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    They’re here... SlapShot tuna 22 Aug

    Excellent, way to Get-R-Done
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    The Paragon

    Hope you get to draw first blood on it after this next rotation
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    Love it when a plan comes together Turn N Burn has arrived

    Congratulations-may your lines always be tight and fuel gauge on full. What float did she land on?
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    How is L1

    Heal up quick, we want you back in 100% shape
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    The Paragon

    That is/will be a great boat.
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    Anniversary salmon fishing

    Where did you get that kiss? I want the "cords":cheers:
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    Avets Ready for Battle

    Your work is absolutely FIRST CLASS
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    It’s a beautiful morning

    Great Scott, where did I leave the DeLorean?
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    Just off the bench

    Eric built this rod for my wife. It will be sent to her tomorrow. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with him on this.
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    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Make that at least 3 of us
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    Ammo & brass 300wm, 7mm rem mag, 338wm, 7mm wsm

    Sounds like some good deals still available.
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    You might look into Top Knots out of Oregon They built a tow bridle...

    You might look into Top Knots out of Oregon They built a tow bridle for me and it was exactly what was needed. I let them pick the dimensions
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    Sad day- loss of a family member

    Thoughts and prayers are with the family.
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    Bad News....Another lost..

    Thoughts and prayers to the family. Be safe.
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    Be ready for road side repairs.

    You did a great job making the best of a bad situation getting the boat home.
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    Boat down today?

    As many have said, glad everyone is safe.
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    Took home some $

    Way to go Kevin!!!
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    New Cutwater 302

    You did it right!!
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    Neah Bay Halibut 5/11 & 5/13

    Overfifty-really enjoyed your wright up. Neah Bay may be the end of the earth, but it holds a soft spot in all of our hearts.
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    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Thoughts and prayers are with the family.
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    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    As others have said, best of luck with this, and let your insurance do its thing.
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    Happy Birthday Todd Brown

    Happy Birthday MR. Brown. You still get my respect.
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    Oldschool way, bait stop.

    Yes Please, share a little about those hand lines.
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    I'm a very lucky manhotstuff

    Happy birthday Carrie!!!!!!!!!
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    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    Lil Mak will be running on Saturday.
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    Jabsco Accumulator Tank

    Is the accumulator tank still available?
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    Tuna fluffer video

    Thanks, that is just what we needed. Now its time to buy more tuna tackle.
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    Tigar Lite Rods

    Ugly Stik Tiger Lite BWCL 2200 6'6" Medium Heavy (12#-20#). I have 4 of these rods used 2 seasons for tuna. No wear on guides or rods. One rod does have a very thin length wise cut in the cork on the handle but it is not opening up. These will most likely have to be shipped as I live in...
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    Center Cut full story

    Thanks for sharing Charlie. This is something we can all relate too. You two have always kept the Center Cut and trailer in 100% working status. Even with that, unforeseen things can happen. Glad you and Elaine are OK. Sure look forward to seeing you can on Float 6 for tuna in 2016.
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    Slide Window Latch ??

    Just replaced 1 of those darn latches, second one in 3 years. Order online from Diamond Sea Glaze as calling them does not work. Easy to replace the latch, less than 5 minutes including prep time. I used 5200 this time as well as the sticky tape. Sure hope it never needs to come off the...
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    Kodak's TUNA Run 10 5

    Very interesting numbers dturgeon, and we are definitely derailing the original thread. The ride I'm on has a 2008 D4 Volvo diesel with DPH outdrive in a 26' Sea Sport and I only wish it got the fuel number you claim. Flowscan and Volvo calculations both show about 2.2-2.4 statute MPG with a...
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    Some video!

    That video was about as good as it gets. It is going to be a LOOOOOOONG winter.
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    Some pretty damn great friends

    Friends like that, are your friends forever.
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    Opinions onboard generator keep or remove?

    Laurence, I've seen your hair. An extra large ball cap does more to improve your looks than a hair dryer every could. Keep the gen set G-Spot-ditch the AC
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    While I do not (yet) own Seeker Rod's. I have called the Seeker factory at least one charter boat in Westport runs G670's for their customers. This is 20#-40 is a live bait rod, while the G270-7 is a 12#-20# rated live bait rod. The BSC 270-7 has a rating of 20#-29# for live bait. For what it...
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    Blown engine on the Kelli Ann

    You definitely did due diligence when researching the engines before purchase. This could happen to any of us next time we turn the key. Good luck.
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    Dad update - bad

    Laurence-it has all been said before about the pain you and your family are going through. Just know, you thousands of other people on BD that are grieving with you. We are standing with you and if you need ANYTING to be done to help out, just let us know.
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    Tournament Time! The good with the bad!

