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  1. T Shark

    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    Just an awesome video! I've been going there for years with my kids and wish that I had some video like that to look back on. I have just recently bought a drone and hope to get footage at least half as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.
  2. T Shark

    CAT 10/3 report

    Very nice! Thanks for the report
  3. T Shark

    Catalina on triton

    What did you catch?
  4. T Shark

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Very nice fish for sure. Congrats!
  5. T Shark

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    Sounds like you did all you could. I would of done the same.
  6. T Shark

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Awesome trip! Thanks for the report
  7. T Shark

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Nice grade for sure! Well done
  8. T Shark

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Lal!
  9. T Shark

    The Crawl Goes On...

    Some quality bugs right there.
  10. T Shark

    Broadbills Exist

    Man That is BAD ASS!
  11. T Shark

    One stop limits 11/11

    Awesome! in glass water at that
  12. T Shark

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Everyone wants to go until its time to go. If they flake they get put to the bottom of the list.
  13. T Shark

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Definitely brings back some good memories. I might have to take my boys who are much older now (20's) to rekindle those bones again. Thanks for the report.
  14. T Shark

    Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Your reports are always awesome! Thanks
  15. T Shark

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    Nice job Dan. Thanks for the report
  16. T Shark

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Congrats! and thanks for the great read.
  17. T Shark

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    I don't blame you for not sharing info but you cant blame them for asking in case your willing to give the info. I myself am not looking for info. I have caught more than my share of sharks and released way more than I've kept. I just liked the Magic part:-)
  18. T Shark

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    Im guessing that's magic too
  19. T Shark

    Sunday 9/15

    Very cool with your Dad!
  20. T Shark

    DP 8-31 & 9-2

    Sounds like a fun couple of days. thanks for the report
  21. T Shark

    YFT 10 miles west.

    Way to keep that trip going and some fish with no bait:appl:
  22. T Shark

    Catalina Private Boater Report for 8/21 Yellowtail!

    Lots of nice checkers. Thanks for the report.
  23. T Shark

    SD bay day with my boy

    Very cool! Have had my boys out on the water since they were still in a car seat and we still love fishing together 20+ years later.
  24. T Shark

    Cat 17th and 18th

    Fun trip. Way to go!
  25. T Shark

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Good on you for getting the rod back to the owner.
  26. T Shark

    Gail Force 7/8 fishin Cat.

    Sounds like a good trip with not a lot of traffic at the rail. Thanks for the report
  27. T Shark

    July 6th Local Long Beach Report

    Nice! Thanks for the report Dan.
  28. T Shark

    Inshore mako

    Dude! You don't want to be holding that baby that close. He shakes out of your hands lands on you and your done. You'd bleed out before you made it to shore.
  29. T Shark

    Took my daughter on a half day. 6/22

    Your an awesome Dad! Way to go!
  30. T Shark

    Fathers Day Rock Cod

    Nice quality right there.
  31. T Shark

    Late run outta Dana

    Its always awesome fishing with the kids!
  32. T Shark

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Thanks for the report. Great pic
  33. T Shark


    Haven't fished in 12 hours and all you got were bass. Come on Dave your killing me!
  34. T Shark

    Coronados 6/12

    Thanks for the report!
  35. T Shark

    Pacific Dawn 5/24-25

    Way to go! Awesome just Awesome!
  36. T Shark

    Cory update Thursday

    Prayers sent your way for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.
  37. T Shark

    Catalina Island Report 05/11

    Looks like fun. Thanks for the report Dan
  38. T Shark

    Catalina 5-9-19

    Way to go. Glad you got em. Thanks for the report
  39. T Shark

    Human Bait for Lobster

    Thanks for the report and the recipe!
  40. T Shark


    It was posted on April 1st:D
  41. T Shark

    Horseshoe 3/17

    Nice! I'm so ready to fish. Thanks for the report
  42. T Shark

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    Nice fish and cool pic with that Big A** tail sticking out.
  43. T Shark

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    Some nice fish there. Sounds like a good time. Thanks for the report.
  44. T Shark

