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    Fishing Co-op Ideas...

    Looking for creative ideas to fish. I used to own a 32' Pursuit (in San Diego) with twin diesels and sold it in 2012 when we moved up to Seattle. I used to fish 2-3 times a week from May-September and much of that was solo. I've freed up enough time the summer and would like to fly down and...
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    Hard to believe that this hasn't sold
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    26' Blackwatch w/ twin Honda 225's Reduced to $35,000

    Killer boat. Need some pictures of the interior, etc.
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    HVAC: Flexible ductwork replacement

    Need a licensed HVAC firm to replace ductwork under the house. Racoon destroyed most of it. Need someone immediately. No bullshit fly-by-night operations. Reputable companies only. Cannot be done as a cash side-job as homeowner's insurance is paying for it. Thanks [email protected]
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    Leaving Wed 19th returning Thurs 20th

    Leaving San Diego Wednesday around 8 p.m. heading south 80-100 miles. Fish in that zone until 2 p.m. and fish on the way home, returning Thursday around 6 p.m. $175 covers your share of bait, gas, food. Only plan on fishing total of 4 guys for this trip. Boat is 34' twin diesel w/plenty of...
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    La Jolla Report 8/9/09

    Eggs?....who cares about a few eggs. Fry that shit up! Take a look at the next dorado you get...full of worms/eggs.
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    34 ft. twin diesel...Fri 6th to the Hidden

    Normal crew is in Alaska fishing halibut... Leaving San Diego Bay @ 4 a.m. returning around 5 p.m. Have room for 3. Heading for the Hidden Bank and beyond. $150 each is the split for gas, bait, and ice. Prefer experienced guys. If it's too rough, we turn around and you pay nothing. My...
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    El Nino...

    Check it out: Model Outlooks for El Niño and La Niña
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    Brand New Trinidad 40N Narrow Special

    Brand New Shimano Trinidad 40N Narrow Special. This reel has never had line on it, but was the display case model and therefore has a few minor scuffs. Overall, still looks like a brand new reel. Will sell for $340. Includes box, clamp, etc.
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    Metal fabricators, I have a few questions

    discoloration...yes water jet is not that expensive
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    Brent- Cool...nice size fish. I'll probably get a load of shit for saying this, may want to keep the location to yourself. By no means is PB a secret, but it's fairly common amongst the serious halibut crowd to keep honey holes or hot spots on the DL. With nice fish like that...
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    Oct 4th - Panga?

    how much for a panga /day
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    Boat Canvas Guy...

    I remember sometime last year Ali posted a guy's number who did canvas work. Anyone know this guy or another reputable guy.
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    Opinion on best caliber for deer and elk.

    I prefer 7mm WinMag...sight it for 1" high @ 100yards and you're good to go. One of faster rounds...
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    425,371,302,226 yellowtail and skipjack !!! but season is definitely over.
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    50lb Gag was the highlight of the week

    Sam- Your pictures are always awesome... And what is that tool you're using to vent the fish with?
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    Need 2 for Wednesday

    Need at least two guys for Wednesday. Going long for bluefin. Your share $130. Boat is 32' twin diesel. Leaving Tuesday 12-1 a.m. be back Wednesday 7-8 p.m. Experience a must... Send me a PM or email to [email protected] Satisfied Ho's include: Bajangler, Mr. Kaboom, Brokenbackrebel...
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    Keys in November, need a nice place to stay.

    way off topic, but why aren't you fishing today? It blows my mind that people aren't booking your boat with fishing like it is. BTW...I'm docked within stones throw from you at SeaForth Village Marina
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    Going Wednesday 9/10

    Leaving MB 4:30 a.m. and coming back 4 p.m. $130 covers fuel/bait/ice. send email to [email protected] or send a PM
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    God dahm it.

    Knocked out cold by Rashad Evans.
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    On the Global Warming Hoax

    Hybrids are as much about clean air as they are about lowering our dependence on foreign oil. If any of the major auto makers came out with a straight gasoline powered car that achieves 50-60 mpg, it's going to sell like mad. Look at Honda's sales in the past year...they are flat kicking...
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    Solar Turbines, Goodrich, Gen. Atomics...

