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    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    Just a FYI to anyone thinking of jumping on a trip out of the two landings in Morro Bay. The BEST option is to book out of MORRO BAY LANDING for you trip. From the office staff to the boats, leaps better then the other landing, virgs Landing. I used to ride the boats at virgs, but this last...
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    3/4 day out of Virg's Landing on 10-7-19

    Went out with some friends on the 3/4 day trip on the Rita G. Capt said slow fishing in the local area so he was going to a new area. Good decision. We all caught our limits of red vermilion and limits of ling cod in two hours. Off the hook fishing. Fantastic time for all on boat. The ocean...
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    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    I don't see that ego maniac pounding his chest anymore on the big fishing websites. Did someone take him out finally? I know some locals sunk his cabo boat in PV some time back..................
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    Largest Ling cod caught on the Central Californis Coast for 2016

    Take a look at Virgs Landing's website on Facebook for the picture of the 32.5 Lingzilla caught. Caught on the Rita G on 10/23. 180 reds to go with it. WHAT A HOG!!! Largest Ling cod on the Central Coast of California for 2016 so far. Great job by the angler
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    The Tracer

    Does anyone know where the Tracer is now? I thought I heard at one time it was turned into a commercial boat by the new owner, Tommy S.
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    Shutting Down for the year?

    Don't know if I read thier report correct so does anyone know if the if the American Angler is done for the 2014 season? It reads like that in thier report but their schedule says different.
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    Is Bloodydecks going tohave a live feed of the Black and Blue,Oct 22-25 ?

    Any chance of getting a live VHF feed of the tournament?
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    Wrapped side cutters & Needle nose pliers

    I appoligize if this is in the wrong subject area. Does anyone know who sells handled wrapped (with cord) pliers? I've looked all over the internet and local tackel shops for nada. Was looking for side cutters and duckbill's (needle nose) Thanks
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    Condor's 2 day 9-23/24

    I was told by someone from a tackle store to checking out the photos that were posted from 976TUNA from a two day trip that the Condor just finished up. The Post was up on 9-25-2013 at 01:11pm by Richie. Have a look for yourself's. Can't believe they would bring those aboard...
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    Before she get's the needle....

    So Jodi is found gulity now, Think her last request will if she can have it up the ass one more time? Any one to give it to her?
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    12-21-12 at 11.11.00 hrs

    Read where a bunch of models in NY are wanting to go out with a "BANG" so they are going to have sex with as many as they can. The one chick that said she's one of many was smokin HOT!! Well at least there not going to the top of the mountain or cliff.
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    First Orgeon, Now Conn. " What the Hell is going on"

    I can't believe what is going on. Theater shooting not long ago, Orgeon Shopping Mall shooting a few days ago, and now 26 dead to include 18 children in Conn. elementry school. What the Fuck is happening to our society? :finger::finger: The pussy gunman makes it 27. He committed suicide the...
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    Got off a overnight trip out of Virg's Landing in Morro Bay. All the fish were in the 26 to 30 lbs. Some blue's were caught on another boat in the 40lbs range. Seas were absolutely flat calm.....sort of scary it was so flat. Had a great day, and wish I could of spent one more day in those...
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    2.5 day First String

    All you can say is JOB WELL DONE!!! First String headed in with 260 BFT's and 260 YFT's for 26 very happy anglers. Man..... those anglers on the Sea Adventure 80 (same 2.5 and dates, 29 anglers, 56 bft, 38 yft, 81 yellow, 4 dodo's) you gotta feel for those anglers. Maybe they had mechanical...
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    Fish Counts

    I know of the very tough fishing last weekend and someother dates before, but my question is why would you not post your boats counts on the landing's website...good or bad. Not to point fingers at any specific boat(s) but some seem to make a habit of not posting on the (what I guess to be)...
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    Info needed on Lowrance HDS system

    I have a HDS 10 that I bought in 2011. I was looking to see how, is possible, to have your Lat/long position on the navigation screen when your traveling and your position on the fish finder and radar screens as well. I have read the manual but can't seem to locate where or if this is possible...
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    Fuel Surcharges?

    Anyone have any ideas what the fuel surcharge is going to be per day on the San Diego fleet this season? I guess will do...... I'm thinking it going to be not good..about $5.00 or $7.00 per day if the fuel reaches $4.50 (the fleet's price) or slightly higher. Either way, there is going to be one.
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    Garmin chartplotter?

