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    Pt. Loma-Oct. 3rd

    I was on Mission Bay yesterday paddle boarding with my wife. Flat, no wind and clear. Figured I am going fishing on Saturday. I roll up this morning and it was socked in. Needed my Chartplotter to find the freaking bait barge. Picked up a nice half scoop and headed out with my buddy and his kid...
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    Little Outside-08/30

    We picked up a great half scoop of saradines and left Mission Bay at 7. Took a 270 heading and ran into 71.6 degree water with great color at about 10 miles or so. Found three nice kelps and only bonito. Worked our way into LJ and then Pt Loma. Really slow. conditions were nice in the kelp but...
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    Pt.Loma-Aug 15th

    We launched out of Shelter Island at 6 am. Just five boats in line for bait. Picked up a half scoop of descent saradines. Picked up around 30 calicos in a couple of hours. All on Saradines. Fished tight along the kelp. Caught some short Barries and a Bonito as well. Not on fire but okay. Seas...
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    PLK Calicos July 10th

    I was not going to go but got inspired to after talking to a BDer offline. Picked up a half scoop of straight Dean's and heading for my spot. Not crowded. The two of us ran out of bait before 920am and left them biting. We caught a bunch. I quit on bait and was ripping them on the fly rod. Water...
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    Calicos-July 3rd

    Had the boat in the water by 530 and grabbed a full scoop of mixed saradines and chovies. Bait was great. Headed for PLK and got into Calicos good. Not as many as Tuesday but we still had a good count and the size was better. Solid on the saradines. The fly rod was not as good as on Tuesday but...
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    Calicos-July 1st

    Fished in about 65 feet of water at Point Loma.. Temp was 66 or so. Water was not as clear as it was a week back. Made one move and promptly burned through a scoop of Saradines before 11. Switched to flies and that worked really well. Barries mixed in. No sign of yellows. Back on the trailer...
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    Calicos Round 2-June 20th

    Left Dana Landing at 6. There were 7 guys in line for bait. Picked up a half scoop and headed to Pt Loma. We were done by 10ish. Blew through bait on the Calicos and Barries. 50 feet of water. More wind today. The water was not as clear as Friday. But the Calicos bit just as well. They are...
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    Calicos-June 19th

    Picked up a half scoop of saradines and headed to Pt. Loma. Dana Landing was not busy. Fished one area in 60 feet of water and ran out of bait by 10.. We got them on plastics and on the fly but they wanted the saradines. We caught several Barries as well. Water was clear and clean. Metered 69...
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    La Jolla-May 24th

    Okay. I needed to run the boat. We launched out of Dana Landing at 6. There was no one working the entrance but you still must enter from the North End. No issues getting parking. The tide was really low and the ramp was slick. Almost needed to use 4x4. The Bronco slid but caught itself. No...
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    La Jolla-03/07/20

    My brother and I headed out to LJ at 7 this morning. We got our Rockfish limits in about 120 feet of water on dead squid. Fished inside and picked up since nice Calicos in about 45 feet of water on the plastics. Used 5 and a half gallons of gas. Boat ran great and everything worked. Water water...
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    Closing Wednesday

    Dakota and I headed out early this morning. We got a couple of Teal and then headed to Wister for the afternoon. We got our Pin very quick and then it was nothing for us except Pins. We worked them really well and got them to finish for fun. This might her last hunt. She has been having a harder...
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    January 22nd-Quick Hunt

    I only had a couple of hours to hunt today. Dakota did really well and we pulled out 2 Drake Gads and a Drake GWT. If we could have stayed longer then we would have had at least 5. The ducks seemed new. Wister was shooting okay on the North end. John
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    Teal Day-Jan.15th

    Hunted North of Wister with just Dakota. Slow day. Picked up 4 Teal quick then nothing showed up until the end of shoot time. Dakota had fun. The shotgun leaning up against the hay bales is empty. Wister shot around a mid 2. They were shooting better the last time I was out. SJ had fog early...
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    Dakota Round 2

    I took my 13 year old plus lab out for another hunt today. The Teal were flying and so were some Pins and Wigeon. Dakota picked up several birds including digging one out of a bush for 15 minutes. She was spent and my buddy had to pick her up to get her back on dry land. But, she held on to that...
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    Rockfish-Dec 29th

