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    WTB Trailer Side Bunks

    Parker 2120 by zuniga001 posted Feb 23, 2008 at 12:56 PM
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    WTB Trailer Side Bunks

    I have some from a Pacific Trailer. I tow a 21 Ft. Parker Pilot house. I do not use them, send me a text / call, I can send you some pixs. Have had them sitting around for years. You can have them. Fernando (562)400-3205 (Whittier)
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    Kid in need of a bike?

    Very Cool, I have connections in Rosarito with local PD. They have an Amazing DARE Program. If you can hold it a week or two, I can drop by, have it repaired and take it down. They do an essay contest at local elementary schools. This program takes students essays to University down there...
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    Joining the Family

    Congrats................ Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Small jump start batteries

    Bought mine at COSTCO $59.00 works great and very light. Charge lasts for weeks.
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    WTB: Tuna Tower for a Parker 2120

    Hello Tom, I’m looking for a Tuna Tower also. Parker 2120. Can you send me your #? Fernando
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    WTB Custom boat cover?

    Mark (626)824-6275 Quality Work!!! and reasonable. He is in West Covina
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    For Sale AFI Boat Horn and anchor light

    I have a 2120 PilotHouse, Looking to buy a rack also. Do you have a recommendation?
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    My Parker 2120

    Excellent choice. Enjoy it.
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    My Parker 2120

    Sweet boat. I have one and love it. !!!!! Can you post some more pixs of the cutting board. I am going to try that.
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    Where to get Fuel Polishing Performed?

    I tried a place in Long Beach. Forgot the name but its next to the fuel dock exiting Alamitos Bay. Ph# is (562)594-0888 Good service.
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    WTB Parker 2320 with 4 stroke outboard

    Check yesterdays posts. Seller has one in San Diego. Its sold but he's taking back up deposits. Good luck.
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    WTB Parker 2320 with 4 stroke outboard

    ***SALE PENDING*** but...I'm willing to take a back-up deposit to be in second position @$44K in case it falls through, (but....not likely...the guy is stoked....thanks guys.) This is a 2320 with only 35 hours!!!......Yep, 35 hours!!...Like NEW! It is the super-rare model that has a HUGE fish...
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    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    You know why he's looking to the left, aside from posing for the picture.... thats where guardian angles are.... to the left...... thanks for the post.... Beautiful young son, and thanks for the post..... It will reach many.
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    Bayrunner Baja Transom Corrosion?

    Had the exact same problem on mine. Definately an electrolysis issue. My mechanic checked the hot wire leading to the battery, which runs through the tube guide for the wiring harness from the control bax, batteries etc. To the engine. The main 12 gauge wire was rubbing up against the...
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    30 gallon bait tank

    I have an Offshore Bait tank in Really good condition, My Cell # is 562-400-3205, asking $200.00 firm. send me a text and I will send you photos of it.
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    Mexico advice

    Yes...Boat U.S. covers you down to Punta banda,............WHICH is all the way down to Ensenada, Basically down to Todos Santos Island. I call adn verified this with Boats U.S.
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    302 ,230,hidden dads first trip back in 8 years

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Your dad looks Great
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    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    EXCELLENT Post. I followed your post last year to change mine. Thanks..............& yes the Newcastle is a must for doing this service............
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    trailer tonque extensions ?

    Thats the ticket there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Nice!!!!!!!!!! Is that the Launch ramp by La Jolla Beach Camp?
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    Where to fish

    Planning on going off shore this Wed the 25th. I was thinking the 425, finger bank etc. :hali_olutta: looking for tuna / yellowtail. We'll b e on Ch-78 Fishing boat "Cerca Del Mar" if anyone is going to b e out there.
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    Yamaha Outboards and AM/PM Gas?

