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  1. TimeZoned

    Westport hali 2020

    Was a great opening day for us!! Team Timezoned and team rajun Cajun joined forces to get it done. Ocean was a mess this morning thank god we didn’t have to run 30 miles like Lapush
  2. TimeZoned

    Car decking

    I have 20 2x6x8’ fir car decking boards. I bought them for a project and ended up not needing them and I can’t return them. Paid $300 how about $200? Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  3. TimeZoned

    WTB. Scotty non swivel base

    Just wondering if anybody had one they were looking to get rid of before i bought new. Just want it as a spare to use with my puller
  4. TimeZoned

    Canal shrimpers beware

    The tribes are screwing you again!!
  5. TimeZoned

    Lings missed me

    Thanks to @spoon man and my wife for a great day on the ocean. The lings were definitely on the chew. Nothing huge but perfect cutters. So glad to be back on the ocean!!
  6. TimeZoned

    Tanacom 750 sale

    I know some guys were looking for a deal on these. Here’s as good as deal as you will get. Now if we could just put them to use!
  7. TimeZoned

    Big 50

    Happy Big 50 to my good buddy Pete Cole @rajun cajun I cant buy you a beer today but I can try to embarrass you and bring you unwanted attention. I’m proud to call you my friend and as all who have met you can attest we’ve never seen you without a smile on your face or offering to help at...
  8. TimeZoned

    For all you Grady Pricks

    Now you know why we’re always smiling! It’s not just because we have an easier clean up on our boat. It’s what’s waiting for us back at camp/home!!!
  9. TimeZoned

    Sea Lions our of control!!

    never mind. I hate this new format. Too hard to upload and edit. Fuck it
  10. TimeZoned

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    Does anybody have a pot that I could borrow to melt this slab of lead down into something more manageable? Thanks
  11. TimeZoned

    Mini beer fridge

    Free to a good home/shop. Will hold at least 36 of your fav beverage. Works great. Keep me from having to go to goodwill
  12. TimeZoned

    Shark Hide

    I have a brand new qt of Shark Hide as well as 2qts of the aluminum cleaner. I also have 10 of the diaper cloths for the application & 5 scotch bright pads for the prep. Everything here to get a fresh coat of Shark Hide on your boat or getting your boat looking like new again. How does $100...
  13. TimeZoned

    How to troll for tunas big boy style!!

    This is too cool not to share I thought. Bad ass. Talk about some dedicated fisherman and making the most out of every opportunity!!
  14. TimeZoned


    I have 3 bundles of pabco premium roofing and most of a box of starter. The color is mocha. This is left over from my carport. Each bundle covers approx 25 sq feet. Free
  15. TimeZoned

    More shrimps

    WDFW Fishing Rule Change: Hood Canal to get two additional days for recreational shrimp fishing Who’s going? I’ve talked to my friends and sounds like I might be out there all alone
  16. TimeZoned

    In floor heat parts

    So when I bought my house the shop was all set up and plumbed for in floor heat. I decided to go a different direction for my shop heat. I have all these 3/4” copper fittings, manifolds, expansion tank and I’m not sure what else. I’m tired of it taking up shelf space. Some one make me an offer...
  17. TimeZoned

    Rv Trailer cover

    I have a Classic Accessories Poly Pro 3 cover for sale. This was only used for 2 years. Still has warranty on it. No rips or tears. Has three side panels on each side to make it easy to access your rv with the cover on or even extend the slides. This was on a 27’ trailer. How about $100. Thanks...
  18. TimeZoned

    Highway 101 closure

    Just found this tidbit. I thought the closures were done. Guess not. Looks like 4 hour closures again!! For those of you heading to Lapush and neah Bay. Plan accordingly
  19. TimeZoned

    4x8 beams

    I have 10 4”x8”x18’ doug fir beams that came out of a carport I’m rebuilding All are in good shape and bone dry. Not exactly sure what they’re worth. How about $400/offer? Jeff
  20. TimeZoned

    Port Orchard concrete

    I was wondering if there were any brothers in the Port Orchard area that do excavation/concrete work. I’m rebuilding my carport to fit my boat and I need the old dirt/gravel ground dug down and would like a concrete slab poured. It will be appprox 16’x34’. If nobody in the area does this how...
  21. TimeZoned

    Replacement flares??

