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    Float and float line for sale

    Thanks Bob, I have listed on Craigslist, still trying to get permission to post on Spearboard.
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    SOLD Sold Spearfish-Gannet Bluewater 75 and Floatline

    33 liters in like new condition, only used a couple of times. Hybrid floatline 80’/20’ bungee $350 for both picked up in Huntington Beach Text seven14nine16four773 Thanks, Mark
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    Float and float line for sale

    Gannet Blue Water 75 and 80/20 hybrid float line in excellent condition. Sold Huntington Beach, pick up only. Thanks, Mark 714nine16four773 Text preferred SOLD
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    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18 (Wndyty) and Sailflow. You can select which model to use on Windy, I find the European one is more reliable.
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    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    You can contact the Vessel Traffic Service if you are outside of LA/LB. It is operated by the Marine Exchange at Pt. Fermin and works VHF Channel 14. Commercial traffic is monitored and required to check in. If you are transmitting AIS information they may even give you a call to let you know...
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    Who Services Trinidad TN Gold reels?

    What Dan suggested, you could walk there from Newport:-), and Shimano service center in Irvine is awesome.
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    Victoria Island Canada

    Not sure what you are looking for but I can recommend Eagle Nook Lodge in Barkley Sound. It is on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. I fished from my friends boat and we stayed at the lodge. They have a handful of guided charter boats available, guides all seem excellent. The lodge staff...
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    Local Intel? Long Beach south.

    Some boats fishing the bonies off south Newport, they were right off the harbor entrance today. Even a couple of Pedro and LB boats.
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    OC roofing referral needed

    It has been a while, over 10 years, but I used Tom Beyer for my place in Huntington. He is an avid fisherman. His son may be running things now, he is who did the work for me and did a nice job.
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    Dorado, yellowtail and yellowfin

    Nice! How's the bait situation in Ensenada these days?
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    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    There are some pics in the yachtworld link. For what it's worth, two of the "kids" shown are 6'3", and one tells me he can stand up in the cabin without hitting his head. It's not my boat but I have been on it many times.
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    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    I have fished this boat many times. It's a workhorse and those Yanmar's never missed a beat. The layout works well, rides nice, and is very economical to operate. I am going to hate to see her go.
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    Skunked Again

    What Ali said....
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    AVET HX Silver 5/2 and Shimano Torium 20

    I sent you a PM last night regarding the HX.
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    (No) Fish Report 182/302/425 on 7/15

    We saw them in the morning 14 miles from Dana Pt. and they were heading uphill fast!
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    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    Nice bugs.... What he said about the pole spear, you might wanna edit...
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    fs: bnib skb 7200 tackle box

    Do you have any 7100's?
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    Oceanside Harbor accident

    It was
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    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    Weight (GVWR) of trailer and license is another thing to consider. Basic class C is only good up to 10,000 lb. GVWR. Also, I had a friend pulled over on PCH in Santa Monica towing a 26' Radon so CHP aren't the only ones looking.
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    Any Advice re Putting Boat in SF Bay?

    If you don't need to be in the city, I would recommend trying out Sausalito. It has been a while for me but when we ran up there it was always nice to make that left turn under the gate and into the sunshine. Much more laid back than the city. We stayed here...
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    sportboat name changes

    (Freedom/America/Liberty and whatever the fourth one was named... I think there was a fourth...) The fourth one was the Vantuna, built for Gilbert Van Camp Jr. of Van Camp Seafoods. He tuna fished with it, then gave it to Occidental College who used it as a research vessel until about ten years...
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    Thoughts on Winchester 70 Featherweight

    I have a pre 64 featherwieght in .30-06 and I love it. I will say that it hits hard in both directions, really hard. It mostly stays in the safe now. I now hunt whitetail with a Remington Model 700 limited in 280 Remington. It is stainless and synthetic.It is heavier but I can drag it around...
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    .22 Bolt Gun

    If your not too worried about the money, I would say go for the CZ. I have a savage and although it does shoot pretty nice I think the CZ is built much better. The Savage uses lighter, thinner materials while the CZ seems more like a real, adult rifle. YMMV.
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    Highway 1 Accident/Insurance outcome

    I am glad no one was badly hurt and sorry that you lost your truck. It is good to hear that the insurance company did the right thing. Just an FYI, and I am in no way blaming you, but using your left blinker is often used on that highway to indicate that it is safe to pass. I always worried...
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    Davis Cortez Diesel

    I have seen this boat and believe it or not, it is even cleaner in person. What are you going to repalce it with?
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    2005 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin!

    Putting a price up sure helps to determine who's really "serious".
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    7mm / .270 Debate

    Another vote for the 280 Remington. My Remington 700 LSS works really well on open prarie Whitetail and is a very soft shooter.
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    25' Parker Center Console

    PM and email sent
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    Beretta 686 Black Onyx

    It is a 12 gauge.
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    Beretta 686 Black Onyx

    SOLD 12 Gauge Field grade O/U, 28" barrels, 2-3/4 and 3 inch chamber, LOP 14-3/4". Locks up tight, bore is excellent. I got it used so I don't have a round count. There are some handling marks as this gun was used primarily for hunting, mostly in the wood but also a scratch on one of the...
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    Minnies Chandlery?

    Try Minnies Yacht Surplus.