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    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    Your absolutely correct kaosx, Virgs Landing since the change of ownership some time ago, it was apparent, it was not the same and its really very obvious presently. From last years social media mud slinging from the owner of Virgs versus a bunch of very unhappy former customers, it was really...
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    If thinking of fishing in Morro Bay

    Just a FYI to anyone thinking of jumping on a trip out of the two landings in Morro Bay. The BEST option is to book out of MORRO BAY LANDING for you trip. From the office staff to the boats, leaps better then the other landing, virgs Landing. I used to ride the boats at virgs, but this last...
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    3/4 day out of Virg's Landing on 10-7-19

    Went out with some friends on the 3/4 day trip on the Rita G. Capt said slow fishing in the local area so he was going to a new area. Good decision. We all caught our limits of red vermilion and limits of ling cod in two hours. Off the hook fishing. Fantastic time for all on boat. The ocean...
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    ABSOLUTLY CORRECT!!!! This guy is a train wreck. Gotta to be out of your mind or on a suicide mission to get near a boat he's on..
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    What are the other owners involved with the Prowler and Pacifica thinking with this knucklehead in charge. Would have to believe the pending law suits on the Prowler incident that are still pending are strengthened 10 fold for the victims of this guy. USCG needs to get a reality check on...
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    Increased crime in Baja?

    You got to love the post "Ive been driving in Baja for the past 150 years and never had a problem". Guess what, News flash, times have changed, just ask the two Americans who were murdered in the home along with their pet dog from the thiefs who were attempting to steal their boat parked on...
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    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Not the greatest reputation in Morro Bay from what I know. Much better small boat operations to choose from.
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    What ever happened to that guy Josh Templeton

    I don't see that ego maniac pounding his chest anymore on the big fishing websites. Did someone take him out finally? I know some locals sunk his cabo boat in PV some time back..................
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    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Wether they file fraud charges or not, this is going to cost them a bundle, just to defend themselves. So, so desperate and so very stupid. Most definitely, their sportboat reputations and lively hood are completely over. Beside, I think the only insurance they possible get now, would be from...
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    Largest Ling cod caught on the Central Californis Coast for 2016

    Take a look at Virgs Landing's website on Facebook for the picture of the 32.5 Lingzilla caught. Caught on the Rita G on 10/23. 180 reds to go with it. WHAT A HOG!!! Largest Ling cod on the Central Coast of California for 2016 so far. Great job by the angler
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    BLUEFIN TUNA OK again in Mexican Waters! Good news!

    Hopefully Scott McDaniels won't screw it up again.
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    Sea Adventure II Monday 8/24

    My gosh, how many stories have to be told. How about just burning your money in the parking lot for a bonfire.
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    Morro bay rock cod and salmon

    Beware.......DFW will cite you on the spot if you have any hooks with a barb on your boat when you have a salmon on board. I guess you got your bottom fish on barbless hooks.
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    The Tracer

    Does anyone know where the Tracer is now? I thought I heard at one time it was turned into a commercial boat by the new owner, Tommy S.
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    If you respect Harold Davis's opinion, why in the heck did you buy a Davidson? Were you one of a very, very few people ( actually I think your the only one) that bought a Davidson...... sort of like the De'Loran, pretty neat to have the first one, but then....................... Were you ever...
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    When did this go down?......not that anyone would be surprised. I'm sure Harold Davis is not surprised. Hope it goes back to Harold or Don buy's out Davidson. What a joke that guy was.
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    There was a guy on this site about a year ago that was selling a Davidson 19 and was asking $65,000.00. I bet he was the only person who took the chance and actually bought one of those POS. Poor guy, stuck with a expensive POS. Can imagine you couldn't give that Davidson away. How long did that...
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    Celebrity Long Rangers

    David Fastino (Bud Bundy's "Married with Children") on the Q105 back in the early 90's
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    Any fishing out of Morro bay, 1-30-15?

    Whale watch trips only for Virg's Landing. They start up again on April 1st hopefully
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    Ferguson - No Indict

    Old English 800 or Colt 45 in the 32oz size. The cream of the crop in that neighborhood......
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Will do big dog62!! Just heard the trip is a GO!!!!! Packing my camera & will post some photos. Wish you guys could make it.
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Your right.... I failed to mention the 33 lbs haibut that was also caught on that trip when we driffed into the sand but the guy was not in the JP. I didn't think I had to mention the other species you can catch.....but yes, other species can be targeted as well if conditiond dictate. WSB...
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Are you going this weekend? I was on the waiting list and they called me two days ago with a spot that opened. Can't wait !!!!!
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    You are correct, you are miising something........quite a bit, actually..... That trip was not a two day but a 6am till 4pm (look at the top of the count page for the type of trip)..... look at there ling cod catch....limits! Thats getting them I would say. There Two Day Trips only takes 24...
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Not to jack a thread and I be the first to say the Shogun is a class act and goes the distance for sure.......but....... If your looking for 5lbs and better on the REDS, to go with 17 lbs average lings, try the 2 day trips out of Virg's landing in Morro Bay. The best rock fishing I 've ever...
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    February 2.5 day Baja Freezer Trip

    Does it have two vowels between those...................
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    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Is your boats manufacture VIP Marine Industries in Florida?
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    Shutting Down for the year?

    Don't know if I read thier report correct so does anyone know if the if the American Angler is done for the 2014 season? It reads like that in thier report but their schedule says different.
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    Coronado wahoo

    Yea, I'm not buying that
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    Is Bloodydecks going tohave a live feed of the Black and Blue,Oct 22-25 ?

    Any chance of getting a live VHF feed of the tournament?
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    Radon with Yamaha Outboard - $25000 (San Luis Obispo)

    Thats some funny crap there, only better would be coming from a Davidson owner
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Your not going to win, but you might get some court experience and in the future take ones that are very legal and not just made it ones. Seems like those will always get you. Isn't 9 bugs enough anyways for a night?
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    21' Radon Pilothouse- Full refit

    I doubt 1.2 vs. 1.5 is going to be a deal breaker. Very nice boat set up and a fair asking price. Question, on the transom, there's a electronic unit but hard to see exactely what it is. I assume a meter? with something else?
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    The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    You went on a boat operation by Chuck Taft. Look at all the boats he owns, each one if you ride, you should consider large amounts of life insurance for your greving family. Sea Adventure II, Jig Strike, Alicia & Legend are all pieces of garbage. IMO, definitely the worst operation in the San...
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    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    The not being able to pick the fish you wanted to keep is just wrong. Would have liked to hear "WHY"? Unless they didn't want fish getting mixed up all over the deck, otherwise, why not? I thought the Pacific Dawn was a top notch multi day boat. Thanks for the story, glad to hear the good and...
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    Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    This is such a true statement. Gosh forbid you say something about a boat operation that is loyal to a specific website. Experiences and accounts of trip are personnal experiences, and only are used as a tool to help someone who might think about going on a boat and was looking for the good and...
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    The Intrepid - Jesus Companioni Vs. Kevin Osborne

    Does anyone really know why the Intrepid goes through so many operators since they started running? Kevin is the only one who is still present. Kelly, Cavanaugh, Pritchard, Santiago, etc...... Not trash talking or trying to piss off a loyal customer of the Intrepid operation, but just asking. I...
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    Side scanning sonar

    Furuno 3250 side scanner. $16,000.00 without install. You need about 3 to 4 feet of clearence in hull to deck for telescopic transducer on a worm gear. Thats a quarter of the entire size of your skiff. Your going to need a boat for that.
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    My best friend came home today

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. April 30th 2014, I lost my beloved, very best buddy to bone cancer. I was complete mess and lost, as Glenn (Jig Strike) knows. When I had to go pick up my boy in that pine box, whatever I began to regain, I went back to being a mess. I know I'll be with my...
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    WTB Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    I think Mark that owns the Boat Doctor in Paso Robles was selling his Davis about one month ago. Have no idea if still available. What about a Davidson......just kidding.
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    Rob Sanford, San Diego Boats......Here I am!

    So true. Who gives a shit on this guy's volunteer crap. I, as well as some others, were looking at skiffs at his shop and after talking to people, I went somewhere else. He cries the blues why he had to close his business...... could it have anything to do with screwing all those customers and...
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    411 on Dominator

    Dalo is a great Calico bass & 1/2 day captain but for tuna trips, you can do better for sure
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    That Stinky Old 2-Stroke!

    OK.......we all get it. Evinrudes are better than sliced bread. Clearly, you have fullfilled your obligation to your sponsored company in this thread you started. Now, try and be smart. Give it a rest.
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    Rob Sanford . . . . . Again

    I heard of two other parties that were looking for him. Sounds like he's better have some sound health insurance if he ever surfaces. Definitely wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
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    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    There the guys who got a deal on pork..............
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    Unfortunate experience with Boston Whaler and Schock Boats

    The update is a that super model poped out of the fiberglass buldge and all is well now!!
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    Hey Chad, a member on this board said you wrap side cutters and needle nose pliers. I'm looking...

    Hey Chad, a member on this board said you wrap side cutters and needle nose pliers. I'm looking for a set. Can you tell me what you charge..... along with the price of the pliers. I would have to do this all by mail since I live in Central California and don't get down to Southern Cal much...
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    Wrapped side cutters & Needle nose pliers

    I appoligize if this is in the wrong subject area. Does anyone know who sells handled wrapped (with cord) pliers? I've looked all over the internet and local tackel shops for nada. Was looking for side cutters and duckbill's (needle nose) Thanks
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    Moving on……Nick… on the Rooster Red Rooster….

    Seems like that boat runs through a number of crew members and captains. Hope it works out for you Nick.
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    Chief 2.5 day Questions!

    Not sure, but I think those $99.00 prices to come back a asking a bit from Chris. With Fuel, Port fees, bait, insurance, crew, permits, landing's cut, and I'm sure some others, I would think even with a full boat, the net profit is going to be very little, if any. I think dumping the...
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    WTB davis cortez 22'

    Did you check the Davis Boat website? If not, they have a "For Sale" section with some of there models. Seems like the 22' go pretty quick. I believe there is two or three on the site to date. Excellent job in choosing a real DAVIS boat.
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    23 Blackman Outer banks

    Absolutely! Imagine how much can be done to that Blackman. Blackman boats, IMO, are one of the best, well built trailorable boat you can buy, and for $10,000.00. If you think about it, with $50,000.00 if needed after the purchase, for repairs and upgrades, you can get a lot more boat than...
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    23 Blackman Outer banks

    That seems like a very fair price for one awsome proven boat.
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    Greg Mueller of the AA:

    Was shocked to hear of Greg's passing....brought some tears. I only knew Greg from about 10 years ago when he was the chef on the New Lo Ann with Nick Cates. Saw him a couple of times after when he moved over to the AA. My heart filled condolances to his family and the AA family.
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    RP on the way to the bank

    Pretty cool that you can e-mail your own reports on the boat. If you get the time, keep us up whats going down @ the bank
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    Condor's 2 day 9-23/24

    I was told by someone from a tackle store to checking out the photos that were posted from 976TUNA from a two day trip that the Condor just finished up. The Post was up on 9-25-2013 at 01:11pm by Richie. Have a look for yourself's. Can't believe they would bring those aboard...
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    Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    The SOA, RRIII and AA stand alone. Yes, they dock at H&M, but have nothing but a set of tie-up cleats and a fresh water hose involved with the landing. All those LR boats are class acts. Well said Leonard!
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    Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    Does/Did anyone remember when Scott McDaniels was the owner and ran the Grande. If you didn't figure it out how his operations are run, your having the unpleasent opportunity in experiencing it now. Just have to thank the heavens that Scott never got his long range boat.
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    H&M - Who's heard of the Invicta?

    Good Move!!!
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    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Couldn't be said better....only on the father's boat, the rod would have been turned around.
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    Apollo 5-day report

    So is the bait being rashioned between the LR boats? Leaving on a five day in two days and thinking were going to be a bit screwed........
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    SD 6 Pack boat recommendation

    If still running......LIMITLESS with Tom. 44' Pacifica with the best six pack captain on the coast.
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    producer overn Fuckin ass clown skipper on producerwhat happened tighter last weekend

    That is some funny shit right there:rofl: What are you trying to say, You don't understand "Ebonics", you creepy cracker.
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    Helgren's Electra (June 16)

    Why in the hell would you fish Oceanside when if you drive 40 minutes on the 5 fwy, you have a choice of four different landings with a selection of boats. Sorry for your disappointment and maybe you didn't know any better but what you wrote regarding your trip was not surprising......sounds...
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    Tribute sportfishing

    Great boat when it was the Holiday...........after that, a completely different story. Sure now that Mike P. is the owner/operator, that reputation will come back as a fish catching machine.
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    Radar Reflectors

    I have one of those ugly sailboat metal one for my boat. I mounted it on a 8 foot pole and place this in a rod holder when it's foggy or at night. I agree with " they are very ugly" and I did'nt want to make it pernament on the t-top so this pole thing has worked. I was able to hear what it...
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    Before she get's the needle....

    So Jodi is found gulity now, Think her last request will if she can have it up the ass one more time? Any one to give it to her?
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    Fishing Incidents attorney referral

    Here's a number that should work for you: 1-800-eat- shit
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    officially a "big" boat owner!

    Come on....give it up on the price. That helm station looks really nice.
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    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    I agree and well wrote.....
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    Yamaha or Evinrude

    I repowered last year with an e-tec Evinrude. So happy with the motor and their customer service is fantastic. Yamaha I'm sure a very good as well, but Yamaha along with Honda, you better keep up with their service calls as they required or you void the warrenty. Evinrude does'nt require any...
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    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/17

    Chris your website and News segment is a real nice thing. You could teach some weather people here in California how to do it. GOOD JOB P.S. What the Hell are you doing in Arizona??????
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    Legend no longer at Seaforth?

    Where did Billy Sanitago working at if the Legend is history?
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    Qualifier 105 ???

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    Chief or Top Gun 80

    You are mistaken, Big Game and Islander are sister hulls....Top Gun was built way after those two were done and floating. And I'd go with Randal, but Taft runs a good operation as well
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    Custom rope bucket handles (replace those ugly metal handles)

    :QUOTE=stairman;3063012]you are kidding right...I hope the R&D didn't set you back too much :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:That is some funny shit right there!!!:rofl::rofl:
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    What.......Capt. Jack not going to ruin it, I mean run it....... Oh Darn
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    Heard something about moving to SeaForth Landing and being the 3/4 day boat with a experienced operator that has worked for LoPreste as the new captain, long time needed. Didn't know about the name change.
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    Chris will do well on the new boat. Good news for all the rest of the old Indian crew as well. Some boat changes for this coming season. Taft owns the Relentless and Lo Preste now owns the Dolphine III. Told there is to be changes to the boats along with captains & crew for the 2013 season...
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    sad day for us!

    Very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful girl. Be thankful for the time you had with her..I bet she couldn't of had better parents then you and your family.
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    Xtra tufs made in china

    The soles rip away from the rubber boot. Most of what I heard and saw were the sole delaminating from the boot rubber. My China pair lasted three months vs. US made lasted for three seasons. They lost my business until a change is made or someone steps up and builds a new boot in the US.
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    Feinstein to introduce assault weapons ban Thursday

    Drop dead and Boxer
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    Maverick's Invitational: It's ON BITCHES!