    So I was going through my safety gear and noticed my flares are expired this year. I was wondering if anybody uses these or has used them? What are your thoughts? Of course I would still have my dozen or so “expired” flares as a backup. This would save money over the long run as well. Thanks...
  22. TimeZoned

    Fulton 2 speed winch

    This is a brand new, never used Fulton 2 speed, 3200lb winch. Fulton sent this to me to replace a defective one. I already replaced on my own so I have no need for this. Cheapest I can find on amazon is $120. How about $100 Jeff 253-732-2396
  23. TimeZoned

    12lb downrigger balls

    I have 3 12 lb downrigger balls. Would anybody be willing to trade for 2 15lb balls? Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  24. TimeZoned

    New Carport

    Im looking for somebody to build a new carport that would be attached to my shop to store my boat under. It would have to be at least 12’ at center, 15’ wide and about 33’ long. If there,s any BD’ers on here that are interested all the better. If not recommendations would be great too. This...
  25. TimeZoned

    rod holders and vhf mount

    If anybody wants these rod holders or this antenna mounts they are yours! Meet up with me at Lapush this weekend. If nobody wants them they will just go in the trash before I leave. I’m tired of looking at them Jeff 253-732-2396
  26. TimeZoned

    Ring Free

    i have a 32oz brand new unopened bottle of ring free. I don’t remember what they run. Would $35 be fair? If too much make me an offer. Also if anyone can use this service manual it’s yours! Jeff
  27. TimeZoned

    Minn Kota digital battery charger/maintainer

    minn kota digital mk440D battery charger/maintainer. 4 banks 10 amp. This won’t fit on the new boat. Amazon has it for around $300. How does $200/ offer sound. Thanks Jeff 253-732-2396
  28. TimeZoned

    Bearing buddy covers

    Does anybody want these? Can anyone use them? Free to good home Jeff 253-732-2396
  29. TimeZoned

    SS clamp on rod holders

    These retail for roughly $50/ piece new depending where you get them. Its an easy alternative to having new ones welded on. These won’t fit on my new boat. How about $50/pair Jeff 253-732-2396
  30. TimeZoned


    Well this past year I came to the realization that my last boat was actually too big for what I wanted to do. It was a chore and the thought of the clean up of it after a trip was depressing. So my wife said we should get something smaller that’s just a fishing boat and limit our camping to the...
  31. TimeZoned

    Downrigger gimbal mounts

    I have a pair of traxtech gimbal mounts. They fit Scotty,cannon,& penn downriggers. Johns sporting goods wants $85 each. How about $100 for the pair. These save you from having to permanently mount your bases Jeff 253-732-2396
  32. TimeZoned


    I found these cleaning out my desk. Not sure if they are worth anything but. I was wondering if anybody could use them. They were in Lowrance units
  33. TimeZoned

    iPad for year helm?

    So I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to get a second display unit on my rear deck that would talk to my Furuno navnet tz touch. After talking with the furuno guys at the boat show yesterday they said I should just get an iPad, download the furuno app and put the iPad in a otter box...
  34. TimeZoned

    Another aluminum option?

    Ive seen lots of discussions on here about the various tin boat builders and the pro's and cons of many of them. What I haven't seen included in the discussions are locally built Allied boats and specifically the Corsair series. Does anybody have any firsthand experience with these boats and has...
  35. TimeZoned

    House batteries

    I need to replace my house batteries and was wondering what people are using and where to get them. Right now I have 2 hooked up in parallel. They are separate from my starting batteries. Remember I'm on the west side and don't want to cross the sound for batteries. Thanks
  36. TimeZoned

    2005 Pastime 8' camper

    Pastime 840lt truck camper. Pastime is know for its quality in workmanship and being light weight to move around. This camper is very lightly used as several years it never left the carport and has always been covered. I am the original owner. It has wet bath,queen bed, folding steps, rear...
  37. TimeZoned

    I heard a rumor

    that there is still life in area 11. So after hearing this i of course had to go investigate and this is what I found! Nothing huge but a fish in the south sound these days is still something. Green qcove breakaway with Irish cream coyote spoon.
  38. TimeZoned

    Lapush roll call

    who will be out at Lapush for Hali. I'll "timezoned" be camped at spot 57 and tied up at D9 from May 3-12. Lots of Costco crown and silver bullets will be had. Stop by and say hi and give the salute!!
  39. TimeZoned

    Thule Atlantis 1600 cargo box

    I have a Thule Atlantis 1600 roof top cargo box that is like new. I used this all of the time when I used to travel out of town with my daughter for her tournaments. I was always amazed at how much this would hold. This has the easy on/off mounts, not the old style c clamp type. $325/offer...
  40. TimeZoned

    Trailer Tongue box

    I used this on my old trailer. It won't fit on my new one. This worked great and kept everything bone dry no matter the wx. Lots of room for all of your tools, jack, whatever. This will even hold that spare hub end kit with room to spare. $150. Make me an offer on this or both. Thanks Jeff...
  41. TimeZoned

    Titan disc brake end kit

    I have a brand new 12" Titan disc brake end kit that has never been used or out of the box. I carried it as a spare in case of emergency. I sold the trailer it would fit on and it won't work on my new trailer. $150 Jeff Morgan 253-732-2396
  42. TimeZoned