    My first sculpin! San Diego bay

    Cool vid. Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.
  45. T Shark

    Catalina Lobsters 8,9,and 10

    Very nice haul. You guys had a great trip.
  46. T Shark

    Catalina Report 01/23 to 01/25

    Sounds like a good trip. Nice pics. Thanks for the report
  47. T Shark

    They’re still here....1-26-19

    Nice catch! Thanks for the report.
  48. T Shark

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Thanks for a Great report as always minus the fall. Hope you recover quick.
  49. T Shark

    Local island action 12/23

    Nice haul! Great job! Thanks for the report
  50. T Shark

    Cat Bug Report

    Nice quality rock fish too. Thanks for the report
  51. T Shark

    Rpt-Thur.-10-25-18 Local Bass'n!

    Always a good report. Nice quality fish and probably a good idea to keep that Mako away from the Ducky. Thanks for the report
  52. T Shark

    Another Fun Day

    Nice! Thanks for the report
  53. T Shark

    RAT beach bugs 9/30&10/2

    Location would help even more;) Thanks for the report
  54. T Shark

    Wide open Yellowfin - Highlight video!

    Cool vid! Thanks for the report
  55. T Shark

    Non fishing person on boat need license

    Get her a card. So for about $10 there is no question if its legal or not. Plus a chance to take another limit home. If she touches any of the gear in the presents of the DFG it will be way more than $10.
  56. T Shark

    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Cool vid. Good day on the water. Thanks
  57. T Shark

    Pursuit-Catalina 9/25

    Looks like everyone had fun. Thanks for the report
  58. T Shark

    9/22 Horseshoe

    Sweet! Thanks for the report
  59. T Shark

    Yellowfin Report 9/22/2018

    Very nice. Instant bendo!
  60. T Shark

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for the report
  61. T Shark

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Congrats on a nice catch. Cant wait to see the pics.
  62. T Shark

    Robalo's Get Bit - Full Speed Foamer Bluefin Report With Video

    Sounds like a perfect trip. Great short vids. Thanks for the report.
  63. T Shark

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Good on you for helping out. Good karma will get you that tail next time.
  64. T Shark

    371 9/11/18

    Thanks for the report
  65. T Shark

    Grande Full Day 09/09/18

    Nice! Those are some decent size Bonita too. Thanks for the report
  66. T Shark

    9-7 Good Long Beach Bassing With a Noob

    Nice quality fish. Thanks for the report.
  67. T Shark

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Nice rig and I dig the thong kite rig too. Thanks for the report
  68. T Shark

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    So cool to watch. Thanks for posting
  69. T Shark

    9/4/18 14 Mile Bank - Nada

    Time with Pops is cool. Thanks for the report
  70. T Shark

    When to Bottom Paint?

    I had a friend that temporarily slipped his boat in Huntington Harbor for one week and when they went to take it out after a week It had enough growth on the hull to keep it from getting up on plane.
  71. T Shark

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Good read but You got way to much time on your hands
  72. T Shark

    Long Beach 8/28

    Very nice! Thanks for the reoprt
  73. T Shark

    Catalina on the Ahra-Ann Sunday 8/26

    Awesome! Looks like he had a great time.
  74. T Shark

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Nicely done! Thanks for the report
  75. T Shark

    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Great report! Appreciate you sharing the info.
  76. T Shark

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Nice trip. Thanks for the report
  77. T Shark

    267 Dorados 8/16

    Nice! Thanks for the report
  78. T Shark

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Very nice catch. Thanks for sharing
  79. T Shark

    paddy west of the 209 LOADED with dorado, but...

    Sounds like fun on the water. Thanks for the report
  80. T Shark

    Catalina long point to the 3 vs August 11 to 13th

    Hope the yellows turn back on. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to your future reports.
  81. T Shark

    Zilch - 277 to Cat, 8-12-18

    Thanks for the report. You'll get them next time.
  82. T Shark

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    Remember when I picked up your trailer and I told you that pickup was in the wrong place?
  83. T Shark

    Turning paddies 8/11

    Always good to get out on the water. The fish are a bonus. Thanks for the report i was wondering how that area of the 209
  84. T Shark

    Bluefin on the plastic squid thing 8/11

    Congrats! Now that will be the hottest lure on the marketLOL
  85. T Shark

    Rpt-Sat.-08-11-18 A local Bass Frenzy!