    I took my son out with his girlfriend and one of my buddies. We headed up towards La Jolla and caught a good number of Rockfish and Sheepsheads. Good bite in 130 feet on the squid. Boat ran great. Water was 60 and clean and the current was ripping. John
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    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Dakota is 13 years old. We found out she has the dog version of Lou Gehrig 's Disease. Her time is short. My wife told me to take her hunting before that is no longer a possibility. I could only hunt until 830 this morning then needed to head to work. Didnt care. Got up at 230 packed our stuff...
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    We headed out this morning at 6ish. We had frozen squid and made 30 mini macs by the North Jetty. There was plenty of fog but not real bad. We ended up at our Rockfish spot and were done in less than 2 hours. Great mix of fish. Didn’t see any yellows and were back on the trailer by 11:00am...
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    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Took my brother out along with a friend. Before we launched at 5:00am we got to watch the shit show. Two guys forget to put in drain plugs but managed to get their boats back on their trailers. Everyone is in such a rush they miss things. Nice reminder to be methodical and don’t skip your...
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    La Jolla-Aug 17th

    Fished rockfish off LJ Did well. Came inside and fished the calicos. Super good bite on plastics and I whacked them on the flyrod. Real fun Water was green. Around 70 degrees. Sounded like a shit show at the 302 area. I would have fished it but my buddy does not his updated passport yet or...
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    La Jolla-June 8th

    Headed out to LJ this morning. Water is cleaner. 64 degrees. Fished rock fish and we did well on dead squid lures. Glassy early then fairly bumpy in the afternoon. John
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    LJ-March 16th

    First time out since November. Radio crapped out and temp gauge is not working on my Lowarance. Everything else worked great. We got into some nice Sheaphead, Whitefish and my biggest Sculpin North of Baja. Caught them in 90 feet and around 220. All on dead squid. Great conditions. Really felt...
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    LJ: September 9th

    We launched the boat out of Dana Labding at 6:30. Picked up a full scoop of large saradines and headed out into the fog. It got clearer a couple of miles out. We saw two dorado just swimming and jumping. No lkelp paddie. My brother hooked up twice and lost them both, Tried to relocate them...
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    La Jolla-Aug 18th

    Launched at 5:30. Freaking busy at Dana Landing. Waited in line for about a half hour. The boys were quick and were using both sides of the baitbarge. Bait was mostly small sardines with some larger ones thrown in. Worked our way down towards the border. Water was way off color down on the...
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    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Got to Mono Village on Sunday. Lot of smoke at Upper Twin. Less smoke on Monday. Less smoke today. My brother picked up a Bow just under 5 pounds fishing for Kokanee. I fished just a hour on Monday evening and picked up one rainbow on a Wooly Bugger and lost one. Float tubing Virginia Lakes on...
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    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    We picked up a half scoop of 4 to 5 inch dines and headed out 12 miles and worked our way North. Several nice paddies with nothing on them. Trolled with the Dolphins for nothing. Water up to 78 degrees. Worked our way to the front of LJ in water between 35 and 80 feet. Calico bite was really...
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    PLK and LJ-July 21st

    I needed to get my new Chartplotter and Fish Finder doped in. Picked up a half scoop of saradines and headed for LJ. Small mixed seas and then looking like popcorn by 11. LJ was dead. Worked our way down to PLK. The drift was just smoking and right into the kelp. Picked up just a few calicos on...
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    Top of The 9 to LJ-July 9th

    Headed out on a 270 to about 15 Miles. Found two nice kelp paddies for nothing. Trolled with the porpoises for nothing. Worked our way into LJ and fished the Calicos on the Channel Island Chovie colored plastic. Did not see any signs of tuna on the outside. Water looked clean. No idea on water...
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    La Jolla-March 30th

    My brother and I ran up to LJ for a couple of hours. We only had until 10:30. Skipped live bait and fished frozen squid. Picked up some whitefish and two very large reds. I was trying to get a pic of my red but he kicked and my phone got knocked into the ocean. The fish followed my phone and I...
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    Point Loma-Nov. 4th

