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    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    Nice Cody! My crew could not make it out today. Thanks for the visual of what could have been. John
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    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    Agreed. i have bent the crap out of my rods and they don’t break. I do believe they would break if I held them above the grips. However, the rod might have just had a bad blank to start with.
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    Action on the ridge

    You did a great job! We need to watch out for one another until the big boys can get on site. John
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    Taking Doctors for some tuna

    Good on you for getting them out on the big blue. John
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    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    Nice fog bank. Gives me flashbacks from a couple of weeks back. You don’t run radar do you?
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    Easy limit 10/8

    I heard about those fish. Some say they are real. Some say they are nothing more than a saltwater Unicorn myth. John
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    Easy limit 10/8

    Anything that swims that you don’t catch? Nice haul. John
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    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Nice pics. The girl is a keeper. Cool when they can out fish you. Been outfished by my wife several times. John
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    Saturday Report - Down South

    First, great Dorado pic. Second, that other pic was a great example of an epic Shelter Island Shit Show. John
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    Pt. Loma-Oct. 3rd

    I don’t have radar. So, even though I can navigate in the fog it is not a safe environment to operate in. I saw plenty of people blowing past me in the channel at a good clip without radar. The fog was fairly thick out to a couple of miles. There were plenty of people hanging out in the bay...
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    Pt. Loma-Oct. 3rd

    I was on Mission Bay yesterday paddle boarding with my wife. Flat, no wind and clear. Figured I am going fishing on Saturday. I roll up this morning and it was socked in. Needed my Chartplotter to find the freaking bait barge. Picked up a nice half scoop and headed out with my buddy and his kid...
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    Who does this ???

    Pretty cool write up. It happens. There are good people out there. I would be volunteering to clean his boat whenever he needed the help. I doubt he would ask but make sure you offer it. Guys like that are not a dime a dozen. John
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    La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    This happens more than you think. Some trucks make it easy to get to the cat. If they have clearance then you get to the cat pretty easy. Toyota’s are easy. They almost got the cat on my Tacoma at a movie theatre. It is just a couple of nuts to take one. Battery operated side saw will take out...
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    Limits again mahi mahi and yellowtails.

    Nice report. Thanks for taking care of those who are taking care of us. John
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    09/05/20 – 302, 371, 425 – Bad Weather Trifecta

    Food pics are freaking awesome. Nice! John
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    Little Outside-08/30

    We picked up a great half scoop of saradines and left Mission Bay at 7. Took a 270 heading and ran into 71.6 degree water with great color at about 10 miles or so. Found three nice kelps and only bonito. Worked our way into LJ and then Pt Loma. Really slow. conditions were nice in the kelp but...
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    Halibut saves the day!

    Nice. Conditions are forecasted to be crap through Friday. At least for us small boats. John
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    If you don’t have one, install an in-line water fuel separator. Super easy to do. Just screw it off and replace once a year. I buy the one made for my specific Yamaha 115 Four Stroke. Glad you figured it out. John
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    Just odd on the fuel pump. Could be the primer bulb. I am on my second outboard and never had to replace either a starter or a fuel pump. It is a boat. There will always be something to work on. John
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    2nd trip everything was good.,til it wasnt

    I am thinking fuel pump. Are you running an outboard? 4 Stroke? John
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    Yellows 8/20

    Nice job! The crowds will settle down when the reports start to drop off. Then the guys who really know what they are doing will get back on the fish and the cycle starts all over again. Two guys sounded like they were going to go at it last Saturday on a kelp paddy. Pretty funny to listen to...
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    Pt.Loma-Aug 15th

    Fifteen inch Bonito. Barries around 18 to 20 inch. Calicos were largely at 14 to 15 inches.
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    Pt.Loma-Aug 15th

    We launched out of Shelter Island at 6 am. Just five boats in line for bait. Picked up a half scoop of descent saradines. Picked up around 30 calicos in a couple of hours. All on Saradines. Fished tight along the kelp. Caught some short Barries and a Bonito as well. Not on fire but okay. Seas...
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    Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Nice pics. Well written report. John
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    Mixed bag 8/3

    Nice! How were the water temps? John
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    3 day wrap up

    That is dedication. Glad you got into them. Well deserved. Just got back from visiting my brother in East Bay. 7 hour drive. Be safe trailering back home. John
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    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    I doubt they go above 10 to 12. John
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    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    Nice write up. Good to hear what was working. 2 hour run, that is close. Johm
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    Tuna 7/16

    Looks like it will sporty for a while. Glad you got on them. I surfed today and the wind was up. John
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    371 7/16 triple

    Nice! What pound line and type of hook? John
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    7/10 corner, 302, 226

    Nice freaking pic! It is gonna go. Next 2 to 3 weeks. Those yellowfin are going to start biting hot. I might take a peak next week. John
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    PLK Calicos July 10th

    8 weight or 10 weight. Full sink. 15 pound pink florua. White and Green Clousers. Fish it tight along the kelp line. They are running right into the kelp. At least with a 10 weight I can pull back on them a lot harder. Get on it early. John
  33. J

    PLK Calicos July 10th

    Green and White Clousers. Look at the fly in my pic. I never changed it. Tight along the kelp line. Full sink. They are up on top. Classic stuff. Check the forecast for Saturday. Looks like more wind. Get on it early. John
  34. J

    PLK Calicos July 10th

    We have been on those Calicos for several weeks. Just a blast to fish them on a fly rod. Waiting on the Dorado to show up locally. 9 mile Bank and along that line. They are coming. Just a matter of a couple of weeks. Need a hurricane down South to really push things along. But, 73 degree water...
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    PLK Calicos July 10th

    I was not going to go but got inspired to after talking to a BDer offline. Picked up a half scoop of straight Dean's and heading for my spot. Not crowded. The two of us ran out of bait before 920am and left them biting. We caught a bunch. I quit on bait and was ripping them on the fly rod. Water...
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    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Nice write up! I typically get 3 or 4 passes on a half scoop. Last week, I think I got either 4 or 5 passes on a full scoop. This was out of Mission Bay. John
  37. J

    PL kelp 7/7

    That hurts. That Calico Bass bite has been solid on saradines and on the fly. Still debating about going back out this week or giving it a week off. John
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    Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Nice write up. Great pic of your son on that kelp paddy fish. Always like the shots of the boat wake. Can be interpreted as anticipation on a jig strike or just the end of a good day and you are running for the barn. John John
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    Calicos-July 3rd

    Holy crap. Looking forward to reading your next report. Take Care. John
  40. J

    Calicos-July 3rd

    You too! Did you get your steering issue resolved? John
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    Calicos-July 3rd

    Had the boat in the water by 530 and grabbed a full scoop of mixed saradines and chovies. Bait was great. Headed for PLK and got into Calicos good. Not as many as Tuesday but we still had a good count and the size was better. Solid on the saradines. The fly rod was not as good as on Tuesday but...
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    Calicos-July 1st

    Fished in about 65 feet of water at Point Loma.. Temp was 66 or so. Water was not as clear as it was a week back. Made one move and promptly burned through a scoop of Saradines before 11. Switched to flies and that worked really well. Barries mixed in. No sign of yellows. Back on the trailer...
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    Great report. Awesome eye pic! John
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    Searcher 1.5 day, Limits!

    Nice read. Glad you got into them. 140 miles is quite the run. John
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    Calicos Round 2-June 20th

    There just so much fun. We caught a bunch and they cut us up pretty good. Just a great fish. John
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    Calicos Round 2-June 20th

    Left Dana Landing at 6. There were 7 guys in line for bait. Picked up a half scoop and headed to Pt Loma. We were done by 10ish. Blew through bait on the Calicos and Barries. 50 feet of water. More wind today. The water was not as clear as Friday. But the Calicos bit just as well. They are...
  47. J

    Calicos-June 19th

    For me, it is always about the Calicos, Yellowtails and Dorado. So, yeah, it was fun. Getting live bait is worth it. Plenty of Barries maurading through. Wind started at 11. I might be back out Saturday. John
  48. J

    Calicos-June 19th

    Picked up a half scoop of saradines and headed to Pt. Loma. Dana Landing was not busy. Fished one area in 60 feet of water and ran out of bait by 10.. We got them on plastics and on the fly but they wanted the saradines. We caught several Barries as well. Water was clear and clean. Metered 69...
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    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Nice write up. Trips are always good if you get on fish and learn from the experience. Very informative. Unfortunately, you will run into dorks on anything that floats. Wait for the kelp paddy bite to really pick up. That is what really brings out a lot of drama. Especially if we get a good run...
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    Catalina FOG Report 6/11. No Radar...No Island

    Good call. Fog is spooky. Very mentally taxing to deal with even with radar. John
  51. J

    La Jolla-May 24th

    I heard nothing of any curfew at Dana Landing. Those guys were not even there when I got there at around 6. Just drove. Oh, yeah, the bathrooms at the landing were open. As for the flyrod, chase the Barries. I wanted Calicos to go but the conditions were not happening. John
  52. J

    La Jolla-May 24th

    Okay. I needed to run the boat. We launched out of Dana Landing at 6. There was no one working the entrance but you still must enter from the North End. No issues getting parking. The tide was really low and the ramp was slick. Almost needed to use 4x4. The Bronco slid but caught itself. No...
  53. J

    Quick trip to la jolla

    Nice job on your report! Good information provided. John
  54. J

    Nados tails 5/16

    Lee Side? I am going with a failed through hole fitting. Unless they just got swamped by someone's wake. Glad you got into some yellowtail. Sounds like Rapalas are the way to go. Water cleaning up at Point Loma? John
  55. J

    Islands 5 -11

    You just need to pick your days carefully. Lots of us do that run in boats under 21 feet. It is all about seamanship and experience. Make sure you are properly equipped and your boat is well maintained. You can PM me and I can run you through some things. Too much to go into here.
  56. J

    43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Nice freaking report. Your kid shows great potential. Super impressed with his and your efforts to ensure a safe release on the BSB. Nice pics! John
  57. J

    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    Not clear until you were just in a foot of waTer or less. Not super red tide thick either. It looks like it is cleaning up. The birds we’re working small groups of bait. The tide was really low and we had no sun. Water felt mid 60s or higher. Really surprised to see the lack of boats in the...
  58. J

    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    I was just down at Dana Landing. The lot was still open. They want us parking with empty stalls on either side. The entrance and exit are in the same location which is the normal exit location. Not a lot of people out there. Police were patrolling the sand using side by sides. The boardwalk by...
  59. J

    Coronado yellows!!

    Come on Cody. Show me some Bluefin. You are do. Seriously, great job on the yellows. John
  60. J

    Coronado islands 5/1

    Nice job Cody. I hope the water cleans up soon. This Red Tide is a pretty extensive one. Water is warm. Once the water cleans up it will get real interesting. John
  61. J

    First time offshore

    You can pm me. But, I have 40 gallon capacity on my 19 foot w/a cuddy with a 115 four stroke Yamaha. I get between 3.5 to 4.2 miles per gallon depending on the sea state. I have caught tuna as close as 10 miles out to around 30 or so out. I have an EPIRB, 2 hand held VHFs, regular VHF...
  62. J

    4_25 Catalina Front Side -FOGGY!

    You are right. It is a great investment. Navigating in fog without it is stressful. People just need to know how to use it. Too many recreational and pros have ended up whacking Catalina or Coronado Island when using radar. I have used it just a few times on other boats and it is nice to see...
  63. J

    4_25 Catalina Front Side -FOGGY!

    Fog is spooky. I have my boat at my home in Valley Center. Several years ago, I was doing some work on the boat and had the radio on. I picked up a guy out of Oceanside. He was lost in the fog but close to a bouy. I pulled my paper chart out and radioed back to him a compass course to get back...
  64. J

    Inshore kelp lures

    Day Glow Green, Red, Yellow and Orange can work. I like them with the weed guard. I fish a Calcutta with 50 pound spectra tied off to a long shot of 20 pound floruo. I also do reel well with a fly rod using anchovy colored clousers that I tie. Freaking love Calicos. John
  65. J

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Thanks. This was an interesting read. John
  66. J

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    Nice halibut. When you going to looking for the those BFT? John
  67. J

    Oceanside sailing and fishing

    Nice! I grew up sailing. John
  68. J

    More bass and large bsb

    Cool. My favorite way to catch Calicos is on the fly. Tie my own clousers. I have outfished plastics several times. It gets interesting when you hook the random yellow in the kelp and get ruined on the fly. John John
  69. J

    More bass and large bsb

    Always keep a suit, fins, snorkel and mask on board. I had to do that prop thing twice. Always glad to have the right gear to make the job easier. Good job on the bass. I like the Calicos on the fly. Water needs to come up some. John
  70. J

    Point Loma 8Mar2020

    You should. I tied some flies that work great on Calicos. Let me know if you want to try any. John
  71. J

    Point Loma 8Mar2020

    Nice platform. I would like to fish calicos on that boat. Remove the front seat and you could be throwing clousers on a 10 weight fly rod. John
  72. J

    La Jolla-03/07/20

    If I would have seen Calicos pushing bait then I likely could have gotten them to go on a fly rod. That was cool you saw what you did. I will be looking for them next trip out. John
  73. J

    La Jolla-03/07/20

    My brother and I headed out to LJ at 7 this morning. We got our Rockfish limits in about 120 feet of water on dead squid. Fished inside and picked up since nice Calicos in about 45 feet of water on the plastics. Used 5 and a half gallons of gas. Boat ran great and everything worked. Water water...
  74. J

    Stranded swimmer while bugging Mdr

    Nice! Not an easy rescue to make even in broad day light. People forget. It is just someone’s head that is sticking out of the water. I am very impressed you found him. He would have died. Even with a wetsuit. I surfed on Thursday in a Springsuit and it got tough after an hour and a half and I...
  75. J

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers sent. Hang in there. John
  76. J

    Closing Wednesday

    Dakota and I headed out early this morning. We got a couple of Teal and then headed to Wister for the afternoon. We got our Pin very quick and then it was nothing for us except Pins. We worked them really well and got them to finish for fun. This might her last hunt. She has been having a harder...
  77. J

    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    Nope. Private. Usually, it is a straight up diver spot. But the Teal seem to like it.
  78. J

    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    I can shoot more ducks out of Wister but she cannot do that mud. Next season, I will be hitting Wister more. My 6 year old lab is just about done recovering from knee surgery. By the way, Wister shot a 3.18 on Wednesday. So, there is stuff around. John
  79. J

    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    I only had a couple of hours to hunt today. Dakota did really well and we pulled out 2 Drake Gads and a Drake GWT. If we could have stayed longer then we would have had at least 5. The ducks seemed new. Wister was shooting okay on the North end. John
  80. J

    Teal Day-Jan.15th

    The Mojo has helped the last 2 trips out. I just watch the birds. The Pins dont like them but the Teal and Widgeon seem to. You just have to watch how the birds react. I will not run one when focusing on Gads or Pins. I just run one for Teal and Widgeon. Decoy spread has been small. Literally, 1...
  81. J

    Teal Day-Jan.15th

    Hunted North of Wister with just Dakota. Slow day. Picked up 4 Teal quick then nothing showed up until the end of shoot time. Dakota had fun. The shotgun leaning up against the hay bales is empty. Wister shot around a mid 2. They were shooting better the last time I was out. SJ had fog early...
  82. J

    3 days in the salt

    Nice report. Great pics and write up. John
  83. J

    Dakota Round 2

    I took my 13 year old plus lab out for another hunt today. The Teal were flying and so were some Pins and Wigeon. Dakota picked up several birds including digging one out of a bush for 15 minutes. She was spent and my buddy had to pick her up to get her back on dry land. But, she held on to that...
  84. J

    MagBay on the fly.

    What is your set up for that stuff? John
  85. J

    Rockfish-Dec 29th

    You Da Man. You a great season on the bigger stuff. Hoped you had a good Christmas. It was good out there. I couldn’t even drop a line for the first 20 minutes because my son’s girlfriend was just smoking the rockfish. We headed in at 12. Lot of fish to clean. John
  86. J

    Rockfish-Dec 29th

    Yep. Fish Tacos for Monday. Rockfish closes soon. Then it will back to fishing the bay for bass. Hopefully, on the fly. John
  87. J

    Rockfish-Dec 29th

    I took my son out with his girlfriend and one of my buddies. We headed up towards La Jolla and caught a good number of Rockfish and Sheepsheads. Good bite in 130 feet on the squid. Boat ran great. Water was 60 and clean and the current was ripping. John
  88. J

    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    If I can get her out again, I will post up. Just waiting on the mud to dry out. She cant walk in that stuff anymore. John
  89. J

    Looks like tuna season is over

    Nice. Very creative. John
  90. J

    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    It has been rough watching her decline. She knows exactly what needs to happen but her body is not cooperating. I will lose my shit when her time does come. For now. I just need to be strategic on where I hunt with her. John
  91. J

    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Dakota is 13 years old. We found out she has the dog version of Lou Gehrig 's Disease. Her time is short. My wife told me to take her hunting before that is no longer a possibility. I could only hunt until 830 this morning then needed to head to work. Didnt care. Got up at 230 packed our stuff...
  92. J

    Good karma luck Kind of lurking around us so I picked up the bait and drove overtonight

    Good on you for helping him out. You are also proof that you still need to know what you are doing to get them even if you are in the right spot. John
  93. J

    Beware Barnes Vortx ammo!

