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    Tigar Lite Rods

    Ugly Stik Tiger Lite BWCL 2200 6'6" Medium Heavy (12#-20#). I have 4 of these rods used 2 seasons for tuna. No wear on guides or rods. One rod does have a very thin length wise cut in the cork on the handle but it is not opening up. These will most likely have to be shipped as I live in...
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    Fin-Nor MA12

    For sale: Fin-Nor MA12 reel. Used 2 seasons for tuna live bait. There are a few very small scratches from normal rod holder wear. Comes with original box. The reel is in Eastern WA so most likely it will need to be shipped. $145 will include shipping. 509-760-1283
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    WTB Avet

    I am interested in buying an Avet MXL 5.8 reel right handed. Seller must be willing to ship.
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    Fin Nor reels for sale

    For Sale slightly used 2 year old reels: Always cleaned after saltwater usage. MA12 - $140.00 w/box MA16 - $160.00 w/box MA20T - $175.00 I would be willing to ship and have Pay Pal
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    Fin-Nor Marquesa Reels for sale

    I have some Fin-Nor Marquesa reels that are in need of a good home. They have been used 2 seasons and work as if new. All reels have been fresh water rinsed after each day chasing tuna. They have been well cared for but show an occasional small wear scratches. Most come with original boxes...
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    Light in a bait tank?

    What are your thoughts on the level of importance (if any) for having either a clear window or a light in bait tanks? Does it really help to calm the bait until the sun comes up?
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    Open Seat for 9/12 & 9/13

    We have an open seat on 26' boat with all safety and fishing equipment (live bait), out of Westport. We will in town Thursday afternoon to fuel/ice the boat. Adult beverages welcome on the boat. Expenses and fish split evenly. Looking for someone who can fish both days if possible. Please...
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    Open Seats 8/15 & 8/16 Westport Tuna

    Lil Mak has a couple of open seats for this Friday and Saturday, Westport tuna. Boat has all safety and tuna gear (live bait). If you have your own gear, that is OK also. All, expenses, fish, food and scrubbing split equally. Motel room reseverved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights...
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    Native Fishing in BC

    This was posted in Bloody Decks Alaska and British Columbia forum. It is worth reposting here. Hopefully this link works, the vidio will speaks for itself.
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    WP Tuna 9/14 & 9/15

    We fished tuna last weekend between 40/52 and 45/55 and proved tuna do not always bite at a WFO pace. It was a character building experience to say the least. Oh well, it was still good to be on the water and get a few scales in the in the boat. Has anyone heard a midweek report or checked a...
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    Suggestions for tuna rod and reel

    I know this subjects must have been covered in the past, but the search option does not seem help. I am looking to buy some good quality tuna rods & reel for trolling off Westport. Can you please throw up suggestions. Buying gear is fun (read expensive) but I want to do it right and do it...