    I needed to pick up a fishing rod this morning so ran the boat down to Point Loma. Good bite by the Whislter Bouy. Sardines on the bottom. Big Bonito, Big Ling, Big Rockfish and some nice Calicos. Only fished it for a couple of hours. Really nice conditions with about 64 to 67 degree water...
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    A little out and a little in-Aug. 19th

    Headed out from Dana Landing at 5:30am. It was as packed as I have ever seen it. I was dreading the bait line but the boys opened up both sides and it went well. Picked up a full scoop of Sardines and they were really good. Headed out in fairly mixed up small bump with some wind. Overcast...
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    Top of the 9 and North-July 28th

    Headed out of Mission Bay with a nice half scoop of Sardines. Worked our way out to 12 miles. Picked up about a 5 pound or so Yellowtail. Released it. Hooked something way bigger on the Colt Sniper but it worked it's way off. Picked up a Barrie and released him. Next paddy. Something smoked...
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    Out and Up-July 19th

    I really wanted to go fish today. You could smell the Dorado in the air yesterday. Headed out at 6 from Dana Landing. Worked our way out to about 12 miles. Found a great looking kelp paddy but it was a no go. Saw birds working hard. Dropped back a purple feather and a Cedar Plug. The purple...
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    La Jolla 03/11

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 7:30. Still a fair amount of debris in the water so keep an eye out. Headed up to LJ. A lot of bait everywhere. We metered water at around 61. Caught some rockfish, a Calico, short Barrie and two Sandies. Fog rolled in but we had a quarter mile visibility so no...
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    Out and Up- Aug. 27th

    My friend and I headed out today out of Dana Landing. Picked up a nice half scoop of Saradines and headed out a little over 21 miles. It was glass. No wind. No paddies until close to 20 out. A big six pack was on a kelp paddy that had some dorado on it. They had kids on the boat so I skipped...
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    LA Jolla-7/27

    Headed out around 6:30 out of Dana Landing with a buddy. Picked up some great Sardines from the bait dock. We headed out around 12 and worked our way up to just above Del Mar. Lots of birds and dolphins but no paddies or fish. Water was up to 75 but still more green then blue. We worked our way...
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    LJ-July 17th

    We launched the boat out of Dana Landing at around 6:15. There were a lot of boats out already. We picked up a good half scoop of sardines that lasted until we finished up. Headed out towards the top of the 9 then up to LJ. The seas were mixed. Water temps up to 72.5. Saw some diving birds but...
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    June 23rd Top of 9 and North

    Picked up a half scoop of dines and headed out of Mission Bay with two friends. Conditions were really nice so we headed out towards the top of the 9 and then out. Found several really nice kelps with nothing on them. Water temps are on the move from between 68 to 70.1. Worked our way North...
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    Just Outside: Oct.25th

    My friend and I headed out at around 7:30 today. Picked a great half scoop of mixed Chovies and Deans and headed out from Mission Bay. Dragged the Wahoo lures and started finding great kelps at around 10 miles out and worked our way North. Caught and released a bunch of small yellowtail and...
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    Mission Bay and up to Encinitas-09/13

    Launched the boat at 5:15 out of Dana Landing. Picked up a scoop of mixed Chovies and Macs. No real bait line. Headed out on a 270 and worked our way North to Encinitas. Lots of nice kelp paddies in water up to 78 and very clean. Nothing but micro yellows. Worked our way into La Jolla and caught...
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    15 miles Outside LJ-Aug 29th

    Launched the boat at 4:00am out of Dana Landing. The moon was really bright. Picked up a scoop of sardines and some small macs. 15 miles out on a 270 then North and back in. We only had until 12. We found a bunch of great paddies with nothing but micro yellows on them except for one. I pulled a...
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    Outside-LJ Aug.23rd

    My friend had to be back by 12:30pm so we launched from Dana Landing at 4:15am and picked up a full scoop of good sardines. Headed out on a 270 and worked our way North. No tuna today but we picked up five small Dorado. Nice out there. Conditions were very good. Water was 73.5. Lots of people...
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    Aug.20th-No Go

    We launched the boat at 4:30am at Dana Landing. It was looking like it was going to be a quick bait line but they were out of bait and so was San Diego. The bait boat showed up at San Diego but I am not sure how long the bait lasted. We made 20 or so macs but the tuna and dorado did not want we...
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    Fire At Buckeye-Bridgeport

