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  1. Barrelmon

    For Sale 2006 4runner

    Yes 2wd
  2. Barrelmon

    For Sale 2006 4runner

    selling my 2006 4runner 171500 miles. these things run forever. tow package V6 $8700 Santa Barbara
  3. Barrelmon

    FREE Bait tank

    I’d guess 65 to 75 gallons. It’s FREE someone come get it. Needs a little resin and sanding.
  4. Barrelmon

    SOLD Phenix deckhand black diamond hybrid

    Trade for: Almost new pinhead Ulua 93H? Blacked out. Deckhand.
  5. Barrelmon

    WTB Skinny butt 9ft Iron flinger or similar

    Ya love those baby ulua. Also willing to sell as package or separately.
  6. Barrelmon

    For Sale SEEKER Pinhead Ulua 93H 30-60 Torium 20 with super clamp

    $550 Santa Barbara Like new open to trade: looking for lighter iron jig stick 9ft-ish torium: has box with 65lb braid 30lb top shot Durian super clamp Seeker pinhead Ulua 93H message me.
  7. Barrelmon

    WTB Skinny butt 9ft Iron flinger or similar

    Show me the goods.. My set up is too beefy for what I normally fish. This set up is perfect for San Diego Tuna and big YT. Also Looking for torium 16 or similar. I’ll pay. Or Partial Trade: Seeker 9’3 Ninja Pinhead deckhand (like new) Duran’s DFP - Super clamp Torium 20 with 65lb braid and...
  8. Barrelmon

    WTB Beginner Surface Iron Rod -- Bakersfield, CA

    I have a seeker pinhead I’m thinking of selling. Located in Santa Barbara. I also have a torium 20 that fits it perfectly. Both basically brand new
  9. Barrelmon

    For Sale 17' Radon SLOBBERCHOPS for sale

    That’s now that sweet rig. Seen it up close and she sure is pretty. Anyone who gets this it, is dialed.
  10. Barrelmon

    FREE Dick head scammer

    What’s the price? I’ve been lookin for a dickhead scanner :beerbang:
  11. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    That’s just me in a bikini bro!
  12. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    New owner is selling already.. no comment on pricing :oops:
  13. Barrelmon

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    Man..he came to the right place. Knows we all love boat shopping and we get to burn someone’s 100k? Do we all get a % of the boat too??! :cheers:
  14. Barrelmon

    WTB 14' - 16' Aluminum Boat

    He’s cleaning it up and will be posting soon! I’ll prop post it for him.
  15. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    SOLD. First guy to look at it, bought it. Thanks all!!
  16. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    PRICE DROP. Ready to fish this weekend! Able to go to Catalina tomorrow!
  17. Barrelmon

    FREE Bait tank

    Still free
  18. Barrelmon

    Trailer axel Santa Barbara

    Thanks all!
  19. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Thanks Errin! Tuna season is here! Throw me an offer. Worst I can say is yes. I mean, no. This thing is a stable boat! Basically new engine.
  20. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Price change, let’s make a deal! New pics, including Brad getting roasted by DGF (jk really nice guys), motor hung by inflatable boat Specialist, dad bent at Islands plus a pic to convince your lady.
  21. Barrelmon

    WTB 14' - 16' Aluminum Boat

    Ill have my dad post on here. Its his rig so don't want to speak for him and also dont want to thread jack.
  22. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Hahha actually. Just dropped price of engine to 15k and boats free. Let’s deal!
  23. Barrelmon

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Price: SOLD Vessel: 1987 livingston warrior 155 CC Location: Santa Barbara Trailer: yes, just replaced bunk and right hub/bearings Total weight: 2500lb approximately Length: 15.5 ft Beam: 7'6 Hull: catamaran Engine: installed Dec. 2019 Yamaha 70hp 4 stroke S&D. Installed by Inflatable boat in...
  24. Barrelmon

    WTB 14' - 16' Aluminum Boat

    My dads selling a 15.5 west coaster bay runner.
  25. Barrelmon

    Trailer axel Santa Barbara

    Anyone know where to get trailer axels in SB? Or ventura?
  26. Barrelmon

    WTB 19-22 Radon, Arima, Blackman type boat

    Unfortunately too long. Im maxed out at 22 with outboard.
  27. Barrelmon

    Anderson Greenough 21

    Incredibly jealous. Lemme know if you need a boat partner. I have a slip in SB harbor
  28. Barrelmon

    WTB 19-22 Radon, Arima, Blackman type boat

    Thanks arima-bob!! I’d love to look at it, prefer something little bigger but Open to look at it. DM me.
  29. Barrelmon

    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    I wouldn’t recommend raising deck. 16’s dont have raised deck either. If you do raise Deck then the cabin will have to be even higher and will Throw off balance and also throw off proportions of cabin to length ratio. Looks funny and bad center of gravity.
  30. Barrelmon

    SOLD Radoncraft 18ft 1990

    It’s an 1991 18ft Ericson Radoncraft. Cool little rig
  31. Barrelmon

    SOLD Radoncraft 18ft 1990

    You scored this up in Los Osos?? Please post a build thread!!
  32. Barrelmon

    SOLD 2002 22’ Shamrock Cuddy Cabin

    What’s overall length. Tip to end of swim step? Where’s boat located?
  33. Barrelmon

