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    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Mike the pirate Jewett Big Game 90 this guy can put you on the fish and the kids loved going up into the bridge and steer the boat
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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    standard minimum size is 10 inches for rockfish, Lings 22, white fish no minimum size
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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    I do not understand your question Are they legal why yes otherwise they would have been returned to the water let em go to let em grow the average reds were over 2 lbs and the whitefish were about 1-2 pounds
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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    i am not a salmon grouper guy
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    I concur
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    San Diego trips in January and February the collonet trips 1.5 day big reds and lings if you can reach the bootom with the wind and current. Also bonus yellowtail action
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    Rockfishing in socal.

    the boats from SB fish Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands. The boats out of Oxnard and Ventura harbor on the over night will also fish the same islands. The over night boats get you to the grounds at first light and fish to about 13-1400 as they travel 70 miles at times. Sb boats fish 3/4 day...
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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Good Day all: I fished the New Hustler Saturday 11-21-2020 with our normal monthly charter. Things looked dicey as the forecast for winds and weather were high. Captain Chris said we are a go. I traveled from San Diego to Ventura harbor Sportfishing where the Hustler is docked. We all met...
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    Fisherman without license

    funny story I have a nitro bass boat and fish the san Diego bay often. I took a buddy out we fished all day ran from the south to the jetty and back to the bridge and back to the barge. I spent about 20 gallons of fuel. I load the boat on the trailer by my self as he loaded his junk in his car...
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    Fisherman without license

    depends on two things 1- is he fishing yes than he is in trouble he catch will be forfeited and equipment may be taken. 2- he is not fishing when the DFW shows up but they count your catch and your are over limits because he was fishing but did not get caught. You are responsible and will...
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    Refunds due to Covid

    or they just forward the monies to your next trip
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    Fishing channel islands

    Launch from Santa Barbara short ride to Santa Rosa nd even Miguel Big Lings in-between Rosa and Miguel Also more sheepshead and larger reds and white fish in the shallows. Drive is only 30minutes from Oxnard or Ventura .
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    Tranx 500 advice brake system

    it is going to depend on the object you are casting and how hard you rip the rod forward. I have 2 pins across from each other to balance the spool on and 4 off I cast usually 160 to 200 gram flat flats and medium heavy bar jigs. I cast side arm from the bow and over hand. I use a swing cast...
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    Slow pitch for SD rockfish?

    I fish only jigs and plastic trailers for all rock fishing. I like the flat fall and the fall flat. I operfer a jig with the orange, red and brown. it looks like a rockfish color wise. Also the gulp 6 inch pink slime curly tails as a teaser above the jogs. Many double headers lig, red...
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    2.5 Day on the Cortez

    White fish fight the entire water column pound for pound they compare to yellowtail in the fight game the largest I have caught was 9 pounds 8 oz on the new hustler out of Ventura harbor at Santa Rosa island
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    2.5 Day on the Cortez

    The big tuna was on the 50sw penn used for the kite fishing but it took about 45 minutes to land even after the shark bit its tail off. The ocean white fish is a shallow deep rock type fish. It is usually in about 100-180 feet of water. It has a flaky white meat and is used as fish tacos mostly...
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    2.5 Day on the Cortez

    Cortez 2.5 day big fish time First, I would like to thank my wife and kids for this trip; it was a birthday Christmas gift. Thank you Blake Wilson-Hames put together a group of the funniest hard-core anglers I had the pleasure to be part of. From the parking lot to collecting, our fish at the...
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    Rocking Fishing with Berkley Gulp Grub and live bait. Top or bottom hook?

    I am not a fan of live bait but I se the Berkley Gulp 6 inch curly tail in pink slime above my jigs. I have caught many doubles on this rig. Lings and reds like the pink slime and new penny color curly tails. Once my son lost a fish the curly tail came up without the tail next drift I caught...
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    Avet Service in San Diego

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    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    yellow fin
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    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    big eye
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    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    big eye have a longer pectoral fins if folder forward they should cover the eyes yellow fin pectoral fins are shorter
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    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    What is the difference between yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna? Yellowfin livers are composed of two lobes of equal size and one long, thin lobe. The liver of a bigeye tuna is made up of three lobes of similar length with the central lobe slightly enlarged. ... The central portion of the trailing...
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    Knot-too-Kinky San Diego Area

    call squidco
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    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    The 300 size Calcutta’s will handle any of the local 1/2 3/4 day fish and has a greater line capacity than the tranx of the same size
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    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    the boat limit is correct. But it is also the possession limit per angler when you leave the boat. You can not have more than your limit in possession. I someone wants to give you their fish it needs to happen on dry land. In the past i have given fish away to other anglers and wrote a letter...
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    Mahi Mahi

    how far out the mud hole or did you go to the canyon. We used to fish from the mud hole to the texas tower
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    NYC Striper

    I miss fishing the fall striper runs. We would follow the stripers from the beach from the point down to cape May. My PB 49lbs 6oz. Never reach the holy grail of 50 pounder. I used to fish the catskill creek for the spring run up the Hudson Good Luck
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    2 Day trip -- Fishing at night questions

    We sometimes fish for sharks with the tuna heads
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    Big Bluefin tackle

    what about a penn 50 wide 2 speed
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    Saturday Report - Down South

    Shelter Island At it finest
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    Vacuum Sealer Bags

    I purchase the big game bags from cabalas they are great I have stored fish and chickens and red meat for over a year no freezer burn at all...
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    9-27-20 Grande

    Great Job dad. UI used to take my 4 sons on the Big Game 90 for muliti day trips with capt mike. They fished the Lupe offshore and cedros. I still have the memories and waiting till my grandkids are old enough to go with me. Cheers
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    Great Haddock trip

    I miss the east coast from Cape May up to Portsmouth. I used to fish a lot ot of Portsmouth on the yellow bird for cod and haddock. Some of the best eating fish in the cold deep Atlantic.
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    Monterey shore fishing

    Good Day All: I am in Monterey for the week on work duty. Last time I was here a couple of years ago in the spring the stripers were running on the beach. Does anyone know what is running now. Do you also know what I need to be throwing in the surf. Thank you
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    Fight from the reel or from the rod?

    if the fish is charging the boat i would lower the rod and reel as fast as possible to keep the line tight. With the longer rods the leverage goes to the fish if the rod is held high the fish can pull harder on the rod. Think of a 10 foot piece of PVC pipe. If you hold it out straight and...
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    Lexa HD 400 recommendations

    does the difference in ratio 7:1 and 8:1 make a huge difference in fighting the fish? How is the torque on the 8:1
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    La Nina is here

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    Why Fish Barbless?

    Good thoughts I fish barbless when not meat fishing. It is easier on the fish and safer for the angler to release the fish
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    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    as Billy said on the way to the bait barge drag your line behind the boat. I stretch the line if I use mono. With braid I put the top sot on the boat as we do not know in advance what size they are hitting Good Luck
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    Will we sail this weekend

    Good Day All: I am on a charter out of Ventura Harbor on the New Hustler Friday-Saturday over night. The forecast is for 20 plus winds and 5 foot seas at 6 seconds. Do you think we will leave the dock. I do not want to drive north from SD to find out we will not leave the dock. Hope your...
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    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    first muliti day trip to the loop on the big game 90 july 1998
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    Lake Roosevelt

    Rosie in AZ does not have Burbot that is a northern fish
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    Bonita Sushi!

    it all depends on taste as a kid we used to eat blue fish and mackerel when ever we could catch them. Grayish meat and oily. Today I prefer cold water bottom fish like sheepshead, reds and lings. White flaky meat, I do eat tuns and yellow tail but prefer rockfish and halibut
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    Overnight truck/trailer parking on San Diego Bay/Shelter Island

    if your truck and trailer are empty yes but you can not sleep in the parking lot over night.
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    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    rock cod trips is usually 25-30 dollars for the limit of 10 fish
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    Fish for sale

    you can arrange to give it / donate it to a food bank they will meet you at the dock and give you a donation receipt for your taxes If you are in need of a donation receipt, we encourage you to drop off your...
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    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    I fish a monthly charter with older guys. We usually fish for rock fish out of ventura. i am one of the young guns at 64. I fish the bow all day and drop fish in unknown sacks that seem to be light. Last trip I had landed two lings (limits) the very last drift I hooked a big ling to me (12.5...
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    Boat adding customers once aold

    it is all about supply and demand We control the pocket book. if you are willing to spend more and get less than they will charge you for that. I am on a charter in october. We were told that they had to reduce the trip by 3 anglers. The additional cost was 75 dollars. If they add to the trip...
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    Boat adding customers once aold

    i believe people are more upset that they used the number of passengers to raise the ticket costs now adding more passengers and keeping the same price point they are making up for losses or creating a revenue stream your call
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    Open Party or Private Charter focusing on YFT in SD?

    the cost for a private one day charter is probably the same as you going on a 2-2.5 day trip (600-700 per person) that gives you more time to find fish, travel longer to find fish and enjoy your time on the water more
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I would guess the ones that started Looting and rioting throws rock,bricks and frozen water bottles at the police
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I would guess the ones that started Looting and rioting throws rock,bricks and frozen water bottles at the police
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.'s chief executive said Thursday that it will allow employees to wear attire supporting law enforcement, though it will continue to ask them not to express support for any political candidates while on the job. In a letter Thursday addressed to "Goodyear Customers,"...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    it has nothing to do with hate or like Like Goodyear has their opinions and guidelines I have mine. Have you noticed since you think it was fish bait goodyear has sent out another letter to clarify their stance on Blue Lives Matter i now ok. If you do not support the law enforcement do not call...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    i read that after the fact but that does not change what they said before they exposed they are just playing the Oh poor me card because Americans are tried of the two face logic the left and sponsors of the left committ every day
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    so you did not see the post of approved groups and disapproved groups but that is okay
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    yes and no one even has a Joe Biden Hat but the fact Goodyear promotes BLM but will not allow Police lives matter I will never purchase their tires again I could care less abut the MAGA HAt thing
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    2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    just to inform everyone Back in 2015 the Wahoo we seen in the local waters were from hawaii not mexico the research was proven that the gene pool of the wahoo dna was from the hawaiian gene pool not mexico
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    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    it may just be me but I believe if we continue to educate the under educated on the way or great nation works they may grow and realize the incorrect information they have been told for so many years and join the rest of the working Americans in keeping this great nation the best in the world
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    On the American Angler Trip Next Week

    question if you bring a good 25-60 pound rated rod with a good two speed reel loaded with 65 or 80 pound braid and just change the top shot for the conditions you are fishing. So you can use 20-60 pound leader and still fish the rod for live bait correct? Then you would need maybe a jig stick...
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    Political BS Let's save the Post Office!