    Just a head's up. There is a fire up in the Buckeye Creek area near Bridgeport. This is a popular area for deer hunting. So, if you planned on hunting it check with the Rangers on current conditions. It was burning last night. I was just up there last week and it was looking really good. John
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    August 10th: Top of the 9 and Outside

    We got a late start out of Dana Landing and picked up a half scoop of very large sardines. We headed out of Mission Bay due West. Found plenty of kelp paddies but not much happening. Found one that worked and picked up a really nice 19 pound Yellowtail. Headed South. Fished the top of the 9...
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    Eastern Sierras - August 1st to 8th

    Slow. We got into fish at Little Virginia Lake, Blue Lake, Buck Eye and Upper Twin at Annett's. Saw some nice bucks, dealt with bears every night and it was relatively cool. Caught trout on Wooly Buggers and Elk Hair Caddis. I actually caught and released a hen mallard that took my Elk Hair...
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    North County-07/22nd

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 5:30 with two of my friends. Picked up a full scoop of the best sardines I have seen all season. Headed out 8 miles and worked our way North. Fished many good paddies for nothing. Found breaking Yellowfin in an area below Carlsbad and worked it. We picked up three...
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    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    Launched out of Dana Landing at 5:20am. Half hour wait for sardines and headed to the top of the 9. Not much going on. Headed North and fished some kelps for nothing. Worked our way into LJ for some macs and then headed back out. Found a kelp paddy being hit by Terns. Tossed out a sardine on 30...
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    Top of 9 to LJ-7/3

    Launched of Dana Landing at around 5:20. Waited an hour for bait and it was Chovies only by then. Headed out along the top of the 9 and down and then back up to LJ. Nothing for us on the troll. Did pretty well on the calico bass, Barrie's and small yellow tail on very light tackle. Lot of fun...
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    la Jolla-June 13th

    I needed to run the boat so my friend and I launched out of Dana Landing. Picked up a half scoop of anchovies. No sardines. Headed towards the top of the 9 and worked our way North. Never saw water above 64.8. Pretty quiet for us and we worked our way to La Jolla to fish Calicos. We had to be...
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    La Jolla-4/18

    i needed to run the boat so headed out to La Jolla this morning. Water was mostly 61.5 to 62. Water was a little off color. We picked up a few Calicos and Barrie's on the plastic. Once the water warms up the Calicos will pick up. It is starting to look good. John 1996 Seaswirl 1850 W/A Cuddy.
  51. J

    San Diego Bay- 3/15

    Fished for a couple of hours this morning. Good number of Spotties on the Chovies. Everything caught and released. Very hot this morning with no wind. John
  52. J

    Local Yellowtail

    Picked up a full scoop of Dines after putting the boat in at Dana Landing. Headed out and made a right and ran up the line. 150 feet of water and on the bottom. Filled the cooler with Yellows from 15 to 30 pounds and was back on the trailer by 1:00pm. Very nice conditions with a water temp in...
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    La Jolla-Sept 14th

    Headed out at 5:30am with my brother, his son and a friend of mine. Picked up a great scoop of sardines and headed to the top of the 9. Picked up a yellow on a paddy. Had to drop my brother and his son off back at Dana Landing and headed up to La Jolla. We picked up three yellows up to 30 pounds...
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    Dove Opener

    I took my son out to the Calexico area. First spot was not happening. Found a second field that was holding. Put the Mojo dove out and we had enough by 10. They were coming in right on top of the Mojo. Had to use an Improved Cylinder to hit them since they were so close. John
  55. J

    302-August 23rd

    Got in line at the bait barge by 4:45am. 10 minute wait and picked up a scoop of dines mixed with macs. Headed out towards the top of the 9 with my son and my friend. Nothing on the 9 and worked our way towards the 302. Water temp was close to 74. We just drifted sardines with 30 pound flora and...
  56. J

    North 9 and Further North: July 28th

    Okay. I am tired but here is an update. No BS. I launched the boat at around 5 from Dana Landing. My son and my buddy came along. Two boats in line and picked up a strong half scoop of mixed Chovies and Sardines. Great bait. Seas were more mixed then what I was counting on. Headed for the top of...
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    North 9 Mile Bank-July 17th