    Aluminum Triple Axle Boat Trailer

    Selling my trailer. It has 6 new tires and brakes last year as well as EOH disc brakes. $4500/offer 253-732-2396 or PM me. Thanks. Jeff
  43. TimeZoned


    For those of you that might be thinking about halibut fishing next year I suggest you get proactive and reserve your moorage! I think Lapush is going to be crazier than ever this year since everyone has to be somewhere at the same time. I have my moorage at Lapush for a month next year, I'm...
  44. TimeZoned

    Safety Gear

    I was emptying all of the gear out of my boat as part of the winterizing process and noticed that 3 of my 4 auto inflate life jackets had discharged. All of them are West Marine brand and they are less than a year old. I know this came up as a discussion this past summer and I think most...
  45. TimeZoned

    Trailer Dolly

    Powered trailer dolly. Easily moves any boat up to 23'. Comes with a 2 5/16" ball but will take any size. Perfect for tucking your boat into tight spaces you can't do with your truck. $450/offer Jeff 253-732-2396
  46. TimeZoned

    Punta Cana Possibilities

    So the wife and I are taking a belated honeymoon the first part of November down to Punta Cana in the Dominican. The other day she asks me if I would like to go fishing while we are down there! I can't say yes fast enough! Problem is I've never been fishing down there. I thought I would reach...
  47. TimeZoned

    3500 watt generator

    All power 3500 watt 6.5 hp portable generator. I only used this generator one winter and the last several years I haven't needed it. I start it regularly to circulate oil. I bet this machine doesn't have 50hrs on it Has only had ethanol free gas. I can power my whole house with this. I just...
  48. TimeZoned

    WTB motorized trailer dolly

    I'm getting ready to move and the new house has a much longer driveway. I would love to find a dolly to be able to turn the boat around at the end of it. Boat is 26' and too heavy for the regular dolly's thus the reason I'm looking for a motorized one. If you have one or know of a good place to...
  49. TimeZoned

    WTC spot

    My crew has decided to partner up with another crew so that opens up our 2016 WTC spot. I also have moorage for that Thur-Sat if you would like that as well. You can have it as a package deal or just the WTC spot. Let me know. Price is cost what I paid. Not trying to make any money but just get...
  50. TimeZoned

    3 Generations!!

    Well I just finished my annual pilgimidge to Lapush like everyone else. What made my trip so special was that I was able to fish with my 80 year old dad and my son! I know others may have caught bigger fish than us but we held our own and got our limits every day. But what makes this trip...
  51. TimeZoned

    Lapush moorage

    I just pulled the plug on my trip for this weekend. If anyone is brave enough or still going and needs a slip let me know. Mine is open and it's yours until Wednesday. Give me a shout and I'll arrange it with Gene out there and let you know which one it is. Good luck.
  52. TimeZoned

    Avet mxl

    I just got a "like new" Avet mxl. The only problem is the guy that sold this to me neglected to tell me it is left handed. This reel has only been used once and is immaculate. I would prefer to trade it for a right hand model or $200/obo. Lets work a deal on this. Jeff 253-732-2396
  53. TimeZoned

    Trailer shop

    I'm getting ready to change my trailer over from hydraulic surge drum to EOH disc. The original plan of who & what I was going to have do it fell through. Right now I'm looking at Freeway Trailers to do the job. They recommend using a Titan Premier Plus package for the trailer. The trailer...
  54. TimeZoned

    Gas or Electric

    So my Big Chief finally gave up the ghost and I'm looking for a new smoker. Researching the past threads on smokers here it seems like Masterbuilt is a good choice that lots of folks here are happy with. My question though is do you prefer the gas or electric model? I will be doing mostly...
  55. TimeZoned

    Stazo outboard motor lock

    I only used this 1 year. It's like new condition. These are the best locks you can get for your outboards next to locking them up inside. If your not familiar with these check the link below. $75 or best BD brother deal. I can bring it to the get together at the Tides on Saturday...
  56. TimeZoned

    Shout Out

    I have to give a big shout out to Corey Guild and his buddies. As some of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted that I wanted to learn to tuna fish on my boat to see if I would enjoy it. I had a great response from the Brotherhood. Thanks to all who reached out to me. Last week I got to...
  57. TimeZoned

    Long shot for Long fins???

