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    Any reports banks 267, 289, 277, 152?

    Launching tomorrow to check out the scenery at the local banks. I was curious if anyone has been in these areas and what they are seeing. Some good temp/chloro breaks in the areas according to tempbreak..
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    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    Where are you located? I'm interested in seeing it in person.
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    Catalina Tuna Report 11-19-19

    Launched HH 6 am. Hit up nachos for dines and headed out pointed toward the 277 area. Bait and birds everywhere on way out but outer ridge of 277 area was lifeless minus a couple patties holding some bait. Headed up the ridge toward east end of cat passing 152 area when we glassed a foamer...
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    Bump. A lot of hits but no commitment. Need gone. Text me. 626 422 7117
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    Lobster forum

    Can we please get a section specifically for lobster??!! There is no reason the lobster posts should be in the inshore and islands fish report. Thank you.
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    Back for sale.. have not used since original post. Text me 626 422 7117
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    K38 questions

    Going on a surf trip this coming wednesday to k38. Was wondering if there is any good fishing from shore, or if any locals have pangas. I know rosarito and ensenada offer sportfishing but i am trying to stay within 10 minutes or so. Thanks
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    Monterey shore or rocks help. *not report*

    Thanks Craig! Awesome last minute intel i appreciate it very much. Now i just need to break away from the wife!
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    Monterey shore or rocks help. *not report*

    From socal never fished this area. Booked a trip to the intercontinental inn and have not had time to do any sort of research whatsoever. Almost left without bringing any fishing gear. Turned around grabbed my 7ft 8-17lb med action with a citica and some 12lb mono, a few warbaits heads and a few...
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    7/29 - Dana Point - 209 - 289 - 81 Area

    You got to chase tuna in good conditions, can't complain!
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    SOLD Grady White 228

    Just curious what is the length?
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    7/28/2018: N9, corner, 182, 181, pukey

    Launched dana landing 6am 22ft c.c. introduced myself to a few guys in the morning while we were preparing our boats. John on a proline and Peter on easy money, whats up guys!! Shared our general gameplans with eachother and decided we would keep in touch via 75 to share intell. I couldnt get...
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    Emergency small craft missing

    Glad to hear they are ok!
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    Reel was used 4 surface irons. Has some boat rash but works 100%. Loaded with 65# green power pro with room for 100yds of 40lb mono. Comes with the original box. $100.00
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    Old 60's vintage gear

    I love vintage gear! Especially old bamboo rods as i restore them into galfs! Hit me up if its still available. Theman7 called dibs but first come first serve? 626 422 7117
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    Oceanside 6/22/2017

    You found them.. that is always rewarding
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    BFT 20 miles from mission bay

    Awesome fish.. area? Type of feather?
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    Dana Point: 209 down to 9 mile!!

    Glad i could be if some help.. we are all in this hunt together and with the amount of fish out there, there is no reason to keep it to ourselves. A very generous captain was on the radio saturday sharing his find of tuna out of oceanside and another captain that was getting a few on the troll...
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    Dana Point: 209 down to 9 mile!!

    Yes that is definately what it was.. strange?
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    Dana Point: 209 down to 9 mile!!

    Went out saturday morning 6am from dana point with a beautifil scoop of dines that lasted all day. Headed out to the 209. We looked at temp break for the last 8 days and warm water really pushed up. Lots of patties with a few yt, no biters. Headed south, all the way to the middle grounds of the...
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    want to start wrapping

    Im sure theres a hundred of these posts already so forgive me. But im really looking at bang for the buck. Willing to drop more if its really worth it. Thanks in advance.
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    Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    That was some good porn. Sweet video and great fishing
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    8-14 outta Dana

    Launched 3am awesome bait. Set bearings toward 181 and putted out about 8 miles and waited for sunrise. Sunrise came and fish on the meter could not get them to come up. Headed to the 267 found a beautiful patty that was empty. No luck at 267. Headed towards the domes from 267 and 9 miles off...
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    Awesome catch and great video of the action
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    august 1st out of dana

    Fished outside the fleet at the 267 16 fish by 8 am. They ate chunk and live sardine.
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    On The Hook 7.24.15 DanaPoint/Video

    Sweet video. Yeah we were out there Friday as well.. Awesome day and a site to see. One day it didn't matter how many boats were out cus everyone was on
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    Dana blue fin 7/8

    Awesome. Hope your boat is ok
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    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Keep your head up man. Only way to get them is to get out there and try. But your right it hasn't been the easiest to catch fish thus far. Enjoy the time on the water.
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    2 Day on the Legend

    Always the possibility of a skunk so I guess it coulda been worse. Couple 30lb bf is pretty cool. Thanks for the report.
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    6-27 Dana to the 209

    Yes absolutely use a swivel. You can tie your mono to the swivel and tie a floro or mono leader to that but we just snap the swivel straight to the lure
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    6-27 Dana to the 209

    Bait was large dines but stayed alive and well. Had no use for it unfortunately
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    6-27 Dana to the 209

    You'll probably hear something different from everybody. But if we are strictly trolling xraps then we are going up to 8n and as slow as 6n around patties. Maybe this will spark some good opinions.
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    6-27 Dana to the 209

    Launched outta Dana 4:30 got a scoop and headed 5 miles out in the direction of 209 and waited for some sunlight. Sun came up Porpoise were everywhere. Trolled with them for a while for nothing. Water was 68. Headed for the 209 and about 5 miles before found a patch of 70.0 water with porpoise...
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    Daiwa Sealine X30SHA

    Fell through.. Up for grabs. Pm me
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    Daiwa Sealine X30SHA

    Sale pending...
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    Daiwa Sealine X30SHA