    Hello to all reading Looking for feedback if anyone has a working knowledge with a specific Garmin chartplotter that has been suggested to me. It's going on a small skiff.... less that 20'. The model is the 4208 Garmin chartplotter. It has the potential of a sounder, plotter and radar....but...
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    Diesel $4.18 didn't take long at all. Saw the first sign for diesel $4.18 a gallon. Cost me over $100.00 to not quite fill my truck.:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Charlie Sheen on the Radio

    Anyone hear the Alex Jones Show today or knows how to get the clip of todays show? Supposely, Charlie Sheen slammed the high "to-do's" at ABC on public radio...holding nothing back and I heard it was pretty funny along with ugly for him..........and then went on to slam AA. He might have...
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    As if the MLPA's weren't enough...............

    ]Had to confirm this new government appointed by our new state leader, Governer Jerry Brown, appointed a new State of California Natural Resource Agency. On January 1, 2011, Brown appointed John Lairn (from the SF Bay area) this position. For those who know about this person, you know this is...
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    Are you really safe in Mexico?

    So when an entire police department (Los Ramones, N.L.) quits after an estimated 1,000 rounds:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: are shot into the station, patrol vehicles and killing a dog, I think the drug cartel is making it very clear how safe Mexico really is.......and don't forget the little...
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    Holy Crap........what's the deal

    Picked up a friend from a three day trip out of H&M. They had 13 guys for 5 yft and 1 albacore. Drop him off and looked at the landing counts from my house. WOW!!! they didn't drop, they are almost non exsistent. Was that flury for two weeks the begining of the end?
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    Begining to slow

    Out to the hidden and points elsewhere for a couple of handfuls. Nice water but little on the meter and very little bird life. One large Seiner from Ensenada was returning from the grounds and was running very low in the water. I know several PV's where in the area and saw it. Crew member on...
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    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    Elin and Tiger are divorced and I read (Associated Press) she really did very well money wise, actually took the Tiger to La Cleaners. Well now that that relationship is ca-put, I would hit it........ and be set for ever and ever Anybody got some photos for the BOTD of Elin??????
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    Kudos to Phil on 976-Tuna!!

    As some know, 976-TUNA has a radio show on Sunday evenings. I was really glad to hear a responsible show host speaking on what is really the deal with what's going on with tuna fishing here in San Diego. "Tuna fishing is absoultely terrible" verus what I heard on a Sunday morning fishing show...
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    Did you see those photos?

    Not sure where to post this so this place had to be it. Did anyone see those pictures of the Clinton girl's wedding? That chick is one homley, butt ass ugly chick. I thought brides were to look as hot as possible, but Damm!!!!! that chick was dealt a crap hand at birth. If there is a light at...
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    Fish Counts?

    Was looking at the counts this morning and notice that some of the landings don't even post the boats that went out and caught nothing. At least seaforth posted the counts for a 2.5 day trip. 1 Bluefin and 4 albacore for 26 anglers. Thanks to them for being honest even when fishing is very...
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    Live by the gun and Die

    Utah had there first excution bt the firing squad in 14 years yesterday for a shithead that shot and killed two innocent men execution style. The convicted choose the firing squad over lethal injection stating " live by the gun and die by the gun". At least he had the balls to go ou that way. I...
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    Capt.Chris Randel on Rod & Reel Radio

    Did anyone get to catch last night's show? It was quite entertaining:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:.......too say the least, I hope Chris had a desinated driver to get him home after the show. Ironically,from another fishing website, I guess he was on another fishing...
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    What does'nt this guy own!

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    Mavericks Surf Contest is ON!!!!!!

    The contest is going on this Saturday 2-13-2010. For those who want to see a few selected guys with hugh balls, surfing the largest surf imaginable, they have a live feed on there website. This is the best of the best for sure!! I'll be on the beach checking it out......Can't wait for the...
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    Yellow and Dorado sizes

    Hope all catch a limit but please keep these fish to a legal size. At the docks the last couple of evenings and mornings and saw the catches from 1 day, 1.5 and some 2 day party boat trips and saw the size of some fish.........not all but more then some were not even a fish taco size. I heard...
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    Any Advise on GPS Navigation units

    Any have used any of these navigation road units. From Garmin to Tom Tom, there's a bunch out there and with different models...alot of choices along with those prices vary quite a bit. Any input would help....Thanks
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    Wide Open Albies or ???