    I agree, that web master sucks. I couldn't see the finals because the webcast went down on ABC News site. WTF... fire that guy
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    Maverick's Invitational: It's ON BITCHES!

    Heat three is over,finals begin at 2pm. Waves are nothing they wanted I'm sure of that. Nice waves, great weather but not the growling monster bodies that they predicted. Many of the big names never made it to the first heat. ABC News live HD video feed is the way to watch.
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    Maverick's Invitational: It's ON BITCHES!

    Just checked the update with surfline. Nothing showing yet but they feel really positive it going to growl some monsters late this afternoon and be full speed tomorrow. Looks like they are going to have it live on line. Anyone knows when it starts?
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    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    Has Davidson even put out a boat yet for sale?
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    Need a ditch kit?

    That is a good deal. The battery on that EPRIB has an expiration date of 9/2012. A replacement battery with labor for ACR, who are the only ones that can replace those batteries is the area of $300.00 last time I had to replace my ACR battery. Otherwise that ditch bag has everything beside a raft.
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    California Fish and Game Now California Fish and Wildlife

    I heard how much it cost the state (the tax payers here) to have this department name change. BIG BUCKS!! All those documents, books, manuels, ect.. had to be changed over and much, much more. For a name change???? Special thanks to California's own "Three Stooges": Moe(Jerry),Larry(Barbara) &...
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    12-21-12 at 11.11.00 hrs

    Read where a bunch of models in NY are wanting to go out with a "BANG" so they are going to have sex with as many as they can. The one chick that said she's one of many was smokin HOT!! Well at least there not going to the top of the mountain or cliff.
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    First Orgeon, Now Conn. " What the Hell is going on"

    I can't believe what is going on. Theater shooting not long ago, Orgeon Shopping Mall shooting a few days ago, and now 26 dead to include 18 children in Conn. elementry school. What the Fuck is happening to our society? :finger::finger: The pussy gunman makes it 27. He committed suicide the...
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    Thats some funny & accurate shit right there! Thanks Sherm, it was worth the coffee spilling over the keyboard..:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    28 Foot Spectre ----- Center Console ----60-MPH

    The islands in 10 minutes from the point. That thing looks like it would scream!!!!
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    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Great job for the Excel!! Glad that Justin did the measurement correctly and came up to a very close weight unlike that other time (not the Excel) we all are faimilar with about 4 or 5 years ago. San Diego's Long Range fleet doesn't need that embarrassment happen again, IMO.
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    Super Clean 2003 Pro-Line 20' Center Console

    Thats some pretty funny stuff there. Nice investigation.
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    I thought prices were suppost to go down as time moves on. Either way, nice boat but I would bet that that little outboard is under powered for that 8 to 10,000 lbs skiff.
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    I guess you really have to piss someone off to get your BD ticket on your Bio.
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    Just read, the Eldorado will be back

    Are you on the right forum?
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    Morro Bay Albacore Fishing

    Better off going out on your private boat then going out of Virg's Landing. Make your own decision but "BEWARE". That was 18 hour of my life I will never get back. Nothing close to a San Diego sport fishing operation......even the ones that are marginal are leaps above.
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    Before the Spirit of Adventure was a Long Range Boat...

    Definitely why the Spirit of Adventure in the only full time charter long range sportfisher in the fleet. They do now have a few open party trips on the schedule but surely thats the economy. Never advertises or post there fish counts, but always booked up. That gotta tell you something.
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    There catching live bait, if available, before each trip. This trip had no live but I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there, they were a few that would eat dead anchovies. The swim baits & mega baits were doing the most damage. As far as travel, I'll I can say is we left at 1:00am an...
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    Got off a overnight trip out of Virg's Landing in Morro Bay. All the fish were in the 26 to 30 lbs. Some blue's were caught on another boat in the 40lbs range. Seas were absolutely flat calm.....sort of scary it was so flat. Had a great day, and wish I could of spent one more day in those...
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    Seaway Roll-Call

    Dominator, Princess (Morro Bay)
  103. 5

    Limits on the Limitless

    The "LIMITLESS" by far is the best six pack operation going in San Diego. Glad Tom is still running it. Thought he was going to keep it up in Newport and run out of there.
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    Fire the crew of the dolphin 3 start fresh

  105. 5

    8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Another fantastic write up. Sorry Kyle, but how could you miss those other write up's?????
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    I vote for Billy Santiago, but I wouldn't let my new wife on the boat without me being present
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    Dolphin III needs you

    Thanks for the invite....not tonight though
  108. 5

    Dolphin III needs you

    Fair enough Mike and no disrespect taken :waglleybooty:. It was just a simple question and now you have answered it. And sorry, I can't answer your question since it would have mixed opinions with many I would think. And back at you, not be judgemental:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: JB
  109. 5

    Dolphin III needs you

    Needs for a second captain and passengers in mid season? Boy... feel your pain since some of your threads are pleas for passengers to fish the Dolphin III and now your in need of a necessay crew member to run, legally. A tough season for sure. What boats, if any, have you worked in the San...
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    Dolphin 3

    I'll completely agree with you on that. Like a 180 degree's different.
  111. 5

    Dolphin 3

    Man....with a write up like this, it's understandable why that boat has troubles getting passengers. Knowing the counts for that trip, How in the hell can fish be lost with that light of a catch? The days of that boat when it was the "Holiday" with Rick Podolack and Boggie Sheers are very...
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    Great day for BFT on the New Lo-An

    And why does the question come up time and time, "which boat should I ride on ?" The Lo-an being almost always sold out (or close to), runs constantly, and does't have to "pled" for passengers to ride the boat so they can make a trip, should spell to most seasoned anglers, This is boat to ride...
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    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    What did you re-power it with. I almost bought that bought before you did from Bobby Allen. Wasn't it going to be called "Faith"?
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    2.5 day First String

    All you can say is JOB WELL DONE!!! First String headed in with 260 BFT's and 260 YFT's for 26 very happy anglers. Man..... those anglers on the Sea Adventure 80 (same 2.5 and dates, 29 anglers, 56 bft, 38 yft, 81 yellow, 4 dodo's) you gotta feel for those anglers. Maybe they had mechanical...
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    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Debbie Doodson School of Trucking.....:waglleybooty::waglleybooty:...Hummmmm???????? Just thinking. Are they still around?????
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    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Hey Fishybuzz, Why don't you chime in on this one how " it's a privilge to fish mexico" and " we should'nt be complaining". Pretty quite on this subject And thanks Sherm to try to get some sort of understanding for Mexico
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    Guadalupe no go

    Stand by, I believe that Cedros will be the next island there goung to screw around with regarding permits, wristbands and then evaluate and possible close it only to a limited amount of american documented vessels. You must remember have they (Mexican government) have not released the Islands...
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    Anyone have any experience with the International Star ? Good ,bad or Ugly

    I really liked the duck tape, when it was holding the radar dome to a roof mount when it was docked at H&M Landing about 4 years ago. Maybe that assisted the USCG with the ruling regarding an denial for a COI to run trip with paying passengers. That duck tape was pretty classic but only found...
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    Make a Towline (Well, How I did it anyway).

    Got any photos of a shock absorber in this type of application? I made a tow line as well and thought of the shock absorber issue but did'nt know what to use or how to set it up. Thanks if you can explain or have photos/drawings.
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    This cant be right???!!!

    Too Funny. I was getting ready to post on this as well. What a bunch of crap.
  121. 5

    ULTIMATE BOAT- Elliott 65 For Sale

    The maintance on that must be a full time job to pay for it, not to omit the slip fees
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    I would hope this site honers balance issues no matter what position you agree with. The Big Game 90's thread is still up, titled "more advice from SAC" I thought it was great that they shared the information for us to see, read and make our own decision. Thanks Irv and Mike
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    more advise from S A C

    Well, let's see if I got this right, now you must have a Visa, you still need a Mexican fishing license in some situations (I think I got that correct) and certain islands you need passenger permits and boat permits to fish there. And now if there commerical fleet locates a school that your...
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    Which Boat?Grande, Prowler, New Loan, or Condo For this Friday

    THE NEW LO-AN with Marcus if they have room..
  125. 5

    Fish Counts

    And I bet today with the good counts, everyone can't get on their websites fast enough to post.
  126. 5

    Fish Counts

    Well with that mentioned, the Dolphin III was on this site last Friday, pumping the ticket sales for there 1.5 day trip that was a for sure go. That all you ever heard of that trip, one can only assume passengers got some sleep. There not the only one's although.
  127. 5

    Fish Counts

    I know of the very tough fishing last weekend and someother dates before, but my question is why would you not post your boats counts on the landing's website...good or bad. Not to point fingers at any specific boat(s) but some seem to make a habit of not posting on the (what I guess to be)...
  128. 5

    New Lo-An 1.5 7/13-7/15

    I agree with you. If the New Lo-Ann is booked and the other two at the landing have room, I will wait for another day.
  129. 5

    2 Day charter on the Apollo 7/12 - 7/14

    Good write up. The Apollo is a class act and JJ is a very evperienced operator with a lot of experience.
  130. 5

    Boats / motors stolen from Boca del Alamo

    What was the story just a week ago with a boat and truch being stolen? Oh, that right, it was in Mexico...again. I do really feel sorry for the hard working people down there. Mexico needs to have public hanging and like in the middle east countries, cut off the hands if your a thief...
  131. 5

    Q105: As the screws Turn

  132. 5

    28' center console and quad stolen, two held up @ gunpoint @ Las Arenas

    They can't even handle the drug problem they have on a small scale....think they would even consider doing something about this is a joke. Murders in Mexico since January 1st 2012, = 47,575 victims. But Mexico is safe, right?
  133. 5

    Lost my best friend

    I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear of your loss. My eyes when reading your post and still are, pretty filled with tears. Dog people are a very special bread of human. Think about getting another, not to replace you beatuiful Boomer (that will never be), but to rescue one that might not...
  134. 5

    Constitution at Dana Wharf

    I just saw the Fortune for a two day trip was $499.00. Almost spit my mouth full of coffee on the key board. That seems way too boat nor no captain with crew, for my budget, is worth paying that much for. And with that, I see that there is a $250.00 non refundable deposit that I have...
  135. 5

    Constitution at Dana Wharf

    I bet with the competition in SD, that made it difficult for this operation to survive.
  136. 5

    Mako 20b with 96 Evinrude 175hp

    Do you have anthing that has the dry weight of your boat? Maybe in the original ad you have?
  137. 5

    What happened to our promising-looking season? What the F!?

    Anyone that thinks this is a good sign for Southern California with that fish's coming in at 21lbs., needs to read up on the normal patterns of the Pacific loop and the years when this has previsiously occurred. Have the green fee's have gone up since last year?
  138. 5

    Dog Bite

    Hopefully the bitch will die of a OD before she can collect anything.
  139. 5

    Down Riggers vs. Divers

    What's the best manufacture for the divers?
  140. 5


    Norm's Big Fish in Seal Beach has been under new management and is real fair on there prices and a hugh selection......
  141. 5

    32' Spectre offshore pilothouse - Sold

    If I saw this monster come up on my ass in mexican waters, I know I would be crappen in my shorts. That thing is evil looking and probably sounds like it as well. Very nice job
  142. 5

    Big Yellowtail are biting FULL SPEED today for the party boats!

    Call bull without Pic's............
  143. 5

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    That statement is way over the line. Your a nuckelhead to make that statement about anyone....right or wrong.
  144. 5

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    If you have your 100ton, bring it and drive at night.....but tip also!!
  145. 5

    Royal Polaris Crew

    Billy joined the "100 fathom" club prior to his departure. Now their is customer service for ya!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  146. 5


    This thread is so useless.......why respond. Stupidity is alive and well.. Hey Zcutbait, get a video a learn something before you speak, you might get some knowledge
  147. 5

    San Diego Bait Barge Part II

    Wonder if the deck is stacked already like what happened with the MLPA's?
  148. 5

    Save The Producer

    Can someone write on what's the issue with the "Producer" Haven't fished it since Ray sold it but that boat got bit very well.
  149. 5

    Bluefin on the Vagabond

    Lackey is on a roll...........good for him.
  150. 5


    Sounds like eventually one of these guys is going to play that game with the wrong person and someone just might take it to the level those guys arn't going to image it would go.
  151. 5

    Fortune 2 day WSB charter

    Are two day trips now fall in the arena of the Long Range Fishing Reports?
  152. 5

    Looking for private charter for two

    Call Helgram's Sportfishing in Oceanside and they contact with small boat operations running out of Oceanside. Save you the drive to and from San Diego and that fantastic traffic on the 5 fwy......
  153. 5

    email re: Q105

    I have to agree that this has all the signs of going to a courtroom. Sorry for JK, but it reads like bad luck to some "Hail Mary" business decisions that turned out for the worse. I do hope JK can pull off something to save his good reputation. Good guy, good fisherman and owner/operator...
  154. 5

    Q 105

    What happened to it?
  155. 5

    The RP is slaying them....

    Experience and knowledge in your choices of operations, with all the options available, does result in sucess. Not the first time to the fair for these guys. Great Job.... but not surprised.
  156. 5

    Lowrance HDS5X signal color help

    Had to experience their customer service yesterday with an issue. Fantastic service and did figure out that the Lowrance's manuals on their HDS systems DO NOT tell you the full extent of what these units have the potential to do. Derby brought this up to me on the question I had but I somewhat...
  157. 5

    Info needed on Lowrance HDS system

    Thanks guys! Steve your description on the way is right on from what the video that Derby mentioned to watched. Those You Tube videos are fantastic to refer too. Never would have thought that Lowrance put out a You Tube instructional video unless you mentioned it. Thanks again guys!!
  158. 5

    Info needed on Lowrance HDS system

    I have a HDS 10 that I bought in 2011. I was looking to see how, is possible, to have your Lat/long position on the navigation screen when your traveling and your position on the fish finder and radar screens as well. I have read the manual but can't seem to locate where or if this is possible...
  159. 5

    Replacement Outboard Question

    This info is right on the Facts. I re-powered my skiff last year with a 90 E-Tech and honestly, was abit nervous going with Evinrude. Many hours later, very happy with the choice of the two stroke performance, little fuel and oil usage, and the weight issue. Evinrude BRP is a stand up...
  160. 5

    Blackman boats?

    Heard they were out of business as well
  161. 5

    I'm sorry to announce SeaHorse Sportfishing is no more

    Better to have a buyer for the "Sea Horse" then just to walk away from the boat like some already have had to do.
  162. 5

    JT Tackle gone

    Sort of odd how on JT's website they write to "support your local tackel store befor they are all gone" and now, the economy has taken it toll on them. Hate to see the family store having to close. Not too many left.......
  163. 5

    Just heard on lets talk hookup, 400+lbs yft

    Could that be......JT.......NOT!!
  164. 5

    Protect your self guys.

    Holy Crap!! Thats a wake-up call to all. Making an appointment TODAY if possible Hugh thanks for that and I wish you the best in your recovery
  165. 5

    Piece of Long Range History: Gone

    Well, it's his boat and to re-name it is his option. New reputation? Sorry to see the legacy of the "Holiday" is gone. Steve Giffen was so very proud of that boat. Can only imagine a certain woman is pretty pissed with the re-naming.
  166. 5


    Was wondering if that deckhand on the Intrepid thinks Mexico is safe?
  167. 5

    What's up with law enforcement?

