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  1. Ragin Cajun

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Congrats Laurence and BO. This is going to be an awesome build to watch. Can’t wait for the boat show now. I’m thinking the Gun Slinger will be changing hull designs in the near future.
  2. Ragin Cajun

    It is done

    Yeah I was there the other day and was wondering where the Albin went. Congrats.
  3. Ragin Cajun


    Mark you continue to raise the bar. This is going to be an awesome project to watch and see on the water next year. Congrats.
  4. Ragin Cajun

    Fin-Nor Offshore 5500

    Great condition used it for one season. $80 Bucks. Located on Port Orchard. Thanks
  5. Ragin Cajun

    Winter boat projects...

    Rework the bait table to have storage for hooks, swivels and all the small stuff. Also thinking about a sub woofer. Defroster first front windows. @Walker. Any thoughts on a sub that’s has a preamp built in. Fusion head unit. Thanks
  6. Ragin Cajun

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    So last week Jeff hall (Biten Time) and I we’re taking about 4200/5200 and keeping/saving the tubes. He mention keeping his in the freezer. If you’re like me you pay 15-20 bucks for a tube and use it once or twice then you have to throw it away. Jeff says,I have a tube of 4200 that is 4 years...
  7. Ragin Cajun

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    We ran this similar setup with all the same color clones and a cedar plug down the middle. 6.5-7 knot seemed to work the best. Doubles,triples and several quad hookups over the 4 days we fished tuna. I put some fly fishing backing on my braid with those distances so they would be easy set...
  8. Ragin Cajun

    Just another question

    I used an electronic cooking thermometer a month ago when I launched the boat in Port Orchard. Then double checked at the GH when we ran by. I was less than a degree off. So I just left it. Good idea to check with other guys though just to see how you’re reading the water.
  9. Ragin Cajun

    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    There a safety thread by tower Todd up above the these threads. There also a how to make my boat ready for the pacific in the boat section. In general though. Waterproof first aid kit, flash light, PLB, flares, hand held VFH, mirror for signaling, maybe a space blank. Trauma scissors...
  10. Ragin Cajun

    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    We saw you Thursday when you were heading to GE bait dock and we passed you on the bar coming in Saturday. Great Job. Do you have a radio on your boat? If you do I would also get a handheld VHF as a backup and put together a jump bag. Fishfinder and/or compass also. Just a few...
  11. Ragin Cajun

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    FG is the way to go Definitely remember to tighten the braid down onto the fluorocarbon before tying your knots. That’s where I had issues when I started using. This knot is an art project like Tommy like to say. Practice it at home before trying to do it on the boat.
  12. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 7/20 open spot

    Tentatively filled. Just waiting to hear from @Witty1
  13. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 7/20 open spot

    I have an open spot for Saturday 7/20 Westport. Salmon and possibly bass as well. Pm if interested. Thanks Pete.
  14. Ragin Cajun

    Where to buy jig molds

    Got my flutter jig and down rigger ball mold from Do-it
  15. Ragin Cajun

    Sirius radio antenna?

    Thanks guys. Zip ties and hot glue on the way.
  16. Ragin Cajun

    Sirius radio antenna?

    im going to get Sirius radio on the boat. what antenna should I get? I got the Sirius radio tuner and it came with a magnetic antenna for a car. Well that's not gonna work. Thanks.
  17. Ragin Cajun

    Boat speakers

    Looking to putting some tunes in the boat before the seasons starts in the pilot house and for the back deck. I know a bunch of you run the compact box speakers. Any recommendations on speakers that have descent sound? I know some of the small box speakers don't have great sound. I...
  18. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance 220ex repower

    In had a 220 also. If you're fishing the sound only the 200 is ok. Mine was sluggish getting on plane when running for halibut or tuna but great in the sound. Also need more power in the following seas. Since the hull is rated for 250. I would recommend getting the 250. 4 guys plus...
  19. Ragin Cajun

    Friday Harbor Derby

    We got a 4lber on Friday and the shit kicked out of us on Saturday. Almost had to troll with both mains. Definitely worked the hydraulic steering out for sure and it was fucking Cold.
  20. Ragin Cajun

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    Yeah luckily no one was hurt. Just that black mark above the fender is all the damage happened to the boat. I thought for sure the starboard after part of the boat was gonna have a big hole it. We're making progress so that's good.
  21. Ragin Cajun

    Be ready for road side repairs.

    Some or most of you guys have already seen this. Yesterday the wife and I were heading to the boat launch in Port Orchard for a few hours in the sun. Well we never made it there. Had a lady roll through a stop sign. Barely touch the trucks rear tire but the trailer plowed her down. Tire her...
  22. Ragin Cajun

    Boat Pictures

    Super happy with the new boat.
  23. Ragin Cajun

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Big step I was missing the first few times I tired the FG was tightening the braid down onto the flouro before the finishing half hitches. Once I figure that out, no problem since.
  24. Ragin Cajun

    Transducer interference update.

    just meant putting it on the bus bar post by itself and putting the other two cable onto another post I realize they are still connected together on the bar but it seemed to help. Who knows I still can be wrong. Thanks Patrick!
  25. Ragin Cajun

    Transducer interference update.

    Took everyone’s advice looked at the house battery. The negative cable was on the same post on the negative bus bar as the port motor and another negative cable coming from the rear of the boat. Wasn’t sure if that would make a difference but I isolated the house battery by itself and moved the...
  26. Ragin Cajun

    Cost of New Outboards?

    The harmonics are due to a restricted plate in the intake. I was told you can remove it. My 9.9 doesn't make any noise currently.
  27. Ragin Cajun

    12lb downrigger balls

    i have a mold. I'll take them and make you some 15's.
  28. Ragin Cajun

    Kicker causing interference

    Mike, B175HW Laurence, thru hull not on the same side.
  29. Ragin Cajun

    Kicker causing interference

    Still learning the new boat. Went salmon fishing over the weekend. While we were trolling there was noticeable interference that could be seen on the screen when the kicker was being used. If it was at idle the screen would clear up. Is there a setting that I need to change or is this...
  30. Ragin Cajun

    Live Bait ilwaco?

    Freaking wind machine is blowing.
  31. Ragin Cajun

    3 gallon gas tank. New.

    we can coordinate something. Maybe in Westport or something?
  32. Ragin Cajun

    Gunnel rod holder/gaff mounts. 25 each.

    I’m in port Orchard just let me know when you are passing through. I can meet you. Here’s my cell if that’s easier. 360-473-3262. Thanks Pete.
  33. Ragin Cajun

    3 gallon gas tank. New.

    Came with the kicker in the new boat. I have no use for it. $25 bucks.
  34. Ragin Cajun

    Yamaha filter 6P3-WS24A-01

    Awaiting pickup.
  35. Ragin Cajun

    Yamalube Ring free

    Sorry already spoken for
  36. Ragin Cajun

    4 NGK LFR6A-11 spark plugs. 10 bucks

    Perfect. I will not be there. I’m in port orchard. I could meet you as you pass by next week? I’ll be at the PSOA meeting in WESTPORT this weekend. Otherwise I could meet you somewhere Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week like mid day
  37. Ragin Cajun

    Yamaha filter 6P3-WS24A-01

    Had as a spare for my 200. 20 bucks for both.
  38. Ragin Cajun

    Shurflo livewell cartridges 1100gpm

    2 backup cartridges already wired with waterproof connectors. $25 a piece
  39. Ragin Cajun

    Yamalube Ring free

    1 and 1/4 bottles. $30 bucks
  40. Ragin Cajun

    Raging Cajun First go at the ocean. Success!

    Finally got the 270 out for its first fishing trip. All I can say is WOW! Boat and crew performed perfect. I on the other hand need to work on my throttle control. The fly by wire controls are so easy to move I accidentally floored it a couple times. Oh well.
  41. Ragin Cajun

    Sureflo piranha 1100 replacement cart. Sierra fuel filter, Yamaha fuel filter, Ringfree, rod holders

    Been going through stuff and found these from the old boat. -Sureflo Piranha 1100 bait tank replacement motor with waterproof connector. $25 each -Yamaha fuel filter/separator $15 each -Sierra fuel filter $10 for both -Taco bungee 4 rod holder $30 each -32 ounces bottle plus a quarter bottle of...
  42. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Keith. Really hope things work out. I was down at the marina checking my boat out today. They ran your boat for several hours yesterday and today. Sounds like they are trying to fix the situation so you can spend some time with your dad and family. Good luck. Pete.
  43. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Welcome to the family. I looked at your boat last week when I was checking on mine. 22 is a great boat.
  44. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun Update

    Pair of 250 Zuke's ...
  45. Ragin Cajun

    More Batteries??????

    Looking for some advice. Trying to figure out if I need to go to a double bank of batteries (meaning 4). Boat will be setup for Tuna fishing so I know there will be periods of running the bait tank with the motors off. Just wondering if the 2 batteries will be able to handle all the...
  46. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun Update

    Been a couple of weeks. Here are a few pictures to see the progress. Definitely interesting to see it come together.
  47. Ragin Cajun

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Just had this one installed for the new boat. 40x16, 12' sides. Carports4less
  48. Ragin Cajun

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    I'll be there playing in the surf, the sand and the meeting.
  49. Ragin Cajun

    West Port is Wide Open!

    Calm water must have been a week day. Ha. Great job.
  50. Ragin Cajun

    West Port bottom fish....Limits!

    Great job man. That's what I need to find is a few bass spots in Westport. Next years goal.
  51. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Out of the molds and into the rigging shop!!!oh ya.
  52. Ragin Cajun

    WTB: Torklift Tiedowns for a Dodge Ram 2500

    Buying a truck camper huh?
  53. Ragin Cajun

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Good idea on raising the seat height. Looking good Charlie. Are you gonna redo the bolsters pads too?
  54. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    I had a 200 Yamaha. Only real time I notice a little lag was when I had four big guys plus ice plus gear for halibut and the one time I took it out for tuna. Once on plane it was no problem. Still got about 1.8-2.0 mpg. I say big cause I'm usually the smallest guy at 170lbs. Duramax had a...
  55. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Thanks guys. Yes can't wait to get that thing out in the big pond. Keith congrats to you as well. What power did you go with? Ben, agreed big is better right?
  56. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Not sure why they don't use300's. I went with 250's thinking that if Coleman is running them on the 290, that would make my fuel economy pretty good since the boat is 2 ft shorter. Probably equal to what Cornfeed does performance wise with his 300's on the 290. Minus the super chargers of...
  57. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Thanks Ken. Should be done mid May early June.
  58. Ragin Cajun

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Yep that’s right. I bought a boat mold. Well not exactly. As some of you know I sold the Defiance 220 with ambitions of getting something bigger. My goal was something like a Grady White 282 Sailfish. After talking to a few people and looking at a few. Most of the boats that would fit...
  59. Ragin Cajun

    Too soon? Heh

    Rod what App is that screen shot from?
  60. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Shores surf perch.

