibut then around 1:30 went dragging the plastic. Right before we were gonna pull out and leave cause my son was barfing for the last 3 hours. We hooked a nice model. Came to hang with us on...
  75. svue

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    Looks the same except of 250 written on back it says 300. Lol, does it make it faster, who knows
  76. svue

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    according to maurer marine both engine had very good compression. I think he wrote them on the engine, I will have to check inside cowling. I can email you the data if you give me an email
  77. svue

    2008 pair of Suzuki Outboard 25 inch DF250S

    I have a pair of 2008 Suzuki outboard DF250S 25 inch shaft that were taken of my boat after new repower. Starboard engine: 3390 hours Port engine: 1867 Hours They were in very good working condition when they were taken off. The starboard needs a valve adjustment, as it started ticking, which...
  78. svue

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    TORO party... nice haul there
  79. svue

    Rpt.-09-27&28 Day 1 Catalina Tails, Day 2 YFT Limits.

    Good time Cory, For an old man, LOL, man you can surely fish, always grateful to learn. Glad to have had you on board, you are definitely gonna be on the top of the list... Man we got stuck in traffic too, drawback of getting back to dock early, i guess... Can't win them all.
  80. svue

    ToadsToadsOnly Unicorn’s Grazing the Blue Pacific

    epic for sure... twins are better than single
  81. svue

    Three weeks worth of local marlin fishing reports and photos

    Nice report... I just remember why I am not a marlin guy... But lately I've tolerated trolling 12 hours for one bluefin...
  82. svue

    Blowing Chunks @ the 371

    Chunk is always good, dry heaving sucks...
  83. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    It bit the yummy so yes it was a giant hook. We didn't try to fish the bait at all once we were in trolling mode.
  84. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    We get between 1.25 to 1.75 mpg.
  85. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    Can't go wrong with big Parker with 2 big engines.
  86. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    usually we do 35-38 knot back home... Those Fucken EAST coast guy have it good... pretty soon the west coast is gonna be full of 3 outboard center console... My everglade 290 in Florida is consider a little boat, always hilarious when I call everglade for technical advice and the owner keeps...
  87. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    Bit the yummy... can't figure out why I spent $90 in bait
  88. svue

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    Hit desperation reef with 2 scoops of lively dines for no love on the yellowtails and small size BFT. But we were rewarded later with a another jumbo for my boat this year. Surge, our designated anglers kills it in 50 minutes. Not bad for his first time wrangling a cow bft Ride back was brutal...
  89. svue

    9/8 Shortbil Spearfish near the 277

    Nice catch and release, we caught one last year while trying to get a hook up from a acre of cow BFT boiling on a gigantic bait ball on the popper... They are rare in our water but in Hawaii, it's sorta of a diet staples there. Ours was around 100 lbs or so... we didn't care too much about it...
  90. svue

    La Jolla 9-7-17

    41 MPH at 1.5 MPG... that's a winner there
  91. svue

    3 days that lasted forever

    Well for us it's hell, for the east coast guy, it's just another day...
  92. svue

    Follow Up-Friday-Saturday, August 25, 26 Cortez Bank

    Rad report, gonna put in our tanner Cortez effort soon as well
  93. svue

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    heartbreak for sure. Popper fish are hard fighting. Pulling hard was the right thing to do. what size leader were you fishing?
  94. svue

    Propeller rehubbing shop recommendation

    Can any one recommend a good shop to rehab some suzuki stainless prop
  95. svue

    Coronado Islands 8/19/17 with my boys

    best fishing partners... good job...
  96. svue

    Last sunday 302

    Nice video...
  97. svue

    Need a hand, San Diego to Mag Bay

    FML... work really sucks right now...
  98. svue

    Jumbo Bluefin off the West End Catalina

    Awesome find, we are not worthy...
  99. svue

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Right on. I took my son to puerto Vallarta when he was six in an overnight trip for big tuna.... he still talks about it nonstop.
  100. svue

    Kelping - 7/24

    Yellowtail bellies, grill. Hard to clean but once you try you'll never touch the rest again
  101. svue

    Bluefin Fishing San Diego 7-20-2017

    Love that fish finder. Mine is always showing dark blue screen
  102. svue

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-20-17 Bluefin Tuna Ghost hunting.

    I feel you, but I would rather fish bft any day over wsb.
  103. svue

    Which boat

    bro, you have a 30' center console, isn't that big enough
  104. svue

    Advice on operating boat at end of fight w/ a BFT...

    it's all about angle, pick a corner to fight fish and move boat to keep the fish at the same angle, mostly turning right or left depending on what the fish is doing. Also, line is always coming in, if possible tighten that drag a little bit more. trust me 95 percent of the people out there fish...
  105. svue

    Massive BFT school- Local US WATERS

    I've been starring at it for like 20 minute trying to decipher the code
  106. svue

    Massive BFT school- Local US WATERS

    nice, now how do we get them to bite
  107. svue

    7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    Well, we all need dog food, and cattle feed. Most of it don't even end up on dinner table. All of our tuna are imported
  108. svue

    Sauerfish strikes again 7/8

    That's some awesome news...
  109. svue


    Nothing wrong in killing a striped marlin, they make good smoked fish. Beside they are practically pest in Cabo
  110. svue

    Catalina - 7/2

    you had me at rooster fish
  111. svue

    9th inning stretch

    right on. persistence always pays off
  112. svue

    We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    that blows for sure, there's always tomorrow
  113. svue

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    Time on the water buddy, you'll never hear the number of time we have been skunked. Gotta just do it, you never know how long this will last, we might be back to fishing albacore.
  114. svue

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    The last time I was on a 1.5 day party boat was on the Seeker. We caught a bunch of 20# bft, I donated 2 of my fish for sashimi dinner. Some guys looked at me and thought I was crazy to do so. Even gave a guy a whole fish cause he was sick the whole trip. I mean how am I gonna finish limits of...
  115. svue

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    Dude, super nice of you to split fish. I just couldn't figure out how everything was done on party boat, i haven't gone on one in years
  116. svue

    Another notch in the old

    So far yes... definitely lucky.
  117. svue

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    Dividing the fish sounds nice. Especially when you can troll all day for just one fish. 1 happy dude, trip of a lifetime, 24 other dudes paid for gas. OUCH I feel for them, on my boat kite is team work. I would hate to pray for a fish to bite all day then when it happens pray for someone to...
  118. svue

    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    Hmmm, i do want to know as well, can someone enlighten us.
  119. svue

    Another notch in the old

    Blind strike, but don't keep trolling where there are no meter marks.
  120. svue

    Another notch in the old

    Launched out of Oceanside with Billy k, and barnes Cooper on old faithful KNOT REEL. Within 10 minutes of putting out kite we get a huge, huge bite which turned out to be a 40 YFT. On any other day it would been an awesome day. Trolled the rest of the morning for nada until the tuna god smiled...
  121. svue

    6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    That's the beef right there. Nice
  122. svue

    Reds ? ....No, Yellows

    Right on, and a local Yellowtail at that. I can't seem to catch local yellowtail, but only when they showed up 2 years ago, when anyone who had a floaty thing got a shot at them.
  123. svue

    Oceanside 6/22/2017

    At least you have it a go. Keep on plunking. It will happen soon enough
  124. svue

    Pacific Voyager June 11-13

    Nice of you divi. On party boat kite should be shared. It can take all day to hook one.
  125. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

  126. svue

    Rpt- Puerto Penesco Fishing and Vacation Report-05-27-17

    you're a lucky guy. love reading your report.
  127. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

    yes don't cheap out when trolling yummy. get a heavy rig, you don't wanna waste the only bite of the day with light gear. Hero or Zero. I noticed a lot of people get out there and bitch all morning about not seeing any fish and then bone back to the barn around 1pm, guys BFT fishing is not WFO...
  128. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Don't get caught with small gear. That's the cheapeast part of the equation. Yummy far back. Don't gi
  129. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Thanks bro, very lucky this season 2 big fish in 2 weeks. Hope you can join us on the knot reel.
  130. svue

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Trolled the yummy all day today for a cow with team shake and bake. Lucky boggii killed it in 45 minutes on talica 50. Taped 245
  131. svue

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    fish porn... so much blood...
  132. svue

    Round Two

    now the next question, is, which hook got him, or it inhale the whole rig?
  133. svue

    Round Two

    nice, I like that double hook rig? where did you get a hook like that?
  134. svue

    Just Keep Skipping Just Keep Skipping - Jumbo BFT

    Right on, persistency is key... So much distraction when you see boiling fish and not giving in by reeling in the yummy. The big one are usually not hanging with the stockers.
  135. svue

    June 2 @43 report

    Heartbreak to loose a big fish. Thanks for the report
  136. svue

    Intrepid 1.5 day 5/30

    You brought a knife to a gun fight. When blue fin fishing never assume it's gonna be a stocker especially when you are dropping deep, that's where the giant lurks
  137. svue

    Living and fishing in mexico full time

    Pura vida. I hope to at least have anything close to your retirement plan, when I retired. Good job
  138. svue

    Offshore 5-25-17

    Almost time to dust the boat out of storage. Did BFT season start yet?
  139. svue

    270lbs Yellowfin aboard Aleta ,

    that's a big fish... Nice
  140. svue

    Better Than Foreast Weather + Magic Paddy = Good Times

    Always a good time fishing with the kids.
  141. svue

    Catalina Berracuda

    It's always nice to fish with your kids and get them on fishes. Remember they owned Catalina island, it's their backyard. You might as well mention his name so he can fix his attitude next time.
  142. svue


    Hmmmm Ferrari or boat???
  143. svue

    stripe marlin bite is on,

    Will be there in June, let's hope for the big blue to show up
  144. svue

    1994 33' Riviera Convertible - twin cummins, new electronics and ready for fishing!