    No doubt. They wanted to screw with you. Only you because you were in your shorts. Get a clue.......and what does a fisherman look like? So, whatever a fisherman looks like, I guess a drug dealer can't pose as a fisherman because all fisherman can't be moving drugs by boat. And anyone in "shorts...
  168. 5

    Evinrude motor help!

    Welcome to the boat ownership club! Leave you bank card & Credit card(s) at the door before entering.....Thank you!!
  169. 5

    1998 Parker 2320 Yamaha F225

    "in many tournaments including Bisbees at Cabo San Lucas" That's a selling point? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  170. 5

    Indian announcement today

    Very sorry to hear of this. I would have to think that Chris & Ben will not be the only two operations that are ready to walk away with all the madness that they, as owners, are having to deal with. The best wishes to both of them and those to follow if it comes to that......
  171. 5

    Fishing Television Help

    Amazing that show is still on.....that show really is bad:shithappens::shithappens:
  172. 5

    Fuel Surcharges

    Could have not been said better.
  173. 5

    Happy with the sonar on your Lowrance HDS?

    Have the HDS10 with an Airmar thru hull ducer and absolutely love it. I had a Furuno sonar before but could'nt afford to upgrade to another Furuno. There fantastic units for sure but IMO, very pricy. I was introduced to the HDS10 from a Marine Electronics company/installer that is a Furuno...
  174. 5

    Anyone know about the FV Fortune?

    Too bad this question came up and always comes down to a degree of slamming an operator. Is it really needed to voice opinions who better than who? Great, Bla Bla is a better fisherman than Bla Bla in my opinion. Reads like a bunch of senior citizens comparing doctors in their retirement home...
  175. 5

    Stringari 18, with custom Radon Pilot house

    Jim, Do you know the dry weight of the skiff on the trailor? And is that house from Pacific Pilot Houses? I'm aware that you stated Radon in your ad. A very nice looking skiff
  176. 5

    Reliable Kill Bag

    Check your PM's
  177. 5

    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    Knew that boat and owner as it sat on the commerical docks (near the Cimmeron bait boat) idie for some years in pretty bad shape. Your photo's shows you have put the time & cash to fixed up that Hawthorne up. Hope you enjoyed her as one of her owners.....................
  178. 5

    I'm gonna be tapping Lindsay Lohan

    She needs cash since her career has circled the toliet. Whore yourself out for all you can young to be a "has been" already.
  179. 5

    Rice Bowl 8 day Spirit of Adventure 10-24

    Definitely the hardest working and most successful operator in the fleet. Could never figure out "why" they don't post their fish catches and then after my first trip with them 11 years ago I realized...they don't need too. Not there style to blow thier own horn. There are all that good!!
  180. 5

    Eleven Hundred and Fifty Pounds Marlin

    Nice article but without pictures, well unless your new here, you know what's said about the fish caught without photos.
  181. 5

    Morro Bay Albacore Fishing

    There is NO live bait for Patriot Sportsfishing (where the PQ is running) and the same with Virg's landing in Morro. When they do get some bait, it's 7" deans that roll within hours. It's strictly jig fishing......... And it's been blowing here for 6 days now....15 to 17 knots. And for...
  182. 5

    6 dead 3 injured in Seal Beach

  183. 5

    6 dead 3 injured in Seal Beach

    Just live together for your trial basis if you have any doubts about the chick. IMO, if I had any questions, I'd tell her to take a hike before I even looked at a church. Saving your sanity, cash and asprins.
  184. 5

    Easy way to fry up a rock fish

    Maybe that was his intentions :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  185. 5

    kill bag

    PM me with the size and price you thinking of. I'm looking for a used large size kill bag
  186. 5

    1992 18' Bayrunner

    I can't figure out what the heck does it matter. Its yours now so use it and shut up.
  187. 5


    Definitely not forgotten, all those who bought from them surely will never forget them as well, as their replacing what they bought.........
  188. 5

    2day 9/7 Dominator - First String

    1st STRING How many more 1 STRING votes are necessary
  189. 5

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

  190. 5

    Ocean Odyssey or Holiday?

    All I know about a choice between either of those other two you mentioned....... I would book a trip whenever the New LoAnn or Pacific Queen became available or just pass.
  191. 5

    Friendliest Harbor Seal Ever!!!

    That was a very awsome video. Thanks for that.
  192. 5

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    Your the class clown that knows nothing of what your attempting to talk about. Try not to embarrases yourself to bad as I'm sure will will make another attempt here to being an expert on Mexico.
  193. 5

    Lowrance HDS-5 Sonar Tips

    What size transducer do you have on that unit?
  194. 5

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    I should have pressed the betting request better. Listened to that radio show this morning and not a word was mentioned by VanWormers or the hosts. Now there's honesty for you...........
  195. 5

    Big Game 90 or Holiday

    Holiday "used" to be a very great one day boat about 10 years ago......does that answer your question.
  196. 5

    Good Oceanside Cop

    I would think that guy needed his ass kicked. Beside having that gun inbeded in his ass, he should be looking into a set of fake teeth after he got them kicked down his throat refusing to identify himself. Your right, that OPD officer showed unbelievable restraite, but for me, the hard handed...
  197. 5

    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    Thanks for being honest about the crime rate increase in the East Cape. Its obvious that things in Mexico have gotten slightly darker for some areas and it gets very old to hear certain fishing radio shows stating "Mexico is very safe" because of thier sponsers. Anyways, a real stand up thing to...
  198. 5

    Icom radio question

    Forget about it.......each group of boats have a scramber chip in there Icoms and even if you know the frequency, your not going to hear crap. So you'll have to go find fish on your it sould be
  199. 5

    please read from BIG TUNA BILL

    Absolutely sick of hearing this type of news. God Bless Bill, your in my prayers. The best fishing radio show host ever..... and an honest straight guy telling all the way it really is. Sunday evenings well never be the same for me. Be comfortable Bill and will all be together again in the...
  200. 5

    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    So sorry to read. 48 is far too young. Didn't know Jim but can tell he was a heck of a guy with these posts.
  201. 5

    Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    All the reasons you listed apparently pissed you off enough to rant on about. With that said, I do have to agree that a $50.00 for a two day sur charge seems very high. Always a hard topic to take when you get down to the boat but that much when your already committed to going on that specific...
  202. 5

    Prowler or Dominator for 1.5 day?

    "Prowler"!..... hands down with Buzzard at the wheel. Dominator is a nice boat as well, but they do have a guy that runs the boat, not always but sometimes, well ... just go out on the Prowler. You won't be disappointed.......
  203. 5

    Cedros Closed ???

    Searcher just came back from a trip at Cedros. I'm thinking this is incorrect info.. I'm pretty sure the Horizon is doing dive trips now so it might had to due with those types of permits. I would have to believe if the Mexican Government closed Cedros Island to all sportfishing vessels, it...
  204. 5

    Limits of YF 105 miles

    12 lbs is pushing the envelope. Lets keep this real. I was at the dock and saw the unload. You must of ment that a 12lbs took the JP.
  205. 5

    Orphaned Kitten in my boat

    I'm a big believer in " Good Karma and Bad Karma". Glad to hear you have a big heart and did the right thing. Good Karma coming your way for sure!!
  206. 5

    Looking for 6 pack charter out of san diego

    Are you implying you want an overnight trip with a full day of tuna fishing or a 5am to 5pm trip. Your options of boats are going to vary depending on what you expect. I would think your going to want an overnight trip for tuna. Always a slight possibility the tuna might come in close, but if...
  207. 5

    New Beavis & Butthead release.....

    Looking forward to this more than this tuna season.
  208. 5

    2007 Pro-Line 23 Sport, Honda Power

    Who made your t-top?
  209. 5


    I would document all conversations with the landlordand regading this nusence, and if nothing is done that you requested from the landlord to repair this issue, you have the legal right ( in California) to break your lease and move immediately. Go to the library on California Landlord/Tenant...
  210. 5

    Starting to feel like last season

    Got to hand it to you.......make something work out of this. For the ones that believe its going to happen.....I (or we) hope! But personnally, I think your...
  211. 5

    Long Range 1.5 Day

    What else are you going to do, take pictures of the jumping BFT and drive around in circles?
  212. 5

    Rodcrafter Charter Long Range Morro Bay

    Went on a 2 day cod trip on the "Princess" out of Morro Bay last month. The final count was 2 day limits for all on reds, all 5lbs, and a few lings to go with it. Oh...I almost forgot.....all but ten fish (caught on the way out of the first day) were caught from 6am to 8:30am the following...
  213. 5

    Chris Randal fron The Indian about the Bulefin Tuna

    Sorry to say you might want to pack a good thick book to pass the time. Again today a lot of looking but no bitting
  214. 5

    Back from 3 days

    Not going to get into the boat operation logistics of the Independence and why......... but I was out there also on a longer trip and if it wasn't for some yellowtail at Cedros, the trip would have been a bust in the tuna catagorie. There were small and large spots of blues that would not bite...
  215. 5

    6 Volt configuration

    Hey Art, I have a "in Series" 6 volt set up for my electrical (isolated for electrical stuff only) and it worked like a champ (radar, pumps, plotter, fishfinder & deck lights.....draws some amp for sure). I did have a small issue with battery manufacures and now have Trojan 6 volts golfcart...
  216. 5

    Deep Cycle Battery Question

    If limited for your battery space, I used 2 six volt deep cycle batteries (I used Golf Cart batteries) and put them in series....making one 12 volt for my deck and electronics. I never ran out of juice an that was with a radar (not on all the time) at anchor, and two squid lights.
  217. 5

    Suspect in the Brian Stow Beating in Custody

    FYI, the story is not over. He's a suspect in a shooting in Vegas.
  218. 5

    Lowrance HDS5

    HDS 10 for me. It is slightly slower on the download but thats the only issue. The resolution is fantastic. I would hold off on upgrading on the map chip....the factory chart is much better than what I expected. I too was going to upgrade before running the unit
  219. 5

    Barnes and Bogii busted again...

    but stupity has no limits......."and the award goes to"
  220. 5


    Wasn't this just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, etc... Sort of like the Fred Hall shows, same show and times, just a different year
  221. 5

    Ranger 85 2day

    FYI, Virg's landing cancelled there two day trip this weekend because of weather. Its going to blow for a while so bring your best sick pills if you have them. IMO, no point in being misrable on a "suppost to be fun" fishing vacation because of crappy weather. Nothing the captain or crew can...
  222. 5

    Pimped out my Anderson Greenough

    Your Anderson looks ready for the season. Was there specific reasons why your powered with two 60hp verus one 115hp or higher? Always figured there had to be a reason as I've seen it on other 25' and smaller but never asked. On first impression, would cost more for maintance...I would think.
  223. 5

    On the Albie watch

    I believe this is perfectly said what will be the outcome. Rather would see it differently but...................
  224. 5

    30 Gallon Gas Caddy. Metal, US made, 5 available

    Sounds like you might want to re-visit your ad. No sales + over one year attempting = something is not working..................
  225. 5

    Tha Macho Man....

    That picture was pretty weird to see. Both Randy and Elizabeth died at a very young age........
  226. 5

    EPIRB Selection Process

    I agree with HogHunter. ACR has an excellent products but I think I'd stay with the traditional 406 models with a good antenna, unless your issue is room due to the antenna.
  227. 5

    Awesome 26 ft Wilson Fishing Machine $28.5k

    Damm, I wish fuel wasn't as high at it is. Very nice boat for that price. The fuel consumption is the only thing stopping me on that sale. Again, your boat looks killer
  228. 5

    HDS 8 contour line problem

    There was a thread started by some guys about two weeks ago about the Lowrance customer service....the lack of service. I hope you have much better results then what they were going through, it sounded pretty bad. I have an interest in it since I just bought a HDS 10 and haven't even turned...
  229. 5

    center console eisenglass enclosure

    I too was interested in the price. I'm glad you didn't bite on that $850.00 price. Thats almost double the cost what I have been quoted for my center console......unless that was using Strata Glass, but even then. Good to hear those side panels work as well as you said.
  230. 5

    center console eisenglass enclosure

    I really like it. I've been thinking of doing the same to my skiff. Have you had a chance to try it out with the side panels in blocking the wind/spray.
  231. 5

    pete grey

    Come on......if you would have mentioned Shimano or Frank Lopreste, you would would have been in there. Why in the heck would someone even listen to that show.......nothing but informericals without the picture. A true waste of time, but good luck with the surgery
  232. 5

    Lowrance read before you buy

    IMO, Furuno builds very solid units but you better be ready for the price. I was a Furuno fan until recently. I had no background with Lowrance nor have I ever used them. I bought the HDS10 and the broadband radar for my personnal skiff. I did pass on transducer and put an Airmar thru hull on...
  233. 5

    Fuel Surcharges?

    I understand you thoughts with that but I know that any transaction done in the offices of the landings, the Port will take there cut. And with the fuel surcharge, they will take a cut of that. Hense why the boats take it in cash on the boat and not in the ticket office. I do agree that the...
  234. 5

    Fuel Surcharges?

    Anyone have any ideas what the fuel surcharge is going to be per day on the San Diego fleet this season? I guess will do...... I'm thinking it going to be not good..about $5.00 or $7.00 per day if the fuel reaches $4.50 (the fleet's price) or slightly higher. Either way, there is going to be one.
  235. 5

    Bruce Style Anchors On Sale

    2x I too placed an should get a kickback
  236. 5

    Lowrance HDS........7 or 8?

    Lots of great info here
  237. 5

    32' Scorpion center console !!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice boat. What's the deal with the US Customs sign in one of those photos you posted. Had to laugh.......that clean of a boat for your asking price, I thought it might be a seized watersled.
  238. 5

    Navy Uses Laser to Cripple Ship in First Sea Test

    I guess that would'nt be politically correct but we can hope that maybe the person directing the beam from the laser can sneeze and Oops! Great post and thanks......... And a hugh THANKS to RONNY!!!! The best we ever had!
  239. 5

    Vacation House $59,500, Bahia de los Angeles

    Good luck with the sale. Going with Glenn and Mark on this. I sure its absolutely everything you would want for a beach hut in Mexico but I would'nt touch it. American buying real estate in Mexico = very good chance of taking it in the ass...without a kiss. The horror stories of american's...
  240. 5

    RP is on the way to super cow town..

    You have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
  241. 5

    1999 18.5 Stringari skiff

    Hugh jump from that Bayliner you unloaded.
  242. 5

    What Happened to the Hotel Twin Dolphin ?

    Had to post this because of what we just keep hearing on the news. Yesterday, probably while we were reading this post, two American males in a vehicle leaving Mexico at the TJ/San Diego border crossing, were both stabbed and killed in their vehicle as they waited to cross. Both dead men had...
  243. 5

    Police Dog Stabbed and Killed in Washington State

    Too Bad you can't take the place of Kane, That would be a better ending too this story
  244. 5

    What Happened to the Hotel Twin Dolphin ?

    Probably the last few towns than haven't changed....YET. I would bet and go to the bank stating that Mexico will become, if not already is, the most dangerous country, per capitia & population in the North American hemisphere.
  245. 5

    What Happened to the Hotel Twin Dolphin ?