    Great report and pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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    Fin-Nor MA12

    Thanks for looking, the reel sold this weekend.
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    Fin-Nor MA12

    Here are a couple of pictures of the reel.
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    Fin-Nor MA12

    I will try and post one tonight. Thanks for looking.
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    Congratulations. This just prove size does matter and you beat all of us. Enjoy the new ride
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    Fin-Nor MA12

    For sale: Fin-Nor MA12 reel. Used 2 seasons for tuna live bait. There are a few very small scratches from normal rod holder wear. Comes with original box. The reel is in Eastern WA so most likely it will need to be shipped. $145 will include shipping. 509-760-1283
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    Tagged and Bagged Bloodydecks Cabo Style!

    Outstanding work! Whiskey for his men and beer for his horses.
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    Something New in Westport

    Get web page, best of luck
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    New Fishin' Luhrs Launch report and I need your opinions

    What wdlfboi said 2X. No matter what you decide congratulation on the new ride.
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    Fin Nor reels for sale

    For Sale slightly used 2 year old reels: Always cleaned after saltwater usage. MA12 - $140.00 w/box MA16 - $160.00 w/box - SOLD MA20T - $175.00 I would be willing to ship and have Pay Pal
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    WTB Avet

    I am interested in buying an Avet MXL 5.8 reel right handed. Seller must be willing to ship.
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    Fin Nor reels for sale

    For Sale slightly used 2 year old reels: Always cleaned after saltwater usage. MA12 - $140.00 w/box MA16 - $160.00 w/box MA20T - $175.00 I would be willing to ship and have Pay Pal
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    rods for sale

    PM sent
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    rods for sale

    What is the line rating and action on the BWCL 6' 6"
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    Fin-Nor Marquesa Reels for sale

    I have some Fin-Nor Marquesa reels that are in need of a good home. They have been used 2 seasons and work as if new. All reels have been fresh water rinsed after each day chasing tuna. They have been well cared for but show an occasional small wear scratches. Most come with original boxes...
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    Pellet Pooper

    Treager all the way, been using the same one for years with no mechanical problems. Plus grilling a great steak.
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    Light in a bait tank?

    What are your thoughts on the level of importance (if any) for having either a clear window or a light in bait tanks? Does it really help to calm the bait until the sun comes up?
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    Radar and Auto Pilot -Raymarine or Simrad?

    Furuno MFD and Simrad AP
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    Thursday's tuna

    Erica must have been on the trip for you to plug the boat. She can smell a tuna boil at 1000yds. :-) Good job and thanks for the report
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    Saturday 9-27 Off the HOOK!!!

    Excellent Kerry, thanks for sharing
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    WP Tuna Sept 20&21

    30# Andi pink, no braid or top shot. Not to say there might be one day per season where fluorocarbon top shot would do better than straight mono. However the other 99% of the time it will do as well and much easier to deal with when something breaks.
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    Open Seat for 9/12 & 9/13

    Thanks Lawrence, I will give you all the latest intel. Also tell Erica thanks and I appreciate the fact she is working on getting us a lead exemption. We will just call it an incidental take.
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    Open Seat for 9/12 & 9/13

    The seats are filled for this weekend.
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    Open Seat for 9/12 & 9/13

    We have an open seat on 26' boat with all safety and fishing equipment (live bait), out of Westport. We will in town Thursday afternoon to fuel/ice the boat. Adult beverages welcome on the boat. Expenses and fish split evenly. Looking for someone who can fish both days if possible. Please...
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    Canning tuna

    2nd Lawrence's suggestion. Add anything you want after opening the jar. We just use straight tuna, the pressue cook for 100 minutes @ 11# psi. It is hard to screw up canning tuna no matter what you do (expect under cooking it).
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    Westport - thanks Goatram & FogDucker

    Sure hope that lady has a good recovery. She is a real trooper for hanging in there the rest of the day. All of us have hit the deck at one time or another when caught off balance.
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    Tuna friday

    Lil Mak will be fishing Friday and Saturday. Channel 68
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    EZ Lube or oil bath trailer bearing system?