    I've been at the same defense company for 10 years and the challenge is no longer there. Looking for something challenging...not particularly unhappy with current position, just don't look forward to work like I used to. Anyone have connections with local companies (Solar Turbines...
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    30+ YFT the fly rod Wed. 8/27

    That's awesome Floyd...I saw you guys out there.
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    40ft Sportfisher Looking for a few guys fishing Saturday 8-30

    There are twin diesels that get 2:1 and there are some that only get .25:1. He's 40' and probably more towards the .25:1 end of the scale, so $300 is fare, provided you're covering 100 miles or more. I'm 32' with twins and get 1.9:1 running 15 knots. I ask for $100/ea for 4 or $135/ea for 3...
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    Porpoise etiquette

    20% of the anglers catch 80% of the fish...the other 80% are douchebags who are going to do whatever the frick they want with no regard to anyone but themselves. I went out today thinking it might not be that bad...forget it. Whether it's 1) anchoring in a sporties chum line, 2) poaching...
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    Grow up...

    Plenty of these small ones...
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    YT and Dorado

    Plenty on paddies if you go south...limits for four guys. All on sardines. Get um...
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    BBQ Dorado Recipe

    Again, a little Old Bay seasoning and throw it on the grill Marinade?...are you kidding me?
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    preparing yellowtail?

    Old Bay seasoning...that's it...throw it on the grill
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    7/29 Plenty of these guys...

    can be found <30 miles from the docks. Micro feather dropped way back. 22-36 lbs. Also plenty of dorado...
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    Need 1 for Tuesday 7/29

    Heading 425/371 and beyond for the usual suspects. $125 covers gas, bait, and ice. Satisfied ho's include: Mr. Kaboom, Paddyho, Sluester, Schnapster, bluegrassbass, brokenbackrebel, etc. Must have a reference or two. Leaving Mission Bay at 0430, be back no later than 1600. I'll check pm's at...
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    24 July, 390/371 in 2nd & 4th picture look more like 30-35#
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    Did you get the info from 976-TUNA or 976-Bite...I don't know about 976-Tuna, but 976-Bite has a very clear disclaimer at the top of every post. His info is copyrighted and not to be posted on other sites. He's trying to make a living like everyone else. If the Dominator captain or...
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    Avet rods- WARNING!!!!!!!!!!

    You have one data point...and possibly a bad one, at that. You need a larger sample of data before you post shit like that.
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    7/14/08 Dodo sighting @ 181

    Dorado are lazy. When all else fails, try dead bait or stun the bait. Pitch a sardine high in the air so it flops hard on the surface...
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    YT and this....

    few miles off the 425 today...
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    Daiwa Warranty Claims

    What exactly does a typical warranty cover? I sent a SL30 to Daiwa for warranty repair/replacement, and they call telling me the reel is fixed but I need to send $83. The reel was 6 months old (from date of purchase) and the left bearing froze up, causing damage to the spool shaft and spool...
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    where can i fish around orlando?

    go out to Titusville...flats fishing for redfish in the Banana River and Mosquito Lagoon. About a 30 minute drive from Orlando. Some of the biggest reds you'll find anywhere
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    Had 24' Hydrasport with a 225...plenty of power but not overpowered
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    Albie madness...

    Looks like the spool shaft is not balanced or possibly bent, which would explain the drag locking up.
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    Albie madness...

    You need to get out there Mike (hopefully it keeps going though the weekend)...bait stops were awesome. The meter marks [at the 371] were strong we decided to slide and stop went on for about 25-30 minutes. They bit up to 50# line, but definitely took 20# more readily than heavier...
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    Albie madness...

    We hit the lower 302 around 7 a.m. and left the 371 around 12:00...hit the paddy at the dock 3:00'ish I'm not bashing Avet...just wondering what happened. Most of my gear is Avet.
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    6/28 1010 Trench

    No need to go as far as 1010....302 to 371 is ripe
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    Albie madness...

    6/25 Triple strike at 20/33: cedar, green/black jet, purple/black jet; smaller albies 15-18 lbs. Quad strike at 18/33: cedar, green/black jet, (2) purple/black jet: smaller ablies 15-18 lbs. Bait stop at 14/33: sardines on 20-50# 2/0 hook; 3 fish 23-26 lbs. Bait stop at 16/33: sardines on...
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    Need 1 for tomorrow 6/20

    Had 1 guy backout. Need another to hit the Hidden Bank. $100 covers gas, ice, and bait. Leaving Mission Bay 4:30 a.m. be back by 4 p.m. call or PM 619 400 7168 until 10:30 tonight
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    2 deer taken with same bullet

    270, 7mm, and up will do it easily... Can't tell you how many times it happens in Montana during antelope season. You'd better have another person with you that has a spare tag, or in my case, call DFG and tell them straight up what happened. They were cool and let it ride. If they catch...
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    Sweet...unconfirmed or not, radio chatter near real-time is very cool You'll quickly become a celebrity on this board... Thanks
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    Need 1-2 for Thursday