    Don't forget Costco and soon to come Sam's Club. Cabo....Heck, Mexico in general, is a thing of the past. Good time were had there at one time. With all the crime, drugs, prositution, drug lords who call it home, thiefs, etc... that where I want to spend my summer vacation...YA RIGHT!!!
  246. 5

    Supercross Champ James Stewart Arrested...

    He needs his ass beat in a back alley, then I bet he'll think twice about playing law enforcement officer
  247. 5

    Captain Billy Santiago discusses, epic RP trip..

    I could'nt agree with Billy more when he wrote "Historically, the R.P. crew has always been top notch and there have been a long line of great Crew members in the fleet, who have gone on to run their very own very successful operations after understudying years of moves under captains Frank...
  248. 5

    Damn Time Warner!!!!

    Dish raised up $10.00 per month in March
  249. 5

    Tsunami: 20 Boats Sunk Santa Cruz

    It looked from that video the majority were sailboats so do they count as boats?
  250. 5

    Sand Dabs - the best EVER!

    That sounds like the bomb!!
  251. 5

    34' Atlantic Express

    Did you mean "How much does it cost @ over $4.50 per gallon to fill her up?"
  252. 5

    Garmin chartplotter?

    Thanks for those points. I'm going to look at your Lowrance model. I'm pretty sure this is always a personal opinion unless the manufacture just puts out crappy equipment. Thanks again for your info. Anyone else??
  253. 5

    Garmin chartplotter?

    Hello to all reading Looking for feedback if anyone has a working knowledge with a specific Garmin chartplotter that has been suggested to me. It's going on a small skiff.... less that 20'. The model is the 4208 Garmin chartplotter. It has the potential of a sounder, plotter and radar....but...
  254. 5

    Garmin vs Lowrance multifunction systems

    It's been suggested to me for a chartplotter. The application is on a small skiff less than 20'. The model is the 4208 chartplotter by Garmin. It has the capability of a sounder, chartplotter and radar. It only going to be used as a plotter and radar. Has anyone used or has this unit on...
  255. 5

    Diesel $4.18

    Can only believe no one can't afford it........... What the hell are you to do if you own a boat a want to go tuna fishing...morage your house for a tank of fuel?
  256. 5

    Diesel $4.18 didn't take long at all. Saw the first sign for diesel $4.18 a gallon. Cost me over $100.00 to not quite fill my truck.:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  257. 5

    28' Carter Safari & Trailer

    1mpg @ cruising range. Ouch! A nice boat though. Good luck selling her
  258. 5

    Gas prices going up, up, up.......

    Does anyone know what a gallon is going for @ High Seas or Harbor fuel dock? Do you need to bring you account number to your bank for payment?
  259. 5

    4+ Gas this summer

    You Bastard! Hang on to that skiff.............
  260. 5

    4+ Gas this summer

    Holy cow!!!! To pay that much to fuel your 22', you better come back with a hugh bunch of fish. Just think........about $2,000.00 to run for four days. I'm in the same screwed predicament......probably even worse. :finger::finger:
  261. 5

    February 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    If the fishery in Hi is hot and cold, and they either eat fish or tofu depending on what they catch, is this because, just maybe, it's over fished?
  262. 5

    20' skipjack Hard Top $4900

    Who built that hard top?
  263. 5

    February 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Seems like this charter business seems to post a lot of small fish in past reports and continues too.
  264. 5

    2000 Parker 2320 Sport Cabin

    Nice boat. Sorry it hasn't sold yet,definitely a sign of these economic times.
  265. 5


    I agree as well as the fact that SOME people if approached to buy a anything wether it's a bike, jewery or reel, it's a smok'in deal and they knows it is probably stolen, will still buy it. I think they justify it purchase by thinking the insurance paid off the owner, or whatever, but they still...
  266. 5

    4+ Gas this summer

    MLPA's and now the extreme high cost of fuel for our boats.........Is this the Tree Hugger's curse to all those who enjoy the sport of fishing?
  267. 5

    Charlie Sheen on the Radio

    Anyone hear the Alex Jones Show today or knows how to get the clip of todays show? Supposely, Charlie Sheen slammed the high "to-do's" at ABC on public radio...holding nothing back and I heard it was pretty funny along with ugly for him..........and then went on to slam AA. He might have...
  268. 5

    2005 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin!

    Best platforms also in Central and Northern Cal. I'd be all over that boat if fuel wasn't going through the roof.
  269. 5

    4+ Gas this summer

    CNN reporter this morning stated that the price will probably go to the $4.00 per gallon mark by Memorial Day. By July 4th, possible $4.30 per gallon. Guess what.......the fuel sur charge on the party boats might meet the cost of the trip....if they can afford to run? The guys who were...
  270. 5

    Let's talk hook-up Sunday morning

    So very true
  271. 5

    Tiburon Smart Shift

    I do remember the owner of those reels adjusting the star. I think like preference from circle hooks vs. J hooks, i perfer to shift into low gear when i decide to.
  272. 5

    Tiburon Smart Shift

    We had some and they worked fine for some smaller billfish. The only issue was that they would shift into low gear when you still wanted it to stay on high. Became frusterating and we finished off using other 2 speeds. Maybe they changed that problem by now........
  273. 5

    Nasty divorce, need help to save boat!

    Sounds like sound advice too me. Even if she is draining you, how are you going afford the fuel cost, insurance, bait, etc.. after your x-wife meets her new best friend, "ALI MONIE" Sell it
  274. 5


    I think Ali should look into how many bumps per ad. This one has to have the limit.
  275. 5

    Need some opinion ... Parker vs Boston Whaler...

    Great Boats, but I think I'd throw Davis boats in that mix as well. Not to add more confusion with your decision.
  276. 5

    1998 Skagit Orca 27 XLC diesel FOR SALE $69K

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: what they said:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  277. 5

    As if the MLPA's weren't enough...............

    Good to know about Google and Apple. I had no idea that these two hugh corporations funds and has similiar ideas as the extreme enviroment members. This really looks like doom and gloom. I would bet there is going to be a packed market of used fishing boats, tackel, etc.. when these...
  278. 5

    As if the MLPA's weren't enough...............

    Thanks for posting this Chuck. This shows to all what this alternative lifestyle, tree hugger is all about. And a Very Big Thanks to you Governer J. can we ever repay you!
  279. 5

    As if the MLPA's weren't enough...............

    ]Had to confirm this new government appointed by our new state leader, Governer Jerry Brown, appointed a new State of California Natural Resource Agency. On January 1, 2011, Brown appointed John Lairn (from the SF Bay area) this position. For those who know about this person, you know this is...
  280. 5

    2007, 19' Baja Bayrunner

    Now that is funny:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  281. 5

    Looking for SD Charter Referral

    Forgot to mention "Options Sportsfishing" out of the Long Beach area. Very fishy boat with exceptional captains and crew. Defintely a quality six pack operation to consider with a short drive to Long Beach.
  282. 5

    Looking for SD Charter Referral

    Out of Point Loma Sportsfishing is the "High Count". Check out Point Loma's website and take a look at the High Count.........
  283. 5

    6 pack Captain wanted (So-Cal LB/HB/ NPB area)

    Enough said..........
  284. 5

    The Walking Dead on AMC

  285. 5

    The nicest 24 Skipjack Pilothouse you may ever see...

    Interesting, I was thinking the same thing with that after-market house on it.
  286. 5

    San Jose Del Cabo Super Cow

    With you on that, I think "a bit short" is putting it mildly. P.S. Not a hater but c'mon with that fish photo
  287. 5

    Are you really safe in Mexico?

    So when an entire police department (Los Ramones, N.L.) quits after an estimated 1,000 rounds:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: are shot into the station, patrol vehicles and killing a dog, I think the drug cartel is making it very clear how safe Mexico really is.......and don't forget the little...
  288. 5


    I thought not. I know I have been present with the some west coast teams and the east coast teams at the Baja Cantina and tempers were diffently rising with that issue. Was pretty comical to watch how some guy would take it very perssonal.
  289. 5


    Hey Mike, do you know has the tournment has ever been won by a East coast Team?
  290. 5

    Intrepid weights in 9 cows...

    Nice job David on catching that extra 5,you can do the math..congrats!!! I would have loved to see the 15 pounds of stomach content that YFT threw up to loss that weight
  291. 5

    Intrepid weights in 9 cows...

    Almost 300 lbs???????????????? It was a 285 and the American Mathimatics Insitute teaches to make 300lbs from 285lbs, you need 20lbs. Lets not get the news media down to the landing right yet........ again.
  292. 5


    Outstanding job Mike. Where in the heck did you get that quick up to date info on the Bisbee?
  293. 5

    The red headed step child found them

    Is that the top secret code group that requires you have a radio with one empty Dixi Cup with twine tied to it's bottom with the opposite end lying on the deck next to the wheel house seat:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Like thats ever going to happen....
  294. 5

    Kelly Slater best athlete ever?

    Yes I'd say that anyone who can pull down 2.1 million pay day for any DNS in a circut"s season has too be the best!
  295. 5

    Baja Pirates of La Paz - October 4, 2010

    Was thinking the same thing but thought "maybe that blue can up dead".......until I saw the gaff hole in his shoulder.
  296. 5


    That a great job finding those fish. Was looking at the numbers : a three quater day boat (San Diego) smokes a full day boat (Holiday) for Tuna....with a 1/4 of the anglers. What the heck is the deal with that? Wonder if that "rent rod group" excuss was used
  297. 5

    New Lo-Ann, Holiday, or Legend???

    That's the order for sure. The Holiday has had a good whale watching seasons in the past.
  298. 5

    It's not over till it's over !!!

    Well if the bft are the same size of the ones they got on Sunday, well at least you are fishing I guess
  299. 5

    Holy Crap........what's the deal

    Hope that theroy is correct..............but how long is this "transition"? I just checked the counts and I'm thinking the real " transition" going on currently is going from slow to DEAD......if any.
  300. 5

    2 days on the Eclipse 9/20-9/21

    This entire thread makes someone feel that it would be safe just find another boat to ride, just in case.........
  301. 5

    Holy Crap........what's the deal

    Picked up a friend from a three day trip out of H&M. They had 13 guys for 5 yft and 1 albacore. Drop him off and looked at the landing counts from my house. WOW!!! they didn't drop, they are almost non exsistent. Was that flury for two weeks the begining of the end?
  302. 5

    Intrpid will fish in Panama in 2012

    Know the Star did this about five years ago for one season. Some reason they stopped after one season. Does any of the operators on the Intrepid have experience down there?
  303. 5

    Monday 9/20. 302 and West.

    Nice try for your efforts. I believe this season is over......if it ever started
  304. 5

    9-19 No fish

    If the sportboats can't find then with all the electronics they use..........I think we had a very good 10 to 12 day season.
  305. 5

    Begining to slow

    And 5 days later it's really slowing down. Get the hoop nets out!!!
  306. 5

    Begining to slow

    Out to the hidden and points elsewhere for a couple of handfuls. Nice water but little on the meter and very little bird life. One large Seiner from Ensenada was returning from the grounds and was running very low in the water. I know several PV's where in the area and saw it. Crew member on...
  307. 5

    Shogun 1 1/2 Day 9/3

    Was looking at the posted counts and saw the Shogun's count with the other boats catching a few. Thought someone got hurt and they had to come in early. Wow, sorry you had tough trip.
  308. 5


    I believe there is a record being set on how many are viewing this thread at one time. If this fish ever bust out, can you imagine the KAOS at the Shelter Island Ramp.....I need to get some film...
  309. 5

    Please help with value on '06 Parker 1801 CC

    What the hell are you smoking!!! 40K for a center console 18' Parker with equipment. Is the outboard gold plated? Hope it has a big titted blond in there for morning BJ's. Man you must be a easy sell at the Parker Boats shop
  310. 5

    Dyson Vacuum

    Yes, we have two dogs and we had the old Dyson and it worked but then recently bought the Dyson Ball........big difference. Quality product, great customer service and, well, very happy with the product.
  311. 5

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    Holy shit......I thought you were kidding, she is smoke'n HOT!!!!!
  312. 5

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    Not sure if that her but either way........THAT WILL WORK JUST FINE!!!!!
  313. 5

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    Elin and Tiger are divorced and I read (Associated Press) she really did very well money wise, actually took the Tiger to La Cleaners. Well now that that relationship is ca-put, I would hit it........ and be set for ever and ever Anybody got some photos for the BOTD of Elin??????
  314. 5

    What is the prediction?

    I bet there will be some big models but nothing to what we had 6 years ago. As far as the rocks and ridge...........that water temp has been kinda funky, dips then rises more than usual. I would bet that will still have a average season......which in light of the local stuff, is a BANNER season!!
  315. 5

    boatus radio check

    anybody know if that works up north, Ventura/ Morro Bay?
  316. 5

    if you were purchacing offshore boat

    I would buy two!!!
  317. 5

    BG90 catching yellowtail not tuna

    I believe Jack aka... "Paul Revere" might need a security detail for him to walk down the dock.......that is if he still works for Volklander
  318. 5

    Private Charter in San Diego

    Try Cortez Yaght Charters. They have a lot of large yaghts that can take all for a great time
  319. 5

    BG90 catching yellowtail not tuna

    Can you blame them Jason????? A "Paul Revere" (night driver) with bad info is probably not what the one day fleet desires, needs, or wants to deal with in these conditions. Maybe Markus, Irv or Randel can give that info as it comes if they choose too.
  320. 5

    BG90 catching yellowtail not tuna

    Yes, I would say that is good research methods there!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  321. 5

    BG90 catching yellowtail not tuna

    Thanks Irv for the real information. That yellowtail catch sounds great. I guess some (Username: Bertram 31, Thread: NOT FIRST HAND DOPE BUT BFT DOPE ) will put out questionable information before confirming it. Someone should walk over to the Holiday and ask Tim Volklander why his night driver...
  322. 5


    Just looked up how many incidents resulting in death as this happens in the Baja 500 and was pretty amazing
  323. 5

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    Buy a ticket and I'm sure he will show you.
  324. 5

    Boat Shipping Question

    That was true 12 years ago, now we have some limitations with the cargo due to international and domestic revised shipping laws and limitations. But yet we still do ship some yaghts on designated voyages.
  325. 5

    Boat Shipping Question

    Yes, Used Dockwise, Inc., don't tell my boss
  326. 5

    which boat would you have? striper 2605,a 25ft parker, 25 wellcraft, or25 skipjack

    3X and 4X and I only wish I owned one......someday....I can dream. And for the second part of your question "why", just take a ride in one in crappy weather. (A sea trial in nice San Diego bay does'nt show you crap) Your mind will be made up without any reservations, a Davis . The others you...
  327. 5

    Avila Beach Skiff Launch

    There are no fish anywhere....the WSB bite in Morro Bay is over.....Stay Home & save money!!
  328. 5

    Captain Charlie Sims from Maui Sportfishing Charters aka Bloodysucks

    What ever happened to that guy? I thought he hurt his back badly from always patting it himself................
  329. 5

    Kudos to Phil on 976-Tuna!!