    Always a great write up. Thank for the report
  86. T Shark

    Catalina Frontside Report 8/8/18

    Better one than none and a nice one at that. Thanks for the report
  87. T Shark

    Gail Force Weekend Wrap Up 8/4 & 8/5

    Nice grade of yellows! Good job!
  88. T Shark

    Big YFT

    Awesome fish
  89. T Shark

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Good on you guys for helping out. You guys rock!
  90. T Shark

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    Nice day on the water. Thanks for the report
  91. T Shark

    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Nice goat! Damn those bait balls are thick. Thanks for the report
  92. T Shark

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Great report Thanks for the info.
  93. T Shark

    Tuna and Tails

    nice solo trip!
  94. T Shark

    1/2 day morning trip, Tuesday

    Thanks for the detailed report!
  95. T Shark

    Big Catalina Yellow Tail

    Nice and even better on the iron!
  96. T Shark

    7/18 NW of the 43

    Glad you got some. Thanks for the report. Should be a zoo this weekend
  97. T Shark

    “The Year of the Cow”

    Fricken awesome read!! You guys rock! Had me on the edge of my seat:appl::appl::appl:
  98. T Shark

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    Awesome job and great memory for both of you! You can ditch the "Rookie" title now.
  99. T Shark

    Expensive Tuna

    Great catch! Thanks for the report
  100. T Shark

    Opah SW of 302

    sweet catch! Congrats!
  101. T Shark

    My Son's First Yellowtail. And second. And third... Catalina 7-15-18

    Awesome! Way to go. Great memories for sure. Thanks for the report
  102. T Shark

    Fished local 7-13

    Nice Checkers. Thanks for the report.
  103. T Shark

    7/6 - The Liberty

    Thats awesome! Great report
  104. T Shark

    4th of July at Catalina

    Great trip. Some quality fish too.
  105. T Shark

    Any tips

    Nice haul and good size.
  106. T Shark

    We don't need no stinking bait

    Nice! Way to show the noobs a good time.
  107. T Shark

    Coronados 12/3/17

    I hate when that happens. I have guys that block part of my driveway to where I can't get the boat out. Nothing a floor jack and a couple guys cant take care of though.:)
  108. T Shark

    Bait Tank 14 Gal.

    Bait tank for sale. pics on request. $100 obo 714-745-6716 Text is best Very similar to this without the top. Bait Hotel BTO 1818 – Oval Bait Tank (14 Gal.)
  109. T Shark

    Aquaworld UT-38 Bait tank

    I have a Aquaworld bait tank for sale. Good condition. Pics on request. $200 obo 714-745-6716 Text is best
  110. T Shark

    Keeping Bugs alive 3 Day

    Bait tank is the best. even if you have to pack them in.
  111. T Shark

    Hot Rail!

    cool post. love to see the little ones pulling on fish. Thanks for the post
  112. T Shark

    Hooping Newbie

    Awesome looks like your off to a good start.
  113. T Shark

    LB halibut and bug opener 9/30

    Great job. Thanks for the report
  114. T Shark

    Catalina Lobster Opening Day 9-30

    Nobody in LB because there are no Lobster in LB. Thanks for the report.
  115. T Shark

    Coronado islands yellowtail video

    bitchin video. Thanks for sharing
  116. T Shark

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    Nice on the coffee grinder! Thanks for the report
  117. T Shark

    Green Bouy and Izors 7-23

    Nice! Thanks for the report
  118. T Shark

    Bassin Monday 25th

    Thanks for the report
  119. T Shark

    7/25 Long Beach Fishing Report

    Way to get them on some fish Dan! Thanks for the report
  120. T Shark

    Blue Monday

    That right there is better than sitting behind the computer at work on a Monday. Thanks for the report
  121. T Shark

    For winter bassing was OK. Sunday 2/12/17

    Nice quality. Thanks for the report
  122. T Shark

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-31-17 Unreal Bass'n and a big ole Butt!