    Okay. I just got in. My friend and I had the boat in the water by 5:45am. Boats were starting to line up at Dana Landing. Picked a solid half scoop of smoking sardines and headed out. We pretty much stuck with a 235 to 240 compass heading and started to drop back a purple feather at about the 12...
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    La Jolla-July 3rd

    I headed out of Mission Bay with two friends and picked up a good half scoop of chovies. Headed out about 10 miles or so and found the porpises and trolled with them for a while for nothing. Did not see any kelp paddies or working birds and headed for La Jolla since we had only until 12:00pm to...
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    We fished the Calicos right along the kelp line around the green tanks. Water was warm and clear. Calicos started biting at 10ish. We ended up catching and releasing 30 plus on chovies and a few on the fly. Just drifting and never set the anchor. Very nice conditions. John
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    La Jolla-Nov. 11th

    First off, thanks to all the vets and active duty personnel who made this day and everyday one in which we can exercise our rights to choose what we want to do. Okay, I needed to run my boat. Headed out this morning and had no problems making squid well after daylight right off Chystal Pier...
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    My brother had a 23 draw for Wister and he was kind enough to take me and a friend along. Picked a good Blind and did pretty well. Pintail, Widgeon and Green Wing Teal. The ducks decoyed really well and sat right inside and along side our spread. We used about a dozen decoys with two on the jerk...
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    9 Mile Bank and North: August 1st

    Okay. We arrived at Dana Landing at 5:00am. I got a bad vibe when I noticed the parking lot was not at least half full. I took my son and good friend and headed for the bait barge. Got a solid half scoop of very nice sardines and headed for the top of the 9. Found a nice patty, nothing. Found a...
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    La Jolla-July 14th

    I headed out today from Dana Landing at around 6:10am with two of my brothers and a 7 year old nephew. We picked up a smoking bunch of anchovies and headed for the squid grounds. We made an easy 30 pieces of squid and went up the line to La Jolla. Picked up a few rockfish on the outside and...
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    La Jolla-July 6th

    Headed out at 6:00am with my brother and three friends. Picked up a half a scoop of sardines and we ended up making fifty plus squid on the jigs. Picked away at Calicos and Rock Fish on the squid and plastics. Seemed pretty slow for us today but we had a good time. Water was clear, 68 plus...
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    La Jolla-June 15th

    Got a half scoop of sardines with some mackeral mixed in. If there were Dorado and Yellows in the area, we would have slayed them. Great bait. Fished until around 2:00pm. Caught Calicos, Rock Fish and Sand Dabs. Never saw any Yellows. Water temps from 65 to 67.8. Great looking water and very...
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    Lower Owens River-Feb.16th and 17th

    Flyfished the Wild Trout Section of the Lower Owens on Saturday and in morning on Sunday. Saturday was crowded with a cloud cover and warm temps. Sunday was clear and warm and not as crowded. I could not find any risers so all my trout were caught on WD40s and Red Tiger Midges. Looks like a...
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    San Jacinto-January 19th

    Really good hunting today at SJ. The wind picked up and the ducks were flying all over the place. I set up about two dozen decoys and a Mojo. Dumped the Mojo and the ducks responded better. I picked up Five Green Wings and Two Red Heads. Doubled on Teal and got a Double on the Red Heads as...
  68. J

    San Jacinto-Jan 9th

    Slow for us. Picked up 10 but lost another four or five in deep tullies. I think we had too many decoys in the Morning. Mostly pass shooting. SJ Shot a 2.9 though. John
  69. J


    Short Version. We went out of Mission Bay and found a kelp paddie in very close. We caught 10 dorado and dumped at least 5 more. I told the boys we would stop once we caught 10. We left them biting. 30 pound flouracarbo and 15 pound flouracarbon. Great bait. Water temp was 68. Done fishing by...
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    La Jolla-August 3rd

    Headed out to La Jolla today. Got the boat back from the shop after its major tune up. Dropped her in the water and a fitting broke on the bait tank. Headed over to West Marine to get a new fitting and made the repair. The half scoop of bait was really good. The water was around 63 in the...
  71. J