    Okay so just to understand. first was it personal or business related. Second was it within the law or unlawful third is trump still worth billions of dollars he earned in the private sector? fourth is trump international still a multi billion dollar business? Now explain to me how working...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    first I am in San Diego thank you but as I said under educated. Because a state has the virus does not mean that all in that state are not paying attention. It just means that the young under educated are more interested in partying than locking down. As the cases you mention are mostly in the...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    you may not be stupid but your are for sure under educated
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.
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    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Great trip is limits for 3 15 fish or 30 I do not know if you can keep 5 under 24 and 5 over in mexico
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    New Huslter Over Night 14-15 AUG 2020

    Man I needed yesterday. things have been crazy lately so I jumped on the charter for the New Hustler with the usual group of nut jobs. The New Hustler moved to Ventura harbor Sport-fishing from Hooks Landing. Parking Better. Check in better. so the story goes we check in at 2100 and border after...
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    Ocean Eagle Fluking

    San Diego Flat
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    Knot question

    I have used many knots The pollmar I never use on fluro it just does not seem to lock in correctly. With the jam ot clinch remember it is important to lock the knot down under pressure and when you clip the tag end I will leave about an 1/8 of an inch so it can tighten under the fish fight and...
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    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    So you spent 2500 on beer. If you were in a bar or club and spent 2500 dollars how much would you tip the hostess? Take is just the beer tab. How many people on the boat? there is a ton factors to include I am the one that believes that f you can afford a 9k dollar trip you can afford the tip...
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    Braid line for jig reel.

    jerry brown hollow lays flat on the reel with all braid make sure you wet it before you cast it
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    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    Squid co has them in stock
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    Tuna Fishing advice/ setup/ reels

    you should either rent or borrow so you can feel what fits your style of fishing. I prefer low profile but also use round reels. Spinning also come in handy throwing poppers and light baits. after you have fished several different reels than you can purchase what you need there is a used...
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    What's the best Saltwater Tackle website?

    SQUIDCO FISHING STORE INFO. Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30a-6:00p. 3518 Barnett Ave. San Diego, CA 92110. (619)222-8955 ...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    yes it is but when you take into consideration that fact you are looking at 100 million ballots how many are you will to lose in the mail or arrive late or have then stolen from your mail box or be sent to people that no longer live in the district or have died if you can go to the walmart or...
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    What's the best Saltwater Tackle website?

    depends on what you are looking for they all have sales and clearance sections. You have to do the research. I look at them all when I need something but still usually purchase my tackle from the local mom and pop shops like Squidco
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    Economical fishing?

    The easy way is to get involved with a fishing club. I fish once a month on an overnight from Oxnard. The new hustler. It cost 150 dollars we fish the channel island for every thing from sand dabs to white sea bass. It is a great group of guys each trip. if you look at the local san diego boat...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    There are two different taxes we are talking about. First his personal taxes the IRS has approved but it is none of anyone business Second the business taxes would show who he has borrowed money from They the left want to try and tie that a Russian investment banker lent them money so they...
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I used to work for treasury if he failed to file his taxes correctly you would have already heard of it. They take great pride in busting the rich guys Ask Rev Al Sharpton
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    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    I was just online and order ling cod jigs and pliers. What a pain in the butt to pay. I do not use pay pal and it took me 30 minutes to finish the order over debit card and they sent the order to the billing address and i filled in a different address But the price was right so we will see
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    SoCal fishing rod opinion!

    for the price of a new M1 you can get a custom from M&M i point loma. Go see them and they will be able to set you up with a rod made just for you. If you do not like it than you can purchase an off the rack rod
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    SD Tackle shop recommendations

    call ahead of time Joey will get you what you want
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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    question I have cleaned hundreds of fish I never continually wipe the fish off with a towel Why are they doing that. Is it just tuna?
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    Grease and Oil for Reel Servicing

    cals universal reel and rag grease and Lucas fishing reel oil
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    What models do you recommend for slow pitch jigging?

    the reel you have are good I use the Lexa 400 HD but i perfer low profile what i found to be very import is the rod. The reel picks up line and torque drags in fish but the rod is what give the lure the action. Just my two cents in today economy it is 1/2 a cent
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    Swimbaits for Yellowtail

    I have caught many yellows on the red crab and blue sardine 1.5oz hookup baits. When they are schooling ripping through the frenzy
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    SD Tackle shop recommendations

    Squidco they will fill upyour reel for fre when purchased. Also there is they sell good used equipment some may have line some may not. The cost difference between new with free line and used but you have to fill up the spool my not be worth the...
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    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??

    My Family left NYC for Az back in 1985. We have never looked back The problem today inAZ is that there are so many people from California and Chicago moving in. They all love AZ but they want to change it to look like th state they just left. It is getting bad But where can you go. My father...
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    Fishing the moon phases

    Good day All: So I am booked on a 2.5 day trip out of san diego on October 16-19. The 16th is a new moon. Is there any advantage to fishing for tuna and yellowtail during a certain moon phase? Just hoping to get the grand slam on this trip Bluefin, yellowfin, Yellowtail and DooDoo. Cheers see ya...
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    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    try offset circle hooks the opening is a little wider
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    East Coast Tuna runs

    I have fished both coasts and the 72 hour trips out of Key West. I lived off Nostrand Ave and Kings Highway as a kid. We used to fish the Brooklyn for canyon tunas, The betty W for Blues Weaks and strippers in summer and Codfish during the winter. Now I am in San Diego and the long Range trips...
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    San Diego Sportfishing landings updating trips with undesirable maximum capacities

    Example of greed, I am a vet and have access to MWR on the base for the reduced tickets. I purchased several tickets last year. I used 2 of the 4 and have 2 left over. I wanted to ride in January and February to the islands but the boat never got in the water than came the lockdown. So now they...
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    San Diego Sportfishing landings updating trips with undesirable maximum capacities

    Question Since they raised the ticket price for the reduced loads to cover the cost they have. Are they going to reduce the ticket price to reflect the additional fisherman?
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    Best price tackle around fisherman landing?

    if you call joey at Squidco he will have what you want all ready for you to pick up
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    Proper tipping

    I am just saying the quote was they are working for 8 dollars a day and that is false. I know how much a waitress makes because I bar tended and my wife waitressed in college. they are paid less than minimum wages with the thought the tips will bring them above. But that has nothing to do with...
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    Proper tipping

    back in the day i used to take my sons (4) on a longer ranger trip usually 5-7 days when they went to high school. It was a dad and son trip. I would save the entire year to pay for the trip plus the extras I would purchase them their own stick and reel. Tee shirts, hoodies from the boat. During...
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    Proper tipping

    That is not correct they are working for the wages, I do not know for sure but I would think a skipper has to be 100k a year guy in salary alone. Good deckies are probably in the 50-=75k range than you add the tips that are untaxed (just do not let the IRS know) so in your statement you should...
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    500 Size Low Profile Baitcaster

    I have both the tranx 500 and the trinidad 16 I prefer the trinidad when fishing larger fish school size yellows and tunas the 500 is fine but to me it lacks the power or torque on the bigger fish
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    Proper tipping

    I fished with a long ranger and he is on an 8 day in September. The trip cost 5k he said he gives them 500 as a tip
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    Rod value question

    the truth is it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    maybe because Trump was working in his business while joe was sucking the government tit
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    What's the limit?????

    I stand corrected I pulled the regs from Ca and MX Mexico -Where sport fishing is conducted from boats out at sea for longer that three days, the bag limit will be the equivalent of three times the amounts mentioned above. CA- Multi-Day Fishing Trips. The following provisions apply to...
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    What's the limit?????

    I asked that same question several years ago. What I was told by Game and Fish officer is that on a party / head boat. The possession limits are stated. You can not have more then two days limits in your possession no matter if the trip is two days or 10 days. Second the possession limits counts...
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    Where to get supplies online

    Buy Local support your local tackle stores Charkbait, Squidco are a couple
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    For Sale swimbaits 4 sale

    what time can you meet I will leave SD about 1230 1300 should take what 3 hours to get there
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    Face Mask Options

    spanky has the question how do you sleep in the bunk room with a mask
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    Weekend Brooklyn Fishing

    I used to live in Brooklyn Worked on the Betty W one summer with captain Al great place to grow up in the 70's we would fish snapper blues by stella maris and surf fish breezy point all the way to jones beach
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    SOLD Shimano Trevally Jigging rod

    where are you located i am in San diego east county
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    Weekend Brooklyn Fishing

    bottom fishing or blues, stripers and weaks?
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    For Sale swimbaits 4 sale

    I am in san diego but I am also traveling to ventura friday
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    For Sale swimbaits 4 sale

    these are the KJ magnums
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    For Sale swimbaits 4 sale

    where are you located?
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    Tips on Long Range

    I have not been on a long range in years. Cost of raising a family, Can you still give them a cashiers check I used to do that instead of carrying hundreds of dollars around the boat other than the poker money I would go to my bank and get a cashiers check made out to the boat They would give...
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    Tips on Long Range

    Popcorn and diet coke ready please continue
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    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    CharkBait has a clamp with the trigger similar to cork puppy around 25 dollars
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    Fishing the Surf San Diego Ocean beach and Mission Beach

    Good Day All I am looking into surf fishing the beaches after work. I have fished a little for perch up in Ventura. Okay I beleive that a fresh water bass spinning outfit with 12 pound test should work. I am looking for Halibut and croakers. Any and all help is welcomed Thank you
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    "Unicorn" Fishing Rod/Reel Setup???