    I am not a hard core deer hunter. But, we use only them in my .30 06 at 150 grain. My son killed 2 deer and my niece got 1 last season with my rifle and those loads. No issues. I would like to get a deer of my own some day. John
  94. J

    Wister Opening Day

    I was handling my dog on a pond just North of Wister. So, I can hear Wister. It was ridiculously quiet for an opener. It sounded like an average Sunday at Wister and not opening day. Lots of ponds had little to no water. Some of the best ponds had nothing. Likely the worst opener in over a...
  95. J

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    Just keep your paperwork altogether in one zip sealable plastic envelope to speed the review process up. I have never seen them that close to the border. Just around the islands. John
  96. J

    Catalina 10/8 Fog Delay and a PB Toad

    Your a good son. Great pics. Keep taking dad while you can. Time goes by fast. I imagine he was stoked just to be out there. John
  97. J

    10/5 Rescue West of South Island

    This is a crap season for loss of boats. Really surprised by the number of both private and professionally operated boats that have run aground or submerged due various reasons. Really good to hear the number of rescues that private boaters have been a part of this season. We just have to watch...
  98. J

    Quality Yellowfin 10/5

    Great Yellowfin pic. Thanks for the detailed report. John
  99. J

    Phenomenal morning

    Cody: You Da Man. Great job! John
  100. J

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    I have a 19 foot W/A I have no through hulls. Just dont trust them Bait pump is mounted off the transom. Glad you were not out to sea when that happened. Lots of bad boat stuff this season. Spooky how many private boaters have lost their shit this season. John
  101. J

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Holy crap. What failed? Through hull? John
  102. J


    I will tell you it was all in around 130 feet or so and South end. It was less than 200 feet and no where near where the 1/2 days are getting them. John
  103. J

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    Not a White. Not a Mako. Looks more like a 6 Gill. Orcas tend to kill sharks and eat the liver. This one was not ripped open. Could have been an Orca or another shark. You never know what you will see out there John
  104. J

    Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    Nice! Great pics too. John
  105. J


    No disrespect. But, no way am I giving up those numbers. Way too consistent to give them up I will share locations for calicos and when I get other stuff to go. Solid Rockfish spots are hard to come by. John
  106. J


    Nowhere near your level. I just got lazy today. I wanted to go offshore but I knew I could get into the Rockfish and be home early. I caught everything on one of my calico bass rods on 15 pound test. Except for the big Sheapshead. I had great bait. I should have spent time slow trolling for...
  107. J


    We headed out this morning at 6ish. We had frozen squid and made 30 mini macs by the North Jetty. There was plenty of fog but not real bad. We ended up at our Rockfish spot and were done in less than 2 hours. Great mix of fish. Didn’t see any yellows and were back on the trailer by 11:00am...
  108. J

    Tax man came to play

    GW. Look at the underside towards the back. John
  109. J

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Seriously. I passed this weekend. South Wind, close interval swell with some size. Those fish are not going anywhere. I ended up hanging out at Mission Bay today with my wife. I will wait for a better weather window. You need to pick a day to run when you are the most comfortable. That is...
  110. J

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Starting to pop on KTLA and other sites. 75 foot boat caught on fire. One report said 30 fatalities and one report said nothing confirmed yet. Ventura area. John
  111. J

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Thanks. Good to know. I typically pull my drain plug before I head for home. John
  112. J

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Same here. We still double check when we get to the launch ramp. Plenty of distractions to manage at the launch ramp. John
  113. J

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Took my brother out along with a friend. Before we launched at 5:00am we got to watch the shit show. Two guys forget to put in drain plugs but managed to get their boats back on their trailers. Everyone is in such a rush they miss things. Nice reminder to be methodical and don’t skip your...
  114. J

    226 YFT – 8/23/2019

    Oh, that does look bumpy. Anything along the 9? John
  115. J

    Weather/swell/wind forecast

    Use more than one source. Wind changes quick. I keep checking right up until the evening before I go. For this end of the California, South Winds suck. Swell intervals less than 8 seconds will certainly get my attention. Intervals at 12 seconds or more then I am not overly concerned. My boat is...
  116. J

    Full Day on the Grande 8/22

    Nice report. The Marine, acted like a good Marine. Cool to hear guys passing fish. Even on my boat we do the same. Fun watching people reel in fish when you already smoked a few. John
  117. J

    La Jolla-Aug 17th

    Nice video. I love Calicos. Even shorts. When they pop hard and you get them on the fly rod with 2 to 6 Calicos following your hooked one up to the surface, that is epic. I may go back out next weekend. I need to tie a couple of more patterns that I want to try out. Of course, if the tuna make...
  118. J

    La Jolla-Aug 17th

    Calicos were all just a little short. Still fun. Fortunately, we had a good number of Rockfish for tacos. John
  119. J

    La Jolla-Aug 17th

    Fished rockfish off LJ Did well. Came inside and fished the calicos. Super good bite on plastics and I whacked them on the flyrod. Real fun Water was green. Around 70 degrees. Sounded like a shit show at the 302 area. I would have fished it but my buddy does not his updated passport yet or...
  120. J

    Yellowfin Tuna. 230

    Nice picture of the stick. My son had Cancer at 4 years of age. He is good to go at age 22. But that whole deal screwed me up. John
  121. J

    LJ Aug 8

    I dont believe they charge either. I was just there last week and asked the dock attendant. John
  122. J

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    I have seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot. I can see something but it is not clear. John
  123. J

    Dorado 7/30

    Good job! I want to see them on the 9 mile bank. They will show. No tuna for you guys? John
  124. J

    SD bay day with my boy

    Your a great Father. You both will remember these fishing trips. My kids are 22 and 19. I still reflect on those early years. Watching them catch Calicos then Dorado, Yellowtail and Yellowfin. Man it goes fast. Kept at it. John
  125. J

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Never have been boarded. Always legal though. You never know. John
  126. J

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Funny. The TIP argument continues. I talked to Conapesca in San Diego and they were clear you need the TIP even if you are just fishing the Coronados and not trailering into Mexico. Discover Baja will tell you the same thing. Whether or not the Mexican Navy asks for it when they check you is...
  127. J

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Nope. I just print out the receipt and manifest and keep it with my Mexico stuff in a clear zipper envelope that I can easily get to. I just try my best to keep legal. I love Yellowtail. The Coronados are my best option. I don’t have the range for San Clemente Island. John
  128. J

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    There are links provided through the SAC website. I belong to Discover Baja and had them do it. I just did not want to deal with it. John
  129. J

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    I was told you needed it if you will be taking your boat into Mexico by land or sea. John
  130. J

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    You have to have the TIP. Good for 10 years Non transferable if you sell your boat. Place the TIP sticker on your boat's windshield. John
  131. J

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I emailed them and cc'd the Coastal Commission. Exercise your rights and express your opinion to those involved with this project. John
  132. J

    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    That is all I take. I have my TIP sticker on my windshield. I hope if they see that and run my CF numbers to confirm my FMM then they will just motor on. John
  133. J

    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    Curious. what did the Mex Navy ask to see?
  134. J

    Islands 7/23

    Nice report. I need to get back out there. John
  135. J

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Technically, I believe you need to purchase another one. At least, I would. John
  136. J

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I would go with a print out and proof of payment. Yours comes back the same day for your card getting run?
  137. J

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    You can purchase the 5.00 bracelet ahead of your trip. They will just date it for the day you intend to fish the Coronados. The FMM is more tricky. I wish they would have a quicker turnaround time. The TIP is a pain but good for 10 years and non transferable. Make sure you put the TIP sticker on...
  138. J

    Coronados 7-20, Mission Belle

    Friday looked like LJ on a hot yellowtail bite. I have never seen that many boats at South Coronado. Significant number of multiday boats. So, it was crazy then as well. Space was tight to work in. We kept well South of the Tuna Pens Water was around 66 for us. Mainly Chovies with 30% mix of...
  139. J

    Popper yellowfin on the Relleno

    Nice job. Have fun on your trip. Fly fishing the trout in New Zealand? John
  140. J

    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    Crap. If I would have known bread worked so well I would not have bothered getting a new bank tank. We’re they targeting the Wonderbread or will the cheap stuff work? John
  141. J

    WFO Foamer YFT 7/3

    Good job. Hard to leave a good bite but a sea sick gf is not good in the long run. John
  142. J

    7/2 tough day for tuna. G/W sighting.

    That is what I saw on the forecast. I am waiting until maybe Saturday. I have to pick my days. Surf is picking up as well. Not surprised by the Dorado. You saw them where I like to start looking for them. John
  143. J

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Nice job on passing that fish off to that kid. He looked stoked. John
  144. J

    Late post is better than no post: Liberty 6/20/2019

    Great job getting her on a Bluefin. Tough girl shaking off the sea sickness and picking up a Bluefin. John
  145. J

    Mexican waters?

    I never had a TIP before either but I know they can ask for it. Like you, I want to have my bases covered. You can just apply online and get it. I belong to Discover Baja and went through them to get mine done. They will charge for it but I just paid the fee and had them do it. Sorry for the run...
  146. J

    Getting Mexican fishing license will be harder to get now

    I talked to Oficina de Pesca yesterday. They are not selling licenses either on their website or in person. They have no idea when or if they will be selling them again. Something about a reorganization. They told me to go to the landings. Some of the tackle stores that normally sell them are...
  147. J

    Mexican waters?

    Your call. I would get a TIP. Passport and Mexican Fishing License for everyone on board. Fishing or not. Fishing the Coronados then you can add a FMM and that dorky biosphere bracelet for everyone on board. John
  148. J

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Autopilot is fine if you have someone on watch who can read a radar and take the wheel when necessary. I won’t sleep on boat that does not have a live person at the wheel. Sad. I am glad everyone is okay but it sucks to see a boat like that get totaled. These post are good to read. Just makes me...
  149. J

    Red tide off coastal san diego

    That is odd. Was not there last Saturday when I had my boat out. I just got done surfing Cardiff and the water looked really good. Clean and at least 65. I have not worn a wetsuit in over a week. John
  150. J

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Thanks! That zone can really turn on. It was just a matter of time. Glad you got into them. John
  151. J

    La Jolla-June 8th

    Looked more red tide along the kelp line. So, cleaner off of it. Not much life out there on top. John
  152. J

    La Jolla-June 8th

    Headed out to LJ this morning. Water is cleaner. 64 degrees. Fished rock fish and we did well on dead squid lures. Glassy early then fairly bumpy in the afternoon. John
  153. J

    6-4-19 A.M. half day

    Thanks! I might go out Sunday. John
  154. J

    6-4-19 A.M. half day

    Is the water clearing up? I surfed Sunday and I could see Red Tide out past the kelp in Cardiff. John
  155. J

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    I like it. An honest report. Not always pretty out there. I would still rather catch my own then pay for it. It may cost you more to catch your own but it means way more. You running twins or a single engine? John
  156. J

    Juvenile Great White

    Those are some nice pics. Nice GW. Never seen one that close. Makos yes. But not a White. Way cool. John
  157. J

    Creating New Memories with Bluefin

    Nice job Billy. Great pics as well. John
  158. J

    Liberty Killed it...

    Really? A 100 yards? I like what you are saying. Completely. However, wait for the shit show at LJ when the yellows start to pop. No way will boats be honoring a 100 yard buffer. If they stay 50 yards away, I would be happy. John
  159. J

    Liberty Killed it...

    I have seen it both ways. I have had cattle boats sit on me but I dont typically move. I have watched them get poached by private boaters. You wait until there are fish on the kelp paddies. That is when guys really get lit up. Getting hit by both private and cattle boats when you are on a patty...
  160. J

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Wishing you the best for a great outcome. John
  161. J

    We found them!

    Pretty fish. Great job and thanks for the details. That is plenty of info to get us looking in the general area. 182 might be worth a look. They could have spilled in there. Just wow. My mind is racing. John
  162. J

    31 March Oside

    Nice! Great pic. John
  163. J

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    Yep. I am with you on this. Hook and hand off or just watch the shit show once you are done. Besides, there is usually someone on board who is willing to learn. Favorite memory was helping this young kid catch a yellow on a pos coffee grinder while his Dad did his own thing at the back of the...
  164. J

    Mission Bay Jetty *Caution*

    Always call that stuff in. I have it done it several times and watched the Lifeguard Board come out. Logs suck. Such a low profile object to see. Especially in poor light. John
  165. J

    Sign of things to Come?

    No chance it was a Swordie? Dont get me wrong. Not surprised by a Marlin. If you saw the dorsal then you know what it was. I have chased Swords on top and pitched baits before They are hard to get to go. John
  166. J

    LJ-March 16th

    Water looked stained. It was good getting back out. It was just too hard to get out during duck season. Need to pick up a new radio and figure out my temp read out issue. John
  167. J

    LJ-March 16th

    First time out since November. Radio crapped out and temp gauge is not working on my Lowarance. Everything else worked great. We got into some nice Sheaphead, Whitefish and my biggest Sculpin North of Baja. Caught them in 90 feet and around 220. All on dead squid. Great conditions. Really felt...
  168. J

    6 Y/O Daughter Tagging Along

    Should be good. John
  169. J

    So close everyone is driving by

    Tippett? Funny. I straight tie 15 pound floracarbon. I don’t bother doing anything fancy unless I am throwing flies in the fresh water. 1100 is pretty heavy. I can see myself getting wrapped up like lights on a Christmas Tree going with any line near a 1000. I will take a shot next weekend if I...
  170. J

    So close everyone is driving by

    I need to get out. Thanks for the motivation. I love Calicos. I need them higher up towards the surface to get them on a fly rod but I am good to go on the plastics for now. I have two good set ups for them. Just need to get some more plastics in the right color. John
  171. J

    Fly Fishing San Juan River 1-11-19 thru 1-16-19 Video & Photos

    I just to use a net like yours. But on the bigger trout it is such a pain. Especially on the East Walker. I bought a net with an extended long handle and it does make it easier to reach the trout. Nice video. Love the Browns. John
  172. J

    Santa Monica Bay 1/29

    Hate to see anyone’s boat end up like that. Saw a boat at Dana Landing that sunk last season. Forgot the drain plug. Nothing funny. I felt bad for those guys. But, every report and pic of a mishap makes us all more vigilant. That is the truth. No one wants to be that “Guy.” Be safe boys, duck...
  173. J

    Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    Not buying it. Dana Landing. Look at the building behind the tree. The same tree that the Wardens park at and the biologist sit in there car at waiting to check our catch. Give me a freaking break. John
  174. J

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Great report. Thanks for the details. Well done. John
  175. J

    11-4-18 a.m. half day

    It was foggy for quite a while. What did you guys use for bait? We just had cut squid and just got hammered by Whitefish. One nice calico on the swimbait and then we had to head in. John
  176. J

    North 9 10/24

    Glad you got into them. Plastics or live bait for the calico? John
  177. J

    10/20 10/21 Bonito Pt Loma

    Thanks for a well written report. Glad the Bonito are still around. John
  178. J

    9 on a 12' rib

    No one surfing? That is a surprise. Too much run off for me so I passed surfing. Live bait could have worked. Good you got out there. John
  179. J

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    Surfed this morning. Super long interval. Too South for us up in Cardiff. Nice. Fun size but you will have to wait for it. Water is a little cooler.Sting Rays out in force. John
  180. J

    F’n Dorado

    That is freaking funny. Good plan though. John
  181. J

    Paying dues, full moon blues...

    You guys suck. I know they look cute but those little shits have been purposely targeting me. Maybe fishing this weekend. Will post up. Maybe I will get a pic. John
  182. J

    Paying dues, full moon blues...

    Not a Sea Lion. I have had plenty of Oceanography and Marine Biology classes to know the difference. John
  183. J

    Paying dues, full moon blues...

