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    Irishman's first drink with his son

    I stole this, obviously... IRISHMAN'S FIRST DRINK WITH HIS SON While reading an article last night about fathers and sons, memories came Flooding back to the time I took me son out for his first pint. Off we went to our local pub only two blocks from the cottage. I got him a Guinness. He...
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    Lab diving for lobster....

    Hope he has a tag.
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    Fishing with a 9mm.

    This looks like fun.
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    Dildo found in fish......

    Member from Norway? (Old article I see)
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    Not getting first line of post when hovering on it?

    Is it just me, when I hover over a post on a page I don't get the first line or two of the post like I used to. What did I do? (did that make any sense?)
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    Garage door guys......

    Coil spring on my residential 16x7 roll up just broke. How much for you to replace? Murrieta. Cash. Need asap. Thanks, Gringo.
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    Any .223 ammo deals out there?

    I'm getting low. Need some more cheap target stuff. Checked all my usual spots. No luck. 500+.
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    Great pesole in Murrieta

    Love pesole. Best is one of my bros wifes. 2nd best is a little place on Cal Oaks Rd. called MSR Mexican food. Across from the sports park. Really good if you're in the neighborhood.
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    Question about personal firearms on military base....

    My baby (Daughter) is getting married soon. She will most likely be living on an Army base for a while. Can she take, have her personal firearm for home protection in her on base home? Thanks, Gringo.
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    3 ducks just dropped into my pool...

    Heard a large splash in the pool, sounded like someone jumping in. Go out back and see 2 mallards and 1 female fighting in the pool. They all three seemed to fall out of the sky the way they hit the water. The 2 males fought for a few minutes until one took off. Now the remaining lovers are...
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    ATF bullying for private info AGAIN!!!!

    Ya....there's nothing to worry about. They're here to help us.
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    No tailgating at Super Bowl..

    What's the world coming too?
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    T-Rac truck rack for sale.

    Selling my T-Rack. 2 piece aluminum rack that will fit any truck. Came off my F150, but is adjustable to any size truck bed. Light weight, goes on and off easily with one person. Rated for 700# if my memory is correct. $300.00 obo. Don't hesitate to insult me with lowball offers. I know where...
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    Did Saluki tase Tues?????
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    Is Tula ammo any good?

    Need some cheap plinking ammo in 223 for an AR. Any advice? Wolf?
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    White moose shot...
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    Put my Golden down today

    She had a good life. 15+ years old. My 3rd golden retriever. I'll miss her.
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    Carlsbad perch are hungry

    Been surf fishing Carlsbad for the last few days. Perch are hitting like crazy. Almost every cast at some times. They're loving the Gulp sandworms in camo. Beats working.
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    2007 Harley Deuce

    I'm the original owner. Selling it through Chopper Gallery, Temecula. (They can finance) Great bike. Needs nothing. Thanks for looking, Gringo.
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    Fish soup recipes?

    Looking to make a red (tomato) based fish soup. Any suggestions? Thanks, Gringo.
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    Just saw a bitchin meteorite south of Murrieta. Any one else?
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    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.
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    Trick pool shots???

    Could be complete BS for all I know, seen worse...
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    Any Lake Arrowhead tips?

    Going to Lake Arrowhead tomorrow on my buddies boat. But he doesn't fish. I've never fished it. I haven't fished Big Bear for years either. Don't know if they're similar. I'll fish for whatever. Any tips would be great. Thanks, Gringo.
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    She kicks like a mule....

    If it's a re-post....tough shit.LOL
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    Score one for the good guys.
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    Swamp People cast member Michell dies.