    Nice boat, I would love to entertain my everglade, still thinking about it...
  145. svue

    4/10 San Diego 3/4

    that's a beast
  146. svue

    4/4 - BFT were EVERYWHERE! (just not biting and only 10-12 lbs)

    another BFT repeat of last year.... Lots of disappointing days in between scarce glory day
  147. svue

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    nice fish, i should've gone too, but was too beat from work. Thanks for the yellowtail you left me in front of my garage.
  148. svue

    So Is this Happening... BFT

    Way to go... Time to fuel up... You gotta put the time and money if you want glory... There are no magic number to hit when it comes to BFT fishing.
  149. svue

    3/12/17 Dana Point rockfish

    That's the way to do it.
  150. svue

    Spring break fishing

    Dhamar all the way.
  151. svue

    Friday Wipeout !!!

    epic day, 100 fish day nice
  152. svue

    Recent Tres Marias Report

    It was dead for us too, 0 fish for 2 days, not even a nibble. Yes, don't mess with those Navy boys, unless you wanna stay at the Marias Hilton.
  153. svue

    Tanner 12-3 - 12-4

    Looks like you shouldn't have been on the hook. Find the squid bed and drift it. did you use a squid light?
  154. svue

    Bluefin Tuna Tanner Bank 11/30

    Amen, you guys are hardcore...
  155. svue

    my first fishing vide0….from last wide open bluefin trip

    Laurence, we all have weather day bro, you don't know how may many we got bad weather and get skunk. You just got put in the time. Tight line
  156. svue

    Black Friday bluefin in paradise

    Right on... you guys killed it as well... We decided on this trip during thanksgiving dinner... Imagine the txt going back and forth and the wifey asking me what I was planning... LOL. But I'm glad we did pull the trigger and got out. I think we ran by you guys on our way back around 12:30...
  157. svue

    Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    kill em we did... nothing goes to waste.... lots of happy neighbor, friend, family. I don't think these fish will ever move out of so cal, if it was me I wouldn't goes anywhere the weather is so nice... How will I ever be able to pull boat out for winter maintenance...
  158. svue

    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Be careful carrying more than 10 nets. We almost got a ticket for being a good Samaritan from removing a floating navigation hazard lost net 3 weeks ago. Warden asked us why we still had a net on he T-top, lucky he gave us the reasonable doubt let go.
  159. svue

    Dead squid and BFT! 11/19

    Nice haul. These bft aren'treally chasing bait around, but lazilynswimming around and picking up whatever is falling down the water column. One of our bigger fish that was hooked felt like shark at first, it didn't even known it was hooked till we started tighten the drag on it. Who needs...
  160. svue

    Found a hoop net Catalina

    We lost 4 nets, near ship rock. Blue lines, double buoys, with bottle rigged led light inside. Stainless clip, and pvc line winder.
  161. svue

    Tanner bank 11/18

    There have been so many haters this seasons. Why can't we just all get along. Beside for those of you who can actually afford or eat ramen for a month from buying a shimano Stella reels, we all know it's a beast of a reel. We land cows in puerto Vallarta on Stella 8000 all day long. For a guy...
  162. svue

    Tanner bank 11/18

    Right in bro. On the Stella.... that's a beast of a fish
  163. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    The night we chose to go was glassy condition, we could see the reflection of the moon on the surface... With our smaller boat we have to watch the weather at all time... hence we Cancelled twice before actually making the decision to roll out. My buddy Matt was out there on his 20'...
  164. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    It was a very clear night... I know it's not the wisest thing to do. But it felt like running during day
  165. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    Would love too man, maybe jerry will run with you
  166. svue

    Tanner Bank - 11/19

    Launch at Alamitos or Dana point. Bait can be bought at nacho, but at 10pm he probably won't be coming out to sell you anything. Lots of light boat at cat right now around eagle reef. Get there as early as you can. Don't miss the night bite. As far what time to leave, the earlier the better...
  167. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    I guess next year you will be able to spot breaking fish for miles. Hang in there
  168. svue

    Tribute 1.5 Day Tanner Bank Trip

    Feel your frustration. Setup is very important for these bft. Hook size, leader size, main line, sinker and even rod plays a part in getting hooked up. That's why you always see that guy who is bringing fish over the rail every 20 minutes. Next mimic that guy. Don't wait for luck to find you...
  169. svue

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    well after debating for a whole week on weather window, and a couple of fail launch. We pushed off the dock Friday night at 9pm heading toward tanner bank. Picked up some live squid from the ultra at Catalina. Weather was nice we were doing 30knt toward tanner. Greylight came and we went to...
  170. svue

    Ethics In Fish Count Reporting

    Maybe that's why they call it fishing not catching. But Customer service should always be there even when the fishes don't show up for work on the day you go out and spend your hard earned money.
  171. svue

    WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    I just love October tuna. Especially when they are 40-60.
  172. svue


    transponder on boat will solve many problems
  173. svue

    Puerto Vallarta

    Dude, forget PV marina, fish with Dhamar, and stay at Casa Jemi in La cruz.... Contact danny for details... you will not regret it... On the other hand, Manny will also deliver the same fricken awesome fishing.... These two love fishing more than you.
  174. svue

    New lo an bluefin

    nice, looks like Im gonna have to bust out the big gear again
  175. svue

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    You make it look easy
  176. svue

    Two days of Local Tuna and a Marlin - 10/08 & 10/09

    Way to go, well worth the time that you put in being on the water.
  177. svue

    Lobster and lost gear

    What kind of divers dive at 200' for lobster
  178. svue

    Lobster and lost gear

    Sorry about your gears with the set up you have they were probably trying to rip you off. How do you get pvc to stand up.
  179. svue

    Magdalena Bay Trip

    Please chime in on how to set up a trip like that. Epic
  180. svue

    Catalina Half Day Tuna - 9/24

    you always seem to find them on the back side of Cat. way to go.
  181. svue

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    caught at 143'. It was a surprise. It spits the mackerel that my other friend was using a moment earlier but farmed, then my vet marine buddy got it on a whole squid on the next drop.
  182. svue

    SBI to SCI. Two weeks of local marlin fishing 9/7-9/17

    that sound super awesome, something I would like to do soon, instead of just chasing Toro.
  183. svue

    Did a little of local Rockfishing

    Decided to take it easy today instead of chasing the tunas. Picked up some live squid from mike at San Pedro and was almost tempted to point the boat toward Sci. Hit up a couple of local rocks for for taco meats. To my surprise we did pretty well. Few white fish for one of my killer fish and...
  184. svue

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    Dude, the tape does not lie, it's at least 45 Pound. Whatever pound it is, it is definitely a nice Yellowtail.
  185. svue

    Got one

    Radical fish. Made ours look like a rat
  186. svue

    Dana point Fish report with spear divers 8/20

    had the pleasure to drive my friend and some of his buddy for a spear diving tourney. Launched out of Dana point and headed toward the 14 miles bank to see if they can shoot a few dorados. Lots of kelp holding micro yellowtails, only to get a 5 pounder on a huge kelp. One of the diver did spot a...
  187. svue

    Another Rooster Expeditio¡¡

    crazy man, amazing shots
  188. svue

    Stowaway, Granday 2 day Aug 12-13

    nice fish on the curado... Did he ask for "Parlay"
  189. svue

    Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    Right on. Also boat work sucks, it somehow always happen during a got bite. Good thing it hasn't happened yet and you are ready to go now
  190. svue

    Got. Two

    nice. I believe those are called rats in the east coast. less than 10 min must still be some kind of records
  191. svue

    Broke a Black Hole 801h on 200 pound plus.

    sorry to hear that, it probably was an epic battle...
  192. svue

    Catalina front side yellowtails 8/13

    took a group of friend to Catalina for the day. Fished the front side all day for all the 5-10lb yellowtails. It was steady pick on the sardines. My groups had a blast and kept a few for dinner and sashimi. All fish were located on sonar between 50-120 feet, chummed to get them going. Calico...
  193. svue

    Limits of yellowtail. Coronado island

    Dan, there was 4 of us. Me and billy just basically hook and handed all day long. Our two friend passengers had a ball. We did tell them that this was not the norm, just an usual good day.
  194. svue

    Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    dorado on any day is a awesome day.
  195. svue

    Overnight boats killing cows

    Nice fish. Way to go in putting the wood to the fish. Were you slow trolling the Mac or drifting it on kite. I just had a ghost moment for sure
  196. svue

    Finally connected

    Awesome fish
  197. svue

    First local super cow bluefin

    That fish was pretty heavy, we couldn't lift it onto the filet table. We didn't want to get it weight, cause I'm sure someone if gonna get a 300 soon and I hope it's us
  198. svue

    Got one 8/3

    Dude, you at welcome on my boat anytime. And by the way. I have $20 in my pocket right now
  199. svue

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Nice guys, way to go to salvage trip.
  200. svue

    Got one 8/3

    Drift the kite with live mackerel
  201. svue

    Got one 8/3

    robert, it was a team work thing, I hooked the fish and we pass the rod only a few short time, then The Bald guy went to work. Boat maneuvering is critical and yes pull hard don't get into the tug of war stand off. Bring the right gear, I have boated my share of big yft and these Cow should not...
  202. svue

    Got one 8/3

    We got this guy around the 209 area on a flying mackerel. Once you located these fish on the meter, there is no need to boat around and waste gas up and down the coast to find that national geographic scene. Shut down, slow troll, drift your bait. Theses fishes are not swimming at 100 mph per...
  203. svue

    Got one 8/3

    persistence pays off. Fished with a awesome team today, billy k and Barnes cooper. We stuck to our game plan and was rewarded with my boat first cow bft. Stuck this one on a tiagra 50, fight time around 1hr. Taped at 240 ish. Maybe more.
  204. svue

    Worked Hard, Didn't Get Paid

    That's a lot of miles on the water. How fast is your boat
  205. svue

    850lbs blue marlin aboard El Matador

    Holy mackerel, nice fish...
  206. svue

    Giant BF and YF, Dorado too.

    we call this is the DO OR DIE
  207. svue

    Chief 2.5 Day – July 21-24, 2016

    looked like a fun and rough time...
  208. svue

    7-23-16 large fish.....larger waves

    fricken googans... tighten the drag, that's the only way to boat these monster... or they will think they caught you instead of the the other way around. Hopefully the weather god will give us a better ride tomorrow. Good effort.
  209. svue

    Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail. (Pic heavy)

    Nice write up Billy. Most people on this board don't understand how much time we put into this kind of fishing. They all think it's a wide open bite, when it is mostly skunk. But If you don't put the time and effort, you can always read our report on BD, and dream about it. As a boat owner, I...
  210. svue

    Yumme, Yumme, Yummee............................

    why do you run the egg sinker on front, is it to help bait stay in the water
  211. svue

    Baja Fishing Adventure

    Looks like irvine lake fishing, but way better like a thousand times
  212. svue

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    The tuna God have surely smiled upon you... That's a very nice fish
  213. svue

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Me and billy were talking about you, you are one crazy fisherman... Good job and amen on the trini 16..... I am not worthy
  214. svue

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    can be done for sure, but you are gonna need more than #65 tied to a #80 fluoro. or you will never lift that 200+ tuna from 50 ft under your yack. Unless you plan to fight it for a very very long time...
  215. svue

    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    We just got lucky man. Don't give up... season is far from over...
  216. svue