    WTB 19-22 Radon, Arima, Blackman type boat

    Budget: 15k-25k tops (Would have to be perfect fit For 25k) Overall length can’t be longer than 22ft. Including engine. Wants: Cabin, good running engine, low hour preferred 4 stroke (open to inboard) Fairly turn key. Location: Santa Barbara, will travel or ship. Style: Radon, Parker, Wilson...
  34. Barrelmon

    SOLD 15.5 livingston warrior for sale

    How fast did it go when 90 was working properly? Max speed? Cruising speed?
  35. Barrelmon

    For Sale GRADY WHITE 228 Pilot house W/pod & Mercury Verado 300hp

    What’s overall length. Tip of bow to end of engine with the engine up??
  36. Barrelmon

    WTB Livingston 14’ WTB

    Just glue together two 7fters
  37. Barrelmon

    For Sale 1985 radon 15

    Big and plastic? Sounds kinky
  38. Barrelmon

    For Sale Lexa 300HS (Gray Color)

    You bought from turner booth?? Has red color? If so, it’s a different component 300. Not as high end, That’s why it’s cheaper. That’s what I was told, any Daiwa pro have facts about this??
  39. Barrelmon

    WTB 9’ Jigstick 30-60

    Where you located??
  40. Barrelmon

    Livingston Warrior Build - Complete

    How does she go?? I’m thinking of doing something similar. Would you change anything?
  41. Barrelmon

    FREE Bait tank

    Bait needs tank
  42. Barrelmon

    WTB Calcutta 820 XFA 8ft - Washington Shimano

    I’m in Santa Barbara. But my cousin, who broke the rod, is in Thousand Oaks and will travel to pick it up for me. You’d make both my cousins and my day if you sold it to me Since he snapped it. Thanks!!
  43. Barrelmon

    WTB Calcutta 820 XFA 8ft - Washington Shimano

    Thank you!! I hope so. Good fishing community here.
  44. Barrelmon

    WTB Calcutta 820 XFA 8ft - Washington Shimano

    Took some family out fishing had a great day fishing but cousin broke the tip off of my 820xfa. At least we caught some fish first Any one selling one? Thank you!
  45. Barrelmon

    SOLD Cousins 95J mag blacked out

    Wish I would sack up and buy it. But someone please buy this and sell it to me for less. Thanks.
  46. Barrelmon

    WTB Jig stick 8.5-10ft. Cork

    On the hunt for a solid jig stick 20-50lb or similar. Cork. Not a blank. Not interested in bright color wrap jobs. who’s holding? $150-$300 budget Pm me what you got. thanks
  47. Barrelmon

    SOLD 4 blade Yamaha Signature Prop 17 pitch

    Talked to my mechanic and said I should be looking for a 13 pitch prop. Thank you for entertaining the idea and I wish it was a good fit but I’m back to looking again. Thank you
  48. Barrelmon

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Anyone ever go to Conejo Fish and Tackle in Thousand Oaks? I went there as a little kid about 6 years old and Larry offered me a job back then and said to come back when I was old enough. So Came back when I was 15 and got a job fixing reels and doing inventory. I ran the Shop solo one summer...
  49. Barrelmon

    Halibut report - Santa Barbara

    Haha thanks man. Brad and I been out there a lot. This summer is gunna be fishhhy
  50. Barrelmon

    Halibut report - Santa Barbara

    Landed a nice little flatty today with @Bradley Martin I left SB harbor around 12:30pm and was targeting calicos/sand bass fish our regular spots. Wind wasn’t bad but waves were pumping, really good current and marked some good rocks and gave it a go. Got lucky when we were just about to go in...
  51. Barrelmon

    FREE Bait tank

    Free Bait tank. Wood and fiberglass. Needs little work and could be modified to make it shorter. I was thinking of making it a seat when not in use. got it free from frondo so passing it along. Located in Santa Barbara. Dm to get it.
  52. Barrelmon

    WTB 70hp 4 stroke w/ controls

    Used or new. Thanks all!!
  53. Barrelmon

    WTB 4-Stroke Outboard 90-115hp

    Oregon: needs little work but seems like a good deal. 2011 Yamaha 115hp 4 Stroke Outboard
  54. Barrelmon

    WTB 60-100 hp outboard

    I’m still looking.
  55. Barrelmon

    For Sale Yamaha 70hp 2 stroke

    sold. Just talked to him
  56. Barrelmon

    WTB 14’ Livingston

    I have a 15.5ft Livingston I’m thinking about selling.
  57. Barrelmon

    WTB 60-100 hp outboard

    I have a 16 ft Livingston with a busted ass 70 Yamaha 2 stroke. Just trying to fish it before winter comes. Any leads? Looking to spend $1500-$3000 for a reliable motor with controls. Thanks!
  58. Barrelmon

    Livingston Warrior Build

    You get in the water yet??
  59. Barrelmon

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Looks amazing! Would love to see full boat pics from different angles. I also have a 15.5 warrior and looking to do the same to my boat. Any more details would be helpful.