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  1. J

    Not a report ...Bluefin in the channel

    Any updates on if they got into them again today? Going Saturday
  2. J

    Newport Mako 8-8

    Thanks for the info, that’s exactly what they were after googling images! 👍
  3. J

    Newport Mako 8-8

    It was plant life growing on its fin, I though it was a tag at first, also.
  4. J

    Newport Mako 8-8

    We bought a 22’ Seafox WA 3 months back and have been taking advantage of it during COVID, it’s been great for quality family time. My wife and I have three kids, 6,5,2. They were a little skeptical of the ocean and swells at first but now enjoy it. We normally fish Coastal, out of Dana Point...
  5. J

    Buddy boat to Catalina Wednesday 6/24

    Is the swell going to be calm by then? Saw there were big waves!
  6. J

    After Bonito out of DP

    Good Morning, We just bought a boat and are going out of Dana Point, Friday morning as well. Whats your number, mine is 951-870-9252. we can call or text each other to help each other out. We are bringing little kids as well. We are planning on bottom fishing around San Onofre We are in a...