    The reel can be used for many types of fishing if paired with the correct rod. I would look at a quality 2 speed reel. You can fishing everything from rock fish to tunas. I would put 65lb braid and than change the top shot for the species. If you are bass fish 20 floro, RockCod 40 or 50 lb mono...
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    1 1/2 vs. 2 day trips

    Depends on what you are looking for. The 1.5 day allows all day fishing sun up to sun down. In some cases you can fish the early morning dark. The 2 day allows for the full day the first day sun up to sun down and of course fishing in the dark if you want. Second day gives you the early morning...
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    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    If you look at the picture from Holy mackrel you will see that the circle hook in a big fish will create a hole. You said the hook pulls when the fish is changing direction. That is because there is slack line and the hook can fall out.The key is to keep the fish tight 100% of the time. it is...
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    3.5 day trip recommendations

    you should be fine. Listen to the crew they will explian what to use. Peopel forget that back when I was fishing out of sheepshead bay brooklyn we use the old single speed penn senators 4/0 6/0 and 9/0 for tuna and sharks over one hundred pound. I personally landed a 327 mako from a 21 foot...
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    Charter Sport Fishing in San Diego Still A No Go

    the schedule date for the governor is 23 june 2020
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    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    I was on the same spot saturdaay when the shut down the freeway I was coming back from Lake Murray with my two dogs. Making the right turn off Baltimoe to el cajon They stop in from of my truck. $ young black youths come towards my truck I roll down the windows on the passenger side and my two...
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    2WD launch vehicle for San Diego

    there are two ramps I use that have public access. First the new ramp at Shelter Island is nice. it is a littler steeper than before but the ramp has traction built in it. I use my truck with my bass boat and have not had to use 4 wheel drive it get it out, Mission Bay ramps are not as steep as...
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    How much bait per gallon?

    there are several issues to face first round or square tank round being better no corners, second the amount of O2 the pump will put out. the more O2 the better lastly is there an over flow or do you need to change water because of scales, slime and foam.
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    Launching in SD

    i have not seen any check points at shelter island ramp bUt I am not there in the AM just the afternoon time frame
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    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    Just a remainder you have to have a current valid fishing license to fish from shore.
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    catch and release for trout

    Trout especly stocked trout do not live well after being caught. The hook removal process is very important. If the hook is deep just cut the line as close to the mouth as possible. If you handle them the slime coating will be damaged and cause the fish to die.
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    MCRD Ramp

    I have seen leaf springs on the ramp from trailors
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    MCRD Ramp

    it is a single narrow one lane ramp it can be tough on low tide as the ramp has may pot holes
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    MCRD Ramp

    Gate on the dock is locked
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    Suggestions for a cheap conventional reel

    black max from Walmart inexpensive but will last the season I have one that is 5 years old and still use from time to tie
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    How Do They Split $'s On Wicked Tuna?

    I was to understand that there are two ways to sell the fish take the quote at the dock or send it to auction. Also they are paid by the network anywhere from 5k to 10k per boat per episode so the mates probably get a cut of that. Than you have endorsements and appearances like Fred hall show...
  133. A

    How Do They Split $'s On Wicked Tuna?

    it is a percentage top mate gets about 20% than down from there FV the two guys get 20% each the rest to the owner Dave. He mentioned it one show when Pauly was with him
  134. A

    Rock fishing Channel Islands ?

    Fishing out of Oxnard fish the Hooks Landing Boats the New Huslter is top niche
  135. A

    San Diego rockfish.

    go to the 9 mile bank 300-450 feet
  136. A

    What rod for an Okuma Andros 12iiA

    I had Squidco fill it up with 400 yards of 65lb braid.. No issues when filling up and the free spool is smooth. I have played with it in the harbor throwing 2 oz sinkers it seems like for miles I have played with the cast control and it has about 100 different settings When tuned in it cast the...
  137. A

    What rod for an Okuma Andros 12iiA

    how do you like the reel do you use it for jigs and bait?
  138. A

    What rod for an Okuma Andros 12iiA

    Folks Good Day: I purchased an Okuma Andros 12iiA from Charkbait 229.00 shipped. Now what to do with it. I was thinking having Squidco put 65lb braid to use for Big Lings in Moro Bay and Tuna / Yellowtail in San Diego. What rod would be an all around good stick. I have a custom wrapped Calstar...
  139. A

    Okuma 12IIa for 229.00 Charkbait

    just received mine free shipping 2-day what rod to put this on?
  140. A

    FREE Free Lead to good home

    bring a 12 pack with ya
  141. A

    Boat Ramps open and usuable

    San Diego County looking at opening parks beaches and ramps
  142. A

    Can we fish on the Bases?

    so we can social distance as we are adults
  143. A

    Can we fish on the Bases?

    Good Morning All: I have fished NASNI, NBPL, NBPL annex harbor drive, MCRD and off the beaches of NWSSB and NBVC. Are we allowed to fish of these locations. I was at NASNI last weekend and the fishing pier was open with just a couple of fishermen on board. I know that Game and fish go on the...
  144. A

    San Diego Bay and Commercial Fisherman

    Second question is do you have to have a commercial captains license also 100 ton 100 mile?
  145. A

    Good Day All:

    So I am sitting here looking at my reels and was wondering how to spend that government check I will not be receiving. I am grateful that I do not qualify for the check do not get me wrong. So I have several Avets but I hear great things about the speed master 16 2 speed for 259 dollars. Is it...
  146. A

    MCRD Ramp

    C I was there Sunday and it was open. The boat house was also open. The base is on HPCON Charlie (substantial) so access is not an issue for valid users but it is 100% ID check Good news is fuel was 2.82 per gallon the other day
  147. A

    Cost of the Fishing Trips for 2020

    I was just wondering, I have paid for the trips I am scheduled to be on. April, May rock-cod, August, November Moro Bay and October 2.5 day tuna San Diego. Can I expect the price of these trips to increase since I already paid in full, because of the sport boat shut down. I understand that the...
  148. A

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    What about the MCRD ramp
  149. A

    Reel Service-Baitcasters

    San Diego Squidco
  150. A

    Rock Fish Opener 2020

    Good Day All: I am on the Trueline Saturday 29feb2020 over night fishing the opener on the 1st. I am wondering if we can target San Nicholas Island on this trip. This is my first trip on the Trueline. Any info on the boat layout bunks and tackle storage. I plan on a small backpack with a tray...
  151. A

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    All news is good news wishing for a speedy recovery Keeping you and your family in our prayers
  152. A

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    PIMA pain in my A$$
  153. A

    Reels and Misc Items For Sale (Avet, Fin Nor, seeker)

    I would like the black LX will you ship i am in san diego. I have venmo or can send a check thank you
  154. A

    Black pearl out of Virgs landing?

    you fish both days they fish more locally the first day and than travel at night up the coast to the cape. the depth will change we fished as shallow as 100 feet and as deep as 350 feet on the same trip. Reds were hooked first thing in the morning and than moved to the ling cod grounds...
  155. A

    Black pearl out of Virgs landing?

    I use the gulp 6 inch curly tail in pink slime works great as the teaser usually catch a double one on the jig one on the teaser
  156. A

    Black pearl out of Virgs landing?

    I have fished the Pearl several times. Nice boat bow it tough as it is slanted not up and down. Big lings on the over night 1.5 two legal limits. Lisa is the owner and cook food it good plenty of it.
  157. A

    AVET Tech Support

    yes as far as I know 39 dollars covers it
  158. A

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    Try to find some older Fire Fighter boots. You slide your feet in with your shoes on.
  159. A

    Fishing Moro Bay 12 hour VS overnight

    Thank all I signed up for the overnight on the black pearl only 5 dollars more
  160. A

    Fishing Moro Bay 12 hour VS overnight

    Good Day All: I am looking at Moro Bay to fish for the big reds and lings. There is a 12 hour trip and an over night trip. The overnight trip has at least 3-4 hours more fishing time. Has anyone fished up there and is it worth it? Cheers
  161. A

    Yellowfin tackle recommendations

    Glad to hear you are getting on the water. i was out yesterday. The bait is small and weak. I was using a number 4 bait hook and three foot of 15lb flouro ties to 50lb braid. the bait is having a tough time pulling the line. I went o 50 feet of 15lb flouro It helped but still tough. Also so...
  162. A

    Pls help I need info

    I would go on a half day and throw jigs from the bow if you want to get use to it. or even better go to the bay and throw jigs into the bay or even just weights that match your jigs.
  163. A

    AVET Tech Support

    I have only good words for Avet. Story: I was fishing on a cattle boat and the deckhand hit my rod on the end with the gaff. So much fun fishing with 30 of my best friend. Well the rod and reel went in the blue. After hand pulling in the 300 yards of power pro I got the setup back. So i sent it...
  164. A

    Pls help I need info

    If you are not a skilled caster i would go with a Lexas 400 or a tranx 400 or 500. All are star drags plus they have a cast control knob and an anti backlash setting. I have used my lexa 400 for blue-fin up to 35 pounds and tons of yellow tail and yellow fin. i also use it to cast jigs for ling...
  165. A

    Pls help I need info

    Re you using this as a 9ft jig stick it is fine how experienced are you throwing with a 9 ft stick. Also how experienced are you with a lever drag round reel throwing jigs.
  166. A

    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    Stop it. If you want to bypass the fee book on the boats website directly
  167. A

    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    Good day All. This is my first trip on the double O. The boat was clean I mean spotless. very nice to see. The gallery is large and the booths are wide enough for a guy with a belly to sit comfortably and enjoy their meal. The gallery sits about 25 people at one time. The bunk room was cool or...
  168. A

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    I always bring my fish home whole. I bleed the fish as soon as I get it on deck I do not let the deck hands do it because they are busy and I want the best product I can get. I slice the tail section and the membrane in the gills. The fish drains blood quickly. Then get it into the RSW. At home...
  169. A

    Anyone getting the YFT on poppers or coltsniper?

    what about the flat falls
  170. A

    Throwin iron

    Before you purchase tour Irons test them in the store. I look at the irons and make sure the wide sides are off center a little. The I hold the top ring in my fingers and rotate the iron. if it does not swim the way I like I put it back and grab another hand full and keep going until I find the...
  171. A

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    I have the popcorn ready
  172. A

    Leave a Tip by Dave Ramsey

    I understand that it is not just about fishing but it is a great listen
  173. A

    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    i had that same issue with my 150 merc it was the primer ball it was losing pressure from the back valve replaced ball and hoses runs great
  174. A

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I remember El Toro it was a great base. MCRD is the west coast Boot Camp it will not move anytime soon. There are only two in the world MCRD San Diego and MCRD paris island. Oooorah
  175. A

    Cedros Sportfishing

    Are you asking what to tip or the surcharge to fish the panga. I always tip based on captains performance. Not the number of fish or the size of fish but how well did he work to get me a chance to fish. Was he friendly, knowledgeable did he bust he butt to get us on the fish or was he a drift...
  176. A

    2 Solid Guys Looking to Join Your Crew

    Dang I may purchase a boat just to fish with you guys. Good Luck
  177. A

    What makes a trip a limited load?