    Oil bath still better than grease for my trailer useage.
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    Open Seats 8/15 & 8/16 Westport Tuna

    One crazy soul has committed (or will be committed after the 2 days :drool:), but still looking for another.
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    Open Seats 8/15 & 8/16 Westport Tuna

    Lil Mak has a couple of open seats for this Friday and Saturday, Westport tuna. Boat has all safety and tuna gear (live bait). If you have your own gear, that is OK also. All, expenses, fish, food and scrubbing split equally. Motel room reseverved for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights...
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    2015 WTC Dates

    Ditto to GHfishing! This was our first year participating in the event but it won't be our last. All the volunteers deserave a big THANK YOU. Also kudo's for having Emerald do the catering, that was a super meal. It is nice to have quality food on a fund raising event.
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    Any BD'ers in Ucluelet next week

    Hi John, We will be at Island West from tomorrow through next Friday. Assuming weather premits running across from Neah Bay. Our boat is a black & white 26' Sea Sport Lil Mak, lets make contact. Ernie
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    Molly Ann update and a pic

    Seaox26 only speaks for himself (or herself). Most of us do appreciate the updates, keep them coming.
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    SeaSport or Parker

    For what it is worth, my wife and I are fishing our second Sea Sport and have never regretted buying either. Her and I fish salmon in Barkley Sound and I fish tuna in Westport with the boys. The Parker is an excellent boat for just fishing with the guys and not overnighting. We live on the...
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    Shrimping - Line Management

    For those of you that use a combination of yellow poly and leaded line. What knot do you use to attatch the two together?
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    WTB: 23 Quart or larger pressure canner

    For what it is worth, IMO, you can't beat an All American, we have the 930 model and are very satisfied.
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    Westport Sat. 9/14

    Lil Mak is in for Friday and Saturday.
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    Tuna Thursday 09/05

    Lil Mak also will be there Friday and Saturday if you are around.
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    Westport Tuna 8/16

    We will be there Friday and Saturday. Float 6 and leaving at daylight both days, Lil Mak
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    Scotty DR Power Cord

    For a small amount of extra money, use tinned wire as the splice wire. I have added extensions and they work fine, however even with the best sealing job over a couple of years regular wire corrodes to the point it will not carry enough amps to run the downrigger.
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    WP Crabbing

    How much weigh is needed to hold a crab pot on the outside (ocean) and what is needed for inside? Also sounds like the current has a tendency to suck the floats under, so how many floats are recommended? Thanks.
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    Volvo Diesel I/O or Twin outboards What to go with?

    We have a Volvo D4 260 hp (2008) with a DPH outdrive on a 26' Sea Sport, 750 hours with zero problems. With that said, any parts from Volvo are not cheap compared to other companies. So far the diesel has been the correct choice for us. An important point is the configuration. Do you mind 2...
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    Need a Scotty DR part

    Don't forget Scotty has a lifetime guarentee. So it shouldn't cost you any money but you will have to take the DR in for service.
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    Electric/Hydraulic or Electric

    Another vote for E/H. They are the best thing since the invention of the wheel.
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    Collision off of Shilshole 1 dead

    Please, in fairness to everyone. Wait till the final report comes out. Just because someone owns a bigger boat does not automatically make them at fault in an accident. This is a bad situation to say the least.
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    WDFW Rule proposals-Need your help!!! Time to get involved

    Thanks Ron, this tread should have 10 pages of people showing support and saying they commented. Yes, I sent a negivite response to this propsal 67
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    Native Fishing in BC

    Thanks for the suggestion Ted. Our Canadian fishing buddies are all over this. It is posted in about 3 different threads on sportsfishingBC forum.
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    Native Fishing in BC

    This was posted in Bloody Decks Alaska and British Columbia forum. It is worth reposting here. Hopefully this link works, the vidio will speaks for itself.
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    westport tuna sunday!

    We would seond Inovale report as that was the same numbers fished on Friday and Saturday. Live bait is not an option for us so all fish came on the troll and swim baits. Friday produced a dozen and Saturday gave us 2 fish. That said Tuna is a new game, and our numbers may not give a true...
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    WP Tuna 9/14 & 9/15

    We fished tuna last weekend between 40/52 and 45/55 and proved tuna do not always bite at a WFO pace. It was a character building experience to say the least. Oh well, it was still good to be on the water and get a few scales in the in the boat. Has anyone heard a midweek report or checked a...
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    tuna / this weekend

    Lil Mak will be there on Saturday. Has anyone seem the lastest satilite photos on where the good water is??????
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    floscan 7000

    I would second what Tinmanxx said. I have a 7000 and it is very accurate AFTER calibration (which is not hard). However calibration involves being able to get to the back of the instrument to flip some very small switches. Keep that in mind when mounting.
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    Master Marine Services, Mt Vernon

    I have bought a few items from Larry and will say with 100% certainty...he is a very stand up guy. I would not hesitate to buy a boat from Master Marine.
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    Canadian Closure Zones