    Nice job. Great winter fishing!
  61. Ragin Cajun


    Looking forward to halibut, with you.
  62. Ragin Cajun

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    Well just asking. Still looking for the now. But soon!
  63. Ragin Cajun

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    Is there a hours/time restriction on when you cannot haul a 9'6" boat? Anybody have the link for the required permit or info on it?
  64. Ragin Cajun

    Acrylic Enclosure Project

    Acrylic so does it scratch? What kind of precautions are you taking so it remains clear? Thanks
  65. Ragin Cajun


    Alright we can put our gas mask away since the smokers are gone. Awesome man.
  66. Ragin Cajun

    2 meter antenna

    Never mind
  67. Ragin Cajun

    perch fishing

    Oh yeah man. Awesome fish tacos.
  68. Ragin Cajun

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    Great idea Larry2. Love the idea of honoring your dad. When is the new boat supposed to arrive?
  69. Ragin Cajun

    perch fishing

    Go to the ocean when it’s not 20-30ft seas. Much better. Size 4 hooks with sand worm artificial bait natural and camo color. 3 oz weight on the bottom with double hook setup.
  70. Ragin Cajun

    My new deep water rigs have shipped

    Just need a little extension on the legs and they can be a permit fixture out there.
  71. Ragin Cajun

    Big surf at Long Beach

    Greg what app are you using to get updates?
  72. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Tamer 20% coupon

    Thanks Curt!
  73. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Group Order

    I'm in for 2 please.
  74. Ragin Cajun

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    Cornfed has a few of the Japanese version. Mega twin is the model I think. There is a manual in English that you can download.
  75. Ragin Cajun

    Bean Bags

    Just wondering how these bean bags are holding up? What Size is usually best medium or large? Next boat is gonna need a few of these. Thanks
  76. Ragin Cajun

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Was this a 225 issues only? Gonna start looking for a boat with 250's 2005 and newer. Thanks guys.
  77. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Get about 1.8 -2.0 in the ocean. In the Puget sound I get 2.2. Ran over 100 miles a few month ago including trolling on the kicker for 4 hours or so only burned about 45 gallons.
  78. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Motor out of warranty, waiting for deposit check to arrive in the mail. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  79. Ragin Cajun

    Moving metal carport

    There's no new boat yet? Progress on the sale but need cash in hand first.
  80. Ragin Cajun

    Moving metal carport

    Soon I will need to flatten out the parking pad for the new boat. Anyone have any advice on how to move a metal carport. I was thinking of tying the side together some how. There are only two side and nothing tying them together now. My plan is to move or disassemble the carport. Remove the...
  81. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Just doing what I can to take advantage and get as much exposure as possible. I'm sure you would so the same if you were trying to sell your boat.
  82. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! It’s loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. Boat is located in Port Orchard, WA. $58,000, Firm Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance...
  83. Ragin Cajun

    PRICE REDUCED, '14 Defiance Admiral 220 EX

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! It’s loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. Boat is located in Port Orchard, WA. $58,000, Firm Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance...
  84. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX.

    Thanks setup nicely for salmon, halibut and tuna.
  85. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX.

    Bump! Price reduced.
  86. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    That's the plan Ben. Just need to get this one sold.
  87. Ragin Cajun

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    I was also stationed on the Chucky V during 9/11. Part of the medical staff. We were one day out of Singapore when the twin towers were brought down. Recovered all our planes and ran At max speed for 3 days if I remember right to get into position. Pretty surreal watching tomahawk missles...
  88. Ragin Cajun

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    As many of you guys know I have not been fishing for a very long time. I consider myself lucky to have fished tuna 3 times this year prior to this trip. I was fortunate enough to fish with the Goodwin boys and Jaylynn(sp) on the Thristy. We headed out to the same area of every one else...
  89. Ragin Cajun

    Heart eater from WY

    Nice job guys.
  90. Ragin Cajun

    Beautiful Boat

    That was gonna be my question. Minus engines what was the cost to do it right? That is one bad ass ride. We are all looking forward to hearing about the first 100 tuna trip story when it happens. That might have to be one of those overnight trip. Good luck and be safe out there. Pete.
  91. Ragin Cajun

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Gmille58, I'm selling my Defiance 220ex. Pm if you are interested Or want details. Thanks Pete
  92. Ragin Cajun

    RayMarine help

    Make sure you have the SD chart in as well that has the charts on it. I put the wrong one in once and it wouldn't work.
  93. Ragin Cajun

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    We have a few up here in the Pnw. 282 sailfish with a 42 gallon and a 24 offshore with a 50 gallon. Both installed in the center of the deck. Plenty of space to move around. Plus the tank becomes a secondary work station.
  94. Ragin Cajun

    WTB: 2006+ Parker 2320sl

    I have a 2014 Defiance Admiral 220ex with a Yamaha 200, same layout as a Parker plus 2 in deck fish boxes. 42 gallon bait tank as well. Pm if interested. Thanks Pete.
  95. Ragin Cajun

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Sounds like you have finally made it through all the troubles with the new boat? Good luck.
  96. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    No Mike no rear helm. That would have been very helpful. Oh yeah time to cash out man. That pursuit is one sweet ride. This one has to go first before the next one.
  97. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    Josh sent to u a pm. Larry. No moving away from defiance. I don't have that relationship with defiance or budget for a new 270-290.
  98. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX.

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! Boat is loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. $60,000 Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance 220EX/swim step - 2014 Yamaha 200 (246 hours...
  99. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    More in the range of 4 -6' itis. Something in the 26-28 range more than likely and wider
  100. Ragin Cajun

    2014 Defiance Admiral 220EX. Time to upgrade

    Well taken care of 2014 Defiance Pilot House 220EX! This boat is extremely clean, looks brand new and has very low hours! Boat is loaded and ready to go fishing. Stored under a carport. $60,000 Boat includes the following options: - 2014 Defiance 220EX/swim step - 2014 Yamaha 200 (246 hours...
  101. Ragin Cajun

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    Team Ragin Cajun will be there. Gary and I will be fishing Friday. Give me a call I'll be launching from this side early then picking Gary up in Everett.
  102. Ragin Cajun

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    You pushing a few subs with the Fosgate amp? Nice. Looking forward to seeing this on the water.
  103. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    Macausland Hall. The museum.
  104. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Washington tuna questions from a newbie

    From my limited experience (all of three years now). These guys are awesome. If you have questions ask. They are not afraid to help out. Especially when you are on the water. If you are having an issue someone will help. It's not like fishing possession point and asking for some pointers...
  105. Ragin Cajun

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Holy crap man. What a list of stuff to do. Get it done now so you can enjoy later.
  106. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Todds got it covered. Somebody else had that problem. I can't remember who that was.
  107. Ragin Cajun

    Picked up the new boat

    Looking good man. Congrats.
  108. Ragin Cajun

    advice on running two downriggers

    I am no expert but couldn't you run 2, stack the gear and a Center line or is that just a shit show waiting to happen?
  109. Ragin Cajun

    Go big, too small no bueno

    We want to do the exact same thing. What do you think the cost is for something like that? Did you need a permit since it's attached to the house?
  110. Ragin Cajun

    Lapush roll call

    Well got to do something if the bar is closed.
  111. Ragin Cajun

    La push bar

    Below is the response I got from the lapush CG station FB site this morning. We would like to take a moment to inform the public as to how we arrive at our bar restrictions. To put it as simply as possible, 33 CFR 165.1325 ( outlines...
  112. Ragin Cajun

    La push bar

    Just looked on the CG website. No restrictions this morning. Seas 1-3 ft. Hopefully the weather lays down some in the next couple of weeks for us.
  113. Ragin Cajun

    Red Tails

    Love doing that stuff. Great job
  114. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Salmon

    Thanks for the update Dave. I'll try to make the 27th. The more days we can be in westport the better off the community will be as well.
  115. Ragin Cajun

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    NW, how do you have that attached to the tank so it doesn't get knocked off while cleaning fish?
  116. Ragin Cajun

    Tech tip

    Zip tie is a great idea. Thanks
  117. Ragin Cajun

    Newbie Boat Confusion & Decision...?

    Use the search option. Another good informational place is the hull truth. THT. just google the boat you are looking for there are always options of information.
  118. Ragin Cajun

    Westport clamming

    We will be out. First time giving clamming. Should be fun.
  119. Ragin Cajun

    Un-fucking the bilge

    Looking good bro.
  120. Ragin Cajun

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    He said bait tanks not hot tubs. Holy shit.
  121. Ragin Cajun

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    is that a take home kit? Got any pics of what it supposed to look like?
  122. Ragin Cajun

    Rockfish and Deepwater Lingcod Season

    Looks like we are just gonna have to make a few more fish taco runs this year. Better than nothing.
  123. Ragin Cajun

    New guy

    Welcome Matt. There are a bunch of knowledgeable folks on here. First lesson is do a search for what you are looking for. I'm in Port Orchard, swing by if you have her time. I'm still learning myself. Good luck, Pete OH and pics or it didn't happen.
  124. Ragin Cajun

    just boat first ocean boat 2120 pilothouse parker

    Got any pictures of the bait table?
  125. Ragin Cajun

    Freezer at Costco

    We bought one similar early last year just to hold fish. So far pretty happy with it.
  126. Ragin Cajun

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    282 too big or is the cuddy a waste of space?
  127. Ragin Cajun

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    The real question is how is that thing going to fit in the boat shop at the house? Another upgrade?
  128. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine CHIRP Sonar Screenshots!

    Capt Poon pm sent. Time to upgrade.
  129. Ragin Cajun

    Small pilothouse, rod storage?

    Fred when we are traveling or leaving the boat overnights, I usually put the reel/but end of the rod on the cushion then have the rod tips go up behind the passenger seat behind the first mate seat. Usually fit up to a 9' rod. Keeps them out of the way. Not always clean but it keeps them from...
  130. Ragin Cajun

    Controlling cabin moisture

    Pat you running those like 2-3 hours at a time?
  131. Ragin Cajun

    Controlling cabin moisture

    Hey what are you guys using in the winter months to control the moisture in your cuddy or pilot house? I have just one moisture catcher thing in the pilot house. Went out there tonight and it seemed like there was a lot of moisture on the surface of everything. I know some guys use drop...
  132. Ragin Cajun

    What do you do when a major system fails on your boat?

    Glad you made it man. Good news is unless you're fishing a hurricane that will be the last time crossing a horrible bar. Sorry I couldn't make it to you party, wish I could have learned a little more from ya. Be safe out there.
  133. Ragin Cajun

    Rod and reels.

    No problem. Thank you
  134. Ragin Cajun

    Rod and reels.

    Thanks Mike I'll contact you
  135. Ragin Cajun

    Rod and reels.

    Sorry sold that when we got the boat.
  136. Ragin Cajun

    Rod and reels.

    Time to clear out some stuff. Penn 209. $20.00 3 Penn 113H, 80 lbs power pro. 50.00 each one fished 1 season. Penn 320 Gti, 20.00 Picked up these three rods as a package deal from Cl. Older rods but good shape. $20 a piece or 50 for all 3 Nafco 6'6" Ocean Mariner 6' MH Shakespeare...
  137. Ragin Cajun

    Who built this boat???