    Going 371 and beyond. Leaving Mission Bay at 4:30 a.m. and be back no later than 4:00 p.m. $125 covers your share of gas, bait, and ice. Dry, comfortable ride
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    6/13 302 paddies

    beautiful flat calm seas...a little overcast, but very warm on the water.
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    6/13 302 paddies

    duplicate post...sorry. Mike already posted...
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    6/13 302 paddies

    Sluester, Paddyho, and I fished the 302 for 2 yellows, one 12-14# caught on bait, the other 34-35# (weighed on the boat at sea) caught on iron. Temp was 62.1 to 64.8 with nice clean blue water. Plenty of patties but only 1/4 holding. Plenty of lockjaw yellows. Both great guys who know how to fish.
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    Need 1 for Friday

    still have room for 1
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    Albacore at the Double 220

    Exactly...You pay to your own risk.
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    2 Days of Dead Calm

    Incredible pictures...thanks I fished Titusville back in 98/99 and miss the redfish on a fly. Nothing more exhilarating, for me, than stalking a tailing redfish. Favorite fly was a small crab, jiggled on the bottom.
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    Best 6 pack in San Diego?

    El Gato Dos would be my recommendation. I dock near him...Brian is a nice guy who seems to consistently be on the fish. And $750 doesn't sound high...given that diesel is $5.50 at the dock
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    Need 1 for Friday

    Looking for Ho on Friday 6/13. Depart Mission Bay at 5:30-6:00, be back at dock by 3:30. Must have references, licenses, etc. $100 covers your share of gas, bait, and ice. Plan is to cover ~120 miles...general area of 425, 390, etc.
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    Sealine X40SHA Applications

    Next best thing to a Newell 332 for casting jigs, but probably suited best for local species...I'd be scared to hook anything over 40-50# with one. 65# spectra with 40# mono
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    Rod to match a Shimano Torium 14???

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    Wife asked me what I wanted for father's day, so...

    Accurate 665...$570 at Squidco and comes with free spectra & mono
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    mex diesel

    Anyone know what will happen if you try to bring a few drums back on your boat?
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    Honda and or Toyota sales?

    Dennis at Spreen Honda in Loma Linda. Guaranteed no one local will beat him on a civic or accord. Call him and he'll send you a quote via email in minutes. Go shop local and see for yourself. Out of Pacific, Mission, Tipton, Hoehn, Escondido, and Ball, the best offer was $700 more than...
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    heading out with Gato Gordo friday p.m. weather permitting....have room for 4 on 32' twin diesel...check offshore ride share forum
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    Butterfly...leaving Friday night

    $135/each if we get 4 to go. Leave around 12 Friday night. Be back Saturday no later than 6. Weather permitting...
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    Huge Yellowfin Tuna brought Pt. Loma??

    My bad...must be the same fish in the signonsandiego article...
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    Huge Yellowfin Tuna brought Pt. Loma??

    I'm almost embarrassed to say what she told me... she said NPR said it was over 800. Someone please correct me here... I guess if the story made NPR, it's a big one, but that big???
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    Huge Yellowfin Tuna brought Pt. Loma??

    Wife just called me to tell me she heard on NPR that a record yellowfin tuna came into POint Loma yesterday/today? Anyone hear this? I told her she probably didn't hear correctly...
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    Painting Steel Trailer Fenders?

    The 3M rubberized underbody coating looks great when dry...very similar to a bedliner product. Doesn't have the typical underbody coating appearance (dry tar). It's also paintable, so you could put a gloss finish on top of it. I bought it at Sears for $7/can and it took exactly 4 cans to...
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    Anyone have surplus canned Albacore?

    Heading home to see my mom for Thanksgiving and hoping to score some canned albacore. Anyone with surplus who would like to offload some at a reasonable price, please let me know. Looking for up to 10 jars. Thanks...send a PM
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    do you like turtle meat?

    Have had it several times in Florida. I think they were soft shell turtles; They are called 'cooters'...go figure. Used to work at a phosphate mine as an intern and they were like fleas...all over the place. Throw em on a joke. Side by side corn fed whitetail...
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    Need a Broker

    FYI...I believe in the State of California, any lawyer can act as a broker.
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    Boat Share in PV? (Nov.18-23)

    Chad- Send a PM to Josh Temple or Danny Osuna. They can hook you up with a reputable panga charter for inshore rooster/dodo fishing. Very $400-500/ day...probably less if you can sacrifice some comfort. Bottom fishing down there is crazy, but you need someone with the...
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    10-26-07 Fishing 302/425/9/?

