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    Pig Yellow

    nice going on the tail. hamachi time!!!
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    West Coast guy nails Montauk Stripper

    nice going on the stripers. i fished the new port area too by the old ruben e lee boat for them. thanks for the pics.
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    BarelyLegal 24OCT SSK to 60mi

    die hard solo run ...nice!
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    Sat to the 390

    thanks for the report. cool taking the kids out for some fun.
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    Tailwalker Report Monday 10-26 ) Tuna / YT!!

    good going rich.thanks for the report
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    Offshore Venice LA

    nice fish
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    100+ Pound Yellowfin Tuna in Venice

    what im talking about!!!
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    Alligator gar's pushing over 100lbs

    sick catch bro! didn't know you can eat those.
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    fisher mans dream,your reality bro!
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    First Finns

    nice first yft! hey not bad getting them on the spinner set up
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    Josie Lynn oct. 14 Limits @ 50 m

    i'm with you jason! lets keep it going guys!!!
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    Hopefully not "once in a lifetime."

    good job getting out there with the kids
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    10/9 Take Advantage cuz its there for the taking

    thanks for the report. good to see they are still out there.
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    Rpt Sat. 10-10-09 390 Tuna and Tails!

    cory, you heard this before, but nice report and good to see you get em again.
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    Federales down south

    great info bill.
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    Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    congrats on that nice grade tuna
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    Papa Catch a 37# White Seabass

    killer catch and cool story!
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    waves were big

    let's get back to FISHING bitches!!!!!
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    182, SC Canyon, 289 10-1 Report

    many times i found they are there but not always seen. got to stick around on the kelp for a bit.
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    Fish report and Bonito Recipe

    hey mike thanks for the report, and the recipe. i always have gilled and gut all my fish fresh off the gaff. i've found with the bonies this seems to have the best result over other fish. oh and to the smart ass reply from the bartender....i think you live up to the first part of your user name!
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    This Just In YFT @ SCI

    great news joe and good going on the ahi
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    Tuna on 3/4 day out of Newport

    thanks for posting the link. lol on the vid.
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    lets keep it going!!! good job bro!
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    Reply from the "old drunk" neighbor

    ladies! ladies ! ladies. move on. dr. phil is calling
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    Rpt 2 Day 9-26-27 Limits of YFT, Albies, Tails, Do Do's

    thanks for the killer report cory! great pics too.
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    Newport to 267, 209, 43, 289, etc. We managed a few

    thanks for the detailed report. may not have been what you wanted but no skunk on the boat.
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    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    look on bright side bro!!!!! if you were not there he could have fell off and drowned. the poor gene pool would have suffered with out him!!!
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    170# Bluefin Constitution 1.5 day!!!

    well that sums it up! tran is the man, may have had help on that toad but he still took home all their cash on the first stop. good going tran and crew!!!
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    Tuna Fishing Venice, La.

    congrats on the fish!
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    Long run south with a surprise

    revenge never tasted so good!
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    Find the bait! 9/23/09

    nice tail bro! did you catch it on that pole in the first pic??? if so damn!
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    On the Pacific voyager 9/19 9/20

    nice job on the fish and taking the home pot!
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    9-19 Caught some fish at the 43!

    thats what i like to see!!! great job!
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    Rpt: 9/19 43.........again!

    nice report. way to go!
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    3/4 offshore on the freelance

    good job on the first tuna!
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    9/20 b-day fishing

    happy b day. nice day
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    But catch them anyway - YFT on 9/17

    good going mike! glad to see you got some. you seem to always have a great day on the water no matter what.
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    afternoon bite

    nice fish! well worth sticking it out for a nooner
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    Dana Point Marlin (video) and a run to the 43 9.17.09

    cool video. nice going on the marlin. i hooked my first local marlin two weeks ago fishing on some crashing yft near the 181 with 30# line. my buddy tom on the "biggins" backed down his boat and were able to bring her within 25yrd range but we lost her after 10 min. hook too small and pulled...
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    Fish Counts not so good...

    yup. we all are at times bro.
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    Sons first tuna

    nice first time kid! like the first pic holding the tuna like its gold. i did the same with my first yft.
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    Fish Counts not so good...