    Man that's a sweet ride. Whats the house made out of? More info and pics needed.
  138. Ragin Cajun

    defiance 220 ex owners

    Same setup. Not exactly sure what you are talking about. Haven't seen any water shooting up at that speed. I also added a permatrim to help with proposing and to help get the bow down for running into the waves. Shoot me a pm if you want more info. Pete.
  139. Ragin Cajun

    Good Deal in CALI

    Looks interesting. Could always put a bow thruster in the to help with docking. My little 22 ft boat gets blown around, talk about ucker factor with something bigger.
  140. Ragin Cajun

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    If you are going to fish the ocean at all get something better than 22 foot. My 22 feels very comfortable for tuna, halibut etc. but I really have to pay attention to the weather. I could get out more if I had a heavier, bigger and wider boat. Pete.
  141. Ragin Cajun

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    Just need to find one with a pilot house.
  142. Ragin Cajun

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Any plans for a walk around pilot house?
  143. Ragin Cajun

    Rain? Good or bad for tuna?

    Not sure it effects them. I think I remember someone saying the guys in Hawaii use a sprinkler system of sorts to make more of a disturbance on the surface to make it seem like there is stuff happening on the surface.
  144. Ragin Cajun

    Sat 9-17 Tuna

    We canceled too. I need a bigger boat for that forecast.
  145. Ragin Cajun

    Wednesday (14 Sept) Roll Call...

    Waiting until the weekend!
  146. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine tuna help

    Thanks guys. I did try to adjust the range to 150. But when I looked at the screen the top 150 ft disappeared. Maybe I need to make that -150? If possible. I'll check it again.
  147. Ragin Cajun

    First Tuna Trip for the Ragin Cajun

    Omega is your sport fisher brown or tan in color? I think we did see you in the am.
  148. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine tuna help

    So we did my first tune trip over the weekend. I know/knew that I needed to switch my depth from the bottom to the top 150 ft. In the hours of trolling looking for fish Saturday I could not figure it out. I have a Raymarine a78. Any help would be good. Thanks Pete.
  149. Ragin Cajun

    First Tuna Trip for the Ragin Cajun

    Well as it seemed to be a unofficial BD Tuna derby happening on the saturday. I put a crew together Eric (Hawsfan, and Noel)for the boats first tuna trip. Well actually a lot of first happened. Being I only had one trip under my belt, the firsts began with how in the hell do we get ice...
  150. Ragin Cajun

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Yep time to get that defiance bloody. Can't wait.
  151. Ragin Cajun

    It's time to go !!!

    Great info. Looking to get out for he first time Saturday.
  152. Ragin Cajun

    Open seat Monday

    Never mind Jason thought that was a spot for Sunday. Pete
  153. Ragin Cajun

    It's the journey.....

    Nice job Joel. Way to hang in there. What a surprise to have the bar closed on the way back.
  154. Ragin Cajun

    What's really going on

    Man I'm just trying to get my first trip on my boat with the new bait tank. It will happen at some point. Good luck guys.
  155. Ragin Cajun

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    When salt and vinegar are mixed together, a chemical reaction takes place. The solid salt dissolves in the liquid vinegar, which is primarily water based. I just googled will vinegar dissolve salt.
  156. Ragin Cajun

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    Vinegar is an acid. It breaks up the deposits much like how you would run vinegar through your coffee pot to clean it out.
  157. Ragin Cajun

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    I have the same issue on my 200. Could never get it to one with the muffs on tired a barrel. I talked to defiance about it last year they thought it could be water pressure, or not enough. So I just flush it with the hose connection.
  158. Ragin Cajun

    Offshore Tuna Report 8/13

    Maybe we can setup a tendering service? Man that had to be rough fishing. Oh I'll be on the couch. Let me know when the troll rods go off. Walter can you bring me a beer and my slippers. Jeez. Awesome.
  159. Ragin Cajun

    Great day at Westport

    Great to hear your pops is still out there. Great day for sure. Man get some ice on those things.
  160. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Goose is that one way or round trip?
  161. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    Will be there next Monday. Interested to see what you come up with. Pete.
  162. Ragin Cajun


    Looks like it may still be a long run out. Planning on camping and fishing for something Monday-Thursday. Back on Saturday to volunteer for the WTC.
  163. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    Hoping to bust the tuna cherry on my boat that morning then be there with the blood stains to prove it.
  164. Ragin Cajun


    Had the same thing happen on the Westport opener. We were boat buddies with Happy Daze and Cornfed. All we heard all day was the winding of the reels. We look over there's a rod in the rod holder with the reel engaged and no one was tending the rod. All the time I was sweating my ass off from...
  165. Ragin Cajun

    Safety PSA

    Just downloaded the app as well. Very cool
  166. Ragin Cajun

    Neah Reports

    Ill be out of Lapush off of umatilla on Saturday.
  167. Ragin Cajun

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    This might be another topic to put in the permanent section.
  168. Ragin Cajun

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    Ryan are you moving up to the 282 sailfish?
  169. Ragin Cajun

    So this happened yesterday

    Super stoked the deal worked out for you bro!
  170. Ragin Cajun

    If you're looking to buy some gear for tuna

    Pm sent thanks Travis. Pete
  171. Ragin Cajun

    Discovering Discovery Bay

    I was wondering how you did up there. Saturday was no joke on the canal either. Back trolling for every pot. Way to go guys.
  172. Ragin Cajun

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    Sorry Steve apparently it was another Wild Bill. That was the boat name anyways. Pete
  173. Ragin Cajun

    Ling/ tuna swim bait combos.

    Cornfed is a big Fin Nor guy. I bought a fin nor 5500 to try this year as my swim bait setup. WildBill, that's again for letting us raft you to you in Lapush. Saved us tons of time. Pete.
  174. Ragin Cajun

    Commercial fishing inside C closure

    Anybody know about this? On Saturday we cut through the C closure and there were commercial buoys well inside the line. I'm guessing long line type sitting in the closure. There had to be 5-10 sets. Fish and game was out by the SW corner that morning and they did pull what appeared to be was...
  175. Ragin Cajun

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    What the hell? I do want to fish with you someday but my little boat just will not fish 7. Sorry man. Hope you guys find a ride.
  176. Ragin Cajun

    Cops are out between Sequim and port Angeles

    just a heads up guys heading to lapush or NEAH. Had to go to Port Angeles today. Between Sequim and PA there were 8 troopers and 3 of them had people pull over including a red dodge pulling a travel trailer which was being followed by a huge boys duck worth. Be safe out there. Pete.
  177. Ragin Cajun

    New boat decal

    Looks good.
  178. Ragin Cajun

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    Quan when is your trip. We are heading to Lapush next Wednesday. I could meet you and travel with you there to be an extra set of eyes, pit crew or whatever.
  179. Ragin Cajun

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    There is some good info in there. But I think we can do better, there's more specific info that would be beneficial. I think that most of us would be doing the right thing in helping especially if that person was a regular. Meaning BD OR PSOA. I think Lawrence is probably right that the tow...
  180. Ragin Cajun

    Towing in the ocean and across the bar?

    After seeing Paul's thread, I thought it might be a good safety subject to talk about. I myself have never been towed or towed anyone. Also thought that with the sound closed all the crazies will be trying to fish salmon this year in the ocean. Anyone have any do's and don't while towing...
  181. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Wx Station

    Now that is down right cool. Very good information we can use. Thanks
  182. Ragin Cajun

    Tokeland to ocean

    Is there a bar per say to worry about there? Definitely seems like a local pathway.
  183. Ragin Cajun

    It just needed a little TLC

    Man talk about a rebuild. Wow. Very cool.
  184. Ragin Cajun

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Ok so what's the best way to blow these things up without passing out?
  185. Ragin Cajun

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Yes but I haven't accumulated any gear to sale. So I'm buying. Lol
  186. Ragin Cajun

    I pulled the trigger…

    Nice boat. I'm in port orchard if you ever need help with something or a boat buddy. Pete
  187. Ragin Cajun

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    10 on the way. Thanks
  188. Ragin Cajun

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Weather dependent we are still on for the WESTPORT Hali opener! I'll drive.
  189. Ragin Cajun

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Man just talked with Dave. That sucks.
  190. Ragin Cajun

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    Looks like I can hit 3 days on the canal. Thanks Eric
  191. Ragin Cajun

    New look same flavor!

    Looking good!
  192. Ragin Cajun

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    Quan what did you put down on the deck so that the chain doesn't tear it up? Nonskid?
  193. Ragin Cajun

    Test hit complete

    Todd figured you were keeping the kids and Moma happy for Easter. Laurence, I had to go remeasure to make sure it wasn't off. Actually it about a 1/4" off. Photo makes it look worst. Dark side here we come.
  194. Ragin Cajun

    Test hit complete

    Big thanks to Todd "tshort" for helping. Got the new 42 gallon bait tank installed and as the guys on street out laws say. We took it out for a test hit. Pump was working great. No leaks. Big plus. Got the reels coming in next week. Things are coming together for the upcoming season.
  195. Ragin Cajun

    Boldt Petition

  196. Ragin Cajun

    Jig head painting and colors?

    Thanks Steve. I will. I need some 1 oz too ill shoot you a pm.
  197. Ragin Cajun

    Jig head painting and colors?

    im buying some swim bait jig heads off of eBay for tuna. They are plain no color. What colors are the best and what's the best way to paint them. I was watching some videos on YouTube about powder painting. Seems easy. Thanks Pete.
  198. Ragin Cajun

    Splitting a spool of line between reels

    anyone have an effective way to split a spool of line between reels to within a few feet or a yard or two. I have 8 reels that will need line on them and was going to buy bigger spools of line. Thought about using a line counter reel but wasn't sure that once the reel was getting full that...
  199. Ragin Cajun

    The next station is....

    Wow goat speaking words of wisdom. I actually wouldn't stray too far from what he said. He can barely walk now but the ole brain is still working. Welcome back.
  200. Ragin Cajun

    Okuma Cedros spinning reel

    Todd your sub pay and my retirement pay barely covers one Stella. Ha. Just looking for a reliable reel for tuna. First year tuna fishing so just going down my shopping list. Thanks
  201. Ragin Cajun

    Okuma Cedros spinning reel

    Anyone using the Cedros spinning Cj55, cj65,or cj85 for tuna? Mainly for swim baits and jigs? Thanks Pete
  202. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    Boat whore let me know ASAP. The gun would be available after Wednesday this week. Send me a pm or give me a call so we can talk thanks Pete.360-473-3262.
  203. Ragin Cajun

    For Sale Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Email sent to you. Thank Another/different Pete.
  204. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, March 12

    Hot Damm. Welcome back. See ya there.
  205. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    Thanks guys. I have a buddy taking it to Alaska this week to try and sell it up there. If it doesn't sell I'll put it back up here. Thanks for all the bumps! Pete
  206. Ragin Cajun

    Canopy rack for long bed truck

    Need some tuna gear so what about a trade? Seeker tuna rod, Avet mxj,
  207. Ragin Cajun

    Angler West TV

    Apparently we need to move out too. Is this show on tv? Great to see some local stuff verses Florida or east coast.
  208. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Salmon Forecast meet today

    Thanks Kevin. Keep us posted.
  209. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine Shoutout

    Tech support website is good too. Able to do searches and ask a tech guy questions, hey get back to you pretty quick.
  210. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance boat

    Glad they are taking care of you. They can be very frustrating to deal with at times. Where are you located?
  211. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance boat

    Well what boat did you end getting? Let me know if you have any questions. Pete
  212. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    Thank you sir.
  213. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    Thanks Steve. It's gotta go. Need tuna gear.
  214. Ragin Cajun

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    What the inside bracket for? Does that tie in the offshore bracket to the stringers of the boat for more stability and less pressure on the transom?
  215. Ragin Cajun

    Shop pole holders....