    Harbor Seals may look cute but they steal fish. I watched them take off with hooked Calico Bass on numerous occasions. I get just as pissed off as when the Sea Lions do it. So, the impact to me is the same. I drop a bunch of F Bombs and continue fishing. John
  184. J

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    Nothing funny about that dam tree. That happened to me a few years back. Almost spooled my reel. Still wake up in a cold sweat. Lots of witnesses to. John
  185. J

    9/22 Lj with a plot twist

    There are only so many ways for the water to get in. If he has any through hull fittings I would start there. His bilge should have kicked on. If he doesn't have one then he needs a float switch. The other guys already covered the second bilge pump idea. Glad you got a few. John
  186. J

    LJ: September 9th

    That is huge yellow on any reel. Like I said, need to try and get one with more open water to work with. John
  187. J

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    I will try and email you before I head out next time. Would be cool to work the same stretch of kelp with you. John
  188. J

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Damn Frank. Interesting day for you. Great job on the calicos. Wind forecast is not great. Surfed in the afternoon. Plenty of wind and water moving in all directions. Was looking at the weekend but I don’t like the forecast. No VHF? I carry two of those. Good thing you were out there. Yellows...
  189. J

    9/11/18 p.m. half day

    See my post from Sunday. I told you guys i got smoked. I knew those bigger ones were around. Dam it. Frank, bring your 12 weight. Crap. I cannot get back out for another week. I wished I didn’t read this. John
  190. J

    LJ: September 9th

    I have no complaints with the Calcutta. It is smooth and casts well. It would not be my reel of choice for yellows much bigger then 12 to 15. But, I bought it for calico bass and for those fish, it has proven to be really good. I have no problem throwing plastics or live bait with it. It is a...
  191. J

    Private Boat Life - September 9th - 390 and Beyond

    You really don’t sleep heavily. Even when you have someone driving. You still listen. We were coming back from a local trip. I was napping in my little cabin and shot right out when the engine alarm went off. Just some kelp on an intake. Buddies were like man you were up quick. You worry about...
  192. J

    9/10 178, 9mi down to the border and back...

    That is okay. He lied badly on Sunday. John
  193. J

    Not much 09/08

    That is funny. We went with We Suck. That fits on the side of my boat. T
  194. J

    LJ: September 9th

    Didn’t have time to set up the fly rod. I got smoked on my Calcutta setup. Got smoked on my fly rod two weeks back. Same scenario. Inshore has been good this season. John
  195. J

    LJ: September 9th

    We launched the boat out of Dana Labding at 6:30. Picked up a full scoop of large saradines and headed out into the fog. It got clearer a couple of miles out. We saw two dorado just swimming and jumping. No lkelp paddie. My brother hooked up twice and lost them both, Tried to relocate them...
  196. J

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Calicos on the fly. So much fun to get them on your own hand tied flies. I have been whacking them with Clousers. Anchovy color and also a crazy day glow green one that I used a bunch of material on. I hooked a mackerel on the fly two years back and a tail took it and promptly snapped my 8...
  197. J

    La Jolla 9/7 AM fly rod

    Nice! I was wondering when you were going to start hitting it again. Fly fishing has been fun this season. Been rocked by a few on the 10 weight. Got a new reel set up on my 8 weight. We will see how that one does. John
  198. J

    Dana Point 8/27 - Dorado or Bust

    I replaced both of my batteries and my engine would not turn over. I checked all my connections. Everything else worked. Everything but the engine. I would have bet money it was the starter. Brought into the shop. They figured it out real quick. I missed hooking up a ground. It was way back in...
  199. J

    Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    While it is true that Whites will seldom scarf one of us down. Don’t forget. They don’t have hands. So, they grab with their mouths first then figure out if they want to flat out kill and eat you. I would rather not be groped by a Great White. John
  200. J

    Slow day 14-277-152-Avalon 8/24

    That completely sucks. Hate seeing any boat go down. Saw one this season that was being refloated. John
  201. J

    La Jolla-Aug 18th

    Good job on the Dorado. We saw a couple of boats on paddies but never approached them. Might try again next weekend. John
  202. J

    La Jolla-Aug 18th

    Launched at 5:30. Freaking busy at Dana Landing. Waited in line for about a half hour. The boys were quick and were using both sides of the baitbarge. Bait was mostly small sardines with some larger ones thrown in. Worked our way down towards the border. Water was way off color down on the...
  203. J

    Another Saturday at San Clemente Island / 8/11/18 Report

    I do love your no BS reports. What worked, the conditions and the honesty. I would kill to fish those calicos on an 8 or even 10 weight fly rod. I get into them down here but not in the sizes that you guys are pulling them in. John
  204. J

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    On the water, everyone is a sister and brother when shit goes down. Glad your son is alright. Handheld water proof VHF is a must. Floating type with a leesh in case he dumps the kayak on the way in. John
  205. J

    8-11-18 SCI to the 43 Spot

    Nice! Always fun unhooking a hot Mako. John
  206. J

    The 302

    Nice pic! Nothing prettier then a Dorado. John
  207. J

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Little V and Big V were both stocked on Thursday after I left. I would fish Little V float tube. Far left corner area. Get on it early. No noticeable smoke today. Stopped off at June on the way home. All clear. Bishop and Crowley were clear. John
  208. J

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    East Walker is technical today. Weeds floating in the water and warm. Caught two nice ones. Hot and somewhat smokey in Bridgeport today John
  209. J

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    For those of you with an Archery Tag in the X12 Zone there are some nice little Bucks up here. John
  210. J

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Still some smoke. Little Virginia fishing well on ants and wooly buggers. Buckeye had a few. Upper Twin is a little slow. Will likely take a look at the East Walker on Thursday. John
  211. J

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Got to Mono Village on Sunday. Lot of smoke at Upper Twin. Less smoke on Monday. Less smoke today. My brother picked up a Bow just under 5 pounds fishing for Kokanee. I fished just a hour on Monday evening and picked up one rainbow on a Wooly Bugger and lost one. Float tubing Virginia Lakes on...
  212. J

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    In Bishop now. No significant smoke. Getting hot. I will start another thread on this topic on the fly fishing forum. John
  213. J

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    Heading up to Annettes. Brother is up there now. Not too bad. I will let you all know. I have to make the 8 mile drive each day to check emails for work. So, I will post from up there. If it gets too bad. I will just head home earlier. No smoke at LJ and the calicos are taking the fly :) John
  214. J

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    You been fly fishing the calicos? John
  215. J

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    It will be interesting to see what August brings. Lot of boats launching this morning. Not having Shelter Island to thin the herd is brutal. John
  216. J

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    We picked up a half scoop of 4 to 5 inch dines and headed out 12 miles and worked our way North. Several nice paddies with nothing on them. Trolled with the Dolphins for nothing. Water up to 78 degrees. Worked our way to the front of LJ in water between 35 and 80 feet. Calico bite was really...
  217. J

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Smart move on the foul hooked Bluefin. Glad you guys did so well. John
  218. J

    PLK and LJ-July 21st

    Nothing expensive. Lowrance Hook 5. I fried my Elite 4 and they gave me the upgrade to the Hook 5 for a $100. Not a bad unit. Pretty close to where I need it to be for set up. Looking at going out next Friday or Saturday. Surf is picking up. Surfed this morning. Water is warm but off color...
  219. J

    PLK and LJ-July 21st

    I needed to get my new Chartplotter and Fish Finder doped in. Picked up a half scoop of saradines and headed for LJ. Small mixed seas and then looking like popcorn by 11. LJ was dead. Worked our way down to PLK. The drift was just smoking and right into the kelp. Picked up just a few calicos on...
  220. J

    Great day sailing and fishing off pt loma

    On the sailboat, freaking awesome. John
  221. J

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    I never release the bow strap until the motor is started and the boat is ready to go. What you have to worry about is when the winch is not locked into place and free spools as you go to pull the boat out. Nothing funny in seeing a nice boat sitting on the launch ramp. John
  222. J

    Top of The 9 to LJ-July 9th

    Yep. Without a fish finder, I was screwed. We fished two really good paddies for a descent amount of time for a no go. I am with you, with the volume of Yellowtail at the islands it will only be a matter of time before they start showing up on the paddies and at LJ as well. I might try and get...
  223. J

    Top of The 9 to LJ-July 9th

    Headed out on a 270 to about 15 Miles. Found two nice kelp paddies for nothing. Trolled with the porpoises for nothing. Worked our way into LJ and fished the Calicos on the Channel Island Chovie colored plastic. Did not see any signs of tuna on the outside. Water looked clean. No idea on water...
  224. J


  225. J

    So, get the FMM first and use that number? Then do the TIP? Thanks for your patience with me. I...

    So, get the FMM first and use that number? Then do the TIP? Thanks for your patience with me. I want to get set up. I feel yellows and Dorado will be on the kelp paddies this season. Just got done surfing. Well over 70 degrees in the water and clean.
  226. J

    Thanks. The Visa is the one you get from the border not the FMM? John

    Thanks. The Visa is the one you get from the border not the FMM? John
  227. J

    Sea Adventure 80 6/27-7/1, 4hr cow tuna...almost

    Great story. If you fish the big stuff long enough then you will experience this type of event. 4 hours is epic. I have lost tuna at a little over an hour and that hurt. 4 hours and just out of gaff range and a tuna that big? Brutal. I would have gone to a corner and cried. I really hope you get...
  228. J

    Tips for 1st overnighter on my boat

    Don’t go alone. Have some one on watch. Do not run on autopilot and not pay attention. If you have radar make sure you have it set properly so you are warned well in advance of anything coming up. Check your float switch on your bilge and make sure it works. Pay attention to the weather...
  229. J

    I used to fish Mex all the time but have not since the FMM thing started. So, in order to even...

    I used to fish Mex all the time but have not since the FMM thing started. So, in order to even get a TIP I need to purchase a FMM even though I cannot actually even use it until I can get the TIP? I am guessing this is what is meant by VISA. Thank you. John
  230. J

    Kids and Cuda

    Great job. Those sound like really nice size Barries. I am sure your brother appreciated you taking his daughter fishing. I cannot even imagine how much you had left to do when you got home to clean up your boat, your fish and dropping off one salty kid. John
  231. J

    Winds and weather

    Pretty much winds out of the South or Southwest at 10 knots or above will make things pretty bumpy. Close interval swell at less than 9 seconds will just add to it. Yeah, I surf and it has been sucking. Today, the wind is light and it is not coming out of the South. So, glassy this morning. John
  232. J

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    Nice fish. You just never know when an Opah will make a showing. John
  233. J

    PQ Limits BFT 60-90#

    Just loved your report. So cool to see a clip and your write up was great. Glad you guys got into them. I can easily visualize that deckhand almost getting pulled over. John
  234. J

    6/16 wind

    Wind is out of the South. Does not take much to bump it up when the wind is from South. Looks like South to Southwest Wind for Sunday. Hoping it switches to the West. If not, I will not be fishing it. John
  235. J

    Did you guys pull out a Wahoo that one season when they were in tight? Pretty trippy pulling...

    Did you guys pull out a Wahoo that one season when they were in tight? Pretty trippy pulling Marauders knowing that Wahoo were out there and we had a chance. I will settle for good numbers of local Yellowfin and Dorado in US waters this Summer. John
  236. J

    Island Bluefin

    Stud. Seriously impressed John
  237. J

    Looking for the long tails....

    Call the tech guys. I had a similar problem with my lowerance and was told to do a hard restart. That worked for me. Check with Furuno. John
  238. J

    Just for the intel of it!!!

    Thanks. Great report. Water temps sound better. John
  239. J

    Stringari Sea Trial

    My 18.5ft W/A gets between 3.5 and 4.2. That is with a 4 stroke Yamaha 115 and a stock prop. I need to upgrade the prop and I know my average will be closer to 4. John
  240. J

    5/30 La jolla

    Just finished surfing San Elijo. Water warmed some since Monday. Big boat wrapping something several miles West of Swamis. I am guessing bait fish. So, some life out there. John
  241. J

    Stringari Sea Trial

    I bet it does pretty well. See you out there. John
  242. J

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Thanks for the look. What is pushing your boat? How did you do for mpg? John
  243. J

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    I don’t know man. I need to see pictures. That is a crazy story. Those knot heads are huge. I weigh a buck seventy. That sea lion would have smoked me. John
  244. J

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    I surfed this morning and the water was cold in a spring. Water was clear though and better looking. Just too much wind on it over the last week. No real wind today. So, hopefully things are starting to come together. John
  245. J

    Sunday half day report...

    Freaking love this quote. You and me both. I take guys out and we get them or we don’t. Too bad, so sad. We tried. Don’t whine. I am already pissed as it it is. You get sick? You should have planned better. You don’t pitch in you will not be out again. Fishing has sucked at LJ. Inconsistent...
  246. J

    5:25 Back Bay new boat!

    Good job on getting the kids on the fish. On the plastic as well. Nice boat! John
  247. J

    185 on the Kite

    Nice summary! You guys deserved that Blue. You guys put in the time and were strategic. John
  248. J

    2 trips, 3 fish. Horseshoe and Izors

    Thanks for the work you do. My 21 year old had cancer at 4 years of age. 8 years of uncertainty. Still not a day that goes by that I don't think about that time. If you get down this way email me. John
  249. J

    It was a Sand Dab sort of day. 03.31.18

    That looks really good. Seen more police boats at Mission Bay as well. Seriously set up to contact people who come into the channel hot and don’t slow down at the bouys. Noticed them much more frequently last Summer. Fog down our way as well. Surfed today. Water was cold and still really...
  250. J

    La Jolla-March 30th

    No bananas. Just Zingers, gum, Gatorade and frozen squid. John
  251. J

    La Jolla-March 30th

    Hell, I was due for an upgrade.:D John
  252. J

    La Jolla-March 30th

    Not a rough day. Good day. We caught fish. The boat ran great, no one got hurt and we got back under our own power. I surf. I can handle the cold water. It was just funny. My brother thought I dove in after the fish. He didn’t know about my cell phone going over until I climbed back in. I was...
  253. J

    La Jolla-March 30th

    My brother and I ran up to LJ for a couple of hours. We only had until 10:30. Skipped live bait and fished frozen squid. Picked up some whitefish and two very large reds. I was trying to get a pic of my red but he kicked and my phone got knocked into the ocean. The fish followed my phone and I...
  254. J

    Keep your eyes on the spread.

    Off the motor. Something there for sure. John
  255. J

    Good deed/good fishing 03.18.18

    What did you get the calicos on and how deep? Good job on the sail boat. You never know if it is incompetence, medical or some other distraction. It does surprise me when people do use autopilot and no one is on watch. Like nothing is going to happen. John
  256. J

    Sick Yellowtail Video!