    Good Day All: I have noticed that there are a ton of so called limited load trips. Is it fair to say that it is a limited load if they do not sell out? One boat has a normal load of thirty (30) on the overnight. it is selling a limited load of 29 -28. Is it a good deal I think so this boat has a...
  178. A

    Fishing San Diego or Mission Bay. Need help

    the big bay can get rough o the weekends with all the sail boats and wind in the afternoon I fish early get off early. Mission is a lot calmer as it is almost all 5 mph or less. Mission around the bridges and grass flats plastic and crank baits work well for bass. Hookup baits and drop shot for...
  179. A

    shelter island ramp

    if you have base access MCRD has a car wash just pass the boat ramp bring quarters
  180. A

    New Hustler 6/30

    Chris runs a tight ship and the crew is top shelf. he hustler is not the fastest boat in the ocean but Chris will put you on the fish. I fish with a group that normally fishes once a month. It has been several months as I am in San Diego but I would usually get my 20 fish limit each trip
  181. A

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    My 150 had the same issue the primer bulb did not stay hard it was leaking back into the tank. Other issue is look at you prop hub it may also be slipping
  182. A


    On the big game 90 back 14 years ago during a the Albie runs I was on a 6 day with my second son 14 years old. Well we are thick in the fish and this guy keeps bumping into every one no excuse me or coming down He pushed my kid once I jumped in-between and explained to him hey say you sorry and...
  183. A


    Fishermen landing we came back from a 3 day trip had the gear in the cart waiting for the fish I bundle my rods together I had 20 setups as I supplied 5 guys friends from out of town. Any way we are loading the truck and find a bundle missing rods and reels The guys had their backs turned as I...
  184. A

    Boat storage in San Diego with 24hr. Gate

    do you have military access MCRD has storage 24 hrs boat wash and launch ramp
  185. A

    Attaching tranx to a deckhand rod

    fees are required we will contact you.) Duran Fishing Products Problem Solved 2019 New Product Introduction Here we go again... One of the funnest aspects to running this business is working with new manufacturers on the way up. Duran Fishing Products is a great example, a small...
  186. A

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Okay just finished my popcorn. The Yellowtail and kingfish of NZ are more like cousins same blood line but different. The prey they eat will change how big they get and how they taste. It is like Striped Bass. Ocean run fish a 30 inch fish is a throw back in fresh water it is a trophy. They...
  187. A


    If your son can get a float tube or Yak he can fish the coast and bays. Tasty flounder similar to halibut but not as big and they are all over the sandy flats in the bay. Red fish and sea trout during the seasons all from the beach or piers. Shark fishing can be great at times. The jellyfish and...
  188. A

    1.75 day trips limits

    usually you can get two days of fishing it depends on the premits the boat gets for the trip. two days of fishing equals two days of limits
  189. A

    it depends on the premits the boat takes out. usually you can fish on both days and get 2 days...

    it depends on the premits the boat takes out. usually you can fish on both days and get 2 days of limits
  190. A

    Fish processing prices?

    Okay i am a little lost you pay thousands of dollars to go on a long range trip and complian about getting your fish cut, trimmed and vaccum sealed for a couple hundred dollars. the cost of a long range trip is about 4-5 hundred per day. Just go one or two days shorter and use that money to...
  191. A

    Squish Jig Blow Out

    still a great deal I have caught loads of ling and rock cod plus yellows and tunas heavy weights perfect. for the collonet trip on the 25th
  192. A

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I was at the ramp today 01-03-2019 here are some pictures
  193. A

    Bass Pro Shop - What gives?

    If you are looking for that reel waiting till the spring classic sale you can trade in an older working reel and get 50 dollars off the new reel
  194. A

    Sd bay halibut 12/8

    60 feet you must have been fishing in the channel
  195. A

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I was there today and spoke to one of the site engineers he said the exit should be paved this week. They still need to add rails to the walk way around the water and run electrical for the lighting
  196. A

    Star drag vs. lever drag casting distance

    Lots of good replies here it looks lik eit a your preference not so much the casting abliity of the reels. But so you know that there is no true free spool on any lever drag reel. Only star drag reels have true free spool. If you are on the day boats and need to cast furether than the skippies...
  197. A

    Boat Launch in SD

    or you could offer to take a marine with you and they can get you on base to launch your boat
  198. A

    Diawa Customer Service.

    Try lock tight in the red it will hold you threads in place if you want to remove it again use the blue
  199. A

    Need recommendation for DC area offshore in Nov

    Stripers in the surf Black fish and sea bass offshore the weather is rough. You still maybe able to get on the big black drum. They are usually around the rocks at the end of the jetties. Clam bellies works for everytrhing Blackfish like crabs. If you go offshore cod and pollock or lings could...
  200. A

    re-frozen fish

    were they in vacuum sealed bags. if not you will notice the freezer burn will occur. The air and water spearated from the meat will dry out the meat.
  201. A

    Diawa Customer Service.

    i have several lexa reels. from the 100 through to the 400 HD's. i love these reels. With that being said I noticed my 300HS-P was not casting as smooth as it used to. I took the reel apart to give it a normal service check up. I found that the cast control maganet was broken in four pieces. I...
  202. A

    Loading and unloading the boat

    so do you tip the red shirts also? I hope so
  203. A

    Attaching a reel to a deckhand grip?

    squidco has the cork puppy for about 27 dollars depends on the size. Charkbaits cork puppy look alike has a trigger. it is nice but only one size bring your rod with you. The clamp that comes wityh the reel is not intended for use on a jig stick withut a reel seat. The cork pupy style rod/reel...
  204. A

    Spun Hub on my prop

    Well fishing Monday I was running around San Diego bay at about 3000 rpms. All of a sudden, my rpms sky rocket and the boat is sitting still. Well long story short version I was able to run at 15oo rpms back to MCRD. Now I need a prop since this prop is thirty years old. I am reading Bloody...
  205. A

    Thinking of taking my bass boat out of San Diego

    I fish my nitro in the bay all the time. I even go to the point but thats it. the ranger is foam filled correct? If so you will not sink but you will get flooded. It does not take much to swmp a bass boat in rough seas. I have fished the great lake around Chicago and Detroit. I have seen bad...
  206. A

    What to do with Skipjack

    When you purchase chunk light tuna in the can it is usually skip jack. Skip jack is the or was the number 1 tuna used as canned tuna.
  207. A

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    Not weird Tips are reported to the IRS as your wages Thus you pay IRS and state taxes on those tips. A one time gift under 5000 dollars is not required to be reported as income and thus you do not have to pay income taxes on that money.
  208. A

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    how about diet coke and crown
  209. A

    Halibut on the anchor?

    i perfer to drift unless i find a productive spot with sand and rocks. they lay next to the rocks and hide on the sand.
  210. A


    Okay back on topic if you use thumb pressure on the spool while the flatfall is depolying the jig will drop faster and go straight down. The tight line causes the jig to drop and not flutter
  211. A

    Tranx500 HG/PG

    56 pound blue fin last summer on the outrider
  212. A

    Report: Yankee Capts Ironman, July 18-22

    Benny Nice trip I fished the Yankee Capts. out of Gloucester great fishing family. Where did you get those jigs? thanks
  213. A

    Run and gun trip on Black Rose

    just wondering Who keeps the fish. In the old days he boat kept the fish. Is it still true today?
  214. A

    Lexa tranx or ?

    I have both the lexa 400 and 400 hd and the tranx 500 hg. they are different reels for different targets. The 500 is for bigger, stronger fish. the 400 is an all around reel for live bait and up to 4-6 oz jigs or poppers. the 500 is for big baits or larger jigs and poppers. you can purchase the...
  215. A

    Rod clamps ?

    Squidco has cork puppies in two sizes about 25 dollars. Charkbait has a version of the cork puppy with a trigger for 20 dollars. Bring your stick with you to match the clamp to the size of the rod handle.
  216. A

    question on a older penn 109 level wind reel...

    the clicker has nothing to do with anti-reverse. the anti-reverse is the dog lever under your main gear. it may be stuck or the spring may have been dislodged. it is an easy fix. Another issue i have seen over the years is that after the reels have been serviced. angler continue to over oil...
  217. A


    WOW times have changed I remember in 1975 catching my first 100 pound plus tuna from a party boat at the mud hole using a penn sentar 6/0 single speed with 60 pound ande line and a penn tuna stick. Today it is all about 2 speeds. Fish what youhave. it is more about the fishermen than the gear...
  218. A

    how to remove a seriously stuck screw!

    When you heat the frame and handle you weaken that metal. it will not be as strong again. the correct way to do this is penetrating oil spray then use an easy out kit. it will not damage the reel seat, frame or handles. Screw Extractor Set 12 Pc - Harbor Freight...
  219. A

    Hook Up In Huatulco

    Question what did you do with the sailfish? Did you do a skin mount for your son?
  220. A

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Is it San Diego tackle traders? the company that sells loads of used rods and reels. I would go to the shop and bring your reel. Put it on some rods and let those guys set you up. They know and understand the fishing business and have a wider variety of rods than a standard tackle shop.
  221. A

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Rod length are designed for several reasons. The longer the rod the more load on casting a jig, thus you can/should be able to cast further. Also if you are fishing top water jigs or popper the rod length will allow you to keep the lure on top when the rod is raised up. On the bottom fishing...
  222. A

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Garrett welcome to the world of I never have enough equipment. And no honey we cannot go to your mothers the tunas are biting. Your life has changed. I would look at a couple of different options. Rock fish you can use anything from an old broom handle to a buggy whip so whatever rod you choose...
  223. A

    What is a PinHead?