    Great report as always. You guys are always killing it. Thanks
  123. T Shark

    Dana halibut 01/29 EPIC

    That's a beauty! Congrats!
  124. T Shark

    legal or short?

    In my opinion if you have to ask its short. You got lucky.
  125. T Shark

    SMB - Evan & The Sheep w/ Side Of Ling

    Awesome! I remember when mine were that little and taking them fishing. Now they are taller than me and they are taking me fishing.
  126. T Shark

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    Some nice Goats. Looks like some fun on the water. Thanks for the report.
  127. T Shark

    12/4 Limits within 2 Hours

    I dig it! Shows your true core for fishing. Thanks for the report
  128. T Shark

    SMB and LBC Bass Etc.

    Looks like a great day! Yep, get them started early. I started my two boys before they turned three(now 19 & 21) and I cant keep them off the water ever since.
  129. T Shark

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    NIce catch! Thanks for the report
  130. T Shark

    And the beat goes on....WOW.

    Awesome! Thanks for the report
  131. T Shark

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Nice Haul! You guys killed it! Im going this weekend and hope to do half as good as you guys Thanks for the report.
  132. T Shark

    Tanner Bank on Saturday

    Great pics. Youll get um next time. Thanks for the report
  133. T Shark

    Rpt.-Thur.-11-10-16 Catalina Tails!

    Sounds like a decent day on the water. Thanks for the report.
  134. T Shark

    No take area maps for Catalina??

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch.
  135. T Shark

    No take area maps for Catalina??

    Going to Catalina for lobsters. I'm looking for the best place to find maps that show the no take areas at the island. Any help would be appreciated.
  136. T Shark

    Catalina on the Sport King

    Sounds like a good day. Thanks for the report
  137. T Shark

    Spectacular weather and fishing Oct. 30

    Great short trip. Hope the prop worked out ok. Nice pics. Thanks for the report
  138. T Shark

    Albacore vs Yellowtail

    LMAO! That is some funny shit.
  139. T Shark

    The tuna that broke the 13 trip skunk

    Glad you got em. Cool costume and that burrito sounds BOMB! Thanks for the report
  140. T Shark

    Humbled at the Pipe, Izor's 10-30

    Still a good day on the water. thanks for the report.
  141. T Shark

    Fishing Report: “Fall Tuna for Everyone”

    Sounds like a great trip. Nice catch. Thanks for the report.
  142. T Shark

    Tuna still out there and finicky.

    At least the kid got a nice Bonito. Thanks for the report
  143. T Shark

    Friday 10/28 solo trip

    Thanks for the report. Nice pic of the seal;)
  144. T Shark

    10/22 LB Lobster Report (anyone lose a rig?)

    At least you got some. Its tough in LB. Thanks for the report.
  145. T Shark

    No Tuna Report

    Sounds like a good day. Glad no one got hurt.
  146. T Shark

    Slayin in the rain 10/23

    Nice catch and good for the kid!
  147. T Shark

    W/O @ 209 10/22

    XLNT!!! Thanks for the report
  148. T Shark

    Fri cat limits for 3 again

    Nice haul in short order. How deep?
  149. T Shark

    3/4 day dayout of Dana Point

    Glad you were on the right boat at the right time. Congrats! Thanks for the report
  150. T Shark

    Wed 10/22 and Fri 10/24 YFT

    Awesome day on the water. Thanks for the report.
  151. T Shark

    What are the odds

    Nice. The water looks dead flat.
  152. T Shark

    Lack of lobster reports

    Way cool to see them holding their catch. Way to go!
  153. T Shark

    DP bass and lobster 10-1

    Great job and nice Calico!
  154. T Shark

    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    Thanks for the report.
  155. T Shark

    Liberty late report.