    Outside and Pt. Loma-July 23rd

    I needed to run the boat so we headed out from Mission Bay. Found only one kelp paddy with nothing on it but half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The jellyfish were thick. Conditions were a little bumpy. Lots of Blue Whales. No water temps for us above 66. Headed back in towards the Green...
  72. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    Headed out of Dana Landing at around 7:30am today with my brother and my 12 year old son. Picked up a half scoop of very large sardines and even larger macs. Made a bee line for La Jolla. Not much happening in the morning. Picked up a bunch of mackeral in the deeper water. Switched to my 8...
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    Junior Turkey Hunt

  74. J

    Junior Turkey Hunt

    Went out with my kid for a couple of hours to try and pop a turkey. We got zeroed but we knew where we are going for Bandtails next season. John Segoria
  75. J

    La Jolla-Sept.10th

    Headed out this morning with my son and a good friend. We left Dana Landing at about 7:00am. Picked up a half-scoop of great bait and headed for La Jolla. Water temps were not above 61 degrees. Water looked like crap. We saw no birds working, no bait moving around and we got zeroed. I cannot...
  76. J

    La Jolla-Aug.20th

    My brother was visiting from out of state and wanted to go fishing. Headed out at 6:00am with two brothers and picked up a half scoop of mixed bait. Anchovies are really too small to work with. Sardines were okay. Hit La Jolla hard. Plastics and live bait. Water was 65 and descent color...
  77. J

    Pt. Loma-July 16th

    Headed out at 6:00am with my brother and his Russian friend from work. Picked up scoop of anchovies from EB and it was a descent scoop. Really did not decide which way we were going until we got past the jetties and went left. Fished around the fleet for not a whole lot. Got bored and headed...
  78. J

    Pt. Loma July 7th

    Headed out with my son, my buddy and his son. Skipped bait and fished the plastics. Nothing much going on at Pt. Loma. Fished it hard for five calicos (released) and missed a few more. Water looked good and the temp was about 65 degrees. Seemed like it was slow for the boats I was able to...
  79. J

    San Diego Bay-April 3rd

    I had about three hour and a half hours to fish because my boat was needed at 12:45pm to escort a Boy Scout Troop's Kayak outing in Mission Bay. So, picked up a half scoop of sardines and headed out at 8:00am towards the Whistler Bouy with my brother and a friend. Got a few hits and picked up...
  80. J

    Jr. Turkey Hunt

    Headed out this morning with my son. Gave it a good three and a half hours for nothing. No call backs and did not see any birds. Ducks were active. It was weird being the only ones out there. We drove over to the Julian Pie Company and picked up some coffee, donuts and a pie and watched my...
  81. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt

    My son and his friend were drawn in for the San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt. It was a very tough day for us. The birds were not decoying and the kids were done by 2:00pm. They picked up three birds on pretty much pass shooting. They had a lot of fun and it was a very well run event like always. Thank...
  82. J

    Pt. Loma-Jan.29th

    I needed to run the boat so I picked up a great half scoop of anchovies and headed out with my kid, his buddy and a friend of mine. Really slow out there. Picked up a rockfish (released) and about a five pound sheephead. Picked up a short halibut in Mission Bay and got the boat on the trailer...
  83. J


    Headed up to Bishop with my brother and several friends. My brother and I jumped ducks on the way up to Bishop and picked up three but should have had five. Flyfished some and it was slow but caught a few. Looked for Quail today and found two covies but could not drop any. Duck chokes are just...
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  85. J


    My wife asked me last night why I was not leaving for Wister. I said I would not make it by 10:30pm for the sweatline and maybe would head out in the morning for an afternoon attempt. I left after dropping the kid off a school. There less than 60 guys out and it felt like a Sunday. The first...
  86. J


    Hunted Wister with a No.42 sweatline draw out of 72 others trying to seatline. Long day for just two birds. At least my buddy and my son picked up one a piece. There did not seem to be a lot of birds flying and not a lot of shooting going on. I hope others did better but the birds just hated...
  87. J

    Wister Hunt-Jan.5th

    I have not gotten drawn in a single time this season so it has been the sweatline deal. I hunted Wister on the last draw from the sweatlline group today. Not a real bad blind just guys on my primary side were sky busting everything that flew including Cormorants. I ended up with a spoon and...
  88. J