    As some know, 976-TUNA has a radio show on Sunday evenings. I was really glad to hear a responsible show host speaking on what is really the deal with what's going on with tuna fishing here in San Diego. "Tuna fishing is absoultely terrible" verus what I heard on a Sunday morning fishing show...
  330. 5

    Constitution is changing hands

    What is that boat zoned for?
  331. 5

    Meat Run: 9-Mile Bank 8/7

    Nice set ups! Never thought about the 36" weight but I can see where that can do the job. How far above do you place your Mighty lite on the main line?
  332. 5

    2.5 day on the Constitution

    I going to agree with someone who said on another post that " this season for Albacore and Bluefin is pretty much over ". Now have to hope for a possibility of Yellowfin and Dorado but those sst's has to jump up here quick if were going to get a shot. An optimistic view that this is going to...
  333. 5

    Pac Queen, El Capitan, or Holiday?

    First choice would be Pacific Queen and if booked second would be the El Captain or I'd wait until one of those boat become available.
  334. 5

    In the hospital again...MRSA Part Deux

    Good luck with that. I understand completely what you are going through. I had mine in three areas and if really sucked. Caught mine in Mexico and had to fly back to be treated. Don't want to go through that pain ever again. Nasty scars to always remind me to stay away from filthy people...
  335. 5

    sunset marine at dana landing closed down

    The owner of Crow's Nest is very well off and I'm sure could weather out this economy.
  336. 5

    Did you see those photos?

    Not sure where to post this so this place had to be it. Did anyone see those pictures of the Clinton girl's wedding? That chick is one homley, butt ass ugly chick. I thought brides were to look as hot as possible, but Damm!!!!! that chick was dealt a crap hand at birth. If there is a light at...
  337. 5

    Searcher found some tuna

    a few more miles and with a different heading and you could be fishing Guadalupe. Wow! over 200 miles for some tuna, what a season!!
  338. 5

    go or no go 1.5

    Go and just enjoy yourself. Hope to catch some fish, but in regards to this season, just have a good time on the water and out in the sun. Lets face it..........this season is really, really bad! But any day away from work and on the ocean is always a plus!!
  339. 5


    O no, now the times have moved into ciberspace fight threats!!!!!!!! ::rofl:: wonder if "Anger Management" classes are held on-line now? Forget "pass the popcorn", "hand me a damm import", OK, who's up?
  340. 5


    Wonder how much he got paid for that. Rumor was that it was going throughtout the local boat yards and selling it's fishing????
  341. 5


    I think OBO here means "OH! BEND OVER"
  342. 5

    SD worse fishing on the west coast right now?

    I feel your pain. O..... and not to add more pain but a few scatered fish (28 to 40 lbs.) are being caught in the Moss Landing area with glass conditions. Large spots of longfins are off 58 to 80 miles in the cental california coast. Along with WSB, Halibut and pretty damm good rockfishing, I...
  343. 5

    Wide open albie @85 miles tonight

    These fish appear to be on the move. Hope it goes off but for the anglers who have been around for several seasons, surprised you are still falling for the "they caught a few fish one, I ment a couple of hours of one day " and getting wood so bad to rip the inseam of your jeans like...
  344. 5

    When will it end? Cabo yachts to close so cal facilities

    I'll second that. I was under the impression that they had there facility in the desert to avoid all the MAQMD and CARB bs.
  345. 5

    Baby on the way

    I can't believe you are serious and would go fishing over missing your first child's birth. I think you have your priorties pretty fucked up, IMO.
  346. 5

    Fishing Report - Open Party Boat - Holiday

    Some are saying "nice first post" but can not a person express there displeasure with an experience regarding a specific fishing trip? Its not a bad thing to have a fair and balanced opinion with all the different fishing operations in San Diego. I know some who wrote have all the answers and...
  347. 5

    Killed Um on the JOSIE LYNN

    Is that the bait tank on the swim step in that photo???
  348. 5

    Fish Counts?

    Was looking at the counts this morning and notice that some of the landings don't even post the boats that went out and caught nothing. At least seaforth posted the counts for a 2.5 day trip. 1 Bluefin and 4 albacore for 26 anglers. Thanks to them for being honest even when fishing is very...
  349. 5

    bayliner dead at nados

    I would hope the guys are safe and they sunk it and never admitted they owned a "Gayliner".
  350. 5

    Pacific Queen, Aztec, Holiday, or New Lo-an?

    here's a thought, Check out which of those boats mentioned is usually full or has more passengers then the others, along with there counts. There is a negative to a lot of passengers but they are obviously doing it right.
  351. 5

    Mark Webber F1 Crash this morning....

    Was that the Spanish F1 yesterday?
  352. 5

    i wanna deckhand!

    Should have done your walking the docks a month ago. All's not lost but your timing sucks. Being persistant but not a pain in the ass to the operator in asking for a job might help you out.
  353. 5

    Folding deck chairs...WHY?

    Wish most thought like that. Seen guys put their chairs right in the walk way to the galley entrance. Many times felt like giving them (both the person and the chair) the float test!
  354. 5

    Folding deck chairs...WHY?

    I completely agree with you. should ask the crew what they think about the chairs. They are a royal pain and major inconvenence for everyone......yet a seat sometimes is nice.
  355. 5

    Cabo Charter Recommendations

    Contact Minerva's Sportsfishing in Cabo San Lucas. Been around for ever, has a large supply of boats and I have never heard anything really bad about them. I think she even has a website. Otherwise, the Pisese Fleet is next with large yaghts to smaller 30 or 35' sportfishers. They have a...
  356. 5

    Live by the gun and Die

    Just saw that one of the two he killed was an Attorney. So is he just guilty of then one death?
  357. 5

    Live by the gun and Die

    Utah had there first excution bt the firing squad in 14 years yesterday for a shithead that shot and killed two innocent men execution style. The convicted choose the firing squad over lethal injection stating " live by the gun and die by the gun". At least he had the balls to go ou that way. I...
  358. 5


    Andy is used to making those types of catches. If he had a cheerleading section as some have, that info would be on many threads. You have to respect those guys that kill them and quitely walk away. Great Job Andy!!!! (nothing new to you though)
  359. 5

    Capt.Chris Randel on Rod & Reel Radio

    Did anyone get to catch last night's show? It was quite entertaining:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:.......too say the least, I hope Chris had a desinated driver to get him home after the show. Ironically,from another fishing website, I guess he was on another fishing...
  360. 5


    That is some funny shit about the chicks in the shorts!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: Not going to get me to talk about that other long range boat your refering to..... Randy and Tim run a class act, knows this business which takes care of there customers.
  361. 5

    Trip Report. American Angler 5/30 - 6/7

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Glad you told the story of the trip and not a documentry thread, "so why the American Angler"......
  362. 5

    So, why the Intrepid?

    Whats the point of this thread????
  363. 5

    Albacore on the Vagabond

    Sounds great......but oh, look towards the horizon....look at those boats with orange birds sitting on the wheelhouse roofs, fueled and ready to fly. Its SEINER TIME BOYS!!!
  364. 5

    Venus Williams Tennis fashions. oo la la

    Thats some scary shit right there!!
  365. 5

    Anyone know a kid-friendly trip in 1.5-2.5 day range?

    Don't know about kid friendly trips but I absolutely love your aviator!!!! Too Funny....Great Job!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  366. 5


    Perfectly done!
  367. 5


    On some isues, look how a few have their " LOOK AT BITCHEN I AM" on there Bio's. WOW, a Pro Staffer for bla, bla, and bla. Gosh.... you must be bitchen. I think most see it as some who needs to fill their EGO glass and is actually insecure. They permote a specific operation just because of...
  368. 5

    5/15: Looking for the 3 guys that towed my ass off the rocks near Dana

    Luckly for you those guys were right there. If you got into the rocks with that Bayliner, you would have been swimming. I think drinks for those guys for the next couple of weekends are more in order.
  369. 5

    Sport fishing boat sinks, Newport, Oregon

    Wow that sounds like it could have gone much worse. Bayliner owners should heath warning to how fast it slipped under.
  370. 5

    Tell me about Fishing in NoCal - Recent Move up from SoCal

    I have moved up to central coast from north county San Diego about a year ago and absolutely love it up here. Fishing is a bit slower and the ocean is a bit rougher. Seen quite a few very nice halibuts out of Morro Bay area and points north. Try Central Coast Sportsfishing website for guys who...
  371. 5

    L.T. arrested for Rape.......

    What a fucken looser. Good ridence
  372. 5


    I don't know about if it catches fish but I used it for patching a flat on my truck's tire and it worked fantastic. I now always carry a bottle in my glove box for such an emergency! UNIPATCH
  373. 5

    Free Seminar - Featuring Ronnie Kovach

    "KOVACK" the shoe salesman turn fishing expert. TO Quote:"America...she a great place, you can be anything!!"
  374. 5

    The World Famous Smoked Fish Company

    Mike is a really nice guy but has had some very bad press for late or lost fish. He price could not be beat. Best thing I always did was go to the plant with the truck and sit and watch and wait for your fish. No way your going to get shorted that way. At that time it was 10 cents a pound when...
  375. 5

    6 pack out of SD

    Penetrator or Spectra!!!
  376. 5

    Rancho Leonero

    No Ice in coolers on way home. Saw many times people on the side of those long lines removing the duct tape a frantically getting there ice chest together before their plane departs
  377. 5

    American Angler - best operation in the fleet

    AA, RRIII or The can't go wrong, question is can you get on? Always booked and it makes sense why. Experienced operators and crew who have been running a successful business for years vs. .... ..... ....... ... .. .. . ......... ......................... .........
  378. 5

    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    Hi Gerardo, ever think about a special treat for the violators is a suspension on their permit for that year and to recover that permit a very expensive, stiff penalty. 2nd time caught..........boat seizure and game over.
  379. 5

    Ronny Kovach's Advertising adventures

    Ya, Ronney is a sell out. Sort of like a fishing radio show that is a sell out for Shimano and a specific long range operations. Is that generic enough for a post....probably not...
  380. 5

    Your pick on fishing partners

    And the purpose of this is???????????
  381. 5

    What does'nt this guy own!

  382. 5


    Years ago (around 10 years) the Holiday was the best multi day boat in the fleet. The only other two boats close to the Holiday was the New Loann and Prowler, very hard to get a ticket to ride any three of those boats. Booked solid! But since then, new owner with a new captain and crew.......I'd...
  383. 5

    My Dog Has Lymphnoma

    Pat, I really feel for you. No doubt about it.......I would agree with you to do the treatments.
  384. 5

    Inside Sportfishing

    Guess someone frowns on anyone competing with them.........too bad!!
  385. 5

    Pay it foward....

    My thoughts exactly!!
  386. 5

    Spirit of Adventure

    They have all new Seeker and Avet set ups......Sweeeeeet!!!
  387. 5

    Spirit of Adventure

    Well how's about for the only LR boat in the fleet that was closed charter boat for years......good luck finding an opening then. Now with the economy being what it is, there's opportunity to get on some trips. Mike and his entire crew are die hard fisherman and work endlessly to make the trip...
  388. 5

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    Refreshing to see someone is going on a boat...........well I'll stop there.
  389. 5


    Oscar was one of the best! Hugh loss. I will deeply miss him. RIP my friend
  390. 5

    R.I.P. Britt Clamp

    R I P Britt. Thanks all those hours you helped me with the two meter radios. You will be missed!
  391. 5

    Charging people $$ to generate interest in LR fishing?

    I agree with Carl. I'm another one who has quit the Fred Hall Show several years ago...and it was just because it was like watching re-runs of television commericals. Same of everything. I have heard from others that when Fred Hall was alive and active with his shows, it was enjoyable and not...
  392. 5

    house went to auction does my landlord still own it?

    I agree with Sherm My gosh, is this d.pdad the same guy who started a thread looking how to live rent free for this same issue not to long ago. Get a life and try to learn in paying your own way.... you cheap fuck!!
  393. 5

    Holiday Sportfishing

    That boat was the best around 9 years ago with Capt. Booji and Capt. Rick . Apparently, times have changed. The crew was the absolut best....great times back then
  394. 5

    If Guadalupe is closed

    Cedros, San Martin, Bennitictio...... limited but still many locations to hit
  395. 5

    Mavericks Surf Contest is ON!!!!!!

    The contest is going on this Saturday 2-13-2010. For those who want to see a few selected guys with hugh balls, surfing the largest surf imaginable, they have a live feed on there website. This is the best of the best for sure!! I'll be on the beach checking it out......Can't wait for the...
  396. 5

    eviction law california

    If it get to the point of an eviction and unless you don't care about your credit FICO score, your going to screw the pooch for a long period of time. Any favorable area or house to rent that you'll think about submitting an rent application to, your wasting ink. That stays on your credit record...
  397. 5

    Glock 22 (40 Cal.)

    " Harsh criticism..", you should be paying people to look at that. I'm actually surprised they allow you to launch that taco stand....anywhere! Just a it around to construction sites and sell mexican food out of'll make some gas cash for fishing if it...
  398. 5

    Glock 22 (40 Cal.)

    I hope you sell that gun bla,bla. OK to the real subject... to grader 2750......tell us that the picture of that abortion of a boat in your avaitor is a joke cause if thats real,.... congradulations!!! You own a boat thats even uglier then the Gallilean out of H & M Landing. Hope you and Harlen...
  399. 5

    Anyone know - who bought the yacht - "Crystal":

    Sounds like someone has much explaining to do...........along with hanging up his Sperry Top Siders!
  400. 5

    How long should crew fight your fish?

    Hey that's pretty funny...................I saw a goofy guy (with a hugh EGO) wearing a tee shirt with that printed on it at a tackel show. He did appeared very nervous and scared for some reason. Maybe it was that large group of guys that were looking for him. Wonder what ever happened to...
  401. 5

    In Rememberance of TeamFilthy

    Does anyone know what sentence was handed out to the POS banger? Wish we could have 2 to 3 minutes with him alone. RIP Officer Dan.........
  402. 5

    2009 EXCEL/Braid Products Trip Photos

    Nice pic's. I especially like the the sonar shot with the tape over the lat/log #. Good stuff for sure
  403. 5

    Remember the TV show Offshore Adventures?

    Rumor has going down that the chick on that show backrupted it with her boob job. Don't know........never watch it.
  404. 5

    Start Me Up wins Haloween Shootout...

    couldn't that one be released for another day?
  405. 5

    Here he comes! ( Hurricane rick)

    Looks like there taking this one very serious in Cabo. Told by a resident that the Home Depot there is running out the survival supplies, batteries and flashlights, plywood, empty burlap bags(sandbags), etc,. Don't get it........the prediction charts shows Rick hitting above cabo, if it goes...
  406. 5

    Here he comes! ( Hurricane rick)

    Looken like Cabo is going to get spanked by Rick
  407. 5

    tropical storm Rick

    They have a estimated prediction on Rick. Their drawing shows Rick going on land on !0-21 but they don't say at what level it will be at. It doesn't look to promising of it heading out to sea
  408. 5

    Catching Small Yellowtails?

    There is some truth to what you write but if the fish hittiing the deck is light and the deckhand isn't trying to kick it while trying to catch it, it has a good chance of regaining it's slime coat and will live for another day. The days of holding your fish in a handtowel to control the fish...
  409. 5

    Legend 1.5 day?