    Nice catch. Thanks for sharing
  156. T Shark

    Finally got them 9/24

    Nice job. thanks for the detailed report.
  157. T Shark

    Catalina Half Day Tuna - 9/24

    Always a great report. You sure know how to locate the bite. Thanks for sharing.
  158. T Shark

    9/19-9/20/16, DP to 209,312,181,182,43, corner, 289, avalon bank, to HH

    Good info. Youll get them next round. Thanks for the report
  159. T Shark

    95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    Great report! The pic of your son on the bow is cool. Water looks like a lake. Thanks for the report.
  160. T Shark

    La Jolla 9-21-16

    Nice pic! Great color! Thanks for sharing
  161. T Shark

    Catalina 9/19

    Sounds like a decent day on the water. Thanks for the report.
  162. T Shark

    Catalina 9/19 Good report

    Glad you got some. Thanks for the report
  163. T Shark

    Catalina Quality Yellows 9/18 Report With The Wife

    Great report and some nice fish. Way to get some of the bigger models
  164. T Shark

    oside 9/14

    Thanks for the report.
  165. T Shark

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    Great report! I need to go.
  166. T Shark

    local 1/2 day afternoon..

    Way to go with the kids Dad!
  167. T Shark

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Just frigen AWESOME!!!! Thanks for the report.
  168. T Shark

    Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    Great haul and another great report.
  169. T Shark

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    Nice catch. Thanks for the report.
  170. T Shark

    Catalina Yellows 8/23/16

    Great trip on the new boat.
  171. T Shark

    Quick sesh at cat west end 8/26

    Greta quick trip. Thanks for the report
  172. T Shark

    Catalina 8-27

    Thanks fpr the report
  173. T Shark

    Cat - 8/26

    You'll get em. Thanks for the report.
  174. T Shark

    Rpt.-08-28-16 Bass fishing and incredible Bycatch!

    Nice mix and a great report as always. Thanks
  175. T Shark

    Catalina 8/28

    Nice work. Thanks for the report
  176. T Shark

    La Jolla 8/20 My boys first time out

    First time and 2 yellows. Hes hooked! Great job Dad!
  177. T Shark

    Rpt.-07-09-16 Bass and Cuda!

    Great report as always! They always are no matter what fish your catching. Thanks
  178. T Shark

    some good hoopn in pv

    Nice!! That's some long pulls but glad you got some.
  179. T Shark

    Sunday Night Hooping LA

    Pretty good for the oil islands. Those are way over hooped.
  180. T Shark

    Lobster Limits for 2!

    Nice haul! I know hat you mean about the late night and next day. My kids always want to go but I just can't keep up with hem anymore.
  181. T Shark

    LB Tuesday

    Nice and no crowd.
  182. T Shark

    How Many Boats Were @ the 150 6/11/15?

    Cool vid! That's me hooked up with my son at the end of the video. Unfortunately it came unbuttoned. We did manage 4 fish up to 30# that day. All on Macs with sliding sinker. Going to give it another shot Sunday.
  183. T Shark

    Sunday on the City of LB

    What area did they fish?
  184. T Shark


    Yep, The kids love it. I wouldn't hoop as often if it wasn't for the kids begging me to go. Going to try some new spots on Friday that I found last weekend.
  185. T Shark

    Son's first ocean trip

    Awesome!!! Great job Dad.
  186. T Shark

    Long Beach Info

    Just like Reel Loco said Sunset would be the better ramp and then see Nacho at the end of the wall. The wall always holds a variety of fish. We fished local last weekend and it was slow. The Barracuda popped briefly in the morning at the Shoe but after that its was pretty slow. With the warmer...
  187. T Shark

    Sd Bay lobster and crab nice night for sure......

    Do the conicals work better for you then the flats?
  188. T Shark

    Lobster report cards?

    If they are assisting to hoop in any way they will need one.
  189. T Shark

    Dodo's and mako's out of Newport.