    Caught bft today

    I'm pretty sure you will find a ride. But remember it's still fishing, if I posted all of my failed trip, the forum will be full of SKUNK thread.... But hey if you don't swing a bat you will not hit the ball... We do make it seems like it's epic, but the amount of fish that we are pulling out of...
  217. svue

    Caught bft today

    We thought the same thing too... I haven't done surgery on them yet
  218. svue

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Fishing, fishing with son, catching tuna with son=priceless For everything else there is still fishing
  219. svue

    Caught bft today

    The 100# came on a bling strike popper. The other two were on bait. Find your own school, there is tonnage of fish out there. Scan the surface, these fish are swimming around all over the place just below surface. No need to find the breaking fish as long as you are in AN AREA THAT HOLDS FISh
  220. svue

    Caught bft today

    20 miles buddy.
  221. svue

    Overnight New Lo-An 7/16

    Right on. Good eating right there
  222. svue

    Caught bft today

    Fished south of Dana point today for 3 very small bft compared to all the monster lately.
  223. svue

    Insane foamer action

    sick.... I almost fainted
  224. svue

    Should I keep her?

    you should check regulation for sure. But I wouldn't bother.... looks legal
  225. svue


    I have an Everglades 290. And yes they are In a league of their own. A little wet when it's over 15knt wind and 5-6 swell'. But who isn't. Just installed spray shield and dry as a pilot house. It's nice to go 32 Knt all day long. But be ready to fork over a lot cash. In the east coast my...
  226. svue

    Got them to bite

    The hook pulled and I sat down and cried I did initially set it around 20-25. But as it was taking line drag was gradually tighten to 45. We boated a 170 in 15 min last time on a similar set up. I know for sure this was not the same fish and most likely bigger. The hook pulled after a 45 min...
  227. svue

    Got them to bite

    These BFT require some serious gear, I hooked one on a Stella 14000, black hole popper rod, 100# spectra and 130 fluro, and it took off like my drag was set at 20#, when it was set at 45#. Sorry to hear about your loss, i know how you feel
  228. svue

    6/26 - Chased bluefin, caught yellowtail...kind of a long read for just one yellowtail...and no pics

    Nice read and 10 point for the effort. I never leave the dock until I take a crap
  229. svue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    We were not underpowered, the bendo video segments were solely for coolness factor.... That poor BFT did not have a chance...
  230. svue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    LOL.... sorry, whenever I'm hooked to a fish, I feel like I'm in a trance
  231. svue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    It was a phenix Titan. Stella at set at 35# drag was it needed to subdue this beast. Titan popping are great but lack a little casting. I personally like the black holes challenger
  232. svue

    A little bft tuna popping video to keep you fired up

    This fish was caught on Tuesday and weighted in at 170 and boated in 15 min. East coast style.
  233. svue

    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    WTF, I'm gonna load up the boat right now....
  234. svue

    Any suggestion boat storage and launch in SD

    Thanks for all the reply, it's a 30' center console, 12K weight, not fun to tow backhand forth. and yes I will tow any day over riding 100 miles on the water even if I can cruise at 40mph. We fish mainly offshore when going to San diego.
  235. svue

    Any suggestion boat storage and launch in SD

    Trailering every week from OC is taking a toll, where is the best place to store and launch my boat for the summer?
  236. svue

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Lol, didn't think it was gonna go this long. I was being conservative and decided that it was around 150. It did feel very heavy, two of us to lift out of the water. Or let's just say it's an Internet 200, and the actual weight is 180. Thanks for all the kind reply.
  237. svue

    Nada Saturday, nada sunday

    Sorry to hear that you struck out, the BFT have been very skittish. Most of time it's a luck of the draw with a little bit of skill, you could been within the whole 5 square miles of crashing fish and not hook up at all, with 200 lber literally jumping next to you. Also, it's not always the...
  238. svue

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    By the way, we also try to bait a estimated 450 Swordfish to no avail, threw bait, dead bait, popper, right on his head for 15 min and still didn't sink out. This guy must been dreaming. Had a boat come and they had a divers but no buoy, wonder if they were able to score.
  239. svue

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Fished the 302 with most of the fleet, change these big boys. Ended up with a few fishes and an mentionable fish which taped at 150. Maybe more, no scale at home. Came on a talica 25, 65 spectra with 60 fluoro.
  240. svue

    BFT Friday and yesterday

    way to go to stick them up...
  241. svue

    Nice BFT

    monster for sure...
  242. svue

    Cat 5\18 - 5/19

    jackpot, well deserved wait
  243. svue

    5/13/16 0-2 on the BFT

    bummer on the miss... why didn't you stay around there and wait for the BFT to pop back up...
  244. svue

    60 Mile Bank - Leaving San Pedro Tonight - Need a HO

    that's a long ride, good thing you got a 35 bertram... I'm slipped nearby, maybe we can hook up later top
  245. svue

    Manic BFT Monday

    Glad to know the offer still stand... I will hit you up very soon
  246. svue

    5-4-16 frustrating BFT are moving North

    it seems to be an afternoon thing. But it does look they are moving north toward me. YEAH>>>>
  247. svue

    Manic BFT Monday

    treble hook, I personally don't like the treble, but too much trouble to change it out
  248. svue

    Bird schools and a BITCH SLAP

    excellent eating there
  249. svue

    Manic BFT Monday

    LOL... That is a big boner for sure...
  250. svue

    Manic BFT Monday

    Finally got some time and weather window to put in my first tuna trip. Me and Fishinguy got out on his sweet 23 parker. Went all the way down chasing internet Yellows at the upper finger and ended up below the 425. Hooked our first fish at 1pm after almost giving up with go home with the stripe...
  251. svue

    It's Official...

    congrats, but shouldn't your GUIDE ID be: 0000001 Always nice to be a a Sextuple 0.
  252. svue

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    feel bad for the fish this year, nowhere to hide from you
  253. svue

    Trip of a Lifetime In PV

    nice catches. By the way, in PV there is no trip of a lifetime, since you can go out get a crap load of tuna, come back drink beer and repeat the next day... Can't wait to get back down
  254. svue

    Stolen gear, moderators feel free to move this

    I feel ya. some punk took my stuff right on from of my house.... Been to a few pawn shop no luck... Now I am never gonna leave stuff in my truck.
  255. svue

    Cool video of a trip last summer

    looks like you had a good catch.
  256. svue

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    please PM me, I have fish both coast, as well, never been to gonzaga, but not baja Virgin: BOLA, SQ, Cedros have done it.
  257. svue

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    is there still any spots available on this trip. I don't have trailerable boat but will carry my own weight, can also drive and transport gear as well. It's gonna be 2 of us.
  258. svue

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    It looks like a hot day with shorts on... Nice job on the YT. Looks like a repeat of last year season is developing...
  259. svue

    Lots o'Lings 12-29-15

    well done... that's definitely a nice haul...
  260. svue

    Drones in PV ? Welcome or nay ?

    I brought one down last year. But never got to use while we were out fishing due to wind. I did fly it around the docks and beach. I would be more concern on custom confiscating it. I had no problem. I packed it in my check in
  261. svue

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    First I never said I launched the boat, second I did tell you where we went, all you have to do is look at a map. If I was a dick I would tell you that the taco meat were at double oil rigs at 230ft. these days you want good taco meat you gotta be willing to run far instead of staying local and...
  262. svue

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    The small one to the right....
  263. svue

    Last Rockfishing session of the year

    Took advantage of the weather window. Picked up 10lb of fresh dead at the Asian stores and we were off to our usual spots at the island. They were chewing the everything that fell on them. Flat falls were doing as much damages as the squid. Manage to get limit for 3 and 3 yellows, and a big goat.
  264. svue

    Just another Bug Report.....

    nice bug. 160ft for lobster, amen to that...
  265. svue

    Rpt.-12-17-15 Ice Bass'n and a Tail!

    Nice catch. What we call ice fishing here. The east coaster call summer fishing. We sure are spoiled
  266. svue

    Magbay Report

    can you chime in on how to plan a trip to mag bay?
  267. svue

    Last hoorah for yft

    As much as the YFT were good, the yellowtails were probably the biggest star of this EL Nino... They made everybody look like Pros, even me... NO YFT goes to waste here at my pads
  268. svue

    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    been meaning to get a down rigger to for yellowtail slow in the winter. That is way better grade than what we got, nice..
  269. svue

    Last hoorah for yft

    yeah i meant, January 1st.
  270. svue

    Last hoorah for yft

    decided last minute to join the party at the 9. Went to get trailer and pull boat out slip, towed all the way from long beach to mission. Lots of jig strike on skippies, yft came on chum. And live chovies that we were lucky to get 2 scoops since we were there at 4am. Heard that they ran out at...
  271. svue

    Sat 24th Rubber Ducky goes Long !!

    at least you only burned 17 gallons. My gas consumption keeps growing by the day for this WHO
  272. svue

    Yellows at the Whistler Buoy 10/19 late report

    Huge boil behind you, no time for picture, cast out get another one. Good job
  273. svue

    Tour of the ocean, close but not prize Sunday

    Those don't look like wahoo at all on your sonar. LOL We had the same thing happen to us, after trolling all day as we reel in the jig to run home. We noticed that one of the jig was hit pretty hard.
  274. svue

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    We got into them last sunday, our biggest was probably no more than 8 lbs, the skipjack were much better at bending the rods... We left a WFO to go find better grade, sad to see hundred of 5-7 lbs YFT getting slaughtered before they can spawn. Then we found trout size yellowtail that just...
  275. svue

    20 days in Snookland

    your job is too hard, take a vacation
  276. svue

    anybody been to Cortez?

    magical place, we are already planning a few trip there this year
  277. svue

    Christmas Bluefin?