    Heading to the inside of the 371 at grey light Shameless on 72
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    13YFT near 302 & north island

    Keep the hate to yourself. Douchebags like you are the reason for the decline in volume of quality reports.
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    Neoprene off the roll

    Try McMasterCarr...they used to carry it, but not sure if the still do
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    extremely new to fly fishing...need some help

    Kyle- How much wind blows on Niguel? You may want to consider a 6 weight if it's windy often. You can't go wrong with a GLoomis GL2...very easy rod to learn on. As for line, Scientific Anglers or Cortland 444 are both good bets.
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    Good inexpensive boat for La Jolla kelp beds...

    AIM Marine in Lakeside has Gregor's. I bought a 16' Gregor with a 25 hp Yamaha and used to beach launch often...think I paid $4500'ish. You can modify the trailer a bit by putting sand 'training' wheels on to make the beach launch easier. Bottom line, it can be done and it's a great idea...
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    Boat Share Opportunity...Outer Banks without the Initiation Fee

    Not sure I want to be like you. On June 30th, I had to lead a skipper Doug out to the Butterfly because the electronics on one of your boats wouldn't work. What good does your spare boat do him at 2:30 in the morning when he's on his way to the Butterfly? Additionally, how many times have...
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    How many of you Hoopnetted before three years ago?

    Started in 2000 and quit after 2005 season. Was amazed at the growth in popularity.
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    8 boats found in Mission Bay since May. All taken from slips, towed out into the bay and stripped bare. Turbos and injector pumps are common see them on Ebay all the time
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    Boat Share Opportunity...Outer Banks without the Initiation Fee

    My boat partner just had twins and my first is on the way in April, so time to re-align finances. We are willing to entertain offers for limited use of our joint owned 32' Tiara, twin diesels, loaded with electronics and tackle: Garmin 2210 plotter, Furuno 48 mile radar, twin ICOM, autopilot...
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    Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation

    Great cause...donation coming your way. I'm organizing a similar event to benefit Wounded Warriors on October 19th at the Vineyard in Escondido.
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    Messing around on the inside.

    Mike...I like these little social experiments. Keep posting...
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    LJ surfer killed

    My friend, you're in a different class altogether, and it's not a higher one. And fyi...getting sodomized in prison has little to do with one's sexuality...Saluki is simply stating the truth, something which it seems you don't want to accept. As sure as the sun rises & sets, your buddy will be...
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    Hot little mexico rental house/condo wanted tonight and tomorrow!

    plenty of places just south of Ensenada on the spit...Punta Banda...I think like 15 miles south of Ensenada. There's a beach front cottage I've rented for years that goes for $110/night approx. 50 yards from the water. Not high class, but clean and close to the water
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    spear fishing - mission beach

    Shut up dickhead...the kid is just starting out, a stage where we've all been, including you.
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    Expert Fisherman wanted for 9/8/07

    beautifal weather out there right now, but if albies are the quest, Saluki is right...much farther than the Butterfly to be wide open. You might scratch some at the Fly...who knows. As for experts...Steve Ross, aka Bad Dog, Bald Dog, Marlin Man, Squid Pro Quo, Mola Mooly...that guy knows...
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    Missoula never fails to impress

    Grew up in Butte also...mostly fishing the Big Hole & The Jeff, but been to Rock Creek many times and yes, it is awesome. Nice post...
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    2 spots open for Fri 8/31

    Heading down to look for the YFT below the 425, weather permitting. Divers welcome, but hook & line is the first choice. Leaving around 4:30 a.m. from Mission Bay. We split it three ways...gas, bait, and ice. Estimated trip is 150 miles, which means roughly 80 gallons of gas @ $3.7/gal =...
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    Looking for a ride on 8/4...