    San Jacinto-I Suck

    I made it to San Jacinto just as Tom was giving the details on how the opening day hunt would work. I did not have a reservation so I sweat lined it. I managed to score the third ticket and actually managed to get on. I ended up with Pond 4. Headed over and grabbed all my crap and tried to...
  89. J

    La Jolla-Sept.11th

    We headed out after getting a solid scoop of anchovies and deans only to have my outboard start giving me crap before we even got past the Mission Bay Channel. I could not get my Yamaha 115 Four Stroke with less than 200 freaking hours to get past 3800 rpms. It ran fine but I have a fuel...
  90. J

    La Jolla-July 24th

    Okay. I took my brother out for his 40th birthday and one of his friends. The fishing for calicos, for us, was very tough. We fished the plastics really hard until about 12:45pm then had to head in. We ended up with about 5 or 6. Which for us sucked, considering my boat was in the 30s less...
  91. J

    La Jolla-July 9th

    I headed out of Dana Landing at 6:30am on Friday with my two boys and friend of mine. The wind was already up and blowing. Picked up a half scoop of anchovies. Ended up getting everything on plastics. We were up in the 30s for calicos and several barracuda. We left them bitting as the calicos...
  92. J

    Good Friday

    I was supposed to have taken my boat out today but my friend wanted to give it another day. So, I headed up to Palomar Mountain and set up my lone hen decoy and vowed not to call very much. I stuck to my plan. I thought if a bird were to come in then I would be able to stay calm and not have...
  93. J

    San Diego Bay-3/14

    My brother needed to run his boat so we took his brother-in-law and my two boys out to fish the bay bass for a half-day. We picked a great scoop of perfect sardines from the boys at the bait barge. Great scoop and a good attitude as always. The fishing was fairly sloooow. We ended up with...
  94. J

    San Jacinto Jr. Duck Hunt Report

    I needed to sleep in today (sinus problems) so I pawned my 13 year old off on my buddy who took him to San Jacinto today with his 14 year old on my kid's No.2 draw. I made real sure my son had everything he would need to stay warm and dry. I gave my buddy my recommendations for San Jacinto and...
  95. J

    Lake Henshaw-1/27

    My buddy and I hunted the East side of Lake Henshaw today. There not a lot of birds flying. Probably, because there was no wind and no rain. We ended up with 5. 2 Cin. Drakes, 2 Cin. Hens and 1 Green Wing Teal Hen. The birds we shot, came right into the decoys pretty well. All of the Widgeon...
  96. J

    Wister Duck Hunt 1/13

    I just got back in from hunting Wister today solo. Just the dog and I. It is definetly better to have someone else along to make fun of when they miss. Then again, there were no witnesses to my crappy shooting. Just the look from the dog which clearly says, kill something please, I am getting...
  97. J


    Headed over to Wister last night and arrived at 9:30pm. Put our name in for the sweat line for Sunday. We ended up getting the number 10 draw. Not too many guys were there on Sunday. Picked Y15A1 and got our decoys set up and threw in my Mojo Teal. At shoot time, I had three Teals set right...
  98. J

    El Centro-Dec.13th

    I took a buddy of mine down to El Centro to hunt the canals for pheasants. The wind pretty much killed it until about 10:30am or so. Never saw a pheasant and talked to another group who put some hens and that is all they saw. I did see quite few doves. I thought they were out of season until...
  99. J

    Pheasant Hunting-El Centro Nov.25th

    Okay. I took my 13 year old son and my little blonde lab down to El Centro to check out some canals for pheasants. We only had time to hit two or three canals and the dog pushed up three huge roosters. Fortunately, for the roosters, I manged to pop one and we missed the others. I have never...
  100. J

    Pheasant Hunting-Niland Nov.15th

    Pretty frustrating. It was blowing very hard. I checked the weather and there was no forecast for wind. If I would have known it was going to blow, I would have hunted at Wister. In anycase, we found 4 or 5 hens. I did not see a rooster or hear one shot. Tough day. I was happy to at least see...
  101. J

    San Jacinto Report-11/14

    Okay. In short, it sucked. We hunted Y. Even with the number 10 draw, I could not get into any of the spots I wanted. Y was very nice. No ducks decoyed for us at all. Everything we saw was high. I talked to one guy who picked up a Canvas Back and a few other birds. I think he was in G. I...
  102. J