    Sad, he was one of my favorites.
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    I need Lego-land tickets

    My Grandson turns 5 next month. I want get him and my daughter tickets for Lego land. He's never been. Anyone have a line on discount tickets? I've looked online a bunch, $5 off is the best I've come up with. Either way, I'll be buying them 2 tickets. Just throwing it out there. Thanks.
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    Ryan Leaf arrested AGAIN today

    What a fuck'n loser....
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    2001 Crestliner Angler with 4 stroke Honda

    SOLD>>>>Selling my boat. Really is in great shape. I am picture posting challenged. Sorry. I'll work on it. Any questions, let me know, Greg.
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    Nice little rig for someone

    No affiliation, just looks like a good deal...
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    Cobra fish n dive kayak

    SOLD. As new (been wet 3 times) Rigged for fishing. Fish finder, bait tank, rod holders, dolly with balloon wheels for the sand, anchor, soft racks for vehicle, and more. Everything is like new. $750 obo. Cash and carry. Greg.
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    Anyone lose a kayak?

    Someone on Craigslist found a submerged kayak in MB. They're looking for the owner. Anyone? Hope they're o.k.
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    Gun grabbers at it again...

    Democrat Portantino from L.A. has introduced AB 144 to outlaw open carry (again) Here we go again....:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    When golfers get old....

    A crusty old golfer walks into the grill room at a new course. He sees a sign above the bar that reads: COLD BEER $2.00 CHEESEBURGER $2.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH $3.50 HAND JOBS $50.00 He checks his wallet to make sure he has cash, and calls over the beautiful bar maid. He whispers to her, are you the...
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    anti gun bills fail to pass

    ab1810, long gun registration, ab1934, open carry, and ab2358, ammo licensing all failed to pass yesterday. Thank God California did something right for a change.
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    Who needs a side by side refer?

    SOLD>>>>>GE Profile side by side fridge. Ice and water in the door. White. Everything works great. Once in a while the ice in the ice maker clumps together???? I'm in Murrieta. New refer coming this Wednesday. Special deal to the newly divorced.:hali_olutta: All others 1st $150.00
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    Bow fish at Lake Elsinore

    Just read they approved bow fishing for carp at Lake Elsinore. Shore and from boats in certain areas. Small article in the North Co. Times.
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    Bid needed, Commercial role up door

    Need a quote on a 12'x12' (rough) roll up to replace a slider in a commercial unit. Job is in Oceanside on O.S Blvd. Need a quote this week. PM me. Thanks, Gringo.
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    DFG copter crashed today.

    Chopper hit power lines while surveying deer up by Fresno. 3 DFG biologists died and possibly the pilot also. Sad. Prayers to family and friends.
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    Hey wood fence guys...

    Need a rough (without seeing the job unless you're local and have the time) per foot price on a residential fence and gate. One side line and return 60'. One 8' return with a 3' gate. Remove and haul away existing.( Falling down from the last winds.) Need redwood and cedar, 6' high, board on...
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    Firearm cleaning kit opinions...

    I am looking for a one kit cleans all. Pistols and rifles. 22 through 12g. Haven't used the Otis kits, but I like the compactness. (Is that a word?) Tired of getting out 2 or 3 cleaning kits out after shooting. Ya, I could get all my shit together, but I'd rather grab one kit and call it good...
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    Thanks Holy Mackerel (Chris)

    Chris found one of my hoop nets I lost Saturday night and posted it up. Thanks again, we need more people like you around. Gringo.
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    Dog lovers/vet. question?

    My dog, a 10 year old golden retriever, has a mole/wart on the top of her head. A year or so ago it was hardly noticeable. Now it's about the size of a pencil eraser. Any ideas? Doesn't bother her. I'll take her in if need be. Know of any good vets up here in Murrieta/Temecula? Or should I get...
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    O.S bugs

    Went hooping last night in O.S Harbor. Best crawl was around 9:00. 13 shorts and 3 keepers. Nothing big. Almost had the whole harbor to our self though. 2 other boat. They liked the salmon heads.
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    pellet proof rat

    So I get home from used boat shopping with my buddy Ted, grab a cocktail and go to tha backyard. Walking around the pool I see this large fucking rat hugging the fence. Slow moving, I figure he's a poison victim from another yard. So I humanly tried to dispatch him. 9 direct shots to the head...
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    Enjoy everybodies input, and even more the shit you give each other. This site gives me stress releif every day after work. Keep up the good work. I fish from a kayak and when I grow up I want to be just like Brad. (MAD SCIENTIST) Even though I'm an old fuck. That guy catches fish inshore.