    now im NOT the best fisherman out there, but 50% of the numbers come from cattle boat newbies. we have all been on these type of trips and can relate to what im saying. the fish are there! be first at the bait tank and get in the water first. help make a great report bro.
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    Channel Islands Marlin~on the Martuni

    nice job and great pics
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    5 day on the Q105

    looks like you guys had some great fun! nice job working around he sharks!
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    181 goter done

    you got it, we are on the biggins center console. we wont be out this weekend but maybe the next if my buddy wants to go. are you guys out of dana?
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    181 goter done

    hey gary thanks for letting my buddy and i fish your paddy sat on the 181 in the morning. cant mistake that cool looking boat. we were on the 26 center console. we ended up fishing it till about noon and pulled two females and 2 bulls out with 5 yellows. thanks again.
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    425 and Hidden Bank 09-09-09

    i'm with you bro. be cool slide in on the paddy a help get the fish in a frenzied. help out the cause. its funny because i was out on the 181 on sat and some f*** head just had to run between my buddy and i with {only about thirty yrds of space} and the paddy.his engine peeled off about 200...
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    yft before work!

    good to see some true die hard fishermen out there. nice fish!!
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    Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    good grade local fish!! i go with you on the weight, looks like a true 60-65#-ish. nice work on the light line!
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    Light Line YFT @ 302

    nice way to show the kid some real fun and to be a young man with his pop. too cool.
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    Friday was my day at the 43

    looks like a you guys had a great time. nice going
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    fished 181 on sat! great bite !

    hey tom just wanted to say thanks again for having us on the biggens. it was a great time working that paddy and watching the other boats come and go while we just stayed and killed it.
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    Mola Mola Attack

    yup.. no kidding. hey thanks for the quick reply on the color.we have a couple of those in the box. get back to you on my sat report.
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    Mola Mola Attack

    nice day and fish too! thanks for the great report.i will be out there on sat. what color plug were you using?
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    All Smoked already

    nice fish. were were you guys at?
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    120 mixed yft and yt for 4 guys insane!!

    yup i have to agree on the banana pic,f*****g classic!!! nice pillaging!!! arrg!!
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    My 9 year olds first Yellow over 10lb

    super cool pics of the boy getting the bendo!!!
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    way to go :Death_To_Above:
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    Saturday - Nice Day for A Novice - First YFT

    nice first catch! looks like you are doing a good job on that fish. hell you can come fish with us!
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    Offshore on the T-Bird-Big YFT!!

    60#? you guys must be 300 #s
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    The Dorado, Albacore, Yellowfin, Yellowtail wanted to die today. Wed/26th

    thanks for the report bro. hoping it will bust wide open like the rest of us
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    8-26 N. NONE to 182 to 181

    sorry to hear that, but thanks for the report
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    BIG GAME 90 8-21-23 Great fishin!

    true die hard driving from vegas. hey lake mead dont have fish like that!
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    Bluefin pics

    wow! what a toad!!!
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    43 gots um 8=15

    no thats how they speak on pluto... or it puto
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    paddy fishing 8/15

    nice toad! one of them is all you need.
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    Work together

    hey bro, have fun at the cape. the last time i was there we just killed it. best fishing ever! its all true! the yft were hitting my bare hook. the only problem is once you kill it there you dont want to fish any were else. wish you luck but you wont need it. try to fish just inside of the...
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    Cortez banks 2 day trip on 10/18-10/19

    sounds great! "show us the video"......:hali_parkutuli:
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    Need some Help

    damn . sorry to hear such a sad story. hope they will make it through these tough times.
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    Sweet jesus! Awesome tuna day!

    :gaygroup:those be some lunkers.
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    One of craziest days ever!! 33# YT SD Bay

    nice fish!! great story and pics. way to go!!
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    YFT around the 14....... Almost!

    going home after finding the tuna!?!?!?! now thats love!!!
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    HUGE meter marks, but only 1 YFT

    nice fish! good to know, thanks for the report. it's not over yet!!!
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    209 YFT 9-22-08. 5 for 5

    what kinda h20 temps??
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    Something Special!!!

    nice feesh!bitch to cut but very tasty! nice one.
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    Patty Marlin 9/11/08 on 30lb @182

    nice catch. doing it on 30!nice