    Plain and simple: GET YOURSELF A REFUND
  410. 5

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    Sorry you wasted your money to experience " The Legend". Sounds like the boats modo should be " No fish too small and no amount to large". Now that you experienced it, thats for passing on that info. I was wondering why shows as " lets talk hook-up" reports how "great" fishing is right now...
  411. 5

    Puerto Vallarta 14 day trip

    Wasn't that a six pack charter boat? For $3,000.00, who does the galley duties?
  412. 5

    Spirit Sportfishing out of 22nd St

    Had to check out the boat on their web-site. From the looks of it, it appears the same construction crew who put the "ugliest wheelhouse on the west coast" on the Gallilean, also sold a bill of goods to these guys. Looks like they already got theirs from that fine looking wheelhouse
  413. 5

    Holiday vs Grande

    Islander, New Lo-an, Condor, Producer, a floating log or bucket with paddels. Lots of boats that fish that lenght of time for a trip. My gosh.... are those your only two choices? Hope this is a free-bee trip for you. Good luck, your going to need it
  414. 5

    Heres the deal on a protest and a history lesson

    Last week, the MLPA agenda was approved for the central California coastline. They have a head of steam and are going for the balls now!!
  415. 5

    Tigerlily Full moon Fu**********

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: No shit
  416. 5

    Illegal Dorado Fishing Documentary

    Thats for that post!! Really good info there!!
  417. 5

    Racism, elitism, arrogance, corruption? or.......

    Dam straight were in trouble..........Look what they just passed of the MLPA's in the Central Cal coast line. Any person who was able to barely survive with the current closures they have to deal with, is now gotta be toast with yesterday passing law. This was a great fishing state to live in...
  418. 5

    Offshore Weather ?

    It is blowing full speed right now
  419. 5

    Looking for good Ensenada 4-6 pack charters

    A lot safer too
  420. 5

    NFL reinstates Vick on conditional basis

    Glad to read everyone thinks this asshole is done
  421. 5

    Yellow and Dorado sizes

    Not quite sure I understand.......streching out small fish is bull.
  422. 5

    Which One?

    Spirit of Adventure by Far. Very difficult to fish on the Spirit since it is usually a Long Range Private Charter boat. Ketting and Evans know that island like there backyard and are dawn to dark fisherman. The others you mentioned are nice boats but not to the level of experience of the Spirit...
  423. 5

    Yellow and Dorado sizes

    Hope all catch a limit but please keep these fish to a legal size. At the docks the last couple of evenings and mornings and saw the catches from 1 day, 1.5 and some 2 day party boat trips and saw the size of some fish.........not all but more then some were not even a fish taco size. I heard...
  424. 5

    K&M Local Girls get 1st Yellowtail !!!

    Nice loin gaff on that yellow
  425. 5


    Were in the hell have you been????????????????
  426. 5

    International Star 7-11

    Funny how that morning radio fishing "Let's Talk Bullshit....oops, Hook-up" show is saying it's "WFO" all over " even in one day range". Just looked at the counts for yesterday. Yes, the day before looked hopeful but if I wanted yesterdays news, I'll but a Western Outdoor News. Wish they...
  427. 5

    Where is the best place to live in Costa Rica ???

    I lived there for four years and moved around a bit. The best of them all was a small area called the MONKEY BAR!!!!!
  428. 5

    Pacific Queen 2 Day - Cal Star Trip

    Had a friend on a three day trip and had the worst trip imaginable to quote him. Besides the slow fishing, he thought he would have more options on a three day having the time and distance needed if it comes to it. Well it was very apparent the operator did not want to burn any more fuel than...
  429. 5

    Albies 06/20/09

    Nice, you did better than the 1.5 day boats out of H&M
  430. 5


  431. 5


    Know we all did well before as well
  432. 5

    "Wireless" Trailer/Towing Lights

    Sounds like a great idea. Are the seals waterproof ? Being removable, you should'nt have to be an issue with the waterproof but it's the "what if" thing.
  433. 5


    That info is yesterdays hot dog to them.........and I'm sure it more like 2x2 big seiners......SQUARED!!
  434. 5

    Albacore,yellows,Yellowfin tuna and Bonita.

    Nice fish. Quite possible a really bad forecast unless there a bunch more coming up the hill. Bye-bye albacore, have fun in Central.
  435. 5

    The Hangover Review

    Thats some funny shit!!LOLLOLLOLLOL
  436. 5


    ACR 406, don't even look at the other frequency model. Not even sure if they still make them. About 5 years ago, I spoke to the USCG regarding those other frequency EPIRB's and was told they would look and investigate these activations, but they were'nt mandated by maritime law where as the...
  437. 5


    "And here comes the Seiner fleet"..........
  438. 5

    ALBACORE!!!!! On Team Hanna 6/13

    Ahhh, well it had long wings on a tuna body. Hope that helps. LOLLOL
  439. 5

    offshore today on the gallilean

  440. 5

    Goods news for our Bluefin

    The short version of what I heard was: the reduction of the seiners that are not going to be running is and was because the scaling down temporary on the pen operation (because of the world's money worries & presure from Commision) along with the boats that are out were not mechanically able to...
  441. 5

    Goods news for our Bluefin

    The Largest Fleet of Tuna seiners in Northern Mexico is the Aztec fleet. Larger seiners with birds on many of them and very effective in catching. This operation is not scaling down and will be out catching as they have in the past (big dollars funded and made). The pen seiners news is positive...
  442. 5

    $150 For An Overnighter?

    Don't stiff the crew either..........15% in the average.
  443. 5

    New Lo An 5-30 1 1/2 10 ALBACORE

    One small bluefin a couple of weeks ago & 10 Albies for one boat and some are going ape shit. What the fuck, are you new or what? I guess your going to blow you wads if the count ever gets going. Calm down and who gives a fuck if the catch was at the dumper or off a jetty, IT ONLY 10 FISH...
  444. 5

    Best 2 day boats in SD

    Most of the Landings have a posting of the years past catches for the boats running from there docks. Without mentioning any boats that might have been mentioned, you might take a look at what boat consistantly catches. That sould confirm what boat has a good reputation, captain and crew...
  445. 5


    Heard it's easier to cut when there is a huge hole in the loin. :oinker::oinker:
  446. 5

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    After all the bad press that Hawaiian Sportfishing Boats get about how they charge high prices and then they keep the catch unless that's discussed with the operator of the boat for that would think they would want to change there image, as quick as possible. IMO, Hawaii is a...
  447. 5

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    Do you ever practice "catch and release and size restrictions". Seems like some of those dorados were small, (maybe a fish taco or two) and as far as the marlins........unless they come up dead, I would think you would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE a photograph and releasing them for another day. Some of...
  448. 5

    Started to look for first boat

    The long of the short of it......... "YOU'LL BE SORRY"
  449. 5

    deck hands

    As a quality deckhand.......Your not fishing, gaffing and helping customers with tangels so for fishing....your there to work. o ya.....and the pay is popcorn...hope for the tips!
  450. 5


    Chances are : Electronics and outboard sold. Hull stipped of stainless for scrap metal & chopped and dumped in a surrounding canyon. Hope it's different but have seen and read about how the insurance companies find stolen boat in the Mex, forget it!
  451. 5

    Day at the Docks!

  452. 5

    Ummmm, WHAT THE [email protected]#k GUYS?!?

    I believe your intentions was great but I think finding a better way to get the attention is needed. That radio show had it's time but has lost its way... like a loop tape, same guest, same callers, same company they permote, same same same (Watching paint dry might be more exciting). Hopefully...
  453. 5

    6-packs out of SD????

    LIMITLESS Sportsfishing
  454. 5


  455. 5

    Need help! Boat Charter

  456. 5

    Need help! Boat Charter

    Wow!! Now here is a change. Always read positive stories (old #7) about this charter boat here and now a switch? Well.... I've seen Jeff lurking around on this board just a couple of days ago and maybe he can explain "why"? Well Jeff can you explain or just hide behind your mommy's skirt.
  457. 5

    For Sale lot in La Bocana

    Maybe the investment in Mexico is so good right now??????????:imdumb::imdumb: Thinking investing with Bernie Madoff might have a better turn over and safer.LOLLOLLOLLOL
  458. 5

    Equipment and Setup Advice for 7-day in June

    Not the right time of the year for the rocks. Cedros for yellow and a possible WSB bite, Bonitas for more yellows and off-shore for Tuna and Dorado. Thats pretty much the options for a seven day that time of year. Make sure to bring a bait catcher rig to your set ups.
  459. 5


    OK this is getting Kenny G or the song "Feelings" going to start playing??? WTF!!
  460. 5

    Legend or Holiday 1.5

    The Legend is the boat IMO. You should look around this site and others on trip reviews from both boats......along with their counts. It should be pretty obvious between your two choices. Shawn is a hell of a fish finder and his crew is fantastic with service.
  461. 5

    Best/worst gadgets for fishing?

    Do those squid/fin bait stickers for the hull of your PB to resemble a floating kelp qualify? IF NOT.......IT SHOULD
  462. 5

    Looking for a decent tackle shop close to work

    Surprised to hear you still have a car working in Compton
  463. 5

    I won a trip with the KOVACH !

    That guy is so in love with himself. From a shoe salesman to a hugh bullshitter on TV.....go figure
  464. 5

    Lost Bag of stuff FOUND at Long beach Fred Hall show...

    O' boy!!! Here we go.....popcorn anyone??? Sounds like someone got their underwear chaffing their thighs......OUCH!!!!!
  465. 5


    Wow....that a great looking boat! Only one thing....WHO HAS $100,000.00 for a toy in this great economy? Maybe the manufacture should debute this boat in 5 years or so.
  466. 5

    "We are FULL" Royal Polaris 1/1 Thru 1/19 17 Day

    Nice job on the trip!! Excellent on choice of boat selection as well!!
  467. 5

    Royal Polaris 12/6-12/22 16 day (61) Cows

    Is anyone really surprised. Sticking with the sportfishing operations who have done many time and years before, what other results do you expect? The RP and the others, have done this for more than just a couple of years........ but it does'nt mean that the other can't get lucky.
  468. 5

    Any Advise on GPS Navigation units

    Any have used any of these navigation road units. From Garmin to Tom Tom, there's a bunch out there and with different models...alot of choices along with those prices vary quite a bit. Any input would help....Thanks
  469. 5

    Royal Star Lands Two Over THREE

    Now thats Funny!!! I miss the novels he wrote about himself....well must be a bitch to loose a bunch of sponsers.
  470. 5

    DFG in LaJolla out of control!!!!

    Well, guess your buddy will be putting in some overtime at his work to pay for his fuck up.
  471. 5

    Open Spot on the 11/28 Spirit of Adventure trip.

    Absolutely one of the best boats and crew around! A great opportunity to ride the only charter boat in the Long Range Fleet.... and what a fantastic boat that gets bit. Can't get anymore time off of work otherwise I would be all over this one.
  472. 5

    Record Book Bug

    I second that. Was hoping as I read that you didn't kill that lobster.....brilliant job!!
  473. 5

    oceanside police busted me

    I AGREE !!!! Someone needs a USCG Aux. Safety Course Too many weekend warriors out there that can and will put you in a bad situation. Don't be a statistic.....
  474. 5

    O.J. is Finally found Guilty...

    Didn't you hear..........they caught, gave him a trial on another issue, and he was found guilty on October 3, 2008 and hopefully will spend many live terms in prison. P.S. I think that Jeffery Damer was in PC at his prison but that didn't quite help him too much either. "Hey juice...
  475. 5

    Long Range trips leaving the 8th

    Hopefully this is a easy fix. Go on the three websites (Fisherman's Landing, Point Loma Sportsfishing and H&M Landing) and see what their long range boat schedules are and then calling to see if they have any openings. I would have thought the Top Gun 80 would have help you in finding another...
  476. 5

    2 day on the Holiday 9-19/21-08

    Holy cow.....If that is a "bad ass cap" comment, next please.
  477. 5

    Ike Pics

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing those
  478. 5

    Wide Open Albies or ???

    I thought it was interesting once again to see the counts of albies but not to mention the average is 8lbs. Pretty misleading IMO.
  479. 5 is now LIVE

    So I thought this site was going to have Sportboat captains report on what and where they made there catch. Is that happening now?
  480. 5

    Intrepid at a disadvantage???????

    Plan and simple....The owner is a wealthy, conceded individual, having no camaraderie with the rest of the Long Range Owners, having made negative statements on several different occassions regarding the other LR vessels and operations in public arenas. The Intrepid getting in with the other...
  481. 5

    Opinion on fish flags

    I see it as " If you gotta show everyone what and how many you caught and/or released, your probably a bullshiter to begin with". The fishing rigs coming in to the basin or harbor that are sitting low on their waterline, are the shits.....flying nothing but a smile on thier faces. So yes...
  482. 5

    Wahoo on an Overnight?

    When he was working on the Daily Double, he was good on the Kelp beds. Nice to hear he's giving the offshore species a try now. But I thought that the Holiday sunk or partically sunk at her dock in Point Loma last winter. Well anyways.. she obviously is repaired and fishing now.
  483. 5

    overnight alicia 8/3

    They should be hanging on to those bags......That what helps that boat stay afloat!!
  484. 5

    overnight alicia 8/3

    Heck.......surprised it still holds a COI!!!
  485. 5

    Commercial Tuna boat encircles several sportfisherman in CR

    I'm sure the Nicaraguan Coast Guard is investigating this incident and will suspend the Masters need to put the pipe down.:Smoke_Emoticon::Smoke_Emoticon:
  486. 5

    Radio Control

    How about catch your own fish, get as much as you need, and go home. If you feel so compeled to, log on to your favorite site and post your information. Those who can't find nor figure it out, IMO, have been wining for help for some time and will not do their homework. Many forms of help if...
  487. 5

    425 and 371 questions

    IF it's questionable( Fuel, weather for that boat, un-for-seen issues that could happen) but has been done, why don't you buy a ticket until you have a boat that you don't need to ask this type of question. Obviously you don't have the confidence with your boat at that distance.
  488. 5

    Hungry Yellows at the 425 and the Great White 6/13/2008

    O NO not another GW siting. I heard someone mention he saw Jimmy Hoffa in those same waters
  489. 5

    Best 6 pack in San Diego?

    Limitless Sportsfishing. These guys catch fish, super clean boat and crew is excellent. I would'nt even consider anyone else for a six pack operation. Only downfall is that there calendar is usually booked months in advance. Check out there website
  490. 5

    Lewis Hamilton what an idiot

    Yes, thats for correcting me, I ment Ayrton Senna....Definitely a driver's driver and a professional in his sport. I saw that clip of him stopping his car and assisting another driver that was stuck inside his car after crashing. I believed that driver was in serious straights of dying in...
  491. 5

    Lewis Hamilton what an idiot

    Do you think that there (the media) hyping Hamilton to be better than he really is? I think he is a excellent driver but to compare him to a young Ansenta (sorry about the spelling) I think is completely off. Nice to see BMW get the win. Read that the FIA just fined him and for the next race...
  492. 5

    Independence 8-day Sat. 6-14-08

  493. 5

    644 K behind in house payment

    Gotta luv it......Now you can really see how fucken stupid the Hollywood crowd really is. Should happen to a few more, stand by. Wow what a concept "Living within your means"
  494. 5

    Catch More Fish, Burn Less Fuel -

    Excellent point. Find it highly unlikely that guys that do this every day (sportboat operators) are going give all the numbers and were there possible heading. So with having Terrifin ($100.00), a moon phase chart (free on the internet)......what more is needed. Looks like a nice site to...
  495. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    I'll second those thoughts. Not saying anything negaitive Nascar. It's more of the..not all, but some fans that are the butt scratching, in-bread morons that project the immage of " after we milk the cows and fuck the chickens.. BillyBob, daddy said we can drive are car around the...
  496. 5

    They should have let Daneka go

  497. 5

    Stolen Boat! HELP!!!