    Will be in Lahaina for two weeks doing a remodel on my aunts house. Would like to go out on a private boat. Will pay the entire gas bill, provide food/drinks, clean the boat. I have a 32' Tiara in San Diego and know how to fish...very good eyes for locating paddies, breaking fish, etc. Can bring...
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    Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albie 7/14

    Explain how you perceive that as 'inventing Dorado'. And numbers weren't posted on this site. Called out on Ch. 69, yes, but not posted. The 9 mile is a large area last time I checked.
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    Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albie 7/14

    Jason...I should clarify. There are more assholes on the water this year, I'm convinced, than ever before. Everytime we post good dope (admittedly, I don't post that much on this site), there's 10 buttholes for every decent guy out fishing it the next day. This is painfully evident on the...
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    Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albie 7/14

    Full story this time...we picked up our first at 7:30 a.m. inside the 302. Continued to work hard until 3:30, when we picked up one more but lost him at the boat. The bite was good with plenty of marks, but one of us had to be back by 5:00, so in we went. And here's where it gets good...we...
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    7/12 the real story

    :imgay: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: unbelievable :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    7/12 the real story

    Do you think you're the only one to get trolled over? Seriously, try to blow it off. It's obvious you have some serious angst, and a slow day of fishing probably doesn't help matters, but just shake your head and'll feel much better at the end of the day. When you posted this...
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    Looking for crew!

    Makes you wonder...where did all the assholes get their self esteem before BloodyDecks? Because clearly, there are a handful of guys that consistently belittle others to shore up their own pedestal. These are the same guys that actually spend their holiday weekends at the boat ramp, in lawn...
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    Looking for crew!

    No shit...there are plenty of good guys who would be stoked to pay $100 on a boat that size.
  97. K

    Looking for crew! is cheap, but even cheaper in this forum. Ignore what you can and keep posting...shit eventually sinks to the bottom. Nice boat. Advice, quantify the $100/ea with the mileage of your boat and distance traveled. For instance, last week 5 went on my boat (including myself) and...
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    Horse Nuts

    Don't you know...deckhands know all there is to know about fishing...period.
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    3-4 Spots for 6/26 open...$100 each

    I couldn't believe it when I read your post and then saw the carnage. I don't lose my temper very often, but I think I would have beat the piss out that guy. What amazes me is that he hit you dead on T-bone...a couple of feet either way and it would have been a whole different story. Glad...
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    3-4 Spots for 6/26 open...$100 each

    Klaus- Boat is a 1985 but re-fitted in 2006 with Yanmar 315hp/each. Read and read testimonials about the mileage but didn't believe it until we ran the boat. Consistently gets 1.9:1 averaging 18 knots. Friend has a 31' Bertram and put the same package in this winter...gets exactly the same...
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    3-4 Spots for 6/26 open...$100 each

    UPDATE: Spots filled. DISCLAIMER: This is not a charter...strictly a ride share opportunity. Would like to hit the 60 mile tomorrow, but regular ho's have to work. If I can get 3 guys to commit, it's on; can take as many as 4. Boat is a reliable 33' Tiara w/twin diesels, gets 1.9:1 for...
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    Goodbye to my Angel (fishin4fun)

    This is a little off topic, and maybe not the appropriate place to say this, but...reading this thread would make any sane person want to be a part of this community. One...if you were trying to sell a newbie on fishing, probably no better way than to simply show them a few pictures of Chance...
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    Goodbye to my Angel (fishin4fun)

    Really sorry to hear take care
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    Got one on Sunday late afternoon from nearby location you mentioned. Nearly shit my pants. Was just outside where the water turned clear. Had no idea they came that close. Was in an area thick with paddies, had the trollers out, and wow...WTF?...this is NOT a YT. Saw them crash next to...
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    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    A bender from Harbor Freight will not work. You will waste your money on the bender and also on the 100' of tube you practice with. If you know a good exhaust shop, they might have the right dies and will bend it for you for small change. As for using 5xxx series, call any tuna tower...
  106. K

    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    6063-T54 is the industy standard...
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    is it just me, or is ANGLERS CHOICE a rip off?

    Read the post...I did nothing but compliment the guy, going as far to say that it is seems out of character from my personal experience. Nowhere do I say he is not a nice guy anymore. Your comments about his altruistic demeanor are exactly what I would have expected. It's amazing how many...
  108. K

    is it just me, or is ANGLERS CHOICE a rip off?

    One thing is certain...when a bandwagon rolls through BD, sure as shit people will climb droves. What puzzles me is...I've met & fished with the author of this thread and I thought he was a nice guy. I understand his position, but a bit surprised he posted this thread. Maybe I...
  109. K

    is it just me, or is ANGLERS CHOICE a rip off?

    Case #1: Brought a broken Loomis rod in two weeks ago, paid the $50 to Loomis, and Luc let me walk out that day with a rod off the shelf, and a different model also. Case #2: Mid-February...Had a brand new Tiagra 50W purchased on Ebay. Luc gave me instore credit in for retail price of the...