    That's when you can say good by to those GOOGANS who can't make it to the CORTEZ. Last year we killed BFT on Nov 16.... The bait guy had to come open up the pen the night before, he was a super cool dude to do that for us.
  278. svue

    14, 277,152, SLIDE, 150, 105, SHOE

    why didn't you stay at the 277.... But I like a buddy who only brought 1 rod, most of my buddies brings 7 rods each, when I only have 12 rod holders, and they expect me to put mine in the lockers
  279. svue

    epic trip copout 9/06/15

    is this BD HUB, or BD tube *. Nice haul, if only I can get the wifey to pose like that with rock fish
  280. svue

    Anybody Fish Santa Barbara Island Recently?

    all the rockfish you want, and yellowtail came on strips of squids. I like to go there except it's uphill the whole F_____N 40 miles.... Can be very miserable making you long for the ride back which is downhill, and nice in any weather.
  281. svue

    Not a great day fishing but the end result is priceless!

    right on, I think it's time to ask for a bigger boat....
  282. svue

    Long Beach 9/5 report with the wife

    way to go on the temp break fishing
  283. svue

    kayaker bit by shark off Pt. Mugu

    I would understand if he was pleasure kayaking but fishing and got bit when you know there have been hammer head everywhere, you are asking for it.
  284. svue


    a rare day to be at El banco and not get a bite
  285. svue

    Rooster land!!! Coming soon

    sweet, when I come down we better be going there
  286. svue

    Marlin at the 150 - ForReelz

    you can land them no prob on 25#. Loosen drag and let them do the air show, the more they jump the faster they run out of gas. Give yourself as much distance as possible that your line capacity allows. After that it's just a matter of chasing your line back. and sink the gaff or CPR. Those 100#...
  287. svue

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    The best divers are those who dive Farnsworth with no flags in the middle of 30 boats who are also fishing the area. I had to save a guy who anchor his boat and jumped in with no flag just to find out that his anchor didn't hold and his boat floated away... He was lucky that we saw him trying...
  288. svue

    Wednesday 8-19 out of DP- great YFT action

    good job, and nice on the limiting of yourself. I have to see waste on this wonderful fishery.
  289. svue

    Dana Point - 8/12 SW @ SE of the 277

    can't stop staring at your avatar thanks for the report
  290. svue

    8/5 report - 181 & 209 areas

    Priceless to see the little one pulling on fish
  291. svue

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    way to go barnes, my sled is always ready to go when you wanna invite yourself down to So cal
  292. svue

    277 pay off 8/2

    there are there... just got to get them to bite. Looks like you got them to turn on for you
  293. svue

    never made it to 181

    nice to find a school that is hungry...
  294. svue

    Tuna at 277

    wanted to save a few if we found kelps on the way back, turned to be a good move cause we connected with the first local dorado on my boat. Also had too much tuna already. We gonna have to practice catch and release this year if we don't wanna get flamed by the tree hugger. I know I am going to.
  295. svue

    Tuna at 277

    Ran to farnsworth for tiny yellowtail that would not stick. Pulled the hook and ran toward 277 with the little bait we had left. Found a puddling school, chummed chunk and they stayed with us for 1 hr. Left them biting cause bait was depleating fast.
  296. svue

    YFT from the Jetty!!

    good god finally gas is getting expensive, I can fish from my slip
  297. svue

    It looked like a desert 07-23-15

    nice catch, but your report sounds like you were disappointed
  298. svue

    Nautilus 3/4 day Monsoon and BFT

    you definitely don't want to be that guy that tugs on a 30lb fish for 3 hours, it's not so cool on a 3/4 day boat with 94 other guys waiting for you to get to the next school of fish. Nice BFT though. good eating there.
  299. svue

    need hub replace on suzuki 250 prop, Where in OC

    I need to replace the hub on my DF250 prop, where is a good reliable shop in OC?
  300. svue

    Tony Reyes Trip - 2015 July Fishing Fireworks

    awesome report. I can't wait to return to fish with Tony, hope to do it soon
  301. svue

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    that's why they still call it fishing. Don't give up.
  302. svue

    ALUMINATOR plugs the boat again YFT

    right on... Almost Puerto Vallarta style
  303. svue

    2530 parker1998 io

    have you sold her yet, pm me.
  304. svue

    Question: Braid on Reels Flying Out of PV - Problem?

    Another advice is to not use a bag with the word SHIMANO, or PELAGIC, stamped on the both side of the bag, that would just be asking for trouble. The decal FRAGILE, also begs them to just toss your bag from the plane carriage to the cart instead of the belt.
  305. svue

    Fathers Day Report!!!

    great pics, wish I had some pic of my dad too. I still remember all those day on the water with him
  306. svue

    6/19 Oceanside

    best father's day present ever
  307. svue

    Island fishing 6-19

    good job on the mossback. and also good job on taking your daughter Boyfriend fishing. Was that some kind of initiation?
  308. svue

    Sea turtles and the 150

    Caught all of our fish on macs today
  309. svue

    Inshore Report from Punta Mita?

    With sierras use cheap lures as they will saw thru 100lbs with ease. PV isn't really known for popping for rooster, most of them are caught slow trolling big bait. If you like popping you can try around punta mita, there's a lot jack crevelle, those are fun to play with. I am sure Lora can put...
  310. svue

    Question: Braid on Reels Flying Out of PV - Problem?

    Always checked reel without any problems. You can lock them up in your luggage for more insurance. In my opinion it's probably safer in Mexican baggage handler hand than the baggage handler working at LAX.
  311. svue

    Started poorly and ended great...not from the 150

    WSB way to go, I will trade yellow any of the week for WSB
  312. svue

    Another 150 report

    Try to help him, but he was determined to get fish. Y himself and yelled at me when I took the rod to reposition it from starboard to port to keep it from going under boat
  313. svue

    Another 150 report

    Took my son and friend out after doctor appt. didn't get out till 1:30. Still managed 6 yellows for 3 hours of fishing. Got into a frenzy when we had a tripe hook up and my 6 years Old was left to fend for himself against a 30lbs yellows while we were all fighting our own. He fought hard and...
  314. svue

    277 area report

    It's definitely not boring, but I still have 2 yellowtails in my freezer, and didn't want to kill more yellows for the sake of killing yellowtail.
  315. svue

    277 area report

    decided that yellowtail fishing is getting boring and we bypass the 150 toward the 277 area. Trolled around for nada until we see diving terns. Pulled up the to the fish, hooked 1 on the flyline, as I go up the front to get the gaff, he spits the hook. chased the school again but they sank out...
  316. svue

    Rpt.-06-03-15 Run & Gun Tails at the 150!

    nice haul, we were out there too and scored a few as well. Traffic was awful but the amount of fish was incredible
  317. svue

    Little Man- Big Fish

    Way to go. I got my 5 year old son hooked on fishing last year and now he is even more crazy than I am. But we go fishing then skate park, the other way around. Right ON
  318. svue

    Dana Point weekend yellows 5/23 - 5/25

    nothing better than fishing with your son. Looks like you had a great weekend.
  319. svue

    Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    looks like the season now upon us. good job
  320. svue

    150 area afternoon yellowtail run and gun

    Sea lions were not a problem today. Didn't have a single one harass us. They must have the day off
  321. svue

    150 area afternoon yellowtail run and gun

    Sea lions were not a problem today. Didn't have a single one harass us. They must have the day off
  322. svue

    150 area afternoon yellowtail run and gun

    Had the afternoon off so decided to make a short run to the 150 area for the boat shy yellows. Nothing for the first 2 hours and then they decided to come out and play. Chased the birds around till you see them diving. Slide in with bait or surface iron worked well. Fish are very boat shy and...
  323. svue

    Fighting YFT freehand.

    I thought you meant hand lining. Rod and reel is already classified as cheating. nice fish
  324. svue

    Rpt.-05-10-15 to 05-16 Puerto Penesco Limits of Wind.

    looks like a successful trip, thanks for all the details. I felt like I was there with you
  325. svue

    Isinglass for boats

    does he work all the way to long beach? I need a set of spray cover for my center console
  326. svue

    No Narco for me, only tuna...

    That's a good way to make it out there ... Too bad the tuna a didn't cooperate
  327. svue

    Great shrimping in area 12

    wish we could get those here in So Cal. at $24/lb, not even lobster comes close
  328. svue

    Fun Bay Pic's

    gusa rods are fricken awesome...
  329. svue

    Catalina 5-1-15

    good job on the hamachi.
  330. svue

    Tough Ride to SCI

    Right on, was there on the 29th, and you gott a keep drag really tight or you will get rocked like me. Lost 2 to the rocks. We did land 3 after a painful lesson.
  331. svue

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    I have Suzuki DF250, might go with the 300, but not sure it's worth the extra money. She is wicked fast with the 250s already
  332. svue

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    who has the best deals right now, looking to repower our center console.
  333. svue

    Rpt.-Thur.- 04-23-75 Catalina Tails on the Ducky!

    nice report, you fish so much you should just camp at the launch ramp.
  334. svue

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    You will want a short rod specifically made for the type of jig you plan to fish. As far as choice, there are too many to mention, so just google or go on youtube. I personally used a custom Phenix jigging rod 5'9", trinidad 40N drag set up at around 20 lb, 80# daiwa colored spectra, and top...
  335. svue

    1995 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk - $9k obo

    still got your boat, would sell her without the motor.
  336. svue

    14 mile bank, 4-19-15

    wow, turtle in our local waters. Awesome
  337. svue

    San diego boat slip or dry dock for the summer suggestion

    Looking into either slipping or dry docking our center console for the tuna season in SD. What are my best options.
  338. svue

    La Paz on the Tuna Machin

    fishing to a whole new level. awesome report
  339. svue

    Tribute Midweek March 18th 13 BFT and approx. 100YT

    glad to hear the good fishing at cortez, contemplating a run
  340. svue

    Rpt.-Wed. 03-18-15 Tail Limits before 9am.

    awesome report and the season has barely started, those fish has nowhere to hide from you
  341. svue

    Puerto vallarta fishing with my son

    it went back to the deep. actually more like floated like a balloon for a while
  342. svue

    Puerto vallarta fishing with my son

    Rolled into PV on wednesday with my wife and 5 years old son. He has never caught a YFT before. We board Marla IV with Alonso, only to find 10 hours later than it is blowing 20Kt wind at the bank. My son started puking a 3am and I started puking , first time in 4 years, at 5am trying to help him...
  343. svue

    Black marlin aboard the El Matador 02/25/2015

    awesome fish, and nice release..
  344. svue

    Cortez 2-15

    Nice to know, hoping to make a run soon too
  345. svue

    Yellowtail popper action on now in San Carlos

    nice pooping and jigging action. if only I can find someone to make the drive
  346. svue

    Rpt.-Wed. 02-04-15 A Tale of Tails!

    nice haul. Is there a day which you don't fish.... you gotta come fishing on my boat soon.
  347. svue

    Cortes Bank 1/22-23

    thanks for report, was thinking of a long haul to Cortez too.
  348. svue

    Okay another Newbie question, how to yoyo?

    Make you fish at least 40lbs, or you will loose a lot of salas 6x
  349. svue

    Okay last Newbie question for a while, I promise!