    I thought it was interesting once again to see the counts of albies but not to mention the average is 8lbs. Pretty misleading IMO.
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    Well...what about that Guadelupe Island ???

    Did it hit the pages yet?????
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    Yellowfin Tuna

    Have noticed in the counts the Yellowfin are the catch and the Albacore are no more. Anyone know the size of the Yellowfin? Hope were not taking the real small guys.
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    What's with the Fishing Radio Shows??

    Was listening to that show 'Let's talk hook-up' this morning and hear both radio show host repeat several times how good the fishing is right now. WTF ARE THESE GUYS THINKING. I wish it was wide open, but heck, if there these guys arn't talking to the captains, why don't they just look on the...
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    Just saw on news that the chief of Police of TJ, after taking their guns away, has issued 60 sling shots to protect the public. LMAO!!! What a Country....You got to love it!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    The swinger

    Anyone know where to see the video of the 2006 swinger...aka Sadam. Looking for it and can't even find on the internet for what ever reason. Are we going soft or what here???? Want to send to to Vet who would really enjoy it, I'm sure??? Any help thanks!!!!:High_Five :High_Five
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    Any Mariades for strong YFT?

    Anyone have a recipe for a marinade for YFT? Caught a couple on a LR trip about a week ago and they were a little bit fishy tasting. Thought I could sushi them but no way, color gone from freezing it on boat it also had a bit of a stronger taste then what I've had before. Tried to use them in...
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    Yellowfin local?

    Have been watching the counts the overnight boats and they seem to be catching the tuna. Does anyone know if these are being caught in American or Mexican waters. I was thinking they might be out by the 43 but was wondering if anyone knows?
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    Drug lord caught on Sportfishing boat

    Alihadro-Felix was grabbed off a sportfishing boat off the Mexican coastline The news did report that he was not on a San Diego based boat. Seeing some of those prise looking party boats they have down their, you would think he'd have his own boat. Wonder if he tipped the crew well!:rofl...
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    Can you provide the numbers?

    Can anyone provide the Lat/Longs for the Hidden Bank. Going out tonight with father-in-law on his boat and want to give it a try. Thanks guys
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    Radio waterproof box

    Does anyone who sells waterproof boxes for a radios. great if it's in the San Diego area. Thanks
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    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    Just a note to start off the month of July. Was told by a guy coming up from Cabo from a boat delivery that nothing short than 11 SUPER SEINERS ( over 300' in lenght) with several helio's, were steaming northbound from just below Mag Bay. Told me they looked high out of the water so probably...
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    Spa Repair Tech in North County San Diego

    Looking for a Spa repair tech in the north county of SD. Does anyone have someone they could reccommend. I knew I sould have spent the cash on fishing then this damm spa!!!!
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    Who threw it?

    LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!!! WHO CLAIMS THROWING OUT THE SYRING AT JUICE USER B. BONDS? I wish it was me. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy to whomever did it! That was absolutley bitchen!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
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    Weather Check?

    Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_ Everyone knows how accurate the weathermen/women are (politically correct, right?), so where in the hell is this ass kicking storm. No rain in Orange County yet? What about where you are?
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    looking for a phone # regarding mexican boat fishing permits?

    Does anyone have a phone number for the mexican licensing office for private boats to fish legally in mexico. I think it's the mexican consolit? My father-in-law fished his 60' all last year without one and had now idea it was required for the boat. He thought a personnal mexican fishing license...
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    Boat blue book?

    Does anyone know or have any ideas on how get a fair asking price for a small boat. Its a 18' center console on a trailor and was thinking of selling it. Besides looking for something close to it in the boat trader or other boat selling forum, was wondering if anyone has ever come across...
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    Roof Repair needed in North SD County

    Anyone have recomendations on a roof repair company in San Diego for some somewhat minor repairs. The residence is in north county San Diego. Thanks for any input.
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    WAHOO @ Double 220's ??

    Did you hear of the Wahoo school at the double 220's? I hear ther a photos floating around but these could be doctored. Has anyone seen or hear of this?? :i_piss_on Dynamite: :_hot_:
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    Landing Reports?????

    Does anyone know if the sport boats report there down days? Someone I know rode a one day boat out of Point Loma Sportsfishing and was surprised to see that in the count, there one fish did'nt make it. They did'nt list the boat of running that night. Hope that not what they usually do!!!