    Sorry no shipping
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    Daiwa Sealine X30SHA

    Only saw water twice. Looks brand new. 30# power pro. 6.1:1 gear ratio. 10/10 mechanically. $60.00
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    The Catch Tour Event (Prostate Cancer Fishing Tournament)

    Looking forward to another great year supporting a great cause. See you there!
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    Paddy Poaching

    The whole reason i posted this was to simply raise some sort of awareness because there really are people who dont know that there are certain things to do when your out on the water. i think we can all agree that a radio in to the boat you would like to poach on is a courteous and respectful...
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    Top Gun 80....3.5 Dayer Report

    great job out there and congrats on those fatties!
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    Paddy Poaching

    haha yeah im sure that would have worked but i really dont think that is necesarry. we are all out there to catch fish and have a good time. just seems like a little bit of respect is hard to find even though we try to give it when we can
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    Paddy Poaching

    7-18-2014 approx 7:30am approx 20 miles south-southwest of dana we were trolling around looking for paddies just as everyone else was that morning. we literally passed two separate boats on two seperate paddies and the guys on board were bendo. very hard to pass up but we really thought we can...
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    pb wsb

    also personal first! only 15lbs but I was not about to complain about the size. I will get my tanker some day. took time to get my first and time it will take to get my second.
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    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    I currently have the open water and really cant complain about it. I say anything with rocket launchers is good for me and is the biggest convenience when setting up and breaking down. I must say that the skb's are awesome except for the fact that they do not have rollers
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    Fishing Tournament Results 3/22/14

    The tournament was a great success in so many different ways. First off we would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the cause. Fish for a cause. Fish to fight. We had a total of 20 teams and with 1st-10th place prizes, those are not bad odds. What we did not predict was how close...
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    Channel Islands Rockfishing *VIDEO* 3/16/2014

    awesome video man. loved that ling release and nice score on the whales. its great being out there with mother nature
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    hey fishingkid. the deadline is for registration because the first few teams get a little extra in there bags. but its not too late to sign up and walkins are also welcome. if you are up for it come on down.
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    hey zack. the entry fee is only $40 which includes a parent/guardian and a child. any additional members of a team are $10 each. this includes tshirts for each team member, food, and entry bags which include misc hooks and stickers etc.. we just bagged up the 1st through 5th place total weight...
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    hey guys this Saturday March 22 there will be a trout fishing tournament at Little Lake in Hemet, CA. This tournament is a fundraiser for The Prostate Cancer Foundation. there is going to be 1st-10th place prizes including an okuma rod and reel combo. The reel is the 8 bearing Citrix...
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    Coronado Islands 03/13/2014

    nice! great job getting them out there
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    hey guys spots are filling up! some awesome prizes from sponsors such as Seagar and Okuma. get on it! great fishing, food and people all coming together to support a great cause.
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    Any one been having any luck out there? we have been out there a few times now in the past couple of weeks and the picking has been pretty slow. there were times last year where every time we went out it was lights out with the sand bass and they were pretty good quality. only thing we haven't...
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    Prostate Cancer Tournament March 22, 2014

    looking forward to this event since last year.
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    Hey everyone come support a great cause while enjoying a great day of fishing, food and prizes! This is a family oriented tournament and there are tons of prizes to give out. Last year was a blast and we are looking forward to seeing you all to make this year even better.
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    upper oso resevoir

    Curious if anybody has ninja fished this place. I know all the details about it so for all you ninja haters please dont comment. Just curious where to park and where to enter. Ive got plenty of places so if you wanna go spot for spot im game.
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    looking for fishing info--Playa del Carmen (riviera maya)

    i dont remember the exact price for the private 4hr but i believe it was upwards of-if not more than $400 plus a 20% tip
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    looking for fishing info--Playa del Carmen (riviera maya)

    was just in riviera maya this exact time last year for my honeymoon.. took a taxi up to a place called puerto aventura.. they have group charters and private charters. got a private charter on a 36' boat with my wife. greatly increases your odds of pulling on a fish cus there are no trolling...
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    Should I try calico bass fishing

    so freeken true
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    Pick an ultra light spinning reel

    not sure about the other reels, but the spool on the sedona is tapered on the top which results in less friction and better casting. im very content fishing the sedona. and for ultra light its the 500
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    florida trip

    thanks alot guys. i appreciate the suggestions. im pretty torn and will definately have to put some thought into what i really wanna do
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    florida trip

    thanks guys.. boone ill def hit you up as we get closer to april to check on those tarpons. what about redfish? and bonefish? jacks? if you were coming from california and never been to florida. where would you fish and where? and ive been sailfishing so ive scratched that off the list- not to...
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    florida trip

    planning to go to florida in april with my wife for our 1yr anniversary.. got the ok to do some fishing. would love to do some tarpon fishing but florida is such a great fishery i dont want to limit myself. suggestions? maybe there are some guys out there with some skiffs that offer some day...
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    big bear lake CHRISTmas day

    yeah it was actually right in fawnskin.. good call. just a small cove that was protected from the wind.
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    big bear lake CHRISTmas day

    took my lil broinlaw fishing for his first time. fished three hours and managed to get ahold of some nice bows. nothing like seeing a kid smile that big over fishing.
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    huntington or Seal Beach surf fishin'?

    i would personally choose huntington. there are tons of holes and ive always done pretty well there. fish light line with (depending on current) a 1/4-1/2oz sliding egg sinker with a bead and tie it to a swivel. i use a florocarbon leader and your hook will depend on your bait. thats your...
  66. catfishing


  67. La Jolla kelp on a zodiac

    La Jolla kelp on a zodiac

  68. huntington artificial reef

    huntington artificial reef

  69. fish pics

    fish pics