    The kids did really well and found the fish and got them to go. I don’t see them poaching off of a 3/4 day boat either. Maybe a moron can pull yellows off a boiling school but not if he can’t find them to begin with. Nice video. John
  257. J

    Flying fish in close to shore

    Yep. That is very interesting. I can’t get out until maybe next weekend. But, definitely know where I want to be looking. John
  258. J

    La Jolla and PT Loma 3-6-2018

    I have a 10 weight set up for the bigger stuff. Catching mackerel on the fly off LJ a couple seasons back on another 8 weight set up. Hooked a Mac which got slammed by a yellow. Got smoked and snapped my fly rod just before I would have gotten line dumped. So much fun.
  259. J

    La Jolla and PT Loma 3-6-2018

    Yep. Very nice. Love the Calicos. Tying flies for them. New 8 weight fly reel with premium fly line. Hoping I don’t get smoked by a big yellow and lose $80 plus of fly line this Summer. John
  260. J

    3/5 - 7 species day

    Nice job. Great mix. John
  261. J

    3/2 Rock Pile report on the San Diego

    Good to hear about the Bluefin. Should be an interesting season. John
  262. J

    Owens River Trout

    Glad you got a few. Tougher when it is that cold to get them to go. I am going to wait and maybe head up to fish Hot Creek later in March. John
  263. J

    Owens River Trout

    Still closed. My brother is up there. Just torched from the campground to close to the Five Bridges area. Freaking sad. I love the Lower O. The wild trout section is my special place. She’ll bounce back. She did from the last big burn as well. Sierra Drifters has a good pic of the burn for...
  264. J

    Big ass San Diego Sand Bass

    Looks like sweet and sour pork. Nice bass. John
  265. J

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 2/4/18

    I have an anchovie colored clouser that I could light those bass up on the fly rod with. Nice video. Love Calico Bass. John
  266. J

    1.5 day on the Chief

    Those are really nice looking rockfish. Nice Bluefin as well. John
  267. J

    stolen 2015 Boston Whaler Montauk

    That sucks. You obviously took good care of both the trailer and boat. Even if insurance covers it, it sucks to lose a boat that you have grown attached to and has always brought you back home. Sincerely sorry and hope you get her back. John
  268. J

    New Years Bluefin

    Great fish. But, Holy Crap. Look at that water temp! John
  269. J

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Really nice boat. You did a great job on the wiring and overall set up. Nice Calicos. Great boat to fly fish off of. Like the front. John
  270. J

    Oregon Ducks

    Crap. Glad you are getting into them. Tough down our way. Getting a few. Still have not shot a Spoonie this season. Lots of Pins and some Widgeon and Gads. Have not seen the influx of Green Wings yet either. Sick of the Summer weather. Surfed Friday in a freaking spring suit. John
  271. J

    Potholing Lake La Jolla 12/9

    Great job. Nice narration and great content. John
  272. J

    100 Pound Club

    Awesome. Nice report and congratulations on such a nice fish. John
  273. J

    Late Report LJ Thanksgiving Hali (Video)

    Glad you got him. You certainly earned that one. Forget about the Scooby Do Gaffs. John
  274. J

    Pb lobster 11/22

    That is a huge one. Nice job on the release. John
  275. J

    Tuna, Cuda, Bass and Bombs - San Clemente Island 11/18

    I really love Calicos and your pictures really show how pretty they are. John
  276. J

    Point Loma-Nov. 4th

    Yep. Pretty easy day. Great bait as well. Worth a look down that way if you have time. John
  277. J

    Point Loma-Nov. 4th

    I needed to pick up a fishing rod this morning so ran the boat down to Point Loma. Good bite by the Whislter Bouy. Sardines on the bottom. Big Bonito, Big Ling, Big Rockfish and some nice Calicos. Only fished it for a couple of hours. Really nice conditions with about 64 to 67 degree water...
  278. J

    Red Mountain Area Chukar

    Great job on the dog recovery. As a dog owner, I would have freaked if it were my dog missing. Too bad about the calling device. You should have checked the call selecter and slid it to coyote mode and walked off. John
  279. J

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    You did really good arrowing that Buck. You should be stoked. Great job. John
  280. J

    2 day re-cap BFT Yellows and Dodos

    Awesome! Great food pics. John
  281. J

    A little out and a little in-Aug. 19th

    Did not get them on a paddy. There are yellowtail spread out all along the coast. We just got into a good pocket of them. The current was ripping and the water was clear and clean. This helped a lot. John
  282. J

    A little out and a little in-Aug. 19th

    I covered 76 miles. Just tough out there. My brother surfed thiS morning and said the wind was on it early at Cardiff. John
  283. J

    A little out and a little in-Aug. 19th

    Headed out from Dana Landing at 5:30am. It was as packed as I have ever seen it. I was dreading the bait line but the boys opened up both sides and it went well. Picked up a full scoop of Sardines and they were really good. Headed out in fairly mixed up small bump with some wind. Overcast...
  284. J

    08/11 - Catalina, Call me farmer Ed...

    Dorado are tricky to gaff even if it is someone else's fish. I do like to gaff my own and have plenty of times. It is not unusual for a Dorado to come up sort of quick only to bolt again. I typically do not even try to gaff a Dorado on the first pass unless it is laid out nice and flat. You miss...
  285. J

    8/11 9-182 same day report

    Thanks for the follow up reply. John
  286. J

    8/11 9-182 same day report

    Cool read. Glad you got into a few. It looked a little bumpy inside. I surfed this morning and the water rolled hard. How warm was the water off shore? John
  287. J

    8/6 out of MB

    Nice! Great Bull. John
  288. J

    Top of the 9 and North-July 28th

    Yep. Barrie that far out. There were others pushing up bait as well. 1st for me that far out. John
  289. J

    Top of the 9 and North-July 28th

    Headed out of Mission Bay with a nice half scoop of Sardines. Worked our way out to 12 miles. Picked up about a 5 pound or so Yellowtail. Released it. Hooked something way bigger on the Colt Sniper but it worked it's way off. Picked up a Barrie and released him. Next paddy. Something smoked...
  290. J

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    Good attitude. Stick with it. You can get them to go. Just a matter of time. John
  291. J

    182-Corner-43 outside and up the line

    There really is a lot of bait out there. More then I have seen and in so many different places. I just don't have the range to hit the 43. I will stick to the inside and keep looking for the Dorado and Yellowtail. Hope you guys get into the big tuna. It is great reading all the posts with the...
  292. J

    Out and Up-July 19th

    I found three good paddies off LJ and none were holding. I believe you saw them. I just could not find them. John
  293. J

    Out and Up-July 19th

    I was pissed. Biggest Calico I have hooked on a fly rod. The Dorado are starting fill in. The water is warm and almost the right color. Lots of bait everywhere. Felt like I was in Mulege. John
  294. J

    Out and Up-July 19th

    I really wanted to go fish today. You could smell the Dorado in the air yesterday. Headed out at 6 from Dana Landing. Worked our way out to about 12 miles. Found a great looking kelp paddy but it was a no go. Saw birds working hard. Dropped back a purple feather and a Cedar Plug. The purple...
  295. J

    Saturday's Forecast (would you go out)

    Yep. It is more of an interval issue. 10 seconds on up, no problem. 8 seconds and below it makes it much more complicated to pick a good line. Add in wind that is blowing good or blew all night then I will pass. Winds out of the South completely suck. Just keep checking the weather. I have seen...
  296. J

    2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Nice job. What did you catch them on? John
  297. J

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    Nice GW. Seen them but could never get a picture of one. That is a good sized one. John
  298. J

    Blue fin and Dorado!

    Yep. Dorado do make it interesting. John
  299. J

    Coastal Fishing Today

    Nice! Calicos are fun and you got a chance at a school of tuna. That is a good day. John
  300. J

    Liberty Late report.

    Great job! Your a better Dad than I. Years ago, my son tried to get me to pass him a yellowtail. I just laughed and said no way, its Fathers Day. Seriously, well prepared Bluefin. John
  301. J

    N9 ,178, la jolla

    Nice! Great job on the calicos. Nothing wrong with them. Get them going stupid then flip over to a fly rod and light them up. John
  302. J

    Round Two

    Nice job! Great looking fish. John
  303. J

    Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    You did a great job as always. Nice shot of the fillets. You need to adopt me. John
  304. J

    June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    I carry a spare bilge pump with quick attachments that I can attach to the battery with a long hose to route water back out. John
  305. J

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day Memorial Weekend 2017

    Sounds promising. Nice report. John
  306. J

    SD Inshore 5/27

    Nice report. Water definitely has cooled on the inside. John
  307. J

    5/27 nados 425 hidden rockpile

    Surfed this morning and it was blowing hard by 9. Water cooled. Hopefully, it will snap back around. John
  308. J

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    There are other launch ramps to use in Mission Bay. Dana will be a zoo once things get going but there other options. However, you better be way more concerned with the lines at the bait barge in Mission Bay with all of the extra boats showing up during the Shelter Island renovation. If the...
  309. J

    Halibut Happiness

    That really is a nice picture with that angle. Nice Hali. John
  310. J

    Mission Bay 4/28/17

    Nice job! Love the Bay. John
  311. J

    8wt recommendations

    I keep both an 8 weight and a 10 weight on the boat. I have caught plenty of calicos, bonito, Barrie's, surf perch and Corbinas on the fly. My preference is the 10 wt for the boat and the 8 wt for the surf. You can pick up a descent stick for under $250. You need to invest in a descent large...
  312. J

    LJ 03/19/17

    Wow. Those conditions do look good. Great job getting the kids out. They will remember these trips. Boat time is way better for them then playing freaking video games. John
  313. J

    LJ/PL 03/17

    Okay. Thanks for the report. John
  314. J

    LJ/PL 03/17

    The fog was an issue for us last weekend as well. What did you get the Calicos on and how deep? John
  315. J

    Firewood at Izors

    Yep. There was stuff inside the surfline as well. I was out surfing on Friday and there was some dodging and weaving to be had. John
  316. J

    La Jolla 03/11

    There was some caught. We saw some but no go on the iron for me. The water was off color until you got closer to La Jolla then it cleaned up real nice. We had fun. I put in a new gauge and needed to see if it worked and it did. We only burned 6.5 gallons of gas and passed on bait. I wanted the...
  317. J

    La Jolla 03/11

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 7:30. Still a fair amount of debris in the water so keep an eye out. Headed up to LJ. A lot of bait everywhere. We metered water at around 61. Caught some rockfish, a Calico, short Barrie and two Sandies. Fog rolled in but we had a quarter mile visibility so no...
  318. J

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    It is a great lake to hunt and the better hunting spots do get pressured. There were other people who had issues in another key spot that got into an argument earlier this season. This happens every season. Nothing like when 40 plus guys were hunting the lake and still not as bad as at the...
  319. J

    Quail report 10/15

    I was down there on Sunday. Saw a few Quail but busted in a no go area. I also wear snake gaters hunting in the brush down there. Those snakes down there are big. Glad you guys got a few. John
  320. J

    La Jolla 9/26/16

    Frank: Stoked you are doing so well on the fly. If the weather holds, I might head out Saturday. John
  321. J

    Went marlin fishing..

    Nice picture. What was the water temp? John
  322. J

    371 to 302 on Sat 9-24

    Great job and great release. John
  323. J

    Grizzly Island Elk Hunt

    Great attitude! John
  324. J

    Eva Gives Up Another YT- 9-10

    Nice to see a good sized local yellowtail. John
  325. J

    Out and Up- Aug. 27th

    Yep. I love it when you drink a few and it still feels like you are on the boat before you even start to drink. I think I made it to 8:30 and passed on. John
  326. J

    Out and Up- Aug. 27th

    My friend and I headed out today out of Dana Landing. Picked up a nice half scoop of Saradines and headed out a little over 21 miles. It was glass. No wind. No paddies until close to 20 out. A big six pack was on a kelp paddy that had some dorado on it. They had kids on the boat so I skipped...
  327. J

    First Time FisherChicks

    Nice report. They look like they had a lot of fun. It is really important to develop the next generation of outdoors men and women. Junior Hunting and youth fishing programs are so important. Yet, individual efforts like yours are just as important. We already have enough Video gamers out there...
  328. J

    8-14-16 209 Report

    Chunk or sometimes 15 flouacarbon. Sometimes it does not matter what you try :). John
  329. J

    LA Jolla-7/27

    Carl: Actually, there were 6 boats in line. Nothing like last year where you would be waiting an hour or so, just to be told they were out of bait. I was so freaking tired when I typed this report. I took a nap when I got hone. We were offshore until around 11 and then headed in to LJ to fish...
  330. J

    LA Jolla-7/27

    Yep. I always keep a fly rod on board for when the fishing gets stupid. Calicos are pretty easy to catch on a flyrod. Yellowtail take way more work. John
  331. J

    LA Jolla-7/27

    Right up on the South end of the MLPA. I know where the boundary is and I was legal. They were more interested in checking licenses and to see if we kept anything. John
  332. J

    LA Jolla-7/27

    Headed out around 6:30 out of Dana Landing with a buddy. Picked up some great Sardines from the bait dock. We headed out around 12 and worked our way up to just above Del Mar. Lots of birds and dolphins but no paddies or fish. Water was up to 75 but still more green then blue. We worked our way...
  333. J

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Great Job! Nice write up. John
  334. J

    Not a bad skunk at la jolla

    Best of luck with it. See you on the water. John
  335. J

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Your a stud for even being out there solo. A fish that big is a very dangerous one. Even if you had gaffed it on the first pass that fish probably had plenty enough left to rip that gaff out of your hand. Regardless of your age that would have been tough to pull off solo. Doable but tough. Great...
  336. J

    LJ-July 17th

    Within 200 yards. John
  337. J

    Not a bad skunk at la jolla

    That was nuts about that Lexa 400. I was the guy you talked to just before I put my boat back on the trailer. John
  338. J

    LJ-July 17th

    Sorry. I was so beat when I typed this up. They checked me at sea. Inflatable. 3 guys. I thought they were Homeland Security at first. Checked licenses and verified ID. Nice guys. We talked about what they had seen so far from the other guys they had checked. John
  339. J

    LJ-July 17th

    We launched the boat out of Dana Landing at around 6:15. There were a lot of boats out already. We picked up a good half scoop of sardines that lasted until we finished up. Headed out towards the top of the 9 then up to LJ. The seas were mixed. Water temps up to 72.5. Saw some diving birds but...
  340. J

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Nice trout. Those would be fun a fly rod. No way am I keeping them. Thanks for posting up and verifying the size. I heard they were small but those are dinks. Should be fun on an 8 weight fly rod. I will post up if I get out this weekend. John
  341. J

    Offshore swell question

    Ideal? Variable winds at 10 knots or less. Swell at 14 seconds or longer. I have been out in very large swells at 20 second intervals and had no concerns. I have been out in mixed seas with a tight interval and had to really watch what I was doing. I run a 19 foot W/A. I was out Saturday...
  342. J

    June 23rd Top of 9 and North

    Picked up a half scoop of dines and headed out of Mission Bay with two friends. Conditions were really nice so we headed out towards the top of the 9 and then out. Found several really nice kelps with nothing on them. Water temps are on the move from between 68 to 70.1. Worked our way North...
  343. J

    Got in to them yesterday.

    Great job. That is how dogs are supposed to look after a good day hunting. John
  344. J

    Montana Elk-2015

    Really nice Elk. Great Job! John
  345. J

    Yellowfin tuna 181 Wednesday 10:28

    So are really nice tuna. John
  346. J

    A few last deer handleing question?

    I do not believe either Tip Top or T&H will take a deer that is not dressed and skinned. I just one back from Tip Top and it was skinned and dressed down when we dropped it off. But, you should check with them. John
  347. J

    A Couple Firsts... A Day I'll Never Forget - DP Wahoo and Marlin 10/24

    Great report and great pictures. Nice job on the Marlin and the release. John
  348. J

    Just Outside: Oct.25th

    Some were a little bigger. One might have gone 5 pounds. Way too small to keep. I just wanted to get them to go on a fly rod. I had one on the fly popper. Fun on a fly rod. Need to get an anchovie clouser. John
  349. J

    Just Outside: Oct.25th

    No Marlin. Lots of flying fish and great conditions. I would hit that area again. It can certainly produce. Plenty of bait for Marln and Wahoo. Some those small yellows and dorado looked like they were hit by something. John
  350. J

    Just Outside: Oct.25th

    My friend and I headed out at around 7:30 today. Picked a great half scoop of mixed Chovies and Deans and headed out from Mission Bay. Dragged the Wahoo lures and started finding great kelps at around 10 miles out and worked our way North. Caught and released a bunch of small yellowtail and...
  351. J

    Very Clean Marauders!

    This is Southern California. For Cali, the Wahoo bite has been epic this season when you really think about the numbers that have been landed. It really makes you wonder if the numbers would have been this good during the last big El Niño if the boys really had them dialed in like some of the...
  352. J

    Game processing San Diego??

    I just got a deer back from Tip Top. The deer was pretty much butchered down before I dropped it off. I dropped off the hind quarters and 13 or 14 pounds of meat. I got 28 pounds of brats and numerous steaks cut off the hind quarters. I could have done it at home but I did not have the time...
  353. J

    Father Daughter Hunt

    Nice Doe and a nice write up. I am down to one 16 year old Junior Hunter. He picked up a nice Doe thia season and we will be hitting the ducks next. John
  354. J

    filled my tag

    Yep. Nice Buck. John
  355. J

    Alaska Moose Hunting with Pops

    Nice pictures and great write up. What type of rifle and bullet configuration? John
  356. J


    You guys are killing me. Deer hunting this weekend then back on the boat. John
  357. J

    Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    Great job! I just can't get over how many have been caught so far and they are all nice size. John
  358. J

    Wahoo west of last jolla

    Great job. They really are spread out. John
  359. J

    302 and 425 sat report

    Between the Wahoo and Blue Marlin reports, i think all of us have been as motivated as we have in years to give it a go. John
  360. J

    1 out of 2

    Great job! I wonder how many Wahoos will end being caught within 35 miles and up to Dana Point this season? All you guys who have caught them so far have to be tripping. John
  361. J

    302 and 425 sat report

    At least you got a good look at the Blue and you brought home fish. John
  362. J

    9/27 Dp report

    Great picture of the kid pinned at the corner. John
  363. J

    Saturday 26th Wahoo N9mile

    Great job! On the small boat makes it even better. John
  364. J

    1st west coast who!!!

