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  1. T Shark

    Bait Tank 14 Gal.

    Bait tank for sale. pics on request. $100 obo 714-745-6716 Text is best Very similar to this without the top. Bait Hotel BTO 1818 – Oval Bait Tank (14 Gal.)
  2. T Shark

    Aquaworld UT-38 Bait tank

    I have a Aquaworld bait tank for sale. Good condition. Pics on request. $200 obo 714-745-6716 Text is best
  3. T Shark

    No take area maps for Catalina??

    Going to Catalina for lobsters. I'm looking for the best place to find maps that show the no take areas at the island. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. T Shark

    Mexican permits

    I am buying an online permit and it is asking where you fishing Pacific ocean or Fedral jurastiction? I will be fishing offshore about 30 mi. Anyone know? Thanks
  5. T Shark

    Mexican permit

    Anyone ever apply for Mexican permits online? It's asking me where i will be fishing. Fedral juristiction or pacific ocean? We will be fishing about 30mi off shore. Anyone know? Thanks for any help.
  6. T Shark

    Transporting live fish

    Can anyone tell me if it is unlawful to transport a fish that was caught say at my local lake and take it home in a bucket of water to keep in a fish tank? My son says its unlawful but its hard for me to believe. I searched the DFG website and can not find anything on the subject. Thanks
  7. T Shark

    Bass for the kids

    Took my two boys and nephew out to catch some fish today for a few hours. Started out at the flats but couldnt really get anything to go. Ran a couple miles out and joined the fleet (Alot of boats for a friday)for a pretty steady bite on the Sandys. All the boys caught some. We ended the day...
  8. T Shark

    JRC 1500 mkII Radar

    Anyone have any info on this unit? Good Bad? I have a friend that has one brand new and thinking about picking it up if its worth it. What is this unit worth? Thanks
  9. T Shark

    WFO Barries NOT!!!

    They split. Fished the Shoe today to pull on some logs. Covered the whole area for NADA. Other boats doing the same. Maybe next time
  10. T Shark

    Mushy Chaulky Halibut

    Picked up a Halibut out of LB. Handled the fish bringing it home the same way as always in the fish hold with some ice. Filet it up at home and cooked some. It tasted nasty mushy and chaulky. Does anyone know why the meat is this way. I cooked some differtently and the same thing mush and chaulk????
  11. T Shark

    Towing dinghy to Cat.

    I am looking for any input. I am towing a 10' dinghy(Pelican Scorpio) to Catalina behind my 21" W/A. Any suggestions. Will I use alot more gas? What if the water gets bumpy, any probs? Distance to tow from boat? Any help would be appriciated.
  12. T Shark

    What pump for fish holds

    I have two fish holds that are plumbed to a wash down pump to pump out the holds. The problem is theres a filter on the pump that gets clogged up from scales and what have you. Is there another type of pump I could put in its place?
  13. T Shark

    Which Lip and Grip

    I am looking to purchase one of the lip and grips. Which is the one to get? I would like to get one that can weigh the fish also. I like the Rapala model but am not sure about the style of jaws they have and if they will hurt the fish for C&R. Any info would be appriciated.
  14. T Shark

    Mooring and string line at Catalina

    I know how thw mooring can works but can someone tell me how the string line works.
  15. T Shark

    Catalina mooring this weekend

    Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to get a mooring this weekend.Fished the Island many times but it will be my first time tying up and staying the night. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  16. T Shark

    Talk about wide open

    Dana reports they got 200 threshers on the half day:D
  17. T Shark

    Late report LB Wall 4/27

    Sorry for the late report. Took my two boys out Sunday for a mixed bag of Sculpin, Sand Bass, Calicos, Cabezon, Tree fish, and Opeleye. Very fun for the kids and alot of work for me as a deckhand tying and retying. (Damn that wall will eat alot of tackle.) Totally worth it for the fun the kids...