    Way to go Bruce. Congrats onthe firsts. Bad trailer bearing kept me land locked but I'll be out next weekend. Hope they hang around.
  190. T Shark

    Local Paddy Hopping

    Thanks for the report.
  191. T Shark

    Mexican permits

    You need to register. It's available 24/7. click on the flag and it will go to English.
  192. T Shark

    Mexican permits

  193. T Shark

    Mexican permits

    I am buying an online permit and it is asking where you fishing Pacific ocean or Fedral jurastiction? I will be fishing offshore about 30 mi. Anyone know? Thanks
  194. T Shark

    Mexican permit

    Anyone ever apply for Mexican permits online? It's asking me where i will be fishing. Fedral juristiction or pacific ocean? We will be fishing about 30mi off shore. Anyone know? Thanks for any help.
  195. T Shark

    Discount on Squid for mentioning "Bloodydecks"

    Yeah o e doesn't work anymore and the others mail box is full and no one ever answers. :waglleybooty:
  196. T Shark


    An awesome feeling when that jig get stopped. Nice catch
  197. T Shark

    Good time on the flats

    Thanks for the report. I'll have my little ones out there tomorrow.
  198. T Shark

    Fishing with my son LB report

    Awesome! Love it when it works out like that.
  199. T Shark

    From the beach to my belly

    Nice. Mickeys, Coronas, and ceviche doesn't get much better than that.
  200. T Shark

    Rpt-Sat-06-16-12 Bass and Barracuda.

    Thanks for the report. We went out yesterday for a couple hours and had the same thing as far as the slimmers not sticken. We did manage several though.
  201. T Shark

    P.B 43.7 coastal tanker yellowtail

    Congrats on another awesome fish
  202. T Shark

    Carbon Canyon Park Lake

    My kids fish there. It's dirty murky water. I don't think they have ever caught anything there.
  203. T Shark

    Where can I get a 1 day license today or AM tomorrow?

    Long beach marina sportfishing on your way out of the harbor
  204. T Shark


    Bugs ok but not the crabs yea right. We eat them all the time with no problems.
  205. T Shark

    102911 - PLK - TARGET SPECIES

    Thanks for the report and the sic pics.
  206. T Shark

    How to catch a Thresher.........

    Simply AWESOME! Thanks for sharing
  207. T Shark

    Heat Shrink Tubing for Rods

    It will work.
  208. T Shark

    July 3 Huntington Beach flats

    Nice Thresher??? Baby more like it. Almost Gaffed it??? Looks like that gaffs sunk into his side to me.
  209. T Shark

    Who's going tomorrow?

    Dont think he idled around on shore :rofl:
  210. T Shark


  211. T Shark

    Transporting live fish

    Thanks guys
  212. T Shark

    Transporting live fish

    Can anyone tell me if it is unlawful to transport a fish that was caught say at my local lake and take it home in a bucket of water to keep in a fish tank? My son says its unlawful but its hard for me to believe. I searched the DFG website and can not find anything on the subject. Thanks
  213. T Shark

    Bass for the kids

    Took my two boys and nephew out to catch some fish today for a few hours. Started out at the flats but couldnt really get anything to go. Ran a couple miles out and joined the fleet (Alot of boats for a friday)for a pretty steady bite on the Sandys. All the boys caught some. We ended the day...
  214. T Shark

    Rpt Wed. 07-21-10 Off the Charts Local Bass'n!

    Thanks for the report. You guys are always on the fish.
  215. T Shark

    O-Side Mako

    Thanks for the report. Nice release. You have the same boat and BBQ setupLOL that I have. It works great.
  216. T Shark

    JRC 1500 mkII Radar

    Anyone have any info on this unit? Good Bad? I have a friend that has one brand new and thinking about picking it up if its worth it. What is this unit worth? Thanks
  217. T Shark

    WFO Barries NOT!!!

    Yeah I heard that call on the radio about the rigs. Decided not to make the run. Glad i didnt go. Best thing about the trip was lunch with a couple Coronas at Pelican Isle after we got skunked.
  218. T Shark

    WFO Barries NOT!!!