    Impressive. Very nice. John
  365. J

    'Hoos yer daddy. Solo. upper nine Wed 9-24

    Great job on that Wahoo. Super impressed with their showing this season. John
  366. J

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    Nothing wrong with that tuna. My concern is geared towards the small ones being kept. I would have gaffed that fish in the picture and been very happy with it. Nice fish and glad you got into them. John
  367. J

    WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    We either self-regulate our selves or the DFG and Feds will do it for us. We saw this happen with Calico Bass. Did we really need to keep 10 and the brood stock as well? On my boat, I call the shots. We always kept under limits for Calicos and released the big ones. We release the small pelagics...
  368. J

    Fishing trip for contest winner 9/20/15

    Thank you for taking him and getting him into some Dorado. He will remember this trip and hopefully, it will give him strength when times get tough. John
  369. J

    Late Report 0918 Quiet day and a visitor

    Cool footage. I have only seen Humpbacks a few times out here and never that close. John
  370. J

    Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Yep. Great attitude in a tough situation. At least the fish were biting. John
  371. J

    Please identify my fish

    Awesome. Shortbill. John
  372. J

    Anacapa Island Marlin Report

    Really nice read and great pictures. What a great opportunity for you to fish on such a highly decked out boat with a great crew. John
  373. J

    Oceanside Paddie Crusher...Sunday 9-13

    Guys were talking about seeing an Orca pod today. Humpback whale is a cool thing to see. Especially, so close. John
  374. J

    Mission Bay and up to Encinitas-09/13

    Thanks for the follow up report. I thought about hitting the North 9 but headed North. John
  375. J

    Mission Bay and up to Encinitas-09/13

    Launched the boat at 5:15 out of Dana Landing. Picked up a scoop of mixed Chovies and Macs. No real bait line. Headed out on a 270 and worked our way North to Encinitas. Lots of nice kelp paddies in water up to 78 and very clean. Nothing but micro yellows. Worked our way into La Jolla and caught...
  376. J

    No Marlin but not a bad consolation prize.

    Nice Dorado. I would not be letting a 29ft Blackfin sit. That is one sweet ride. After fishing on my 19 footer for a very long time, I would love to take out a bigger boat. John
  377. J

    New Boat Mojo

    Yep. Nice Yellowtail! John
  378. J

    Mick Fanning and Megabaits

    Nice pictures! Cool you ran into Mick. John
  379. J

    First bear

    Nice Bear! Great job and with the bow. John
  380. J

    Does "trip planning" include help with actually catching fish?

    I have seen boats on the launch ramp because they slid off the trailer. I keep my boat connected until the boat has been started and is good to go. Always double check your drain plug. I always put mine in the night before. I also check my nav lights, bilge and bait pump as well. I fished the...
  381. J

    15 miles Outside LJ-Aug 29th

    Thanks for that reply. At least you saw the Humpback close. Weird about Carlsbad. I figured there would be stuff in there. There are more fish coming up the line. They will fill in along the coast and we will be getting back into them. John
  382. J

    15 miles Outside LJ-Aug 29th

    Yep. No doubt. Good from there on up. It will turn back on. John
  383. J

    15 miles Outside LJ-Aug 29th

    Launched the boat at 4:00am out of Dana Landing. The moon was really bright. Picked up a scoop of sardines and some small macs. 15 miles out on a 270 then North and back in. We only had until 12. We found a bunch of great paddies with nothing but micro yellows on them except for one. I pulled a...
  384. J

    8/28 report

    Nice talking to you today. I was the one who talked to you when your boat was back on the trailer. John
  385. J

    Holy crap......

    The limit is 5 tuna per angler in Mexico. They caught 230 yellowfin for 46 anglers which comes out to 5 per person. I am going with the 302 or just inside of it. John
  386. J

    Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    Could be a combination of both. They follow the scent trail out of the outflow hose then hit the lower end because they find no bait fish but they pick up the light electrical charge. It is very interesting to watch happen. John
  387. J

    Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    The sharks go for the lower end because that is where that iode is located that helps protect the outboard from corrosion. I believe it emits a light electrical charge that the sharks seem to like. I have had blues and makos come up on mine as well. John
  388. J

    Outside-LJ Aug.23rd

    30 pound flora carbon and fly lining dines. Long soaks off the paddy and some chunks. John
  389. J


    They run a good boat. Glad you got a few. John
  390. J

    Outside-LJ Aug.23rd

    My friend had to be back by 12:30pm so we launched from Dana Landing at 4:15am and picked up a full scoop of good sardines. Headed out on a 270 and worked our way North. No tuna today but we picked up five small Dorado. Nice out there. Conditions were very good. Water was 73.5. Lots of people...
  391. J

    First archery buck

    There is nothing wrong with that Buck. You should be proud. You at rowed a nice one. John
  392. J

    Aug.20th-No Go

    15 out from MB. Tried Rady 45s, Colts and I cannot even find a flat fall in stock. Macs work. Just not for us today. I have caught plenty of nice pelagics on macs just not today. I am sure guys caught some good stuff today on macs. Just the wrong schools for us. However, I would take a full...
  393. J

    Aug.20th-No Go

    We launched the boat at 4:30am at Dana Landing. It was looking like it was going to be a quick bait line but they were out of bait and so was San Diego. The bait boat showed up at San Diego but I am not sure how long the bait lasted. We made 20 or so macs but the tuna and dorado did not want we...
  394. J

    Archery bear hunt

    400 pound Black Bear? That is a nice bear. Congratulations. John
  395. J

    Fire At Buckeye-Bridgeport

    Just a head's up. There is a fire up in the Buckeye Creek area near Bridgeport. This is a popular area for deer hunting. So, if you planned on hunting it check with the Rangers on current conditions. It was burning last night. I was just up there last week and it was looking really good. John
  396. J

    Non-lead Shot

    Mike: Seeing more doves everywhere. I am going going to try and get out in the morning of the opener. My kids are in school as well. Hope you are doing good. Starting to think about duck season. John
  397. J

    Eastern Sierras - August 1st to 8th

    The Eastern Sierras is a hard place to leave. But, the saltwater fishing has been nuts. Went out Monday and did okay. Looking for a wide open dorado bite to break out the 10 weight. Will post up if I get them to go. Hitting the Lone Pine area for the archery opener this weekend. I will take my...
  398. J

    How to deal with divers

    Yep. I fished a patty off of Oceanside several years ago with 7 or so other boats. One guy was spearfishing it and would let us know when the school of Dorado were swimming through. We all caught fish on that paddy and the diver actually helped. To be honest, if I were sitting on a paddy and...
  399. J

    August 10th: Top of the 9 and Outside

    We got a late start out of Dana Landing and picked up a half scoop of very large sardines. We headed out of Mission Bay due West. Found plenty of kelp paddies but not much happening. Found one that worked and picked up a really nice 19 pound Yellowtail. Headed South. Fished the top of the 9...
  400. J

    Eastern Sierras - August 1st to 8th

    Slow. We got into fish at Little Virginia Lake, Blue Lake, Buck Eye and Upper Twin at Annett's. Saw some nice bucks, dealt with bears every night and it was relatively cool. Caught trout on Wooly Buggers and Elk Hair Caddis. I actually caught and released a hen mallard that took my Elk Hair...
  401. J

    Skunk report Oside 7/30/2015

    The water is too warm for the kelp and it dies off. Kelp likes water temps well below 70. You technically did not get skunked. Your report should have been worded differently. More like this... Fishing was slow out of O'side for me. I caught and released some future brood stock yellowtail while...
  402. J

    7/26 9 Mile & South

    Nice report. I was wondering how much longer it was going to take for the Wahoos to show up. John
  403. J

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    I am super impressed with those pics. Lots of talent behind the lense. John
  404. J

    Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    Great report! Good on the released fish. Get the rod fixed. Likely to cost you under $30. I had to get several of my guides re wrapped a couple of months back. John
  405. J

    Fowl Hooker on the tuna!

    Very impressive! John
  406. J

    How was bait 7/22 SD Bay or MB?

    See my report. Just posted. Best sardines I have seen all season out of MB. Fire crackers. 5 to 7 inch. This is today at 5:30 this morning. Get there early for the good bait and before the big boats show up. John
  407. J

    North County-07/22nd

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 5:30 with two of my friends. Picked up a full scoop of the best sardines I have seen all season. Headed out 8 miles and worked our way North. Fished many good paddies for nothing. Found breaking Yellowfin in an area below Carlsbad and worked it. We picked up three...
  408. J


    Per person. I am fine with two per person. Especially since I end up cleaning the fish caught on my boat. Don't agree with it but at least we can keep two. The season is just heating up gents. Hang in there. John
  409. J

    Finance's first yellowtail 7-19

    Nice yellow and on the spinner. John
  410. J

    Saturday 7/18 yft/lighting/rain

    Nice job! Keeping five is plenty. Those are nice fish. Let's see what comes up the line once the hurricane pushes through. John
  411. J

    Ten Hrs later...

    That is just really impressive. What a great fish and so close to home. John
  412. J

    Ten Hrs later...

    That is just really impressive. What a great fish and so close to home. John
  413. J

    Kids Trip off Newport…

    Awesome! Great job with the kids. You should adopt me. John
  414. J

    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    A Black Seabass? You want to compare a tuna's stamina and pulling power to a Black Seabass? Each fish fights its' own way and requires you to adapt. I have caught plenty of tunas and yellowtail that fought harder than ones I caught that weighed twice as much. I quarantee you that there are guys...
  415. J

    Dana bluefin 7/12

    Great job! Good season up at Dana. John
  416. J

    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    I applied as much pressure as I dared. It is a fine line. Too much pressure the line would have snapped to little, you loose to a frayed leader. The flora leader saved my bacon. We did something right because he is in my fridge right now :). John
  417. J

    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 5:20am. Half hour wait for sardines and headed to the top of the 9. Not much going on. Headed North and fished some kelps for nothing. Worked our way into LJ for some macs and then headed back out. Found a kelp paddy being hit by Terns. Tossed out a sardine on 30...
  418. J

    Top of 9 to LJ-7/3

    I saw the bait boats working hard as I was coming in. I would be there earlier than 5. They were down to Macs fairly quickly today. John
  419. J

    Top of 9 to LJ-7/3

    Yep. They were down to Macs over there. At least we had nice sized Chovies in Mission Bay. John
  420. J

    Top of 9 to LJ-7/3

    Launched of Dana Landing at around 5:20. Waited an hour for bait and it was Chovies only by then. Headed out along the top of the 9 and down and then back up to LJ. Nothing for us on the troll. Did pretty well on the calico bass, Barrie's and small yellow tail on very light tackle. Lot of fun...
  421. J

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Nice job Tito. Great ride as well. John
  422. J

    Sunday BFT

    Glad you found some fish. Buy a handheld VHF and a handheld gps. Keep them in a ditch bag and take it with you when you go on anyone's boat. The EPBIRPs are worth taking along as well since they have really come down in price. I have a 19 footer and I have back ups to my gps and radio that are...
  423. J

    Pt Loma kelpin'

    Sounds like fun to me. Love Calicos. John
  424. J

    Sat 6/20 report

    Nice picture. Great fish. John
  425. J

    la Jolla-June 13th

    We were out towards the top of the 9 and then worked North. I believe the 181 and 182 were warmer. Don't know about 69 unless it was a pocket. I know the coastal temps are up to 69 in the North County as of today. The South wind didn't help on Saturday. Things will warm up. The outside of La...
  426. J

    la Jolla-June 13th

    I needed to run the boat so my friend and I launched out of Dana Landing. Picked up a half scoop of anchovies. No sardines. Headed towards the top of the 9 and worked our way North. Never saw water above 64.8. Pretty quiet for us and we worked our way to La Jolla to fish Calicos. We had to be...
  427. J

    So, this happened yesterday.

    Yep. Nice Yellowfin. Surprised by the size for this early. John
  428. J

    my 2015 Nor-Cal spring turkey season in pics

    Such a beautiful area you guys have access to. Again, great job with the bow. John
  429. J

    my 2015 Nor-Cal spring turkey season in pics

    Nice pictures. Private or Public property? Looks too nice to be Public. Great job with the bow! John
  430. J

    Last turkey hunt 2015

    It was a tough season for San Diego. I never even got close. Archery is next. Not over yet. John
  431. J

    La Jolla-4/18

    In tight along the kelp line. Southern end. John
  432. J

    Late start coronados

    Good to hear they were up on top and so close to home. John
  433. J

    La Jolla-4/18

    Yep. The Cuddas were there. Not boiling but you could see them chasing the plastic up to the surface. John
  434. J

    La Jolla-4/18

    i needed to run the boat so headed out to La Jolla this morning. Water was mostly 61.5 to 62. Water was a little off color. We picked up a few Calicos and Barrie's on the plastic. Once the water warms up the Calicos will pick up. It is starting to look good. John 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy.
  435. J

    Archery Bird

    Nice bird. Head shot? What was on the business end of your arrow? John
  436. J

    San Diego Bay- 3/15

    Gotta do something until the Yellows and Calicos pick back up :) The Spotties were too deep for the fly rod. So, live bait it was. John
  437. J

    San Diego Bay- 3/15

    Fished for a couple of hours this morning. Good number of Spotties on the Chovies. Everything caught and released. Very hot this morning with no wind. John
  438. J

    The last one.

    Surfed Wednesday at La Jolla. The water is as warm as I can recall for February. Not sure about the Box area but they got a few Yellows here today on the half days. I can't get out until next weekend. Will post if I get out. Still optimistic about this coming Summer. Hang in there guys. John...
  439. J

    Anyone doing a youth hunt?

    I have three shooters that I am taking out on Saturday. No draw for SJ so we will be sweatlining it. Not real excited. John
  440. J

    End of Season

    If you have no dog, bring a fishing rod and a couple of large floating lures with treble hooks. You can snag your ducks and you will stay dry. John
  441. J

    wister this weekend

    Nothing wrong with Teal. Shot 6 Teal and 1 Spoonie today at SJ. Most were shot as they were working the decoys. Small spread of decoys. John
  442. J

    Help To Deter Seals

    They are a problem. There are even some that have targeted Calicos and I have not seen that to the extent that I have over the last two years. There is also a group that target salmon returning to their rivers to spawn. They truly are an at risk fish. Where is the protection from seals for them...
  443. J

    A nice mid week duck shoot with my son. 11-26-14

    Yep. Prized Hollywood Mallard. Nice bunch of birds. We shot well at SJ on Wednesday. Solid pass shooting with some decoying in. John
  444. J

    No ducks??

    Two Spoons, a Drake Mallard and a Snow today. John
  445. J

    Doug Streed

    Doug was a great guy. Funeral is Nov. 14th. John
  446. J

    Marlin Fishing 11/8

    Yep. Super impressive. John
  447. J

    D16 Forky

    Nice Buck. John
  448. J

    Local Yellowtail

    We were doing our drifts by the Outer Limits. We saw you guys along with the Sea Star, New Seaforth and the rest. Descent number of 6 pack boats but everyone played nice. Doubters? Really? You need pics? The cooler is a very large one. Anyone out there can tell you the same thing. Look at the...
  449. J

    Local Yellowtail

    Picked up a full scoop of Dines after putting the boat in at Dana Landing. Headed out and made a right and ran up the line. 150 feet of water and on the bottom. Filled the cooler with Yellows from 15 to 30 pounds and was back on the trailer by 1:00pm. Very nice conditions with a water temp in...
  450. J

    San Diego Bay - Dense Fog - Lost Traps

    Yep. Pretty sketchy stuff dealing with thick fog. Especially in a harbor with big boat traffic. John
  451. J

    "Lively One" 2 More Marlin Released

    Great job! Tough enough to get a single but a double is really impressive. John
  452. J

    PT Loma YT 9/26

    You did good. All of our large yellows have been caught in shore this season. John
  453. J

    La Jolla yellowtail

    How long did you have before the weather picked up? John
  454. J

    La Jolla-Sept 14th

    Headed out at 5:30am with my brother, his son and a friend of mine. Picked up a great scoop of sardines and headed to the top of the 9. Picked up a yellow on a paddy. Had to drop my brother and his son off back at Dana Landing and headed up to La Jolla. We picked up three yellows up to 30 pounds...
  455. J

    R.I.P. Winda

    Sorry for your loss. She was lucky you got her into so many birds. I am sure she was a happy lab. John
  456. J

    9/8/14 DP to the 267, 277

    My friend was on the Freelance yesterday. They caught around 20 or so tuna. Not on fire for them. Too bad they poached your paddy. No longer matters if you are out on the weekend or not. People see you hooked up, then they are coming your way. Sportfisher or not. John
  457. J

    Sept. 5th report= Dodo

    Glad you made it work. John
  458. J

    Dove Opener

    I took my son out to the Calexico area. First spot was not happening. Found a second field that was holding. Put the Mojo dove out and we had enough by 10. They were coming in right on top of the Mojo. Had to use an Improved Cylinder to hit them since they were so close. John
  459. J

    Wahoo on the 267

    Looks good to me. Reported by a reputable source. I swear, proving someone has caught a local Wahoo is like proving there is a Bigfoot. Bigger than I thought. Figured the first ones would be smaller. John
  460. J

    1/2 AM trip

    It is a good interval and it was like that on Saturday. No issues for us in a 19 footer but we had no wind to contend with. However, you need to watch the wind. If it goes 15 to 20 knots then it might get interesting. Last I checked the wind was coming up on Thursday. Then again, we could get a...
  461. J

    302-August 23rd

    Launched out of Dana Landing and got bait out of Mission Bay. John
  462. J

    302-August 23rd

    Got in line at the bait barge by 4:45am. 10 minute wait and picked up a scoop of dines mixed with macs. Headed out towards the top of the 9 with my son and my friend. Nothing on the 9 and worked our way towards the 302. Water temp was close to 74. We just drifted sardines with 30 pound flora and...
  463. J

    North 9 and Further North: July 28th

    Dana Landing. Mission Bay. 13 Miles out then North. John
  464. J

    North 9 and Further North: July 28th

    Okay. I am tired but here is an update. No BS. I launched the boat at around 5 from Dana Landing. My son and my buddy came along. Two boats in line and picked up a strong half scoop of mixed Chovies and Sardines. Great bait. Seas were more mixed then what I was counting on. Headed for the top of...
  465. J

    BOAT FIRE !!