    Don't be surprised if your boat is located your boat stripped out...a hull and trailor, somewhere in an alley or you can probably find it in the land of Margaritas and fish tacos! Get that insurance cash!!
  498. 5


    I SECOND THAT! MUST BE THAT FNG THING :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  499. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    BINGO!!! Think that goes to Cabo or PV. Better off if they stay where they know or feel comfrontable. But besides the point of butt scratching morons.....did you watch the practice this morning on SPEED? Awsome !!! Two F2 races prior to the F1 race on Sunday!!!
  500. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    Along with a salary between 1 and 3.7 millon a race........ya!!!! I'd say that a pretty good reason.
  501. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    Shit......we can't even get an american in a car over there. After Michael Addretti failed and left half way through the circut years ago, Scott Speed in 2006, at least spent a season, but was cut only after one season. I might be wrong but I believe Mario Addretti, back in the 60's, was the...
  502. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    Cant even image how much those teams cost?? But are the groupies as hot as the F1 bitches??
  503. 5

    Formula 1 where the men are men

    Thee most talented, perfessional car Drivers and Teams.. period. Broadcasted during the last F1 race ( F1 of Turkey) that some smaller teams have dropped out because of lack of funds. They reported that after the FIL gives each team 50 million in all the publicity advertizing,Television right...
  504. 5

    Tigerlily 1 journey home

    Not a hater. Just a question. But now we know.......Aaaahh yes, the rock star thing. Got it!
  505. 5

    Tigerlily 1 journey home

    Guys just to clarify this is Not A Charter just us internet friends having fun. Just to clarify, if not a charter boat, why the website?
  506. 5

    Offshore Adventures 050208 at 1930 hours

    He screams like a little girl. Don't know who's more annoying, his wife or him. Rest of the group seems in touch.
  507. 5

    Hey Surfdoc......... Your boy got "Officer of the year"

    But what can we say about MADD. Organization gross over $44,000,000.00 and the president and founder of the organzation gets arrested in Washington D.C. for DUI a few years back. So who else would a bullshit organization nominate for "Officer of the DUI month or year" but another...
  508. 5

    6-Pack WSB Charter Boat

    Is the "Liquid Coast Highway" a new toll road Caltrans put in? Here that project was nearing completion.
  509. 5

    Fred Hall...Is it really that great????

  510. 5

    PETA is at it again Meat recall

    Happy to see a few more here are seeing the unnecessarly cruel manner these animals were treated, without trying to be funny asking about a McDonalds food run (a rocket scientist there boy). Being if your going to destroy it because of it's physical condition, absolutely no reason to painfully...
  511. 5

    PETA is at it again Meat recall

    Well you have won the biggest fucken moron award I have ever read!!! In your little world....your lost. Love to drive the forklift on you and shove it your fucken ass, you fucken moron. Wish the worst for you....your pathetic!!
  512. 5

    royal star

    My guess is that he is full of shit about his big talk. Not the first on this board to boast about his background henseto be nothing less that someone who cuts fish...and thats it. Next please...
  513. 5

    royal star

    Here we go again........milkdud anyone?
  514. 5

    most dangerous jobs?

    What about coal miners? The news was stating that this was the number 1 dangerous job when those men died in VA.
  515. 5

    boats within the code group??

    DAMN!! Thank for taking the time to point out to a few who have'nt a clue!! Nice to read from someone who actually understands what the hell the real story is.
  516. 5

    Intrepid 381 = 355 at the scale...

    Nice fatties......Great going!
  517. 5

    BEWARE of the LIARS at Kearny Mesa Infinity!!!!!

    Fishing website?? Maybe a Infinity website would be better suited for this topic.
  518. 5

    Ike Turner checks out...

    Wonder if Tina gives a rats ass?????
  519. 5

    How do I get the fish smell out of my freezer?

    A hot, stinky turd does the trick. The "wifey poo" should have no issues with the fish smell then.
  520. 5

    The Hurricane Bank on a 10 Day

    FYI.............The Hurricane isn't where the majority of these big fish are coming from.
  521. 5

    DUI.. need help please!!!!

    I agree with the fact that an attorney can probably set you on a correct heading. Also to let you know: 1) You do not have to agree to perform the Field Test for the officer. This is strictly an investigative tool for them and your completely within your rights to refuse the field test (this...
  522. 5

    boats within the code group??

    anybody every think that the issue is not with the captain????
  523. 5

    Fucking Assholes

    Your parents would have been happier if they would have just shot you and called it as a "Act for Humanity".
  524. 5

    Philip Friedman will meet with Mexican Naval Officials

    Sure hope Phillip was the choice of the guys who are going to benefit from his plans.., the Boat owners and operators for the multi-day/Long Range Fleet and not just jumping into the spotlight.
  525. 5

    Make-A-Wish 54.9 Blue Fin

    Glad to see some fish were caught (this year unlike past times), keeping it honest with a legitiment win. Nice Job!!!
  526. 5

    5 day charter 10/1-10/6,Guadeloupe

    Might wanta check on your designation.
  527. 5


    OUCH!!!!!!!! That's going to leave a mark. The brown on Hoss's nose is slowly growing:hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::
  528. 5

    Guadalupe closed again.The drama continues.

    Yes this is true. A shark trip was completely cancelled and another boat (fishing) was in travel to the island when the Mexican government made it known that boats would be seized if at the island. The end is not even in sight from what I was told from a boat owner.
  529. 5

    Well...what about that Guadelupe Island ???

    Did it hit the pages yet?????
  530. 5

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Oh, your right....kill everything. Did your two fathers have any children that has a functioning brain? Moron!:_smack_::_smack_:
  531. 5

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Sort of thought that was going to be the case. Wish they would drive away from fish that small :imdumb:'s tomorrow's fish.
  532. 5

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Have noticed in the counts the Yellowfin are the catch and the Albacore are no more. Anyone know the size of the Yellowfin? Hope were not taking the real small guys.
  533. 5

    WTF's up with Guadalupe?

    Yes, was very close to the incident about two weeks ago now. I agree...... by these actions, they don't want American Sportfishing boats there anymore
  534. 5

    What's with the Fishing Radio Shows??

    Was listening to that show 'Let's talk hook-up' this morning and hear both radio show host repeat several times how good the fishing is right now. WTF ARE THESE GUYS THINKING. I wish it was wide open, but heck, if there these guys arn't talking to the captains, why don't they just look on the...
  535. 5

    Condor Sportfishing ( Albacore Fishing ) 7-24-07, San Diego, Ca Link to Video Inside

    All it needed was some hot chicks poll dancing. Good tunes though.
  536. 5

    Where is Mike Burns of World Famous fish processing?

  537. 5

    news on the Intrepid?????? fish counts????

    Didn't this same thing happen a few years back with the office taking deposits for trips when the boat was far from completion? Just for that event and to go ahead and do it again, I'd steer away from that operation. Many other top notch Long Range boats that the office management does'nt pull...
  538. 5

    FOR WHAT ITS WORTH (monday update)

    Hey great news, there catching albies. First we heard of this
  539. 5


    Wow!! with all that, it must be true! Thanks Mr. Wizard! P.S. the Holiday Inn thing is a bit old now
  540. 5

    Looking for feedback on M.A.N. engines

    If your keeping the boat in the states, you'll love them. But if your pointing the bow in the areas of South America you might what to think about it. Strongly suggest looking at the Cat's. with the Cabo package. They may be "killer engines" but look into service/parts availability in foreign...
  541. 5

    "FOR WHAT ITS WORTH" (early)

    WOW! GOSH! WOW! GOSH! have all the information Tom. Do all of the Captains in san Diego contact you for your thoughts? WOW! Thanks
  542. 5

    Predictions for Memorial Wknd

    I predict that I will be buzzed watching the race on TV.
  543. 5


    :hali_ruahahaha: I"LL 2ND THAT!!!!
  544. 5

    Best Riding Most Comfy LR Boat?

    The Spirit of Adventure is the most comfortable Long Ranger in my opinion. Had an chance to go on a 8 day two years ago and was hooked and spoiled. Only wish they would have more open party trips, appears to be all charter groups every year. Great boat and fishing platform.
  545. 5

    Chubasco II and the DFG

    Thank you for enlighting some of the "bugger eating morons" that really believe this is the proper way to get a issue solved.
  546. 5

    In the Gray - Wisch

    Bottom Line: Mark Wisch= A "wanta be Capt." that is trying to prove something to others...should stick to making bait tanks (Off-Shore Products is a much better choice IMO). Can't stand the guy with his hugh EGO
  547. 5

    In the Gray - Wisch

    A $10.00 roll of toliet paper. Hell, wrapping fish with that junk is a insult to the dead fish!! :crybabies: :crybabies:
  548. 5

    In the Gray - Wisch

    Yes indeed.
  549. 5

    In the Gray - Wisch

    I would'nt waste my money on those useless waste of paper. That's someone who has a hugh ego to fill and it shows. Have you ever heard him on that radio program....very in to himself...Sooooooo Bitchen, in his eyes. And the "coupe da gra", how he addresses himself as Capt. Wisch. My question is...
  550. 5

    My New Parker 2120

    NICE!!! but where is Parker getting all those park benches from that they mount on their roofs?
  551. 5

    Limited load

    What boat do you work on?
  552. 5

    Need help landing a girl.....Shut up i don't date much I fish

    Holy shit, Is this what this place is going too? Hey kid...ever seen a grown women naked? .....beside walking in on mom,sister or grandma???? Left hand getting a work out these days? Hang in can switch to your right when you need
  553. 5

    Sugestions on what electronics to purchase for my new boat.

    Furuno or Northstar products can not be touched by others IMO . Both are fantastic in displays, operation, user- friendly and if you have a question, both companies customer service are the best. Take a look at the Northstar 6000i if your looking for a combination screen for multi task. Pretty...
  554. 5

    day at the docks

    Hearing that some boats had their door closed to the public @ day of the docks is not too surprising. Who wants a bunch of drunks on their boats bullshitting about there vast fishing experience.:beerbang: :beerbang: There valued time off could be better spent I sure. :gaygroup:
  555. 5

    Boat Found!

    I thought the same.
  556. 5

    3 Day Trip In The Planning Stages

    Keep looking for a boat! Your first choice is not the wise one IMO.
  557. 5

    Shooting in VA

    Completely screwed!! A scencless act against individuals who are getting an education to better themselves. Hope and pray the bastered burns in hell for ever.
  558. 5

    I'm putting my dog Lucy down today...

    Hey Jeff, I didn't believe that time heals but last October when I lost my pup of 17 years, its still hurts but I smile and remember the good times. I loved that pooch so much, I know I'll be with him on the other side....and I'm sure all those who loves something without any reserve will be...
  559. 5

    Got her home after 5 weeks of waitin'

    Nice Ride! Looks like you outfitted with everything, including the park bench on the roof.
  560. 5


    Turdroller, but don't forget the free fish prediction with every bottle. WOW!!!!!! send me in least for the prediction.:rofl: :rofl:
  561. 5

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    I thought the same thing! The person who put together the boat list for voting, I'm guessing, must have a relative who works for or owns the constipation....oops, I mean constitution. :rofl: :upstupid:
  562. 5

    Fuck Sea Tow...wait, maybe not...

    If they have 25,000 members in San Diego and by your stats, close too 5 times the amount of the other outfit, they must be doing something right. As far as waiting for hours for service, on July 4 of 2006, I needed assistance (battery issue) by the 9 mile bank and my wait time was approx. 90...
  563. 5

    Fuck Sea Tow...wait, maybe not...

    I renewed at the FH Show for cheaper. Think you'll find it cheaper for your renewal next year at the show. IMO, you can't go wrong with Vessel Assist. Tried the other which were not bad, but Vessel Assist provided far better service. Would'nt goes as far as saying "Fuck Sea Tow" but there is far...
  564. 5

    First timer going to San Quintin in June....

    IMO, strongly suggest you shop around for a guide. Some guides are way over-priced and it can save yourself some bucks if you ask around. The Old Mill is a good and reasonable priced place to stay. They also have a list of "guides for hire" at the front registration desk.
  565. 5

    Do other Fisherman get nervous about being boarded?

    Very well put. Bottom line.....If your squared away with your documents and are abiding by the rules of the waters your fishing, no reason too stressing over. Those stories some listen too have a paranoid effect sometimes I guess.
  566. 5

    Semper Fi

    Great Production. Makes you proud to be an American and very proud of the USMC!!
  567. 5

    Hall out.PV

    I think I can bet that, 18% charge at the new fuel dock in Zwat. That really makes u shake your head and wallet. :zelfmoord :zelfmoord
  568. 5

    Holiday, fishing the 10th on 1.5 day

    I second that, Randy is a nice guy but quite fish challenged. Go with the New Lo-an.
  569. 5

    Thoughts needed..... My Friend's son got killed by a DUI on Tuesday

    Very sad. Don't know who the bigger ass, the judicial system for their weak filling or the SOB Drunk. Do you know if the SOB was here illegally? Could mean something in sentencing fillings I heard. Prayers to his family....
  570. 5


    What next, "top-secret, locals only, hand shakes" or "there is still secret surf spots in San Diego". You crack me up, J-dog....too funny! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  571. 5


    MY BEACH MY SURF MY CHICKS.........GO HOME!!! THE "LOCALS ONLY" days have been DONE for sometime. So Sorry, Unless you paid for it, you don't own it. Fair game too all who want to participate on the table. It levels up the competition and keeps the ones who have the ego's, honest and in...
  572. 5


    WOW....:nutkick: :nutkick: :nutkick: but well said:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  573. 5


    Just saw on news that the chief of Police of TJ, after taking their guns away, has issued 60 sling shots to protect the public. LMAO!!! What a Country....You got to love it!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  574. 5

    Need Help! Either Cabo or Puerto Vallarta?

    THE LR FLEET IS TAKING OVER COWTOWN!!!!!:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  575. 5

    Need Help! Either Cabo or Puerto Vallarta?

    If the fish arn't bitting in PV, buy a ticket to the "FIGHT for the HIGHSPOT, probably have more laughs.
  576. 5

    comparing 3 cattle boats

    If your looking out of Point Loma, The New Lo an with Marcus is the boat. another way is looking at the fish counts on the Point Loma board for 2006. They will show you which boat catches consistantly and then the others. You just can't be luckly always.....
  577. 5

    Possible nice 24' skip in Sacramento

    Just kidding about the radar post. That is god-awful ugly!!
  578. 5

    Possible nice 24' skip in Sacramento

    I think that radar tower on the bow makes the boat. I would buy it just for that!!!
  579. 5

    The swinger

    Anyone know where to see the video of the 2006 swinger...aka Sadam. Looking for it and can't even find on the internet for what ever reason. Are we going soft or what here???? Want to send to to Vet who would really enjoy it, I'm sure??? Any help thanks!!!!:High_Five :High_Five
  580. 5

    Fish Processing from Mike Burn's World Famous Smoked Fish Company

    I used him before too. THE BEST.........
  581. 5

    Red Rooster Heading to PV?