    Duck Opening Weekend: SJWA & Wister

    Sorry. I thought my post stuck when I wrote it up yesterday. We hunted San Jacinto Wild Life Area on Saturday and walked away with 14 ducks for two adults and two juniors. We should have had a lot more. No big ducks but a nice mix of teals, widgeons, ring necks, rudys, spoonies, red head and...
  103. J

    Inside 182 to 9 Mile Bank: 9/12

    Interesting day. We dropped the boat in the water just before six at Dana Landing and headed over for bait. No wind to start with and only 6 boats in line. The boys gave us a very nice scoop of sardines with a little anchovies thrown in. The bait was great. As we left Mission Bay my water...
  104. J

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Okay, looks like I am up. My buddy Mike and I headed out of Dana Landing at about 4:45am. I swear, I was worried something was up because no one was launching their boats and there was only one boat at the curteosy dock. In anycase, we picked up a half scoop of crap bait from kids who are new...
  105. J

    302 and Inside-August 21st

    Okay. Short version, not good. Long version. Humberto Garcia and I left Mission Bay at 5:30am and were the eighth boat in line for bait. Apparently, we were able to get bait out of one of their new bait pens and it paid off. The sardines were surprisngly good. It was slightly bumpy on the...
  106. J

    302 and Inside-7/31

    Okay. My brother, our friend Eric and I headed out at around 6:30am from Shelter Island. We picked up a fantastic scoop of bait from the boys at the bait barge. We headed for the bottom of the 9. It looked insane. Great paddies everywhere but the water was way off color and no fish. Made a...
  107. J

    Oceanside Live Bait

    Okay. What time does the Oceanside Bait Receiver typically open and what do they charge for a half scoop and full scoop of bait? How is the bait quality? I usually fish out of Mission Bay or San Diego Bay and make the long run up to O'side from Mission Bay if I am going to fish up in that area...
  108. J

    San Diego Bay-July 24th

    I got the rare chance to fish on another boat besides my own. We headed out on my brother's boat and fished the bay with another visiting brother from Houston, his 8 year old and my 12 year old. The bait was great. It was windy in the morning but eventually glassed up. We got well over 20...
  109. J

    Pt.Loma Kelp Beds-July 17th

    I headed out at 6:00am with my friend Eric for the Pt. Loma Kelp Beds. We picked up a half scoop of mixed sardines and anchovies. The water inside was about 64 in the channel and was 62 along the kelp beds. Which blew me away. We fished the same area in 66 degree water last Saturday, and I...
  110. J

    Pt.Loma Kelp Beds-7/11

    We headed out about 8 miles on a 240 after leaving Mission Bay this morning. A little choppy but no big deal. Water temp where we found our own descent kelp paddie was 66 degrees. The water temps are going up. There was stuff on the meter but it looked like bait fish. We fished every which way...
  111. J

    La Jolla-July 3rd

    I took my 12 year old son and good friend Eric out to fish the Calicos at La Jolla this morning. We got a half scoop of anchovies and sardines and headed out at 6:00am or so. I am sure, you guys have figured it out but the water rolled big time. I metered water as cold as 57.5 degrees and no...
  112. J

    Calico Bass June 20th

    I took two of my brothers out and we fished the Pt. Loma area for about a 20 calico per person average. They bit really well on the plastics and we even caught quite a few on the Clousers while fly fishing. We only kept about 8 fish total for the three of us. We use slot limits on my boat. We...
  113. J

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area Junior Duck Hunt

    I took my son, James (12 years of age), to the San Jacinto Wildlife Area Junior Duck Hunt on Saturday. My friend, Mike Rouse, had all of his kids drawn in on Blinds and he needed some adults and had room for some youth hunters as well. We left Valley Center at 12:30am and picked up another...
  114. J

    Wister Hunting-Dec.14th

    My buddy is a disabled vet who was drawn to hunt Wister on Sunday. We made up our minds to go at 9:00pm on Saturday. We left San Diego at 12:15am and headed out for the 3:00am drawing at Wister. We get one of the disabled spots out near where the Snow Geese are settled in for the night close to...