    Glad you are okay. Nice reminder for everyone to check their gear. I keep two handheld radios close at hand, portable EPIRB, handheld gps, three wetsuits and a couple of surfboards or boogie boards to keep people afloat. The EPIRB is small enough that I can keep it with me. Again, sorry the...
  466. J

    Headed out of Oside for calicos. Any hot spots?

    and on Anchovies. Lost that part of my reply.
  467. J

    Headed out of Oside for calicos. Any hot spots?

    While surfing, I have seeing boats South. Cardiff area. Outside of MLPA. Otherwise, Pt Loma and La Jolla have been very good to me for Calicos. On the fly an John
  468. J

    They are here! Fresh intel.

    30 pound floracarbon. Good leader material for Dorado and Tuna. You will loose fewer Dorado. John
  469. J

    7/20 yt limits and yft

    You deserved to do well. What time did you guys launch? John
  470. J

    North 9 Mile Bank-July 17th

    The fish seemed to be out at about the 10 to 12 mile mark. That is where I started trolling and got hit. I guess, they might be in closer. I ran 53 miles but that is just trolling and looking at an area of water that was around the top of the 9. Conditions are good right now. I hope the boys do...
  471. J

    North 9 Mile Bank-July 17th

    Believe me, I always appreciate days like this and never take them for granted. I covered 53.6 miles and got just over 4 miles per gallon. She has been a great boat and I had her in some really tough conditions. I heard Tuesday was really good with great weather to boot. I will watch the weather...
  472. J

    North 9 Mile Bank-July 17th

    Okay. I just got in. My friend and I had the boat in the water by 5:45am. Boats were starting to line up at Dana Landing. Picked a solid half scoop of smoking sardines and headed out. We pretty much stuck with a 235 to 240 compass heading and started to drop back a purple feather at about the 12...
  473. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    We were South of the Cove. We had plenty of nice Chovies. It is good up by where you were at but I couldn't justify leaving when we were getting whacked every pass. I might be out next week. Just depends how the off shore bite develops. John
  474. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    I would rather catch Calicos, Yellows and Dorado over any kind of fish. So, I have no issues fishing Calicos and they are so much fun to catch. John
  475. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    I headed out of Mission Bay with two friends and picked up a good half scoop of chovies. Headed out about 10 miles or so and found the porpises and trolled with them for a while for nothing. Did not see any kelp paddies or working birds and headed for La Jolla since we had only until 12:00pm to...
  476. J


    We fished the Calicos right along the kelp line around the green tanks. Water was warm and clear. Calicos started biting at 10ish. We ended up catching and releasing 30 plus on chovies and a few on the fly. Just drifting and never set the anchor. Very nice conditions. John
  477. J

    First Moose

    Nice shots of the butchering process. What a great animal to eat. Sounds like a great hunting program up there. John
  478. J

    FMM Permit Info

    Thanks for taking this on. John
  479. J

    Lake Sonoma WLA Turkey - Info?

    Nice buck! John
  480. J

    Just quacky

    Great mix of ducks. Nice looking dog as well. John
  481. J

    La Jolla-Nov. 11th

    First off, thanks to all the vets and active duty personnel who made this day and everyday one in which we can exercise our rights to choose what we want to do. Okay, I needed to run my boat. Headed out this morning and had no problems making squid well after daylight right off Chystal Pier...
  482. J

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    You guys did well. It took a while for us but we ended up doing pretty well. Plenty of people did not do so well. They seemed to come in better a little later in the morning then very early, at least for us. Also cool to see a GSP that likes the water. They are great dogs and it truly is a...
  483. J


    Headed back out on Wednesday. I hope you get into the big ducks. Dakota is having fun. Fall is a great time to be a Lab. John
  484. J


    When you hitting the river? Did I miss a report from you that you already posted on the ducks in your favorite stretch of water? John
  485. J


    My brother had a 23 draw for Wister and he was kind enough to take me and a friend along. Picked a good Blind and did pretty well. Pintail, Widgeon and Green Wing Teal. The ducks decoyed really well and sat right inside and along side our spread. We used about a dozen decoys with two on the jerk...
  486. J

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    No problem Carl. Will post if I get up there. If Kern opens then I will be killing ducks. John
  487. J

    Waterfowl Reservation Drawing Results

    Yep. My son had a #5 draw at Kern for the opener. I saw the writing on the wall when he received his letter to verify his No.5 and that they would close if the goverment shut down. I have made other plans for this weekend. Chasing Grouse and maybe Quail. To say he is pissed, would be to put it...
  488. J

    Fawn killer down

    Good deal. Someone has to keep those yotes in check. John
  489. J

    Colorado Elk Hunting DIY

    I can't say I am surprised. Great job all around! Keep us posted on the ducks over in CO. Hope the widgeons make a good showing at your old pond. John
  490. J

    Colorado Elk Hunting DIY

    Blaine, you should do fine up there. You should have no problems doing the necessary hiking. Look forward to seeing your hunting pictures. I am sure the ducks will miss you over at Henshaw. John
  491. J

    FWIW: Water rolled, 60 degrees +/- tight inshore

    Yep. Surfed last night at San Elijo and the water was cold, clear and a small close interval wind swell. Baitfish were working but likely macs or calicos pushing them. John
  492. J

    9 Mile Bank and North: August 1st

    Okay. We arrived at Dana Landing at 5:00am. I got a bad vibe when I noticed the parking lot was not at least half full. I took my son and good friend and headed for the bait barge. Got a solid half scoop of very nice sardines and headed for the top of the 9. Found a nice patty, nothing. Found a...
  493. J

    07/29/2013 Catch and Release....

    They showed up last year off of Pt.Loma. Research devices. Pretty cool looking. John
  494. J


    Nice Mako. That is an eater. John
  495. J

    Local squid?

    I know they were there on Sunday because we made an easy 30 pieces using just squid jigs just before 7:00am. I just metered them and dropped the squid jigs. No issues for me for the last several trips. Things change can pretty quickly out there. I just know they were there on Sunday. Good luck...
  496. J

    La Jolla-July 14th

    We have made squid during the daylight hours the last two weekends just on squid jigs and looking for them on the meter. I will miss them when they move on to another part of the ocean. John
  497. J

    La Jolla-July 14th

    I headed out today from Dana Landing at around 6:10am with two of my brothers and a 7 year old nephew. We picked up a smoking bunch of anchovies and headed for the squid grounds. We made an easy 30 pieces of squid and went up the line to La Jolla. Picked up a few rockfish on the outside and...
  498. J

    another big mako 6/11/13

    Nice Mako. Nice job on the release as well. Amazing how big they get. John
  499. J

    7/6/13- Paddy hopping made easy, 9 mile bank

    Good job and thanks for reporting this. Good information to have and nice job on the yellow. John
  500. J

    Live Squid for Sale

    Make it yourself. We made over 50 pieces after daylight with squid jigs. Then again, you would save time by buying it if you could find a seller. But, it is not hard to make and it is fun. John
  501. J

    La Jolla-July 6th

    Headed out at 6:00am with my brother and three friends. Picked up a half a scoop of sardines and we ended up making fifty plus squid on the jigs. Picked away at Calicos and Rock Fish on the squid and plastics. Seemed pretty slow for us today but we had a good time. Water was clear, 68 plus...
  502. J

    La Jolla-June 15th

    Got a half scoop of sardines with some mackeral mixed in. If there were Dorado and Yellows in the area, we would have slayed them. Great bait. Fished until around 2:00pm. Caught Calicos, Rock Fish and Sand Dabs. Never saw any Yellows. Water temps from 65 to 67.8. Great looking water and very...
  503. J

    Jr. Turkey Hunt

    My son has yet to pull the trigger. The birds came in and left. Not sure why he did not shoot. It was makeable. I need to check with his assigned guide when we finish. Back to my nap. John
  504. J

    San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt

    Yep. Tullock's Ranch. Nice location and nice people for providing the access. John
  505. J

    San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt

    My two boys and I were planting birds in Field 6. Lots of fun. Keep in mind that each kid can only do this hunt one time. Doug Streed coordinates this event and it always a lot of fun. John Segoria
  506. J

    Lower Owens River-Feb.16th and 17th

    Flyfished the Wild Trout Section of the Lower Owens on Saturday and in morning on Sunday. Saturday was crowded with a cloud cover and warm temps. Sunday was clear and warm and not as crowded. I could not find any risers so all my trout were caught on WD40s and Red Tiger Midges. Looks like a...
  507. J

    Duck Dog?

    Nice dog and nice ducks. Yep. Juniors were hunting today at SJ , Wister and private clubs that were set up for it. Like your rig. John
  508. J

    Duck Dog?

    Mike, I know. But the color issue is a fun one to address when things get slow. The boys had a great time at SJs Junior Waterfowl Hunt. Time to get ready for Turkeys. John
  509. J

    Duck Dog?

    I love the color argument with labs. My yellow has smoked many other dogs in shoot to retreive contests, black labs included. She has around 100 retreives so far on ducks this season. She would have more if I could get her out more. She does very well on pheasants. I have seen other labs...
  510. J

    Duck Dog?

    If she is working for you then you are set. Seen plenty of so called duck dogs that sucked eggs. Your only issue will be hunting with others who bring their dogs. Picking fights with other dogs is a problem. But, that can happen with labs and chessies as well. Your dog is getting it done which...
  511. J

    Duck Dog?

    If she is working for you then you are set. Seen plenty of so called duck dogs that sucked eggs. Your only issue will be hunting with others who bring their dogs. Picking fights with other dogs is a problem. But, that can happen with labs and chessies as well. Your dog is getting it done which...
  512. J

    San Jacinto-January 19th

    Jason, I have noticed the same on the Mojo for me this season. Done better without it. John
  513. J

    e gads

    Looks very nice. John
  514. J

    San Jacinto-January 19th

    I can try.
  515. J

    San Jacinto-January 19th

    Really good hunting today at SJ. The wind picked up and the ducks were flying all over the place. I set up about two dozen decoys and a Mojo. Dumped the Mojo and the ducks responded better. I picked up Five Green Wings and Two Red Heads. Doubled on Teal and got a Double on the Red Heads as...
  516. J

    Wister area duck hunting 1/16

    32 or so on the sweatline for Wednesday. I drew a 14 off the line. There will be more people trying to sweatline it with the closer coming up soon. Still, love Wednesdays. Lots of very talented hunters (not me) out there on Wednesdays. John
  517. J

    Wister area duck hunting 1/16

    Slow for me. Picked up three and that was it. Saw very few Pins. Mainly Spoonies. Some Teal and Some Gads. John Segoria
  518. J

    Wister 1/12

    We did not fair so well. I went with a pond that I knew would have water in it. Turns out, there was too much water. Waist high, right off the bank. The only birds that came in were the ruddies and they get a free pass. Could not believe we could not get a single duck, worthy of shooting to...
  519. J

    San Jacinto-Jan 9th

    Mike! I have been following your posts. I have been hunting alot. Wister and SJ. Hoping to make it up to the Owens for the closer. Jump ducks, hunt the Quail and fly fish. Ducks have been good to me this season. Red Heads, Wigeon, Teal, Spoonies, Gads, Buffleheads. No luck on the Cans. I had...
  520. J

    San Jacinto-Jan 9th

    Slow for us. Picked up 10 but lost another four or five in deep tullies. I think we had too many decoys in the Morning. Mostly pass shooting. SJ Shot a 2.9 though. John
  521. J

    San Jacinto 1/5

    Thanks for the report. We will be out on Wednesday at SJ. Good season for my crew so far. John Segoria
  522. J

    Duck pr0n

    I am at the point where I get bummed for my dog if I don't shoot any ducks. I am happy watching her work on the ducks, pheasants and quail. On Saturday, she picked up a nice little Blind retreive on a Greenhead that my buddy shot and I was stoked for her. Tia looks like a happy dog. John Segoria
  523. J

    Oceanside - Cabo

    That is impressive for a small boat. Post a report after you guys drive it back uphill to get her home. Great job and you guys deserved the great fishing. John
  524. J

    Fishdope fishing, GoPro video of juvenile Yellowtail 9-19-12

    You know that gives me a great idea. I am taking my 6 weight fly rod on my next trip. I bet I can get them to go on a clouser. They will fight at least as hard as a rainbow trout. John Segoria
  525. J

    What you might find south of the border

    Yep. If we have any chance of fishing Mexico then pretty much no one gets on my boat unless I verify their Mexican license is in their immediate possession. Too much to loose. It is my responsibility as the owner/operator. Nice video and glad it went well. My updated passport came in so I will...
  526. J

    9/8/12 ratttts!!

    I have the 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A with the drain going to the bilge on the deck. I never had any problems but I have a good splash well. I always check the float switch when I am out there. If anything, it goes off too much when some debris comes in and breaks the contact to kick it in. I also...
  527. J

    Limit at San Jacinto wildlife area

    I was there on Saturday and saw two doves. Very slow where we were at. I was more excited to see the ducks flying. If ducks were in season then I would have had legitimate pass shots on several mallards and I was not even close to a pond. Not saying I would have hit them. Felt like duck season...
  528. J

    Dodos and Yellows

    Too fast. I run a bait pump that is 500gph. Also, it really depends on the bait and how long it has been in the receiver. If they are rolling through bait and refilling the receiver and you are getting a half scoop of bait that was just dumped in then you will lose more. I didn't lose much of...
  529. J


    Thanks for the replies. James is now 16 years of age and he was on my boat at 6 months of age when we first ran it to see if we wanted to buy it. He has been running with me on my boat since he was 3, without Mom on board. He has logged alot of time. Pretty funny that it took him this long to...
  530. J


    I hate saying this but it is true. It really is finding that one paddie. They are here but guys are over shooting them. I am waiting on the yellowfin. I am thinking they might move up the line. But, I love catching Dorado so I can fish them all season and be very happy. I need to make a Foo Foo...
  531. J


    Short Version. We went out of Mission Bay and found a kelp paddie in very close. We caught 10 dorado and dumped at least 5 more. I told the boys we would stop once we caught 10. We left them biting. 30 pound flouracarbo and 15 pound flouracarbon. Great bait. Water temp was 68. Done fishing by...
  532. J

    For Info on the 181-209

    We were at Mono Village last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rather than hijack this post, if anyone is interested, email me and we can compare notes. I fished the Upper Twin, East Walker and Little Virgina. John
  533. J

    Whale dope??