    I had some major problems with water in the fuel. Not due to Arco, just an issue with the cap not sucurely tightened. I do recommend the fuel stabaizer and Yamalube. Good Stuff. Also the higer octane does seem to make a difference.
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    Towing boat out of water what gear to use

    If its a Ford, it should be in drive. If you put it in 3rd or first, there's some weird issue with it not being in drive.
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    If you have garden, put them in there. They make excellent fertillizer. I put my fish gus, heads, carcassas etc, in the garden, at least 6 inches deep. Really help the plants near them.
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    wear rings on drive shaft 2003 Yamaha f115

    Sounds Normal, I did mine have a 15o, and thought I saw those wear rings. Post a picture if possible. Guys are real good at diagnosing.
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    Boat covers... Custom???

    Mark in West Covina does OUTSTANDING Work. Pric price very good too. Does work at his residence. 626-824-6275 I have Pics of the work he did for me, Le tme know if you want me to send some. Fernando
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    Boat Donation

    Friends of Rollo may have some good options. I work for the Police Department in Los Angeles. We have a very good youth program. Can you send some pictures more detailed information. I will begin to ask questions with the youth sponsors. Fernando Zuniga
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    Boat cover

    I had a guy named "Mark" in West Covina do my Parker 2120. A full cover. He does it at his house. Exellent!!!!!!!!!!!Quality. And the price is right too. He has little or no overhead. His # is 626-824-6275
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    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    Excellent post... I finally tried mine, saved me a bunch of money... Thanks... And YES the beer is mandatory....
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    WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!All I can say is I'm JEALOUS!!!!!!! Very nice Loiue, Hats off to you. Thats a fair price, and you seem to know what your're doing, Enjoy...and have fun!
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    Installing a Marine Head

    Don, I would like to see the set up you have. I live in Whittier and will be available in about a week. I will send you a message and see when I can drop by. Thanks
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    Installing a Marine Head

    Thanks for the replies, I do plan on dumping past three miles out. Its only for those days spent fishing all day and my buddies load up on Carne Asada burritos, beer and Nachos and Cornbread with CHILI.. ha Ha. You know how that goes. As for the install, it will most be below the water line...
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    Installing a Marine Head

    I have a Parker Pilot house with a port-a-potti. I'm thinking of installing a Jabsco marine head. I do not want to have pump out tank or a fresh water tank. I'm thinking of using fresh sea water and a pumpout directly. It will not be used except when way out in deep seas. Has anyone done...
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    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    May want to look into a Brunton Brew Fire Coffee maker. It used Propane or Butane for fuel. A little bigger than a regular elect coffee maker. It works GREAT. Check on line.
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    24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

    Johnson Marine in Ontario (909)986-1189 Talk to Joe Oliver. They have some Ospreys in your price range. They have some posted on the WEB.
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    24 to 28ft cuddy/pilot house

    Johnson Marine in Ontario, Talk to Joe Olivier/er. I just checked some of his Ospreys out they are very nice, and in your price range. 909-986-1189
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    Looking for boat cover advice...

    I just had Mark in west Covina do a custom cover for my Parker 2120 Pilot House, by far the best price around. His turn around is 2-days and does an awesome job. Here is his Ph# 626-824-6275. I live in whittier, and you can come and see the quality of his work. Awesome!!!!!!!! My email adress...
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    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    Chick or not, check West Marine, they have some deck shoes that you can wet, rinse off and so forth, along with some sandals that are very comfortable. Bass Pro Shops has some water shoes that are made for being in river rockstreams and so forth, very comfortable and can be used on a boat...
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    You didn't miss out on anything

    Nice post. HOpe you had fun, I would have done the same. Used to go 40 mi out on a 19 Ft. Bay Runner FISH ON. We should of gone out also.
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    Flour tortillas

    Definately use a (comal) pan flat pan will do or a pancake flat griddle. I always use "Guerrero" tortillas, vons usualy has them in burrito size. It you have a "Northgate" market in the area, they have them also. to date they have the best flour tortillas I have eaten. I grew up on those...
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    Send those photos to Western Outdoor News. Looks like he had an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yamaha t8 won't crank

    Check the ground cable, I have a Yamaha that would not start. I Checked the ground cable and verified it was tight still would not start. I then tightened it some more and verified it was a bad ground connection eventhough cable was properly tightened.
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    Yamaha F150 prop