    Did you see the Indy there? Don't know if they were in that zone but they faired OK I guess.
  582. 5

    fucking thieves

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  583. 5

    Red Rooster Heading to PV?

    I believe as far as the Mexican Operations and future fishing permits with the government... I don't believe the SD fishing permits (which aren't cheap) states anything regarding " no fishing in waters were local operations are/ or have been fishing...before you". If this was the case, I guess...
  584. 5

    Red Rooster Heading to PV?

    The RRIII hasn't even gotten there yet. Why don't you little girls relax and quit crying. O that right, some still think the Banco is a hidden secret in PV and the "locals only" approach is what prevails, well time to WAKE UP! Try to act like you have a set why don't you.
  585. 5

    Any Mariades for strong YFT?

    Thank you all for your insite. I'm going with all of them!!
  586. 5

    Any Mariades for strong YFT?

    THANKS KARL!! I'm going to try it. Sounds like you had luck with it.
  587. 5

    Any Mariades for strong YFT?

    Anyone have a recipe for a marinade for YFT? Caught a couple on a LR trip about a week ago and they were a little bit fishy tasting. Thought I could sushi them but no way, color gone from freezing it on boat it also had a bit of a stronger taste then what I've had before. Tried to use them in...
  588. 5

    OJ "The Worst Human Being Ever" Simpson.....

    Don't know if it would help the cause to screw this piece of work but several radio news programs in LA, SD and Orange County are permoting the public to not watch or purchase this book. Along with this, writing or e-mailing large bookstores and places like Costco etc., telling them if they...
  589. 5

    Shogun 10-Day 10/13-10/23

    Sounds like a very tough trip all around. Sorry you spent that kind of dough for that kind of experience. Thanks much for the report.
  590. 5

    8 Day on the Spirit 10/3-10/11

    Yes indeed, The Spirit of Adventure is a top notch operation. Second to none in the Long Range fleet for sure. Only wish they had more open party trips.
  591. 5

    Robalo anyone?

    Great Boat for Florida ...(ie. no live bait). No room in the stern
  592. 5

    Long Range Oldtimers; was the food better

    They will all serve "Cream of Wheat" if you need it Sorry I just had too!!!!
  593. 5

    spirit of adventure 9/28 to 10/3/06

    I second that!!! :lux: :lux: :lux: :notworthy :notworthy
  594. 5

    400+ tuna today????? - POSSIBLE WORLD RECORD YFT!!!!

    Did the fish already get cut or are their any pictures of this 357lbs YFT caught?
  595. 5

    Skunked Thursday

    OUCH, Maybe you should think about going out on someone other than your boat if your going to go about doing that. I would bet to predict a 8 to 10oz. torpedo sinker smashing through a window or another part of a boat that pulls off that kind of act. Maybe they were purposly ignoring your radio...
  596. 5

    Yellowfin local?

    Have been watching the counts the overnight boats and they seem to be catching the tuna. Does anyone know if these are being caught in American or Mexican waters. I was thinking they might be out by the 43 but was wondering if anyone knows?
  597. 5

    A screwed up day on the boat

    Would fish from a floating log then from a Oceanside party boat.
  598. 5

    new lo-an 3/4 day?

    Has anyone checked out the counts from Seaforth? Swordfish on the Aztec's 3/4 day? Ya, and I caught a wahoo from the shore in OC but released it before I got a picture.
  599. 5

    Another Blue Water Charter $150 - Voyager

    God bless you.........I'm sure your in happy settings.
  600. 5

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    Coming from a 1/2 day deckhand, I sure some terms were confusing to you. :rofl: :rofl: Next......
  601. 5

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    What the hell is the Consititution (aka.. Deep Adventure 3) up on the list? Your kidding..right? Long Range list right? The Apollo runs longer trips then the Consititution, and is not listed. Check the Website of the Consititution...nothing over a three day at best. The boat's USCG is zoned for...
  602. 5

    Tackle shop near Pt Loma

    Hook, Line and Sinker is very good and fair as well as Point Loma Tackel Shop at the Point Loma Landing Office. Both businesses are at the water and see what works every day and wants not.
  603. 5

    Drug lord caught on Sportfishing boat

    Alihadro-Felix was grabbed off a sportfishing boat off the Mexican coastline The news did report that he was not on a San Diego based boat. Seeing some of those prise looking party boats they have down their, you would think he'd have his own boat. Wonder if he tipped the crew well!:rofl...
  604. 5

    Can you provide the numbers?

  605. 5

    Can you provide the numbers?

    Can anyone provide the Lat/Longs for the Hidden Bank. Going out tonight with father-in-law on his boat and want to give it a try. Thanks guys
  606. 5

    whats your favorite long range boat?

    How about getting all the boats listed when doing a poll. The Spirit of Adventure
  607. 5

    Radio waterproof box

    Does anyone who sells waterproof boxes for a radios. great if it's in the San Diego area. Thanks
  608. 5

    old#7 6 days of fishing

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking.
  609. 5

    425-302 7/16

    I ALMOST won the lottery once! almost or close is only good in shuffleboard.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  610. 5

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    What I do know is that we have a hell of a lot more intel than we have ever had before Tommy started posting........give him a break, will ya? "Quote from MIKEYLIKESIT" I agree with you!! Sometimes a little knowledge goes hugh behind a keyboard.
  611. 5


    Your too nice...more like a c on it's good days! Lots of other really good boats to choose from, just look around at the counts.
  612. 5

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    Thanks for clearing that up. I found that pretty hard to believe that fish was used for catfood???? Let's see, 1000 to 2000 tons of Bluefin per 2 days. Is that for one seiner? If so, what the hell are the numbers per boat per day, multiplied by the entire seiner fleet working in northern...
  613. 5

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    Just a note to start off the month of July. Was told by a guy coming up from Cabo from a boat delivery that nothing short than 11 SUPER SEINERS ( over 300' in lenght) with several helio's, were steaming northbound from just below Mag Bay. Told me they looked high out of the water so probably...
  614. 5

    traffic ticket...need advice

    Just pay it or do the traffic school thing. A DA investigator told me last year that after the law suit against the company that builds the units, they have perfected the to 99.7% reliable on violators. IMO, if your not sure how to defend your case in court, you'll piss off the judge for...
  615. 5

    Question for sushi addicts.

    If you catch any of those nasty tasting Bluefin Tuna and need a place to get rid of them.......PM me please. The Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail are all excellent for sushi or sashmi. You'll have no problem with serving them!!
  616. 5

    Yellowfin at 170 miles

    No, you can get their on a two day.............but you'll have very little fishing time, very very little. Unless their chewing the paint off the boat and that is the only game in town, that a hugh gamble for loads of filets or nada.
  617. 5

    Al Zarqawi is killed (DEAD)

    Can we finance a billboard and use this! That is GREAT!!!!!!:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  618. 5

    Big Game 90??

    Heard that name regarding the Big Game 90 many times. Might want to shop around IMO.
  619. 5


    From what I have heard and read, The tows can vary from 300 yards behind to much longer depending on the weather conditions while towing and if the pen's are holding BFT. Never-the-less, these bardges, per International Maritime Rules , are supposted be lite by an amber light and the towing...
  620. 5


    Those pens are a real pain in the ass. Thats two collisions in less than 2 weeks!! Is the government, either USCG or Mexican going to that some sort of action on the Tuna Pen business?? Seems like it probably going to take a death for any action to be taken. COMPLETE BULLSHIT ON THAT BUSINESS!!!
  621. 5

    SD Marine Operator

    FYI, I don't know if they are still around. Has anyone tried them lately??? Last year I tried with no luck on several different ocassions and short distances from the harbor entrance to SD.
  622. 5

    Went Fishing

    What is it with the facial expression??? Is it: A) That's the biggest fish you ever caught? B) You sat on your plyers and their shoved up you ass? C) You sat on your plyers and their shoved up your ass, and your realizing that you really dig the feeling?
  623. 5

    Spa Repair Tech in North County San Diego

    Looking for a Spa repair tech in the north county of SD. Does anyone have someone they could reccommend. I knew I sould have spent the cash on fishing then this damm spa!!!!
  624. 5

    God Bless America

    I don't know about you guys but do you see ANYOTHER nationality out protesting beside Mexican. From the news footage shown, it's a sea of mexican flags. Did you see the footage of on a school's flagpole in LA flew the Mexican flag and below it upside down was OLD GLORY!! The news reporter stated...
  625. 5

    God Bless America

    Told my gardener on Saturday morning that with all the "want to be legal" in America, I was going to take taxes out of his pay or hand him a 10-99 form at the end of the year. Welcome to the United States now pay your fare share assholes. O yes, as you could guess, he replied " No
  626. 5

    Legalizing Drugs in Mexico?

    Great!! Legalization of Herion, Coke, etc.. in Mexico. What the hell are they thinking!! Again, Mexico's thinking is why they stay in third world status and always will. It may hurt but if they pull their head from their ass they might see the light. I simpathise with those who live in that POS...
  627. 5

    More trailer boat parking regs

    Inside rumor from a SD board member said it almost a sure go.
  628. 5

    Whos going to church with me

    I agree. This is pretty tasteless way in a overboard attempt to get a laugh. Not all.
  629. 5

    plexi glass windshield?`s

    Stay with no tint. If you have your doubts, at Day at the Docks, go into the old Deep Adventures III boat out of H&M. They have blue tint on their windows, reminds me of a bad acid trip back in the days.
  630. 5

    NFL Schedules released

  631. 5

    Who threw it?

    Did anyone else see the footage with him walking off with the syring in his mitt. CLASSIC!!
  632. 5

    Who threw it?

    LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!!! WHO CLAIMS THROWING OUT THE SYRING AT JUICE USER B. BONDS? I wish it was me. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy to whomever did it! That was absolutley bitchen!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  633. 5

    Weather Check?

    "IT GOING TO POUR STARTING AT AROUND NOON" per Fox news.. BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  634. 5

    Weather Check?

    Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_ Death_To_ Everyone knows how accurate the weathermen/women are (politically correct, right?), so where in the hell is this ass kicking storm. No rain in Orange County yet? What about where you are?
  635. 5

    PV Charter rates and costs

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  636. 5

    Butterfly jigs

  637. 5

    looking for a phone # regarding mexican boat fishing permits?

    Thanks guys, This will help from me spending bail money!
  638. 5

    looking for a phone # regarding mexican boat fishing permits?

    Does anyone have a phone number for the mexican licensing office for private boats to fish legally in mexico. I think it's the mexican consolit? My father-in-law fished his 60' all last year without one and had now idea it was required for the boat. He thought a personnal mexican fishing license...
  639. 5

    Boat blue book?

    No, it different than that......but I wish it had that new Honda outboard on it!
  640. 5

    Boat blue book?

    Hull from VIP Marine Industries in Florida. Don't have ant pictures of the boat yet... was just getting the right price to start the selling process. I do have to get some pictures now I understand.
  641. 5

    Boat blue book?

    A 1980 center console, 18' powered with a 85hp outboard. I have if outfitted with electronics (Furuno , Garmin and Polaris/ outriggers/ Bla bla bla). Interested????
  642. 5

    Boat blue book?

    Thanks Adam as well for the info.
  643. 5

    Boat blue book?

    Thanks Kurt & Gary, I think I'll beable figure out a price between the two sites. Hate to get rid of the boat, but since I have to I don't want it to sit around, waiting to make a few bucks. Sell it and be done with it . Thanks !!
  644. 5

    Boat blue book?

    Does anyone know or have any ideas on how get a fair asking price for a small boat. Its a 18' center console on a trailor and was thinking of selling it. Besides looking for something close to it in the boat trader or other boat selling forum, was wondering if anyone has ever come across...
  645. 5


    I'll buy the drinks!!!!
  646. 5


    is he dead yet?
  647. 5

    Nothing against Mexicans, But funny shit

  648. 5


    Can Al Sharpton be next after Jesse Jackson? Wonder if Tookie's son is going to be a witness. He doesn't have to drive far, his in the same prison...
  649. 5


    Anyone hear if LA is going to shits yet?
  650. 5


    Hey Tookie!, just close your eyes and go to sleep. JUSTICE SERVED!!
  651. 5


    I stand to be corrected. I added incorrectly, I meant to say 366 total sales on Tookie's book sales.....sorry tootie..I mean tookie!!
  652. 5


    Heard some pretty funny info regarding Tookie's books Book #1 sold 364 copies Book #2 sold 002 copies But his books changed potentially 50,000 kids from the gang lifestye,with only 364 total copies sold????? And not to Tookie's fault, but both his sons are currently doing time, one...
  653. 5

    Cool music site...

    Very Cool site!!! Thanks
  654. 5

    Roof Repair needed in North SD County

    Thanks Catamb1,Dos locos and Calico for the info. I'll call both to see who whats the work!
  655. 5

    Roof Repair needed in North SD County

    Anyone have recomendations on a roof repair company in San Diego for some somewhat minor repairs. The residence is in north county San Diego. Thanks for any input.
  656. 5

    Why being a cop is dangerous.

    Very disturbing! Hope the ass died and the officer is OK. Left you hanging
  657. 5

    nothing but dodo's

    The dorado were 12 to 15 lbs with the largest @28.5 lbs. The YFT'S were an average of 10 to 12 lbs with the largest @ 20lbs. A lot of small Yellowtails which we released. Only if the weather was as nice. It was crappy going up the hill.
  658. 5

    nothing but dodo's

    Just woke up from a 1.5 day trip on XIPHIAS Sportsfishing Six-Pack Charters from the Kona Kai Marina which landed @ 8:30 am today due to weather conditions. Total count for 4anglers: Passenger and Crew lLmits on YFT and Dorado". We left them crewing!! The fish are still here. No sainers to be...
  659. 5

    WAHOO @ Double 220's ??

    Did you hear of the Wahoo school at the double 220's? I hear ther a photos floating around but these could be doctored. Has anyone seen or hear of this?? :i_piss_on Dynamite: :_hot_:
  660. 5

    Landing Reports?????

    Does anyone know if the sport boats report there down days? Someone I know rode a one day boat out of Point Loma Sportsfishing and was surprised to see that in the count, there one fish did'nt make it. They did'nt list the boat of running that night. Hope that not what they usually do!!!
  661. 5

    Anyone ever fish the Holiday?

  662. 5

    New 80 foot Charter Boat at H&M

    Hope you put some stablizers on it. It snaps and roll like no other.
  663. 5

    New 80 foot Charter Boat at H&M

    Rode That Boat Last Year As The "deep Adventures".
  664. 5

    Time to Club Seals

    Seals may be a pain in the ass but eliminating them in a more humane way would prove that were one step above the cave days. That a disturbing video. Would kinda like to see the seals fuck that guy with the club up.
  665. 5

    Rancho Leonaro?

    :beerbang: :beerbang: As some have already said, I would go elsewere if I were you. I went there for twelve years begining when John first opened the Ranch. It was the BEST!! He had a guy named John Pushard running the office. I took a two year break from the ranch and returned the following...
  666. 5

    What not to do with a glock

    ALSO.....There's affirmitatve action at it's BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  667. 5

    What not to do with a glock

    WHAT A MORON! AND AN EMBARRASMENT FOR A DEA AGENT. but then again what do you expect from a fed