    They split. Fished the Shoe today to pull on some logs. Covered the whole area for NADA. Other boats doing the same. Maybe next time
  219. T Shark

    Mushy Chaulky Halibut

    Picked up a Halibut out of LB. Handled the fish bringing it home the same way as always in the fish hold with some ice. Filet it up at home and cooked some. It tasted nasty mushy and chaulky. Does anyone know why the meat is this way. I cooked some differtently and the same thing mush and chaulk????
  220. T Shark

    BASS CONTEST - August 2009.....

    Just throwing this out there. My son pulled it off the wall on a FT in Sardine color. No measure but it went 7# 10 oz's on the scale. Released for another day.
  221. T Shark


    Yes the black part is the motor and the white is the pump. That pump is a little different than the one I originaly had. The pump you have does not have the screen that we are talking about. I ran 1" hoses from the holds to a 1" T-fitting and stepped up from 1" on the T-fittting to 1-1/2"...
  222. T Shark


    Yeah, seal up fish lockers with screws and glue and buy two big ass ice chest and take up all of the deck space. That makes a whole lot of sensce:imdumb:. The mercerator pump works great. As soon as I can get you pics I will.
  223. T Shark


    I dont have any pics and I cant take any(camera went in the water at Catalina). I will try and borrow one and get you a few pics as soon as I can. As far as your assumption, you are right the filter is probably clogged. If you clean it it will clog again in no time at all. Within minutes...
  224. T Shark


    Yes the boat does have a drain plug too. The mercerator pump works great and I did not mount it in the original pump location. Way to hard to get to. I should have put a larger opening but didnt want to cut the boat up. If I have to do it again I will cut a bigger access hole. Reducing...
  225. T Shark


    Thanks for the description. That is not the same setup on my trophy. Mine came original with the single pump.
  226. T Shark


    ????? I dont believe we are talking about the same thing. Thats a cartridge your talking about that snaps in to where? Can you explain?:imdumb:
  227. T Shark

    Towing dinghy to Cat.

    Thanks guys. Ive opted to go with a tandem kayak and throw it on the bow. Thanks again
  228. T Shark


    Pain in the back and arms and a.. You get the picture. Yea its not to easy mounting the pump and running the plumbing. Very limited space to work with. I thought about cutting a bigger access hole but didnt really want to cut up the boat. Good luck
  229. T Shark


    I have the same boat. It had a small water pump to pump out the fish holds but with all the scales and what have you that ends up going through the pump it always gets clogged. I have replumbed the holds with larger tubing and installed a mecerator pump and it works great. They are about $100...
  230. T Shark

    Towing dinghy to Cat.

    I am looking for any input. I am towing a 10' dinghy(Pelican Scorpio) to Catalina behind my 21" W/A. Any suggestions. Will I use alot more gas? What if the water gets bumpy, any probs? Distance to tow from boat? Any help would be appriciated.
  231. T Shark

    Pretty nice gill

  232. T Shark


    I was next in line when Eddie got his bait and after seeing the weak scoop of HOT bait that he recieved after giving the guy a ten dollar tip. I said no thanks. Went back over to Nacho. I did buy a scoop about a month ago from LBBC after seeing all the hype and it was the best scoop I have...
  233. T Shark

    What pump for fish holds

    Thanks guys for the info. Im changing it out manana.
  234. T Shark

    What pump for fish holds

    I have two fish holds that are plumbed to a wash down pump to pump out the holds. The problem is theres a filter on the pump that gets clogged up from scales and what have you. Is there another type of pump I could put in its place?
  235. T Shark


    2000 H.P. was used to transport drugs. But not anymore.LOL
  236. T Shark

    LA harbor bassin + butts

    Looks like the same fish in both pics????
  237. T Shark

    Dana Pt 8-8 & 8-9-Dorado & Yellowfin

    Thanks for the report. Check it out in a few hours just got back from a party:hali_parkutuli:.
  238. T Shark

    what was the worst injury sustained on the water?