    270 out of Mission Bay. You will run into them from 5 to 10 miles out.
  534. J

    La Jolla-August 3rd

    It will. Just not sure when. I would stick it out if I were you until the later afternoon. I might end up going out next week. Good luck. John
  535. J

    La Jolla-August 3rd

    Good? So you got into some yellows? If so, morning or afternoon? John
  536. J

    La Jolla-August 3rd

    I ran a total of 26.6 there and back with a lot slow trolling and drifting thrown in for a better than a 4 mile per gallon average. John
  537. J

    La Jolla-August 3rd

    Headed out to La Jolla today. Got the boat back from the shop after its major tune up. Dropped her in the water and a fitting broke on the bait tank. Headed over to West Marine to get a new fitting and made the repair. The half scoop of bait was really good. The water was around 63 in the...
  538. J

    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    Turtles eat the jellyfish as well. John
  539. J

    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    A sea snake? That would be pretty impressive to see. I have never seen one. Sea Turles are just really cool animals. I have free dove with them before off Maui. You can get really close to them. Really neat animal to watch. Hopefully, we will get more Dorado and Yellows to show up. It is...
  540. J

    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    None. You figure there would be with the amount of jellyfish out there. If the water gets warmer, we should start to see some turtles. I have seen them before on the way over to the islands when the water heats up. John
  541. J

    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    I needed to run the boat so we headed out from Mission Bay. Found only one kelp paddy with nothing on it but half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The jellyfish were thick. Conditions were a little bumpy. Lots of Blue Whales. No water temps for us above 66. Headed back in towards the Green...
  542. J

    Lost my best friend

    Sorry for your loss. Hunting dogs and those who hunt with them share a very strong bond that no purse dog can come close to matching. You received a lot of replies to your post. Obviously, you have a lot of support here from fellow hunters who can understand your pain. You have a lot of great...
  543. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    The fishing would have been good beyond 5:00pm that I am sure of. I should of just left it afternoon instead of saying 5:00pm. I was just going off the timeframe from the high tide swinging through to the low tide. I wish I could have stuck it out to see how it would have played out for us. If...
  544. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    I did not see the Great White but he might have been the one that freight trained me and snapped my flyrod. Not sure if a 14 foot Great White will take a green and white clouser :). John
  545. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    Headed out of Dana Landing at around 7:30am today with my brother and my 12 year old son. Picked up a half scoop of very large sardines and even larger macs. Made a bee line for La Jolla. Not much happening in the morning. Picked up a bunch of mackeral in the deeper water. Switched to my 8...
  546. J

    San Elijo Question

    Yep. Closed for kelp bed fishing. Which really sucks. The calico bass fishing there off of a longboard was very good. It is really hard to look at it while I am surfing knowing that I will not be able to fish it again anytime soon. John
  547. J

    My dogs need your calls

    I tried. I sent emails and I don't even hunt Bears. As I look at my lab, I wonder how much time we have left before they come after the Upland Game and Waterfowlers. We are all in this together. We either stick together and fight these types of initiatives or they will pick us off one hunting...
  548. J

    Just an absolute badass....

    Okay. Impressive. That bird was just tenacious. I would trade my labrador for that bird. I would never have to worry about a wounded bird beating up on my mini lab again. John
  549. J

    Junior Turkey Hunt

  550. J

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    Went out with my kid for a couple of hours to try and pop a turkey. We got zeroed but we knew where we are going for Bandtails next season. John Segoria
  551. J

    San Diego Jr Pheasant Hunt 4/2012

    Mike: It was great meeting you today. Some good duck story. Great pictures. Thanks for getting Ryan in a few of the pictures. I forgot my camera. John Segoria aka "Holder of the Green Flag"
  552. J

    Local Buck Down !!!!!!

    That is a big bodied one. Very nice. John Segoria Valley Center
  553. J

    LaJolla conditions??

    Surfed this morning at San Elijo and the red tide was worse today then last week. Really off color. No bait fish busting, no birds working, nothing. John
  554. J

    9/24 Nados and rockpile

    Yep. Last time I have ever tried to shake off a sculpin. Heat does break down the venom the best. Great idea with the hot thermos. As for peeing on it, I should have peed on the sculpin. John
  555. J

    9/24 Nados and rockpile

    Your sculpin story was much like mine from a few years ago. Launched out of Dana Landing and headed for Middle Grounds. Picked up a sculpin and grabbed my long nose pliers to shake it off. Stung three times before I knew it and lost my pliers. I am alergic to bee stings as well and my epi was...
  556. J

    La Jolla-Sept.10th

    Limits on what? Calico Bass? I know it has been an afternoon bite for them but I was chasing yellows in the morning. Glad you have been getting into fish. John
  557. J

    La Jolla-Sept.10th

    I would have taken a Sculpin. My poor ego took a serious hit as well as my morale. John Segoria
  558. J

    La Jolla-Sept.10th

    Headed out this morning with my son and a good friend. We left Dana Landing at about 7:00am. Picked up a half-scoop of great bait and headed for La Jolla. Water temps were not above 61 degrees. Water looked like crap. We saw no birds working, no bait moving around and we got zeroed. I cannot...
  559. J


    Nikolai: Well said. You can do it on the right boat and if you have the skill, which you do. Great job on the Blue Fin. John Segoria 1996 1850 Seaswirl W/A Cuddy
  560. J


    No report for me. But, my buddy is down near Calexico and they limited out. Not as many as birds as they expected and had to work for limits. Heard there were a lot more birds until about three days ago and then a good wad of them bailed. He said the evening stuff seemed slow. It is really...
  561. J

    La Jolla-Aug.20th

    My brother was visiting from out of state and wanted to go fishing. Headed out at 6:00am with two brothers and picked up a half scoop of mixed bait. Anchovies are really too small to work with. Sardines were okay. Hit La Jolla hard. Plastics and live bait. Water was 65 and descent color...
  562. J

    San Diego Freedivers Blue Water Meet

    Figured something was up today. Saw more divers then normal today. Hope you guys did well. We kept a safe distance at all times. This is always easy to do when you guys have your bouys and dive flags out. John Segoria 1996 1850 Seaswirl W/A
  563. J

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge 2011 Who's in?

    My 15 year old is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 with a cancer that was treatable surgically. It was five years of hell stressing every follow up CT and MRI hoping for good results. I am sure the whole experience took a couple of years off my life. It is something as a...
  564. J

    2 Day Trip on the Success (7/26-28)

    Glad you guys got into a few. Hopefully, we start seeing more yellowfin and dorados up this way. John Segoria
  565. J

    Reel Viking: The Long Trip to Cabo and Back

    Sounds like a great trip so far. I am surprised at how cold the water temps were on the way down. Looking forward to your next report. Be safe. John
  566. J

    WARNING US Federal Game wardens in customs

    They will check you coming in from fishing Mexico at Shelter Island as well. You need to show your declaration and your Mexican License and they do enforce Mexican limits as well. They also do the same if you are hunting in Mexico and you are bringing back game. They will check to ensure you...
  567. J

    Pt. Loma-July 16th

    There both are fishing really well right now. Pt. Loma is great because it is closer and I have had some great days fishing Calicos out there. La Jolla is strong on the Calicos but you get a great opportunity at the yellows and big barries when they decide to show themselves. Hopefully, we will...
  568. J

    Pt. Loma- Halibut, Sandbass, and Rockfish

    Steve: Did you stay out long enough to see the American Angler come right up off the stern of the New Seaforth and give them a hard time? Pretty impressive boat handling and pretty funny. Both captains were having a good time with it. Glad you got into the fish. We saw you out there. John Segoria
  569. J

    Pt. Loma-July 16th

    As I drink my Pina Colada with plenty of rum and eat the rest of my fish tacos, I am very glad that I did not end fishing La Jolla last night and having to deal with the bat rays. As for foo foo drinks and rum, everything tastes better with a lot of rum thrown in. Good night boys. John Segoria
  570. J

    Pt. Loma-July 16th

    Headed out at 6:00am with my brother and his Russian friend from work. Picked up scoop of anchovies from EB and it was a descent scoop. Really did not decide which way we were going until we got past the jetties and went left. Fished around the fleet for not a whole lot. Got bored and headed...
  571. J

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    Okay. Did you see Fire Crackers as in small yellowtail swimming around? If so, that would be most interesting. John
  572. J

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    Headed out with my son, my buddy and his son. Skipped bait and fished the plastics. Nothing much going on at Pt. Loma. Fished it hard for five calicos (released) and missed a few more. Water looked good and the temp was about 65 degrees. Seemed like it was slow for the boats I was able to...
  573. J

    San Diego Bay-April 3rd

    Parents feel better when someone is running a support boat. The scouts had a great time. John
  574. J

    San Diego Bay-April 3rd

    I had about three hour and a half hours to fish because my boat was needed at 12:45pm to escort a Boy Scout Troop's Kayak outing in Mission Bay. So, picked up a half scoop of sardines and headed out at 8:00am towards the Whistler Bouy with my brother and a friend. Got a few hits and picked up...
  575. J

    Jr. Turkey Hunt

    Yep. They are there. If you have access to private in the Julian or Mesa Grande area then the odds are in your favor. I will be back out there just not opening weekend. Too many people for me. I really hate getting guys coming up on my set up stalking and calling. You see less of this later in...
  576. J

    Jr. Turkey Hunt

    Headed out this morning with my son. Gave it a good three and a half hours for nothing. No call backs and did not see any birds. Ducks were active. It was weird being the only ones out there. We drove over to the Julian Pie Company and picked up some coffee, donuts and a pie and watched my...
  577. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt

    I volunteered to help out with the Jr. Pheasant Hunt in Jamul on Sunday. Pretty fun. Kids missed a ton of birds. Mine stayed home and slept in. Time to switch over to the saltwater stuff.
  578. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt

    My son and his friend were drawn in for the San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt. It was a very tough day for us. The birds were not decoying and the kids were done by 2:00pm. They picked up three birds on pretty much pass shooting. They had a lot of fun and it was a very well run event like always. Thank...
  579. J

    Pt. Loma-Jan.29th

    Rick: Pretty damn close to the kelp line. We ran into them just past Ocean Beach Pier to the Pt. Loma. On the inside. Pretty darn cool. Beats Sea World. John
  580. J

    Pt. Loma-Jan.29th

    David, Sheephead are out of season for a while yet unless you are fishing Mexican waters and you have the proper permits on hand. Hopefully, the sheephead and rockfish bite well when the season opens back up. It is pretty slow right now. I likely will stick to fishing the spotties in the bay for...
  581. J

    Pt. Loma-Jan.29th

    I needed to run the boat so I picked up a great half scoop of anchovies and headed out with my kid, his buddy and a friend of mine. Really slow out there. Picked up a rockfish (released) and about a five pound sheephead. Picked up a short halibut in Mission Bay and got the boat on the trailer...
  582. J


    Headed up to Bishop with my brother and several friends. My brother and I jumped ducks on the way up to Bishop and picked up three but should have had five. Flyfished some and it was slow but caught a few. Looked for Quail today and found two covies but could not drop any. Duck chokes are just...
  583. J


  584. J


    Tommy, snacks are always a good thing. If you eat enough then you can take a good nap in the afternoon. I have had several trips when it was so slow, everyone in the blind was passed out asleep, including the dogs. Pretty damn funny. Jason, it was slow but who knows. It could pick up. The...
  585. J


    My wife asked me last night why I was not leaving for Wister. I said I would not make it by 10:30pm for the sweatline and maybe would head out in the morning for an afternoon attempt. I left after dropping the kid off a school. There less than 60 guys out and it felt like a Sunday. The first...
  586. J


    Marcus, glad you got a few. Bill, hope you do well on your next outing. I have Wednesday off, not sure where I will end up hunting. I know my brother wants to jump ducks up in Bishop next weekend but it is too warm. I will likely end doing more flyfishing. John
  587. J


    Hunted Wister with a No.42 sweatline draw out of 72 others trying to seatline. Long day for just two birds. At least my buddy and my son picked up one a piece. There did not seem to be a lot of birds flying and not a lot of shooting going on. I hope others did better but the birds just hated...
  588. J

    Wister Hunt-Jan.5th

    I have been getting out. Sorry for not posting. I was on the Lower Owens jumping ducks on Dec. 27th, 28th and 29th. Too much water. The ducks were not on the river. I missed two mallards on the 28th and passed on flock of Candians that were in range if I had something more than No.2s...
  589. J

    Wister Hunt-Jan.5th

    Yep. That was me last season. Now it is pay back. But, I am getting into more birds this season so I am having fun. John
  590. J

    Wister Hunt-Jan.5th

    I have not gotten drawn in a single time this season so it has been the sweatline deal. I hunted Wister on the last draw from the sweatlline group today. Not a real bad blind just guys on my primary side were sky busting everything that flew including Cormorants. I ended up with a spoon and...
  591. J

    San Jacinto-I Suck

    Glad you got them Jay. I read and heard that it was really bad at Wister with a lot of guys not able to get on until well after shoot time. This was not my experience at San Jacinto. I will be hitting the ducks and pheasants hard so, I will be posting more for the next several months. Good and...
  592. J

    San Jacinto-I Suck

    Yep. I was there at 3:00am and I did not get my Blind assignment until about 5:00. But, I also was sweatlining it. I still like the set up better than Wister for the sweatline deal. The staff are also way more helpful. Though, I do love hunting Wister. Truly, I am just thankful I had the...
  593. J

    San Jacinto-I Suck

    I made it to San Jacinto just as Tom was giving the details on how the opening day hunt would work. I did not have a reservation so I sweat lined it. I managed to score the third ticket and actually managed to get on. I ended up with Pond 4. Headed over and grabbed all my crap and tried to...
  594. J


    Good point. I have come close on occasion as well. I think everyone tends to look at things worst case but you are correct. There is definetly the possibility it was an accident. Then again, the press spun it the other way. So, we have to deal with the perception out there that it was...
  595. J


    I hate the bastards too but this type of crap is what generates more people to support the PETA organization and the Humane Society. There are enough people in this state that are against the two things I love to do which is hunting and fishing. This is the kind of stuff that is used to...
  596. J

    The Good the Bad and the Ugly

    Remarkably flat. We picked up a very nice sculpin in Mission Bay last weekend. I hate those little bastards. I got stung once when trying to release it at the Middle Islands once. He got me three times before I could shake him off my hook. I had to drive back to Mission Bay with my hand...
  597. J

    1 leopard shark and two new rims and tires.

    There is hope for humanity. John Segoria
  598. J

    La Jolla-Sept.11th

    Yea, they do jump. I have seen plenty to know and I have seen plenty of Manta Rays fishing down South. Besides, I actually have a picture of the very same group of Molas that we watching jumping. And, a picture of a baby Mola in the hands of my brother. No BS. I have to post that. Will work on...
  599. J

    La Jolla-Sept.11th

    Thanks for the offer. But, I have reconsidered. My wife will just want two other boys to replace the ones I would sell anyway. Take Care. John
  600. J

    La Jolla-Sept.11th

    We headed out after getting a solid scoop of anchovies and deans only to have my outboard start giving me crap before we even got past the Mission Bay Channel. I could not get my Yamaha 115 Four Stroke with less than 200 freaking hours to get past 3800 rpms. It ran fine but I have a fuel...
  601. J

    Anyone fishing the Make a Wish

    Yep. He goes with me. He got the swine flu last year and missed it. Which sucked because I picked up a real nice yellowfin on the troll outside of the 9 that would have placed him in the Junior Division for sure. You are right, we will be targeting yellows. If he gets a nice one, he could...
  602. J

    Anyone fishing the Make a Wish

    I am fishing it. I have a 19 foot W/A Cuddy. So, I will likely be fishing calicos, rockfish and maybe the odd yellowtail. Why am I fishing it? Because my oldest boy, 14 years old, was diagnosed with cancer when he was four. We spent a lot of time at Childrens Hospital over the course of 5...
  603. J

    Friday the 13th PL kelp

    Okay, this settles it, I am going to invade Poland. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  604. J

    La Jolla-July 24th

    Mystery fish are tough. I had one on two years ago for better than 20 minutes before it snapped my 30 pound rig. Definetly prefer to fish the plastics. John Segoria Valley Center, CA
  605. J

    La Jolla-July 24th

    Okay. I took my brother out for his 40th birthday and one of his friends. The fishing for calicos, for us, was very tough. We fished the plastics really hard until about 12:45pm then had to head in. We ended up with about 5 or 6. Which for us sucked, considering my boat was in the 30s less...
  606. J

    PLK 7/22/10 PM Trip

    Awesome! I loved it. The counts looked a little better in the afternoon. If I get out Saturday, I will post a report. John Segoria
  607. J

    La Jolla-July 9th

    Sorry. No pictures. Everyone has seen calicos and my two boys are of questionable pedigree. So, no need to show their pictures either. My oldest is 13 and has logged a lot of sea time. I had him on my boat when he was 6 months old. He has been running with me without mom since he was about 3...
  608. J

    La Jolla-July 9th

    I headed out of Dana Landing at 6:30am on Friday with my two boys and friend of mine. The wind was already up and blowing. Picked up a half scoop of anchovies. Ended up getting everything on plastics. We were up in the 30s for calicos and several barracuda. We left them bitting as the calicos...
  609. J

    La Jolla WSB/Yellowtail Frenzy 6-26-2010

    I knew something was up. I was surfing La Jolla Shores and watching all of the activity out there. My brother says guys were making squid much earlier but it looked like stuff was going on. Glad you got them. John Segoria 1996 1850 Seaswirl W/A Cuddyj
  610. J

    Baby killers on the loose

    That is a nice Mako for eating size. Better to keep it and eat it rather than release it knowing it will likely die. I have seen boneheads keep much smaller Makos then that. John Segoria Valley Center, CA
  611. J

    Decent day out front MB

    Nice Halibut! I surfed San Elijo this morning and it was clear of red tide but you could see it in very large pockets in the Cardiff area and up towards Swamis on the outside. The water was at least 64 where I was surfing. So, once the red tide clears out, the calicos should be ready to go...
  612. J