    Good Day All; I was on a trip this year and the captain introduced the deck hand and said so and so is the pinhead. I thought pinheads were the young kids trying to learn the ropes. Bagging fish, running errands and such. Well, it turned out this guy, full grown man, did none of that. The matter...
  224. A

    Does A Longer Rod Always Mean A Longer Cast?

    with all thing being equal the longer rod will give you more load on the cast thus cast further. But the shorter rod will make fighting the bigger fish easier as the leverage will be less. The longer rod will bend more and put the extra weight further away from you fighting the fish. If you are...
  225. A

    NON - Smokers

    Yes if you smoke in the bow and I am in the stern I may smell the smoke. But at least you are not standing next to me blowing the smoke
  226. A

    NON - Smokers

    not if no one cares
  227. A

    NON - Smokers

    Nothing you all are over thinking. I jus do not want to be fishing and having someone come up with a smoke in their mouth and have it blown in my face. How hard is it. Sure I can move but why do I have to just smoke somewhere else. I do not fish next to you and fart. I go to the rest room or...
  228. A

    NON - Smokers

    it is not being a Ahole. I think that the butt hanging out of your mouth trying to fish in a crowded location is more of being the Butt Head. If I am about to do something in a group or crowd, I ask permission "do you mind if I" and such. Or i walk away. I am not telling someone what to do if it...
  229. A

    NON - Smokers

    I think I was miss understood. I do not want to ban smoking just do it in a set location on the boat. So if you smoke great I have the choice of not going into the area that you are smoking in. Drinking does not bother me. I do not drink and longer but that is my choice. Drunks can ruin the trip...
  230. A

    NON - Smokers

    I have my own boat Thank Nitro Z19 but i am not taking out over night or offshore.
  231. A

    NON - Smokers

    Good Day All: So I do not smoke and have not smoked in over 40 years. Smoke does get to me and I hate when my clothes and hair smell of smoke. I was wondering how can we limit the area of smoking on the boats. You can not smoke inside the cabins, correct. I was fishing the bow throwing jigs by...
  232. A

    30# socal set up

    doyou perfer round reels? i like the low profile reels like the 400 series Lexa and tranx. you can find a good used reel fairly reasonable. Casts great and the line guide lets you fight the fish without having to control the line back on the reel
  233. A

    SOLD Shimano Flat Falls 250g

    Yes it was the beefed up jigs with the single hook and 200 pound crimped leaders i did not ask the price as i do not intend to fish for something heavier then me
  234. A

    SOLD Shimano Flat Falls 250g

    Squidco just got a new supply yesterday
  235. A

    What to bring 2.5 days out of 22nd street this weekend

    Good Day All: I am just looking for some information on what to expect this weekend on a 2.5 island trip. I know the usual rockcod and Sheepshead tools. i am wondering what to use for White seabass (if we can find them) and Yellow tail around the rocks. Fly line or dropper loop? Heavy weight or...
  236. A

    Inshore fishing near Austin?

    Austin keeping it wierd. I fishing lady bird alot (town lake) but if your are looking for a guided trip Lake Travis for big bass and stripers
  237. A

    40 LB reel opions

    I have several of the reels you are looking at. i am also 62 and use the low gears at time. i would look at the low profile reels lke the Lexa 400 or the Tranx 500 PG is use both for tuna and yellow tail. they are easier to handle then the round reels and have the line capacity you will need...
  238. A

    Rod choice for flat falls fishing for bluefin

    Depends on how you plan on fishing the flat falls. if you are just dropping down beside the boat sure the action of the jig falling will be adjusted by your free spool of the reel. if you are castinf out and letting it fall away from the boat the trolling rod may not be the best idea.
  239. A

    60 and 80# reels

    Okay now I am confused about the term 60# reel. With the newer reeels with greater drag and the thnner size of the braid. Does a 60# reel still have to be a 6/0 Penn?. I undertsnad the cranking power of the lower gear ratio reels. But with a Tranx 500 PG loaded with 65# power pro, is it...
  240. A

    Braid to Mono line rating

    The Braid rating is still pounds of strength. the difference is the size of the braid compared to the thickness of the mono. 50 pound braid is equal to 12 pound test mono. So as the knot passes throiugh the guides it can catch and cause a birds nest on your reel and snap off your bait or lure.
  241. A

    Mission Bay Small Bait Scoop?

    20 dollar kayak scoop about 4 pounds of bait do not forget to tip the guys it comes in handy. I ask for the price they say 20 dollars i give them 25 beforew i get my bait and it is usually much more bait then i use all day
  242. A

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX82H Alternative

    Turners outdoorsman has a line of phenix brand rods under their logo of the californan rod series i have several they cost less and work fine. the warranty is good also opver the counter. Look for the sale you can pyull the trigger for less than 150 dollars
  243. A

    Reel Recomendation

    Mike the rod you have is a good rod but depending on the action there are far better rods. If you are just deep dropping live bait than okay Maybe even trolling as the shorter rod give you more levage agaisnt the fish during the fight. If you want a new reel to cas jgs and live bait, a 7...
  244. A

    SoCal Sportfishing Club On the Dominator

    Good Day To All: First Thank You to Ron Owens for putting on another fishing trip for us. The SoCal Sportfishing club went on the Dominator out of Point Loma Sportfishing this past weekend. The weekend being questionable with the weather reports/forecast, we meet in the parking lot waiting on...
  245. A

    What Tranx should I pirchase the 500 PG or HG

    Good day all: I am about to bite the bullet. I looked at the tranx and I like the low profile reels verse the round reels. What is the advantage of the HG vs PG. I fish mostly out of Ventura for the lingcod and white sea bass. But I am on 3 tuna trips this summer from 1.5 to 3 days. I have a...
  246. A

    Rockfishing Question

    All good tips. I would speak with a deck hand on the way out on what to rig. if you are going local than the two hook setup is easy. if they say use a 10 oz weight use a 12. the extra weight will keep you straight up and down. Fishing shallow water ( less then 150 ft. ) you can use less weight...
  247. A

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    since you are from the valley do you visit phoenix fishing on 16th street and highland? good shop I used to go there back in the day
  248. A

    College Project - Help Needed

    Look into the B.A.S.S. org as hey have a real life history on what they did to change the fishing culture. They can give you the insight on how it effects the fisheries and the economic impact on the local communities good luck
  249. A

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    Day at the Docks there is a guy from long beach he had some last year I purchased 4 of them and used them all for the big ling cod
  250. A

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    I throw a lot of the flat falls and surface irons
  251. A

    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    Good day All: Well I was lucky enough to purchase a phenix Black Diamond from lakeside bait and tackle before they closed for 60% off. So now I need a new reel for it correct. I was at Squidco yesterday and of course as soon as you walk in they are right there to serve you. Do you need a drink...
  252. A

    Tranx 500 HG VS. PG for iron

    Question with the high gear ratio do you lose much power and torque with the larger fish?
  253. A

    SOLD Avet SX 6/4 Silver Diawa Sealine X 20SHA

    interested in the avet where are you located I am in point loma
  254. A

    WTB looking for a used reel for my new phenix rod

    Good Day All: I was lucky enough to get a phenix black diamond from lake side bait and tackle when they were closing. I have several different reel from penn to avet to daiwa and shimano. I like the low profile reels like the lexas and tranx. I am looking for either a low profile like the tranx...
  255. A

    Price of fish sold to markets

    This is not just an island thing. On the east coast Tuns fishing the boat keeps the fish. it is stated in the flyers. Before you get on the boat you know the rules. If you catch a huge fish they will give you a credit towards another trip. The boat sells it to the market and keeps the money...
  256. A

    SOLD Avet JX 6:1 $150

    interested I am in La Mesa
  257. A

    Good Fred Hall deals on cheaper rods

    What type of Californian rods are on sale?
  258. A

    Cleaning of the avet 2 speeds

    Great read all. What about your rods. I use a hand towel with simple green and wipe them down. Then I spray furniture polish on the rods and wipe them down. it helps keep the fish scales from sticking rod blank. It also keeps the line guides from getting rust or Corrosion build up.
  259. A

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500PG Reel

    next please where are you located
  260. A

    good morning to all, what are your thoughts

    I always add crazy glue to the knot have not had one unwind since
  261. A

    Visiting Florida in April... charter suggestions?

    You need to do the sweet water thing. Go bass fishing, you will like it. Every mud hole has bass and gills in them. Your son will have a blast. You can also fish off the piers
  262. A

    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    I fish out of Hooks Landing. Matter of fact I am on an over night today on the new hustler. I do not fish bait very often. Bring JIGS. I like the flat falls in 200-250 gram. several colors work well. sliver glow, whit and pink, black and red. Cribs jigs also very good. I just do not like the...
  263. A

    Best bang for your buck fishing boots
  264. A

    Best bang for your buck fishing boots

    yes I use them for hunting in the marsh and down in Mississippi for deer
  265. A

    Is my vacuum sealer the reason why my fish tastes "fishy"?

    A couple of issues. 1- what bags are you using. There are freezer bags and then storage bags. Use the freezer bags only. 2- when I clean my fish I never use fresh water only. I make a brine of water and kosar salt. I clean the fish then rinse in the brine then dry off lay flat and seal. 3- white...
  266. A

    Kayak halibut rods and rainshadow blanks

    Short butt section is a must
  267. A

    Best bang for your buck fishing boots

    I use Muck Boots They are the most comfortable boots ever. I have two styles. Snake proof and neoprene warm in winter and not hot in summer
  268. A

    Colonet this weekend

    are there any boats leaving tonight for the coastal trips down to colonet. I am 0-3 this year so far all trips cancelled due to weather
  269. A

    Cost of fish fileting

    When I have a 4 hour drive from Ventura to san Diego after fishing I have them clean my fish. In San Diego I clean my own. Tunas Yellowtail Sheepshead I always clean my self as I think a lot of the finest meat in the ribs and head gets wasted as the mates are like a factory line. I enjoy...
  270. A

    Cost of fish fileting

    Brave Man
  271. A

    Cost of fish fileting

    I was wondering, Why do you get charged 15 dollars for 10 rock fish in Ventura. San Diego is like 3 dollars per fish. The fish in Ventura are much larger than the local fish. I seen mates have us keep small 10 inch rock cod on the local Point Loma boats. In Ventura that would be lingcod bait...
  272. A

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    No fishing off the structures you can fish off the rocks
  273. A

    Avet Tuning?

    send them to Avet for service they will take care of you
  274. A

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    Tip earners are not given minimum wages as the tips are suppose to balance it out
  275. A


    Chris is a great captain if he is not going out there is a good reason
  276. A

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    I was out to dinner with another couple and the bill came. So I picked it up and gave the young lady my card and then put cash in the folder for the tip. I wrote on the slip that this is not a tip but a one time gift. So it was the usual 25% of the bill. So while they were drinking the coffee...
  277. A


    WOW hope the next week is better OI am on the New Hustler March 9-10 going for the big Ling -a -Dings
  278. A

    XTRA TUF stretching

    I use muck boots the best for the dollar I found the tuff boots made over seas are not as good as they once were
  279. A

    SOLD WTS BG6500

    where are you located at?
  280. A

    SOLD FS -- Avet MXL 6/4 Silver

    melton has it on sale for 269 new
  281. A

    What to do with Penn 20?