    I dont know the guy but its got to be at the top of the list. OUCH
  239. T Shark


    I have a 20' Trophy with a 150 Black Max. Not under powered but I would like more at times. I wouldnt put anything under 200 on your application.
  240. T Shark

    Which Lip and Grip

    I am looking to purchase one of the lip and grips. Which is the one to get? I would like to get one that can weigh the fish also. I like the Rapala model but am not sure about the style of jaws they have and if they will hurt the fish for C&R. Any info would be appriciated.
  241. T Shark

    Kids fishing WHEN?

    I started both of my boys when they were three. Both from shore at lakes and on the ocean from our boat. I had more fun seeing them catch fish then fishing myself. Although my yongest has thrown his fair share of rods overboard when he was three. They are now 11 and 13 and I still have more fun...
  242. T Shark

    bom/ballyhood rigging for threshers

    80# Light tackle???
  243. T Shark

    Mooring and string line at Catalina

    I know how thw mooring can works but can someone tell me how the string line works.
  244. T Shark

    Flush out OB engine, while at the ramp?

    They do it to clear the water out of the exhaust. A few quick revs which does not harm the motor. You shouldnt run them for a long period of time out of water. If they are running them for any period of time out of water then thats there problem.
  245. T Shark

    Flush out OB engine, while at the ramp?

    Jet skis dont have a rubber impeller to go bad. They work off the presure of the jet pump.
  246. T Shark

    Catalina mooring this weekend

    Thanks for the info all. I didnt really check out the weather for the weekend before deciding to go. Guess I will keep it local or go riding instead. Thanks again.
  247. T Shark

    Catalina mooring this weekend

    Anyone have any idea how hard it would be to get a mooring this weekend.Fished the Island many times but it will be my first time tying up and staying the night. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  248. T Shark

    Talk about wide open

    Dana reports they got 200 threshers on the half day:D
  249. T Shark

    mako pics

    I can barely make out the dorsal fin???
  250. T Shark

    wire gauge question

    No dissadvantage in going with bigger wire. Except cost
  251. T Shark

    Late report LB Wall 4/27

    We use all kinds of bait ghost shrimp, Razor clams, Chovies, Deans, but mostly cut squid on the dropper loop. Drop it down and keep it bouncing off the top of the rocks or youll get rocked. If you want the big bass you can hammer your drag down and throw a Dean or small mack into the boiler...
  252. T Shark

    Late report LB Wall 4/27

    Sorry for the late report. Took my two boys out Sunday for a mixed bag of Sculpin, Sand Bass, Calicos, Cabezon, Tree fish, and Opeleye. Very fun for the kids and alot of work for me as a deckhand tying and retying. (Damn that wall will eat alot of tackle.) Totally worth it for the fun the kids...
  253. T Shark

    Mothers Day

    You guys will probably think i'm bulshiting but all my wife has wanted was my two boys and me to take her halibut fishing for mothers day the last two years. How cool is that:). We have hooked some nice ones both years to make a great mothers day for her. We're hoping she wants to do the same...
  254. T Shark

    Do you guys ride? Lets see pics of your bike

    Sand is for kids.:rofl: Lets play in the desert through the rough and technical stuff and we'll see whos watchen whos back:waglleybooty:
  255. T Shark

    Do you guys ride? Lets see pics of your bike

    I need four wheels to stay upLOL My 04' Kawi KFX400
  256. T Shark

    Whats going on local

    Picked up several a few days ago on the other side of the wall from Nachos.
  257. T Shark

    Skipjack 28 progress update...

    She is turning out very SWEEET. Makes me want to put a coat of paint on my ride.
  258. T Shark

    When the WSB don't bit..... with pics

    Very cool pics. Thanks for sharing them
  259. T Shark

    Sunday fishing

    Check out they dont have sunday up yet but i wouldnt drown any bait on Sun.LOL
  260. T Shark

    la jolla sunday?

    Should be everybody and there Mothers.LOL In an other words a friggen ZOO.
  261. T Shark

    Poway Kids Fishing Derby

    SOOO COOOL Congrats