    If the the stern is already full of people, just cast over the head from the second rows. every dude for himself That is why I haven't stepped aboard a day cattle boat for the last 10 years
  350. svue

    limits @ catalina

    nice haul. you do have a very fast boat
  351. svue

    Sat 12/20 Huntington Oil Rigs

    how did you manage to get pass the dogs, they were all over us yesterday. relentless, they would hang around 50ft and just grab whatever we brought up. Couldn't even drop the sardines to the bottom. Did manage a bunch of rockfish and 3/4 of a 9 lbs sand bass. Did you see the humpback whale...
  352. svue

    Fishing out of La Cruz with Danny Gomez, Dhamar Sportfishing 11-17-14

    you are lucky that Danny didn't stay till 9pm, since the fishing was so good. This guy fish way harder than anyone. Nice catch...
  353. svue

    December to remember

    we had a lot of dogs too on our trip, but they didn't want any of our catch for some reason. Maybe they were fed the day before by the 1.5 day boat
  354. svue

    Capt manny, Aleta report , pv fishing is on fire...

    i can't breathe either... this thing called work is killing me here
  355. svue

    Cortes bank Black Friday fishing

    250 twin suzuki, why is that bad MPG?
  356. svue

    PV Report 11/26-28

    Nice report, I hope to get down there and hang out with danny in january or feb. PV is addicting can't seem to shake that off. Casa Jemi rocks, Jim keeps that place is really ship shape.
  357. svue

    Cortes bank Black Friday fishing

    there and back plus cruising around: 160 gal
  358. svue

    Fishing reels not allowed as carry on anymore

    it has always been a problem that is either enforced or not enforced by certain TSA agents. I always check mine to avoid any problems, and have never had any issue from lost or stolen gear except here at LAX where my rod tube was brought back in 2 pieces, apparently the baggage handler just...
  359. svue

    Cortes bank Black Friday fishing

    After missing many window to fish the tanner bank, we finally got the opportunity to head to Cortez right after thanksgiving dinner. Ocean was like a lake and crossing the 100 mile trek was a breeze. Found the yellowtails chewing really well, BFT were mixed in with The bonitos. Unfortunately we...
  360. svue

    Tanner bank last minute trip

    boat name is KNOT REEL, we are probably gonna start near the cortez and work our way down to tanner
  361. svue

    Tanner bank last minute trip

    looking for a crew for a last minute tanner bank trip. Leaving friday at 2am on a 29' everglade center console. The weather has opened up and now is the time to get those last minute tunas. Plan is to leave Wilmington at 2am and back at the dock around 5-7pm You must know what you are doing, we...
  362. svue

    Local Yellowtail Strikeout - 11/22 San Pedro Report

    Was out with my wife and boy and we also stuck out, but did bring frozen squid which turned into a bunch of reds.
  363. svue

    Journeyman Report 11/19-11/21

    epic again, can't wait to get back down.
  364. svue

    El matador fishing report " Cow Town "

    looks like an epic season is about to unravel, time to find some free time.
  365. svue

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    nice haul, been wanting to make the trip on my center console
  366. svue


    nice video, I remember that little stump.... LOL... maybe so many spots...
  367. svue

    El matador fishing report …..

    looks like the the local bank are becoming alive again, can't wait to come back
  368. svue

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    we need a Fishdope drone program
  369. svue

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    sounds like salmon fishing in the bay area. Captain will stop fishing when limit is reached. No matter how good the bite is, and if you do catch more than your limit, your extra catch will go to the poor guy in the bow who couldn't get bit the whole day while everyone is bent.
  370. svue

    2014 Cape Codder 19

    why you have to be all the way in the east coast
  371. svue

    San jose del cabo

    Took my son for his first tuna and dorado. Mission Accomplished, except fishing was a little slow. Water was really warm in the high 80's and low 90's pushing all the fish out of the area. Most days are hit and miss with football tunas, and small dorado lingering around. Bait are very hard to...
  372. svue

    15' Boston Whaler 60 hp 4 stroke

    still for sale? PM or txt please
  373. svue


    you are having too much fun catching those small fishes, LOL.... can't wait to hit the esturos again
  374. svue

    Tuna time on the Dhamar

    After Talking to Danny G. about a crazy 120 miles run, we finally got it together and were in town on monday. Everything was great except the boat was still getting painted. After Danny stayed 24 hours straight the boat showed up the dock with the painter still buffing the new paint. Left dock...
  375. svue

    qui-qui-ri-quí !

    Nice, I am in town too, gonna hit the inshore on friday after we kill the tuna...
  376. svue

    Awesome Tuna fishing aboard the Journeyman out of Puerto Vallarta 5/21 -5/24

    Awesome trip, but I think you got the date wrong as it hasn't happened yet... Gonna get my turn soon, hopefully we can do some damages too.
  377. svue

    what to fish for in Marathon in 3 weeks

    Going to look at a boat in marathon. What should we expect for inshore fishing? Looking to go after grouper, and amberjack.
  378. svue

    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    nice report, how do you like the tiara express. we just just pulled the trigger on a 31 albermale for local fishing.
  379. svue

    best time of years for amberjack and snapper in Cabo

    Planning a trip to cabo for amberjack and inshore species groupers. When is the best time and where to fish. We will be fishing from our own boat and local captain too.
  380. svue

    Tuna fishing on El Matador

    nice to see some good fish close to home…
  381. svue

    Maximus Holiday Vacona Slay (Trip 3 of 5)

    why am i reading this useless thread, I hate you guys…. working here in Orange county sucks, while you are pulling on cows…. congrats
  382. svue

    PV style with my brother Nacho

    fishy or not, Puerto is an awesome place to be for a whole month… Nice pargo
  383. svue

    Pics From the First Month of Bug Season

    about to do my first dive in 3 years as well. Hope to do as well as you did. Went to thru all of my gear yesterday and looked like scuba steve in my garage. LOL…. I think diving should the only way to get them, to give lobster a fighting chance.
  384. svue

    In HOT WATER with Danny Gomez/DHamar 10/22&23

    with Danny, he will fish till his arms falls off, not yours, LOL....
  385. svue

    First Marlin after all these years

    smoke marlin is awesome.
  386. svue

    RTA is back with a vengeance!

    pleasure to read all of your post. RTA seems to be really genuine pure fishermen guys
  387. svue

    Mexican customs in (SJD) Los Cabos Airport

    it is sad, but those are the rules, it all depend on who's working the station. Some are more lenient than others. I was told one time that I couldn't carry on my reel, right before boarding the plane. The lady said you take off all the lines now, or you don't get aboard. Other option was to...
  388. svue

    Excellent pargo fishing today..

    nice pargo, that sucker chomped all my bait last time I was there....
  389. svue

    300 + lbs Cow Yellowfin Tuna caught at Corbetena by Captain Cesar Perez last Tuesday

    that was a fat one, I was on dhamar when we had to pass the harness for them to bring the fish to the boat, all 3 of them were exhausted.... the cows are there'
  390. svue

    Casa jemi in la cruz is fricken awesome

    For those of you heading to PV, bypass all hotel and stay at casa jemi, this place rocks.
  391. svue

    inshore report

    Will let you guys knows how the fishing is with danny
  392. svue

    another great trip onboard the El Matador

    nice, will be in town in 5 days, hope to kill some fish and pacificos
  393. svue

    Cedros Island Fishing Report July 1-5, 2013

    those are some pigs moss back. We fished irons solely when we were there last year
  394. svue

    Slow pick then quick steady pick.

    we are not worthy, you are da man....
  395. svue

    Busted my girlfriends cherry!!

    nice heart shape sunglasses... Those must been the lucky charm
  396. svue

    great fishig in cedros

    slobs for sure... nice
  397. svue

    MAKO 33' 1998

    what's the fuel consumption?
  398. svue

    April 5 Billfish Extravaganza - Danny G Does It Again!

    yeah, that danny he doesn't like to to reel on fish when it's wide open, LOL////
  399. svue

    My brother's fishing report

    did you have to wear the Dhamar yellow rain coat? Nice to see the fish are biting, looks like it's time to look for flight
  400. svue

    PV fishin with Danny

    nice wahoo, one of these days, I am going to finally get a wahoo...
  401. svue

    White Island and Ranfurly Banks

    gnarly, I missed NZ, the yellow pull so hard
  402. svue

    Sierra Mackerel near to PV

    a few years ago, we got them wide open by punta mita, right on the beach. Use cheap tackle as they will go thru whatever you throw them. I used a kitchen spoon with a treble hooks.
  403. svue

    Popping rods

    danny, I left it for you so you can be the first.
  404. svue

    Popping rods

    If you fish with danny Gomez, I have a nice Phenix popping rod 8'7" that you can use, all you need is a stella 10000, and some nice ranger popper. It handle anything up to 250lbs tunas.
  405. svue

    1st day of the Tournament with team Ana Maria

    I like the little corona cans, yummy
  406. svue

    PV dhamar style oct 24/25

    Karl we brought in a couple of setup ourselves with the talicas, but danny has tiagra 50 wide and those are real the fish killer...
  407. svue

    PV dhamar style oct 24/25

    Dhamar sportfishing: 011 52 322 111 4802 [email protected] or pm him from the post above
  408. svue

    Danny Gomez Rocks

    right on. Trying to find some time to come back down soon
  409. svue

    Fishing Vallarta

    Manny I didn't know you are out of nuevo vallarta now, when did you move there.
  410. svue

    PV dhamar style oct 24/25

    Rolled into town on tuesday, met up with danny at the dock for 1 pacifico, then another, then another, then another, and many more. :hali_olutta: Fishing was phenomenal with tunas in the 80s ranges all day long. We only manage a 150 during the trip, but it was still a personal best for my...
  411. svue

    MAXIMUS 3.5 Day

    muahahahahahaha, I am leaving tomorrow..... gonna have to take some sleeping pill, or I will be up the whole night
  412. svue

    La Cruz Tournament

    we'll be in town on tuesday
  413. svue

    30+ Species on the Great Barrier Reef with Nomad

    wow, like fishing in an aquarium, you are my new idol now
  414. svue

    big favor

    and I will be down the 23rd so, that is an option as well. Dennis, how is the heat on the aluminum boat in PV?
  415. svue

    big favor

    I thought you pangeros didn't need electronic, last time you used your fingers and the stars to triangulate the spot and we killed the tunas. Where are you hiding the GPS unit.
  416. svue

    tuna tuna tuna

    hector looks good holding that fish, he needs a bigger fish
  417. svue

    P.E.I. Report 8/24 - 8/26 (3 for 3 to over 1,000 pounds)

    fishing for giants, photos please, I am already salivating
  418. svue

    large yellow tail kingfish

    Nice, I am still looking to do a trip to the 3 kings... can't wait to make this happen
  419. svue

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    When you have to run 40-50 miles to the tuna, yes it will rcost you more, even for the panga. PV is way different from Cabo, I wish we could catch tuna just outside the harbor like Cabo. Don't give up, this place is magical, and yes Danny won't stop fishing unless you drag his ass back to dock.
  420. svue

    Newbie needs help...