    Braid on the older penn spools is a tricky thing. First is it an international penn 20 gold? if so it should handle most school size fish. it is heavy and the leveler drag makes it hard to cast with. I used one as a trolling reel for school size tunas and yellows. Mahi no problem the 20 will...
  282. A

    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    they are they unlock and lock the gate after entry and exit
  283. A

    Avet "mc" feature advantage ?

    The MC feature is similar to what a lever drag does to your spool the MC does not allow total free spool there is a big difference between to two reels you have. I have both and use the MC for heavy live bait like macs or big dines. the lighter baits use the non mc. also you can cast jigs with...
  284. A

    Room for 2 hos - Thu 6/25

    Jurel good day sir: I would like to be on the list I am out of town this week in Lemoore but I can get a day off during the week when in town and am willing to do the job. I fish hard no BS no drug booze or smokes I have worked on boats in NYC was a teenager If you need a hand I can be there if...
  285. A

    Still Nice Bass In NYC

    Nice fish Love the background in the Picture fished there many times around liberty island up the east river and the Hudson down out to the hook and the coney island flats. Some of our biggest were out on the Brezzy Point jetty
  286. A

    Legal Bait

    not intentionally you can not put a small rock fish on the hook but if you catch a smaller rockfish and just leave it down there and a ling cod grabs it so be it that's all good
  287. A

    South of the Border: Fishing in Ensenada or Rosarito or OTHER

    if you are in vista look at the Oceanside 95 out of helgrens they fish for tuna and yellowtail from Oceanside to the island
  288. A

    Rock Codding in Ventura

    We used a variety of jigs, gulp plastics swim baits and squid
  289. A

    Sea Lion Pulls Man Overboard in SD

    we need more sharks in the area to control the population of these fish stealers
  290. A

    Rock Codding in Ventura

    Fished out of Ventura Harbor on the Amigo with Bill Cavanagh as the Skipper Vinny second ticket Nick and Cody on Deck and Ana behind the grill. First trip on this boat and some things to think about. First the bunks are great I had a forward bunk a little noisy with the wave splash but slept...
  291. A

    Older 2 stroke Yamaha mechanic in Point Loma?

    give George a call he is a mobile boat engine mechanic I used him he came to me and charged me 50 per hour onsite 619-981-0430 he used to have his own shop but gave it up to work from home
  292. A

    ICE fishing Southern Utah!

    I used to ice Utah a lot and I used the heavy black surgical / rubber gloves inside my wool gloves the wool will keep you warm when wet and the rubber gloves keeps your hand dry
  293. A

    Pacfic Dawn Outer islands trip 12dec2014

    Good day All: This is my first time fishing out of Ventura Sportfishing. I was lucky enough to get on the Pacific Dawn Skippered by Pat Cavanaugh. Well it started out Friday night at the landing meeting the other 20 passengers and watching the parade of lights on the water and then the fire...
  294. A

    Fishing Over Night out of Ventura CA.

    Thank you everyone for the response. I checked and the Dawn has 13 I would make 14 and it would be a go.
  295. A

    Fishing Over Night out of Ventura CA.

    Good Day All: I am going to be in Ventura/Oxnard Friday the 12DEC2014 for work on the base and was thinking about jumping on an overnight instead of driving back to San Diego in the traffic jam. There are two landings I found. Ventura Sportfishing and Channel Island sport fishing. Does anyone...
  296. A

    Brother I need a queen set I am in el cajon can we hook one up thanks mike 6192044433

    Brother I need a queen set I am in el cajon can we hook one up thanks mike 6192044433
  297. A

    bay boats?

    Can I jump in and ask I have a 19 foot Nitro b ass boat. I usually use it just in fresh water lakes in Arizona. I am thinking about taking it to San Diego (since I am stationed there) and running it in he bay for bass and halibut. It has a 150 mercury black max XR4 outboard and all the trolling...
  298. A

    Shimano 300ej what can this reel do

    I just got a used 300ej in perfect condition it cost me 160 with line installed. I was wondering what do you use it for other then bay bass and maybe some halibut in the bay is it used for local yellows up to 20 pounds it has 15 pounds of drag on it thanks mike
  299. A

    con't "bad boat, inexperienced crew..."

    Wow what a difference a day makes. I was on the first charter on the Commander. It was a 2 day trip and I believe I posted information about the boat and crew from that trip. The Captain Steve while we were at the fuel dock gave us the same speech about 15-20% of the ticket as a tip. I...
  300. A

    Cabo trip cancelled..need a long range trip for 4 guys

    30Sun Oct 5, AMWed Oct 15, AM10$3275 (23) M & M Custom Rods Open 3 spots AMERICAN ANGLER SPORTFISHING San Diego's Finest Long Range Vessel
  301. A

    Will be in Ensenada. Want to Fish! Any help?

    if he can not help you see Sergio at ensenda sport fishing he has contacts that can get you on a boat
  302. A

    Commander 9-12 through 9-14

    yes still single screw but when yo travel at night it does not really matter most boat still steam at 8 - 10 knots
  303. A

    Commander 9-12 through 9-14

    Good day All: First trip on the Commander, It was 6 months in dry dock and we got on the boat just in time. First a big thank you to Ron Owens from SoCal sport fishing for putting on this trip. He did a great job of getting a solid group of 19 (yes only 19 anglers on this 65 foot fish killing...
  304. A

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    That's funny last week on the Oceanside 95 we caught lots of fish I only kept my 4 fish I needed and donated the rest. A couple of guys were bitching that they had to pay for the extra fish they were given for free. They wanted the mates to clean the fish for them since they did not catch them...
  305. A

    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Not offended and not flamed I worked for 2 summers as a deck hand as I posted and we did not get paid by the boat only tips, fish cleaning and yes we could and did sell fish at the dock. Maybe you are correct they are tired and need sleep. I work in the real world When I was with IBM working on...
  306. A

    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Okay lets get a couple of thing out in the open . First 20 dollars is 20% with military discount the trip was 100 dollars so flip off. second I do not need a hug. I could care less and whining please just letting you know what was going on. Are the crew tried So flipping what take a day off and...
  307. A

    Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Thursday was as good a day as nay to jump on the Oceanside 95 for a 12 hour (5-5) trip. We get to the office and there are 19 anglers going for the day. NICE. lots of room huge boat. Okay the Captain was Rick, first mate was Golfball (Danny) next on deck was Mushy ( ) and Cookie was . Very nice...
  308. A


    Chark Bait has the yellowtail coffin nail that is down right a killing machine
  309. A

    Point Loma

    20 fishermen ultra limited load you should do very well. Listen to the crew they know what is working if you have some flat fall jigs use them they are cleaning up and you do not have to fight to get the bait you want at the tank.
  310. A

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    It may also have to do with the honor system. The crew lets you serve yourself and trust you to writ down the correct total on the tab. I was on the Big Game years ago and I do not drink. Do not get me wrong I used to drink just not for 20 years anyway I went in to get a water and noticed I must...
  311. A

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    That works out per hour but did not understand what min was for so I now I realize that min (minute) would equal 30 minutes which in turn equate to 140 dollars per hour divided by the number of crew member less the bags and if the captain takes a cut. Still way too much
  312. A

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    That is the job they wanted if they did not want to work 22 hrs. a day for 98 dollars then they should do something else I was a deckhand in NYC back in the 70's while in high school We got ZERO dollars from the boat we made all our money on tips and fish cleaning and we could sell our fish(...
  313. A

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

  314. A

    Dont do as I did, do as I say- Old Glory 1 day report Sat 8/23

    I have fished this boat 2 times last September we fished the pens for Bluefin there was 30 or so o the boat 1.5 day well there was only20 or so fish caught I had 3 2 yellows and a Bluefin. a women had 4 her old man had 2 and another younger lady had 3 so if you add that up we had 12 of the fish...
  315. A

    Coast Guard Dfg boardings

    I was at Shelter Island last Sunday and both the Coast Guard, DFG and home land Security were checking boats as they were getting on the trailers Many tickets were written but most were by the Coast Guard for things like Out Date fire extinguishers and life jackets and such.
  316. A

    San Diego bay fishings

    Yes it is illegal to fish under the bridge you have to be 75 feet away and cast towards the spot you want to fish I cast past the supports and bounce my plastic back
  317. A

    fishing poppers on conventional reels?

    In NYC we used bait caster like the squidder or jigmaster for years throwing pooper at the stripers and blues of the jetty's and beaches. I can be done and has been done. Two point to remember. 1- the rod you choose needs to be a fast or very fast tip and strong backbone. This will load up the...
  318. A

    how much

    how much
  319. A

    Flat fall jigs

    We ordered ours from the east coast and received them in a couple of days we tried to order more poof gone no more in stock same thing with the Halco Max 130's everybody wants them and then they fish that one trip and they sit in a tackle box why not resell them to the next guys on the boat...
  320. A

    Oceanside 95 7aug2014

    Good day all: we drove up to Oceanside and fished the 95 yesterday. The boat was clean and large the crew was welcoming and helpful while we boarded. The captain nice guy did not speak to him other then at the bait tank. First we are heading offshore so we start a slow trolling rotation, As we...
  321. A

    Inexpensive live bait reel

    chek out the new turners in el Cajon they have the avet blems on sale 20% off
  322. A

    Why shop this tackle store #2

    Today I went to the local store in point loma and I have never been to this location before. First thing I noticed is you open the door and you are greeted with a good morning. Nice there were two young workers behind the counter so we start up a conversation about the Halco max 130 lures. the...
  323. A

    Fishing on the Oceanside 95 need some info

    Good Day All: I have booked a trip on the Oceanside 95 for Thursday as my youngest son is coming to san Diego for a couple of days and wants to go fishing. We booked the 12 hour trip on the Oceanside because to the USMC discount. First question is do they have a way to keep the fish fresh like...
  324. A

    Tackle stores and why do you shop them

    Okay maybe it is just me. I have a hard time giving my hard earned money away for no good reason. Example I checked all the local stores for the Halco Max 130 lures Nobody has any. Okay some will be in next week I can wait. I was online looking around and found Melton's tackle online had the...
  325. A

    How to keep fish fresh on boat? Looking for large cooler bags?