    Very cool man. Clean and organized.
  216. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, February

    I can grab them Josh. I live in Port Orchard. Shoot me a pm. Pete.
  217. Ragin Cajun

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    Same here everything works except Bd. I'm on wave cable.
  218. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Thanks Jonathan. I will. Pete
  219. Ragin Cajun

    This is the way to get them tuna

    Did you see the size of the fish box? Holy crap, Can only assume there are two of them. We would just need a 3/4 or full cabin for us up here.
  220. Ragin Cajun

    Canopy rack for long bed truck

    I bought this a few years ago when I had kayaks. It is removable from the canopy. Just the mounts are permanent. I would take it off and hang it from the ceiling in the garage when not in use. It's powder coated. I installed a couple of rubber rollers to help load the kayaks. If you...
  221. Ragin Cajun


    Jason so what price point are you guys targeting for a tuna rod?
  222. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Good info Goat. I was planning on a 1100 gpm pump. Kim, thanks for the tip on the wiring connectors.
  223. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Pm sent
  224. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Thanks Jason. I was thinking I should rig a cutting board to the top so it could be used as a second cleaning station besides the bait table.
  225. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Thanks man. Was thinking that too. If the rod holder was in the back it would be all n the way.
  226. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    I was planning on putting a rod holder on it for sure. Quan I'll send you a pm. Tommy stupid question. What is the drain mast? Is that the pipe/tubing has the fitting on the top of the tank? I guess that is the drain for the tank. Keeping it forward stops the tank from overfilling when...
  227. Ragin Cajun

    Tikka T3 300 WSM stainless

    i have lost interest in hunting. So there is no need to hang onto this gun plus I have tuna gear to buy. Selling a 300 WSM. Tikka T3 synthetic stock and stainless barrel. It's got a Burris ll 3X9X40. I have only shoot less than 2 boxes of shells through it. I initially went with a friend...
  228. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna on the brain.

    Well I just picked up a 42 gallon bait tank from defiance. Now I just need to figure out how to install it. Couldn't see spending the extra money when it's something I can do myself. Well maybe some help from you guys. Of course. Pete.
  229. Ragin Cajun

    Split some StarBoard?

    Looking good Eric. I may have to steal the design to make mine bigger. Awesome.
  230. Ragin Cajun

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    I love my 22 ft defiance. Pm me if you have some specific questions. Cornfed would be the guy to talk too. He just sold his 25 to upgrade to the 29. I know he fished the crap out of that boat. Pete
  231. Ragin Cajun

    Trailer shop

    Have you checked with Les Schwab? Had then grease the bearing on my 38' fifth wheel last year. No problems and check. I used the Port Orchard one. You'd have to call them to see if they do conversions though. Pete
  232. Ragin Cajun

    Triton Tuna Tackle

    Anyone every heard of these guys or use there rods and such? Looks like they are from Vancover. Was on eBay last night looking through some tuna gear and came across their tuna rod? Looks pretty good but they are deceiving as well. Pete.
  233. Ragin Cajun

    Boat Show Sneak Peak?

    Mark, looks like the new Express Style sitting pretty right there! Dang 4 boat fleet. We're gonna have to call you Admiral Coleman soon. Yeah man. Pete.
  234. Ragin Cajun

    Finally figured it out. Ragin Cajun

    Ben we followed your instructions. It was easy. I did use a hair dryer to warm the surface and the sticker once it was applied. Thanks again man.
  235. Ragin Cajun

    Cabelas polar cap coolers

    Anybody have one of these? Similar to yeti but seems to be a little better built or sturdy. Plus the locking handle are bottle openers. I'm looking to get a 80/100qt cooler so I can pack ice with us when we are fishing or camping for several days. Mainly for ice storage and fish storage...
  236. Ragin Cajun

    Finally figured it out. Ragin Cajun

    took a little while but I finally figured out the name for the boat. It's fitting since I'm from the bayou. Big thanks to Benjamin N. And Metropolitan Detail for making the stickers. Thank Pete
  237. Ragin Cajun

    Split some StarBoard?

    Bud is you table held together with screw or is it plastic welded? What did you use to "sand" the edges? Thinking I might upgrade next year. Thank Pete.
  238. Ragin Cajun

    Split some StarBoard?

    So you thinking of something like a arima table might attach?
  239. Ragin Cajun

    Split some StarBoard?

    Eric how are you going to mount that to the boat? My Magna table moves a little cause there is some slop in the mounting connection and the 1/2-3/4 tubes used to mount it. I initially had it down next to the transom but man after a few fish my back was killing me. So I raised it up a foot...
  240. Ragin Cajun

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Can't get a commitment from a few guys. Looks like I may have to stay in close or get a ride from someone.
  241. Ragin Cajun

    LingCod Todd Speaks tonight at Gig Harbor PSA meeting(Location Change)

    Good thing I looked here. This will be my first meeting. Looking forward too it.
  242. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, February

    If there is a dig. I need some tutoring in how to dig them things. Wife loves them, I can't stand them. Planning on being at the meeting.
  243. Ragin Cajun

    new prop help

    Quan and Eli convinced me to install a permatrim on my defiance. World of difference. Have the correct prop will help too.
  244. Ragin Cajun

    Ocean Shores Surf Perch

    I was camping up at Pacific beach. Same thing. Got a couple each day. Great fish tacos.
  245. Ragin Cajun

    How many downriggers is too many?

    This year I ran 2 down riggers and a diver with a whole herring or spoon out back. Worked pretty good especially out of WESTPORT. Didn't work too good out at possession point.
  246. Ragin Cajun

    Insurance claims- the ABCs of a claim

    What constitutes a "yacht form" policy? Is that a monetary value or size factor?
  247. Ragin Cajun

    Small arms training location???

    Thanks guys ill looks into some of these places
  248. Ragin Cajun

    Small arms training location???

    Tacoma olympia would be good
  249. Ragin Cajun

    Small arms training location???

    There's a skeet and trap place across the street. ????
  250. Ragin Cajun

    Small arms training location???

    Looking to see if there is a small arms training place around. Want to get my wife a hand gun and a concealed weapons permit. She grew up in Montana and has been around guns often. When I would deploy we would take a run to the woods and do a little practice with one of my pistols. But I...
  251. Ragin Cajun

    Marine supply store Tacoma area

    Thanks Pat. Tacoma screw in Bremerton is close. Yeah was trying to use west marine as last resort. Thanks guys
  252. Ragin Cajun

    Marine supply store Tacoma area

    Is there a marine supply store in Tacoma like harbor marine in Everett? I know there is Fishiers in Seattle just trying to find a legit one down south. Thanks Pete.
  253. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance Admiral 250 EX Opinions

    I have a 22 ex. Love the boat. I can back what cornfed said he fishes all over the place and all the time. I have also been on Mark Colemans 29. If I can help please let me know. Thanks. The boat the flipped was a 29 in Ca. Several years ago. Something to do with following seas and one...
  254. Ragin Cajun

    A Little Crowded on the Halibut Grounds

    That was today ? Cause yesterday there was no one parking there?
  255. Ragin Cajun

    Tin to Glass!!

    Welcome to the family. Let me know if you have questions. Pete.
  256. Ragin Cajun

    New theme song

    Hum I was expecting the pink submarine song for some reason!
  257. Ragin Cajun

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    Any of you guys running red or blue lights in the cabin or under the railing so your night vision isn't blown? I just have a white light in the cabin and want to go to a red or blue light. Also would like to put some LED lighting under the railings to "back light" the deck so on those early...
  258. Ragin Cajun

    Chumming in A9

    Dude I grew up in Louisiana, that's not French. Lol
  259. Ragin Cajun

    Safe Boats' Life Proof boats

    anyone check these out yet? Both of these pulled in the port orchard boat launch the other day. The pilot house is 24', comes with a diesel I/O. The other is a 20' cuddy. Base price for the PH is 160k. There is a Facebook page and website. FYI.
  260. Ragin Cajun

    Five brothers upgrade

    What the overall length. That looks long ans sleek. Very cool.
  261. Ragin Cajun

    And the next thing I know...

    Very cool. That's a hell of a road trip!
  262. Ragin Cajun

    Westport tuna...any season left?

    Plan on running 60 miles on way. Make sure to pack extra gas.
  263. Ragin Cajun

    Center Cut full story

    Maybe I'm having a brainwash but what pin broke? The the pin that the coupler rides on to activate the brakes? Very glad you were able to salvage the road rash and get her back into the water good as new. Pete
  264. Ragin Cajun

    Is this a good buy

    Good thing is that the builder (Defiance) is local.
  265. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Launch Improvements

    Great update Mike. Thanks. More lights at the launch would be awesome. Pete
  266. Ragin Cajun

    I don't mean to bitch.. but.........

    This was my first year fishing a derby, first year fishing out of Everett, first year running that far in the dark with radar. I was beyond tied in a knot by the time we got to where we were going. Even worst on Sunday. For the most part everything was good until the jackasses in the 12 ft...
  267. Ragin Cajun

    22ft Edge Sport Offshore

    I have a defiance 220. Shoot me a pm if you have question are want to stop and look. Pete
  268. Ragin Cajun

    22ft Edge Sport Offshore

    I have a defiance 220. Shoot me a pm if you have question are want to stop and look. Pete
  269. Ragin Cajun

    Walk around 45 knots plus, cabin, catamaran 62' for Wdlfbio

    That's some funny shit right there. Literally.
  270. Ragin Cajun

    Everett moorage for derby

    I have called a couple of times for the weekend. Guest moorage is first come first serve. Even tired temporary moorage for the weekend was told only thing available was guest moorage. Maybe you can get something for the week.
  271. Ragin Cajun


    Man in was just thinking about posting something on qcove. Was in Defiance the other day they were out. Sportco was also out. So what's the deal? Qcove done. Anyone know anything?
  272. Ragin Cajun

    Willipa Bay short strikes

    Heard the Tokeland launch was decent but not sure on navigating around there. Maybe one of the locals can shine some light one both.
  273. Ragin Cajun

    Boat name painting/sticker

    Very cool Thanks Guys.
  274. Ragin Cajun

    Boat name painting/sticker

    Who is our painting or sticker specialist for putting the name on the boat? Finally came up with a name "RAGIN CAJUN" and would like to put a Jalapeno next to it. Something like this: Thanks Pete
  275. Ragin Cajun

    Boat trailer wheels

    Well just finished lubing my nutts!!!! Haha. Great little 30 minute project. Couple of them were tougher than the other, got then all torqued down and will check from time to time. Definitely on the season beginning or ending list of things to do. Thanks Mike
  276. Ragin Cajun

    Boat on Westport south jetty

    The vessel recovery folks were looking for it on Friday in the fog.
  277. Ragin Cajun

    Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Very cool Laurence. Very special to have people to share the day with. Way to go tommy and crew.
  278. Ragin Cajun

    Tekota 500LC's

    Chad were you on the Lincoln? Your name is very familiar. Pete.
  279. Ragin Cajun

    Open Salmon seats

  280. Ragin Cajun

    Open Salmon seats

    Wednesday 0630 and Thursday 0700 crossing.
  281. Ragin Cajun

    Open Salmon seats

    i got a couple of seats open for salmon Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Seas look to be in the 4 ft range right now. But that could change. Went from 7 ft to 9 ft at 11 seconds overnight. Bring your own food, gear if you want too. Will be fishing in a 22 ft defiance. Looking at tides...
  282. Ragin Cajun


    We will be out tomorrow as well. Think the plan is to start on the south beach then head out to the 200-250 lines and drop to the bottom. Good luck
  283. Ragin Cajun

    Dad update - bad

    Sorry Lawrence. I lost a cousin years ago in a similar situation in Louisiana. My condolences man.
  284. Ragin Cajun

    Westport fresh water wash down

    I'm going to be camping and fishing at greyland state park for a week. We plan to launch and recover the boat everyday. Anyone have any thoughts on how I could wash the motors out with fresh water since I'm not 100 percent sure I could get away with it at the camp ground? Thanks Pete
  285. Ragin Cajun

    WESTPORT parking spot

    I'm in need of a parking spot for my 22ft defiance and trailer from the 16th to the 22nd. The wife and I are going to be camping at greyland state park from the 22nd to the 29th. If anyone has a secure parking spot there I could use for those dates I would be grateful and willing to...
  286. Ragin Cajun

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Todd very glad you guys made it in safe. Thereisso much shit you have to tend too as the captain! Take this as a lesson learned. Best thing is you are reminding the rest of us just how dangerous it can be out there. Pete.
  287. Ragin Cajun

    Changing spark plugs???

    i have a 2014 Yamaha F200FB just coming up on 100 hours of service. I know the manual says to change the spark plugs every 100 hours or annually. Just wanted to know if this is indeed absolutely necessary or can I just clean them. If you don't change them at that interval, how often should...
  288. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Tuna Video

    Perfect video for a newbies to combat tuna fishing. Nobody understands until you're in the thick of it. Over under. WTF! GREAT VIDEO. ARCS is the bomb. Did that last year. Awesome.
  289. Ragin Cajun

    Down rigger making grinding noise

    Thanks guys I'll check it out this weekend when I get home from a business trip. Pete.
  290. Ragin Cajun

    Down rigger making grinding noise

    One of my down riggers is making a grinding noise when letting line out and when the motor is engaged. I believe it's the same one that I had to tighten a little bit so that the brake would work. I only tighten it 1/4-1/2 a turn. The first time I went to let line out it stopped about 75'...
  291. Ragin Cajun

    Mid-channel area 9 opener... No Bait?

    We were there yesterday with the rest of the clown show. Only had 1 take down. Saw 3 put in the net. That was around 11ish.
  292. Ragin Cajun

    It's Official, De-named and expunged from all records!

    Way to go Todd. Looking forward to seeing you on the water. Had a great time last weekend.
  293. Ragin Cajun


    Wait who has not 1 but 2 porta potties in their yard.
  294. Ragin Cajun

    Roller Coaster!

    That's some hardcore shit right there. Nice job solo.
  295. Ragin Cajun

    Prescription sunglasses

    I ended up getting a pair of prescription Costas. There is a place on Seattle and maple valley that have the prescription option. Definitely worth the money. Got the Jose model and the blue reflective lenses. Been out on the water all day long and they are still comfortable at the end of...
  296. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, July 11

    Anyone fishing earlier in the day and have an open spot. I'd be fishing in my boat but the people who come out with me are not interested in attending a meeting afterwards. Thanks Pete.
  297. Ragin Cajun

    Salmon Area 9

    Was thinking the same thing. May have to give possession a try while the pot soak.
  298. Ragin Cajun

    Neah Bay/Canada Swiftsure

    Man I fish it wasn't 3 1/2 hour one way to NB.
  299. Ragin Cajun


  300. Ragin Cajun

    Offshore Northwest has another AWESOME weekend at Westport

    Hey Dave what type of divers do you guys run?
  301. Ragin Cajun

    The fish was as big as the boat!

    No worries Lawrence. I took it with a grain of salt. But you were giving good info when you were talking to those guys. Especially Darrel.
  302. Ragin Cajun

    The fish was as big as the boat!

    That commercial makes me laugh everytime. Well we made it out to WP yesterday. Launched before 0600. As most of you know fishing was slow in the morning. This was my first time being captain and running gear. I had two new guys to the boat and one of them never been ocean fishing. So...
  303. Ragin Cajun

    Stellar WP Salmon 6/21-6/25

    Hopefully the craziness holds for the weekend. See you guys out there. Pete
  304. Ragin Cajun

    Headed to WP

    We will see you out there.
  305. Ragin Cajun

    Playing Hooky in WP 6/24

    Oh man that's a trip of memories right there. Great job, especially on getting the boys out there. Awesome.
  306. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 6/22-23

    Email them to me I'll do it for ya. [email protected]
  307. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 6/22-23

    Access BD from your iPhone and upload. Google how to upload pics from iPhone to website. Very user friendly.
  308. Ragin Cajun

    Say goodbye to your Shimano Jigs...

    Man just need a set of 20 combination wrenches from Sears. Hum. Wondering if they come in stainless.
  309. Ragin Cajun

    Save distance to pass behind salmon trollers?

    Thanks Pat, now that you mentioned the float bags there were none. He must have been resting or something. But still good to know. Pete
  310. Ragin Cajun

    Save distance to pass behind salmon trollers?

    whats the safe distance to pass behind one of the salmon trollers out in Westport? We were out a few weeks ago and happen to pass on the troll behind probably a quarter to half a mile behind the boat? Didn't see anyone yelling or jumping up and down. So I figure we were ok. Do they run...
  311. Ragin Cajun

    I'm back bitches.....

    Welcome back man. Let me know when you're heading out. I'm in. Pete
  312. Ragin Cajun

    Pray for Goatram

    Oh man. Hope he's back up and running soon. Get well goat!
  313. Ragin Cajun

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    You are the man Tommy! Thanks.
  314. Ragin Cajun

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    Question on those best bet spoon. Did a search for those spoons. All of places say they are for commercial use only. So what makes them commercial only and can we legally use them? I see there are a few places in Seattle that sells them but you have to buy them buy the dozen. Geez.
  315. Ragin Cajun

    Well the deal is done and the boat is mine.

    Most of you guys know that I was a defiance 220 owner by proxy meaning that I had a friend who wanted a boat but didn't want the responsibility of caring for the boat. So he paid while I washed and waxed. Well he's getting a divorce and the deal was either I figure out how to pay for the boat...
  316. Ragin Cajun


    I keep an excel spreadsheet with about 50 passwords for work. It sucks.
  317. Ragin Cajun

    Week two Westport Salmon!

    I think Ian and the gang passed us about 4-5 times heading back up the hill for his next drift setup. It was slow on Saturday. We had 2 take downs, 5 shakers, and one nice 36" native. Pete
  318. Ragin Cajun


    Sure would be nice to fish the area I grew up. Southern LA.
  319. Ragin Cajun

    Westport this weekend

    Hoping to be at the launch by 0815.
  320. Ragin Cajun

    WP Salmon - Where's The Hype, Intel And Rumors?

    Lawerence has the secret squirrel info. Great Intel. Thanks Lawrence.
  321. Ragin Cajun


    Damm Tommy that is One epic fishing trip. Great job guys.
  322. Ragin Cajun

    Locktite or silicone for screws

    No these are the screws that hold the metal strip on the rubber rail.
  323. Ragin Cajun

    How to identify a mild heart attack?

    Just a thought would be to include medical conditions and medications on your float plan for each person on board. Kind of a pain yes. But it would give the captain an idea of the Heath oh the crew. T Dub is spot on.
  324. Ragin Cajun

    Locktite or silicone for screws

    On Saturday after making a 30 mile run offshore and back, I found some of the screws on the rub rail had backed out a little bit. I was able to tighten them but was wondering if I should use a locktite compound or a silicone base compound so that it stays flexible with the movement of haul...
  325. Ragin Cajun

    Neah and yakutat

    Nice job Casey. We went out to blue dot. Had a 40-60 pounder to the boat the lost it when it figured out it was hooked. Pete.
  326. Ragin Cajun

    Neah bay Butt's on the Uitlander

    Nice job. We couldn't make the opener but really look forward to next weekend.
  327. Ragin Cajun

    Great day on Hood Canal!

    Nice job. We did pretty good too. Not that quick but we got 3 limits. Any chance you saw the guy tied up to the wardens boat at 0700 with 2 pots in the water. That was just crazy!
  328. Ragin Cajun

    Bainbridge Island shrimping area.

    Would you say Dabob is better?
  329. Ragin Cajun

    Bainbridge Island shrimping area.

    Anyone know where the Bain bridge island shrimping area is? Is it the south side of the island? We will be launching from Port Orchard. First time shrimping this area. Been in Dabob before but thought we could give this area a try for the opener. Thanks Pete.
  330. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Camping

    Grayland is awesome. 10 minutes away from the launch. Twin harbors seems to be really tight camping and not for bigger rigs. Stayed at sunset last year. Not too bad, even had cable TV hook. Again pretty close camping. Nevertheless one was nice, fish clean station, plenty of room to park the...
  331. Ragin Cajun

    Downrigger cable or braid? How about both?

    Getting ready to do the same project. Good info.
  332. Ragin Cajun

    Bottom fishing

    Just have to hope the bar is open. It was restricted most of the day yesterday to 40 and under then 25 and under. Suppose to head out with Duramax today but waiting for a bar update.
  333. Ragin Cajun

    Need advice on new boat.

    Get the extended transom so the motor is not in the work area. According to their website. Both the San Juan and the Admiral are 3350 with standard motor (150). I would have to say that the Sj is probably a little more just with the "upgraded" interior. Not sure if the forward looking cab...
  334. Ragin Cajun

    Need advice on new boat.

    I have the 220 Admiral. 200 yammie on the back. No wet feet. Send me a pm If you have more specific questions. Pete
  335. Ragin Cajun

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Great write up and research Quan. Now by doing this I think it's safe to say that you have just become our resident prop guy. At least for all the magical math you pulled out of the clouds. Lol Very interested on the final outcome. I will be in the market for a new prop soon. Good luck Pete
  336. Ragin Cajun

    My new ride!!

    Way to go Jeff. Very nice
  337. Ragin Cajun

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Tom what engine and prop do you have in your boat?
  338. Ragin Cajun

    Watch your kickers

    What the best method to keep your kicker secured? Thanks Pete
  339. Ragin Cajun

    Defiance admiral 220 ex owners, care to share?