    I was there last year for 5 days fishing, pm me for captain and who to go to.
  421. svue

    Mexican FMM-Easy!

    I just read this: TJ, San Ysidro issued FMM visas not valid for sea transit MONDAY, JANUARY 2, 2012 Troy Williams at Mex Tour Assist told that FMM visas obtained at the border at San Ysidro and Tijuana ARE NOT valid for anglers visiting Mexico by sea. "They only issue...
  422. svue

    Mexican FMM-Easy!

    what time are they open till, I need to get one before leaving this wednesday morning? How is that it is valid for 180 when the one you get on the US side is only valid for 3 days. Also, do I need a visa to visit Adelita bar as well
  423. svue

    cedros 8/6-8/10

    Nice for you guys as well. Did they ever get that guy out of the little Cesna that flipped over after we landed.
  424. svue

    cedros 8/6-8/10

    Will post those as my friend is keeping them hostage on his camera. Cedros is packed with calicos, and they are all pigs since feeding solely on Macks probably... It's a trip that everyone who loves fishing calico must do, as i can imagine how catalina and san clemente used to be....
  425. svue

    cedros 8/6-8/10

    Great trip. Killed the yellowtail from 30-46 lbs. Personal best for me for this side of the pacific. Calico bass was off the hook, if you are chasing that double digit calico, this is the place, they are crawling all over the place. Can't say it was hard since we must caught at least 5...
  426. svue

    Looking for Anglers for the WON Tuna Tournament

    fished it for two years straight, PM me I might be interested.
  427. svue

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    what kind of striper boat is that? Specs?
  428. svue

    fishing whit el huevas on th dhamar

    nice, 50 pounders.... LOL October will be my dates danny brother, 24-28. keep those open for me...
  429. svue

    Another great trip onboard the El Matador

    nice to hear the fishing is really picking up...
  430. svue

    PV in June

    Danny fishes too hard, he never wants to come home when the tuna are biting.... Great guy too...
  431. svue

    Punta Mita 4/25

    those are very nice fish.
  432. svue

    PV in July?

    definetely hot, but well worth it for tunas. If you don't like hot then proceed to A/C with manny, for the real fisherman then go with danny in 120 degree. And yes Danny does not wear clothes either. LOL either way, bring a big cooler for fish, and start working out, those two will work you to...
  433. svue


    Did they carry any camera for their stupid shows as well... But from what I hear they actually have more power than the FBI when it comes to searching. Bastards
  434. svue

    Report from PV

    maximo is a bad ass boat. Nice tunas...
  435. svue

    fishing from a small center console in puerto vallarta

    Matt, remember that time when we looked at each other and tattle tail back, and it was a 38 footer... Fishing sucked that weekend, but at least we had some good fun
  436. svue

    Another PV Swordfish!

    Damnnnn, if only my second boy will come sooner, so I can get my ass down.
  437. svue

    Swordfish Report

    nice 8 hrs fight, good job, they are so tough on reel and line. comparing to long lining.
  438. svue

    8 days San Benedicto/ Socorro Island trip on the Maximus out of PV

    you forgot to mention the dinero needed to hop on the boat. I love popping but bait if always king. LOL.....
  439. svue

    march 18-26

    I think you got enough already. u wouldn't want to be stuck on a wide open with four angler hooked up on cow at the same time
  440. svue

    Back safe and sound!!!

    welcome back, that was quite a road trip.
  441. svue

    Hooneymoon in PV

    awesome report, danny is a rooster fish worst enemy
  442. svue

    Anybody bringing boat down to Cabo or PV from Southern Cali

    WOW, DENNIS THAT IS A LONG TRIP. who is going with you?
  443. svue

    PV Oct 16,17,18

    Nice dennis, Fish porn for sure...
  444. svue

    Awesome Fishing in Cow Town

    killer report, nice where do you stay in Punta Mita
  445. svue

    PV 10/25 & 10/26 DHAMAR. Want to Fish?

    danny, fish murderer.... I might send some trolling rod down for you with the guy s from New Zealand.
  446. svue

    Topwater Tuna Madness!

    Nice report as always, do you even find time to fish with all of those nice shot...
  447. svue

    Pics from Gordo Banks Trip - Oct 2011

    how is La playita hotel, I have never stayed there?
  448. svue

    Bogii & Barnes relesed from Prison

    No prison can hold the two of you, LOL.... PE is on my list next year, Holla this way when you are on you are booked, we might be able to get a little competition going on.... Did you get to keep the fish?
  449. svue

    1213 lbs Blue Marlin in Cabo

    big fish for sure and a hell of a fight. NICE
  450. svue

    150 miles south 9-22/24

    Nice Dennis, I am still beating myself for being able to go with you.
  451. svue

    Best Day Ever - Suprise Trip to Cabo - A Fishing Story

    super read, that is a really nice surprise.
  452. svue

    big bait or go home

    Never smoke Sail fish before, and never eaten it either. Honey glazed recipe...
  453. svue

    No tuna, no problem! Awesome mixed bag with Lora

    That trash line we saw last time was a dodo magnet... who said trash in the ocean was a waste Nice job...
  454. svue

    big bait or go home

    Smoke marlin is so delicious, I think I converted a few marlin lover to marlin killer. Keep the report coming I see you in november
  455. svue

    who's fishing PV 10/28 to 11/4

    I will be in san felipe from oct. 2-7. if the fishing is still good, I might consider coming down when you are there.
  456. svue

    Pino's Pangas/San Jose Del Cabo Report 8/31-9/4

    O, outfish by a little girl, whhhaaaat. Nice pargo, I bet she had a awesome time reeling those skippies...
  457. svue

    who's fishing PV 10/28 to 11/4

    Peter is a cool guy, we fished on Manny boat couple year ago, it was stupid tuna....
  458. svue

    Conditions awesome, 2 cows on, 1 in at Corbatena

    nice..... looks like november rain will be for me...
  459. svue

    More tuna pictures on El Matador

    you need a custom belt for her dude.... How do you like those makaira.
  460. svue

    Good times on the Martuni

    Awesome shots Keith. We stopped trolling tuna candy to avoid them marlin too. They do make great fighter and a killer show though. Thanks for the bait, Danny wanted to slay more tuna, we had to drag his ass back to dock or we would not have made dinner again. LOL Can't wait to be back, if...
  461. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    I've never had any problem in the last 7 seven years that I have been travling with rod and gear. But I cant see a pattern now, it must be pheonix. I was not ripped off by tsa, but probably those asshole USairways personel not giving a crap about people luggage after they pay a shit loat of...
  462. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    the tube was fine in pheonix, when we connected. It happened in LA for sure.. maybe it got dragged by the airplane, I remember hearing clanking noise in the air
  463. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    I did try the vertical jigging to no avail... Popper were great though. Maybe I am just not using the right jig or color
  464. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    Oh by the way, USAIRWAYS, FUCK YOU for taking care of my Rods, you guy are going to hear from me very soon. Looks like they fucken ran over it with an airplane. Lost half the content in the tube included, stella reels, tackles bag ($400 worth of popper), and $200 worth of fluoro...
  465. svue

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    Rolled into town on friday and the weather was pretty gloomy with dark cloud. Call Danny and he said it was laying down Met him up at 630am, and got going a little slow since there was logs and huge tree all over the bay and offshore, definitely don't wanna hit those thing at speed. Fished...
  466. svue


    nice tuna... hopefully we'll be able to put a few of those on the Dhamar as well
  467. svue

    cows on the dhamar

    sweet, keep them warmed up for us danny.
  468. svue

    PV ADVICE...

    I will be in town on Friday too, what flight are u on. We flying alaska. Manny after all these time in Mex I am still looking for the donkey show LOL
  469. svue

    PV ADVICE...

    I've always wanted to rent a car, but after doing math all day long at home, it's much better to get taxi, less hassle, and safer for your wallet if you are staying around the NV and PV area. Unless you are staying in Punta Mita, then renting a car is a must. Most the rental car rental car...
  470. svue

    PV 1st Timer. Need Experienced Advise.

    1. if you have a car, you can always go to to punta Mita, nice drive scenic, once there you have Lora which is one of the best panga guy. 2. At la cruz which is halfway to Punta Mita, you have danny gomez, hardcore fisherman which a super panga you could eat off the decks. If you like fishing...
  471. svue

    Corbetena 8-12-11

    drooling, 1 more week
  472. svue

    Maximus~Tres Generations (pic heavy) Tuna & Pargo Report

    please post the the schdule and open party days, I would love to do multi day trip.
  473. svue

    Open Water Sandbass

    what's with the photoshop
  474. svue

    tunas and roosters in the sameplace

    TUNA Y MARLIN, Vamonos, andale how is my spanish?
  475. svue

    who to fish with in PV ?????

    me and a friend will be fishing with Danny Gomez on the 27 and 28, if you wanna join us on the 28th let me know. I am always glad to meet new aquaintance.
  476. svue

    7/28 BFT Report - Chatham

    nice, popping or jigging
  477. svue

    3 day on Vagabond

    what kind of jigs were you using?
  478. svue

    US Airways Oversize baggage fees????

    wow, nice.... and thanks for the infos
  479. svue

    K&M San Quintin Yellowfin & Yellowtail!!!

    nice what did you fool those YFT with. yellowtail on the jig is the way to go... If only my crew would get off their ass and make a trip south to SQ
  480. svue

    US Airways Oversize baggage fees????

    I checked Alaska, they should not have charged you, because fishing rods are part of the Sporting equipment exempt list. I think you got jacked. I always fly alaska too. this will be the first time flying US Airway
  481. svue

    US Airways Oversize baggage fees????

    what bothers me is that it also states that if baggage is oversize, 175 will be added :2gunsfiring_v1: Hey, thinking about a cabo trip in nov. too
  482. svue

    US Airways Oversize baggage fees????

    About to book a flight to PV with US Airways, and check their Oversize baggage policy to be $175 each way for bagagge over 62". It also state: Fishing equipment will be accepted in the normal baggage allowance in lieu of a piece of baggage Anyone has any idea if this is true, because this...
  483. svue

    Small Tuna and Snapper report

    nice pargo, we are making the trek down in 2 weeks.
  484. svue

    Puerto Vallarta 8/2 with Danny Gomez

    you should try them, you will be a convert too after you crank a 200lbs fish in way faster on a Stella 20000, than a tiagra 50 wide. 55lbs of drag, and insane line retrieval, those guy on the east coast do know something after all.
  485. svue

    Swim with the Dolphin?