    Keeping the sack wet will cool the fish two ways first it keeps the sack at the water temperature which is cooler then the air. second the evaporation of the cool water in the sack causes the same cooling effect as a swamp cooler. This tends to help the worst thing to do is leave them in the...
  326. A

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    interesting post as if you toss a bait and reel it in empty the spectra is not really under pressure. I spool all my reels with power pro. When I go on the boat no matter which reels I take I set them on the rods and release the line into the water while the boat is moving and reel in the line...
  327. A

    Feedback needed-Old Glory

    Joe is a great guy. The crew is also very good. The boat is stable the bow is tough to fish because of the angle. We would sit on the bow rail and fish. Bunks are okay I usually try to get a middle bunk they are stacked 3 high and I am too old and fat to climb up into the top bunk. The food is...
  328. A

    The new Shimano Sinking Orca Jig

    Has anyone fished with these yet. I heard they are the best new top water Shimano makes. CThey are a little costly at 25 dollars each. So has anyone used them and let us know what they have done for you thanks mike
  329. A

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    Rods are no problem how many tackle boxes you bringing need jigs, hooks, sinkers, feathers cedar plugs and so on
  330. A

    Shimano TranX levelwind

    So with the answer you were looking for the next question is do I have to line up the level wind hole in the center of the spool before casting answer no but if you do you will gain about 10% more distance on your cast
  331. A

    GRAFTECH Inshore Series, GIS 90M

    I think the saying goes it is not that you can hit the bottom of the well as long as you rub all the sides
  332. A

    i called the landing they will not get in the middle of the private charter money thing. so do...

    i called the landing they will not get in the middle of the private charter money thing. so do we need to send you a check? is there an address you would like us to use?
  333. A

    I can run it down to the captain and he can hold it?

    I can run it down to the captain and he can hold it?
  334. A

    do you still have open spaces?

    do you still have open spaces?
  335. A

    so how do we pay do you want us to give the money to the landing to hold? they can us it towards...

    so how do we pay do you want us to give the money to the landing to hold? they can us it towards the fuel sur charge if any.
  336. A

    mike 6192044433 I am in call me or email me how to pay for the trip last post has been taken...

    mike 6192044433 I am in call me or email me how to pay for the trip last post has been taken down from the site I am in el cajon were can we meet
  337. A

    Aug 10-11, ultra limited 16 max, overnight on voyager

    I sent you a reply I am in how do I pay you can we meet I will be in san diego area Wednesday or I live in el cajon 6192044433 mike
  338. A

    August 10-11, ULTRA LIMITED (16 max) overnight tuna run on the voyager, have spaces open

    how do I pay you can we meet? I will be in point loma tomorrow am I live in el cajon (do not laugh) so we can meet in the east valley? mike 619-204-4433
  339. A

    August 10-11, ULTRA LIMITED (16 max) overnight tuna run on the voyager, have spaces open

    yes whom do we pay you or the landing if the landing is there a charter name we need to reference? thank you
  340. A

    August 10-11, ULTRA LIMITED (16 max) overnight tuna run on the voyager, have spaces open

    please send me the details I may have a couple of guys.. Questions, fuel sur charge? food supplied, off menu or included and lastly that was jodies boat correct before he purchased the Apollo email [email protected]
  341. A

    FS: Daiwa Saltist 30H

    169 brand new on ebay
  342. A

    calstar spining rods

    too bad I am in phoenix for the weekend they would go great with my Penn spinfisher reels if they are still around Monday give me a call 619---204-----4433 mike
  343. A

    3/4 or full day this weekend

    go on the over night less passengers 3/4 day will load 50 plus fishermen on board over night is limited to the number of bunks they have try the old glory joe is a great guy
  344. A

    Extended 1/2 day on the Dolphin

    Good Day All: This is the first 1/2 day I have taken in like forever. I was at the landing and heard that Jason Cox owner of the Dolphin saying that he only had 12 tickets on the afternoon extended half day trip so I jumped on. Details: 64 dollars plus licenses as needed ( we fished in Mexican...
  345. A

    Ed the fishing was fishing Last night I went on the dolphin out of fishermen extended half day...

    Ed the fishing was fishing Last night I went on the dolphin out of fishermen extended half day from 1300 till 2200 great trip caught 3 yellowtail and a blue fin 64 dollars great deal great trip
  346. A

    Mid-Week fishing???

    no not long range even the 1.5 day boats are only going 50 miles or so. the fish are in the 3/4 day range now.. The old Glory is running no matter how many they have on deck Joe said he is running his schedule as posted
  347. A

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    it is not a bone but a collar. It is soft and you will rip it off if you cast too hard you need to lob cast so the bait hits softly and no tension on the hooked bait. or if you know how to flip and pitch a bait that is the best way 7 foot rod can get the bait 15 plus feet away from the boat.
  348. A

    My Mirage 2-day trip was EPIC!!!! PIC HEAVY

    Nice report great trip question the picture with the bones are they the balance bone IE pearls from the ears of the white sea bass and do you make a neckless from them. We used to get them from the Big Cod Fish in NY
  349. A


    wheres yorba linda I am in el cajon would that rod work with the low profile cedros reel that I have cj 273
  350. A

    Shark Fishing Etiquette

    I thought this would be better you guys are slacking off. If you kill it eat it plain and simple. If not release it as soon as possible. I would rather you kill the fish and eat it then stand around taking pictures giving high fives and then throwing it back in the water half dead already from...
  351. A

    Transporting fish from So Cal to Texas

    important fact when you load your coolers bring some duct tape and tape the lid down and seal it it will help keep the air from entering the cooler and melting you ice
  352. A


    depending on how full the spool is about 35-27 inches per turn
  353. A

    Talica 50

    bring it to squidco
  354. A

    How long will the tuna stick around

    this is just the start of the schools as the water warms more and more schools will move up north
  355. A

    Late report: Cedros on the apollo 6/20

    depends on what and where you are fishing. the head strap/harness is nice if you are not getting umped and pushed like on the party boat I use the head harness when on the float tube or kayak. the chest harness is safer as you will not have someone bump you or hit you in the head with a rod and...
  356. A

    Bottom fishing rig for less than $200?

    spinning reels for rock fish is tough for the seasoned angler. Get a level wind like the penn 320 or 340 made for east coast bottom fishing for cod and Pollock she will not have to guide the line back on the reel I.E. level wind and you can control the reel speed by adjusting the cast control...
  357. A

    Thunderbird 1.5 days

    they fish in American waters correct so you do not have all the visa type fees added on the cost of the trip
  358. A

    First multi-day offshore trip ... any last minute advice?

    Two things I always bring. 1) sleeping bag you can lay on top if too hot or crawl in if the A/C is set too high. a good nights sleep is important 2) a Costco folding chair that you can carry on the boat. There's something about sitting out side at night before or after dinner with your new...
  359. A

    Coffee grinder jig fishing

    not so much the flouro but the stretch you need with the iron. the braid gives no stretch so you will need a soft tip like in the old glass poles or you stand the chance to pull the hooks. I use Ande clear or ghost about 10 foot top shot
  360. A

    WTB Megabaits-Luna Jigs, Big Hammers & Fishtraps

    squidco has them just purchased mega baits in those colors yesterday Fishermen serving fishermen since 1939 Mon-Sat 8:30a-6:00p 3518 Barnett Ave. San Diego, CA 92110
  361. A

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    that is a funny question I was in Ensenada over the weekend and fished the day boat I asked about bag limits and was told " This is Mexico the Bag : limits are 1000 tuna, 1000 yellowtail and 1000 white sea bass all other fish do not count in the limit total. I just turned my head and thought...
  362. A

    Mission: Seabass-YT Tuna Jihad 5-31-14

    Nice Catch Now I eatlots of Halibut but never had white sea bass what is the texture of the meat and is it fishy or flaky white mild meat thanks
  363. A

    Penn Spinfisher spinning reels for sale

    Good Day All I have 6 brand new in package Penn Spinfisher Spinning reels for sale. I am a bait caster type guy so a good deal is coming your way. 2- 550SSG 2- 450SSG 1- 440SSG 1- 420SSG all reels have the Penn HT-100 drag system, 6 stainless steel shielded bearings, light weight graphite frame...
  364. A

    Penn Spinfisher Spinning Reels for Sale

    Good Day All I have 6 brand new in package Penn Spinfisher Spinning reels for sale. I am a bait caster type guy so a good deal is coming your way. 2- 550SSG 2- 450SSG 1- 440SSG 1- 420SSG all reels have the Penn HT-100 drag system, 6 stainless steel shielded bearings, light weight graphite frame...
  365. A

    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    I called game and fish but the young lady who answered the phone had no idea what the rules were. She was going to get me to an officer but I had a work call come in so I could not hang on the phone.
  366. A

    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    I know that DFG comes on the base and checks your ticket on the pier will checks for shorts and over limits they have to power to ticket you also.
  367. A


    sweet reel I purchased a used one from lake side bait and tackle for 165.00 loaded with 30 pound power pro I use it for Halibut and bass cast a mile good luck
  368. A

    how many poles are you allowed to fish from a private (NAVY) pier

    Okay so after work I hit the pier two poles, bag of gulp plastics and some uni-butter ready to swing it. As I approach the pier i see four fishermen and 24 poles. I am like WTF but hey if the police come I hope they write tickets till the sun goes down. Anyway after about 2 bass and 6 lizardfish...
  369. A

    Cow fishin the Pacific east coast style

    it is similar to a cable wrap. It is placed on the line with a small weight taped on so it slides to the hook as the fish is swimming away the line would normally rub on the gills or side of the fish an 18 inch tube will protect the line from rubbing on the fish. They started using it on the...
  370. A


    I received a call today from the blood bank asking for blood. I told the young lady that I was going to donate at Day AT the Dock with Bloody Decks. She looked at the schedule and said that they are not doing a blood drive this year. Is that true? hope not it is such a great thing to see all the...
  371. A

    Native Propel 13

    I have two hobies and was looking at getting the pro angler 14. At the Bass tournament at shelter island I demoed the Native by the beach it is not a Hobie by any standards. It is as stable as the hobie and to propeller drive is not even close to the mirage drive. I did like the idea that fully...
  372. A

    Samara Fishing Charter Help

    be smart go to the beach the evening before and see what they are catching and speak to the captain then and make an appointment for the next day. speak to the customers coming of the boats you can tell a sharp fishermen on how he handles him or her self after a day of fishing. even better go...
  373. A

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report web site for the yummies
  374. A

    How will all the fresh water effect the bay fishing

    Good Morning all. With all the rain forecasted for the next two days. Will all thefreshwater run off effect the bay fishing in San Diego much? thanks mike
  375. A

    meanwhile on the east coast

    Now who is checking their drag settings
  376. A


    OOORAH Marines
  377. A

    new guy here... need some lake advice (san diego)

    go to POWAY better fishing and cost less
  378. A

    Lingcod what do you use to catch the BIG monsters????