    Is this the same post from a month ago? Love the boat. Go bigger than a 150. We have a yam 200. 4/5 people full tank of gas and gear that 150 will be a dog in the ocean. If you are going to use it inland than it np maybe ok. Send me a pm if you have direct question. Love the boat for what...
  340. Ragin Cajun

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Quan, Eli, Jon, miles. Very good topic. This will be my next upgrade. So its a good read. I know who to talk to in the future. Thanks Pete
  341. Ragin Cajun


    Way to represent guys. Good luck and be safe out there. Bring home that dam trophy.
  342. Ragin Cajun

    Radar wiring question

    Thanks guys I ended up coiling and stowing.
  343. Ragin Cajun

    Radar wiring question

    just got a raymarine Rd 418D. It came with a 10 meter cable. Do I have to use the long cable or can I cut it down? I really only need about 10 feet, so I don't know what to do with the other 20 feet. Currently have the excess push in the gunale. Thanks pete
  344. Ragin Cajun

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Apparently I have some homework to do. Everybody knows a little but very few are experts on fish finders. Thanks Tommy.
  345. Ragin Cajun

    ARTICLE | My Strategy for Seabass

    Tommy, can you elaborate on adjusting your electronics to the conditions. Not sure what you are talking about. Thanks Pete.
  346. Ragin Cajun

    Updating your beacon registration with NOAA

    Just bought my first plb and got it registered. Wasn't too bad. I keep an excel spreadsheet for passwords. I have like 46 to keep for work purposes. All basically the same but then you have to add all the special characters that no one can remember. Pete
  347. Ragin Cajun

    BD MMSI List.

    I too can take this over.
  348. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    Gabe, I got it from Go2marine. 800-998-9508. They are a online store located on Bain Bridge Island. Part #A94X (measurement center to center of engines). Mine is a A94x29 for example. I think it was 377.00 out the door. They do not stock the item but order it direct from U-flex. If you...
  349. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    Looks like a panther bracket
  350. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    Eli do you have a pic of the new bracket? Where did you get SS stuff from?
  351. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    Where did you guys get that bracket from?
  352. Ragin Cajun

    Attaching kicker to main

    So I have a few questions. i bought a Uflex arm to attach the kicker to the main for Trolling. As a rough fit the gas line is in the way to have the arm on top so I'm going to run it underneath. By running it underneath the arm to lock the kicker in a position is in the way. Should I remove...
  353. Ragin Cajun

    Avets Sxj and Mxj for sale

    Both right handed. Neither are MC. 5.8 I believe. Thanks Pete.
  354. Ragin Cajun

    Important info, read this....

    Jason. Good deal man. I tell you as an ex Navy Hospital Corpsman, most of the people that wanted to hurt themselves or was having troubles dealing with things just want someone to listen to them. Can't tell you how many times I heard hey Doc got a second. Answer was always yes I do...
  355. Ragin Cajun

    Important info, read this....

    Way to be there Todd. Everyone needs an ear to talk to from time to time. Keep it up brother!
  356. Ragin Cajun

    Avets Sxj and Mxj for sale

    Bought both of them brand new. Each has 50 lbs power pro on them. Only used a few times each. Sxj. Silver, has a few scratches on the top of the reel. 175.00 Mxj. Gunmetal grey. Perfect condition. 200.00 I'm in Seattle several times a week during the day. I'll be in Kent for most of...
  357. Ragin Cajun

    Penn 114H2 grinding sound

    Thanks guys. Il. Open it up this weekend after checking Alan's website.
  358. Ragin Cajun

    Penn 114H2 grinding sound

    Bought a 114 off of eBay. I was spooling some line into it and noticed that there is a grinding gear sound and feel to the reel as its operating. I haven't taking it apart yet but wanted some ideas of what to look for or replace before I open it up. Gears/bearings? Thanks Pete
  359. Ragin Cajun

    Wounded vets fishing in Everett

    As a vet I like connecting with the current force protection. Was this an "event" of sort or just a single outing?
  360. Ragin Cajun

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    Carrying on smartly! Don't worry I pay no attention to those who think they are funny or have the right smart ass answer. I did thumb the line on the reel. I fished a tuna charter last year that used Okuma reel. No level wind. I didn't have to worry about the line once. Wonder what's...
  361. Ragin Cajun

    Line stacking up on edges of spool

    i have a SXJ and a MXJ. Both have 50 lbs power pro on them. I use them for salmon fishing. When I'm reeling in the line it has a tendency to stack up on one side or the other of the reel. It stacks up so much that it will cause the line to jump causing a backlash or it will stack up until...
  362. Ragin Cajun

    defiance 220 ex advise

    Let us know what you think of the test ride.
  363. Ragin Cajun

    First pictures of the new boat build.....

    Looking good Cory. Is that a Allied boat?
  364. Ragin Cajun

    defiance 220 ex advise

    200'seems to be perfect. So far. We have not done a tuna trip but have had it in wesport and plan for halibut out of neah bay this year.
  365. Ragin Cajun

    Prescription sunglasses

    Yeah I ended up going with Costa's. Regular distance prescription, Progressives were close to 800.00. Maybe next time. Already had the on the water and they are working great.
  366. Ragin Cajun

    defiance 220 ex advise

    I would defiantly recommend the 200 or above. There are a couple of guys up here that have 250s on the back. 4 guys plus gear and 100 gallons of gas that 150 will be a dog. Get the swim deck. Extends the overall length of the boat and it gives you more working space when under way. Maybe...
  367. Ragin Cajun

    Downrigger spectra color

    I did a search on spectra line for downriggers but there was no mention of color. I was thinking of yellow for visibility.
  368. Ragin Cajun

    Downrigger spectra color

    so I'm going to switch over to spectra. Looking at the 200 lbs range. Does the color matter like the fishing line does? Thanks Pete
  369. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine a78 and radar

    i have a A78 MSD, but didn't get a radar with it when our boat was purchased. Now we want to get a radar. I have a couple of questions. Digital vs HD? Does it really matter, not planning on crushing the ocean but only in low light and foggy situations. Plug and play. Is it that simple...
  370. Ragin Cajun

    Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    Had one bite today. Got it to about 20 feet of the boat the my reel came off the rod. Saw a silver flash then it was gone. Very foggy today. Saw Mr 710 ESPN stop at mid channel for a while then he went south. Oh and caught a couple of rocks if that counts.
  371. Ragin Cajun

    Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    Gonna give mid channel a try tomorrow.
  372. Ragin Cajun

    PSOA carpool from kitsap county.

    Anyone interested in carpooling to tomorrow's meeting. I have a company van (free gas) that I could fit 3 guys in. Could pick up at Lowes off of Sedwick in Port Orchard. Thinking of leaving around 2-230. Grab a burger and a beer at the Islander before the meeting. Otherwise looking...
  373. Ragin Cajun

    WTB pipe jigs

    Looking for a couple of pipe jigs fully rigged for halibut out of lapush/neah and a couple for ling or rock/sea bass. Anybody have any and What kind of price am I looking at. Thanks Pete
  374. Ragin Cajun

    NOF today... Looks like the Ocean will be the place to be this Summer!!!!!

    I plan to be there this year. Thanks Kevin for representing us! Pete
  375. Ragin Cajun

    Duckworth vs Weldcraft

    Towing might not be a problem. Silverdale to Kingston or to westport. But what about stopping. Once you get a full load of fuel, ice, gear, fish(tuna) on there and that cool little red car pulls out in front of you, you'll need to stop. Get a 25 or 3500 that are made to pull and stop with a...
  376. Ragin Cajun

    Marine electronics - what is needed

    Jeff there is a ton of info in the WA board. Do some searches on what you are thinking. I do it all the time. I have only been fishing here for almost a year. Start reading some threads and you will see who has the knowledge to help you. I'm in Port Orchard but have a defiance 220. Not...
  377. Ragin Cajun

    Another Great White near Ocean Shores

    Just when i decided to give surf perch fishing a try when camping at ocean shores. Can't get the Jaws tune out of my head now.
  378. Ragin Cajun

    My Trailer Drama

    Small claims, BBB. Someone should be able to help without losing more time. But I agree sometimes you just need to walk away to maintain your sanity and the bosses patients.
  379. Ragin Cajun

    Looking at couple boat asking opinions

    I'd still go with defiance. Flat deck, no engine compartment to stumble over. If I were to upgrade I'd go to a 25 with twin motors. With the table option in the cabin. It's true defiance doesn't have the same "living" space qualities as the osprey and SS. But it's a fishing machine not a...
  380. Ragin Cajun

    Looking at couple boat asking opinions

    Totally agree with Quan. We have a 200 on e back end. Couple of guys put 250s on there. Never had a problem with the deck filling with water due to the motor weight. Osprey and SS are heavier boats so the ride is going to be better. The 22 is perfect for an all around boat. Don't get the...
  381. Ragin Cajun

    Message from PSA President Ron Garner

    Thanks Kevin for posting this for us. We know Ron and yourself have our backs. Thanks. Pete
  382. Ragin Cajun


    No problem. Thanks. Again let me know if you need help with something. SOLD.
  383. Ragin Cajun


    i have some split fur wood that was cut down last June. Probably have about a full size bed full of wood. 50.00. Located in Port Orchard. Pm me if anyone is interested. Thanks Pete
  384. Ragin Cajun

    New Fishin' Luhrs Launch report and I need your opinions

    Kevin, how much did you used it on the old boat? Was it for fishing or just a cool place to ride when out and about. Is it a must have to catch fish or just a cool aspect of the boat? if you like it keep it unless it's a sticking point for the new owner. Pete
  385. Ragin Cajun

    Added a plotter

    Nice work Laurence, looks good.
  386. Ragin Cajun

    2015 WTC Registration

    If anyone needs a deck hand or needs a spot filled. I'd like to help. Don't think our boat will be tuna ready this year. Two kids in college keeps the budget tight. I was a Navy Corpsman for 20 year, so that almost like a professional janitor. Plus I have first aid skills. Thanks guys. Pete
  387. Ragin Cajun

    Prescription sunglasses

    Any if you guys using prescription sunglasses? Thinking of getting a pair of Costa's but that are pretty spendy. M. Jim are about the same price. Anyone using Keanon sunglasses? I currently have a pair of Spy's with no prescription. They work pretty good on the water but I don't think the...
  388. Ragin Cajun

    Porn, the shiny kind.

    Pucker factory comes to mind. Saw the Defiance guys hauling a Arima and a Gudalupe Down the road today probably heading there.
  389. Ragin Cajun

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Have to give a big thanks to Kevin for putting this together and to John for giving up his spot to the Salmon U. Seminar. I was by far the less experienced fishermen in the room. Even though there is no better classroom than being on the water, I will put this knowledge to good use. I look...
  390. Ragin Cajun

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    I'm in. What are the expected dues gonna cost? Since this around dinner time, is this a dinner meeting.? The wife may be coming too thus the food question. Thanks guys, looking forward to meeting all of you. Never been involved with something like this. Should be interesting. Thanks Pete
  391. Ragin Cajun

    Congrats PSA Ocean Anglers

    Cool, so what's the next step?
  392. Ragin Cajun

    Oil bath hub

    James had the same problem over the summer when we picked up our defiance. The boat had only been on the water about 4 times. I removed the outside section ( not sure what to call it. The part with the window in it). Let the milky oil drain out then replaced it with some new gear oil. 90...
  393. Ragin Cajun

    Ellensburg angler breaks Pacific bluefin tuna record

    No picture didn't happen.........
  394. Ragin Cajun

    Area 9 & 10 Winter Blackmout/Driftwood

    Good job Richard. I'm sure there has to be a few more things you can add. Good god man.
  395. Ragin Cajun

    Smoking bellies for the first time. QuestionsHo

    i plan to smoke some tuna bellies this weekend. I been looking for an good recipe. I'm going to go with the dry rub and/or the straight rock salt method prior. But I have a few questions: Skin on or skin off. I will more than likely cut them up into chucks. Some guys say with the skin...
  396. Ragin Cajun

    MA 11 and MA 13......