    I did that with the wife about 2 years ago, and thought it ws a rip off, but that's me.
  486. svue

    El Matador

    time to get on expedia
  487. svue

    Clobbering Cloudies SMB 7/24 w-pics

    dayummm, nice sandies. I got to use them irons more often.
  488. svue

    Reel Viking in Cabo

    Sweet job, I envied you.
  489. svue

    Corbetena 7/18 Good Tuna Fishing

    you see the reel on that rod, I bet that rod was a special rod. what kind of rod is it, looks fun.
  490. svue


    nice taking your nephew out and show him the rope. What I don't get is, you went in the morning got limit for both of you and jumped on the afternoon trip and got limit again. Isn't that Poaching..... Last I checked you are only allow one limit per day. If you are going to poach, don't talk...
  491. svue

    Ana Maria Sportfishing win 1st Place Marlin in La Cruz Tournament

    Nice, looks like someone is liking Pepsi rather then Pacifico
  492. svue

    WFO WSB 7/18

    nicely done, looks like another wsb trip is on the planning stage
  493. svue

    Pino's Pangas/San Jose Del Cabo 7/14-7/17 Report

    sweet O, you are going to get them when you put in the time... Get a kite, this time of year the big one are usually shy from the boat. More pics buddy.
  494. svue

    Phenix popping/jigging line

    tested a bunch of rod for them, but they are only going to offer blanks.
  495. svue

    07.15.11 - 07.17.11 - Amigo - Yellowtail

    Nice Odium, at least this time you didn't get sick. I fished two yeard ago at the cortez, and also manage to farm 6 yellow at gaffs, beats me, sometime it's just not your day. When you fish the Yoyo, don't be afraid to go 50# or more... The fish don't care about the line size when you are...
  496. svue

    What's up with all the seiners?

    Watch that show on CRNT TV: Tuna to the slaughter. One guy said that eating tuna is like american eating cows. Not a good analogy at all. We farmed every cows that hit the dinner table. Bluefins are not cows, when they are gone, they are gone. 80% of the world BFT goes to Japan, hell you...
  497. svue

    Report:Monterey to MDR and Vallarta

    Nice matt, when will I get to fish on a 21 ft boat in 6 to 8 ft seas... We gotta hook up in Vallarta this year... I might be going down mif august. Nice job on the sale of the Uniflite, I am probably going to pickup a mirage 29 from the east coast
  498. svue


    looks like the season is just about to start...
  499. svue

    you busted my light

    I hate dana point, the lot is so tight, last time I was there with my brand new truck, my bumber was scraped. Must be the same idiot...
  500. svue


    those are toad sand bass for sure...
  501. svue


    put in the time, and the ocean will reward you, nice...
  502. svue

    Fishing New Caledonia w/ L.P.B.

    DAAAAAAMNNNNN, I am so there, in dreams
  503. svue

    Soft sided ice chests and airplanes

    I have one and they work great, that way you don't have to check it in on the way there... Make sure your fish is frozen, it also hold more fish as it is lighter than the regular cooler
  504. svue

    Extra effort in Safety

    well done, there are many time when I just got on a boat on vacation without even thinking about the possible bad times. I still think the outcome would have been better if all the fishing boat performed some sort of drill while underway on multi day trip. that is why they do it all the time...
  505. svue

    PV Report

    Those two dudes will fish all night if you don't tell them you wanna come home.... Looks like the new improvement are working pretty good...
  506. svue

    PV fishing 07-01-11

    For an inshore trip you did pretty well, Rooster fish are pretty much gone by this time of year. Next time, do a little of bit of research before jumping on a random boat. PV is a magical places, yet even in paradise, it's still fishing.
  507. svue

    PV fishing 07-01-11

    Was it you Danny G? Remember that time, I went fishing with you and we were catching a shit load of tuna and you wanted to stay longer. I told you I wanted to go back to my hotel, but you keep wanting to fish, we got back after dark, and I told you screw you I wanted a boat ride and not...
  508. svue

    PV bringing fish home 07-02-11

    yes, it must be frozen and leak proof... Nobody wants to smell tuna at the baggage claim, or a bunch of blood on the bags coming down the chute. Trust me I have seen it first hand.
  509. svue


    Nice. Next time I want a harness too for 20lbs tuna. yeah.
  510. svue

    PV fishing 07-01-11

    8hr trip are inshore for PV. But catching tuna on a inshore trip is actually very good. At least you were back for Margaritas.
  511. svue

    07.03.11 - 07.04.11 - Endeavor 1.5 - Bluefin Tuna

    Cool report dude, I know the feeling and it sucks most of the time. Next time, Scopace, that stuff is like gold for me when my body say no, but my mind say yes.... I will take bluefin any day over albacore...
  512. svue


    god stop posting these reports, I hate reading these wide open fishing report while seating here in my tired chair. ARGHHHHHH.....
  513. svue

    Maverick June 30 - July 1st.

    baby tuna killers, nah, just kidding, that is an awesome report
  514. svue

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    What a terrible tragedy, and yes every boat sink even American one. Let's wait until the report comes out to start pointing fingers. For those of us fishing Baja, and Mexico a lot, we do take greater risk than those fishing within the US fishing regulater fleet. Let us lend a few prayers...
  515. svue

    great fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danny G, pray for me too when I come down to slay a cow...
  516. svue

    BOLA 6/30 and 7/1

    awesome report. We were suppose to be there as well, darn it...
  517. svue

    Puerto Vallarta - Popper Recommendations

    Ranger poppers work well for tuna. Dorado sliders are great as well.
  518. svue

    Another Mexico "nightmare" story

    Guess them mexican navy need to learn how to board a boat. A lot of drug people are now trafficking thru out the mexican water now.
  519. svue


    way to kill them, now them tuna won't be safe anymore...
  520. svue

    Pending World Record White Sea Bass

    nice fish, sand on 6lbs, wow... Seab bass do put up a big fight when hooked, just hang on...
  521. svue

    Dues paid in full, solo limit at Cat 6-22

    this is defintely sea bass year.
  522. svue

    Topwater for Pelagics in SD

    I always carry the rangers when i go out for YFT, in PV they are deadly on big tunas, they will chase the popper all the way to the boat. Also at $7 a popper, it won't break the bank like a nice Dorado slider. Vertical jigging works well too, FCLabo makes some deadly jig that YFT can't resist...
  523. svue

    Dock space Paradise Village private house

    that house is dope, I stayed there once with matt.
  524. svue

    Plan B = FAIL

    When it comes to sea bass, it's more like miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, etc.....
  525. svue

    WSB Limit for 3 at West Cove 6/21/11

    Too bad u were busy Jamie, we'll go offshore for sure. Cbass fishing is gay, tuna is what make my blood boil
  526. svue

    WSB Limit for 3 at West Cove 6/21/11

    Posting the report first, my friend will add the pics, he has them on his camera and he is past out since we were up since 1am. Decided to do my annual pilgrimage to Catalina Island for another Guarantee Skunk of seabass for this year. We Left Alamitos at 3am, arrived on the bait ground...
  527. svue


    back in action, cool. we will be down when the cows will be in town.
  528. svue

    Jigging rod.

    remember that when you are are jigging you willbe using nothing less than a 100lbs leader, drage tighten pretty much all the way down. I pulled on some brute 25kg kingfish in 60m depth water and they didnt' take much line. Something about a huge jig slapping against the jaw makes them fight less.
  529. svue

    22Lbs sheepshead

    big sheephead, time to fire up the grill.
  530. svue

    What Blank for Vertical Jigging

    Torium is not the right reel. A shorter rod will reduce pain when jigging too.
  531. svue

    Shuttle from U.S. to Mexico

    walk across and grab a cab, easiest way.
  532. svue

    Jigging rod.

    Stella 8000SW all the way
  533. svue

    3 kings trip

    Nice pics. that is definetely a trip for me next year
  534. svue

    Looking for a Baja Vet who wants to Fish San Francisquito

    I am in, exxcept I need a boat, and a huge truck to pull it.
  535. svue

    which spinning rod for live bait?

    OTI Sniper are nice, I pulled ona 150 tuna, and it gave the poor fish a work out.
  536. svue

    my trip to the south pacific

    fricken awesome, I was in NZ in April, just not long enough, but I got a taste and am going back for more. NIce pics.
  537. svue

    Fishing In Victoria (Melbourne)

    Also check out NOMAD fly in reef fishing for GTs..
  538. svue

    Fishing In Victoria (Melbourne)

    I say fly to new zealand and go wack the kingfish.
  539. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    Jerome, jigging required very specific rods, using any rods not made for jigging is not impossible but will beat on you. Imagine dropping 5-10 times and getting not bite and you are breathing heavily because the rods is not doing what it is suppose to do. I have given my feedback to Phenix...
  540. svue

    Which Phenix Rod?

    What kind of jigs are you going to use. I have tried using the bait rods for jigging Knife jigs and it does not work very well due to the action not being right for the up and down movement of jigging.
  541. svue

    Barnes and Bogii busted again...

    do I hear reality show.
  542. svue

    Log Cudas and a Great White !!!!!!!!!

    With the sharkmen show on discovery, you bet it was probably a GW.
  543. svue

    1935 Fishing Report - Wish it was still like that!

    Hopefuly I won't live that long, as we will probably have to travel to fiji's pristine water to catch tuna. We can safely say Mexico will be out of fish by then as well. Let's start implementing stricter limit quota, like 1 yellowtail per person per day. It makes me sad when our party boat...
  544. svue

    Ranger 85 2day

    so will the party boat also play the russian song on the loud speaker too while underway. Cool video, those are the days I wished I stayed home, and my hobby was model train
  545. svue

    San Quintin K&M, it is what it is!

    yeah, we were lined up to leave today, but looks like weather is telling us NO NO. All is take is a tiny red flag, on the buoy weather page. Bummer, sigh......
  546. svue

    First Big South swell of the year!

