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    For Sale Pressure Cooker & Canning Jars

    All American Model 921 pressure cooker (21.5 quart liquid capacity) in like new condition. Includes all the optional tools and components for safe cooking of your catch. 4 cases (48) of Ball 1 Pint Wide-Mouth jars are included and not sold separately. Price: $300.00 Pick up in San Diego...
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    Is this even possible around here these days?

    Seems like a very long time ago.
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    For Sale EMERGENCY roadside tool kit

    I have a few items left over from my old Baja kit, for emergency roadside situations. A word about that impact wrench: it's an odd one that spins up to high rpm's and then gives the lug nut a single impact, so it's only good for those times when the nut is frozen and you've tried everything...
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    SOLD SHIMANO Pacific Series 7' 0" (30 - 80)

    I bought this thing by mistake because it requires a stud to pull on it. I'll let it go for whatever you want to pay. It's been sitting around unfished for too many years. It was quite expensive back in the day. Call or text me (Bob) @ 858-279-9015
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    This is an ACHILLES Model LSI-112 with a Yamaha 2.5 H.P. four stroke motor all set up on a Seitech launching dolly for the beach. Everything is in "like new" condition. The boat is 11' 2" and is made from the preferred material, Hypalon. An inflatable floor keeps it light and an inflatable keel...
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    1993 Chevy Suburban K2500 (4x4) Tow vehicle

    I am the original owner who purchased this 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive beast with the HD tow package and every available option except the snow plow attachment. MOTOR: I blew the original 7.4L (454 cu. in.) engine in 2007 due to stupidity and put in a new $6,000 crate engine. It's got 36,000 miles on...
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    Tuna tubes

    These home-made tuna tubes are Mag Bay tested and approved for keeping those skippies frisky until it's time to put 'em in. I had a lot of fun making them. Anyone can do it. They have large funnels at the bottom, giving them the perfect conical shape to softly cushion your little friends and...
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    (SOLD) 25' Grady-White Sailfish (San Diego)

    1987/2005 GRADY-WHITE 25’ SAILFISH (Model 255) FOR SALE BY ORIGINAL OWNER: I purchased the boat new and have cared for it like my life depended on it ever since. It is in amazingly good condition. The boat has NO BOTTOM PAINT and has never been wet slipped. 2005 YAMAHA F150/LF150 4-stroke...
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    1st post

    Nothing special ... here it is. Questions?