    Chris, good on ya for making friends. You're attchments didn't work though. Pilot house, pilot house. Just saying!
  397. Ragin Cajun

    Light in a bait tank?

    Do we have a bait tank building expert around here? Want to make a tank for tuna next year, don't want to waste time and money on trying different things.
  398. Ragin Cajun

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    Last I heard the county and the tribe couldn't come to an agreement on the terms. That was sometime over the summer. So who knows if it will ever happen.
  399. Ragin Cajun

    Boat catches fire in Shelton

    Oh yeah didn't even think of that.
  400. Ragin Cajun

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    Matt we thought about that. But the are building a new dock there supposedly.
  401. Ragin Cajun

    Boat catches fire in Shelton

    Wow that's crazy. Catches fire while on the trailer. How does that happen? Cabin heater running?
  402. Ragin Cajun

    First Blackmouth in the boat!

    Thanks guys. Chris. Telling you what having the house is nice. We ran the heater for about an hour then the sun was nice an warm. Luckily it wasn't windy. The real success for us was that we have been fishing with a friend who has been fishing here his whole life and mentoring us This...
  403. Ragin Cajun

    First Blackmouth in the boat!

    It was freaking 22 degrees yesterday when we put the boat in the water. Gotta love that pilot house and a portable heater. It was the best. Went out yesterday to Possession Point, we fished on the westside in 120ft of water for most of the day. The winner yesterday was a Red Racer flasher with a...
  404. Ragin Cajun

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Todd I'm in port orchard, if you need help getting her in the water or for a shakedown let me know. Pete
  405. Ragin Cajun

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    Holy shit t2short. Looks like we are hitting Kingston. Thanks guys
  406. Ragin Cajun

    Pickling salt???

    Yeah yeah, Thanks Corey, looked last weekend at alberstons and Fred Meyer and couldn't find any rock salt.
  407. Ragin Cajun

    Attack Site WTF!

    Safari working good.
  408. Ragin Cajun

    Mats mats bay boat launch?

    i found out the the launch up by the hood canal is under construction and has been remove at Salisbury point. Anyone ever use Mats Mats bay boat launch by port ludlow? Saw on salmon U there is black mouth fishing up there too. Anyone have any experience fishing up there? My plan was to...
  409. Ragin Cajun

    Pickling salt???

    If I remember right someone said I could get rock salt from Home Depot or lowes and it would be ok to use?
  410. Ragin Cajun

    Pickling salt???

    im going to smoke my first batch of tuna bellies this weekend. I have a box of pickling salt in the pantry, question is can I use this instead of rock salt to "cure" prior to smoking? There are 18 million recipes out there, trying to narrow it down to a good one. Pete
  411. Ragin Cajun


    Thanks for the heads up Vance. I'm planning on doing my first batch of bellies this weekend. Fire watch will be posted. Pete
  412. Ragin Cajun

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thanks for keeping us safe! USN 89-09
  413. Ragin Cajun

    Avet questions/suggestions

    Good info on the warranty. Looks like the MXJ will be the best all around reel.
  414. Ragin Cajun

    Avet questions/suggestions

    Great advice guys, thanks
  415. Ragin Cajun

    Avet questions/suggestions

    so I'm looking to buy some quality reels. I like Avet cause it's American made. My intention is to buy some reels that I could use for salmon and sea bass/ling then to buy some for tuna. I have a bid in on a Avet SXJ, with the intentions that the Sxj would be good for salmon and bottom...
  416. Ragin Cajun

    A Proper Introduction...

    Hi my name is Pete. I'm trying to have a fishin problem. I don't have a cool name cause I couldn't come up with one. I'm a navy veteran, hospital corpsman. So if any one need a pisser are shitter cleaned during ho season I'm in. Some of you may know us as pecker checkers, or shanker...
  417. Ragin Cajun

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    I agree with Quan. There could be some improvements in the admiral. We have a 200 on the back end. So far no problems with the scuppers letting water in. If you want a tour hit me up. I'm in port orchard. But unless you can build the boat yourself. Mr. Dollar says it best. Ever boat...
  418. Ragin Cajun's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Congrats Patrick, that thing should float westport with no problem. Obviously everyone is jealous! If you need a extra hand tuning her up, I'm in Port Orchard.
  419. Ragin Cajun

    Break-IN & ADT Security Systems

    We have monitronics I believe monitored monthly. Free install at 50ish a month. I have not tried to cancel but I have heard that these companies are a pain to cancel your monitoring contract with. Find out how to cancel prior to signing any paperwork and get it in writing.
  420. Ragin Cajun

    PSA Ocean Anglers in Westport

    Kevin I will be in too.. Can't make this meeting due to work traveling constrants. I need to meet some of you guys. Thanks Pete.
  421. Ragin Cajun

    prop info

    That's almost next to FBE. ok back to props. Was talking to a buddy and he told me to never go with a SS cause if I ever hit anything, log or whatever it would trash my lower unit. He told me to stick with the alum props cause they are designed to shear off before damaging the engine. I...
  422. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    Would avets sx work? What Torium would you recommend? Thanks guys. Pete
  423. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    Yeah definitely saw that live bait is the key to keeping you on the fish once you find them. Will have a tank before next year. Thanks Pat.
  424. Ragin Cajun


    I didn't think that you should trim the motor up with trim tabs? You can defiantly get more rpm when the motor is trimmed up. Used to do it all the time with a 18' bow rider. Just asking cause this is something else I will be tackling over the next year.
  425. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    A salmon what. Think it's already burn into my brain Corey, hey man good to see you hear as well and good fishing with you! Greg already got a couple of tiger sticks and a few Penn 320'GTI s. But I'm looking Tommy, I spent about a half hour watching how they did it. Plus there's always you...
  426. Ragin Cajun

    Tuna 10/10 with All Rivers Charters

    I took a ride last Friday with ARCS. First time tuna fishing, now I'm hooked had Capt Ian, he put right in the tuna. 30 miles straight out. Trolled for about 15 minutes then it was 2 1/2 hours of tuna madness. Ended up with 46 total. What a blast. Now I have 9 months to get the boat ready!!!!
  427. Ragin Cajun

    Live Bait Well vs Bait Tank

    oh ok got it
  428. Ragin Cajun

    Live Bait Well vs Bait Tank

    Pat!!!!! Yes dad. Funny I was going to pick your brain on this too. Yeah I know big salt is the best thing and I have sometime to plan for it. Thanks man. We need to hook up sometime. Especially since you're probably just down the road.
  429. Ragin Cajun

    Live Bait Well vs Bait Tank

    This was a good post to bring up. Just did my first tuna trip on Friday now I'm in the bait tank conundrum. While I can't afford the 2 grand for Bo's big salt tank I may be able to work in the Kodiak one. Anyone else using a kodiak? Thanks Pete
  430. Ragin Cajun

    just a thought

    Great post Troy. I'm a newbie and never expect to be giving a hand out or exact info unless I take the time to meet some of you guys and give you the opportunity to see that I'm not here to F***you over but to learn from your knowledge and to have fun. Thanks Pete
  431. Ragin Cajun

    Fuel tax refund

    Being a new boat owner. Can someone send, me the link on this? From what you guys are talking about any gas purchased for a boat with original reciept can be submitted for a "refund" as long as it's within 13 months? How do they know if it's for a boat or car? I mean the same place I fill...
  432. Ragin Cajun

    Looking at Downgrading for Tuna.

    Grew up in southern Louisiana. A pirogue with a beaver tail makes for a good go anywhere boat. Even mud with hardly no water. Not sure where you're going to put the live well though.
  433. Ragin Cajun


    Tommy, if I am not able to caulk/clean them myself what is the best way to care for the loins once I get them home. Paper towel method that Quan mentions? Thanks for your advice, just want to make sure that I take care of them properly. Thanks Pete
  434. Ragin Cajun


    I will be heading out on one of Mr. Coleman's boats on the 12th of Oct. I am a tuna rookie. Taking this trip for a learning experience for next year. Will I be able to get the meat bleed out to the same quality as pictured above if the fish are cleaned prior to returning to the dock? thanks...
  435. Ragin Cajun


    Heading out with all rivers in a few weeks. Really looking forward to the bloody tuna flooring!
  436. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Bar - Coast Guard Closure

    Dave, what area did you fish in 1. We were thinking of making the run down there in our 22 ft. But this being our second trip to westport we played it save and fished the St. John's river instead and only got 2. Wish we would have headed down to 1 but didn't know where to go. Thanks Pete
  437. Ragin Cajun

    Fishing south Ledbetter point

    We'll the plan was to fish westport all weekend. But with the salmon closure this Friday we trying to come up with a backup plan besides fishing for black bass. Thinking of driving down to Tokeland, from westport launching there then fishing south of Ledbetter. Does anybody have any...
  438. Ragin Cajun

    Westport (A2) closes Friday night

    Anybody got any intel for fishing off Ledbetter?
  439. Ragin Cajun

    Westport closing Friday evening

    Looks like salmon on Friday and sea bass the rest if the weekend. Although it's tempting just Not ready for tuna just yet. Need some meat for the freezer.
  440. Ragin Cajun

    Westport closing Friday evening

    Salmon fishing to close early off Westport and Ilwaco OLYMPIA - Salmon fishing will close at the end of the day Friday off Westport and at the end of the day Sunday off Ilwaco, state fisheries managers announced today. Marine areas 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay) will close at the end of Sunday as...
  441. Ragin Cajun

    Westport closing Friday evening

    Email alert from wdfw. Let log onto my laptop I'll cut am Nod paste the email.
  442. Ragin Cajun

    Westport closing Friday evening

    Got an alert saying salmon closes on Friday. Is that all salmon? Anyone else see that? We were planning a trip for the weekend.
  443. Ragin Cajun

    westport coho

    Good intel, we are fishing friday, sat, and sunday. thanks
  444. Ragin Cajun

    My P23 Warhawk

    Stopped by defiance today, there was 3 war hawks in the lot. Not too bad looking.
  445. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine A 78 question fuel tank management

    I will try resetting it this weekend with the engine on and tank is full. Heading to wp for the weekend.
  446. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine A 78 question fuel tank management

    Pat, good point on the condensation. Tim, good question on the software. The boat was supposed to be delivered with the NMEA connection but wasnt. So it was install afterwards. Wonder if it needs a software update to recongize the tank. It does give the flow rate and motor stuff. Floyd...
  447. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine A 78 question fuel tank management

    Thanks Pat, I have a yammy 200. Not sure if there is a difference in fuel burn from honda to yamaha but it's probably close. Looks like i'll just have to keep the tank full.
  448. Ragin Cajun

    Raymarine A 78 question fuel tank management

    Boat: Defiance Admiral 220 Been trying to figure out how to set up how much gas is in the tank. I guess my first question is, is it possible to manually input how much gas is in or left in the tank into the A78? If so how. For those of you with one or something similar I have tried going...
  449. Ragin Cajun

    Beware these Trim Tabs

    Probably for one of those cigarette boats that just has the lower unit in the water at WOT. THE FINS act like rudder. Add the bow in that and things get jacked up.
  450. Ragin Cajun

    A different route to Westport

    On that note. Heard on the radio that I5 going through Olympia is going to be a cluster F**k. Over the next two weekends due to construction. Not exactly sure where probably around. JBLM. They said to expect 10-15 mile back ups. WTF! The only other way I know of is going through Shelton or...
  451. Ragin Cajun

    Fuckin theives!