    I have a 06 Parker 2120 with a stainless steel prop. Not sure what the Pitch is. I will get it for you. I added a ( bolt on Fins?) on the lower end unit. It gets on plane much quicker and my mileage is outstanding. Catalina and back fish all day long with 32 Gal of fuel. My personal e...
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    Awesome !!! Setup, I have a 2120 and would like to put in a microwave also. What model did you put in? I could also be reached at [email protected] I live in Whittier just over the hill from you, would like to drop by and see how you put that microwave in.
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    Lots a Albies 01/50

    What area did you catch them in?
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    New Boat Needs a Name Suitable for 2 Women!

    M & M, Senoritas,
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    Yamaha Diagnosic Software

    Where can I get one. I have a Yamaha 150. I can also be reached at ([email protected])
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    Pacific Trailer

    Couldn't agree with you more, Hope fully Pacific Trailers will post a response to these threads. They are decent trailers, not excellent trailers. I always rinse mine with the boat, and change the bolts and nuts to SS.
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    Beach Launching - how to?

    I used to launch a 19 FT. Bayrunner numerous times in Baja, without a tongue extender or third wheel, but I did have a 4X4. F-150 nothing extreme, all stock. the only thing I wish I had was the Trailer Tongue Extender. There's a company in northern California ( don't remember the name) that...
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    19' bayruuner- bait tank placement

    I just sold A 19ft Bayrunner. Awesome boat. It had a leaning pad baitwell, with two 12 gal fuel tanks tucked underneath. Exactly what Merlin recommended. I saw the one advertised, perfect setup. If your interested, I still have some photos of mine, might give you some ideas. I can also be...
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    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    Camera, Camera, Camera. Not sure if it's too late, but hpefully you tood a photo of your catch. I would recommend taking all the information you filled out I.E. customs forms and soforth. If you can't have the people on the boat go with you to court. Have them fill out a signed declaration...
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    updated bayliner w/pics need your opinion

    NIce boat. Like you said, have a mechanic check out the motor, and outdrive. She looks like a keeper, very well preserved. As for mileage, cruise, and you will be fine.
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    My New Parker 2120

    Very nice. I have a 2006 2120. I purchased the strait splash guard from sundane, comes on the 2008 models. Makes a big difference on deck space. How do you like the 45 gal bait tank?
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    New Cover easy on easy off

    Very nice, Is that a 2120? I have the same boat. Who did the cover for you? I'm looking to get one for mine.
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    California Gas Tax Refund

    Excellent info, thanks, will try it this year.
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    A perfect night?

    I noticed the pulley system you have, What brand is it, and where can I purchase one?
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    Vacation ?

    Have I got the place for you. La Jolla Beach Camp. it's located about 20 mi south of Ensenada. In Todos Santos bay. The surf is very calm. There's many small tacoand Churro stands, and a very small restaurant. There are small cabanas you can rent very reasonable. (Next door is...
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    Custom Cover for Parker

    I have the same boat, also interested in purchasing a boat cover. I have looked into making it in sections, the bow toaft cabin, the cabin itself, then cabin to transom, just an idea, material can be purchased reasonably on E-Bay. I had a 19ft Bayrunner CC and getting the cover on that...
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    New little tower for the Plattapuss

    Sweet Ride. I have the same boat, a 2006 2120 Pilothouse. I resolved my Icechest issue, by placing a Killbag tucked under the port side of the gunnel. It tucks in very well, and I keep it secured with a black bungee type strap. I then placed an additional collapsible ice chest bag...
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    New Parker 2320... SWEET!!!!

    NIce boat, Did it come with the Tuna Tower? I purchased a 2120 last year, swweeeet ride, awesome fishing boat, and great for those harbor cruises. See you out there, " Cerca Del Mar"
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    7/26 UH-OH

    Going to the 371 & 302 This Saturday, any suggestions, or different areas to try?
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    New little tower for the Plattapuss

    I have the same boat, Awesome vessel. Who did the tower? Can you send me the info?