    So here's my dilemma/proposal. Dilemma: I've never been tuna fishing and caught the bug and ventured to the dark side that everyone talks about. I've never had the boat until this year to even think about it. Proposal: Well now I have the boat and still haven't gone tuna fishing and it's...
  58. TimeZoned

    New Use for Coho's

    I'm not much of a chef but with my job taking me to Hawaii quite often lately I've been eating lots of Poke. I started thinking "I can make this". Here's the results from a coho this past week. Not bad if I say so myself
  59. TimeZoned

    My Turn

    After watching all of you beotches put up all of these badass reports and driving me crazy these last few weeks it's finally my turn. My home for the next week will be float 11 slip L at Westport so stop on by and say hello or give the "salute", check out my new ride or have a brew with me so I...
  60. TimeZoned

    Westport Inn

    Does anyone have any input on how the camping is at the Westport Inn? The Islander no longer has any camping as they are building cabins I guess. My mom has really bad knees and my dad was hoping she could stay close to town to be able to walk around and explore while we are out fishing...
  61. TimeZoned

    Side tie?

    Well Jaime out at Lapush finally came out with the moorage plan for this year and I missed the cut again. I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if there were any brothers that might be willing to let me side tie to them if the have the room in their slip. Hell I'll even cover your...
  62. TimeZoned

    My new ride!!

    After months of searching all across Canada and the U.S. my new ride has arrived!! It's a 2002 Hydra Sports 2600 vector with twin 225 yamahas. One of the great things about this baby is that it has never seen salt water. It's a little bigger than what I was originally looking for but I...
  63. TimeZoned

    Trailer Guide Bunks

    I bought these last year for my boat and took them off when I sold it last fall. They won't fit on the new boat I have coming as it has an aluminum trailer. These were only used part of one season. They are like brand new. The bunks them selves are 2"x4"x8'10" The u-bolts are 2x6. If you...
  64. TimeZoned

    boat shipper

    Does anyone have a personal recommendation they could give to have a boat shipped. I'm looking at having a boat shipped out here from Michigan. I know in the past people have said they have used Uship and others. I was just looking for something maybe more personal that someone has used or...
  65. TimeZoned

    Painted Trailers

    I'm reaching out to the brotherhood here for your advice/opinions on this. I'm looking at purchasing a boat from the Great Lakes area that has never as so much even sniffed salt water. It comes with a 2008 EZ Loader bunk style trailer. The problem is that it was painted black from the...
  66. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA w/ Alaska hard top package

    2004 Seaswirl Striper WA with hard to find Alaska package. 225hp 4.3 liter Volvo GXI DP w/ fresh water cooling. XDP lower unit with stainless steel duoprop. Only 414 hours on the engine!! 2004 Yamaha 8hp with Intelli-steer wirless remote steering system. 2004 EZ-Loader roller trailer with spare...
  67. TimeZoned

    2004 Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA

    2004 Seaswirl Striper WA with hard to find Alaska package. 225hp 4.3 liter Volvo GXI DP w/ fresh water cooling. XDP lower unit with stainless steel duoprop. Only 414 hours on the engine!! 2004 Yamaha 8hp with Intelli-steer wirless remote steering system. 2004 EZ-Loader roller trailer with...
  68. TimeZoned

    Area 6 still showing some luv!!!

    Well I got to get out and enjoy some late season silver fishing with the person who taught me how to fish and gave me my love for fishing, my Pops!! It was nothing fancy just some old school motor mooching. They aren't huge but they are still a nice grade of fish. No big secret, 6 oz banana...
  69. TimeZoned

    Early Quota Reached???

    I just talked to a buddy of mine who is still out at Lapush doing some bass and ling fishing. He said the checkers for WDFW are telling everyone today that their early estimates have them within 50lbs of the quota and there most likely won't be another fishery this year for marine areas 3 & 4...
  70. TimeZoned

    1st Lapush trip for the year!!

    Well after watching the wx forecast for several days change from good to bad to worse I finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it. I picked up my buddy and former boat partner at 0530 Tuesday and we headed for the Peninsula with the intention of going to Neah Bay. He asked me what the...
  71. TimeZoned

    QCove Break away Flashers

    Does anyone know where I can get the replacement pin assembly's for the break away flashers? I can't find them at Sportco and I've tried calling the company and there vm is full and not taking messages. I've also emailed them with no response. I would love to have a few extra of these...
  72. TimeZoned

    Lapush Marina

    So I called out to the Quileute Marina at Lapush yesterday to get some information on my upcoming trip out there and I found out that as of about 2 weeks ago, Billy no longer works there! Does anyone know for sure if this is true? If so it's a real bummer for all of us that use Lapush in the...
  73. TimeZoned

    Barbless Hooks???

    I had a family friend who was halibut fishing out of Port Angeles this past weekend and was checked by Fish & Game. They told him that barbless hooks are now required for fishing halibut. Luckily he wasn't cited. My question, is this something new? I haven't been able to get my hands on some...
  74. TimeZoned

    Lapush Moorage

    I know I will probably take a ton of crap for asking but I have hard skin and if you don't ask you might not get lucky.. Anyway, when Billy was taking reservations for the month of May I didn't have a boat so I didn't make any. Well now I have a boat again and of course he's booked full. My...