    Nice break, u can probably ride that waves for miles
  547. svue

    Tony Reyes May 8th 2011 through the 13th

    an october is so far away..... I want to go now
  548. svue

    The Rock is HOT HOT HOT HOT

    i'll take it, as soon as i make the drive to sacramento to cash my super lotto tix. Dennis, lucky you. i will be in in san quintin instead
  549. svue

    advice needed on where to stay in PV

    Flamingo is great, cheap, clean, close to everything included candy.
  550. svue

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    We are doing the San feline trip in October, thanks for the great report
  551. svue


    those are monster reds
  552. svue

    Paradise Village

    don't fish under that boat, dead tuna and 2 legged tuna carcass = crocodiles. ahahaaha
  553. svue

    Off to PV

    inshore is awesome right, have some fun with danny, he is a class act, and a great skipper. Just remind him to come home, when the fishing is hot
  554. svue

    Hard Core Out

    nooooooooooooo!!!! I didn't even get to party with you.....
  555. svue

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    the dish looks yummy
  556. svue

    San Quintin

    nice tails.
  557. svue


    nice, anyday now those WSB are going to come up to the shallow, and then my madness can begin all over again. keep us posted
  558. svue

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    The wall is a sacred to some of us, as we can catch bass all year long, the calico and sand bass are resident and do not move back and forth like the one you find at the flats nor the islands. No wonder it has been very slow lately, even when we fished the wall, we try to use 7 in bait to...
  559. svue

    Jigging in Okinawa

    Big eyes, looks tasty, too bad that monster broke off, what size leader were you using?
  560. svue

    N O M A D - Great Barrier Reef

    fucken awesome, I fished with Ben pokaia, and he was telling me about the fly in trip. Gets my blood boiling. Fiji, or norhern australia. HMMMM......
  561. svue

    ???prediction/opinion for SQ 2011

    see you guys in 3 weeks
  562. svue

    San Quintin - Garcia's Pangas

    Nice gordo, leave some for us
  563. svue

    Yellowtail going off

    Go south and keep on going till you fall off the edge you land in NZ. That coffee grinder is fricken awesome for those in the know.
  564. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    Stella 8000. It is not stick bait season yet. Gotta wait for the squid and spawning season
  565. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    here is a video
  566. svue

    Yellowtail going off

    in down under New Zealand, sorry for the teaser.
  567. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    more pics
  568. svue

    Jigging in new zealand

    Got a chance to go down under to jig for those famous Kingfish AKA yellowtail. Brought a bunch of Phenix custom prototype jigging rod with me. The fishing was phenomenal for my standard, but the local it seems a little slow, when you are only boating about 25 fish in the 20k per day. A good day...
  569. svue

    What good can you say about PV??

    somalis or not, if there is good fishing, I will risk my life for tunas. We are all crazy about fishing. LOL
  570. svue

    NOBODY??? fishing in Vallarta the past few days?

    fish with Manny, he catches so many fishes, he is scared of getting flamed for killing too many fish by posting reports.
  571. svue

    What good can you say about PV??

    well, after reading 8 pages of repsonse, all I can say is PV is still a magic place. Even if it was as dangerous as my hometown Anaheim where my roomate was robbed at gunpoint in front of our garage, I will will go there any day of the year. July sounds pretty good right now.
  572. svue

    To Capt Lora

    Nice picture Ksong, next time you go give me a holla, I am always down for PV. The guys I go with don't really pop or jig, all they wanna do is drag live bait all day. All I can say is anyone can catch a fish on live bait, isn't this sport suppose to involve ANGLING.
  573. svue

    PV Less Expensive Diesel

    I second that, the La Cruz fuel girls are HOOOOOTT
  574. svue


    nice rooster, looks like the inshore stuff is getting hot.
  575. svue

    El Matador Report 3/23/11

    those are some good eating
  576. svue

    fishing from a small center console in puerto vallarta

    just do it, life is short. But the drive to PV might not be fun.
  577. svue

    Inshore trip 2 w/ CAPT. DANNY GOMEZ

    how do u use the blue pill for fishing. love the report
  578. svue

    PV Fishing and Prison Report March 11-20, 2011

    Those islands are cool to fish at. This really blows. Glad u guys made it back with some good stories. Those marines must got bored, and needed some excercise, I guess
  579. svue


    nice fish, did they give you a number too?
  580. svue


    can't wait for report, spit it out already
  581. svue

    Snapper Moon!

    nice report, you are the popper king truly.
  582. svue

    Always there to remind you...inshore on Dhamar 3/2

    nice, waiting for those offshore pics, PV is a magical place.
  583. svue

    Fiji April 9-16th Need Anglers!

    Man, I just changed my travel to New zealand. I would've been all over that.
  584. svue

    Rod Clamp for Harness Straps

    I have one of those that I fitted on my bait stick works great, you do need to kind of play around with it before it fits.
  585. svue

    Jigging Monster Tuna

    was talking to randy about that trip, epic as always. Now, how to get myself to NC.
  586. svue

    Always there to remind you...inshore on Dhamar 3/2

    Danny is a great captain, offshore has been tuff lately, so a inshore fishing was a good call. I am pretty sure he didn't want to boat you all the way to El Banco for a boat ride. I guess Danny hasn't fix that beeping noise yet, it's minor and nothing to worry about. That is a nice...
  587. svue

    PV Open Seats 3/14

    dude I will be som over it if I didn't have a trip to New Zealand.
  588. svue

    NZ News: Fantastic season continues

    nice report, i just noticed you kiwis will fish from anything that floats. Just 1 more month, and I can finally see what all this fuss is all about.
  589. svue

    New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish Everywhere

    sweet, I will be in NZ in april... can't wait
  590. svue

    WTB: Shimano Trinidad 40N

    I have one, used only a few times. pm with e-mail I can send you pics
  591. svue

    mexico rookie

    Make sue you call ahead and have a boat booked in BOLA, last year we went to BOLA due to bad weather in SQ thinking there will be plenty of panga. Drove the whole night, which was stupid by the way, got to BOLA to find the whole fishing village drunk off their ass. We had to drive around the...
  592. svue

    Tuna ,Marlin and a Thresher on the Fresh One

    Winter Tuna Matt I hate u, hopefully I will get a nonstop action in new zealand. You should keep that boat, wish had the ball to tell my wife off and buy that ride, but the new sled is coming soon to California already.
  593. svue


    Nice, but I think those reels are way over kill don't you think.
  594. svue

    PV report Jan 19th---25th

    finally a fish report, nice job on the tuna.
  595. svue

    PV 1/23/11 report

    nice. Haven't seen a report from PV for a while.
  596. svue

    kingfish farm in australia, we need one

    One day we will be able to go catch Tuna in a fish farm. How much would you pay to fish cow tuna in a giant pen 5 miles from newport? $1000? I hope I can live long enough to see that.
  597. svue

    kingfish farm in australia, we need one

    Australia farm their yellowtails for comsumption, so so they do not deplete the actual natural stocks. That is the reason why New zealand and Australia has a good healthy population of Kingfish/Yellowtails. Kingfish are like pest to them right now.
  598. svue

    kingfish farm in australia, we need one

    when is the next planting date for catalina.
  599. svue

    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    who needs a rod, that is awesome.
  600. svue


    what did you win, the car behind you
  601. svue

    Where to go fishing in NZ and Sydney

    thanks for all the inputs, the wife is waiting to know how many days she can take off from works, hopefully the 2 weeks, she requested. I can't wait to start booking some boats.
  602. svue

    Where to go fishing in NZ and Sydney

    Been talking to the boys at epic adventure, since I might be flying into Auckland. Will the kingfish cooperate during the April month, I know they are opposite of us, which mean I am at the end of their summer
  603. svue

    Where to go fishing in NZ and Sydney

    Going to be in Australia for 1 week, and 1 week in New zealand around mid april. Where and who should I book thru for kingfish, snapper, and jigging trip. It's just me, my wife and 2 year old son. Probably fishing 4 days: 1-2 days with family, and possible sharing the other 2 if possible.
  604. svue

    Mexican tow boat

    i dont think Mexican boat are allowed to fish US water. Unless they delivering cargo. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  605. svue

    Lodging in Punta Mita

    Can't wait for your report, you are for sure a fish killer, and with Lora, I feel sorry for those rooster fish down there I might be down there at the end of february as well.
  606. svue

    Best wishes from the Maximus

    you are sure going to have a merry christmas. where are the booking infos?
  607. svue

    tunas on the dhamar

    no pics, dude. I call it BS.
  608. svue

    PV Wrap Up Report (pic heavy)

    Yes there was too many pictures of fish and not enough of the party. Looks like a lot of fun. We are gearing for the new year, and then it's fish on. even though you had a bad experience, it's still a cool place to live man. Danny, you lucky dude, fish on buddy... Soooon
  609. svue

    Report:Vallarta to Cabo via the Revillagigedo islands

    Nice matt, let me know when you guys need a boat scrubber.
  610. svue

    Great day at the Marias with Manny

    that's a nice shot of the tuna in the water, ready to get gaffed.
  611. svue

    Mexico saftey put in perspective

    ahahha, cool video. I feel more in danger here than in Mexico for some reason. My roomate got armed robbed in front of our house here in anaheim just a few month back.
  612. svue

    Looking for some good advice on a charter and a recent fish report in Puerto Vallarta

    Danny will get you on fish inshore. Also if you are already there, don't miss the tuna bite, find someone to share a charter. It will cost you more to come back.
  613. svue

    Jigging the World Record Dogtooth Tuna

    gets my blood boiling, jigging is awesome
  614. svue

    Random Pictures Fishing Asuncion, pictures added.

    Send more pics, can't wait to get to baja again
  615. svue

    Quick zip to the Islands on the Arby.

    Tuna porn, all I needed today to start my sunday. Sweet ride.
  616. svue


    Wow, u caught a lot of fish.
  617. svue

    Another Week in PV

    It can get better if I was there too.
  618. svue

    Say Hello 2 My Little Friend

    i reaally dont wanna know what happen to the rest of the marlin that's freaky The Kraken
  619. svue

    Launching Large Ships - Pretty cool.

    Isn't there a less stressful way to launch. I should try that technique for my next boat.
  620. svue

    Who would you fish with?????

    Danny on the Dhamar is a class act, and a great fisherman. He won't go home until you tell him to either. Check out our last report.
  621. svue

    Information Request - Used Boat Sales Puerto Vallarta - Web sites - Brokers, Info?

    Kurt you still have that sled for sale down there. That ride is pretty sweet, turn key. How is the charter going in Texas?
  622. svue

    Nov. 27th on the Top Gun

    glad to hear they are still going strong.
  623. svue

    Fiji popping and jigging

    Thinking of doing a Fiji trip In the near future. Anyone knows any good place to go to. Went online and there seem to be hundred of website telling they are the all the best in Fiji. I only want to target inshore stuff, I can always get that black marlin here locally on this continent.