    9 MB to La Jolla kelp for nada

    Thanks for looking. Red Tide has been around for while. Really needs to clear up before things start to come around again. John Segoria Valley Center, CA
  613. J

    Seal a can't

    Yep. Last season, fishing calicos in the Pt. Loma Kelp. Small seal stayed with my boat over an hour. Eventually, he hung out near the outflow of my bait tank. Then, you could see the light go on in his little head as got the scent of the scales pumping through the outflow pipe. I told my buddy...
  614. J

    Cinnamon Teal Mount

    Look at this way, your new dog has a considerable amount of prey drive and is obviously, very birdy. John Segoria Valley Center, CA
  615. J

    Gobbler down

    Good job! Public or Private property? John Segoria Valley Center
  616. J

    Good Friday

    Thanks guys! It was definetly a special bird. Those birds just get so hammered on public land. I am still on cloud nine. It was only my second day out this season and I set up less than a half mile from where I parked my truck. I heard him earlier in the morning but I really did not think I...
  617. J

    Good Friday

    I was supposed to have taken my boat out today but my friend wanted to give it another day. So, I headed up to Palomar Mountain and set up my lone hen decoy and vowed not to call very much. I stuck to my plan. I thought if a bird were to come in then I would be able to stay calm and not have...
  618. J

    San Diego Bay-3/14

    Yep. Any POST certified officer can check you for a license and cite you for not having it. Heck, the CHP will check you in Bishop when things get busy. In anycase, yeah, I know the law changed. But, it was easier to show them the licenses and keep them off the boat. If I challenged it, I...
  619. J

    San Diego Bay-3/14

    My brother needed to run his boat so we took his brother-in-law and my two boys out to fish the bay bass for a half-day. We picked a great scoop of perfect sardines from the boys at the bait barge. Great scoop and a good attitude as always. The fishing was fairly sloooow. We ended up with...
  620. J

    dog training collars

    You can't just use an E-Collar on a hunting dog unless it has been conditioned for it. Unless your dog clearly understands all of your basic obedience commands, then do not just go into shock mode. Your dog needs to clearly understand why it is feeling stimulation on its' neck. I guarantee you...
  621. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt Report

    That would have made sense. Not sure what island you were on but I will need to review my pictures. I could not believe how many huge areas of standing water I ran into on drive over from Valley Center. Several of these new ponds had plenty of Mallards in them. On the way out, I saw two...
  622. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt Report

    With a No.2 draw, we had it made. I have no idea why the No.1 pick did not go with B-3. I was planing an going with V because I figured B-3 would be gone. B-3 is a tricky blind because you have to walk out about 50 yards in open water to reach it and it is fairly deep in spots. This is our...
  623. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt Report

    I needed to sleep in today (sinus problems) so I pawned my 13 year old off on my buddy who took him to San Jacinto today with his 14 year old on my kid's No.2 draw. I made real sure my son had everything he would need to stay warm and dry. I gave my buddy my recommendations for San Jacinto and...
  624. J

    Lake Henshaw-1/27

    Nope. Took his boat. Didn't need it. You could have easily walked to where we hunted. But, you can bring way more crap with you bring a boat! John Segoria Valley Center
  625. J

    Lake Henshaw-1/27

    My buddy and I hunted the East side of Lake Henshaw today. There not a lot of birds flying. Probably, because there was no wind and no rain. We ended up with 5. 2 Cin. Drakes, 2 Cin. Hens and 1 Green Wing Teal Hen. The birds we shot, came right into the decoys pretty well. All of the Widgeon...
  626. J

    Duck youth hunt Feb 6th,7th

    Sweatline it. They have a ton of cool stuff the kids will have a shot at through the raffel. They also typically feed them breakfast and lunch. Hopefully, the birds will be flying. Call them and check on the sweatline deal. John Segoria Valley Center
  627. J

    Duck youth hunt Feb 6th,7th

    San Jacinto, No.2 draw for my 13 year old. I think it is nuts that I can't get in. I am mentally functioning at the 12 year old level. What the hell? John Segoria Valley Center
  628. J

    Wister Duck Hunt 1/13

    I was really stoked for you guys. I wish I picked a better blind. You guys got some great birds. The wind was crazy. I wish it blew like that in the morning and not starting at 4:00pm! I swear, my Mojo was sitting lower in the water and the wind kicked up so much chop that the wings were...
  629. J

    Wister Duck Hunt 1/13

    I just got back in from hunting Wister today solo. Just the dog and I. It is definetly better to have someone else along to make fun of when they miss. Then again, there were no witnesses to my crappy shooting. Just the look from the dog which clearly says, kill something please, I am getting...
  630. J


    You don't need a reservation. You just show up at 4:00am on either Wednesday or Saturday. You can rent a boat with an outboard or bring your own. I think it costs $25.00 per person to hunt. The boats are about $35.00 or you can launch your own for around $10.00 or so. This place is actually...
  631. J


    It is not going to happen without a layout blind. I hunted it a few weeks back with a layout blind. It was tough hunting. In fact, I never got a shot off. The weather was just too nice. I have not been back. More birds at Wister and San Jacinto. John Segoria Valley Center
  632. J

    3-Fish and Game Biologists in Helicopter Crash

    Yep. Read it yesterday. At least it was not any of the biologist I know. But, a horrible loss none the less. John
  633. J

    3-Fish and Game Biologists in Helicopter Crash

    Crap. I know a DFG Biologist who works the Eastern Sierras doing exactly that type of work. I am going to make a call and make sure it was not her. She lives here in Valley Center. This sucks. John Segoria Valley Center
  634. J


    I wanted to stay until closing time but my buddy had to get home. So, we left at around 1:00pm. San Jacinto is fun but you need to have a good draw number to get a descent blind. What I don't like is that I can see guys shooting in blinds that are near the ones I am in. At Wister, that...
  635. J


    Headed over to Wister last night and arrived at 9:30pm. Put our name in for the sweat line for Sunday. We ended up getting the number 10 draw. Not too many guys were there on Sunday. Picked Y15A1 and got our decoys set up and threw in my Mojo Teal. At shoot time, I had three Teals set right...
  636. J

    El Centro-Dec.13th

    I took a buddy of mine down to El Centro to hunt the canals for pheasants. The wind pretty much killed it until about 10:30am or so. Never saw a pheasant and talked to another group who put some hens and that is all they saw. I did see quite few doves. I thought they were out of season until...
  637. J

    Quackin off

    If your dog is E-Collar conditioned then burn her if she busts before you give her your command to go, which is typically, the dog's name. This should be reinforced during training as well. If the dog doesn't ever bust on a thrown dead bird and holds steady, jack it up and use a live flyer...
  638. J

    Pheasant Hunting-El Centro Nov.25th

    They are fun and I will be back after them soon. More to follow. John
  639. J

    Imperial Valley Dove Hunting

    I was down in El Centro hunting Pheasants today and I never saw any doves where I was at. John Valley Center
  640. J

    Pheasant Hunting-El Centro Nov.25th

    Okay. I took my 13 year old son and my little blonde lab down to El Centro to check out some canals for pheasants. We only had time to hit two or three canals and the dog pushed up three huge roosters. Fortunately, for the roosters, I manged to pop one and we missed the others. I have never...
  641. J

    Pheasant Hunting-Niland Nov.15th

    Pretty frustrating. It was blowing very hard. I checked the weather and there was no forecast for wind. If I would have known it was going to blow, I would have hunted at Wister. In anycase, we found 4 or 5 hens. I did not see a rooster or hear one shot. Tough day. I was happy to at least see...
  642. J

    San Jacinto Report-11/14

    We had a group of Buffles swing through but I passed. We killed two last season and I just don't like the way the taste so they got a free pass. They are really pretty bird though. Very much like a mini penguin. John Segoria Valley Center
  643. J

    San Jacinto Report-11/14

    Okay. In short, it sucked. We hunted Y. Even with the number 10 draw, I could not get into any of the spots I wanted. Y was very nice. No ducks decoyed for us at all. Everything we saw was high. I talked to one guy who picked up a Canvas Back and a few other birds. I think he was in G. I...
  644. J

    Limit style San Jacinto Wed 11/11

    Thanks! I will post, good or bad. I am No.10. So, I should dig up a descent blind. The weather should help to bring in more birds. Then, I go for pheasants on Sunday. John Segoria Valley Center, CA
  645. J

    Limit style San Jacinto Wed 11/11

    You guys did good. I know some of the regulars who hunt there and they saw nothing but coots yesterday. Good job. I might have to go duck hunting on Saturday afterall. I have the number 10 draw. You got some very good birds in the mix. John Segoria Valley Center
  646. J

    shooting steel

    I have a Browning Citori with fixed chokes. One modified and one full. The only way I can hunt ducks with it is to fire Bismuth loads which cost about $33.00 for a box of 10 shot shells, No.4s, 3 inch loads. They use a special shot that is not truly steel and meets the legal requirements of...
  647. J

    2 lost GSP dogs found, one Mt Baldy one high desert.

    Sucks. I imagine the owner is freaking out. My buddy found a GSP that wondered on to his property up here in Valley Center a while back. It was a hunting dog with an E-Collar on. The owner was damn lucky it was my friend, a fellow hunter who found the GSP. The owner came by and picked up his...
  648. J

    Duck hunting help

    Oregon should be good. That is up towards the top of the flyway. One of the guys from our dog club was up there and did pretty well on Mallards and Gadwall. You should do fine. You will have a lot of fun. Please post when you get back. John Segoria Valley Center
  649. J

    Duck hunting help

    Seriously. Make sure your license is current, you have your duck stamps. No more than 25 rounds per person in the Blind. If your buddy is pretty experienced than he should be letting you know when to take the shots on decoying birds. A lot will depend on where you are hunting as well. We...
  650. J

    My new hunting partner !!!!

    What blind did you use on Sunday? We picked up only two teal. It was slow for us and just pass shooting. John
  651. J

    Duck Opening Weekend: SJWA & Wister

    Yep. I know, but I did not have the number with me in the blind. I let the DFG guy know who checked us in the blind and I believe he was going to go talk to them and I reported it at the check in station. Still a great place to hunt. John Segoria Valley Center
  652. J

    Duck Opening Weekend: SJWA & Wister

    It was fun and the two boys had a great time on Saturday. It was just a grind on Sunday. Very hot, very slow. By the way, Lake Henshaw is really low. That is a very fun place to hunt ducks but unless they get a crap load of new water coming in, duck hunting will be very tough without a layout...
  653. J

    Duck Opening Weekend: SJWA & Wister

    Sorry. I thought my post stuck when I wrote it up yesterday. We hunted San Jacinto Wild Life Area on Saturday and walked away with 14 ducks for two adults and two juniors. We should have had a lot more. No big ducks but a nice mix of teals, widgeons, ring necks, rudys, spoonies, red head and...
  654. J

    Passing of Captain robert C. Harris (Butch)

    Sorry for your loss Captn. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  655. J

    Pea Soup Fog - 302, 371 425 caught some 10/17

    Good job. I avoid the fog at all cost. I have no radar and a gps unit alone is not going to keep you from being whacked by some dork not paying attention. Great job on the dorado. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  656. J

    Duck Opener Draw Results Posted...

    Looks like I will be hunting San Jacinto on the 24th and Wister on the 25th. I will post a report. Don't worry, with my shooting capability there will be plenty of ducks left over. I really need to train my lab to shoot for me. John Segoria Owner/Operator of Crazy Bird Dog aka Dakota
  657. J

    Bonies, Blue whales & Bald eagles-The 3 B's!!

    I picked up a massive bonito just off the Lower 9 Mile Bank on a fly. It took me quite awhile to get it in on an 8wt. Fly Rod. Saltwater flyfishing is a lot of fun. Take your friend out when the calico bass bite gets good again next season. They are a lot of fun as well. John Segoria 1996...
  658. J

    Barrett draw results / info

    I like Wister and San Jacinto. As bad as I am, I still get plenty of shots on quality ducks even on a Sunday at Wister. I am not saying Barrett sucks, it is just a matter of ducks moving in. The numbers over the last two years for have not been that great, period. Just too dry. Hopefully, it...
  659. J

    Barrett draw results / info

    Yep. That is my understanding as well. I hope it bounches back. It is such a great lake. I have bass fished it many times. If it gets good this year, I will be back. At least you hunted it when it was good. I got into duck hunting later in life. I love talking to the old timers who have 20...
  660. J

    Barrett draw results / info

    I cannot speak for anyone else but I hunted Barrett early last season and was not impressed. I kept track of the counts and most of the birds were Ruddys. I ended up hunting Wister and jumping ducks in the Owens River up in Bishop. I am not going to hunt a place where most of the birds are...
  661. J

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    Sorry. This is exactly why I am so selective of who I let on my boat and whose boat I will go on. First off, I would never let anyone on my boat who drinks to the point of intoxication. He is a liability. If he gets hurt on your boat then you are potentially screwed whether he is legally drunk...
  662. J

    Inside 182 to 9 Mile Bank: 9/12

    Sorry. Not a Spinner. Those are in Hawaii. Common Dolphins is what I meant to say. But, hey, they do spin when the jump out of the water so I get partial credit! But this is a Common Dolphin -> I run a 115 Yamaha Four Stroke on my 19 footer. I tend average right around 4.5 mpg, depending on...
  663. J

    Inside 182 to 9 Mile Bank: 9/12

    Interesting day. We dropped the boat in the water just before six at Dana Landing and headed over for bait. No wind to start with and only 6 boats in line. The boys gave us a very nice scoop of sardines with a little anchovies thrown in. The bait was great. As we left Mission Bay my water...
  664. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Yeah, right. I keep telling my wife that and she still keeps laughing. You guys all have a great weekend. I will be fishing the Make A Wish next Saturday with my cancer survivor son. For those of you fishing it and you have kids, cancer can strike anyone. Appreciate your kids. This certainly...
  665. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    They were Marlin boats. They were clearly rigged for the bigger marlin jigs and were using them. And yes, I have been burned way more by other small boaters, but it is fun to pick on the big boys. I will cut the small boaters some slack because most of us don't have the luxary of running a boat...
  666. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    My scoop was way light. The guys at San Diego Bay give what I think is an appropriate half scoop. The old man who used to work the Mission Bay receiver with the Greek looking Italian kid were really good. I miss the old man and the kids that worked with him. It has been crap ever since in...
  667. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Junior, sorry you could not get out. Hopefully, the fish will move in even closer. As for the Marlin Boats, believe me, if I could, I would buy a Cabo 35 with twin ds in a heartbeat with a nice tower. Hopefully, the bite stays strong with all of the weekend pressure. John
  668. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Yep. I have had few run ins with guys like that. Still not sure if I am going to out again on Saturday. I will likely wait and see how the reports look tonight. John
  669. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Okay, looks like I am up. My buddy Mike and I headed out of Dana Landing at about 4:45am. I swear, I was worried something was up because no one was launching their boats and there was only one boat at the curteosy dock. In anycase, we picked up a half scoop of crap bait from kids who are new...
  670. J

    Mola Mola Attack

    I also love your reports. Good job. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  671. J

    9-2 The 2009 Skunk Jumped Off the Boat

    Dan did you run into any fog? I was surfing this morning and it looked pretty clear. I will likely be running on Friday. Thanks for the great report. Glad you got em. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  672. J

    302 and Inside-August 21st

    Nathan! Nice to hear from you. Now, here is a guy who can fish and who is largely responsible for getting me into saltwater fishing on private boats. Glad you are still in the game. Email me at [email protected] to get caught up on shit. Hope you are still surfing. John Segoria
  673. J

    302 and Inside-August 21st

    Thanks! Everyone is pretty cool on this site. I just want to help out when I can. Like most of you have said, the bad fishing reports are as valuable as the good ones. Night all. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  674. J

    302 and Inside-August 21st

    I think the fishing down the 295 an 238 area is where you need to be. A day and half boat could be the ticket for this. The weather is just crap for this weekend. It could certainly turn around next week. We also have a long intervel south swell filling in this weekend. Hopefully, it brings...
  675. J

    302 and Inside-August 21st

    Okay. Short version, not good. Long version. Humberto Garcia and I left Mission Bay at 5:30am and were the eighth boat in line for bait. Apparently, we were able to get bait out of one of their new bait pens and it paid off. The sardines were surprisngly good. It was slightly bumpy on the...
  676. J

    Sun 8/9 LJ yellows, 1st post since Dad died.

    Sorry for your loss as well. Been there. John Segoria 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy
  677. J

    302 and Inside-7/31

    Deno: How did I know the swordie was a she? Easy, she was hot, available and wanted nothing wanted to do with me. Thank God I am married. John