    This addtional closure has been around for several years.
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    Westport Info

    If Siv wanted to moor with other BD folks, which float will most of you be on for 2012
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    Viking Rescyou 6 man in Valisse Bag

    Just for clarification. Is this the RescYou Cosastal, RescYou or the RescYou Pro model. Thanks
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    Neah Ho's

    Fish are kind of scarce right now in Neah Bay. However that could change as those critters (Coho) are on the move toward their home streams.
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    Suggestions for tuna rod and reel

    Thanks guys, I will definitely look into your suggestions. It will be hard to leave salmon fishing at Neah Bay but......tuna sounds pretty enticing.
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    Suggestions for tuna rod and reel

    I know this subjects must have been covered in the past, but the search option does not seem help. I am looking to buy some good quality tuna rods & reel for trolling off Westport. Can you please throw up suggestions. Buying gear is fun (read expensive) but I want to do it right and do it...
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    Please do not mess with our GPS-send voter voice now!

    Letter sent. Thanks for the update
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    Opening week La Push Updates

    Has anyone heard additional information on the boat that turned over on May 12th off Tatoosh Island? Always bad news when something like that happens.
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    looking to buy a new yamaha 9.9

    Master Marine in Mt. Vernon 866-206-8161. Larry Carpenter is the owner and a straight shooter.
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    Volvo D4 260 hp and 300 hp opinions

    We have a D4 in a 26' Sea Sport which tips the scales at 11,500#. It is the 260 HP version with a DPH outdrive. Our engine does have a super charger as well as a turbo. It has excellant power to get on step. Cruse is around 20 MPH at 3000 RPM's and fuel burn rate of 2.4 MPG (Flow Scan and...
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    Any Clamdigging Get Done This Weekend?

    Congradulations on the success claming. There is no bad way to eat clams, that is for sure.
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    Two DSC radios

    TT - Just asking, can you/should you have two MMSI numbers for the same boat? I also have 2 VHF in one boat and have only one radio programed with a MMSI number. It would great to have the second radio with that same safety ability.
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    Prop Guard for Kicker

    Well worth the investment when it comes to saving DR cables on turns and cross currents. As Niki say's "Just Do It"
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    Newmar DCE energy monitor (new in box)

    Hi Steve, Is this the model that takes a 2 1/8" roulnd hole or the larger 3"+ square one? Thanks
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    Finally! Tuna Video from August!

    Thanks for sharing. We can all relate to clusters messes like that. It's all good for laughs and a great memories. Great Job.
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    CB Radio

    The boat group I fish with uses CB radios more than the VHF. Nice to be able to talk and not worry about tieing up a VHF channel. They are not as popular as they once were, but still serve a purpose.
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    Ukee fishing 2010

    Nice photos! Always enjoy your fishing reports
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    Alert - Sea Sport Owners

    BoonDocks (only WA Sea Sport dealer) has been out of business since early January of 2010. Sea Sport had a booth at the Seattle boat show and one of the salesman said they had sold at least 2 boats there. Sure hope those people will get there deposits back. Just guessing, but it would make...
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    Bamfield / Barkley Sound in June

    June fishing is mostly on the outside in the ocean. Usually from the 3 mile bank to the 26 mile bank.
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    downrigger cable tangles

    Agreed Sticker, your answer is the most likely cause of the problem
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    Entering Canada By Sea?

    Your description of Neah Bay couldn't have been said any better Capt. Bob. You just gotta love that place.
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    Entering Canada By Sea?

    Bob, we make several trips a year from Neah Bay to Barkley Sound. First everyone on the boat needs to have a Can Pass not just the skipper. Second you need to call ahead anywhere between 4 hours too 30 minutes before arrivel (like you stated). However you need to land at either Victoria or...
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    greetings from alaska!!!!!!!

    Great photo's thanks for taking time to share with us!
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    Father's Day Ideas: Electric Reels and DSC Radios

    We have had excellant results with the Elec-Tra-Mate 612PM electric reels matched to a Penn 114H. The reel & motor units are a little on the heavy side but they have held up for 8+ years with no problems. Including once a month commercial ling cod trips during the summer. You will be able to...
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    BLOODYECKS in Washington

    I found this site when it was mentioned on sportsfishingbc.
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    Battery Chargers

    You won't be sorry for adding a shore power battery charger. My boat is at Neah Bay from April-Sept. and in the water from July on. It is worth every penny just for the peace of mind. I have a Newmar bought used 5 years ago and have had zero problems.