    Only place I'd leave my truck is on base in downtown Bremerton. Must have been one of those bremerloo's.
  452. Ragin Cajun

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Very nice Quan. How's that bait tank on the 220? I don't have a bait tank on our 220 and it seems like it would cut off some space or cramp things a little. Is that a defiance tank and removable? Thanks for the info. Pete
  453. Ragin Cajun

    In a Defiance

    Good on ya Pat! Way to keep that defiance upright and headed in the right direction. Haha. Pete
  454. Ragin Cajun

    Please hold you course especially when crossing the Bar

    Flare gun should notify them of your intention. Thats pretty calm compared to the 12 gauge shotgun the capt of the shrimp boat I worked on during high school on (LA). Lower Louisiana. He had no problem letting dumbasss know WTF!
  455. Ragin Cajun

    Westport bar crossing question

    Safe beat is 90 minutes on each side of the tide. Low or high tide. Also look up and read leeroy's ramblings. Good info on there.
  456. Ragin Cajun

    Sea bass and salmon out of westport

    Thanks Swanny, I have some Penn 320s on some med/hvy action rods. I do have some smaller stuff though I could use.
  457. Ragin Cajun

    Sea bass and salmon out of westport

    I have my father inlaw coming out from Montana in a few weeks. Planning on a salmon trip or two out of westport, but thought I could maximize the fish opportunity by trying some sea bass too. Just wanted to know if you guys knew of an areas close to westport? I see on Leeroys ramblings he...
  458. Ragin Cajun

    Bobber and worm

    When you guys say worm. What kind of worm are you talking about? When you say worm I think night crawlers or bass fishing worms.
  459. Ragin Cajun

    Westport going to two chinook

    Saw that. Too bad I just dropped the boat off for 20 hour service. Maybe next weekend!
  460. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 8/9. First blood on decks

    No worries guys. Had a blast and learned alot!....
  461. Ragin Cajun

    Westport 8/9. First blood on decks

    Well we made the trip for the first time to Westport on Saturday. Finally success. Got there at 0600, launched at 0700 due to the launch line. While putting the boat in the water, just to the left of the ramps the was some poor soul having CPR performed on him right there on the docks. Not...
  462. Ragin Cajun

    Need a lift.

    That sounds like a bad STD! I was a shanker mechanic for 20 years in the Navy. Thailand you see some messed up stuff man! Flash backs. Glad you are able to get out Garrett! Remember you protection.
  463. Ragin Cajun

    First time at Westport. Trade a seat for some experience

    Nick I will be there tomorrow hoping to get to the launch at 0600ish. Depending on the launch line, in the water soon afterwards. I have never fish westport either but if you haven't yet look up Leroy ramblings or salmon university there is plenty of info on crossing the bar. Silver 2500 4...
  464. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Salmon for first time...

    Thanks guys. The fog has me concerned trying to get there for the first bit the having to transit the bar with fog seems a bit daunting. Pete
  465. Ragin Cajun

    Westport Salmon for first time...

    Thinking of taking the Defiance 220 out to westport for the first time this weekend for some salmon. Can you guys please help me decipher the tide/weather report so we are there at the best time? How long of a run is it to the windmills? or the casino? Looks like the tides are Low...
  466. Ragin Cajun

    Crabbing around Bremerton- where?

    South of Manchester too. Between Blake island and Manchester.
  467. Ragin Cajun

    Area 7 Tomic plug success

    How do you fish a plug? Is that off of a down rigger? I have no idea still learning about salmon fishing. Thanks Pete
  468. Ragin Cajun

    IPAD for Depth/fish finder

    Patrick do you have 2 different sensors on the back of the boat or is that ran off of one?
  469. Ragin Cajun

    IPAD for Depth/fish finder

    Patrick, I'll look into that a75. I do have the ray marine setup from defiance.
  470. Ragin Cajun

    IPAD for Depth/fish finder

    Anybody using a Ipad as a "repeater" or secondary screen from the main depth/fish finder unit? First thing we have noticed after fishing our first weekend in the Defiance 220 was that the screen was too small at the helm to really monitor the depth when the down riggers were in the water...
  471. Ragin Cajun

    3 tides verses 4?????

    Just wondering if there is a difference in fishing when there are only 3 tides in a day verses 4? Next week we were planning on heading out to point no point / skunk Bay Area for the first time. Fishing a couple of hours on either side the high tide is the norm. But someone mentioned fishing...
  472. Ragin Cajun

    New boat acceptance inspection pointers needed

    Thanks guys good information. Check list is a perfect idea and would keep things focused. My wife has a critical eye for stuff like this I will bring here along as well. Thanks again.
  473. Ragin Cajun

    New boat acceptance inspection pointers needed

    What are some things to look for or watch out for when doing the final inspection on a new fiberglass boat? I know sea trials will help some but will not be the same as a full fuel load, gear and etc. just looking for some pointers. Thanks Pete
  474. Ragin Cajun

    Jumbo Sekiu Halibut hits the deck on final day of the season!!!

    That's going to be one of his best childhood memories and best time well spent with Dad! Deposit on college fund. Or he's wants more fishing gear now. Great job guys!
  475. Ragin Cajun

    MMSI DSC radio

    Are all VHF MMSI DSC capabile?
  476. Ragin Cajun

    MMSI DSC radio

    That must have been it. Collect call over VHF. I was to young and to busy running the trawl to understand all the capt's stuff.
  477. Ragin Cajun

    MMSI DSC radio

    No he didn't use HAM. He was a big CB guy. I don't remember if it was the Cb or the Vhf. Back in the day the CB was the Bayou version of the iPhone. Everyone had one and used it.
  478. Ragin Cajun

    MMSI DSC radio

    I understand the concept of being able to call boat to boat or the coast guard, but are you able make a call to a land line? I remember working the shrimp boat in lower LA (Louisiana) as a teenager, and the captain would call home over the radio from time to time. I remember he would have...
  479. Ragin Cajun

    Suggestions for multi-day shrimp possession

    Slow country boil, just need some crab boil, corn on the cob, red potato or two, maybe some smoke sausage and whatever else you want to put in there. Bring every thing to a boil except for the shrimp. Once the taters are done put the shrimp in cook for 5 min rolling boil max. Add a few shot of...
  480. Ragin Cajun

    Ace Line Hauler "Brutus" Help

    I'm going to be wiring up a boat soon for down riggers. Is there a special type of wire i.e. Marine that I need to look for or will any ole 10 gauge wire do? Do most of you guys solder your connections as well? thanks Pete
  481. Ragin Cajun

    You owe my daughter an apology!

    Dave it's hard being in the spotlight all the time because do your position, but it's all about how you recover from this blemish. I'm a rookie here you seem to be a guy who what's to do the right thing. Keep pushing forward.
  482. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Tanbs, wow!
  483. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Is there a rust free steel
  484. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Bill, that knife has a upward or traditional fillet angle to that knife? What to you use for sharpening or maintaining an edge?
  485. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Let me also ask about magma bait tables. Anyone have the first mate 31" dual mount table?
  486. Ragin Cajun

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Whats the best filet knife out there for our waters up here? I do most of the cooking at home and like a bigger heavier blade. I have used traditional filet knives before but don't like the thin blade. You guys have any thoughts? Should I have a "utility" knife as well to cut herring or...
  487. Ragin Cajun

    Factory Trawlers at Westport

    Rookie question what site is AIS?
  488. Ragin Cajun

    New Tuna Fishers: Some Good How To's

    Wow I am going to need a few hours to process all of these!!!! Great info guys
  489. Ragin Cajun

    Offshore PFD question

    Thanks guys really good info. Mark, i'm looking for a couple of Onyx now. Thanks Pete
  490. Ragin Cajun

    My New Boat for Tuna Fishing Just Arrived

    I like mints under my pillow when I retire to my quarters for the night please!
  491. Ragin Cajun

    Offshore PFD question

    So I am trying to figure out what life preserver I would need for fishing halibut, rock fish, lings or tuna out of Westport or lapush. Type 1 is for offshore, type 2 is for offshore/ inland. I was trying to find a definite statement as to what would be needed but cannot find it...
  492. Ragin Cajun

    A well-oiled machine!

    Great topic guys, you really have to practice and be considerate. Parking lot, go during the week to a local launch when empty is the best. Even though I currently don't have a boat, I have been around boats all my life. There's always that one a-hole who think it's all about him. Great...
  493. Ragin Cajun

    Only 37,000, F---!

    Had to replace my clutch at 45k. Put a south bend clutch. No problems since. 2008 dodge 6.7, 6 speed. Pulls a 38 ft 5 th wheel with no problems..
  494. Ragin Cajun

    DEFIANCE BOATS - *Allied Boat Project Update*

    Nice boats Bo. Good to see some local stuff coming to the market and keeping the manufacturing local as well. Keep it up!
  495. Ragin Cajun

    So many down riggers it's confusing

    Looks like its going to be 1106. Thanks guys for helping me narrow it down. Pete
  496. Ragin Cajun

    So many down riggers it's confusing

    Doc was that in the Seattle area? I just looked and didn't see it.
  497. Ragin Cajun

    So many down riggers it's confusing

    what the largest size ball that the 1106 can handle? I guessing the 20 would need to be used it the seas are rough or there is a strong current?
  498. Ragin Cajun

    So many down riggers it's confusing

    Can you guys help me get down to the model of scotty down rigger I should be looking for? Would probably be used in both the sound and ocean. Don't need the top of the line model but something I can trust to get the job done. Surely don't want the manual style. I see some with two rod...
  499. Ragin Cajun

    Navigating Westport

    That would be correct. I currently do not have a boat. I had a 18ft bowrider about 15 years ago when I lived on the east coast. I have always loved to fish, did alot of Bass fishing on the east coast. I have been fishing only a few times here in WA. I would love to start doing more...
  500. Ragin Cajun

    Navigating Westport

    Bored, I do not have a defiance. Working on that! But it's never to early to start collecting information. Thanks everyone for the information. Pete
  501. Ragin Cajun

    Navigating Westport

    Ah perfect, I tired other search terms but didn't think of Bar cross, bar hopping would have come to mind but not crossing. thanks
  502. Ragin Cajun

    Navigating Westport

    First post, I have been reading for about a month now. PLenty of information in the place. WOW! My question is what are some tips for navigating in and out of westport? I know there is a big danger with ebb( I think that's correct) tide and following seas. Just wonder if you guys can give...