    I used 6 inch gulp curly tail on a drop shot with a 12 inch leader white and pink
  379. A

    Quantum Iron PT or Inshore smoke

    I have a 25% off from Quantum and was wondering which of these two reels are better suited for the inshore area and bays around San Diego. I fish for halibut and bass mostly from shore of kayak. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. mike
  380. A

    Mexican Visa

    if you go to mexico and get on a boat do you still have to pay the visa costs?
  381. A

    Catch Big Halibut tips and book

    Paul just purchased your book on line and the forward was worth more then the 99cents. thanks brother looking to get the most out of the halibut now I have a reference source that will guide me to the promised land of a 40 inch hali
  382. A

    Where can you get frozen mackerel or Hoop bait ?? Long Beach area

    Wal-Mart in the fishing section freezer
  383. A

    Fishing on the overnighter

    Good Morning all: I just got off the Old Glory Last night and it was a rough trip but we worked hard to find the fish and made the most out of them. To start Captain Tony worked his butt off to find fish. While other just sat at the pens he moved and search for kelps and free swimmers. Most of...
  384. A


    Good Day Gents I am going tuna and yellowtail hunting and was thinking about the waxwing as a lure to throw around the paddies. Anyone out there using it. A couple of standard questions Color, to match the hatch I was told that pink has been working the tuna Next size there are 5 or so sizes...
  385. A

    Sea Adventure 80 WON 2 1/2 Day - Hoping they do the right thing.

    Okay my 2 cents. If the captain knew ahead of time that the RSW was down then he knowingly took peoples hard earned money and did not care about customer service. If the RSW broke after the boat was under way he really need to explain the situation to everyone at that time and give you the...
  386. A

    Bumper Pool Table - PERFECT Cond! - $375 (No. Oside)

    reminds me of the chi house in college man we would play bumper pool and cards all night then go to class still drunk ah the 70's
  387. A

    For Sale Truline D8

    Question is Truline a west coast rod? It looks like an older rod Why do they cost so much Just asking thanks
  388. A


    DRH good Morning These are not really old Penn's they are just from the late 60's & 70's I still have the reels you mentioned used them as a kid and my kids used them as they started in the salt. Penn 180 id a low speed level wind good for bottom fishing and kelp. Does not cast real well but...
  389. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    this is from the old glory web site on details for the trip: <tbody> Joe makes sure every trip is fun. Joe runs a very professional Sportfishing operation with special attention to anglers satisfaction. Joe Phillips Owner/Operator Joe was a deckhand for Manny Silva at H&M Landing in 1970...
  390. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    I do not believe that you take away the tips from the crew they have nothing to do with what the cost of running the boat is. They get next to zero pay and work long hard hours and service your needs with in reason. The fact is if the service is bad then you tip as you would in the diner down...
  391. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    Irv on the big game 90 used to pull that mandatory food charge of 40 per day. in the beginning you got great service then it crapped the bed now it is the chief with a new owner. didn't the owner of the Old Glory run another boat before hand? I think it was the constitution and that boat was a...
  392. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    When I signed up the trip they did not mention the fuel charge Iwent to the landing and noticed that on the board it says some trips charge a furl surcharge but other boats do not. I think fishermens and seaforth boats do not charge this. To me it is like the airline checked bag fees if we do it...
  393. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    the old glory
  394. A

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    Question did the 80 bucks include the fuel costs. I am on that boat next week and just found out that they charge up to 20 dollars a day for fuel surcharge so if you had a 30 dolar fuel cost and 50 for meals does that make it any better Hell NO
  395. A

    Passport for fishing below the border?

    I was told that if it is less then a 5 day trip you do not need one but 5 days and longer yes question passport cards are only used for land travel by foot or car sea or air travel youneed a passport with you
  396. A

    color of braid does it matter

    so if I use lets say 50 feet of flouro on the yellow line I should be okay thanks
  397. A

    color of braid does it matter

    I hear a lot of the guys fish this with get success my question is white, green, yellow does it matter since you have a top shot on. And fi so how long of a top shot should you use. I am going on a trip 1 1/2 days next week and would like some info if at all possible. I have green power pro...
  398. A

    Canning vs ????

    the poor mans way to vacuum seal is simple. Filet and clean your fish dry them off do not use fresh water at all!!!!!! Fill your sink with clean cold water. after drying your filets lay them in the plastic bag or better yet wrap them in wax paper and foil. then lay them in your freezer bags...
  399. A

    Canning vs ????

    I use a vacuum sealer and am very happy, I have eaten fish 6 months old without the taste being effected or freezer burn. I do believe that canning is like cooking as you need heat and pressure to create the vacuum seal on the mason jars. But with canning the fish will last almost for ever if...
  400. A

    what line wieght to use as a trolling outfit on the overnight

    Good Day All: Quick question I am home in AZ getting my stuff for the over night tuna trip. I have the 40,30 and 25 pound outfits. 40 with a two speed 30 size reel 30 and 25 with Penn 555 reels. Now that being said do I bring the tld30 lever drag with 60 or do I bring the 50swt with 100 for...
  401. A

    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    that's what I am asking how come fishermen's lading does not charge it. Are the other captains trying to make up for the loss of revenue over the last year? tome it is like the airlines the baggage fees are all profit. the cost of the trip each season still goes up and then they add the fuel...
  402. A

    why do some boats still charge a fuel surcharge

    Good day all: I was at H&M today and noticed that some over night boats are charging a fuel surcharge and others do not. The cost of the same trip is the same dollar amount then the surcharge on top. Could they be traveling further out doubt it. I mean I am going to pay it anyway but just...
  403. A

    lizard fish and the Halibut

    Questions how do fish the dreaded lizard fish as bait for the prized Halibut. Yesterday I was fishing on the pier at Shelter island. I am a plastic thrower as opposed to a bait and sit type guy. So I was throwing 2 inch power bait minnows in the shad color. Catching a few bass and smaller...
  404. A

    Ensenada - 1/2 Day

    Sergio’s Sportfishing | Sergio’s Whale Watching | Sergio’s Bay Cruises | Ensenada Baja California Norte, México
  405. A

    Reasonable 8' Jig Stick?

    go to M&M in point loma and see what they have as custom sticks
  406. A

    Live bait pricing

    you can get a kayak scoop for 10 bucks
  407. A

    PENN 525

    Good Day All I am looking for a PENN 525 Mag reel for my surf rod does anyone have one for a reasonable price Thanks Mike
  408. A

    Free White Seabass Seminar Open to the Public

    I am there how do we sign up or is it first come
  409. A

    Me and 64 others heading out on San Diego with Ryan

    Okay I am not the rocket scientist I believe I am. but why not take 5 guys load up the van and take a day trip to Ensenada. They are fishing 6 pack style for 60 dollars and you can fish what ever you want. Just a thought
  410. A

    Bang Stick

    do not let the White House know about them They will make you sumit finger prints and wait 10 days for the delivery of them. Next they will buy up all the ammo
  411. A

    Nice guys finish last

    the cost of the pens are a small price remember to change your phone number
  412. A

    Sand Crabs

    Thanks for all the info
  413. A

    Sand Crabs

    Okay guys where do I find sand Crabs. No not the ones from the Body Shop. I went to mission beach and walked about 2 miles and did not see a single trace of the crabs under the sand. I did see a few empty shells so i scanned over that area really good but did not see the little v in the sand as...
  414. A

    Squid Trip on the Dolphin=FUN!!

    I fished last Wednesday night on the Dolphin. What a blast 13 fishing and it was loaded with Squid. I had orders from the staff at work, we want all you can catch. I bought to work the next day 68 pounds of cleaned steaked out bagged squid. They could not believe the size of the steaks or the...
  415. A

    Rods and Float Tube

    the odc from creek company brans new now only 129 with no tax or shipping direct from creek company
  416. A

    2 1/2 day on the Cortez Oct. 18

    i think it is 17 or 18 hard fishermen
  417. A

    Anybody going out Weds out of San Diego on a 1.5?

    tuna live in water rain is water if you ever went diving in the salt when it is raining you can see that the fish get active. It is the top side that is upset unless it is a huge strom that is flipping over the bottom but a normal rain is fine just get your rain gear on early bcause it is not...
  418. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    for the cost of this trip i could not put enough fuel in my boat to make the round trip what 5 bucks a gallon hunderd plus miles each way including roaming around stop for bait. It would cost way too much local is okay and the lkaes are fine but a long trip plus who is up all night on you...
  419. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    Okay I am home in phoenix and getting ready to load the truck to head backto SD. I loaded up my 20-40 9 foot jig stick with 30 pound top shot incase werun into jig fish. I have my heavy 60 pound outfit for deep jigging. I have my40 pound outfit for buttery fly jigging, I have 3 bait rods. I 20...
  420. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    As far as I know it is a private charter they needed two more so I was asked to fill one spot and my buddy HB got the last slot. I was told we are going to the cortes bank to target goats lings and halibuts what ever else shows up is fair game at night maybe some sharks? I think lobsters...
  421. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    When you mention shrimp should I go to the fish market in National city and get the frsh dead ones with the heads or the normal 5 dollars for 12 oz bag at walmart. What about whole frozen squid. I understand that fresh live or fresh dead are better but you can only get so much from the local...
  422. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    i wonder if i could bring a hoop as it is a 2 1/2 day trip
  423. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    Great now I will be wake for the next 2 weeks thinking about those <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on">White Sea</st1:place> bass OMG that was off the hook<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
  424. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    Someone told me that if you are targeting goats get some crawdads. Does anyone know any lakes or streams that have crawdads that i can set out some traps secondly can you set traps over noght without being there? Thanks mike
  425. A

    Cortez Bank trip

    I have been lucky enough to get an invit to fish this month at the cortez bank. It is about 100 miles due west, does anyone have any elpful info for this trip I am all ears so to say thanks mike
  426. A

    sand crabs ?

    Hey guys trying something new i heard that sand crabs are the ticket in the surf in san diego area. Where should i start digging. and what tide is best? i pump for ghost shrimp during low tide in mission bay do i have to be on the ocean side or are they also in the bay maybe get 2 or 1
  427. A

    looking for a surf casting reel and rod combo

    Hey guys i am looking to get an 11 or 12 foot surf rod and casting reel. What do you think is my best choice. I have a couple hunderd dollars to spend. I am fishing in San Diego for Hailbuts and sharks in the surf on the ocean side and Halibut and bass on the bay side Thank you Mike